Spring 2017
My desperate plea for news paid off because we heard from classmates who haven’t written in before. My talk of ’80s movies reminded Christopher Slabicki of how much he loved the “Rocky” series. “I remember watching ‘Rocky II’ in Kulas Auditorium,” he said. He has since watched all six Rocky films multiple times. “The reason these movies are my favorite, and meaningful to me, is they inspired me to never give up.” Chris explained how difficult it was to be an accounting major and how he pondered quitting. But he was inspired and kept at it to the end. The results: Chris secured an accounting job soon after graduating. He went on to become a CPA, which he still is. The movies and songs from our college years are still meaningful to us. (Who doesn’t turn up the treadmill for Rocky’s “Gonna Fly Now”?)

It was also wonderful to hear from Monica Holland. She, husband Dwight Morrow, and their son, Theo, relocated to the Boston area from West Chester, Pennsylvania, where they’ve lived happily for 17 years. Dwight’s been working with a bone marrow stem cell start- up in Cambridge for the past year. They’re happy to transition from suburbia to an urban college town. Monica says she feels like a kid again in Cambridge. They recently vacationed on the Kona coast in Hawaii, with volcanoes and unusual birds. In addition to being a busy, hard-working mother, Monica has been deep into researching her ancestors from the Abruzzo region of Italy. (I was thrilled to find out more on that from her because my father came from that region as well!) Monica gives a shout- out to her cousin Gary Mandalfino ’86.

Thanks to John Marcus ’72 for the following information: The brothers of Iota Chi Upsilon had a reunion at homecoming in October, bringing back 250 former members. They dined Thursday, golfed Friday, and enjoyed a formal dinner in the Dolan Science Center Saturday. The IXY scholarship is more than $1.3 million and racing toward $2 million in endowments. Attending from our class: Al Lins, Patrick Scully, John Dempsey, Jim Conway, Tim Smith, and Bob Hager.

If you had a mini class reunion, let us know.


Don D’Amore

Winter 2017
This doesn’t happen often, but there’s no news this time, which according to the old adage is good news, but according to your three-decade class columnist, isn’t so great. Consider emailing me soon with your latest update. If you need an inspiring theme, I was thinking about all the classic movies that were out in the early ’80s during our years on campus. My wife, Michelle (Sciangula), and I went to see “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” which was our first movie together, in 1983. We still watch it whenever it comes on. There were so many classics out then, such as “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “The Karate Kid,” “Footloose,” and “The Shining.” When they come on TV now, you find yourself watching them repeatedly. I recall Ken Keeler telling me several years ago that he’d find himself watching the classic “Animal House.” Though that was a late-70s film, it was reshown on campus a lot. Which movie or TV show from the ’80s takes you back?


Don D’Amore

Fall 2016
Our classmates are all over the place, and you never know when you’ll run into one, so look out. Earlier this year, in my travels as a speech language pathologist, I went to a facility in Cleveland called The Centers for Families and Children and was delighted to discover Amy (Klein) Epstein working there. It’s always fun to find a classmate out in the world. Amy, a family advocate at the facility, was cheerful and doing well. Previously, she worked at The Music Settlement in Cleveland. She and her husband live locally. Amy even recalled that she was in my intro to speech language pathology class taught by Dr. Bruening at JCU way back when.

Have you recently run into a classmate when you weren’t expecting it? We’d all love to hear about it.


Don D’Amore

Summer 2016
Hi, classmates. I hope everyone got the most from their summer. Let me know where you went and what you did.

John Breen was inspired by my previous column about memories of vinyl albums spinning in the dorm. John and his wife of 32 years, Cathy, finally got to see Boston in concert at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida. John said the crowd looked a lot older. John recalls that while he was in the dorms he was always spinning “Aja” by Steely Dan, along with the Doobie Brothers. His favorite Doobie Brothers song at the time was “Real Love,” with Michael McDonald singing lead. John, who has been with AT&T for 23 years, is an AVP running an engineering organization for fortune 100 customers. John is also a member of the class of 2016 as an MBA graduate from the University of Phoenix. (Another graduate of the MBA program at University of Phoenix is Shaquille O’Neal, who lives in Florida just two hours from the Breens.) John and Cathy’s son, Jay, turned 31 and has been married for almost a year to his wife, Karissa. The Breen’s daughter, Amanda, who’s 27, is preparing for her first Ironman event this September. The Breens don’t have grandkids yet, but they have plenty of granddogs and grandcats. John and Cathy spend their free time – and wish there was more – on their boat or at the beach.



Sharing Connections, a not-for-profit organization in Illinois, appointed Deborah Rickert ’84G chief executive officer, effective July 18. Previously, Deborah worked for Travelers United, a Washington, D.C.-based consumer advocacy nonprofit organization. She has more than 13 years of experience in founding, managing, and developing nonprofits. The press release states that Deborah is the founder of Operation Support our Troops America and is well versed in the leadership and skills necessary to continue the work of Sharing Connections. Deborah, who has earned several certifications in nonprofit leadership and fundraising, was recognized with several philanthropic and humanitarian awards, most recently, Chicago Woman of the Year by the Chicago Rotary. She holds a BA in psychology and communication from Baldwin Wallace University and an MA in counseling psychology from JCU.

Terry and Terri (Youse) Anthony’s son, Scott, graduated from Union Academy in North Carolina this past spring. He’s heading to college at North Carolina State University this fall. What sort of graduation was in your life this year? Let us all know soon.


Don D’Amore

Spring 2016
A press release informed us that it has been an award-winning year for Tim Cavanagh and his law firm, Cavanagh Law Group, which is in Chicago. U.S. News & World Report Best Lawyers 2016 “Best Law Firms” awarded the firm a Tier 1 ranking. Firms included in the 2016 list must receive consistently high ratings from clients and peers and undergo a rigorous evaluation process. Tim was named individually to the Best Lawyers list. Cavanagh Law Group also earned a Trial Lawyer Excellence award for a $9.75 million bicycle injury settlement the firm obtained. On top of all this, for the sixth year in a row, Tim has been named to the prestigious Irish Legal 100 list by the Irish Voice newspaper, which pays tribute to outstanding lawyers of Irish descent. Tim lives in Chicago with his wife, Stacey, and six children.

My wife, Michelle (Sciangula), and I finally attended our first Bruce Springsteen concert this past February in Cleveland. It took me right back to being a freshman in Dolan, when I listened to Bruce on Kirk Ludwig’s “Born to Run” album, which first got me hooked. I remember how different classmates had various albums. As you traveled from dorm room to dorm room, you’d expect to hear different vinyl spinning. Bob (Reg) Lally had Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours” playing. John Herber had the “Boston” album playing (though that might have been an 8-track!). Ben Miralia had Cat Stevens. Joe Sivak had The Rolling Stones. Ironically, my 15-year-old son, Andrew, is deep into collecting vintage vinyl now. What albums were you spinning in your dorm room 35 years ago? Send us a flashback.


Don D’Amore

Winter 2016
It’s wonderful to receive a life update from Ann (Evans) Sords. Ann moved her real-estate license to Re/Max Traditions in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, this past year. She loves the freedom it gives her, and business has done very well because of the move. Here’s the update on her three sons: The twins, Erik and Peter, are 26. Erik spent three years in China and finished his degree at Cleveland State University. He financed much of his education in Beijing. He was hired by Tesla, which will send him back to China after his training. Peter, who graduated from Lehigh University in bioengineering, has been working for Neuros, a biotech company in Willoughby, Ohio. He’s studying for the GRE and intends to return to school for a master’s degree in electrical engineering. Ann’s youngest son, Sammy (19), is a sophomore at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he’s an acting student in the Meisner Studio. Ann is very proud of her boys and how hard they work.

The Mother McAuley/Saint Xavier Academy Alumnae Association in Chicago inducted our very own Theresa (Teri) Beran Kulat into the McAuley Hall of Honor in November. As a practicing attorney for more than 20 years, Teri helps families and businesses using collaborative law, a legal framework for resolving disputes respectfully without going to court. So she could integrate her faith into her professional life, she founded Trinity Family Law, a firm that aims to empower people in legal matters so they can negotiate agreements that enable them to build healthy new lives, prosper financially, and co-parent children effectively. “She has been a trailblazer for collaborative law, making peace out of discord,” says a nominator. “Now she’s developing next-generation leaders. She founded the Trainers for the Advancement of Collaborative Practice, an organization that trains attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial planners in collaborative practice.” Congrats, Teri!

Ed Cooper III is always up to something amazing. Last July, Ed was elected treasurer of the Union League Club of Chicago, a 136-year-old, non-partisan civic, cultural, and philanthropic organization. Ed also will chair the club’s finance committee. Ed is a senior vice president for Wells Fargo Bank, where he’s responsible for managing client relationships for the food and agribusiness commercial banking office. The author of articles published in the ABA and RMA journals, Ed has served as a professional speaker at banking industry conferences. Ed and his wife, Patty DeBiasi-Cooper, have two children, James and Grace

What’s happening in your year?


Don D’Amore

DJ minireunion (front row, from left): Carswell, Taylor, Cipriani, Hetzel, (back row) Roddy, Buckley, Peters, Healy, Lasic-Knott, McNamara, Butler, Csendes

DJ minireunion (front row, from left): Carswell, Taylor, Cipriani, Hetzel, (back row) Roddy, Buckley, Peters, Healy, Lasic-Knott, McNamara, Butler, Csendes

Fall 2015
We heard from Mary Cipriani ’83, who you might recall was one of the talented DJs from our era of WUJC/WJCU Radio. (Mary says she’s sort of class of 1983.5 because she finished in December of ’83, but her diploma states June of ’84.) Mary reports that every spring for the past several years, various alumni who DJ-ed at the campus radio station have been getting together for a reunion luncheon. (Mary says any DJ alumni interested in joining them next spring can receive info about the location/date by contacting the station or anyone in the photo.) Those who attended this year are: John Roddy ’85, Joseph Buckley ’85, Bill Peters ’80, Tom Healy ’85, Vinka Lasic-Knott ’00, Kevin McNamara ’88, Patrick Butler ’01, Susan Csendes ’88, Mike Carswell, Ken Taylor ’82, Michael Heltzel ’91, and Mary. Mary also let us know about the following DJs who’ve joined them at previous reunions: Tim Bauman, Mario Becerra ’87, Eric Edelman ’88, John Iammarino ’89G, Joe Kleon, Kris Koch ’89, Mark Krieger (faculty), Tracy Moavero ’89, Eric Sosinski ’87, Rosemary Snow, and Doug Wood ’89. Mary reported: “We enjoy reminiscing about these things called vinyl records and record stores, which today’s students aren’t familiar with – LOL.” I recalled (and Mary confirmed) that several years ago, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum borrowed some of Mary’s collectables for their U2 exhibit. She said that was quite a thrill. Michelle and I have a family membership to the Rock Hall, which we have visited twice so far this year. There’s always something new to discover there. So what’s rocking your world?

Edward L. Cooper III was elected treasurer of the Union League Club of Chicago.

Edward L. Cooper III was elected treasurer of the Union League Club of Chicago.


Don D’Amore

Summer 2015
Hello, classmates. Thanks for checking in on your column. The magazine is online only this issue.

I was reviewing a past column I wrote in the alumni magazine from 20 years ago, and I commented then that I recently got my first email address. Checking email is one of those things I feel like I’ve been doing my whole life, yet we’ve had email for only less than half of our lives. Texting is another form of communications I feel like I’ve been doing forever, but I first started that in 2007. Maybe in another 20 years we’ll be saying this is how we feel about our personal 3D printers that replicate everything we need right in our homes.

A WUJC/WJCU DJ minireunion: front row, from left: Mike Carswell, Ken Taylor, Mary Cipriani, Michael Hetzel. Back row, from left: John Roddy, Joseph Buckley, Bill Peters, Tom Healy, Vinka Lasic-Knott, Kevin McNamara, Patrick Butler, Susan Csendes.

A WUJC/WJCU DJ minireunion: front row, from left: Mike Carswell, Ken Taylor, Mary Cipriani, Michael Hetzel. Back row, from left: John Roddy, Joseph Buckley, Bill Peters, Tom Healy, Vinka Lasic-Knott, Kevin McNamara, Patrick Butler, Susan Csendes.

Send in your future tech predictions (and whatever other news you have), and this column will be the time stamp you need to be able to say “I told you so!” in 20 years. I have some class notes and a group photo to share. However, to keep you in suspense and increase my ratings for the fall sweeps, look for the news and photo in the next issue of John Carroll magazine, which will contain the notes in print again.


Don D’Amore

Spring 2015
Can you believe it has already been a year since our last reunion?

The business and financial advisor firm of Skoda Minotti, based in Mayfield Village, Ohio, appointed Frank Suponcic, CPA, CFE, CF, partner. Frank’s practice in litigation advisory services, with a specialty in fraud and forensic investigations, has earned him recognition as an expert in whitecollar crime. He has been with the firm 20 years. In addition to his CPA designation, Frank is a certified fraud examiner (CFE). He also has been elected to six terms as a Willowick (Ohio) city councilman and served three terms as Lake County recorder. He and his family live in Mentor.

It was good to hear from Joe DeTally. Like many of us, he was saddened by the passing of Dr. Joe Sivak’s sister, Madeline Sivak ’81, in November 2014. Joe D. is celebrating his 25th year as a psychiatric social worker for the Ohio Department of Mental Health. He works at Northcoast Behavioral Health, an inpatient facility treating individuals with mental illness and drug addiction.



The News-Herald reports that John O’Donnell was elected Lake County’s newest Common Pleas Court judge in a landslide victory Nov. 4, 2014. John also worked as an assistant Lake County public defender and prosecutor in Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court. Among other titles, he’s also a former Willowick city law director and served six terms as a Willowick city councilman starting in 1993. Willowick Council president Bob Patton, also an assistant U.S. attorney in Cleveland, predicts John will be an excellent judge because of his vast law experience. “He’s one of the hardestworking people I’ve ever known,” Patton says. John indicated one of his most memorable cases was when he prosecuted a murder case in 2014 that was covered recently by Dateline NBC. After John graduated JCU, he went on to Cleveland- Marshall College of Law. John and his wife, Nancy, have four children: Jacqueline (27), Patrick (25), Julianne (23), and Dylan (22). John, a point guard on our basketball team, has always been involved in his children’s activities.

Another teaching award for David Olderman! Dave was among the 2014 Emerson Excellence in Teaching Awards recipients who were selected by their schools’ administration to celebrate their achievements and dedication to the teaching profession. Dave, who has taught for more than 18 years, is the advanced placement U.S. history coach. Dave also has been a coach for the Kirkwood, Mo., high school football, wrestling, and track teams, as well as sponsored high school clubs. Look online (jcu.edu/magazine) for additional class news.


Don D’Amore

Winter 2015
I hope 2015 has been a good one so far! Apparently, my lengthy column from the summer must have covered everything for now because no one wrote in. This gives me an opportunity to mention my news. Michelle (Sciangula) and I were thrilled to watch our son, Adam D’Amore ’14, graduate on the Quad this past May. Adam, a finance major, is the 12th member of my family to become a Carroll grad since my oldest brother, David D’Amore, M.D., ’74, started us all down the Blue Streak path 40 years ago.

With much sorrow, I report our classmate Joe Sivak and his wife, Lorraine, lost Joe’s sister Madeline Sivak ’80 on Nov. 13, 2014, after an extended illness. Madeline was my friend, too, and one of my favorite people. It always was wonderful to engage her in a lively conversation. Madeline achieved many impressive accomplishments in her life, and she’ll be missed. Michelle and I attended Madeline’s funeral at St. Ladislas in Westlake, Ohio. Joe and Madeline’s good friend, the Very Rev. Tim Kesicki, S.J., made the extra effort to come to town to read the gospel at her Mass and bring comfort to the Sivak family during this difficult time. Our prayers are with the Sivak family.


Don D’Amore

Ken Keeler was getting up early to do his radio show at WUJC when he looked out his Dolan dorm window and saw this. It was 6:15 a.m. on a Friday morning in April of 1981, he thinks. He snapped the scene with his Kodak Instamatic.

Ken Keeler was getting up early to do his radio show at WUJC when he looked out his Dolan dorm window and saw this. It was 6:15 a.m. on a Friday morning in April of 1981, he thinks. He snapped the scene with his Kodak Instamatic.

Fall 2014

Rick Lehmann wrote in from the back hills of New Hampshire, where he’s living the Currier & Ives lifestyle. It dawned on him that it has been at least 10 years since his last submission, so he felt it was time to catch up. His daughter, Kathleen, graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges in May. Rick’s wife has practiced law as an assistant attorney general for the state for the past 10 years. Rick has been working for YBP Library Services (JCU is one of their customers). To get an idea about what it’s like to live in the back hills of N.H., Rick says wild turkeys come around and raid their bird feeder. In his part of N.H., there’s an unspoken rule that bird feeders have to be taken down between spring and winter or else they might attract bears. Rick never had to think about avoiding bears growing up in Ohio.

It was nice to hear that Marla Pilaroscia was awarded the Volunteer Legal Services Project of Monroe County’s William E. McKnight Volunteer Service Award and the Women’s Bar Association of the State of New York’s Hanna S. Cohn Pro Bono Award for volunteer legal service. Congratulations, Marla! She has been a practicing attorney in Rochester, N.Y., for 16 years.

The Union League Club of Chicago – a 135-year-old, nonpartisan civic, cultural, and philanthropic organization – elected Ed Cooper III as its treasurer. Ed has been a member of the Union League Club since 1996. Ed is: a resident of Chicago’s Graceland West neighborhood; senior vice president for Wells Fargo Bank, where he’s responsible for managing client relationships for the food and agribusiness commercial banking office; the former chair of the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention, an organization that focuses on identifying, evaluating, and promoting strategies to prevent violence for people of all ages; an adjunct professor at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana; the author of articles published in the ABA and RMA Journals; and a professional speaker at banking industry conferences. Ed and his wife, Patty DeBiasi-Cooper, have two children – James and Grace.

There was a fun picture on Facebook in late August of the Dolans in front of Dolan. Shannon (Carey) Dolan; her husband, Michael; and their daughters were standing in front of Dolan Hall as their daughter, Rosie, moved into the building this fall. It’s great to see the legacy continue. As mentioned in the last online-only column, I believe Shannon’s class of 1984 reunion Facebook page had a lot to do with the big turnout at our reunion.

Let’s not wait for another five-year reunion to catch up.


Don D’Amore

Summer 2014
Our 30th class reunion was one of the better-attended ones recently. Michelle and I had a wonderful visit with all the classmates on Saturday. There were so many attending I must apologize in advance for not getting notes about many people who were there. (If you’re not mentioned in this issue, and you want to let us know what’s going on in your life, there’s always this email thing that works pretty well.) One big reason for the large reunion turnout this time is Shannon (Carey) Dolan’s Facebook page she started earlier in the year – JCU Class of ’84 – The Big Do Over – devoted to the redoing of our class’ graduation in the proper and traditional JCU manner – outside on the quad. As all of us can undoubtedly recall, we were one of the few classes that didn’t have our commencement outside because of rain. The do-over event Shannon promoted allowed those of us at the reunion to sit in the sun with our caps on and recreate what should’ve happened 30 years ago. Michelle and I, along with a representative group of devoted classmates, were there Saturday afternoon. We tossed our caps in the air to recreate a proper outdoor graduation on a beautiful sunny June day.

Shannon also posted a wonderful quote on the class Facebook page after the reunion: “Well, reunion weekend has ended, and it was way too short. It’s hard to believe 30 years have passed between us. It seems like yesterday we shared every waking hour together. Even though we’ve all experienced 30 years of life’s moments without each other – marriages, births, deaths, good times, bad times, sickness, strife, momentous occasions, wonderful children, beautiful sunsets – we converged on campus and were instantly transported back into our friendships with one another. For me, it was as if no time had passed at all. You’re all still wonderful and vital, fun, and supportive. God bless all. Keep the Carroll spirit alive in all you do. See you for the 35th!” Well said, Shannon. Thanks for all your reuniting efforts on behalf of a grateful class.

I also spoke to Shannon, who was at reunion with her husband, Michael. She has an exciting career going as a media producer for EventWorks 4D, which produces 21st century event design and 3D holographic visual innovations. Shannon showed me some jaw-dropping examples of their work on her phone. I hope Shannon will continue the Facebook page devoted to our class. (Now the pressure for me to join Facebook grows even more.)

Among those at the graduation recreation was Vicki SankoPerucco (her friendly husband, John, helped take pictures of us tossing hats). Their daughter, Lauren, went to Drake and double majored. Their other daughter, Jenna, (who was named in honor of John) finished an associate’s degree, so the Peruccos had a grad party for the kids. Their youngest, Devin, participated in driver’s education. Our class was in the big tent on the quad again. Classmates kept speculating it might be our last year for the tent because all classes before ours had their reunion inside. The food was wonderful, and music played throughout. (With the loud music it was hard to hear people talk, so my notes are a bit limited. I tried to use Siri on my iPhone for taking notes this time around, but even Siri couldn’t hear through the music.)

We sat with Terri (Youse) Anthony and her very personable husband, Terry. Those two have three amazing kids they’re raising in North Carolina. Daughter Christin was valedictorian of her high school class and is off to study genetics at Clemson this fall. Son Tyler (I believe he’s an Eagle Scout) started attending Clemson last year as well. Seems to be a Clemson trend is developing in our class because while speaking with Dan Schodowski, who was there with his wife, Vivian (Brown) ’85, he said they’re sending one of their kids to Clemson, too. Their daughter attended Miami of Ohio. Dan works for JTM Products in Solon, Ohio, and Vivian is a patient advocate.

John Breen wasn’t able to attend this year but sent an email during reunion informing us he and his wife, Cathy, were in Zurich, Switzerland, at the time. He shared a photo of them from Lake Zurich. John said: “In this photo, we toast to the class of ’84 and the 30 years of great memories that have come since that experience. We also toast to 30 years of marriage this July 14.” The Breens are doing well. Their son, Jay, asked his longtime girlfriend, Karissa, to marry him, so wedding bells are in their future.

We were able to tour the newly renovated Murphy Hall. JCU did a remarkable job of balancing the updates with larger additional. It added on to the building and kept the traditional architecture and style of the original. It was impressive to see firsthand.

Peg (Cooney) Dispenzieri is assistant principal/director of academics at St. Theodore Guerin High School in Noblesville, Ind. Peg asked me where my sister-in-law, Lisa (Simmons) D’Amore ’83, was this time. Lisa usually attends reunion in sequence with her husband’s (my brother Loren D’Amore ’79). Alas Lisa texted Peg and I, apologizing that they couldn’t make the reunion this year.

Jack Bedell and his wife, Mary Beth (Hoke) ’85, attended. I asked Jack to send an email with his update after the reunion. Jack and Mary Beth have three children in college (all at Xavier University in Cincinnati) and a high-school-age daughter at home. Jack is a vice president at Steris Corp., medical device company in Cleveland. He travels a lot in his position leading their business in Latin America, Asia, and Australia. The Bedells were grateful to catch up with Chris Yaw who spent the weekend with them.

Michelle and I had a nice, long chat with Mike Wilkins, who teaches math and statistics at Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus and spent many years working with the Navy. Mike lives not far away in Olmsted Township, Ohio. You could tell from talking to him he was proud of his three daughters. The oldest is a senior at Kent State University, his second is going to the University of Akron to study nursing, and his youngest is a sophomore in high school.

I talked with Beth (Heffernan) and Barry Broome. They seemed happy with their life in sunny Arizona. Barry is president of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council (I let Beth know I often work with her wonderful sister-in-law.)

Monica (Meaker) Triozzi told me she has been teaching English as a second language in Shaker Heights Schools for the past few years.

Did you know Denise (Petronzio) Geisler is a singer in the “Jim & Denise, Acoustic Duo”? Talking to Denise, I learned they perform a couple of times a month around the area. I was able to chat with Denise’s friendly husband, Doug. They have two daughters. It’s great to discover Denise is sharing her vocal talents.

It was nice to catch up with Karen (Weakland) Hostoffer and her husband, Bob ’82. After all these reunions together, I almost feel like Bob is actually a member of our class. Bob is a doctor specializing in allergy and immunodeficiency disorders. I can tell from talking with him he’s happy in his career. Karen and Bob have five amazing kids: their oldest Alex is 27. (I recall he was quite an accomplished swimmer in high school.) I believe Bob said Alex is now a novitiate with the Franciscans. Their second child is in Hawaii, and their third is getting a master’s in computer engineering. They also have a daughter studying criminal justice and their youngest is 17 and will be senior at Gilmour.

Ann (Evans) Sords is in Gates Mills and sells real estate with Howard Hanna, specializing in the eastern suburbs. (She has more than $19 million in closed sales! Good to know in case you want to check in with her if you’re interested in real estate in that area.)

I spoke briefly with Tom Guarente and his wife, Bridget, who were among the fun gathering. Good to see those two again.

As always, David Johnson had his camera with him and was snapping away. I asked David if the famous tequila room still exists, and the report is it’s under renovation and will be better than ever when finished.

I told Karen Ohlrich it seems like she has always been involved in our class’s reunion plans throughout the years. It makes sense because she’s into marketing and advertising. I found out her husband is a public defender.

Laryn Runco has moved back to the area from New England where she had previously been living. We’re glad to have her back. Vermont’s loss is Ohio’s gain!

Michelle (Rickman) Johnson was also with us in the big tent. Michelle and I also briefly spoke to Linda (Komos) Kontur, who we were happy to see.

I chatted a while with Barb (Endre) Freund and asked her to send an email after the reunion with extra notes because she’s in the know. Of course, dependable Barb came through. Barb and her husband, Mike, are proud that their daughter, Molly, who graduated from the University of Dayton a year ago with a degree in mechanical engineering. Molly trained in Dover, Ohio, for a year with Allied and was placed in Chicago. Barb and Mike’s son, Nick, will be a senior at DePauw University. He’s a starter on the football team, physics major, and was president of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity. Barb is working part time and says: “… when we’re not watching DePauw football all over the Midwest. Mike and I will celebrate 25 years of marriage in a few weeks. We already celebrated with a beautiful trip to Ireland.” Barb shared some info about other JCU classmates: Tim and Mary Ann Wall Bobillo live in West Lafayette, Ind., and have four great kids. “We see them every so often. I talk to Kelley (Martin) Crowe, Mary (Ptacin) Brett, Patty (Leuth) Wosick, Theresa Bosshart Hawes, and Karen Berger often. They’re all doing well and so busy raising great families. I also caught up with Tim Friday, who was sorry he couldn’t return to campus. He and his family are doing great in Pittsburgh.” Barb said she also was grateful to see all her class of ’84 friends – such as Shannon, Beth and Barry, Monica (Meaker) Triozzi, John Siefert, Sally (Wussler) Harrington – at the reunion after all these years. We took a class photo on the steps of the AD building. The photographer had to keep snapping away while people in the class made funny comments the whole time. I’m sure some of the photos show a lot of laughing going on.

I was able to say hi to Elizabeth (Nau) Montgomery at the photo session. I also saw Mark Lastition and mentioned seeing his famous HGTV appearance from a couple years ago. Others had spotted him on the “House Hunters” program as well. Mark has been an experienced real-estate professional for about 19 years. He works with Howard Hanna out of their Cleveland West 25th St. office. (I frequently go by that area, you will find all kinds of beautiful new growth and vibrancy in that
region of the city.)

Apparently, there were a large number of our classmates who also attended the Friday reunion festivities. I heard there were several Chicago area alums among many others from our class having a good time and reconnecting. Sorry I didn’t get to the Friday night events, but maybe someone who was there will send updates.

On a personal note, several classmates (and their spouses) were kind enough to thank me at the reunion for writing this column for 30 years. Teri Beran Kulat expressed heartfelt thanks. I appreciate the kind words from you all. It’s been a blessing to help our class stay connected for three decades. This column is really from the content sent in by you, our classmates. I just distill it. Let’s keep a good thing going and send in occasional updates.


Don D’Amore

Spring 2014

Our 30th reunion is upon us, and I hope many classmates can make the journey home to Carroll. I’ll fill you in on reunion news in upcoming issues.

This was going to be a shorter column, but as he has done many times in the past, Ed Cooper came through with news. Coop had lunch with three alums: Ed Ogonek ’83, Donna (Otremsky) Ogonek, and Tim Cavanagh. Ed O and Donna live in Ottawa, Canada, where Ed is the president and CEO of CENX, which provides software and services that orchestrate Ethernet transport services across IP and virtualized software-defined networks. Ed has an impressive resume. He’s a senior executive and entrepreneur with a 28-year track record of building high-growth businesses in fast-paced global telecom markets. His leadership experience includes president/CEO roles at early-stage companies and general manager positions for multinational divisions at technology companies such as Alcatel, Newbridge Networks, and British Telecom. Before CENX, Ed led Bridgewater Systems’ transformation into a global market leader for mobile data software. Bridgewater was acquired by Amdocs in 2011. Ed has been a board member of various public and private technology companies, as well as for Canada’s National Ballet School and TrueContext Corp. It looks like Ed has been busy since I went to him our freshman year for help with trigonometry, which he could solve effortlessly.

I watched a video interview (DailyHerald) of attorney Tim Cavanagh during which he spoke with a family that was just awarded $6.65 million in a wrongful death suit against a military contractor. Tim has earned a reputation for zealous advocacy in personal injury and wrongful death cases. His firm, Cavanagh Law Group, has a long and successful history of representing clients.

David Olderman was named Teacher of the Year last school year at Kirkwood High School in Missouri. Dave teaches social studies and has been there more than 15 years. In addition to teaching, he coaches football and wrestling. His peers describe him as someone who constantly models good behavior for students and always has a little bit left in the tank for a student in need. Way to go, Dave!

John Herber was always a great guy, and it sounds like he and his wife, Debra, have raised a wonderful family. Their oldest son, Michael, who married last summer, is a CPA just like his father but works for a competitor in Kansas City. Their daughter, Kristen, graduated from Benedictine College with two majors – English and psychology, and 16-year-old Patrick is playing varsity lacrosse in high school. I know the Herbers must be proud of the great children they raised.

I have a reflection: While at JCU, I was a personal friend to all the classmates mentioned in this column. We all love when good things happen to good people. I’m proud and satisfied to see great things happening in the lives of these classmates. It’s especially fulfilling when I can confirm they were all good, honest, highquality people in college who’ve worked hard and are much deserving of their wonderful lives.


Don D’Amore

Winter 2014

Our 30th reunion is a few months away – June 13-15, 2014. My top five reasons to attend our 30th reunion are: 5. It’s always nice to go home. JCU was our home, and it’s time to visit it. 4. No one cares if you didn’t get elected president, they’re just glad to see you again. (Besides, loud music makes it difficult to hear exactly how many yachts someone owns.) 3. Don’t look your best? We already saw you at your worst that one night at the Rat, so how bad can it be? 2. You’re older. We’re all the same age. Everyone’s 50-plus years old, not just you. 1. A conversation with a classmate is much more satisfying than reading a Facebook post.

A classmate was a featured speaker at the Association of Divorce Financial Planners’ 11th Annual Conference this past September in Chicago. Theresa (Teri) Beran Kulat, founder and lead attorney of Trinity Family Law, talked about how people need professionals who have values aligned with their values during divorce. Her collaborative approach is based on peacemaking and encourages people to work out their legal problems so everyone, especially children, can have happy, fulfilled lives afterward. In a traditional model, families can be torn apart. “My faith keeps me in the trenches with families,” Teri says. “JCU definitely gave me the faith base to do something nontraditional that serves people in need.” Trinity Family Law specializes in collaborative divorce, a nonadversarial approach to settling disputes. Teri is on the board of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois and trains other professionals through Trainers for the Advancement of Collaborative Practice.

Pat and Dan '84 Conway at their Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland

Pat and Dan ’84 Conway at their Great Lakes Brewery in Cleveland

You can’t live in Northeastern Ohio during the holidays without hearing about Great Lakes Brewing Co.’s Christmas Ale. It makes the news when they tap the first keg of the season and when it sells out. The Plain Dealer ran a story in September highlighting classmate Dan Conway and his brother, Pat, who started the family business in 1988. Pat describes Dan simply: “He’s brilliant.” Dan attributes much of their success to their dad: “Our father was an influence on us and a big supporter.” The brothers signed a lease on the brewery more than 25 years ago in their father’s (a tax attorney) office. “He wasn’t just a father at that point, he became an adviser,” Dan says. “I think he liked that.” Dan majored in English at JCU and was in a bank-management training program when the brewing venture started. Now after 25 years, their award winning ales, with names such as Burning River and Edmond Fitzgerald, are in 13 states. A few years ago, the company invested $7 million in capital improvements. Many feel they’re a significant contributor to the revitalization of the Ohio City neighborhood in Cleveland.

My wife, Michelle, and I ran into Dave Herman and his wife, Sue, at a local diner. Their daughters are off at school now – one at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and another at a college in Rhode Island. Sue’s retirement from teaching isn’t too far off in the future.

Did my top five reasons to attend reunion convince you? Tell Siri now to remind you to register so we can meet under the big tent on the quad. It feels like three decades zipped by faster than ever. Reunion opportunities only come around every five years, so don’t miss it. Plan to attend the dinner Saturday evening at least.


Don D’Amore

Fall 2013
June 2014 is our 30th reunion! Schedule the weekend in your calendar for a trip back to the quad.

Patricia Donovan Hiles is the new director of academics at Providence Heights Alpha School in Allison Park, Pa. “As academic expectations increase and we try to keep up with changes in technology and curriculum and standards, it’s good to have an air-traffic controller,” Tricia said. Her new job is to ensure continuity in curriculum and instructional methods for 200 students. “Mrs. Hiles is a knowledgeable, dedicated, student-focused educator. I’m thrilled to be working with her …” said principal Margaret Ruefle. Tricia, an alumnus of the school, is married to Kevin Hiles, CFO of Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. They have two daughters, Colleen (18) and Shannon (20). Previously, Tricia taught second grade at St. Richard School in North Olmsted, Ohio. She earned a master’s degree in education from the University of Pittsburgh. A certified special-education teacher and reading specialist, she taught young patients at Western Psychiatric Institute and Allegheny Neuropsychiatric Institute before temporarily leaving teaching to raise a family.



As if he didn’t have enough running around to do with six kids and a law firm to run, Tim Cavanagh ran the Chicago Marathon for the first time last year. Tim’s feat raised more than $25,000 for children’s charity, Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, from sponsor donations/monies matched by Cavanagh Law Group. “I’m glad I did it for Mercy Home, because frankly, I wouldn’t have finished if I didn’t do it for them,” Tim said. “Hitting that 20- mile marker was a struggle, and I did a fair amount of walking after that. But if I was doing it just for myself, I would’ve grabbed a cab.” (I’d be in a cab at the 20-yard mark.) Tim’s law firm has six attorneys, including his wife, Stacey, obtaining more than $400 million in settlements/judgments. They have two sets of triplets (four boys and two girls) who wore shirts that together spelled out, “GO DAD! WE LUV U.”

John Breen added: “You know you’re over 50 if your kids call after 9 p.m. and are concerned they woke you up.” Cathy and John came to Ohio for a family gathering at Cedar Point in Sandusky. They’ve planned a Mediterranean cruise for their 30th anniversary next summer. The Breen’s kids, Jay (28) and Amanda (25), have their own homes now. Frequently getting together for game nights at each other’s houses, John says, “The Gen Y crowd seems to be fascinated with games we grew up with, such as Life, Monopoly, etc.”

Note: Last class column was online only!


Don D’Amore

Summer 2013
Welcome to a web-exclusive edition of our class column. The good news is there’s no a word limit, so I can elaborate a bit more than usual. I received a couple of high school graduation announcements from classmates. Terri (Youse) Anthony and her husband, Terry, announced the graduation of their son, Tyler, from Union Academy in Waxhaw, N.C. Tyler will be attending Clemson University in the fall where he intends to study engineering. Joe Sivak, M.D., and his delightful wife, Lorraine, announced that Joe’s son, J.J., graduated from Duluth East High School and will be attending Loyola University in New Orleans to pursue a double major in jazz studies and philosophy. Side note: Did you know J.J. Sivak has had an album on iTunes since last year? I’ve purchased it, and it appears to me this talented young singer/songwriter has a big career ahead of him. (J.J.’s album is called “Tickle Me” if you want to check out the free preview clips on iTunes.)

Thanks go out to fellow columnist Tim Freeman ’78 for forwarding this next press release: The Society of Jesus named a new president of the Jesuit Conference: Very Rev. Timothy P. Kesicki, S.J., our classmate. Tim will head the U.S. Office for the Society of Jesus when he assumes his new position August 1, 2014. The Jesuit Conference is the liaison office that coordinates the national work of the Society of Jesus, the largest order of priests and brothers in the Roman Catholic Church. It’s headquartered in Washington, D.C. Fr. Kesicki is serving as the provincial of the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus. He was quoted as saying: “This assignment comes at a very exciting time for the church and the Society of Jesus in the U.S. and around the world. Clearly, the election of Pope Francis, the first Jesuit pope in history, has highlighted the Jesuit vocation. Going back to St. Ignatius himself, we Jesuits have always put ourselves in service of the church to minister where the needs are the greatest. I look forward to helping the Society continue its mission with a renewed zeal, strategic use of our resources, and commitment to serving in Christ’s name here and around the world.”

I-CAR’s director of corporate administration, Margaret Knell-Zalenas, has been appointed chair of the Women’s Industry Network (WIN). I-CAR is the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to training the collision inter-industry. Margaret has been with I-CAR for more than 25 years. “Margaret’s legal and board relations expertise, as well as her related industry experience, allows her to influence critical areas of I-CAR’s business, and she’ll be highly effective leading the WIN board and developing strategies that will enable the organization to continue delivering the WIN mission,” said John Van Alstyne, I-CAR CEO and president. “Her deep level of commitment and strategic focus make her an ideal person to serve as WIN board chair.” In addition to her JCU degree, Margaret has an MBA from Keller Graduate School in Chicago and an M.S. in information technology and privacy law from the John Marshall Law School, Chicago.

Every so often, we hear from a classmate that was with us for a while, but didn’t graduate with our class. This time, I heard from Mitch Lehman, who lived in Dolan with a bunch of other fun-loving fellows freshman year. Mitch, who eventually graduated from Loyola Marymount out in L.A. (he stayed with the Jesuits), is living in L.A. and says he couldn’t be happier. He’s playing lots of volleyball and golfing. I asked Mitch for updates, and he shared this funny story: “One day, I was registering for classes at Loyola Marymount, and my advisor says, “Did you hear who we hired as president?” “No? Fr. O’Malley from your old stomping grounds.” I sprinted across campus through the pouring rain – yes, occasionally here in L.A. – and ran into his office. His secretary was shocked. O’Malley let me in and remembered me. Not by name, but he said ‘from John Carroll.’ He still had Chris Yaw, Jack Bedell, and my Christmas card in his drawer in which he was pictured!” (I remember the card those guys sent out and how hilarious I thought it was back at JCU that college freshmen had their own Christmas greeting card. That brings back a laugh just thinking about it.)

I’ll probably remind you about this again a few times, but next year is our 30th reunion. I hope you plan to attend at least the Saturday evening dinner. Meanwhile, send a note, and I’ll post that you plan to come. It will encourage others, I’m sure.


Don D’Amore

Ann Zellner Zubrzycki with her daughter, Mary

Spring 2013
Ann (Zellner) Zubrzycki sent me a note stating she and her husband, C.R., are having a wonderful life. They’re enjoying every moment with their cute 5-year- old daughter, Mary. Ann has fond memories of her days at Carroll.

I was hoping to receive more news about those ladies from Murphy and their informal get-together mentioned in the last column. Jeanne (Lang) Siefert, who was part of the group, said, “I can’t figure out how we ended up in our 50s when we still feel 30. At least we’re all in it together, right?” To which I say, “Absolutely.” Jeanne has been busy with work and her family. She was kind enough to try to rustle up more news from friends, but they’re a shy bunch, and nothing came in before my deadline. Maybe next time.

Now that we’re all safely 50, I’m going to add a few “You know you’re 50-isms.” This is a tradition I started when we hit 40. You know you’re 50 when … You mistakenly watch movies you’ve already seen, but it doesn’t matter because they’re just as new to you the second or third time … You fall asleep at parties rather than passing out … Your ears are hairier than your head … You say pearls of wisdom such as: “Pennywise and pound foolish” that make your kids just shake their heads in confusion … You know who Mr. Green Jeans was … Your childhood toys are in a museum … Your idea of a night out is sitting on the patio. So how do you know you’re 50? Let us know.


Don D’Amore

Mike and Adam Carswell

Winter 2013
I haven’t decided if this newfangled Facebook thing is a fad or not, but it seems like plenty of classmates have jumped on it, including my spouse Michelle (Sciangula), who spotted a cool photo on Mike Carswell’s wall. Mike’s photo is a side-by-side split of Mike and his son, Adam, both playing basketball in the same pose – mid-leap about to dunk a basketball into a hoop during a game. Mike’s photo was taken while he was one of the stars of our basketball team in the early ’80s and Adam’s was taken about 30 years later while playing at Westminster College. It’s great to see this “like father like son” deja vu moment captured in the photo. Mike and his wife, Diane, live in Painesville, Ohio, where Mike is a strategic development manager at Manuvis Corp. They have five children: two still at home, two sons attending Westminster, and a daughter at college in Michigan. It sounds like they have an amazing and beautiful family.

Michelle’s working overtime for us this issue. She also spotted Joe Soukenik starring in a TV commercial for his store, Chas. S. Rivchun & Sons, Jewelers, located in the City Club Building in downtown Cleveland. (Seems like only yesterday Michelle and I were buying our engagement and wedding rings from Joe’s father at the same store. Our unique Rivchun rings still adorn our fingers 25 years later.) Rivchun’s Jewelry has been in downtown Cleveland since the store was founded in 1917. You can watch Joe in his commercial online on the Rivchun Facebook page. You know, now I’m beginning to think this whole Facebook thing actually might catch on. What are the highlights on your Facebook wall?


Don D’Amore

Fall 2012


Frank Roddy was appointed to the newly created position of executive vice president, finance and administration for Swagelok Co. in Solon, Ohio. The company’s president/CEO said the position recognizes Frank for his wonderful achievements at Swagelok and will help bring synergies to the company’s finance, customer service, supply chain, and information technology functions.” Frank joined Swagelok in 1993 as director of taxes. In 1999, he was named treasurer. In 2000, he was appointed vice president and CFO. In 2007, he was recognized as CFO of the year by Crain’s Cleveland Business. He’s a member of the Ohio Society of CPAs, the Northeast Ohio Alumni Advisory Council for Ernst & Young, and the Cleveland Advisory Board of FM Global. He also serves on the board of Cleveland Central Catholic High School. Swagelok is a developer and provider of fluid systems. Frank and his family live in Mayfield Heights, Ohio.

It wasn’t our reunion year, but that didn’t stop eight of our lady classmates from getting together for a long overdue Murphy Hall reunion at the 100th Bomb Group in Cleveland. Those who attended are: Michelle (Cupicha) Jech, Katie (McHugh) Thomas, Rhonda (O’Neal) Melnik, Karen (Weakland) Hostoffer, Christine Dolenc, Kyle Cielec, Jeannie (Lang) Siefert, and Linda (Kramer) Jacobs. I understand Jeanne got the ball rolling with less than a week’s notice. They had so much fun they might do it again next year.

Murphy Hall ladies minireunion (from left): Michelle (Cupicha) Jech, Katie (McHugh) Thomas, Rhonda (O’Neal) Melnik, Karen (Weakland) Hostoffer, Christine Dolenc, Kyle Cielec, Jeannie (Lang) Siefert, and Linda (Kramer) Jacobs

I’ve been writing this column since we were still attending Camp Carroll more than 28 years ago. In the old days, I used to hand-write the column on a legal pad, put the pages into a stamped envelope, and mail them. Next came early word processors that allowed me to print out the column on a dot-matrix printer, which was a more legible copy to mail once again. Then the big techie trend during the mid ’90s was for me to save the column document to a 3.5-inch floppy disk, put it into an envelope, and (you guessed it) mail it via the USPS. Finally, email came along, and the column has been digital for a decade now. The Journal archives them online so you can take a trip through the class’ adventures during the past 10 years (back when we were in our 30s) at jcu.edu. Start filling in the news for the new decade of our 50s. Send me your news. Floppy disks welcome.


Don D’Amore

Summer 2012
As I helped my second son, Adam ’14, move his futon out of his third-floor Pacelli dorm room this past May after he finished his sophomore year as a finance major, I thought about my days living in the same type of room in Dolan. As fate would have it, a press release about my former, third-floor roommate in Dolan was sent my way. The St. Louis Business Journal named RubinBrown’s John F. Herber CPA to its list of Most Influential St. Louisans: Professionals. John, who serves as managing partner of RubinBrown, has experience in diversified audit, accounting, income tax, strategic planning, and business and estate-tax planning. Additionally, he’s a member of the AICPA Major Firm Group; serves as chair of the AICPA Professional Liability Insurance Program Committee; is a member of the Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants, Young Presidents’ Organization, and Association for Corporate Growth; serves on the board of St. John’s Mercy Foundation; is a past president of St. Patrick Center and Life Crisis Services; and was a member of the St. Louis Business Journal’s Forty under 40 class of 2001. Wow! I always knew my hard-working freshman roommate was destined for greatness in his field.

Classmate Stephen Anthony’s photo landed on the front page of The Plain Dealer May 2, 2012, because the special agent in charge of the Cleveland Division of the FBI and the agency helped deflect an attempted local bridge bombing. Steve often can be spotted on the evening news, and his sound clips can be heard on radio news for this and other major FBI busts. We’re proud to have Steve in charge of things at the local FBI and looking out for us.

Did you read about classmate Dan Conway in the big feature article in the spring issue of John Carroll magazine? He’s the co-owner (with his older brother, Pat) of Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood. They’ve grown the popular product to a business with annual revenue of about $30 million, brewing 175,000 barrels of beer last year!

So, what has been brewing (sorry, couldn’t resist) in your life? Let us know!


Don D’Amore

Spring 2012
While watching one of her favorite shows, “House Hunters” on HGTV, in early December 2011, my wife, Michelle (Sciangula), shouted to me to come quick and look because our classmate, Mark Lastition, was the featured real-estate agent on the program that night. Mark showed a person from Lakewood, Ohio, homes in the Ohio City neighborhood and city of Rocky River. Mark did a great job, and the episode highlighted his clear expertise in residential real estate. Mark, who has been in real estate since 1995, works for Howard Hanna in the Greater Cleveland area.

Because the recent redrawing of the new Congressional Districts in Ohio, Tom Guarente decided not to run against a fellow Republican at this time. “The experience of running was incredible, and I was inspired by the passion and commitment of so many people who want to see less politics and more principlecentered leadership,” he says. Tom enjoyed talking to hundreds of people and working with many committed individuals. There are a lot of exciting things yet to come, Tom says.

Tim Cavanagh was named to the Irish Legal 100 by the Irish Voice newspaper for the second straight year. Tim and wife, Stacey, traveled to Washington, D.C., in October 2011 for a reception at the Irish Embassy, which recognized him as one of the top 100 Irish attorneys in America. Tim also received a recent award from Jury Verdict Magazine, honoring him for trial lawyer excellence for his $55-million railroad crossing verdict in Illinois.

We received sad news that classmate Jeff Barclay passed away Jan. 28, 2012, after a long battle with M.S. Jeff had worked in advertising for the Chillicothe (Ohio) Gazette. Our prayers go out to his family and many friends.


Don D’Amore

Winter 2011
Dave Brown was featured in an article that appeared in The Post in Strongsville, Ohio, about his induction into the Strongsville High School Hall of Fame. Turns out Dave is the career scoring leader in basketball for the school, where he graduated from in 1979. He was inducted into the school’s Athletic Hall of Fame in a ceremony on Sept. 15, 2011. Dave was named conference most valuable player for the 1978-79 season. He also co-captained and led his team in scoring on conference championship teams in 1977- 78 and 1978-79. He even led the team in scoring his sophomore season. In addition to his basketball exploits, Dave was a three-year starter for the high- school baseball team. Dave is still good friends with his teammate and longtime friend who set a record in a game with him back in high school. “Our competitive natures drove us to be better players,” Dave says.

John Breen was inspired to write after reading a previous column. He and wife, Cathy, are doing well, and they have entered the empty nest phase of life. Their daughter, Amanda, graduated from University of Central Florida and is working as an AT&T retail store manager. She’ll be in training for six months in Atlanta. Their son, Jay, is working at Progress Energy as an IT consultant. He owns a home he shares with a roommate in Safety Harbor, Fla. John continues his career as an assistant vice president with AT&T but has international teams under him, which makes for a few nice business trips. The time zone issue can be a problem though, he says. Cathy is coaching gymnastics but is starting to scale back a bit so she can help support her 82-year-old dad. John and Cathy have been traveling whenever they can and are enjoying weekends on their boat. The Breens figure they have five years before they have to spend weekends babysitting grandkids. They’re also involved with several philanthropic activities and charities in the Tampa area.

I’m still waiting to hear from classmates about how they’ll be celebrating the half-century mark. It’ll be upon almost all of us soon enough.

Don D’Amore

Fall 2011
Remember the speech Tom Guarente gave at our graduation? He mentioned his future desire to run for public office. That someday arrived this summer when he announced his intention to run as a Republican for the U.S. Congress in Ohio’s 10th Congressional District. Check out his candidacy’s website at www.abouttimeohio.com. “It’s time to engage and energize the resources of this great region by building bridges to tomorrow,” says Tom, an experienced businessman who’s worked for Silicon Valley-based technology companies for more than 25 years. Currently, he’s a sales leader at Cisco Systems and president of the board of directors for LifeWorks Ohio. He serves on various committees at his parish, St. Angela Merici in Fairview Park, Ohio, the city where he and his wife of 24 years, Bridget, and their three children reside. Their son Michael is starting his senior year at Xavier University. He’s pursuing music and film and creating the first running sitcom for Xavier TV. Michael had a summer production assistant internship in New York City. Daughter Sarah continues to sing publicly at venues such as The Q (God Bless America and the National Anthem) and is attending Carroll this fall after graduating from Cleveland’s Saint Joseph Academy. (This reminds me of her father’s famous recreation of Michael Jackson videos at our basketball halftimes.) The youngest child, Jimmy, plays lacrosse and hockey. Bridget volunteers as a group leader for the Spiritual Exercises program of St. Ignatius at St. Ignatius High School and recently chaired the Saint Joseph Academy annual fundraiser.

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp. announced Barry Broome was selected from a national search to become the company’s new president and CEO. However, The Arizona Republic reported Barry decided to remain in Phoenix where he and wife, Beth (Heffernan), live with their three children, aged 13 to 18. He has been at the helm of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council for more than six years. During his tenure, Barry led to the attraction of more than 160 companies, creating more than 30,000 jobs and $6.5 billion in capital investment in Greater Phoenix. Among his accomplishments: He orchestrated the passage of one of the largest incentive offerings in the U.S., a $350-million tax credit to stimulate renewable energy investment in Arizona. You might have spotted Barry when he was interviewed last summer on CNN about the economic impact of Arizona’s immigration law.

It’s time for the next turn in our lives (our third since graduation). During the next year, most of us will be turning 50. How are you marking your decade?


Don D’Amore

Summer 2011

Are you wondering what’s new with Jerry Ahmed? Well, after holding management positions, including senior vice president and managing director, for many years at institutions including Chase, The Royal Bank of Scotland, The CIT Group, and GAX Capital Group, Jerry is founder, president and CEO of Saint John Capital Group and BVI Energy Group, which are financial advisory, banking, and investment firms that target energy, technology, and other economic development opportunities. The business is in Beachwood, Ohio.

According to the Plain Dealer, Stephen Anthony was named special agent in charge of the FBI’s Cleveland Division in January. FBI director Robert Mueller III, who appointed Anthony to his new position, said Steve was most recently responsible for establishing an FBI-wide leadership development program. Steve is in his 23rd year with the FBI and had been working in Washington. He earned his law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law at CSU. Steve began working for the FBI as a special agent in Memphis, Tenn., in February 1988. He investigated violent crime and criminal enterprise matters, serving as a team leader for the special operations group. (Steve lived across the hall from me on the third floor of Dolan during our freshman year. It’s a good thing I was well behaved.)

Tim Cavanagh, the founding partner of Cavanagh Law Group, was named one of the Irish Legal 100 this year. Tim was honored along with other 2011 Irish legal eagles at the Irish Ambassador’s home in Washington. The organization recognizes the most prominent lawyers of Irish descent throughout the U.S. in the Irish Voice newspaper and Irish America magazine. Tim’s grandparents Mike and Delia Tully were natives of County Mayo, and he’s a member of the Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago. Tim lives in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood with his wife Stacey and six children.

Let me know about your latest achievements or summer travels.


Don D’Amore

Spring 2011

It’d be cool if John Carroll magazine had an app for the iPhone to link classmates and allow them to send class news. Because there’s no app for that yet, you’ll just have to keep using the old-school method of e-mail to send your life story snap shots.

The Coopers with President Bush

Speaking of snap shots, Ed Cooper and his son, James (17), had their photo taken shaking hands with former President George W. Bush in November. The Coops and the former president were looking pretty good.

Baron Capital Group announced James Barrett joined the firm as head of institutional sales this past September. James, who’s responsible for sales for institutional distribution channels, has more than 25 years of experience in financial services and more than 19 years in asset management, marketing, and sales. Most recently, he was a managing director and head of global distribution at Citadel Investment Group. Before that, he served as senior managing director and head of global business development for Bear Stearns Asset Management and was responsible for global sales and marketing to institutional and retail markets. After his years at JCU, James received his Master of Management in Economics and Finance from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

George Sogor was named executive vice president and chief financial officer of the Great Lakes Towing Co., according to the Maritime Reporter and Marine News online magazine. George, a CPA, has been with the company for almost 25 years, most recently serving as senior vice president finance and administration. A grad of CWRU, he received his MBA from Carroll.

Want to see more class of ’84 news? You can make that happen. Take advantage of that e-mail feature on your smart phone and send me an “E” soon.


Don D’Amore

Winter 2010

Joseph Hoffer correctly spotted the leanness of recent columns and decided to help fill this one. Joe’s private legal practice in Cleveland, Tenn., is almost exclusively family law and criminal defense. Joe’s a member of the Criminal Justice Panel attorneys and takes appointed cases in federal court in Chattanooga. As the only attorney within a 100 miles who speaks Spanish, the federal judges like to assign him to cases. Joe also has turned his jiu- jitsu club into the commercial Mixed Martial Arts Academy at the Bradley Square Mall. Tommy Wales, an American Top Team black belt, is their Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach. Joe’s jiu-jitsu has improved greatly as a result of training with Tommy and the increased number of people he’s training with recently. Joe’s wife, Alejandra, just coordinated the first exchange program between Cleveland State Community College and Universidad Mayor in Santiago, Chile. This is the only community college exchange program in Tennessee. Joe and his son, John, went to visit Alejandra for a week in Santiago, and they went snowboarding in July at Valle Nevado. Daughter Claudia Hoffer is in her second year and a junior at Bellarmine University after a summer of working as a river guide on the Ocoee River (at the 1996 white water Olympics site). Claudia is a foreign language and international studies major with a minor in art. Next year, she’ll spend her second semester overseas. Son Johnny will be a junior at Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga next year. He continues to play select soccer and finished last year’s soccer season as the varsity goalkeeper. He’s taller than Joe now. (Two of my four sons are taller than me.)

Baron Capital Group announced James Barrett joined the firm as head of institutional sales in September. James, who’s responsible for sales for institutional distribution channels, has more than 25 years of experience in financial services, with 19 years in asset management marketing and sales. He was a managing director and head of global distribution at Citadel Investment Group. Before that, he served as senior managing director and head of global business development for Bear-Stearns Asset Management, responsible for global sales and marketing to institutional and retail markets. James has a Master of Management in Economics and Finance from J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

John Breen actually followed my recent column request and let me know where the kids are going to college. John and Cathy celebrated their 26th anniversary in July. Their son, Jay, graduated from St. Petersburg College in 2009, and their daughter, Amanda, is a senior at the University of Central Florida.

Now what are everyone else’s kids up to?


Don D’Amore

Fall 2010

This may not have been our official reunion year, but that didn’t get in the way of a group of our classmates gathering in Cleveland for a little minireunion. Theresa (Teri Kulat) Beran, now a practicing attorney just outside of Chicago (www. IntegralFamilyLaw.com), gathered with old friends and toured the town a bit. Michelle Rickman Johnson and Vicki Sanko-Perucco came in for the minireunion as well.

A minireunion of ’84 friends took place this spring at Great Lakes Brewing Co. in Cleveland with Michelle Rickman Johnson, Tim Tabar, Theresa (Teri Kulat) Beran, Bud Jindra, Vicki Sanko-Perucco, and Karen Ohlrich.

The first night started at Great Lakes Brewing Co., where the trio was joined by Karen Ohlrich, Bud Jindra (I explained last year Bud has been adopted as a member of the class of ’84.), Tim Tabar, and Shannon Dolan. Later that night, the group went out to Karaoke, and they were joined by Vicki’s younger brother Paul Sanko ’86. Fun continued through the next day with a visit to Carroll followed by lunch at Shaker Square.

There was more catching up with classmates as they got together with Karen again, as well as Mary Ellen Gates Ott, Beth (Murray) Cross, Ann (Fox) Stefancin, and Terri (Peters) Webb. Shannon was in charge of a fundraiser, for which Michelle walked, followed by playing around at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Time at Thistledown and a visit to T.J. Maxx rounded out this fun trip. Teri says she recently uploaded old Carroll photos on Facebook, and she enjoys when people tag other people. She has reconnected with great JCU alums that way. Teri has a book out, too. I hope to get details about the book for a future issue. Teri sends hugs to all.

Hey classmates, please forward any Class of ’84 news you discover on Facebook to me the old school way – e-mail.


Don D’Amore

Summer 2010

Congratulations to Amy Ilyes as she has recently been named senior vice president, customer experience at Penske located in Beachwood, OH. She is responsible for the global deployment and ongoing development of the customer experience transformation. Amy has been a key member of Penske’s engineering and technology group for 22 years, most recently serving as vice president, logistics engineering. After John Carroll, Amy earned both a master’s and a doctorate in operations research from Case Western Reserve University.

My wife, Michelle (Sciangula), and I are proud to announce that our son Adam is now officially a member of John Carroll class of 2014. Adam will join his freshman classmates this fall! We all attended a freshman family orientation on a beautiful day this past April, and John Carroll has never looked better. It was fun to show our son around, and give him our pointers for living on campus, (though our advice is 25-years old.) We toured the dorms and when we told the students living in Sutowski Hall that we were students there when their dorm was newly built (Remember when it was still called New Dorm I?), they looked at us like we were from a different century, which I suppose we are. We didn’t run into any classmates that day, but we came close: we saw some friends Tom and Suzanne Zinsmeyer, whose son Steven is considering JCU for the fall. Suzanne’s sister is Nancy (Salamon) Carroll ’83, who knew many in our class. Nancy has been married since 1986 to Gary Carroll and they live happily in Rocky River with their two kids.

Where are your kids going to college? Send me an e-mail soon! Don

Spring 2010

Brigit Hurley couldn’t resist writing after reading the last class update because she also has four children, as we discovered this to be true about so many other classmates at the last Reunion. Brigit and her husband are raising their family outside her hometown of Rochester, NY. Brigit works part-time at Catholic Charities and home schools their kids. The oldest is applying to colleges.

Mary Lavin ’87, JCU director of Alumni Relations, wrote to tell the tale of a good deed done by one of our classmates! She was in southern Ohio this fall when warning lights came on in her car and she ended up having to be towed — not good when you are far from home. Because it was a weekend, the dealership wasn’t able to look at the car until Monday and all the local car rental agencies were closed. But Blue Streak luck came through! As it turns out, the general manager for the Bob Boyd Auto Family in Lancaster, OH, is classmate Bobby Dawes. After sharing several John Carroll stories, and amazing his staff with the fact that somehow he knew the lady from Cleveland whose vehicle had to be towed to the dealership, Bobby contacted the on-site rental staff person. That staff member lived down the street and came to the office to rent Mary a car so that she could get back to Cleveland that night. What could have been a sad day turned out to be a happy JCU connection story! Mary made the trip back a few days later to pick up the car, and brought some new Carroll items for Bobby so that all in Lancaster, OH, can become familiar with the Blue and Gold.

Dariush (Dar) Saghafi MD was sorry that he could not attend Reunion but he, wife Paty, and their family were vacationing in Mexico! Dar continues to head up the Headache Clinic at the VA Hospital in Cleveland, OH, he is on the neurology staff, maintains his own private practice at his Parma office and with Home Visitation services. Dar likes the home visits as he often gets fed during his stops! This gives him reason to stop at John Carroll daily and work it off as he rolls with the wrestling team as an assistant coach. Dar also wrestles competitively. Recently he mashed his hand a bit at a CSU tournament, but still had to play his violin at a Christmas concert in Mentor that same night! As if this all wasn’t enough, Dar has a, six-year running, radio show called The Ohio Physicians Educational Network (OPEN) which airs on the third Saturday of each month at 5 p.m. on WHK1420 AM in the Cleveland market. Dar and family recently moved to Pepper Pike just four minutes from campus, and he is hopeful their children will be taking the second generation of the Saghafi name through the portals of John Carroll. Their kids are: Shahram (16), Feeroozeh (15), Moneer (14), and Farideh (11), they are into driving, volleyball, art/drama, and all play violin and compose music. They all tell Dar they are interested in being doctors like him! Dar says feel free to contact him to catch up with old friends — “…in case anybody wants to have me come and see them at home for a neurological issue, offer a hearty bowl of soup to thaw me out, or just kibitz about the old times, they are welcome to call me…”

Debra and John Herber and their kids Michael (22), Kristen (17), and Patrick (12) all had dinner with Tom (T) Dannemiller on Dec. 30 in Miami, FL. They all had a great time catching up and swapping Dolan Hall stories! The Herbers were on vacation in South Florida for the week. T’s favorite local restaurant Tutto Pasta Ristorante was the chosen spot. An excellent meal was enjoyed while T told the Herber children some Carroll stories regarding their father “Johnny Mixer” that they will carry through for generations no doubt. The kids were most impressed by John’s nickname, and they are now calling him “Mixer!”

Have you gotten together with a fellow alum recently? Send me a note and share the tale of your mini reunion! Don

Winter 2009

I am sad to report that we recently lost a member of our class. This spring, Joe Sweet (who was in our class, but graduated from John Carroll in 1985) passed away April 30, 2009. He was only 47. Joe had an extended illness and had been hospitalized for a while earlier in the year. Joe was active with the IPTs, both during his time at Carroll and for many years after with the IPT alumni group. His funeral was held in Wickliffe, OH. We will always remember his fun and bright spirit. Our class prayers go out to his family.

Dr. John Wolf received his designation as a Fellow of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians during its annual Conclave of Fellows Award Ceremony on March 7, 2009, at the ACOFP 46th annual convention and exhibition in Washington, D.C. John served for three years as a captain and flight surgeon in the United States Air Force Medical Corps. He currently runs a private practice in Avon with the Superior Medical Care Group.

A press release from Tremco Incorporated, Roofing and Building Maintenance Division announced the promotion of Kurt Sosinski, RRC, CDT to director of product management. Kurt will be responsible for the development and testing of all roofing systems. Kurt has been with Tremco since 1983, while he was working toward a B.S. in chemistry at JCU. Kurt is a registered roof consultant, serves as Technical Committee chairman for the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association, and is an officer of the Cleveland chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute. Said Tremco President Deryl Kratzer: “Kurt Sosinski has been a major contributor to Tremco Roofing’s success. The experience and judgment he brings to this new role will be vital to our continued growth.”

Do you have a promotion, celebration, graduation, big anniversary, or other event in your life? Let us all in on the good news, and send me an e-mail soon! Enjoy the holidays! Don

Fall 2009

25th Reunion notes for the Class of 1984

The beautiful sunny June day was perfect for a 25th Reunion! (We speculated that the bumpy economy may have hurt attendance somewhat. Many old friends were missed.) I used my iPhone voice recorder to take classmate notes, and there was a loud band playing in the background, so you’ll have to forgive any errors.

After a class photo in front of Rodman Hall, we all strolled over to Gesu for an all-alumni Mass. Classmate Tim Kesicki, S.J., gave the homily. Bob Hager represented our class in the Moment of Remembrance of classmates who have passed away. It was really nice and appropriate that Colleen (O’Malley) Hogan was singing in the Gesu choir for the Reunion Mass. The musical group that she was a part of performed wonderfully. Colleen stopped by after Mass and we caught up. She and husband James live nearby, and they must have their hands full with their five kids. They have one each in college, high school, junior high, elementary school, and preschool.

Susan (Herchl) Cipriani and wonderful husband Peter have two sons, Dominic (6) and Matthew (4). Peter owns an IT/Web business, CiprianiSystems.com. Sue’s a full-time mom, and is she excited to put some of her executive experience from her former American Greeting days to work as volunteer director for “Truth Booth,” whose mission is to educate the public on the prenatal development of the child in the womb using ultrasound video footage presented through an unmanned kiosk. Truth Booth is both factual and scientific, presented in an ingenious, gentle format that allows all age groups to comprehend our early development with clarity. Go to TruthBooth.org to check out more.

Kevin Haberman hails from Pittsburgh. He’s been with PNC Bank for over 21 years! They have a daughter at Baldwin-Wallace College Music Conservatory playing saxophone, clarinet, and learning more; a daughter (16) starting to drive; and a son (14).

Ted Mohler came with wife Pam, who gave me some very appreciated photo tips regarding her Digital Rebel XTi. (Recall the cute photo she took of their young son Luke a few issues back?) Ted’s an attorney for Nationwide in the Toledo area.

Terri (Youse) Anthony and husband Terry came from North Carolina and brought their kids to enjoy Camp Carroll once again! … They sat with Kathy (Dugan) Sasala and Diana D’Alessandro, who works at MetroHealth hospital in Cleveland.

Hard to believe but this was Bob Schufreider’s first John Carroll Reunion! The popular guy missed all the other gatherings due to prior work obligations. Schuf’s a sales director for Aptara Corp., which provides digital content production and publishing. His job allows him to travel the country a lot. Bob enjoyed watching classmates on the portable DVD player I brought. Our class footage showed the interviews he and others were filmed doing in 1984. It was a real blast from the past to see so many faces from 25 years ago. Unfortunately, the reunion music was loud so it was hard to hear what “wisdom” we were dispensing on the film from our youthful days.

Dan Schodowski and wife Vivian (Brown) ’85 have two teen children at Walsh Jesuit: Caitlin, a senior, and Tanner, a freshman. Vivian tried to listen real close to the DVD player and report what people were saying. Dan must think that running one company wasn’t hard enough, because he’s president of two companies: JTM Products in Solon, OH, and ChemMasters in Madison, OH.

Floridians Cathy and John Breen looked great. (Living near a beach will do that to you!) They are always a pleasure to catch up with! John keeps racking up frequent flier miles with his position at AT&T, and Cathy is working something like six days a week with her gymnastics. John toasted at our table to those classmates who were present, and to all those who missed the good time.

Laryn Runco is the director of admissions at Burlington College in Vermont. Laryn enjoys this liberal arts college, which is small enough for her to know the students personally. It was real nice to talk to her friend with her as well – sorry I did not catch a name!

Ed Cooper was a great Reunion Class Gift chair! (He was skilled at delegating some of his “authority,” I might add.) We were glad to spend some time catching up with him on Friday as well. Coop is senior vice president, relationship marketing, for Wells Fargo Bank in Chicago. He lives with wife Patty and kids James and Grace

My speech language pathologist colleague Suzanne Smola and her friend Bob were a fun couple to share the evening with. Suzanne and Bob enjoyed the full Reunion night, which included dancing and spending time in the casino tent with Coop and Terri.

Tim Tabar owns his own Farmers Insurance Agency in Rocky River, OH. Good to see him, and his fellow IPT Bud Jindra, who was a part of our class until ’82. Bud is an event planner, and he keeps up with so many John Carroll friends from the Class of ’84, he’s pretty much considered a classmate.

Karen (Weakland) Hostoffer and husband Bob ’81 raise their five children almost in the shadow of John Carroll. Karen shared pictures of their beautiful kids.

Jack Bedell works for Steris. He and his very nice wife Mary Beth (Hoke) ’85 raise their four kids in Bay Village, OH. Their family feels blessed to have toured Italy last year. Jack could barely remember performing a famous trick of his as he watched it on the 1984 video.

Looking just like she did 25 years ago, Michelle (Jerva) McGuinness came in all the way from New York City, where she’s an attorney. Michelle and husband of 22 years Michael have four children.

Another “married two decades with four kids” couple is Ruth and Bill Loftus. Bill is senior vice president for Wachovia Bank in Maryland. We sat at their table again this reunion just like we did at the last one.

Daniel and Ann (Fox) Stefancin have four kids as well! (Catch a common class theme here?) Sean is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame; Megan is a freshman at Duquesne University; Sara is a junior at St. Joseph Academy; and the youngest, Erin, is in eighth grade at Lakewood Catholic Academy, where Ann teaches second grade. Ann says it has been great having her kids there with her these past few years. Ann also reports there are a few other John Carroll alumni on staff at her school as well.

Our 25th Reunion fell on my wife Michelle (Sciangula) and my 22nd wedding anniversary! Fittingly, we were spending our anniversary at Carroll, where we met 29 years ago! We often feel like a rarity raising four kids these days, but not after speaking to six other classmates that night with four or five kids (Colleen, Karen, Jack, Michelle M., Bill, and Ann)! This small group from the Class of ’84 ends up parenting a total of 30 kids! Don

Summer 2009

If you think about it, this isn’t our 25th Reunion; it really is our 5th reunion! How did I come up with this math? Well, we have attended reunions every five years since we graduated, and that makes this the 5th reunion we have attended. Therefore, it is our 5th reunion! Don’t you feel so much younger? This issue is scheduled to come out right before we attend our 25th Reunion. If you haven’t registered, there still might be time for you to sign up to join in the fun!

Anne Lynch DiJulius, Esq., relocated to Sacramento in May 2008. First, she took over the operations of a 24-store chain of shoe and apparel stores; then, by June 2008, she took over the business development activities of a major shopping center developer from Los Angeles in the western and mountain states. By November 2008, she had earned a promotion to oversee marketing and business development and relocated again, to Bakersfield, CA, with three of her five children in tow. Anne earned her J.D. in 1991 and practiced law in Cleveland for ten years, operated The Successtores chain of stores, and published the motivational book, “The Edge.” Ann said she would love to hear from anyone from Carroll via edgebysuccess@aol.com.

I was forwarded an e-mail from Tim Cavanagh, who reports they had their second set of triplets (two girls and a boy: Kiley, Kate, and TJ) on July 22, 2008, after three boys (Ryan, Jack, and Charlie) on December 24, 2006! Tim has formed the Cavanagh Law Group, which prosecutes cases involving automobile liability, railroad liability, product liability, among other areas. Over the last 10 years, Tim personally obtained over $150 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. In 2007, Law Dragon Magazine named Tim one of the top 500 plaintiff’s lawyers in the United States. Among his other recognitions in his field, Leading Lawyers, a division of Law Bulletin Publishing Company, has named Tim a Leading Lawyer every year since its inception in 2003 – an honor that is limited to the top 5 percent of lawyers in Illinois.

I hope to put in some clips of info for those classmates who attended the 25th spread out in the following issues. Hopefully we will see you soon! Don

Spring 2009

The date for our 25th Reunion is set and is being held just a few short months from now — June 19-21, 2009! If you are interested in helping out in anyway contact Carla Gall ’05, reunion coordinator, – cgall@jcu.edu – 216.397.1595. Have you tried JCU Connect? It is an online community specifically for John Carroll alumni – http://jcu.imodules.com/. It should be a good source of info for Reunion and hopefully will also have specific info on our class’ activities. Speaking of Reunion, I have been the keeper of one of the rare copies of a video taped “time capsule” of interviews that were filmed during our senior year. Senior class president John Breen, and the other class officers of our final year, arranged to have video taped interviews during countdown to graduation events held in 1983-84. Jim Mahoney conducted most of the interviews, but the microphone was also handled by our other verbose classmate, Bob Schufreider. It is a blast to see classmates caught on film a quarter century ago. For example, Jim (Spike) Kromer is interviewed in his three-piece suit on his way to one of his first job interviews because he figured he would stop in the Rat to first “…get prepped for it.” Spike ends his interview with his trademarked pterodactyl yell. Dozens of classmates take their turn sitting in front of the camera reflecting back on their Carroll memories and making life predictions: Dan Schodowski, Amy (Nash) Golian, Bob (Reg) Lally, Denise (Petronzio) Geisler, Tim Friday, Beth (Heffernan) Broome, Tom Kreber, Scott Logue, Ann (Oaks) Kerstetter, and Jeff Metzgar are interviewed among many others. Jack Bedell comments that being an RA is the greatest job he has ever had and he wishes he could major in it. Mike Carswell predicted he might be involved in producing record labels in the future. Bob Kovach speculated that in 10 years he would be working at 30 Rock in NY. Chris Yaw recalled a story about waking up to find a Christmas pine tree (from the quad) somehow mysteriously placed in his dorm room. I have converted the tape to DVD and hopefully we can have it playing at Reunion during the Saturday night dinner gathering. (If not I will try to bring a portable DVD player and at least we could see it on the small screen). See you then.


Winter 2008

Did you notice the fancy new roof we have on this class column now? That is because our class has our 25th Reunion in just about six months! Anyone who is interested in helping on the reunion committee is invited to join the fun! Please contact Carla Gall ’05 the reunion coordinator for JCU at 216.397.1592 or cgall@jcu.edu and she will let you know how you can help!

Chris Allegra has to accept that since she works for the city in which I live, when there is a headline article in the local Sun Newspaper, September 25 issue, regarding her work my journalistic responsibility calls for me to put that in the column! Chris is the North Olmsted police department’s youth services administrator and the city is instituting an innovative program to curb teen drinking by having the underage residents with these issues meet with Chris and participate in an intervention diversion plan rather than face the standard legal penalties and fines which may not address solving the problem.

Heard that Cynthia Helfert is out in Milpitas, CA. Cynthia is a CPA.

Bob McIntyre became the workforce development director and varsity head football coach for Keokuk High School this past summer, according to an article in the Iowa newspaper Daily Gate City on September 22. Bob believes he has come to the right place at the right time. Bob decided to return to his childhood dream of coaching after two decades in the business world when he had a coaching job at his alma mater, Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School. “When I decided to walk away from the corporate world to coach football, I knew I wanted to eventually be a head coach and have a winning program,” Bob said. “My mom probably thinks I’m crazy. I remember my father telling me to follow my dreams, to pursue my passion. I started coaching full-time in 2003.” With several years of experience under his belt, Bob looked for that head coaching job. Bob’s wife, Andrea, who he met while working at a bank on the East Coast, is a native of the area. Their daughter, Morgan, has gone to stay with her grandparents every summer. Bob’s career has allowed him to travel over the years while he has worked for companies like Nabisco and PNC Bank. Most recently he was senior vice president of a small company, but he took that job with the understanding that he could leave the office during football season so he could coach football. Bob says: “I was offered a partnership in the company. By then I knew football was my passion. I walked away from the business and corporate world to pursue my passion fulltime.” Bob still operates his own consulting business.

Ted Mohler is looking forward to our upcoming reunion. Ted married his wife, Pam, in September 2004, and they had happy healthy Luke Edward in August 2007. Ted says: “…fortunately he has my wife’s good looks.” Ted is an attorney for Nationwide Insurance. Ted was glad to read about fellow attorney Joe Hoffer and his family a few issues ago.

On a final note: With our Reunion looming in the near future I was tempted to start jogging and working out to get in shape. But then I assessed the change 25 years after college life has taken on the human body, and I realized it might take me until the 50th Reunion before I could really get in shape. So I will try to start after the Christmas cookies are all finished off, and maybe I will be in shape 2034. Of course by then, we will all wish we looked like we do right now! Don

Fall 2008

Diane Cibrik M.D. M.S. is keeping pretty busy at the University of Michigan where she is an associate professor of internal medicine and a medical director in transplantation. Diane is very interested in increasing donor awareness to spread the gift of life. She recently gave talks in Chicago and San Francisco. Her 11-year-old son also keeps her on her toes. Diane says her son is into: “hockey (can’t live in Michigan w/o playing hockey!), soccer and trumpet lessons…” Diane occasionally meets up with Tom ’85 and Pam (Bartoroni) Win since they live in nearby Toledo. Diane’s parents frequently see Mark Pophal because he is their ophthalmologist! Fellow JCUer Dan Reim, SJ, is a Jesuit priest at Diane’s parish. Dan used to live in Dolan Hall during his JCU stay.

Jerry Ahmed is now managing director at the CIT Group (a company that provides business finance products and services.) Jerry is living in Moreland Hills, OH, with his wife Simone and sons Jerry Jr. (13), who is involved in lacrosse and soccer, Ben (10), who is involved in basketball, baseball and lacrosse, and daughter Nicole (9), who is involved in soccer, basketball and baseball.

John Breen and his wife of 24 years, Cathy, stopped by for a visit to our home in July. They were in town as Cathy had been supporting and helping family care for her ailing brother Chris Telzerow until, sadly, he passed away at the young age of 45 on July 4. It was good to spend some time with John and Cathy before they returned home to Clearwater, FL, as we all appreciate those special moments in life when old friends can get together again, even if only briefly. Our prayers go out to the Telzerow family.

Did you see the page dedicated to Rev. Tim Kesicki, SJ in the last issue of John Carroll magazine? Tim, (who has been president of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland since 2000 and a member of the JCU board of directors) was recently appointed leader of the Jesuits’ Detroit Province. The Detroit Province consists of approximately 160 Jesuits in Michigan and Ohio. Tim began his six-year term in August. Tim will work with other U.S. provincials in creating a consolidated province in the Midwest by 2021. This was also reported in the Plain Dealer and on local TV news. I have frequently heard high praise for Tim’s work at St. Ignatius from the many people that I know with sons attending the school. I am sure we all wish him the best in his newest journey of service to the Jesuit Order.

St. Theodore Guerin High School in Noblesville, IN, announced that Peg (Cooney) Dispenzieri will be their new assistant principal. Peg was the principal at Nativity Catholic School on the south side of Indianapolis for the past six years. She taught science in catholic schools for several years before that. Guerin High School Principal Rick Wagner said of Peg: “She has an incredible work ethic and brings classroom and administrative experience to the table. We are lucky to have her.” Peg and husband Charlie have also been active in parish music ministry for over 20 years.

Our class is up next for reunionville! Our 25th Reunion takes place this coming June! The clock’s arms are spinning by faster these days, so plan on a stop back in time for a bit of the year 1984 once again, during that one special weekend. Don

Summer 2008

Remember writing those 500 word essays back in school, and having to add in a lot of extra words like “very, very, very” to make it to 500 minimum requirement? Well class columns need to stay UNDER that word count, so forgive me if I have to cut any of your submitted details — we will include the important facts.

Sherry (Schafer) Collmar got married on January 19, 2008! Her groom is Bud Collmar, a software developer working downtown Cleveland at First American Title Insurance. Sherry works in IT as a project manager at Progressive Insurance in Mayfield Village. They both have fourteen year old daughters; Abby and Alyssa. Denise (Petronzio) Geisler, John Wargo, Karen Domke ’82, John Dragas ’88 and Dave Rastoka ’90 were in attendance for the big event!

Michael Ritchey writes that he could not help but respond to my last column, where I was speaking of the challenges that two other classmates – Pat Reardon and Dave Murphy – must have to face while raising five kids each. I even chimed in about Michelle and my own four kids. Well Michael has us all beat in that he has SIX children to raise: Brian (21), Melissa (18), Kevin (16), Greg (14), Michelle (10), and Monica (6)! Michael says: “As far as I can tell by your entry, I will be claiming the “most kids” prize. If I said “a handful, quite literally,” you would probably want to see my hand. Brian is a junior and Melissa is a freshman, both at JCU. I’m feeling pretty old right there with ya.” I think that the “largest minivan needed” award definitely goes to Michael, and probably “most kids at JCU” as well!

I discovered Marc Raia is playing the guitar with a band called the “Mudpies,” in addition to that; Marc is a teacher in the Cincinnati area. … One year from now it will be our turn under the big tent at JCU. Our big 25th Reunion is coming in ’09!

Perhaps for the first time we will be the ones assigned inside one of the buildings, as our old class of ’84 bones might not be able to handle the night air’s chill much longer. If you are able to write in a note to this column during the next year, be sure to let us know which classmates you would hope to see at next year’s Reunion! You might be their inspiration for coming! Also let us know what category of reunion ‘extremes’ you think you could win: For example: most countries traveled to, most dogs or cats, most kids in college, lives closest (or furthest) from JCU, most bikes in your garage, looks have changed the least (or most), longest beard, etc. You get the idea? Don

Spring 2008

Just one year and a few short months from now will be our big 25th Reunion! June 2009 is the month, so don’t say you weren’t warned!

If they give out a reunion prize for “most kids” my four boys would be trumped by the five kids owned by Pat Reardon and/or the five owned by Dave Murphy! Pat writes that having five is “…a handful, quite literally. Our oldest, Patrick, is now a teenager; and Jackie, our youngest and our only daughter turned two in April. The other boys are Christopher (11); Kevin (8) and Jimmy (5) who started kindergarten this year. I’m still with Kraft — will be with the company for 23 years on 10/1/07. My current title is director of channel development and I work in our Northfield, Ill., headquarters. We attend Santa Maria del Popolo Church in Mundelein and the kids go to the parish school. I’m currently the president of the school board, and also serve on the Finance Council and Pastoral Council. I’m usually over at the parish a couple nights a week.” Pat says they have run into Dave Murphy and family quite a bit with their kids competing in soccer and baseball. The Murphys just had their fifth child a year ago October. Dave is the owner of Murphy Ambulance in Libertyville where both families live. Pat says: “…sorry to say that Murph’s son struck my son Chris out this year — we’ll get him next time!”

Joe Hoffer wanted to update our classmates about some new things: He is a self employed attorney in Cleveland, Tenn., and his practice is booming! Joe’s wife, Alejandra, is in the Spanish department at Cleveland State Community College and is in the process of receiving a promotion from instructor to assistant professor. She is currently involved in many community projects and is sponsoring a Spanish language trip to Chile this summer. Joe says of his children: “My daughter, Claudia, is a junior at Notre Dame H.S. in Chattanooga — enjoys photography and just got her driver’s license. She has played indoor soccer this year and is a new member of the Chattanooga Junior Rowing Club. My son, John, had a successful year as an eighth grader on the football and wrestling teams. He is also looking forward to playing soccer as soon as wrestling is over. He recently got a yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to go with his green belt in Hakko Denshin Ryu Jujutsu. He weighs 140 pounds has been known to tap out grown men who unsuspectingly mistake him for a novice. Both Claudia and John are accomplished kayakers and snowboarders.” Joe was also recently promoted to brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and earlier in 2007, he received the highest rank in Hakko Denshin Ryu Jujutsu of San Dai Kichu.

A quick note from Dave Olderman tells us that his niece, Claire Olderman, was quite excited when she recently received her acceptance to John Carroll (which was her number one choice!) Dave says: “Amazing isn’t it that the next generation is already starting at JCU? It must mean that we are getting old!”

(Our eldest is off to college this fall as well, so Michelle and I are facing that “getting old” fact ourselves!) Who else out there has kids in or going to college right now? Let us know for next time! Don

Fall 2007

When a classmate writes in, it always makes me happy. When it’s a classmate that has never written before taking the time to send a note, I am ecstatic! This column contains news from some people that we have not heard from before! That makes all of us cheerful!

Glad that Denise Ward wrote! She was happy to read about an old friend Erroll Garrett in the last column. Denise resides in Richmond Hts, OH, and celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary on a cruise to Hawaii! Denise and husband, Michael, have one son, Ashen, who attends Villa Angela-Saint Joseph High School. He will be attending Youngstown State University next year on a full basketball scholarship. Denise is the principal at Hobart Cedarbrook Middle School in Painesville, OH. She is completing her Ph.D. in educational leadership!

Mike Stabilla ’85 said “he never thought he would be writing me but…” (there is a lot of this going around lately — thankfully!) he did want to share some of his news! Mike said we may recall that back on campus he was hanging out in Bernet Hall and belonged to the IPTs. Currently, Mike lives in Kent, OH, with his wife, Susan, and son Jacob (11). Mike is very active in his parish, St. Patrick, as the president of the Home and School Association (PTA) and as a Deacon candidate! Mike’s ordination is slated for September 6, 2008, at Saint Paul’s in Canton. He says: “I ask all of you to pray for me, as I complete my last year of formation.”

We heard from an old Dolan Hall friend, Matt Koenig, ’85 who like so many others, wanted to also share his sympathy towards the loss of our friend Pat Goold last year. Matt asked that I “Please pass along my prayers for his immortal soul to his family and friends.” Matt also shared that he just had his first son, Charles Thomas “Charlie,” on September 10! He said that if any of the old crew is in the Boston area they should look him up!

Richard Loeffler has three beautiful boys: Magnus will be entering the first grade and Gunnar will be going into kindergarten at the Fox Chapel Country Day School in Pittsburgh. Barron will be helping his mama around the house!

Last issue I mentioned my 20th anniversary and it prompted yet another classmate to write: according to Dr. John Wolf, he and spouse Karen also celebrated their 20th last December! John’s medical office is now in North Olmsted, OH, (my hometown!). He is a private practice family physician and the Family Practice Residency Program director for St. John West Shore Hospital. (Check out the slick web site for the practice at: www.wspc.us). This year John was awarded The Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Master Faculty Award. The Wolf’s oldest daughter just started college at The University of Virginia and their youngest is a freshman at St. Ignatius High School. Their middle daughter is in 11th grade at Westlake High School where she has been a starter on the varsity volleyball team since her freshman year.

We lost a beloved professor from our JCU days. Dr. Fenton Moore ’64 of biology passed away May 5. The June 5 Plain Dealer featured an obituary and a photo of Dr. Moore in the bio lab with our classmates John Wolf and Pam (Bartoroni) Win. It was nice to see the photo representing part of the life of my former faculty advisor. I will always remember his patient, gentle guidance. Our class’ prayers go out to his family, and to his son, Fenton Moore, Jr. ’87


Summer 2007

It is a busy time of year so I did not want to bother you with a long and tedious column to plow through — i.e. not much news this time. Instead this will be one of those ticker-tape columns with some quick news updates from classmates around the land, leaving you with plenty of time to spare for other fall fun!

Larry Jaeger ’83 is a regional sales director for Apple Computer, Inc. Larry and wife Irina make their home in Strongsville OH.

Richard Loeffler and his brother Jim ’91 have been running the company “InTune Business Advisors” out of Pittsburgh, PA, for the past few years. Even their sister Julie Loeffler Andrews ’88 does some free lance marketing work for them. Their web site is www.getintune.com. Richard is an active member of the Association for Corporate Growth, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and SMC Business Council. Richard and wife Laura have three boys: Magnus, Gunnar and Barend.

Heard that George McGeary is living in Lyndhurst, OH.

Mark C. Perna has been busy with the company he founded, “Tools for Schools,” which is a full service marketing communications firm focused on delivering a variety of marketing solutions and printing tools for school systems. He is located out of Hudson, OH, and the web site is www.mt4s.com. Mark has two sons: Matthew (20) and Nicholas (18).

Erroll Varin Garrett lives in Baytown, TX. He is a high school principal at La Marque High School in the La Marque Independent School District in Texas. Erroll published an article in 2004, and he is completing his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. Erroll has two children: Erroll (17) and Shara (14).

Classmate (and my life mate) Michelle (Sciangula) D’Amore and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this past June by re-tracing some of our steps of our wedding day two decades later, but this time with our four children in the limo with us! I know many fellow classmates are in this same milestone range! Send me an e-mail with details on your anniversary celebrations! Don

Spring 2007

Tragically, we lost a classmate (of two years) in the Virginia Tech massacre on April 16, 2007. Kevin Granata, a professor at V.T. and a member of our class from September 1980 until he transferred to OSU December 1982, was killed that day. JCU held a memorial prayer service for him soon after the event. By all accounts Kevin was an extraordinary person, who loved helping people and teaching. He was considered one of the top five biomechanics researchers in the country working on movement dynamics in cerebral palsy. The Plain Dealer on April 18 quoted their business reporter (and our classmate) Mary Vanac who was friends with Kevin as freshmen in JCU’s honors program. “He was probably the finest man I’ve ever known,” Mary said, “Integrity and chivalry were part of his genetic makeup.” Mary sent an e-mail to Kevin on the day the news of the shooting first came out, but she never got a response. Chris Fortunato wrote to me that he remembered Kevin being on the quiet side, but very pleasant when he was at JCU. Kevin transferred to OSU because of their engineering program. He and his wife Linda had children ages 11 to 14. I heard from eight other classmates regarding Kevin in the days following the event. The prayers of our class go out to Kevin and his family and all those affected by that tragedy.

David Olderman in St. Louis, MO, was recently thinking about JCU when he found out his niece went on a tour of JCU and it became her number one school of choice. Even more interesting is that the tour took David’s niece through Dolan Hall, and ironically she was shown Dave’s old dorm room: the famous corner room that he shared with Tim Cavanagh sophomore year and Ed Cooper junior year. Dave thought it was interesting that the article that featured successful Chicago alumni included both Cavanagh and Cooper, and maybe he should get a little credit for their success! David heard from Tony Gregorich “SLAV” who says his daughter is considering Saint Louis University. David was very saddened about losing our friend Pat Goold. David fondly recalls a humorous moment: he and Pat were up in the middle of the night studying for an accounting final, when suddenly Pat enthusiastically declared that he had enough and was going to switch majors and go into business with his father. David said: “I knew right then that the moment was definitive in his life.” David says his family is — “My 17-year old, Patrick, set the school record in interceptions in his football team and is doing well in school — but no JCU in the cards for him. My 13-year old, David, is in all sports and just having a great time in middle school. Wrestling begins next year for him. And my daughter Gracie, 10, is my princess and a terror in soccer, basketball, and track.” David’s wife is a speech language pathologist (like me) who just returned to full time work and who very much likes what she does. David continues teaching history — APUS History and regular U.S. History. He is finishing up his second master’s; an Ed.S. – principal certification, but David adds “…though I am in no rush to become one.” (I have a niece myself attending JCU! Lisa Ugran ’09! We visited Lisa this spring and she gave us a tour of the modern campus. We can’t get over all the changes and additions. We ended with a nice reminiscent visit to Geraci’s pizza, which is exactly the same BTW.)

I am sad to report that I received word that classmate Cheryl (Baird) Ramsey passed away on January 10, 2007. Our prayers go out to her family as well.


Winter 2007

Did you ever want to peer into the future and see what lies ahead in your life? The opportunity to do just that (at least in a general sense) lies in each issue of this JCU magazine! Just skip on over and read the class columns from the classes in the late ’70s! You will see that in about five years lots of our children will be graduating from college and (yipes) even getting married! Go a few more years deep, and you discover that many of us will have grandchildren on the way in less than 10 years! Fifteen more years brings the talks of retirement among our fellow alumni! This crystal ball goes on, but lets stop right there. As they say, “Today is a gift, that is why it is called the present”

Donald Miller makes his home near Sacramento, CA, where he is a business development manager for SunTechnics. He and wife Andrea Hoffman Miller have three children: Gioanina (7), Helen (4) and Emma (1). Donald’s news: “After graduating from JCU, I served in the U.S. Army, Military Intelligence branch, first as a Russian linguist and then as an intelligence officer. That took me to California, where I earned an M.A. in linguistics and met my wife. I spent seven years working for AT&T, during which time they sent me to business school. After having experienced the dot com craze working in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am now working in Sacramento for a German company in the field of renewable energy. In 2008 I will complete a J.D. degree at the University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law. I live in Vacaville, not far from Napa Valley, with my wife and three girls.

Terri (Youse) Anthony and husband Terry live in NC. Their children are: Tyler – a sixth grade Cub Scout, Christin – a fifth grade Girl Scout, and Scott who is in third grade and a Scout as well of course. Terri has completed the first phase of a master’s at UNC Charlotte and earned an elementary teaching license. She has her dream job which is teaching computers at Union Academy grades K-4. She also enjoys training school staff in technology. Terri is back in choir and is a Girl Scout leader. Husband Terry has been recommended for an elite worldwide management development program in his company and travels to Austria for training. Keeping with the family pattern, he has taken over as Cub master for the local Pack as well as other regional Scout duties.

If the events in your life hit a milestone, e-mail me the details so that the class of 1989 can read about what they will be facing in five years! Don

Fall 2006

It was nice to hear from Cathy (Kovach) Collins who this summer participated in the New York City Triathlon as a member of a relay team. She swam the first leg; one mile in the Hudson River! Her team placed 8 out of 24 teams. Cathy’s brother Bob ’84, his wife Meg and their daughter Maddie (9) cheered her on, along with her husband Bill and a number of friends. Cathy’s goal was to finish in less than 30 minutes. With a nice strong current, she completed the swim in under 26 minutes. Cathy says: “As a cancer survivor, finishing was a true accomplishment. It was great to work toward a goal that provided such a sense of joy.” Cathy and Bill live on the upper West Side of Manhattan.

Bob Kovach is an Emmy award-winning producer with CNN in Washington, DC.

I spotted Chris Fortunato ’84 on a public access television on our local cable where he was in a discussion regarding the actors’ unions in the Cleveland area. Chris later wrote that this past summer he became eligible to join Actors’ Equity Association, the professional union of stage actors. He worked at Porthouse Theatre/Kent State University this past summer in “Our Town” (his favorite play) acting the part of the town constable, Mr. Warren. Chris says: “I have not joined the union as of yet, but if I audition at certain theatres like the Cleveland Playhouse, Great Lakes, Carousel Dinner Theatre, Porthouse or Broadway, I will have to be given an equity contract and join the union. I am now involved in a small part as a lawyer in the Beck Center’s production of “Porgy and Bess” where Diana D’Alessandro is the co-stage manager. And while waiting for my big break, I am still practicing law in Lakewood”

I was visiting a school building this fall in my travels as a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), and I was pleasantly surprised to find classmate Suzanne Smola! Suzanne is in the final year of getting her master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Akron, so she was working with the SLP at that school to collect her required supervised hours in the field. It is nice to work collaboratively with Suzanne (at least temporarily), and it will be nice to at last have one other person from our class as a colleague in my profession!

A few more answers to the question “Where are they now?” Our overseas classmate, Kathy Davidson-Lambret continues to live in France with her husband Dr. JC Lambret and four children Patrick (15), Alexander (13), Régis (11), and Brian (8).

Donna (Otremsky) Ogonek and husband Ed ’83 make their home in Ottawa, Canada, now with their three children Nicholas (17), Benjamin (15), and Natalie (14).

Bob Schufreider is North American sales manager for MPS Technologies in Massachusetts, where he lives with wife Kathleen and two kids Hannah (12) and Grace (9).

Jerry Ahmed is senior vice president for Royal Bank of Scotland in Independence, Ohio. He and wife Simone have three children: Jerry Jr. (11), Benjamin (8), and Nicole (7).

Got Kids? Send an update! We would all like to hear about your families or your ever changing life! Don

Summer 2006

Thanks for taking the time to find the longer version of the column on the web! I am able to put more details on the web version of things, so if you are looking for every morsel of information on the class of 1984, surf over here every so often!

We are all still very much mourning and missing our good friend Pat Goold who passed away in April. John Breen sponsored the online guestbook for memorial notes on the Cleveland PD website for one year. It is wonderful to read all the things people have to say about Pat. His reach in this world went far. Go to http://www.legacy.com/cleveland/ and click on “View/sign Guestbook” then put his last name in the search box. (or copy/paste this exact URL into your address bar:http://www.legacy.com/cleveland/Guestbook.asp?Page=Guestbook&PersonID=17477450). It is very easy to add a note about your personal feelings for Pat. I am sure his family would appreciate you sharing your memories. I think it is a nice way for them to see how all his friends thought of him… We are grateful to Tom “T” Dannemiller 84 for keeping a lot of us apprised of the condition of his former roommate Chas Brun (84). Chas had heart bypass surgery this summer but came through it all like a champ, and planned on still going on a family vacation to Myrtle Beach. Some JCU memories were mixed in on the emails for Chas!…Tom Guarente’s oldest child Michael just finished his sophomore at Ignatius, playing lacrosse and “doing better than his father ever did academically” according to Tom. His daughter Sarah, an 8th grader is anxious to start HS, and Jimmy the new 1st grader keeps his parents running! Between business commitments & travel, Tom has been active in the Ohio Gubernatorial campaign. “This state needs some new thinking and bold leadership to turn things around!” Tom recently moved onto another Silicon Valley tech firm and he is leading the team that grows business in this part of the country. He’s also been working with some folks from the DC and Boston areas in exploring what tech and biotech startups might warrant attention and investors. Also: “Bridget started a candy business on the side as a “hobby” but is finding that the increasing demand is cutting into her volunteer time, so knowing Bridget, the candy business will have to give!” Tom keeps in touch with Mike May. They talk regularly about the perils of being a Browns fan. Tom says Mike Znidarsic is staying busy with the FBI and trying not to get too depressed about the Browns either. Tom’s actually worried that Mike could turn into a Chiefs fan! …The Keelers are doing well, Martha (Michaels) 84 continues to stay busy doing creative landscape Design work and helping out at our son’s school, St Raphaels.

They moved to Westlake a year ago after 12 years in Avon Lake. Their son is 11and plays hockey for Rocky River (although he broke his leg for the second time in 5 years during hockey practice and missed the team’s playoff run). Ken has been helping coach his hockey team over the last two years and also joined a men’s hockey team in Cleveland three years ago (Cleveland Blast). His team played an exhibition game at the Q arena before the last Cleveland Barons game.

Ken has been at Key for 22 years and he is now doing investment banking work in the media and technology space started this late in 2005. Ken also continue to teach Lifeskills to homeless men at the Salvation Army Harbor Light facility in Cleveland…Joe Hoffer is in Cleveland, Tennessee that is! He left the U.S.

Attorney’s Office in Puerto Rico in 1998 and resettled in Cleveland, TN, where his brother, Jerry (88), has been practicing law since 1991. Joe left the District Attorney General’s Office in July of 2004, and now he is in private practice in the same building with his brother. He specializes in personal injury cases and state and federal criminal defense. He also runs The Cleveland Jiu-jitsu Academy. J oe has a seventh degree black belt in Hakko Denshin Ryu Jujitsu and a second degree purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. In March of 2005, Joe went to Japan with his children for a seminar in jujitsu. His daughter, Claudia, is now 14, and is a sophomore a Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga where she plays soccer and is considering playing lacrosse. She is bilingual and is in honors Spanish. She was one of the first girls to play soccer in Santiago, Chile, in the boy’s league. Joe’s son John, is at the Cleveland Middle School, where he played football, wrestled and played soccer and trains in jiu-jitsu. At 12 he’s getting big enough that he has started “tapping out” grown men. He’s also bilingual in Spanish. Joe’s wife Alejandra, is the Spanish Department at Cleveland State Community College. She is very active in the Latino community in Cleveland and often plays music at wedding and funeral at their church. She has organized trips for Cleveland State to Europe and England. They also enjoy kayaking in the mountains in Tennessee in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Joe’s parents still live in Akron, but they visit Cleveland, TN several times a year…I heard from John Carr, who was with our class at the start of it all before he transferred. He enjoys reading about old JCU friends and he was also very sad to read about Pat. John and his wife have three kids and live in Ohio. He sends out a hello John Breen, Tim Cavanaugh 84, Ed Cooper 84 and Dave Olderman 84

Thanks for reading! If you have a life event to share, give me an ‘e’ ~Don

Spring 2006

It is with great sadness that I have to report the loss of the good friend to all of us, Pat Goold. Pat passed away on Holy Saturday April 15, 2006, after battling cancer for several months. He is survived by his wife, Cathy, and his three children — Katie, Jack, and Mathew. Pat was loved by everyone, and that was very evident in the past few months as witnessed by the huge showings of support for him during his illness. In early March Pat’s sister-in-law organized a walk of friends for him. I was grateful to Shannon (Carey) Dolan who passed the news on to me regarding the walk, allowing me to spread it further. Pat’s JCU roommate John Breen flew in from Florida that weekend to join in. We all wore “Life is GOOLD” t-shirts as we walked from Huntington Beach in Bay Village to Pat’s home two miles away. It was a crisp Sunday morning, and the crowd of hundreds of Pat supporters stretched for blocks. Myles Gallagher who lives near was there, as was Shannon who walked with her daughter. John brought a framed collection of fun snapshots from the early Dolan Hall days to give to Pat. Dave Herman, Pat’s life long friend, and his wife Sue walked with their daughter as well. As we came to Pat’s house we gathered around the front of his home. He was in good spirits and he and his family greeted everyone in this massive surprise visit with a wave and smile. We said a group prayer in his front yard. It was recently discovered that Pat’s father is also ill and our prayers were shared towards him as well. The Goold family saw the love and support being directed toward them through our very large presence of numbers. (John also later e-mailed Pat a series of fun photos of his ‘Goold t-shirt traveling the world.’ John snapped shots of the t-shirt placed in various cities around the country that John traveled to!) Two weeks later, another former St. Ed/JCU alum, Ken Keeler, let me know about a healing service for Pat that was being held at St. Bernadette’s church in Westlake. Dave ’85 and Sue Herman were there of course and I sat with Chris Fortunato and my family. After the Mass we joined family and friends gathering around Pat as Dr. Issam Nemeh a renowned catholic healer spent his first moments after the Mass praying over Pat. The funeral was held in a packed St. Raphael’s Church on bright sunny April 20th. Four priests concelebrated the Mass. I sat with John Breen, Tim Cavanagh and John Siefert. Among those also there were Ken and Dave and Tom Guarente. We were all moved deeply as Pat’s parents reflected on their son. Pat’s father shared a most touching letter that he wrote to Pat a few months earlier regarding his great love and pride of him. Every son and father should share such a magnificent bond. Tim Orie was selected by his close friend Pat to give the Eulogy. Tim spoke of the Pat we all knew; the fun-filled, golf-loving, successful businessman that was a friend to everyone. Pat has been living a good and full life. The hundreds upon hundreds that have shown their support to him are a testament to that. Many classmates have been e-mailing regarding their support, and their prayers and their concern for Pat and his family. I have never seen this much classmate e-mail activity. I am sure every classmate joins me in sending good thoughts and prayers to the Goold family. I began my JCU career in a room on the third floor of Dolan across the hall to the right of John Breen and Pat Goold. They were the perfect guys to live next to if you were looking for the full college life experience. It was always a fun and positive room to visit, because Pat and John were confident and full of life. Pat was a naturally charismatic and smart person that everyone could not help but like. We all have memories of him that bring on a smile. He had an optimistic attitude that mirrored his joy of life. Life really is Goold. We will never forget that great man, who was a friend to everyone, Pat Goold. Don

Winter 2006

Perhaps everyone had enough of the over 40 jokes, so a classmate e-mailed in this new line of humor: “You know you are living in the year 2006 when” … You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three … You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years … You e-mail the person who works at the desk next to you … You accidentally enter your password on the microwave … Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is that they don’t have e-mail addresses. (Now that last one is one that no classmate could use for writing in to this column!) You know what I noticed myself? The more recent classes from the ’90s in this alumni magazine don’t even include their postal address or phone number at the head of the column! They just give their e-mail address! I sound like the old grandpa reminiscing about back in the day, but back in the day when I started doing this column 22 years ago, why I had to write the column with a pen and paper and put it in an envelope with a stamp in it. Then in the early nineties I got into the high tech thing and put a column typed out as a text document and saved it on a floppy disk that I mailed in an envelope to the magazine staff. (And they even mailed me back the disk each time, because a floppy had actual value back then!) Now days I receive almost all my news from e-mail and I am grateful I can submit it via e-mail at the last possible moment.

Sue (Divane) Donnelly is living in Inverness, IL, with husband Bill ’83 and four kids – Connaught (18), Kevin (15), Grace (12), and Libby (12).

Orlo Coots dropped a note about some class visitors to the Sugar Hill Inn — www.sugarhillinn.com — that he owns and runs with wife Judy Sarnosky-Coots in Sugar Hill, NH. IPT Fraternity brothers Tim Tabar, Dr. John Dudich, and Chris Rogers ’86 all came to the Inn for a weekend visit recently. They had a great time catching up on each others’ families, remembering good times at JCU and exploring the hiking trails and scenic drives of the Franconia Notch area. Tim is in Akron, Dr. John lives in Wheeling, WV, and Chris is in Long Island, NY. Orlo says: “It’s been much too long between visits. I will hopefully make it to Cleveland in January to visit some other friends from the Class of ’84.” Some big news from Orlo: on January 14, 2006 he was featured on Boston’s NECN-TV “Cooking with Costa” program. I watched the segment on the boston.com web site and Chef Orlo did a wonderful job preparing lamb with bread pudding. They also showed some shots of his Inn so if it is still available on the web you might check that out online video.

Did you have a mini reunion or appear on TV lately like Orlo? You know we all want to hear about it! E it in. Don

Fall 2005

By popular demand (OK, one person said they thought it was funny) I am going to continue to start with some mutually relevant humor for while… You know you are over 40 when: Over 90% of the time you spend in front of a computer is for real work … Dinner and a movie has become the whole date instead of the beginning of one … A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer ‘pretty good stuff’ … You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald’s … Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt … You actually eat breakfast foods at breakfast time

Now the news — Did you read through the last issue of the John Carroll magazine? If you did, you couldn’t miss the two page article and photo featuring classmate Tim Cavanagh, representing our class in the magazine’s special feature on the Chicago connections to JCU. Tim gave insights into his successful C-town law practice.

Ed Cooper and family also had their photo and a mention regarding him being a central figure in the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention in that issue!

Janet (Jirus) Gaydosh, husband James “JJ” and five year old son John Thomas are now back in the local JCU territory. Janet said: “We just moved back to the Cleveland area after living in Ann Arbor for the last seven years. It is really good to be back home. In addition to being John’s mom (he’s in kindergarten at St. Dominic, Shaker Heights), I do freelance marketing and communications plus I volunteer. For the last two years, I served as president of a not-for-profit in Ann Arbor. Now that we are back in Cleveland, I’m looking for new freelance clients and volunteer opportunities. As always, I gotta keep busy!”

Christopher Fortunato found his summer to be quite busy. He is a professional actor in addition to being an attorney. He took three weeks off from practicing law (OK, he went in at nights) and he made his Porthouse Theatre/KSU debut in “West Side Story” playing Detective Schrank, the nemesis of the Jets and Sharks. Chris says: “It seems I have played police detectives or investigators in the last year. I played the head of the Secret Service, Col. Starling, in “Camping with Henry and Tom” which also marked his debut in the Cleveland Public Theatre. Chris has also been in an industrial film for Ernst&Young.

Teri Beran Kulat lives in Downers Grove, IL, with children Kevin (10) and Benjamin (4). Teri got her law degree from the University of Illinois in 1992. She is principal of her company: Theresa Beran Kulat, PC.

Also heard Annette Summers lives in Naperville, IL, with her two kids David (15) and Nicholas (12).

Rick Kuneman makes his home in Seal Beach, CA.

Did you hear that? It is my deadline for the next column barreling down on me! Send in your news soon! (If nothing else, send me a good joke!) Don

Summer 2005

A few more signs you are over 40 … People no longer view you as a hypochondriac … You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room … Your potted plants actually stay alive … 6 a.m. is when you get up, not when you go to sleep … You hear your favorite song on an elevator … You carry an umbrella because you watch the Weather Channel … You don’t know what time Taco Bell closes anymore … MTV News is no longer your primary source for information — Nancy Greene Rountree had a new addition to their family when daughter Lilly was born March 4, 2003. Nancy says of Lilly “…she is a talker and a social butterfly now! I think she is destined to be a French Horn Player too!” Nancy and husband Larry live in Virginia where Nancy does Information Assurance Training for Maden Technologies. They have two other children Morgan (17) and Margaret (14).

The May 9, 2005 issue of Crane’s Cleveland Business displayed a photo and article about University Hospital’s Cardiologist Vince Pompili, who with a colleague began the stem cell company Arteriocyte Inc. with technology he developed while treating patients. They developed and are preparing to test, in humans, a method to regrow arteries in the heart using stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. The article went on to say the UH would like to see more of its doctors follow the lead of Dr. Pompili.

Patrick Reardon and his wife, Geri, make their home in Libertyville, IL, with their five children: Patrick (10), Christopher (9), Kevin (5), Jimmy (3), and new baby Jacqueline (Jackie). Pat, a director of strategy for Kraft Foods says: “After 4 boys we welcomed our first daughter, Jacqueline Marie, to the world on April 29, 2005. Jackie and mother, Geri, are doing great. The older brothers are enamored with their baby sister and they are very helpful. There’s a lot of activity at home but I wouldn’t want it any other way! This past fall I celebrated my 20-year anniversary with Kraft Foods. I never thought I’d stay with one company for so long, but here I am. We’ve moved nine times in those 20+ years but now our goal is to stay in the Chicago area. Since Chicago is Kraft’s global headquarters, we think that we’ll be able to work that out. And in true Jesuit spirit, I’m trying to make a difference and give back in our Santa Maria del Popolo parish community. Geri and I teach and lead Baptismal Preparation parent instruction; I’m co-lead of the School Marketing Ministry and was recently elected to the school board.” (With four boys of our own, Michelle and I can appreciate a bit of what life is like for the Readons)

The May 22, 2005 Plain Dealer had a picture of Karen Ohlrich Mullin at a Cleveland Advertising Association event and mentioned her creative party attire at the “Bidding Away the Blue” themed event. Karen does marketing for JCU.

How about putting an e-mail alumni update on your fall TO-DO list? Don

Spring 2005

What have you noticed is most different about being over 40? Let me know. Meanwhile here are a few good ones: You get into heated arguments about pension plans. You have a party and the neighbors don’t even realize it. You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge. People who call at 9 p.m. ask: “Did I wake you?”

Of course some of the perks would be: There’s very little left to learn ‘the hard way’, our eyes can’t get much worse and owning health insurance is finally beginning to pay off.

Mary Ellen (Gates) Ott has been very busy! After going into social work right out of college, she went back to school to get her teaching certificate and master’s degree in education. She is currently employed as a reading specialist in Avon Lake City Schools. Prior to this she taught in a Catholic school and in Lorain Public Schools. Mary Ellen is married and has one son, Michael, who is a sophomore at Avon Lake High. Her husband has his own landscaping business. Mary Ellen recently has begun a new adventure; she went through training to be a registered corporate coach.

I received a quick note from Tom Guarente that he and his wife, Bridget, were in D.C. for the Inaugural Ball and events that week in January.

She is now taking clients as a holistic life coach, helping people achieve higher levels of health/fitness/wellness, spiritual and personal growth and development. Mary Ellen also works with people seeking career change, improved relationships, stress management, etc. She would love to hear from people and can be contacted by e-mail: ottmaryellen@aol.com or ottme@comcast.net. Mary Ellen asks: has anyone heard from P. Terry Gaffney?

Rhonda (O’Neal) Melnik lives with her husband, Joe, who is an attorney, and their two children Max (7) and Claire (2 ½) outside of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Township. Rhonda is a busy stay at home mom. During a getaway weekend to Chicago this past December, Rhonda was able to visit with Ed Cooper and his family. Rhonda says she also recently spoke with her old pal, Dave Kubinski. Dave got a Ph.D. from Wayne State University in 1995 and works at Ford Research and Development in MI. He and his wife, Debbie, have two kids – a boy and a girl.

Alex Hostoffer, son of Karen (Weakland) and Bob Hostoffer ’81 was featured in March as the 2005 News-Herald Swimmer of the Year. The article in the News-Herald Newspaper details that because of senior Alex Hostoffer, the Gilmour boys swimming program has really made a name for itself. His coach says that Alex is one of the better swimmers in Ohio and that he will “graduate as Gilmour’s all-time most decorated and successful swimmer,” breaking many school swimming records. He swam alongside his brother, Vince, a sophomore for the Gilmour Lancers. In addition to his swimming, Alex excels in academics and will combine his talents both in and out of the pool at Northwestern next fall. Send me your 40 something insights and enjoy the summer! Don

Winter 2005

Important correction: I inaccurately reported the ages of Ann (Evans) and Steve ’86 Sords’ boys in the last issue. (This probably occurred because I wrote down at the reunion that she had three boys; ages 8 and two 14 years old twins, however the translation from my quick notes that night turned into me incorrectly reporting that she had three boys ages 8, 2, 14!). Please be advised: Ann and Steve absolutely do not have a two year old! They have the same three wonderful, healthy and happy boys they have always had: one age 8 and two twins now 15! (Sorry to anyone who was confused.) Their three boys all play hockey at University School, with the twins playing varsity as freshmen this year. The Sords live on a small farm in Hunting Valley and have a herd of 14 sheep! They also have two dogs, one very fat and healthy cat and a hamster! Steve is a business owner, running RSI Company, an HVAC manufacturer, and Paulin Products, a company Steve and Ann bought that makes propane lighting and heating products for the outdoor and hardware markets. In addition to the family and farm responsibilities, Ann is doing some marketing and sales coordination as well as keeping up a bit in the real estate field. (This sounds like one great, exciting, busy family!) Ann has a nephew and a niece at JCU now (Mark and Jillian Neimeister).

I ran into Tom Guarente. Listen to what he did: as a co-director of a catholic organization in Northeastern Ohio, he was selected to greet and officially welcome President Bush as he came off Air Force One for his final key campaign visit to Cleveland in October. Ohio Senators Voinovich and DeWine were also there. Tom rode in the presidential motorcade that took them all to a large campaign rally in Westlake. Tom said he was in awe of seeing the huge crowds of presidential supporters. I asked Tom if he still had political aspirations. (I recalled our Millor Orator indicated during his graduation speech that he hoped to someday run for political office.) Though Tom admits he still has the aspiration, his current obligations preclude him from doing much about it right now, so stay tuned. Business spirit seems plentiful in the Guarente family. Tom’s wife Bridget started a small growing candy business. Even their 11-year-old daughter has the entrepreneurial spirit, with a small business idea for herself. The Guarentes have three kids. Their 14-year-old son is attending St. Ignatius high school. Tom shares season tickets to Browns games with Mike May. Mike works for Forest City Enterprises and is married and has a young boy and girl. Tom recently went to Florida to chill out with his ol’ buddy Mike Znidarsic ’85. Mike lives in Kansas City, (though he insists he is not a Chief’s fan). To keep things interesting, Tom is also in the process of writing a book. (I will update you when there is a book signing).

Cindy (Phillips) Billings corresponded for the first time since graduation. She now lives in Santa Barbara, CA, where they had heavy rains for days and then weeks this winter. Cindy says it felt like she was living through a very wet Cleveland summer! Cindy and her husband, Doug, have one girl, Natalie, almost 4. Cindy says she is lucky enough to stay home with her daughter and Doug works as an environmental engineer there in town. Cindy recalled how she worked at Bellefaire while earning her degree in psychology. Cindy says she never really used the psychology part of the degree, as she worked as a commercial insurance broker prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom. Cindy says: “Santa Barbara is a great place to live, although expensive, but very nice most of the time, in between downpours! I think I’m a bit more prepared for this weather than most native Southern Californians because after about three days without sun they don’t know what to do!”

Here’s hoping another classmate that has not written in over 20 years will follow Cindy’s lead! Don

Fall 2004

Like a plentiful holiday dinner, I am still able to serve up some tasty leftovers from our June 20th reunion

Jack Bedell VP, Business Development of Steris Corp in Mentor and wife Mary Beth (Hoke) Bedell ’85 said they just had dinner with Chris Yaw the day before reunion, but unfortunately Chris wasn’t able to attend, as he had to head back to Battle Creek, MI.

Denise (Petronzio) Geisler lives with her husband Doug in Auburn, OH. They have two young girls.

Ann Fox Stefancin teaches aerobics and lives with her husband, 3 girls and 1 boy in the West Park neighborhood.

Another West Park resident, Shannon Carey Dolan was snapping pictures. Her husband Michael is a city councilman. They have three kids.

Ed Cooper, senior vice president at Cole Taylor Bank in Chicago stayed overnight with us after the reunion before flying back home to wife and two kids.

Fr. Tim Kesicki, president of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland was enjoying catching up with old friends such as Dr. Joe Sivak and his wife, Lorraine, who were in from Duluth. Joe established his practice as a psychiatrist and Lorraine controls things as the office manager. The Sivaks still find time to travel the planet. Tango lessons in Argentina are next on their itinerary.

John and Cathy Breen were looking good with Floridian tans. Their kids are too old for Camp Carroll. Son Jay is in college in Southern Florida and Amanda is a high diving champion who was often confused for Cathy in pictures they showed. John racks up the frequent flyer miles with his weekly travels for his work as VP at SBC Communications.

Ann (Evans) Sords and husband Steve ’85 have three boys (2, 8, and 14). They live in Hunting Valley. Steve owns a couple of businesses and is considering acquiring a third.

Bob Hager an attorney with Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs and his wife Marie (Miralia) ’85 fielded some questions as to why Marie’s brother Ben Miralia was not able to attend. Classmates hoped to see Benny at the 25th.

Karen Weakland Hostoffer and husband Bob ’81 have a big family. Karen and I recalled how amazed back when we were at our 10th reunion she had one of these new inventions called a ‘cell phone.’ Now we would be amazed if there was someone at the reunion that did NOT have a cell. Their oldest son is a champion swimmer and he is deciding between attending John Hopkins and Columbia.

John Herber, who was recently promoted to managing partner at the CPS firm of Rubin, Brown, Gornsyein &..Co. in St. Louis, was hanging out with the other guys from Dolan such as Bob ‘Reg’ Lally a CPA himself in Pittsburgh and Tom “T” Dannemiller who lives in Florida now, where he works for Lit Entertainment.

Ken & Martha (Michaels) Keeler were spotted. Our class designer was glad to be ‘the other Martha’ this year for sure.

Diana D’Alessandro and husband Patrick Carroll (who she married in June 2002) live in Westlake. Diane works at Metro Health Medical Center in pathology, where she is an information tech system specialist. Because of her interest in “tech stuff” she also spends her spare time at area theaters doing props and lights for performances. Husband Patrick is involved in acting and was looking forward to seeing Jim Mahoney who he had done theater work with. We were happy to find Jim at the reunion. Jim has some kids and is living in Deerfield, IL, working for Experian in marketing services. They maintain a huge database on everyone so look out — Jim knows what you are up to! Jim and I rehashed a bit on the old Carroll News days. As the editor he made some major changes to the paper. One of his better-kept covert strategies was to make the photos and cartoons bigger to allow for the writing of shorter articles! His secret is finally out.

This summer Michelle and I ran into another class couple Pat ’81 and Kate (McCann) Corrigan and family who happened to choose the same vacation time and destination of Mammoth Cave, KY, as we did. Their oldest child Matthew is now 16 and driving! We agreed this was a good place for the broad age range of kids we both had. Pat is an attorney and Kate is well on her way to becoming a registered nurse.

Have a good 43rd year everyone! Don

Summer 2004

There was just far TMI (too much information) to fit even the ‘sound bites’ from all those who attended into the 600 word limit of the printed version of the column – so here’s all of it on the Web.

It was a cold night in June when we gathered in the tent to collectively mark the 20th year since we set out into the real world. It really was nice to see the familiar faces. Happily none of us ‘look old’ yet. The music in the tent was playing rather loud, and the air had a definite chill to it, so by the end of the night everyone sounded a little hoarse from the vocal chord straining out the updates. (Must be the speech pathologist in me making that observation). Guys were giving up their jackets to help the ladies stay warm in dresses that were probably selected with a more seasonal summer weather night in mind. (I just realize that I sound like we ARE the ‘old people’ complaining about the loud noise and cold temperatures!)

We found out that the Class of 1979 got a free reunion for their 25th. (My brother Loren D’Amore ’79 and his wife Lisa (Simmons) D’Amore ’83 popped over from their warm indoor reunion area raving about the delicious free filet on which they were feasting). Conversations speculated on how we should expect a larger crowd if the free 25th were to still hold true for us in five years.

The hors d’oeuvre table was pretty elaborate to start the festivities, though I found there was so much catching up to do that I barley got to sample it. We soon had to grab a chair and sit for dinner. Going around the table my wife Michelle and I shared you would come upon Bill Loftus and wife Ruth who live in Maryland and have 4 kids. Bill is vice president senior relationship manager at Wachovia Bank. Bill said he was disappointed that Tom Guarente had to “blow me off” and could not attend the reunion because the Guarentes had a wedding to go to that night. This sort of theme was common as many people expressed disappointment that certain old friends could not make it. (So if you are one of the 600 classmates that did not come, you might want to think about attending in the next five years, to guarantee you won’t be missed!) Next at our table was Dr. Dariush (Dar) Saghafi (Dar was our class violin master who I always think of when I hear “Dust in the Wind”). Dar is a neurologist who practices in Parma and Twinsburg. He and wife Patricia have four kids, who will also probably be future violin masters, since they started playing at a much younger age than their father. In between the doctor gig, Dar still gets in some violin performances. Like the rest of us, there was a lot of talking to do and Dar had barely touched his salad when it was cleared to make way for the main course. Also sharing our table was Mike Carswell and wife Diane. They showed pictures of their kids. You probably spotted the big story about Mike and his personalized video production business “My Story Productions, Inc.” in the last issue of John Carroll magazine. Mike formed his own company that produces a video interview of individuals, documenting their life stories. Check out his slick Web site at www.mystoryproductions.com.

David Johnson who lives with classmate wife Michelle (Rickman) Johnson in Dallas works for Sprint. He was walking around snapping pictures (and was kind enough to send me a copy — thanks Dave!) Reunion committee members were grateful to Dave for supplying phone cards for those who needed them to make calls from home for the reunion. Dave no longer needs his glasses (no more Clark Kent look alike I said) as he had the eye surgery. Michelle is a partner at Brooks, Johnson and Assoc. accounting firm.

Ellen Cannon and husband John were in for the reunion. Ellen job shares at Progressive so she can spend time with her three kids ages (7, 3, and 20 months). She found her fellow Mt. Lebanon high school grad Terri (Youse) Anthony was there Friday as well. The Anthonys brought their kids to spend the weekend in camp Carroll. And to further the “six degrees of separation” theory we found out that Paul Musso’s wife, Christina Musso ’87, was also from Mt. Lebanon HS! Paul and Christina have four kids and are expecting another in October. Paul is a regional general manager for Mobility Works out of Akron. (I used to think that because we have four kids we were considered an unusually large family these days, but I noticed a good amount of classmates have that many and some have even more. Must be a class characteristic somehow.) Dr. Mark Cole has a great job. He is the curator of American art at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Mary Bujold Kelley has two kids and lives in Detroit where she owns a business. Her business partner, Jill, was with her. Mary reported that she just saw Ron Killiany who lives in Marblehead doing clinical neuropsychology at Northeastern University.

I brought my Palm Pilot with the good intention of tapping all the news from the reunion into it and then synching it with my computer to save the middle management part of typing out the notes. Well, like most good intentions it didn’t quite work that way. I am afraid I can’t ‘Palm write’ nearly as fast as people can talk. One funny note: it is great to see the perplexed look on the faces of the spouses and friends of classmates who are joining them for the first time at the reunion, when they see me hurriedly writing down every word their partner says and even asking for correct spellings etc. Since they do not know that I write this column they must think I am some sort of details freak with a poor memory that really wants to document every detail. (It was just kinda funny from my point of view anyway). This is less than half the info I was able to type into my Palm that night, so here goes with the rest!

There was also some letters sitting in the old e-mail bag — I heard from Richard Loeffler and wife, Laura. They have two sons, Magnus (3) and Gunnar (2) and they live in Pittsburgh. Richard recently formed a business advisory firm called InTune Business Advisors LLC with his brother (and fellow alum) Jim ’91. They offer M&A related services as well as financial consulting for special projects. Their firm is in Pittsburgh but perform services everywhere. They have recently visited JCU in order to look for business opportunities and to get more involved with the business community there.

Chris Fortunato believes that life begins at 40. Since hitting that milestone he has decided in addition to practicing law (which he does in Lakewood, mostly litigation) to become a professional actor. He made his Cleveland Playhouse debut this past spring in “Far Away.” Chris joined AFTRA to do commercials and he has an agent. Chris is working his way toward an Equity card so he can work full time in professional theaters. In addition to working at the Cleveland Playhouse, Chris worked at Beck Center and Cain Park in professional productions. Chris has been to NYC a few times to see John Znidarsic ’83 who is a director/producer of concerts and shows there to market, network and learn tricks of the trade. Chris went to NYC to audition for the revival of the Comedian/Green musical “Wonderful Town” last September but did not make the cut. Chris said: “One has to learn the words “next,” “thank you,” “we’ll call you” in our business. If you do not like hearing them you should not act. If you can understand that there is more rejection than selection in casting then you can weather the auditions. It’s not that there is talent out there, it’s that producers and directors are looking for specific types etc.” Chris has had the privilege to participate in the inaugural season of a new professional theater that opened this summer in Cleveland Heights. The Kalliope Stage, which is at Cedar and Lee, just opened up with a three-show season. Chris was in the second show, “Carousel,” and had the privilege of acting with three wonderful NYC Equity actors. The critics loved them. Their final show, “Pete and Keely,” sort of based on Steve and Eydie premiered in July.

These online columns can be any length so if you want to spell out your 42-year life story to us, send me an ‘e’ and I will include it in this online column!


Spring 2004

You only have one 20th class reunion so I hope you are coming! It just wouldn’t be the same without you!

Greetings from Pittsburgh were sent by Tim Friday along with wife Kathi (Penn State ’82) and children Graham (9), Nathan (8), and Tessa (4) they are excited to see fellow alumni at this year’s reunion. Tim reports that he has been in touch with John Matteo and had dinner with Tim Orie and wife Liz last year while in Atlanta. Tim has spent the last 10 years as president and CEO of several institutional investment companies and now commutes between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C. as a director of yet another financial services firm. Tim F. reports that Tim O. would gladly accept any dinner invitation from a fellow JCUers who might live in the D.C. area!

Terri Youse Anthony and her husband the “other,” Terry Anthony, have planned their summer vacation around the JCU reunion. They were among the first to RSVP. Their kids look forward to the Kids Camp.

Ruth Harwell Fawcett just published her first novel, Honor In The Heart, which is set in an elementary school. Her goals were: to tell a compelling story; to portray impact of schools on family life and ways in which families help shape the school, and to give insight into human dynamics in a school, not evident to visitors and volunteers (although this is not an exposé); to depict the impact of cultural trends (divorce, threat of violence, etc.) on schools; and to pay tribute to educators and school families. Ruth reports that the book has been well received by school people as well as others and is good supplemental reading for student teachers and those working on administrative credentials, as well as practicing teachers and principals.

Stephen Dobscha who went on to get his J.D. at CWRU in 1987 works for Progressive Insurance and lives in University Heights with wife Szilvia and two children Katie and Michael.

Peg (Cooney) Dispenzieri, who received her M.Ed. from Indiana Wesleyan in 1998 is principal of Nativity Catholic School in Indianapolis where she and husband Charles live.

I plan to fill my Palm Pilot with notes from the Saturday night reunion dinner, so if you are coming, try to think of some good sound bites from your life events that you might want to put in the next column! See you then — Don

Winter 2004

Our 20th reunion is only weeks away, so it’s a bit late to schedule a liposuction or a follicle transplant (or so I was told when I called for an appointment this morning), but it is not too late to make sure you have reserved your spot in the reunion tent June 18-20! Our class reunion committee has been meeting and working since fall to help make reunion a wonderful time for all. The reunion committee members are: Paul Lehman, Bob Hager, Dominic Fanelli, Karen Ohlrich, Laryn Runco, Michael D’Amico, Roxann Bindas, Shannon Dolan, Suzanne Smola, Sylvia Kertesy, and of course from JCU Rosalie Massey. webmaster Mike D. has been busy putting up our latest reunion class Web site. Look for updates and other interesting items on that site located under “Alumni Classes” on the Alumni section of JCU.edu.

Nick Spanakis, VP segment manager with National City Bank in Cleveland, reports he was married September 6 to first grade Massillon teacher, Joyce Dolmas. They honeymooned in San Francisco and Napa Valley. They moved into the new home they built in Jackson Township on December 31. .. Now the news ticker

Mark Perna partner for Print Management Partners in Hudson, OH has two teenage sons: Matthew and Nicholas.

James Keszenheimer, who received his MA from JCU in ’85 and Ph.D. from Tufts ’92, recently moved back to the Cleveland area. His wife Linda Seiter began teaching computer science at JCU last fall.

Tim Orie, sales VP for Prime Mortgage Financial lives with his wife, Liz, and children Kate, Timmy, Clair, and Elizabeth in Sudbury, MA.

Chris Bator, who received his law degree from CWRU in ’87, is living in Bay Village.

I spotted cardiologist Vince Pompeli MD who was recently featured on two different media outlets for two different reasons. The local Cleveland TV news credited him for saving the life of a fellow parishioner by recognizing the signs of a heart condition during a conversation. The December 26 Plain Dealer featured an article on Vince regarding his plans to form a company with another doctor that one day could sell a stem-cell treatment for coronary artery disease. The two work for University Hospitals of Cleveland and are medical professors at CWRU and have applied for a patent on a new way to treat cardiac ischemia. (You may still be able to find that article in the archives of cleveland.com)

A reminder: class notes columns appear on the JCU Web site every quarter, whether published in print or not. My last column was ‘Web-only.’ You may want to spend a few clicks and track that one down since it had a lot of classmates mentioned. I have been told that it is not easy to find the web columns. Directions: start at the www.JCU.edu site, click “Alumni,” then under “News & Events” click “John Carroll Magazine” and “1984.” Due to space limitations, I can not reprint all the classmate happenings in this issue, but here are some ‘teasers’ to entice you to travel to the Web and read the details

Scott and Rose Logue have a new born

Clare Tobin Westwood ’85 and husband Scott celebrated their 10th anniversary by taking a trip to Italy last fall

Dave Gaston and wife Carrie had their first baby in August!

Mary Cipriani ’83 had part of her personal collection featured in the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame And Museum!

Rev. Chris Yaw was married in August to Natalie Priest

Village dentist Nick Gravino received the prestigious dentistry award in July

Barry Broome was featured in the Chicago Tribune

Some of the other names mentioned in the last Web column were: Jack Bedell, Tim Cavanagh, Tom O’Leary, Kevin Coyne ’85, Pat Goold

See you at the reunion! Don

Fall 2003

Welcome adventurous cyber traveler! Glad you found me! This is a Web-only published column this time! You should consider yourself quite the net surfer to have come upon this piece amongst the vast reaches of cyber space. The good thing about a Web-only column is that there is no limit to the length of writing and creative prose that can be expressed through it. (The less inspiring part about it is that it can be difficult to get fired up to put together a lengthy tome, when you do not know if anyone is even reading it.) At least when the column is tucked inside the superbly produced John Carroll magazine, you can rest assured that a classmate cannot help page through that beautiful looking publication on their coffee table and perhaps skim over your writing. Maybe I need a ‘hit counter’ on this Web page, and the webmaster can pre-set it starting at 20,000 or so, to motivate me into thinking there are actually going to be eyeballs gazing upon these words.

It turns out the rather sparse column of last issue prompted a good deal of people to write in. (I guess classmates, as well as nature, abhor a vacuum).

One of our loyal Chicagoan classmates really brought a lot of news to the table for this issue! We should all be happily fed as the Chicago scene and news on other alums has been served up in huge portions by this generous unnamed contributor!

Scott and Rose Logue have a new born and are moving to a larger house in beautiful Lake Bluff. Scott’s very successful orthopedic practice now has two offices.

Tim Cavanagh and wife, Stacy, are looking at new homes in the city. As has been previously reported here, his law practice has been an incredible success.

Cav’s aunt and Jim Donahue’s ’85 father-in-law passed away this summer. Mr. Begg was the father of Mike Begg ’82. Mike as you remember was killed in 1985. Donations are being accepted to Michael Begg foundation in memory of his father.

Dave Gaston’s agency Gaston Advertising, Inc. is 10 years old and growing. Dave and wife, Carrie, who were married last July, moved into a new home in the city and are proud to announce the birth of their first baby in August! The new Gaston girl, Grace Marie, was born a week early on August 17, 2003. Mom, dad and newborn are all doing well.

Rev. Chris Yaw is an Episcopal priest (in Battle Creek, MI) and was reported to have gotten married on August 23rd to Natalie Priest (real name). Several JCU alumni were in attendance at Chris’s wedding, including his old roommate Jack Bedell and wife Mary Beth ’85. The Bedells are doing great living in Ohio. Jack is VP Business Development for Steris (an international medical company). MB is working hard as well, raising their four kids.

Peggy O’Leary ’86 is doing great, living in the city and managing estate planning for Northern Trust.

Murphy Ambulance has recently won a new major account and his kids and wife, Kelly, are doing super.

Several members of the “ELK” went off to Ireland for their annual golf outing. The international location has paired the list back a bit this time. Jim Donahue ’85, Tom O’Leary, Kevin Coyne ’85, Pat Goold, Vince Brennan ’85.

Jim Petit ’85 has returned to Akron (from London) and is now part of the upper management with DeBold. He has been with the same company since college. Who does that! His wife, Mary ’85, is busy and happy raising their family.

Debbie (Gilleran) and John Frain ’85 are rehabbing their house and raising kids. John is still with the FBI.

Larry Blum ’85 took on a new national sales position with Catalina Marketing and still commutes from MD. His wife, Lisa, and kids are doing great.

Kevin Coyne and Tom Fox ’83 just launched an executive search firm out of Detroit.

I read that according to an August 2003 issue of a local Cleveland area newspaper, The Westlife, “Nick Gravino D.D.S., received the prestigious fellowship award in a convocation ceremony held during the Academy of General Dentistry’s annual meeting on July 19 in Nashville. Dr. Gravino completed 500 hours of continuing dental education, passed a comprehensive written exam and fulfilled five years of continuous membership with the AGD. He joins a group of just 12,800 dentists worldwide who have this honor.” Nick’s dental practice is in Bay Village, OH.

In other newspaper news, a friend from the class of 1985 Scott Krusinski was kind enough to send me an article featuring Barry Broome from the June 15, 2003 Chicago Tribune: the headline was “Kalamazoo romances biotech; Faced with the loss of much of the science-based industry that has supported it, the Michigan community is striving to reconstitute its formula for prosperity.” The page one article featured a picture of Barry who is the head of a Kalamazoo economic development agency that has now generated over $225 million in investment. Another link I found shows that Barry was featured in the Chicago tribune two years earlier as well as on June 13, 2001 that read in part: “Upstart Kalamazoo raising money to woo tech start-ups” “Kalamazoo, home to pharmaceutical-maker Pharmacia’s animal health division, Western Michigan University and more than 12,000 employees in life sciences, hopes promising biotechnology companies will follow the money to its borders. The city, located about 150 miles northeast of Chicago, has pulled out plenty of stops to accommodate newcomers. Since 1998, the region’s economic development group, Southwest Michigan First, has raised more than $23 million from philanthropic organizations and expects to raise another $20 million by the end of August, said Barry Broome, the organization’s chief executive and executive director.” Barry is CEO of Southwest Michigan First.” (Looks like Barry is making big things happen in Southwest Michigan!) Scott also pointed out that he and Barry and yours truly all shared something in common. We were all onstage in the little theater production of “God” put on by Mike Tomazak back in our glory days at JCU. Scott said another cast member Bill Sgro ’85, recently visited him for a couple days this past summer. Those toga wearing days may be over, but unfortunately the memories (and the year book pictures) live on.

Mary Cipriani ’83 is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! (Now how is that for an eyeball grabbing headline?) Mary wrote that the Rock Hall is currently featuring an exhibition on Irish super group U2, and it borrowed several rarities from Mary’s personal collection. Our classmate and former DJ from WUJC (now WJCU) states “My hobby of going to record collector conventions for the past 25 years has finally paid off.” Mary would like to say “I told you so” to her classmates on student council that rejected her recommendation to book U2 on campus, and instead brought us David Johansen and The Romantics! The exhibition runs through December 2003.

First time “writer-inner” Clare Tobin Westwood ’85 felt badly that the column had very little news last issue. The pity or guilt was very inspiring apparently as it resulted in a vice e-mail. Clare wrote that she and husband Scott Westwood would be celebrating their 10th anniversary by taking a trip together to Italy this fall! They have three active and wonderful boys: Andrew (8), Séan Kevin (7) and Jack (4), and live in Sewickley, PA. Clare has worked for years in human resources for a law firm in Chicago and then in Pittsburgh. She recently quit her job in the development office at Sewickley Academy and is now excited to be a full time stay-at-home mom. Clare sends out her hellos to Merre Phillips ’85, Kevin “Kato” Murphy, Micky Gundling Laird, Patti Lach Mihalski ’83, and Pam Labuda Skelton. … (on a side note I must point out that only having 3 boys is a wonderful thing Clare. My wife Michelle went on and had our fourth boy three years ago, and now we are really experiencing life in the Fourth Dimension).

With our reunion only ‘months’ away, save some of your breath that weekend by telling everyone what you have been up to in writing in advance! Don

Summer 2003

The last column was solely web-based. (Missed it, huh?) I am repeating highlights, to avoid anyone feeling ‘skipped’

Colleen (Brennan) O’Toole writes that four years ago her daughter, Clare, was born with CHARGE Syndrome, a combination of birth defects and each letter of the acronym stands for one. These include such major issues as heart and ears (hearing loss). In July 2003 Colleen and husband, Dennis, will be co-chairs of the International CHARGE Syndrome conference. It will be held in Cleveland (Holiday Inn Rockside), and attended by 600. They are recruiting volunteers, silent auction items, and craft/recreation items. If any alum can support this cause, contact Colleen at cbotoole@yahoo.com or CHARGE Web site www. chargesyndrome.org.

Vicque Fassinger’s writing firm Blue Flamingo Productions in Cleveland keeps her on her creative toes. She wrote: “In addition to writing resumes/CVs speeches, eulogies, company newsletters, personal statements for medical and law students, feature articles and business plans, Vicque’s company also assists clients with college graduate level papers and ghostwriting projects.” Her clients include international recording artists, Cleveland Browns, JCU grads and more! “She’s still (happily) single because she refuses to compromise, she still mourns the loss of her dad, who died in her arms on February 2, and she still misses the company and the conversation of her dear friend, JCU English professor James Magner.”

John Galbo is in Grosse Pointe Woods MI, a sales representative for Sony.

Innkeeper/chef Orlo Coots and wife, Judy, recently purchased the Sugar Hill Inn, in Sugar Hill, NH. Orlo says: “It is a beautiful 16 room country inn perched on a hillside in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. If anyone has thought about traveling to this area, this is definitely the place to go.”(www.sugarhillinn.com).

Heard Lori (Camilletti) Dressel is living in New Jersey.

I attended the wedding of Joe Sivak MD to bride Lorraine on a beautiful clear-blue-sky June day in a Duluth MN. Holy Rosary Church had a spectacular view overlooking Lake Superior. A white horse drawn carriage trotted them to the country club reception. The presiding priest was classmate Tim Kesicki SJ, president of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland. Tim did a wonderful job of calming the bridal party jitters and performing the classic wedding. In attendance were Joe’s sister and alumni Madeline Sivak ’80, director of Michael’s House, (a charitable support organization for children who’ve lost a parent), and her boyfriend John Hellman (proud alumnus of Kenyon College, with an unmatched knowledge of perennials). Joe and Lorraine honeymooned in Ireland, spending a night in a haunted castle.

I lunched with Ed Cooper in downtown Chicago. Coop recently joined Cole Taylor Bank as a senior vice president. His wonderful family includes Patty and kids James (9) and Grace (7). Coop bravely took the reigns as soccer coach for Grace’s team.

Steven Przywara is an admission director Aviation Division of San Joaquin Valley College in CA.

Kevin Stultz is a director of Alliance Marketing for XcelleNet. He has been living in Atlanta since 1984 with wife, Joan. They have two daughters. Kristen (13) does tumbling and has made cheering all-stars for two years, giving her the chance to march in the Christmas parade in Disney World and Kara (8) also does gymnastics, but prefers soccer. Kevin says: “Kristen is thinking about college, if you can believe that. She wants to go to either JCU or Notre Dame. We keep telling her that Notre Dame is where all the kids who can’t get into John Carroll go.”

Ben Miralia’s an ironman! In September he finished the Ironman Triathlon in Madison WI in just over 16 1/2 hours. That is a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike and a marathon of 26.2 miles.

I get tired just writing about it! Don

Summer 2002

The future is now. Welcome to the first classnotes column that is solely web based. Therefore there will not be a printed version of this column appearing in the John Carroll magazine. The good side is that we columnists can now write with lengthy details without fear of being pruned down to the usual word number restrictions that the print version brings. The bad news is that fewer people are likely to find these columns in their tiny little corner of cyberspace. Since I am now officially free to ramble, I guess I will take advantage of the privilege and wonder aloud what the future will hold: As more classes are added to the total alumni pool, and space for notes becomes less available, will we see alumni notes sections shrinking to the size of classified ads? Will most of columns eventually only be accessed on the Web? This reminds me of a pragmatic comic I read recently from the strip Non Sequitur. It showed two teenagers next to a newsstand, looking through a newspaper with awe. The one says, “This is so cool … All this stuff has already been downloaded and printed out for you! I wonder why no one ever thought of this before?”

It is too bad we cannot expand our homes onto the Internet the way the alumni notes section has been expanded. It would be a lot cheaper to just put in a “Chat Room” on the back of my house instead of a patio enclosure or new deck. Even though my space is no longer limited, my time to write this column is, so I better get down to business.

As fate would have it, the number of news notes sent to me for this unlimited-length column was about as limited as I have seen for quite some time!

I did receive a letter from Vicque Fassinger. She reports that her writing firm, Blue Flamingo Productions, in Cleveland has been keeping her and her team of writers and artists on their creative toes. As she wrote: “In addition to writing resumes/CVs speeches, eulogies, company newsletters, personal statements for medical and law students, feature articles and business plans, Vicque’s company also assists clients with college graduate level papers and ghostwriting projects. Her class of clients includes unique individuals from all professions — players from the Cleveland Browns, employees and executives from LTV steel, racecar drivers, international recording artists, TV personalities, and everyone in-between, including many JCU grads! She’s still (happily) single because she refuses to compromise, she still mourns the loss of her dad who died in her arms on February 2, 1998, she still frolics through the park with her two Labradors, and she still misses the company and the conversation of her dear friend, JCU English professor James Magner who died two years ago this August. Vicque’s firm published Magner’s brilliant novel, That None Be Lost, the last summer of his life. She encouraged him to read it to her during her daily visits with him that summer, where she recorded his distinct voice reciting his own words. When she is not traveling across the country to visit friends and family members, and when she is not in her office on Pearl Road, she can be found either whirling her 165 gram Frisbee, motorcycle riding, scuba diving, boogie-ing at a Henry Rollins show, or riding her beautiful quarterhorse, Majestic Stepper.”

An e-mail from Innkeeper/Chef Orlo Coots lets us know that he and wife Judy recently purchased the Sugar Hill Inn, in Sugar Hill, NH. As Orlo puts it: “It is a beautiful 16 room country inn perched on a hillside in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Having been a chef for the past 18 years, this has been a somewhat easy transition, apart from all of the legal maneuvering and things like that. If anyone has thought about traveling to this area, this is definitely the place to go. Our Web site www.sugarhillinn.com has all of the info one would need.”

I heard Lori (Camilletti) Dressel is living in New Jersey these days.

I had the honor of attending the wedding of Joe Sivak MD to his new bride, Lorraine, in beautiful Duluth, MN. The wedding took place at Our Lady of Sorrows church on a hill with a spectacular view overlooking Lake Superior on a clear blue-sky day in June. The bride and groom rode a white horse drawn carriage to the reception at a nearby country club. The presiding priest was fellow classmate Tim Kesicki SJ. Tim is the president of St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland and did a wonderful job of calming the bridal party jitters and performing the wedding without a hitch. Among those in attendance were Joe’s sister and fellow alumni Madeline Sivak ’80 and her boyfriend, John Helman, (a proud alumnus of Kenyon College, though I think John secretly wishes he went to JCU). Joe and Lorraine honeymooned for a couple of weeks in Ireland, spending at least one night in a haunted castle.

It was a long drive home from Duluth but luckily I was able to make a well-timed lunch with another classmate Ed Cooper in downtown Chicago. Coop just started with a new bank and he is now a senior vice president with Cole Taylor Bank. (Coop was in his spiffy “banker’s suit” while I sported typical traveling duds, a tee shirt and shorts). We were able to find a mutually acceptable lunch site at that ‘Cheesbowger, Cheesbowger, Cheesbowger” Billy Goat place from Saturday Night Live fame. It was fun catching up with coop and looking through his pictures of his wonderful family: wife Patty and 2 cute kids — James (9) and Grace (6).

The trivia question this time around did not generate quite the madcap fury of submissions of the last column, but the winner of the first to submit was the last trivia question’s answer Pat Goold. Goo correctly reported that the classmate that was the center for the Blue Streak football team was “The Cincinnati Xavier bomber and In-Fisherman himself, Kirk Ludwig.” We will give the trivia question thing another shot with this issues question being: Where was a popular spot to go for a Gyro sandwich at about 3:00 am? There was usually a bunch of IXYs hanging out there as I recall.

The next column that appears in actual hard copy print will come out in November. On the wild chance that not all-650 classmates tracked down this cyber-only column, I will try to put a brief summary of some of the news of this column in that one, (if space permits). I am very curious how many people took the time to track down and read the notes without them being delivered to your home mailbox. Please send me an e-mail and let me know that you actually read these Web exclusive notes. (And it would not hurt if you threw in a bit of news about yourself or other classmates that you would like to share!) — Don

Spring 2002

Mike D’Amico has always dreamed of running a marathon. He recently discovered an important reason to accept the challenge, he participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training program and his personal goal is to raise fundraising for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma. Mike’s motivation comes from his friend who is bravely battling the disease, so he will be running to honor this child. He writes that leukemia is the number one killer of children. I understand his wife, Meg, walked 13 miles as well. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s mission is to cure these diseases and to improve the quality of life of the patients and families. If you would like to contribute, the length of a marathon is 26.2 miles so 50 cents a mile contribution would equal a $13 contribution and $1 a mile would mean a $26, etc. Make checks payable to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and mail them to Mike D’Amico 503 West Parkway, Madison, OH 44057.

First Time ‘writer-inner’ Mark Perna reports that he is a partner in a successful marketing and print management consulting firm Print Management Partners, Inc. They have offices in seven cities with the corporate headquarters in Chicago, and they do business all over the US for companies like AOL Time Warner, Sherwin-Williams, MTD etc. Mark says “…it’s a lot of fun and business is booming.” Mark is also a full-time single dad of 2 boys Matthew (15) and Nicholas (13). He says: “…they are handsome young gentleman whom I am very proud of. We are always on the go, but find time to have a lot of fun.” Mark really has done some fun things over the years. He covered the Indians through two World Series for the Salem Radio Network out of California as a part time evening gig. He says: “I only did it for the free press passes, but what a great adventure!” He has performed Stand Up comedy, and has traveled extensively for work over the years, which also included doing sales training seminars back in the early ’90s.

Tim Cavanagh won a record railroad crossing collision case in Illinois in February. Tim represented two passengers of a car struck by a train. The husband and wife, both 73, suffered brain injuries. His clients were awarded $21.3 million of a record $55 million verdict.

(If this column was one of the cable news channels, this next part would be the news ticker running at the bottom of the screen) Nicholas Spanakis is a vice president, customer information and segment management at National City Bank in Cleveland.

Nancy (Greene) Roundtree is a program manager at Windwalker Corp. in Virginia. She and husband Larry have two children, with a third due in March 2002.

Susan (Feltes) Childs is making her home in Twinsburg, OH these days.

A news release from Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs LLP indicates that Bob Hager was elected to chairman of the Walsh Jesuit High board of trustees. The Catholic high school is located in Cuyahoga Falls, OH, and has an enrollment of about 840. Bob currently practices law in the Real Estate & Construction and Commercial Litigation Practice Groups. He and wife, Mary (Miralia ’85), have three children.

Even though the game show fad appears to be fading from prime time, the trivia question from the last column did inspire a good turnout of responses. The first to ‘e-in’ with the correct answer was Kathy Blaney Annarino! (please hold your applause until the end) Kathy fondly recalled the visits to the guys on crazy floors of Dolan, and especially Paul Musso and Dan Schodowski. Kathy reports she is living in Newark, OH and working at The Longaberger Company. She dreams of making this year the one to make plans to go on to a new job horizon with passion for her job, like something in landscape design or interior design, or becoming a naturalist. Kathy says “…too bad they don’t pay to sit on the beach and drink piano coladas!” Kathy sends out hellos to all her old friends and she would love to try to get back in touch with the wonderful people of those early days! Her e-mail is kenyabbe@infinet.com. Kathy says life is good and that she and husband, Phil, love life, keep too busy with work, and have two big dogs, Kenya and Abbey, hence the e-mail name. Her stepson, Eric (23) is traveling the world and is in Thailand for a short stay, her stepdaughter, Emily (20) is a sophomore at OU. She wishes we could have a big 40th birthday bash for the gang of ‘84! (Good point Kathy. Have you turned yet? We are all either turning or have turned 40 recently. John Breen turned back in December at his home in Clearwater, FL, with a big surprise party hosted by his wife, Kathy. My wife Michelle (Sciangula) and I both turn at the end of the summer. Send in a story on how you are doing at this mutual “turn” in our lives.)

Dave Olderman knew the answer as well. Dave is teaching US history and his wife is a speech pathologist. He has stopped coaching other kids, so he could focus more on coaching his own three: Patrick (12), David (8), and Gracie (5). Dave reports that except for an occasional run in with John Herber he feels a bit disconnected from the class down in St. Louis. He went to a local JCU function a few years ago, but didn’t recognize anyone from our class. Dave would like to do a little reconnecting with fellow alums! give him an “e” at kitchi5@earthlink.net. Dave wondered what was going on with Jim (Spike) Kromer, Steve Anthony, Dave Herman ’85, Pat Goold, and John Siefert. (Three out of five our covered in this column Dave)

And what was the answer to that trivia? The answer himself wrote in! It was great to get a long e-mail from Pat Goold. He has a question: “Is it me, or does everyone still have those dreams (nightmares) that they misread their college schedule senior year and forgot they had that insignificant sociology or history class, subsequently missing the entire class for that semester; hence, missing the chance to graduate on time?” Pat and wife, Cathy, have 3 kids Katie (10), Jack (7), and Matt (4). They all live in soccer town USA, Bay Village. Pat’s occupation is the ‘peddler of pools’, as he is the owner/operator of Litehouse Pools stores. Pat says he has been fortunate to have been able to keep in contact with many JCU alums over the years. He also sees a lot from his grade school and high school such as Dave Herman. (To his credit, Dave let me know when I saw him at church that he knew the answer to the trivia immediately as well.) Dave and wife, Sue, live in beautiful North Olmsted where they raise 2 kids. Pat says Dave is in the “…coke business believe it or not.” (That is referring to the mineral)… Pat and between 12-16 alumni get together annually — changing locations across the country for a “…whiskey-guzzling, beer-infested, golf-themed weekend.” The ‘winner’ of the weekend takes home a “disgusting looking trophy” known as ‘the skull.’ The rest of this column is Pat’s rundown of these guys “…not one of which has changed from their college days.”

Tim (Snake) Orie is in Philadelphia with wife, Liz, and 4 kids. He has a master’s degree from Kellogg School at Northwestern. Pat says: “He’s in the specialty steel business. I just tell people he sells silverware just to bust his chops.”

Tom (The O’Factor) O’Leary and wife Maureen (Cox) ’85 have 3 kids and live in a ‘mansion’ in Connecticut. Tim works on Wall Street with Bear Stearns and travels around the globe. Pat says: Tom “…is a member at Loch Lomond if anyone needs a round of golf while overseas … he still scares me.” Steve (Whitie) Anthony is an FBI agent and he and wife, Draga ’85, and son Christopher are in Tennessee. Pat’s comment on Steve: “He never calls me!”

Pat said Kevin (The Note) Coyne ’85 is in the recruiting biz and is “ …the most eligible bachelor in Birmingham, MI.”

Vince (Vin) Brennan ’85 and wife, Megan, live with their 4 kids in Grosse Pointe, MI. where he is “ …in money business.”

Sean (the Men) McAndrews ’85 has 2 kids with wife (Pat’s sister) Jenny. They live in Avon Lake, OH. Sean is the asst. principal at Bay High and he referees basketball.

Ringleader Jim (The Don) Donahue ’85 and wife, Mary, have 4 kids. They are in Chicago, where Jim is (as Pat says) in the “ …thriving state farm insurance biz … god love him … he’s the same mad man.”

Sean (Ace) McCauley ’85 and wife, Diane, have 3 kids and a home in Westlake, OH. Sean is Pat’s banker at Charter One Bank.

Dave (Murph) Murphy ’85 and wife, Kelly, also have 3 kids and live in Libertyville, IL, where Dave is the owner/operator of Murphy Ambulance Service and “ …still muscle bound.”

Bill (Durk) Durkin ’86 lives in Rocky River, OH and manages/oversees commercial properties and is “ …still a road trip expert.”

Dave (Gars) Gaston is in Chicago and owns the advertising business Gaston Advertising. Dave will be married this July in Traverse City northern Michigan.

Larry (The Jokester) Blum ’85 and wife, Lisa, have 3 kids and live in the Baltimore area. Larry has worked at Coke, Heinz, Nestle, and Beecham, and works for Power Bar now.

“Madman” Jim (Large) Dowdle ’86 and wife, Joanie, have 4 kids and “ …lives in one of those fancy suburbs in northern Chicago.” Where he works at the food network and “ …drinks scotch with Emeril Lagasse.”

Drue Carney ’86 and wife, Kelly, have 3 kids, and a home in Dallas where he is in the sports management business, Drue is now in the JCU Hall of Fame. Pat says: “When he told us he was getting in the JCU hall of fame, we said “Drue, we didn’t know you played soccer! Get me a beer would ya?”

Jim (The Quarterback) Petit ’85 and wife Mary Z. ’85 have 4 kids and have moved back to Akron, via London, via Chicago. He works at Diebold. Matt (The Cat) Collins ’86 and wife, Susan, have 2 kids and live in the Pittsburgh suburbs. Matt owns an accounting firm and is still a “Penn State nut/golf nut.” Pat reported that this gang of alumni’s latest trip was to the Notre Dame-Tennessee game followed up with the Browns-Bears game where of course a good time was had by all. Pat closes the lengthiest report I have ever received this millennium with: “It was great to see fellow ’84 grads Tim (Senator-In-Waiting) Cavanagh, Dr. Scott Logue, and Mike O’Grady over that weekend. The amazing thing to me is how little everyone has changed… ” The trivia proved quite inspirational so we will try it again. Your question this time: “Who was center on the football team our senior year?” Don