Kevens Dorsainvil is a senior Computer Science major from Pompano Beach, Florida. Kevens says that he has always enjoyed working with computers, and likes being able to help others who struggle with computers. He finds computer work especially rewarding, because “there is always an end result to work toward–whether fixing problems or designing programs.” Kevens especially enjoyed the Software Engineering course at JCU, because “we were able to take the things we learned in our other CS classes and apply them to a realistic environment–working with actual clients to meet their software development needs.”

Kevens recalls that when he came to visit JCU as a high school senior, he immediately fell in love with the campus. On his interview visit, he got a chance to meet the department faculty, and “could tell that they knew the majority of their students.” While he has enjoyed working with and learning from all of his teachers in the Math/CS department, he especially points to Dr. Linda Seiter, who was “always available to chat about computer science, or to help outside the classroom.”

In addition to his academic pursuits, Kevens has been a starting offensive lineman for the Blue Streaks varsity football team for three years. When asked about playing on the line, Kevens simply said “I like being in the action!” He also works as a media specialist for JCU’s Information Technology Services department, and has worked as an intern in the IT department of Swagelok, an international fluid system technology company headquartered in suburban Cleveland. After graduation, Kevens plans to pursue a career in the IT field.