Spring 2017
Hi, everyone. In the last column, I failed to mention the IChis had a reunion last October during homecoming weekend. About 250 former members attended. Wow, that’s great! What a brotherhood, eh? Their activities included dinner on Thursday, golf on Friday, and a formal dinner Saturday evening in the Dolan Science Center. They’ve done a fabulous job with fundraising for their IXY scholarship that’s more than $1.3 million and moving toward $2 million in endowments. Great work, guys. Those who attended from our class were Bob Meilinger, JJ Scully, Pat Scherer, and Mike Hamlin.

Ashland University honored eight of its faculty and staff during the University’s Academic Mentor Awards recognition ceremony on January 27. Ramona Francesconi Rodgers, adjunct professor of criminal justice at Ashland since 2015, was one of those recognized for her academic leadership beyond the classroom. Each mentor was nominated by an Ashland student. She received her J.D. from the University of Akron. What a lovely honor. What else have you been up to Ramona?

John Burke has been holding his annual Army-Navy game day get-together for his friends. I was able to attend this year. It was nice to meet his daughter Katie ’09 and son Dan ’13. Several IPT members were there: Paul Lange, Mark Costa, Michael Sullivan, John McBride, Tom Gallagher ’82, Tom McLaughlin ’80, Tim Tabar ’84, and Bill Cloonan ’77. It was nice seeing so many Carroll grads.

The annual JCU Christmas party was lovely as usual. It was nice to see faces I haven’t seen in ages, as well as those I see more frequently. I ran into Mark Zemba, who’s an attorney and works for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Dave Chervenak and his wife, as well as John Burke and Rick Chelko ’80, were there, too.

What’s new in your world? Things to share? What have you, or will you, be doing to celebrate our new decade, the sensational 60s? Please write, and let me know. We’d all love to hear what you’re up to.

Every five …


Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2017
Happy 2017, everyone. I hope your holidays were magical. I heard from Mike Horning, who still keeps in touch with Chuck Kretschmer ’78 and Rob Rosen, mostly around visits to race tracks in Del Mar (California), Saratoga (New York), and Maryland. Last year, they had a mini-IBG reunion at Del Mar with Mike, Chuck Kretschmer, Rob Dwyer ’77, Gary Griebel ’76, and Rob Reigert ’77. They had a great time and are looking forward to their next get- together. Hey guys, how about attending our next JCU reunion on campus in 2019? It’s only 2.5 years away, so you’d better start planning.

The JCU alumni office has been holding several happy hour events during the year, some of which I’ve attended. They’re quite fun and held in various locations around the city, which is nice to experience. The last one was held in November at Stone Mad pub in Cleveland. It was great to see some people from our class, such as John Burke and Paul Lange. It would be nice if more local people would attend the gatherings. I’m surprised Sheila Berry wasn’t there because I know it’s one of her hangouts. It’s always nice to get out, even if it’s for just an hour or two. Please consider attending the events if they’re in your area. I’ve met alums from different classes, and it’s really great to get to know others with the same JCU connection.

How about that JCU football team? It’s quite exciting they reached the Division III semifinals and played Wisconsin-Oshkosh for the second time this past season

In October, I enjoyed a lovely wine-tasting weekend in the New York Finger Lakes region with Cathy (Dinkel) Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, and two other Rochester friends. I love the beauty of the area, and tasting wine and beer is quite fun. What could be better than spending time with great friends, having a cocktail or two with great wine, and having lots of laughs?

I have exciting professional news to share. I passed my hand therapy certification I’ve been studying for for many months. I’m excited to share that I’m now a certified hand therapist. I have more initials (CHT) to add after my name. I continue to work for the Cleveland Clinic as an occupational therapist and celebrated 20 years in July.

I have sad news to share: Rick Deneweth passed away Nov. 11, 2016, in Traverse City, Michigan, where he lived with his wife, Connie. He’s also survived by his sons, Raymond and Christopher. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his family. Rick was a great guy and is lovingly remembered by his John Carroll friends and classmates.

I’m hoping to hear more news from our classmates in the upcoming months. I hope you enjoyed the holidays. Remember, every five …



Nancy Agacinski

Fall 2016
Hi, everyone. Here’s our latest news: JCU alumni held their first Founders Day celebration back in April, just 130 years after Carroll’s founding. It was a great celebration held at a restaurant called Crop, which is an old bank building, with food and drink; memorabilia from the ages; and alumni, staff, and friends from all eras. Beth Maher Rinz joined me as we listened to a panel of JCU staff, professors, and alum discuss memories, share stories, and answer questions. It was great to listen to Peggy (O’Hearn) Finucane ’80; Donna Byrnes; Joseph Miller, Ph.D., ’59; Pete Bernardo ’67, ’72G; Chris Wenzler ’90; and Tom Fanning. I’m looking forward to this becoming an annual tradition to celebrate our legacy.

I received news about Michael Horning and his wife, Debbie. Mike and Debbie, who’ve been married for 34 years, have three adult children – Michael Jr., Christopher, and Kimberly. Mike, who has been the CFO at two property and casualty companies, is a member of Maryland Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association board of directors, where he serves as treasurer and co-chair of the finance committee. Mike tells the story of his first date with Debbie in 1981 at the Pimlico Race Course, a thoroughbred racetrack in Baltimore, where they hit the exacta. They both had horses in their families, and each felt they knew more than the other that day. As their kids grew older and left home, the Hornings thought about life as empty-nesters. They thought about breeding and racing their own horses. The Hornings purchased their first horse, Debbie’s Diamond, at a yearling sale in 2005. She won two of 20 starts from 2007 to 2009. The sale has become an annual event for the Hornings. They live in Potomac, Maryland, and race as M&D Stables. Their silks feature the yellow, black, red, and white of Maryland’s flag, and their stable name is a tribute to their initials and home state. M&D Stables earned its first stakes victory in 2013 at Delaware Park. That first date of Mike and Debbie’s was foreshadowing for this year’s exciting, dream-come-true kind of day for the small breeder-owner pair when Mike and Debbie’s horses, Eyeplayeveryday and Debbie’s Tude, swept Maryland-bred stakes on the Maryland- Virginia Breeder’s Day Program during Pimlico Race Course’s Preakness Meet in June. It was a special day for Mike and Debbie, as their three kids joined them in the winner’s circle for the stakes presentation. Congratulations! How exciting for you!

That’s all the news for now. I hope to hear from you soon. Every five …


Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2016

Nancy Agacinski

Spring 2016
Greetings, everyone. I attended the annual JCU Christmas party last December and ran into many familiar faces, even some from our class. It was great to catch up with John Burke and Dave Chervenak. I also ran into them again at the farewell reception for Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., ’54, ’55G in February. Tom Lyon ’75, ’77G; Jim Wagner ’76; Tom Gallagher ’73; and Kathy Berry ’77 also were present. It was such a lovely evening to celebrate Fr. Bukala’s teaching career at John Carroll and his involvement with many student organizations. Fr. B retired from JCU last year after 45 years of teaching and ministering and has moved to Colombiere Center (a health-care facility for retired Jesuits) in Clarkston, Michigan. Many current and former students, teachers, staff, and friends of JCU were present to pray, reminisce, and give tribute to a wonderful, caring, giving, and loving man. We were truly blessed to have had Casey as a teacher, friend, confidant, and spiritual guide. He’ll be sorely missed by everyone whose life he touched.

Prayers for Mary (Nell-Barrord) Gorski and her family. Her husband, Jim ’77, died unexpectedly in January. We’re so saddened by the news.

It’s always great to see what you’re up to on Facebook, but please send updates to me to share in this column. Every five …



Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2016
Hi, everyone. I received a message from Jim Schaefer. He and his wife, Debby, still live in the Toledo area and celebrated 34 years of marriage on Dec. 26, 2015. Congratulations! Debby’s dad, Bob Geis ’49, and Jim became great friends and often attended JCU reunions together. Jim is sorry to have missed the past two reunions, but because his kids usually come to visit on Father’s Day weekend, he doesn’t want to miss spending time with them. Jim and Debby’s son Patrick is a CPA with Ernst & Young and lives in San Diego; their daughter Caitlin is a CPA in Chicago; and their son Rob is a trust officer with Fifth Third Bank in Cincinnati. Jim worked for Arthur Andersen as a CPA in Toledo, Ohio, and Detroit for 10 years after he graduated from University of Toledo College of Law. Jim roomed with Jim Walsh ’78 when he was at UT law. After Arthur Andersen, Jim practiced law for 23 years with partners he has known since grade school. Jim was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 2003 but didn’t develop full-blown symptoms until March of 2015. He began chemo this past May, finished in August, and is in remission. His PET scan results showed complete response with no signs of tumors. Yay, Jim! That’s good news. I’m so glad you’ve had a good recovery. Jim continues to keep in touch and play golf with Mike Keresman.

Ray Lyon joined Old Line Bank in October 2015 as senior vice president of commercial lending. Old Line Bank serves the Baltimore-Washington corridor market. Ray focuses on business development and customer service, in addition to recognizing growth opportunities for the bank. Ray’s offices are in Owings Mills and Silver Spring, Maryland. Previously, Ray worked in various commercial real-estate banking lending functions throughout the region, including United Bank and Sun Trust. Ray received his master’s in science finance from American University after he attended JCU. He’s also a director on the board at My Brother’s Keeper, a community outreach organization in Baltimore.

I ran into Jim Coyne during homecoming weekend in September. I also saw Tom (Brooks) Robinson ’80 a few months ago. He’s married with two kids and works for Hertz.

I hope you all had a grand year and you enjoyed happy holidays with your family and friends. Let me hear from more of you in 2016. Even better, I’d love to see you. Every five …



Nancy Agacinski

Fall 2015

Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2015
No news from the class at this time. Please share yours – call, write, email, or Facebook anything going on in your life. I miss hearing from you.

Every five … Warmly,


Nancy Agacinski

Dr. Thomas Malone was named president and CEO of Summa Health System.

Dr. Thomas Malone was named president and CEO of Summa Health System.

Spring 2015
Hi, everyone. I hope you survived frozen February 2015 wherever you are. Brrrrr.

Here’s the news. It’s with a heavy heart I write that Rosanna Garofalo passed away March 17. We’re so glad Rose was able to make it to our reunion in June. May she rest in peace.

Jon Secaur hosted a post-show talk back through the Actors’ Summit on Jan. 17 for the regional premiere of “Einstein” at Greystone Hall in Akron. “Einstein” is a stage portrait about Albert Einstein’s life, including academia, marriage, and children. Jon, who has been teaching for more than 40 years, is a graduate of Kent State in addition to JCU. Jon earned his Ph.D. in educational foundations from KSU in 1994 while he was teaching at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent, Ohio.



Loretta Cipkus Dubray wrote to say her company, Global Clinical Connections, made the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses list. She went through three rungs of applications and a face-to-face interview with five people from Boston, New York, and some Michigan universities. She’ll receive training about how to take her business to the next level. Sounds exciting. Congratulations, Loretta!

I heard from Jeff Kraus, who explained why we didn’t see him or Gail (Lorei) Robinson at reunion. They were able to make it up to school for only a few hours. While many of us were at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Jeff, Gail, and their spouses lunched together and toured Murphy Hall. Sorry we missed you, Jeff. Hope to see you, Gail, and your spouses at the next reunion. Jeff continues to work at Kayline, does stagehand work, and has been volunteering at hospice. He was looking forward to a holiday cruise to Central and South America. I’m looking forward to hearing about that.

I attended JCU’s annual Christmas party in December and was thrilled to see so many familiar faces: Peggy (O’Hearn) and Tom Finucane ’80, Bill ’76 and Annie Kern, John Burke, Marsha and Dave Chervenak, Sam Bonsignore ’80, Mary (Power) Patton ’83, and Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., ’54. It’s such a lovely party and great to celebrate such a festive time of year with fellow alums. I remember when I was growing up, my father sometimes would run into former classmates from high school or college and say, “I haven’t seen so-and-so in 20 or 30 years,” and I used to think, “Wow, that sounds so old! How could that ever happen?” Well, now it happens to me. It’s amazing we’re still young, though, right?

Recently, I ran into Donna (Profancik) Kobak. It was great to see her and catch up. Don’t forget to write. Every five … Warmly,


Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2015
Greetings, class, and happy 2015. Here’s the latest news.

Dr. Thomas Malone has served as Summa Health System’s COO since December 2013 and took over as CEO Jan. 1, 2015. He joined as president of St. Thomas and Akron City hospitals last year. Tom and his wife live in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Congratulations on the promotion, Tom.

Thomas Burke received the Excellence in Individual Technical Innovation Award from the International Society of Automation for making special contributions and showing exceptional leadership through the society’s awards program. Tom began his career designing software compilers before Microsoft Windows and drag-and-drop program construction using off-the-shelf software objects and subroutines. After he graduated from JCU with a degree in math, Tom earned an M.S. in computer engineering. Then worked in the financial industry, designing ATM machines for NCR. Later he worked for Allen-Bradley and stayed with that company until 2000, when he co-founded the OPC Foundation. Congratulations on the award, Tom.

This past fall, I attended a professional development evening at Carroll that featured Nancy Cunningham Benacci ’77. I chatted with Gina (Restifo) Dalessandro and Mary Ann (Moderelli) Pacelli. It was great to see fellow classmates and hear Nancy present how JCU helped to form her into a successful businesswomen. It was a great presentation, Nancy. It was wonderful to hear her stories, especially the ones involving Dr. Jerome Clifford, S.J. I’m sure many of us were not used to Dr. Clifford’s teaching style when we first had him, but he certainly became a class favorite. He was such a great teacher.

I also spent a lovely fall day on campus for homecoming. It was great to spend time with Michael and Maureen (Rose) Fay, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Donna Byrnes, Danny Baran ’72, Terry O’Brien ’78, Bob Rees ’78, and Barb and Bob ’78 Burak. It was also great to see JCU football doing so well.

That’s all I have for now. Remember, every five …


Nancy Agacinski

Fall 2014

Hi, everyone. It was great to see those who attended our 35th class reunion on campus June 13-15. It was a small but mighty turnout. Everyone had a great time, and it was fun to check out the various events and mingle with other alums. Norm and Mary (Davis) Riley, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Dave Chervenak, Maureen (Rose) Fay, Bill Beaufait, Michele (Evans) ’80 and Tom Rieger, Paul Lange, Mark Costa, John Burke, John MacBride, Mike Sullivan, Mary Ann Meaker, Rosanna Garofalo, and Pete Sheehan ’80 attended Friday night under the tent. A good IPT turnout. Word is our class closed the party down. Like I said, small but mighty. Our Saturday afternoon class event was held at the Cleveland Museum of Art. We enjoyed roaming the museum’s beautifully renovated spaces and checking out the interactive Collection Wall. It was impressive. Originally, John Taormina was going to give us a private tour, but, unfortunately, he was unable to make it up to Cleveland. We’re hoping you can make it back to campus for our 40th, John. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the art museum’s new restaurant, Provenance. There were many activities to enjoy on campus after our return, from beer tasting to presentations and tours of the newly renovated Murphy Hall, which looks fantastic. There are many new open spaces and renovations. If only the walls could talk, eh? Lots of stories there. Interesting to note: Since Murphy Hall is 50 years old, JCU was able to get historical status for the building. Hmmm. What does that say about us? We had Mass at Gesu in the evening. It was a great liturgy with energetic music. It was absolutely wonderful. Our class picture and dinner followed. Saturday attendees included: Theresa (Ptak) Buiel, Sue Vargo Kunas, Cathy (Dinkel) Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, Mary (Bean) and Rick Mackessy, Gus and Frances (Krotz) Skapek, Rosanna Garafalo, Fr. Joe Callahan, Michael and Maureen (Rose) Fay, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Mary Ann Meaker, Kimberly and Kevin Sever, and me. The classmate that receives the award for making an entrance was Rick Ryznar, with his wife, Ree, who drove up from Columbus. Rick wanted to make it to campus but waited for his wife to finish her job at a wedding cake shop. They finally made it to campus Saturday evening when we were done dining. So glad you made it, Rick. We appreciate the effort. We enjoyed the weekend, catching up with friends and enjoying events. The weather was perfect – it wasn’t too hot or rainy. By the way, what happened to Jeff Krouse and Gail (Lorei) Robinson? I was looking forward to catching up with you. I have great financial news from our class. Our class gift was more than $1.5 million, and when I last heard, 21 percent of our class contributed. Awesome job, everyone! Many thanks to our reunion committee – Maureen (Rose) Fay, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Mary (Davis) Riley, and me. We appreciate your efforts. Our next reunion will be held in June 2019. I hope you’ll be able to make the next one.

I ran into Karen (Lysyk) Greco earlier this year. Karen, who made a career change, is a senior gift-planning officer for University Hospitals.

I also ran into Mario Alemagno ’80 and his son, Mario Jr. Mario lives in the Cleveland area and practices dentistry.

Rick Mackessy was named chief operating officer for Steptoe & Johnson, a U.S. energy law firm with strengths in labor and employment, litigation, and transactional law. Rick will oversee the firm’s administrative operations and play a key role in its expansion and strategic initiatives. Rick’s new position is in West Virginia.

John Burke, who celebrated 35 years working for PNC, works in corporate banking in centralized underwriting. John said the best part of the reunion was no one has changed much since we began at JCU as freshmen almost 40 years ago. Wow! Fabulous.

Don’t forget to check out our class Facebook page, JCU class of 1979. Many thanks to Denise (Jacobs) Brausen Daleo for setting it up. If you have anything to add to the page, let her know. Write, call, and visit when you can. Every five …



Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2014
Hi, everyone. It was great to see those who attended our 35th class reunion on campus June 13-15. It was a small but mighty turnout. Everyone had a great time, and it was fun to check out the various events and mingle with other alums. Norm and Mary (Davis) Riley, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Dave Chervenak, Maureen (Rose) Fay, Bill Beaufait, Michele (Evans) ’80 and Tom Rieger, Paul Lange, Mark Costa, John Burke, John MacBride, Mike Sullivan, Mary Ann Meaker, Rosanna Garofalo, and Pete Sheehan ’80 attended Friday night under the tent. Good IPT turnout. Word is our class closed the party down. Like I said, small but mighty. Our Saturday afternoon class event was held at the Cleveland Museum of Art. We enjoyed roaming the museum’s beautifully renovated spaces and checking out the interactive Collection Wall. It was impressive. Originally, John Taormina was going to give us a private tour, but, unfortunately, he was unable to make it up to Cleveland. We’re hoping you can make it back to campus for our 40th, John. We enjoyed a lovely lunch at the art museum’s new restaurant, Provenance. There were many activities to enjoy on campus upon our return, from beer tasting to presentations and tours of the newly renovated Murphy Hall, which looks fantastic. There are many new open spaces and renovations. If only the walls could talk, eh? Lots of stories there. Interesting to note: Since Murphy Hall is 50 years old, JCU was able to get historical status for the building. Hmmm. What does that say about us? We had Mass at Gesu in the evening. It was a great liturgy with energetic music. It was absolutely wonderful. Our class picture and dinner followed. Saturday attendees included: Theresa (Ptak) Buiel, Sue Vargo Kunas, Cathy (Dinkel) Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, Mary (Bean) and Rick Mackessy, Gus and Frances (Krotz) Skapek, Rosanna Garafalo, Fr. Joe Callahan, Michael and Maureen (Rose) Fay, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Mary Ann Meaker, Kimberly and Kevin Sever, and me. The classmate that receives the award for making an entrance was Rick Ryznar, with his wife, Ree, who drove up from Columbus. Rick wanted to make it to campus but waited for his wife to finish her job at a wedding cake shop. They finally made it to campus Saturday evening when we were done dining. So great you made it, Rick. We appreciate the effort. We enjoyed the weekend, catching up with friends and enjoying events. The weather was perfect – it wasn’t too hot or rainy. By the way, what happened to Jeff Krouse and Gail (Lorei) Robinson? I was looking forward to catching up with you. I have great financial news from our class. Our class gift was more than $1.5 million, and when I last heard, 21 percent of our class contributed. Awesome job, everyone! Many thanks to our reunion committee – Maureen (Rose) Fay, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Mary (Davis) Riley, and me. We appreciate your efforts. Our next reunion will be held in June 2019. I hope you’ll be able to make the next one.

I ran into Karen (Lysyk) Greco earlier this year. Karen, who made a career change, is a senior gift-planning officer for University Hospitals.

I also ran into Mario Alemagno ’80 and his son, Mario Jr. Mario lives in the Cleveland area and practices dentistry.



Rick Mackessy was named chief operating officer for Steptoe & Johnson, a U.S. energy law firm with strengths in energy, labor and employment, litigation, and transactional law. Rick will oversee the firm’s administrative operations and play a key role in the firm’s expansion and strategic initiatives. Rick’s new position is in West Virginia.

John Burke celebrated 35 years working for PNC and works in corporate banking in centralized underwriting. John said the best part of the reunion was no one has changed much since we began at JCU as freshmen almost 40 years ago. Wow! Fabulous.

Don’t forget to check out our class Facebook page, JCU class of 1979. Many thanks to Denise (Jacobs) Brausen Daleo for setting it up. If you have anything to add to the page, let her know. Write, call, and visit when you can. Every five …



Nancy Agacinski

Spring 2014

Greetings, classmates. I hope you’re planning to attend our 35th reunion the weekend of June 13-15. There are going to be many fun events. It will be great to catch up with everyone. Reunion will be here sooner than you think, so put it on your calendar, and make arrangements to attend.

I heard from Mary (Davis) and Norm Riley, who were in New Orleans in March 2013, attending the wedding of Tim Vitou’s ’80 son, Matt, when they stumbled upon Rob Lombardi’s ’80 art gallery. They had a chance to visit and catch up with him before he passed away in August. They traveled from New Orleans to Copenhagen, Denmark; Oslo, Norway; Berlin; Lisbon, Portugal; and Geneva. While in Geneva, they had drinks and dinner with Cathy (Mullaney) Weir and had a great time catching up. Cathy is well and living in a nice flat with views of the Jet d’Eau and Mont Blanc. Cathy graciously showed them around Geneva, hitting several nightclubs where the champagne was flowing. At the end of the evening, the Rileys walked Cathy back to her flat, but on the way back to theirs, they were mugged. Mary’s purse and passport were stolen. Fortunately, they filled out a police report and were able to fly from Geneva to Lisbon, where they located the American Consulate. Mary didn’t have any proof to verify who she was. The Consulate General informed her it would be a long process because of the lack of identification. Norm said: “Wait a minute. Will this work?” as he pulled out Mary’s JCU ID (with the SAGA number still intact!) that he has been carrying with him for 30 years. (How sweet.) The general looked at the ID, looked at Mary, and said, “Eh, I can see a resemblance, somewhat. Mary was able to get her temporary passport and kept on traveling. You never know when good old JCU will help in a bind. When visiting relatives in Longmont, Colo., on another trip, Mary and Norm were at a local pub when a familiar face walked by – Dennis Driscoll. The Rileys and Denny had a JCU reunion right there. Great stories, Mary! You never know where you’re going to run into someone you know. You guys are quite the world travelers.

Dr. Thomas Malone is president of Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals.

Dr. Thomas Malone is president of Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals.

I attended JCU’s Christmas party in December and ran into Sheila Berry and Mary Ann (Moderelli) Pacelli. It was a lovely get-together and fun to share holiday spirit. I enjoyed a quick week to France at the end of December and spent New Year’s Eve in Paris. What a fabulous place to be. Celebrating New Year’s there was icing on the cake. Recently, I was out to dinner and ran into Eddie Occhionero ’77, who’s working in sales and bartends at Etna, a great little Italian restaurant in Cleveland’s Little Italy, on Saturdays. It was great to see him. I haven’t seen him in more than 35 years.

If there are friends and classmates you haven’t seen in a while, plan to return to campus in June. Let’s have our best turnout yet. It will be great to see everyone. Also, please consider a donation to our reunion class gift. Every contribution counts, no matter the amount. The race is for participation, not dollars. Please contribute. Every five while we’re alive.



Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season.

Chris and Nancy (Looney) Coburn, now empty nesters, are settling into a new phase of their lives in Boston. This spring, Chris was appointed a vice president of Partners HealthCare, the system that includes Massachusetts General, Brigham and Women’s Hospitals. He’s also a teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. In addition to working in Boston, the Coburns are spending plenty of time at their cottage on Cape Cod. They are keeping their home in Shaker Heights and look forward to seeing friends in Boston or Cleveland. The sixth Ride For Miles – an annual noncompetitive bike ride in memory of Miles Coburn ’75G that supports the environment and bike safety – was held in September. If you’re in the neighborhood next year, ride over.

Dr. Thomas Malone became the new president of Summa Akron City and St. Thomas Hospitals in October. He and his wife will be relocating to Northeast Ohio from the Detroit area where he was the president and CEO of Harper University and Hutzel Women’s Hospital, which is affiliated with Wayne State University. After JCU, Tom attended medical school at OSU and received his MBA from Notre Dame. Welcome back to Ohio, Tom!

What a great season the JCU football team had this fall. It was 9-1 in the regular season, losing to our nemesis Mount Union in an exciting 42-34 loss. In the postseason, it lost its first game, 25-16, to St. John Fisher from Rochester, N.Y.

Our 35th reunion will be held June 13-15, 2014. Mary (Davis) Riley, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Maureen (Rose) Fay, and I will be working on our reunion committee. We hope to make it a fun and well-attended event. If you’d like to be involved or have any ideas for our class, please contact us. Don’t forget to mark your calendars. See you then. Every five while we’re alive.


Nancy Agacinski

John Ehrman and his wife, Elizabeth

John Ehrman and his wife, Elizabeth

Fall 2013

Greetings, ’79ers.

John Ehrman was already working hard as a philanthropist with his scholarship called Shining Star Scholarship, and now he made a huge donation of $500,000 to the Nicholas and Adele Calderone Scholarship Fund in memory of his grandparents, from whom he learned his appreciation of the arts. His grandma played the piano and continued to sing until the day she died earlier this year. They took him to art museums and the opera and made sure he understood how important they are in life. He sees this donation as a tribute to his grandparents for everything they were able to teach him about art. The scholarship will help students who study the arts and music at John Carroll.

I saw Tom Hartnett ’81 and his wife, as well as Mary Power Patton ’83 and her daughter, Carolyn, at a Wade Oval Wednesday event this summer at University Circle. I also enjoyed a summer lunch with Camille Rosso. It’s always great to catch up with alums.

I hope all is well with you. Make sure you’re beginning to make plans for next summer’s 35th reunion. It’ll be wonderful to see you all and catch up. In the meantime, send details about your latest life events and adventures. Every five while we’re alive. Warmly,


Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2013
Hi everyone. You now have less than a year – eight or nine months — plenty of time for you to mark your calendars and plan for our 35th reunion next June 13-15. Don’t forget to put the date on your calendars now.

John Ehrman wrote to tell us that his grandmother Adele Calderone died on July 4 at the age of 102. John fondly remembers the weekly Italian dinners he would have at her home in Cleveland Heights (to avoid our fine cafeteria food!) and was often joined by Josephine (Ruitto) ’78 and Thomas O’Grady ’78, and Georgina Haddad.

I stopped on campus the Friday night of reunion weekend (for the 3s and 8s) in June. Only a couple of people from the class of ’79 were there: Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery and Dave Chervenak. It was nice to see them. I also ran into Dave the following night at the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre. Dave and his wife volunteer there as ushers.

Familiar faces from previous years at reunion are: Terry O’Brien ’78, Bob Rees ’78, JoAnn and Jon Manilla ’78, Bill ’76 and Annie Kern, Mark ’78 and Laura (Simens) ’78 Fasano, Barbie and Bob ’78 Burak, Marianne Kerr ’77, and George and Joanie (Carroll) ’78 Snyder. It was great as always to see familiar faces and reminisce about the good old days.

Every five while we’re alive. Warmly,


Nancy Agacinski

Spring 2013
Happy summer everyone. I want to give you ample time to plan because our 35th reunion will be in a year. Can you believe it? I just can’t believe we’ve been out of school that long. It seems like yesterday. Please put it on your calendar now – June 14 – 16, 2014. No excuses!

I ran into so many Carroll alums at the JCU Christmas party this past December. It’s wonderful to see classmates, professors, and other alums. Sometimes I forget who I went to school with because I’ve met so many great alums along the way. I saw Caroline ’76G and Jim Farrar ’63, Peggy (O’Hearn) ’80 and Tom Finucane ’80, Annie and Bill ’76 Kern, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Julie and John Ettorre ’80, Mary (Power) Patton ’83, and Amy Thompson Mosier ’83. Dave Short ’81 gave a wonderful speech about friendships, especially about his former classmate and our friend Dewey McCarthy ’81. Dave, you had us all in tears at the end. What a great tribute to Dewey.


Michael Allison was profiled in a lovely article in the Diversity Journal March 6, 2013. Michael continues to work as the executive VP of human resources for Office Depot out of Boca Raton, Fla. He’s married to Michele Nolte and has two sons: Ryan and Riley. Michael is most proud of being a good father, and he’s blessed to have a healthy family. He tries hard every day to teach his sons to be good men who are respectful to people in general and women in particular. Michael was affected by the turbulent ’60s civil rights movement and the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. Becoming educated meant a better life that could never be taken away. Michael also enjoys working with at-risk teens through athletic programs. The teens he encounters who are disrespectful are looking for help and guidance and revert back to acting like kids. They need to know others care about them.

Send me other class news. Don’t forget, every five while we’re alive. Fondly,


Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2013
Greetings, everyone. I ran into Dave Chervenak and his wife at the Thea Bowman benefit dinner in November. They’re proud of their daughter, Catherine, a sophomore at Solon High School who earned her letter in cross country this year. She joined the team because she loves running. The team did well and narrowly missed qualifying for the state meet.

Ray and Betsy (Peffenbach) ’81 Mendelsohn also attended. I attended the event with Tom ’80 and Peggy (O’Hearn) ’80 Finucane. Peggy has taught communication at John Carroll since 1998, was appointed the interim director of the Center for Service and Social Action in 2006, and became director in 2008. I also enjoyed dining with Peggy, Tom, Peggy’s mom, and three of their four kids: Dan ’07, Katie ’10, and Joe ’09 on election night. I loved the political banter. It was great to see young people so passionate about politics.

As part of Gesu’s annual service day, Beth Maher Rinz and her husband, Jim, and Mary Power Patton ’83 and her husband, John, and their daughter helped clean Our Lady of Lourdes, Joe Callahan’s parish on Cleveland’s Near East Side.

I enjoyed dinner with Sue Vargo Kunas. Sue still lives in Akron with her husband, Dennis, and two of their three children. Their oldest daughter, Julia, is off to college at Marquette.

That’s all the news for now. You know, there are other ways to get your news in the column besides running into me. Drop me a line at nagacinski@yahoo.com, and let me know what you’ve been up to. Every five while we’re alive.


Nancy Agacinski

Fall 2012
Hi, everyone. There’s not much personal class news this time, so write me when you have time because it’s always great to read about what everyone has been up to.

I went to the school Friday night of reunion weekend in June and saw Sheila Berry and Norm and Mary (Davis) Riley. I also caught up with Bill ’76 and Annie Kern, Wendy and Stan Mambort ’77, Dave Urbanek ’75, Mike and Kathy (Nimrod) McDonald, Tom ’80 and Peggy (O’Hearn) ’80 Finucane, Mary Power Patton ’83, Paul ’82 and Patrice (McCauley) ’80 Hulseman, and Paul Colavincenzo ’82.

John Ehrman wrote to say his daughter will be on a TV show produced by Eva Longoria, airing January 2013.

I went to Carroll Saturday, Sept. 15, for the evening football game against Baldwin Wallace. It was great to hang out with Terry O’Brien ’78; Bob ’78 and Barb Burak; Tom Hartnett ’81 and his wife, Mary, and their son, Harry; Nick DiFino; Jeff Glover ’81; and Bryan (Harpo) ’80 and Megan (O’Byrne) ’83 Kennedy. It was a great fall day and fun to watch football, even though the Streaks couldn’t pull off a win and lost 32-28. For those of you in the area, check out a JCU sports event, it’s a great way to catch up with alums and support our school.

There was a nice article in the last magazine about the Farrell brothers. Please come back to visit us some time guys. Rick, our next reunion is June 2014, so mark your calendar.

That’s all I have. Every five while we’re alive. Fondly,


Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2012
Hello ’79ers! I’ve been listening to a lot of Bruce Springsteen music lately. It caused me to think about the first time I fell in love with his music – the fall of ’75 in the Rathskeller when I heard “Born to Run” for the first time. That song always reminds me of so many wonderful times I had at school. What performer/music/songs/etc. brings you back to your glory days? It’s amazing how much music impacts one’s memory.

I heard from Mary O’Malley. She’s married to James Shuki; lives in Avon Lake, Ohio; and has five children, including two sets of twins. She retired from social work to pursue writing and is working on a play.

Michael Allison was promoted to executive vice president of human resources at Office Depot and has been traveling to Europe every other month.

Michele G. Stirling ’79G, skin care and beauty consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics, was named a VIP Member by Cambridge of Worldwide Who’s Who for Excellence in Beauty Services and Sales. Michele celebrated 27 years with Mary Kay.

Jon Gorczyca is in his 33rd year as a freelance TV camera operator for Cavs basketball (Fox) and Indians baseball (STO).

In March, I joined 79 other Gesu parishoners on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, and Spain – in St. Ignatius’ footsteps. Such a moving experience.

Kathy (Norris) ’77 and Joe ’76 Michael also were on the trip. It’s always great to catch up with classmates in faraway places.

The fifth annual 15-mile Ride for Miles bike ride will be held Sunday, Sept. 16, 2012. Ride for Miles is a nonprofit organization established by family, friends, and colleagues of Miles Coburn ‘75G, Ph.D., to educate people about the environment and bicycle safety. The annual noncompetitive ride raises funds for the biology department’s Miles Coburn Environmental Symposium. I’d love to see you at this great event. Visit rideformiles.org/ for additional details.

Love the new “Where will you take John Carroll” campaign. Maybe it should be “Where has John Carroll taken us?” Imagine where we would have been if it hadn’t been for JCU? All I know is that Carroll shaped so many of us in wonderful, powerful, and inexplicable ways. So get your John Carroll bust (you’ll find him inside the spring 2012 issue of John Carroll magazine) and take him to parties, weddings, vacations, etc. Take fun and creative photos, and send them to jcu.edu/withyou/. I’m looking forward to seeing where you take him.

I hope you’re having a glorious summer. Send me your news. Every five while we’re alive. Fondly,


Nancy Agacinski

Spring 2012
Hi, y’all. What’s new in your world? Here’s the news I have: Brian and Mary Haas McGraw proudly announced the exciting news that their daughter, Marie, who attends MIT, was on College Jeopardy Feb. 6. Mary, Brian, and Mary’s brother, Jim, flew to California to watch the taping of the show. Marie did a great job. She was so poised and was so fun to watch. Congratulations to her for this great accomplishment! Mary, we’ll have to hear some of those Alex Trebek stories.

I ran into Nick Iarussi ’81; his wife, Gia; and their son, Anthony. Nick and Gia have two other children, Marissa and Michael. Nick works in the orthopedic/medical sales area.


Vicky Vance, an attorney for Tucker, Ellis and West (TEW), was appointed the vice-chair of the Insurance Law Section of the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association (CMBA). The Insurance Law Section enables members to meet others with similar professional interests. The section oversees meetings, publications, and seminars to educate and inform CMBA members. Vicky’s work at TEW focuses on counseling and representing healthcare providers, insurers, reinsurers, and underwriters in the evaluation, monitoring, management, and resolution of claims, investigations, and other risks. Since 2001, Vicky has been named a Northeast Ohio Leading Lawyer by Inside Business magazine.

John Ehrman’s grandmother turned 100 last July. She remembers many of John’s classmates visiting her in her Cleveland Heights home and wanted to say hello to Tom and Josephine (Ruitto) O’Grady. John’s 19-year-old twins recently wrote a paper about the Great Depression and turned to their greatgrandmother for a firsthand report instead of looking up information on the Internet.

On Jan. 3, for the eighth time, Ed Kelley was re-elected mayor of Cleveland Heights for another two-year term.

Sarah B. Heupler, a graduate student in our class, passed away Jan. 21, 2012. May she rest in peace.

Keep in touch with your news. Until then, every five while we’re alive.


Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2011
Winter greetings. I hope this finds you all getting into the holiday spirit. I read a great article in the winter 2011 issue of the (Cleveland) Saint Ignatius High School magazine about Tim Rowell and his son, John, a 2011 Ignatius graduate, about how students reshape the world through service and the impact of Ignatian spirituality. Tim recalled his service project as a St. Ignatius student: “It predisposes you to serve and think outside yourself. It teaches you to be a man for others.” The service projects provided lasting impacts on Tim and his son. What a great concept – to do for others and give of self – nothing like the Ignatian ideals.

No other class news at this time. Please send your news and write when you can.

Every five while we’re alive. Cheers.


Nancy Agacinski

Fall 2011
I ran into Mary Martinez Gierth at Gesu in April. She was in town visiting her daughter. Mary and her husband live in San Antonio and enjoy the warmer weather but miss their families in the North.

I was thrilled to run into Linda Ganzhorn Kupiec at a party in the spring. She continues to make progress after a serious accident, when she was hit by a car while walking her dog. Keep up the good work, Linda. You’re doing fabulous.

It was an honor and a privilege to represent our class, along with Danita Thomas and Jim Senft, in the parade of alumni at commencement this past May. It was a wonderful celebration, and it was great to be a part of it. Reunion and commencement were held together for the first time in 25 years to celebrate Carroll’s 125th anniversary. Danita lives in Bedford Heights, and Jim is an internal medicine physician with University Hospitals in Mentor, Ohio. No class of ’79 members was sighted at the Friday tent celebration. Maybe next year?

John Ehrman’s daughter, Angela, competed as Ms. Spring in the Miss Texas pageant Sept. 4.

Michael Allison was promoted to executive vice president, human resources for Office Depot. Michael joined the company in 2007 as vice president.

James Danko was named the new (21st) president of Butler University in Indianapolis. For the past five years, Jim has been dean of the Villanova School of Business. Jim’s experience with community involvement at Carroll was an important factor in his decision to work at Butler where students actively participate in community projects. That, and basketball! “Like so many people in this country, my awareness of Butler was sharpened in 2010 with the success of the basketball team,” Jim said. “I was especially impressed by the stories I heard about the academic attributes of the student athletes.” Congratulations to Michael and Jim!

Bruce and Cathy (Dinkel) Newell’s daughter, Betsy, was married at their home in Kendall, N.Y., during Memorial Day weekend. After a rainy and cool spring in the Northeast, Mother Nature finally cooperated. The skies cleared for a beautiful day and a fabulous celebration.

So what’s your news? We’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line.

Every five while we’re alive. Ciao.


Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2011
Summer greetings everyone. Linda Goodman Robiner ’78G reports that now, years after she graduated from and taught at JCU, she lives just a block from campus. She enjoys coaching writers and those who want to try their hand at it. Her chapbook, “Reverse Fairy Tale,” was published by Pudding House. More than 250 of her short stories, articles, and poems have appeared in journals and anthologies. She has produced an instructional television program series about the arts at WVIZ and has taught at many local colleges and universities.

I literally ran into Sheila Berry as I was going out a door and she was coming in. It’s so nice to run into classmates when you least expect it. Sheila is retired from her job with Cuyahoga County and is a realtor for Howard Hanna. Sheila keeps in touch with Mary (Davis) Reilly, Lori Roznik Nisiobincki, Mary Kay Carey ’80, and Mary Ann Meaker.

I enjoyed catching up with Ellen Hobbs Hirschman at her Christmas party.

Mike Sutila and his partner of 12 years, Mark Kershaw, were married in Provincetown, Mass., June 5, 2010, at Saint Mary of the Harbor, an Episcopal church. It was a destination wedding for the 50 guests. A welcome reception for all guests took place on Friday evening, the wedding and reception was on Saturday, and brunch for Mark’s 50th birthday was on Sunday.

I saw Karen Rath Dolan ’80 and met her charming son, Jack (senior at Gilmour), at a reception and “Writer’s Center Stage” presentation for author Dave Eggers, hosted by the Cuyahoga County Library. Karen and her family live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The Dolans are planning a South African adventure before Jack goes off to Middlebury College in Vermont. How exciting. I also ran into Mary Haas McGraw and her husband, Brian, at the event.

BTW, I highly recommend checking out Eggers’ works. One, “What is the What,” is the biography of Valentino Achak Deng, a Lost Boy of the Sudan. A compelling, moving, and emotional must read. I’ve been involved with the Lost Boys of the Sudan – Cleveland Chapter for a few years, and this book tells the story of millions of Sudanese through the eyes of one extraordinary man. Eggers is a motivating and inspirational writer and educator. It’s amazing what one person can do.

Heard from Gary Tarquinio, who now lives in Port St. Lucie, Fla.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a wonderful pilgrimage to Rome with 92 people from Gesu parish and the JCU community Dec. 29-Jan. 6. It was my second visit and great to be back. It was a fabulous trip with great company, food, wine, shopping, and history.

Let’s catch up soon, and don’t forget to write. Every five while we’re alive. Ciao.


Nancy Agacinski

Spring 2011

Happy spring, everyone. Looks like the class of ’79 has a lot of representation on the frontiers of medicine: Loretta Cipkus Dubray, owner of Global Clinical Connections – a drug development, consulting, and project management company – convened her first advisory board meeting at the Cleveland Clinic Global Cardiovascular Innovation Center in August. The company helps commercialize biotech,  pharmaceutical, and medical device companies by helping manufacture, package, label, and distribute drug supplies for phase I-IV clinical studies. For more information, visit www.globalclinicalconnections.com.

In October, I was looking at the Cleveland Clinic home page news flash section, which recognized medical innovators at an annual Innovator Awards dinner, and saw familiar smiling faces – Mary McCafferty Kander and Chris Coburn. It’s always nice to see classmates turning up in interesting places.

I attended JCU’s Christmas party for alums, family, friends, and faculty Dec. 2 at the Shaker Heights Country Club. It was a lovely event and great to see so many familiar faces. Dan Hanson; Pete Hughes and his wife, Bonnie; and Mike Pappas were present from our class. I also ran into John Ettorre ’80; Nancy Cunningham Benacci ’77; Bill Kern ’76 and his wife, Anna; Fr. Bukala; and Pat Murray ’77.

Ruvolo (center) entered the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph

Congratulations to Mary Kay Ruvolo, who has entered the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph as a candidate for religious life. She begins two years of serving in ministry and living in community with Sisters of St. Joseph, a first step in the process of becoming a member of the congregation. Mary Kay, who retired from a 31-year career teaching physical education, primarily in K-8, with the Strongsville (Ohio) City Schools, is teaching at St. Richard’s Catholic School in North Olmsted, Ohio.

Class members visit the Tim Russert exhibit at the Newseum.

In November, I met with Cathy Dinkel Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, and Meg Noonan Hart to visit Paula Bruening for a long weekend in Washington, D.C. Paula gave us a fabulous tour of the city, which included a visit to the Newseum, an interactive museum dedicated to educating the public about the value of a free press in a free society. We saw the Tim Russert ’72 exhibit, a recreation of his NBC office. I particularly liked a favorite adage of Tim’s that was prominently posted in his office: “No whining!”

Happy 2011. Don’t forget, every five while we’re alive.


Nancy Agacinski

Winter 2010

Hi, friends. Summer hung on for a while here in the Midwest. The first few days of fall in the Cleveland area set record temps in the 90s, but a mere 24 hours later it was brisk for the homecoming game Sept. 25. Even though it was cool, it was a great day for a football game. To make it even better, Carroll beat Marietta 24-18. John O’Brien ’76 and his wife, Jean, held a tailgate party with many familiar faces: Terry O’Brien ’78, Bob (Bobo) Rees ’78 with girlfriend Mary, Mary Carol (Anthony) and Bill O’Brien both ’81, Barb and Bob Burak ’78, Mike Tarasco ’77, Bill Kern ’76, and Mark Hawald ’77. I also ran into Maureen (Rose) Fay and met her two kids, who are students at Carroll.

Newlyweds Bob Keir ’77 and his bride, Sandy, were seen, as well as Bob’s brother, Tom ’78, and his wife, Beth ’80. It’s always great to see everyone.

I heard from Mike Sutila, who reports he’s a controller for a small company, Chase Machine, which manufactures custom machinery for many Fortune 1,000 consumer product companies. Mike has enjoyed chairing fundraisers during the past several years for Saint Elizabeth Community and is on their board. Mike keeps in touch with Rob Herald ’78, Raymond and Mary Ann Freas both ’81, and Jean Cotugno ’82. He’d like to hear what Mary Ann Moderelli Pacelli has been up to.

John Ehrman reports his daughter, Angela, is graduating magna cum laude with a degree in corporate communications from the University of Texas at Austin May 21. John tried to convince her to attend Carroll, but she wanted a big-school football experience. Boy, did she get it this year, attending the BCS championship game. John would like to hear from Josephine (Ruitto) and Tom O’Grady both ’78.

I heard from Gwen Simpson Walsh, who reports that after working for several companies and serving in executive leadership roles, she founded TechEdge LLC, a thriving seven-year business that’s committed to helping organizations, teams, and leaders achieve their greatest performance potential. Gwen is a board member/advisor to STEMout, a Cleveland nonprofit whose mission is to inspire Cleveland-area youths (K-12 grade) to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Gwen and her husband (Paul Takach) will be celebrating 28 years together in January with their growing family: 11 four-legged adopted “kids” – six shelter dogs and five shelter cats. Gwen says, “It’s a zoo at times, but it’s all good.”

As always, every five while we’re alive.


Nancy Agacinski

Fall 2010

Hi, everyone. I hope you all enjoyed a magnificent summer. I didn’t receive any news for the column; however, I ran into a couple of classmates recently. I saw Paul Lange and his wife, Susan, at the Greek Festival in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland Memorial Day weekend and ran into Dave Chervenak with his daughter at the final Cleveland Orchestra concert this season. It’s always nice to run into familiar faces. Both are doing well and, of course, still living in the Cleveland area.

Sorry, I don’t have too much else too report. Please drop me a line when you have a chance. Take care.


Nancy Agacinski

Summer 2010

Hi everyone – how have you been? All good? Just checking. Haven’t heard from you in forever! Feel free to drop me a line anytime so we can catch up!

Congratulations to Lori Oden Pietravoia. She has been named chief of the Office of Human Capital Management at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Lori is an experienced human resources professional and will lead a staff of 35 and manage the full range of human capital management requirements for Glenn. Most recently Lori has performed duties as acting supervisor of Glenn’s Logistics and Technical Information Division and chief, Human Capital Consultant Branch. Since beginning her NASA career at Glenn in 1990, she has served as supervisory human resources specialist, classification specialist, and human resources specialist, as well as employee and labor relations officer. Lori has also been recognized by NASA with an Exceptional Service Award. Way to go, Lori!

Enjoyed an amazing spring weekend with gal pals: Cathy Dinkel Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, Paula Bruening, and Meg Hart at the lovely Frank Lloyd Wright’s Louis Penfield House right here in NE Ohio (Willoughby Hills) in March. A small but spectacular Usonian style home with a floating” staircase, high doorways, and panoramic view which was built on a 30 acre wooded lot with the Chagrin River winding through it. It’s only about a half hour from downtown Cleveland, but we felt like we were a world away. We had a blast catching up, relaxing, taking hikes, watching and feeding the wildlife, cooking, eating, dining out, shopping, wine tasting etc! We sure crammed a lot of adventure into one weekend! All the gals are doing well and looking fabulous I might add! Cathy still works for Kodak and lives in Kendall, NY, right on Lake Ontario. Beth lives in University Heights and works for Sherwin-Williams, while Paula works as an attorney with privacy and management information law and lives in D.C. when she’s not off gallivanting around the world! Most recently, she spent time working in Paris! Ah, ça c’est très bon!

I hope you all are able to take some time catching up with each other and enjoy your own special adventures. That’s about all the news for now. Don’t forget to write! “Every five while we’re alive!” Nancy

Spring 2010

Hi, happy spring everyone! Loretta Cipkus Dubray celebrated her first successful year of running her consulting and project management firm, Global Clinical Connections. Her firm specializes in clinical supplies coordination for Phase I-IV clinical trials – www.globalclinicalconnections.com. Also, Loretta was awarded the 2009 YWCA Woman of Achievement Award. This is given to three women who have contributed to their community with volunteer work, professional achievements, and leadership roles. Nice job Loretta, congratulations!

Heard from fellow Grand Rapidian Jim McDonald. He wasn’t able to attend our 30th Reunion last summer as his company was in the middle of a major acquisition. They have since closed the deal and his company, Intelligrated, is now the market leader in the material handling industry after just eight years. Jim reported that the company began only five days before 9/11. Jim and his wife, Mary Keith, live in Columbus, OH. He has new responsibilities for running a newly acquired businesses in Maryland, so he now commutes between the Baltimore area from either Columbus, OH, or Naples, FL, where he and his wife spend the winter and spring. Jim has been in contact with Collette Gibbons Beringer ’80 and her husband, Dave ’81, who also have a home in the Naples area.

I ran into Tommy Hartnett ’81 and he said there was an IXY reunion in Vegas recently. Sounded like a great time — someone send me some details!

In November 2009, the Providence Business News reported that Michael Sutila was named to the board of trustees for St. Elizabeth Community. St. Elizabeth’s is a non-profit organization with four Rhode Island locations that provide various levels of services from independent apartments to skilled nursing care for seniors and the needy. Mike is a controller for Chase Machine & Engineering Inc. For the past two years, he has been the co-chair of Rose Bids, St. Elizabeth Community’s annual fundraiser. He co-chaired the 2008 Rose Bids event, raising $100,000 for the St. Elizabeth Community. Nice work, Mike!

Now that we’re in the age of all types of communication — Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, e-mail, texting, cell phones, land lines, fax machines, Skype, and snail mail, you really don’t have an excuse to not send me updates and news. So come on everyone, send me some information! I look forward to hearing from you soon. Fondly, Nancy

Winter 2009

Hello, all! First, I’d like to apologize for omitting Mike Breier’s and Bong Kauh’s names from the Reunion column. Mike and Bong were at the 30th Reunion and their names were inadvertently left out! I am so sorry – mea culpa, mea culpa! It was awesome to see you both.

I spent some time catching up with Stacey Sanner ’82 when visiting the Seattle area in August. Stacey lives in nearby Kirkland, WA, and said to say “hello” to her friends from ’79-’82.

I rode in the second annual 15-mile Ride for Miles bike ride September 12. Ride for Miles is a nonprofit organization established by family, friends, and colleagues of Dr. Miles Coburn ’75G to educate people about the environment and bicycle safety. Miles, Chris Coburn’s brother, was a Carroll biology professor who was tragically killed in a cycling accident in August 2008.The annual bicycle ride raises funds for John Carroll’s Department of Biology Miles Coburn Environmental Symposium. This project continues Miles’ work of educating students and the community about the urgency of environmental activism. Chris and Nancy Coburn, and Mary Haas McGraw and her husband, Brian, also participated. It was a lovely day with a great turnout. It would be great if more local alumni could participate in the future. Check – www.rideformiles.org/ – for details.

Heard from John Molchan; he and his fellow DAT brothers do a great job keeping in touch with each other. For more than 30 years, he, Tony Ianiro, Scott Smiley, Mike Mahan, Mike DiCarro, Tom Robinson ’80, and Tom Bodle ’74 have gone camping twice a year. They also have their own reunion between Christmas and New Year’s, how awesome is that – sounds like fun!

Had lunch with Camille Rosso Keys in September. We spent hours laughing and remembering all our glory days! Camille is married to Scott, has two sons – Zach (22) and Joe (9) – and teaches English at Solon High School, OH.

I occasionally hear Paul Soucie, Cleveland’s Cuyahoga County Assistant District Attorney, comment on local crimes and cases on the radio news. Great to hear your voice, Paul! Let us know what is going on in your life.

Ed Kelley is running for reelection this November. He has been the Cleveland Heights, OH, mayor since 1998 and was on city council since 1994. Best wishes, Ed! Congratulations, too, for getting the first tattoo parlor in the Coventry area.

Oh, and by the way, no takers yet on our class columnist position. Since I don’t want to leave the position vacant, I’ll continue to be the ’79 columnist until someone else wants to take over. Wishing you all blessed holidays and don’t forget: “Every five while we’re alive!” Nancy

Fall 2009

Aloha, everyone – I’m finishing the Reunion column while vacationing in Maui … wish you were here!

Reunion weekend was held on campus June 19-21, and oh what a weekend it was. We had a small group, but we certainly had a fantastic time. It was great weather – a little rain here and there early in the weekend, but it didn’t stop any of the activities. There was a dinner for all classes under the big tent Friday, and Saturday included a 5 Alarm BBQ lunch served from a fire truck. The Reunion Mass was held at Gesu Saturday before the class dinners. The Very Rev. Tim Kesicki, S.J., ’84 gave a wonderful homily at Mass. I really loved what he said about reunions – that it’s more than reminiscing, it’s about the path that took us to where we are now. That’s what is great about these Reunions – not only do we get to share where we began our relationships together, but we get to check in with each other and see where our Carroll foundation has brought us. Our class dinner was held in the O’Dea room in the “SAC” building (now the D.J. Lombardo Student Center). We had a fairly good turnout for Saturday’s class dinner, with 22 attending, including spouses. The food was good, and our bartender and wait staff were fantastic, but by far the highlight of the evening’s dinner was seeing those of you that made it! Those present throughout the weekend included: Paula Bruening, Rosanna Garofalo, Nancy (Looney) Coburn, Matt Fatica, Maureen Rose Fay and husband Michael, Mike Keresman and wife Liz, Mary (Davis) and Norm Riley, Jeff Krouse and wife Barb, Theresa (Ptak) Buiel, Cathy (Dinkel) Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, Gil Macali, Mike Pappas, Jim Zins, Charles Kerr, Sue Vargo Kunas, Mary (Lantz) Tsai, Greg Schmidt, Mary Ann Meaker, Katie (O’Toole) Montgomery, Brian Niec (I heard you made an appearance Friday, Brian; sorry I didn’t run into you and Mari), and Bob Meilinger and wife Joann (son John ’09 also dropped by to visit – such a charming young man). Georgina Haddad came all the way from Mexico City to reconnect, and she certainly added a warmth and vivacity to the weekend. So great to see you, Georgina. Ran into Dr. Frank Navratil, who always has a lot of irons in the fire. One of his current projects involves consulting with Dr. Joe Bombelles on the Boler School of Business partnership with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management in Croatia, which Dr. Bombelles helped found. Dr. Navratil and his wife, Jean, will be travelling to Croatia and Italy this summer for a visit. There were lots of activities to fill the time between meals during the weekend – Jesuit spirituality sessions, jewelry making, beer and wine tasting. Theresa Ptak, Georgina Haddad, and I enjoyed the beer tasting put on by Cleveland’s own Great Lakes Brewing Co. (Man, I love that stuff! Especially the Eliot Ness.) So whatever happened to the “Chicago girls” – Mariellen (O’Brien) Hendricks, Susie (Comerford) Jacobs, Julie (Jarmuth) Garofalo-Hussey, Karen (McGuire) McCarthy? We heard you were coming. We did truly miss all of you who weren’t able to make it. It’s not too late to begin planning for our next five-year Reunion in 2014. Be there, or be square! We have decided that our new class mantra will be “every five, while we’re alive!” It’s a great mantra, isn’t it? Check out – www.jcu.edu/alumni/reunion09/index.htm – for a recap from Reunion Weekend.

Our classmate Fr. Joe Callahan, a longtime member of the Cleveland Diocese’s El Salvador mission team, has most recently been a parish priest at St. Mary Catholic Church in Painesville, OH. In mid-July he will become pastor at Our Lady of Lourdes, a Cleveland parish with a significant Hispanic ministry near E. 55th and Broadway. Joe welcomes us to Mass any time!

So far I haven’t heard from anyone who’d like to take on the role of class scribe. I really hate to leave the position without someone willing to take over. Please let me know if you would consider being a guest columnist for the winter issue – column due in October. At any rate, send me your news – I can always pass them along. “Every five, while we’re alive!” Nancy

Summer 2009

Hello, everyone! Class news: Villanova University appointed James M. Danko dean of the College of Commerce and Finance, which has about 1,700 undergraduate students and 800 graduate students, most of whom are part time. Jim will officially become the dean August 1. After he graduated from Carroll, with a degree in religious studies, he ran Exercare Co. for 17 years (a medical supply and exercise equipment company). Then he received his MBA from the University of Michigan and served as the director of executive skills, multidisciplinary action projects program and lecturer of corporate strategy there. Subsequently, he served as director of the University of Washington’s (Seattle) MBA program; lecturer at the Kenan-Flagler School of Business-UNC at Chapel Hill; associate dean at the Babson College F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business in Wellesley, MA; and has also been an associate dean for strategy and operations at Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business in Hanover, NH, since 2000. He is also the president of the MBA Roundtable, an international business school consortium established in 1995. Wow! What an impressive résumé, Jim! And what do you do in your spare time?

Chris Coburn, Cleveland Clinic Innovations executive director, recently received the 2008 Gold Electrode Award as the most valuable financial professional by editors of Neurotech Business Report. Chris is recognized as an authority on technology commercialization and has consulted and spoken on the subject throughout North America and in more than 20 countries!

I hope everyone is making plans to attend our 30th Class Reunion, June 19-21, on campus. I have already heard from many classmates who are planning to attend! Let’s have a “snowball”-effect reunion – you know – someone decides to come and tells their friends and they decide to come and so on and so on. Michael Allison called to say he is coming in from Florida and would like to see Gary Tarquinio and his DAT brothers (OK, John Molchan, Scott Smiley, Mike Dicarro, Al Giammaria, Mark Kobak, Tony Ianiro, and Greg Melega, that means you! We expect to see you there!). As usual, it will be a fun and festive occasion and we look forward to a record ’79 turnout! Gil Macali, Mary Davis Riley, Tamee Tucker, and I are our Class Reunion committee members. Mary Davis Riley and Norm Riley are the Class Gift chairs. Please consider giving – no matter what size gift. We’d like to show the greatest percent of reunion class participation. I’d like to thank our reunion committee members for their time, commitment, dedication, and creativity. For complete details, pricing, and schedule of events for Reunion Weekend, please refer to www.jcu.edu. As an incentive for some, please note our luncheon on Saturday, June 20, will be catered by Geraci’s! (You will be coming now, John Legutki, won’t you?)

So far, I have not heard from anyone about taking over as class columnist. There is always ample information for the column from Reunion Weekend, and it seems to be the best time to make the transition. So, please consider becoming our class columnist for the next five years. Let me or the alumni office know if you are interested! It has been an honor and privilege to serve as the class columnist for all these years. It helped me to stay close to my classmates, make new friends, and stay involved in the John Carroll community. Carroll is one of the greatest opportunities I experienced in my life and thank all of you for keeping in touch over the years with your news.

Looking forward to seeing you in June under the big tent, Nancy

Spring 2009

Hope everyone is making plans to attend our 30th Reunion on campus, June 19-21, 2009. Yes we want everyone to make it — even those who live locally. It’s a great time and always better than you think it will be! If you haven’t given it much thought yet – please consider it. The more the merrier! Check out http://www.jcu.edu/Alumni/reunion09/ for details. If you’d like to be on the reunion committee, contact Carla Gall ’05, reunion coordinator – cgall@jcu.edu – 216.397.1595. JCU Connect will be a great out source for Reunion information as well as class specific information.

I ran into Dr. Vince Panichi ’57 recently. He’s doing well and looks exactly the same! It’s always great to run into our former profs.

Fr. Casey Bukala’s ’54 celebrated his 50th anniversary of his ordination as a Jesuit, Sept. 21, 2008 — beginning with a concelebrated Mass at Gesu and a reception in the Dolan Science Center. I ran into Brian Niec and family and Gil Macali at the festivities. Gil and I were the only class representatives Homecoming Weekend to begin plans for our 30th Reunion. It doesn’t take loads of time and would be great to get new faces involved. Out-of-towners could make phone calls or give suggestions to help draw more alumni and make it more enjoyable. Ideas anyone?

I heard from John Taormina who lives in North Carolina and works for Duke University as the director of the Visual Resource Center in the Department of Art. John loves the milder weather and is looking forward to seeing everyone at Reunion in June.

Denise LeGrand Landreth wrote to say that she had a busy year. Her youngest son got married, her oldest son got his Ph.D., she married a wonderful man, Ron Landreth, and became a grandmother last November (send the details when you have time!). Denise celebrated her 50th with flair on the beaches of Mexico and went zip lining over the jungle.

Heard from George Yezbak – gyezbak@roadrunner.com – who reports that he “went crazy” last summer: sold his house, quit his job of 22 years, and moved to NC. He and his wife moved to Advance, NC, where he took a job at Murray Supply, a multi branch wholesale supplier. He reports warmer weather, slower pace, lower cost of living, friendlier people, and a more challenging job. Wow, George, I really admire you!

Joe DeRosa spoke at the Canton Football Hall of Fame Luncheon Club in November ’08. Joe currently lives in North Canton, OH, and has been an NBA official for 19 seasons. Interact with LeBron much, Joe? We just love him in these parts. Any stories you can share?

Theresa Ptak Buiel is looking forward to catching up with everyone at Reunion.

Hope everyone will make plans to visit the old stomping grounds in June. Let’s make it our best party ever! If you have questions or need info, drop me a line or give me a call. On another note — time has come for me to “pass the pen” to the next ’79 class columnist. It’s time for a new voice but I want to make sure there is someone ready to take over before I retire. Any volunteers? Please think about it and respond to me or journal@jcu.edu and we can make the transition around Reunion. It has been my pleasure.

On a personal note, thanks to all of you that offered your prayers and support when I lost my father, Richard, in October. You helped me through a very difficult time and I truly appreciate it. Looking forward to seeing you under the tent, Nancy

Winter 2008

Come one, come all to Reunion 2009! Come celebrate our 30th Reunion on John Carroll’s beautiful campus next June 19-21. Contact Carla Gall, reunion coordinator, at cgall@jcu.edu to assist in the planning.

Fall 2008

Autumn greetings! Ran up to Carroll in June for the Friday evening portion of Reunion Weekend. It’s hard to believe it will be our 20th anniversary of our 10th Reunion next summer! Start planning now to make it up to campus next June for our reunion. This will be the first of many more reminders to come! I ran into lots of folks from ’78 and other classes: Terry O’Brien, Tim Freeman, Bob Rees (I’m proud of you Bobo – you know why!), Bob Burak, Bruce Swartz, Phil ’78 and Jane Ehrbar Simon, Bill Kern ’76, Tom Bodle ’74, and Kevin Kane ’75.

Bruce Swartz ’78 was on WJCU Saturday a.m. that weekend serving as guest DJ reminiscing the ’70s on campus with apropos music. Bruce mentioned that he still sees many of the DAT guys: Scott Smiley, John Molchan, Tony Ianiro, Mike Decaro. It’s great that you guys all keep in touch. Looking forward to seeing all of you next summer!

Both Therese Ptak Buiel and Beth Maher Rinz spent some time on separate occasions this summer with Paula Bruening in Washington, DC — Paula’s stomping grounds. Paula is an expert on cyber-privacy issues with Hunton & Williams law firm, where she is the deputy executive director of their Center for Information Policy Leadership. Beth Rinz’s son, Kevin, is interning for Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones in Washington, DC, this summer.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mary Caizza-Cerni. Mary’s husband, Stephen Cerni, passed away in May. Prayers too for Tim Russert’s ’72 wife and son, Maureen and Luke. Even though Tim Russert was not at Carroll during our stay, it felt as though he were “one of us.” After all he was the guy that brought Springsteen to campus.

Heard from Denise Jacobs. She wrote that she is living in Lake in the Hills, IL, 50 miles west of Chicago with her two girls and dog Cocoa. Her daughter, Jamie, is turning 16 and Jackie is 13, so she is ‘enjoying’ the teen years with them!?! Denise said that she is teaching Jamie how to drive, so to please warn any Chicago area alumni that “mini-Denise” will soon be on the streets! Denise works for Centegra Health System, which is the largest hospital system in her county, selling corporate health services like occupational medicine and worksite wellness. She was business development director for a local family owned staffing service for five years prior to taking this position a year ago. Denise reports that her brothers Dan ’78 and Mike ’81 still live in Cleveland with their families, and her folks are doing great, too! Denise still keeps in contact with Maureen Fay. Denise and Maureen rounded up a few of our fellow classmates last year around Christmas time and had a great time catching up. The attendees were Maureen Rose, John MacBride, John Burke, Denny Wirtz, Mary Clair Fanta, Dan (Flip) Filippi, Paul Lange and Denise sat and talked and laughed just like we used to! For those few hours, they all felt that they were still 22 years old — at least mentally! Don’t we all? It was great to hear from you Denise, and I hope others will follow your lead and send in some new!

Take care and don’t forget to write! Nancy

Summer 2008

Greetings! Heard that Jim and Theresa Ptak Buiel’s son, Alex, has been accepted at Interlochen Arts Academy for the coming school year. Interlochen is a performing arts high school in NW Michigan. Alex has quite a talent for playing the organ and piano, and I was fortunate to hear him play locally last August. I was quite impressed with his ability. Very exciting for him and his family!

No other scoops for now! Do you have any you’d like to share? Hoping to hear from you soon! Take care, Nancy

Spring 2008

Happy 2008 everyone! I have a short column this time.

Saw Frances Skapek a couple of times recently. She and her husband entered JCU’s “Footprints for Fatima” walk in September which supports the Fatima Family Health Center in Cleveland.

Patty Gibbons Saunier, the creator and owner of The Write Stuff, a national classroom magazine, was featured in the January issue of Learning magazine. The magazine is designed to help students from fourth through eighth grades improve their writing and grammar skills. Patty also is the author of the internationally syndicated column “Grammar Matters.” Patty is married to Denny Saunier ’76, the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce president, and they have three daughters.

Ran into Paul Gellott ’78, wife Rosie, and son John while Christmas shopping. Rosie still sings with The Cleveland Orchestra. John “doesn’t fall far from the tree!” He is an actor and is involved in Cleveland theatre.

If I didn’t write your news – I’m sorry. Your information must not have made it to my e-mail! So – don’t wait! Write me today with all your latest – before you forget! Fondly, Nancy

Fall 2007

Happy fall y’all! It’s been fantastic weather here in the Midwest — hope it’s been beautiful wherever you are! ;;; George Yezbak wrote to say that he celebrated the big 5-0 this past summer with an open house with many friends which included Stephen Carlino. Steve lives in Philadelphia (about two hours from George) and they see each other several times a year. They still share a great friendship and a love for Siberian Huskies. George and his wife, Sandi, have a new addition — a three-year old Husky named Spirit. George would love to hear from Rick Zielinski ’78. The Yezbaks still live in Annapolis, MD, and George still works for the same company so not much has changed for him. If anyone makes it out East, they would love to hear from you – gyezbak@comcast.net.

MichaelAllison’s wife, Michele, threw a lovely surprise 50th birthday party for Michael in September at their new home in Parkland, FL. I went down for the weekend and helped to provide the ruse to get Michael out of his house while guests gathered at his home for the celebration. Thanks to Gary Tarquinio and his wife, Annette, for providing their assistance in coming up with the plan or us to meet a local watering hole for “pre-party” cocktails (little did Michael know!) before we went to the main event at the Allisons. Everything worked out well and the birthday boy was totally taken by surprise. Michael’s two sons, Ryan (7) and Riley (5), were in on the surprise and are absolutely adorable. Surprisingly enough they both love and are active in sports and are huge Cleveland Browns, Indians and Cavs fans! God love ‘em!!! Had a great time hanging out with Tark and his wife and daughter, Jennifer, while I was in Florida. Gary has been busy teaching school and coaching football. He mentioned that he still keeps in touch with Jimmy Stall — his second semester freshman roommate at JCU. Lo and behold, when Tark and I were hanging out the night before the party, Gary received some text messages from Jimmy, so I was able to “talk” to him myself. Jimmy still lives in Chicago and is coaching high school football, too.

Jim Danko was appointed dean of Villanova School of Business in 2005. He successfully led collaborative faculty reorganization and a school-wide emphasis on creativity and innovation — both in its approach to education and scholarly research, as well as in its own operations. Over the past three years, undergraduate applications to the school nearly doubled and student quality has reached unprecedented levels. Before joining Villanova, Dean Danko served in business school leadership roles at Dartmouth College, the University of Michigan, the University of Washington, Babson College, and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He earned his bachelor’s degree in religious studies at John Carroll University, and his MBA at the University of Michigan. A native of Cleveland, OH, Dean Danko spent the first 17 years of his career as a successful entrepreneur before beginning his work in academic leadership.

Well — that’s all the news I have for now. Please write, call, text, e-mail etc. when you have time! Love, Nancy

Summer 2007

Hello y’all … catching up. Read a lovely article in the Plain Dealer in February about Chris Coburn and his work as executive director of CCF Innovations (product commercialization) unit at the Cleveland Clinic.

Another update for Mary ’84 and Ed DiVincenzo who live in Mobile, AL, and did survive Katrina. They live in a small rural town in West Mobile just 10 miles from Mississippi and would love to hear from Steve Carlino, Bill Peters ’80, Pat Healey, Kate Perry (Ruhling), Lauren D’Amore, Lou Gruttadauria.

I have seen Kathy Livingston out and about a few times in recent months in the Cleveland area.

I ran into Dr. Robert Bohinski recently. He said to say hi to all those that he had in class.

Mary Doyle Tiryak ’78 – marytiry@netzero.net – wrote to say that she and her husband Edmond live in Wayne, PA. Mary is retired from teaching college English and performs volunteer work for ABC House in Radnor and for Main Line Unitarian Church in Devon, PA, and will work for the New Orleans re-building efforts for one week in August. She also participates in the peace work being conducted throughout the Western suburbs of Philadelphia. Mary has two children: James Doyle and Jennifer Taylor and four grandchildren: Matty (4) and Paul (2) Doyle and Zachary (5) and Alex (3) Taylor.

John Baran ’78 has a new e-mail – ntboy7756@comcast.net.

Anne Kelly – annekelly@mac.com – and husband Chris ’78 live in Geneva, IL, and have two children: Christopher and Kathleen. Anne works for RR Donnelley in the photography department.

Gary Tarquinio is thrilled that Michael Allison is his new neighbor in Florida and said “the roommates are back together again after 28 years!” Hoping to hear some good stories guys!

I had several fantastic 50th birthday celebrations (for about two months!). One of my events included a weekend down at a cabin in Mohican State Park with friends Cathy Dinkel Newell and Beth Maher Rinz. Cathy and Beth reminisced about the physics canoe trip down there back in ’79! It brought back lots of good memories! Hoping your celebrations are many and fantastic. Don’t forget to write! Nancy

Spring 2007

Hi everyone! I certainly hope that spring has arrived by the time you are reading this! Easter was this past weekend, and Cleveland had 12+ inches of snow this weekend alone (up to 30 in some areas). Christmas and Easter swapped seasons this year!

I am sorry to report that a classmate passed away — Will Secre died on February 18, 2007.

Jeffrey Kraus, his wife Cherie (Balan), and two children Josh (17) and Jamie (14) are living in Chicago. Jeff received his law degree from the University of Chicago and works for ALAS, Inc. as loss prevention counsel.

Michael Allison has relocated to sunnier, warmer climes. Michael is working for Home Depot offices and now lives in the West Palm Beach, FL. area.

I was coming back from San Francisco in March and ran into Pete Hughes on my flight. He and his wife, Bonnie, had been celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary with friends in Carmel, CA. Pete’s wife mentioned that one of Bryan (Harpo) Kennedy’s ’80 children attends the school that she teaches at! Small world.

The Singing Angels, Cleveland’s world-renowned youth chorus, recently elected, Michael Pappas, CPA, its president and chief executive officer. Mike is a director at Cleveland-based accounting firm, Barnes Wendling CPAs, Inc. He is the head of the accounting and assurance services department, where he has over 25 years of experience advising closely held business owners and not-for-profit organizations to build and maintain their net worth. Mike has been involved with The Singing Angels since 2004 having also served as treasurer. Mike lives in Kirtland with his wife, Christine, and three children, Angela, Carli and Michael. A little info ABOUT The Singing Angels — they most recently performed at the National Tree Lighting in Washington, D.C. The Singing Angels are now composed of more than 300 youth from nine Northeast Ohio counties, 74 municipalities and 140 schools. The Singing Angels strives to maintain a diversity of students from every race, creed, religion, ethnicity and socio-economic background. Sound like a great group! I’m sure it’s very rewarding.

Mary (Miller ’84) – phonicsqueen1@yahoo.com – and Ed DiVincenzo – ecenzo@yahoo.com – report that they will both be turning 50 soon. They have three children Kevin (23) who lives in Ohio and works as a computer consultant. Selah (20) who is a store manager at Cashé and Leah (19) who works for Starbuck’s and attends the University of South Alabama. Ed has been in vending sales and has owned and operated several bread and cookie routes. He claims that this attributes to the extra pounds they both carry! Mary got her master’s when the kids were small and is currently finishing up another master’s in educational leadership. She works for the central office in Mobile County Public School System. They have lived in the sunny south for over 20 years and would love to hear from some voices in our past.

Denise LeGrand wrote to say that she is a math instructor at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock (UALR) and the director of the mathematics lab there. She has worked there for 17 years and previously taught at LSU for seven years. Denise received her master’s from the University of Arizona and then spent two years in New York City. She really enjoys traveling and has visited Hong Kong, Hawaii, Alaska, Paris, Austria to name a few. She is divorced with two wonderful sons – Christopher (26) is working on his physics Ph.D. at Stanford and Bruce (24) graduated with a BS in biology and is graduating with his RN certified to work in the ER at the hospital affiliated with Washington University, St Louis. Besides traveling, Denise loves fishing, dancing and motorcycle riding and she traveled 14,000 miles last year on the back of one! She would love to hear from our classmates — djlegrand@ualr.edu.

So how will you all be celebrating the big 5-0 milestone? Would love to hear about your plans and adventures! Beth Maher Rinz and I rang in Sue Vargo Kunas’s 50th with her in January and then I celebrated Cathy Dinkel Newell’s 50th with her and a couple of other gals at Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake during the middle of March in a lovely winter snowstorm. We have all had a spectacular time welcoming in these “fantastic 50s!” Wishing you all your own spectacular festivities!

Keep your news coming, with love, Nancy

Winter 2007

Nancy regrets that she hasn’t received any news from the class of ’79 at this time. Please forward information to her to prevent an empty column next issue!

Fall 2006

Hi all! Ran into Kurt Wollenberg recently. Kurt works for Lubrizol, is married with three children: Abbey, Jill and Ethan.

Enjoyed a fabulous homecoming celebration with the “fun guys” from those other ’70s classes (and one ’80) — Terry O’Brien ’78, Bill O’Brien ’81, John O’Brien ’76, Bob “Bobo” Rees, Dave DeAngelis ’77, Jon Manilla ’78, Bob Burak ’78 and Mark Fasano ’78. Those guys still know how to have a good time! (Did we win the game, by the way?)

Also, celebrated Mike Tarasco’s 25th wedding anniversary with them (Mike and his wife are such a cute couple!) A great time was had by all.

After living in Baltimore, MD, for the past four years, Brent Berkman and his wife, Jeannie, will be relocating to Chicago. Brent accepted a position as a senior manager with KPMG, LLP real estate group and can be reached at bdberkman@msn.com.

Ran into Mary Bean Mackessy with her two gorgeous daughters, Abbey and Carly, at an Indians game in August. Supposedly Rick Mackessy was there with son Ricky in the “corporate seats,” but I never saw them!

Other recent sightings in the Cleveland neighborhoods include: Bill Kern ’76, Dave Rodney ’77 and Frances Skapek.

Well, I did it!!! I achieved my “50 states by 50 goal” in September. I celebrated my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with them with a land-cruise to Alaska. What a wonderful way to celebrate the culmination of my goal and their 50 years! My favorite excursions were kayaking around Ketchikan’s Eagle Island and flight seeing and landing at Denali’s base camp! Incredible!!

Hope you’re enjoying your own adventures, peace and love, Nancy

Summer 2006

Hi friends – I attended the JCU Alumni Awards dinner in May where Father Joe Callahan, Padre José, received an Alumni Medal. To hear his presentation speech, click on http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/06awards.htm and look for the following column on the right side of the page: Presentation of Fr Callahan by Tom Gerst ’61. It was a lovely evening. Great to see Joe and his family — he had a whole contingent that followed him up to JCU from Columbus, OH. Joe definitely deserves the honor. Joe will be in El Salvador until next year and plans to return to the Cleveland Diocese at that time.

Theresa Ptak Buiel, Cathy Dinkel Newell and Beth Maher Rinz were also in attendance to celebrate and honor Joe receiving his award. Dr. Donald Coburn ‘43 also received an Alumni Award that evening and his entourage was present, including son Chris Coburn and daughter-in-law Nancy Looney Coburn. Two of Nancy and Chris’ kids were there, daughter Carolyn and son Sean. Chris continues to do mega bike races — Chris was riding from Cleveland to Cape Cod last I heard but stated it was “just a one way trip!” In the spirit of things, I’ve been biking around Shaker Heights and University Heights! I think I’ve maxed out at about 10 miles at the most at one time! I should be ready for one of those big rides any day now!!!!

I hear from Karen McGuire McCarthy who is married to Michael — they have three children. Their oldest son, Michael, graduated from Carroll in May, daughter Colleen is a year younger and a junior at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland, while their youngest son, Matt, will be starting at U of Dayton in the fall … so they’ll be empty nesters but with all the tuition, won’t have any $ to travel! Karen remains in close contact with the girls from Chicago. Karen reports they are all doing well and as fun as ever! They still get together about once a year.

Mariellen O’Brien Hendricks’ oldest son, Michael, graduated from Georgetown in May and plans on working for the Justice Department.

John Taormina wrote to say that he relocated to Durham, NC, from Ann Arbor, MI, in 2000 and now works at Duke University as the director of the Visual Resources Center (slide, photograph, and digital image library). Prior to this, he held a similar position at the University of Michigan for a year and a half, and at The Ohio State University for the 13 years before that. Last year was a significant professional milestone for John as he was the recipient of the 2005 Distinguished Service Award and the 2005 Achievement Award of the Visual Resources Association from the international organization of image media professionals. He was the first male in the association to receive the Distinguished Service Award, after 18 years of it being given, and the only member to receive both awards in one year. Congratulations, John! What a nice honor. At the same time, he stepped down as editor of the VRA Bulletin, the association’s quarterly journal after nine years. He states that his former professors Robert Getscher and Roger Welchans should be pleased he is still committed to academic arts and humanities. John is also enjoying the exciting, and stimulating work environment as well as watching Blue Devil basketball. John would also like to know how the “old second floor Bernet Hall gang is doing?” So how about it guys? Let us know — please write in and share the events in your lives.

Heard from Mike Korpics. He reports that he, his wife, Kathleen and four kids are doing fine. He is still working as an ER doc paying for his kid’s education: with one in med school (he couldn’t talk him out of it), two at Northwestern University (he couldn’t convince any of them to go to JCU) and one in high school. Whew! He didn’t have much time to write – and had to get back to work so he could pay those bills!!!.

Sightings in the Cleveland area: Bill Kern ’76 and Dave Randall (????) and Frances Skapek.

I was taking a walk in the JCU neighborhood recently and I ran into Dr. Frank Navratil. He was teaching a finance summer school class. We chatted a bit and reminisced about the “old day” when Dr. Jerry Clifford, SJ, was in the department. Even though we thought things were difficult when we had to study and perform at JCU, those times certainly were the ones that formed us! We definitely are better for having had them and making it through the struggle.

Wishing you all days of peace and sunshine, love, Nancy

Spring 2006

spring greetings!

I heard from Tom Chialastri. He moved to Atlanta from Miami about three years ago and works for Abraxas Business Services. The company he works for provides mergers and acquisition, exit strategy planning and business brokering services to mid-sized business. Tom is a chief financial officer for the company. He still travels home to Miami quite a bit to get his sea food and ocean fix and visit family.

Mike Horning is living in Potomac, MD, with his wife, Debbie. They have three children: Michael, Jr. is completing his junior year at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA – Christopher is completing his junior year in high school at Georgetown Prep (Mike’s alma mater and another fine Jesuit school!) – and daughter Kimberly will be moving on to high school next year. After spending nine years in public accounting, Mike moved to the insurance world and has spent the past 18 years as chief financial officer at two different insurance companies. He currently works for United Educators an insurance company located in Chevy Chase, MD, that insures the liability risks of schools, colleges and universities. He proudly notes that John Carroll University is one of their insured. He also mentioned that he was responsible for the hiring of another JCU graduate, Jennifer Costarella ’00. Mike (as well as the rest of us, I’m sure) would love to hear what’s going on with Mike Pappas, Jim Zins, Rob Rosen, Jim Coyne, Dan Grady, Pete Hughes, Chuck Kretschmer ’78 and any other IBG brothers from the late ’70s.

So how about it guys and gals out there – please let us know what is going on. Just drop me a line (see my e-mail address above?). Don’t forget to write! as always, Nancy

Winter 2006

Hi fellow ’79ers! Happy 2006 to one and all.

John Ehrman wrote to say that he is getting married to Elizabeth Justen on April 15th in Houston. The children population in the Ehrman’s home will be increasing from one to five! Wow! What a jump! Elizabeth’s four children: Angela (18), Audrey (14), Chris and Josh (12 year old twin boys) will be joining John’s son. John’s son, John, has been accepted to the USMC officer corps training in Quantico for the summer. The Ehrman’s plan to be Cleveland area for Homecoming this coming fall. We hope to see y’all then!

I went to a reception for Father Niehoff at JCU last fall. Was great to meet him. He’s such a wonderful speaker. Ran into Jim Dolak there. Jim is an anesthesiologist with the Cleveland Clinic in obstetrics and gynecology. He loves his work and enjoys seeing all those wonderful little babies.

Norm and Mary Riley and their clan have moved to Bay Village.

Chris and Nancy Coburn’s daughter, Carolyn, will be attending Georgetown this coming fall.

That’s all the news for now. Please call or write and let us know what you and yours have been up to. happy days, Nancy

Fall 2005

Hello, it’s me … it’s so amazing when you hear a song from the old days and it brings you back.

Whenever I hear the old Todd Rundgren “hello its me” I am reminded of the rat bar, dances, etc. What songs bring you back? It always amazes me how profound of an effect music can have on our memories.

Heard from Rick Ryznar. He and his wife Ree live with their FIVE children in Hilliard, OH, Annie (19), Ricky (17), Patrick (14), Timmy (11) and Mary (9). What do you do in your spare time, Rick? Rick – ryznar@sbcglobal.net – would love to hear from the guys that lived in the first floor Pacelli T-wing. Let us know who you connect with Rick.

Michael Allison is enjoying an early temporary retirement these days

Cice article last John Carroll magazine about JCU’s Chicago connection. So nice to see and read about the successes of the familiar faces from our era: Mary Ann Bergerson Ahern ’76, Paul Hulseman ’82, The Farrell “boys” Bill ’77, Brian ’78 and Rick, Tim Freeman ’78, Jim Purcell ’80, Mark Talamonti ’78, Terry O’Brien ’78 and coach Schweickert ’60.

Recently enjoyed “chaperoning” my parents on a trip to northern Michigan for their 49th wedding anniversary. During our trip, we had the pleasure of visiting the Boskydel Vineyards in Lake Leelanau. My parents had been there before and loved it — not only for the high quality Michigan wine, but for the Jesuit/JCU connection. The vintner – Bernard Rink is from JCU’s class of ’48. Mr. Rink has been visited by Father Birkenhauer and National Geographic in the past and is currently being honored by his fellow Michigan winemakers for pioneering the northern Michigan wine industry. Congratulations to you, Mr. Rink! We enjoyed visiting with him for his tasty wine and quick wit. I tried to convince him to return to campus for his 60th reunion in a few years, but he said he only would if he doesn’t have to leave Leelanau county, MI!

Not much else to report. Time to go, because “baby, I was Born to Run!” Nancy

Summer 2005

Hi y’all! I hope you are all enjoying a fabulous summer with friends and family. At least we have more seasonal temperatures this year, in JCU country! I just love the summer. Had a most fabulous experience recently celebrating my mother’s 74th birthday! My sister, Carolyn, my mom and I all went skydiving together! What a blast! More than myself, I am so proud of my mother! Hmm, wondered where I got my sense of adventure?!?

Heard from Bob Meilinger. He is living in Portage, MI, (near Kalamazoo) with his wife of 20 years, Joann and their two boys, John (18) and James (16). John graduated from Portage Northern High School with highest honors and was also a four-year letterman in swimming and water polo. Jimmy will be a sophomore at Portage Northern and lettered in track, swimming and water polo. John will be the third generation and third John Meilinger attending JCU. Bob received his MBA from Baldwin-Wallace College in ’83 and has worked for Rockwell Automation (Reliance Electric and Allen Bradley) as a senior sales engineer for the past 20 years. Later this summer, Bob and his family will be traveling to Numazu, Japan. It is a sister city to Kalamazoo, MI, and the Meilingers have been invited by the Numazu committee to travel there to help represent Kalamazoo. What an honor! Bob can be reached at rbmeilinger@powersystems.rockwell.com.

Ran into many familiar faces at JCU’s reunion weekend in June: Dave Chervenak, Tom Gallagher, Mike Gordon ’80, Lou Zahara ’80, Jim Antall ’80, Jeanne Wall ’80, Mark Zemba, Kevin Kane ’75, John Mastrantoni ’80, Rob Lombardi ’80, Phil Lopez ’80, Tommy Heilman ’80, Bill Kern ’76. Always great to see not only people from our class, but the “before and after” years from when we were JCU. It was great to catch up with everyone.

Ran into Charlie Wagner ’83 and Tommy Hartnett ’81 one night in the ‘hood’ – had great laughs and a fun time going down memory lane. At one point we discussed all the reasons why John Carroll plays such an important part in our lives – even for those that feel like they don’t need to be a part of JCU anymore. John Carroll helped make all of us who we are today – good, honest, hard working, intelligent sons and daughters, husbands and wives, parents, friends, colleagues and citizens. Without our experiences, our classes, our successes and failures and our relationships — good and bad of it all — we wouldn’t be who we are today. We are all very lucky to have touched each other’s lives in whatever way — big or small. I know I treasure my friendships from the past. I enjoy the ones I have kept and the new ones I have added along the way and look forward to the relationships I will add in the future. We are lucky for whatever amount of time we have known each other. We have been very blessed. Just a little “Agacinski philosophizing!” What would you have expected from all those philosophy courses?

Enjoy your lazy, crazy, hazy summer days! Nancy

Spring 2005

Hello everyone: as I’m writing we’ve been experiencing a fabulous spring in the Cleveland area. The nicest in recent memory. Well deserved after our brutal winter. We did break old records and had the “snowiest winter ever” with 105+ inches! Couldn’t we have had a better distinction? The sunniest winter ever would have been nice! I hope it’s been as sunny and temperate wherever you are! I was traveling through Cincinnati airport on my vacation in March and learned I was traveling with JCU students who were traveling to Rome with for holiday! They were quite fun — so much energy. I was a tad jealous not to be traveling to Roma with them! At least they were in Roma before John Paul II died. I’m sure many of us are feeling sad at his passing. We were so lucky to have had him as our pope. Quite an incredible man. Pretty amazing that he was elected when we were in college! Good memories.

I have seen the Coburns (Chris and Nancy et al), Jeff Krouse and Patrice Aylward in the Cleveland area of late. All looking well! (naturally!)

I heard from a few classmates: John Ehrman jnehrman@swbell.net lives in Woodlands (about 30 miles north of Houston), TX, with his son, John. He is still working in the oil business and primarily splits his time between offshore TX and LA, as well as Colombia and Venezuela. His son, John spent two semesters at JCU, and was third generation there. He just turned 23 and is finishing university in Texas and has been sworn into the USMC officer’s program and will report to Quantico in July.

We thank him for his service and our prayers will be with him.

Michael J. Kelly DrJ1982@yahoo.com is living in Mount Vernon, OH, and has a 12-year-old son, Daniel.

Mary Nell Barrord Gorski marynell@fuse.net is living in Liberty Township, OH (where is that Mary Nell?) with her husband, Jim ’77, and two daughters. Katie (21) is a senior at Miami University (Ohio) majoring in journalism with a political analysis minor and will graduate in May and is then going to attend law school next fall (wow!). Missy (20) is a sophomore at JCU majoring in biology and chemistry. Mary Nell says that she and Jim get a big kick out of visiting JCU as parents – saying “the campus has changed a lot but is still so beautiful and brings back so many memories. We love that Casey Bukala (who baptized her) is still on campus keeping an eye on her!” Mary Nell works for the Lakota Schools as a special education instructor.

Great to hear from you all! Keep the news coming! fondly, Nancy

Winter 2005

Happy 2005 y’all! hope everyone enjoyed great times with family and friends over the holidays.

Heard from Mary McNeeley Baran. She sends her wishes to everyone and reports she is living in Westlake, OH, has four children — Audrey (24), John Patrick (22), Brigit (17), and Sara (15). Mary went to La Roche University in Pittsburgh after John Carroll and received a degree in psychology. She currently is a disabilities supervisor for Catholic Charities Services in Head Start. Mary can be reached at: mtbaran@msn.com.

Michael Allison is doing well. He was recently promoted to executive vice president of Human Resources for Victoria’s Secret Direct. Congratulations to you, Michael!

Received a lovely Christmas letter from Fr. Joseph Callahan. Joe was transferred to a new parish in El Salvador in May. Joe had been in Chirilagua, and that parish now has two Salvadoran priests serving there. He is now in a parish at El Carmen, La Union and is challenged by the new work in front of him. Due to the 2001 earthquakes, the rectory at El Carmen, was damaged, however a very generous family is lending Joe a house near the church to live in. Joe certainly keeps busy between his parish, administrating the Diocesan Pastoral Center “El Castano,” (where the priority for this year is to finish the chapel) and his work as treasurer of the Diocese! Great to hear from you, Joe!

Just a short and sweet column this time. Wishing you all a healthy and happy coming year, Nancy

Fall 2004

Hi everyone: now where was I when I last wrote? I remember … I actually ran out of my allotted space with the post-reunion column and had to carry over information to this issue. I think this may be my first time as class columnist that that has happened! It’s great to have so much news to share with you.

Getting back to the reunion: “Most understanding and going above-and-beyond spouse” award goes to Ann Legutki who not only encouraged John to come to the reunion but when he had an extremely hectic work week the week of and wasn’t going to be able to make it — she bought him a plane ticket and arranged for a rental car, so that he would be able to be here. Now that’s support! Thanks so much for doing that Ann — it meant a lot to John and also to us. It was great to see you, John!

Sue Walsh-Reed’s son, Brandon is a ’04 graduate of Willoughby South High School and is going into astronautical engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL — very impressive. Sue stated that Brandon knew from the time he was a little boy that all he ever wanted to be was an astronaut. Amazing, it’s great to know what you want to be in life. Our hearts and prayers go out to Tim Lawley and his family — his wife passed away unexpectedly a few months before our reunion. They had recently adopted their 3rd child.

Anne McGah Bailey and her family now live in Bonita Springs, FL, where Anne works as a realtor. Hope you and our other Florida alumni/ae were left unscathed by the Hurricanes this fall.

Grace Laast Adofo is an OB/GYN in the Philadelphia area and survived an “adventurous” trip to Cleveland for the reunion which included cancelled flights and lost luggage.

Stephen Carlino is back in the States, living in the Philadelphia area and running his own nightclub.

Rick Deneweth and his son, RJ, made the road trip from Traverse City, MI, together. It looked as though RJ had more fun in the big tent than with the kiddie camp! Glad you came RJ! Classmates asked about those who sent an RSVP for the reunion but did not attend – Camille Rosso Keys, Theresa Ptak Buiel, John Taormina and Anne Kelly. What happened guys? People also wondered where and how the these class members are — Maureen Rose Fay, Paul Lange, Karen McGuire McCarthy, Michael Allison, Matt Fatica, Greg Louis, Mariellen O’Brien Hendricks, Pat (Schreiner) and Tyler Ham. You and all those that weren’t able to attend were sorely missed. I hope these updates from the reunion will help to entice those who missed this one to plan to return for our next reunion in ’09 (never to early to start planning!).

Other news: Mary Syracuse Harmon is living in Willoughby, OH, with her husband, Larry, and three children: Larry (21), Carrie (17) and Gary (12). She works for Philips Medical Systems as a technical writer and can be reached at meharmon@writeme.com.

Gary Tarquinio is going through a career change — entering the teaching and coaching arena at his old high school Chaminade in Fort Lauderdale.

Ann Harrington-Ray and her family relocated to the Vero Beach, FL, area.

Ran into Mary Ann Meaker at a Greek festival this summer and she was so sweet to send me a note with some class info: she had dinner with Ellen Hobbs Hirshman and Mary Meehan Kirby this summer and reports Ellen’s older son, David, is attending Wake Forest and younger son, Noah, is involved in lots of athletic activities. Mary is now a grandmother and a very avid (and awesome) golfer. Mary stated she would have come to the reunion if Michael Allison had come. (next time we’ll just have to make sure that you both come!). Mary Ann also dined with Beth Maher Rinz and Anne (Nina) Crowley Hatton. Anne has a son, Devin, in middle school and works for Dennison University.

I had the time of my life in Italy this past May with Cathy Dinkel Newell, her mother, daughter Betsy and friend Meg. We stayed at a villa in Tuscany for a week and enjoyed Rome for another week. Cathy’s daughter had studied in Rome the previous semester (she attends Loyola U. — Chicago) and was quite the guide and chaperone! We had such a fabulous time. Ahhh the gelato, Delicioso!

Keep all of your news coming. Wishing you a peaceful and blessed holiday season, love, Nancy

Summer 2004

Wasn’t the reunion weekend a fabulous time? I am so glad so many of you were able to make it. Even though the weather was a little chilly at night, there wasn’t any rain and it didn’t stop our fun! The weekend began Friday evening with Father Glynn’s State of John Carroll address, followed by the president’s reception with scrumptious appetizers and open bar. Dinner was served buffet style on the quad and very tasty: cavatelli, pork loin, chicken, and veal marsala and all the trimmings.

On Saturday, four “brave” members of our class were up and about to enter the 9 a.m. – 3k walk: Mary Ann Meaker, Mary Davis Riley, Beth Maher Rinz and Cathy Dinkel Newell. Late morning, some of us attended Dr. Joseph Kelly’s talk on “History and Fiction in the DaVinci Code” – enlightening. For lunch, we gathered on the quad again for a picnic lunch of chicken, burgers and dogs. At 6 p.m., a lovely Mass at Gesu included a moment of remembrance for alumni that had died in the previous five years. May we keep Larry Strohen, William Burns and Arthur Stringer from our class and their families in our prayers.

After Mass, we met on the chapel steps for our class picture and I must say we look awesome! Our class dinner afterwards featured filet mignon wrapped in bacon, mixed fresh vegetables and thinly sliced potatoes. Dessert was a scrumptious flourless cake. Yummy! After dinner we went to the big tent and/or the bar for music and cocktails. Sunday morning the grand finale event was a buffet brunch on the Quad. We had a very nice turnout for our class. Some people came for an event or two and others came for the whole weekend.

Thanks to wonderful Rosalie Massey, the reunion director, and to the committee: Mary Davis Riley who single-handedly wrote notes on the pre-reunion fliers to everyone in the class, as well as called classmates and attended meetings (but did not receive any free drink tickets for the weekend!), Beth Maher Rinz and Nancy Looney Coburn, who made many a phone call and attended several meetings, as well as Brent Berkman who made calls and “attended” meetings via conference call from Maryland (we missed you at the reunion, Brent!). And even though Sue Walsh-Reed wasn’t an official member of the committee, she is an honorary member for making so many calls to encourage people to attend the festivities. In attendance: Danita Davis Thomas, Louise Gruttadauria-Bohn, Suzanne Vallo and Greg Tripi, Jim Schaefer, Anne McGah Bailey, Katie O’Toole, Jane Ehrbar Simon, Jennifer Boyle Beck, Rick Farrell, George Yezbak, Mary Bader Meyer, Michael Keresman, Mary Haas-McGraw, Mary Bean Mackessy and Rick Mackessy, Nancy Looney Coburn, Grace Laast Adofo, Mary Davis and Norm Riley, Jon Gorczyca, Kathy Corbett Skerkoski, Gail Lorei Robinson, Mary McCafferty Kander, Michael Poremba, Diana Jarzyna Kovalcheck, Eileen Lyons Rodgers, Tom Kaiser, Mary Ann Meaker, Timmy Lawley, Greg Schmidt, Jim McDonald, Dan Hanson, Mike Miller, Tony Martino, Gil Macali, Cathy Dinkel Newell, Beth Maher Rinz, Susan Vargo Kunas, Jeff Krouse, Steve Carlino, Frances Skapek, John Walsh, Fran Kosir Reddick, Cindy May Lamb, Bong Kauh, Jim Hoddick, Al Hess, Jim Meathe, Rick Deneweth, John Legutki, Mike Miller, Loren D’Amore, Tony Slotwinski, Carl Hughes, Donna Kobak, Sue Walsh-Reed and me. I will continue with the reunion information in the following issue. “Talk” to you then, Nancy

Spring 2004

Hi everyone — I’m hoping everyone is making their plans to attend our 25th reunion next month! It’s not too late — please come. No matter how much or how little time you can visit, it will be a fabulous get-together! The dates again are June 18-20. We want everyone there! It will be fun — looking forward to seeing everyone!

I’ve had a few calls and e-mails from classmates — Karen Lysek Greco, John Taormina, Greg and Suzanne (Vallo) Tripi, who are interested in coming to Reunion Weekend. The more people that come, the more fun we will have! If anyone has questions, please feel free to call me or Rosalie Massey at 216.397.3014. Don’t forget — the reunion is free for our class! What great incentives! To be able to party together and for FREE!

Heard through the grapevine that the IXYs had a celebration in Vegas in March. Saw Alex Alavanja and his wife one evening and they told me about it before hand and then I ran into Nick Iarussi ’81, Rocco Dolciato ’82 and John Mastrantoni ’80 at the airport after they came back. Sounded like a great time — the IXYs always know how to party!

Our reunion will be another great time to catch up with everyone. I look forward to seeing you there! There’s sure to be more news in the next column from the reunion. Happy spring — ciao, Nancy

Winter 2004

Happy 2004 and happy 25th reunion year! I hope you are all making plans to attend our 25th year JCU reunion to be held on campus this coming June 18-June 20. It is sure to be a grand and fun-filled event which — won’t be the same without you! As an added bonus, note that the reunion will be FREE to the 25th year reunion class and their families. If you have any questions about the reunion or events, please feel free to contact me directly at 216-932-2824 or contact Rosalie at the alumni office at 216-397-3014.

I attended a professional continuing education course in December and ran into Mary Bean Mackessy and Russ Sebbio. What a small world! They will be at the reunion — WILL YOU? Beth Maher, Gil Macali, Brent Berkman and I are members of the reunion committee and will be diligently working to make it a fun and well attended event. It will only be better if you come! So, begin making those plans for June!

Linda Ganzhorn Kupiec has returned to JCU to receive her teaching certificate — how exciting for you Linda!

Gregory J.W. Urwin, M.A., wrote with some news. He is a professor of history and graduate chair at Temple University and specializes in the following fields: U.S. Military History, War of Independence, Civil War, Indian Wars, World War II, and the U.S. Marine Corps. He has been involved with the History Channel producing a two-hour documentary, “Wake Island, Alamo of the Pacific,” based on his book, Facing Fearful Odds: The Siege of Wake Island. (It aired on June 2, 2003). He also worked on the the production as senior historical consultant and appeared frequently on camera in interviews that were shot on Wake Island in August 2002. Other big personal news for him includes that his eighth book, Black Flag over Dixie: Racial Atrocities and Reprisals in the Civil War, will be published in the fall of 2003 by Southern Illinois University Press. Wow. 8th book – and I have enough trouble finding time to write checks to pay my bills.

George Yezbak heard from Mark Stevens. Mark has a daughter in college, lives in Sarasota, FL, and is still a pilot with Northwest Airlines. George added that he sounds as though he is doing well. George is supposed to get together with Mark this spring.

Carla Calevich was awarded her Doctor of Philosophy degree on Saturday, August 16 from Kent State University in Curriculum and Instruction. She has been with the Brecksville-Broadview Heights School District for many years and is now the director of curriculum and instruction for the district.

Karen Lysyk Greco was added as a partner and head of the trust and estates practice group at Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz PLL, a Cleveland-based law firm. Karen was with Brouse McDowell in Cleveland.

Michael Keresman CEO of Cardinal Commerce Corp (which provides payment authentication services for e-commerce) was quoted in the Chicago Tribune recently in an article on telecommuting stating “letting employees work at home thwarts informal brainstorming and bonding.” Additionally, he reported that when his clients visit the office, they like to meet the people they’re dealing with and see a bustling, professional environment. There is perhaps nothing more disconcerting to a customer than walking into a building where there’s supposed to be people working, and nobody’s there.”

Heard from Thomas Amodeo and he’d been living out in California, but is now back in the Cleveland area. He has worked for Parker Hannifin for the past 15 years and currently works in the Automation Group as a senior group financial analyst. Tom is a CPA, certified in Ohio, and a certified management accountant as well. Tom stays pretty active with softball, golf, tennis, racquetball and vacationing to warm places! He currently lives in Mayfield Heights and can be reached at: tamodeo@parker.com, 216-896-2773 at work and 440-449-0789 at home.

Greg Louis wrote to say that he is still running and recently coached grade school track and cross country at St. Bernadette in Westlake. His daughter, Emily, is currently attending JCU! He’s been in the practice of ophthalmology sixteen years now. His practice, The Cataract Eye Center, focuses on cataracts, glaucoma and other diseases of the eyes. (I see frequently see your tv ads, Greg! Great to see a familiar face on tv!) Greg also reports that he remarried this past year to Karen Lavelle. They have seven children between them: Matthew, Emily, Megan, Julie, Patrick, Tommy and Catherine and live in Westlake.

Thanks everyone for all the fabulous updates. Congratulations to everyone on their wonderful news — thanks for sharing!

Remember its it’s less than 6 months until our 25th reunion next June! I hope we have the biggest and best turnout ever. See you in June, Nancy

Summer 2003

Hello everyone: hope you are all enjoying a fun-filled and relaxing summer

Consider this your first of many personal invitations to attend our 25th JCU Reunion, next June 17-20, 2004. Can you believe it’s going to be 25 years? For those of you that haven’t been back, please come. For those of you that have attended in the past, please return for what is sure to be the best ever. A year should be enough time to clear your schedules! More details to come.

Heard from Brent D. Berkman. He is living in Cockeysville, MD, (outside of Baltimore) and working as a senior manager for Reznick, Fedder & Silverman and can be reached at his e-mail address: brent.berkman@rfs.com or by snail-mail at Two Hopkins Plaza, Suite 2100, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Cathy Dinkel Newell heard from Rosanna Garofalo recently. Rose is living and working in the Chicago area.

Beth Maher Rinz reports that Paula Bruening is staff counsel for the Center for Democracy and Technology in Washington, DC. CDT is a non-profit, public interest organization that is dedicated to developing and implementing public policies to protect civil liberties and democratic values on the Internet. In her work at CDT, she focuses on privacy and defense of the First Amendment on the Internet. Prior to her arrival at CDT, she was the director of compliance and policy for TRUSTe, the online privacy seal program, where she was responsible for compliance and for working with the government on evolving privacy policy. While with TRUSTe, she served on the Federal Trade Commission Advisory Committee on Access and Security.

I attended a JCU social in the spring for the seniors and alumnae/i to network with alums for job search direction. What a great concept and a fabulous turnout. It was wonderful to see all of the energy the seniors have ready for pursuing their careers. The first person I ran into at the function was Rick Chelko ’80. Rick and his wife, Debbie, live in Bay Village with their daughter, Erica (19), and son, Austin (15). Rick has his own consulting business and seems to be enjoying life and staying in great shape.

I attended the alumni awards ceremony May 16, up at JCU campus. I was very honored to receive the Silver Quill award for my contributions to the magazine. It is such an honor to be chosen. I am so humbled to be in such impressive company with the other honorees — eight other alumni/ae and five new grads. It was a wonderful event and I felt doubly blessed to not only be recognized but to have some of my dearest friends present for the celebration: Cathy Dinkel Newell drove in from Rochester, NY, that day, Sue Vargo Kunas came up from Akron and Beth Maher Rinz also attended all the way from University Heights! Thanks also goes out to all the planners of the event, as well as to Bruce Thompson ’43 for presenting me with my award. If you’d like to see pictures and hear brief audio segments of the 2003 Alumni Awards dinner visit http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/news/awards03.htm. You can check out all of the honorees!

Hope to catch up with you soon — and don’t forget, it’s even easier to contact me now with e-mail nagacinski@yahoo.com. Nancy

Spring 2003

Happy Spring everyone — hope you all survived the wicked winter weather that is hopefully behind us by the time you receive this issue. The Midwest and Northeastern parts of the country were really dumped on this year. Yucky!!

I received some notes from a few classmates: John Legutki lives in Elmhurst, IL and can be reached at jclegutki@msn.com.

Scott Burnett wrote that he is living in Pittsburgh with his wife, Ann, and five children and cannot believe how time flies … his oldest daughter is a sophomore at John Carroll University and his second daughter is a freshman at the University of Dayton. Scott is the treasurer for Jendoco Construction Corporation in Penn Hills. He can be reached at sburnett@jendoco.com.

Also heard that Greg Schmidt is married (send the details, Greg!) and Gil Macali is engaged. Congratulations to both of you. Greg and State Representative Tim Grendell ’75 are co-hosting a new radio show called “This week in Ohio.” It will “air” every Sunday night between 7-8 p.m. on 1220 AM WHK in Cleveland and WHKW 1440 AM in Youngstown/Warren. The first show was Sunday, November 10th! The mission of the show is to educate the public on pending legislation in Ohio as well as Federal legislation and its potential impact on the state. It also features segments that will recognize an Ohio company of the week and a non-profit or religious organization of the week in Ohio which will applaud businesses and community organizations that are contributing to making Ohio a better place to work and live. They will also have a report called “Inside the Courts” presented by Judge Diane Grendell. Sounds very informative, Greg, not to mention, a lot of work.

Rick Ryznar reported that he is living in Hilliard, OH, a suburb of Columbus, with his wife of 21 years – Ree and 5 children: Annie (16), Ricky (14), Patrick (12), Timmy (9) and Marybrigid (6). The kids keep their parents busy with sports, Irish dancing and the typical chaos one finds in a family this size. Rick graduated from the Cleveland Clinic School of Perfusion in ’84 and is currently the Chief Per fusionist at Doctors Hospital, where they opened up a new heart program last year. Rick would like to hear from some of the guys who lived in Pacelli, first floor T-wing with him, he can be contacted at ryznar@aol.com.

George Yezbak heard from Mark Stevens. He is living in Sarasota, FL, continues to work as a pilot for Northwest Airlines and has a daughter in college.

John Molchan and his wife, Shawn, were “spotted” in Cleveland’s social paper – Currents — for attending the Malachi House fund raiser at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel last fall.

Hoping this newsletter finds you in good health and hopefully finds our country at peace. For those of you that want to look up class notes on the Web, be sure to check out http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/johncarrollmagazine/index.htm then you can click on your class year and read past and current class notes!

Fondly, Nancy

Winter 2003

Hi everyone — I hope you’ve enjoyed a fabulous spring and summer.

I had an adventurous summer myself, visiting Asia — Japan, Singapore and Malaysia. Always great to visit new and far places and learn about new cultures.

It was nice to hear from George Yezbak. He and his wife, Sandi, live in Annapolis, MD along with their three Siberian Huskies. George and Sandi recently celebrated their 17th anniversary! George is the vice president for a regional wholesale distributor of plumbing and heating and has worked for them for 15 years. His wife is the sales training manager for NV-Ryan Homes. … George regularly sees Stephen Carlino, however it will be another 18 months or so, as Steve has decided to stop working and travel in Europe. Normally he lives in Philadelphia. So unless you are in France, the best way to reach him now is by e-mail at: stephenp07@aol.com. George and Steve have plans to be in attendance for our next class reunion in June 2004. George would love to have an interim update from people like Loren, Louise, Diana and Eileen. If anyone gets to the Annapolis area, George would love to hear from you and reports that it’s a beautiful area. To contact him by e-mail, use: gyezbak@comcast.net.

I actually heard back from Steve Carlino “on the road.” He’s following his dreams, has spent the past 8 months in Nice, France, and will be moving to London after that. He has traveled to Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England and Denmark and is enjoying every minute of his adventure!

A few months ago, the secretary at one of my outpatient clinics was telling me she was having lunch that day with a “friend” — and lo and behold, the “friend” turned out to be Linda Ganzhorn Kupiec! It was great to see Linda. She doing well, lives with husband and three children in Bainbridge Township.

“Saw” Mike Keresman a couple of times lately — first on the cover of the PLAIN DEALER business section for his new and exciting business — CardialCommerce Corp which makes software that fights against credit card fraud on the internet. Also ran into him and his lovely wife, Elizabeth, at the Red Robin restaurant one evening.

Cathy Dinkel Newell lives in Rochester with her husband, Bruce, and has three children. Her daughter Betsy is a freshman at Loyola University in Chicago; son John is a junior in high school; and son David is in the 8th grade.

Beth Maher Rinz and her husband, Jim, live in University Heights with son Kevin, a freshman at Benedictine and twins Brian and Patrick at Gesu. Beth works for Sherwin-Williams.

How did everyone’s kids get so old when we’ve stayed so young?

Jim Dolak is back in town working as the associate director of obstetrical anesthesiology for the Cleveland Clinic. He lives in Shaker Heights with his wife, Cheryle (Burke), and his two daughters, Natalie (7) and Julie (2). He can be reached at dolakj@ccf.org.

Jim Kulich is living in Villa Park, IL and can be reached at jimk@elmhurst.edu.

Marva Williams works for the Woodstock Institute in Chicago and can be reached at Marva96@att.net.

Christine Hess Luff can be reached at 14647 Lasater Rd., Trlr #178, Dallas, TX 75253-7251.

You can now look up the John Carroll magazine Alumni Journal notes on the Web. Just log onto www.jcu.edu, then click on Alumni, John Carroll magazine and our class year (’79). Enjoy!

Thanks for all the updates, everyone. Wishing you great adventures and a glorious autumn, Nancy

Spring 2002

Hi everyone: I received a letter with very sad news from Jon Gorczyca. His beloved wife of 12 years, Cindy, passed away on November 17, 2001 from cancer. In addition to her husband Jon, she is survived by their two daughters Samantha (5) and Rachel (7), who miss their mommy terribly. Anyone wishing to contact Jon can reach him at 8901 Elsmere Drive, Parma, OH 44130-1607. Jon you will be in our thoughts and prayers. I am so sorry for your deep loss and this difficult time you and your family are going through. May she rest in peace.

Other correspondence — Jim Dolak, M.D. recently relocated back to Cleveland from Little Rock, AR in January 2001, with his wife Cheryle, and daughters Natalie (7) and Julia (2). Jim now works for the Cleveland Clinic as an associate director of obstetrical anesthesiology. The Dolaks live in Shaker Heights and Jim can be reached at dolakj@ccf.org.

Jim Kulich lives in Villa Park, IL and can be reached at jimk@elmhurst.edu.

Marva Williams is in Chicago and works for the Woodstock Institute. She can be e-mailed at marva96@att.net.

Christine Hess Luff lives in Dallas.

A few months ago, my boyfriend and I enjoyed a lovely evening with Michael Allison, his wife, Michele, and their two boys, Ryan and Riley. The boys are adorable — the youngest is the spitting image of Michael!

It’s always great to stay in touch with friends from the old days! Please keep your news coming. Fondly, Nancy