Fall 2017 (Sept. ’17 Issue)
It’s time to plan the family trip to University Heights for the 35-year reunion in 2018. If you haven’t been to JCU lately, or in the past 34 years, it will be difficult to recognize the old campus. There are so many handsome new buildings and beautifications. Try to make it next June for reunion. So many of your classmates would love to see you and your family. The IXYs always threw the best parties, and 34 years later, they still do – while being extremely generous with their time and supporting JCU. The brothers of Iota Chi Upsilon had a reunion at homecoming in October, bringing back 250 former members. For three days, they dined, golfed, and held a formal dinner in the Dolan Science Center. The IXY scholarship exceeds $1.3 million and is racing toward $2 million in endowments. Back for festivities were: Tim Shea, Jack Carney, RJ Bayne, Mike Long, William Nemetz, Mark Tupa, Pat Cauley, Mike Deprez, Tim Hutchison, Charles Wagner, and Pete Schmidt.

I saw Aggie Nagy ’85 in Cleveland, and she confirmed the IXY’s reunion was tremendous. Aggie and her husband, Tim Basler, are well and live in Cleveland.

While in Chicago conducting business, I arrived at the home of Wally ’81 and Maureen (Kelly) West. Their cute, adorable, foo-foo dog named Fluff promptly met me by sinking his teeth into my leg. I have a nice scar to remind me of the stay I had with them. Their son Charlie works in Denver; their son Nolan is a sophomore at my alma mater, Loyola Academy; and their daughter, Allie, is a senior at the Academy. Allie is leaning toward attending Creighton University in the fall.

The Pittsburgh ladies – Deb Solyan; Mary Margaret (Pearson) Gleason; Carolyn Hutchison; and the queen of the culinary club, Beth Ann (McCombs) Coughlin – are upping their culinary game. They meet once a month in the Steel City for their epicurean experience.

Congrats to Danny Reynolds and his wife, Kristine. Their son, John, will marry on April 22 in Chicago. The next day, Deb Solyan will head a number of ’83 grads to do the American Brain Tumor Association’s walk in the Windy City in memory of Marie Lynch-Julius. Marie and her husband Joe’s son, Michael, is the captain and star of the Illinois Wesleyan University lacrosse team. Michael led an IWU upset by scoring five goals and two assists against the Blue Streaks.

Congratulations to football teammate Robert Hager ’84, who received the prestigious Alumni Medal. Email me with news and like “JCU Class of ’83” on Facebook.


Mark Schroeder

Winter 2017
The happiest new year to you and your family. I’m sure Santa was generous. Congratulations to the Blue Streaks football team and coaching staff. They wiped out Mount Union’s 112-game winning streak with a 31-28 upset win to earn the OAC Championship and rolled that energy all the way to the semifinals of the Division III playoffs. What a victory by the players, and congratulations to coach Tom Arth ’03, who has elevated the program to national recognition, even appearing on ESPN’s “SportsCenter.”

The World Series was epic for me. As a former Cleveland sports reporter, I covered the Indians for 23 years. As a native North Side Chicagoan, I love the Cubs. I had the best from both sides. I attended the unforgettable Game 7 in Cleveland, and then sped down the turnpike back to Chicago to stay with Wally ’81 and Maureen (Kelly) West to attend the Cubs’ victory parade with Wally. Maureen just started a new position in human resources with a Chicago company and loves the travel that comes with it. Wally continues to be the man handling mortgages for Chicagoans. The wait for the Cubs’ World Series win was 108 years; the wait to see Cathy Babcock again was 33 years. Both were worth it. Cathy and her husband, Jeff Bates, drove into San Antonio during a trip to Big Bend National Park. Cathy and Jeff are enjoying life in Indiana. We had a wonderful evening that featured dinner, laughs, and catching up on past decades.

Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg and her husband, Alan, were in town for a November conference, then they stayed at our home for a few days of fun. The Greenbergs and Schroeders featured a tailgater for the Notre Dame vs. Army football game at the Alamodome. I wish you were there.

Deb Solyan told me Sheila Nelson’s father passed away before Thanksgiving. Please keep Sheila, her father, and her family in your prayers.

While visiting Cleveland, I stayed with Tommy Bruno ’95 and his family in Akron. Tommy has been the general manager at WAPS 91.3 The Summit for the past 16 years.

Bob Kovach ’84 is still on the Washington, D.C., beat and was busy covering the presidential conventions and election. Bob, who covered the RNC in his hometown of Cleveland, is a senior producer covering politics for “PBS NewsHour.” He’s one of the best in the broadcast business. Bob, his wife Meg, and his daughter Maddie live in Alexandria, Virginia. Maddie is a freshman at James Madison University.

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Mark Schroeder

Fall 2016
By now, just the thought of a pumpkin spice latte should upset your stomach. So many of you were traveling throughout the summer and posting fabulous photos on Facebook – such as Arlene Fedorchak with her daughters and Andrea McGinty ’84 with her family. Some of you, such as Lidia (Saluan) Richani, attended parties and fundraisers for the Republican National Convention. Deb Solyan and Julie Turnley ’90 were texting photos of themselves playing a game of catch on the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. Their next stop was the world’s largest spur in Abilene, Kansas. Too funny – Deb and Julie cruising the Great Plains, including Nebraska, and just for kicks, taking a turn to Chautauqua, New York. Deb has been business networking with Karen (Pontoriero) Simpson ’86 between Pittsburgh visits to see Beth (McCombs) Coughlin and Mary Margaret (Pearson) Gleason.

I’m teaming with Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan and Maureen Lentz for a benefit auction in Chicago on Nov. 6. We invite all Chicago area alumni to attend this great fundraiser for the House of the Good Shepherd at the Four Seasons and have fun with your classmates. Madelon and her husband, Mike, had to nurse their daughter after ACL surgery in August. Maureen lives in Chicago, wearing out the turnpike with trips back to Cleveland to visit family and play on the Lake Erie Islands.

It was great to hear from Denise Green, who moved to Champaign, Illinois, two years ago. She works for the Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries as a support/training librarian.

Eileen McDonough, who’s displaying her artistic talent in the Lisbon Mosaic Studio in Portugal, instructs classes in the creation of stunning mosaic art while creating incredible original pieces.

With a heavy heart, we learned about the passing of Mary Carol (Anthony) O’Brien ’81 on Sept. 6 in Chicago. It was surprising to receive an email with such sad news because she was such a great fighter with her battle of recurring cancer. Mary Carol fought cancer for many, many years, but this time, it was too much. I’ve known Mary Carol since grammar school and her husband, Billy ’81, since high school. Keep Mary Carol, Billy, and their sons, Tim ’10 and Bill ’14, in your prayers. Also remember Susan (Benz) Callahan and her family because her father, Dr. Paul Benz, passed away in Pittsburgh last September.

Kantar Media made a brilliant move elevating Steve Passwaiter to vice president and general manager of its Campaign Media Analysis Group. Congratulations, Steve.

I wish it were the Blue Steaks football team, but if anyone is coming to San Antonio for the Notre Dame vs. Army football game at the Alamodome on Nov. 12, you better tell me. We’ve run out of rooms for you to stay at our house, but we’ll save spots for you at our tailgate party. The best smoked Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex prepared and hosted by Johnna and me, so why not come down to San Antonio and have a great time – and that means you, Tom Wancho. Connect with classmates on Facebook at JCU Class of ’83.


Mark Schroeder

Summer 2016
I hope you enjoyed celebrating the Cavaliers NBA title. Many JCU friends waited in line in Shaker Heights for hours to take the rapid downtown to see the Cavs players’ parade down 9th Street and into Mall B. A sportscaster for 17 years in Cleveland, I was at most of the disappointing finishes by the Cavs, Browns, and Indians. I’m so happy for the city and friends in Cleveland. I know some Pittsburgh alums were on the streets in the ’burgh celebrating the Penguins Stanley Cup victory. Having experienced two Spurs titles since moving to San Antonio, I can assure you winning never gets old.

It’s always exciting to see who Ed Devney is paired with in New York. Ed was the talent escort for four-time Grammy Award winner Carole King at the Tony Awards at the Beacon Theatre on June 12. I’m sure Ed felt the earth move under his feet. Yes, I went there.

Congrats to a few classmates whose sons graduated in May. I saw Lidia (Saluan) Rachani and husband Naji in April. Their son, Alex, who graduated from Walsh Jesuit High School, will attend Miami of Ohio. Congrats to Lidia and Naji on 26-years of marriage. Wally ’81 and Maureen (Kelly) West celebrated the graduation of their son Charlie from Miami of Ohio. Charlie, who’s my godson, is seeking employment after moving to Denver.

I’ll have the pleasure to team up with Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan for a benefit auction in Chicago in November. Madelon is president of the women’s board of the House of the Good Shepherd in Chicago. It was exciting to reunite with Maureen Lentz, who also is on the women’s board and is the event chairperson for the fundraiser.

The summer of Deb hit the road in June. Deb Solyan and Julie sent me cool photos of them playing catch at the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa. They also sent a selfie in front of the world’s largest spur in Abilene, Kansas. Who knew? I thought the largest Spur was Tim Duncan.

As kids, you likely chased butterflies. Cathy Babcock helped her dad collect butterflies starting in 1969. Cathy’s father passed away not long ago, but his butterfly collection is a national treasure. Mr. Babcock’s collection of tens of thousands of butterfly specimens is housed, and will be part of a display, at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. I hope Tom Wancho’s Sports Illustrated collection can make it there one day.

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Mark Schroeder

Spring 2016
The most difficult duty in writing this column is to deliver news of a classmate who has died far too soon. With sorrow, I write that Chris Miller, son of Joe Miller, Ph.D. ’59, passed suddenly on Aug. 13, 2015, in New Orleans. Only recently was I notified of this sad news. Chris leaves his wife, Karen, and their children. I have no details other than that his family was at his side. Chris, who lived on my floor in Millor Hall, had a magnetic personality. Always beaming with a big smile, Chris had you laughing before saying one word. During senior year, I took a long road trip with Chris, Tom Ward ’87, and Alan McDonough to Ames, Iowa, to see Alan’s cousin, Shamus, a defensive tackle for Iowa State, play football against Nebraska. We survived two cracked rims that created flat tires in Waterloo, Iowa, and Michigan City, Indiana. We relived that wild adventure at reunions. Chris was one of the great guys. A man of class and humor. A friend, son, husband, and father. All of us will miss you, buddy. Your classmates have you and your family in our prayers.



Many around the Buckeye State endorsed Ohio Judge Colleen Mary O’Toole for the Republican Party nomination for a seat on the Ohio Supreme Court. Her nomination fell short, but Judge O’Toole will continue on Ohio’s 11th District Court of Appeals. We’re proud of you, Your Honor.

Tony Pallotta’s bank account is growing again because his daughter graduated from Emerson College in Boston. Tony says she’s out to become their most famous alum since Arthur Fonzarelli, or Henry Winkler to some. His youngest daughter is a freshman at Fordham in New York.

Dave Swanson reached out to me and all is good with his family in Chicago. Swanny, who has two young daughters, is lead GCC analyst at the CME Group.

In February, I shared a dinner with laughs and memories with Jeanne (Mann) Gallo and Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg. I teamed with Jeanne and presented a benefit auction seminar for Suzanne and her staff at the CAN Council of Saginaw, Michigan. Jeanne is the president of Gallo Event Management, and Suzanne is the president and CEO of the CAN Council of Saginaw.

The Cleveland Browns are in Eileen (Byrne) Hickerson’s bloodline. Her father-in-law is NFL Hall of Famer Gene Hickerson, and her brother, Kevin, was VP of media relations with the original Browns. Eileen and her husband, Bob, live in Valley City, Ohio. Her daughter, Caitlin, is a fashion designer in NYC, and her son, Clifton, is in culinary school at Hocking College. Eileen is her awesome self, teaching in Oberlin City Schools.

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Mark Schroeder

Winter 2016
It’s a new year. From my family to all of you, have a safe, healthy, and prosperous 2016. Rich and Carolyn (Cahill) ’85G Glass and their son, Jonathan, were in San Antonio for a convention. Rich and Jonathan stayed up late to meet me at their hotel. It was a great guy hour talking sports. Jonathan, who’s graduating from college this spring, is seeking employment in professional sports.

I flew to Chicago to attend games three and four of the NLCS, hooking up with Wally West ’81. If the Cubs cooperate, we’ll do it again this fall.

One of the most recognizable guys on campus was Dave Beleny ’81, with his jet-black hair, groomed beard, black leather vest, chain, jeans, and boots. What appeared to be a person with a hard shell was really a football teammate who would do anything to protect his teammates on and off the field. Finally, I reconnected with Dave and his family. He owns a farm in Northwest Ohio with his wife, Karen. They have two sons. Both were valedictorians. David is a junior at Pitt, studying bio/premed, and Alex is a freshman at Pitt, also studying bio/premed. Both are on scholarships in the Pitt Marching Band. For one Pitt football game, Dave and Karen tailgated with JCU football teammates Joe Czekaj, Tony Pallotta, Keith Hadley, and Steve Bunecke. I wish I could have been there. Dave Beleny is a great one.

For those of us who lived on campus, Donna Byrnes was the woman who resolved our dorm issues. Though we left, Donna never did. Donna arrived in 1978 as assistant director of housing, and her JCU legacy continues presently as the associate dean of students. She lived on campus and grew strong friendships with the women in Sutowski (aka the New Dorm) and Murphy halls. Our class has a strong relationship and bond with Donna, and on October 31, she received a big deal. Deb Solyan masterminded and strategized a surprise 60th birthday party for Donna at Rodman Hall. It was perfectly executed. Friends came from throughout the Midwest, many from our class. More than 60 friends shared her surprise birthday, themed “The Big Deal”: Sandra Ryan, Amy Thompson Mosier, Lisa (Amato) Reid, Mary (Power) Patton, Sheila Nelson, Megan Raleigh, Stephani Sivak, Maureen (Kelly) West, Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg, Jane Cunin, Susan (Benz) Callahan, Cathy Babcock, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Peg Mahon, Jim ’80 and Susan (Maney) ’80 Antall, Mary Kilbane, Amy (McDonough) ’86, ’96G and Tony Weber, Vicky Bodanza ’90, Pam Conyngham ’84, Mary (McBride) Daughtry, Mary Alice O’Brien Mecke ’82, Shannon (Carey) Dolan ’84, and Laryn Runco ’84.

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Mark Schroeder

Fall 2015
Nature’s breakdown of chlorophyll is showcasing brilliant colors that cascade through the trees covering the hills of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and likely in the places where you live, too. In Texas, it’s in the 80s. No complaints here.

It’s a change of cities for John Russell, who took his award-winning talents from the Indianapolis Star to the Chicago Tribune. He’s an investigative reporter focused on health care. Check him out in the Trib.

Wendy and Tony Pallotta’s daughter, Allie, is a freshman at Fordham University. She’s living in the shadows of The Seven Blocks of Granite.

Congratulations to football teammate Joe Czekaj, who became a grandfather. His daughter, Jenny, and son-in-law, Jack Donley, had a son, Weston, in July.



I had a fun conversation with Beth Ann (McCombs) Coughlin, who relayed that Mary Margaret (Pearson) Gleason is doing well in the ’Burgh. Her children are out of school, and she enjoys that. Her husband, Chris Coughlin, took it to the streets and the Allegheny River for the Pittsburgh Triathlon & Adventure Race in August. Chris ran a triathlon a while back with Paul Root, but Beth Ann tells me Chris ran, swam, and biked to the finish. Great job, Cogs. Outstanding! Beth Ann is a reading specialist for children in grades K-8 in Pittsburgh. She and Chris have one son left in school, Pete, who’s a junior playing quarterback at Washington & Jefferson College.

Another classmate’s parent passed away. Jane (Broeren) Lambesis’ father, Dick, died in August. Many classmates came to support Jane and her family at the services. They were: Deb Solyan, Shelia Nelson; Kristine and Danny Reynolds; Sheila Bigane Bauschelt; Colleen Hyland-Robertson and her husband, John; Eileen Meyer ’82; and Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84. Keep Jane and her family in your prayers. Also, keep Matt Koenig ’85 and his family in your prayers because Matt’s brother, Simon Koenig III, passed away in August. The wonderful mother of one of the all-time great guys passed away in August. Paul Hulseman’s ’82 parents were always involved in bettering Loyola Academy when we were in high school. Paul learned from the best. He continues his dedication on the board of alumni relations at JCU. Keep Paul’s mother, Sheila, and the entire Hulseman family in your prayers.

While attending the Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Summit in New Orleans in September, BAS designation holders were led by a presentation from Tim Luke ’85, who was his charismatic self, conducting an intriguing interpersonal communication seminar. Tim lives in New York City with a career that includes working at Christie’s New York and as an appraiser on the Antiques Roadshow. Connect with classmates. Email me, and like JCU Class of ’83 on Facebook.


Mark Schroeder

From left: Mary (Power) Patton, Jane Cunin, Pam (Chesnik) Makee '82, Beth Devney, Ed Devney

From left: Mary (Power) Patton, Jane Cunin, Pam (Chesnik) Makee ’82, Beth Devney, Ed Devney

Summer 2015
Many of you have very cool jobs and interests. Some of you are inventors, investors, decision makers, entrepreneurs, and healers. Ed Devney has a cool gig. Though he resides in New York City, Ed returns to Cleveland every three years and spends four days managing the escorts for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The likes of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Joan Jett, Bill Withers, The 5 Royales, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Green Day have asked Ed where to go and what to do. Ed recruited twin sister Beth Devney Peters to work the Red Carpet; Mary (Power) Patton, who escorted Miley Cyrus; and Pam (Chesnik) Makee ’81. They brought along Bishop John Carroll and took a photo at 2 a.m. in front of the step-and-repeat banner. Ed also took the lead at the NCAA Men’s Final Four, Fashion Week in NYC, and the Apprentice Celebrity finale.

Sons and daughters have graduated. Maddie Schmidt, the daughter Therese O’Neill-Schmidt and Dave Schmidt ’82, graduate from Arizona State University. John and Jeanne (Mann) Gallo have been smiling now that their daughter, Sarah, is a graduate of Notre Dame University Law School. Allie Pallotta, daughter of Wendy and Tony Pallotta, graduated from St. Joseph Academy in Cleveland.

I ran into classmates at some Cleveland auctions. John and Mary Kay (Sweeney) Friend attended the Walsh Jesuit High School auction, along with Naji and Lidia (Saluan) Richani, who are celebrating 25 years of marriage. I had a great time with Sue and Rick Favazzo and Rick’s his parents at the Julie Billiart School auction. Rick is an incredibly generous philanthropist who gives not just financial support to Julie Billiart School’s special-needs children but more importantly his love and genuine passion to follow in the Jesuit spirit of serving others who need help. Joanna and Phil Rini, another great one, also joined Rick.

The Alumni Awards ceremony was tremendous. I shared laughs with buddies I haven’t seen in more than 30-years, as well as:
• Nick Conyngham ’82, who received the Alumni Medal;
• The Count, Dave Bassi ’81, and his wife, Traci;
Eric Jochum, who always has a smile on his face, probably because he’s married to Patricia (Tainer);
Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg, who drove in from Michigan to sit at our table;
• Don “Squeak” MacMillan ’82 and his wife, Kim;
• Tim O’Callahan ’82;
• Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., ’54, ’55G, who was still giving me spiritual advice and reminiscing about coming to my family’s home in Chicago for dinner many years ago; and
• Dr. Joe Miller, Ph.D., ’59 and his wonderful wife, Helen, who were just as fun as ever.
That night was epic. My wife Johnna and I, along with Tommy Bruno ’95 and his wife Megan, were the last ones out the door.

Congratulations to Nancy (Andow) White ’83G, who was featured brilliantly in the Cleveland Plain Dealer in February. Nancy is the director of career services at Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio. Her passion and conviction for assisting students into professional careers is deserving of spotlight recognition.



Former Ohio state representative Carol Ann Schindel has a new position as Solon’s finance director. Carol Ann will use her strong CPA experience as an assistant chief auditor with the State Auditor’s office to increase efficiency in Solon. The city’s mayor, Susan Drucker, said it best: “Solon is very lucky to be able to attract such talent.”

Don Rose ’80 was a baseball teammate of mine. Don’s brother, Christopher, lost his battle with leukemia in May. Please keep Don’s family and Christopher in your prayers.

The world needs more wine, and Ann Moore is providing it. Ann and her business partner have purchased a vineyard in Madison, Ohio, and named it Emerita Winery & Vineyard. Spring blossoms on the vine are forming summer clusters of grapes that will provide a variety of grapes for Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, and Cabernet Franc. The winery is just getting started, so give Ann time for production. They’ll sell no wine before it’s time. Remember that phrase? She’s looking forward to a number of get-togethers from our class at Emerita Winery.

Congrats to the Southside Irish girls who convinced Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to wear their iconic green jacket while he walked the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Sandra Ryan, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis led the way composing a letter to Mayor Emanuel on the history of the green jacket and its sentimental affiliation with classmate Marie Lynch-Julius. Mayor Emanuel was all in. He took the green jacket and marched down the streets of Chicago wearing the pride of the Southside Irish girls. Not knowing if they would ever get the jacket back, the ladies were pleasantly surprised when, following the parade, an aide to the mayor returned the jacket.

After their convention obligations, Scott ’80 and Teresa (Goodrich) ’81 Heran joined Johnna and me for dinner, golf, and a tour of San Antonio. Scott is the fourth generation to operate ACE, an industrial oven and coil winding equipment manufacturer in Cleveland. Teresa is the manager at ACE. We had a great time reflecting on our Trivia Bowl team “The NEDS” and relived hysterical stories of living in the basement of Pacelli.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Deb Solyan, who seems to be settling for a more conservative approach to her summer trips with Julie. In lieu of the usual Shanghai or road trip stops in small town America, they were in historic Chautauqua, N.Y., spending Independence Day kicking back and sipping on the Niagara Region’s best wines. Be like Deb, and enjoy your summer.

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Mark Schroeder

Spring 2015
For six years, I’ve conducted the benefit auction for the CAN Council Great Lakes Bay Region in Saginaw, Mich. It’s a pleasure to help raise money for Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg and her organization. Suzanne has been the president fr 19 years. It’s heartwarmingly gratifying to listen to people tell me about Suzanne’s impact on Mid- Michigan with her vision and actions to prevent child abuse. She’s also a board member of the national child abuse council. She just completed leading a capital campaign raising $3 million to construct a new building in Saginaw that’s specially designed to enhance assistance and care for abused and neglected children. Excellent job, Suzanne.

Congratulations to Curt Scharf, the global business manager, industrial products for Lubrizol. Curt, who was the featured speaker at the Pan American Base Oils & Lubricants Conference in Jersey City, N.J., has been a valuable asset at Lubrizol, spending 34 years with the company in Wickliffe, Ohio. Curt’s ingenuity has transformed into the company holding 18 U.S. patents.

Jane (Broeren) Lambesis did the college rounds with her daughter and pulled into University Heights to team up with Deb Solyan, Jane Cunin, Mary (Power) Patton, and Donna Byrnes to show Jane’s daughter campus life.

Lance Whitson ’80 was a football teammate of ours. Lance’s wife, Gina, passed away in February. Keep Lance and his family in your prayers.

I played a great round of golf in San Antonio with Jim Mahoney ’84. Jim has game! We shared some good laughs.

I talk with football teammate John Moeschberger ’80 almost every day. He’s the most passionate Cleveland sports fan I’ve ever met. Moesch needs a championship! John and his wife, Mariann (Nemeth) ’81, have one in and one out of JCU. Their son Johnny ’13 teaches in Avon, Ohio, and their daughter Julie is a sophomore at Carroll.

I don’t have everyone’s email address, so I created a Facebook page for our class to reunite. Get on Facebook, and like JCU Class of ’83. Connect with classmates and discover where they’ve been. I’ll post information about happenings on campus.

During the past five years, I’ve had the honor of writing our class column. I want to thank each of you for sharing your family stories, laughs, successes, and sadly even losses. This May, I was awarded the Silver Quill for exceptional class column writing. I’m accepting this award on behalf of our class. I’m grateful to all of you for providing me your successes to share with all JCU alums. Our class is bonded forever in brother and sisterhood. You’re the best! Thank you.


Mark Schroeder

Winter 2015
Happy New Year! As we closed 2014, many made the pilgrimage to JCU to celebrate homecoming and a plaque dedicated to Marie Lynch-Julius outside her old dorm room in the basement of Murphy Hall, now room 006. The plaque reads: “Marie Lynch- Julius ’83, In Southside Irish Tradition, Friendship, Fun, & Laughter.” I wish I could’ve attended. Friends and family who were there are: Marie’s husband, Joe Julius; Marie’s high school friend, Mary Carberry Black; Deb Solyan; Mary (Power) Patton; Sandra Ryan; Sheila (Bigane) Bauschelt; Sheila Nelson; Jane (Broeren) Lambesis; Lisa (Amato) Reid; Jane Cunin; Amy Thompson Mosier; Jim Brown; Mark Biche; Tom Burke; Bill Donnelly; Jim Kisthardt; Mark and Sue (Hollis) Tupa; Chris and Beth (McCombs) Coughlin; Maureen Lentz; Megan Raleigh; Mary Kilbane; and Mark McDonnell ’82 and Maureen Garvey-McDonnell. Supporting Marie’s dedication from other classes were: Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84, Shannon (Carey) Dolan ’84, Jean (Nester) Turcu ’82, Missy (Barry) Kisthardt ’85, Mary and Tom Hartnett ’81, John Gill ’81, Amy (McDonough) Weber ’86, Teri (Johnson) Long ’85, and Dave Pratt ’85. Please keep the families of Ed Devney and Beth Devney Peters in your prayers because their father passed away in September.

Congratulations to JCU alums who ran for office in the mid-term elections: Bill O’Brien ’81 was retained as Circuit Court Judge in Illinois; Janet Rath Colaluca ’86 ran for Domestic Relations Bench in Cuyahoga County; John P. O’Donnell ’84 retained his bench as Lake County Common Pleas Judge; and Jim Redford ’82 ran for the Michigan Supreme Court.

I made my final trip of 2014 to Cleveland for a couple auctions and was able to share a few brews with Deb Solyan. I never miss out on that opportunity.

Jeanne (Mann) Gallo and her company, Gallo Event Management, will team with me to conduct a benefit auction for St. Giles School in Oak Park, Ill. If any Chicagoans are around, plan an evening of fun for a fundraiser on the last Saturday in March 2015. Come see us. Jeanne is the event planner, and I’m the benefit auctioneer.

There was huge support for the Blue Streak football team this year. On behalf of all former football players, I thank Bill O’Brien ’81 and his brother, Terry ’78, for their work to create the Grey Streaks. It’s an opportunity for former players to reconnect, help, and support the football program head coach Tom Arth ’03 has developed into one of the elite programs in the country. Great job men and women of Carroll.


Mark Schroeder

Fall 2014
Many of you lived in Murphy Hall, and 31 years after graduation, the building built in 1964 still contained original fixtures and furnishings in 2012. It looked the same as when I stayed there for freshman orientation in the summer of 1979. A makeover was long overdue. Following a full year of renovations, Murphy Hall now features a gorgeous new interior with contemporary amenities: quad and triple suites; larger double rooms; an elevator; a laundry room on each floor; a filtered water bottle refilling station; larger social gathering areas; and a full kitchen. A much-needed addition of natural daylight now shines into interior spaces. The old infirmary is a state-of-the-art Student Health & Wellness Center, providing video conferencing that streams biomedical information. It’s the first LEED project for JCU. Still the largest dorm on campus, Murphy is reserved for co-ed sophomores, juniors, and seniors. If you haven’t been on campus for the past three decades, you likely won’t recognize the JCU you left. Those who returned for reunion, or parents of students, know the transformation of additional buildings, sports facilities, dorms, and campus landscape. I speak for many when I say I wish we had it.

My wife, Johnna, and I were vacationing in San Francisco when a 6.0 earthquake hit Napa on Aug. 24. We never felt it; however, we were jolted the next morning in Napa at 5:30 a.m. because of a 3.9 aftershock. The building swayed, the bed shook, and the windows rattled. Standing in downtown Napa in front of the many crumbled buildings and broken property was surreal.

Please keep Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan and her family in your prayers. Madelon’s mother, Dorothy, passed away.

Here’s a toast to Jeanne (Mann) Gallo, who recently launched g.e.m., Gallo Event Management. Jeanne told me her company is helping Chicago area Catholic schools raise more money at their fundraising events. All is well with her three boys – Tim, Matthew, Jack, daughter Sarah, and husband John.

Because I’m friends with a number of classmates on Facebook, I watched the videos of Mary (Power) Patton; her husband, John; and their daughter, Jackie, take the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. I also watched Chis Coughlin dump the ice bucket over his head. I didn’t see you, Beth Ann (McCombs) Coughlin.

Congratulations to Deb Solyan, who cycled in the August sun for 56.3 miles from Columbus to Gambier, Ohio. Deb peddled in the Pelotonia bike ride, raising money to help eliminate cancer. Enjoy the fall colors, and tell me something good.


Mark Schroeder

Summer 2014
Summer is winding down, and for some of you, the back-to-school mode is in overdrive. For just the third year since graduation, I missed reunion weekend at JCU. So if you made the trip to campus, I hope you ran into fun people and didn’t exaggerate too much about what you got away with as a student.

I’ve never received the number of responses to a column like I received about last quarter’s column dedicated to Marie LynchJulius. There were many touching emails and phone calls, which fortified how Marie’s life touched many of her classmates through her loving spirit. I want the trio of Jim Brown, Deb Solyan, and Megan Raleigh to be recognized for their turnpike trek through a white-knuckle drive in a blizzard and ice storm to attend the services for Marie in Chicago. In a gesture of love, a fund has been raised to mount a plaque memorializing Marie at John Carroll. The plaque will be in the basement of the remodeled Murphy Hall placed in the suite where she (and suitemate Colleen HylandRobertson) resided as a student for her four-years at JCU. The Marie Lynch-Julius ’83 Suite committee is led by: Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Sandra Ryan, Sheila Nelson, Deb Solyan, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, Therese O’Neill-Schmidt, Danny Reynolds, Tim Shea, Charles Wagner, Bill Donnelly, and Tom Burke. With a need to raise $5,000 dollars for naming rights by June, classmates and friends have donated more than $30,000. If you’d like to make a donation please click here and reference the Marie Lynch ’83 Memorial Fund. If that wasn’t enough, Danny Reynolds, Sheila Nelson, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Deb Solyan, Sandra Ryan, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Therese O’Neill-Schmidt, Dave Schmidt ’82, Tim Shea, Jack Carey, Greg Koerner ’86, Pat Scully ’84, Tim McGrath ’86, and Matt Kramer ’86 dedicated a 70-mile bike ride from Buckingham Fountain in Chicago to Long Beach, Ind., in June. The after-party included Marie’s husband Joe, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, and Tom Burke. Thanks to all our generous classmates and friends of Marie.

One morning in June, I had a two-hour phone conversation with Sandra Ryan catching up and sharing laughs. Thanks, Sandra. You’re the best!

Eileen McDonough’s mother passed away in May, so please keep Eileen, her husband Trev, daughter Dorothy, and her family in your prayers. Please keep Kevin Cusack; his wife, Cathy; and their family in your prayers. Kevin’s father, Tom “Coach Cuz,” passed in River Forrest, Ill., in June.

It took 31 years to get in contact with Jennifer (Caulfield) Van Petten, and what a pleasure to finally reconnect. She’s a wonderful woman. Jennifer and her family are well. She lives in Suffolk, Va.

Congratulations to Lidia (Saluan) Richani and her husband, Naji, who celebrated their 24th anniversary June 30.

I’m excited to have completed a three-year commitment to earn my Certified Auctioneer Institution certification at Indiana University. This is the highest and most respected educational designation in the auction industry. Less than 5 percent of all auctioneers nationwide have achieved CAI status.

Men and women of Carroll, don’t be shy, and tell me something good.


Mark Schroeder

Spring 2014

I don’t know if every other JCU class has the camaraderie our class has, but I know, 31 years later, many of us are still close friends. I’m cognizant of several of you who’ve rallied to the aid and comfort of classmates in need, and that’s exactly what so many classmates did to comfort Marie Lynch-Julius. Marie and I exchanged emails during the past three years as she recovered from the removal of a brain tumor. She was always optimistic about her challenge to recover and overcome this difficult battle. Marie, a reunion regular, wasn’t going to miss our 30th. With assistance from her husband, Joe, and classmates, Marie was among the hundreds who made the turnpike trip to JCU last summer for our 30th reunion. Then, a few months after this joyful time, her brave 39-month fight ended Dec. 29, 2013, and heaven welcomed its new angel. Of course, classmates traveled through a snowstorm to Arlington Heights, Ill., for services and support for Marie’s husband and their four children. As expected, the church filled to standing room. But in a gracious gesture by a friend of Marie’s, the first 15-pews were reserved for Marie’s Carroll friends. Those who attended included: Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Deb Solyan, Maureen Lentz, Maureen (Kelly) West, Sue (Daly) Grover, Mark Biche, Colleen Hyland-Robertson and husband John Robertson, Sandra Ryan, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Paul Hulseman ’82, Sheila Nelson, Lisa (Amato) Reid, Lisa (Brunenmeister) Sullivan, Kristine and Danny Reynolds, Tom Burke, Denise and Jack Carey, Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84, Dave and Therese O’Neill-Schmidt, Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan, Jeanne (Mann) Gallo, Julie (Pucher) Carleton, Marion (Lavezzorio) ’81 and Paul McCann ’80 Goodworth, Kevin Murphy ’84, Colleen (Flaherty) ’85 and Tim Shea, Charles Wagner, and Colleen and Patrick Thiesen. Following the services, Marie’s family, the Southside Irish Chicago girls, classmates, and friends gathered at Peggy Kinnane’s Irish Pub, her favorite, to celebrate Marie’s life. On Saturday, Feb. 22, a memorial Mass was held in the Chapel of Rodman Hall on campus where more friends and classmates attended, including: Mary (Power) Patton, Megan Raleigh, Lisa (Amato) Reid, and Paul Hulseman ’82, who came in from Chicago. Please keep Marie’s husband, Joe, and their children: Katherine, Christine, Michael, and Brian in your daily prayers. They’ll miss a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend, and we’ll miss our classmate. Rest in peace, our good friend. We’ll miss your beauty, charisma, and loving spirit.

A fondly remembered vacation in Hilton Head with friends: (back row) Billy Donnelly, Tom Burke, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Sandra Ryan, Danny Reynolds, Jim Brown, Mark Biche, (front row) Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84, Deb Solyan, Marie (Lynch) Julius, Sheila Nelson, and Kristine Reynolds

A fondly remembered vacation in Hilton Head with friends: (back row) Billy Donnelly, Tom Burke, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Sandra Ryan, Danny Reynolds, Jim Brown, Mark Biche, (front row) Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84, Deb Solyan, Marie (Lynch) Julius, Sheila Nelson, and Kristine Reynolds


Mark Schroeder

Winter 2014
I hope the New Year is treating you well and it will continue with blessings and prosperity. 2014 has started well for Chris Carney. Those 15 years at Brouse McDowell has paid off in the form of a promotion to partner-in-charge of the Cleveland office. Congrats, Chris!

I know by now, Ed Devney is running around New York again. Really, when is he not smiling? Post-op after knee surgery in October, Ed was on Facebook smiling away in his recoup bed. Only you, Ed. I hope you’re back and better than ever.

We all heard about the success of the football team this past season. I got into it. I streamed them in San Antonio and listened to the Mount Union game. I know there was a parking space taken by Jim Brown, who attends every home game. His pregame tailgate is making the rounds, and it’s filled by the Who’s Who of the class of ’83: Mary (Power) Patton, Jeanne (Mann) Gallo, Marie Lynch-Julius, Tim Donahoe, Jack Walsh, Deb Solyan, Sandra Ryan, Sheila Bigane Bauschalt, Therese O’Neill-Schmidt.

How does anyone starting a business have time for fun? Jeanne (Mann) Gallo started her event management company in Chicago. She already has contracted with several Jesuit schools. Rosemary (Gibbons) Fox dropped in for a visit with Jeanne in Chicago because it’s just lunch. (Get it? Andrea McGinty ’84 will understand). With a son teaching fourth grade, daughter Sarah being a second-year law student at Notre Dame, Matt having graduated from Holy Cross, and Jack being a sophomore at Providence College, Jeanne has time for her new business and, hopefully, her husband, John, too. Sadly, Jeanne informed me her mother died suddenly last June. Please keep the Gallo family in your prayers.

I conducted the San Antonio Spurs postgame jersey auction in November and sold the Spurs players’ game-worn jerseys to the fans. It netted a record $186,000. The proceeds will help fund youth programs and basketball leagues. I sold one jersey for just shy of $70,000.

It was amazing. It’s a fresh start to the New Year, and that means contacting your classmates. I’m asking each of you to send me one short email telling something cool that happened to you since graduation. You have 30 years of material. You get one line in the column – I get only 420 words per column. Let all of your classmates know how you and your family are doing. Salud!


Mark Schroeder

Fall 2013

I had a difficult start to August when my mother unexpectedly passed in Chicago and the column’s deadline was a week later. I was busy attending to family needs for the first half of August. I’m grateful for the JCU friends who attended my mother’s wake and funeral. My parents spent four memorable years at Carroll attending football and baseball games and graduation. Besides classmate support, the alumni office sent a beautiful sympathy card. Thank you, Dave Vitatoe ’00. Coach Jerry Schweickert ’60 and his wife sent a beautiful message, and Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., ’54 wrote a personal message about my mother that I read at her funeral. Fr. Bukala and our family have been friends for 34 years.

Many of us are seeing our parents pass on. Cathy Babcock’s father died in June. Please keep Cathy; her father; her husband, Jeff; and her family in your prayers.

We’ve been trying to get Deb Solyan to visit us in San Antonio, but apparently, “I want to see the Great Wall” has more significance than “Remember the Alamo.” Deb and Julie Turnley ’90 spent two weeks traveling throughout China, and thankfully, sharing all of it on Flickr with about 1,000 photos.

Johnna and I went to dinner with Maureen (Kelly) West, her husband Wally ’81, and John Moeschberger ’80 in Chicago. Mo and Wally have three children: Charlie is a sophomore at Dayton; Allie is a freshman at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Ill.; and Nolan is in seventh grade. John Moeschberger ’80 and his wife Mariann (Nemeth) ’81 have a freshman daughter, Julie, attending JCU. Their son, Johnny ’13, is teaching freshman and sophomore honors U.S. and world history and is assistant to the head football coach at Avon High School.

It’s always good to be connected in Chicago. For me, it’s former football captain and presently the Honorable Circuit Court Judge of the State of Illinois, William O’Brien ’81. Bill and Mary Carol (Anthony) ’81 have a son who graduated from Carroll last year and another who’s a senior this year.

For a few short minutes, I talked with Paul Hulseman ’82 while I was in Chicago. Paul is all class and always has been. Thanks, Paul.

Pam (Labuda) Skelton ’84 has a lovely daughter in seventh grade at St. Michael School in Independence, and a son, Jake, who is a freshman at St. Ignatius.

Those who attended the 30th reunion weekend, which I missed in the summer issue, are: Lisa Gasbarre Black, Margaret (Morgan) Bollinger, James Brown, Mark Budniewski, Thomas Burke, Christine (Baron) Capka, Jack Carey, Karen Castelli, Dennis Chevalier, Joan Cleary, John Corrigan, Kevin Cusack, Carrie (Goold) Foliano, Ann (Dowdell) Fortin, Craig Fortin, Maureen Garvey-McDonnell, Pauline Clair Haugen, Susan Horning-Stickler, Tim Hutchison, Shannon (Fogarty) Jerse, F. Eric Jochum, Patricia (Tainer) Jochum, Patrick Kennedy, Mary Kilbane, Jim Kisthardt, Janet (Skirtich) Lefler, Maureen Lentz, Cheryl Lucas, Robert Marcinick, Mary McCafferty, Amy Thompson Mosier, Kathleen Murphy, Jeffry Myers, Bob O’Brien, Diane (Winter) O’Brien, Sheila Nelson, Jim Pacak, Mary (Power) Patton, Luigi Pecoraro, Robert Porter, Megan Raleigh, Dan Reynolds, Sandra Ryan, Kevin Savage, Tim Shea, Lisa (Brunenmeister) Sullivan, Dave Swanson, Mark Tupa, Susan (Hollis) Tupa, Jack Walsh, Tom Wancho, and Maureen (Kelly) West. Congrats to all of us! Our class contributed $249,806.32 for the class gift. I’m wondering who gave the 32 cents. I have a feeling it was Tom Wancho.

Send me an email, or connect with me on Facebook. Let everyone know what’s happening. Be safe, and enjoy the fall colors.


Mark Schroeder

Summer 2013

They showed up from Austin, Texas; Flagstaff, Ariz.; Chicago; Pittsburgh; Columbus, Ohio; Toledo, Ohio; Clearwater, Fla.; and many other cities to party under the big tent. The 30th reunion was filled with laughs and oh-my-gosh moments seeing classmates for the first time in decades. The paparazzi spotted: Mark Biche, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Peg (Morgan) Bollinger, Terese (Buehrle) Booth, James Brown, Mark Budniewski, Tom Burke, Christine (Baron) Capka, Jack Carey, Julie (Pucher) Carleton, Karen Castelli, Rick Cenar, Dennis Chevalier, Joan Cleary, John Columbo, John Corrigan, Jane Cunin, Kevin Cusack, Bill Donnelly, Ann (Dowdell) Fortin, Craig Fortin, Mary Kay (Sweeney) Friend, Maureen Garvey-McDonnell, Carolyn Cahill Glass, Rich Glass, Pauline Clair Haugen, Tim Hutchison, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, Shannon (Fogarty) Jerse, Eric Jochum, Patti (Tainer) Jochum, Patrick Kennedy, Jim Kisthardt, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Marie Lynch-Julius, Rob Marcinick, Jeff Meyers, Amy Thompson Mosier, Mary McCafferty, Kathleen Murphy, Sheila Nelson, Bob O’Brien, Diane (Winter) O’Brien, Jim Pacak, Luigi Pecoraro, Mary (Power) Patton, Robert Porter, Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan, Megan Raleigh, Lisa (Amato) Reid, Dan Reynolds, Sandra Ryan, Kevin Savage, Tim Shea, Stephanie Sivak, Deb Solyan, Susan (Horning) Stickler-Hale, Lisa (Brunenmeister) Sullivan, Dave Swanson, Mark Tupa, Sue (Hollis) Tupa, Jack Walsh, Tom Wancho, Maureen (Kelly) West. For the first time in decades, I was unable to attend the reunion but from what I was told, no one has changed, everyone looks the same, and some just haven’t grown up … yet. There are far too many stories shared that couldn’t possibly fit into this column but feel free to share a few and write me. I know there were more classmates who attended, so forgive me if I missed your name in this column. We have generous and philanthropic classmates.

Congratulations are in order for Todd Teter and his wife. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation honored the Teters as their 2013 Friend of JDRF Award Recipients. Todd has served on the board and as the executive committee president. Under their guidance, the JDRF Dream Gala committee has raised record funds. I’m honored to have served as the benefit auctioneer for these events.

Walsh Jesuit High School has always been a great feeder school for JCU, and while conducting their Powwow auction last spring, it felt like a Carroll reunion. It had been 30-years since I last saw Mary Kay (Sweeney) Friend. She still has that great smile and her husband, John, is a great guy. I loved talking with Roberta Beni Fazio ’82 and her husband, John, at the gala. They have two boys and a daughter at Walsh. I ran into the Bedells there, too. Kathy and Richard ’74 Bedell and Alice and Terry ’77 Bedell. Generations of Bedells continue to walk the halls at Walsh. I can’t leave out Mary Beth (Hoke) ’85 and Jack Bedell ’84. Jack contributed to the bidding at my auction for JDRF.

Bill Runzo and his wife, Barbara, will celebrate 25 years of marriage with their four boys. They have two in college, one in high school, and the youngest is in 7th grade. Bill drives over the Mississippi River every day to work in St. Louis.

I received a great text back in May at 8:30 p.m., “You still up for a beer.” I have known this guy since we were kids playing baseball and basketball against each other in CYO. He was in San Antonio for a few hours. I picked up Rich Glass across from the Alamo and we sat in the Menger Bar where Teddy Roosevelt organized the Rough Riders in 1898. We closed it like Teddy, and had a great reunion catching up on family, stories, and memories. Rich and Carolyn (Cahill) Glass live in Clearwater, Fla. Their son, Jonathon, will be a sophomore in college. He has done such great work for the Toronto Blue Jays in the past that the organization now calls him for continued work as their batboy.

Many of us have lost parents throughout the years. Cathy Babcock’s father, William, passed away in June, so please keep Cathy, her husband Jeff, and her family in your prayers.

Maureen (Fallon) Adler and Deb Solyan

Maureen (Fallon) Adler and Deb Solyan

Two years ago Maureen (Fallon) Adler was selected to play in the Cleveland Plain Dealer summer solstice golf challenge. This year Deb Solyan was selected by the PD to play in the golf marathon from sun up at 5 a.m. to sun down at 9:30 p.m. Deb’s playing partner, Tim Rogers, a sports reporter from the PD, suffered a fractured arm after being struck in the arm with a golf ball hit by Tim’s co-worker. In an instant, Deb called Mo, who drove out to meet Deb on the course to team up for the rest of the day. They completed 90 holes of golf before the sun set on the longest day of the year. Great job, ladies!

30 years are behind us with another 30-plus now ahead of us. Drop me an email, or connect with me on Facebook. Let us know what’s happening.


Mark Schroeder

Spring 2013

We’re just weeks away from our 30th reunion, June 14 – 16, 2013. Like cramming for an exam, you have plenty of time to sign up to attend and participate in the fun activities the reunion committee planned for your entertainment. The 30-mile bike ride is on, so pack your cycle and help raise money for old JCU. Our class is trying to set a 30-year reunion attendance record. It will be a tremendous gathering of friends, family, and fun, so call your travel agents.

I look forward to seeing Tony Pallotta each February at one of my benefit auctions. Tony, who scoops for football teammates’ information, owns GPS Financial Group. He and wife, Wendy, have two daughters: Allie, who’s at St. Joseph Academy in Cleveland, and Caroline, who’s a freshman at Emerson College in Boston.

Rich Glass and his wife, Carolyn Cahill Glass, are empty-nesters in Clearwater, Fla. Their son, Jonathan, is attending Florida Southern College, pursuing a degree in sports management. Jonathan, who loves baseball, interned with the Toronto Blue Jays last spring. He’s hoping to reconnect with the Jays after his freshman year.

Michael Samerdyke’s library is filling with his own works. He’s an award-winning writer who completed his second eBook, “Featured Creatures,” a collection of short horror stories with a ’50s sci-fi movie inflection. Search for Michael’s works.


Classmates getting promoted: John McCaffrey is a partner in the trial department of the Tucker Ellis law firm in Cleveland. John was general counsel secretary and treasurer for the J. Edgar Hoover Foundation before moving to Tucker Ellis.

Bob O’Brien was promoted in March to head Deloitte’s Global Real Estate Practice out of Chicago. For the past 29 years, Bob’s career included significant global client relationships, initial public offerings, acquisitions, dispositions, workouts, and bankruptcies. He’s a natural for his new position. Bob and his wife, Diane (Winter) O’Brien, reside in Wilmette, Ill.

Taking after the old man, John Colombo’s ’84 son, Marco, led the New Philadelphia Quakers varsity basketball team to the elite eight in Ohio. With the 6’3” junior who led the way, the Quakers weren’t that deep in the tournament since 1967.

I had the opportunity to connect with Jack Walsh on Facebook. Jack is in financial services as a trader in Chicago. Jack’s kids are 12, 10, and 9. Having played baseball and basketball against Jack in grammar school and high school, I’m sure his kids inherited the talent and his summer is packed with sports. Jack clued me in that Bennett Weiss ’84 has organized a guys’ get- together at Northwestern football games during the past 10 years. The JCU group has grown, and this fall, it might take place in Columbus with the Wildcats and Buckeyes.

Be safe, and send me an email because 30 years is a long time not hearing from you or seeing you at reunion.


Mark Schroeder

Winter 2013

Start reserving the flights and get the SUVs packed because reunion No. 30 is coming June 14-16, 2013. Reconnect with classmates, and check out the new additions on campus. If you haven’t been to JCU the (cough) past 30 years, you’ll be amazed and proud to see that our alma mater has added new buildings and upgraded athletic facilities. Check it out for yourself, bring the family. Reunion plans in the works are: a 30-mile bike ride (get it) for our class on Saturday. Yes, there will be beer breaks. A Friday golf outing, which is looking like an annual event is forming, too. The committee of many is meeting frequently to celebrate No. 30. We, the class of ’83, are trying to set a 30th-year-reunion attendance record. It will be a tremendous gathering of friends, family, and fun, so call your travel agents.

Some great people received promotions and awards. Crain’s Cleveland Business named Lisa Gasbarre Black a 2012 General and In-House Honoree. Lisa, an attorney for Cleveland Catholic Charities; her husband, David; and son, David Jr., reside in Cleveland Heights.

Gregg Graff moved to Suddenlink Communications in St. Louis as senior vice president of sales. For 28 years, Gregg has done an outstanding job in the communications industry.

While in Saginaw, Mich., I had lunch with Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg. Her son, Ben, plays in the University of Michigan snare line. I’ve enjoyed seeing TV cameras catch shots of Ben in the U of M band.

Sheila (Bigane) Bauschelt led the charge gathering Marie Lynch-Julius, Therese O’Neill-Schmidt, and Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84 to watch the Blue Streaks knock out St. Norbert in Ireland. Jane (Broeren) Lambesis did one better and went to Dublin to witness it in person. The party spread to November when Deb Solyan arrived. Oh, it was on. Jane’s husband, Pete Lambesis, and his band played in Mount Prospect, Ill., for Sheila, Marie, Dan Reynolds, and his wife, Kris. The crème de la crème was the next day when the girls hit the hiking trails and Charles Wagner showed up for cocktails at the Reynolds home.

After reuniting with Tom Wancho this summer in San Antonio, I reached his roommate Bob Strunak, who spent six years in the business offices of WKYC-TV in Cleveland. He’s worked at NASA Glenn in Cleveland the past 21 years. He was promoted last year as the Glenn Research Center Real Property Accountable Office. Bob and his wife, Deb, have been married 20 years and live in Fairview Park, Ohio. Deb owns a pet-sitting business serving the cities of Fairview Park and Rocky River.

Judy (Wancho) Makowski is project manager, strategy and business development, at Lubrizol in Brecksville, Ohio. Judy and her husband are doing well.

Michael Forbush and his family are in San Benito County, Calif. His oldest daughter Kelsey will graduate from the University of Arizona majoring in environmental science. She’s trying to publish a book and paper written about the evaporation of droplets on mica surfaces. Daughter Maura is weighing athletic and academic scholarships for college. Mike’s wife, Colleen, teaches special education in rural schools in San Benito County.

I spoke with Nick Conyngham ’82 following hurricane Sandy. Nick, his wife, Beth, and son live in New Jersey. As the hurricane hit the shores, Nick’s mother died suddenly. With heavy hearts, nine days followed without power, and funeral arrangements were made under stressful conditions. God bless your mom and family.

Oh yes, one special request for a Molly (Donnelly) MacDonald sighting at the reunion this summer. It’s been 30 years since we’ve seen you. End the streak.


Mark Schroeder

Lisa Gasbarre Black, general counsel to Catholic Charities Health and Human Services, was named a 2012 General and In-House Counsel Honoree by Crain’s Cleveland Business.

Fall 2012
Every class member should have the chance to go to dinner with Tom Wancho and his wife, Tracy. It’s been 29 years since I last saw Tom, and we had never met Tracy. Decades have only polished his incredible humor. In July, we met for dinner in San Antonio for a night filled with tear-streaming laughter and reminiscing. Tom is the exhibit planner for The Story of Texas History Museum in Austin, and Tracy teaches special-needs children. We had a tremendous time and are looking forward to seeing them in Austin.

Another funny classmate, Charles Wagner, has connected on Facebook. Charles lives in Chicago and owns American Graphics, a fleet and vehicle graphics company.

Mike Samerdyke does it again. His essay “Fathers, Sons, and Superheroes” won second place in the Wytheville Chautauqua Creative Writing contest. His son, Ethan, topped him by taking first place in the Appalachian Heritage Writers contest. Great job. Photos of this one would’ve been nice.

Jeanne (Mann) Gallo, Mary (Power) Patton, Jane Cunin, and Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan were on a girlie weekend in Michigan this summer. Jeanne promised scoops, but what happens in Michigan … There was another girls’ weekend in Milwaukee that included Cathy Babcock, Kitty (Bridgman) Sturgeon, Susan (Daly) Grover, and Jane Cunin. Again, no stories or photos.

Sadly, Jim Brown’s father passed this summer. Please remember Jim; his wife, Paula; and their family in your prayers.

Maureen (Kelly) West sent an inspirational photo of her, Deb Solyan, Steph Sivak, Maureen (Fallon) Adler with Donna Byrnes in Chagrin Falls. Deb and Mo Adler drove from the west side of Cleveland, Mo West drove in from Chicago, and Steph flew in from Flagstaff, Ariz., to take Donna to dinner and celebrate her fantastic news: She’s all clear of cancer! In support of Donna’s fight, Sheila (Bigane) Bauschelt; Jane (Broeren) Lambesis and her husband, Pete; Sheila Nelson; Jack Carey; Tim Shea; Dan Reynolds and his wife, Kristine; and Matt Kramer ’86 cycled through Michigan – 67 miles to Long Beach and 81 miles to Lakeside. Then Tim and Dan biked another 100 miles to Stevensville. You guys rock!

From left: Maureen (Kelly) West ’83, Deb Solyan ’83, Donna Byrnes, Maureen (Fallon) Adler ’83, and Stephanie Sivak ’83

One of my favorite connections on Facebook is Mike Carswell ’84. Cars and wife Diane met at 88.7FM WUJC. Now they live in Painesville, Ohio, with six beautiful children. Mike is the strategic development manager at Manuvis Corp.

Cathy Babcock and her husband, Jeff Bates, are apiarists at home in Indianapolis extracting 40+ pounds of honey. Cathy works for Angie’s List. Cathy’s roommate, Terese Buehrle, is on the road, running marathons in Cincinnati. When she takes a breather, the roomies get together once a year.

Congrats to J.C. Welch and his wife, Heather, who won re-election as Marion County Superior Court Judge in Indianapolis. J.C. is a business development consultant for CourtCall, a company that provides audio and video conferencing solutions to the judiciary.

Classmates, I want to hear from you, so connect with me.


Mark Schroeder

Summer 2012
Summer is here, and I hope you’re loving it with fun, vacations, and prepping the kids for attending JCU, right? I moved to Texas and have returned to Cleveland 19 times to conduct benefit auctions. I steal time for friends such as Deb Solyan, who I spent four hours in the bar with laughing and drinking only two beers. Times have changed. The world travelers, Deb and Julie, are prepping for a visit to Shanghai next summer.

Eileen Mcdonough, who lives in Lisbon, Portugal, with her husband and kids, will be stateside in the fall visiting her sisters and family on the East Coast.

Suzanne Greenberg and her family are heading back to the Windy City. Suzanne’s husband, Alan, landed a great position there, so Michigan’s loss is Chicago’s gain.

I hear wonderful news about classmates who’ve fought difficult battles with their health during the past year. I want to thank everyone for prayers and support for them. They’re strong people who refuse to give in to difficult situations. Thanks for all your prayers, and know they’re being heard.

I needed more time to talk with Todd Teter when I saw him at a benefit in Cleveland in April. He’s looking good and doing well as a VP and GM of U.S. Wholesale at Moen in Cleveland.

In March, retired Army Maj. Joe Mersol was the featured speaker for the United Veterans Council in Austintown, Ohio. Joe and his wife, Lee Ann, have been married 24 years and have two sons, Matthew and Bryan. Joe has been with New York Life for the past 17 years.

The eldest son of Wally ’81 and Maureen West, who live in Chicago, will attend Miami of Ohio in the fall. Charlie is my godson. I don’t know where I went wrong – Oxford over University Heights. Really?

There are many who’d enjoy hearing about what you’ve been doing the past 29 years. I don’t have most classmates’ email addresses, so I encourage you to contact me. “Whatever happened to …” can have an answer finally. Our 30th reunion is just one year from now. Let’s bring it together for a great celebration in 2013. Be safe, and enjoy your summer.


Mark Schroeder

Spring 2012
You should have been there for the party of the century and a quarter. The InterContinental Hotel in Cleveland with 530 alums and a huge announcement of a $16-million gift to the scholarship fund. I was honored to conduct the inaugural live auction. By doubling an all-expense-paid package to see the football team play in Ireland, we raised $66,000. It made my night to see classmates such as beautiful Lidia Saluan Richani and husband Naji. Mary Power Patton was stunning. I had fun talking to her parents, whom I love. I caught up with the great Mark Tupa and wife Sue Hollis Tupa. We shared laughs with Billy Donnelly and Sue Divane ’84 Donnelly. Sue and I grew up across the street from each other. They came in from Chicago. Nick Conyngham ’82 and his wife, Beth, came in from New Jersey. I just see Nick and lose it. He owns a business that provides corporate travel arrangements. Longtime friends Scott ’80 and Teresa ’81 Heran live in Westlake, Ohio, and have two grandchildren. I thank Dave Short ’81 for all his work to make the 125th anniversary gala a success.

I was deeply saddened by the passing of former football and baseball teammate, Dan Welly ’85, in December. Dan battled cancer for more than a year. Our friendship was reunited a few years ago because our wives had been roommates at Bowling Green. Always smiling and witty, he loved to talk sports. Dan leaves a great wife, Annette, and his children, Robert and Nick. Keep Dan and his family in your prayers.

Sadly, Ann Moore’s father passed away in January. Keep Ann and her family in your prayers.

Joe Keller is engaged to a wonderful lady named Toni. Joe is a $55-million seller for Howard Hanna Realty in North Royalton and Parma, Ohio.

It’s great to reconnect with Jack Walsh, who lives in Glenview, Ill. Jack’s wife threw him a 50th birthday party, and many classmates came to Chicago for the bash.

In January, my wife, Johnna, and I left the snow in Cleveland and relocated to San Antonio. I’m told it snows in SA once every 85 years, and it snowed last year. We’re good with that.

Be good and safe, and most importantly, tell me something good. Everyone wants to read about you.


Mark Schroeder

Winter 2011
I’ve been presented with the honor of being the professional auctioneer of choice to auction a trip to Ireland for next year’s John Carroll football game against St. Norbert’s College in Dublin. Do I hear $20,000? I’ll let you know how it goes in our first magazine issue of 2012.

I heard about many parties to celebrate our 50th birthdays. I hear some of the big bashes were in Chicago with Charles Wagner and Jane (Broeren) Lambesis. Jane received a nice surprise from her husband, Peter – a gathering of classmates from throughout the country while Peter’s band played for the party.

Deb Solyan should’ve been surprised until someone asked her about her party. Deb, along with my wife, Johnna, and I, got to have our own small celebration. Congrats to all, and onto the next 50!

I’d like all the football players to contact me. Bill O’Brien ’81, Pat Divito ’80, and a few others are trying to bring the alumni football players together.

I ran into Joe Delguyd ’82 at one of my Cleveland benefit auctions. The sharp dressed attorney also is a fight promoter and was getting prepped for a bout with one of his fighters in Miami. He told me he ran into Walt Reynoso ’82 in Florida.

Class of ’83, congratulations on the first 50, and make the next 50 years memorable. My apologies for a short column. Write me, friend me on Facebook, and tell me something good.


Mark Schroeder

Fall 2011
It was a fun summer watching classmates receive happy 50th birthday wishes. I’m holding out until mid-September.

I was unable to attend the 125th anniversary of JCU at reunion but heard it was an impressive celebration.

We have classmates to celebrate: Although unable to attend, Col. Michael F. Campbell was presented the Campion Shield at the Alumni Awards dinner in May. Congrats Michael, and thank you for your service. Michael Samerdyke needs Ty Pennington to build an addition for the second place awards for his original poetry, “The Monsters Were Due On Maple Street” and “Moya Sestra.”

John Russell, The Indianapolis Star investigative reporter, was named Indiana Journalist of the Year and took first place in investigative reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists. John saved taxpayers after being on the hook for cost overruns of the construction of a $3-billion power plant. John started as a Carroll News reporter and news editor.

Ernest Dempsey was promoted to VP of New Millennium Capital Corp. in Montreal.

Surprise for me: While auctioning for the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation’s gala in April, I looked at a man I know but couldn’t place. Finally, it clicked. It was Todd Teter, the president of the JDRF board. Todd is vice president and general manager of U.S. Wholesale at Moen in North Olmsted, Ohio. It was great seeing Todd and meeting his wife.

It took 31 years to get baseball teammates Dave Bassi ’81, Mike Borrelli ’80, and me together for three comical hours of crying laughter with the Count and Speedo.

Sheila (Bigane) Bauschelt is a proud mom. Her son, Andrew, was in CBS’s “One Shining Moment” wrap-up production of the NCAA Tournament in March. Sheila wrote: “That was my highlight. I could care less who won.”

Sadly, our parents are getting older, too. Condolences and prayers to Rosemary (Gibbons) Fox on the passing of her father this spring. Don sent three girls to JCU. Rosemary and Tom Fox’s son, Rory, is in Chicago at Northern Trust Bank. Son Sean will be a junior at the University of Michigan, and daughter Elizabeth is a junior at Academy of the Sacred Heart in Detroit. More tuition for Tom, who’s a partner at CM Profit Group. Rosemary is a college counselor.

Maureen (Fallon) Adler teed-up at 5:15 a.m. on the longest day of the year and played in the Summer Solstice Golf Challenge at Bob-O-Link Golf Course in Avon, Ohio. Mo played golf for 16 straight hours without surrendering a swing until sundown. She hit them straight for 34 holes until losing that first Titleist. Maureen was featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer June 26. Google it to read about her experience.

Friend me on Facebook, and tell me something good.


Mark Schroeder

Summer 2011

About half the class should be partied out, having already turned 50. Birthday wishes to all. I’m hanging on to 49 for a few more months.

Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, left, and Deb Solyan wish the class of 1983 a happy 50th birthday.

Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg connected me with John Carroll, a first-grade Seattle teacher whose family believes they’re related to Daniel Carroll, signer of the Declaration of Independence and brother of Bishop John Carroll. No Carroll has attended JCU. John, who attended Seattle University, doesn’t know the tradition of spray painting the lion, but the paparazzi caught Deb Solyan and Jane (Broeren) Lambesis adding a wish and fresh coat. Deb, Mary (Power) Patton, Sheila (Bigane) Bauschelt, and I toasted St. Patrick in Cleveland. Sheila’s son attends Michigan, and her daughter attends Marist High School in Chicago.

Chuck and Maureen (Fallon) Adler and Wendy and Tony Pallotta were big bidders at my benefit auction for St. Joseph Academy.

My two favorite Lisas rule Cleveland’s East Side. Attorneys Lisa (Amato) Reid and Lisa (Gasbarre) Black are best friends. Lisa Black and her husband, David, have their hands full with 4-year- old David Jr., who goes to school with Lisa Reid’s daughter, Margot. The Lisas are members of the prestigious Italian American Women’s Network.

Ed Devney is always on the run and in the spotlight. Ed squeezed in time for family in Painesville, Ohio, while working the NCAA Basketball Tournament for CBS. Back in New York, Ed was behind the scenes with The Celebrity Apprentice live finale in May. He also produced NBC Marriage Ref, which aired in June.

Rich and Carolyn (Cahill) Glass are college hunting with son, Jonathan. They teamed up with Katie Grace Brandt ’82 chauffeuring them through Chicago’s North Side to visit Loyola and DePaul.

Jeanne (Mann) Gallo and Madelon (Plunkett) Queenan are sharing kid stories. Madelon and her husband, Mike, have a son at Indiana, a daughter in high school, and a daughter in fifth grade. Jeanne has a son out in the world, a daughter graduating from Northwestern, a son who’s a junior at Holy Cross, and a son at Fenwick High School. Jeanne gathered the girls together in Chicago with Susie (Stokes) Mullaney, Susan Horning-Stickler, and Rosemary (Gibbons) Fox.

Big 50th party for Shelia Nelson with attendees: Sandra Ryan, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, Marie Lynch-Julius, Therese O’Neill-Schmidt, Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84. Sandra Ryan and Jack Carey also attended a 50th birthday party for Dan Reynolds.

Michael Forbush is fascinating. While walking with his wife down a California street, they were struck from behind by a car. Thankfully, they weren’t badly injured. Michael excels in his California business at EDC Biosystems, a company that multiplies DNA samples, performs protein crystallography, and analyses mass spectrum and low-volume titration.

Happy 50th everyone.


Mark Schroeder

Spring 2011

Mark Schroeder

Winter 2010

Another year in the books, and now many in the class of ’83 will have large party celebrations for the big 50 in 2011. Some already have celebrated, but honestly, can you believed it? Sadly, as we get older, so do our parents. I wish to pass along condolences to Sheila Nelson, whose mother passed in August. One of my favorite parents was Chris Coughlin’s father. The Colonel passed suddenly in August. The man always wore a smile, just like Chris.

I had the chance to catch up with Maureen (Kelly) West, but sadly, it was at her mother-in-law’s funeral, the mother of Wally West ’81. Mo and Wally are busy with their kids’ – Charlie (16), Allie (11), and Nolan (9) – activities.

The honorable Chicago judge Bill O’Brien ’81 was busy recruiting Charlie and other Ramblers for JCU at the Loyola Academy college night. Charlie is my godson, get him Bill.

Finally, I was discovered. This summer I appeared in a movie filmed in San Antonio as a getaway driver for the bad guys in a shoot-out scene for an independent film called “Backlash.”

Deb Solyan’s annual summer party is a can’t-miss. I love the surprise of what JCU alums show up. A couple years ago, it was the Pittsburgh girls: Beth Ann (McCombs) Coughlin, Mary Margaret (Pearson) Gleason, and Eileen Mcdonough. This year, it was Shannon Carey Dolan ’84. After 30 years, I discovered Shannon lives about two blocks away from us. Shannon, who was her effervescent self, was social media before there ever was such a classification.

Bill Donnelly and his wife, Sue (Divane) Donnelly ’84, had a minireunion of sorts at their home in Hilton Head, S.C., in October with Deb, Sandra Ryan, Marie Lynch-Julius, Jane (Broeren) Lambesis, Sheila Nelson, Jim Kisthardt, Danny Reynolds and wife Kristine, Brian Flannery, Jim Brown, Tom Burke, and Therese O’Neill-Schmidt. I must get on that guest list.

Facebook is a great way for us to reconnect. It’s about time I got reconnected to Charles Wagner, who lives in Chicago with his family. He owns American Graphics. Connect with me on FB, and let me know what’s up.

Mary Dwyer and her husband, Mark Dilts, gathered a number of classmates to their summer house. Kevin Cusack, Kevin McNulty, and John May ’84 basked in the sun and fun in southern Ohio.

Santa is coming, so be nice and enjoy the great holiday season. Contact me because many would love to know what you’re doing at age 50.


Mark Schroeder

Fall 2010

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention at the top Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg was the second 1983 recipient of the JCU Alumni Medal. Mary (Power) Patton led the way as a 2005 recipient. My wife, Johnna, and I, as well as Patty and Eric Jochum and Sue (Daly) Grover, attended the gorgeous evening. Eric was the presenter for Suzanne at the dinner. I felt like Curly at the Alumni Award Dinner saying, “hey Mo, hey Mo.” Mo (Fallon) Adler to my right and Mo (Kelly) West to my left came in for Suzanne’s ceremony. Outstanding ladies.

Janice Marin Arouh may be next. Janice left the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel to join Entertainment Studios this past May. She was named president of domestic distribution and marketing. Her line-up: Pets.TV, Comedy.TV, Recipe.TV, Cars.TV, Ex.TV, and Mydestination.TV. Janice lives in Los Angeles with husband Bert and their two children.

I attended Reunion Weekend but didn’t run into any Class of ’83 people. Where was everyone? Next year is a biggie. John Carroll turns 125 years old. Reunion Weekend and commencement will be on the same weekend, May 20 – 22.

Mike Samerdyke has competition. Mike took three third-place awards in essays and a thirdplace story award at the Creative Writing Contest in Wytheville, Va. Daughter Olivia took third place for her high-school story, “Peanut Butter Sandwiches.” Bragging rights go to son Ethan with first place in the junior high essay penning “Tarzan of the Apes.”

I’m so grateful I was in the same class as Deb Solyan. Deb not only beams the brightest smile, she’s also a columnist’s dream because she has the stories. Chris and Beth Ann (McCombs) Coughlin were partying in the ’burgh at Tim Hutchison’s 50th birthday party. The guest list included, Lucy and Mark ’80 Hutchison, of course, Dave Short ’81, Mary Margaret (Pearson) Gleason, Paula and Jim Brown, and Pat Cauley and his wife.

I hope summer was good to you and fall will be even better. Keep in touch. My column depends on all of you.


Mark Schroeder

Summer 2010

A famous quote states: “Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.” If you didn’t know classmate Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg while we were roaming the campus, you will now. Suzanne was presented with John Carroll’s Alumni Medal, the highest honor awarded by the Alumni Association. It is presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves in their personal lives and careers, thereby reflecting well upon John Carroll’s educational efforts, moral principles, and philosophical tenets. Suzanne is the CEO of the Child Abuse and Neglect Council of Saginaw County, MI. For over 27 years, Suzanne has dedicated her life to children of Saginaw in order for them to have a safe and healthy environment while working to eliminate child abuse and neglect. The children she has protected, assisted or saved from abuse have risen from their sufferings to become admirable contributors to their communities. There is so much to her story and so little space here to support her accomplishments. Suzanne accepted the Alumni Medal on May 21 supported by her husband Alan, daughter Samantha, son Ben, and other family and friends. Great job Suzanne!

I was on Facebook with Ed Devney while he was “busy” conducting live shots as the deputy venues manager with Olympic Broadcast Coverage Vancouver. Ed’s promotion on FB was tremendous; this was his VI Olympic Games. It was great to have

Tony Pallotta and Mo (Fallon) Adler in attendance at one of my benefit auctions. Tony’s daughter attends Saint Joseph Academy in Cleveland and Mo has taught there for 13 years. The alumni association has brilliantly started alumni networking nights in Cleveland. Start inking them on the calendar; you’ll enjoy meeting other grads.

Mike Samerdyke cannot put the pen down. He won another first place prize for his short story, “The Rest of the Way Home.” Daughter Olivia matched dad with the top award at the Lonesome Pine Poetry contest for high school poetry entitled “The Crow.”

Congrats to Bob O’Brien who has elevated his position again within Deloitte in Chicago. Bob was appointed to lead the U.S. real estate practice and has been elected a vice chairman. Bob and wife Diane (Winter) reside in Wilmette, IL, with daughter Jamie in eighth grade. Christie attends Tufts, Megan at Villanova.

Sadly, I have to report that in March classmate Ed Mitchell lost his year long fight with myeloma. Ed’s wife Tara and two sons, E.J and Robert, were comforted by John Carroll classmates who traveled to St. Louis; Bob and Diane (Winter) O’Brien, Craig and Ann (Dowdell) Fortin, Dave Mechenbier, Andy Majeske, Mike Ward, Kathy (Murphy) Emeterio, Karen Castelli, Peg (Morgan) Bollinger, Mary Kay (Sweeney) Friend. Please keep Ed and his family in your prayers.

Enjoy summer, be safe, and tell me something good. Mark

Spring 2010

The snow has gone but not the glimmer of gold for Ed Devney, what a fun life he lives. Ed helped provide the world television broadcast coverage of the Winter Olympics from Vancouver serving as deputy venue manager for the aerials, moguls, snowboarding, and ski cross. Ed’s been keeping busy in production with working the New York Marathon as a field producer and did a great job line producing Get Schooled for Viacom featuring Cleveland Cavaliers basketball star LeBron James and President Barack Obama.

I finally had the chance to work with Mary (Power) Patton. While I conducted the auction, Mary’s company, Patton PR provided all the promotional organization for a fundraiser for The Miracle Fund for University Hospitals.

If health care is the topic then expert in the field is Shannon (Fogarty) Jerse. Shannon moves from the Cleveland Clinic to Saint Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland, OH, as their deputy general counsel for the health system.

Deb Solyan and I got together for some catch-up time and lunch with Ann Moore at her home in Willowick, OH. Deb just returned from smoking the craps tables in Vegas — Ann and I enjoyed the stories of the rolls of the dice. It was great to reunite with Ann, who I have not seen in about seven years.

It wasn’t easy to hunt down Mary Dwyer, but I finally found her with her husband Mark Dilts, daughter Catherine (15), and son Ryan (12) near Cincinnati, OH. Mary says they are boring and incredibly happy. Mary, boring? Never! Happy? You bet! Always with a radiant smile, Mary sent me a photo of her, Kevin Cusack, Kevin McNulty, Sue Daly Grover, and John May ’84. For the last seven years, they have come together for a Labor Day reunion. Mary keeps in touch with Maureen (Kelly) West, Sissy (Callahan) Dailey, Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg and Kitty (Bridgman) Sturgeon, Laura (Brail) Lose, and Eileen (Byrne) Hickerson.

I’m not sure that Victoria Ashley is ready for chicken and waffles after her relocation, but Victoria loves her move from Cleveland to Alexandria, VA. Though she has children attending Ohio State and DePaul University, she adores southern living with her youngest daughter. Victoria told me she is working for the State Department in D.C. and resides in Old Town Alexandria.

Contact me and tell me something good because classmates want to know what you are up to. Mark

Winter 2009

I hope Thanksgiving was filling – now make room for Santa! Eileen McDonough, husband Trev, and 7-year-old daughter Dorothy live in Lisbon, Portugal. Eileen owns Mandamor, a greeting card company that will send your loved one a Christmas card in Portuguese.

A standing ovation for Mike Samerdyke’s award-winning short stories. “Frankenstein’s Doll” took first place at the Appalachian Heritage Writers Symposium; see it on their website. “His Queen of Darkness” was king at Chautauqua Creative Writing Contest in Wytheville, VA. Naturally, “Never Be Rid Of Me” aced the essay part of the Wytheville Chautauqua contest. Mike, wife Elizabeth, and children Olivia and Ethan make Big Stone Gap, VA, home. He’s the lay worship leader at Christ Lutheran Church in Wise, VA.

Andrew Majeske went for a longer version and had his edited collection of “Justice, Women, and Power in English Renaissance Drama” published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press.

Sadly, I received news that Eric Dix died suddenly, March 31, of a heart attack. On behalf of the Dix family, Eric’s mother, Nancy ’80, wrote a letter to the University expressing her gratitude for John Carroll’s support: “To the entire John Carroll University family, to Eric’s many friends, and especially to his University Club brothers: We gratefully acknowledge and deeply appreciate your warm expressions of sympathy and affection for Eric. He will always be with us in spirit.” She also called me to thank the U-Club members who attended Eric’s wake and funeral, and who gave generously to a scholarship in his name at John Carroll. Good job, gentlemen.

I reunited with Nick Conyngham ’82-27 years later. Visiting from Jersey, he brought wife Beth and son Terry to Tremont for laughs. Joining us was Dave Bassi ’81.

Mary (Power) Patton continues to be the best in Cleveland. Patton Public Relations markets to some of the biggest corporations in town!

Two swimmers are still making waves in Chicago. Congratulations to Jane (Broeren) Lambesis and Sheila (Began) Bauschelt who swam the 2.5K Chicago Big Shoulders Race off Ohio Street Beach. The ladies of the Toddlin’ Town: Sheila Nelson, Marie Lynch-Julius, Therese (O’Neil) Schmidt, Colleen (Hyland) Robertson, Sandra Ryan, Kristine Reynolds, and Sue Donnelly still make time to get together. Jack Carey, Danny Reynolds, and Eric and Patty Jochum have children attending Carroll.

Oh, if the dorm walls could talk. Big college road trips for Jeanne (Mann) Gallo and husband John. Starting in Evanston visiting their junior daughter at Northwestern, then across I-80 to Notre Dame for their senior son, then hop a flight to Worcester, MA, to College of the Holy Cross to see their freshman son. Did I mention their sophomore son in high school? Jeanne works part time in development at Christ the King Jesuit Prep on Chicago’s West Side. Ryan and Sue (Stokes) Mullaney are West Siders in Hinsdale, IL.

I was the talent and wrote the script for a 30-second commercial spot for SportsTime Ohio that won an Emmy Award and a Telly Award this year. Happy New Year! Mark

Summer 2009

The annual migration to University Heights is underway as Reunion Weekend kicks off June 19. We had a great turnout last year and it would be fun to continue the party under the big tent this year. I reunited with Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg conducting a festive Marti Gras benefit auction to successfully raise more money for the CAN Council of Saginaw, MI. Suzanne is the passionate president of the organization that aids and supports prevention of abused and neglected children.

Facebook has become a great connector: 25 years without seeing Cathy Babcock and I got this, “Cathy is alive and happy and living in Indy.” She got to the point, quickly.

Rancho Mirage, CA, is the home of Andrea McGinty and daughter Dagny (4). Andrea founded “It’s Just Lunch.” The matchmaker sold it three years ago but is already on to another social based venture. The outdoors has Andrea hooked on hiking, skiing, and golf.

After 17 years in Houston, Terese (Buehrle) Booth and her husband, Richard, are back in Ohio. School changes were rough on their kids, but not as tough as acclimating to snow in Cincinnati.

You may not know the famous ghosts of Millikin University in Decatur, IL, but I know Denise Green does. Denise is the electronic resources and technical services/references librarian at the Staley Library. Besides teaching honors program students for research, she walks Millikin’s beautiful campus, which reminds her of Carroll. Denise, leave 3 pieces of candy for the “Rail Girl” ghost in the theater.

Congrats to Dr. Greg Iaderosa: The Boardman, OH, dentist was named the president of the Corydon Palmer Dental Society. Greg is a leader in restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

St. Pat’s day in Cleveland was awesome with warm temps and Deb Solyan on my wing. We toasted Ireland’s patron saint with Beth Gill Oldford ’88. Beth is an insurance adjuster and lives in Shaker Heights, OH.

First graders in Painesville, OH, receive special education from their teacher Beth Devney. After school, Beth teams with her twin brother, Ed, as talent managers. Ed Devney, who lives in Manhattan and owns a talent management company, came home to head the volunteer talent escorts for inductees and presenters at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum inductions in April. Mary (Power) Patton’s public relations company, Patton PR, spearheaded the induction’s audience management. Ed did an amazing job coordinating all the inductees and presenters for Cleveland’s stellar gala and Beth was right there with him. He hooked me up as rapper Eminem’s talent escort – what a great experience. Up next for Ed is handling the snowboarders at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Continued success for everyone and have a safe and fun-filled summer! Mark

Spring 2009

I never believed it could happen but the presidential election affected me personally. A client told me their decision to conduct an auction this year is between rehiring me or hiring Sarah Palin as speaker. If the governor accepts I may be vetoed. I wonder if the VP candidate views me as her competitor?

What a quarter to reconnect — Dr. Arlene Fedorchak missed the reunion fireworks for front row fireworks at the summer Olympics in Beijing. Medical school at Ohio State, internship in Philly, then opened her internal medicine practice in Columbus, OH. Married by Father Birkenhauer, Arlene and husband Niles reside in Columbus with beautiful daughters Kristen and Lauren.

In Columbus I connected with Myron Terlecky ’81 attorney at law. I know he’s a success, he told me. Actually, he’s awesome. He’s a coveted partner in Strip, Hoppers, Leithart, McGrath & Terlecky Co. LPA. Bestowed intelligence, wit, and unmatched charismatic personality, Myron is also a life saver, thanks! I was back in the TV booth for SportsTime Ohio calling play-by-play for JCU vs. Capital. JCU stunned the ninth ranked football team in the country with a 13-3 victory. Students work the TV production and they were great!

Living on the Northside but hanging with the Southside girls is Jane (Broeren) Lambesis with 22 years at Federated Investors. Home is Mount Prospect, IL, with husband Peter and kids: Annie, Susie, and Peter James. I owe this to Jane Cunin, the world traveler, racking air miles to Macau and Hong Kong to visit her brother who lives there. Jane insists it wasn’t the casinos or resorts that made the trip.

It took 27 years to reconnect with Nick Conyngham ’82. The hour call was a killer! Nick owns C Performance Group in Paramus, NJ. Nick and wife Beth have a son Terry graduating from Boston College.

I tried to reach John Colombo ’84 through his cousin, Robert Cargnel ’84, VP of a bank in New Philadelphia. Johnny’s 13 year old son “looks just like him.” A great story teller, its likely co-workers at Continental Airlines have endured Robert’s classic JCU baseball stories for 22 years. Robert and wife Diane live in Michigan.

It was a little Northwest side Chicago at dinner in Saginaw, MI, with Alan and Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg. Just talking about it, I miss SuperDawg.

Look for the 1972 Dodge Challenger cruising Cleveland, its likely Steve Musser with wife Elizabeth, daughters Veronica and Marie. Steve is a podiatrist in North Olmsted.

World of the weird, I had never met my wife’s roommate from BGSU but she got engaged and we had to meet them. Who knew that Dan Welly ’85, my football and baseball teammate was the guy engaged to my wife’s roommate Annette. Mark

Winter 2008

In September, my wife Johnna, and I had the pleasure of attending Class of ’54 Fr. Casey Bukala’s 50th anniversary celebration as a Jesuit. He has meant a lot to JCU alums throughout the decades. He is not only a special man and priest, but he is a special companion of my family. He married me, buried my father and for 21 years has been a tremendous support for my mother. All the best Father, they don’t ordain them like you anymore! By the way, I was married in front of family on June 7. Johnna didn’t attend JCU but she hasn’t missed a reunion gathering since we met. She is the best! I received face time on Cleveland TV as SportsTime Ohio selected me to write and be the talent for a commercial congratulating Cleveland Indians pitcher Cliff Lee on his 20th win of the season.

Fate connected me with Donna and Jim ’63 Mertes, who sent daughters Dr. Lori Mertes ’89 (married to Matthew Hiestand), Christine McHugh ’86, and Monica McGervey to JCU. Daughter Marcy ’92 was an intern of mine at WJW-TV. Not only is she blonde, beautiful, and single, but it was brains that took her out of TV. Marcy is operations manager for Global Professional Services at Diebold in Canton.

One of my favorite class member is Ann Moore. Upbeat, vibrant, and one of the best smiles ever, Ann is a pillar of strength. She is living in Willowick, OH, where Deb Solyan joined us for an October afternoon of laughs. Deb has moved to AFLAC!

What I love most about JCU are the friendships we endure with everyone who attended school throughout our years on campus. After 27 years I found Dave Bassi ’81. The Count is in human resources at NASA Glenn Research in Cleveland. On the side, he is undercover security for major sporting events; Super Bowls, NCAA Final 4, U.S. Open, Masters etc.

I got a call from Chuck Longo ’82. Chuck is a great attorney and is successfully conducting business in Beachwood.

As a teammate, Brian Clarke ’85 saved baseball games at JCU, now he’s saving people money as a CPA and partner for H&J Certified Public Accountants in Willoughby.

I ran into Steve Musser at the gas pump on the Westside. Steve is a physician and surgeon of the foot in North Olmsted. Thanks to a stress test in the spring, Steve averted trouble and settled for corrective open heart surgery. He is looking good and regaining strength.

Two years ago, the stork flew into Cleveland Heights with a boy named David Dominic delivered to Lisa Gasbarre-Black and husband David. When relieved of diaper duty, Lisa is an attorney serving as General Council for Catholic Charities Health and Human Services for the Cleveland Diocese. David is a real estate agent for Keller Williams.

Tommy Bruno ’95 remains one of my closest friends and JCU contacts. A creative producer for me in TV, Tommy has elevated his talents as general manager of 91.3 The Summit in Akron.

When my cell rings daily at 5 p.m., it’ll be John Moeschberger ’80 from Lincoln Electric. We mostly scrutinize sports. Two of my favorite and generous friends, John and Mariann ’81 live in Solon with two great kids. Possessing a fastball that rides into lefties, son Johnny is attracting college scouts as a pitcher, while daughter Julie is incredibly gifted in the arts. Mariann is principal of Solon’s Arthur Road Elementary.

Great job everyone for generously giving to the class reunion gift! So, my fellow classmates, “Ask not what this column can do for you, ask what you can do for your columnist” Write him! Mark

Fall 2008

It wasn’t exactly like sneaking out of Murphy 25 years ago but leaving Campion dorm at 4 a.m. Saturday morning and hearing the birds chirping seemed like old times. What a Reunion! Those who came to be seen; the ladies by familiar name: Sheila Bigane, Sandra Ryan, Madelon Plunkett, Maureen Kelly, Deb Solyan, Mary Power, Julie Pucher, Steph Sivak, Beth Ann McCombs, Susan Horning, Jane Cunin, Terese Buehrle, Megan Raleigh, Marie Lynch, Amy Thompson, Nitsa Karas, Carolyn Cahill, Maureen Garvey, Rosemary Gibbons, Lisa Brunenmeister, Sue Hollis, Susan Stokes, and Aggie Nagy. The guys: Chris Coughlin, Rick Cenar, Rich Glass, Phil Rini, Jim Kisthardt, Tom Fox, Mark Tupa, Mike McGinty, Tim Shea, Matt Conway, Dave Swanson, Kevin Cusack, Rob Morrow, Dennis Chevalier. I know there were many more. It was great to talk with many and for those who I missed or those unable to attend, likely your names were mentioned by friends who freely told hilarious stories regarding our years at JCU. Funny, no one mentioned classes or grades, just things they got away with on campus. Other than the last names of some of the ladies, have we really changed? Not from what I observed. Deb Solyan collected money to make beer runs for everyone to enjoy a great time on the 3rd floor of Campion Hall in the Hospitality Suite. For all to view, Deb brought her yellowed photos of dances, romances, vacations and even the Carroll News photos and article of the New Dorm fire in Nancy Zahara’s room. What a great memory for me. As everyone evacuated, my roommate Dave Saviski ’82 decided to hide in the closet while the fire raged in the room above ours! Ladies organized a golf outing on Thursday at beautiful Mayfield Country Club while I watched guys talking, eating, and looking to give Deb more money for beer runs to Cedar Road.

Many wrote me prior to the reunion and I owe them print. Suzanne (Schlichtman) Greenberg, the CEO of Child Abuse and Neglect Council (CAN Council) in Saginaw County, MI, shares her dynamic smile and personality as a national speaker for the CAN Council. The organization for child abuse has a goal to raise and exceed $120,000 this year. You can check out Suzanne’s efforts – sgreenberg@cancouncil.org.

Congrats money man Dan Frate, promoted to vice chairman of National City Bank’s retail banking.

Bill Urban once threw a no-hitter for JCU. I wonder if he could keep son Billy from reaching base. Billy is a star baseball and football player at Gilmour Academy. Wife Carolyn takes care of Billy, Megan, and Danny while dad racks-up miles with business to China. Bill is the COO of Litzler Co.

Gregg Graff, wife Lori (Ridgeway), and son Gregory should have moved to Columbus by now, their seventh relocation. Gregg is the SVP of field operations for Insight Communications in the cable TV biz. Gregg says Bob Forrest and Chris Petrie should have attended the Reunion but no reported sightings.

I caught Rick Cenar on Chicago TV prosecuting two Chicago Bears for bad behavior. Rick is assistant State’s Attorney for Cook County in Chicago. He and wife Kara parent Samantha (17), Tom (16), and Ricky (11). Rick aspires to be a judge. Maybe an on-the-field work program for my bad boy Bears?

I had a blast talking with Tim Shea at the reunion. After working for “the man,” he is now his own man, a managing partner with Construction Business Media LLC the company he founded six years ago. They own three architectural magazines, a couple of websites and conference businesses. Always fun, Tim has four “terrific, well-adjusted” kids: Maggie, Colin, Nora and Annie. He lives in Evergreen Park, IL, with wife Colleen ’85, who is “the best.”

Monica (Michalke) and Jim Garvey are Chicagoans too. My money is safe with Jim as managing director of LaSalle Investment Management. With two teenagers, Monica is a special events coordinator for a Windy City charity. Do auctions? I know a guy.

A quick prayer for Dr. Robert Yackshaw who passed on July 7. Doc was our assistant baseball coach. No player will ever forget when it rained during a game, Doc would smoke his pipe turned upside-down in the first base coaches box. God bless ya Doc!

When was the last time an invitation was delivered from the government of China requesting your teaching skills? Debbie Wolter got one! She is a premiere dance teacher in the USA. As chief executive dance teacher at Dance World Academy in Clifton, NJ, her students starred on Broadway, movies, and more! In 2006, they performed in Russia, this fall a performance tour by invitation from the Chinese Government! Bravo!

Hey, let me hear from you! Mark

Summer 2008

My thanks to Deb Solyan and Mary Patton who after 25 years, believe I am good for this job and thanks to Tony Pallotta for the last five years of great class updates! Those who know me, start writing. Those who don’t, start writing, time to be a star! After leaving WJW-TV as sports anchor, I earned my real estate license and auctioneer’s license. I am a fulltime professional auctioneer licensed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and soon, Illinois. I am one of the first 90 auctioneers to earn a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist certification from the National Auctioneers Association. There are only 120 certified in North America. I own my auction business, Auction brio LLC – www.auctionbrio.com – serving corporations and non profits.

Maureen Garvey-McDonnell and husband Mark ’82 are reunion bound from Winfield, Ill. Son Patrick will be a junior at JCU, Connor will attend Loyola Chicago and Kelan is at Marmion Academy in Aurora, IL.

Living in a van down by the river is Rich Glass. That’s what he wrote me. My guess, Rich does not live by wife Carolyn’s (Cahill) rules in Clearwater, FL. Rich is the SE Zone Manager-Cardiology for GE Healthcare.

The best broadcasting voice I have ever heard belongs to Steve Passwaiter. No longer in broadcasting, Steve and wife Valerie live in the DC area. He uses the silky voice as a consultant for media companies with BIA Financial Network Inc.

Tom Wancho tells “The Story of Texas” in Austin. Tom does exhibit planning for the museum. He would like me to auction his 34-year collection of Sports Illustrated magazines. I’d rather listen to his expertise of the Bluebonnet Bowl, its worth more!

Trading quakes of California for the swamps of Jersey is Dave Campisano and wife Kathleen. Dave works for Verizon Wireless. Wonder if son Kramer and daughter Olivia enjoyed their first East Coast winter.

Rich Merkel is doing well in Birmingham, AL, as regional director of US LEC PAETEC.

John Russell is a business reporter for the Indianapolis Star. He has a great sense of humor and would like to reconnect with classmates following a prison stint. He’s kidding! Check out John’s column at Indystar.com he’s good!

Mike Forbush is amazing! Ph.D. in High Energy Physics at Texas A&M, post doc at Cal Davis, spent two years in Germany, owns several patents in biotech industry. He is director of operations for EDC BioSystems living in Hollister, CA, with wife Colleen, four children and two cats.

What can’t Nitsa Karas McClatchey do? Met hubby Jay, moved to Pennsylvania, founded a human resources consulting business, board of director of Meals on Wheels, chairperson for Clara Barton Forum, coordinator of Reading is Fundamental, vice president of Band Parents Association in Indian Lake, PA. Gave birth to daughter Maria who … take a guess … plays trumpet, piano and bassoon while mastering water-skiing and earning her black belt in tae-kwon-do.

Clevelander Joe Keller is a Navy Commander selling real estate for 11 years for Real Living Realty One.

See you at Reunion #25! Mark

From John Carroll magazine, farewell to Tony Pallotta and thanks for your work as class columnist. And, to Mark Schroeder, thank you and all best wishes for your new career in class notes.

Spring 2008

This is Tony Pallotta’s final column.

Hi everyone, It’s countdown time … our 25th REUNION is right around the corner! Tony Pallotta was kind enough to let Deb Solyan and me, your faithful co-chairs, step in with the reunion update. Hope you’re planning to attend because we’re busy working to make our reunion the best one yet! Susan Stokes Mullaney is working hard as our Class Gift chair. As part of the weekend, we’re having a golf outing, trivia bowl and much more. We’re also planning a class of ’83 slide show. If you have any old JCU photos you’d like to submit, please e-mail them to me – pattonpr@sbcglobal.net. Here’s the list of those who will be there so far (as of press time): Cathy Babcock, Bill Battistone, Mark Biche, Jack Carey, Karen Castelli, Jane Cunin, Bill Donnelly, Fr. Tom Fanta, Maryanna Fezer, Brian Flannery, Jeanne Mann Gallo, Nicholas Garritano, Monica Garvey, Maureen Garvey-McDonnell, Susan Grover, Pauline Haugen, Tom Joly, Nitsa Karas McClatchey, Joseph Keller, Mary Kilbane, Jane Broeren Lambesis, Janet Lefler, Bill Nemetz, Diane O’Brien, Lou Onders, Tony Pallotta, Mary Power Patton, Julie Pucher Quattro, Madelon Plunkett Queenan, Lisa Amato Reid, Bill Runzo, Sandra Ryan, Mark Schroeder, Deborah Solyan, Lisa Brunenmeister Sullivan, Maureen Kelly West, Debra Wolter.

A number of our classmates have sons and daughters at JCU, including Susan and Ryan ’82 Mullaney, Denise and Jack Carey and Eric and Patty Tainer Jochum. Anyone else? Looking forward to this fall, Danny and Kristine Reynolds’ son, John, has been officially accepted and plans to go to JCU, along with his cousin, Brendan Carey, Jack’s son, who will be joining sister Trisha.

Chris Coughlin reports … actually got an e-mail from Bill Battistone. Sounds like they are planning on attending the reunion. Kevin Savage writes the following: “I am alive and well and bumped into Pup Flannery at a Lakewood St. Ed’s vs. Toledo St. John’s Jesuit basketball game in Toledo. (Pup is doing well selling steel and in his spare time coaches the JVs at St. Ed’s. My oldest son starts at St. John’s next year.) Barry Broome ’84 was recently in town speaking on the subject of business growth in Phoenix. In an obvious “greater fool theory moment,” people were seen paying to hear Barry speak.

Nobody else ever visits Toledo (or they just don’t call me…) so I haven’t really seen any other JCU classmates lately. I think most people fear visiting Toledo — falling in love with the city – and then cannot bring themselves to leave. My profession as a baseball card and sports memorabilia dealer is going well and it keeps me from venturing out “into the real job world.” (More jobs for everybody else!) My wife, Joann ’85 and three kids live happily in the cozy Toledo suburb of Sylvania where we are doing our part to combat the new world order and are seriously contemplating purchasing a pet or Guitar Hero 3.”

Tony received the following update from Eileen Byrne Hickerson: “After the death of my Mom in 2005 (Alzheimer’s), I decided I needed to do something with my life other than caring for her. I renewed my teaching certificate and went back to teaching. The ironic thing is that I ended up back at my old school, Langston Middle School in Oberlin, Ohio! I am in my second year of teaching sixth grade Mathematics. I am now the proud mom of a college graduate, Caitlin — Kent State – honors — who is now a fashion designer in NYC! She is with the design firm Madison/Marcus. They sell to high end department stores and small boutiques. She has had about 15 of her designs go to production. My son, Cliff, is a junior at Olmsted Falls High School and a varsity wrestler … we are looking forward to the season. My big news is that my husband Bob’s dad, Gene Hickerson, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It was an incredible honor, and due to Gene’s Alzheimer’s disease, Bob accepted for him, gave the speech, etc. It was an unforgettable weekend. In the history of the NFL, there have been over 18,000 players. Only 241 of them are in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Gene went in as #236. He played with the Browns from 1958-1973. The Browns never had a losing season when he played. He blocked for three HOF running backs – Jim Brown, Leroy Kelly and Bobby Mitchell – all of whom pushed him out on stage in his wheelchair after Bob gave his speech. It was awesome!”

Deb reports that Eileen McDonough started a greeting card company in Portugal called Mandamor (it means “send love”). Eileen’s cards were just picked up by a large grocery chain in Portugal, so congratulations are in order!

After years of searching for her, Deb finally located Thelma Petas in Hollywood, Fla. She’s doing well and marked down the dates of the reunion. She said she missed all of her friends from Action Hallway in what was then known as the New Dorm, but now Sutowski. Thelma wrote the following to Deb and Eileen: “This is wild, for crying out loud Deb Solyan rides again, thank God you never give up, girl. Actually I am very happy to connect with everyone again. It amazes me how much I recite invented vocabulary from 20 years ago, in everyday life, expecting people to respond to me. What a great impact our times together made. When things we did flash into my mind, I get the biggest smile across my face.” Deb adds:“I attended a Christmas party hosted by Carolyn and Tim Hutchison back in December. I think the funniest part of the night was when Chris Coughlin and Tim were harassing Jim Brown about becoming a Browns fan as Tony wrote about in his last column. Of course, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Jim and Tim were planning on going to the Steelers game the next day and Jim still has season tickets to our beloved Black and Gold! BethAnn McCombs Coughlin and Mary Margaret Pearson Gleason were also in attendance.”

Mark Schroeder lives in Cleveland and has launched a new career as a licensed auctioneer in the state of Ohio. Check out his web site at: www.auctionbrio.com. Mark is also keeping busy entering the real estate business and working on our reunion committee.

As Tony says, “I’ll see you at Camp Carroll in June!” Mary Power Patton

Fall 2007

Here’s a few handy, dandy, items about your classmates. Hopefully, by the time you read these words, we’ll be basking in the glow of an Indians world series championship! Colleen Mary O’Toole checked in to report that she is in her third year as Judge for the 11th District Court of Appeals. She resides in Concord, OH, with husband David Cardillo, an investment advisor with Ryan Beck & Co, and children Nicholas (21), Michael (16), and Fallyn (13).

Had a nice exchange of e-mails with fellow former Blue Streak girder, Kirk Ludwig ’84. Kirk married fellow classmate Beth Obermeyer and, like me, is surrounded by estrogen. Daughters Allison, a sophomore at University of Wisconsin, Meridith, an 11th grader, and Jillian, 5th grade, aren’t much for hunting and fishing but luckily, all the women in Kirk’s life are football fans! Kirk is an MD and assistant professor of Surgery and Chief of Gastrointestinal and Colorectal Surgery at Duke University Medical Center.

Sandra Ryan reported on a JCU mini-reunion hosted by Colleen Hyland-Robertson at her lake house in Long Beach, IN. Also attending were Sheila Nelson, Marie Lynch-Julius, Jane Broerem Lambesis, Lisa Amato Reid and husband, John, Mary Power Patton, Deb Solyan, Dan Reynolds, Charles Wagner, Tim Shea, Kevin (Kato) Murphy ’84 and Jack Carey. Dan cooked shrimp on the beach but Colleen took home the gold medal by winning the pumpkin tossing contest!

In other athletic events, Jane and Sheila Bigane Bauschelt both competed in the Big Shoulders 2.5k Open Lake Swim in September. They obviously benefited from their Lady Blue Streak swimming careers because they both posted personal best times! Any other former swimmers looking to challenge them next year??? Sheila says she’d love some comp… (company, not competition!). Sheila’s been married to Michael for 17 years and they have two boys: Andrew a 10th grader at St. Ignatius in Chicago, and Jack at 7th grader at St. Barnabas. She is with Warner Petroleum Corp. after Warner purchased the Bigane Vessel Fueling Company in 2003. She and Deb also got together in Chicago this summer to participate in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Great cause! With all this swimming and walking and pumpkin tossing, who’s got time to go to work? Jim Brown, Jim Kisthardt, and Mark Biche got together at Jim K’s and Missy’s home in Hudson. Jim B. and Paula have moved to Canfield, OH, (close to my hometown) so Jim can be closer to his new favorite NFL team, the Cleveland Browns. Word is that Jim’s giving up his Heinz Field tickets to be a Browns season ticket holder! Excellent choice, Jim, who needs all those Lombardi Trophies on the mantel!

Deb Solyan prepared for our upcoming 25-year Reunion by attending her North Hills High School Marching Band reunion. They had over 250 band members marching from the classes of 1946-2007!

Lastly, please remember Keith Hadley in your prayers. Keith’s dad passed away in August.

OK, classmates, I can provide you lots of info about a very small number of your peers. If you want info about anyone not names Keith Hadley or Steve Bunecke or John Mockler, you must attend our 25th Reunion scheduled for June 20-22, 2008. If you’ve never been to one, now’s the time. If you plan on coming to only two reunions, come to the 25th and we can compare how wonderful our kids are. Then plan on the 50th, when we can compare our replacement hips and other joints! Drop me a line or I’ll be forced to make things up, see you in June! Tony

Summer 2007

Our 24th Reunion — be there! June 20-22, 2008

Spring 2007

Greetings Blue Steaks! As I write this column, the Indians are in first place in their division and the Yankees are in the cellar in their’s. I know the only standings that matter are at the end of September, not April, but it’s still fun to see. A huge thank you to Deb Solyan for filling in as guest columnist for the past two issues. I don’t know how you all survived without an update on the Bunecke/Czekaj/Mockler/Pallotta/Hadley animal. As Deb mentioned, I did make an employment change. Two of my colleagues and I broke away from our old firm and formed GPS Financial Group, LLC. “Navigating your Financial World.” Pretty catchy, eh? Good thing I partnered with guys named Gallagher and Smola. Otherwise, it would’ve been hard to capture the GPS thing!

Janice Marin Arouh was featured in a recent JCU e-news. She lives in Los Angeles with husband, Albert, daughter Mackenzie (13) and son Alec (5). Janice is senior VP of Network Distribution & Service for Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel. She’s won many Cable TV and Marketing Assoc. (CTAM) awards and was named one of the 50 most powerful women in cable and one of the top 100 leaders by Cable World magazine for 2006. Congratulations, Janice.

Robert Forrest checked in from Naples, FL. His oldest daughter, Jenna, will have graduated from The Ohio State University by the time you read this. Rounding out the rest of the Forrest family are son Bobby (19) and daughter Ally (15).

Congratulations to Andy Majeske for obtaining his Ph.D. in English literature from the University of California-Davis. He moved with wife Andrea Ross and son Owen (4) to Philadelphia in 2005 where he has been employed at the Law School Admission Council helping to write the LSAT. He’s also been teaching at Temple University Beasley School of Law and at the Drexel University Pennoni Honors College. He will be an associate professor in the English department at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY in the fall of 2007. His book, Equity in English Renaissance Literature: Thomas More and Edmund Spenser, was published by Routledge Press in November 2006. His most prestigious accomplishment, though, was surviving freshman year as John Mockler’s roommate! (Just kidding! I spent two years as John’s roommate and we got along great and are still friends 25 years later.)

Speaking of 25 years, it’s not too early to mark your calendar for the weekend of June 20-22, 2008 for our 25-year Reunion! Circle the weekend in red so it doesn’t sneak up on you.

OK, more news after that brief commercial announcement: James Lindsay checked in from Maumee, OH, where he is VP-legal counsel for Louisville Title Agency for NW Ohio. James and his wife, the former Julie Mylander, have four children, Erin (20), Molly (18), Connor (14), and Madison (11).

Alan McDonough checked in from Hudson, OH. He and wife Holly have 1 child, Randy (14).

Lastly, David Wiemels reported in from London where he is information programs officer at the U.S. Embassy.

All right, Blue Streaks, as you begin your summer vacations and stop on your way to somewhere else to visit with classmates, please drop me a note so the rest of us can listen in our your conversations! Stay safe this summer, see you in June! Tony

Winter 2007

Greetings Classmates, I’m writing one more column for Tony while he concentrates his energies on his new company. So, the first bit of news comes from Tony: Thanks to all of you who were praying for Connie and Joe Czekaj as Connie battled cancer. Connie lost her battle in October. Instead of praying for her recovery, please instead pray for Joe, Jenny (18), Joey (16), and Jimmy (13) to carry on without her. I’ve been a pallbearer before and I’ve been an usher at a wedding before. But until now, I’ve never been a pallbearer for someone who I was an usher for. Steve Bunecke, Keith Hadley and John Mockler were all similarly honored. It makes you think! So, on your to do list today, make sure that one or two of them deal with keeping in touch with some one you love. Life’s too short; here’s to a healthy 2007! Another bit of sad news to pass along was the death of Danny Reynolds’ Mom in early January. Today, I got an unexpected call from Marie Lynch and it was great chatting with her. She said that Mrs. Reynolds’ funeral was very sad, but she did enjoy seeing some old JCU friends. I’m sure the list of JCUers stopping to pay their respects could fill this column. I also talked with Sandra Ryan before the memorial Mass. She was instrumental in keeping us all informed of the visiting hours, etc.

Speaking of Sandra, I came to Chicago the day after Thanksgiving this past year to take part in Jane Lambesis’ after-Thanksgiving bash. Sandra picked me up from the airport and we proceeded to Lincoln Square to visit with Sheila Nelson, along with another out-of-town visitor, Carrie Nelson. What fun that was! At the party, I got to visit with Kristine and Danny Reynolds, Joe and Marie Lynch-Julius, Billy Donnelly and Sue Divane Donnelly ’84, Colleen Hyland-Robertson, Mike and Sheila Bauschelt, Eileen Meyer ’82, and many more. I stayed with Sheila and had fun dancing and doing knee slides at the Lambesis house into the wee hours of the morning. They had a great sound system set up and Peter was quite the DJ.

I ran into Mark Schroeder who now lives on my street and he wanted me to pass along that he is a licensed auctioneer raising millions for non-profit organizations; in addition to other auctions he’s done at his new business. His web site is coming soon, but contact him now – auction_it_now@hotmail.com. Mark also said he received a surprise phone call from Chris Coughlin and they reflected on their football days at Loyola Academy and the semi-final game they played at Soldier Field in 1978.

Thanks to all of you who sent along Christmas cards this past season. Joyce McChesney-Kaye sent along a letter to let me know what was happening in her life. She too, experienced a couple losses with the death of her father-in-law in November and her mother, the year before. On a bright note, she just celebrated her 21st wedding anniversary and her kids and husband are doing well.

Michael and Mary Margaret Gleason had a wonderful Christmas party in Pittsburgh this past December and I had fun laughing with Carolyn and Tim Hutchison, Paula and Jim Brown, and Beth Ann and Chris Coughlin, among others.

And with that, I bid all of you a happy spring and warm wishes for a fabulous 2007. Thanks for letting me fill in for a couple columns Tony, and hope to see you all soon! Deb

Fall 2006

Greetings classmates! I’m filling in for Tony Palotta while he gets a new business venture underway. We wish you well in your endeavor Tony.

I heard from Ann Moore and she asked some people for info to get this column rolling. First, Ann is in the midst of a home renovation project. Ann is battling MS and it has become necessary to widen doorways and move walls to accommodate her illness. Once Ann gets settled back into her “new” home, she hopes to do some project work for businesses via her home office. If anyone has any options or ideas for Ann, please contact her or the alumni office at JCU. Ann wants us all to know that the 2007 MS Walk will take place in Cleveland on April 28. Hope you can join her as they try to find a cure for this nasty disease.

Ann spoke with Michael Campbell, and he and his wife, Michelle (Tomaro) ’84 are living in Maryland. Their two sons, Ryan (17) and Evan (16), are involved in many school activities and are preparing for college. Michelle is the executive director for a real estate brokerage firm and Mike is busy with the Marine Corps in Indian Head, MD. Mike commands a unit of 500 marines and sailors who respond to terrorist attacks. They are the CBIRF or the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force. They were one of the units that responded to the anthrax attack in D.C. in 2002.

Ann next mentioned Lidia Saluan Richani. She is the senior director of leasing at Zaremba Group in Lakewood. Lidia and her husband, Naji, own a commercial bakery in Northfield, OH, called Sweetheart USA. Their primary business is wholesaling desserts to local restaurants, although word-of-mouth has created quite a retail business! Lidia and Naji enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Spain this past summer and they are busy with their kids, Christopher (15), Nicole (12), and Alex (8).

Lastly, Ann talked with Betty Moore Childers. She and husband Kevin live in Northern Virginia where they recently moved into a new home. After 22 years in the secular world, Betty now works for the Catholic Diocese of Arlington as director of major gifts. Earlier this year, she traveled to the Dominican Republic with Bishop Loverde in an envoy to dedicate a new high school for the diocesan mission parish of St. Francis of Assisi. She is also secretary of the Fairfax Curia for the Legion of Mary; the largest Catholic lay apostolic organization in the world. Kevin is in private practice as a personal injury attorney and the two of them enjoy travel and golf in their leisure time.

From the alumni office, I heard that Dave Campisano wrote in from Danville, CA, to say that his son, Kramer, is a 1st degree Black Belt and his daughter Olivia is a 1st degree Brown Belt. The kids and wife Kathleen are all doing well. Tim Killeen lives in Grove City, OH, and works for the Ohio Department of Transportation as an environmental specialist II.

Marie Lynch Julius wrote in to say that her life was one big carpool. She did mention that Billy Donnelly’s son is now a freshman at JCU. Like all of the other people that wrote in from Chicago, Marie told me that Sheila Nelson has moved back from Minneapolis and lives in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. Everyone is thrilled to get their friend back home to the windy city. Danny Reynolds is the talk of the town. He manages a new French restaurant called KODA and it’s located at 10352 S. Western Avenue. Sandra Ryan wrote to say that the reviews have been very good and the food is excellent.

Sandra continued her report by telling me about the Big Shoulders swim that Sheila Bigane Bauschelt and Jane Broeren Lambesis completed on September 9. It was rough waters that morning, but they both finished and congratulations are in order. As a side note, I was supposed to join my fellow Blue Streak swimmers and promise I’ll get in a pool to train this coming year!

I was out on a recent girls’ night out with Jane Cunin, Mary Power, Patton, Aggie Nagy ’84, and Ann Joyce ’84 Durkin. We went to the new Lola restaurant in downtown Cleveland and enjoyed each other’s company as we talked about our lives. Aggie is happily married and enjoying her job, Mary Patton said that her husband, John, had just taken on a new job, Ann Durkin’s oldest, Patrick, is looking at colleges, and Jane was getting ready to journey down to Tennessee to visit with her brother and his family. Jane also told me she would try and contact Terese Buerhle Booth to get some news, but came up empty. She did mention that Terese and her husband, Ric, have three children; Todd, Rachel and Molly and they relocated from Houston to Cincinnati.

I got a pleasant surprise when I opened up an e-mail from Mark Biche. He wrote to say that Bill Donnelly, Brian Flannery, Tom Burke, Jim Brown, Jim Kisthardt and he met at Bill and Sue Divane ’84 at Donnelly’s vacation home in Hilton Head at the end of September for golf, sailing, and solving the world’s problems. None of the crew was attacked by alligators, so a great time was had by all!

I also heard from Kevin Savage. Feeling rather creative, Kevin wrote me all kinds of nonsense, but it was nice to hear from him just the same. He still has his sports card business and is doing quite well!

I have some sad news to report at this time too. Eileen McDonough’s father passed away in August. I attended the funeral and it was one of the most memorable and touching events I’ve ever witnessed. Eileen, Amy McDonough ’85, Marybeth McDonough ’82, and Michael McDonough ’78 all spoke at the Mass or luncheon following the ceremony and it was beautiful. I rode to the funeral with Carolyn Mueller Hutchison, and then sat with BethAnn McCombs Coughlin at the luncheon afterwards. When I went to drop her off, I got to see Chris Coughlin and he looks young and fit as ever! Sadly, the Coughlin family endured a loss too, as their sister-in-law, Judy McCombs, passed away in September. Our latest sympathies go to Susan Benz Callahan who dealt with the loss of her brother.

As for me, I’m happily working on building my www.iambicchick.com business and hope that you’ll all find time to check out my web site when you’re looking for a personalized greeting card in the form of a poem! Tim Hutchison photographed the one card front of shamrocks while on a trip to Ireland. At our annual summer party this year, I was so excited to see Mary Margaret Pearson Gleason, Eileen McDonough, BethAnn McCombs Coughlin, and Carolyn Hutchison all make the journey from Pittsburgh. They had a great time conversing with Mark Schroeder and the weather cooperated too. Julie Turnley ’90 and I recently took a wonderful trip to Austin, TX. We went to our first-ever Bar Mitzvah and it was a great time. We were treated like queens all weekend and met a wonderful new friend. She’s an actress that is looking for venues to perform her one-woman show based on the life of Mother McAuley. If any of you has information on where she could perform, please write!

Mary Patton passed along a press release about Tom Fanta, The West Side Catholic Center (WSCC) will host its 10th annual “Warm Hearts, Winter Nights” benefit at the Terrace Club at Jacobs Field in Downtown Cleveland on Friday, November 10, 2006. The West Side Catholic Center Honors Rev. Thomas G. Fanta ’79. Fr. Fanta: Has volunteered at the WSCC ever since childhood — Gives from his right hand without his left hand knowing / Lives the gospel by taking care of the least of God’s children / Hosts numerous fundraisers to support the work done at the WSCC / Serves as an ambassador telling thousands about the WSCC and its mission / Is steadfastly devoted to providing food, clothing, shelter and advocacy to those in need / Organized the Fisherman who orchestrated the 1999-2002 Renovation and renovation and endowment campaign.

Madelon Plunkett Queenan has started her own interior design business in Chicago’s northern suburbs. One of her first projects was for Maureen (Kelly) and Wally West. With Madelon’s great decorating flair, her business is off to a great start! Madelon also chaired a successful sock hop fundraiser at her kids’ school. Next; Mary’s words not mine, but the last line is true!! Deb Solyan has been a media darling around Cleveland lately! Deb was interviewed by TV3’s Del Donahoo and featured on the morning news talking about her online business, IambicChick.com. Then on Valentine’s Day, she was on the air with Brian and Joe on 106.5 FM writing and reciting Valentine’s Day greetings for people who called in to request a poem for their loved one. Deb’s next goal is the OPRAH show! Someone’s gotta have an “in” with her so let me know!

Well, guess that’s it for now. I miss you all and can’t wait until we can be together again. Our 25-year reunion is right around the corner; only two years away, so start laying the groundwork to get back to our Alma Mater! Onward on John Carroll!!! Deb Solyan – deb.solyan@qwest.com

Spring 2006

Greetings from the north coast of America. As I write this column, the Indians are in 1st place in the AL Central. Let’s see where they are when we all read this!

Debra Wolter reports from Basking Ridge, NJ, that she will marry Kevin Lavery on May 28. Deb is a chief executive dance teacher at Dance World Academy.

Mary Tuason Bunker ’87 just started a new job as treasury business analyst with Motorola in Schaumburg, IL. Mary lives in Chicago with husband, William, and children Elena (6), Timothy (4) and Nora (1).

Congrats to Daniel Frate who has been appointed executive VP at National City Corp. in Cleveland. He will oversee NCB’s seven-state retail network. He received his master’s degree in finance from Purdue University.

Our sympathies to Eileen Byrne Hickerson who lost her mother last summer after years of taking care of her in her home. Eileen did have happy news to report as well, her daughter, Caitlin, is studying in Florence, Italy, for a semester and when she returns, will spend a semester in NYC. She’ll graduate with a major in fashion design from Kent State. Eileen’s 9th grade son, Cliff, is developing into quite the athlete at Olmsted Falls High School.

Sympathies also to Colleen Hyland-Robertson and Sandra Ryan as both their mothers passed away and to Tim Hutchison who lost his dad in January.

To all my classmates who are dealing with the death of a parent, I have a comforting thought. I’ve got a head start on adjusting to life without parents and what I know for a fact is this: The same memories that make you misty now will make a big smile come to your face in the future. I’m not sure how long it will take for each of you but it does happen.

Deb Solyan responded to my SOS for alumni info with news of a wedding, bout time for some happy news, don’t ya think!! Congratulations to Aggie Nagy ’85 and new husband Tim (sorry, Tim, Deb didn’t pass along your last name.) The September blast at the Mayfield Country Club had a prestigious guest list including: Ann ’84 and Kevin Durkin, Nancy Grimes Couto’84, Bill and Kathy (O’Neil) Battistone, Liz Nau Montgomery ’84, Carol Brennan Joseph ’85 and Maureen McDonough Curley ’85.

Lastly, please keep Joe and Connie Czekaj in your prayers. Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003, we thought we had it beat but it’s back. Connie’s a fighter but she could use a spiritual lift for her and Joe and their kids Jennifer (17), Joey (15), and Jimmy (12).

OK, take care of yourselves and when something happy happens in your lives, pass the news to me so I can share some of it with your friends. Tony

Fall 2005

Received several congratulatory e-mails after the last issue of the alumni mag went out without a class of ‘83 column, not even a hopeful plea for more information. . . Thanks for noticing, Joe Boyle ’84. Let’s see if we can’t improve on that.

Congratulations to Mary Power Patton. For those who don’t read anything other than the class notes, you may not have known that Mary was awarded the Alumni Medal, JCU’s highest honor.

Got word of another girls’ weekend, this one in Columbus, with Karen Castelli, Diane (Winter) O’Brien, Mary Kay (Sweeney) Friend, Jane Mackall, Peg (Morgan) Bollinger and Kathleen (Murphy) Emeterio. Di, is it true that the fire department really comes when the smoke detectors go off? Apparently, Mary Kay is an expert with her digital camera and printer and Karen has mastered the blender, resulting in wonderful Italian lemonades!

John Purdy checked in from Kings Park, NY, where he resides with his wife, Nancy. John earned an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace in 1995 and is director of planning and development at E-Z-EM, Inc.

Deb Solyan checked in with a new venture. Check out www.IambicChick.com. Deb can create a personalized greeting card for you that rhymes. Pretty cool. (Now would be the perfect time for me to slip into verse, but I’m going to leave that to the experts.)

Lisa Amato Reid, an attorney with Porter Wright Morris & Arthur in Cleveland, has been named a trustee of the Italian American Cultural Foundation. The foundation promotes the Italian culture through education, language and the arts. She also makes awesome meatballs. (OK, so I made up that last part. I’m allowed, I’ve got a vowel at the end of my name too!)

Lastly, Steve Bunecke married Jennifer Johnson in May. Steve pretends not to care if I mention him in this column, but I know, deep down, he really likes to be famous. Poor Jen, she’s going to have to pronounce and spell her name for the rest of her life, “That’s B-u-n-e-c-k-e, just like it sounds!” Joe Czekaj, John Mockler, Keith Hadley, and I were all there to witness the event in Greenville, SC. We couldn’t remember the last time all 5 of us were together. We’ve have 4 of 5 on several occasions but the wedding was a special treat!

OK, tell me what’s going on with you all or I’ll be forced to report on the trials and triumphs of my daughter’s 6th grade CYO volleyball team. I’m an assistant coach so I now know what bumping and setting are and I’m prepared to describe them in detail!


Spring 2005

Here’s a column that had the same deadline as the IRS, April 15. I put my tax return in the mail and with a reprieve from the governor, submit these words, slightly post-deadline.

Mary Schomisch Shafer took pity on me after the last issue appeared. She let me know she’s a school psychologist at a Catholic school in Cleveland. Stepahnie (14), Andrew (13), Nicholas (10), and Jeremy (5) keep her busy with scouts, swim team, and other school activities. Mary had a book published in 2000 and is currently working on book #2. (I’m working on parking both cars in my garage!) Mary keeps in touch with Cindy Dorsey who is a doctor in Mansfield and Janet Duszynski Miller who recently moved back to St. Louis with her husband, Dick, and five children.

Deb Solyan, God bless her, took pity on me to a monumental level and provided much material for this column. In fact, let’s just call Deb guest columnist, the remainder of this column is the result of her e-mail updates. Congratulations on the new job w/MCI, client acquisition executive Solyan (that’s a nice title). After working at home for two years, I’ll bet you’re happy to be back in an office and see people every day. Deb reported Jim and Missy ’85 Kisthardt were doing well. Jim reported that he had recently spoken with both Rick Cenar and Kevin Savage and everything’s OK with them, too.

Jack Carey recently had an angioplasty but is fine after the procedure. Jack and his wife Denise have five children, the oldest of which is considering JCU.

Deb missed but reported on a fun girls’ weekend in Chicago. Sheila Nelson flew in from Minneapolis and joined Jane Broeren Lambesis, Sandra Ryan, Marie Lynch-Julius, Sheila Bigane Bauschelt, Therese O’Neill-Schmidt, and Colleen Hyland-Robertson and some others. The women of the village stayed downtown and took in the Jackie O exhibit. The men, no doubt, hunted and gathered.

Deb visited with Jane Lambesis at Federated Investors annual sales meeting in Pittsburgh in Jan.

Deb was also able to visit with Eileen McDonough over the holidays. They met at Eileen’s parents’ condo in Pittsburgh while Eileen was in town from Lisbon, Portugal, and then headed to the Cheesecake Factory. A group of high school and college friends enjoying the cheesecake and other items were: Michael and Mary Margaret Pearson Gleason, Carolyn and Tim Hutchison, and Chris and BethAnn McCombs Coughlin. Deb, thanks again for all the news.

If anyone would like to relay info to me via Debbie, I’m sure that could be arranged. Enjoy your summer, hit your golf balls straight and not so often! Tony

Winter 2005

As I write in early January, everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are probably still intact. That’s good. Make sure one of them is to check in with your class rep in 2005.

Caught up with fellow Phi Beta Phi alumn Mike Anderson over the holidays. Mike returned home to St. Mary’s, OH, after graduation where he is an attorney. Being single, Mike’s able to spend chunks of time on his boat in the summer and sneak down to the Keys for long weekends in the winter.

The pride of East Liverpool, OH, Ralph Mitchell ’81, reported from Huntsville, AL. The ROTC grad is planning to retire from the Army in May after going back and forth to Iraq and Kuwait. Ralph’s married to Virginia and has a stepson, Ryan (16).

Another who serves his country in uniform is LTC Kenneth Gantt. Ken works at the Pentagon, the Army’s home office. He also sports a MA degree from prestigious Princeton University.

David Wiemels also works in Washington, DC. David is a career development officer for the Department of State.

John Dowd checked in from Lima, OH, where he is married to the former Elizabeth Brown and is a project manager for Frontier Systems Integrators.

Jeff Savarise ’82, checked in from Louisville, KY, where he is an attorney. His two hobbies are cooking and golf. I imagine the refrigerator is full since the temperature is headed into the single digits at night!

That’s all the news now. Keep counting your carbs and doing your sit-ups. Please send me an update on what’s new with you and yes, I’m still looking for Chris Petrie!! Tony

Fall 2004

No news from 1983 … people, call / fax / e-mail me. I’m lonely. Tony

Summer 2004

As I write this, your Cleveland Indians are on the west coast, battling the Oakland As. As you read this, we’ll be starting to wonder how those Browns are gonna do this year!

Got a surprise phone call from my old roommate and fellow Phi Beta Phi alum, Chris Klamet. He married Kathy, has 2 kids, now 11 and 14 (if I remember correctly) and had climbed the corporate ladder as far as he could with a Swiss dental company. He’s now looking for new opportunities. Condolences to you, Chris on the loss of your mom. Graduating college and getting a “real job” are important milestones. Marriage, mortgages, even parenthood, put you through a range of emotions. Nothing says you’re grown up, though, like losing a parent.

It was good, however, to see that my appeal for information from Chris, aka the Amazing Jeashe, generated some results. At the risk of ruining my perfect record, Chris Petrie, come on down! Let’s hear what’s up with you!

Fellow Mahoning county native, Arlene Fedorchak reports from Columbus, OH that she has retired after 14 years of practicing internal medicine. No word on what she plans to do to fill her days but I’m guessing that husband Niles Overly, and children Kristen (7) and Lauren (5) will keep her busy.

Tom Mahoney checked in from Orlando, FL, where he is self employed in sales and marketing. (I know a bit about being self employed. Every day is like Christmas but you have to pay twice the normal rate of FICA tax, eh Tom?) Tom is married to the former Judy Barret and has 2 children, Caitlin (14) and Dan (12).

Spent a great day at Joe Czekaj’s home in Hinckley recently. Joe’s wife, Connie, recently got a clean bill of health from her doctors after battling cancer since last fall. Naturally we had to have a party. Keith Hadley, John Mockler, Ron ’84 and Marlene Patt ’84 Rydzewski were all part of the festivities! We didn’t even miss Steve Bunecke that much!

Quick thought: Does JCU have any alumni from the class of ’83 in the Chicago area? Haven’t heard much from that area of the country recently.

OK, that’s all for now. I’ve got to get back outside and work on my tan! Tony

Spring 2004

Greetings from the western suburbs of Cleveland. If you bump around in the class notes section of www.jcu.edu, you will find the uncut version of my debut column that included info on fellow classmate Todd Teter who attends St. Raphael church in Bay Village, and lives in Avon Lake with his wife, Carla, and 3 daughters

Pat Divito ’80, and several other notables.

The only note I received from a class of ’83 member was a lovely get re-acquainted e-mail from Eileen Byrne Hickerson who now lives in Olmsted Falls.

You will all be encouraged, however, to note that ex-JCU gridders do know how to read as I heard from Dave Styka ’85, who now lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife, Rhonda, and 2 sons, Will (11), and Ben (10). Dave reports that Craig Eldridge ’85, who is an attorney, is finishing up Med School at OSU. Craig is married with 2 daughters.

Also heard from Brad Cantwell ’85 who lives in the Philadelphia area, works with Dole in charge of their import program. Brad has a 2½-year old daughter and an 8 week old son.

Ran into Mike Carswell at a JCU Entrepreneur’s Association meeting. Congratulations, Mike, on your recent induction into the Hall of Fame for your good work on the basketball court. Mike has recently launched a new company that records family histories on video and DVD. Go to mystoryproductions.com to find out more. (Mike, no charge for that shameless plug!).

As you look at this column and find so much space devoted to non-classmates, you’re right. I’m looking forward to hearing from my fellow ’83ers. As you gather this summer for picnics and reunions with your old roommates, use your Blackberry handhelds to zap me a quick e-mail. I’ll relay all the news that’s fit to print!

Go Streaks! How many days till the Mount Union game?? Tony

Winter 2004

Welcome back to Camp Carroll. I’m looking forward to distributing valuable information to all of you as I serve as class rep. 20 years? That seems about right. It took almost 20 years to get out of high school. The 20 years since then seemed to have taken about 15 minutes

A brief re-introduction: Tony Pallotta, attended JCU from Youngstown, practiced with the football team for 4 years (actually played in a few games, too!), Phi Beta Phi fraternity, accounting major. Remember me?? I returned to Y-town after graduating and then moved back to Cleveland in 1987. Married Wendy in 1990 after she answered the request line of a Y-town radio station. Just think, if I would’ve called an hour later, I’d be married to Keith Cunningham, the afternoon drive guy. Daughter #1, Caroline, arrived in 1994, Allison in 1996. I’ve been a self-employed financial planner since 1991 after working for a CPA firm and two different real estate developers as an accountant/controller.

I should be full of reunion news but unfortunately, I’m not. My daughter’s season opener of little league softball was that Saturday morning so I had an abbreviated stay on campus on Friday afternoon and early evening

I did renew some Phi Beta Phi acquaintances though, spoke w/Joe Keller while making reunion plans. He’s a realtor with Realty One in Broadview Hts. after a stint as a naval officer

Mike Anderson is an attorney back in St Mary’s, OH. Spends his weekends on his boat. Not a bad life!

Paul DeLuca is alive and well and living in Broadview Hts. He’s with KeyCorp.

Drew Huff experienced a geographic path similar to mine, a Mahoning Valley native, he’s now a west side Clevelander, living in Strongsville. He and Donna have 2 boys but while I still remember getting rid of the training wheels for my daughter last year, Drew’s been dealing with driving lessons! Bill Runzo also has a house full of testosterone! He was considering a reunion trip to coincide with a trip back home to the Pittsburg area.

The JCU folks I see most regularly are Joe Czekaj who’s with a company called Hadrian in Mentor. They make lockers and partition walls for restrooms. The next time you’re in a public restroom, take a look at the walls. If they say Hadrian, thank Joe for your privacy! Joe’s mostly a hockey dad and a band dad now. Jennifer (15), Joey (12), and my godson, Jimmy (10) keep them busy. Please keep Joe and his family in your prayers. Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer this fall and is currently undergoing treatment.

Keith Hadley went past fatherhood and directly to grandpa. His wife’s, Cathy, daughter gave them a grandson 2 years ago. Keith is now in Baltimore so I guess he has an alibi for being both a Ravens fan and a supporter of Art Modell. His first trip back to campus was for the reunion but I guess it agreed with him because he came back to join me for the Blue Gold Club golf outing at Stonewater in August!

All the women who told me, “Your roommate is sooo cute!” be aware, Steve Bunecke is still an eligible bachelor. Steve, with his CPA designation and prestigious Pitt MBA, runs a manufacturing plant in Greenville SC. Instead of coaching little league, Steve scuba dives in the Bahamas! I haven’t seen him in about a year but the last time I did, his hairline had receded a lot more than mine!

John Mockler lives in Berea now with his wife, Anne, and munchkins John (11) and Elizabeth (9). John has a grueling commute every day from Berea into Middleburg Hts. where he works in the finance department for the city of Middleburg Hts.

Jennifer Caulfield Van Petten reports that she and her husband, Thomas, have recently moved from Washington, DC to Norfolk, VA. Thomas was recently selected to the rank of Navy Captain.

Dave Campisano also zapped in with an e-mail. He’s with Cingular in California. We were able to compare real estate values in northeastern Ohio to California. You can reach Dave at David.Campisano@Cingular.com. He barely recalled the night he almost killed me by serving homemade hot peppers. I vividly recall my water fountain-to-water fountain trip from Pacelli back to the 1st floor of Dolan.

Ron and Marlene (Patt) Rydzewski ’84, are fellow west-siders in Fairview Park. Ron has been with Sherwin-Williams since graduation. Marlene turned in her S-W painting gear after Danny, who’s a freshman this fall at St. Ed’s, Benny, (another godson) 6th grade, and Lynn, 5th grade, arrived.

Pat Divito ’80 has done the geographic opposite of me. A native Clevelander, Pat and Gisele now live in Boardman. Their son, Tim, is a junior at Heidelberg this fall, Leah is a freshman at JCU, Erika now rules Boardman High!

Virginia (Venchi) Hess ’82 has a daughter, Michelle, at Padua HS in Parma. Her son, Marty, Jr. isn’t quite there yet but he can pick up Mom and carry her around the house. How is it that my daughters are still in Girl Scouts and my classmates are paying college tuition bills and teenage car insurance???? I guess I got a late start.

Sunday Mass at St. Raphael in Bay Village has a JCU flavor. Jack Bedell ’84 and his troop file in regularly. For a few weeks, I kept looking at one guy and saying to myself, “This guy looks like a slimmed down version of Todd Teter.” Yep, it was him. We got to catch up over ice cream at the father-daughter dance. Todd and his wife, Carla, live in Avon Lake with their 3 daughters. If you paid attention to the Plain Dealer business section a few months back, you would’ve seen his smiling face after being promoted at Moen. His biggest challenge, though, will be his service as commissioner of Bay Village, OH St. Raphael’s CYO Volleyball program for fall of ’04.

Fellow Phi Beta Phi alum, Tim O’Neil ’84 reports in his Christmas card that he has a new employer, Loud Technologies, where he serves as CFO. The new job requires lots of traveling, mostly to Italy. Tim, Mary Pat, and munchkins Maggie (8) and Jack (5½) celebrated their 5th anniversary of living in Seattle.

Tim’s roommate, Joe Boyle ’84, also checked in. He and Linda recently celebrated their 12th anniversary. They have Claire (9) Joey (7) and Genevieve (4). Joe’s with Ingersoll-Rand’s Industrial Solutions sector. If you’d like to catch up with Joe directly, try boyle841@aol.com.

Let me know what’s new with you or I’ll be forced to compare my hairline with Mr. Bunecke’s every issue. Chris Klamet, where are you?????


Fall 2003

Welcome back to Camp Carroll. I’m looking forward to distributing valuable information to all of you as I serve as class rep. 20 years? That seems about right. It took almost 20 years to get out of high school. The 20 years since then seemed to have taken about 15 minutes.

A brief re-introduction: Tony Pallotta, attended JCU from Youngstown, practiced with the football team for 4 years (actually played in a few games, too!), Phi Beta Phi fraternity, accounting major. Remember me? I returned to Y-town after graduating and then moved back to Cleveland in 1987. Married Wendy in 1990 after she answered the request line of a Y-town radio station. Just think, if I would’ve called an hour later, I’d be married to Keith Cunningham, the afternoon drive guy. Daughter #1, Caroline, arrived in 1994, Allison in 1996. I’ve been a self-employed financial planner since 1991 after working for a CPA firm and 2 different real estate developers as an accountant/controller.

I should be full of reunion news but unfortunately, I’m not. My daughter’s season opener of little league softball was that Saturday morning so I had an abbreviated stay on campus on Friday afternoon and early evening

I did renew some Phi Beta Phi acquaintances though, spoke w/Joe Keller while making reunion plans. He’s a realtor with Realty One in Broadview Heights after a stint as a naval officer.

Mike Anderson is an attorney back in St Mary’s, OH. Spends his weekends on his boat. Not a bad life!

Paul DeLuca is alive and well and living in Broadview Heights. He’s with KeyCorp.

Drew Huff experienced a geographic path similar to mine, a Mahoning valley native, he’s now a west side Clevelander, living in Strongsville. He and Donna have 2 boys but while I still remember getting rid of the training wheels for my daughter last year, Drew’s been dealing with driving lessons! Bill Runzo also has a house full of testosterone! He was considering a reunion trip to coincide with a trip back home to the Pittsburg area.

The JCU folks I see most regularly are Joe Czekaj who’s with a company called Hadrian in Mentor. They make lockers and partition walls for restrooms. The next time you’re in a public restroom, take a look at the walls. If they say Hadrian, thank Joe for your privacy! Joe’s mostly a hockey dad and a band dad now. Jennifer (15), Joey (12), and my godson, Jimmy (10) keep him and Connie busy.

Keith Hadley went past fatherhood and directly to grandpa. His wife Cathy’s daughter gave them a grandson 2 years ago. Keith is now in Baltimore so I guess he has an alibi for being both a Ravens fan and a supporter of Art Modell. His first trip back to campus was for the reunion but I guess it agreed with him because he came back to join me for the Blue Gold Club golf outing at Stonewater in August!

All the women who told me, “Your roommate is sooo cute!” be aware, Steve Bunecke is still an eligible bachelor. Steve, with his CPA designation and prestigious Pitt MBA, runs a manufacturing plant in Greenville, SC. Instead of coaching little league, Steve scuba dives in the Bahamas! I haven’t seen him in about a year but the last time I did, his hairline had receded a lot more than mine!

John Mockler lives in Berea now with his wife, Anne, and munchkins John (11), and Elizabeth (9). John has a grueling commute every day from Berea into Middleburg Heights where he works in the finance department for the city of Middleburg Heights.

Ron & Marlene (Patt) Rydzewski both ’84 are fellow west-siders in Fairview Park. Ron has been with Sherwin-Williams since graduation. Marlene turned in her S-W painting gear after Danny, who’s a freshman this fall at St. Ed’s, Benny, (another godson) 6th grade, and Lynn, 5th grade, arrived. Pat Divito ’80 has done the geographic opposite of me. A native Clevelander, Pat and Gisele now live in Boardman. Their son, Tim, is a junior at Heidelburg this fall, Leah is a freshman at JCU, Erika now rules Boardman High!

Virginia (Venchi) Hess ’82 has a daughter, Michelle, at Padua HS in Parma. Her son, Marty, Jr., isn’t quite there yet but he can pick up Mom and carry her around the house. How is it that my daughters are still in Girl Scouts and my classmates are paying college tuition bills and teenage car insurance? I guess I got a late start.

Sunday Mass at St. Raphael in Bay Village has a JCU flavor. Jack Bedell ’84 and his troop file in regularly.

For a few weeks, I kept looking at one guy and saying to myself, “This guy looks like a slimmed down version of Todd Teter.” Yep, it was him. We got to catch up over ice cream at the father-daughter dance. Todd and his family live in Avon Lake. If you paid attention to The Plain Dealer business section a few months back, you would’ve seen his smiling face after being promoted at Moen.

Thanks for taking the time to read this debut column. Now, tell me what’s going on in your lives or I’ll be forced to compare my hairline with Mr. Bunecke’s every issue. Tony