Gregory Gutmann is a senior Computer Science and East Asian Studies major from Solon, Ohio who has built up quite an impressive resume of educational, intellectual, and extracurricular pursuits. Greg decided on John Carroll after meeting faculty (“very friendly”) and seeing the campus (“beautiful”). Although he had taken quite a few computer classes before college and enjoyed them, and his high school Skills USA team won not only at the state and regional levels but also a gold medal at the national competition, he had not decided on a major when he began, but he reasoned that a good CS background would be helpful since computers are used in every industry and in so many academic areas.

Greg has presented his R and D at several JCU Celebration of Scholarship events: his Japanese flash card program; the result of his summer internship at NASA Goddard working with high-performance computing, moving existing code over to GPU units, which allowed calculations to be run five times faster than before; and this year his current independent study work, under the guidance of Dr. Victor Lee, on building an AI-based multiagent heterogenous system using 3D and massively parallel computing. In addition to this current “favorite class,” Greg has especially enjoyed Robotics and making an Android encryption program .

When not computing, Greg loves to go places and do other fun things. He spent the fall semester last year at Nanzan University in Japan, a week in Chile, and will soon go to Berlin with a JCU study tour. When the jet lag wears off, he enjoys skiing and other mountain sports, studying languages, instruments, new technology, and spending time with his Delta Tau Delta brothers.

After graduation this May, Greg plans to continue his education and is waiting to hear from several US graduate schools. He has already been accepted at the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s programs in pharmacokinetics, biological computer visualization and molecular robotics. Eventually he would like to work in R and D in science or hardware such as Nvidia. Considering his superb background and intellectual curiosity (with some experience at NASA Goddard Space Center thrown into the mix), the sky’s the limit for Gregory Gutmann!