Spring 2017
Greetings, class. I hope you’ve been feeling fresh and happy this spring now that winter is behind us. It’s been a lovely winter in Florida, sorry to say. To be able to enjoy the outdoors in a warm setting almost every day of the year is something I’ll never tire of nor be ungrateful for. I’m a Realtor with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty, and Venice is such a fun place to work. Many of my customers have worked up North for decades and are blissfully happy to be finding a permanent or second home in sunny Florida.

I received great information about a few of our classmates. Anthony D’Apolito has had a fabulous career in the field of law. After Carroll, Anthony received his law degree from Case Western Reserve University. He served as a defense attorney, then as an assistant prosecutor in Youngstown, Struthers, and Mahoning counties. He also served as magistrate and court administrator for Mahoning County Juvenile Court. He has heard about 25,000 cases. He saw one of his dreams come true by taking the bench as a judge for the Mahoning County Court of Common Pleas General Division in January 2017. There are many more positions Anthony has had and presides over. He and his father, Judge Lou D’Apolito (also Court of Common Pleas), might be making history. It’s possibly the first time a father and son have served together on the same court. Congratulations, Anthony, on a successful, impactful, and well-balanced career serving your community!

The brothers of Iota Chi Upsilon had a reunion at homecoming in October, bringing back more than 250 members. They golfed and had several events together. The IXY scholarship is valued at more than $1.3 million and is racing toward $2 million in endowments. Robert Durkin attended this fun event. Thanks to all the IXYs for their dedication to JCU.

Wish I had more to report on our class, so keep me posted on what’s going on with you. If you’re reading this, it means you’re interested in keeping up with everyone, right? Let me know what you’re up to, and next time, see your name in print. Wishing you all happiness, health, and success.


Mary Collins Szablowski

Winter 2017
Hello, classmates. I hope the holidays treated you well and you’re rockin’, rollin’, and feelin’ blessed into 2017. At our age, we have a lot to balance – jobs, kids, aging parents, kids, keeping up with the house, kids – you get my drift. I feel like I blinked and my oldest daughter is 17. College? Really? I wish I had more to report. I haven’t heard much news since reunion. I do see Judy (Beringer) Quinn quite a bit because she lives in Tampa, Florida, with her two boys. Her two older girls are off having huge successes in college. Judy is rockin’ the real-estate world working with Century 21. Even though it’s the competition, I still love my cousin Judy. We hooked up at a JCU alumni lunch in Tampa back in October. I hope you all have alumni chapters where you live and can be active in them. It’s a great way to stay connected. Because I don’t have too much to report, I thought I’d share a link to an article I wrote in the magazine several years ago after a JCU girls’ weekend. It’s about our journey at JCU and the impact it’s had on my life.


Mary Collins Szablowski

Fall 2016

Reunion 2016 – we celebrated 25 years since graduation. What a blast! It was everything we had hoped it to be. Once again, JCU knocked it out of the park with the big white tent, student hospitality, events, gorgeous grounds, and perfect weather. Time melted away as we walked through campus and sat outside Murphy Hall in blue and gold Adirondack chairs sprinkled on the lawn.

Hi, everyone. This is Mary (Collins) Szablowski taking over our class column. I traveled to Cleveland from Venice, Florida, where I live with my husband, Paul ’90, and our four kids. My first great big shout out is to our reunion team captain, Sam (Siao) Strathern, who was awesome at keeping everyone psyched with our class Facebook page. Thanks, Sam. Our class stayed in the newly reconstructed Murphy Hall suites. I say newly reconstructed because my understanding is they gutted the place and started over. OK, the smell in the stairwell is the same, though. It was a blast catching up with my dear friends Sam Siao Strathern; Nancy (Ayna) Robida and her husband, Greg; Meghan Fay Roddy; Laura (Friel) Haggerty; Jill (Luppino) McIlvaine; Beth Robinson Farrar; and Erin (O’Loughlin) Gauchat and her husband, Rob. Thank you to Mark Postak for organizing our Friday night gathering at the Colony, which is now a neat restaurant with a lovely back patio. There was a great showing from the class of 1991. It was fun Saturday evening under the big tent catching up with friends such as John Reichart ’93 and his lovely wife, Steve ’90 and Mary Beth (McNally) Tirpak, Maureen Rupp Cosgrove, Molly (Harig) O’Shea, Pat Spicuzza, Cheryl Gillette, Kerry Spicer Bebie ’95G, Becky (Dawes) Cummins, Pam (Schwab) Rozic, Mary (Thomas) Leathley, Sara Howley Callari, Meg Pedrini Ottiger, Mike Case, Teresa Kleinhenz Bidar, Tara (O’Neill) Lavelle, Jerry and Lydia (Cornell) Bourke, Cowboy Ed, Terry McCabe, Craig Schwabl, Therese Langenderfer-Merchant, Heather Malley Baranowski, Joe Lobello, Sue (Governale) ’93G and her husband, Mike Mangan, Jen (Capacci) Modesti, RJ Nowinski, Iggy Gannon, and Mark Oswald ’88. Please forgive me if I missed anyone. If you missed reunion this year, please try to make the one in 2021.

I heard from Laura Mich Perkosky ’95G, who lives in Pittsburgh and works with opiate addicts and their families. She has been asked to participate in a grant from the federal government to develop better treatment practices and plans to combat this horrible addiction.

Stay in touch. I’m looking forward to keeping our class together through this column. Peace, health, and happiness to you all, always.


Mary Collins Szablowski

Ann Marie Lavelle, a teacher at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, is the 2016 winner of the Irene C. Heller Annual Award for Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher in the Cleveland Section. The award is given by the American Chemical Society.

Ann Marie Lavelle, a teacher at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, is the 2016 winner of the Irene C. Heller Annual Award for Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher in the Cleveland Section. The award is given by the American Chemical Society.

Summer 2016

We celebrated 25 years since graduation this past June. What a blast! Reunion was everything we hoped it to be. Once again, JCU knocked it out of the park with the big, white tent; student hospitality, especially Joe and Rita; events; gorgeous grounds; and perfect weather. Time melted away as we walked through campus and sat outside Murphy Hall in the neat JCU-themed Adirondack chairs sprinkled in the lawn.

Hi, everyone. This is Mary (Collins) Szablowski taking over the column for our class. I traveled to Cleveland from Florida, where I live with my husband, Paul ’90, and our four kids. There was lots of communication between my girlfriends as we planned the weekend festivities.

My first great big shout-out is to our team captain, Sam (Siao) Strathern, who worked with the staff at JCU to ensure everything was perfect with our dorm rooms and answers to every little question we had. She was just the perfect gal to take care of everything related to reunion. And she did it with the enthusiasm only Sam can bring. Thanks, my friend, for making the weekend perfect for our gang.

I must say with amazing pride that our group of JCU girls still gets together every year. Yes, every year since graduation. Some have missed a year or two for different reasons, but we plan a trip and gather together. This year, the destination was JCU, and we were lucky enough to almost all be together. We had our team leader Sam; Nancy (Ayna) Robida and her husband, Greg; Meghan Fay Roddy; Laura (Friel) Haggerty; Jill (Luppino) McIlvaine; Beth (Robinson) Richter; and Erin (O’Loughlin) Gauchet and her husband, Rob. Our group stayed in the newly reconstructed Murphy Hall suites. I say newly reconstructed because JCU gutted the place and started over. OK, the smell in the stairwell is the same, though. The amazing four-room suites feature a large common area and bathroom. It was so much fun hanging out, drinking coffee with a Bialy’s Bagel in the morning, and enjoying late nights by cramming a lot of furniture into one suite. We had a lot of laughs and good times. If you haven’t been back to Cleveland lately, the Flats is completely redone. It’s gorgeous, with fabulous, family friendly restaurants and clubs and people everywhere.

Thank you to Mark Postak for organizing our Friday night gathering at the Colony, which is now a delicious, family friendly restaurant with a lovely back patio. It was such a fun time. Our class had a great showing. The Saturday evening under the Big Tent was fun, as we caught up with great friends such as John Reichart ’93 and his lovely wife, Maureen; Steve ’90 and Mary Beth Tirpak; Maureen Rupp Cosgrove; Molly (Harig) O’Shea; Pat Spicuzza; Cheryl Gillette; Kerry (Spicer) Bebie ’95G; Becky (Dawes) Cummins; Pam (Schwab) Rozic; Mary (Thomas) Leathley; Sarah Howley Callari; Meg Pedrini Ottiger; Mike Case; Teresa Kleinhenz Bidar; Tara (O’Neill) Lavelle; Jerry and Lydia (Cornell) Bourke; Cowboy Ed; Terry McCabe; Craig Schwabl; Therese Langenderfer-Merchant; Heather Malley Baranowski; Joe Lobello; Mike and Sue (Governale) ’93G Mangan; Jen (Capacci) Modesti; RJ Nowinski; Iggy Gannon; and Mark Oswald ’88. Please forgive me if I missed anyone.

If you missed it, please try and make it to reunion 2021. Stay in touch. I’m really looking forward to keeping our class together through this column.

Peace, health, and happiness to you all, always.


Mary Collins Szablowski

Spring 2016



Hello, class. Spring is in the air, and reunion weekend is right around the corner. I hope you’re making plans and rallying friends to attend. I have updates to share. Anthony D’Apolito seeks to be common pleas judge in Mahoning County. After graduating from JCU, Anthony attended Case Western Reserve School of Law and, after passing the Ohio Bar, joined his father and cousin practicing law. In 2002, Anthony became a magistrate in the Mahoning County Juvenile Court. He was assigned the delinquency, dependency, and paternity docket. Among other duties since 2002, Anthony oversees the Supreme Court Specialized Dockets of Treatment, Mental Health, and Re-entry courts. Anthony and his wife, Melissa, live in Poland, Ohio, with their daughter Myranda (20).

Kevin Cherilla has been an international mountaineer for more than 20 years. Conquering the summit of Mount Everest in 2007 was his greatest personal accomplishment. Since then, he’s made it his personal goal to change lives one adventure at a time, scaling mountains Everest, Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and Aconcagua. Kevin’s passion for climbing and helping others has even been passed on to the blind, paralyzed, and those who have lost limbs. His own adventure began when he wanted to have a bigger impact on people through his travel expeditions. Kevin was the expedition leader for 25 people – eight of whom are blind – on a climb on Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for the disabled. The team broke four world records, raised more than $200,000 for the blind in Arizona, and assisted a local orphanage that housed 24 blind, albino children in Tanzania. After this historic climb, Kevin and Kristen (another guide) joined forces to create K2 Adventures Foundation and K2 Adventure Travel. They’ve been helping others throughout the world by running K2 Adventure Travel, which organizes voluntourism trips to Africa, Peru, Argentina, and Nepal. Kevin is a certified National Outdoor Leadership School Wilderness First Responder. He’s also trained in CPR and first aid. “I enjoy the smiles on the faces of those we help in the United States and around the world,” he says. Kevin and his wife, Jenny (Kinder) Cherilla, just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. “It all started in an ED 101 class,” Kevin says. Congratulations, Kevin and Jenny!

I had prepared for my son’s first communion on May 7 at Holy Trinity Church in Avon, Ohio. I was excited for him as he made the sacrament and is able to receive the Body of Christ. No more leading him up the aisle with a firm grip on his neck so he can’t break loose! I’m also co-chairing the Holy Trinity Parish gala on Oct. 1. The committee has great ideas for the event. I’m excited to be part of this group. Unfortunately, between the gala and my son’s activities (baseball, tennis, football, and basketball), it’s time for me to pass the pen to Mary Szablowski to keep you posted on our class. I’ve been honored to spread the news of the few who provide updates, I’m sure there’s much more to report. Please give Mary a break and provide updates. Especially with reunion in June, the next column should be jam-packed with class facts. Take care, and thank you.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Winter 2016

Hello, class. First and foremost, has everyone made their plans for reunion weekend, June 17-19? I hope to see you there. Twenty-five years – where has the time gone? The other day, I was cleaning out boxes in my basement, and I came across a box from my dorm room senior year. I know, right? Twenty-five years of memories waiting to be explored. I found old notebooks, textbooks, notes we passed in class, and a Corona Light sign. Thank goodness I didn’t find my grades. I’ve tried to forget those for the past 25 years. Too bad Café Rock or the Colony couldn’t count for credit. Those would have been two classes I would have aced. But in my treasure chest from the past, I found pictures of people I haven’t thought about for years, but at one snap in time meant so much to me. I spent the next couple of hours looking through pictures and remembering the events. It was time well spent. I encourage everyone to look through your JCU treasure chests and bring pictures, notes, and memories back to John Carroll for reunion weekend. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed.

Since graduating, the one thing that keeps me connected to John Carroll is being the class scribe. I look forward to learning about what others have done since 1991. Take Tim DeGeeter, for example. Tim was elected for a second term as mayor of Parma, Ohio. Prior to being mayor, Tim was a member of the House of Representatives from 2003 to 2011 and Parma city councilman from 1998 to 2003. How cool. My only advice for Tim is to reopen the city swimming pools. The pool-operating budget appears to be a splash in the overall city budget.

Then there’s Charles (Chuck) Coletta ’94G, who teaches in Bowling Green State University’s Department of Popular Culture and the Chapman Learning Community, where he served as interim director last year. In late 2015, Chuck accompanied Oscar-winning actress Eva Marie Saint (“On the Waterfront,” “North by Northwest,” “Superman Returns”) on the Turner Classic Movies Classic Cruise. Chuck said his best day of the cruise was touring Grand Cayman and lunching with two Academy Award winners – Saint and Louis Gosset Jr. “Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek also was part of the tour.

I can only imagine all the other great accomplishments and adventures so many of you have experienced throughout the years. Send me an update, or let me know if you plan to attend reunion. Let’s make this the most memorable reunion yet. Peace and love to all.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Fall 2015
What better way to end the summer than with a visit from Sara Howley Callari! Sara was in the Cleveland area for various family events and spent the last few days of her visit with us. We had the best time, and it was great to catch up in person. Facebook, FaceTime, emails, and texts are great, but nothing beats an actual visit. Sara was recently inducted into DTC Perspectives’s second annual class of Top Hospital Marketers of the Year for her work as the former senior vice president, chief communications and marketing officer at Broward Health. DTC is a conference, training, and publishing company for the consumer marketing of pharmaceutical, hospitals, and health-care products. Honorees were judged on industry reputation, accomplishments, innovation, and notoriety among their peers, partners, and media. Congratulations, Sara! You were the best Jell-O wrestling partner ever. Sara left Broward Health and started her own consulting/marketing company, The Howley Group. Sara works with AutoNation on its national campaign and upcoming AutoNation Cure Bowl. Because of Sara’s visit, we had an impromptu visit with Tom Larkin and Sean and Laura (Buganski) O’Toole! Amy (Jowett ’93) and Tom’s oldest son, Riley, just started his freshman year at Carroll. Tom and Amy are very proud of Riley and love that he’s a Blue Streak. We had a great evening of laughs and walks down memory lane. The evening made me realize JCU was the best choice of schools for me because it opened so many doors personally and professionally. My JCU friends are among the most cherished people I have in my life today. We might not see each other as often as we’d like, but when we do, it’s like we’re back on campus in 1991 – speaking of which, this is a quick reminder that our 25-year reunion is next year. It’s never too early to start making plans with your Blue Streak buds. I hope to see you there.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Summer 2015
So I’m sitting at my son’s baseball practice one warm Saturday morning in Avon, Ohio, when a lady with a baby stroller stops next to me. I immediately ask about the baby (come on, who doesn’t love babies), and we start a conversation. Somehow, we start discussing the combination of parishes during the past few years, and we discover we both grew up on the Eastside, just a suburb apart. Because my newfound friend grew up in Mayfield, I ask if she knows my sister-in-law – and yup, she does! Small world, right? So we continue to chat and find out – that’s right – she went to JCU and graduated in ’91. Wait, what? I went to Carroll and graduated in ’91. What was your major I ask? English/education. I’m asked what was mine: English with a side of beer. So here starts my new friendship with Amy Szczecinski Schultz. It’s amazing who you’ll meet in the most random places. Amy and her family (her husband, Frank, and twin seventh grade boys) live in North Royalton. Amy has been teaching fifth grade for more than 20 years at Mayfield Center Elementary. So, you might be wondering why Amy, who lives in North Royalton and has older kids, was at a ballpark in Avon with an infant. She was babysitting her niece and nephews, and her older nephew is on my son’s baseball team. Through our conversation, we talked about our classmates. I mention Peter Balunek and his new Safari venture (see my previous column). Because we were talking about animals, Amy told me Rose Fini works for the Cleveland Metroparks and is its chief legal and ethics officer. I don’t know about you, but this sounds like an amazing job. Rose completed her law degree at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law after graduating from JCU.



In other alumni news, Ron Falconi was elected to a four-year, part-time position as mayor of the city of Brunswick (Ohio). He previously served six years on council and three years on the board of zoning appeals. Although Mayor Falconi’s leadership role is largely ceremonial (Brunswick adopted the council-city manager form of government in the early ’70s), it’s still pretty cool. After Carroll, Ron completed his law degree at the University of Akron School of Law.



Buist, Byars & Taylor LLC expanded its litigation department and management staff by adding Patrick J. McDonald as partner. McDonald’s practice is focused on construction litigation, business litigation, and real-estate disputes. After JCU, Patrick completed his law degree at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, where he was the managing editor of In Brief and the recipient of the Presidential Scholarship.

Thanks for all the updates. It’s so much easier to write this column with good material. As a reminder, it’s never too early to start planning our 25th class reunion next June on campus.

Hope to see you there!


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Spring 2015
So I’m looking through Facebook, and I see all these cool pictures of animals out in the wild. No, not spring breakers in Florida, real animals in the wild. It turns out Peter Balunek has started Peter’s Photo Safaris as a way to help educate and heighten awareness about the threats facing Africa’s magnificent animals, including poaching and loss of habitat. Peter explained the safaris are small group (six people) trips to Kenya’s Maasai Mara region – per Peter, arguably one of the best places in the world to see wildlife. Peter returned from his first trip in February, and the next one is scheduled in August. You don’t need to be a photographer to join the trip, but there are plenty of photo opportunities, and Peter is there to assist those who need help. Check out his site or his Facebook posts. Good luck with your new venture, Peter, and thank you for basically writing this column.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Winter 2015
Happy 2015!

Pamela (Voth) Schlosser has exciting news as she starts the new year. Pam was appointed U.S. Chemicals leader for PwC. With more than 21 years of experience at PwC and more than 23 years of industry experience, Schlosser has served as the lead partner for several Fortune 500 companies and is the managing partner of the PwC Toledo office. Congratulations on your appointment, Pam!

Winter column reflection: “Never cut down a tree in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.” – Robert H. Schuller.



Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Fall 2014
It’s fall already! Where did the summer go? I have news! Mickey Leech has worked for MTD Products – a family-owned Ohio company that manufactures Cub Cadet and Troy-Bilt products – for the past 10 years. Recently, he was promoted to president of MTD Southwest. The Leech’s new family home will be in the Phoenix area. Congratulations on the promotion and move, Mickey.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” – Helen Keller

Until next time …


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Summer 2014
Welcome to the class of ’91 online summer edition. I heard from Onofrio (Nuch) Palazzolo, who joined Kowa American Corp in New York City as its VP/GM of the chemical division. Best of luck with your new job. I love visiting NYC!

Charles Coletta ’94G also shared professional and personal news. He has been teaching in the Department of Popular Culture at Bowling Green State University since 2000. Beginning in the fall, he’ll be the director of the Chapman Learning Community on the BGSU campus. Chapman is a group of 200 freshmen who live and take classes in the same dorm. On the personal side, Chuck flew to Hollywood this past April to attend the Turner Classic Film Festival. He met with Oscar winning actress (and BGSU alum) Eva Marie Saint. In Chuck’s words, “She’s a great lady and still working. I was lucky enough to join her at an exclusive party honoring Robert Osborne for hosting TCM for 20 years. It was a thrill to join such classic celebs as Robert Wagner, Jill St. John, Tab Hunter, director Norman Jewison, Mitzi Gaynor, Tippi Hedren (The Birds), Alec Baldwin, and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek. I met Eva Marie a few years back when I provided research info for her role as Ma Kent in “Superman Returns.” Since then I’ve become good friends with her and her husband, director Jeff Hayden.” Very cool, Chuck, and thanks for the update.

Enjoy the rest of summer and remember the sunscreen.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Spring 2014
Dear class of 1991, radio silence! Please send me updates! Until next time,


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft



Winter 2014
I couldn’t believe that when I began to write this column I actually had news to report – and it wasn’t about my son’s basketball team. Brian Silver was appointed vice president of business development for SGK Retail Practice, a global brand development, activation, and deployment company. Congratulations, Brian!

Jim Barle has parlayed a high school landscaping business into property owner and restaurateur on Cleveland’s East Side. Flattop Landscaping has more than 300 customers in the cities surrounding John Carroll. Jim took proceeds from Flattop and purchased rental properties in Cleveland Heights. I bet those rentals have some of the most manicured lawns in the city. He also purchased the landmark Heights Rockefeller Building at Mayfield and Lee roads, adding tenants and renovating the building. In 2012, Jim and his wife, Samantha Glickman, opened Barle Soup and Sandwich (barlesoupandsandwich.com) in a renovated storefront. Visit the shop next time you’re in the area. This year, Jim was inducted into the Cleveland Heights High School Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame. He’s a 1987 graduate of Heights High.

That’s all for now. May 2014 bring you peace, love, and understanding all year long.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Fall 2013
It’s official. Michael, my son, started kindergarten at Holy Trinity in Avon, Ohio. I learned the drop-off routine quickly. I didn’t want to look like a newbie, so I watched the mother in front of me. When she stopped to let her kids out, I did the same. As Michael grabbed his lunch bag and backpack, said goodbye, and told me to have a good day, I smiled from ear to ear bursting with pride. I just kept thinking this is the next chapter in our life and the start of his learning the Christian values that were instilled in me at St. Greg’s, Regina High, and JCU. Weekend Mass is an entirely different story. It amazes me how he can play outside for hours without a potty break, but the minute he enters church, it seems like he has to go every 10 minutes. The other reason I’m excited about Holy Trinity is because it’s like a mini-JCU reunion. I’m finding more and more classmates at every function. Michael is in class with Katie Harvey, daughter of Chris (Bilardo) Harvey. In the other class, we have Deirdre Lavelle, daughter of Tara (O’Neill) Lavelle; and Aidan Roche, son of Cheryl (Gillette) Roche. They’ll be Carroll bound in no time.

I actually have an update. Rob Powers was promoted to tenured associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine this past spring. Rob and Cathy (Herman) ’92 have lived in Pittsburgh for 17 years and will celebrate their 20th anniversary in October. They continue to work hard at being active parents of Liam (12), Laura (10), and Ryan (8). They always look forward to alumni events in Pittsburgh. That’s it for now. Enjoy the fall ya’ll.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Summer 2013
Happy summer, class of 1991. It’s difficult to believe we’re six months into 2013. I had the rare opportunity of spending a long weekend with Sara Howley Callari and Joan (Rooney) Clancy in May. We met in Palm Beach, Fla., and had an incredible stay at the Ritz Carlton. Thank you, Sara. We had so much fun doing nothing. Maybe I’m just late to the game, but I recommend getting a girls or guys weekend planned. Catch up on old times, and make new memories. You know the drill, “Oh yes, we must get together,” or “Hey what works for you,” and the next thing you know, another year has gone by. Don’t let that happen. Plan something now. It doesn’t have to be a hot-spot locale, just pick a central place your peeps can get to, then don’t back out. That’s the most important rule: Once you book it, stick to it.

I’m excited my son, Michael, will be starting kindergarten in August. Holy cow, time flies. Remember when we were young and people would tell us that? We’d look at them like “yeah, right.” Now I know what they meant. I’m also excited because he’ll be going to school with Tara (O’Neill) Lavelle’s daughter and Cheryl Gillette Roche’s son. So we have our first JCU connection in grade school. I can calm down about making new friends at his school because I already have two. (It’s about me, right?) And the more people I meet at Holy Trinity in Avon, Ohio, the more JCU connections I find.

Here’s a huge shout out to Anne Marie Domizio, who earned an executive MBA with honors from the University of San Francisco. Way to keep the Jesuit education alive.

Have a great rest of the summer, and please send me updates; otherwise, you’ll be hearing about Michael’s art projects in the fall issue. Remember, book it, and stick to it!


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Spring 2013
Who doesn’t love springtime in Cleveland? 75 and sunny one day, 32 and blinding snow the next. Best of all this spring, I have news! Dave Brogioli is the new girls’ head basketball coach at Wareham (Mass.) High School. Before Wareham, Dave coached in Fairhaven and Pembroke, Mass., but Wareham is where Dave knows he belongs. Before taking over the girls’ team, Dave was an assistant on the Wareham boys’ basketball team. In addition to coaching, Dave also teaches at Pembroke.

Aiden, Ryan, and Allison Roche

Sean and Cheryl (Gillette) Roche welcomed a beautiful baby girl in November. Allison Mary Roche arrived Nov. 26, 2012. She was 6 pounds, 6 ounces, and joins big brothers Ryan (7) and Aiden (5). I’m looking forward to seeing more of Cheryl around town when our sons start kindergarten together at Holy Trinity in Avon, Ohio, this fall.

Drop me a note, and let me know what’s going on in your part of the world. Until next time, that’s all folks.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Winter 2013
Hey, class of 1991! Is anyone out there? This column is brief because I have no news to report. Please email me updates, or call me. There has to be news about babies, graduations, jobs, career moves … the list goes on. I hope to hear from you soon.

Until next time, peace.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Fall 2012
I hope this note finds everyone well and enjoying the fall season. I heard from Gina (Walick) Marek, who graduated with her MBA from Bowling Green this past spring. After graduation, she accepted a job as VP of internal audit for Macy’s in Cincinnati. Gina and her husband, Ed, and their two sons, Jacob (11) and Andrew (9), will be relocating from Toledo, where she was with Owens Corning for the past seven years. Good luck, Gina, and keep us posted on your move.

In other news, Jim McPolin ’92 was named a new team member for The Rainmaker Group where he’ll serve as director of customer strategies. Before joining Rainmaker, Jim was senior vice president, client management for American Utility Management.

Kerry (Spicer) Bebie was inducted into Magnificat (Rocky River, Ohio) High School’s 2012 athletic hall of fame for basketball, volleyball, and track. Kerry was the high jump and long jump school record holder from 1984- 1989. Now, Kerry is an assistant professor in the division of health and physical education at Baldwin Wallace University, where she’s also the HPET program coordinator. Kerry and her husband, Tony, along with their five children, reside in Rocky River. Congratulations, Kerry – an honor well deserved.

Runkel and Joyce

Joe Runkel and Kimberly Joyce were married this past June at Canyon Gate Country Club in Las Vegas. Joe is employed as the director of financial analysis at Austal USA in Mobile, Ala. Best wishes to Joe and Kimberly.

Please send me updates about what’s happening in your lives. We’re interested in the good, bad, and ugly. Remember this line from William Shakespeare: “Love sought is good, but given unsought is better.” I knew my English degree would come in handy one day. Until next time …


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Summer 2012
Summer is here, and I have updates. Scott B. Vahue was promoted to vice president at M&T Bank where he manages mortgage sales.

The Indiana Chamber of Commerce endorsed Francis Ellert for the Republican primary election to the Indiana House of Representatives, District 17. Francis works as a plant manager for the Coca- Cola distribution center in Plymouth. In 2010, he was named Volunteer of the Year for the Marshall County United Way. Francis and his wife have been married for 18 years and have four children.

Mary Pat Janowski sent a nice update. Mary Pat and her husband, Karl Meyer, live in Beaverton, Ore., with their two daughters Anna (7) and Katrina (3). They’ve always been involved with the March of Dimes (marchforbabies.org/marypat_j). This year, they were selected as ambassadors for the Greater Oregon and SW Washington March of Dimes. Mary Pat is active in the community, and she and her family are sports-playing enthusiasts.

All is well in the Hartranft household. Michael (5 on July 31) is busy playing soccer, t-ball, golf, swimming, and taekwondo. Hopefully, he will start hockey this fall.

Safe travels during the summer, and don’t forget the sunscreen. Until I write again …


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Spring 2012
Unfortunately, with the newness of spring, I have sad news to share. Please keep the families of three of our classmates in your thoughts and prayers. Tom Bluemle passed away this past December after a courageous battle with cancer. Tom is survived by his wife, Jennifer, and sons Finnegan and Gabriel. Tom also leaves behind his parents, Albert and Patricia, and his siblings, Albert, Mary Pat ’85, and Jude. Tom was a vice president at Niabraze Corp. He was an avid golfer, sailor, outdoorsman, and youth soccer coach.

Sharon Borer, who was a graduate student in our class, leaves behind Joseph, her husband of 50 years, and children Steven, Tracy, and Robert. Sharon, a child therapist in Lorain county Ohio, used to own The Children’s Center in Avon Lake. Sharon also volunteered at Genesis House, a domestic violence center.

Joy Ferst lost her husband, Scott Ferris, in January after a brief fight with cancer. Joy and Scott have two young sons, Quinn and Colin. Remember to enjoy the blessings we have and not dwell on what we don’t. The passing of these three individuals shows life can change drastically within minutes and end just as quickly.

I have good news to share. Jim Loeffler was selected to speak at the 2012 annual conference of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance. A CPA, CFE, and certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Jim is president and CEO of LegalEye, a software and consulting company dedicated to helping law and claims departments and law firms reduce costs, manage expectations, and improve performance.
Congratulations, Jim!

Note my new email address, and send me your updates, big or small! Until next time, it’s 5 p.m. somewhere.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Winter 2011
Where did the year go? Not to mention the 20 since we graduated. I’m excited to share news. Dave (Peanut) McClafferty sent a message that he and his wife, Jennifer, welcomed a baby girl June 16, 2011. Dave said she looks just like a peanut. Congratulations to the McClaffertys!

I also heard from my long, lost friend Ray Lowe. Ray and Angie (Huff) Lowe live in North Ridgeville, Ohio, with their six kids. Ray has been teaching in Avon Lake for the past 14 years – this year it’s fifth grade. Angie has gone back to teaching after taking time off to raise Nathan, Jacob, Sarah, Emma, Anna, and Noah. Angie will be teaching kindergarten at Open Door Christian Schools in Elyria, where Ray has accepted the challenge of starting a football program. I can only imagine the time commitment and dedication to start this program. Open Door couldn’t have found a better candidate.

Mia and Julie Bjorkman

Julie Bjorkmanand her husband Rajesh David welcomed their first child, Mia Simone, Sept. 10, 2010. Congratulations, Julie and Rajesh!

The Meadows Health Care Center won an award for facility leadership because of the hard work of Gretchen Schindel Aichele, the facility administrator. This annual award recognizes administrators of nursing homes who’ve met superior health-care standards. Keep up the excellent work.

Another dear friend I haven’t seen in a while is Meaghen Scullin Gramley. Meaghen’s oldest was playing in a golf tournament (almost in my backyard), and we were able to meet for dinner. Meaghen and Kurt also have six kids. Brendan, Shannon, and Sean (my godson) attend Shady Side Academy in Pittsburgh. Devin, Erin, and Colin are in grade school in the Sharon, Pa., area where the Gramleys reside.

All the best, Liz.

Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Fall 2011
Wow! What an amazing 20th reunion. The alumni office did an outstanding job of organizing the class reunions while the University was in the middle of graduation weekend. I was skeptical about how they were going to manage, but they did. An enjoyable evening was had by all, except when the University lost power around 6 p.m. Those staying in the dorms had to improvise, which meant ditching the hair dryer and heading to happy hour. Girls (Teresa, Cheryl, Shannon, and Molly), you looked fabulous. The class of ’91 had a great turn out. I overheard someone say we looked pretty good after 20 years, and I agree. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to talk to everyone, so please drop me a line and let me – then ultimately the class – know what you’ve been up to.

First up are the Quinns. AJ and Judy (Beringer) live in Akron with their four kids ages 4 to 15.

Mark Postak has been teaching upper-level math in Wadsworth, Ohio, since we graduated and is the girls’ basketball coach.

I heard through the grapevine Mary (Collins) Szablowski couldn’t attend reunion because she was having baby No. 4. Congratulations!

TerryMcCabe lives in Park Ridge, Ill., with his wife and 6-year-old daughter.

As always, it’s fun to run into Heather and Tim Connor. Although we both live in Avon, Ohio, it usually takes a JCU event to catch up. Tim and Heather have four girls ages 10, 8, 4, and 2.

Next up, Mike and Colleen (Kearney) Sommerfeld. Colleen works in admissions at Hathaway Brown in Shaker Heights, Ohio. They have four kids – Kalie (11), Nate (9), Meghan (7), and Maeve (5).

Sara (Howley) Callari is chief communications officer for Broward Health in Florida.

Carmina (Cunanan) Minder lives in University Heights and has two girls and a boy ages 12, 6, and 5.

Lisa (Costantini) Groewa lives in Sagamore Hills, Ohio, and has two daughters. Lisa is controller for Lake Business Products and has worked for the company for 18 years.

Tara (O’Neill) Lavelle lives in Avon (another neighbor) and has two kids.

Jim Smith, who works for Nationwide Insurance, lives in Pittsburgh and is married with three kids.

And finally, Patrick O’Leary lives in Birmingham, Mich., and doesn’t like insurance, which is a little awkward because I’ve been an insurance broker for the past 20 years.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Summer 2011


Thanks to everyone who sent an update. The response has been unbelievable. There’s so much to share.

State representative Tim DeGeeter declared he’ll be running for mayor of Parma, Ohio. Currently, Tim is serving his third full term in the Ohio House. Good luck, Tim.

Tom and Tawnya (Santoiemmo) Zucker live in Twinsburg, Ohio, with their kids Colin (15), Mckenszie (13), and Gianna (11). They’re busy with the kids’ sports.

Debbie Bounds Briercheck has been married to Scott for 19 years. They reside in Pittsburgh with their three sons: Andrew (9), Alex (7), and Aaron (4). Debbie runs her own tutoring business for advanced math and science students. It’s a circus, but they have fun.

Bill Elwood ’91G and wife Linda ’97G are in private practice as clinical counselors. Their company, Family Behavioral Health Services, is in Mayfield Village, Ohio. They have several JCU alums on staff and support the University by allowing practicum and internships. Bill and Linda have seven grandchildren, and they love every minute.

John Reichard checked in from New Jersey, where he works at Fortress Investment Group. John and his wife, Eileen, have four children: Caroline (8), Tommy (6), Brendan (4), and Fintan (2).

Alex Benyo is co-owner of the Brilex Group of Companies. He’s been married 18 years and has four children: Alexis (15), Kyle (14), Blake (11), and Kara (8).

Lucia Wasserbauer Srail lives in North Olmsted, Ohio, and has two kids, ages 13 and 11. She’s a cantor for St. Brendan’s parish and recently returned from a quick trip to the Bay Area to meet her new godson.

Bob Schaefer has global responsibility for account development for Cummins Engines. Bob and his wife, Tammy, have been married 15 years and have three sons: Tyler (12), Jack (9), and Kurt (7), who love winter sports. They reside in Minneapolis. Bob sends a shout-out to all alums in the area. Anyone wishing to connect with the Schaefers, please send me an email.

Chuck Coletta checked in from the department of popular culture at Bowling Green State University. Chuck teaches the TV, film media, and contemporary popular lit classes. He also was a contributing writer to the recently published “Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels – 2010.” He wrote more than a dozen entries about topics such as Catwoman (meow!), Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Tarzan, The Shadow, and Dennis the Menace. Hmmm, is he referring to Dennis Gatts?

Just enough space for a quick update about me. I’m a Pisces and like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. Until next time, have a great day.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Spring 2011


Happy spring, class of 1991. I’m excited to be your new class scribe. Thank you for this opportunity to keep everyone in touch.

This is a big year for us because it’s our 20th class reunion, so start making your plans because May 20-22, 2011, will be here before we know it.

Thank you to those who provided updates for my first column, especially John Meinke who was the first to respond to my e-mail request and had much to share. John and his wife, Deana, reside in Mentor, Ohio, with their three children: Sean (8), Emma (7), and Brooke (3). Deana was expecting their fourth child in January. May 2011 will mark John’s 20th anniversary with American College Marketing in Willoughby, Ohio, where he’s the VP of marketing operations.


Citizens Bank announced that Jamie Lynch ’91 has been named district president for Ohio.

Onofrio (Nuch) Palazzolo, his wife, and their son, Nicholas, live in Macedonia, Ohio. Onofrio recently was promoted to VP of sales, marketing, and purchasing for United Initiators, a global manufacturer of chemicals for the plastics industry.

David McClafferty checked in to report him and his new bride, Jennifer, and stepdaughter, Alaina, live in Medina, Ohio, where Troy McClowry lives.

Jim Tyminski provided a quick update. He is an attorney with Gallagher Sharp in Cleveland and resides in Chardon with his wife, Christy, and three kids: Elliott (7), Gray (5), and Trip (2). Jim also had wonderful news to share regarding fellow classmate Rick Nowak. Rick and his wife, Stephanie, are new parents to twins Emma and Luke, who were born in November. Rick is a guidance counselor at Solon (Ohio) High School. I’m sure he’s guiding the kids to the nearest tip drill. Oh, those were the days.

Michele Beauregard ’92 and J.B. Schneider live in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., with their four kids. J.B. completed his MBA at Babson College and a few years ago started a company called P’Kolino, which designs and markets children’s products. Check out the website – www.pkolino.com.

Mary Pusateri and her family live in Louisville, Ohio, where Mary is a choir director at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. Mary’s daughter, Julia, is a senior and her other daughter, Molly, is a freshman. Mary is head coach of the boys cross country program. Her son is a sophomore at Miami University. The family will be traveling west to run in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Arizona Half Marathon.

Also checking in was Nick Zolikoff. He and his wife, Kate ’92, live in South Euclid, Ohio, with their kids Michael (16), Mara (13), Nicholas (10), and Justina (7). Nick is a buyer for Northern Haserot Food Service, and Kate keeps the house of six running smoothly. I’d have to imagine a pretty difficult task with all the activities Nick shared – Irish dance, tennis, football, rugby, Girl Scouts, baseball, church, and finding time to spend as a family.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend this past summer with Casey (McEvoy) Lazar, who lives with her family near Houston in The Woodlands, Texas. Casey and Steve ’90 have three beautiful daughters: Rachel (15), Sarah (13), and Ellie (9). Casey works part time as a marketing coordinator for a counseling center and a travel program manager for an incentive travel company.

Again, thanks to everyone who provided an update. There’s so much to share, but only so much space. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our 20th reunion.

Take care.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Fall 2010

A class columnist is needed – e-mail journal@jcu.edu.

Summer 2009

Leslie Bross and Jeff Pawlowski were married at Saint Francis Chapel on campus on October 11, 2008. They met on the first day of classes in 1987, and 21 years later had their wedding at Carroll. They were joined by Rob Taylor and wife Colette, who live in North Ridgeville; Dave Somodi and wife Heather ’93, who drove up from the Columbus area, where they are raising their six kids; Lisa (Constantini) Groewa and her two daughters from Sagamore Hills, OH; Mark Postak came up from Wadsworth, OH, where he is teaching; and Gregg Eichenberg, who lives in Westlake, OH, showcased his karaoke talents at the rehearsal dinner. Jeff writes, “Celebrating our marriage where we met, and with our Carroll classmates, was truly unforgettable. Leslie and I will be living in Lyndhurst and look forward to many more memories.”

Congratulations to J.B. Schneider, who is a co-founder of a company called P’kolino (derived from an Italian word that means “little one”). Schneider and his partner were recently featured in Business Week. The company sells furniture for little ones; the style is hip and urban. The company is Florida based and recently created a low-priced line for Babies “R” Us. J.B. Schneider is the product development and marketing brain of the company while his partner handles the financial end. Good luck, J.B., we wish you the best! Check out the playful furniture at www.pkolino.com and you will be amazed.

Congratulations to Tim DeGeeter and his wife, Pam, on the first birthday of their son, Jack. They reside in Parma, OH.

Happy 40th birthday to anyone turning the big 40 this year! Enjoy celebrating with family and friends as you begin another chapter of your lives.

Try to make a stop on campus this summer, even if you are just passing through on a trip or short visit.

Time sure goes quickly. My oldest son is off to high school next year. It seems like only yesterday that we were applying to high school and college. Savor the moments, count your blessings, and take time to simply enjoy the joys surrounding us each day.

May God continue to bless our fellow alums.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Winter 2008

Season greetings Class of 1991. I would like to wish you and your loved ones a very special holiday season. This New Year will bring the celebration of many 40th birthdays. So, happy 40th to those of you celebrating this year.

In news, I have a congratulations to Heidi Lanesky (past RA of Miller Hall). She and her husband just celebrated the birth of Tristan Maximus. Heidi works at Norchi, Barrett, & Forbes LLC in Beachwood, OH. She is a paralegal and truly enjoys her job. Good to hear from you, Heidi.

Jennifer Lynn Tokasz recently married Dr. Fitzpatrick in Ravello Italy. They are residing in Buffalo, NY. Congratulations, Jennifer! Jennifer is the divisional vice president and general manager of the Lord and Taylor store in Maryland.

Brian Sparks ’97 wrote in to tell us that Nick Mlachak is the production director at Meister Media Worldwide.

Colleen DeJong Berliner is residing in Cincinnati with her husband Jay and two sons. Her oldest is in kindergarten. Colleen, congratulations to you!

Lisa Lagana is living in Chicago working at Deloitte. She is married to Trevor and they have a little girl named Emily. Thanks for the update, Colleen.

Please write in some news about yourself or a friend for the column. We love to hear from you.


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Fall 2008

I hope this column finds all of you well. Congratulations to Betsy Benander Traben on the birth of her new baby boy.

Congratulations to Mary Beth McNally Tirpak on her 40th birthday, celebrated near Lake Erie with family and friends.

Also, best wishes to Tara O’Neill on becoming a mom to a beautiful baby girl, Deirdre.

Please keep Fr. Schell in your prayers, as he passed away this spring. What a great role model for all of us. He was kind, giving, a man for others, and a brilliant priest. God bless you, Fr. Schell, for the difference you made in our lives on the campus of JCU.

Try to hit the Homecoming game vs. Heidelberg on September 27. Go Blue Streaks! All my best,



Molly Coughlin Fanta


Summer 2008

Dear Class of 1991, Congrats to Tara O’Neill Lavelle on the adoption of a baby girl.

Betsy Benander Traben is expecting baby number six. We are anxiously awaiting the news.

Steve ’90 and Mary Beth Tirpak have four children and reside in Rocky River. Steve is with Chambers Funeral Home and Mary teaches in Rocky River City Schools. I was fortunate to celebrate Steve’s 40th birthday with his family and friends at the Great Lakes Brewing Company. Tony Georges was present also. Tony has two boys and resides in Westlake and manages the beverage store that he used to talk about in college that his dad owned. We laughed about old RA stories and fun times on campus.

Many of us are celebrating our 39th birthdays and are trying not to think of that 40th birthday next year – happy 39th birthday to all of our classmates!

Sara Howley was named vice president, corporate communications and marketing for Broward Health in Fort Lauderdale, FL. In her role as vice president, Howley will oversee all marketing services, web site marketing and content, internal and physician communications, all public relations functions and the Health Line/physician referral line. Sara has worked for Broward Health since 1997 and is past president of the Florida Society of Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing. In July 2007, she received the statewide award for excellence in healthcare marketing and communications. Best wishes, Sara. We are proud of you.

Please share your news, classmates! We look forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the summer and consider each day a gift.



Molly Coughlin Fanta


Spring 2008

Hello class of 1991 — I hope this column finds you all well. Congratulations to Bernard Chapin on publishing his most recent book entitled “Women: Theory and Practice.” It can be found on Amazon.com and is listed at $14.95 if you are interested in purchasing a copy. It seems to have gotten some nice reviews on amazon.com.

Congratulations to Betsy (Benander) Traben who is expecting a child, #6. Betsy and husband Ken adopted a little girl from China last Christmas and are now expecting a new baby in the house come spring. Betsy continues to do crafts, home schools her children, and still loves animals — you haven’t changed a bit! Good luck to you and your family. Keep us posted.

Congratulations to Tara O’Neill Lavelle on her new baby girl. We wish you the best of happiness with your new bundle of joy! Tara works at American Greetings. … The Shamrock Companies, Inc. a marketing communications and project management company, announced the appointment of Tim Connor as its new president. Connor joined The Shamrock Companies in 1993. “Tim is well-respected at The Shamrock Companies because he has earned it. As a leader, he’ll find there’s no substitute for that kind of support.” said Robert Troop, owner and CEO of The Shamrock Companies. Congratulations, Tim.

Remember, if you are in town it might be fun to see a Blue Streaks basketball game and stop by the bookstore to stock up on some JCU sweats. Please share some news about a classmate or yourself. I look forward to hearing from you. All my best!


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Fall 2007

I hope this fall finds you all well and enjoying the activities that autumn brings us. Many of you may have made it to Homecoming as well!

Congratulations to Sara Howley. Sara received a statewide award in Florida for Healthcare Marketing and Communications Leadership. Sara is the administrative director of corporate communications for the North Broward Hospital District. The award she recently received is called the Jack Bondurant Award of Merit. Sara and her husband also have purchased land in North Carolina; the development is called Malone Bay. Best wishes, Sara, and thanks for writing.

Congratulations to Liz Phillips Hartranft on the birth of her baby boy. Liz and her husband live in Avon.

Brian Murphy’s wife, Ailish, wrote in that they own a company in Independence, OH, called Mutech Consulting. The company began in 2000 and just received the Weatherhead 100 award for being one of the fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Wow! Congratulations to you both.

Diane Wisner is residing in Medina, OH.

I am enjoying my position in the communications department at The Ohio State Lottery.

Please write in about a friend or about yourself or a spouse. We love to hear from our classmates. Best wishes to each of you. Sincerely,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Summer 2007

Dear Class of 1991, I was excited to hear from Natalie Villedrouin Handal. She studied in Spain her senior year and later met her husband. She is the mother of four children and works as a pharmaceutical distributor in a family business. Great hearing from you, Natalie!

Jim Loeffler’s sister informed us that Jim is married to Mimi Williams and runs a business with his brother, Richard ’84 called INTUNE. Good luck, Jim.

Julie SpinazzeRoot resides in Illinois.

For those of you wondering, Joe Lardie is still Irish dancing. Mike and Sue Mangan’s children are great Irish step dancers.

I was glad to hear from Nuch Palazzolo. Nuch lives in Macedonia, OH, with his wife and adopted four-year old son. He works as a senior accounting manager for a company called Lanxess. He writes that Richard Miller ’92 and his wife have three daughters. Rich owns and operates a custom molding operation and Powderhorn Golf Course in Madison, OH. He lives in Perry Township.

Andrew Krugh and his wife, Tammy, live in Upper St. Claire outside of Pittsburgh. They have a son and daughter. Andrew runs his own computer consulting business.

Bryan Hilke ’92 and Laurie have two daughters and are expecting a third child. They reside in Brunswick, OH. Bryan works for Parker Hannifin in a technical capacity. Thanks for the updates Nuch!

Please write in about your newest endeavors, good news, or news of a friend. I would love to share it with our fellow classmates.

I am excited to report that I began a new job/career in July. I work for The Ohio State Lottery Commission in the communications dept. I am the philanthropic coordinator for the Lottery. The job offers a nice variety of projects and opportunities. I have eight regions in Ohio that I am currently working with. It is interesting that all of the money from the lottery goes to education, which having been a teacher, I believe is so important. I was an aide last year, and in February decided to pursue a career that would include my degree in communications. I am really enjoying my new endeavor and all it has to offer. Play the Lottery “Odds are you’ll have fun!”

Well, I wish you all the very best. Keep praying, encourage those around you, believe in miracles, and live the life. Until next time, Go Blue Streaks!


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Spring 2007

I hope this column finds all of you well and enjoying some nice weather. I recently went to a party at the home of Amy Finke Cook ’90 who resides in Westlake. Amy and her husband, Brian, have five children and are members of St. Bernadette Parish. Amy’s daughter and my son recently had roles in Music Man Jr. Amy is a stay at home mom and traveled to Italy last summer. It is always fun to reconnect with JCU alumnae and flourish friendships; it is like you have a common bond.

I was happy to hear from several of you recently — thanks to those of you who wrote in. Kristin Gulling lives on the West side of Cleveland and will be married August 10 to Michael Zeno. Kristin’s husband will be deployed to Iraq after the wedding. Please keep the soldiers in your prayers and especially Kristin and Michael. Best Wishes, Kristin!

Julie Bjorkman lives in Illinois where she is the director of human resources and culture communications for the Sara Lee Corporation. She will finish her Ph.D. in organizational development at Benedictine University. She earned her master’s in OD from Case Western Reserve University. She’ll continue working at Sara Lee and teach at the University of Chicago and Elmhurst College after finishing the Ph.D.

David Bobango resides in Erie, PA, and is a material manager at Plastek Group.

Melissa Butler resides in Chagrin Falls and has three girls.

Lynn Zimmerman resides in Lorain, OH, and has one son.

Elizabeth Uber resides in Charlotte, NC.

It is great to receive your updates, keep the info coming! Start thinking about making arrangements to visit Carroll in June for Reunion Weekend. May God continue to bless all of you!


Molly Coughlin Fanta



Winter 2007

Congratulations to classmate Betsy Benander Traben as she and her husband traveled to China this Christmas to adopt their daughter, Luana. Luana is Betsy and Ken’s fifth child. Luana has one sister and three brothers to love her. Best wishes to you Betsy!

I recently traveled to Toronto over the holiday and had dinner with my husband and children at the CN Tower. What a highlight of 2006 and nice way to begin the New Year!

Ed Kelley is living in Indiana and teaching at Culver Academies. He and his wife recently welcomed twins to their family – making it three children. Ed also coaches football and basketball. Thanks for writing in Ed.

Tony Georges and wife Rosanna reside in Westlake with their two adorable boys. We just had them over to dinner and I promised Tony I would wish him a happy birthday in my column — so Happy Birthday Tony from all of us!

Well, may the luck of the Irish be with you always. Please drop me a line and let me know how you are doing. I look forward to hearing from you about the good things happening in your life. Fondly,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Fall 2006


Dear class of 1991 … After staying home for 11 years, I am now back in the classroom where my children attend school. I am currently an educational aide through the state of Ohio in a kindergarten setting.

Congratulations to Richard Moroco who recently joined Pietragallo Bosick and Gordon LLP. He is a partner in charge and just recently opened a new office in Sharon, PA.

John Fisher is in New York. He and his wife have four children. Susan Burke Pero is in Dulbin, OH, and has two children.

Michael O’Connor resides in California and is an attorney.

I hope all of you enjoy the upcoming holiday season and most of all treasure one of the greatest gifts in life, the gift of time. The most important thing is how we use this gift. Keep me posted on life and what you are up to these days so I can share it with our classmates. May God bless each and everyone of you with good health and happiness.


Liz (Phillips) Hartranft

Summer 2006

“Every parting is a form of death as every reunion is a type of heaven.” The lit up campus the evenings of Friday and Saturday at Reunion 2006 was fabulous. The quad is still a place to meet and greet. Those that stayed in the dorms had a great time as did the children involved in the kids camp program. What a wonderful weekend!!! Thanks to those of you who traveled from both near and far to celebrate with our class.

Onto the news: Patrick Palleschi and his wife, Katrina, welcomed baby boy number three into their home in May. His name is Mateo. Congratulations, Pat!

Amy Imro… Dr. Imro, I might add, is working at West Penn Hospital in PA both teaching and delivering babies. It was great seeing you, Amy.

Maria Kubinski Schulenberg has three children (two girls and a boy). Maria resides in Avon and teaches in the Cleveland schools.

Frank Borally was able to cater some of the reunion. Good to see you Frank.

Stan Rhodes resides in Medina and has three children. He is a sales and marketing manager for Jacobson Mfg.

It was good to see Carole Kovach, Alison Rooney Otterman, Kim Ballenger McNabb, and Lisa Lagana. Lisa will be getting married this summer. We wish you all the best.

Melissa Vertes Butler is in Chagrin Falls, OH, with her husband and three girls.

Dawn Krause Swope has two children and resides in CT.

Rodney Bresnahan resides in Westerville, OH, and works for Petro Stopping Centers.

I enjoyed talking with two people who look exactly the same as the day they graduated! Todd and Kim (Baisch) Wessel live in Sagamore Hills with their family. They met on campus freshman year and are happily married.

Meghan Kennedy lives in Michigan and works for Rock Financial as a banker assistant.

Joseph Schneider writes that he and his family appeared on HGTV on “I Want That!” in February. His company created a new product which is featured on the show. He sends all his best to all of us.

Donald Nucerino resides in Liberty Twp, OH, where he works for Great American Insurance. He is married to Allison and has three children.

Grayce Rogers Shea and her husband attended reunion. They reside in North Carolina and enjoyed their visit to the dorms while on campus. Grayce has two boys.

Anne Loncar Mandichak flew in from California. Anne has two children and runs her own accounting company out of her house.

Mark Waner is a professor of chemistry at JCU. He has two children.  Thanks for all your help, Mark, especially with the reunion web page. Mark resides in Lyndhurst.

Many of you said you would write in … please don’t be shy. Thanks to those of you who assisted with reunion and for your phone calls and dedication to promoting this year’s reunion. Enjoy the beauty of the fall season as it will soon be upon us! God bless all of you. Fondly,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Spring 2006


Dear Class of 1991, I hope this finds you preparing for Reunion, smelling the aroma of flowers, and simply enjoying life and all it has to offer. Working on our Reunion has been fun, I’ve enjoyed seeing the committee and catching up. Mark Waner, who has worked a lot on our web site, works at JCU as asst. professor of Chemistry.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Maestranzi family. Patrick Maestranzi died after a long battle with cancer in February at his home in Illinois. He is survived by a wife and three children. If you are interested in donating towards the educational fund being set up for his children, please call 847-362-3009.

Alex Benyo resides in Youngstown and is the VP of Brilex Industries. Amy Finke Cook ’90 belongs to the same parish as I do — St. Bernadette. Amy and her husband, Brian, have five children.

I recently had dinner with Tony Georges and wife Rosanna. They have two boys and reside in Westlake just minutes from me. Tony manages/owns a beverage store with his dad in Brooklyn, OH, near the zoo. Stop by for a gyro, he says. We had a great time and some laughs. He hasn’t changed a bit — great seeing you Tony. Tony keeps in touch with Maura Burke Sweet who is married to Michael Sweet.

Betsy Benander Traben and family have applied for an international adoption in China. Currently Betsy and Ken have four children but have always wanted to adopt. If you are interested in finding out more about this big event in Betsy’s life go to traben reasures.50webs.com. Good luck Betsy!

Sue and Mike Mangan will be in Ireland this summer for a vacation with their children. Have fun! We will miss them at Reunion.

Tara O’Neill Lavelle is working for American Greetings, lives in Avon, and teaches ski lessons during the winter months.

Tim DeGeeter is an attorney and is the State Rep. for the 15th House District.

I was fortunate enough to see Joe Cimperman ’92 in the St. Patrick’s Day parade along with Mary McNally Tirpak who also marched in this year’s parade.

Also to report: Patrick Palleschi and his wife are expecting their third child around Reunion time. They currently live in Rochester and have two boys. Pat works for Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield as a network reimbursement manager. Good luck with the delivery of the new baby … let us know the good news Pat. We will miss you at reunion as well. Living six houses down their street are JCU grads: Chris and Katie Clifford ’92 Kantz. Small World it is!

Missy Vertes Butler and her husband are residing in Chagrin Falls with their three girls.

Tim Horan is living in PA. He owns his own small sport company and also is the director of Philadelphia Sports Social Club. He is single and is enjoying life. Thanks for writing in Tim.

Jennifer Lockard McConnell is in Georgia. She works for Lawson Software. She and her husband have one child. Thanks for writing in!

I recently received an e-mail from Carole Kovach and I want to offer congrats! Carole teaches English at Shaker Hts. High School. She has been named a Martha Holden Jennings Scholar and also won the Grace B. Graham award for teaching. Good Job! Carole had dinner with Alison Rooney Otterman. She and Chip live in Madison with their three children. Kim Ballenger just moved from Medina to Chicago. Also, Carole tells us that Lisa Lagana is in Chicago preparing for a wedding this summer. Good luck, to you Lisa. Hope to see you all at Reunion.

If you have any questions about Reunion go to www.jcu.edu/alumni/reunion/06web/FAQ.HTM

May God bless you all with happiness and remember “Life may not always be the party we hope for, but while we are here we might as well dance!” Live, laugh, and love — most of all, come back to Carroll. SEE YOU REUNION! Fondly,


Molly Coughlin Fanta

Winter 2006

Dear class of 1991. Hopefully you are busy making plans to attend our Reunion June 23-25. Look for details in the mail and in John Carroll magazine. Check out the list of “missing” class members — http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/classes/1991/index.htm — if you find your name or see someone you know listed, send me the update to receive Reunion info … come back and celebrate with friends! Now for some news — Michael Strauss is currently teaching English at St. Ignatius High School.

My family and I traveled to Florida at Thanksgiving to visit my brother-in-law, Mark Fanta ‘87. We had a great time and wonderful visit.

I ran into Mike and Bill Patterson at a game down at Iggy recently.

Brett McNabb is residing in Medina.

Michael Owen is in France working for Magellan Ingenierie as the business development manager.

D. Michael Heltzel is living in South Euclid with his wife, Barb, and two kids. He is the customer service manager for Plastic Safety Systems.

Mark Rus in living in Mentor, OH, and is the asst. controller at UHHS-CSAHS Cuyahoga Inc. He has two Children.

Jeff Pawlowski is in Elgin, IL, in sales at Medtronic Sofamor Danek.

Mary Thomas Leathley resides in Columbus, OH. She is the director of development at St. Stephen’s Community House. She is married to Scott.

Mary Collins Szablowski resides in Virginia with husband Paul ’90 and three children.

Sharon Niermann Berezne resides in Twinsburg, OH, and works at Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. as a team member relations representative. She was married in 2005 with many JCU grads in attendance at the wedding. She says “Onward on John Carroll.” Congratulations Sharon!

Theresa Kepferle Wagerson lives in Florida but is planning a move to Michigan with her husband, Kevin, and two children. She is a regional portfolio manager for General Motors Corporation. Good luck to you both.

Rori Marchini Hintze lives in Illinois. She is married and has two children.

Brad Zediker lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children. He is a database analyst for AT&T — as mentioned previously, check out his band called FUN MONEY in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Christopher J. Schaeffer lives in Avon, OH, with his wife, Heather Ann (Wilson). They have two children. Chris works for The Cleveland Clinic Foundation as a radiology resident.

Peter Siconolfi resides in Pennsylvania and is the vice president for Federated Investors. Peter has two children.

Stan Rhodes resides in Medina, OH. He works for Jacobson Mfg. as a sales manager. He is married to Micha and has three children.

Rob and Cathy (Herman ’92) Powers are residing in Pittsburgh, PA, with their three children. They keep in touch with Bob Schaefer and his wife, Tammy

Bob is living in North Carolina and has three children. He works as a director of sales for Jacobsen Golf/Turf in Charlotte. If anyone from our class is living in the Charlotte area please contact me for his info.

Thanks to all of you who write in. Keep talking up our Reunion and again, “Onward on John Carroll.”

May God bless all of you with good health and much happiness in 2006. Fondly yours,


Molly Coughlin Fanta



Fall 2005

Happy fall — hopefully, some of you made it for the homecoming festivities and the inauguration of our new president. I was thrilled to receive several e-mails for the column — Robert Schaefer and his wife reside in North Carolina … anyone from our class in Charlotte? Please contact me and I will give you Robert’s info. Robert has three children and is the director of sales for Jacobsen.

Brad Zediker is residing outside of Pittsburgh with his wife and two daughters. He works for AT&T. He is the drummer in a band called “Fun Money.”

Kim Ballenger is residing in Chicago. She is the producer for Esser Hayes Insurance Group.

Joe Lardie and wife, Megan, just had a fourth baby named Brendan. Congrats to you!

Congratulations goes out to Stephen ’90 and Mary Beth Tirpak on the birth of a son, Stephen John. Stephen (dad) works at Chambers Funeral Home in Cleveland and Mary teaches at Goldwood in Rocky River, OH.

Tony Georges and his wife reside in my neighborhood now. They recently moved to Westlake with their three boys. It has been fun running into them in the area.

I e-mailed Tara O’Neill who resides in Avon with her husband. Tara works at American Greetings and teaches ski lessons as well.

Bryan Barnhart is living in Westerville, OH, with his wife, Tina and Austin (17 mos.). He is a territory manager for Abbott Laboratories.

Please let us know what you or a fellow classmate are up to. Enjoy the upcoming holiday season with family and friends and remember — laugh often, love much, and live well.


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Summer 2005

Dear friends, Hopefully, your summer has gone well and been enjoyable. I received an e-mail from Robert Powers who is married to Cathy Herman ’92. They reside in Pittsburgh and have three children. Rob is the assistant professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and the assistant investigator at Magee Women’s Research Institute. Great hearing from you, Rob.

In Marion, OH, we have Tricia Cornely Lightfoot and her husband, Brian, with two daughters. Both Trish and her husband teach in the Marion City Schools. Thanks for the info, Trish.

I ran into Maureen Mulloy at a party on the fourth with her kids. She is moving out of state … let us know how you are after your move. Good luck, Maureen.

I ran into Meg Pedrini at OfficeMax. She and her husband reside in Rocky River, OH, with their adorable son. Great seeing you, Meg.

Gretchen Schindel Aichele will begin classes in the fall for her administrative license in nursing home care. Gretchen currently works in the office at a nursing home in Cincinnati and has three children. Good luck with your schooling, Gretchen.

Dave McClafferty, Jr. resides in Rocky River, OH. He works for MetLife as their managing director.

Alex DeLuna lives in the Chicago area and is still working for GMAC. He and his wife, Giezl, have a daughter.

I was happy to receive an e-mail from Chuck Coletta is currently teaching at BGSU in the Department of Popular Culture. He worked with Hollywood legend Eva Marie Saint (a BGSU alum) as he did research for her that will help in the filming of Superman Returns … how exciting! Chuck will be traveling to London and Paris this summer.

Congrats to Bill Patterson and Debbie on the birth of their daughter. The happy family resides in Cleveland Hts., OH.

Well, take care and keep the news coming. Fondly,

Molly – PS My oldest turns ten this summer, unbelievable…

Liz (Phillips) Hartranft


Spring 2005

Hello friends, I hope this article finds you smelling the fresh air and the many flowers we are blessed with. Please don’t forget to stop at JCU for Reunion Weekend this summer, June 17-19. Go back to see your alma mater, see friends, and reminisce.

Bernard Chapin wrote in about his new book titled Escape from Gangsta Island: The Progressive Decline of an Alternative School. It is online at enterstageright.com and is an insider’s look at the public school system. As an educator in the suburbs of north Chicago, Chapin reveals the state of American education today.

Mary Pat Janowski of Beaverton, OR, is married and has one child born in 2005. Congrats on Anna’s birth, Mary.

Ann Healey Bowen is married and resides in Madison, WI. She is working at Madison Symphony Orchestra as their general manager.

Steve ’90 and Mary Beth Tirpak are expecting their fourth baby in July. They currently have three daughters. Good luck to you both!!!

Last I saw Maria Kubinski she had two adorable daughters, was teaching, and waiting for her new home to be finished in Avon … let us know how things are, Maria.

Please continue to e-mail, write in, and correspond with your class — KEEP IN TOUCH!!! Go Blue Streaks. Remember, smile and the world smiles with you. Sincerely,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Winter 2005












Dear Class of 1991 — I hope this letter finds all of you well. You are probably starting to think about spring and are planning to celebrate the luck of the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day.

I was honored to hear from Denise Haver who wrote telling me of her upcoming wedding. Denise resides in Pittsburgh and is the aunt of nieces and nephews whom she adores. She is a psychotherapist at a rape crisis center. I received the nicest e-mail from her and want to give her all our best wishes to her and her fiancé Matthew Ferry. Let us know how the wedding goes.

Also, I ran into Joe Tumney at the Ironwood. Joe and his wife reside in Lakewood where he is a stay at home dad to son Ryan. Good to see you Joe.

I also received info from John Reichard my homecoming king partner. John is vice president of Credit Suisse First Boston in New York. He and his wife Eileen Scanlon have two children, Caroline and Thomas. Good to hear from you. John resides in Chatham, NJ.

Annemarie E. Domizio wrote in that she resides in California.

Please keep the info coming guys. Write in about yourself or a friend. May the luck of the Irish be with all of you. Go Blue Streaks!!!!!!

Please e-mail soon.



Molly Coughlin Fanta

Fall 2004

Hello class of 1991. Hopefully, many of you were able to share in homecoming weekend. I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving … hopefully; you will be able to spend time with those family/friends that are closest to you. Be thankful! Here’s our news … Eileen (Stroh), now Dr. Eileen Herbert, is practicing out of the Cleveland Clinic in internal medicine. She is married, resides west, and has a son.

Congrats to Dave and Laura ’93 Galvin on Dave’s recent thrill of becoming a deacon. Dave has 3 children and recently visited the Tirpaks in Rocky River, OH. The Galvins reside in West Virginia.

Thanks for e-mails from John Cornely who lives in Cleveland with his wife, Mary. John is an attorney.

Christopher Schaeffer and his wife, Heather (Wilson), moved to Avon, OH. They have two children. Chris graduated with his MD from the University of Cincinnati and now works in radiology at the Cleveland Clinic. Heather teaches in North Olmsted.

Speaking of North Olmsted, Angie Lowe is selling Discovery Toys. I see her advertisements everywhere. Hope you and Ray are well Angie.

Betsy Traben just adopted a 3rd puppy, Morgan, from a rescue center. She is busy with her four children; three boys and 1 princess named Kateri. Betsy home schools and is extremely busy with craft fairs and vegetarian organizations she is involved with.

Frank Borally is working at Villa Di Borally (family business). My parents recently ran into Frank at a party at the party center.

I ran into Tony Georges and his wife. Tony lives on Cleveland’s Westside. He has 2 adorable sons. Tony hasn’t changed a bit and is still hilarious. I ran into him at my church’s summer carnival. I am currently serving a two-year term on St. Bernadette’s School Board.

I would love hearing from you. I now have e-mail: mfanta4714@wowway.com so please use it to drop me a line! All my best,



Molly Coughlin Fanta


Summer 2004

Hi everyone, I was thrilled to hear from Grayce (Rogers) Shea who is married and has two boys. Congrats to you Grayce. Grayce is living in Virginia and has retired from teaching to be a stay at home mom. Have fun with Evan and Sam!!

Lisa Ann Chiles (Lenard) is residing in Springfield, OH.

Congrats to Sharon Niermann who recently become engaged and resides in Twinsburg, OH. The wedding is scheduled for October 2005. Sharon works at the JoAnn Stores Inc. in human resources.

Julie (Bjorkman) Chughtai is in Illinois. Julie is married and works as the organizational development leader of G.E. She is working on a joint venture between G.E. and Xerox. Julie founded the Delta Delta Xi sorority at JCU.

Sue Shepard has earned her CFBS and works for Edward Howard & Co. Congrats Sue on this wonderful accomplishment!

I was fortunate enough to see Kristen (Brack) Gulling at t-ball games this summer. Kristen works downtown for Workman’s Compensation. She has 3 adorable boys!!!

Well, hopefully all of you are enjoying the beautiful days of summer. Please contact me with news!!! GO BLUESTREAKS! Fondly,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Spring 2004

Hello! I hope spring is upon you!!

Congrats to Tim DeGeeter who was appointed to the Ohio House of Representatives. Tim is running for re-election to the seat with a general election in November. Good luck, Tim!

Karen (Schroeck) Reilly lives in Bay Village, OH. Karen has 4 children and recently moved back to Cleveland.

Mary Pat Janowski was married in Oregon in 2003. Tricia Cornely Lightfoot attended the wedding. Tricia has two daughters.

Jennifer Baldwin e-mails to let us know she live in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jim Loeffler resides in PA also and has formed a consulting business with his brother called INTUNE Business Advisors, LLC. Good luck with your new business!

I recently ran into Meghan Fay Roddy with her two children at Playground World. Let us know what you’re up to.

Maria Kubinski just had a baby girl – now she has two girls. Maria and her husband reside on the West Side.

I recently was appointed to the School Board at St. Bernadette’s. Well, keep in touch. God Bless you all




Molly Coughlin Fanta


Winter 2004

Happy New Year! Hopefully, the new year has been brought in well for all of you! Dave and Laura ’93 Galvin will be traveling to Ireland within the next few weeks. Dave and Laura have 3 children; 2 girls and 1 boy. Enjoy the trip, guys!

Breakfast with Santa at JCU was so nice. The new Dolan Center is wonderful. So many of our classmates have contributed funds to the building fund. Mary Beth and Stephen ’90 Tirpak attended with their three girls. Colleen Kearney attended with her husband and 3 children. Colleen resides in University Heights and is a stay at home mom. Great seeing you, Colleen. If you haven’t seen the new Dolan Center, you should stop by. It is AMAZING!!!!

Anyone needing a doctor on the Westside of Cleveland? I recently went to Dr. Eileen Stroh Herbert ’90. Eileen practices through the Cleveland Clinic.

Tony Georges recently had a second child. Tony lives on Cleveland’s Westside. I spoke with Betsy (Benander) Traben, Gretchen (Schindel) Aichele, and Elizabeth (Rooney) Entz recently. All are well. I loved your Christmas photo cards, guys!

Tim Horan resides in Pennsylvania.

Rodney Bresnahan resides in Westerville, OH. He is the regional director of operation at Petro Stopping Centers. He has 2 children. Nice hearing from you Tim and Rodney.

Dennis Gatts resides in Orlando, FL. He is the senior business development manager at Xerox Global Services. He has 2 children. I appreciate the e-mails you sent — send more, please.

We all have these “35 birthdays” upon us – enjoy them!

Well, Keep smiling and keep the faith. Go Blue Streaks! Fondly,



Molly Coughlin Fanta


Fall 2003

Hello Class of 1991! Hopefully, many of you have been able to checkout the dynamic new science center. What an impressive state of the art new building on campus. We have so much to be proud of. Hope you were able to attend Homecoming and the dedication of the new stadium. Also, I would like to promote the annual Breakfast with Santa which I attended with my family last year. It is very kid friendly and the Mass in the chapel is beautiful. Please mark your calendars!!!! Well, now that my promotional schpeal is done I do have news …

I ran into Sue and Mike Mangan and their beautiful family. I attend St. Bernadette Church in Westlake and see Sue and Mike occasionally. Their new baby boy is beautiful. Good seeing you Sue and Mike.

Betsy Benander Traben is well and busy with her family of four.

Gretchen Schindel Aichele is well with her family of three children. Gretchen is working part time as a receptionist at a nursing care facility in Cincinnati. Gretchen recently moved to a new home in Cinci — best wishes!

I also ran into a few fellow alumnae at the Cleveland Air Show. What fun!!!!! Now some e-mails …

Theresa Kepferie Wagerson lives in Michigan and has a son who is three named Karl.

Doris Brkic-Zurak lives in Willoughby and has 3 boys. Good luck with those 3 little boys, have fun while they’re young. Doris is the treasurer for Two-M Precision Inc.

Timothy Horan e-mailed from PA — let us know more of what you’re up to these days Tim.

Jim Tyminski writes from Chardon, OH that he’s an attorney in Cleveland at Gallagher Sharp. Congrats on the birth of your 1st child, Elliott (EJ).

Rick Nowak is a guidance counselor in Garfield Heights.

Steve Fernandez is in medical equipment sales.

Steve and his wife live in Cleveland Heights and are expecting their first child. Let us know …

Rick Matousek ’92 and Lisa live in Sagamore Hills. Rick is in finished steel sales and is expecting a second child soon. Let us know …

Mike Brainard ’94 lives in Hudson with his wife and son. Jim says “GO BLUESTEAKS” at the end of his e-mail.

Another e-mail came in from Sharon Niermann residing in Westlake, OH. She is a recruiter for KeyBank in Cleveland. Thanks for the info Sharon!

John Hendricks lets us know that he resides in Lakewood, OH … let us know more please!

Thanks the e-mail from Kristin Gulling (Brack). Kristin resides in North Olmsted, OH. Kristin, you should look up the Lowe’s in North Olmsted also. Kristin is a claims examiner for United States Dept. of Labor. She has three boys.

Thanks to all who have sent e-mails. Keep them coming. Most of all stay close to family and friends. Appreciate all that we have this fall Fondly,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Summer 2003

Hello fellow alumni/ae. Hopefully you are making plans to stop by JCU this summer — whether it is to see the changes on campus or to the bookstore for goodies.

I was elated to hear from Meg Pedrini Ottiger. She is residing in Rocky River, OH with her husband and little boy, Jake. Good to hear from you Meg. She reports that she recently attended a shower for Colleen DeJong Berliner for her first baby. Colleen works at Frequency Marketing, Inc. and lives in Cincinnati.

Cheryl Brady Strom resides in Pepper Pike with her two boys and husband. Cheryl works at National City Bank as a capital markets VP – way to go, Cheryl!!

Moira Dougherty Hammond ’92 lives in University Heights, OH and is expecting her 3rd child. Good luck Moira — keep us posted.

Marie Pasquale Pompili resides in Hudson, OH with her husband, Gene, and two daughters. Marie is pursing a master’s in journalism. We hear you’re quite the Martha Stuart these days!

Christal Doherty ’92 is a representative at Rigby Company selling educational materials. How neat!

Melissa Rettew Wenzler ’90 and hubby, Chris ’90, live in South Euclid with their two children. Melissa can be seen on the QVC Channel selling goods for Lanson Home Products. We’ll look for you Melissa!

Lori Deas is the human resources manager at State Farm in Columbus, OH.

Suzanne Huber Ferrara lives in Bay Village and has twin daughters and son. Suzanne is a stay at home mom as well as is Meg Pedrini Ottiger. Thanks Meg for all the updates!

I also received a note from Chuck Coletta. Chuck completed a textbook “American Decades.” Another book coming in the future is “Bowling, Beatniks, and Bell Bottoms: Pop Culture of 20th Century America.” Chuck and his brother spent several weeks touring Ireland. He said it was a great experience.

Congratulations to Mary McNally Tirpak who recently received tenure teaching in the Rocky River Schools.

Maria Kubinski Schulenberg and husband reside in Westlake. Maria has a daughter and teaches in the Cleveland schools.

Congrats to Betsy Benander Traben on the birth of her 4th – Betsy and her husband, Ken, reside in Lyndhurst with their three boys and new daughter, Kateri. Betsy was able to achieve her dream of a home delivery of Kateri. Good for you Betsy! We wish you all the best. Any questions on home births, contact Betsy at 216-382-1507.

Several alums still get together on a regular basis — this year’s trip was to Marco Island, FL in May. What a fantastic time they had! Here’s the latest on the group: Laura (Friel) Haggerty lives in downtown Chicago with her husband, Brian ’90 and their two boys, Jack (2) and James (1); Sam (Siao) Strathern and her husband John ’90 bought a beautiful house in University Hts. and are working on making it their home. Sam is working for Charter One Bank in downtown Cleveland. Also with the group was Jill (Luppino) McIlvaine, who lives in Washington, PA with her husband, Andy, and their two kids, Margaret (3) and Charlie (1), Beth (Robinson) Richter lives in Buffalo with her husband, Rob, and their two kids, Leah (3) and Max (1), Nancy (Ayna) Robida lives in Lyndhurst with her husband Greg and their two kids Jake (3) and Olivia (2), Mary (Collins) Szablowski lives in Atlanta with her husband, Paul ’90, and their two daughters Emma (3) and Erin (2). They are happy to announce they are expecting their 3rd child in February! Many good friends were missing from the trip but they still had an absolute blast!

Well, folks enjoy the summer and most of all laugh, laugh, and laugh! Keep in touch and go Blue Streaks!


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Spring 2003

Hello Friends!!! One of the highlights of the Christmas season for my family and I was our trip to JCU for the annual Mass/Breakfast with Santa. What a wonderful event. Mary & Stephen ’90 Tirpak attended with their girls.

I ran into Ray Lowe at Giant Eagle. He and Angie were going to Hawaii. Ray teaches and Angie sells Discovery Toys. They reside in North Olmsted.

Congrats to Joe Lardie on the birth of his 3rd baby. Joe & Meg live in Avon.

I also saw Sharon Rung at Westgate Mall. Sharon works in customer service for the mall. She resides in Fairview Park and has 2 children.

Received an e-mail from Charlie Lougheed. He resides in University Heights and is the chief technology officer for Iverstream Inc. Nice to hear from you, Charlie.

Also received an e-mail form Susan (Loenholdt) Shepard. Susan is living in Brecksville, OH and is the AR manager for Edward Howard Company. She has 2 children.

Donald Nucerino is doing well and living in Liberty Township.

Well, happy spring to all of you. Take time to smell the flowers and enjoy each moment. May the luck of the Irish be with all of you!!!!! Sincerely,


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Winter 2003

Welcome fall to our class of 1991! I hope those of you who attended the block party for Homecoming weekend had a good time. It is always such a great event.

News from our class: Betsy (Benander) Traben is expecting her fourth child.

Congrats to Mark Kirchberger, who married Liane Raczkowski on September 28. They will reside in Buffalo, NY.

Best wishes to Colleen (DeJong) Berliner, who tied the knot in April. Colleen lives in Cincinnati and is an Internet marketing manager.

It was great to hear from John Reichard. John lives in New York with his wife, Eileen. I really enjoyed talking with John and Eileen at our last reunion. John, you haven’t changed a bit! Our anniversary of homecoming king and queen is this weekend, as I write this. What an honor that was for us both!

Vincent Ricchiuti lives in Canfield, Ohio, with his wife, Holly. He is a M.D. in neo-urology.

David Caldwell lives in Michigan with his wife, Michelle.

Jeff Ahlborn and wife, Heather, are in New Jersey.

Deborah Murray is an attorney in Columbus. It is great to hear how so many of you are doing.

Enjoy your fall everyone — with clambakes, apple pies, leaves changing, warm fires, friends and most of all family. Call someone from our class you like to talk to and tell them you’re thinking of them. Write in to let us know how you are, or even how a friend is doing. Don’t forget the bookstore for holiday shopping. We all could use a new JCU sweatshirt these days!

Enjoy life, the moment and what is around you. Go Blue Streaks!



Molly Coughlin Fanta



Summer 2002

Thanks to those of you who have written, called, etc and who have welcomed me so nicely as the new class columnist. I am excited and willing to share any info, updates, and scoop you send. So, please update us on your whereabouts or even a friend’s for that matter. Well, here, are some new updates.

Mary and Stephen ’91 Tirpak visited with Dave and Laura Galvin as part of their vacation this summer. The Galvin’s have 3 children: 2 girls and a new baby boy. Congrats! Mary Tirpak will return to Rocky River Schools for the 2002-2003 school year. Good luck Mary! The Tirpaks were just in a 4th of July parade in Cleveland (Kamms Corner) marching with Chambers Funeral Home, where Stephen works in a family business. My husband and I will soon go for a getaway weekend with Mary and Stephen to Put-in-Bay. JCU does Put-in-Bay — that should be fun.

I recently went to a benefit at the O’Malley Center at JCU. If you can get there to see it, do so — it is beautiful. Recently, I saw Nancy Ayna Robida at my class reunion from Beaumont and she had some updates for me. Please contact me, Nancy, at 440-716-1749 to give me your scoop. Nancy is living in University Hts.

Anne Petti Smith writes that she and her hubby live in Columbia, S.C. She currently is an editor for McGraw Hill textbooks and will spend 5 months in Brazil next year due to her husband’s upcoming internship. Keep us posted Anne, great hearing from you.

I ran into Rich Zivcsak at Subway in Westlake. Rich and his wife, Joyce, reside in Olmsted Falls, OH with his 2 children. Rich works in Westlake. Keep me updated, Rich, on any future happenings.

Joe Lardie and wife, Megan, are moving or did move to Avon Lake, OH. Good luck, Joe, with the move. Joe can be seen at any Irish event in Cleveland and is active in a school for Irish dancing in his spare time. Anyone interested in Irish Step Dancing or who would like their children to participate you know whom to call, Joe! Very dear friends of Joe’s and fellow JCU alum are Mike and Sue Mangan. Mike and Sue have recently moved to Westlake with their children and have been spotted by me several times at St. Bernadette Church.

Angie and Ray Lowe are living in North Olmsted with their children and Ray is teaching in Avon Schools.

Well, this is all she wrote. Remember, go back to Carroll see what’s happening, stop by the bookstore or just take in the sights of a continually growing, beautiful campus. How lucky we are to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a beautiful place. Enjoy the rest of your summer. Be a kid for a day and pick a flower, ride a bike, kick back in a lawn chair or take a dip in a pool. Remember, too, a person is judged not by how much they love, but only how much they were loved by others. Talk with all of you real soon!


Molly Coughlin Fanta


Spring 2002

Hello fellow classmates of ’91! I am honored to be your new class columnist. Let me fill you in on my whereabouts. After graduating, I moved to the West Side of Cleveland, and accepted a teaching position in Kirtland Schools. Yes, it was a far drive; however, I enjoyed my 4 years of teaching immensely. In 1993, I married Gerry Fanta and continued to live West. We currently reside in Westlake, OH, and have four children. I feel very blessed. I am currently a stay at home mom while my husband works at his own company, Fantaco, Inc. I am involved in alumni/ae activities with my high school, the West Side Catholic Center, and currently serve on the offering committee for “Alleluia” (for the Cleveland Catholic Diocese).

Please feel free to forward information at anytime to JCU or to me via phone, mail, e-mail, and I will include your information in an upcoming column. We would love to hear from you or even to hear about a friend’s whereabouts.

Last December, I attended a gathering of JCU Cleveland area alumns at Westwood Country Club. I ran into Lori Dyke ’92, who is currently a lawyer and resides in Bay Village, OH.

Mary Beth (McNally) Tirpak just had her third baby girl in June and is currently at home. She will begin teaching again next school year in Rocky River Schools. Mary and Steve Tirpak ’90 currently reside in Rocky River.

Christopher Bennet and his wife are living in Bay Village and had just recently bought their home when I ran into Chris.

Congratulations to Elizabeth (Rooney) Entz, who just had her second baby boy, David Patrick, in December.

Betsy Benander Traben and I spoke recently. Betsy is living in South Euclid and works for Richmond Heights part time as their clerk of council. She also enjoys her craft business called Traben Treasures which includes clay sculptures she makes herself. Betsy has three little boys. We talk often and remember the funny days we spent in the dorms at JCU.

Congrats to Sara Howley. We learned from a press release that she was recently named district director of media relations for the North Broward Hospital District. Good Luck Sara! Congrats to Lisa (Dimberio) Nelson who was expecting her second baby in December.

Congrats to AJ Quinn on the birth of his son, Alexander James “Jimmy.”

Well, until next time I’ll leave you with an Irish proverb — “Dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live every day as if it were your last.” Go Blue Streaks!


Molly Coughlin Fanta