Winter 2017
Hi, all. I hope everyone has recovered from the holidays and enjoyed a peaceful time with family and friends. I received a wonderful surprise email from Mike Ugljesa with an update, beginning with the news his twin boys have been accepted to JCU. Congrats to Anthony and Jimmy! Along with these graduating seniors, Mike and his wife, Mimi, live in Toledo, Ohio, with high school freshman Tommy and fifth-grader Mary. Mike is president of administrative services at Hylant, one of the nation’s largest privately owned insurance brokerage firms. Thank you so much for reaching out.

Unfortunately, I have tragic news to share. William Laughlin died unexpectedly on Nov. 14, 2016, in Pittsburgh. He leaves behind his wife, Rebecca, and children Maddie, Bryce, and Liam. He had gone on to receive a master’s degree from the University of Kentucky and was vice president, finance director for Jones Lang LaSalle. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Bill’s family.

Please email me updates, or reach out on our class Facebook page.


Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Fall 2016
Hello, all. As I write this, school is back in swing (finally!), and fall is upon us. Before we move on to football, leaves, and pumpkin spice, I have two final summer stories to share. Patrick Gibel kindly posted a vacation story on our class Facebook page. While Patrick was in the Outer Banks enjoying what he referred to as a glass of “milk” at the Irish pub in Swansboro, another gentleman noticed Pat’s Lebron James shirt and asked if he was from Cleveland. Turns out the familiar pub patron was JCU’s own Joseph Kelly, Ph.D. Small world!

JCU friends in Nashville, Tennessee

JCU friends in Nashville, Tennessee

A great photo also was posted to the class page by Melissa (Lohman) Manner, who gathered with a group of JCU friends in Nashville, Tennessee, for an annual weekend trip. Melissa, Sarah (Kocian) Alzamora, Meghan (Davis) Wilson, Tanya Andolsen, Kathryn (Settembre) Kowcheck, and Lara (Vidmar) Slatniske visited the famous Bluebird Café and toured the city’s honky-tonks, restaurants, and events. It looks like a wonderful trip was had with longtime friends.

The class Facebook page is an easy way to send updates so your classmates can learn the interesting things you’re up to. While it might not seem exciting, it’s always nice to hear where you are and what you’re doing. If Facebook isn’t your thing, I’m always available at the email address that appears at the top of this column. I hope you’re all well. Best,

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Summer 2016
Once again, I’m so grateful for the online contributions from our classmates. I nominate Kirsten (Zieminski) Marriner for coolest job title ever. Kirsten recently accepted the position of chief people officer for The Clorox Company. For this new adventure, Kirsten; her husband, Mat ’97G; and their three teenagers relocated to the Bay Area to be near Clorox headquarters in Oakland, California. Congratulations, Kirsten!

A mini-JCU reunion took place in Park City, Utah, this past May for a group of Murphy Hall friends. Colleen (Kelly) Beesley graciously hosted Pati (Dargan) Kemp ’01G, Jennifer (Gubba) Fisher, Jenn (Kennedy) Ontko, Katie (Niehaus) Gerba ’99G, and Erin (Canada) Owen. Old Carroll friend and Park City local Eric Barber was also on hand to join in the fun. I’m sure it seemed like no time at all had passed since the days of immovable furniture in tiny rooms and the Purple Lounge. Thanks so much to Kirsten and Erin for getting in touch.

Jenn (Kennedy) Ontko, Katie (Niehaus) Gerba, Colleen Kelly, Erin (Canada) Owen, Pati (Dargan) Kemp, and Jennifer (Gubba) Fisher

Jenn (Kennedy) Ontko, Katie (Niehaus) Gerba, Colleen Kelly, Erin (Canada) Owen, Pati (Dargan) Kemp, and Jennifer (Gubba) Fisher

See how much fun it is to read updates from our classmates. You, too, can provide such entertainment. Find me on Facebook and join our class page, or shoot me an email. Thanks.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Spring 2016
Happy spring to you! Many thanks to David Sabath, who posted a great story to our class Facebook page. David, who works in engineering at DocuSign, lives in Seattle with his wife and children, Lily (10) and Jacob (7). Through LinkedIn, David discovered that Brian Cimprich also lives in Seattle and has worked in the same building as he does for the past two years. David contacted Brian, and sure enough, they were in the same building where Brian works for Nordstrom. The two planned to get together the following week. It’s great to see the JCU connections continuing throughout the country. David or Brian, please update us about your reunion.

That’s the only update I have for now, but please keep me posted.

Also, our class Facebook page is a great place to keep in touch. The group has 190 members, which is only a fraction of our class. If you’re not a member, please join us. It’s nice to be able to update us there. It’s also fun to share memories and funny stories about our college days. These updates make it seem like our college days weren’t so long ago. You can always email me. Best to all of you.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Winter 2016
Hi, all. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. I was thrilled to hear from two of our classmates who are experiencing international adventures. Dana (Hickey) Bizic recently moved from Houston to The Hague in the Netherlands with her husband, Nick, and daughter, Jocelyn (8), on a short-term assignment for Nick’s job. Dana says they love the less hectic lifestyle and abundant travel opportunities. As I contemplate my to-do list, I’m envious of that less hectic lifestyle.



Elizabeth (Sander) Kennelly also is on a work-related adventure – hers in Melbourne, Australia, where she relocated in 2013 for a job with her husband’s employer, Bayer. Along with their daughters Ashleigh (13) and Hayleigh (11), they enjoy the native animals, beaches, and natural wonders. Elizabeth even snuggled a baby koala! She recommends Australia to all of us and invites anyone planning to visit to email her at kennfam2000@yahoo.com.

That’s all for now. Please keep sending the updates. It’s wonderful to hear what everyone is up to. Best,

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Fall 2015
Greetings from back-in-school land. While it was a wonderful (and quick) summer, I’m once again able to actually complete a thought and am happy to be back sharing stories from our classmates. Jonathan Agin, who has been appointed executive director of The Max Cure Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity, is doing incredible work on behalf of young cancer patients. A former trial lawyer, Jon became a leading advocate for pediatric cancer causes after losing his 4-year-old daughter, Alexis, to an inoperable brain tumor in 2011. Through his leadership with MCF, Jon helps advance the cause of childhood cancer through funding research and advocating on behalf of children and families. Jon is the CKN Childhood Cancer Awareness and Advocacy Section editor and contributor to The Huffington Post, as well as one of the founders of the Children’s Cancer Therapy Development Institute, a nonprofit research laboratory. Jon, who has testified before Congress, has introduced best wishes to assist children and families experiencing a cancer diagnosis.



Victor Szerpicki has taken a new position as an assurance manager with Walthall CPAs, a full-service regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm. Previously, Victor served as a manager with CBIZ Inc. business solutions for 15 years. Victor, a member of the American Institute of CPAs and The Ohio Society of CPAs, serves on the board of directors for the St. Barnabas Villa and the finance committee of The Reserve at Walden Pond Homeowner’s Association. Congratulations, Victor

Maria (DeMichele) Kerekes responded to my Facebook plea with the amazing news that she trained for and ran her 16th marathon on Oct. 18. Way to go, Maria!

Jackie Veauthier also wrote via Facebook. Jackie is a scientist at Los Alamos National Lab in New Mexico where she lives with her husband and 5-year-old son. As if that’s not impressive enough, Jackie also teaches homemade explosives safety to military personnel being deployed throughout the world through a course that she helped develop at Los Alamos. Thanks for the update, Jackie.

Anthony Cirino and Denis Meder ’59

Anthony Cirino and Denis Meder ’59

Finally, a repeat of a story that ran in the online summer issue but was too lovely not to share again in print. Anthony Cirino submitted a photo showing him with his patient Denis Meder ’59, who’s a musician who comes to Anthony’s ophthalmology practice each year at Christmas to play music for his staff and patients. What a gift! Anthony’s wife, Rebecca (Prisco), is a psychiatrist, and the two have five children under the age of 10. It’s no surprise Anthony reports their house is full of excitement. Thanks so much for the photo, Anthony.

Thanks to all who submitted updates – please keep them coming. News and photos can be sent to me via email or on our class Facebook page. Best,

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Summer 2015

Rev. Kevin Fazio is the new priest at St. Alphonsus in Wexford, Pa.

Rev. Kevin Fazio is the new priest at St. Alphonsus in Wexford, Pa.

Anthony Cirino '94 and Denis Meder '59

Anthony Cirino ’94 and Denis Meder ’59

Mary Jude Pakiela

Spring 2015
Standing alone in my kitchen early one morning, I was startled by a strange sound, only to realize, after a few moments of confusion, it was the unfamiliar sound of a bird chirping! This winter in Cleveland has been interminable. Here’s hoping that, by the time you read this, the sun is shining and you’re enjoying spring wherever you are.

Frank Navratil, Ph.D., JCU finance and economics professor, visited the Baltimore Ravens training facility when the Ravens were practicing and scrimmaging with the San Francisco 49ers. He met with Pat Moriarty ’93G (right), senior vice president of football administration, and Greg Roman ’94, former offensive coordinator for the 49ers.

Frank Navratil, Ph.D., JCU finance and economics professor, visited the Baltimore Ravens training facility when the Ravens were practicing and scrimmaging with the San Francisco 49ers. He met with Pat Moriarty ’93G (right), senior vice president of football administration, and Greg Roman ’94, former offensive coordinator for the 49ers.

Congratulations to Joe Kelley, the newly appointed vice president of finance and chief financial officer at Materion Corp. headquartered in Mayfield Heights. Joe joined Materion in 2011, previously serving as vice president finance for the Advanced Materials Group. In his new position, Joe will oversee the company’s tax, treasury, and investor relations functions. Best wishes, Joe, in your new position.

Thanks to Nicole (Duffy) Mastropietro for her show of support on our class Facebook page for the recent John Carroll magazine article documenting the amazing efforts of her friend Gina (Rennpage) Gabel ’99. Gina has been a driving force behind the creation of Thrive, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing nutrition to the poverty-stricken children of Bangladesh. If you didn’t read the article, you can read more about Thrive online at jcu.magazine/ alumni and thrive-global.org. Nicole and I discussed the possibility of making a donation to this worthy effort on behalf of our class. If, after reading more, you’re interested in participating, please email me, and I’ll organize the effort.

Finally, I’m sad to report the passing of classmate John McGuinness, who died suddenly on Nov. 14, 2014. Details were unavailable, but we send our deepest prayers and condolences to his family, including his wife and three sons.

I’m looking forward to hearing more news from you via our Facebook page or directly to me. Best,

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Winter 2015
Hi, all. I hope you’re well and enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.

When I received my fall issue of John Carroll magazine, I remarked to John that it wasn’t as exciting as it used to be to open Class notes because I already know what’s said. My hope is that you look forward to reading the notes. I sure could use your help. There’s no news to report this time, but I know many of you have interesting things to share. Even if nothing is particularly new with you, it’s always good just to know where folks are and how they’re doing. Consider getting in touch. Here’s to a column next time that pushes me past my word count.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Fall 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful summer and those of you who were able to attend reunion weekend had a great time. John Pakiela and I had a wonderful dinner with Nora (Mackin) Lally and her husband John, Sarah Poweska, Helen (Van Cuyk) Rowe, and Julie (Smith) ’93 and Toots Castagnero. I think we broke a record for the most conversations being held at the same time, some with mostly just hysterical laughter – our poor waitress. On to class news …

Walter Williams (MBA) is one of three candidates being considered for president and CEO of the Arkadelphia Regional Economic Development Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce in Arkansas. Walter – who has extensive experience in economic development, community revitalization and job creation – is certified by the National Development Council as an economic development finance professional and by Business Retention and Expansion International as a master consultant. Best of luck to you, Walter.

F. Michael Covey III, managing director in UBS Financial Services' private wealth management group, was elected president of the Union League Club of Chicago.

F. Michael Covey III, managing director in UBS Financial Services’ private wealth management group, was elected president of the Union League Club of Chicago.

Many thanks to Dave Kocab for sending an update. He and wife Lisa Chrysler and their five sons reside in Mequon, Wis., where Lisa is the new 3K teacher for Lumen Christi Catholic School. Dave was promoted to director of commercial transactions for Johnson Controls and is responsible for North and South America. (I can’t help but think I can barely manage my house, let alone two continents. Way to go, Dave.) Dave and Lisa are involved in GiGi’s Playhouse, a Down Syndrome achievement center for children and adults with 16 locations nationwide and rapidly expanding. Lisa serves as president of the Milwaukee branch, and Dave as a member of their board of managers. When Dave isn’t coaching one of their younger sons, he and Lisa can be found in the bleachers cheering on their older sons in football and basketball. Best to this busy family in all of their endeavors.

That’s all for now. Please keep the updates coming. Finding your emails in my inbox makes my day – and then this column. More soon.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Lilly and Beth (Szychowski) Pruchnicki

Lilly and Beth (Szychowski) Pruchnicki

Summer 2014
Hello, all. I’m excited to share news, so let’s dig in. Beth (Szychowski) Pruchnicki received the 2014 “Small Hands, Big Heart” award from the National Kidney Foundation at the Kidney Gift of Life Gala held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. After her daughter, Lilly, was born with urological defects in 2004, Beth became involved with the NKF and has been recognized for her dedicated involvement as a Kidney Walk fundraiser and volunteer. Lilly also serves alongside her mom as the junior ambassador for the NKF in Erie, Pa. Way to go Beth and Lilly!

Neil Schrimsher ’94G has been elected to the board of directors at Patterson Cos., where he’ll serve on the board’s compensation and governance and nominating committees. Presently, Neil serves as president and CEO of Applied Industrial Technologies. Congratulations, Neil!

Michael Connole has been named managing director for MetLife Premier Client Group in Ohio, where he’ll oversee multiple MetLife and New England Financial offices throughout the state. Mike is a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve and lives with his wife and their four children in Avon Lake, Ohio. Good luck in your new role, Mike.

Michael Ugljesa was named president of Hylant Administrative Services, one of the nation’s largest privately owned insurance brokerage firms. In addition to his professional achievements, Mike also is involved in the United Way, Junior Achievement, Boy Scouts of America, and serves as a youth athletic coach. Best to you, Mike.



Recently, I reported on Michael Covey’s involvement with the Union League Club of Chicago. Mike was elected president of the board, joined by fellow alum Edward Cooper ’84, who was elected treasurer. Mike serves as managing director in UBS Financial Services’ Private Wealth Management group and lives in Arlington Heights, Ill., with his wife, Jennifer (Mitsos) Covey and their children, Alexis and Frank IV. Ed is senior vice president for Wells Fargo Bank, former chair of the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention, and adjunct professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana. He lives in Chicago’s Graceland West neighborhood with his wife, Patty DeBiasi-Cooper, and their children, James and Grace.



It’s fantastic to hear about so many accomplishments from our class. Please keep the news coming.


Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Spring 2014

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the sun will be shining, and you’ll be making plans to attend our 20- year reunion, June 13-15, 2014. Fellow classmates Lisa Chambers and Jon Petrus are hard at work on the planning committee. It’s sure to be an amazing weekend. If you have little people at home who you usually feed and otherwise keep alive, there’s even a place for them – Camp Carroll is available to kids ages 5 to 15 years old, and babysitting services are provided for children younger than 5. We’ll even get a chance to see the new Murphy Hall renovations and grumble about the old days of immovable furniture and the (not) Purple Lounge. Check out details about these activities at jcu.edu/reunion.



Meanwhile, I have great news to share from classmate Marianne (Sezon) Dana, who’s seeking the Democratic nomination to run in 2014 for judge of the Court of Common Pleas – General Division in Ashtabula County Ohio. Sezon has held various positions during her 16 years with the court, including staff attorney, magistrate, and court administrator. In these roles, she assisted the court to make its rulings on more than 4,000 cases in areas, including personal injury, real estate, foreclosure, domestic relations, worker’s compensation, professional torts, administrative appeals, product liability, and criminal law. Marianne resides with her husband, Richard, in Austinburg Township in Ashtabula, where she has served in several leadership roles, most notably as former president of the Ashtabula County Mental Health & Recovery Services board and current trustee of the Ashtabula County District Library board. In 2012, the Ashtabula County Chamber of Commerce recognized Marianne as one of the “Top 5 Under 45 Professionals.” Best to you, Marianne, in all of your pursuits.

That’s all for now. Join the class Facebook page (John Carroll University Class of 1994) for reunion updates or just to catch up with old friends. You also can post ideas or suggestions for Jon and Lisa to relay to the committee. Even though it’s been an unbelievable 20 years since our graduation, I’m confident that when we’re back for reunion it will be like we never left. Be sure to keep your news coming. It’s great to hear what you’re up to. I look forward to seeing you in June. Best,

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Winter 2014

Did everyone get the reunion reminders in the mail? It’s difficult to believe we’ll celebrate 20 years June 13-15, 2014. Mark your calendars now. It will be great to see everyone.

On to a wealth of class updates. Ed Rusch was named vice president, corporate marketing at Elemica, a supply chain operating network provider for the process industry. Ed will be leading a team to additionally define and deliver the company’s global marketing strategy. Before Elemica, Ed worked in marketing and sales for Angelica Corp. and XO Communications. Best wishes to Ed in his new position.

In the last column, we heard news about the baby shower of Aileen (Sexton) Kopfinger. Aileen and her husband, John, are happy to share the news about the birth of their daughter, Mackenzie, on Aug. 14 Congratulations!

Gretchen Gerstle Greenman wrote about news of a get-together with Tisha Zawisky in Saratoga Springs this past October. Their weekend of shopping and restaurants was capped by a walk down JCU memory lane. Sounds like a great time.

Maria (DeMichele) Kerekes is my new hero. She completed her 13th marathon, running the Columbus race with a personal best time of 4:11 – four minutes faster than her previous best. Many congratulations, Maria! Maybe you can send me pointers because it’s difficult for me to run without someone chasing me.

Attention, Indianapolis friends. Nicole (Duffy) Mastropietro is the newest Blue Streak in town. Nicole and her husband, Chris, have relocated for his new position at Riley Children’s Hospital and love their new city.

Cricket Scheurer wrote a lovely note sharing her recent battle with breast cancer and the celebration of being cancer free for one year. Her story illustrates the importance of advocating for oneself in medical care. She shared her journey, stressing the crucial steps of preventive care, with the hope her experience might help someone else. Thank you, Cricket, for your openness. We wish you the best! And if you’re looking for additional inspiration toward a healthy lifestyle, head to http://community.parkview.com/blog/row, where you can catch up on the exercise and nutrition endeavors of Helen Van Cuyk Row. If you feel like you could use extra motivation toward improving your health, I promise you’ll be inspired after reading Helen’s story. I know I am, on an ongoing basis.

That’s all for now. I’m grateful for all the updates and look forward to hearing more. If you have questions about reunion or would like to share your story, email or find me on Facebook. Best to you all.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Fall 2013
Hello, all. As I write this, school has just begun, and around here, it’s back to schedules, after-school activities, and the dreaded lunch packing. While I have a quiet house in which to write, I have no news to report, unfortunately. I’m grateful to the JCU Class of ’94 Facebook group for all the responses it sent for the previous column, so much so, I gave them a break this time from my requests for updates/nagging. It’s wonderful to hear from you, and with our next reunion looming, it’d be great to hear what more folks are up to. There also was talk online about doing something fun with this column and trying it out as a place to offer responses to a particular question. News is always most welcome, but if that doesn’t feel comfortable, how about taking a stab at the following: Imagine you’re on campus and you come upon a tour. Realizing you’re an esteemed alum, the eager young tour guide asks you to share one of the best lessons you learned during your time at Carroll. One of mine would have something to do with not waiting until 11 p.m. on the night before your first art history exam before cracking the book and expecting to memorize so many things. That didn’t end well. I’d love to hear your thoughts and share them here – even anonymously if you prefer. Send responses to me via email. If you have an update, idea, or question, those are great, too. I realize sending news can feel strange sometimes, but I hate the idea you’ll turn to our page in class notes and find an empty column. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all the best.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Summer 2013

Before I begin with the news, I have to give a huge shout out to the class of 1994 Facebook community, to whom I’m grateful for this column. With no news to report and a looming deadline, I made a Facebook plea and the responses rolled in. If you’re not a member of the John Carroll University Class of 1994 Facebook page, consider joining us. It’s a fun place to keep in touch, post pictures, share nostalgia, and updated us on your latest news. Thanks to the following for all of your contributions to this column.

Cathy Spicer – a Lakewood, Ohio, resident – is a manager of customer content services for PR Newswire, where she has worked for the past 18 years. Cathy also champions the use of proper grammar via her weekly company blog Grammar Hammer. A contributor to the Cleveland arts scene, Cathy serves as vice president, trustee, and publicity chair for the Greater Cleveland Flute Society. She plays in area flute ensembles and invites any alums who play the flute to contact her or look her up via Facebook or Twitter @ClevelandFlute. Thanks so much for that impressive update.

Aileen (Sexton) Kopfinger checked in with happy news that she and husband, John, are expecting their first child. Celebrating at a recent baby shower for Aileen was fellow classmate Bethany (Ross) Reed. Congratulations, Aileen!

Stacey (Schmidt) Brazie’s son played in a baseball tournament this summer in Cooperstown with the son of Mark and Sue (Stukus) Vasiliauskas. Cheering on their brothers were the boys’ sisters, who also play travel soccer together. What a small world.

Krissy Weisenberger’s daughter is headed to the University of Chicago this fall to study linguistics, French, and Arabic. How proud she must be!

Leighanne Kramer Hustak received the Barbara Donaho Distinguished Leadership in Learning Award from Kent State University for graduate students in the graduate nurse practitioner program. Congratulations, Leighanne!

From left: John Slatniske ’91, Lara Vidmar Slatniske ’94, Melissa Lohman Manner ’94, Kevin Manner ’93. Kids in front are Brody (age 6) and Brennan (age 9) Slatniske and Wyatt Manner (age 6).

From left: John Slatniske ’91, Lara Vidmar Slatniske ’94, Melissa Lohman Manner ’94, Kevin Manner ’93. Kids in front are Brody (age 6) and Brennan (age 9) Slatniske and Wyatt Manner (age 6).

Finally, Melissa (Lohman) Manner sent a beautiful picture of her family sharing a Hilton Head vacation with Lara Vidmar Slatniske and her family. Melissa and her husband, Kevin ’93, are parents of Wyatt (6). Lara and her husband, John ’91, are parents of Brennan (9) and Brody (6). It’s wonderful to see how so many JCU friendships have continued to grow throughout the years.

Until next time, I wish all of you the best. Please send me a message with updates, or friend me on Facebook. I hope to see you all over at the class page. Take care.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela


Spring 2013
Hi, all. When I wrote this, the March sun was actually shining, and the world was celebrating white smoke in the sky over the Vatican. My Facebook page is flush with JCU grads celebrating the choice of a Jesuit as our new pope. It’s great to see we continue to derive meaning from the ideals we learned at JCU.

Translating those values into her life’s work is ’94G alum Karen Kitt, whose recently published book, “Crisis in America: Families in Need,” combines her Christian faith with her passion for child advocacy. Drawing on a long career in education reform, Kitt’s book encourages advocacy that includes prayer and speaking the word of God to children. Congratulations, Karen!

In the business arena, Kirsten (Zieminski) Marriner was chosen senior vice president, chief human resources officer at Omnicare. After spending the past 10 years in human resource leadership positions at Fifth Third Bank, Kirsten will lead Omnicare’s human resource initiatives while supporting the organization’s long- term growth. Best wishes to you, Kirsten, in your new endeavors.

If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage you to become a member of the John Carroll University Class of 1994 Facebook page. We had a hilarious conversation there a few months ago about songs that take us back to our years on campus. It was a great way to reminisce and connect with old friends. Come join and consider posting a prompt or question. It’s always fun to hear tales of the good old days, even though they don’t seem all that long ago. As always, please keep me posted about what’s new with you.

Best to you all.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Winter 2013
I hope this column finds you well and having enjoyed a joyous holiday season. I received a lovely note from Jodie (Palmer) Hayden, who’s the mother of a JCU student. Jodie’s son, Tim Maxwell, is enjoying his freshman year as a member of the class of 2016 and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Jodie, her husband, Jim, and younger son, Dean (15), reside in Aurora, Ohio, where she’s an account representative for Odyssey Printwear. Jodie also is committed to volunteer work with the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life since being diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2004. As she continues on her healing journey, Jodie supports the research that has helped her and is invested in assisting others facing similar challenges. Her positive attitude is inspirational. Thank you, Jodie, for sharing. We wish you the best.

Schedules aligned for a great catch-up lunch with Michelle (Keys) Karim, who glowingly shared that she and her husband, Wadih, will be the proud parents of baby No. 4. The lucky little one will join big sisters Abby (6), Kaitlyn (4), and Emma (3). Michelle is a math teacher at Beachwood Middle School and resides in Seven Hills with her family. Congratulations, Michelle!

In news from the sports world, John Fette is ending his 15-year tenure as commissioner of the Glenwood Baseball League, the oldest continuously running semipro league in the country. Fette, who also has played in the Erie, Pa., league for the past 20 years, is credited with improving the quality of the league, enhancing the group’s organization, and strengthening its reputation. John’s work will be left to a four- member team, which is a testament to how much work he accomplished while a lone commissioner. Congratulations, John, and best to you in your future endeavors.

That’s all for now. I feel privileged to hear and relay the stories of our classmates and look forward to the next batch. Friend me on Facebook, get in touch via our class page, or email me. Thanks to all, and best to you until next time.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Fall 2012

Caitlyn Ann Welter

Greetings, all, and many thanks to our classmates who’ve been in touch with news. I’m honored to report we have a new clergy member among our accomplished graduates. Fr. Kevin Fazio was ordained this summer at St. Paul Cathedral in Pittsburgh. Following graduation from JCU, Kevin earned an MBA at the University of Pittsburgh, working in marketing and sales for the steel industry. A call to the clergy led to the priestly formation program at Duquesne University/St. Paul Seminary in 2006, followed by St. Vincent Seminary. Fr. Kevin serves three parishes in Butler, Pa: St. Paul, St. Michael, and St. Peter. Best wishes to you, Fr. Kevin.


In other sacramental news, John Carroll and his bride, Suzanne Styrna, were married in Chicago this past July. Celebrating with the happy couple were fellow Carroll alums: JP Bania ’93, Glen Toczydlowski ’95, Colleen Carroll ’95, Amy Cavato ’95, Ben Jackson ’95, Gerry Thomas ’95, and Hillary (Garard) Jackson ’97. The couple resides in Chicago, where John works for the Cook County State Attorney’s office. Congratulations, John and Suzanne!

The good news continues with word from Candace (Gash) Welter. She and her husband, Dan, welcomed their daughter, Caitlyn Ann, April 30, 2012. Caitlyn joins big brother, Drew (2), as the family moves into a new home in Urbana, Md. Candace returned to work at Marriott International.


Reports from the business world include impressive news for Mike Covey, who was elected second vice president of the Union League Club of Chicago, an organization of men and women with active roles in Chicago’s public, civic, cultural, and philanthropic affairs. Mike is a senior vice president in UBS Financial Services’ private wealth management group. He and his wife, Jennifer (Mitsos) Covey, reside in Arlington Heights with their children, Alexis and Frank IV.

Excelling in the nonprofit world, Michael Robb, executive director of Center for Community Resources, Alliance for Nonprofit Resources and Nonprofit Development Corporation, has been recognized as a 2012 Pittsburgh Pacesetter, honoring innovative leaders in the region. Mike, who’s the first person to win the Pacesetter Award three years in a row, also received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2012 Award, Nonprofit Category, in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

And from the world of international travel, a minireunion was held in Dublin in September with Sara (Tabis) ’95 and Kelly Crowe, Mary (Grant) ’95 and Brian Marita, and Michelle (Keresztezy) ’95 and Brian Murphy attending. I’m sure they did a fine job catching up and reliving their JCU glory days.

A minireunion, held in Dublin in September, included (from left): Patrick Murphy (next to his dad), Brian Murphy, Michelle (Keresztesy) ’95 Murphy, Shannon Murphy (behind her mom), Kelly Crowe, Sara (Tabis) Crowe ’95, Mary (Grant) ’95 Marita and Brian Marita.

That’s all for now. Keep the news coming.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Summer 2012
Hello, all. I’m so pleased to be taking over our class column, although I think we agree Moe is a tough act to follow. A big thank you for her efforts to keep us connected throughout the years.

Congratulations to Danielle Sirianni-De Weerd, husband Eric De Weerd, and big sister Katie (2) on the newest addition to their family, Ryan James.

Keith Sidley accepted a position as the information assurance manager at the U.S. Army Signal Center battle laboratory. Keith has worked in Army information technology as a soldier, contractor, and Army civilian. He and his wife, Donna, reside in Augusta, Ga., with daughters Allison (6) and Caroline (3).

Nora (Mackin) Lally works in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Community Planning and Development and resides in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago with her husband, John, and daughter, Katie (6). She continues to plot her return to Cleveland. Hurry up, Nora!

Kerri Kutz Salvino was honored as a member of the 2012 Twenty Under 40 class of community leaders in Stark County, Ohio. Kerri is a human resources supervisor at Diebold, where she’s worked for 17 years. She and her husband, Rick, have two children – Ella (8) and Ricky (5). Congratulations, Kerri!

While I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact 40 keeps appearing on birthday invitations this year, we were fortunate to celebrate this milestone with a surprised Adam Pierce. A slew of guests from our class gathered to celebrate, including Joe Kelley, John Pakiela, Drew Ennis, Rick Ferrari, Jennifer (Allison) Hengelsberg, Jessie (Leugers) Weiss, and Catherine (O’Malley) Kearney, along with spouses and many other revelers from various JCU classes. Adam and his excellent party-planning wife, Tara, reside in Fairview Park, Ohio, with son Jameson (4). When I was trying to score an extra piece of cake at the dessert table, I heard great news from Brian and Janine (Rockovich) Mortellaro, who have a budding author in the family. As part of a school project, their daughter, Sarah (10), submitted a heartfelt letter about why she loves their family dog, Sammy. Sarah’s letter was chosen to be included in a published collection of similar letters written by pet lovers, including Tony Bennett and Oprah Winfrey. I’m sure Mr. Bennett and Ms. Winfrey will be honored to have their work read alongside Sarah’s when the book is published this fall.

That’s all for now. Keep me posted on what’s new with you on our class Facebook page, shoot me an email, or friend me on Facebook (which I sadly check way too often). I’d love to hear your stories.

Mary Jude

Mary Jude Pakiela

Spring 2012
Hello, friends. As I write this column, I’m a bit sentimental because it’ll be my last. Eighteen years after graduation, I need to hang up my keyboard and hand the reigns to Mary Jude (Detesco) Pakiela. Life, the kids, and my job have taken over my life, and although a column only comes around a few times a year, I felt I needed to pass on the opportunity to someone who could do a better job.

Tami (Gray) Wozniak-Smith is in her 17th year of teaching high school English. She lives in Middleburg Heights, Ohio, with her two kids, Joey (10) and Briana (7).

Michael Cardamone and his wife, Rebecca, are expecting their first child, a boy, in May. Mike, make sure you update Mary Jude and send pictures.

Aileen (Sexton) Kopfinger has been working as vice president of legal for Red Stone Equity, a syndicator of low-income housing tax credits, for the past year.

Anthony and Rebecca (Prisco) Cirino had their fifth child in November. Salvatore Anthony joins the Cirino brood of Giovanni (7), Angelo (6), Mario (4), and Sophia (3). Looks like there’s more work to do to get the girls caught up with the boys!

John Lorince had been a consultant at Pickwick & Frolic Restaurant and Club for the past 10 years (since it opened) but accepted the marketing manager position with Leff Electric in Cleveland. Leff is a90-year-old, third-generation, family-owned business that distributes electrical supplies. John and his wife, Wendy, had their first child, Brady Brielle, in July 2011. They live in Avon Lake, Ohio.

Karen Seitz-LaFianza, who has been the assistant softball coach for Bishop Canevin High School, was appointed the head coach. (This doesn’t surprise anyone because she received All-Ohio Conference while at JCU.) Good luck, Karen!


Erin A. Sutton was elected partner with Peck, Shaffer & Williams LLP, a public finance law firm in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also a member of the first class of the Ohio Women’s Bar Foundation – Leadership Institute, a program that develops leadership skills of women in the legal profession. Congratulations, Erin!

Cheryl Botchick joined Rogue Paper as vice president and general manager of client services. Previously, Cheryl was an account director and product manager for AT&T Answer Tones for four years, where she oversaw the Web and mobile e-commerce portal for AT&T. She worked closely with content providers on marketing campaigns that ranged from flyaway contests to viral videos. Before working with AT&T, Cheryl was an editor at AOL Music, developing content strategy. Cheryl, congratulations!

I’m grateful for being your class columnist for the past 18 years and know Mary Jude will continue to keep you informed in her own style. Don’t forget to sign up for our JCU Class of 1994 Facebook page.


Mary Jude Pakiela

Winter 2011
If you haven’t heard and are on Facebook, I’ve created a group, “John Carroll Class of 1994,” for all of us to join and interact. It’s been great to see so many of our friends connect. Feel free to post to the walls and invite all our classmates to join.

Eric Wulff wrote that Aurum Wealth Management Group is an investment advisory firm he co-founded with Greg Skoda ’78 that keeps growing, and they keep hiring JCU grads. Their most recent hires are Michael McKeown ’05 and Jake Adamczyk ’11.

I heard from Lisa Chrysler Kocab and her hubby, David Kocab. They were beaming with pride to announce the birth of their fifth son, Patrick James, in April 2011. Dave reports all four older brothers fight over holding him and playing with him. Lisa and Dave, you have the beginnings of your own basketball team. Congrats!

I’m reconnected with Sachiko Burns through Facebook. She’s living in Columbus, Ohio.

I’ve also reconnected with Cricket Scheurer, who owns a preschool and daycare in North Canton, Ohio, and absolutely loves it. Cricket has a 10-year-old son and is planning to return to Carroll this fall for a football game.

Beth Campbell Killeen has her hands full. She and husband, Kevin ’93, have four girls and live in Hudson, Ohio, where, for the past four years, they’ve owned a Mexican restaurant called Marcelita’s. Daughters Molly (13), Grace (12), Hanna (8), and Sara (4) keep them busy. Beth, it was great to hear from you. Keep the updates coming.

Congratulations to Apryl Ference Seide, who was named general counsel of Safeguard Properties. As a member of the executive team, Seide directs Safeguard’s internal and external legal functions. Way to go, Apryl!

Please continue to email or post your updates and those of any of our classmates we need to hear about online. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2011

Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2011

I hope all of you are doing well and enjoying the sunshine. If you haven’t connected with me on Facebook, please do. I’ve been able to connect with so many of you that way. Here’s what many of our friends have been up to: Candace Gash Welter has been living in Maryland since 2007 and working at Marriott International in Bethesda since 2008 as a senior manager for sales and intermediary analysis. Candace and her husband, Dan, welcomed their little one, Andrew Robert Welter, Nov. 6, 2009. Candace keeps in touch with Nancy (Moray) Klein, who has a 20-month-old named Conner; Cathleen (Danker) Neibch, who has two boys – Ethan and Kyle; and Charlene (Strauss) Brandt, who has three boys – Ryan, Eric, and Nicholas. Cathleen and Char are busy with their boys, who are involved in different sports and activities such as soccer, basketball, and baseball. You name it, they play it. Thanks Candace. Keep the updates coming.

John Tumminelli and his wife, Christi, welcomed their son, John Michael Tumminelli III, Feb. 10, 2011. As far as we can tell, this is the happiest John has been in his life. Congratulations to both of you.

Congrats are in order for Apryl Seide, who was appointed Safeguard’s general counsel. As a member of the executive team, Apryl directs Safeguard’s internal and external legal functions.

In January, Greg Roman was named offensive coordinator for the San Francisco 49ers. Greg brings 13 years of NFL coaching experience with him to the Bay Area and was, most re- cently, on new 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s staff at Stanford.

I feel like I’m living my dream because I was named dean of students/assistant vice president of student affairs at the University of North Texas, which is the fourth largest school in the state, in January. I love every minute of it. This has always been my dream job.

Please keep sending updates about your life and the lives of your classmates. You can always email me. Luck to you always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring 2011

Sarah Swingle ’93 and Frank Kuhar married Sept. 18, 2010, and many JCU grads were in the wedding and attended. Frank and Sarah were married at St. Joan of Arc Church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The reception was held at The Bertram Inn in Aurora. The weather was perfect. Alums from both years were in the wedding party: Elizabeth (Gallagher) Higgins ’93, Lori (Souser) Sprague’93, Donna (Lucente) Frank ’93, and maid of honor, Katie Stroh ’93, as well as Jeff Walker ’95, Ron Balcerek, and Jon Petrus.

Other alums who attended were: Chris Frank ’98G, Ron ’92 and Liz (Kidder) Becker ’93, Mark ’92 and Julie (Lull) ‘93 Henderson, Diann (Dellafiora) Jenne ’93, Kelly (Holmes) Nolan ’93, Aileen (Sexton) Kopfinger, Catherine (O’Malley) Kearney, Jeannine Spinola, Renee Albarano, Dana (Hickey) Bizic,  Jonathon Hofley ’95, Bethany Reed, Amilia Pickerill, Kelli (Dorony) Sawyer ’91, and Mary Jo (Garred) Marjak ’90.

The Kuhars live in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Frank runs his own company, Revived Housing Developers, and Sarah works at Progressive as an HR manager. It was like a minireunion weekend with people travelling from Chicago, D.C., and as far away as Texas for the big event.

Tracy Allgeier and wife, Michelle, had their first child April 29, 2010, Kolt Nickolas Allgeier. He loves to laugh, play peek-aboo, and eat. Tracy plans to take Kolt to visit Carroll this summer.


Michael P. Robb, executive director of Center for Community Resources, Alliance for Nonprofit Resources, and Nonprofit Development Corp. was recognized as a 2010 Pacesetter. The Pacesetter Awards, initiated by Smart Business Pittsburgh, recognizes outstanding business and community leaders who’ve made a significant impact on the region and its future. During the past decade, Smart Business has recognized corporate executives, as well as nonprofit, educational, and civic leaders who’ve had the foresight to set the pace for the greater Pittsburgh community. Mike was one of only 13 individuals who received this award in 2010. Congratulations, Mike.

I hope this column finds all of you doing well.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2010

Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2010

As I write my column this time around, I’m in good ole Erie, Pa., where I just celebrated my 20th high school reunion. Can you believe we’ve been out of high school for 20 years? Oh my, where has the time gone?

One of the great things about a high school reunion is you also run into some of those individuals you went to college with. I spent most of the night with Michelle Keys Karim and her husband, Danny. Michelle and Danny have three girls, all under the age of four: Abby, Kaitlyn, and Emma. They sure have their hands full. Michelle even did her first triathlon in July. Also at the reunion were Vikki Scully and Mike Gildea ’98.

Danielle Sirianni-De Weerd and her husband, Eric, had their first child last September in Hilton Head, S.C. Kathryn Marie De Weerd weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz and will be a year old by the time you read this. Happy first birthday Kathryn and congrats to your mom and dad.

Wagoner ’94

Bob Wagoner, who’s an attorney in Columbus, Ohio, was sworn in as the 49th president of the Central Ohio Association for Justice during the organization’s annual luncheon held at BoMA May 11, 2010. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul E. Pfeifer performed the swearing in ceremony. COAJ is comprised of about 300 lawyers practicing in central Ohio. Members’ concentrated areas include consumer law, criminal defense, domestic relations, employment, bodily injury, probate, workers compensation, ethics, and professional responsibility. Bob lives in Columbus with his wife, Amy, and two daughters, Hannah and Jenna. Congrats, Bob! That doesn’t surprise any of us.

JCU grads at a fundraiser for the Gilda Club (Cancer House) in Pittsburgh May 13, 2010. From left, Chris Randal ’94, Jill Bick Randal ’96, Mike Duff ’94, Linda Duff, Sean Friday ’94, and Jen Friday.

Many of us continue to chat often on Facebook. I created a John Carroll University Class of 1994 group. Please consider joining and posting so everyone can reconnect. I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer. Can you believe it’s over? Please shoot me an e-mail about what’s going on with you. My deadline will be here before we know it.

Luck to you always, Moe.

Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2010

I know our lives are crazy with spouses, kids, and jobs (and who knows what else!). When you read this, please logon to your computer and shoot me an e-mail – moe@unt.edu – or Facebook me with an update for the next class column! We all want to know what you have been up to!


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2009

Happy winter, everyone. It’s odd having deadlines months before publication, and you have to hope that the seasons and weather line up! I hope this version of the class notes finds everyone doing well and staying healthy. Look out for the swine flu outbreak hitting most of the college campuses nowadays – we worried only about a random cold or strep. Keep yourself and your family members healthy! H1N1 is not a fun flu to have!

Here is the latest with our classmates – more babies! NicoleDuffy Mastropietro had baby number two in August. Millie (2½) has a new brother, Westley Christopher Mastropietro. Nancy Moray Klein had her first son, Conner Christopher Klein, on July 14. Nancy reports he is growing too fast. Liz Sander Kennelly and Marnie Otterman Decicco attended her shower. Nancy says that Liz has two adorable little girls and Marnie has a lovely girl and a wonderful son. Candace Gash Welter is expecting her first baby in November. Some of the Carroll alums at her shower includedCharlene (StraussBrandt and Holly (Ranquist) Santoro ’95.

JohnCarroll reports that he is still living in Chicago and is a prosecutor at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office (10 years now). He is currently in the felony trial unit, after completing stints in the homicide/sex unit, narcotics special prosecutions unit, and the felony review unit. In fact, his judge is a John Carroll grad, too: Hon. Judge Lawrence Fox ’71. Thank you both for what you do to keep things safe in Chicago!

Tracy Allgeier left Texas four years ago to be the dean of discipline in Denver. He is at a new school, Bruce Randolph High School. Come back to Texas!

That’s the update for now. Please e-mail me or shoot me a note on Facebook as to what you are up to. I hope all of you and your families are doing well. Luck to you always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2009

It was so good to see so many of you at the Reunion in June! Some of us have gotten gray hair, and some of us have lost the hair that we once had, but ya’ll looked great! I am sorry I didn’t get a chance to hear everyone’s updates, but please send me an e-mail or get me caught up via Facebook so I can make my next deadline! I had the great opportunity to have dinner on Friday night of Reunion with Terri and Curt Ross, Mary ’95 and BrianMarita, Sara (Tabis) ’95 and Kelly Crowe and Alex Spinos! After dinner, we hung out with Lisa ChambersMichelle Thomas BurchfielMitchSwintChris Sito, and Larry Rummel, and we talked to Jennifer FryReed on the phone! We all had the opportunity to hang with D’Von (a current JCU student) on the golf cart and listened to the Irish tunes in the Jardine Room. On Saturday, we all got to catch up with Jon PetrusSue (Stukus) and Mark VasiliauskusCathy SpicerLaura CasertaLana(CasertaZachlinJoe SantoroFrank KuharErin (CanadaOwen,Kristen Cahill CataniaJohn ManganBeth (Szychowski) and RandyPruchnickiPati Dargan KempAmi (Reed) and Brett Casper, andMichael Cardamone. I know there were a lot more of us there, so, please, send me updates. I had dinner on Saturday night with John Tumminelli(with girlfriend Christi), John and Mary Jude (Detesco) Pakiela, Sean ’96 and Nicole (Randazzo) CarmichaelMichael ReichartSean Mee, and Regina Hoover ’95 at Shaker Square. Mary Jude and John are doing well and living in Macedonia. Michael is still causing problems in Chicago and flew in after seeing the Indians fall to the Cubs on Friday, and Sean and Regina will be getting married this fall! Good luck and congrats to both of you. John Tumminelli is busy as ever with his dental practice in Rochester; Nicole and Sean are both teachers at Hudson High, where Nicole teaches English and Sean is the head of the social studies department. Nicole also just graduated with her master’s from Carroll in school counseling. Way to go, Nicole! Thanks for the adventure before dinner, Jude!

I am pleased to announce that Robin Sacks participated in MetLife’s Women Symposium as a representative from Brennan Financial Group in Philadelphia, PA. This is a highly respected symposium in the field. Congrats, Robin!

Congratulations to Amy (CasteWheeler and her husband, Bill, who welcomed son Billy into the world. It has been great to keep in touch with all the pictures on Facebook of her little one.

Maureen Harrington Tolmanmarried Richard on May 2, 2009. They honeymooned in Aruba and look like they had a fantastic time.

If you haven’t done so yet, please consider joining Facebook (I know, Kelly, that will never happen). There are many of us on it who get connected every day! It is a great way to reconnect with old friends! Luck to you always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2009

Come one, come all to our 15th Reunion – can you believe it! We are planning a fun time and hope to see many of you this June 19-21 on campus. Come back and see the changes, catch up with classmates, and enjoy a relaxing fun-filled weekend at Carroll. Be sure to check out www.jcu.edu/jcuconnect for up-to-date information, a look-who’s-coming list, the schedule of events, and information on Camp Carroll for children ages 5-17. So join the Class of ’94 15-year Reunion to share memories and connect with classmates. Hope to see you there!


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring  2009

Happy spring to everyone! I am sure you know by now this is our Reunion year! Our 15th Class Reunion (yes, everyone can say … has it really been that long) is set for June 19-21, 2009, on the John Carroll University campus! It is not too late to sign up, you can do so by contacting the Alumni Office or using JCU Connect. JCU Connect will give you the most up-to-date information that there is on Reunion. Hope to see everyone there!

Here is the information that I have received from our classmates. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me – moe@unt.edu. We would love to hear what you are up to! Patrice (CaprettaAdamonis had a baby boy, Blake Nicolas, on Nov. 20, 2008. He joins big sisters, Mackenzie (4) and Sydney (2). Congratulations to the entire Adamonis family!

Amy Caste Wheeler and I get to chat often on Facebook. After graduation she worked in Michigan at Chrysler until 2002 then moved to Volkswagen of America where she met her husband, Bill Wheeler. Amy relocated to Illinois to be closer to Bill and they got married on St. Patty’s Day 2007. Bill and Amy are expecting their first baby, a boy, in April. Keep us posted, Amy!

Leslie Pallotta was recently named Cranberry Public Library director in Cranberry Township, PA. Leslie received her master’s in library science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1996 after graduating from Carroll. Congratulations, Leslie!

Well, that is all I have to report. Please continue to contact me via e-mail or on Facebook and let me know what is going on in your life! We all love to read about one another here! See you at Reunion!


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2008

Hello friends! I hope all is well with your family and friends. First and foremost — don’t forget our 15th Reunion is coming up June 19-21, 2009, so please keep an eye out for any correspondence about our Reunion! We would love to see as many people there as possible. Even Mike Reichartfrom Chicago has committed this time! Many of you have let me know you are on facebook.com (I still encourage all of you to get on and create a profile and to connect with our classmates and many other alumni and current JCU students). Here is a listing of who I have connected with (in case you want to connect): Laura Bell AfferRenee AlbaranoSarahKocian AlzamoraMichael AnconaKathy McCullough Bozimski,Stacey Schmidt BrazieJanene Hanley ClarkSteve DelchinTimFitzgibbonsDee Hanley BauerSteve HilbertDavid KocabLisaChrysler KocabMelissa Lohman MannerLisa LombardiMendenhallElizabeth Szychowski Pruchnicki, Michael Reichart,Carolyn SennettMichelle GallagherLara Vidmar SlatniskePeteThewesCurt Ross, and Pete Wilson (as of deadline). If you create a profile, please make sure you connect with me.

Laura Caserta has a one-year-old son, Charlie Koppitch. Charlie joins 4-year-old big sister, Annie.

Beth (Szychowski) Pruchnicki and Randy Pruchnicki live in Erie, PA. They have been married for 13 years. They have two children, Owen (8) and Lilly (4). Beth works part-time as a consultant for the Erie School District and works with a program called TEENSCREEN which evaluates high school students for depression and mental illness. Randy works for the Erie School District as the director of finance and both of them are busy with cheering on their kids in baseball, basketball and soccer. Beth also reported on Kathy (McCullough) Bozimski who is working in Baltimore. Her husband, Don, is an attorney and they have two kids: Kaitlyn (5) and Trip (2). Renee (BillmaierTimbrook and husband Rob live in Toledo with their daughters, Anna and Katie. Thanks for the update Beth!

DonThompson and his wife, Angela, reside in Cape Coral, FL, with their two boys Matthew (11) and David (8). Don was recently named the regional vice president in Florida for Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. He works in the employee benefit field with companies in the area of legal plans and identity theft protection. Don is also a Little League coach for both of his boys, and stays in contact with John Carroll roommate, Joe Santoro. Joe, let us know what you are up to!

Jennifer Dietrick and husband Ernest Marrone II welcomed a daughter, Caroline Dietrick Marrone on September 7, 2008, 6:01 p.m., 5 lbs. 5 oz., and 18 ¾ inches long. Congratulations!

As for me, I have recently been promoted to assistant vice president for Student Development at the University of North Texas. Those days being an RA, Orientation Leader and being involved in the Student Union are starting to pay off! I hope everyone is doing well. Please continue to send me an e-mail about what is going on with you and your friends! I will keep you posted on Reunion info! Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2008

Hello classmates! I hope you are doing well. I know we are almost 15 years out of college, but we can keep up with the times (and technology age). I have an account on Facebook (online community) and a couple of our classmates are on there too. It is a social networking site that is free and a great way to keep in touch. Consider joining and inviting me to be your “friend” … I know a little weird for our age, but you can see what everyone is up to, pictures and events in their lives and it is a great way to keep in touch.

Wendy (StarrBlaszak wrote that last November Nicole St.Marie from our class got married to Chris Yingling (University of Dayton ’90). Nicole was a stunning bride and unbelievable enough, the weather was 85 degrees the first weekend of October for the big day. Nicole and Chris live in Avon Lake, OH, and are expecting their first child in November. Wendy said the wedding was a blast and allowed some friends to get back together again. Janet Watters came in from Michigan. She is married to Jim Rivard and they have two children, James (4) and Lilly (18 mos.). BethChelf Civerolo flew in from DC for the weekend with her husband Eric. They are busy parents of twin daughters Allie and Charlotte (18 mos.).Renee Fowler Moell resides in Bay Village, OH, with husband Mike and two children Lydia (6) and Jack (4). Some other local Clevelanders included Anne and Chris Banks as well as Chris’s sister Kelly Banks Stevovich ’96 with husband Nick. Chris and Anne have two children: Ty (3) and Nola (1) while Kelly has three girls; identical twins Alexandra and Cameron (5) and Anna (3). Some other guests from the class of ’95 included Jackie St. Marie Davis (Nicole’s matron on honor), Brian Davis and Jill Patterson. Wendy lives in Pepper Pike with her hubby, Mike, and is lucky enough to stay home with their four children, Zack (6), Ricky (4) and identical twins Kelsey and Maggie (2).

Patrice (CaprettaAdamonishas been having a very exciting summer with her family. Her husband Scott, has assumed a new position this year and is now a regional account director for Adecco, which is a human resources services company providing staffing and career solutions. Patrice continues to work from home as a marketing coordinator for Polytech, Inc., which is a local engineering firm in Cleveland. This allows her to stay home with daughters, Mackenzie Isabella (4) and Sydney Gabriella (2). They are expecting their third child, a boy, in November!

Moira Cain-Mannix and her husband, Paul, have two girls, Maeryn (2) and Deirdre (5). As of 2006, Moira became a partner in her law firm, Marcus & Shapira LLP in Pittsburgh, handling business litigation matters.

I received an e-mail from Manuela Lue which shows a testament of her strength and commitment (just like when she was at JCU). She spent many weeks in Columbus this spring getting physical therapy from a horrible car accident in Belize in February. She had two foot surgeries, was bedridden for several weeks, and is happy to be alive. She has been in Belize for a couple of years working as a missionary. Please continue to keep her and her recovery in your prayers.

Well, that is it for now. Please consider sending me an e-mail about what is going on with you so I can fill everyone else in! Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2008

Hello classmates and happy summer! I cannot believe it has been 14 years since we left JCU … some days it feels like yesterday and others, well, I have some grey hair. Wanted to get you caught up on the events in the lives of the people who have contacted me. Lately, it has been dwindling off, so if you are reading this and have some news in your life, please shoot me an e-mail. I would love to hear from you and so would our classmates.Suzanne Sadd has recently been promoted to vice president of the Fifth Third Bancorp in Cincinnati, OH. She joined the company in 2002 as a customer service manager and quickly moved up the ranks to VP. Congratulations, Suzanne!

Apryl and Keith Seide report that Keith Allen Seide II joined their family on December 16, 2007. He joins big sister, Juliana. Mom reports that Keith Jr. is “pretty darn cute.”

Allison ’02G andAlex Spinos had their second son, Noah Spinos, on February 8, 2008. He joins big brother, Kevin.

Kevin ’93 and Melissa Manner had their first child, Wyatt Edward Manner, on August 12, 2007. They continue to live outside of San Antonio, TX, where Melissa works as a district sales manager for Celgene Corporation and Kevin is a self-employed builder/developer. Congratulations to the Seide, Manner and Spinos families.

Joseph Walton has succeeded his father as president of Jamestown Paint Co. The company has been in the family for the last 60 years.

I reported on “Nicole Mastropietro” but failed to let you know she was the infamous Nicole Duffy. She is currently a stay-at-home mom for daughter Emilia who is one. Her husband, Chris, is a pediatric intensivist at Children’s Hospital of Michigan. They moved to Michigan two years ago from fast paced Manhattan. Thanks for touching base, Nicole.

Well, that is all that I have at this time. Please continue to send me information about you and all those friends you keep in touch with! We want to hear from you! Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2007

Rebecca Prisco Cirino and husband Anthony have three boys. Giovanni (3), Angelo (2). and Mario will be one in April. Anthony opened his own Ophthalmology practice in Brunswick and Rebecca is busy with her psychiatry practice in Fairlawn.

JCU received a press release on Lana Durban Scott, who was recently named director of news strategy and operations for the nine network- affiliated television stations of E. W. Scripps.

Jody Palmer Hayden lives in Aurora, Oh, with her husband, James and sons, Tim (13) and Dean (10). She is an account manager for Odyssey Printwear.

Aaron Gale, Ph.D. is an associate professor of religious studies at West Virginia U. He spent parts of the last three summers working on an archaeological dig at the biblical site of Bethsaida, in Israel.

You can catch John Fleckenstein on many YouTube videos. He is spending a year traveling around the world for business.  You can catch him at http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=KingFleck.

Jennifer Swanson Kitchen and her husband, Matthew, were married in 2002. They live in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and have two daughters, Samantha (3) and Madeline (1). Jennifer can be contacted at jenniferkitchen@comcast.net.

Lisa Smiley married husband, Tom in August of 2001. In 2003 Lisa had daughter Grace Elizabeth and in 2006 she gave birth to Sophia Anna. After Lisa graduated from JCU she joined the crew at Penske Logistics until Grace was born. They reside in South Euclid, Oh.

Stephen Tarrantbecame a daddy to Natalie Nicole in February. Natalie joins Christian Alexander, who is 4. Nicole Mastropietro and husband, Chris, welcomed Emilia Kathryn in January. Kathleen Hennessy and Brian Glowe ‘93 welcomed Charles Xavier in March. His sister Natalie Elizabeth is 2.

Nancy Moray Klein wrote, saying that she is living in Lakewood, with her newly wed Chris Klein, with whom she just returned from a European honeymoon. She also says she was honored to be a bridesmaid in the wedding of Candace Welter Gash in a wedding party that included Charlene Brandt Strauss and Cathleen Neibch Danker! Another JCU alum at the wedding was Michael Reichart. Candace and her new husband, Dan, live in Damascus, Maryland. JCU guests at Liz’s wedding included Liz Kennelly Sander, Candace ,Tina Guarneri Spetz andMarnie Decicco Ottoman. … Please don’t forget to email me your information to moe@unt.edu. We want to hear from you! Luck to you always …



Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Editor’s note: there was a lay-out mistake last time and the ’94 notes were labeled ’93. We regret the error.

Summer 2007

Lana Caserta Zachlin and her husband, Paul, have two children, Molly and Stephen, who are students at Gesu, right across the street from JCU.

Leighanne Kramer Hustak and husband Eric welcomed their third child, Margaret, this past February. She joins big brothers, Liam and Greagory. Leighanne is working at The Cleveland Clinic in pediatric endocrinology and works one day a month on NIH Research Study with adults with diabetes. She received her doctorate in nursing in 2003 and wants to teach in the near future.

Shelly Kilroy Rieple and her husband, Ted ’92 have been married for eleven years. They have three kids, Nicholas, Nathan and Kennedy. Shelly still talks to Stephanie Judge Perusek who also has three kids with husband, Aaron: TJ, Carly and Lucas. She also reports that Laura (AlbertoneMusgrave and husband, Dan, have two girls.

JulieWin is a labor and delivery nurse at Hillcrest Hospital. Megan MarrieSchlickmann wants to hear from Tina Carline and Shannon Piehuta. Megan is the director of Lower School admissions at Gilmour Academy in Gate Mills, OH.

Another Murphy girl, Nora Mackin Lally writes that she has a 10 month old little girl named Molly. She moved to Chicago in 2001, got married to John Lally (Loyola Chicago grad) in 2005 and had Molly in 2006. She still works for the U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development as a community development specialist. John is a firefighter.

Fellow classmate, Jodie Palmer Hayden, is an account representative for Odyssey Printwear. In 2004 she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer which she has successfully been fighting for the past three years. She is doing well and married to husband Jim and mother to sons, Tim (12) and Dean (10). You can contact Jodie – jodieodyssey@netlink.net – if you want to send her good wishes.

Chickie monkey mouse, Pati Dargan Kemphad a little boy, Coin Patrick, in February 2007. He joins big brother Quinn. Burt, Pati, Coin and Quinn live in Cleveland Heights. She also filled me in on a bunch of our classmates. Erin Canada Owen had baby number two in March. Frances joins big brother Griffin and they live in Cleveland.

Katie Niehaus Gerba had a little boy, Sean. He joins big brother Owen and they live in Westlake. Katie is a freelance writer for Learning Horizons.

Jennifer Kennedy Ontko had a little girl, Mallory, in March 2006. She joined big brother, John. Jenn is a financial analyst and lives in North Olmstead.

Dr. Joanna Jarc Robinson got married in July 2006 to Keith Robinson. They live in Parma where Joanna is the editorial manager for Learning Horizons.

Janine Rockovich Mortellaro has three girls: Emma, Sarah and Abbey. Janine and her husband own a couple of McDonald’s in the Granville/Newark area of Ohio.

Christina DeNiscoSullivan lives with her husband, Mike, in Buffalo. She teaches Spanish in a Buffalo high school.

Tim Staley and his wife, Mary, live in Middletown, MD, with their two children: Julia and Justin. I hear the third is on the way!

Jen Gubba Fisher and husband, Bryan ’92 live in Pittsburgh, PA, with their two children, Joel and Mary.

Colleen Kelly is a real estate agent in Laguna, CA, – www.immelteam.com.

Whew! Please continue to send your information my way … Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring 2007

I have a ton to report so I will get right to it! Patrice Adamonis works from home in Cleveland for Polytech Inc. and gets to take care of daughters Mackenzie (3) and Sydney (9 mos.).

Melissa Lohman Manner and her husband, Kevin ’93 are expecting their first child in August. Keep us updated!

Sionann Jones Monroe is a manager at Progressive Urban Real Estate’s Cleveland Heights office. She is married and has two sons, Malachi and Kieran.

Angela Harrivel is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan. This summer she will be working for NASA Glenn in their Bioscience and Technology Branch.

Andrea Tuckerman Earley had her third child this past February. Julia Katherine joins sister Sophia (5) and brother Charlie (3).

MichelleThomas Burchfiel and her husband, Brian, just had their third child, Madison who joins brothers Evan and Andrew. They are still residing in Houston, TX, where Michelle works for Exxon.

Ami Reed Casper and her husband, Brent, had triplets in January of 2005. James Dwight, Luke William and Reagan Elizabeth joined big sister, Lucy, and now they are hitting the “terrible twos”. (WOW).

Maria (DeMicheleKerekes will be celebrating 13 years with her husband, Ed, this September. They have three children, Eddie, Angela and Julia. Maria is working fro Life Center Plus as a manager in Hudson, OH. Both Maria and her husband are training for the Columbus marathon in October.

Susie Donegan Magyaris being highlighted the first time ever in this column! Susie and her husband, Jason, are living in Dublin, OH, and have three little boys: Casey, Aiden and Brady (great Irish names!). She is training for the Chicago marathon this year and raising money for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Susie and Jason’s youngest, Brady, was born with life-threatening liver tumors. If you would like to assist the Magyars in their quest you can contact Susie at Magyars@nationwide.com. I am sure many of us would like to help sponsor this great cause!

Believe it or not our very own Jim Driscoll is a proud father of Jacob Badger Driscoll. Jim says he is “the coolest guy ever!” He would love for anyone to contact him if ever in Columbus. You can e-mail Jim at jimd@paydayperx.com. Jim’s younger sister, Joanne, married JCU classmate, Brian FoxPete DugganPeter Chapman,Matt SullivanTim BayneBill Morcze, and John Mangan were all in attendance.

Jonathan Eric Agin writes that he is now a partner at his own law firm of Taylor Sylla and Agin in Washington, D.C. His legal specialty is insurance defense and general civil litigation matters. Jonathan and his wife, Neely, have a daughter, Alexis and reside in Arlington, VA. He is training to do his seventh marathon in the fall.

Danielle Nadolski has been married to her husband, Scott, for eight years this August. They live in Concord Township, OH, with their two daughters, Nicoletta and Antoinette.

Margaret and Dale Hall moved to Bloomington, IL, about six years ago. They have two daughters, Regan and Cailin. Dale is vice president and chief actuary of COUNTRY Insurance & Financial Services and Margaret is a stay at home mom and busy volunteering at the kids’ school.

MikeConnole wrote after years of disappearing. Mike returned from a year in Iraq in October 2006. The Connole family, Mike, Kris and two children, Liam and Alexis moved from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. Mike also wrote that Brian Beckno is a Major in the Army and is stationed in Italy. He will soon deploy to the Middle East for his fourth time since 9/11.

I had to cut all the information I got into two. So if you didn’t see your info here it will be in the next column. Sorry … I have editors too. Keep things coming my way – moe@unt.edu. And if you couldn’t tell by the change in the last name I have gotten a divorce and have returned to my Irish roots of Moe McGuinness.

Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2006

Happy winter! I hope this edition of our column finds everyone doing well. I am sure it is bitter cold in the Cleveland area and by now the residents of Murphy Hall have found themselves sledding down the back hill with the cafeteria trays. The column this time is a little scarce, so please contact either me or the alumni office with your updates. Your classmates want to hear what is going on with you!

Joe Brunecz, off campus senator sophomore year, is living in Willoughby with his lovely wife, Melissa. They have two children, PJ (3) and Andrea (1). Joe has been working for Eaton Corporation as a tax supervisor since this past January.

Believe it or not, our very own Tracy Allgeier is the dean of discipline at Lake Middle School in Denver, CO. I guess there is no fooling those students since Tracy probably wrote the book in this area. Tracy says he would love to catch up with alum in the Denver area. You can e-mail him at allgeier@hotmail.com.

Justine Feira Reich writes from Park Ridge, IL. She is married to her husband, Tom, and has two children, Kaitlyn (5) and Danny (2).

Jon Jeswald ’95 writes from Cleveland Heights where he shares a home with his wife, Kathleen, and three daughters, Alyssa (15), Nicole (12) and Jessica (8). Jon received his MBA from Carroll.

Sarah Kocian Alzamora is enjoying motherhood. Her son, Robert, has turned one. Sarah is living is Niles, IL, and works as a sales/human resources rep for Komar Screw Corp.

Carrie Anke Zvejnieks and husband Eric are living in Aurora, IL, with sons, Parker (5) and Colin (2).

Major Pete Wilson writes that he is currently the assistant professor and enrollment officer at Niagara University Army ROTC in New York. Pete is married to Nina Tansey and received his MA at Webster University in 2001.

Sachiko Burns is living in Columbus, OH. Sachiko, it was so great to hear from you! Bridget says hello!

Kimberly Smoot is living in South Euclid and is a court reporter in Cleveland.

Richard McCoppin is living in Issaquah, WA. If you are out on the West Coast or just want to catch up with Richard – rpm97_2@hotmail.com.

As for me Denton, TX, had a very warm summer and fall. After 12 years of living here it still sometimes is hard to get used to. I headed towards Erie, PA, this past summer for a month and had a “mini-reunion” with Teri and Curt Ross, Kelly & Sara ’95 Crowe, Allison ’02G and Alex Spinos, Julie ’93 and Toots Castagnero. Not only did the adults hang out but we had 10 kids amongst all of us. Thank God for the swing set and monkey bars — right Toots? I am busy in my housing job, but have also found my way into the classroom. I have been teaching graduate school in our Higher Education Program and have even made my way to sitting in on two dissertation committees. Ahhh, the life of a professor. It is actually kind of fascinating and it keeps me busy. In my spare time I hang out with my kids, Kevin (9), Reilly (7) and Regan (3). Baseball, Disney Princesses, and reading fill most of my time with the kids. They are at such fun ages.

Luck to always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2006

It is great hearing from so many of you this time around. It sounds like many of you have been extremely busy … David Kocab doesn’t have another birth of a baby to report this time, but he is moving to a Fortune 100 company as senior group counsel for the Automotive Group of Johnson Controls. Congrats David.

Colleen Zayac Dunn reports that she is living in Canonsburg, PA, with her husband, Michael, and two children, Sarah (4) and Michael (2).

Bart Leonardi reports that he has graduated from Ave Maria School of Law this year and lives in Birmingham, AL, with his wife, Dr. Kristy Brown.

Congratulations to Patrice Capretta Adamonis and her husband, Scott. They welcomed second daughter, Sydney Gabriella on June 15, 2006. She joins big sister, Mackenzie who is two.

Long lost Student Union vice president Luke Adams has made contact. Luke married Christy Benander ’92 twelve years ago. They live in Columbus, OH, with their three children: Emma Christine is a proud kindergarten graduate, Eliza Grace turned four this past spring, and Holden Luke is only eight months old. Daddy reports that Holden is a real lady-killer. After graduation and marriage, Luke completed his MBA at The Ohio State University and traveled as an IT business consultant. He recently made the switch from Wendy’s International to the IT department at Abercrombie & Fitch. Christy graduated with her BSN/RN and has been working as a nurse for a number of years. Recently she has been managing a large out-patient dialysis facility (and taking care of three little ones). Whew! Don’t wait 12 more years to report in Luke!

After having three boys Mike Ugljesa and his wife had a daughter in May. Mary Grace joined the Ugljesa clan and is going to give her daddy a run for his money! Mike also reports that this past spring he got together with Mark and Sue Vasiliauskas, Bob and Amy Wagoner, and Mark and Tara Carlson. I think between the four couples they have a gazillion kids. Mike reports everyone is doing well.

Jayne Cella Miller reports that the Miller family has grown once more. Jayne and Mike welcomed another boy into their brood. Harrison John was born last November and joins big brother Alex (4), and sisters Marcella (10) and Michayla (8). Jayne is busy doing “mom stuff” — Girl Scouts, car pool, volunteering, and loves living in tropical Medina. Jayne would love to hear from any of her old pals – jccmiller @aol.com.

Manuela Lue reports in after twelve years. She joined the business world and then decided to return to Belize to volunteer full time with the international Catholic missionary called Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity. Manuela asked me to get the word out about her mission … she was asked by the bishop of Belize to raise money for children of Belize who need healthcare. (should we take this out and presume people will find a way to donate?) If you are interested in supporting this endeavor you can call 361-387-2754. Manuela, thank you for all that you do.

The Murphy Clan has relocated from their Kansas house to Fort Drum, NY. Brian Murphy was deployed this summer with the 10th Mountain Division. Michelle, daughter Megan and son, Patrick will be joining him when he returns from his deployment in Fort Drum. Please continue to keep Brian, his infantry and all of our soldiers in your prayers.

Adrian Michael van Strien moved back to the States with his family recently. He and his wife, Megan, lived in the U.K. prior to their move to Katy, TX. They welcomed their first child, a son Dylan,in June 2005. Hope everyone is doing well. Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring 2006

As I write this it is April 18 and we are having record highs of the 100s in Texas already. I cannot imagine what summer will be like. Please continue to e-mail me, phone or send me letters in regards to what is going on with you, fellow classmates and your families.

Lisa Lombardi Mendenhall, her husband and two year old daughter, Hannah, are moving to Yokosuka, Japan, where her husband will be stationed with the Navy. Lisa is pregnant with their second child, a boy! She has continued to work as a public relations consultant. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures, Lisa!

Bonnie (Heaton) Kerber wrote after 12 years (we have been waiting for this!). Bonnie moved all over the country after graduating from JCU (San Francisco, South Carolina, Chicago, and Los Angeles) and has settled in Ann Arbor, MI. Bonnie married Kevin Kerber who is a neurologist at the University of Michigan. She worked for internet marketing for five years and has retired to be a stay at home mom of aspiring actress Ellie (4) and red-headed, ball-of-fire Thomas (1.5). Bonnie, please don’t wait till Thomas is in college to write again. It was great to hear from you!

Kevin Biasci moved from NYC to Atlanta, GA, three years ago. He writes that he is feeling healthier than ever.

He would love to hear from you — kevinjbiacsi@aol.com.

Kelly and Sara ’95 (Tabis) Crowe welcomed the first Crowe daughter into the world on January 25. Megan Crowe joined big brother Thomas (3).

Alex Spinos and his lovely wife, Allison ’02G, welcomed their first son into the world on February 10. Kevin Joseph is showing Alex how to stay up late without partying! Welcome to both our little Blue Streaks!

I have been busy teaching graduate classes in Higher Education at UNT and loving it! I hope all is well with everyone! If you are reading this take a minute and e-mail me some info on you and your friends from JCU! Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2006

Hello Classmates! I hope everyone is doing well and that spring treats you all well. In Texas we didn’t have much of a winter so it will pretty much be the same season for six months. I haven’t heard from many of you, but I will report on those that I have heard from. Please continue to e-mail me — moe@hsl.admin.unt.edu. Jason Craggs, Ph.D. currently lives in Gainesville, FL, with his wife, Christina. Jason earned his doctorate from the University of Georgia in 2005. Congratulations!

Jennifer Dietrick got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2005 to Dr. Ernest Marrone, II of Greenwich, CT. She currently lives in New York and works as a management supervisor for OgilvyOne Worldwide. Jennifer, please keep us up to date on the wedding plans!

David and Lisa (Chrysler) Kocab welcomed their fourth child in December 2005. That makes four boys. One more boy and you have a first string basketball team! Congrats to both of you. David also started his own law practice. Sounds like the Kocabs are busy.

Sarah (Kocian) Alzamora and her husband, Mike, welcomed their son, Robert Miller Alzamora on July 1, 2005. The Alzamora family lives in Evanston, IL.

Colleen Ward and her husband, Marc, also welcomed their fourth child this past year. Grace joins the crew of Jimmy (6), Mary-Kate (4), and Christian (2). WOW! Congrats to all of you.

As you can see the column this time is a little slim. As you read about the great things happening to Jason, Jennifer, Dave, Lisa, Sarah, and Colleen, know that we want to hear about you too!

Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2005

Hello classmates! Hope you are all doing well. Not too much to report this time, so get your information in to me if you are reading this and haven’t seen your name in a while.

Congratulations to Sarah Kocian Alzamora and her husband, Mike, welcomed their first child, Robert “Bobby” Alzamora on July 1, 2005. They love parenthood and are living in Evanston, IL.

John Fleckenstein reports from Florida that he is a project manager for TNT Logistics.

Amy Huth-Hazelton is currently teaching math in Beachwood City Schools. She has two children, Kaitlyn (5) and Sydney (3).

Jennifer Dietrick reports that she is working in New York City as a management supervisor for OgilvyOne Worldwide.

Finally, I have some stork news! Alex Spinos and his wife, Allison, are expecting their first baby in February, and Kelly Crowe and Sara Tabis Crowe ’95 are expecting a little girl in February. I guess old roommates even plan on having babies at the same time. We will keep you posted!

Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2005

Hello fellow alum! I hope this edition of the Journal finds you all doing well — I have a lot to report so I’m going to jump right in! I heard from Kim (Baker) Harbaugh in the spring! Kim married long time love Todd Harbaugh (who she dated while we were at Carroll) last October. Carroll grads in attendance were: Katie (Casey) East – bridesmaid, Kim (Muckian) Rippole, Colleen (Zayac) Dunn, Kristen Weisenberger Grant, and Jackie (Mulroony) Rayment ’93. Todd an Kim have settled in Pittsburgh where Kim teaches and Todd is a director for Fox Sports Net! Thanks for the info, Kim. It was good to hear from you.

I received an e-mail from fellow Texan, Michelle (Thomas) Birchfiel. Brian and Michelle welcomed their second son, Andrew, September 9, 2004. He joins older brother, Evan (4). Michelle stated, “Andrew was born about 10 days after Michelle Macaluso’s son, Owen. Michelle and her husband, Chris Ray, are living in Philadelphia and enjoying parenthood. Michelle and I enjoyed being pregnant at the same time, but it got really fun when we found out a few months into our pregnancy that Lisa Chambers and her husband, Jeremy Lindsley, were expecting. Lisa and Jeremy had their son, Sam, on January 20.” Congrats to all three of you. Boys, boys, boys!

Rumor has it that the Irish Murphy Clan is headed back to the United States after living in Germany for the past decade. Brian Murphy and his wife, Michelle Keresztesy ’95 and their brood, Megan (3) and Patrick (1) have headed back to the U.S. We would love to hear about your adventures, Murph.

Kevin Biacsi wrote me in March stating he was releasing a documentary discusses paradigm-shifting breakthrough in the science world: the field of gloyconutrients, the “sugar alphabet” that makes up the language of our cells. Way to go Kevin! Let us know if it gets put on the Discovery Channel!

I have received a number of updates from the JCU alumni office! So if you ever lose my e-mail or phone number write to them and they will get it to me. Here is who I have heard from: Jessica Fonow ’04 is living in Pittsburgh and attending Duquesne University School of Law. She is dating fellow Alum, Jim Dawso ’04. John Rownd (who I don’t think I have reported on in 11 years! — thanks for contacting us John!) received his MBA from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2004. He had two daughters: Lauren (4) and Meghan (1). Kristin Gelbaugh Adams and her husband, Paul ’93, are living in Dublin, OH. Kristen is a group product manager for Bath and Body Works. Dan Bradesca and his wife, Kathryne, have two children: Maura (2) and Marty (10 mos.). Dan is an English teacher in Lakewood, OH. Rob Bertrand and his wife, Colleen, live with their son, Miles, in Washington, D.C. Rob is a tax manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Jennifer Dietrick is living in NYC and is a management supervisor of OgilvyOne. Todd Berardinelli is a coordinator of Credit Risk Management for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. His daughter, Marissa is 7. Shanna Stephany Smith and her husband, Judd ’93 live with daughter, Lauren in Sheffield Village, OH. Bart Leonardi currently lives in Ann Arbor, MI. Maria De Michele Kerekes has been busy with her three children: Edward (8), Angela (5) and Julia (2). Maria and husband, Edward, live in Euclid, OH. Carey Gorden currently lives in San Diego, CA, and is a trial attorney for the Federal Defenders Office. Great to hear from all of you!

Dave Cushwa and Brian Marita are fathers!!! Dave and his wife, Sandy, are proud to announce the arrival of David Frederick Cushwa, Jr., “Jake” 7 lbs. 15 oz. 20 inches. Jake is happy and healthy, born on March 5th at 10:55 a.m. in South Bend. Brian and Mary (Grant ’95) Marita had a baby girl, Elizabeth Marie Marita 7 lbs. 13 oz. and 22 inches, on Groundhog’s Day, February 2, 2005, in Cleveland.

John Fleckenstein has never been highlighted in the column so he wrote … I’m currently living in Jacksonville Beach, FL, and employed with TNT Logistics, as a project manager. Life is pretty great, living just a short walk from the ocean. He is enjoying the bachelor’s life.

Dana Paunescu filled us in as well … After graduating, I completed my master’s in Spanish through Middlebury College in their Madrid, Spain program in 1997. After living and traveling in Mexico, Bolivia and Spain, she was married to Aaron McManus ’95 in 1999. They currently live in Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, NY. With two children, Liam (4) and Katherine (2), Dana is a high school Spanish teacher in the West Seneca Central School District and Aaron is an assistant vice president in the Corporate Trust Division at M&T Bank.

I received an e-mail from Bob Wagoner saying he recently became a partner with his legal mentor, now practicing under the firm name of Todaro & Wagoner, in Columbus, OH. His practice areas include personal injury, medical malpractice, product liability and wrongful death litigation. Bob and Amy continue to live in New Albany with their twin daughters, Hannah and Jenna (2 ½).

Whew! We have heard from a lot of people that have never been highlighted in our column before. If you have never been in this space and want to let us know what you have been up to, please e-mail. We want to hear from you.

Luck to you, always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2005

Greetings classmates! I hope the winter of 2005 finds you doing well. It has been great hearing from some classmates we haven’t heard from in awhile, so I am going to jump right into the column. Brad Raitz ’93 has begun a new business adventure in Copell, TX, running his own business. Brad, his wife and Golden Retriever, Dodger, are keeping each other busy.

Dan Wiggenhorn wanted to let everyone know his wife, Alison, had twins on August 5, 2004 — Claire and Colin. They live in Olmsted Falls, OH. Bart Leonardi is currently a second year law student at Ave Maria School of Law in Ann Arbor (after having done many things such as being a securities analyst, insurance sales, and a Roman Catholic seminarian). He wanted to announce he is engaged to be married to Dr. Kristy Brown, a pediatric surgery fellow at the University of Michigan Children’s Hospital. The wedding will be Thanksgiving weekend 2005 in Cleveland. Congratulations, Bart and Kristy!

Dina Neuman is going for her National Board Certification in teaching Chemistry at the high school level. Her portfolio is due by the end of March and exams are done by the end of June. She won’t know if she is nationally board certified until December 2005. Also, she has two daughters, Megan, who will be 5 in April, and Abby who turned 2 this past August. The girls keep Dina and her husband on their toes. This July they will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Congrats!

In the latest edition of the class column I reported that Danielle Sirianni got married but I lacked any details. So Danielle wrote me with some important info for all of us to know: Danielle continued on at JCU after she graduated in 1994 and received her master’s from JCU in 1997. Then she worked in a variety of industries until August of this past year — now she is helping her husband start up a new business. She married Eric DeWeerd — alumni of Albion College in Michigan. They got married on 9-10-04 in Cleveland and moved from Cleveland to Austin, TX. They are opening an “All My Sons Moving and Storage” division on Hilton Head Island, SC. The training is in Austin, TX, will be through April 2005. They will then move to the Hilton Head/Bluffton area permanently. Thanks Danielle. Good luck to you and Eric in your new adventure!

Genevieve Ann Ross was born on 12/30, 7 lbs. 8½ oz. and is 20 inches long to mom, Teri and dad, Curt Ross. She joins big brother, Andrew. I know we have many other little bundles of joy arriving soon. Please write when they arrive.

We look forward to hearing from you. Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Fall 2004

Happy holidays fellow classmates! Hope this holiday season is joyful and full of happy memories for all of you. Ami Reid Casper was feeling a little under the weather this past June at our reunion … with good reason. Ami, her husband, Brent and 4-year-old daughter Lucy, were expecting triplets! Brent and Ami live in Avon, OH. Brent works for 3M Healthcare and Ami is a senior sales director for Mary Kay Cosmetics. She is going to be very busy after the babies arrive. We will keep you updated! Ami reports that Suzanne Sadd lives in Rocky River and is working for a bank.

Kristen Benedictis Mercurio just moved from Atlanta to North Royalton with her husband and one-year-old daughter, Sophia.

Danielle Sirianni just got married (write me with details).

Julie Win is working as a labor and delivery nurse in Cleveland. Ami writes that she wouldn’t deliver a baby without her — good thing for those triplets!

Terry and Marcy Gainer had a baby girl after the reunion.

Mike and Jenn Covey had a baby boy this fall and Beth Young Homer just had another baby boy.

David Cushwa and his wife, Sandy, are expecting a baby boy in March. They live in South Bend, IN. Dave received a promotion to lieutenant of Truck Company 18, where he has been for the past 8 years.

I found out earlier this summer that Brad Raitz ’93 and his wife live 15 miles down the road from me in Coppell, TX. Brad has begun a new business adventure where he is his own boss. We need to get together soon, Brad!

Dan Wiggenhorn and his wife, Alison, had twins this past August. Claire and Colin are living with mom and dad in Olmsted Falls, OH.

David Kocab recently moved to a new firm, Wachler and Associates, to head its corporate practice group. Lisa Kocab was recently elected president of the St. Vincent de Paul Ladies of Charity. Their three boys, Alex (6), Tommy (4) and Joey (2) keep them really busy.

Fabian Newman and his wife, Dominique, are expecting their second child. Jadyn is 2.

Margaret “Peggy” Kirian received her pharmacy degree from The Ohio State University in 2002. She is living in Ridgeville, OH.

At the reunion Beth Perri and Ed Guzowski ’93 were expecting a little boy — John Edward Guzowski was born on June 24 weighing in at 6 lbs., 15 ozs.

Brian Marita and wife, Mary Grant ’95, are expecting their first child in late January.

Chris Sito and his wife, Michelle, expanded their family this past March by adding a baby boy Eric Christopher. Their daughter, Sophie Elisabeth, is two. The Sito family lives in Cleveland.

Nicole Duffy added two people to her family! She married Chris Mastropietro in New York City and now has a beautiful stepdaughter, Emma (5). They are living in NYC where Chris is a pediatric critical care doctor at Columbia Presbyterian hospital and Nicole has moved from her career in film development to being a 10th grade English teacher in the Bronx.

It was great to hear from so many of you. Please send me e-mails, faxes, letters, etc letting me know what you have been up to and any good news you would like to share! Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2004

Hello everyone! It was so great to see so many people at our class reunion. Can you believe 10 years have passed? Let’s jump right into it!

On November 15 Brian Marita married Mary Grant ’95 in Cleveland, OH. I had the opportunity to see them at the reunion and they are happy as ever!

Patrice (Capretta) Adamonis and her husband, Scott, welcomed their first child, Mackenzie Isabella, on February 26, 2004.

April 24, Renee Billmaier Timbrook married Rob Timbrook in Toledo. Rob is an engineer and Renee is doing private counseling in Toledo. The wedding was attended by the following JCU grads: Jennie (Kuhr) Aubry, a bridesmaid, and her husband Harold ’93 and four children — Lauren (6), twins, Eric and Nicholas (5), and Ryan (6 mos.). Jennie is a stay at home mom and they reside in Toledo.

Beth (Szychowski) Pruchnicki and her husband, Randy, and son Owen. They live in Erie, PA and are expecting their second child.

Kathy (McCullough) Bozimski was there with her daughter, Kaitlyn, and her parents, taking the place of her husband, Don, who was back in Baltimore doing Law School studying. Karen (Zurkovski) Zetts and husband Gary. They live in Cleveland, have son, A.J., and are also expecting their second child.

Karen Seitz and her husband, Jim.

Dyan (PalmaGil) Lystad and husband Todd. They have a little girl, Olivia, and expecting their second child.

Leighanne Kramer Hustak and husband Eric had their second child on February 12, 2004 — a little boy named Liam Michael. Big brother, Gregory is 4.

Tracy Allgeier is moving 9 hours south of me to McAllen, TX to teach middle school special ed.

If you are looking for cheap legal counsel, Terry Gainer is the man to call. Marcy and Terry have 2 boys: Trip and David and are expecting in September.

For anyone needing help building their own franchise business, Pat Moriarty, is the man to contact. You can reach him at pmoriarity@frannet.com.

Bethany Ross Reed and her husband, David ’92, had twin girls on March 31. Madison and Kaleigh came into the world while their dad was in Iraq.

Mike Ugljesa works in Toledo but lives in Wolverine land … yes, he crosses the state border to work every day. He has three boys — twins, Jimmy and Anthony (5) and Tommy (3).

We missed Mark Carlson but with good reason. His wife was expecting twins any minute — Vak said the kids were named Mark and Moe.

Chris “Critter” Spicuzza and his wife had a baby girl the week of the reunion.

It was awesome to see Theresa Miranda Pace at the reunion. She is a high school librarian in Solon. You can email her at nujcu@aol.com.

Beth Campbell has three little girls, Molly (6), Grace (4), and Hannah (1). They live in Hudson, OH.

Carolyn Sennett, Eileen Connery and Michelle Gallagher were also at the reunion. Carolyn is working for Erie Insurance and Eileen is teaching elementary school in Virginia.

Patty Garven was also at the reunion. She lives in Cleveland, OH with sons, Corey and Brock.

Thanks to Clevelandites, Kelly Crowe, Curt Ross (who is expecting baby #2), Brian Marita, Jason Kopczak and Alex Spinos for all the fun reunion weekend. It sure was fun to spend time with the crew. Others in attendance at the reunion were Renee Albarano, Jon Beech, Arlene Boyle Ferraro, Nicole Randazzo Carmichael (and baby Olivia who is darling), Ami Reed Casper, Toots, Julie ’93 and Ann Castagnero, Michelle Lamirand Cook and Kevin with sons, Jack, Ryan and Henry. Dave Cushwa was there with his new bride, Sandy. Brian Dirk, Jim Driscoll, Candace Gash, Steve Hilbert and Nicole Trudell Hilbert, Patty Dargan Kemp, Kristen “Whitey” Kemp were also there with their families. Diana Hartman McAndrew and Dennis ’92 were there with their two boys. Mary Jude Detesco Pakiela and John Pakiela brought Elise to lunch and Michelle Keys brought her friend, Danny. Come on Danny — ask her!

There were so many more people at the reunion than this column can hold. I will report more in the next edition.

Until then please keep the e-mails coming. Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring 2004

Ten Years! Can you believe it? Have you made your reservations for Reunion Weekend June 18-20? – If not, please visit https://www.alumnilabels.com/01951/reservation_form.php for online registration! We hope to see y’all there!

Congratulations to Sarah (Kocian) Alzamora who got married to Mike this past summer in Chicago. They are now living in their new home in Evanston, IL. Matt Warnement graduated from Baldwin-Wallace with his MBA in December ’03. He is currently a territory manager with Seneca Medical, Inc. servicing the Cleveland Clinic.

Many little Blue Streaks have come along! Pat and Patty Shaughnessy had a baby girl, Daniela Maria. Warren Krueger and Ellen Luzer Krueger ’96 had a baby boy, William. Greg Roman and his wife, Dana, had a boy, Conner. Greg has also received a promotion and is the quarterback coach with the Houston Texans (dare I say, “Go Cowboys”?). Keith and Apryl Seide had a baby girl, Juliana Rose, on October 17, 2003. Mom says she has chubby cheeks. Keith is the IT manager at Cooper Tire Company and Apryl is an attorney at Baker & Hostetler LLP. Julia was born on March 15, 2004 to Laura Caserta and her husband, John Koppitch. Molly and Jon Petrus had a baby boy, Jack Thomas, on February 5. Jennifer Souza and Chris Kozlowski ’95 welcomed their first child, James Christopher in August 2002. Jenn is an attorney in Akron. Cathleen Danker Neibch and her husband, Mark, had their second boy on November 16, 2003. Kyle Patrick joins big brother, Ethan. Cori and Patrick Moriarty had their first son, Michael Patrick, on December 11, 2003.

Many of our classmates are stationed overseas for either their jobs or the military. During this time of hostility in the Middle East please remember these people and their families in your thoughts and prayers. Pete Wilson is in Iraq and fought in the Iraqi War since last February. He is in the 101st Airborne division. Of all places to run into Brian Beckno, Iraq was the place. Brian has returned to the States. Upon his return to the U.S.A., Pete will be teaching ROTC at the University of Dayton. His wife, Nina, is from Tennessee. David Fleisig ’93 is in the Peace Corp in Peru. He is a regional security officer. Michael Van Strien got married to a wonderful girl, Megan Walker (this is a quote from his sister, Amy Van Strien ’89. They got married on April 2 and will be living in London, UK while Michael works for KPMG as a computer consultant.

Rob Fargo has been living in Los Angeles for the past 5½ years. He has been working for Loyola Marymount for 1½ years as an assistant director for the Center for Service and Action. He is looking to start a graduate program in the fall in sociology.

Patrick Gibel is living in Rocky River, OH.

Christopher Spicuzza and his wife, Janice Minarich Spicuzza ’97, live in Willowick. Chris is working for Developers Diversified Reality.

Ryan Lynch ’98 is a compliance officer for Bank One in Chicago.

Tricia Malloy is a training specialist for Harley-Davidson Dealer Systems.

Hope to have a ton of information to report in the next column. It will be after the reunion so make sure you are there! Luck to you always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2004

Get out your calendars, palm pilots, date books, or whatever you use to mark down important dates! Believe it or not our 10 year class reunion is quickly approaching — June 18-20, 2004! We want to see everyone there! For more information you can check out the reunion Web site at http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/reunion/index.htm. So many of our classmates contacted …

Nicole Bourrillion recently moved back to Cleveland after two years in LA. She is the talent manager for Stern Advertising.

For the past ten years, Christina DeNisco has been a Spanish teacher in Buffalo, NY. She recently returned from a teacher exchange as a Fulbrighter in Mexico.

Karen Zetts and her husband, Gary, are the proud parents of Andrew Jacob who was born July 30, 2003.

Jayne (Cella) Miller has been busy! Jayne and Mike built a house in Medina two years ago and have filled it with Marcella (8), Michayla (6), and Alexander. Jayne is the leader of two Girl Scout troops, volunteers at school, and in the community.

After being Governor Bob Taft’s campaign spokesman in 2002, Orest Holubec was appointed his press secretary in January 2003. Way to go, Orest!

Dana (Hickey) Bizic married Nick Bizic in October 2003. The wedding party was full of JCU grads — Jeannine Spinola, Catherine O’Malley, Aileen Sexton and Renee Albarano. In attendance were Frank Kuhar, Patty Garven Spencer, Andy Russo, Bethany Reed and Jon Petrus. Dana reports that Bethany and Dave Reed are expecting twins in April and Jon Petrus and his wife, Molly, are expecting in early 2004. Renee finished her MBA at Case Western in 2001 and is working at Exel Logistics in Columbus, OH.

Kerri (Kutz) and Rick Salvino became the proud parents of Ella Rose on December 11, 2003. Kerri works as a senior human resources rep for Diebold in Canton, OH.

Steve Cicerrella has had a busy year buying a house and getting promoted to IT manager for Spirent Systems.

Sue (Stukus) and Mark Vasiliauskas have two children, Ryan (3½) and Katie (1½). Sue loves staying at home with the kids and Mark is a financial analyst at Swagelok Company in Solon. They live a mile away from JCU in South Euclid. Liz (Sander) Kennelly married James in September 2000 and moved to Pittsburgh. Fifteen months later Ashleigh Elizabeth was born and their latest production is due this August. Liz is a realtor and works for Coldwell Banker in Pittsburgh. Liz says if anyone is moving to Pittsburgh she would love to help you out — you can e-mail her at lkennelly@coldwellbanker.com.

After 7½ years working for a publishing company Elizabeth Engler Modic decided to stay home with daughter, Paige (3½) and twin boys, Clay and Brock (2½). Elizabeth and her husband, Mark, live in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Melissa (Lohman) Manner and her husband moved to my neck of the woods — San Antonio, TX in August 2003. Melissa is working for Celgene Corporation. Melissa reports that John ’91 and Lara (Vidmar) Slatniske are pregnant with their first child due in April.

Eric ’91 and Meghan (Davis) Wilson bought a house on Lake Erie in Euclid, OH. They both work for SAP America.

Lisa (Lombardi) Mendenhall and her husband, Greg, live in San Clemente, CA and they are expecting their first child in June.

Tanya Andolsen is living in Avon Lake, OH and is working for Palmer and Cay.

Reality TV has hit the JCU Class of ’94! Mike Cardamone recently appeared as one of the “hunks” on NBC’s Average Joe in Hawaii.

Heather (Hawkins) Hudak wrote from Amsterdam, where she is a senior manager in the international tax department at Ernst and Young. She is there on a two year assignment and packed up her husband, son and dog for the Netherlands. Beth (Szychowski) and Randy Pruchnicki live in Erie, PA and are expecting their second child this summer. Beth is a stay at home mom to son, Owen (3). Randy is the marketing manager for Perseus House.

Nicole (Randazzo) Carmichael is expecting a baby this St. Patty’s Day. She is working on her master’s at JCU in school counseling. Both Nicole and her husband, Sean ’96, teach high school at Hudson high. We’ll keep you posted on the baby news in the next column.

Jodie (Palmer) Hayden is selling promotional products for Odyssey Printwear. She has been very busy with two boys, a great husband, Jim, and fun family activities!

Kevin Biacsi moved from NYC to Atlanta, GA. He is a wellness consultant, assisting individuals with healthy living. You can e-mail him at KidGotham@aol.com. He would love to hear from you!

Joe Brunecz and his wife, Melissa, recently moved to a new home in Willoughby, OH. Their first child, Paul Joseph (P.J.) was born on April 23, 2003.

Carey Gorden started the third year of law school at California Western School of Law in San Diego. Good Luck, Carey!

As for me, I have finally finished my doctorate in higher education this past December! I think I will take some time to enjoy my three children and start paying back some of those college loans. I will be traveling to University Heights June 18th and I hope the rest of you plan on attending our 10 year class reunion. It would be great to get as many of us there as possible! See you in June! Luck to you always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Summer 2003

Sara (Tabis) ’95 and Kelly Crowe had their first child, Thomas Gabriel on Saint Patrick’s Day (March 17). He weighed a small 9 lbs. 13 oz. and was 22.5 inches long (very small child)!

Stacey Schmidt Brazie had her second child, Mia Kristina Brazie, on March 4. Mia joins big brother Max (2). Stacey is working as an occupational therapist.

Lana (Caserta) Zachlin and her husband had Stephen, last August. Stephen joins big sister Molly, 4.

Maria (DeMichele) Kerekes’ third child , Julia Ann, arrived on May 16 and is the little sister to Eddie (6) and Angela (4). The Kerekes family resides in South Euclid.

Moira Cain-Mannix had her first child on New Year’s Day 2003. Deirdre Marie is a happy and redheaded baby (wonder where she got that from)!

Brian Holbrook and his wife, Dana, celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary and are about to welcome another addition to their family. Daughter, Stevie Nichole is four and they are expecting a son in July.

Beth (Young) Homer is living in Chicago with her husband Mark and 6th month old son Jack.

Charlene (Strauss) Brandt reports that Eric Christopher arrived in December and joins his older brother. Charlene is working as a manager of marketing communications for Dirt Devil in Cleveland along side Candace Gash. Candace is the business analysis manager for Dirt Devil. (They were roommates and still stick together!).

Apryl and Keith Seide are expecting their first child in November! They celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in May and moved to Aurora this past fall. Keith is working as an IT manager for Cooper Tire and Apryl is an attorney for Baker & Hostetler.

Nicole Pennucci Cunningham and her husband, Michael, live in Alexandria, VA. Michael works in purchasing for Turner Construction. They bought a house and had a baby girl, Delanie Marie, on August 9, 2002. Nicole is staying home with Delanie (and enjoying it immensely) and working from home with Discovery Toys.

Jason and I had Regan Patricia on April 4(the day I was supposed to take my qualifying exams for my doctorate). She joins big sister Reilly (4) and big brother Kevin (6). Congratulations to everyone with the new arrivals!

We have two classmates who have gotten engaged! Congratulations to Laura Caserta, who is engaged to John Koppitich. They will get married on December 20.

Brian Marita finally proposed to Mary Grant ’95 in April.

Steve and Nicole Hilbert have been busy chasing 2½ year old Cameron around the house! Steve is graduating with his MBA in August and Nicole is working for KPMG. Steve and Nicole got to hang out with classmates, Vicki Naegeli Miller who was visiting from San Francisco, and Beth Perri Guzowski, who just moved back with husband, Ed, and daughter Lauren from Connecticut.

Christine Rees, Kerri (Kutz) Salvino, Cathy (McAuley) ’93 and Bob Kenehan ’93 were also at the party.

Beth Wilkinson Barrow is working in the Toledo Public Schools as a school psychologist. She is enjoying her children Gabe (4) and Libby (2).

Kirsten Zieminski Marriner reports that she has been busy with 3 year old Thomas and 16 month old twins, Jackson and Casey. She had lunch with Heather Hawkins who is married and works at Ernst & Young.

Julia Krohn Cushing will marry Brian Cushing on August 3. They met in Chicago shortly after graduation. JCU alumni in attendance at the wedding were Justine Feira Reich, Glen Toczydlowski ’95, Mark ’92 and Kim (Muckian) Rippole, Kristen (Weisenberger) Grant, Katie (Casey) East, and Jacquie (Mulroony) Rayment ’93. Julia works for the Chicago Insurance Overload Systems. She reports that Justine Reich and her husband have a 2 ½ year old daughter, Kaitlyn. They live in Park Ridge, IL.

Kristin Grant and her husband, David, have two little girls.

Glen Toczydlowski ’95 lives and works in Chicago.

Jason Craggs has been busy in spending a year in Norway as a Fulbright scholar. Jason will be completing his doctorate from the University of Georgia in 2003-2004. He anticipates that he will be teaching neuroanatomy to medical students in Florida in 2004.

Nicole St. Marie was honored with the Alumni Service Award at the Alumni Awards Dinner on May 16. To see pictures and hear brief audio segments of the 2003 Alumni Awards dinner visit http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/news/awards03.htm.

Well, I think that is it. Our class sure has been busy! If you get a minute drop me a note at moe@hsl.admin.unt.edu. Luck to you always.


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring 2003

As I write this column the state of Texas is crippled with an ice storm. Schools and businesses have been closed for two days and it is looking like delays may be for a third. It is amazing to see how different aspects of the country see a little ice and snow. I can remember our “snow days” at Carroll and although it was too treacherous for us to walk to class we sure made our way to the back yard of Murphy hall to slide down the hill on cafeteria trays and build snowmen with the men of Dolan & Sutowski halls. As you read this it will probably be mid spring and the memories of this past winter long forgotten. Hopefully, your memories of your days at Carroll have not faded like the winter. I know many of you came in contact and developed friendships with Bobbi Bokman Rodgers during our four years at JCU. Bobbi passed away this past January 12 after a battle with cancer. Although her struggle was only a few months, her impact on many in the JCU Community was paramount. The JCU community will feel the loss of this great woman for a long time.

It looks like many of our classmates have been welcoming new bundles of joy into their lives — Michael Duff and his wife, Linda, welcomed Ellen Maeve on September 4, 2002. She weighed 5 lbs. 14 oz. It sounds like mom and dad are enjoying Ellen’s adventures in Pittsburgh, PA.

John Zgonc and his wife, Stacy, welcomed Meghan Lee on September 6. Looks like John is in love with being a dad. He is currently working for KPMG in consulting in Cleveland, OH. John also played realtor in 2002 by setting up Curt Ross with the house his in-laws were trying to sell. Curt move in and loves the house! Curt and Teri Ross had their first son, Andrew “Drew” Curtis on December 3, 2002. Drew weighed in at 8 lb.s, 10 oz. and is keeping mom and dad really busy. Rumor has it he looks a lot like his daddy.

Robert “Toots” and Julie Smith ’93 Castagnero had a baby girl, Anne Kelly, on February 12, 2003. Wonder if Anne will call him daddy Toots?

As I write this Kelly and Sara Tabis (’95) Crowe are expecting their first born any day, a boy. I will fill you in on details in the next column, but deadlines don’t wait for babies to be born!

Jason and I are expecting our third (a girl) in April.

Kevin Kocur let me know that he is teaching government and world history at the Carson Long Military Institute in New Bloomfield, PA. Sounds like he is really enjoying himself!

Mary Jude (Detesco) and John Pakiela have not let parenthood slow them down. As many of you saw in the last edition of the John Carroll magazine John was highlighted for his work as the chief flight physician for Cleveland’s MetroHealth Medical Center. Who would have thought in first grade at Sacred Heart, John would be up in the sky working as a doctor? Mary Jude is busy working on a book/guided journal for first year moms and looking for moms willing to share their experiences via a short survey. If any moms are interested in participating you can contact Mary Jude at momsurvey@hotmail.com.

We would love to see more classmates highlighted in this column! Please send emails to moe@hsl.admin.unt.edu and let me know what is going on with you. Chances are someone wants to know what you are up to!

Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Winter 2003

I hope this edition of the Journal finds everyone doing well. This past fall one of my “younger” cousins, Abby Kerr, started JCU in the Class of 2006. It’s nice to be connected to student life at JCU again. Oh, the memories… It looks like a lot of our classmates have been busy with life- Brian and Michelle (Keresztesy) Murphy have been busy the past couple of years. Megan Marie Murphy joined the clan on 4/5/02 weighing in at a “little” 8lbs, 14 ozs. Brian is still in the Army stationed in Germany (since 1999). Michelle has been a freelance accountant for KPMG in Frankfurt. If you want to contact the Murphy’s you can email them at mbmurph@hotmail.com.

David & Lisa (Chrysler) Kocab had their third boy, Joseph, last April. He joins big brothers Alex (4) and Tommy (2). David is practicing law in Detroit. Nicole and Steve Hilbert have a two-year old, Cameron, who keeps both of them busy. Steve is working for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and working on his MBA at Baldwin-Wallace. Nicole is working part-time at KPMG as a senior manager.

Kelly and Sara (Tabis) Crowe are expecting their first little Irish-person in March.

Curt and Teri Ross are expecting this fall- they have moved back to Cleveland and are loving life!

Just like the Murphy clan a number of our classmates are circumnavigating the globe: Jason Craggs is finishing up his Ph.D. in pediatric neuropsychology. He received a Fulbright grant to work at the University of Oslo in Norway. Congratulations, Jason!

Mary Eileen Connery is working at the International School of Turin in Moncalieri, Italy. A little bit closer to home, everybody’s friend “Dido,” aka Michael Ancona, is working at Capital University in Columbus. He is working as an assistant football coach/ assistant facilities director. He loves his job; I am sure the students love him too!

Please keep me updated on what is going on with you! If your name has never appeared in this column, we want to hear from you. Email me at moe@hsl.admin.unt.edu or mmcirish@hotmail.com. I hope everyone has a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Luck to you always,


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness

Spring 2002

It has been amazing to see the outpouring of e-mails I have gotten in the past few months from our classmates around the world. Many of them have mentioned the terrorist attacks on September 11 and renewing old friendships that have been neglected due to the craziness of our daily lives. I am glad to see so many people getting in touch with one another and making contact with me so that we can write about them in this edition of the journal.

Kevin Biacsi witnessed the events of September 11 from his apartment in New York City and believes that the people of NYC have begun to move forward. Kevin has been in New York for the past five years pursuing his master’s in acting and hopes to write a book. He has overcome many obstacles in the past two years that remind us of the strength he once gave to so many of us at JCU through the Student Union and the Dance Marathon. Kevin, you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

It looks like the class of ’94 sure has been busy having little blue streaks! It is exciting to hear about all of the healthy and happy babies that blessed our lives in the past few months: Mary Jude and John Pakiela welcomed Elise Virginia on November 10, 2001. She weighed 7 lbs. 1 oz.

Mat and Kirsten (Zieminski) Marriner welcomed babies #2 and #3 on December 27, 2001 twins Jackson Filips and Casey Straits. They join big brother, Thomas.

Michelle (Lamirand) and Kevin Cook welcomed their third boy, Henry Sebastian on November 12. Older brothers are Jack (4) and Ryan (2 ½). The Cook family almost has their first string completed. Michelle reports that she loves driving the minivan around town and the double stroller has really changed her look!

Kristen White Kemp had her second daughter, Kaitlyn Ethel on September 25, 2001.

Terry and Marcy (Mulbarger) Gainer are living on the East Coast with sons, Terrance “Trip” (1 ½) and David (6 mos.). Terry reports that Pat Moriarty got married last summer to a girl named Cori and they live in the suburbs of Chicago. Terry, Tim Fitzgibbons and Mike Covey, Jen (Mitsos) Covey, Sarah Kocian, and Matt Casey ’95 were all in Pat’s wedding. Tim Fitzgibbons and his wife Tara welcomed daughter, Kaleigh Elizabeth on January 30. Tim loves fatherhood. Also in attendance at the wedding were Janene (Hanley) Clark, Kristen Kemp, Kristen (Cahill) Catania, and Beth (Campbell) Killeen. Janene Clark is married and living in Chicago. She has two boys, Ryan and Aiden. Kristen Catania is living outside of Milwaukee with her husband, Paul. Beth Killeen and husband, Kevin ’93, live in Hudson, OH with their two girls, Molly and Grace. (Thanks for all of the information Terry).

A blast from the past, Mike Connole, sent me an e-mail to let us know he is living in Los Angeles. He has finally settled down after 6 years in the Marines and married a great girl named Kristine. They have a 16-month-old son, Liam Patrick (a good Irish name). Mike is a manager and financial advisor for the Beverly Hills branch of UBS/Paine Webber.

Colleen Creamer Ward welcomed her second child, Mary Kate on October 29, 2001. Mary Kate joins big brother, Jimmy in Westfield, IN.

Susan (Donegan) and Jason Magyar are busy in Hilliard, OH. Susan completed her JD and an MBA and currently works for Nationwide Financial Services. Jason works as a materials/purchasing agent for Liebert Corp.

Erin (Canada) Owen is working as a recruitment & training specialist for Applied Industrial Technologies in Cleveland. Erin reports that Pati Dargan married Burt Kemp on July 28, 2001 at Gesu.

Janine (Rockovich) and Brian Mortellaro recently had twin daughters, Abby Grace and Sarah Anne. The twins join big sister, Emma.

Luke Adams and his wife, Christy Benander Adams ’93 living in Bexley, OH with 15 month old daughter, Emma. They celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in Maui. They are also expecting their second child in May. Luke works in IT global services at Wendy’s corporate headquarters and Christy works in the ICU at St. Ann’s Hospital.

Cathleen (Danker) Neibch and her husband, Mark, welcomed their first child, Ethan William on April 20, 2001. They live in Batavia, IL.

Steven Delchin of Squire, Sanders, and Dempsey in Cleveland recently published his fourth article in the Seton Hall Law Review.

It sure sounds like we have all been busy with life changing events! Please continue to keep me updated so I can report in the journal about what you have been up to! I hope y’all are doing well! Luck to you always —


Maureen “Moe” McGuinness