Sample Schedule for graduation in Spring of odd-numbered years
(adjustments for students with AP credit for Calculus on a separate page)

Fall 1st yearSpring 1st year
MT 135MT 136
MT 200
Fall 2nd yearSpring 2nd year
MT 233*MT 271*
MT 229*
Core/ElectivesCS 128/128L
Fall 3rd yearSpring 3rd year
MT 441**MT 342**
MT 4xxMT 4xx
Fall 4th yearSpring 4th year
MT 431**MT 4xx
MT 4xxCore/Electives

* These courses are offered once per year, in the semesters indicated.
** These courses are offered once every two years, in the semesters indicated.


  • MT 200 may be replaced by an additional 400-level course in Category C (see the degree requirements)
  • Of the courses indicated as MT 4xx:
    • One must be MT 450 (Fall of odd-numbered years) or MT 452 (Spring of odd-numbered years).
    • One must be MT 421 (Spring of even-numbered years), MT 436 (Fall of odd-numbered years), or MT 452 (Spring of odd-numbered years).  But students may not count MT 452 twice.
  • Students may not count MT 421 and MT 422 for both the major in Math and the minor in Probability and Statistics.