Holly Girardin is a senior Computer Science major from Cleveland, Ohio. As a student at a local community college, Holly cross-registered for a class at John Carroll, and says she “just loved it! I loved the atmosphere of the class, I loved the people, and I loved the campus!” Two years later, Holly is now ready to graduate and enter the workforce as a programmer.

Holly’s enthusiastic personality really shines through when she talks about her experiences in computer science at JCU. A little unsure of her abilities when she arrived at John Carroll, Holly says “I just thought I’d blend into the wallpaper, do my work and graduate–but that didn’t happen. They [her computer science professors] have given me so much more confidence than I ever could have gotten anywhere else.” Her software engineering class, in particular, “really helped me to see that I could do more than I thought I could.”

In her spare time, Holly enjoys watching movies (especially spy movies and comedies) and listening to music (rock and roll from the 50’s and 60’s is her favorite). She has also been a regular volunteer at Watterson-Lake Elementary School in Cleveland, where she works with special-ed children. Last summer, Holly worked with Dr. Linda Seiter on a project in web databases, and recently presented the results of her research at JCU’s Celebration of Scholarship, in a poster titled “Database Web Technologies.”

After graduation, Holly would like to stay in the Cleveland area, working as a web programmer. But we think she’ll miss John Carroll because, in her words, “class is never dull or boring. Everyone is so much fun to be around. It is absolutely impossible to go through the day without laughing in this department!”