Nathan Smetana is a senior from Cleveland, Ohio, majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy. While this might at first seem like a peculiar combination, for Nathan it was quite a natural choice. “Philosophy gives you a different perpective on the world,” he says. “And it makes you think, much the same as computer science does.”

Nathan likes computer science, in part, because of the programming involved. “You constantly have to learn new stuff, because the field is continually changing and you need to adapt in order to stay current.” He has particularly enjoyed his Robotics class from Dr. Dan Palmer, and also Dr. Linda Seiter’s Mobile Technology class.

Although a student of few words, Nathan provided a solid foundation for his CS 470 Software Engineering team’s project development.  His team created a web-based tool for the JCU Center for Service and Social Action to manage their van fleet and student drivers.  He provided the web-expertise and web-development for the project.  Nathan was drawn to this project because he had worked previously with the Center on their database.  In describing his project, Nathan simply said “I learned a lot.”

Well, that may have been a serious understatement! For more than a year, Nathan has been applying his computer science education in the real world. Having taken JCU’s web development classes, he landed a job as a web developer at Thunder::Tech, an integrated marketing firm headquartered in Cleveland. After graduation in December, Nathan plans to slide into a full-time position with Thunder::Tech.

When he is not working or studying, Nathan enjoys video games and music concerts. He is also a big fan of the science fiction author William Gibson.