Fall 2016

Woosh! Did you hear that? For many of us, that’s the sound of the last 30 years passing by, the speed of which is astounding. It also seems to be how quickly our reunion came and went. Hopefully, attendees can attest to how wonderful it was to spend some uninterrupted time with our close friends and reacquaint ourselves with those we only see occasionally. The weather was beautiful, and the turnout was great, even though some of the Chicago contingency and a few others could only make it Friday night. We sure wish you would have stayed because we missed your mugs on Saturday. Thanks to the reunion committee for putting together our class event in the Rat Bar. Although it was a beautiful night, the setting provided us with the opportunity to reminisce in our own space. We heard rumblings from other classes that they wish they would’ve had a similar event for their class. Thanks, too, to Brennan’s Colony for providing the late-night fun. For those who found their way back there, it was the last we’ll see of that venue in its format as we knew it because it was sold several months ago. If you stayed on campus, the newly renovated Murphy Hall was the space to rest your head. The accommodations were luxurious in dorm terms, seriously. Saturday was an equally beautiful day for campus and noncampus activities. We saw some of you on the Quad just spending time together, some on campus tours (including the basement of Pacelli for those with the right tour guide), and some participating in the trivia game. We heard several people made it to the new East Bank of the Flats, ventured into Chagrin Falls, and visited other memorable sites. The Saturday evening dinner completed the event for most of us with great food, good conversation, a cocktail or two, and dessert trucks. Oh, and if you missed the dance floor, you missed good fun. Some of us danced with the Archbishop himself, even if only as the Flat Stanley version. For those who didn’t make it, we missed seeing you this time and encourage you to mark your calendars for our 35th reunion, June 18-20 in 2021. As a profound classmate said to us, if we wait another 30 years to do this, we will be 80. Let’s not wait that long.

On a more somber note, we lost two wonderful individuals shortly after our reunion: Jean (Hulseman) Kloos and Kathy (Noteman) Wagner ’88 (wife of John Wagner) passed away after their courageous battles with cancer. If you’re not on Facebook and haven’t found our class page, please take the time to read Jean’s obituary. It’s an incredibly touching tribute to a special person.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Robert Lees is the new principal of Tampa Catholic High School.

Robert Lees is the new principal of Tampa Catholic High School.

Summer 2016


Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Spring 2016

Read these words: It’s never too late to join the fun. For those of you who haven’t already made reservations for our 30th reunion, please do so quickly because we want to see you on campus June 17-19. Relive the night the Rat Bar died during reunion. The bar will open at 9:00 p.m. This is sure to be a weekend not to be missed, as some pundits consider Cleveland to be the center of the universe this summer. That said, we’d like to congratulate our Chicago-based classmates for their effort in brokering a strong turnout for our reunion, with their special prereunion cocktail party at the home of Joanie and Jim Dowdle. Not that Large ever needed help organizing a party. We recognize the following for their role as hosts of the event: Rick (H) Collins, Marty Barr, Kathy Larson Conway, Paul Kissane, Bill O’Donnell, Margi (Bredemann) Richmond, Ann Bridgman Hartnett, and Maureen Lennon-Zeeb. Special out-of-town guest appearances have been confirmed by John and Debbie (O’Donnell) Scanlon from Boston, with John Tomczak and Chuck Riley only being tempted. Prereunion activities in Pittsburgh will be enjoyed by Eileen (Weaver) Nieset, Sherry (Guido) Forner, Maureen (Turney) Guise, and Vicki Ina Pietrangelo. PJ and Mike, Eileen has requested “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” as the first song to be played when the Rat is reopened in June. Maria (Amelio) Magee and Karen (Delserone) Gust have added The Who’s “I Can’t Explain” to the evening’s playlist, having attended the Who’s concert in Pittsburgh recently. This begs the question: What can’t be explained?

With a simple message of “Hey, are you in London?” Maureen Lennon-Zeeb turned Dan on to Harry Jones and his East End Food Tour. While Maureen and Dan will be sure to share stories of their separate trips to London, everyone is looking forward to sharing many stories relating to our time on campus and the 30 years since our graduation. Separately, Maureen mentioned she frequently sees Frank Voltarel at Verlare Cleaners in Elmhurst, Illinois, where Frank is co-owner of the company where he was first employed at 14. In addition to Maureen’s plea to get Frankie back for reunion, he’s needed to turn on the taps at the Rat as the best assistant manager of the Rat Bar.

Along the theme of Chicago alumni and the Rat Bar, H Collins has provided the whereabouts of Fred Kahn, former Blue Streak baseball standout and Rat Bar bouncer. Fred is owner of Riley Heating & Cooling, which services the near west suburbs of Chicago.

Dan caught up with Chuck Rini while enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Shortly after graduation, Chuck’s family sold its grocery business to Giant Eagle, leaving Chuck without a job. What does one do when he doesn’t have a job? He attends law school. With a law degree in hand, Chuck spends most of his time and effort managing the family’s real-estate holdings. Well done, Chuck.

Dan also ran into Caroline (Hoffmann) Malloy at St. Ignatius High School, where their sons will join Mary Kay (Kennedy) Laska’s son as freshmen next fall. Could these young men follow in their parent’s footsteps to JCU?

Last but not least, congratulations are in order for Dr. Mike Anderson and Luke Baum, who shaved their heads for childhood cancer awareness as part of the Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital St. Baldrick’s team “CMO Close Shave.” Outstanding!

Karen and Dan

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Winter 2016

June 17-19, save the date! Our hope is that your schedule is clear and we’ll see you for the 30th anniversary of our graduation. Speaking of getting together, Dan was able to catch up with John Tomczak, Larry Blum ’85, Carol (Brennan) Joseph ’85, and Mary Pat (Bluemle) Maretz ’85 while visiting their respective students at Boston College for parents’ weekend. John and his wife, Maureen, live in the Buffalo area, where John sells medical devices and supplies.

Drue Carney said Mark Lund’s son is a high school classmate of Drue’s daughter in Plano, Texas, and that Mark’s daughter is a freshman goalkeeper for BC’s soccer team. Separately, Drue entertained Jim (Large) Dowdle while in Dallas and was looking forward to catching up with Rich and Chris (O’Brien) Kramer at the Goodyear Cotton Bowl on New Year’s Eve. Jim’s son, Charlie, is of ESPN fame as the holder on the St. Thomas football team who pulled off a bizarre two-point conversion in a Tommies game this fall.

In advance of your return to Carroll, have you joined the JCU Class of 1986 – 30 Year Reunion group on Facebook? Special thanks to Ann (Bridgman) Hartnett and friends for their initiative in creating this. Rumor on the street is Luke Baum, creator of the former class of 1986 Facebook page, acquiesced to Ann in exchange for a financial commitment of $10 for every member of the group as Ann’s gift to our class fund. Thank you, Ann. Ann and Margaret (Guira) Friend met up with Gigi Togliatti-Rice in Chicago for drinks. Gigi has been to every reunion, and Ann said she was making sure Ann and Margaret were going to attend our 30th. Gigi, your efforts were successful because Ann and Margaret are planning to room together at the reunion, for old times sake. Ann is the director of development for Advocate Health Care’s Charitable Foundation, and Margaret is co-owner of Reach Pilates in the Roscoe Village area of Chicago. Paying it forward, Ann hopes to see Pat Schulte, Anne (Slim) (Walker) Watterson, Eileen (Weaver) Nieset, and James (Milt) Marsh. Congratulations to Milt for completing the 2015 Ironman in Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain, in a time of 11:42:35. Never one to let a little training get in the way of his traveling the globe or his day job as an analyst for Piper Jaffray, Milt was seen on CNBC earlier this year in the Street Fight/Stock Brawl segment, discussing his thoughts about DreamWorks.

If you didn’t realize our 30th reunion is June 17-19, visit Luke Baum’s JCU Class of 1986-30 Year Reunion page on Facebook. Look, smile, and then laugh at many of the great photos posted of Paul Hansen, Cathy (Maher) Fichtner, Jenny (Labuda) Prangle, Peggy (O’Leary) Grisley, Carole Donnelly, Maureen (Turney) Guise, Gigi Togliatti-Rice, Bob Conrad, Janet Rath, Drue Carney, Bob Sferra, Susan Caraher, Marty Barr, Rich and Chris (O’Brien) Kramer, Maureen Lennon-Zeeb, Grace (Volpe) Barber, PJ Kissane, Maria Screnci ’87, Lisa (Cappello) Abood, Paula (Zerbi) Reape, Pat Jennings, Eileen (Weaver) and Mike Nieset, Sherry (Guido) Forner, John Tomczak, Anne (Walker) Watterson, Margaret (Guira) Friend, Ann (Bridgman) Hartnett, James Marsh, Maria (Amelio) Magee, Karen Judy Foley, Karin (Van Egmond) Lennon, LuAnn (Mayle) Gabel, Annie Sutphin Nock, Mary Metzger-Croft, Brian Bock, Tonia (Guglielmi) Satangelo, Billy O’Donnell, Julianna Gulden, Amy (McDonough) Weber ’96G, Kathy (Kirby) Pinto, Mark Amendola, Anne (Wargo) Abahazi, Eric Berschig, Tricia (Byrnes) Durkin, Colleen Liederbach-Guest, Peggy (Rydzel) Grzywacz, Greg Koerner, Gabriella Orlando, Mike Anderson, and Missy Crockett Willis. Needless to say, many of us can thank our lucky stars that Facebook and smartphones didn’t exist 30 years ago.

Karen and Dan

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Fall 2015
Have you heard it through the grapevine? Cleveland will be the center of the universe next summer. And while many in the news media will have you believe it has something to do with the Republican National Convention (a shout out to Bob Kovach ’84, Dan’s roommate freshman year who was recently hired as senior producer for Politics by PBS NewsHour), we know differently. That’s because on Friday, June 17, the Rat Bar will reopen for one night, with guest DJs PJ Kissane and Mike Anderson helping us relive the night the Rat Bar died, which was more than 30 years ago. Did we say 30 years? Please, please, please, mark your calendars for Reunion Weekend, June 17-19, 2016, to return to campus to celebrate our 30th class reunion.

With limited news and updates received to date, we are at liberty to write your news as we stalk you via Facebook. With more than 1,000 close friends between us (about 10 percent of our class included), we’d rather ask for forgiveness at the reunion than permission at the column deadline.

Congratulations to Doug Labuda ’87 for successfully participating in the 2015 VeloSano, a 207-mile ride to raise money for cancer research.

Following his recent trip to Barcelona Olympic Stadium, all Ferdinand Apolonio could say was gooooaalll!

Who knew that lifelong dreams came true for Gabriella Orlando – she had a photo op with Night Ranger.

Sabrina (Munn) ’88 and Marty Williard continue to travel the world, proudly displaying JCU gear while at various sites in Turkey.

Calling out just a few of our classmates to send us a note, confirming your return to campus next summer: Marty Barr, Jim Berklan, George Blaha, Bill Kahl, Greg Finnan, Bobby Conrad, Lisa Cappello, Maureen (Turney) Guise, Eileen (Weaver) Nieset, Suzanne Asher, Vicki Ina, Maria Screnci ’87, Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul, Gigi Togliatti-Rice, Will Peternel, Bob Fick, Larry Laurenzi ’88, Amy (McDonough) Weber, Elizabeth (Gallant) Grundy, Jim Dowdle, H. Richard Collins, John and Debbie (O’Donnell) Scanlon, Peggy (O’Leary) Grisley, Cathy (Maher) Fitchner, Fred Kahn, Jim Catalano, Vince Ripepi, Cathy (Coyne) Walsh, Karen (Delserone) Gust, Janet Rath, Jeanine (Sheehy) Poleti, Carolyn (Mockenhaupt) O’Connor, Mike Nieset, John Tomczak, Ann Sutphin Nock, LuAnn (Mayle) Gabel, Mary Metzger-Croft, Bob Tangredi, Rich Gorman, Dan Tierney, Kevin ’88 and Moira (Caliguire) O’Riordan, Mike Brooks, Ron Mingus ’87, Peggy (Rydzel) Grzywacz, Paul Volpe and Carol Rowand-Volpe, John Reilly, Bill Blume, Dave Lewandowski, Sue Healy, Jaime (Foley) Bautista, Sherry (Guido) Forner, Bill Dawes, John Reedy, Tom DiPasquale, Cathy (Chabala) Jorgensen, Mary Cavanaugh, Lori (Lebo) Sferra, Lisa (Marcussi) Sferra, Spencer Cominos, Paul Hansen, and last but not least, Karin (Van Egmond) Lennon, and Maureen Lennon-Zeeb. And while not called out, we’re looking forward to seeing as many of our classmates as possible.

Karen and Dan

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Summer 2015
Welcome to the summer of 2015. Do you know what that means? In less than a year, we’ll return to Carroll for our 30th reunion. Wait, are you kidding? There’s no way we’re that old. We should get together often, because if we wait another 28 years to get together, we’ll be 78 before we see each other again. That’s a truly profound statement that came out of a weekend get-together of lifelong friends since freshman year.

Last December, Amy (McDonough) Weber ’96G and Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson took a weekend trip to Chicago to visit Susan Caraher, Ann Kendall, Jim Krautsack, and Bill O’Donnell. Ann and Jim are well-known figures to the Chicago crowd, although they were only at Carroll for a short time. It was a serendipitous occasion. It was exactly 28 years to the day (Dec. 13, 1986) that all were together in the same room for Ann’s wedding. Ann is the owner and principal at Covet Studio in Glencoe. It’s a fabulous space and Ann has a great eye for design. Her home is a testament to that! Jim is the manager of the Glen View Club and current recipe-keeper of his signature cocktail called the JK. We can’t spill the secret recipe here, so you’ll have to track him down to find out how it’s made, or ask anyone who knows him. Most of the weekend was spent with Bill O’Donnell and reminiscing with Ann and Susan, the world-traveling corporate vice president of contract management at Kloeckner Metals U.S., who made us laugh until we couldn’t any longer. Everyone brought photo albums and laughed continuously for hours sharing storied tales from our Carroll years. It’s amazing so many memories come back so quickly. Along the way, Amy and Karen also spent some time with P.J. Kissane and Heather (Hirschle) Cassell (albeit for too brief a time.) P.J., well, is still P.J., insane and funny and a great host if you’re in downtown Chicago on a Friday evening at happy hour. It was a busy time for him, so we appreciated the time he spent. Heather’s visit was even shorter. We caught her on a Sunday morning out walking her dog. It was great to see her.

Getting back to the picture-album idea … perhaps we should all bring photo albums to reunion next year. You’re coming, aren’t you? Speaking of Bill O’Donnell, if you haven’t already heard, he was the guest sous chef for the Father’s Day edition of “The Chew,” which aired on June 19 on ABC. In an email, Bill told us his position at the exchange had run its course and he was looking into other business ventures. He was excited about all the possibilities this opportunity might present. Bill and co-host, Michael Symon, who helped bring back the white table cloth restaurant to the Cleveland area, made skirt steak and grilled melon, while talking about Bill’s Blue Ash Farm in Wisconsin, spending time there with his wife, Amy, and four children, and the “cabin” he built. Although he intimated there was Blue Ash maple syrup being made, we know he makes serious honey produced by his bees. Yes, he’s also a beekeeper! And provided we aren’t telling your neighbors anything they don’t already know, if you visit Bill in his suburban Chicago nest, he’ll provide you with eggs from his chicken coop way in the back yard. Well, Bill, you nailed it. You were a complete natural. Congratulations, and best wishes for your new story.

As stories go, we received an email from Jane (Guzauskas) Ruby not so recently. Jane is an award-winning novelist living in Phoenix. Her novel, “The Azurite Encounter,” first published in 2010, crafts the tale of a fateful high school field trip into the Grand Canyon. A 2012 revised version won the coveted Royal Dragonfly Book Award in the fiction-novel category. Jane is working on a sequel titled “Voiceless Whispers: The Call of the New Shaman.” Read more about Jane and her book. Congratulations, Jane, and thanks for sharing the good news. Thanks for your patience while we get the word out.

If you were a resident of Sutowski Hall, you were well aware there was a room in the basement that was occupied several evenings a week for the sole purpose of providing a noncampus sanctioned benefit – a haircut! Gary Mandalfino was the person you called last minute or weeks in advance. His booming laugh and styling skills made him a well-known fixture in the basement of that girl’s dorm. Gary has taken his talents to West 9th Street in Cleveland by way of Salon Mandalfino with the same smile and affect. The chat was brief, so while we’re happy to have run into him, we’re still waiting on that call, Gary.

As we watched Facebook status updates, we saw so many of our peers in pictures with children graduating from high school and even some graduating from college. Congratulations to you all. We hope they recall the memories from their four years of college fondly, as we attempt to do here. We hope your children inspire you and are inspired by you. And, as we head into the reunion year, we’re excited to broaden and deepen the connections within our class, with the hope all will return for our reunion next June to share a photo, laugh, and story.

Karen and Dan

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Spring 2015

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Winter 2015
Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson recently caught up with Mark Amendola. They crossed paths in the lobby of The 820 Building in Cleveland, where Karen’s office relocated and where Mark has been in practice with Martyn and Associates for the past 18 years. Mark and his wife, Donna, live in Avon, Ohio, with their two sons, Connor (12) and Cole (10). Mark travels extensively, appearing in federal court litigating under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act. He’s also an author and legal consultant to produce industry credit reporting and media outlets, including The Produce News, The Blue Book, and The Packer. Donna is his part-time legal assistant when big litigation projects require additional help. Now that’s real teamwork! When he’s not traveling and litigating, Mark is watching his boys play football and basketball. It was great catching up with not just a classmate but a friend from Erie, Pa.

Ironically, Dan Dreiling caught up with Greg Clark ’98G, also an Erieite, while both were dining solo at the Beachwood Place food court. Greg and his wife, Amy, live in Aurora, Ohio, with their sons, Nathan and Garrett. In addition to traveling the world as president and CEO of the Zook Group, Greg has helped start the Entrepreneurship Club at Walsh Jesuit High School, where both his sons attend.

Speaking of entrepreneurship, we’re interested in your thoughts about what it means to be an entrepreneur? Do you have to run a smaller privately held business to be an entrepreneur? In reading “The Start-up or You,” most everyone is an entrepreneur because we continue to build opportunities of significance for ourselves, our families, and our communities. For larger, publicly held companies, successful employees often view themselves as intrepreneurs. The Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship recognized Rich Kramer with the John J. Kahl Award for his creative leadership over time and as current CEO of Goodyear. Many of Rich’s close friends attended the awards dinner, including Drue Carney, Larry Blum ’85, Dave Pratt ’85, Sean McAndrews ’85, Mike ’84 and Shari (Ewing) ’88 May, Bill Kahl, and Dan Dreiling. While Bob Conrad was not present for the event, it should be noted Bob and Larry Blum were Bronze Sponsors for the event. Well done!

Lastly, in an essay written by Joan Didion titled “On Keeping a Notebook,” she reminds us that, “We forget all too soon the things we thought we could never forget.” Hopefully, our journal entries will help you recall some of the things as you read about fellow classmates, regardless of how well you knew them. Keep in touch.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Tim Rose, Sabrina Williard '88, Fr. Mike Stalla '98, and Marty Williard '86 in El Salvador

Tim Rose, Sabrina Williard ’88, Fr. Mike Stalla ’98, and Marty Williard ’86 in El Salvador

Fall 2014
Marty Williard checked in with Dan, which is the first time since graduating in August 1986. Marty and his wife, Sabrina (Munn) ’88, joined up with Fr. Mike Stalla ’98, pastor of Parroquia San Pedro Apostol in Teotepeque, El Salvador, for the second annual Danielle’s mission trip to El Salvador this past June. What an incredible and powerful mission trip experience this was. In the spirit of Danielle Rose, a JCU sophomore who passed away in 2012, the group celebrated Mass, served food, and visited people in five villages throughout Fr. Mike’s parish (five of his 26 churches). Fr. Mike taught everyone a great deal about El Salvador, Archbishop Oscar Romero, the many martyrs, the needs of the people in his parish, and the strong connection between Cleveland and El Salvador. While stateside, Marty is a regional sales director in the medical device world, and Sabrina is an labor and delivery nurse at University Hospitals. Marty and Sabrina live in Bainbridge, Ohio.

Tom ’85 and Mary (Metzger) Croft and their three sons also live in Bainbridge. Adam is a junior in Kent State University’s nursing program; David is a sophomore business major at Xavier; and Matthew is a junior in high school.

Sal D’Angelo and his wife, Donna, live in Mentor, Ohio, with their three children: Sam is a junior and Nick is a sophomore at Lake Catholic, and Natalie is in the seventh grade. In addition to watching his sons play football and baseball and daughter play volleyball, Sal coaches the freshman football team at Lake Catholic. While away from the fields, Sal is busy with work, providing investment consulting and qualified retirement plan services for his own firm, Lakepointe Advisors.

While traveling this summer, Dan literally ran into Brian Donnelly, as each was attempting to get to his connecting flight in Atlanta. Brian and his wife, Beth, live in suburban Detroit with their son (12) and daughter (9).

While moving her son, Connor, into Dolan Hall for his freshman year, Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson was surprised to meet Tom Short, father of Connor’s roommate, Peter. Even though Karen changed her major from math, she and Tom were able to share a few memories of their favorite math professors, a few of whom inspired Tom to follow in their footsteps. He’s now a professor in JCU’s mathematics and computer science department.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Summer 2014
Wow, where does the time go? Dan recently received an email with the subject line “The Back Nine Holes.” Whether or not you’ve ever picked up a golf club, the Back Nine Holes will make you think where all the years went? During the past several years, we’ve had the opportunity to visit many college campuses, looking for the right fit for our children. Thankfully for both of us, John Carroll was the right fit. In our first column in the fall of 2012, we established the following goals: 1. We want the column to be fun, not just for each of us, but for our spouses and children; and 2. We want to help each other and our children? Through social media, we’ve reached out to many of you to ask where your children have found their respective right fit. Dan and Stephanie (Radkowski) ’88 Dreiling are able to reconnect with former classmates living in Chicago and Boston because their daughter, Kaitlin, is a junior at Loyola Chicago and their son, Danny, is a freshman at BC.

Jim and Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson are able to enjoy the Big Apple with their daughter, Maddie, who will be a senior at St. John’s in New York City; or they can drive across town to University Heights to visit with their son, Connor, who has followed his mother’s path as a freshman at John Carroll. If you do the math between our four kids in college, one of four followed us to JCU, three of four followed us to Jesuit colleges, and four of four are attending Catholic colleges.

For Kris (Root) ’87 and Chuck Riley, the Blue Streak Kool-Aid was served at most every meal, with JCU being the college of choice for Chad ’13, Matt ’15, and Mary Ellen ’16. Tim chose to lead rather than follow as a freshman at Xavier.

Sherry (Guido) Forner’s daughter, Sarah, will be a junior at John Carroll; with her youngest daughter, Emma, strongly considering JCU next fall.

Rich and Chris (O’Brien) Kramer have had a strong run of Jesuit education, until this year with their youngest, Hannah, heading south to Wake Forest. Kailey is in New York, after graduating from BC in 2012. Max has joined the alumni ranks having recently graduated from John Carroll. Kevin is a junior at BC, having followed in his older sister’s path. Special thanks to Rich and Chris for their continued influence on the John Carroll campus with Rich’s position on the board and Chris’ leadership in development.

Joining Rich on the board is Bill Kahl. Bill and JoAnn Kahl’s oldest daughter, Michelle, is in Chicago after graduating from Loyola Chicago in 2013. Their son, Billy, ultimately found the path to John Carroll’s campus, after following his sister to Chicago to start college at DePaul. This fall, their daughter, Brooke, will be on the campus up north at the University of Michigan.

Laura and George Blaha’s oldest, Gavin, graduated from Ohio University in 2013. Their son, Garrett, is a senior at John Carroll; and their daughter, Maureen, is a freshman at High Point.

Tony and Amy (McDonough) Weber’s daughter, Noel, is a freshman at the College of Charleston.

Bud and Maria (Amelio) Magee’s oldest daughter, Alex, recently graduated from Pitt. Their daughter, Abby, is a freshman at Kent State University, where she’s majoring in early childhood education.

Robin (Szoradi) ’87 and Luke Baum’s oldest son, Evan, recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati; and their younger son, Mitch, is a junior at Loyola Chicago.

Tom ’85 and LuAnn (Mayle) Gable’s oldest daughter, Colleen, is a senior at MIT and is applying to med school. Their younger daughter, Meghan, is a sophomore at Villanova. LuAnn is trying to convince their son to continue his lacrosse career at John Carroll, next fall.

Dianne (Dixon) and Mike Anderson’s oldest son, Tim, graduated from Ohio University in 2013. Their son, Brian, is finishing his education degree at Cleveland State, while Tyler is a sophomore in the business school at the University of Cincinnati. John Carroll remains a possibility for Betsy, who’s a senior at Walsh Jesuit High School, and Brad, who’s a freshman at St. Ignatius. Not to be outdone by his children, Mike managed to go back to school himself, receiving his MBA from Kent State University last year. And finally, thanks, Mike, for your service on John Carroll’s board of directors.

Tom and Kathy (Larson) Conway’s oldest daughter, Jessica, is in Boston, after graduating from BC in 2012. Their son, Dan, is a senior at Providence College, where he’s studying finance and economics. John Carroll might be looking forward to shortening the Conway’s commute from Chicago, with an interest in Megan, who’s a junior at Loyola Academy and their youngest, Kevin, who’s in the eighth grade.

Colleen and Greg Koerner’s daughter, Molly, is a senior at Indiana University; their son, Patrick, is a sophomore at Kansas, their daughter, Megan, is a freshman at St. Ambrose University; and their youngest, Grace, is a freshman at Fenwick.

Mark and Mary Kay (Kennedy) Laska’s oldest, Emily, is a junior at Miami University of Ohio. Their younger daughter, Molly, has followed her older sister to Miami, while their son is happy battling Dan’s son in the seventh grade on the basketball court and lacrosse field.

Paul Volpe and Carol Rowand-Volpe’s oldest son, PJ, has followed their path to John Carroll as a freshman.

Janet (Kosmerl) ’85 and Dan Gaugler’s oldest daughter, Mary, is in medical school at The Ohio State University, after graduating from Notre Dame. Their daughter Katie is a sophomore at Dayton; and their youngest daughter, Maddie, has followed Mary’s path to Notre Dame.

Mike and Mary (Jacobs) Gaertner’s twin sons, Michael and Alex, are seniors at Iowa, while their daughter, Sarah, is a freshman at Miami University of Ohio.

Jim ’83 and Nancy (Walton) Hyland’s oldest son, James Christopher, graduated from Xavier in 2013; and their daughter Catherine is a junior at The Ohio State University. Their son Jack is a freshman at the University of South Carolina, and their youngest, Michael, is a freshman at St. Ignatius.

Marty Zeeb and Maureen Lennon-Zeeb’s daughter is studying political science at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Their son is a senior at Hinsdale Central High School.

Mindee and Ric Harris’s oldest son, Nic, is a freshman at Yale University; and their youngest son, Zac, is a sophomore in high school in Connecticut.

John and Debbie (O’Donnell) Scanlon’s daughter Meghan graduated from Bentley University; their daughter Colleen is a senior at Georgetown; and their son Brendan is at Bishop Feehan High School.

Mark Kotoch’s oldest daughter, Anissa, is a junior in the nursing program at Notre Dame College and plays on the softball team. Mark’s next daughter, Sydney, is a freshman at John Carroll; and his youngest daughter, Rachael, is a junior at Lake Catholic High School.

Ray and Lynn (Downey) Seballos’ oldest son, Ryan, is an engineering student at Case Western Reserve University, where he also runs cross country and track. Their son Jason is a senior and their daughter Kristin is a freshman – both at Padua Franciscan High School.

David and Erika (Hoffman) Nace’s oldest daughter is a junior at Pitt in the School of Public Health. Their middle daughter is a senior at Oakland Catholic High School, and their youngest is loving grade school.

Mike ’89 and Shannon (Madigan) Cain’s oldest son is a sophomore at Kent State University, where he’s majoring in digital media production. Their younger son, Sean, is a senior in high school.

Diane and Thad Rieger’s oldest son, Taylor, is a senior at Ohio Wesleyan, where he’s majoring in sports management while playing soccer and basketball. Their son Zach attends Ohio State on part time while managing a business he started right out of high school. Their third son, Jarod, will be attending Ohio Wesleyan this fall as a freshman, and their youngest son, Adam, will be a junior in high school.

Keith and Lisa (Cappello) Abood’s oldest son, Christopher, is a senior at The Ohio State University; their son Michael is a sophomore at Miami of Ohio; their daughter Elizabeth is a freshman at Dayton; and their daughter Clare is a freshman in high school.

Eileen (Weaver) and Mike Nieset’s oldest son, Mike, is a senior at The Ohio State University.

Sabrina (Munn) ’88 and Marty Williard’s oldest son, Alex, is a senior at The Ohio State University, and their younger son, Nikko, is a sophomore at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Marty and Sabrina have been active in many different service projects, which we’ll feature in our next column.

Reviewing the above right-fit choices, it’s not difficult to recognize the strength of the Jesuit Catholic education we received at John Carroll. For many of our classmates who haven’t begun the college search process with their children yet, please reach out to your fellow classmates and their children to help you.

Returning the focus to our class, I wanted to recognize two separate groups that have found a way to continue to stay close and travel together regularly. Maria (Amelio) Magee and a bunch of Murphy girls will be hitting the beaches (and bars) of Cancun to celebrate their 50th birthdays. Likewise, Sherry (Guido) Forner, Maureen (Turney) Guise, Eileen (Weaver) Nieset, Suzi (Asher) Broadbent, Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson, Lisa (Cappello) Abood, and Vicki (Ina) Pietrangelo met in Cleveland this summer for a fun turning-50 weekend. Photos aren’t included. Apparently, this group did something similar last year and had an absolute blast. We’re shocked!

With our 30-year reunion less than two years away, we wanted to give you a heads up that our class might be celebrating the 31st anniversary of the night the Rat Bar died. Apparently, guest DJs that evening, Mike Anderson and PJ Kissane, have been subpoenaed to appear before the dean of students in June 2016 to answer questions about their role in the mayhem. As for Dan Dreiling, he knows nothing because he wasn’t the manager on duty that infamous evening.

If you’re reading this column, and we haven’t had an opportunity to reconnect with you, send us an email to bring us up to date with what’s going on with you and your family. Mike Lang did just that when he emailed us with the “rest of the story” regarding his chance meeting with Drue Carney at their children’s lacrosse tournament in Palms Springs. As it turns out, Marybeth (Moore) ’87 and Mike Lang’s daughter, Sydney, is a high school senior and interested in playing lacrosse in college. She has John Carroll in the mix.

And with a no-show on our part a few issues back, Joe Saadi let us know he’s living in St. Louis with his wife, Michele, and their two sons Elias (13) and James (10). Eli starts high school at SLUH (Jesuit) this summer, and James attends St. Peter. Joe is the managing director for TIAA-CREF Trust Company in St. Louis, after having lived in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Chicago. Joe also reminded Dan his father was a close friend of Dan’s grandfather, having spent many summers fishing at Dan’s grandfather’s farm as a kid in Canfield, Ohio.

Janet Rath Colaluca, who was appointed by Governor Kasich to the bench of the Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court in December 2012, will be running in the fall to retain her seat as judge in the Domestic Relations Court. Janet’s experience speaks for itself. She has served as a magistrate in Domestic Relations Court for nine years, the Juvenile Court for three years and the Mayor’s Court in the Village of Bratenahl for five years. She also maintained a private practice of family law during the periods when she wasn’t serving as a full-time magistrate. Janet received an excellent rating from all of the participants in the Judicial Candidate Review Committee for the May primary election. Janet and her husband, Tom, live in Bratenahl with their two children, Lilly (10) and Liam (8).

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – it’s a small world. When helping our children, please take advantage of this smallness to provide them with every opportunity to succeed in whatever they choose to do. And with respect to the Back Nine Holes, we might be approaching the green on the ninth hole. As we make the turn, please reconnect with old friends to have the best back nine ever.

And finally, it’s with heavy hearts we note the passing of Steve Payne, who passed away June 19, 2014, following his battle with cancer. Steve enjoyed life fully, oftentimes with a soccer ball at his feet. Our thoughts and prayers are with Steve’s family and friends.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Spring 2014
While you might not be a football fan, ask yourself if Peyton Manning needed to win the Super Bowl to establish his legacy. When Tom Brady was asked what more he could possibly want, he dismissed his achievements on the field, understanding there was more to life. As a lifelong Cleveland sports fan (without a major sport championship in my lifetime), I realize the most important sporting events to watch are those of our family and friends. With that in mind, I was pleasantly surprised to catch up with several alums at a CYO basketball tournament. Annie Sutphin Nock was there watching her husband, Mike, coach their fifth-grade son’s team. Mary Kay (Kennedy) Laska was there watching her son’s sixth-grade team play while her husband, Mark, was taking pictures as the team photographer. Other JCU alumni present were Bill Kerner ’88, Pat ’88 and Kristin ’90 Connaughton, and John Small ’87.

When unable to meet in person, it’s nice to keep track of what fellow classmates are doing via Facebook. It was nice to hear about Missy Crockett Willis’ success on and off the field, as she leads an extraordinary team of realtors from Howard Hanna. Her husband, Tim, led the Madison High School football team into the playoffs.

On another field of play, it was nice to see the self-proclaimed John Carroll Society of Painfully Good Looking meet at the Hofbrauhaus in Chicago. Organized by the largest athlete of all (not sure if it was Large or H), it was a festive night with Joanie and Jim Dowdle, H. Richard Collins and Mary Margaret Spink Collins, Maureen Lennon-Zeeb, Karin (Van Egmond) Lennon, Drue Carney, Jim Donahue ’85, and Dave Gaston ’84. And while my kids say stalking on Facebook is weird, if I had checked my Facebook news feed an hour earlier, I could’ve joined in on the fun because I was only 15 minutes away. Then again, most people wouldn’t consider me to be painfully good looking.

Flying from Chicago, Drue Carney ran into Mike (Ernie) Lang because their daughters were competing in a lacrosse tournament.

Back to Peyton and Tom and the legacy thought for a minute. It’s not what you do at a point in time, but over time; it’s not what you do, but who you do it with; and it’s not about you, but about whom you’ve led. Drop us a note, call us, or friend us on Facebook to let us know how you’re doing and what you’re up to.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Fall 2013
If you missed the summer column, you missed a lot. Perhaps it got buried in your junk mail. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not inferring the JCU magazine is anything of the sort; but you know, when summer comes along, it’s easy to miss things. We don’t know about you, but the lure of Lake Erie (or any body of water for that matter), summer ball games, and vacations often call out to us more loudly than mail. The summer issue was published online only, so you can stop looking for it. From this point forward, the summer issue will be online only. We encourage you to read it.

Now to the fall news. We’re finally starting to hear from you. Thanks. Diana Maiola Cirino continues to live a life as fabulous as the dorm room she shared with Theresa Vitug on the second floor of Sutowski. If you’ve never visited her dorm room, you missed an amazing feat of decorating. In 2010, Diana was married to Franco Cirino in Orvieto, Italy, and lives in Avon Lake, Ohio. In her words, she not only married a supportive husband, but also inherited three amazing stepchildren – Frankie, Isabella, and Alfonso. Additionally, she runs two businesses in Rocky River. One is a small jewelry store that carries imported Italian jewelry; the other is a travel boutique specializing in custom travel to Italy, Sicily, Malta, and France. As a result, she spends three or four months a year overseas. She says life is good. Diana’s next-door neighbor, Amy (McDonough) Weber also wrote to tell us she’s still swimming. She participated in the Cleveland Triathlon in August as part of an Olympic distance relay team. Amy’s portion was a one-mile swim in Lake Erie, which is nothing compared to swimming the Chesapeake Bay swim she completed a few years ago. She’s also planning to do a sprint triathlon n September at Portage Lakes in Akron, Ohio. Amy, just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

We’ve also been advised Jeff Malicki is the new chief agency officer at American United Life Insurance Co. Jeff, let us know how it’s going.

Lastly, our former columnist Belinda (Glavic) Grassi informed us about her busy life the past couple years, specifically in public service as a member of the Riverside Local School District Board of Education and trustee of the district’s charitable foundation board. Congratulations, Belinda. We’ll post more about your endeavors in the online edition because there’s more of your story to tell.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Summer 2013
We received an email from Maureen Lennon-Zeeb, who wanted to confirm the Carroll sewing club was back. She was able to get together with Tim (Okie) McGrath, Tom (Spaz) McDonald, and Karin (Van Egmond) Lennon. With Spaz in town for business, the club met at Harry Caray’s in Chicago for dinner and drinks. Matt (Dewey) Kramer joined us and is now an official member of the club. Everyone is well and can’t believe it’s been more than 25 years since graduation. We all look the same. Karin is enjoying a new career in a school library. With the same breaks as her kids, Karin plans to enjoy the summers off, which will include a campus visit with her son, Ryan. After spending four years in Millor 316 with Maureen, Karin married Marty (Maureen’s brother), it’s been almost 18 years. Tim and his wife, Meghan, moved from Chicago to Milwaukee with Eilee and Ewan. While difficult to leave the Windy City, Tim is helping transition client relationships from a recently acquired investment firm to JLTD (Just Living The Dream) Advisors. Away from business, Tim completed the 2007 Florida Ironman in just under 12.5 hours. Maureen adds Spaz hasn’t aged a minute. I swear. (The reason he might not have aged could be he looked like he was 50 when we were at Carroll). The rest of us are doing our best. Dewey looks fabulous. He has lost a lot of weight and is running 5K races. He had us laughing all night. Maureen is practicing law with the same firm she’s been with for the past 23 years. She’s looking forward to sending her oldest off to college. They visited JCU and Maureen commented the school looked great, it was great to be on campus again, and she wished she could do it over. Maureen ran into Jaime (Foley) Bautista and Margaret Cornillie Kealy ’87 noting they both live in her town, Clarendon Hills, Ill. She had dinner with Peggy (O’Leary) Grisley when she was in town. Peggy lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, Peter. Peggy is with Northern Trust and doing well. Finally, Maureen spoke with Drue Carney while he was passing through O’Hare. Drue lives in McKinney, Texas, just outside of Dallas with his wife and two children. Maureen mentioned Drue was selling his fabulous baseball product but couldn’t remember the name of it to be able to give it the rightful plug it deserves. In her words, “It snaps onto a baseball dugout and holds all the players’ equipment during the game in an organized fashion. It’s cool.” Outstanding work Maureen. Thank you for sharing this information, helping all of us to reconnect with one another.

As for the shameless (not rightful) plug Drue deserves, his company is The Bench Coach (thebenchcoach.com). In addition to help better organize the dugout, the Bench Coach helps build the necessary discipline of taking care of equipment when not in use. Chevrolet recently purchased 300 units for the national Chevrolet Youth Baseball program, designed to help distribute baseball equipment to youth teams and leagues in areas of need. Outstanding work Drue. Finally, Dan met up with Bob Conrad, who, with his wife, Laurel, and two daughters are nearing completion of their new home in Hunting Valley. In addition to Bob’s passion for hunting and fine wine, Bob is a major supporter of research for Cystic Fibrosis through the Bruce Baskin Golf Classic.

A call out to our column’s next Maureen Lennon-Zeeb – who can help best connect us to our fellow classmates?

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Spring 2013
Do you believe everything happens for a reason? As your columnists, we do because it’s how we were able to join forces for this opportunity. One’s connection to others is central to everything happening for a reason. Thirty years ago, many of us met one another for the first time at John Carroll. Who did you first connect with during freshman orientation, or the first week on campus? Do you know what they’re doing today?

Bill Kahl was one of Dan’s first connections. They met during orientation. Thirty years later, Dan’s assistant was sure to let him know Billy was a guest of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn on “Project Runway.” Billy’s quick response to Dan’s text was short: “Bucket List.” What’s on yours? If we don’t hear from you, we just might have to speak up for you. Just ask Bill, whose appearance on reality TV was less for him and more for Autism Speaks, a science and advocacy organization and beneficiary of a donation from ShurTech Brands in the name of the designer who created the best prom dress from duct tape. Bill’s connection to Autism Speaks is through Tom Donelan ’91, owner of Square Shooters, a proud sponsor of the organization.

Another connection for Dan has been strengthened because Robin (Szoradi) ’87 and Luke Baum’s son is in his daughter’s freshman class at Loyola University Chicago. The Baums involvement within the Cleveland community might be unmatched. Leadership by example might be the best form of leadership, and they do it well. Luke and Robin recently inspired the St. Ignatius’ XC team to join them for the Rainbow Radiothon for the Children’s Miracle Network at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. Dr. Michael Anderson, chief medical officer at UH Case Medical Center and Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, and Robin, who’s involved with the Rainbow Foundation, appreciate their efforts. Are you interested in networking during lunch with fellow alumni of Jesuit institutions? Then please join the Baums and many other JCU alumni at an upcoming luncheon of the Loyola Club in Cleveland. Founded by John FitzGerald ’87 in 2007, Loyola Club has expanded to Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Detroit under the leadership of Dave Clifford ’87. Loyola Club probes ways to apply Jesuit spirituality in our lives and strengthen our community. The idea of service to others never grows old as we continue to learn, earn, and be men and women for others.

When was the last time you’ve been back to campus or checked out the alumni section of JCU’s website? In February, the alumni relations office hosted a couples night out with the help of Bob Sferra, owner of Culinary Occasions. Karen first connected to Bob as classmates in earth (space) science. Our class was well represented at the event. Stephanie (Radkowski) ’88 and Dan Dreiling were joined by Janet (Kosmerl) ’85 and Dan Gaugler, the Baums, Kris (Root) ’87 and Chuck Riley, Paul Volpe and Carol Rowand-Volpe, Sue (Farinacci) ’87 and John Grazia, and Andy and Jane (Martin) Sikorovsky. Also joining the fun were Eric ’83 and Patty (Tainer) ’83 Jochum and Norm Kotoch ’85 and Laurie Barnhart Kotoch ’85, with Marty Barr present via text messages from Chicago.

What organizations are of significance to you, your family, or your friends? We invite you to connect, explore, and discover. We also challenge you to a game of tag. Please help by sending us an email with the subject line “Tag, you’re it!” letting us know what you’re doing.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Winter 2013
It’s safe to assume you survived the Mayan prediction, and it’s our hope you and your family have had a wonderful start to the New Year. Are your New Year’s resolutions intact? For the record, our resolution is to promote the activities and interests of our classmates, who are helping others. As we suggested in our inaugural column, we’re excited to share with you the threads that might help connect you to opportunities of interest in helping others.

Recently, Dan met up with Rita (Schafer) Carroll. Rita is living on the beautiful shores of Lake Erie with her husband of 20 years, Tim. As vice president of corporate development at Chart Industries, her responsibilities include inorganic growth, meaning mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, and strategic direction. But, near and dear to her heart for personal reasons, is her board position for the Achievement Center for Children, a nonprofit that provides physical, speech, and occupations therapy for children, in addition to programs for autistic children.

We’ve also heard from Shannon (Madigan) Cain, who lives in Rocky River, Ohio, with her husband Mike ’89, and their six children. In 1998, Shannon founded Cain & Associates Investigative Accountants, working primarily for insurance companies investigating insurance claims for employee dishonesty and business income losses. Shannon and Mike have brought the Challenge Day program to the Rocky River City Schools. Challenge Day is a powerful, high-energy program in which youth and adult participants are guided through a series of experiential processes. The goals of the program are to increase personal power and self-esteem, shift dangerous peer pressure to positive peer support, and eliminate the acceptability of teasing, violence, and all forms of oppression. The program successfully addresses issues of violence, teasing, social oppression, racism, harassment, conflict management, suicide, peer pressure, alcohol, and drugs. On a more personal note, Karen has had the opportunity to participate in several Challenge Days with her three children and to work with Mike and Shannon in promoting the program. I can attest to the empowerment felt by the participants when they discover they’re not alone.

As a freelance paralegal for the past 14 years, Karen also has been afforded the opportunity to form or assist others in the formations of several nonprofits. In 2007, Karen met the challenge of her daughter and her friends, and along with two other moms, started the Rocky River High School Girls Lacrosse Club. Since then, the club has met the required elements to become a varsity sport at the school. In addition to RRHSGLC, Karen assisted her friend, Liz Ferro, in the formation of Girls With Sole, which uses fitness and wellness to empower the minds, bodies, and souls of girls who are at risk or have experienced abuse of any kind, helping them believe in themselves. Karen is assisting the Fairview Park senior council in regaining its nonprofit status.

One of the key concepts in the Challenge Day program is “If You Really Knew Me, You Would Know …” Help us get to know you by letting us know what you’re up to and about the organizations you serve. Special thanks to Rita and Shannon for sharing their stories with us. Happy spring!

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Fall 2012
As the new messengers of alumni news for our class, we’d like to start by thanking past columnists – John Reilly, Belinda (Glavic) Grassi, Gigi Togliatti-Rice, and Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul – who inspired us in their own way to take the ball and run with it. Thanks to all of you for getting us this far. The continued success of this column depends on how well we understand you. Why do you read John Carroll magazine? Do you keep in touch with any of your fellow classmates? If so, who? And how? Our goals for the column are twofold. First, we’d like it to be fun, not just for alumni, but for our spouses and children who might not be directly connected to the centennial class but might enjoy reading about its members. Tell us what you’re doing, whether it be in your career, your interests and activities when you’re not on the clock, or the time you spend with your family and friends.

Remember 1986, when the world was still wide open to us? We might see a few extra lines and gray hairs in the mirror these days, but we’re confident some of that sense of fun and optimism is still alive in us. Second, how can we help each other? How can we help our children? We are, after all, a community – something more than just a specific geographical place but a group of people from many places and many perspectives who share a history and set of common values. Somewhere in this mix of commonality, there are connections waiting to be made. If you tell us what you and your children are passionate about, there must be ways the families of the class of ’86 can help one another. We’ll be getting a little help pulling these ideas and connections together every quarter.

John Bruening got in touch with us just as we were taking the reins of the column. He was the only member of the class of ’86 to check in this time. John is living in South Euclid with his wife, Mariah, and their two children Jessica (11) and Jack (9), both of whom are students at Gesu. Following his passion for writing, John works in corporate communications for Ferro Corp. and maintains a writing, editing, and consulting business called WriteHere Communications. You might have noticed John has written several articles for this magazine during the past couple years. Remember him from his days at WJCU, which, he’s quick to point out, was known as WUJC back in the day. It was great to hear from John, and we appreciate his willingness to lend a hand, but he’s just one member of our class. The rest of you can help, too, by getting in touch. As always, the success of this column – no matter who the columnist – depends on you as much as us. We’re excited and honored to be here. We looking forward to making connections, which is our passion.

Dan and Karen

Dan Dreiling

Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson

Summer 2012
After six years, we’re passing the column on to Dan Dreiling and Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson, who’ve accepted the challenge of writing our class column. You can email them at dandreiling@aol.com and ksimpson@lavelleattys.com.

We’ve heard from a few of you this time, so here goes: Dan Dreiling and his wife, Stephanie (Radkowski) ’88, live in Strongsville, Ohio, with their three children – Kaitlin, Danny, and Casey. Kaitlin will be heading to the Windy City this fall to attend Loyola.

Gigi reached out to Fil Biagiotti, who reports things are hectic as usual. He’s still the controller at MAI Wealth Advisors in Cleveland and loving the business. He also keeps busy by running around to volleyball tournaments with his daughter, Giovanna, and to baseball games with his son, Dominic.

Beth heard from Karen Judy and Luann (Mayle) Gabel. Karen is beginning a new job in private practice with Central DuPage Hospital. Beth selfishly wishes it were a little closer to her house, so she didn’t have to trek her son across three towns for his pediatric care, but they go where Dr. Judy goes. Karen traveled to Bolivia for a week and worked in a clinic to serve the needy, fished for piranhas, and tracked a jaguar. She said it was a true adventure. Maybe we can get a picture of Karen and the jaguar for the next column. Karen, any pics?

LuAnn and Tom ’85 Gabel headed to Africa with their kids in July. Their daughter Colleen just finished her first year at MIT and loves it. They’re starting the college search with their daughter Meghan. LuAnn will have three nieces at Carroll next year. One of them, Rebecca Sigler ’14, played on the basketball team this year.

We received a notice that Jon C. Goldsby, Ph.D., materials research engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was honored as a 2012 Black Engineer of the Year Award Winners for Outstanding Technical Contribution – Government. Jon leads efforts that will result in increased safety and complexity of flight vehicles, as well as reduced production cost. Quite early in his career, he made his mark in the development of test techniques for the measurement of ceramic materials used in components that comprise gas turbine engines. Congratulations, Jon!

If any of you Ohio soccer parents are in Mansfield – the fun center of Ohio – for multiple tournaments, call Gigi. We’ve enjoyed hearing from you and reporting your news. Reach out to Dan and Karen, and keep them informed.

Gigi and Beth

Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Spring 2012
Hi, everyone. We’re still asking you to send notes about how you’re doing and any updates you have.

Bob Sferra says life is good in Cleveland Heights. He plans to expand his business this spring and start a new partnership with another chef. He also was appointed to the JCU alumni board in December and attended his first meeting in Rodman Hall. He said it was a great experience to be back on campus in that capacity. He catered a couples’ event at Carroll in February and participated in the Backpacks to Briefcases lecture series for JCU seniors. He’s working on a reception for the upcoming 25th reunion of the class of 1987. Bob always has been one of our favorites. He’ll be a great addition to the alumni board.

Speaking of board members, Rich Kramer is a member of the board of directors at JCU. His wife, Chris (O’Brien) Kramer, chaired the University’s 125th anniversary gala in December that raised more than $500,000 for scholarships. This was the first event of its kind for Carroll, and it was successful. Congratulations, Christine.

Finally, we heard from Belinda, and as usual, she’s incredibly busy. In addition to being on the local school board (Riverside Local School District), she’s running in the Republican primary election in Lake County for treasurer. She’ll have to surpass another Republican opponent to get onto the November 2012 general election ballot. The current treasurer is retiring in 2013.

Gigi and Beth

Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Winter 2011

Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Fall 2011


It was great to see and catch up with everyone at our 25th reunion. For those of you who missed the event, we hope to see you at the next one. They’re always so fun. We caught up with John and Debbie (O’Donnell) Scanlon, who are busy with kids in high school and going off to college. They looked like they were enjoying the time off and their friends, including Mike and Eileen (Weaver) Nieset. Just like one big happy family, Jenny (LaBuda) Prangle, Karen Judy, LuAnn (Mayle) Gable, Karen (Delserone) Gust, Maria (Amelio) Magee, Ann Sutphin Nock, Mary (Hoenig) Ward, Cathy (Coyne) Walsh, and Eileen Gerity attended. Rita (Schafer) Carroll, Cynthia (Valena) Bellian, DeeDee DeGidio, Reuben Chen, Peggy (Rydzel) Grzywacz, Gabby Orlando, and Ann (Daley) Smrekar also enjoyed the festivities. It was great Paula (Zerbi) Reape and Susan (Menner) Stojanovski were able to come. We caught up and shared many laughs with Paul Volpe and Carol Rowand-Volpe and Suzanne Conroy. Sherry (Guido) Forner, who’s always fun, was with Maureen (Turney) Guise and a few friends, who looked like they were having a great time. It’s always nice to see Howie Collins, Luke Baum, Brian Donnelly, Charles Riley, John Weaver, and Bob Conrad. It was wonderful to catch up with Bob Sferra, who looked great. I’m still using the cookbook he made us for the 20-year reunion.

It was great to receive a couple of emails this time around. The first was from Paulette Duganier Pidala, who married her high school sweetheart and will be celebrating 20 years of marriage in October. They have three kids: Joseph (18), Angela (16), and Anna (10). “I can’t believe I have a son going off to college,” Paulette says. “It makes me think about all of our fun times at JCU.”

The second email was from Chris (O’Brien) Kramer, who’s working along with her husband, Rich, and several other JCU grads to increase awareness of John Carroll. They went to Chicago with Fr. Niehoff to Joanie and Jim Dowdle’s beautiful home for cocktails and a fabulous dinner. Jim and Joanie are looking for schools for their second oldest, Charlie. Attendees Mary Margaret and H. Collins are busy with their son’s summer baseball and their puppy. Jim Donahue ’85 and his wife, Mary, are still living in LaGrange and busy with teenagers. Sue ’84 and Bill Donnelly ’83 are also looking at schools with their twin daughters, Libby and Grace. Bill just became a JCU board of trustee member. Mike O’Grady ’84 and his wife, Kelly, and Bennett Weiss ’84. The conversation of the evening involved asking grads to help JCU re-engage it’s alumni to get the city clubs active again and to help excite local kids about coming to Carroll.

If anyone was missed, we apologize, but that means you have to send something for the next edition.

Gigi and Beth

Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Summer 2011


Hello, class of ’86. We have received only a few bits of information this time, so we’re assuming you didn’t contact us or send any information because you were too busy planning your trip to reunion to catch up in person. Our last column was too late for print, so we’ve included that information, too. But here’s the news.

Beth had a pleasant surprise when she ran into PJ Kissane in the elevator at work one morning. He provided the following updates from our class: In December, Andy Logan was married in a beautiful ceremony held at the Shoreby Club in Bratenahl, Ohio, that was officiated by Judge Michael Donnelly ’88. Spencer Cominos and his wife welcomed a baby girl, Dina Ann, March 22. The happy new family resides in suburban Pittsburgh. Congrats to Andy and Spencer! PJ had lunch with Dr. Michael Anderson, who was in Chicago for a convention. Thanks PJ.

Here’s information from last time that didn’t make it to print: We received word that Jane F. Guzauskas Ruby has written her first novel, “The Azurite Encounter.” In her previous career, she wrote or coauthored articles for technical journals but developed an itch for action and adventure. The book is available online at Amazon, Borders, and Barnes & Noble. Congratulations, Jane. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Thankfully, we receive regular updates from Belinda Glavic Grassi. What would we do without you, Belinda? She provided an update about her continuing successful efforts in fundraising for MS. She has personally raised $35,600 throughout the past four years. Way to go, Belinda. Her husband, Morris ’85, is doing well. He’s participating in a study of a new type of hip aid through the Mellen Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the Cleveland Clinic. Good luck, Morris.

Rev. Joe Previte was named pastor at Holy Rosary Church in Cleveland’s Little Italy last summer. Congratulations, Joe.

You can read the class column online at www. jcu.edu/magazine.

Gigi and Beth

Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Spring 2011


Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Winter 2010


Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Fall 2010

Can you believe we’re quickly approaching our 25-year Reunion? Next year, reunion and commencement will take place the same weekend. Please mark your calendars for May 20-22, 2011. We hope to have more information for you in the next column.

We’re happy to have heard from a few more classmates this time. Belinda Glavic Grassi sent an update about what she has been doing. “I was elected to the Riverside Local School District Board of Education in November 2009. Morris ’85 and I bought an existing landscaping business in spring of 2008, and it’s doing pretty well. The economy isn’t helping us, but we’ve garnered contracts with real estate and bank-owned properties. Now we manage 90 properties a week on that end of our business. I’m continually training for this summer’s MS-150 ride to Cedar Point. The Bee’s Hive (my team) has raised more than $45,000 during the past three summers for the MS Society Ohio Buckeye Chapter.” Good to hear from you Belinda.

Dr. Karen L. Rogers, DVM, DACLAM, director of the Department of Comparative Medicine at Pfizer Global Research and Development, has been recognized by Cambridge Who’s Who for demonstrating dedication, leadership, and excellence in scientific research and laboratory animal medicine and surgery. Dr. Rogers is considered to be a foremost authority about animal modeling and laboratory animal medicine with experience in the pharmaceutical industry and academia. Dr. Rogers holds a bachelor of science in chemistry with a neuroscience concentration from John Carroll University and graduated summa cum laude in 1992 from The Ohio State University with a doctor of veterinary medicine.

Mary Ward recently had dinner in Chicago with Karen Judy Foley, Jenny Labuda Prangle, and LuAnn Mayle Gabel. Here’s what Mary had to say: “Chicago dinner was great but somewhat surreal because LuAnn’s eldest daughter, Colleen, was visiting Northwestern, and that didn’t seem right. Can we be that old? It was a wonderful visit, and we laughed a lot. I was taking a one-week marketing class at the University of Chicago Booth and enjoying staying downtown and being a student again for a week. Barry and I had Eileen Gerity Sheridan, Janet Rath Colaluca, Cathy Coyne Walsh, and spouses together a few months ago. Annie Sutphin Nock couldn’t make it because she tore her ACL and MCL skiing. The operation was successful. Janet has two beautiful fair-haired Irish children that stole the show that night. Their personalities couldn’t have been more adorable.” Thanks for the news Mary.

News from Riverside, Ill.: There’s an app for that. Karen Judy Foley recently developed an app named Childhood Safety. Check it out.

Rick Collins “Howie” won a dirty T-shirt contest. We weren’t told about the details of the contest or what was on his shirt … Howie?

Gigi and Beth

Gigi Togliatti-Rice

Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul

Summer 2010

We hope this finds you all well and enjoying your summer. Congratulations to Rich Kramer, who was named CEO of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co earlier this year.

After 20+ years, we have received updates from two of our fellow classmates — Jim Berklan and Tom DiPasquale. Jim and his wife, Sandy, have been married for 16 years. They live in Libertyville, IL, with their two boys, Matt (13) and Nick (9). After John Carroll, Jim went to Northwestern and got his master’s in journalism. He worked briefly at the Tribune and then for about 11 years at suburban Chicago daily newspapers — at everything from sports reporter to features writer and editor, and finally city editor. Jim jumped to healthcare business publishing 10 years ago and has spent the last eight years as editor of an independent news magazine and its affiliated products (website, newsletters, custom publishing, webcasts, etc.) covering the long-term care industry and aging issues. Jim’s main publication, McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, was named Publication of the Year by the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors (ASHPE). Congrats Jim!

Tom DiPasquale dropped us a line to let us know how things are going. Tom has been married for ten years and living in Upper St. Clair, PA. He and his wife Amanda have two beautiful daughters, Anna (8) and Kara (5). Tom has been working at Fujitsu America for 12 years and he is currently VP of sales. Tom still speaks with Billy Dawes (Columbus, OH) and Sal D’Angelo (Cleveland, OH) on a regular basis and reports that both Billy and Sal and their families are doing very well. Thanks to Jim and Tom for their e-mails. It was great to hear from you both. We hope this inspires others to drop us a line. It’s been 24 years … someone has to have some news. Gigi and Beth

Winter 2009

I tracked down some long lost classmates on Facebook. Melissa Crockett Willis is living in Mentor, OH. She got married shortly after graduation and started working as a realtor. She is with Howard Hanna and appears to travel and really love what she is doing. She has three lovely teen daughters: Brittany Willis, Korrey Reilly Willis, and Brooke Willis. All seems to be going very well for you Missy. Congratulations.

I also saw Filippo Biagiotti but haven’t gotten the scoop on him yet. He is living in Cleveland and has two darling kids, a boy and a girl. We need the scoop, Filippo.

It was great to be tracked down by Sherry Guido Forner – guido baby. She is doing great. She has been married for 15 years and lives in Hermitage, PA. She has two beautiful teen girls: Sarah and Emma. Sherry is very involved with her daughters and is having a great time. Both of us agree that our kids are growing up too quickly. Good to hear from all of you.

I saw that Susan Caraher was on Sherry’s Facebook page and sent her a note. Hope to have an update next time.

Chris Kramer called to tell me that she and Rich were coming to Mansfield for their daughter Hannah’s soccer game. I met them at the muddy, cold, soccer field and we laughed on the sidelines. Ah, just like old times.

Gigi and Beth

Summer 2009

I was able to meet up with Chris O’Brien Kramer, Paula Zerbi, Grace Volpe, and Lisa Geraci ’85 for lunch in March. The girls are all doing well and it was great to spend time with them – more information will be provided in the next column. I heard from Susan Menner, who found Paulette Duganier on Facebook. After Carroll, Paulette went to Wright State for an M.S. in counseling and then worked for Case Western Reserve doing psychological research/counseling. She married Mark, her high school sweetheart, in 1991 and currently lives in Houston with their three children, Joseph (15), Angela (13), and Anna (8). She asked about her suitemates – Mimi, Karen, and Denise. If anyone has information for Paulette, please let us know.

We received an e-mail from Bob Sferra. His 2½-year-old company, Bob Sferra Culinary Occasions, is doing well. He is catering events all over Cleveland and branching out a bit. In February, he was hired to cater a 50th birthday party in Evanston, IL. He said it was a great time but, unfortunately, he had no time to check in with any of the Chicago old-timers from Carroll. Bob asked if anyone knew if Peter Anthony ’88 was still in the Chicago area or if anyone knows where he can be found. Bob has also branched out to culinary travel. Last year he took a culinary journey to Umbria, Italy. The sojourn was 12 days of the beautiful country sides of Italy. His next trip is to Jamaica October 11-17, and then more European travel when he visits Provence in April 2010. You can visit Bob at www.culinaryoccasions.com.

Speaking of Europe, I was lucky enough to hear from Cara Williams. She is living in Mallorca, Spain, in a tiny village called Deia, which overlooks the Mediterranean Sea. Cara has a huge organic garden and grows enough to share with all her village neighbors. Surprisingly enough, she also has a baby donkey, three cats, a kitten, a sheepdog, roosters, hens, a peacock, and a hedgehog! She reports that she and her two daughters, Maximilla (11) and Emanuella (9), have learned to appreciate modern conveniences … heat and water sometimes can’t be taken for granted in a mountain village! They have enjoyed and adapted to their new home and the trials and tribulations of Spanish life. Cara mentioned they do not have television in their lives, only books and a love of reading.

It was so nice to hear from some new classmates this time around … keep the information coming. We hope you are enjoying your summer! Gigi and Beth

Spring 2009

Happy New Year (a bit late)! Hopefully by the time you are reading this the cold weather has subsided and spring is just around the corner. Once again we are low on information — please call or e-mail any news you may have. Remember we cannot create topics to write about so send us your news … someone has to have something worth writing about!

Susan Menner Stojanovski ran into Patty Mancini who is living in Avon Lake with her husband, Sean, and their three children. Patty reports that her only recent contact with JCU grads has been with Cathy Coyne Walsh, her children’s pediatrician.

We also received some interesting news from Drue Carney. He has designed a product called The Bench Coach. It took over a year to get the product launched with multiple stages necessary for the design, development, and prototypes to make sure it was done correctly. He is very excited and happy with the outcome. Drue said it couldn’t be any easier to use and functions great. All you baseball and softball fans go online and check out this product – www.thebenchcoach.com. Good luck Drue!

I (Gigi) will be meeting Chris O’Brien Kramer, Paula Zerbi Reape, Grace Volpe, and Lisa Geraci Macauda for lunch this week. Hopefully they have a lot to report.

Class of 1986 – send us your news! Gigi and Beth

Fall 2008

Hello classmates. We hope you are all enjoying the warm summer days. We heard from several classmates this time around so here we go. We begin this column with some sad news. Classmate Joseph Downie, 44, of Strongsville and formerly of Lorain, died suddenly Sunday, May 18, 2008, at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland. He was born February 23, 1964 in Fort Bragg, NC, and had resided in Strongsville for the past four years. He grew up in Lorain and had also lived in Carmel, IN. Joe was a 1982 graduate of Lorain Catholic High School where he lettered in football. He also played football at Carroll. Joe worked for Covenant Transport as a regional sales manager in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, and Western Pennsylvania. He is survived by his children, Fred, Maggie, Theresa and Jack, all of Carmel, IN. We are sorry to hear of Joe’s sudden passing and send thoughts and prayers to his family.

As I was watching television one day, I heard a voice whisper “Conrad’s” several times. I did not recognize the voice initially but when I saw the face I knew it was none other than classmate Bob Conrad, owner of Conrad’s Tire. His commercial is on quite frequently in Ohio making him a local celebrity. Bob, when you have time off from your busy commercial production schedule, please send us a note. We would love to hear about you, your family and your business.

We received a blast from the past when Robert Gordon sent an update. He is married to Dana (from Idaho) and they have three boys, Jake (12), Kevin (10) and Bradley (7). Bob moved to Seattle in 1989 and has been enjoying the area ever since. He would like to know if any of our other classmates live in the Pacific Northwest. Please send us an e-mail or contact Bob directly – robertg@genisyscorp.com. Bob promises he will be back in Cleveland for a visit soon. Why don’t you try to make the next reunion, we would love to catch up with you?

Michael R. Anderson, M.D., has been appointed vice president and associate chief medical officer for University Hospitals (UH), in the Office of Patient Care, Nursing and Medical Outcomes. Dr. Anderson will provide physician leadership for quality, clinical risk management, utilization review, utilization management, case management, and in ensuring the highest quality patient care experience. He also will provide administrative oversight for credentialing, patient advocacy and medical staff services. The position became effective July 1, 2008. Mike is also an associate professor of pediatrics at Case Western Reserve University. In recognition of his commitment to bringing children’s hospitals to the forefront of disaster preparedness and response, Dr. Anderson was recently appointed by President George W. Bush to the National Commission on Children and Disasters. Way to go, Mike. Congratulations!

Go Cubs go! Your friends, Gigi and Beth

Summer 2008

Hello classmates — It has been a long winter for those of us who live up North. We heard from Robbyn Redding Jones. After one year of paperwork and two trips to Russia, she and her husband brought home a beautiful baby boy, Denis Redding Jones. She reports that he has adjusted well and that she took some time off to stay home and spoil him. Congratulations Robbyn to you and your family. Unfortunately, Robbyn also reported that Bill Joyce’s father passed away this winter. We are sorry to hear about your loss Bill; our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

I also had the opportunity to talk with Annie Sutphin Nock. She and her husband, Mike, live in Bay Village, OH, with their two children: Michael and Madeline. She has also taken some time off to stay home and enjoy her family. We are all very happy for you Annie. Annie sent a photo of some of our classmates from a recent outing in Pittsburgh. As you can see, Eileen Gerity, Jenny (Labuda) Prangle, Karen Judy, Karen (Delserone) Gust, Maria (Amelio) Magee, Cathy (Coyne) Walsh, LuAnn (Mayle) Gabel and Mary (Hoenig) Ward all seem to be having a very good time. I sent an e-mail to all of them and hopefully by the next column we will have some details to report on what all of them have been up to lately.

Gigi and Beth

Spring 2008

We hope you are off to a good start in 2008 … we seem to be as we have heard from a few more classmates this time around. Gigi heard from Margaret Guira Friend who reports that her three children: Izzi, Austen and Cami are doing great. Her exciting news is that she became a certified Pilates instructor two years ago and opened, along with a partner, her own Pilates studio – Reach Pilates. Visit www.allwithinreachpilates.com – their studio is in Chicago located close to Wrigley. … Spencer Cominos … WOW … where to begin. Beth received seven (yes, seven) voice mail messages from a very excited Spencer — that’s a total of 20 minutes of recorded calls — the excitement didn’t stop there, he left a message on Beth’s mom’s voice mail and then sent her an e-mail. So here’s the scoop — on September 27, 2007, Spencer met a woman named Tiffany Welsh. On September 27, 2008, Spencer and Tiffany are getting married. Yes, it is a whirlwind romance. Tiffany has a daughter named Makena (4) and Spencer is thrilled to have an instant family. Congratulations Spencer! It was great to hear your news and the excitement in your voice. We are very happy for you! Spencer also mentioned he still keeps in touch with fellow classmates P.J. Kissane, Randall Koczara, Bill O’Donnell, John Grazia and Paul Hansen. What have you guys been up to? Any news to share?

Maureen Lennon-Zeeb recently ran into Jaime Foley at Starbucks right after Christmas. Maureen said Jamie also lives in Clarendon Hills and has three boys which she decided to home school this year. WOW! Maureen also reports that Karin Van Egmond Lennon is teaching preschool in Park Ridge. Jamie and Karin, we would love to hear from you.

On a more serious note, former class columnist, Belinda Glavic Grassi wrote that her husband, Morris ’85, has MS. Belinda spent the past spring and summer raising awareness and funds for the National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society. She started fundraising in April 2007 for the August 2007 Pedal To The Point bike ride — 150 miles from Berea to Sandusky (Cedar Point) and back over the weekend of August 17-18. She was the captain of a team called “The Bee’s Hive.” They had nine other team members and combined they raised $15,650. Belinda personally raised over $12,500. Belinda’s personal goal for 2008 is to raise $15,000 herself and for her team to raise $25,000. Please contact Belinda – mobee@sbcglobal.net – if you are interested in becoming a team member or in becoming a donor. If anyone is interested in making a contribution, see – http://www.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR/Bike/OHABikeEvents?px=3309575&pg=personal&fr_id=7821 – Belinda’s team personal web page at the MS site. Belinda’s efforts do not stop there. In February 2008, she and a colleague are rolling out a program in local elementary schools, called FAMILY HEALTH CHALLENGE. It is aimed at getting kids and their families more active and focused on their nutrition and activity habits — 900 kids and their families will be involved. Belinda, we admire your ambition and accomplishments and wish you continued success in your efforts.

We look forward to hearing from you, class of ’86! Your friends, Gigi and Beth

Fall 2007

Hello class of ’86. It has been a beautiful fall and the Tribe did very well. We have not heard from too many classmates since the last edition. We encourage you to call or e-mail us with your information or information about other members of our class.

I spoke to John F. Kelly who lives in Cleveland with his wife, Tara. They have three children, Shayla, who lives in Tampa, Teresa who is in 4th grade and Peter who is in 2nd grade. Jake works for Kalwall Corporation and does a lot of traveling. He still talks with Fred Roberts ’84 who was married a few years ago and just had his first child. Congratulations Fred. He said that he also talks with Tim Schwartz. Tim is part owner of Howl at the Moon in the flats. Make sure you stop in and say hi to him if you are in Cleveland.

We heard from Dan Dreiling. Dan lives in Strongsville with his wife, Stephanie ’88 and their children, Kaitlin (13), Danny (11) and Casey (5). As reported before, Dan will be running in the 2007 ING New York City Marathon on Sunday, November 4, as a proud member of Team Fox (Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research). He would like special thanks to go out to the following JCU Alumni for their support of Team Fox and his efforts: Bill Kahl, Dan Gaugler, Dave Pratt ’85, Eric Jochum ’83, George Blaha, Jim Mason ’63, Dan O’Horo ’56, Kevin Bresnahan ’78, Dan Brogan ’87, Otto Dreiling ’56, Bob Conrad and Bob Hager ’84. Dan heard rumors that Tim McGrath will be competing in the Ford Iron man Florida event on November 3 (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run). Good luck Tim! Please send us an update.

If you have some time and haven’t already done so, go to www.jcu.edu/jcuconnect and sign up today. JCU Connect launched in June 2007 and provides the opportunity to keep in touch with old friends and classmates by reading class notes and message boards, searching online profiles, viewing member photo albums, or chatting online. It also keeps you informed of the latest university happenings with news listings, event postings, and a special download center.

We hope you enjoy the holidays with family and friends and we look forward to hearing from you in 2008. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your friends, Gigi and Beth

Editor’s note: We apologize for the error in the summer 2007 issue. The first two sentences of the class of 1986 column were above the header and might have caused some confusion for readers.

Summer 2007

As we write this column, August is almost upon us, the Bears and the Browns are in training camp, the Cleveland Indians are one game out of first place and most importantly the Chicago Cubs are only half a game out of first place! We hope you have all enjoyed a fun-filled summer with family and friends. We are assuming it was an exceptionally busy one given we have only heard from a few of you. So, what happens when we don’t hear from our fellow classmates? We are forced to talk about our very exciting lives and speculate on others.

Let’s start with Gigi Togliatti-Rice … she and her husband, Bob, live in Mansfield, OH, with their three children, Daniel (11), Brady (9) and Luci (7). Gigi has worked as a claims specialist for State Farm Insurance for 18 years. Gigi recently ran into Ellen Titus ’85 poolside in Port Clinton.

Beth Bonanno Hausoul lives in Elmhurst, IL, with her husband, John, and son Andrew (4). She has spent the last six years working for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Beth ran into Jenny Labuda Prangle and Howie Collins with their respective families while spending an afternoon with Karen Judy Foley and family at the Riverside Pool. Howie mentioned he had lunch with Drue Carney and agreed to forward more information – maybe next time, right Howie?!?!? We did hear from Drue Carney. Drue has lived in McKinney (far north suburb of Dallas) for 11 years and Dallas a total of 15 years. His wife’s name is Kelly and they have two children, a son, A.J. (9) and a daughter, Megan (7). Drue did confirm dining with “H” in Chicago and sends his apologies to the other Chicagoans he did not see. Drue also spent time with Rich Kramer at the Daytona 500 in February and recently talked with Bob Conrad who lives in Westlake with his wife, Laurel, and two daughters. Bob shared news that he and the extended Conrad family are off to Ireland for a vacation. Safe travels Bob! Thanks for the call Drue – it was great to hear from you.

A few more updates: Lisa Geraci Macauda ’85 and husband Vince live in Pepper Pike with sons Alex and Matthew. Paul Volpe and Carol Rowand-Volpe live in University Heights with their children, P.J., Daniel and Michael.

Grace Volpe Barber and her husband, Ron, recently moved back to the East Side after spending years on the West Side.

Come on Class of ’86 – we want to hear from you … this is a great venue to share news … send us pictures, notes, anything! Your friends, Gigi and Beth

Spring 2007

We have heard from several people since the last column so we want to get right into the scoops. Maureen Turney Guise and her husband, Rick, live in Downington, PA, with their three children — Rick (9), Kelly (7) and Katie (6). We have heard from Sister Donna Gribschaw who is currently in Arecibo, PR, which is about 60 miles from Puerto Rico. She is supervisor of four AmeriCorps* Vista Members for grant writing and fund raising activities, she can be reached through the admissions office if you are heading her direction.

Eileen McDonough ’83 is living in Portugal she reports that Elizabeth Gallant Grundy is an Iron Man. The race sounded very exciting — her whole family was in Arizona to cheer her on. What an accomplishment Elizabeth, congratulations

Mary Cavanaugh Monroe is an attorney practicing in Cleveland. She is married to John and they have two boys Reilly (6) and Aiden (4). They live right next door to Jeff and Letitia Linker both ’85 in Euclid.

Denise Borkowski Siemborski lives in Old Brooklyn with her husband, John.

Mary Kulina Jurcisin ’87 is a teacher and is married to Tommy, a firefighter in Cleveland. They have three kids, Kaitlan, Alex and Hannah.

We heard from Bill O’Donnell, he reports that Susan Caraher just moved back to Chicago after a three-year job transfer to LA. She is the VP of corporate marketing for Mac Steel USA. She has been with them for seven years and with the steel industry for 19 years. She misses the weather but is happy to be home. Bill also met up with Randall Koczara in Chicago for a business meeting. He his wife and daughter Camilla (10) live in Dallas.

Jamie Foley Bautista lives in Clarendon Hills, IL, with her husband, Michael, and three boys. Jamie contact us, we would love to hear more.

Chris (O’Brien) and Rich Kramer reside in Bath, OH, with their four children. I know the children are doing well in sports and I hopefully will have an update for the next column. Rich was named president, North American Tire for The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, in March 2007.

I also heard from Jamie Milton Marsh who is still working in NY. He resides in New Canaan, CT, and has four children — Max (9), Charlie (8), Betsy (6), and Sammy (4). It was good to hear from you Milts.

Thanks for all the e-mails and calls. We would love to hear from Kevin Flynn, Howard Dobbins, Rita Schafer Carroll, where are you guys?

Your friends, Beth and Gigi

Winter 2007

In case you did not get the last edition, we are the new reps for our graduating class. The two of us caught up at reunion where we decided to leave our families behind and partake in an entire weekend of friendship, laughs, good food, and fun. We were able catch up with so many people and we would like to start off by thanking Bob Sferra for his contribution. He volunteered his time and talent to provide a special lunch for our class and a grilling demonstration for a multitude of graduates. Everything was delicious, hats off Bob. Some of the other people representing the class of 1986: Cathy Coyne Walsh, LuAnn Mayle Gabel, Eileen Gerity, Mary Hoenig Ward, Jenny Labuda Prangle, Karen Judy, Maria Amelio Magee, Drue Carney, Howie Collins, Jim Dowdle, Dan Dreiling, Susan Menner Stojanovski, Paula Zerbi Reape, Bill O’Donnell, Kathy Larson Conway, Andy Logan, Peggy O’Leary Grisley, Mary Metzger-Croft, Annie Sutphin Nock, Cathy Maher Fichtner, Maureen Lennon-Zeeb, Karin Van Egmond Lennon, Caroline Hoffmann Malloy, Carole Donnelly, Dave Wechter, Cynthia Valena Bellian, John Scanlon, Debbie O’Donnell Scanlon, George Blaha, Bill Kahl, Chris O’Brien Kramer, Rich Kramer, Colleen Liederbach-Guest, Julie Gulden, Paul Volpe, Carol Rowand-Volpe, DeeDee DeGidio, Shannon Madigan Cain, Grace Volpe Barber, Cheryl Zuppan Neylon, Karen Pontoriero Simpson, Margie Bredemann Richmond, Amy McDonough Weber.

Paula Zerbi Reape enjoyed her years at John Carroll so much that she and her family, husband David, and children Marisa (9), Zachary (6) and Josh (3) live right up the road.

We caught up with Susan Menner Stojanouski who lives on the West Side with husband, Krume, and two children Zivon (6) and Elena (4).

We heard that Dan Dreiling successfully completed the Chicago Marathon in October – congratulations Dan!

If any of you are interested in a little nip or tuck, Ray Seballos writes that he is now in his 10th year of private practice as a Plastic Surgeon. He works out of the Docere Medical Center located in Strongsville, OH. Ray is married to Lynn Downey Seballos. They have three children Ryan (12), Jason (9), and Kristen (6).

Terri Dy Sivik is currently living in Broadview Heights with her husband, Matthew, and kids, Amanda (13) and Steven (10). She is a dermatologist practicing at North Coast Dermatology Associates in Independence, OH.

Annie Sutphin Nock is living in Bay Village, OH, with her husband, Mike, and two beautiful children Michael (3) and Madeline (1).

Bill O’Donnell and his wife, Amy, live in Barrington, IL, with their three sons, Billy (8), Patrick (6) and Jake (2). They are expecting a girl in March 2007!

Riverside, IL, seems to be a small hub for JCU alumni. Karen Judy lives in Riverside with her husband, Michael Foley, and two children, Thomas (5) and Kate (3). Karen is a pediatrician at Loyola University Medical Center. Karen’s smiling face was shown across America in an American Medical Association commercial during 2006. Karen lives within walking distance to classmate Jenny Labuda Prangle, her husband, Mike, and their three children, Grace (4), Jack (3) and Sophie (1). Also residing in Riverside is Howie Collins with his wife, Mary Margaret, and their son, Riley. Margaret Guira Friend lives near Wrigley Field in a beautiful home with her husband, Kevin, and three lovely daughters.

Congratulations to Kim Labadie Miller and Chris Miller ’85. Baby Caroline joins siblings Ryan, Patrick, Catherine and Andrew.

I caught Mike Anderson on the early morning show. He is working as a Pediatric Critical Care Specialist, congrats Mike.

Ann Bridgman, Marilyn Myles, Joe Saadi, P.J. Kissane, Jaime Foley … what are you up to? Gigi and Beth

Fall 2006

It is with a mixture of happy and sad that I write this column today, as it will be my final one as your class columnist. My first column was submitted in July of 1999, so it’s been over 7 years that I have been at this post. The time to move on must come some time, so I guess this is as good as a time as any. Gigi Togliatti-Rice and Beth (Bonanno) Hausoul requested the chance to write on your behalf, and thus, the torch is passing to them with the next issue. Please be sure to send information to them directly — Gigi gigirice@neo.rr.com and Beth ehausoul@mac.com. I certainly wish them much success with this column and I’ll be anxious to read what they have to report!

So, onward with the last bits of news that I have in my in-box. Margaret (Peggy Rydzel) Grzywacz has moved to Lexington, KY, with her husband Chris and daughters Megan (9) and Ally (7). They are adjusting to their new “Southern” life while Chris attends the University of Kentucky in the Ph.D. program. They are missing the Northern weather (ha ha).

Mary (Dahl) Frank (MBA grad) is living in Mantua, OH, after a two year stint in Oregon. She and her family moved back to Ohio in August this past year and have settled nicely into new digs.

Karen Rogers is living in Canton (Michigan–not Ohio) with her husband Kevin Collins and their children Rebecca (4) and Tyler (3). She graduated from OSU in 1992 with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and is now an assistant professor at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. She works in the Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine. That’s awesome Mary!

And for those who don’t know, James Milton Marsh is living in New Canaan, CT, and working for Hanover Square Capital Management as managing partner of their New York office. He received his MBA from New York University in 1996.

Well, that’s it. My mailbox was a bit empty this time around. Please be sure to send information to your new columnists. Always remember you can still submit and update personal information to JCU online at www.jcu.edu/alumni/update_record_new.asp and this information will go directly to the alumni office and then gets forwarded to your columnists if you check the box to ok that. But hey … TAKE A CHANCE … PUT YOURSELF OUT ON A LIMB … STEP OUTSIDE THAT BORING BOX … and send some news to Gigi and Beth. It’s a hard gig getting enough information to fill this space! Do them a favor, and make their life EASY!!! I wish them the best and I wish you all the best too. It’s been a great time. My very final

Ciao! Belinda

Summer 2006

For those who were not able to attend reunion, you missed a great weekend! The weather cooperated in fine fashion and Saturday evening dinner under the Big Tent was quite a lovely event. It was great to see so many from our class in attendance. Be sure to check http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/classes/1986/index.htm to view photos! I certainly felt sorry for the poor photographer who had to rally the troops for our class photo! A huge thank you to all who made a donation to our 20th reunion class gift. As of June 24, 18.6% of our classmates had participated to raise $47,233 for our gift! That’s amazing! You can still make a contribution to our class gift by visiting www.jcu.edu/givetojcu or you can call Bob Kirschner director of Annual Giving at (216) 397-4198. And now for the news

Someone at reunion passed on information regarding Robert Tangredi. He is living in Carmel, IN, with his wife, Erica, and working for Monster, but his actual position couldn’t be identified! Bob, please let us know what you’re up to!

I can pass along also that Edward Shingary is still living in Parma, OH. Hope you’re OK out there Ed, but your online update didn’t relay what you’re up to either, so we’ll all be in the dark until you shed the light.

I heard through the grapevine that Maureen McCoy Spooner is living in Willoughby, OH, and just recently (well, if you call over six months ago recent…) accepted a position at Progressive. My source told me that Maureen and her husband Andrew have five children … which is totally crazy and insane! Maureen, drop me a line and tell me how you manage all that … you must be super mom!

Margaret “Peggy” (Hannigan) Salamon is now living in St. Charles, IL, with husband Michael. After 10 years in the Minneapolis area, Mike is now employed with Niagara LaSalle Steel in Hammond, IN, and is VP of business development. Peggy is a busy mom to Elizabeth (15), Michael (13), and Luke (6). The family is kicking back and adjusting to life near Chicago after their 18 year hiatus.

Al Casino is currently living with his wife, Susan, in Barberton, OH. He received his MBA from Regis University in December 2005 and is presently a VP with JPMorgan Chase Bank in Akron, OH. Al and Susan have six children (sorry Maureen…they’re even crazier than you!) Kylie (15), Abbey (12), Noah (9), Owen (6), and Molly (2) just recently welcomed child number six, but I have no information.

As for me, I’m just hanging out with the boys and enjoying our first week of good hot summer weather after start off summer vacation with a crummy month of rain. We finally hit the beach, the pool, the sprinkler park, the pool, the zoo, the pool (yes, there’s a pattern here). My phone has a ton of messages that need returning, but I’ll save it for another day. 92° beckons again! Work can wait until the sun sets

Now if only those of you with those large families will tell me your secret to keeping your laundry done! Please don’t tell me it’s all the pool towels and bathing suits. There’s only four of us here, and yet it seems I should just move my office into the laundry room in order to accommodate the frequent trips there. I wonder if there is a way to deduct that as business mileage … hmmm. … Until next time, Ciao! Belinda

Spring 2006

I’ll remind you all again … REUNION … this June 23-25. BE THERE. You all received your reservation forms and hopefully you returned them already. If not, remember you can register online! It’s fast, easy and convenient. Trust me … that’s how I did mine. If you like to shop online, this is for you! It’s that fast, easy, convenient thing that hooks me every time. Point, click, pay … right from my desk … it’s no wonder I have my VISA number memorized! Remember that when you register for reunion, you can also make your class gift at the same time. Even if you are not planning to attend reunion, won’t you consider making a donation to our centennial class gift? Your help in reaching our class-gift goal of $50,000 will be thankfully appreciated. We have a very lofty donor goal for our centennial class, but as a committee, we felt that while lofty, the goal was definitely attainable.

Now for some news. I read a press release that indicated Jim Grazko has been promoted as of January 1, 2006 to vice president, general manager of Underwriting and Contract Services for Premera Blue Cross in Mountain Terrace, WA. Jim received his MBA in Health Services Administration from George Washington University. He has worked for Health Net, Ernst & Young, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Congratulations! Jim mentioned via e-mail that his dad probably forwarded the press release to John Carroll, as he’s been so busy he never got around to it! Jim and his wife, Marybeth, are living in Redmond, WA, with their boys: Matthew (9), Ryan (7) and Christopher (4). Although they like Washington State, they wish they were back home in Cleveland and they miss it here a lot. COME ON JIM … Cleveland WINTER? You MISS that? You’re crazy!

I also received an e-mail from Carolyn (Mockenhaupt) O’Connor. She and her husband James welcomed Christian Joseph Edward O’Connor on January 3rd. His big brother Cole (6) is thrilled to have a new little brother. Carolyn … sorry I couldn’t get this in our last column. For once, there was too much to report in one column, so I saved it for this one!

This is really OLD news, but someone just sent it to me, so mea culpa for being so long overdue. Ric Harris was named executive vice president and general manager of Digital Media and Strategic Marketing for the NBC Universal Television Stations Group. He made a name for himself in the Cleveland area in local and national sales at Channel 5, WOIO Channel 19, and WUAB Channel 43. He earned his master’s degree in communications management from JCU last spring. He and his wife Mindee (hey girl … long time, you should call me) and their children are now living in the NYC area. Hope you are all doing well, and if any of this information is now outdated, please feel free to contact me with something more current!

More currently, my best pal Silvia Grava got married to Andrew Bird on December 30, 2005 in their hometown of Toronto. Silvia and son Davis now have a dog to go with their cat! Congratulations to you friend! And I plan to be in camp to celebrate with you the week before reunion! Can’t wait to meet you Andrew … and I want a ride on the Harley!

Last, but not least, Frank Uhlir and his wife, MaryAlice, welcomed their first child, son Thomas Peter, in February 2006. Thomas didn’t come home right away. Like all Uhlirs, he had to do things the hard way and he arrived a little early. So while mom got to recuperate at home, Thomas had to stick around at the hospital for awhile. But everyone is doing fine now, and I can’t wait to hear how they like the new “Walter…” books we bought them as a gift! I can just hear the laughter as they read about poor Walter.

Well, I have more news, but again, I’ve run out of space. That’s a good problem! So … see you at Reunion! Until next time … Caio! Belinda

Winter 2006

I’ll remind you all again … REUNION … next June 23-25. BE THERE. Just to get you ready for the summer weekend, a few facts and figures. Did you know we have 577 living class members? Out of those, only 35 have unknown addresses! Our reunion attendance was 108 in 1991, 106 in 1996, and a meager 62 in 2001. COME ON GUYS … we can do WAY better than that for 2006! I think we should go for RECORD ATTENDANCE for a 20-year reunion … that number would be 130! WE CAN DO IT! The number of reunion class donors has decreased from 271 to 114 from 1991-2001, but our total dollars of giving increased from $16,792 to $35,853. Let’s try to set record numbers of donors and dollars this year too while we’re at it!

And now the news. We have a whole bunch of online submissions. First, we find Anne Batcheller Muller living in Milton, MA, with her husband, Paul Muller, and son, Daniel (2). Also, Jeffrey Malicki indicated he is now living in New Lenox, IL, with his wife, Barbara, and son Ryan (1). He is working for Mass Mutual Financial Group as an agency director.

Julia Spiker e-mailed that she is now living in Tallmadge, OH. And the last online submission was from Laurie Hubman MacDonald who is living in St. Pete Beach, FL, with her husband, Stewart, son Ian (3) and daughter Bridgette (2).

I got word that Drue Carney is living in McKinney, TX, with his wife, Kelly, son A.J. (7) and daughter Megan (5). He recently left FC Dallas of Major League Soccer to join U.S. Marketing & Promotions as the director of Account Services. The company is a division of The Marketing Arm

As for Rich Gorman, he is living in Davie, FL, with his wife, Cuqui, daughters McKinzie (10) and Haley (8), and son Nicholas (5). Rich received his MBA from University of South Florida in 1996 and is currently employed as president of Choice Generics.

I received a lengthy e-mail (THANK YOU!) from Jim Dowdle who I must assume is working for The Food Network since his e-mail address was as such. Now if only he could forward those Emeril tickets… He indicated he was heading to two JCU introductory receptions in the Chicago area held in honor of Fr. Niehoff. Jim sent news regarding PJ Kissane, who apparently is still at U.S. News and World Report, is married, and living in Winnetka with one child. Also, Jim indicated that James Marsh is still in NY and has recently started his own hedge fund. He and his wife Joanna ’88 live in Greenwich, CT, and have five children (crazy, crazy): Dean, Joanna, Richard, Mary and Mac (McNally). Rick Collins was mentioned as having a regular day-job with an intellectual property firm, but has time to side-line as manager for the Umpires Clubhouse at U.S. Cellular Field. I’m told he had a blast at the recent World Series! As for Jim’s news that Tim McGrath looks the same as he did in 1986 … NOT FAIR! … I have even more news, but I’ve run out of space! This has got to be a first! SO … look for next issue, when I’ll tell you all about Jon Mezzopera, Frank Uhlir, Jim Grazko, Maureen (McCoy) Spooner, and Silvia Grava. Geez, I have to confer with them first before I tell you all their news!

Until next time … Caio! Belinda

Fall 2005

I’ll remind you all again … REUNION … next June 23-25. BE THERE. If anyone is interested in being on our reunion committee, please contact Rosalie Massey at 216.397.3014 or 1.800.736.2586. She can also be e-mailed at rmassey@jcu.edu. … And now the news folks

Finally I heard back from Jordan Pace regarding the status of his pending partnership at Plante & Moran. The great news is that it is now official and was effective July 1, 2005. Congratulations Jordan! Specifically, he is now a partner in the Health and Human Services Group. Even with all the new responsibilities, I’m sure he still has time to spend with his favorite 1 year old (Siena)! Jordan and his wife, Marci, are still in Columbus. So if any of you are in the area, look them up!

I got an e-mail from John Bruening. I am flattered that he thinks I am the keeper of all things 1986, but much credit must go to Michele McFarland at JCU who does lots of the behind-the-scenes forwarding! She is definitely my life saver!!! Anyway, John sounds like he has this really cool job as media relations manager at Telarc Records — which is an independent record label located in Beachwood, OH. The company has won 42 Grammy Awards in the 27 years since its founding — mostly in classical and jazz categories. He is living in South Euclid with his wife, Mariah; daughter Jessica (4), and son Jack (2). He noted that he drives by JCU twice daily on his commute to work. And YES, things sure DO look different now. He is looking forward to seeing some familiar faces mixing it up at the ever-changing campus at our reunion next summer.

For those of you who are foodies out there, check out Bob Sferra from Viking Culinary Arts. He was recently spotted at the Greater Cleveland Community Shares 20th anniversary celebration. He was a member of a panel of judges who were forced to endure a chicken-wing cook-off (as if that could possibly be a bad thing). The event was held on August 17th in the pavilion at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. If you can believe it, 300 guests ate more than 5,000 wings from 11 contest contenders. The judge’s unanimous decision went to Rock Bottom Brewery’s sweet and spicy Asian-style wings. Cleveland Community Shares was founded in 1985 and supports 40 local social justice organizations through workplace giving programs and philanthropic initiatives. (By the way, the accountant in me couldn’t let it rest … that’s an average of 16.67 wings per person!)

And lastly, I ran into Pam Malone Mitchell at my son’s elementary school open house just a few weeks ago. She looked great as always, and had her two daughters in tow. She lives a stone’s throw from me in Concord Township, OH, with her husband, Wayne, and daughters Anna (2nd grade) and Mindy (5th grade). Seems our kids now go to the same elementary school. Funny how we end up where we begin … I’ve known Pam since we went to grade school together … then high school … etc. We live so close, yet we never seem to run into each other!

Finally, did you know you can update your alumni information directly online at www.jcu.edu? If you take a few moments to do that, the alumni office sends your class columnist the information the very next day! Well, maybe not THAT quick, but trust me, I get the word! So, for those of you who are reluctant to send information to your class columnist (yeah … me), then GET ONLINE and fill out the information. It only takes a few quick moments, and it’s painless … trust me! Until next time…Caio! Belinda

Summer 2005

Let’s get busy! We have a reunion right around the corner … only one year away. If you are thinking about attending, start sending me your inquiries now. I’ll be happy to print those! … I got a status report on David Bennett and he’s living in Derry, NH, with his wife, Jennifer, and 1-year-old son Andrew. David was in ROTC at JCU and is now a plans officer with the U.S. Army in Londonderry, NH. He recently finished a one-year tour of duty in Tikrit, Iraq supporting the 1st Infantry Division. David … on behalf of our classmates, we salute you!

I also got an e-mail from Robbyn Redding Jones and she’s had quite an exciting and busy year. She was living in Florida and got engaged to David Jones last October. A week later she found out that her employer, Magnivision Reading Glasses, was sold to AAI Foster Grant. Thus she had to pick up and plan a move to Rhode Island in addition to planning a wedding! As if that wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she and her fiancé each sold their respective houses and then built another in Rhode Island over the Christmas holiday! They got married on February 19, 2005, and moved to Cumberland, RI, on March 10. Robbyn is now a merchandising manager for Magnivision there. After six years in sunny Florida, I am sure the weather will take some adjusting to. Hey Robbyn, wasn’t Davey Jones one of the Monkeys????? Or am I the only one who watched that show?

Salvatore D’Angelo was appointed to assistant cashier with Fifth Third Bank, Northeastern Ohio way back in January 2005. By now, I am sure that Sal has solidified his position as an investment executive in the Fifth Third Securities Department. He is responsible for working with the retail banking division to increase investment sales and help Fifth Third customers in Lake and Geauga counties (Ohio) achieve their investment needs. Hey Sal, are you living in Mentor theses days? Drop me a line and let me know how the job is going.

Michael R. Anderson is living in Lyndhurst, OH. After graduating from JCU he received his MD from CWRU in 1990. He now works at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital as director of the Fellowship Program. He and his wife, Dianne, have five children — Timothy (14), Brian (12), Kevin (9), Elizabeth (8), and Bradley (5). As if five kids aren’t enough to keep one busy, Michael has been busy as a Pediatric ICU physician at Rainbow, and was recently appointed the medical director of the PICU at MetroHealth Medical Center. His wife is … well … just busy as hell (can you just imagine?) managing a house of seven. I wonder how many soccer and baseball games she has watched so far this summer!

Ann Zuppan Neylon is living in Brookpark, OH, with her husband, Alan, daughter Erin (14). She has a Master’s of Education and is teaching in the Cleveland Schools as a computer resource teacher.

Lastly, I heard from Gigi Togliatti-Rice, who is working with State Farm. She has offered to forward me bunches of information for future newsletters with help from anyone who is in her circle of friends and contacts! So if you don’t feel like e-mailing me, feel free to e-mail Gigi at gigi.rice.code@statefarm.com.

Hey, any help I can get is sure going to be appreciated! And did you know you can update your alumni information directly online at www.jcu.edu? If you take a few moments to do that, the alumni office sends your class columnist the information the very next day! Well, maybe not THAT quick, but trust me, I get the word! So, for those of you who are reluctant to send information to your class columnist (yeah … me), then GET ONLINE and fill out the information. It only takes a few quick moments, and it’s painless … trust me! And by the way … if you DO opt to e-mail me, make sure your subject line specifically indicates JCU alumni news so I don’t delete your message as spam! Caio, Belinda

Winter 2005

Another tax season begins. By the time you read this, it will almost be over (thank goodness)! My mailbag is extremely light this time. Maybe with the holidays just being over, you all forgot to send me a note – go figure.

I received an update on Mary Bailey Frank. She is living in Eagle Point, OR, with her husband, Jerome, and son Jimmy (15). She actually received her MBA from JCU in 1986. Yes, our first thoughts are those undergraduate classmates. But we DID have an MBA graduating class as well, let’s not forget!

And I finally heard from the ever-elusive Jordan Pace. I was finally able to track him down and inform him that he might think he can run, but he can never hide! He is doing very well these days. He is currently on an accounting partnership track at Plante & Moran and is probably awaiting word on his acceptance as we read this. Good Luck!!! He and his wife, Marci, are living in Galena, OH, outside of Columbus. They were married in October 2002 in Tuscany — specifically Siena, Italy. About 20 people made the trip to Italy to attend their wedding. They then honeymooned in Como, Bellagio, Venice, and Santa Margerita. They just welcomed a daughter named Siena in July 2004. I got to see Christmas pictures and she is very adorable! Now, be sure to let us all know about that partnership! And you never did send that information on John Veres.

Well, that’s it. If anyone has anything interesting to share, please contact me. If you opt for e-mail, make sure your subject line specifically indicates JCU alumni news so I don’t delete your message as spam! And if anyone wants to hear from someone or is wondering what someone is up to, send me a note. I’ll pass along your inquiries in print and perhaps we will all get a response!

I was kind of wondering about Nancy DeJovine-Hetki, Pam Malone Mitchell, Jon Fimiani, Maureen McCoy Spooner, Greg Morse, Diane Mekker, Gigi Togliatti-Rice, Dave Eichenlaub, Dave Zarlenga, and Paula Zerbi Reape. I wonder if I ask you to respond … maybe that’s a good way to get 2005 rolling off to a good start! Caio, Belinda

Fall 2004

Let the word-count begin! Here goes.

First, Susan K. Lewis is currently living in Olmsted Falls, OH with her children Carey (11) and Madison (9). She is employed at Case Western Reserve University as the director of Major Gifts.

Stephen Raglow-DeFranco and his wife, Carolyne, recently moved to Niagara Falls, NY with their children Stephen Carl (12), Mariska (10), Zora (8), James (4), and Paul (2). I counted 5 children … just call him crazy! He holds a MA in English from Bowling Green (1991) and is currently working with American Express Financial Advisors. He is looking to hook up with other JCU alumni in the area of Niagara Falls, so feel free to e-mail him at ragdefranco@adelphia.net if you are living nearby!

Susan Rae Vecchio is living in Birmingham, MI with her husband, Christopher, and children, Anthony Salvatore (5), and Johnny Rae (3). She is currently working at being a great mom and enjoying her time at home with her family.

I also heard that Gregory Clark is living in Aurora, OH and is a vice president at Cleveland Motion Controls. In addition to his undergraduate degree, he holds an MBA from JCU ’98. He resides with his wife, Amy, and their children Nathan (6) and Garrett (4).

Just FYI, I also heard through the grapevine (literally) that Jordan Pace and his wife welcomed their first child sometime this past summer. Now, I don’t know all the details, but perhaps Giordano would be kind enough to fill me in sometime.

And lastly, I received a very lengthy news release regarding Thomas Short. He’s been a busy guy it seems. After graduating from JCU, he went on to earn a master’s (1988) and a doctorate (1991) both from Carnegie Mellon University. He was named a Fellow of the American Statistical Association on August 10, 2004 during an annual awards ceremony at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is currently an associate professor of mathematics at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Since the Fellows Committee can only elect one-third of 1% of the total membership as Fellows, this is quite an accomplishment. This year, only 56 members nationwide (of 17,000 total!) were accorded the Fellows honor. The Fellow is awarded for “outstanding contributions to statistic education from elementary school through graduate school at local and national levels, for excellence in teaching and statistical consulting, and for editorial and professional service.” Congratulations to you Tom!

As for me, I’m still hanging out in Concord Township, OH with the guys. Morris and the boys (Dante Roberto (4) and Marco Romano (2)) are doing awesome. I’m now teaching 6 spinning classes a week at both Fitworks and the YMCA and have added Sunday preschool teacher to the collection of titles that I wear. Don’t let me forget the 2 toddler gym and activity classes I agreed to teach once a week at the local community center.

And oh yeah … I almost forgot … I’m still working as a self-employed CPA! Let’s just say that we are keeping ourselves really busy!

That’s it. Perhaps you could remember me next time you are sitting at your computer. SEND ME AN E-MAIL. Update me on all your friends—if not yourself! If I got just a few e-mails each issue… Word-count ends now (567 phew)! Caio, Belinda

Spring 2004

This will be very brief, since I haven’t heard from too many of you since the last column. I received a note regarding our very own former class columnist John Reilly. He is back in Cleveland as many of you probably already know. He left Ohio State after 12 years and accepted a position on the staff of in-house counsel at Case Western Reserve University. He and his wife, Karen, are now living in Bay Village with their 4 children — Conner (6), Kiera (4), Liam (2), and Aidan is soon to be 1. I wonder if any of them had a birthday since I received that note!

I also received a note that Jeanine (Sheehy) Poleti is living in Cranberry Township, PA with her husband, Tony, and children Jennifer and Tony. She sends a big hello to all of her sisters at Lambda Gamma Sigma!

I told you this was brief. That’s it. Perhaps you could remember me next time you are sitting at your computer. SEND ME AN E-MAIL. Update me on all your friends — if not yourself! If I got just a few e-mails each issue

Until next time, Caio, Belinda

Winter 2004

Well, the holidays are over and thank goodness. But my family room floor now looks like a cyclone hit it. My lovely coffee table is now stored under my bed and has been replaced with my sons’ train table — which Santa so graciously left here on Christmas Eve. I long for the day I can vacuum without spending 30 minutes picking up train track first. So much for my exciting life! Excitement here now means we got a new train video to watch! Let’s move on and see how my exciting life stacks up with these fellow graduates. Shall we?

I received a lengthy press release regarding our very own Diana Maiola. She has been quite the busy gal lately. The year 2003 marked the 7th year since the launch of GoldMax™ by Diana – a collection that includes quality jewelry from Italy as well as personally designed creations by Diana. Her collection pieces are offered through home presentations and private appointments in Cleveland and other major cities throughout the U.S. and Italy. Diana also has been educated at the Gemological Institute of America. GoldMax serves as a full service jeweler and is registered with the Jeweler’s Board of Trade. Feel free to contact Diana at dainamai63@hotmail.com. Congratulations on your successes so far!

I heard through the grapevine that Kathy Novak Cooper is now living in Medina, OH with her husband Doug and their 5 (yes I wrote 5) children! Katelyn (10), Megan (8), Kevin (6), Daniel (3), and Kyle Grace (1). I hope they haven’t had any birthdays since I got this e-mail! Man … 5 kids … she must be crazy insane. On top of that craziness, they live in a unique log home that they designed and built themselves. How did you find the time? I found her e-mail address quite amusing at “kc5kids”!

I also heard that Tom Short is now living in Indiana, PA. Yes, I did write that correctly. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 1991 and is now an associate professor in the mathematics department of Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He wrote that he will be teaching statistics. He makes his home with his wife Mary Schaefer Short ’85 and their 4 children — Bobby (12), Kathy (10), Peter (7), and Kellen (4).

I read in the newspaper some time back that Annora C. Marcus was elected assistant secretary at the Lubrizol Corporation. She joined Lubrizol in 1989 as a domestic tax analyst and has held various domestic and international tax related positions in the company’s finance division. Congratulations Annora and good luck, even though I know this note comes quite some time after your appointment!

Kathleen Pero M.D. wrote that she is living in Stow, OH with her husband John DiSabato M.D. and their 3 children — Michael (6), Joseph (4), and Christopher (2). Kathleen is a private-practice psychiatrist at Family Behavioral Health Care Center in Mayfield Heights. She also does community mental health work at Pastoral Counseling Services in Akron. Her husband is a family practice physician at the Summa Health System Residency Program in Akron. They have both been listed in the 2002-2003 editions of “Guide to America’s Top Family Doctors” and “Guide to America’s Top Psychiatrists.” Kudos to you both!

Major Mark S. Bennett wrote that he is currently stationed at Fort Bragg and is living in Fayetteville, NC with his wife, Yvonne. He holds an MBA from Syracuse University that he received in 1998. His current position is as division finance officer with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Ann Daley Smrekar writes that she is living in Willoughby, OH with her husband, Richard, and their children Claire (6) and Charlie (4).

Well, that’s all for now. Since we had no column in the last issue some of this information may be long overdue for printing. I hope I covered everything. If not, you know where to find me. I am waiting to hear from you

Caio, Belinda

Winter 2003

An e-mail from Rich Gorman indicated that he is still in the “drug business” – in Florida I presume. Not to worry, it’s legitimate, as he is still in the pharmaceutical business. He and Cuqui are doing great and they spend as much time as possible with their three children – McKinzie (7), Haley (5), and Nicholas (2). He indicated that he and a bunch of former classmates get together for golf every year and have had this tradition every year since we graduated. He had this to pass on about

Dan Tierney and his wife, Elizabeth, have two children now. No names or ages were available, so Dan, please update all of us. One of those children is a new addition . Dan is working as a nephrologist, in Charlotte, NC.

Tim McGrath is running a brokerage business in downtown Chicago. When not working, he spends time at his mountain vacation home in Colorado.

Rob Marshall is a cardiologist in Washington, DC. He and his wife, Capricia, have one child named Cole (2).

Tom McDonald and his wife, Laura, live outside of Philadelphia. Tom is also in the “drug business” and keeps busy with three children. Again, no names or ages available. So Tom, if you want to post me a note, I’ll let everyone know about your three angels!

Bob Tangredi and his wife, Erin, have recently (well, not so recent now) moved to Indianapolis, where Bob took over a business unit of Monster.com. Bob and Erin also have two children. Any updates will be appreciated, Bob.

As for Frank Voltarel, he is living in Chicago with his wife. They own and operate one of the busiest dry cleaning businesses on the North Side. Frank, tell me the name and address and I will plug some free advertising your way! You know we have tons of alum living in the Chicago area.

John Wagner and his wife, Cathy, are also living in Chicago with their son, Jack.

Robert Lees, who is living in Sarasota, FL, was named assistant principal at Cardinal Mooney High School in Sarasota on June 1, 2002. Robert also holds an MA from JCU that he received in 1996.

Gregory Clark is living with his wife, Amy, and children, Nathan (4 1/2) and Garrett (2) in Simpsonville, SC. He works for Parker Hannifin.

And last but not least — my husband, Morris ’85, and I welcomed our second son, Marco Romano, on April 5. Ten days early and a welcome relief at that! He weighed a whopping 9 pounds 10 ounces and was 21 inches. He is already over 20 pounds now at 6 months! We are hoping for a great career in football or something … His brother; Dante Roberto (2 1/2) can’t wait to have him as a playmate. Now if I can only remember all those April birthdays at our house.

Well, that’s all for this issue. Please, please, please, send me information. There can’t be a column without you, so post away. I’m only an e-mail or phone call away! Caio, Belinda

Spring 2002

Well, another issue of the Alumni Journal gets underway as another busy tax season lingers on. Thank goodness for snow and cold weather — because if taxes were due in the summer I’d really be in trouble! There’s just no better way to spend a cold and snowy day than behind a desk preparing a 1040! That really is a joke (ha ha), but if it were summer, I’d have a real dilemma. What to do … work or play?

This column is going to be pretty lean because I don’t have that much to report. I did get an excellent e-mail from Jane Ruby (Guzauskas). After graduating from JCU she began working in the Chemistry Research Department at the Lubrizol Corporation. She completed her master’s in Chemistry in 1990 at JCU while still at Lubrizol. At the same time, she was also an active member of the National Ski Patrol at Alpine Valley in Chesterland, OH. Now how’s this for cool … she wanted to improve her skills in ski patrolling so she signed up for an avalanche workshop at Wilderness Medical Conference in Big Sky, MT — and while there, she met her future husband, David. They were married in 1994, and had a daughter, Alaina, in 1995 and a second daughter, Gillian, in 1998. They currently live in Phoenix, AZ where David is an emergency physician and Jane is now a certified infant swimming research instructor. Seems that Jane became interested in infant swimming lessons while working on her Ph.D. at Arizona State University. She had enrolled her daughters in the program because of her concern with the high incidence of young children drowning in the Phoenix area. She was so impressed that she went on to become an instructor herself. Since becoming certified in May 2000, Jane has taught over 50 infants/toddlers. Her youngest were 6-month-old twins who learned how to float on their backs in 4 weeks. Now, that’s what I call a real career change!

Some other notes:

Patricia Banks is currently living with her husband, Paul Lashua, in Cincinnati, OH and working as the clinical director of Family Ties Therapeutic Foster Care. She received her M.Ed. from Xavier University in 1989. I also heard that after completing his MBA, Kevin Flynn now works for Tooling & Equipment International as a CAD/CAM programmer. He is living in Ferndale, MI with his wife, Veronica, and their two children — Brigid (3) and Aileen (1). And last but not least, I learned that Susan Tucker is alive and well and living in Painesville, OH.

That’s it. Short and sweet. Next time I write I’ll be a new mom again! And here’s just a bit of irony for all the other accountants I know. My due date is April 15th! Don’t you all laugh out loud. I already did that for you plenty of times. I thought the first time around was funny when my son’s due date was April 13th. This time around, it’s just plain warped! I never thought in a million years

So long. Keep your notes headed my way. Don’t forget that you can e-mail your notes to me for convenience too.

Caio, Belinda