Greetings from Chicago. Spring has sprung, and we’re all looking forward to the Cubs second straight World Series championship. After a slow century, the Cubs are primed to win 108 championships in a row. It can happen.

Julie (Maloney) Ruddy and I have daughters on the same track team at Loyola Academy, so I’ve seen her a couple times in odd places such as field houses and school basements. She showed me a picture from Eileen Meyer’s wedding. The JCU gang that was there included Barb O’Brien Brown, Jean Antonello Wasz, Cathy (Pierce) Kelly, Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton, Carol Berg Rolecek, and Judy (Sullivan) Coughlin.

Joe Kovach is on the move again. I’m not sure he ever unpacked in Saratoga Springs, but his employer, GenPak Corporation, is moving its headquarters to Charlotte, North Carolina. Peggy and Joe have purchased a home and are awaiting the moving vans. They never completely left Chicago and kept a condo in the city when they moved from Lake Forest. Joe runs manufacturing for GenPak and seems to be constantly on the road visiting plants. He’s looking forward to a 12-month golf season.

Kobak accepts proclamation

My frosh roommate, Jim Kobak, has retired as police chief after 32 years with the Strongsville Police Department. Jim worked his way up the ranks through the years touching all the bases – patrolman, detective, sergeant, lieutenant, and deputy chief – before being named police chief in 2012.

The brotherhood of Iota Chi Upsilon rallied the troops for homecoming 2016 to eat, drink, golf, and raise funds for the extremely successful IXY scholarship. Dave Schmidt, Jim Hartnett, Bob Gentile, Mark Jacobs, Paul Olexa, and Bob Parrilli returned to campus for the festivities. The IXY scholarship has raised more than $1.3 million, and the guys are working to raise $2 million. Amazing!

A handful of your classmates are helping to make our reunion this June special. I’m appreciative of the input and direction coming from Jim Redford, Don MacMillan, and Mary Alice O’Brien. The Chicago girls are planning to remember Beth Durkin throughout the weekend. I hope you’ve added Reunion 2017 to your bucket list. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2017

Greetings from Chicago. A quick round of applause for our Cleveland classmates for the successful season the Indians had this year. What excitement! What drama! What a fantastic ending! In addition to the Cubs’ World Series win, I’m also grateful to the locals who gave up their seats so many Chicago fans could be in Cleveland for Games 6 and 7. I’m not gloating, really. I’d never do that. Not me. Eamus Catuli!

Katie (Carpenter) Rose donned her Santa outfit for the annual 5K run in December with her daughter, Libby. Katie ran the entire race carrying a 30-pound bag of coal and a six-pack of Old Style. She really brings it. What more can I say?

I ran into Eileen Meyer in October, when JCU’s vice president of enrollment, Brian Williams, met with alumni to discuss ways we can help increase enrollment. Eileen got married over the Labor Day weekend. I haven’t seen her much here in Chicago, but I hope that changes.

Barbara (Nagel) Rosene exhibited her paintings at Eden Roc in Miami Beach. The artist-formerly-known-as-Barb continues to reinvent herself, and her talents keep expanding. Brava, Barbara!

After 18 months of planning and execution, I’ve opened a new business. I’m the proud, overworked, not-yet-compensated, franchise owner of CycleBar Evanston. We kicked open the doors the week after Thanksgiving for 20 days of free rides to welcome the community to this amazing space. CycleBar fuels energetic, communal experiences. We are the 50th studio to open, with several hundred in the planning stages. Better yet, come see me in Evanston, or check out a CycleBar in a neighborhood near you.

Sadly, we lost one of our own in November. Beth Durkin passed away suddenly, and we mourn her daily and express our sympathy to her brother, Kevin Durkin. Her Chicago peeps – Barb O’Brien Brown, Jean (Antonello) Wasz, Cathy (Pierce) Kelly, Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton, Carol Berg Rolecek, Eileen Meyer, Judy (Sullivan) Coughlin, and Julie (Maloney) Ruddy – are planning to remember her at our reunion this summer. Make sure to put reunion on your calendar for 2017. This one is not to be missed. Godspeed, Beth!

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2016
Greetings from Chicago. I saw Suzanne Fortunato in August after my sister’s funeral Mass at Gesu. Suzanne lived down the street from Jean (Hulseman) Kloos ’86 in Cleveland Heights and would often stop to say hello while walking her dog. Suzanne, who was recently recognized for her 10 years of service with University Hospitals, was off to the Feast on Murray Hill when we parted. To the out-of-towners, yes, Presti’s is still open to satisfy your late night donut craving.

Mike Hermann has been promoted again – this time from director to VP of athletics at Kansas Wesleyan University. He’s on the president’s inner circle and will have a key to the executive washroom when he builds one. Mike joined the Coyotes in 2013 after stints at Seattle, Towson, and Niagara Universities. So here’s the academic color progression for Mike: blue/gold, blue/gold, purple/white, black/gold, scarlet/white, and purple/gold. I’m partial to blue/gold.

Don MacMillan hosted this year’s annual soccer game in honor of Dewey McCarthy ’81 in Boston. Gail and Joe Basar, Cathy and Tom Basista (with their daughter Maureen), Mark McDonnell, Bridget and Tim O’Callahan, and Kevin Dougherty attended. Sorry for the confusion. That’s Squeak, Dewey, Joe Bizarre, Tom, Mac, OC, and Doc. This group started a scholarship in Dewey’s name and meets annually to raise funds, play soccer, and tell stories. Dewey was one of a kind and his legend lives on. Throughout the decades, our classmates’ recollections of their own athletic prowess have grown, too.

Katie (Carpenter) Rose celebrated her daughter’s wedding during Labor Day weekend. Libby was a beautiful bride. No surprise there! Katie spent her summer vacation on shark patrol and propping up the local economy on Cape Cod.

I heard from Dan Hilson earlier this year: “Both of our children are finally out of the house and in school. My son is a sophomore at Colorado College, and my daughter is a freshman at Ohio State. I encouraged them to consider JCU, but they chose a different path. I did get together with fellow AKY pledge brothers Rick Zirm, Matt Keresman, and Nick Burlij this past January to ski in Aspen, Colorado. Unfortunately, Rick tore his calf muscle on an edgy double black (silly us) ski run, and, like a champ, skied another mile of steep bumps to the end of the run. We’re hopeful to revisit and expand the group in January 2017!”

Reunion for our class is fast approaching, so set your calendars now for the third weekend of June. It’s always a highlight for us. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2016
Greetings from Chicago. Way to go Cleveland and the Cavaliers! One championship is outstanding, and this former, temporary (we bought a house and had a couple of babies there, does that count?) Clevelander couldn’t be happier for the civic pride it brought. Championships are rare and much more difficult to repeat, so enjoy the glow.

Mary Jo (Nieset) Cornell has officially retired. She sold her company, Linstar, in September and plans to sell her home and leave Buffalo, New York, as soon as her new home in Fort Myers, Florida, is built. She’s shooting for end of February. MJ also became a grandmother on Dec. 7. Her daughter, Lindsay, and son-in-law Jason live in Jackson, Mississippi. Lindsey delivered Kylie Jo just in time to celebrate Christmas with the whole family in Jackson. MJ’s other daughters, Tara (22) and Shelby (20), live in Louisville, Kentucky, and Bloomington, Indiana, (IU).

Dan Hilson is an empty nester. Both of his kids are out of the house and in school. He has a son who’s sophomore at Colorado College and a daughter who’s a freshman at Ohio State. Dan got together with fellow AKY pledge brothers Rick Zirm, Matt Keresman, and Nick Burlij in January to ski in Aspen, Colorado. Unfortunately, Rick tore is calf muscle on an edgy double black (“silly us”) ski run and, like a champ, skied another mile of steep bumps to the end of the run. They hope to revisit and expand the group in January 2017.

Reunion for our class is fast approaching, so set your calendars now. It’s the third weekend of June. It’s always a highlight for us. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Spring 2016
Greetings from Chicago. Please indulge me for a special column as we mourn the loss of a classmate and friend, Ann Mell. Ann, who earned her B.A. in English, worked as a secretary at John Carroll after her husband died, which enabled her children – Jim ’76, Marilyn ’78, Brian ’81, and Julia ’83 – to attend John Carroll. Ann’s story and academic efforts were recognized by Kevin Sullivan, dean of admissions and financial aid, who persuaded Ann to join admissions. Ann started and spearheaded the successful Alumni-in-Admissions program, connecting alumni with prospective students in feeder cities throughout the country. In the fall, the Alumni-in-Admissions volunteers contacted students who stopped by a college fair, visited campus, or sent high school test scores to JCU. In the spring, alumni volunteers contacted almost every student who applied for admission. In those presmartphone days before text messaging, snap chats, and tweets, alumni volunteers dialed high school students on corded telephones and spoke with them or their parents. The alumni related their JCU experiences and encouraged prospective students to visit and enroll. You might have volunteered along the way. We would meet for a light meal and quick JCU update, then hit the phones until around 9 p.m. It was never easy for volunteers because the work conflicted with other family and school activities. Here in Chicago, we’d meet downtown at an alum’s donated offices and compete with the office cleaning crews for quiet phone time. Katie Grace Brandt was a regular and outstanding volunteer in Chicago. All it took was one conversation with an interested student to make it all worthwhile. I always went home exhausted from a long day and energized about our alma mater. I was fortunate to work with Ann and coordinate the Chicago Alumni-in-Admissions program. I appreciated the effort Ann put into this program. Her energy and dedication inspired me. Ann attended national admissions conferences where other schools touted their programs. No other school came close in terms of alumni engagement and the sheer number of students contacted. There were other pieces of the Alumni-in-Admissions program, including letters from alumni and helping out at a college night, but the phone-a-thons were the hallmark of Ann’s efforts. JCU is a better place because of Ann Mell. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2016
Greetings from Chicago. In the fall, we were looking forward to the World Series for our Cubs. Well, wait until next year. I guess we’ll fill the upcoming days with Blackhawks and Bulls victories. JCU’s football team will be in Chicago this September, so start thinking about your trip to the Windy City now.

Mark McDonnell sent me an email: “After years of diligent recruiting Doc (Kevin Dougherty) convinced Maureen Garvey-McDonnell ’83 and I to move to North Carolina and join his company. We sold our house in two weeks and moved into Doc’s guesthouse the last week of June. I started working for AdVenture Development in August. One of my main responsibilities is raising equity for our projects. The transition has been enjoyable. Our boys are doing well and are located in Dublin, Ireland; Heidelberg, Germany; and Madison, Wisconsin.”

The Chicago Alumni Chapter held its annual Breakfast with Santa in December. Local alumni brought gifts for Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. Jeanne Pucher Schimeck started the Hands On Network there to ensure the children get the “extras” beyond what Mercy Home can provide in fulfilling Christmas wish lists for the children. Sue (Divane) Donnelly, ’84 is VP of the Chicago Alumni Chapter and connected Breakfast with Santa and Mercy Home.

Katie Grace Brandt continues to set a record pace for travel in 2015. She brought a group from Old St. Pat’s in Chicago to Ireland then followed that up with a trip to Tanzania to visit her college-age daughter, Grace, who was spending a semester there.

Corinne (Welty) Dupuis is waving the Blue and Gold in Nashville. As vice president of the local alumni chapter, she hosted a Christmas gathering in her home. JCU’s city chapter program is growing quickly. There are now 13 local chapters focusing on service and civic engagement; leadership and professional development; educational, spiritual, and cultural events; social events; and alumni-in-admissions. Nick Conyngham is leading the charge as chapter president in New York City, and Nikki Manuel is a VP in Youngstown. Get involved in your local alumni chapter.

I need updates from classmates, so drop me a line. Onward on.


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2015
Greetings from sunny Arizona. When I wrote this column in September, the Cubs were heading to the postseason, and the Bears had been mathematically eliminated from the NFC playoffs.

Barb O’Brien Brown recharged her Chicago batteries by bringing her old gang back to Cleveland and JCU, including a stop at Murphy Hall. Jean (Antonello) Wasz, Carol Berg Rolecek, Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton, Cathy (Pierce) Kelly, and Eileen Meyer unsuccessfully tried to get Barb to move back to Chicago, but it’s great to see this group of friends back together after all these years later.

Katie Grace Brandt was mentioned in a church service in the North suburbs in September. I don’t know how she does it, but that Katie Grace Brandt is everywhere!

Sunz Insurance Co. appointed Therese (Ridilla) Stevens president. Sunz provides workers’ compensation solutions for professional employer organizations, staffing companies, and large companies.

Meg (Fallon) Mooney’s daughter, Clare, was married in August in Greensboro, N.C. The pictures of Meg and her daughter are stunning.

I need updates from you, so drop me a line. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2015
Greetings from Chicago! Tim O’Callahan, Jean (Nester) Turcu, Suzanne (McChesney) Whalen, and Maggie (Maley) Dempsey danced the night away at the JCU reunion in June. They were just getting warmed up for our 35th in 2017.

Mac, Squeak, Doc, and OC revisited their glory days at this year’s NCAA Final Four Tournament. For the uninformed or forgetful, that’s Mark McDonnell, Don MacMillan, and Kevin Dougherty, and O’Callaghan. Dave Pratt, ’85, was with them, but because I don’t know his nickname, I’m not going to mention him. Mac and his bride, Maureen Garvey-McDonnell ’83 are moving from Winfield, Ill., to Raleigh, N.C. Doc might need to have them evicted after a prolonged stay. Mac and Maureen’s son, Kelan, graduated from Fairfield University (the JCU of Connecticut) in May where he was awarded the Silver Stag for athletic and academic excellence.



In May, I had a great conversation with Sherry Javad, who lives in L.A., manages a credit union, and has two children. I was fortunate to share many business classes with Sherry at JCU. She’s a smart woman, and her success is no surprise to me.

Edward McTernan was named VP of sales at Cleveland Gear, a manufacturer of gearing and enclosed drives. He and his wife, Joanie, live in Cleveland.

Joe Kovach is vice president of U.S. operations for GenPak in Glens Falls, N.Y. He and my sister, Peggy, are looking for houses in Saratoga Springs.



Chris Henn was named executive VP and COO for Bridgeport Education, moving after 15 years of growing sales at Esurance. Bridgeport Education uses technology to create a different approach to education for students and runs two for-profit schools: Ashford University and University of the Rockies. Chris posts great pictures on Facebook of him enjoying the great outdoors – California living!

I need updates from classmates, so drop me a line.

Onward On!


Paul Hulseman
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Spring 2015
Greetings from Chicago! A quick trip to Cleveland in February turned into a nightmare on the return. All Chicagoans can relate to our many winter trips on the Ohio and Indiana toll roads. The keys to a smooth ride include traffic conditions in Chicago and snow in South Bend. I set a new record (not a good one) – 10.5 hours from Parma to Winnetka with whiteout conditions almost all the way!

Jim Hopkinson ’81 was spotted cheering on the Blue Streaks at Wheaton College. Jim, an attorney at Cooney & Conway in Chicago, also has been active recruiting high school neighbors in River Forest to look at JCU. Katie Grace Brandt also was wearing blue and gold that day, while acting as tour director for Rich Glass ’83 and Carolyn Cahill Glass ’83, who were in town from Florida for the weekend.

Ed Fay’s father passed away earlier this year. The celebration of Mr. Fay’s life was officiated by three bishops and 11 other priests at the stunning Cathedral of St. Raymond in Joliet, Ill. Paul Olexa and Bill Bolton and Mariann Krebs Bolton ’83 represented the brotherhood of Iota Chi Upsilon at the Mass. We also mourn the loss of Frank Cicco’s father, Frank Nicolo Cicco, who passed away in January. Mr. Cicco had a great sense of humor. I remember asking him once, “What’s up?” He replied, “Unemployment.”

The band is back together! Well. I’m not sure this band ever split up, but Chuck Brown joined Mansour Gavin as a senior attorney to focus on wealth management, estate planning, and probate litigation. “Chuck is ideally suited to provide probate and trust mediation and litigation services, as well as estate and wealth management planning and administration services to our current and potential high net worth clients,” said Anthony J. Coyne, president of the firm. “It has been the firm’s longstanding commitment to provide not only the best legal advice to our clients, but also solutions for all of their business and personal legal needs.” Chuck and Tony went to St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland together before commuting to JCU.

In other legal news, Jim Redford joined Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s team as chief legal counsel. For the past 12 years, Jim has been a circuit court judge in Kent County, Mich. Just last fall, he came up short on a bid to be elected to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Our very own Millor Orator, Mary Alice O’Brien Mecke, was in Cleveland to celebrate raising the speed limit from 55 to 70. Toasting MAO were classmates, Tim O’Callahan, Jean (Nester) Turcu, and Suzanne (McChesney) Whalen. Word on the street is that OC has changed jobs and is now chief development officer for St. Vincent Charity Medical Center in Cleveland.

I need updates from classmates, so drop me a line. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2015
Greetings from Chicago. Fall was filled with JCU sports in the Windy City. Several football watch parties at local establishments brought out the Blue and Gold faithful. After the impressive home win over Centre College, JCU headed to Chicago to take on the undefeated Wheaton College Thunder. The women’s basketball team took on the Division I Loyola University Ramblers in a preseason game in November. Katie Grace Brandt promised to be there, but she was stopped at a red light, then turned around and went home. Tim Freeman ’78 and I waited for her. We called it a night around 11 p.m. and went home. LUC is on the north side of Chicago, where Katie lives. Tim is out in the western suburbs, and I live in the northern suburbs. We were there. Katie was not.

Mark McDonnell and Joe Basar met up in South Bend, Ind., for the Northwestern triumph over that other school. Joe and Mark plan an annual tailgate party with Bennet Weiss ’84 and other JCUers. They usually meet in Evanston, but they crossed state lines for this year’s event. I was on campus in October to cheer on the Blue Streak swim team. My son Brian is living in Pacelli Hall and swimming, which definitely brings back great memories. Hal Hawk ’81 has a freshman daughter on the team, too.

I spotted Jim Murphy at the crowded Pack Expo in Chicago. Jim is running a company in Minnesota but still lives in Illinois. Jim’s daughter just played in the Illinois state volleyball championships for Loyola Academy. She also was highlighted recently in the local newspaper – 10 questions with Julie Murphy. Here’s my favorite question: If you won the lottery, what would your first purchase be? A: A private jet. For Jim’s sake, I hope she wins a big, big, number.

Francine Gagliano’s daughter, Cait, had a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico, before Thanksgiving. Cait definitely has her mother’s good looks – she’s a beautiful bride.

Jim Redford received the Republican Party nomination to run for the Michigan Supreme Court. He ran a great race, but came up a little short. Jim is still a judge in Michigan, just not in the Big House right now. Congrats on a great effort, your honor.

I need updates from classmates, so drop me a line. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2014
Greetings from Chicago. The summer of 2014 will be remembered for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Facebook, and our classmates were part of it. Jerry Herber called out Patrick Harrington and Greg Wozniak in a shirtless effort that was, well, memorable. I haven’t seen H’s nor Greg’s responses. Marianne Kirk Merren kept her shirt on while Katie (Carpenter) Rose and her JCU roommate, Char (Murawa) Donelan, got soaked for a great cause. Mike Hermann also participated and did it with a Kansas Wesleyan flair. My scribbled notes included Suzanne Fortunato and Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan, but I couldn’t find their ice bucket video.

I actually contacted former Blue Streak standout Ned Nicosia after 32 years of radio silence. He’s a dentist in Rochester and seems to be called Nicholas these days – well, not by us. Ned’s two boys are chips off the old block, too. It’s been too long, Ned, you need to return to reunion.

Judge Redford

Judge Redford

Jim Redford received the Republican Party nomination to run for the Michigan Supreme Court. Jim went to the University of Detroit Law School and then the U.S. Navy, where he served for 28 years. Jim is a judge in Michigan’s 17th Circuit Court. Check out his website – judgeredford.com. Vote for Jim in November, too, even if you have to move to Michigan to do it.

Carol Berg Rolecek started a pledge of gratitude on Facebook and called out her JCU gang to follow suit: Jeannie (Antonello) Wasz, Barb O’Brien Brown, Cathy Kelly (Pierce), and Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton.

Finally, if I mention Bobby Gentile, I’ll have all three of the grade school classmates in one column – Bobby, Cathy, and Mary Ann. Consider yourself mentioned, Dr. Gentile. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2014

Paul Hulseman
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Spring 2014

Greetings from Chicago. What a winter! By mid-February, we shoveled more than five feet of snow and endured such cold temperatures, meteorologists gave it a name – polar vortex. I heard this line the other day, “40 is the new 70.” Was anyone else worried about Wally Reynoso, Chuck McGarrity, and Suzanne (McChesney) Whalen when temperatures in Florida went down to the 30s? Brrr. Fortunately, it was just for a day or two. I don’t remember the kids in Chicago ever missing four days of school because of the cold. In my day, it was uphill both ways in the snow, and we liked it.

Peggy and Joe Kovach set their alarm clocks to watch their good friend, Ann Swisshelm, compete in the Sochi Olympics for the USA Women’s Curling Team. The curling events were broadcast live at 4 a.m., which is a tad earlier than JoVach is used to getting out of bed. Based on the results of the first couple games, it was too early for the team as well.

I traveled to Columbus, Ohio, in January and almost saw Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan. We were consumed with kids’ activities, but even a text message from MR will brighten your day.

I had about a 30-second conversation with Dave Schmidt in January. He committed to start swimming again while training for a triathlon.

Jerry Kohl, who moved to England with his wife, spent time last fall in Florida helping his mom, the awesome Velma Kohl, recover from a stroke. Jerry has been in the elevator contracting business for many years, and last I heard, he was doing the same thing in England.

In the immortal words of Bill Murray’s brother in Caddyshack, “Your honor, your Honor.” Our very own James Robert Redford, a Kent County Michigan Circuit Judge, is seeking the nomination of the Republican Party for justice of the Michigan Supreme Court. Jim has been a judge since 2002, was re-elected in 2010, and currently is chief judge pro tempore. You make us all proud, Jim.

Katie Grace Brandt and I went to Michigan City, Ind., to attend the beautiful funeral for the mother of Jeanne Ann (Wall) Cannon ’80, Mary Ann Wall Bobillo ’84, and Larry Wall ’78. Jeanne Ann was the big, mean, old RA who tried to have poor little Jerry Kohl kicked out of school the first week he was there. Fortunately, Tim Freeman ’78, Donna Byrnes, and Jack Collins saw the errors in her ways. Phew! In addition to Tim, Katie and I solved many of the world’s problems with Suzie Whelan Shoup ’81, Mary Walsh Freeman ’87, Ellen McMullen Tighe ’81, Meg (Towey) Rabal ’80, John Ettorre ’80, and Susan Maney Antall ’80.

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2014

Greetings from Chicago … and what a place to be this past fall! The mighty Blue Streaks took the Windy City by storm in early September. Chicago alumni welcomed our friends from Ohio with an outstanding reception at Millennium Park on a Friday night. Saturday morning started with tours and shopping on the Mag Mile, then brunch at Schuba’s Tavern before heading to Toyota Park. The football game was a one-sided affair – let’s just say we never heard St. Norbert’s fight song. Mass and brunch at St. Ignatius High School on Sunday capped a perfect weekend.

Peggy and Joe Kovach helped transport the walking wounded that Friday night. I ran into Mark Basso, Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton, Barb O’Brien Brown, Carol Berg Rolecek, Jean (Antonello) Wasz, Cathy (Pierce) Kelly, and Julie (Maloney) Ruddy at the game. I was told several alumni didn’t make it into the stadium because they were too busy tailgating in the parking lot.

Fr. Niehoff returned to Chicago in mid-October for a reception at the tallest building in North America – no, I don’t care what they say, antennas don’t count. The Willis Tower is No. 1! It was a picture-perfect evening, with a couple hundred JCU alumni there. Joe Basar was scheduled to be there, but I didn’t see him in the crowd.

Tim Freeman ’78, Erin (Collins) Soroosh ’99, and I ventured to Joliet, Ill., and met with Mark Basso at his phenomenal Autobahn Country Club. What a place! We saw the Go-Kart track, drove Rush Hour in a cool, high-performance vehicle, then were given a chance to check our iron stomachs with a very fast, professionally driven Hot Laps. We’re working with Mark to put the finishing details together for a Chicago Alumni Chapter event this coming June to raise money for the Chicago Chapter Leadership Scholarship. If you’re anywhere close, you won’t want to miss this one. If you have your midlife crisis car (or just crave speed), Mark has the place for you.

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2013
Greetings from Chicago. Jane Grebenc is in the news again. Last month, Indiana-based bank holding company First Commonwealth Financial Corp. named Jane to head its flagship company. She began her career at the former National City Corp. of Cleveland in 1982. She remained with National City until 2007 in various management roles, including executive vice president for branch network. “I had a dream career there for many years,” Jane said. “It was back in the days when there were fabulous training programs.” During her time with National City, Jane completed her master’s degree in business administration at Case Western Reserve University.

I run into classmates in the funniest places. Jim Murphy and I met trying to solve lower back pains. Jim self-diagnosed his aches as a result of too many coach seats on regional airplanes. My pains are the result of grooving a bad golf swing. Jim and I live close to one another but rarely see each other. Jim married Julie O’Donnell, who transferred to SIU in Carbondale, Ill, after our sophomore year. They met years later when they lived and worked in Chicago – you know, the town that won the Stanley Cup again this year. All these years later, Jim and Julie have a college graduate, a college junior, and a high school junior.

Mike Hermann is on the move again, inching his way back toward Ohio – at least on a map. Mike was just hired as the first athletic director in the history of Kansas Wesleyan University. Also, Mike’s youngest son, Andrew, started at Xavier University in Cincinnati. With Alex at the University of San Diego and Andrew at XU, Mike and Paula must have thought Kansas was somewhere in between? I don’t know much about KWU, but I know they’re lucky to have you there, Mike.

I came across our JCU Who’s New incoming freshman viewbook recently. If you can get past the clothing (Frank Cicco and Wally Reynoso) and poses (Corinne Dupuis and Kris Kress – where are you looking? We’re over here!), look at the hair. I’m at a loss for words (Joe Roth, Steve Nicorata, Mike Hermann, and Al Fiore). These pictures must stay out of the hands of our children.

Mark Schroeder’s mother passed away in August. Mark, who writes the ’83 class column, was a phenomenal kicker for the Loyola Academy Ramblers and JCU Blue Streaks before he earned an Emmy for his sports broadcasting in Cleveland and started an auction company. I was honored to attend Mrs. Schroeder’s funeral at the magnificent Queen of All Saints Basilica in Chicago. Mark’s eulogy after Holy Communion was remarkable. He also read a letter from Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., ’54. Wally West ’81 and John Moeschberger ’80 were pallbearers. There was a significant JCU presence at QAS that day.

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2013
Greetings from Chicago. Tony Coyne made us all proud at this year’s alumni award dinner. Visit the alumni website and check out the video of the class of ’82s most recent Alumni Medal recipient. Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan’s introduction of Tony was award-worthy, too. Other classmates toasting Tony included Chuck (married to an Alumni Medal winner) and Barb O’Brien Brown (Alumni Medal winner). It was a quick evening for the Coyne family as they were heading to China the next day because Tony started a stint on a foundation board. Congrats, cuz! The cuz story is a funny one, at least it is to me. When we were freshmen, I met Karen (Coyne) McLaughlin. She lived on the second floor of Murphy Hall with Karen Duffy. (They might have gone to Magnificat High School together.) Katie (Carpenter) Rose and Charlene (Murawa) Donelan were on that floor, too, along with Suzie (Whelan) Shoup, ’81, and Clare (Nelan) Grady, ’81. Cici (Janesz) Corea might have been on the floor, too. Karen and Tony are cousins. Even though Tony was a commuter, he was around campus a lot. Every time Karen saw Tony, she introduced me to her cousin Tony. I have called him cuz ever since. Like I said, it’s funny to me.

Jack Collins, our former director of housing, retired from the University of Illinois after a distinguished career. He came to the Windy City, and former resident assistants got together to break bread with him. Included in this illustrious group were Jim Rose, former head resident, and his child bride Katie (Carpenter) Rose, Jim ’83 and Monica (Michalke) ’83 Garvey, Bill ’81 and Mary Carole (Anthony) O’Brien ’81, and Tim Freeman ’78. The celebration was coordinated by our very own Katie Grace Brandt, who brought the picture albums, too.

In June, Chicago alumni welcomed JCU’s new football coach with a lunch downtown. Jim Hopkinson and Joe Kovach represented the class. Tom Arth ’03 is bringing the mighty Blue Streaks to Chicago to play St. Norbert’s College Sept. 7, and the Chicago Club will have lots for everyone to do: dinner at Millennium Park, architectural boat tours, shopping, Mass, brunch … oh yeah, and a football game at Toyota Park. Check out the JCU website, and come visit. It’ll be a terrific weekend in Chicago. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Spring 2013
Greetings from Chicago.

Cynthia (Andrassy) Powell was promoted to chief risk officer at State Auto. The news release outlined her responsibilities – most of which I didn’t understand – but they included risk (not the board game, I presume), innovation, technology, financial, and human resources. Good luck, Cynthia. If you need any help with Risk, the board game, I’m there for you.

Thanks to my wife’s high school alumni magazine, I found out that Rosemary (Leone) Nemeth was recognized by Beaumont School with their Distinguished Alumni Award for 2012. Rosemary teaches at Gesu School across the street from Carroll and is a part-time teacher in the education department at our alma mater. In her free time, Rosemary volunteers for Gesu and the Little Sisters of the Poor nursing home. Way to go, Rosemary!

Jim Kobak has continued to climb the rung and was named chief of police for Strongsville, Ohio. Jim has worked in Strongsville for many years and had been the deputy chief of police before this recent elevation. Jim and I were roommates in Pacelli Hall our freshman year. Adhering to the roommate code of conduct, I will keep all comments and stories to myself. Congrats, Jim!

Tying together the law and alumni recognitions (smooth transition, Paul), Tony Coyne is in the news again. He was named law director for University Heights, Ohio. He’s probably trying to get some of his 35-year old parking tickets expunged or reimbursed. If that wasn’t enough for one of my favorite commuters (Mary Rose is first, of course), Tony received the Alumni Medal from JCU at the alumni awards dinner in May. It’s an awesome recognition, and Tony continues to make us proud.

Barb (Nagel) Rosene released a new CD in February titled “Nice and Naughty.” Check it out at barbararosene.com. When I saw the title, I assumed it was a tribute to her dorm years. Can anyone remember who her roommate was? Anybody? I promised not to write about her any more, but her initials are KGB.

Before the New Year, we said goodbye to Mike Minnaugh. He died after a two-year struggle with cancer. The Mass was at the beautiful Old St. Patrick’s in Chicago, and it was a celebration of his life. Fr. Hurley delivered an inspirational homily that would fill more words than this column permits. Classmates at the Mass included: Jerry Herber, Patrick Harrington, Greg Wozniak, Ron Petnuch, Bob Gentile, Mike Robie, and Katie Grace Brandt. Mark Smolik ’84 and Ed Narcisi ’84 also attended. A note from Bill Thompson summed up Mike perfectly: “It was obvious to me he was a happy man enjoying life.” Our prayers are with his wife, Kim, and children: Erin, Jacob, and Conor. Godspeed, Mike. It’s our turn to finish the symphony. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2013
Greetings from Chicago. Actually, I’m still in Thomaston, Ga., and thinking about starting a JCU club here. This town definitely needs some blue and gold.

Nick Conyngham and I spoke in October. He’s heading up JCU’s New York/New Jersey alumni chapter, and I’m doing the same in Chicago. We were comparing notes and looking for ways to “spread the wealth.” JCU has reinvigorated the city chapters, so you should see if there’s one in your area and get involved.

Did you know Rose (Dannemiller) Smoral is teaching second grade in Hudson, Ohio? Did you know her son, Matt, is 6’8” tall? Did you know he’s left-handed? Did you know he was offered a full ride to the University of North Carolina as a baseball pitcher? Did you know he was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays and chose professional baseball over college? You do now!

Tom Biltz decided to harass the nursing staff at the University Hospitals of Cleveland during the Thanksgiving holiday. Some guys will do anything to get out of putting up the Christmas lights. Seriously, Tom, I hope you’re feeling better.

Terry (Fellin) Schoenberger dropped me a note. After 23 years with Progressive Corp., Terry has taken a “hiatus” to stay home with her second-grader, Luke. She worked in operations management and human resources at Progressive, and, while she didn’t tell me directly, Terry must have been the inspiration for Flo, the Progressive woman. “Discount!” Terry keeps in touch with Ellen Grace Trepanier ’81, ’96G; Maggie (Maley) Dempsey; and Maryanna Fezer ’83. My No. 4 son, Michael, has roomed with Ellen’s nephew, Joey Grace (son of Joe ’81), since they were freshmen at JCU. They’re working on their MBAs right now and still rooming together just off campus near Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan’s family home.

Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton and her husband became empty nesters this fall as their daughter joined the freshman class at Indiana University in Bloomington. Their older son is a senior at Marquette University. I’ve heard of Marquette, but can’t place it. I think one of my kids went there. Is that the Jesuit school in Milwaukee? I remember their colors are blue and gold, but I lose track after that. Gags has been working for the Northern Trust in Chicago for 21 years. I wish I’d run into her in Chicago one of these days.

Cathy (Pierce) Kelly ran into our Chicago dentists, Steve Nicorata and Bobby Gentile, at a grade-school reunion. She also sees Katie Grace Brandt at Old St. Pat’s regularly. Cathy tells me Katie is working in family ministry there.

With sadder news, Nick Conyngham’s mother passed away in November. That same week, Marianne Kirk Merren’s father died. He was 99! Tim Freeman ’78 lost his father just before Thanksgiving. We send prayers for all our classmates’ deceased relatives.

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2012

Greetings from Chicago. Actually, it’s Thomaston, Ga., because I’d been missioned to central Georgia for four weeks to work. This summer was perfectly book-ended by JCU activities. Starting with graduation and the alumni awards dinner in May to the mighty Blue Streaks taking down St. Norbert College in Dublin before Labor Day. It was a Blue and Gold summer for sure! The highlight was reunion weekend. The campus sparkled as we were welcomed back for full days and fuller nights. The class of ’82 called Pacelli home for the weekend, which brought back many great memories because that was my dorm freshman year. Thankfully, there were no nuclear tests this time around, even though Kevin (Whalehead) Whalen ’80 was there. Go online (jcu.edu) to view pictures from the weekend.

The University is resurrecting city chapters. Several major cities are up and running, with Chicago leading the way. Chicago kicked off a new leadership team in June, and Suzanne Carroll-McGovern has jumped in with both feet, leading the service, social, and professional development committees. We’re fortunate this Buffalo native calls the Windy City home. The chapter’s first event was watching the JCU/St. Norbert football game from an Irish bar downtown. More than 100 alumni toasted the rout with a Guinness or two. I won’t mention Katie Grace Brandt was there, even though I care. (Take that, JAWC!)

Author, author! Stacey Sanner published her first book of photography and interviews called “Keeping a Blue Light On: A Citizen’s Tribute to the Seattle Police Department.” Stacey writes: “It’s a coffee-table-sized book with personal stories of what it’s like to be a police officer. The stories are told in their words through the interviews I conducted and are all accompanied by a photographic portrait I took.” The book pays tribute to five Seattle police officers who were gunned down in less than a month in 2009. Check it out at Amazon or keepingabluelighton.com. Stacey and her husband, Reggie Fils-Aime, just celebrated their second wedding anniversary and live in Seattle.

Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan is back in the Buckeye State, just a couple hours south of her University Heights roots. MR was at many reunion activities between popping over to Conover Road to check up on her 90-year-old dad. You might remember Dr. Donald Coburn ’43 was awarded the JCU Alumni Medal a few years back. Dr. C and his children have been tremendous assets to our alma mater. The annual Ride for Miles (in memory of professor Miles Coburn, Ph.D., ’75G) was this past September. Mary Rose and Mark have three growing boys – the oldest is on the precipice of high school. Mary Rose has battled significant health problems this year, but if you saw her at reunion, you’d have been amazed because she doesn’t age!

Mary Kay Merk-Kusner – what’s the phrase, if the mountain won’t come to Muhammad? I had lunch with Dave ’80 and Mary Kay in Iowa City in late August. I dropped off my college freshman in St. Louis and drove to Iowa City to bring back a recent college graduate who completed an internship. The Kusners are great. Dave is working at the University Hospitals and MK works in ministry there. Their oldest son graduated from college, and they have two in right now – one in St. Louis and the other in Chicago. Their youngest, Anna, started junior high. Mary Kay was ordained a priest and confirmed two young adults before Labor Day. I hope Mary Kay starts work on her second book soon. It was a treat to catch up with Dave and Mary Kay. I hope to see them in Chicago when they visit their son at Loyola University.

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2012


Greetings from Chicago. Thirty years? Thirty years! Thirty years ago we called that place in University Heights home. Well, it still is. Our zip codes might have changed, but our hearts are always welcome home to John Carroll.

Keith Miller lives in San Diego, and after 27 years in the automotive supply business, he moved on to being a mobility consultant at Ability Center. In 2011, Keith was named the Muscular Dystrophy Association Volunteer of the Year. This year, he was named to the board of St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center in San Diego County. The center works with adults with developmental disabilities.

Gina Iaderosa Samuels is living in Canfield, Ohio, and hoping the Chicago Girls come to Carroll for reunion this summer. Gina’s been a full- time consultant and vice president for the Franklin Mint. She heads up new product and business development. You might have seen her handiwork in the new personalized and customized jewelry collection. Check it out at franklinmint.com. Gina and Ted have been married for 13 years and have “the best dog in the world” – Fred.

Ed Schaefer says hello from the nation’s capital, where he’s the executive project coordinator for Catholic University of America. Ed recently added a MSM degree from CUA to his academic credentials. His wife, Ellen, sons Richard and Eddie, and daughter Angela will all have degrees from CUA by the time you read this. Ed has two other children – Ellen will be a freshman at CUA this year, and Anthony is three years away from the family’s school of choice.

Carol Berg Rolecek lives in Barrington, Ill. I’ve run across her sister, Jeannie Muldowney ’85, around Chicago, but Carol has been more elusive. Chasing three kids to volleyball, softball, Irish dancing, lacrosse, hockey, and basketball hasn’t cured her from her travel bug. Carol recently saw the JCU gang at Glynn and Cathy Pierce Kelly’s house. Laughing through the gourmet feast were Eileen Meyer, Tom ’78 and Julie (Maloney) Ruddy, Tom and Judy Sullivan Coughlin, and Pat and Mary Ann (Gallagher) Stanton. Carol keeps in touch with Barb (O’Brien) Brown and Jean (Antonello) Wasz.

Rick Zirm is a podiatric surgeon at Southwest General Health Center in Cleveland. He and his wife have a 12-year- old daughter. Between ingrown toenails, Rick loves to fish in the wilds of Alaska or soak up the sun in Florida.

Lots of JCU this year for the Hulseman family – graduation for my son, Michael, and our 30th class reunion in June. I hope I saw many of you at one or both of these events. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Spring 2012


Greetings from Chicago. These columns are written well in advance of publication – it’s difficult to imagine in February reunion will be here before we know it. Joe Basar, Tony Coyne (cuz), and Katie Grace Brandt are working on our behalf in conjunction with the alumni office to pull this one together. Reunions are awesome events for graduates. JCU reunions are especially nice because your entire family is welcome. The kids’ camp is spectacular. Hanging around the quad is guaranteed to recharge your batteries (after you recover from a few days of sleep deprivation). Come back to reunion. I guarantee you’ll be glad you did!

Jeanne Pucher Schimeck continues to be involved at the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls in Chicago. Along with a friend, Deb Hoffman, Jeanne started the Hands On Network at Mercy Home. This program brings volunteers together to provide birthday and Christmas presents, Easter baskets, bikes, school supplies, and more to kids from difficult and life-threatening environments. They strive to let children know they’re loved in a way that’s much more personal than sending a check (although funds are always welcome and needed, too). Keep up the great work, Jeanne. You make us proud.

Mark Carpenter (polarman@aol.com) is still with Forest City Enterprises and celebrated his 15th wedding anniversary with Michelle. They’ve worked together for 25 years at Forest City Enterprises. Mark Jr. ’08 married Lizzy Eganhouse ’09, ’12G last summer. Mark keeps in touch with Chris Ebert, Jim Cowhey, and Bill Toomey. Drop Mark a note.

Mike Minnaugh has been undergoing chemo treatments. His Facebook postings have been positive. He even posted a picture of his hairless head for all to admire. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Mike, for a speedy recovery.

Mary Jo Nieset Cornell lives in Buffalo and has three daughters. The oldest, Lindsay, graduated from Xavier in ’09. If I remember correctly, Lindsay played golf for the Musketeers. She now lives in Jackson, Miss. Tara is a freshman at the University of Dayton. Shelby is in the 10th grade. Mary Jo started a security company, Linstar, 12 years ago, and it has offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Albany. There are plans to open three more this year.

Patrice and I hosted a Blue Streaks for Dinner in January during Christmas break. The alumni office invited seven local students, and I asked five local alumni to join us for lasagna and conversation. I thank Dick Murphy ’57, Bill Burke ’73, Patrice McCauley Hulseman ’80, Suzie Whelan Shoup ’81, Colin Hulseman ’08, Bridget Fitzgerald ’10, Michael Hulseman ’12, Alex Furth ’13, Alyssa Singer ’14, Joe Cahill ’13, Billy O’Brien ’13, Matthew Hoyt ’13, and Michael Hager ’14 for coming. It was a great night of conversation and JCU camaraderie. I can’t recommend this enough. More than 230 years of JCU stories at one table. (The campus police were part of several memorable ones.) Outstanding!

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2011

Reunion Year
Francine Gagliano is hoping to leave the Texas heat and return to her beloved Northeast Ohio. While there’s no doubt Cleveland is better in the summer than almost anywhere else, Francine might regret her decision to move north between November and February. OK, maybe October through May.

Birdies, pars, and bogeys (the course record was never in jeopardy) brought me together with Mike Minnaugh, Joe Kovach, and Mike Robie in August. Minnaugh was a little distracted thinking about his upcoming September golf trip to the Emerald Isle with his brothers and spouses. In our family, we refer to them as “spice” (i.e., Joe Kovach). Robie and I swam in the 2011 Big Shoulders 5K in Lake Michigan Sept. 10 and committed to do it again in 2012. It’s funny, but 32 years after swimming in the Johnson Natatorium together as Blue Streaks, I can still pick out Mike’s smooth stroke among 998 other swimmers in the lake.

Katie Carpenter Rose hosted a party at her house in September, and ’70s sitcom idol, Peter Brady (aka Christopher Knight), showed up. I have nothing else to add to this other than I wasn’t invited. Must’ve lost my address. Wouldn’t have gone, anyway. Too busy. Really. Was Jan there?

Sadly, one of my favorite moms of our classmates passed away in August. Katie Grace Brandt’s mom, Marylu “Tap,” died after a battle with cancer. I saw Mrs. Grace in May, and she looked great and sounded even better. The Grace family gathered for a Mass in celebration of her wonderful life, and I was fortunate to have experienced it firsthand. Katie read a beautiful story, “A Mother: A Fairy Tale for Adults,” which concludes with this: “We cannot see her, but she is with us still. A mother like ours is more than a memory. She is a living presence.” Grab a scoop of butter pecan ice cream – that’s how Tap would want you to remember her. Onward on.


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2011

Mark Basso’s Autobahn Country Club of Joliet (Ill.) was featured in the Chicago Tribune in early July. It’s the perfect spot to get your motor running. Mark opened the club in 2004 on 360 acres of farmland and forest in rural Joliet. The club features two road courses: one of 1.5 miles on the north portion of the club and one of 2.2 miles on the south portion. Then there are the garage mahals as he likes to call them. Members can buy a lot and build a garage at their cost for their cars – 62 lots have been bought for that purpose, but there also are shops on-site where members can store their cars and have them worked on if they don’t have their own garage.

Author! Author! Ann Zerovnik Wachter recently published “Catharsis,” a story about a girl who has struggled through significant family issues while trying to lead a normal life. Ann’s goal is to show how self-understanding can help people come to terms with their past and find encouragement to face their own struggles. You can find “Catharsis” at Amazon.com.

Thanks to Katie Grace Brandt, I was in Cleveland in May for the Alumni Awards dinner. The campus was buzzing with activities as JCU celebrated reunion weekend for the 1s and 6s combined with graduation and a communitywide celebration of the University’s 125th anniversary. The IXYs also celebrated in typical IXY fashion. They chartered a bus for the weekend and visited some favorite hangouts from our college days. Bill Bolton, Dave Schmidt, Bob Parrilli, and Paul Olexa led the charge for the class of ’82. No spouses invited – draw your own conclusions.

Tim O’Callahan has changed hat racks. He’s now the senior director for National Development at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. I guess he was tired of the 20-minute commute to St. Ignatius High School and decided to cut that in half from his University Heights homestead.

Cheryl Domasinsky Eynon has become an eternal networker as she looks for that next employment opportunity after Novelis closed their Cleveland offices. In addition to her M.B.A. from Ursuline, Cheryl completed hospice volunteer training and has started seeing patients. If you’re looking for an experienced HR professional, HD is the person you need.

Back to the Alumni Awards dinner. I was honored to be honored for writing this column. As I mentioned that night in an extremely concise acceptance speech, I’m woefully unable to repay John Carroll for the many blessings I’ve received from our alma mater. This column is another blessing for me. Onward on.


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2011

Greetings from Chicago. Bill Bolton sent me a picture of a gathering of IXY classmates. I’m not sure what they were celebrating, but the IXYs never needed a reason. (“Hey, is it Tuesday?”) Fifty brothers met in Naples, Fla., to play golf, drink beer, and reconnect. Heck, it had been longer than a year since they’d gone to Las Vegas for their 100 Man March on the casinos. Eighty-twoers enjoying the festivities with Bill included Tony Parrilli, Dave Schmidt, Ed Fay, Bobby Parrilli, Bobby Gentile, Paul Olexa, Dave Byars, and Jim Hartnett. Odds are there was adequate signage for all events. Once an IXYer …

Linda Besl Peters friended me on Facebook – yes! She’s in San Diego with her husband, two sons, and one stepson. Linda always had a California mindset and is living it now. Last summer, she came back to the Midwest and met with Debbi Casini Klein, Mary Ann Sekerak, Bill Thompson, and Cindy Caster ’80. Does anyone else notice Bill is frequently the only guy with a large group of beautiful women? That hasn’t changed since his JCU days. I always admired that quality in Bill.

My favorite JCU activity is coordinating the Chicago Club Leadership Scholarship. The process includes having accepted high school seniors submit essays about their leadership in high school and how they hope to use these talents in college. We then meet with each candidate for a personal interview. It’s always a remarkable day. Once again, Suzanne Carroll volunteered to work with me on this. Other JCU alumni, though not classmates, included Dick Murphy ’57, Bridget Fitzgerald ’10, and Eric Rapp ’95. Erin Collins Soroosh ’99 bailed at the last minute to give birth to her first son, Jacob. Former dormers will remember Erin’s dad, Jack Collins, who ran housing during our years in University Heights. Jacob is the spitting image of his grandfather.

Doc (Kevin Dougherty) is finishing development of a mixed-use retail/residential site near his childhood home in Pittsburgh. He saw Mac (Mark McDonnell) for their annual visit and soccer training. O’C (Tim O’Callahan) and Squeak (Don MacMillan) didn’t make it this year. What’s with these soccer guys and their nicknames? Although, I knew exactly who he was referring to when he mentioned them!

Nick Conyngham is trying to organize a National Alumni Golf Championship consisting of teams from throughout the country. Maybe Nick could consider a class-year team, instead of a regional team? I’d play for the class of ’82 any day.

I also heard from Jerry Kohl, Katie Grace Brandt (who I’ve promised never to mention again), Joyce Treboniak Jones, and Cheryl Domasinsky Eynon, but I’ve run out of space and will include these updates in the next column along with yours (a subtle hint to drop me a line). Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Spring 2011

Greetings from Chicago. Raise the John Carroll flag in Chicago these days, and you’ll likely run into Suzanne Carroll and her new best friend, Dick Murphy ’57. Another Murphy, Paul V. Murphy, Ph.D., was in town in January with Tom Fanning from admissions to spread the good news about our alma mater and recruit alumni to help with recruiting. There’s no better way to give back to Carroll. Dr. Murphy heads up the University’s mission as an assistant to Fr. Niehoff. He also runs the Institute of Catholic Studies. Paul is a dynamic speaker and I recommend you make plans to hear him sometime.

Katie Grace Brandt spent a weekend in New York last October looking at colleges with her oldest son, Joe, who turned 18 the day after Katie’s glorious 50th celebration. The highlight of their weekend in New York, however, was seeing her JCU roommate, Barb Nagel Rosene, perform at Birdland. Barbara (must be a stage name) held court every Sunday in October with a jazz repertoire, which was just amazing, according to Katie. Word on the street is Barb will be back in Chicago this s pring. Also, Katie was caught teaching my kids how to play beer pong over the holidays. Those are two talented roommates.

I ran into Kathy Lambert Whitely in Cleveland after Christmas. Kathy had lunch with Mary Kay Merk-Kusner the previous week as MK made her annual trek from Iowa City to Cleveland to Lancaster, Ohio, and back. I also ran into Dave Holtz the same evening. One of Dave’s many daughters is a freshman at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island studying baking. Sounds delicious. My sister, Jean Hulseman Kloos ’86 made the mistake of calling Dave “Matt.” She got the last name right but mistook my former roommate for my former teammate. Holtzie is still a fireman in Lyndhurst, Ohio, and looks like he could still tear up the pool.

Condolences to two of our classmates, Joe Kovach and Suzanne McChesney Whalen, who lost their fathers around Christmastime. I knew Joe’s dad well and will never forget his terrific advice about warm beer and women’s shoes. The priest who presided at Mr. Kovach’s funeral at St. Francis of Assisi in Gates Mills, Ohio, was great. He said, “You cannever repay your parents for all they have done for you. You can only pass it along.” RIP, Mr. Kovach and Mr. McChesney.

Onward on.


Paul Hulseman
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Winter 2010

Greetings from Chicago. Katie Grace Brandt asked I stop mentioning her in this column. And as a favor to one of my oldest friends, I feel obliged to do that. No more mentions about Katie, her husband, Tom, or her kids – Joe, Grace, and Michael. Never again. I promise.

Corinne Welty Dupuis passed her Vandy football tickets through me to a golf buddy who’s a rabid Northwestern fan. Corinne hasn’t rested on her JCU laurels. She studied medieval history at Vanderbilt and will complete her M.Ed. in curriculum and leadership this December at Middle Tennessee State University. Her master’s thesis is about St. Hildegard of Bingen, the first German female physician, scientist, holistic healer and 12th-century nun. Co-baby’s sons are 19 and 17.

I swam 2.5 miles in a lake in Wisconsin in September with Mike Robie. He still looks smooth in the water. It’s funny, but I could pick out his stroke 30 years later. Robie corrected me about Mike Minnaugh – he moved to River Forest, not Park Forest as I wrote in the last column. I apologize for the error.

Joyce Treboniak Jones, who poked me on Facebook, joins a growing list of classmates who have friended me, including: Barb, Beth, Barb, Char, Chris, Corinne, Dave, Debbi, Dorothea, Forest, Jean, Katie, Kregg, Marianne, Mark, Mao, Mary Kay, Mary Lou, Mike, Mike, Nick, Paul, Bobby, and Tom. When are you going to do the same? Katie Grace Brandt hasn’t friended me. Can I be “o-friended”?

Mike Hermann is now a Redhawk. Going back to his Jesuit roots, Mike has left Towson University and joined Seattle University as a director of athletics. That cross-country move for the Hermanns puts him on the same coast as his oldest son, who started at the University of San Diego this fall. Wonder what he does with all his Towson-logoed hats, shirts, shorts?

Katie Carpenter Rose, who enjoyed a restful summer plotting tricks and treats for her next class, teaches at Essex Middle School in Vermont. I’d just love to be in her class for one day, just one day. Her son, Nick, is in graduate school in Idaho, and her daughter, Libby, has transferred from URI to UVT, probably to keep a closer eye on her mother.

K-K-K-Katie Grace Brandt turned the magic 5-0 in October. Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Fall 2010

Greetings from Chicago. June found the Hulseman family moving into the dorms for Patrice’s 30th Reunion. As it was her father’s 60th and her brother Sean’s 25th, we took the opportunity to reunite with the McCauley family – so nice of John Carroll to put on such an outstanding party for us, tent and all.

Suzanne McChesney Whalen and I were arm candy for our spouses all weekend. Many of us were hoping Kevin Whalen ’80 would regale the attendees with some of his magic tricks we remember so well. Suzie definitely qualifies for a special prize for putting up with Whalehead’s antics all these years. I was hoping to see Lorie Coviello Armagno and her husband, Tom ’80, but somehow missed them all weekend.

Dr. Paul Colavincenzo completed the 2010 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon May 2. He completed the 1.5- mile swim in 52-degree, shark-infested waters in 41 minutes. The 18-mile bike ride (without training wheels) took one hour and 10 minutes. Paul’s 8-mile run took only one hour and 20 minutes. Paul finished the triathlon 1,132nd overall and ninth in his age group. Outstanding and impressive!

In June, Mike Schmidt, ’81, invited me to the Misericordia Golf Outing at Flossmoor Country Club. Way back in the spring of 1978, I stayed with Mike Schmidt and his Dolan Hall roommate, Lester Barber ’80, when I looked at John Carroll. I played golf with Coach Tony DeCarlo ’66G, his son Tony DeCarlo Jr. ’88 and Mike Mitchell ’81. Other classmates included Ed Fay, Jim Hartnett, Bobby Parrilli, Tony Parrilli, Bob Gentile and Dave Schmidt.

Mike Minnaugh is moving to Chicago to work at a hospital as the CFO and was scheduled to start in July. Mike had been consulting at a bank in town, so he has a pretty good feeling for the city. I heard he’s moving to Forest Park soon.

If you haven’t read our very own Mary Kay Merk-Kusner’s book, “Upside Down and Backwards, A Mother’s Story,” you should. Check it out on Amazon.com.

On a personal note, I was fortunate to have been part of one last JCU swimming record – the 800-yard free relay. Steve Brown ’85, Bryan Alitto ’83, Andy Majeske ’83, and I set it in 1981 at the NCAA Division III meet at Oberlin College. Well, after 29 years, that record bit the dust. The current squad beat it at the OAC Conference Championships earlier this spring. It may be a record for having a record, but as the saying goes, “It was fun while it lasted!”

Onward on!


Paul Hulseman
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Summer 2010

Greetings from Chicago!

It’s a milestone year for many class of ’82ers. The big 5-0 has probably gotten most of us (although Katie Grace Brandt and I are still holding out until later this year). I was on campus in April and heard that Mary Rose (Coburn) Sullivan was celebrating her big day that evening at Finnegan’s. The next weekend, Joe Kovach was surprised at his party thrown by his lovely and talented wife, Peggy. She used the “kids in from college” ruse to get him to the restaurant. “Cold beer” used to work with Joe.

Jane (Schneeberger) Grebenc has moved from KeyCorp to Park View Federal as executive vice president of retail banking. Jane has been active in the community, too, serving on the Board of Trustees for the American Red Cross, The Cleveland Sight Center, The Gathering Place, and the Holden Arboretum. Congratulations to Jane!

In April, Katie Grace Brandt and I met in Berwyn, IL, to see Katie’s former roommate, Barb (Nagel) Rosene sing with the Harry James Orchestra. “Barbara” was on a five-week tour through towns in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Minnesota that would make a minor league baseball player frown. She was spectacular! I am a fan of Big Band music and Barb’s voice and performance were something to hear and see. Check out future live performances at barbararosene.com. Barb has a son who is a junior at Dennison University and a daughter who is a junior in high school.

Mark McDonnell joined Joe Kovach and me for lunch in March. Mark is a national sales executive for Lynnco Supply Chain – consultants for logistics and warehousing. His oldest son is finishing up at Carroll this spring – graduation at John Carroll will be beautiful. He also has a son at Loyola University Chicago and a couple more kids at home. Mac keeps up with Joe Basar, Tim O’Callahan, and Kevin Dougherty.

Ed Fay was spotted at Sunday Mass at our parish in Winnetka, IL. I spoke with one of his sons, Warren, but missed touching base with Eddie as he was working the crowd. I remember so clearly the day I introduced Katie Grace and Ed Fay as they were both running to be our freshman class president.

My Facebook friends’ list has grown with Jean (Nester) Turcu, Mary Lou Prendergast, Mary Alice O’Brien, Suzanne Fortunato, Beth Hassenplug Langenhorst, and Frank Cicco all agreeing to be my friend. I’m not sure what to do with Facebook, but I have some pretty good examples of what not to do from my youngest brother, Bill.

Onward On! Paul

Spring 2010

Greetings from Chicago! Baby, it’s cold outside! Fortunately the winter sports are swimming and basketball in the Hulseman household – both are held in climate controlled areas. Is there any better smell than chlorine? The sun left Chicago in early December — I am told it may return by the time this magazine hits your mailbox, but I will believe it when I see it.

Author, Author! Our very own Beaudry Award winner, Mary Kay Merk-Kusner, has written her first book. Upside-Down and Backwards…A Mother’s Story is a beautiful story about the birth and growth of her daughter, Anna. Anna was born with a missing chromosome, but has taught the Kusner family so much along the way. This book will make you smile, laugh, cry, pray, and appreciate others in so many ways. I cannot recommend this book more highly. Check it out at www.amazon.com or www.marykaykusner.com.

The news about Mike Minnaugh got Stacey Sanner to send an e-mail. Those two went to grade school together in Erie, PA. Stacey left New York, NY, to follow her “long-time beau” to Seattle where he is president of Nintendo of America, Inc., and Stacey runs her own PR business. Stacey and Reggie are getting married in 2010 (she did not give me an exact date – I’ll wait for the invitation in the mail!). My kids would think Reggie is the coolest. I bring home plastic cups from work and he brings home new or experimental Wii games!

Do you Facebook! My kids were horrified when I started. Some have “friended” me. A few “friended” then quietly “unfriended” me. I have a growing list of classmates on my list: Katie Carpenter Rose, Char Murawa Donelan, Dave Holtz, Debbi Klein, Dorothea Polster, Francine Gagliano, Joe Kovach, Mary Kay Merk Kusner, Mike Minnaugh, Mike Hermann, Paul Colavincenzo, Bobby Gentile, Nick Conyngham, Marianne Kirk Merren, Tim O’Callahan, and Tom Biltz.

Onward On! Paul

Winter 2009

Greetings from Chicago! My quest to swim to John Carroll progressed nicely. Through September, I have logged 340 miles. As I write this column, the Western suburbs of Cleveland are coming into view. I should make it to our alma mater by Halloween.

Paul Olexa sent me a picture from Carroll’s orientation. His son, Paul, will be classmates with JP Bolton, son of Bill and Mariann ’83, and Ryann Kinney, daughter of Steve Kinney ’81. I am sure there are other legacies in the class of 2013 – drop me a note and let me know.

Jim Cowhey has moved up from alderman to mayor of Lake Forest, IL. This is in addition to his responsibilities as president of Land and Lakes, an environmental services firm in Park Ridge. Jim and his wife, Lisa ’81, also have three children.

Mike Hermann played host to the NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship. My daughter, Molly, and I met up with Mike and his family during the quarterfinal games at Towson University, MD. Mike keeps up with Alice ’83 and Kregg Boreani. The Hermanns and Boreanis volunteered at the John Carroll service project in May where Mike and Kregg demonstrated their finely tuned managerial skills while the wives and kids provided the necessary manual labor. We saw the Hermann family and Katie Brandt in September when Towson came to Evanston to play Northwestern.

Mike Minnaugh spent the summer in Chicago helping Corus Bank with their financial problems. The Minnaughs sent their oldest to college and moved to Shaker Heights this summer.

Mike Robie, former JCU standout swimmer, and I met for lunch and later reunited in the pool for a Saturday morning swim. Robie and Minnaugh went to high school together at Cathedral Prep in Erie, PA. They reconnected this summer, too.

Mary Rose Coburn Sullivan is moving back to Ohio – not Cleveland but Columbus. Last I heard was that MR bought a house next door to her sister.

Dr. Paul Colavincenzo recovered from open heart surgery and has offered to show off his scar at the next Reunion. He actually posted pictures on Facebook for the less squeamish. Don’t let your kids read this next sentence! Paul bought his daughter a horse. If this gets out, we are all doomed.

Kevin Coyle dropped me an e-mail to say he is working for the Ignatian Volunteer Corps in Baltimore, MD. He is tutoring and mentoring grade school children.

On a very somber note, Ann Geiger Healey’s son, Kevin, died in April after a long battle with cancer. Our prayers are with Ann and the Healey family.

Onward On! Paul

Summer 2009

Greetings from Chicago! Early April and no signs of spring in Chicago – except the Cubs are playing baseball. There is a second baseball team in Chicago, but I can’t remember their name. This year I am trying to “swim” to John Carroll. MapQuest has it at 373 miles from my home in Winnetka, IL, to 20700 N. Park Boulevard (I should probably add some more yards to end at the Johnson Natatorium?). So I am adding up my yards in the pool four mornings per week and converting them to miles. Last year I swam around 300 miles with a couple masters groups, so I need to pump up the yardage if I am going to make it all the way. Through March, I have water-logged just over 100 miles – probably close to South Bend, and we all know there’s no reason to stop or slow down there!

Our classmates from the Iota Chi Upsilon fraternity assembled in Las Vegas in March to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their founding at JCU with 75 brothers. By all accounts, the boys were well-behaved. Classmates included: Bill Bolton, Dave Schmidt, Bobby Gentile, Tony Parrilli, Bobby Parrilli, and Paul Olexa. The IXYs are well on their way to raising $1,000,000 to endow JCU scholarships – I can’t think of a better way to support our alma mater.

Speaking of Schmitter, Dave Schmidt and his band, the Blue Snouts, have lots of gigs planned for April and May around Chicago. Check out future dates on his website: www.myspace.com/daveschmidtandthesnouts. He also has a CD available at www.cdbaby.com/daveschmidt.

Suzanne Carroll-McGovern recently served on the Chicago Club’s Scholarship Committee. She had just returned from a trip to Fiji and New Zealand with her sister. Suzanne is trying to find the Chicago city limits from her homestead in rural Naperville.

Katie Grace Brandt saw Steve Nicorata (our class president) at a benefit in Chicago. Steve apparently has his oldest son at a Jesuit university in Milwaukee, but I can’t remember the name of the son or the school. My wife tells me we have a son there, too, but I can’t remember that, either.

Sadly, Mark Schell succumbed to pancreatic cancer in February. Our prayers are with his wife, Becky, and his daughters. Rest in Peace, Mark.

Onward On! Paul

Spring 2009

Greetings from Chicago! The 12 inches of snow this weekend followed by bitter cold helped to mask the tears as our college kids returned to their campuses (one picturesque in University Heights; the other one not so picturesque). Those were tears of joy, not sadness. If you have college kids, you know exactly what I mean. It’s great to have them home, but even better when they return!

Our oldest son, Colin, finished his political science curriculum at Carroll in December. January saw him working on that next stage of his life – have degree, will work for food. We hope to have our two oldest in cap and gown this May on the quad. That would be fun!

Judy Schoen Thomas is careening towards an empty nest. Her oldest, Jenny, graduated from UT a year ago and is working there today. The final two enter college this fall and next. So far, no Blue Streaks in the Thomas offspring, but I will keep my hopes up. As you know, all roads lead to Toledo

I found out this holiday season that a friend of mine went to grade school and high school with Judy and Char Murawa Donelan (DCMII). Small World!

Barb O’Brien Brown continues to give back to our alma mater. In addition to being the vice chair of the Entrepreneurs Association, Barb is helping out with another Board of Directors initiative. Check out Barb’s company – www.BrownFlynn.com.

I need scoops – please drop me a line. Onward On! Paul

Winter 2008

Greetings from Chicago! I hope you read the beautiful tribute to Miles Coburn ’75G in the last issue of this magazine. Miles leaves behind a remarkable legacy. The significance of his work at and around John Carroll cannot be overstated. Our prayers go out to his family including his sister, Mary Rose Coburn Sullivan.

I took five children to see their three JCU brothers over Homecoming Weekend – so we had a quorum as a family…nobody was voted out of the family, thankfully. It’s been years since I’ve been to Homecoming – it was fun! The Street Fair was ideal for my 7 to 12 year olds. JCU held off Heidelberg to clinch the victory. Mass in the chapel followed by brunch in the cafeteria brought back great memories. One of the Homecoming highlights was the chance to catch up with former swimming coach, Ron Zwierlein, and JCU’s All-American substitute, Frank Cicco. It was Jill Cicco’s wish to celebrate her birthday watching the Blue Streaks on the gridiron and then play nursemaid to my ailing 7-year old. Coach Z has not changed one bit. Neither has Frankie! You will have to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

Kevin Coyle dropped me a nice note – he’s living in Philadelphia, but is no longer working. He remembers the people I mentioned in the last column – yep, they are all still there. Drop Kevin a note, if you get a chance. It’s easy to do on JCU Connect.

Katie Carpenter Rose had a busy summer. Her baby went off to college – not JCU so I won’t mention it by name. That makes Jim and Katie empty-nesters for the first time. (Good luck, Jim.) Katie ran her first marathon in May. She also ran into Jim Redford in Washington, DC, where they were cheering on their kids in the We The People national competition. Lots of running for Katie!

On a personal note, if you look at the class columnists for 1980 and 1981, you might remember that Matt Holtz, Bob Hill and I were all roommates in Bernet Hall for one year when Matt was a studly senior, Bob was president of the Student Union and I was a lowly underclassman. I had no idea we were all budding authors, but it’s nice to have the roomies back together even if it’s only in print.

I need scoops – please drop me a line! Onward On! Paul

Fall 2008

Greetings from Chicago! Great news from Mike Hermann in Maryland! His wife, Paula, has signed on to help John Carroll as a regional director for development, alumni relations, and admission in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Paula’s background should make her a real asset for our alma mater. As you may remember, Mike is athletic director at Towson State University.

I finally heard from Nancy Wagoner Freeman on her quest to contact Mary Kay Merk-Kusner. Nancy’s second oldest will be a freshman at the University of Minnesota. That makes two college kids and two middle school kids this year for the Freemans. Nancy was looking forward to some down time at their cabin in Canada. I guess the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota weren’t enough for Nancy – she had to go to Canada to find the right one.

Karen Petrash Domke dropped me an e-mail – her son, Ryan, will be a freshman at JCU this fall. Ryan will follow the footsteps of his mother and grandfather, Donald Petrash ’54 and ’59G, around the quad. Karen’s trip to orientation in June brought back a lot of great memories – 18-years go by quickly when looking in the rear view window en route to college.

Dr. Rulx Ganthier dropped me an update – he’s been very busy. He and Dr. Darryl Rini followed their favorite Cavs through the playoffs. Rulx took his family to Europe including the eye-opening international city of Amsterdam. He does a good job of keeping contact with his IPT brothers including Tim Tabar ’83 and Bob Rufo ’83. Finally, Rulx was named chairman of the Diabetes Advisory Council in Florida by the governor.

My son, Michael, went to the first orientation session in June. He signed up for a French class with Dr. Sanko, met Clarissa from the cafeteria, Fr. Bichl on the quad, Donna Byrnes from housing, and had lunch with Dr. Gatto. Michael plans to room with Ellen Grace’s ’81 nephew, Joey – named after his father, Joe Grace ’81. Joey and Michael met at orientation. Let’s hope Joey is a Cubs’ fan – at least it’s a good bet that Joey won’t root for the White Sox as most Westsiders cheer on their beloved Indians!

I spoke with Lisa ’81 and Jim Cowhey at the Loyola Academy reunion. Fr. Schell had just passed away and Lisa and I recounted some great memories of a great Jesuit. Sr. Ellen must have been thinking about Fr. Schell when she concluded the Prayer of a John Carroll student, “May John Carroll be a better place because I am here.”

Chris Ebert and I teamed up in June to take some spare change off of a couple friends on the golf course. It’s not exactly college tuition money, but covered lunch at Poochies.

A quick correction from the last column – Chris and Suzie ’81 Shoup did not make the party for the Queen of Michigan City with Jerry Kohl, Katie Grace and me. But Tim Freeman ’78 definitely was not there. Mary Walsh Freeman ’87 wouldn’t miss it. Frank and Ellen ’81 Tighe flew in from Atlanta for it. Tim had other plans.

I need scoops – please drop me a line! Onward On! Paul

Summer 2008

Greetings from Chicago! Jerry Kohl was spotted in Chicago in February at a surprise party for one of our favorite RAs – Jeanne Ann Wall Cannon ’80. You might recall an incident our first week freshman year in 1978, Jeanne Ann caught Jerry red-handed trying to burn down the newly opened New Dorm (now called Sutowski Hall). Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Jerry was trying to prove to Jeanne Ann that simple cigarette smoke would not set off the fire alarms. I guess we can say now that it ended up just fine and as far as I can remember it was the only time Jerry appeared before the University Hearing Board.

Katie Grace Brandt, Suzie Whelan Shoup ’81, Ellen McMullen Tighe ’81, Mary Walsh Freeman ’87, Mary Ann Wall ’84, and Patrice McCauley Hulseman ’80 gathered downtown to celebrate the Queen of Michigan City’s 50th birthday. Yikes! Tim Freeman ’78 apparently had other plans that evening. I doubt he even missed it.

Bobby Gentile spotted Jerry Herber, Patrick Harrington, Greg Wozniak, and our class president, Steve Nicorata, dining in Chicago this spring. I hope the troopers didn’t stick Winky with the bill. I bet it has been years since they “dined and dashed”! At least the dash part.

There has been a lot of activity at the Brown house. Charles Brown ran for judge. His campaign manager was Tony Coyne, future mayor of Cleveland and onetime cousin. The campaign came up a little short this time, better luck next time. The last I heard of Chuck, he was calling bingo at St. Margaret Mary’s and paying college tuitions.

Tremendous news for the class of ’82 – our very own, Barb O’Brien Brown, will receive the Alumni Medal at graduation. Barb has done extremely well professionally with the success of her PR firm – Brown Flynn Communications. She continues to give back to our alma mater and currently serves on the Boler School of Business’s Advisory Board. You make your fellow Chicagoans proud, too. John Carroll is a better place because of Barb – congrats!

My fourth son, Michael, will be a freshman next year at Carroll. That’s JCU three, Marquette one in the Hulseman household, in case you are counting. (Don’t ask about the one that got away!) I hope to see classmates at orientation this summer – let me know if you have a legacy in the class of 2012.

I need scoops – please drop me a line! Onward on! Paul

Spring 2008

Greetings from frigid Chicago!

Did you survive the holidays? Fortunately, our college boys left last week and we can get the house back to a normal schedule. No more 3 a.m. pizzas and no more sleeping through most of the afternoon! At least until spring break. My mom always said about college: “The more you pay, the less they go!”

Our holidays were brightened with some awesome Christmas cards from classmates. Our favorite came from Jim and Katie Carpenter Rose. If you remember back to reunion in June, Katie left her kids at home – again. At the Sunday brunch I had to ask if her kids truly existed or was Katie making them up – you know what a kidder she can be! Well, imagine my surprise when the Hulseman family gathered around the Christmas tree and opened the Rose’s Christmas card — a beautiful picture with Jim, Katie and seven kids! All these years, I thought Katie and Jim had just one boy and one girl – Nick and Libby. I must have lost track.

Dave Kusner ’80 and Mary Kay Merk-Kusner sent their oldest to Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn. With two more high school boys and beautiful Anna in second grade, the Kusners are very busy, indeed. Mary Kay is working as an end-of-life chaplain at the University of Iowa Health Center. In November, Dave moved into private practice concentrating on internal medicine and infectious diseases.

Ann Geiger Healey sent me a terrific note last fall. Her son, Kevin, was diagnosed with cancer in January 2007. He graduated from St. Ignatius in Cleveland and started college at some school in South Bend, Ind. If you have a minute, check out the web site – www.kevinhealy.com. Keep Kevin in your prayers.

Out of the blue, I got an invitation to join Sherry Javad’s network on LinkedIn. If I remember correctly, Sherry’s on JCU’s MIA list with no idea of her whereabouts these last 25 years. Our favorite Persian classmate, her words, has been busy. She is living in southern California and is COO for Telesis Community Credit Union. Sherry has a 20-year old son and a 16-year old daughter.

I need scoops – please drop me a line! Onward On! Paul

Fall 2007

Greetings from Chicago! I am writing this column as our own Katie Grace Brandt celebrates her birthday. I missed the postman and her card will get to Chicago’s Old Irving Park neighborhood a tad late again this year. Katie loves to celebrate her birthday. So even though this column will appear a couple months after the real celebrations have dwindled, it’s never too late! “I am because of the love of my friends.”

I have been trying to keep up with birthday cards for all of our classmates. If you didn’t get one from me, I must not have your correct address — drop me an e-mail and let me know what’s up.

Barb O’Brien Brown fed me on my recent trip to Cleveland. Her PR firm, BrownFlynn Communications, is going great. Barb and Chuck have two boys in college now and their baby girl is at Beaumont. The Browns were hoping to run into Peggy and Joe Kovach at Parents Weekend at DePaul. It did not happen. Trust me, Barb, my goddaughter, Elizabeth Kovach, is nothing like her dad. She would be a positive influence on your son! Barb did see Mary Ann Gallagher Stanton on a recent Chicago trip.

Tim Ita got his law degree from Northwestern University years ago and is a partner at Roberts, Matejczyk & Ita Co., L.P.A. He lives in Medina, OH, with his wife, Cheryl, and three kids.

Maureen Strathern Graham is working for Metro Catholic School as a bookkeeper, living in Chagrin Falls, and raising a beautiful 11-year old daughter.

I need news, so drop me a line! Onward On! Paul

Summer 2007

Greetings from Chicago! Wow! Now that was a reunion to remember! Besides being absolutely perfect from a weather standpoint, Alumni Relations outdid themselves. They thought of everything which allowed us to just flat out enjoy each other’s company again. Believe it or not, my kids had a better time than we did – 10 of my future Blue Streaks checked into the kids’ camp on Friday (Minor League baseball game, bowling, whirly ball, swimming…). Another son, Patrick ’09ish, worked as a counselor at the camp – he’s had prior experience chasing 10-year olds. I knew my little kids would enjoy the camp – what’s not to like? The high school kids were moaning before we left. However, they had an awesome time and met new friends. The one thing I forgot is how great the JCU college kids who worked the program as counselors, go-fers, dorm moms, luggage movers, and lifeguards are! The JCU students really made the weekend special for all families who jumped in with both feet and soaked up all the fun.

Robbi Beni Fazio dropped me a terrific note after the festivities. She was looking to meet friends of all ages on Saturday afternoon after the class lunch. I hope she found them – they may have gone to the wrong place! But at Carroll, everybody is a friend, Robbi. Cheers!

Rick Kuczmarski took the opportunity at the Shula Stadium Saturday afternoon to work on his next generation of college All-Americans. The Kuczmarski kids were working on the 3-point stance when I saw them. I think wind sprints were next.

The brotherhood of Iota Chi Upsilon was well-represented on campus between golf games. Paul Olexa and his two kids, Paul II (16) and Allison (13) dove into the festivities. Paul lives in the Detroit area and is VP sales and marketing for an automotive supplier, ZF Group NAO. He and his old roommate, Bill Bolton, run into each other at University of Detroit High School functions.

Bobby Gentile made a week of it in Cleveland catching up with relatives and friends.

Dave Schmidt and Ed Fay were MIA. I can’t write here what was said about you two.

At Sunday’s brunch on campus (as opposed to the one off campus), a fellow classmate offered to guest scribe a few notes as long as I kept her identity secret. So I’m not going to tell, but I am reminded of a quote by Shakespeare. “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Here are her comments: Mary Lou (Petrancosta) Prendergast’s husband, Mike, presented a talk on his book Don’t Chew Jesus. It was a “nun”-filled hour of very amusing stories. He is in the process of writing a new book entitled Jesus Has Issues and So Does My Wife. After spending the weekend with LuLu this will be a multi-volume set … look out Harry Potter!

Meg (Fallon) Mooney is branching out into a new communications field, Cocktail Party Sign Language. She is consulting at parties around the Carolinas. Anyone is invited to accompany her; all you need is a little black dress and the desire to learn from the master.

Dave Holtz returned to school, literally. He learned that if you take the “lene” away from Charlene, you get Char! Who then becomes recognizable as former classmate Char (Murawa) Donelan.

Joe Basar and Kevin Dougherty attended the How to Pay for College Seminar. They must have realized they weren’t as prepared as they thought. They were seen Saturday evening scalping beer tickets.

Mary Ann (Moritz) Blatt was in such a hurry to get to campus Friday night, she had a police escort!

Bobby Parrilli is available 24/7 now. Just text message his son, Matt, and he’ll make sure Bob gets the message any time day or night. Unfortunately for Bobby, he has three girls after his son … he has no idea what he is in for!

Judging by the looks of Jim Redford he is doing well. But you can’t judge a book by its cover. You should judge for yourself. Care to guess what Jim is doing now? Those words are inspiring, revealing, and touching. Thanks to our little Miss Anonymous – you have a calling!

George Antoon connected to say his daughter, Stephanie, will be a freshman at JCU this fall. It’s great to see the legacies continue. Are there others? Drop me a line and I will include it in the next column.

Barb and Chuck Brown were in Ireland instead of University Heights for a family reunion. Their oldest son, Tom, is studying there this summer. #2 son, Dan, is starting at DePaul this fall. Barb is looking forward to getting back to Chicago for regular visits. She’ll be catching up with Carol Berg Rolecek, Cathy Pierce Kelly and Mary Ann Gallagher Stanton. Scoops to follow!

Onward on! Paul

Spring 2007

Greetings from Chicago!

It was 26-degrees on Saturday for Winnetka’s annual Easter egg hunt. Cleveland’s opening baseball weekend was snowed out? While I can’t guarantee perfect weather for our 25th reunion in June, I will go out on a limb and say it will not snow – I promise. Pack your bags and get ready for a great weekend. Great reunions are not weather dependent!

Judy Schoen Thomas, former Maumee domestic engineer of the year, has hung an Internet shingle focused on travel and entertainment. Check out her web site at www.ticketsbyjudy.com.

The highlight of our Christmas cards has to be Char Murawa Donelan’s. Don’t let her business degree fool you, this classmate can write! It made me laugh. It made me cry. It had a good beat and was easy to dance to, too! I’d give it an 82.

Mary Lou Petrancosta Prendergast dropped me a great e-mail. Her husband, Mike, has published a book and will be giving a presentation about it during reunion. “Don’t Chew Jesus! A Collection of Memorable Nun Stories” came out last November. I just picked up a copy for my father at Barnes and Noble. Anyone who went to a Catholic grade school will relate to this book. I may have to dust off a few memories of Sister Angelica for his next book.

Gina Iaderosa Samuels is slowing down? Nah, but she has moved her activities from New York City to Canfield, OH. While working in marketing and investor relations in NYC, our very own Gina was on the board of directors of the American Suicide Foundation. She co-founded the Junior Lifesavers League. Gina was awarded Fashion Group International’s “Frontliner” award for her work in public relations and advertising and was asked to sit on the board of directors for Frontliners. She has been published with by-lines in Runners’ World, New York Magazine, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Retried to Ohio? Nope. Gina is now buying jewelry for Saks Fifth Avenue in Beachwood, OH.

Paul Zakelj earned an advanced degree from Penn State in 2001 and is currently senior engineer at Bridgestone Firestone in Akron. He and his wife, Kathleen ’86, live in Stow, OH, and have two boys and two girls ranging in age from 20 to 15.

Carol Berg Rolecek has landed! After 20 years with United Airlines in sales and marketing, Carol has been a full-time mom. Carol and her husband, Terry, live in Barrington, IL, with their two girls and one boy ranging from almost 6 to 10. Carol has a nephew who transferred to John Carroll after his freshman year. So the Berg tradition lives on in University Heights.

Frank Cicco was in Chicago for business recently and agreed to stay with Patrice and me and 11 of our 13 kids (the other two are at John Carroll). After getting his clocked cleaned by my 10-year old pool shark son, enduring a 5:30 a.m. swim practice with old farts, and getting the kids fed and off to school on Monday morning, Frank was looking forward to returning to Butler, PA.

Onward On! Paul

Winter 2007

Greetings from Chicago! George Antoon dropped a note to JCU. He is living in Melbourne, FL, and running Global Cellular, Cellaris Franchising. He and his wife, Janet, have three girls – Stephanie (17), Kristin (15), and Jennifer (14). Who would have guessed George would be surrounded by beautiful women?!

Cindie Carroll-Pankhurst is an investigator with the Cuyahoga County Coroner’s Office. Cindie has advanced degrees from both Cleveland State and Case Western Reserve University. Cindie and her husband, Mark Salling, live in Cleveland Heights.

Virginia Noonan Hahne is teaching school at Sr. Petronille in Glen Ellyn, IL. Virginia completed her master’s at the University of St. Francis last year. In addition to the demands of grade school, Virginia and her husband, David, have three children – Anneliese (16), Ellen (15), and David Jr. (13).

Legal eagle Patrick Harrington is a partner at Harrington, Thompson, Acker & Harrington in Chicago. He and Marigayle have five kids – Patrick (17), Kevin (16), Peggy (14), Kathleen (12), and Jimmy (9). I spotted the Harringtons at the John Carroll – Loyola University basketball game in Chicago last November. Other notable ’82ers and their families cheering on the Blue Streaks included Katie Grace Brandt and Lisa Brown Lizzo.

Speaking of lawyers, Deirdre Donnelly is an attorney in the Office of Chief Counsel at the IRS in Washington. Deirdre and her husband, Thomas Sawyer (I’m not making that name up!) have three boys and one girl from 11 to 3 years of age.

J. William Aragones is an anesthesiologist at Ambulatory Anesthesia Care in Lapeer, MI. He and his wife, Erica, have two children, Casey and Lauren.

Jeb Bush, governor of the State of Florida, has reappointed our very own Rulx Ganthier to the Diabetes Advisory Council. He was also elected vice chairman of that organization by his peers. Rulx’s daily responsibilities find him at the Highlands Eye Institute in Sebring, FL. He is a Diplomate with the American Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow at the American College of Surgeons. One of our most likely to succeed, Rulx seems to be doing just that!

John Michael Curry is now VP and academic dean at Goucher College in Towson, MD. I hope John and Mike Hermann, AD at Towson State University are able to renew JCU connections there. Goucher College is an independent liberal arts school with about 1,300 undergraduate students located outside of Baltimore.

It’s great to know that the Don “Squeak” MacMillan, Tim “O’C” O’Callahan, Mark “Mac” McDonnell and Kevin “Doc” Dougherty phone tree is still in order. Has anybody else noticed how much O’C and Senator McCain sound alike? I noticed this watching Tim Russert ’72 interview Senator McCain on Meet the Press after talking with our classmate and JCU Hall of Famer, “O’C”, earlier in the week. Maybe a run for University Heights mayor, O’C?

Make plans to attend our 25th reunion this summer. The committee (Joe Basar, Katie Grace Brandt, Frank Cicco, Corinne Welty Dupuis, Robbie Beni Fazio, Dan Hilson, Jim Hopkinson, Mary Alice O’Brien Mecke, and Jean Nester Turcu) has been hard at work on all the details to make it the most memorable ever for you and your entire family.

Onward on! Paul

Fall 2006

Greetings from Chicago! I got an e-mail from one of our legal eagles, Nancy Pryatel Klingshirn. After a law degree from The Ohio State University and a graduate degree in tax from Case Western Reserve, she has been practicing law around Cleveland while raising three kids – Justin (17), Kevin (15), and Lauren (13). Nancy is also teaching Legal Environment part-time at JCU. She would like to hear from Marge Mulanax and Deirdre Donnelly.

Debbi Casini Klein is living in Pittsburgh and was hoping to get in touch with Linda Besl Peters and Mary Ann Sekerak. Deb and her husband, Bob (they got married on the island of Fiji ten years ago), have two kids – Michael (9), and Isabella (3). While keeping her TV producing skills honed in Pittsburgh, she has become a part-time travel agent, publicity agent and special events coordinator.

Stacey Sanner recently followed her heart from the Big Apple to Seattle. While in NY, Stacey worked at VH1 and was in charge of PR for Teen People Magazine. She’s looking for any JCU contacts in Seattle while pursing the PR market there.

My old JCU roommate has switched jobs. Ron Petnuch left Federated Investors after many years and is now CEO and president of Intertech Security Group. A switch from securities to security? That’s what it looks like to me.

Mark McDonnell’s oldest son has started at JCU in this year’s freshman class. I met Patrick again (all those Breakfasts with Santa don’t count) at the Off to JCU BBQ this summer hosted by Billy ’83 and Sue ’84 Donnelly in Inverness, IL. A no show at this party was Molly Mullaney, daughter of Ryan Mullaney and Susie Stokes Mullaney ’83. There’s a third double alumni legacy in this year’s freshman class from Chicago and it isn’t a Hulseman! Tim O’Brien has followed his parents’ footsteps down I-80 – he’s the oldest son of Bill and Mary Carol – both from the class of ’81. Drop me a line if one of your kids is in this year’s class, too.

On very sad news, I received the following e-mail from Mark Chuchman’s father: Mark Chuchman, our son, your classmate, died on July 24 in Arizona after a lifelong struggle with liver problems. Despite all his hardships, Mark, a truly gentle man, never complained. Any classmate wishing to share memories of Mark may e-mail them to me, his dad, John Chuchman ’59 at poetman@torchlake.com.

Hats off to several classmates who continue to help make John Carroll a better place by volunteering to contact prospective students. This year’s honor roll of Alumni-in-Admissions volunteers from the class of ’82 includes: Paul Colavincenzo, Katie Grace Brandt, Dan Hilson, Umberto Fedeli, and Corinne Welty Dupuis.

I was fortunate to be on campus in early October and it was absolutely beautiful. The campus just shines from one end to the other and I wished I had a little more time to sit on the Chapel steps for a while. Please mark your calendars today for Reunion Weekend in late June. You owe it to yourself to come back and drink the JCU Kool-Aid one more time!

Onward on! Paul

Summer 2006

Greetings from Chicago! Former Blue Streak diver, Chris O’Neil dropped me a line. He and his wife, Cindy, live in Denver and have five kids. Chris is a senior vice president with Morgan Stanley. Cindy coaches age group swimming and these days find them shuttling kids between swimming, soccer and lacrosse. The O’Neils will be experiencing their next life stage this fall as #1 child is off to the University of Colorado. Does anybody else wonder why the University of Colorado refers to itself as “CU”? Finally heard from former Blue Streak swimming standout, Dave Holtz. Holtzie is a lieutenant in the Lyndhurst Fire Department where he has been for over 20 years. Dave is loving life surrounded by four beautiful women. His wife, Barb, has taken up ballroom dancing. Their daughters, Hannah (16), Kelly (14) and Jillian (12), are just hitting their prime teenage years. It just doesn’t get any better than that, Dave.

I ran into Francine Gagliano and Maureen Strathern Graham at the Friday night bash on campus for Reunion Weekend. Francine keeps tabs with Janice McKeon Eva, Rose Dannemiller and Roberta Beni Fazio. They recently got together in Solon to raise money for leukemia research. Francine still works for State National Companies in the insurance industry. She travels every other week to Fort Worth, but has managed to resist a transfer to Texas. Her son, Matt, is a sophomore at Miami University and her daughter, Caitlin, is a junior in high school.

Judy Schoen Thomas just won an award from the City of Maumee which recognized her as the domestic engineer of the year. Judy and her husband, Frank, have one daughter in college (University of Toledo – UT not TU!) and a daughter and son at Toledo’s Central Catholic High (CCHS – I’m guessing). She lives close to Maureen Lynch Thebes and their kids go to school together. Judy has promised to rally the troops for our reunion next summer. Congratulations on the recognition, Judy!

Liz Summers Sweeney celebrated with the class of ’81 at this year’s reunion while promising to return for our 25th next June. I had a great chat with her on Friday night. If you hung out in the Bohannon Science Center you might remember her husband, Patrick ’81, who is an MD in Battle Creek, MI.

I was able to track down the elusive Peggy Daly Tischler at her home in Mount Airy, MD. A little birdie gave me her phone number. Peggy and Rich have two girls and one boy and are consumed with golf and lacrosse. Peggy keeps tabs on our Rocky River legal eagle Collette Gallagher Mentrek, and Chicagoans Cathy Pierce Kelly, and Mary Ann Gallagher Stanton.

Mary Rose Coburn Sullivan came back to campus for the Alumni Awards dinner and graduation in May. Her father, Dr. Donald Coburn ’43, received the Alumni Medal at this year’s festivities. Mary Rose is living in New Jersey across the street from her parish – go figure! She is raising three boys – ages 8, 6 and 3 ½.

Corinne Welty Dupuis was also at graduation looking at beautiful as ever. Corinne (or “CO-baby”) has been a flight attendant since graduation and is living in Brentwood, TN. She is looking to start teaching and put to use some of the worldly knowledge she has gained.

I really need updates from classmates – please drop me a line. Also, it’s not too early to mark Reunion Weekend off on your calendar. June 22-24, 2007 will be here before you know it.

Onward on! Paul

Spring 2006

Greetings from Chicago! Cheryl Domasinsky Eynon will be in cap and gown again this May as she receives her Master’s of Management from Ursuline College. Cheryl still works at the same company, but the name on the door changed from Alcan to Novelis. Hot Damn! Congratulations, Cheryl.

I flew to Minneapolis in a snowstorm with Joe Basar in March. I went to see my #2 son dive for JCU in the NCAA Division III Nationals. Joe was en route for another typical day as regional human resources manager for Ingersoll Rand’s Hussman Corporation. Joe and his wife, Gail, have two girls ages13 and 11. He seems to be aloft quite a lot these days and was remarking how he did a day trip to Houston recently. Air travel is so much fun these days – not! Joe’s exceptionally developed HR skills should come in handy with those two girls as they hit their stride as teenagers.

Our friend, Mike Hermann, is all over the news again. First I was reading my favorite “Golfweek” magazine in February and saw him quoted extensively. In addition to his duties as athletic director at Niagara University, Mike has been chairman of the NCAA Division I Golf Committee. Maybe we can line Mike up at our next reunion for some golf lessons?

Just as I was trading e-mail barbs with Mike, Kevin Coyle dropped me a line to tell me that a guy with the same name was the new athletic director at Towson University near Kevin’s home. Not only the same name, but the same person – our very own Mike Hermann. Mike kept this one under the radar, but he officially starts the new job July 1. If you are keeping track, it has been JCU to Kent State to Midwestern Collegiate Conference to Xavier to Niagara to Towson for Hermann. Good luck, Mike.

Katie Grace Brandt, former class officer and columnist, fed us a few weeks back at her beautiful home in Chicago. It was an all JCU evening with Mary Walsh Freeman ’87, Jeanne Ann Wall Cannon ’80, Suzie Whelan Shoup ’81. It was such fun, but apologies to the non-JCU spouses – Tom Brandt, Pat Cannon and Chris Shoup – they were good sports to put up with our stories all night.

Onward on! Paul

Winter 2006

Greetings from Chicago! One of the highlights of my Christmas season is looking at the beautiful Christmas cards – especially the ones with family pictures. This season did not disappoint with tremendous shots of the growing Petnuch, Donelan and Kusner clans. Ron and Sue Petnuch’s card was from one of their daughter’s wedding last summer. Is it possible to be hitting that stage already for the class of 1982?

Every year I am amazed at how much our Beaudry Award recipient’s three boys look like their dad – handsome! Mary Kay Merk-Kusner and her doctor hubby, Dave ’80, are also blessed with one beautiful daughter, Anna – you will never see a more contagious smile. Mary Kay always includes a holiday letter to update us on the happenings for the Kusner tribe in Iowa City.

Speaking of holiday letters, Char Murawa Donelan’s note let us know that Char is in school again. While she says it’s a Mommy & Me class for her youngest, Michael, we all can read between the lines. Char and Bob ’80, live in Newark, OH, and are managing to survive three boys and one girl. Char did not mention anything in her Christmas letter about her ex-roommate’s, Katie Carpenter Rose, 45th birthday on December 13. Must have been an oversight.

Matt Keresman, Nick Burlij and Jim Holler seem to be getting together frequently to keep those Alpha Kappa Psi dreams alive. The last reunion in the fall included a five mile run through Philadelphia – I’ve been thinking about the movie, Rocky, ever since.

Nancy Pryatel Klingshirn dropped me an e-mail in January (hint, hint). She is back at JCU teaching legal environment part time. Nancy got her law degree from OSU and has an LLM (Tax) from Case Western. She and her husband live in Hudson, OH, and they are raising three kids — Justin (17), Kevin (15), and Lauren (13).

I was back on campus in December and the place was just beautiful. Cleveland had a lot of snow before Christmas and a quick walk around the quad one evening brought back wonderful memories of Christmas Carroll Evening. It was finals week when I was there and that brought back a completely different set of memories, too. Does anybody remember the big finals week snowball fight outside Murphy Hall?

I need updates from classmates. Please take a minute and drop me a line. Onward on! Paul

Fall 2005

Greetings from Chicago! The inauguration festivities in October for Fr. Niehoff were awesome. Make sure you get to meet our new president when he comes to your area. He is on a whirlwind tour of the country as he gets to understand our alma mater.

I had lunch between the Mass and inauguration with Jean Nester Turcu and Mike Hermann. Jean lives in the neighborhood and her oldest son, Colin, is in eighth grade at Gesu and looking towards high school. The students in that area seem to have lots of good choices for high schools. Mike marched in the academic procession for Fr. Niehoff’s inauguration as a representative of Niagara University where Mike is athletic director and received his master’s. It was great to see both Jean and Mike.

If you are in Chicago and looking for a mini 1982 reunion, head to Old St. Patrick’s Church. Katie Grace Brandt recently spotted Patrick Harrington and Art Matteotti there this fall. Art and his wife, Beth, were proudly showing off their baby, Arthur. Katie made some wisecrack about dads with gray hair and babies – I didn’t find that funny! Thanks for the scoop, though, Katie.

Barb Nagel Rosene dropped me an e-mail. She is still living the dream while raising two kids and splitting time between Cleveland and New York City. Barb is singing her heart out and has recorded 3 CDs. Check out her web site – www.barbararosene.com! I have a CD on order, but Amazon keeps sending me the wrong one. Barb keeps up with Katie Brandt, Suzanne Fortunato, Michael Day ’81, and Eric Kater (free lance writer “working on a lot of cool projects.”)

Matt Keresman welcomed Jim Holler and Nick Burlij to his farm in August. They took a 20-mile bike ride along the Delaware River.

Frank Cicco is living in Butler, PA with his wife, Jill, and two sons – Dante (9) and Nico (6). Dante is following the Cicco tradition in the pool while Nico is playing soccer and t-ball.

Finally, Nick Conyngham just sent his son to Boston College where he is following in Nick’s style (read between the lines). Nick runs a performance improvement company where they implement non-cash incentive and loyalty programs for some very large, Fortune 100 companies. He will be growing the company by adding sales reps in Chicago, Cleveland and the West Coast. Nick keeps up with Eric Kater and Tom O’Leary, ’84. Nick has been begging Tom Fox ’83 to play golf, but thinks Foxy is “chicken”!

Please drop me a line and let me know how you are doing. Onward on! Paul

Summer 2005

Greetings from Chicago! I just returned from a quick trip to Mark Basso’s amazing Autobahn Country Club of Joliet. He did his best to make Jerry Pockar and me car sick as he took us on a guided tour of the track with speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. Mark indicated that Bobby Parrilli, Tony Parrilli, and George Antoon were planning a 45th birthday party at the track. At least we know these classmates will be well insured! Mark has done a phenomenal job combining his hobby with a career and he loves every minute of it.

Don DeBrakeleer recently moved to the Philadelphia suburbs and is an OB/GYN doctor with The Center for Women’s Health of Lansdale. Don and Lynne have three boys – D.J., Daniel and Dylan. The whole family cheers for the Eagles and Flyers between travel hockey games for the boys. They lived in New York for nine years before returning to Philadelphia.

Katie Carpenter Rose dropped me a line to remind me not to forget her birthday – December 13. She always has such great marketing and sports ideas for me, too. Katie is in mourning since her oldest son, Nick, decided to go elsewhere for college.

Tim O’Callahan’s son, Sean, will be a classmate with my son, Patrick – we were at the same orientation in June. I also met Matt Keresman’s niece, Katie, whose father graduated in ’79. Matt hopes his daughter, Dana, will be a freshman next year. Three generations of Keresmans have graced the quad over the years.

I ran into Barb O’Brien Brown and Jean Nester Turcu at the Alumni Awards Dinner in the beautiful Dolan Center for Science and Technology. Barb and Jean were at the dinner to congratulate Mary Powers Patton ’83 on her Alumni Medal. Chuck Brown was unable to make the dinner as he is their parish’s bingo caller and couldn’t miss a night of B52s!

Kevin Dougherty started a new company, AdVenture Development, LLC located in Smithfield, NC. Suzie McChesney Whalen was back on campus for Kevin’s 25th reunion.

Kevin Coyle, Baltimore, was recently elected to the board of directors of the Maryland Disabilities Forum. MDF serves the needs of persons with all types of disabilities in areas such as housing, education, and health care. Kevin used to be a special education teacher and has volunteered with the Learning Disabilities Association and the Brain Injury Association of Maryland.

Jerry Kohl was married March 15, 2005 in a private ceremony on Islamorada in the Keys to Steph Dutton. They continue to celebrate at their home in Bay Village, OH. Congratulations to our newest newlywed!

I am running low on news, so please drop me an e-mail! Onward on! Paul

Spring 2005

Greetings from Chicago! Cheryl (Domasinski) Eynon started the Master of Management Program at Ursuline. She is realizing that sleep is overrated as long as there are only 24-hours in every day.

Rulx Ganthier, Jr., M.D. is at the Highlands Eye Institute in Sebring, FL. Last year he was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush to the Diabetes Advisory Council for the state. Rulx is a board certified ophthalmologist and a retina specialist. He was chosen among thirty thousand licensed physicians in Florida for this prestigious position.

Mike Hermann, Niagara University’s athletic director, watched his school’s basketball team earn a #14 seed in the NCAA basketball tournament in March. The Flying Eagles lost in first-round action to a powerful Oklahoma University team. Mike ran into former JCU coach and athletic director Ron Zwierlein in December when Niagara beat St. Bonaventure. Dr. Z. was named as athletic director at St. Bonaventure last year after 20+ years at Bowling Green State University.

Elizabeth (Poduska) Gruttadaurio moved to Lake Mary, FL. Deborah (Futo) Kasberg is living in Centennial, CO with her husband, Kevin, and three boys: Mike (14), Brad (12), and Dan (9). Deborah got a teacher’s license for elementary education and competed in her first triathlon last summer.

Keep Fr. Jack White, SJ ’51 in your prayers as he continues to recover from heart surgery and complications from it. As of this writing, he is back home at the Jesuit Community at St. Ignatius and is looking to get back to normal as quickly as possible. Whitey was VP of Campus Ministry while we were at JCU. Since that time he has been a Jesuit headhunter for the Detroit Province and Gesu Pastor – he built a beautiful chapel and community center while there. The last few years have seen him heading Jesuit Spirituality at that Jesuit high school on the near west side of Cleveland.

George Antoon dropped me an e-mail. He moved to Florida three years ago and began a career as an independent business consultant. He and his wife have three daughters and would welcome any visitors to the Orlando area. George mentioned that Mark Basso has opened a new concept country club in Joliet, IL. The racetrack concept sold out and now has a waiting list – check it out at www.autobahncountyclub.net.

Mary Jo (Nieset) Cornell is living in Buffalo with her husband, Tom, and three daughters – 18, 11, and 9. Their oldest, Lindsay, signed an NCAA Letter of Intent and will play golf at Xavier University in the fall. Between rounds, Mary Jo is president/CEO of Linnstar, Inc. Linnstar consults with organizations on the design and implementation of security and identity verification and management systems. Mary Jo is also very active in a number of professional organizations around Buffalo.

Mark Carpenter and his wife, Michelle, live in Fairview Park, OH and have two boys. Their oldest is a freshman at JCU and their second is a junior at St. Ignatius in Cleveland. Mark and his wife both work at Forest City Enterprises where Mark is currently operations manager for the Residential Division. Mark keeps in touch with Chris Ebert and Ted Wochna, ’83 and would like to hear from other alumni. Contact him at polarman@aol.com.

The class of 1982 is well represented in the current freshman class at John Carroll. My second son, Patrick, recently decided to join the class of 2009 and plans to dive for the Blue Streaks! (Yes, he had a choice – sort of!)

Onward on! Paul

Winter 2005

Greetings from Chicago! I heard from Francine Gagliano last year. She is living in Solon, Ohio, and working for State National Companies as a Gap Product Manager. Francine is on the road quite a bit between the company’s HQ in Fort Worth, TX and her home in Ohio. Her oldest son, Matt, is a senior at Walsh Jesuit High School and should be looking at JCU by now!

Marianne Kirk Merren dropped me an e-mail from Oregon, Ohio. When I heard from her, she was expecting her fifth child. No news on the final details, but the early predictions were all blue! That would make 4 boys and one girl in the Merren house. Her e-mail address seems very appropriate – Mamabear543@aol.com. Drop Marianne a line, if you get a chance.

One of my old swimming teammates, Michelle Franko Haag, is on the move again. She and her husband, Bob, are moving from Painesville, Ohio, to work at an international school in Ankara, Turkey. Her husband will be head of the lower school while Michelle will teach science and do teacher training. Michelle is looking for any JCU connections while in Turkey. Sounds like a great adventure for Michelle, Bob and their two daughters, Kira (11) and Mattie (7).

Speaking of world travelers … John Mullen wrote that he and his wife, Filitsa, were joining the faculty of the American University in Bulgaria in Blagoevgrad. For the last eight years, they have been teaching at the American College in Thessaloniki, Greece. They plan to commute between Bulgaria and their home in Greece. Their new school was founded in 1991 and is housed in an old Communist Party headquarters on the main public square in Blagoevgrad. John would also like to hear from JCUers at JMullen@aubg.bg.

The Class of 1982’s Most Likely to Succeed, Kevin Dougherty, is living up to that early billing. He is in the real estate business developing shopping centers and medical buildings. Last summer, Kevin and Hope moved to Smithville, NC, outside of Raleigh after living in Doc’s hometown of Pittsburgh for fourteen years to be closer to Hope’s family roots. They have four children – Anna (13), Hattie (11), Lane and Quinn (9). When you think of Doc, think Green Acres! Also, if you’re heading down I-95, stop by and see him, y’all.

I ran into Kathy Lambert Whitely last summer at a surprise 40th for my younger sister, Jean (’86). Kathy is always on the move still working hard and raising her own tribe. Just to keep things up in the air, Kathy’s three high school children attend three different Catholic high schools around Cleveland while her husband teaches at Shaker Heights High School! That has to be some kind of record. Kathy keeps in touch with Mary Kay Merk-Kusner.

I had a great phone call from Suzanne Fortunato. She lives in Cleveland Heights and just switched jobs to work for Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Integrative Medicine. Much of the work entails project work on marketing programs for in-patient and outside audiences. Her dog, Shelby, takes her on walks past my sister’s home. Suzanne told me that Terry Fellin Schoenberger and her husband welcomed a bouncing baby boy, Luke Anthony, to their family last summer. Congrats to Terri and family!

Onward on! Paul

Fall 2004

Greetings from Chicago!

Susan Katalinas Rodrick dropped me an e-mail. She has been at Cleveland-based Nationwide Advertising Service, Inc. for 20 years and is based in Tampa, FL. Susan and Nolan ’83 have two boys, Hunter (8) and Pierce (2).

Dan Hilson is an attorney with Kegler Brown in Columbus and is very active recruiting area high school students for our alma mater. He keeps in touch with Matt Keresman. Matt recently moved to Doylestown, PA where he is president and CEO of Pennfield Precision Solutions, a leading provider of machined components for military, homeland security, aerospace, defense and medical applications. Matt is moving close to Nick Burlij and his family. They plan to start a Doylestown JCU Alumni Club.

Rosemary Leone Nemeth is teaching part-time at JCU in the Department of Education. This is in addition to her full-time work at another alma mater – Gesu School across the street from JCU. Rosemary can tell you first-hand about the awesome new Dolan Center for Science and Technology. Now if you can get another part-time job at Beaumont, you’d have all your school bases covered, Rosemary!

Rosemary tells me that Mike McGarry still works at GM in Detroit. He was very involved with the On Star promotion where customers had a chance win a free car if they walked into a dealership and pushed the On Star button. Maidie Volpe McGarry ’84 and Rosemary Nemeth have been friends since they were 5 and went through Gesu Beaumont and John Carroll together!

David Kukral is the chief information officer at International Profit Associates in Buffalo Grove, Ill. – a Chicago suburb.

Nick Conyngham recently became a partner with Korman Marketing Group in Saddle Brook, NJ after 16 years with Carlson Marketing Group.

Ed Schaefer reports that he plans to retire this fall from the US Navy after twenty years. The last few assignments took Ed, Ellen and their five children (ages 18, 16, 14, 9, and 6) to Djibouti, the Horn of Africa and, most recently, the Pentagon in Virginia. He is looking to put down roots in John Carroll’s (the Jesuit Archbishop) home state of Maryland.

I ran into Colleen Wright Westerkamp at the Target near campus as we were moving our freshmen into the dorms for this fall semester. In case you were wondering, Murphy Hall is now co-ed, but that is the only thing that has changed at Murphy since we were there! Same built in furniture. Same look and feel. I didn’t go to see if the Purple Lounge had changed – we can only hope it has!

Susan and Ron Petnuch took their baseball team to Rome in the spring and had an audience with the Pope. Their oldest daughter will graduate from George Washington University in December and #2, Andrew, starts the University of Maryland this fall. Just seven left to that empty-nest stage! Even with a crowd left at home to keep you busy, sending a son or daughter off to college is a much more difficult experience emotionally for the parents than I ever dreamed.

Onward on! Paul

Summer 2004

Greetings from Chicago!

Umberto Fedeli dropped a note to let us know that his son, Nicholas, graduated from St. Ignatius in Cleveland and will be a freshman at JCU this fall. I actually met Nicholas briefly at orientation, as my oldest son, Colin, will be in the same class. Any other classmates’ children attending our alma mater?

Mark Finneran is medical director for two occupational medicine clinics in the Ashland/Mansfield/Wooster area. He is researching lower back pain at the Cleveland Clinic and the Texas Back Institute. For the past three years, Mark has worked with Emanuel Medical Center in Ruiru Kenya and returned in March from a trip to Kenya where he worked with patients battling malaria, typhoid, TB and AIDS. He is married to Brenda and they have two daughters, Meghan (13) and Kathryn (10).

Cheryl (H.D.) Domasinsky Eynon dropped me a line. She has been with Alcan for over 20 years working in HR. She keeps in touch with Roberta Beni Fazio and Joyce McConnell Hayes, who lives in Virginia with her husband and two daughters. H.D. also sees John Capka ’81, Beth Flowers Slejko ’81, Don Kolick ’81, Mike ’81 and Linda ’84 Jacobs and Betty Moore Childers ’83. Cheryl said of JCU, “There is no better place for your future to begin!”

Jim Beirne was recently promoted to VP sales and marketing for Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Division of Prestolite Electric. Jim and his wife, Nada, live in Rocky River, Ohio, with their five children: Bridget (14), Molly (13) Jimmy (10) Eddie (8) and Anne (4). Jim earned an MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College in 1986.

Dr. Paul Colavincenzo is still passing gas for a living! (his words). Paul works at Kettering Anesthesia Associates and he and his wife, Peggy, have three children: Anne (15) Joe (12) and Molly (6). In addition to being promoted to captain in the Naval Reserve, Paul recently earned his private pilot’s license. He also returned from two weeks of active duty in Japan.

Danne Brown Davis is still flying with Continental Airlines to international destinations. Recently Danne has been volunteering for military charters taking troops back and forth to the Middle East. She stated, “I’ve been and seen some real interesting places and met some very brave men serving our country. I could tell you more but then I’d have to kill you!”

Laurie Hronek-Shrieve, former LGS standout, left her job at Matrix Essentials about 5 years ago to be a stay-at-home mom with daughter, Kayla, (5) and son Jarrod, (3). Laurie is doing freelance marketing, media buying, and print production work. She writes, “It’s a different world out there now and I’m part of a virtual company that has highly skilled art directors, writers and photographers in several areas of the country, communicating by computer and phone with the exception of sales calls and client meetings. It’s great being able to work from home and still be able to take kids to preschool and spend creative time with them during the day.”

Tim O’Callahan recently had dinner in Cleveland with Jean Nester Turcu, Mary Alice O’Brien Mecke, Mary Power Patten ’83, and Suzy McChesney Whalen. That had to be fun for everyone except the surrounding tables. O’C tells me that Nick Conyngham’s son is a senior at Bergen Catholic in New Jersey and is starting the college search.

O’C, JCU Hall of Fame soccer player and perennial BMOC, also informed me that he is leaving his post as director of alumni relations at JCU this July and moving back to the high school ranks as director of major gifts at St. Ignatius in Cleveland. Thanks for all you have done for our alma mater, O’C. John Carroll is a better place because you were there!

Onward on! Paul

Spring 2004

I ran into Marianne and Mike Walsh at a post-St. Patrick’s Day party. Marianne completed her master’s in Education at St. Xavier University in Chicago is now teaching first grade in Highland Park. Mike has been in sales with Magid Glove for 18 years and is vice president. They have three children, a junior at Carmel High School, a freshman at Vernon Hills High School and a sixth grader. Other notable JCUers at the same party included: Bill Burke ’73 and Paul ’80 and Marion ’81 Goodworth.

Roberta Beni Fazio dropped me an e-mail. Her 3-year old son, Mark, has been diagnosed with Leukemia. As of this writing, he is home from the hospital and doing well. Please keep Mark and the entire family in your prayers.

Another request for your prayers. Courtney Mecke, 10-month old daughter of Mary Alice O’Brien Mecke, was scalded in a household accident in January. She went through a very serious skin graft operation and is making progress.

Bob Parrilli dropped me a quick note en route to Lost Wages (Las Vegas) with 100 IXY fraternity brothers — Ed Fay, Jim Hartnett, Bill Bolton, Bob Gentile, Paul Olexa, Dave Schmidt, Dave Byars, and Dave Weaver. I am looking forward to some publishable stories when they return.

Rick Kuczmarski wrote, “Well you may not have had any new kids, but this old man just had a healthy baby boy (Nathan Michael) in August 2003! This has especially been a great blessing after the tragic death of our 17- month-old (Allison Rose) in August of 2000. Your life really takes on a different perspective after the loss of a child. We were contacted by the Montel Williams show & flew to New York City to tape a show which aired this past December 17th. We were on with some other families who have had their children drugged and killed while at the babysitters like our Allison Rose was. There have now been 6 similar child deaths around the country we now know of. We are now working on legislation in Ohio to make it mandatory jail time if you are providing daycare and purposely drug and kill a child under the provider’s watch. Our neighbor/babysitter got no jail time! This legislation has turned out to be a part time job. p.s. I have bumped into Umberto Fedeli at the David Copperfield show and a new organization in town for the grieving (The Cornerstone of Hope). Umberto really works hard for a lot of good causes.”

High school swimming in Illinois is keeping me in touch with a couple classmates. One week, I ran into Jim Cowhey. His son John is a swimmer at Lake Forest High School. Right after that, the Chicago Tribune ran a great article on John’s successful battle with idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis (IJO). … The following week, I ran into “H” at Fenwick High School. Patrick Harrington’s son, Kevin, is a freshman swimmer for the Friars. I would never have guessed that “H,” a life-long Brother Rice supporter, could ever root for Fenwick — those Chicago Catholic League rivalries are very strong! “H” lives in River Forest and all his kids seem destined for Fenwick. Trade in the maroon and yellow for black, “H.”

JCU received an update from Joanne Miller. She is living in North Olmsted and has three children, Brian, Sarah and Jessica.

Mary Kay Merk-Kusner hasn’t deleted me from her Christmas letter list. I enjoy the yearly update on her three boys (Matt (14), David (13), Jon (10) and their one girl, Anna (4 ½). From the picture, the boys are as handsome as their father – they got the Kusner smile. From the letter, they are as well grounded and good-hearted as their mother. Mary Kay, your life’s stories are inspiring. God Bless you all!

Onward on! Paul

Winter 2004

Greetings from the very cold Chicago!

I ran into Jon Einerson and George Kelly at our 25th Loyola Academy reunion in Wilmette. Einy looked great and was as cheerful and upbeat as ever. Tom Crowley and his band entertained the assembled classes. He apologized to the LA class of 1992 because “the band only knew songs written before 1982.” Missing JCU classmates at the Loyola reunion included: Jerry Kohl, Chris Ebert, Dave Goodrich, Dave Guzzardo and Jim Cowhey.

I spoke with Jim Coyne in August. Jim is living large in Westport, CT (45-minutes from NYC) with his wife and four kids ages 5 to 12. He is a partner in the Equis Financial Group, a real estate and property investment company. Jim continues to remember our classmate, Mike Begg, who was killed in Chicago many years ago. Mike had a lasting impact on many of us.

Roberta Beni Fazio dropped me a great e-mail. I am a little confused as to the number of kids, but Matthew Francesco Fazio was born last October (one day before Katie Grace Brandt’s birthday). “I am writing to tell you about my third son, Matthew. If you recall, I was pregnant at our 20th reunion! Matthew Francisco Fazio arrived 9 days early on October 16, 2002. He is John and my third child. Marina is now 6 and Mark is in the advanced placement class of the terrible twos!” Robbie’s note continued with a great story about her not knowing she was in labor and driving herself to the hospital. Bottom line is that the class of 1982 has another beautiful addition and future applicant to the class of 2024?

Joining the class of 2024 will be my newest son, Aidan. He was born in mid-June weighing keeper size and is our tenth son and thirteenth child. Yes, we all went to see “Cheaper By The Dozen” on Christmas Day when it opened. No, our house is not like that (I hope).

Katie Carpenter Rose dropped me an e-mail before I started to make things up about her. Katie and Jim (remember the Head RA, Jim Rose?) are living in Vermont and she has been promoted from kindergarten to 6th grade. I knew you could do it, Katie. Nick is a junior in high school and Libby is in eighth grade at Katie’s school. I would love to have Katie as my sixth grade teacher!

Chris Ebert has changed banks and is now a principal at Royal American Bank in the Chicago area concentrating on the middle market. I run into Chris at the practice range at Evanston Golf Club occasionally.

Jim Redford dropped Katie Brandt a line before she retired her quill. Jim and his wife, Dianne, live in Grand Rapids, MI with their three children, Page, Mary Kathryn and Spencer. Jim has been elected as a judge of the Circuit Court of Kent County working on civil and criminal cases. In addition, he has been promoted to the rank of Captain in the US Navy Reserves. Jim mentioned that Jim Hopkinson is “doing great” with Cooney & Conway (I’m guessing Law) in Chicago. Jim H. and his wife, Deborah, have four wonderful children. Continuing with scoops, Billy O’Riordan is VP of Steris Corp. near Cleveland and Art Matteotti left AT&T and is now with EDS.

I played golf with Joe Kovach, Ed Fay and Dave Schmidt at the annual Chicago Club golf outing. I am still laughing out loud! Ed continues to commute to Joliet from Wilmette to run Champion Machinery, which he bought from his family several years ago. Dave Schmidt is an investment banker just enough to give him the cash to pursue his real love – music. Check out Schmidter’s Web site: www.madpeemusic.com. He has recorded several CDs already. Kovach and I both changed jobs and are running different plants for Solo in Wheeling, IL.

Great Christmas cards from Ron and Susan Petnuch, Lisa Brown Lizzo, and Char Murawa Donelan. Char continued their family tradition of including an update on the growing Donelan family. Bob ’80 continues to surprise Char’s mom by being so successful (not a surprise to the rest of us) and Char’s kids are absolutely beautiful.

Mike Hermann dropped me an e-mail after a basketball road trip to Madison Square Garden. Mike is DOA (Director of Athletics) at NCAA Division I Niagara University. He has had such an interesting career path starting from his days on the Carroll News and JCU’s Sports Information Department to now running the athletic department at Niagara. Keep it up, Mike!

I was able to visit JCU in August with my oldest son, Colin, on an initial college tour. Yes, we looked at other schools, but let me summarize: Your alma mater is amazing! The place just sparkles with excitement. The old buildings you remember have been renovated and the new ones are off the charts – outstanding! Think about the campus when we left – add a renovated Student Union and Activities Center, two new dorms across Belvoir Boulevard overlooking the amazing Shula Stadium, Schell House for Jesuits next to Gesu church, Grasselli Library has been doubled in size, Rodman Hall is alive and totally renovated with Admissions and Development using the great space in that majestic building, the O’Malley Center, the new Dolan Center for Science and Technology, a thoroughly renovated Bernet Hall which is now all suites for seniors, and a renovated Boler School of Business. You can not visit JCU without being totally impressed. Your alma mater was phenomenal when we graduated and is getting better every day.

Onward on! Paul

Fall 2003

Greetings from Chicago!

I ran into John Einerson at our 25th Loyola Academy reunion in Wilmette. Tom Crowley and his band entertained the assembled 5-year reunion classes. He apologized to the Loyola class of 1992 because the band only knew songs written before 1982. Missing JCU classmates at the Loyola reunion included Jerry Kohl, Chris Ebert, Dave Goodrich, Dave Guzzardo, and Jim Cowhey.

I spoke with Jim Coyne in August. Jim is living in Westport, CT (about 45-minutes outside of New York City) with his wife and four kids ages 5 to 12. He is a partner in the Equis Financial Group, an investment company.

Roberta Beni Fazio dropped me a great e-mail. I am a little confused as to the number of kids, but Matthew Francesco Fazio was born last October (one day before Katie Grace Brandt’s birthday). Here is a direct quote from the e-mail and maybe someone can help me figure this out: “I am writing to tell you about my third son, Matthew. If you recall, I was pregnant at our 20th reunion! Matthew Francesco Fazio arrived 9 days early on October 16, 2002. He is John and my third child. Marina is now 6 and Mark is in the advanced placement class of the terrible twos!” So Robbie, do you have 3 or four kids? I am so confused! Robbie’s note continued with a great story about her not knowing she was in labor and driving herself to the hospital. Bottom line is that the class of 1982 has another beautiful addition and future applicant to the class of 2024?

Joining the class of 2024 will be my newest son, Aidan. He was born June 17, 2003 weighing keeper size and is our tenth son and thirteenth child.

Katie Carpenter Rose dropped me an e-mail before I started to make things up about her. Katie and Jim (remember the head RA, Jim Rose?) are living in Vermont and she has been promoted from kindergarten to 6th grade. I knew you could do it, Katie. It only took about a dozen years. Katie’s oldest son, Nick, is a junior in high school and her daughter, Libby, is in eighth grade at Katie’s school. I would love to have Katie as my sixth grade teacher!

Jim Redford dropped Katie Brandt a line before she retired her quill. Jim and his wife, Dianne, live in Grand Rapids, MI with their three children, Page, Mary Kathryn and Spencer. Jim has been elected as a judge of the Circuit Court of Kent County working on Civil and Criminal cases. In addition, he has been promoted to the rank of Captain in the U.S. Navy Reserves. Jim mentioned that Jim Hopkinson is “doing great” with Cooney & Conway (I’m guessing law) in Chicago. Jim H. and his wife, Deborah, have four wonderful children. Continuing with the scoops, Billy O’Riordan is a VP of Steris Corp. near Cleveland and Art Matteotti left AT&T and is now with EDS.

I was able to visit John Carroll in August with my oldest son, Colin, on an initial college tour. Yes, we looked at other schools, but let me summarize: Your alma mater is amazing! The place just sparkles with excitement. The old buildings have been renovated and the new ones are off the charts – outstanding! You remember the campus the way we left it. Just add a renovated Student Union and Activities Center, two new dorms across Belvoir Boulevard overlooking the new Shula Stadium, Schell House for the Jesuits next to Gesu, Grasselli Library has been doubled, Rodman Hall is alive and totally renovated with Admissions and Development using the great space in that majestic building, the O’Malley center, the new Dolan Center for Science and Technology, a thoroughly renovated Bernet Hall which is now all suites for seniors, and a renovated Boler School of Business. You cannot visit without being totally impressed, awed and confident. Your alma mater is getting better every day.

Onward on! Paul

Summer 2003

Greetings from Chicago! After years of excellent columns and dedication, Katie Grace Brandt has passed the quill to yours truly. Katie and her husband, Tom, are living on Chicago’s north side raising three beautiful, and tall, children. While we only live about fifteen minutes apart (with no traffic) it’s unfortunate how little we get together.

Joe Kovach and his family returned from Japan in time for his oldest daughter, Kaitie, to start at Regina Dominican High School in Wilmette. Joe’s twin daughters, Elizabeth and Greta, were confirmed in May and plan to follow their sister to Regina this fall. Joe’s youngest, little Joe, is in fifth grade in Lake Forest. Joe is still commuting to Japan for Solo Cup Company, but the recent SARS epidemic and Iraqi war have slowed that travel schedule down.

I ran into Lisa Sarris Cowhey ’81 at a Loyola Academy boys’ water polo game. Jim Cowhey’s oldest son is a freshman swimmer and water polo player at Lake Forest High School. Water polo in Illinois has really become a big draw for both boys and girls. It recently became a state sanctioned sport (versus a club sport) and there are more girls playing polo than boys today. Watching water polo brings back great memories for me and I’ve been kicked out of only one game as a spectator this year. I am considering anger management classes…not!

Ann Mell retired from John Carroll last summer. Since retiring, she has been traveling extensively and keeping up with her grandchildren. Ann started the Alumni-in-Admission program (soon to be renamed “QUAD”) twenty years ago. The program is one of the most successful of its kind in the country and Ann has been recognized nationally for this success. This is a great program for alumni and prospective students alike. Volunteer for a calling night in your area this year.

Susan Knotek ’83 dropped an e-mail to Katie. She is home with twin sons, Dylan and Cameron, born on November 6 and her daughter, Heather (6). Don’t worry, Susan, you’ll catch up on that needed sleep in about 18 years.

Susan and Ron Petnuch’s oldest daughter is a sophomore in college. So that leaves only 8 at home. Time to downsize? It was great to see the Petnuch clan at reunion last summer. Ron and I were roommates on the third floor of Bernet Hall all those years ago. Ron’s 9 and my 12 make 21 kids combined! Could be a JCU record?!!

Calling all Chicagoans! A golf outing is scheduled for the sensational Donald Ross designed Evanston Golf Club in Skokie on Monday, September 15. I played in this last year and it was one of the finest golf outings — first rate in every way. So, if you’re interested and able, let me know and I’ll put together some class of ’82 foursomes. Proceeds of the outing benefit the Chicago Club Leadership Scholarship.

It’s been a year since our outstanding 20th reunion. It’s been 25 years since our summer orientation. Life has got us all over-(fill in the blank). Last summer, Katie recapped our reunion and mentioned that I “smiled all the way to JCU.” Actually, I smile whenever I think about John Carroll. I come to this assignment as class columnist with considerable trepidation. I need your help to keep this column fresh, fun and factual. Write, call or e-mail any time.

Onward on! Paul

Winter 2003

It has been several months since our 20th Reunion and I think there is a consensus among us that it was AWESOME! I am still smiling. It really was wonderful to see so many people and just catch up to LAUGH. Char and Bob Donelan have moved back to Ohio and there must be something in the water because they are expecting their fourth!

Roberta Beni is expecting her 3rd in October.

Marianne Kirk Merren had her 4th, a baby girl, Casey.

It was great to see Dave Holtz and his wife, Barb. Dave remembers many early morning trips to the Westside Market. Dave is a lieutenant at the Lyndhurst fire department and from all accounts is a great cook! They have four children: Ron, 15; Hannah, 13; Kelly, 10 and Jillian, 8.

I spoke with Mary Kasper Pavlescak who promised to email me and she did! After raising her two daughters (12 & 9), Mary was ready for a challenge and found it as a substitute teacher at St. Charles in Lima, OH. She also has been very active with the Girl Scouts.

Major kudos to my fellow Lady of the Academy and classmate Barb O’Brien Brown as she and her partner were recognized by Inside Business magazine as Cleveland’s “2002 Business Women of the Year.” Their company is BrownFlynn Communications and was awarded this honor because of their business acumen and accomplishments and contributions to the community. It was great to see both Barb and Chuck Brown at reunion.

More congratulations are in order for Umberto Fedeli, as this past spring he was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School. He has made contributions to his community and given generously in his time and talent.

It was nice to catch up with Paul Colavincenzo. He is a doctor, and with his wife and children live in Kettering, OH.

Bob Gentile has not changed a bit. He still looks the same, plays a ton of golf and can stay out/up till 4am! …

Hermann looks like life is agreeing with him and is enjoying his work at Niagara University.

One of my personal favorite stories from the reunion came from Gina Iadersoa Samuels. Gina lived in NYC for 16 years. While home in Boardman, OH, for a visit with her family, she ran into a guy she went to junior prom with in 1977. Yep, you guessed it! They are now married! Congratulations, Gina.

Quote from Paul Hulseman recalling the drive to JCU for reunion; “I smiled all the way here

Our thoughts and prayers to Mary Alice O’Brien Mecke ,who lost her mom just before reunion. We were so glad to see MAO there.

On Sunday of the weekend, I went to go pick up my daughter from Camp Carroll and said to her, “Gracie, do you know how much I love this place?” She replied, “Me too!” Katie