Data science provides powerful approaches for transforming large and complex data into information, knowledge, and intelligent decisions. Data science is a field at the intersection of statistics, computer science, mathematics, and real world application domains.

Can big data make the world a better place? Big data may bring greater safety, health, convenience and economic opportunity, yet it may also be used to produce inequality, discrimination and violation of privacy. Data science students at John Carroll University are motivated to explore the complex relationships between data, technology and society. Our program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach with a focus on Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics applied to a specific discipline such as Exercise Science, Psychology, Communications, or Digital Humanities.



Program Requirements and Sample 4 Year Plan

In addition to the University’s core curriculum, the following courses are required for the B.S. degree in data science:

  • CS 128 and CS 128L Introduction to Software Application Development, with lab
  • DATA 100 Introduction to Data Science
  • DATA 122 Elementary Statistics (MT 122)
  • DATA 150 Database Systems (CS 150)
  • DATA 200 Intermediate Data Science
  • DATA 260 Intermediate Statistics (MT 223)
  • DATA 470 Data Science Project
  • EN 300 Technical Writing
  • MT 288 Network Analysis
  • 12 credits in area of specialization (see Program Requirements for full list)
  • Two of the following elective courses (6 credits):
  • DATA 307 BioInformatics (CS 307)
  • DATA 322 Big Data Analytics (CS 322)
  • DATA 350 Advanced Database (CS 350)
  • DATA 340 Data Visualization (CS 480)
  • DATA 421 Mathematical Statistics (MT 421)
  • DATA 422 Applied Statistics (MT 422)
  • DATA 424 Applied Regression Analysis (MT 424)