Spring 2016
Hello, ’87. I was pretty certain my recent listing of classmates with sons and daughters at JCU wasn’t complete, and I was correct. I received a great note from Jeanette (Kroyer) McQuinn, whose daughter, Brooke, is also at Carroll. Jeanette said her only dorm guidance to Brooke was “as long as you’re not in Pacelli!” Well, not only is Brooke in Pacelli, but she’s in the basement. Brooke is following Jeanette’s footsteps in the same major and even has a class with Dr. Sanko, who also taught Jeanette. Jeanette works at Sherwin-Williams with many other JCU alums and lives in Strongsville, Ohio, with her husband and their three other children, Miles (21) and 16-year-old twins Brennan and Macy. Thanks for the update, Jeanette.

It still seems incomprehensible that girls now live in Pacelli. We were in the basement our sophomore year, and those were some of the best rooms. Not only did each room have two entrances and exits, the rooms were generally larger. This was the time when dorm space was at a premium; even overflow to the former Somerset Hotel and former Chanel High School in Bedford weren’t enough. Most rec rooms and study lounges were converted to living space. These rooms in the basement of Pacelli and Dolan were enormous. The one at the end of our hall hosted the infamous party following the Otis Day and the Knights concert. Local DJ and host for the evening Dancin’ Danny Wright, even made an appearance until our head RA decided he had had enough and ceremoniously broke up the party.

Sadly, we mourn the passing of three Jesuits from Carroll: Fr. Bill Bichl, S.J., on Dec. 19; Fr. Kevin O’Connell, S.J., on Jan. 21; and former JCU president Fr. Edward Glynn, S.J., on Jan. 23. Fr. Bichl was known to almost every student and alum from his 40-year career at JCU. Fr. O’Connell chaired the religious studies department during our years before he was named president of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York. While Fr. Glynn arrived at JCU about 10 years after we had moved on, he came at a challenging point for the University. His calm and gracious leadership style served JCU well until Fr. Niehoff joined us as president in 2005. Under Fr. Glynn’s leadership, there were many achievements, not the least of which were successful campaigns that brought the new Dolan Center for Science and Technology and Don Shula Stadium. May they rest in peace.

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Onward on!


Dennis Casey