Spring 2017
We’ll begin with congratulations to Mary Ann (Bergerson) Ahern, who’s a recipient of the 2017 Alumni Medal. We knew you could do it!


After marketing Stark County, Ohio, for 36 years, Denny Saunier, who now serves as CEO and president of the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, has been selected as one of About magazine’s People of the Year.

Last October at homecoming, Iota Chi Upsilon had a reunion, and thanks to John Marcus ’72, we know who represented the class of 1976: Terry Burns, Fritz Schoen, Pat Naples, David Wolfe, and Marty McGarry. I imagine you all had a good time.

Joe Dzurilla returned to his second career as a baseball umpire by traveling to a tourney in Arizona. He returned to Northeast Ohio to do a handful of games and then packed it up to move on over to Cooperstown, New York, to spend another summer umpiring. Have a fun time, Joe.

Enjoy your summer, everyone.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Winter 2017
Hi, all. Here’s hoping you and yours had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Back in the fall, Kati (Kissane) Reap traveled to Cleveland to take in the World Series victory of her beloved Chicago Cubs. The victory was a long time coming for all Chicagoans. Kati reminded me that she attended the Indians’ final Nickel Beer Night in 1973. All things great and small.

Elaine Yeip sent holiday greetings from the lands of the Western Reserve.

Short, but sweet. Now take the cue, and send me your news, please. On to anticipating an early spring.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Fall 2016

It was so good to see all of you who attended our 40th reunion, and I missed all of you who didn’t. Many thanks to the committee for putting together a wonderful weekend, including accommodations in the newly high-tech Murphy Hall. A special thanks goes out to Carla (Lauer) Gall ’05.

Here’s some news before I regale you with the reunion update. Bill Bissmeyer and his wife, Helen (Francel) ’74 will be celebrating their own 40th anniversary in December 2016. Bill says they have five sons and eight grandchildren. Also, Bill had been serving as director of the Donald Trump campaign in Indiana. Busy guy.

So here’s the report of those seen on campus in June. Although our class picture shows 28 people, we did round out with about 50 throughout the weekend. It was wonderful to hear people say how happy they are with their lives and the plans they have to keep on keeping on. There was lots of talk about the children, and yes, grandchildren, which is always happy news. Joe Barmann once again outdid himself with a slideshow that ran throughout the class dinner eliciting oohs and aahs and occasional laughs from the crowd. Thank you for taking the time to put it together, Joe. It was much appreciated. Many stalwarts attended, including Elaine Yeip, Tom Welsh, Gwen (Benovich) Dickerhoof, Dave Wolfe, Jim DiBenedetto, Brad Simon, Jeanne (Werwage) Shuster, Pat Cataldo, Joe Michael, and Jack Fay. But then there were faces we’ve missed for years, such as Jack Tadie, Betsy Trocki, and Mary Zajac, to whom we say, “Welcome aboard!” It was wonderful to see Debbie (Utlak) Cook and Jackie (Lanser) Zilinkas and review old escapades. And, finally seeing Kati (Kissane) Reap after several years was a real treat for me. Mary Jo (Casserly) Hogan was there with her husband, Pat. John Cunningham, Don Bibbo, Jeanne Colleran, and John O’Brien could be seen catching up with the 1976 crowd. Terry Fergus was supposed to be there, but because the Cavaliers made it to the NBA Finals, we surmise he hopped on a flight to California to watch history. All in all, it was a well-enjoyed reunion, with most people not only ready to return to campus for our 45th, but ready to prod other class members to do the same. By 2021, most of the graduations and weddings that keep classmates from showing in June should be off our calendars, and we can feel free to convene in Cleveland that weekend. If I didn’t mention you being at this one, drop me a note and I will.

Oh,by the way, I’ve received several requests from classmates to join them on LinkedIn. While I appreciate it and look forward to keeping in touch, I don’t use it. But, never fear, you can always reach me at the address above. It was wonderful to see you all, and I look forward to meeting up with everyone in five years. Stay well.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2016


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Spring 2016

It’s not too much longer until we convocate one more time after a five-year hiatus. Can you believe it’s been 40 years? Here’s hoping you’ve made your reservations for a weekend of fun and frolic and telling each other how terrific we look. If you still need information or have questions, contact the alumni office at 216-397-4336.

The big news this issue is that Rosemary (Sweeney) DeSilvio, Buckley King’s administrative partner, was named one of the Top 25 Women Lawyers in Cleveland. To achieve this status, Rosemary had to attain the highest degree of peer recognition for her legal excellence, professional achievements, and ethical standards. Congratulations, Rosemary. We’re proud of you!

Well, all, we’ll be seeing each other in a few weeks. I can’t wait.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Winter 2015

Happy winter, almost spring, you all! Here’s the news. Tom Snitzky, Ward 3 councilman in Seven Hills, Ohio, is running for his fourth term. He has served on the council since 2011.

Gwen (Benovich) Dickerhoof ’93G, ’06G and her husband Greg are snorkeling around the Florida Keys and Aruba. Gwen will be working on our class reunion committee when she returns moonlighting from her position with the Cleveland Alumni Chapter. That brings us to the not-so-subtle reminder that our 40th arrives in June, and the committee needs members. Please contact Carla (Lauer) Gall ’05 at cgall@jcu.edu. Here’s expecting you’re almost done with winter and ready to roll into spring.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Fall 2015
Hello, all. Pat and Mary Jo (Casserly) Hogan are enjoying the pitter-patter of their first grandchild, a boy, kindly provided by their son, Colin, and daughter-in-law, Lindsay, in October. Congratulations to all!

Ready, set … wait for it … 40th reunion! That’s correct, survivors. We get to meet up again to remember when. The committee can use volunteers (no heavy lifting), so if you’re interested in helping plan the event, contact Carla (Lauer) Gall ’05 (cgall@jcu.edu), and she’ll set you up. I’ll be on the committee, so if that’s an enticement, I’d love to have you join me. Save the date June 17-19, 2016, and perhaps, if we’re really good, they’ll assign us digs in the renovated Murphy Hall. I believe we’ve earned it. So hop to it, and just say yes to our 40th. More detailed information will be on the way.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2015
A couple new quarters heard from this issue, which is always a treat. Mark Wester is looking forward to our 40th reunion. He and wife, Lynn, live in North Royalton, Ohio. He’s been with Waxman Industries for 19 years. Currently, he’s senior vice president and CFO of the company. A shout-out to his youngest son, Greg, who married last year. His wife’s name is Amy. That’s nice to hear. Thanks, Mark.

John Tadie, who many of us know as Jack, and his wife, Kelly, have been married 39 years. They have two daughters, one graduated from Ole Miss, and the other is a senior at SMU doing a summer internship in South Africa. Wow! Busy times for the Tadies. Thanks for the update, Jack.

Elaine Yeip sent wonderful news. Mary Jo (Casserly) Hogan has been elected to the JCU board of directors. Congratulations, M.J.! She, along with Terry Fergus and Carter Ham, mark the first time in JCU history three people from the same class have served on the board simultaneously. Go class of ’76, which is a great segue into reminding you about our reunion in June 2016. Be there!

See you all next issue.


Diane Coolican Gaggin cools1120@gmail.com

Spring 2015
Here’s hoping we’ve all ice-picked our way out of a wretched winter. I came, I thawed, I conquered!

It’s the Joe Dzurilla column this time, starting off in March with the Rotary Club of Strongsville’s 24th annual Chili Golf Open and quickly heading off to Ecuador for a Rotary International medical mission, which sounds like a working vacation. By now, Joe should be happily ensconced in the Leatherstocking region of New York, striking back as an umpire in Cooperstown for yet another summer. After baseball season, he’ll have a short break and then whisk his way back to South America. Safe travels, Joe. And, thanks for letting us live vicariously through your travelogues.

Just a reminder that one year from now we’ll be about to converge on University Heights to hobnob with our fellow wizards of reunioning 40 years later. Start your planning now.

Have a wonderful summer. See you in autumn.


Diane Coolican Gaggin cools1120@gmail.com

Winter 2015
So much information, so little space! Congratulations to Susan (Joyce) Kenney, who has been appointed senior vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. She’s responsible for overseeing all of the bank’s eGov business lines.

Apparently, Bob Tullio isn’t quite finished with Carroll because his daughter started grad school this past fall.

Many thanks to Ken Mulcrone for hosting the annual Big Chill get-together at the beginning of September in Chicago, culminating with a gathering of ’76ers and friends at Schuba’s. I appreciate the reports from Kati (Kissane) Reap and Tom Welsh about the veritable Who’s Who of alums, including: Mary Ann (Bergerson) Ahern, Mary Duffy-Segerson and Dave Segerson ’75, Jim ’75 and Noreen (Hickey) Wendell, Joe ’75 and Suzanne (Kirby) ’74 Duffy, Kathy (Horvath) Pankiw, Kevin Kane ’75, Bill Rainsberger, Denny Saunier, and Tim Cannon ’77. Tom also said the core Big Chill group made it to Canton, Ohio, later that fall for the wedding of Patty (Gibbons) ’79 and Denny Saunier’s daughter, Katie ’06. Everyone had a wonderful time.

That’s it for this installment. Write soon. Happy New Year!


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Fall 2014
Autumn is upon us, and I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Talk about folks whose lives are still intertwined with JCU, Bob Tullio is an excellent example. His daughter, Lauren, graduated from Carroll as part of the class of 2014. His son, Brian ’09, an attorney, married Kate Glass ’09 June 21 in Saint Francis Chapel. According to Bob, Kate’s dad, Jim ’75, went to school with us as well. In his most recent contact, Bob says Lauren decided on JCU for grad school in the fall of 2014. He’s referring to all of these things as his very expensive JCU summer. Indeed! Mr. Baseball Umpire, Joe Dzurilla, made a triumphant 13-week return to Cooperstown (N.Y.) this past summer. His knees should now be recuperating during the off-season. Joe said one of the great things was seeing a team of 12-year-olds from Strongsville, Ohio, half of whom he coached when they were 3, 4, and 5 years old. Amazing job, Joe! Get those parts in shape for next year.

Congratulations to Dr. Jeanne Colleran, who became provost and academic vice president of John Carroll on Aug. 4. She’s been with the University for 27 years as professor and administrator, chair of the English department, and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The question, Jeanne, is do you still play in Room 1? There was a terrific write-up in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (her hometown paper) on July 3, 2014. In the article, we learn Jeanne is on the Irish Education 100 list for outstanding educators in the U.S. And, perhaps most importantly, she’s a certified Irish whisky taster. (Not going there …) We’re very proud of you, kiddo. That’s it for now. Have a great season, and send me details about your adventures.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2014

Diane Coolican Gaggin

Spring 2014

The icy temps, winds, and lake effect snow finally have retreated for a three-season rest. I hope you have put out your lawn chairs in the glorious sunshine. This column is the least comfortable to write, and I wish there was cheerier news to accompany it. After the last column due date, I received word about the deaths of four of our classmates: Deborah Beck Candow (psychology), Mary Lou Clucas ’76G, Dolores Wall Gornik (sociology), and James Bauer (psychology). After much searching for information and detail about each of our friends, I’m only able to provide information about Jim Bauer, thanks to a kind note from his sister, Patricia ’77. Jim was senior associate dean of enrollment management and executive director of the office of financial assistance services at the University of Miami. In her announcement of his death, university president Donna Shalala referred to Jim as a true professional, key player, and leader in the ambitious climb in rankings of the university. More than anything else, he had a soft heart in a tough job. Jim succumbed to melanoma, and Pat said Jim would want everyone to see their dermatologist early. We send our condolences and prayers to his wife, Lois, and three daughters – Jessica, Erin, and Rebecca. We extend condolences to the friends and families of Deborah, Mary Lou, and Dolores. If anyone has more information about our classmates, please send it – it would be much appreciated. Take time to send me your latest, and until we meet here again, be safe, happy, and healthy.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Winter 2014
Happy winter, all. Our own Hal Becker was featured in the Cleveland Jewish News in September with a chronicle of his business life since graduating from good old JCU. Five books later – covering sales, customer service, and negotiating – Hal has turned his talents to writing a column for CJN. Great job, Hal. Check it out at clevelandjewishnews.com.

Joe Barmann was busy through JCU football season as a volunteer on the sidelines officiating crew for the beloved Blue Streaks. This season’s home opener was at Toyota Park in Chicago. The evening before the game there was a nice gathering of alums. Joe enjoyed talking to Gen. Carter Ham and Mary Ann (Bergerson) Ahern. And, by the way, the Streaks won 41-0 over St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. The team finished the season 9-2 with it’s first playoff berth since 2002.

OK, so I tweet. I’m glad I do because I was tweeted by Meg (McCarthy) Waters, who is doing fine in California.

Happy New Year, everyone! Please send me all the scoops fit to print or anything else for that matter.


Diane Coolican Gaggin



Fall 2013
Summer vacation has wound down, and a new season has begun. I received news from Joe Dzurilla, who has returned to Northeast Ohio after spending two months in Cooperstown working as a baseball umpire. He says it was a terrific time. While there, he was named a director for Rotary International’s Internet fellowship. Congratulations, Joe!

Mike McGuigan writes the class of 1976 boys were at it again, meeting up in Dansville, N.Y., for the wedding of Tom Kelly’s daughter, Bridget. Mike says John Hurley retired from the Chicago fire department, and Rev. Mark Danisewicz ’77 is newly ordained. Congratulations!

From left: Joe Sullivan, Tom Kelly, Mike Skerl, Mike Behm, newly ordained Rev. Mark Danisewicz, Mike McGuigan, and John Hurley

From left: Joe Sullivan, Tom Kelly, Mike Skerl, Mike Behm, newly ordained Rev. Mark Danisewicz, Mike McGuigan, and John Hurley

Elaine Yeip went on her annual pilgrimage to North Carolina, which included horseback riding. Tally-ho, yip!

Thanks to all our classmates who contacted me about the untimely death of Dennis Lane ’77. His family is comforted by the thoughts and prayers of his Carroll family.

Now that summer is over, there must be plenty of news and stories to share, so please send them along. Until next time,


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2013

Diane Coolican Gaggin

Spring 2013
Here’s presuming you’ve made it through the winter of named storms and enjoyed a lovely spring.

Tim Iacofano sent a great catch-up note from Westlake Village, Calif., where he; his wife, Laura; and their four children live. His oldest son, Blaise, is a graphic artist; next oldest, Hunter, is a sophomore at Santa Barbara; daughter, Lindsey, is a high school junior; and Gianna is a second-grader. Tim is a producer and director. His most recent project is “Red Widow,” which premiered on TV in early March. He’s been working in network television since 1986, involved with series such as “24,” “CSI: New York,” and “Supernatural.” He has even directed a feature film. Thanks for getting in touch, Tim. Keep us posted so we can set our Nielsen boxes.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park will rejoice with the return of their dedicated Paw Patrol volunteers, Mary Lou and Tim Wallenhorst. The reason? After 14 years of chronic pain, Tim is sporting a snazzy new hip that coincidentally was replaced (Jan. 10, 2013) by another Carroll grad, Dr. Richard Gittinger ’80. Tim reports the most amazing part is the small amount of pain he had through the procedure and recovery. Congrats, Tim! Stay hip.


Our favorite sales consultant, Hal Becker; his wife, Holly; and his daughter, Nicole, are celebrating the publication of his fourth book, “Hal Becker’s Ultimate Sales Book.” According to an article on cleveland.com, Hal created the nonprofit Cancer Hotline in 1984 to give support and assistance to cancer patients and their families. Proceeds from book sales will be donated to the cause. Nice job, Hal. We’re proud of you!

Barbara (Krahe) Powers-Harris (notetobarbara@gmail.com) was a classmate of ours in humanities (1972-74) before transferring to Rutgers. She writes to say she has special memories of Carroll and would like to connect with her former classmates. Barb is a new grandmother, a new bride, and manages federal grants in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. Carroll visitors are always welcome at her newly renovated home near Michigan State.

That’s it for now. Send stuff over.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Winter 2013
Brrrr! Well, we’re into it now. Enjoying winter? We’ve rolled right into the frozen season, which, for many these days, causes a temporary relocation to warmer climes. Just think of it as a rest phase for the golf courses you know and love so well. Don’t forget, you can send messages and pictures for the column while you’re on hiatus from your normal home fronts. If the pictures can’t go in the printed version, they will be included in the online editions.

Joe Dzurilla has served a one-year term as district governor for Rotary International for all Northeast Ohio. His travels have taken him to Brazil three times. On one trip, he was personal representative to Rotary International President D.K. Lee. Quite a responsibility. Joe learned enough Portuguese to deliver his speeches throughout the country in that language. He also spent three weeks in Cooperstown, N.Y., umpiring more than 50 Little League games. Way to go, Joe!

In other Ohioan news, Elaine Yeip spent a busy summer entertaining out-of-towners and planning her next trek to the Outer Banks.

From Erie, Bob Tullio continues to keep me up-to-date with the latest in humor, for which I’m thankful.

It was wonderful to hear from Kati Kissane Reap, proving there’s still life in Chicago. She’s in touch with Mo Malley, Casey Durkin, and the ever-elusive Mary Anne Moloney.

And finally, Anne Rath Sullivan (Steve Rath’s sister), if you’re still reading the column, I could use your updated email address.

Well friends, I believe I see a hint of spring over my window sill. Have fun until we meet again in the next issue.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Fall 2012
Guy get-togethers are popular this year. I have two to report. First, Joe Dzurilla sent word that TENREB Inc., the unofficial fraternity of third-floor Bernet, was hosted in mid-January by Dr. Glenn Meden. A terrific time was had by all, including Joe, Glen, Fred Bauters, Frank Novak, Roman L., and Chuck Erb ’73. These guys have been catching up annually for more than 30 years. Joe also has a request to anyone with access to free pedometers for his traumatic brain injury survivor group, so contact him at dzperson@aol.com.

Mike McGuigan’s wife, Debbie, sent word Mike, Mike Behm, Joe Sullivan, Tom Kelly, Mike Skerl, Mark Danisewicz ’77, and, John Hurley (who attended JCU the first two years) get together each year for boys weekend, which she says is almost a week long, to reminisce about the glory days at JCU. Chicago was the site for this year’s festivities, the boys and spouses attended John Hurley’s daughter’s wedding.

Boys weekend 2012 (from left): Joe Sullivan, Tom Kelly, Mike Skerl, Mark Danisewicz ’77, John Hurley, Mike McGuigan, and Mike Behm

Dan Hughes (dmthughes@aol.com) had been teaching sales and service fundamentals at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center since 2001. Before that, he spent 31 years with Heinen’s supermarkets in the Cleveland area. He attended the 40th Ignatius reunion and saw Marty Carney, Ken Ward, Ken Hennessey, and Dennis Doverspike. Dan and his wife, Mary, live in Solon and have three sons.

The Lisagor Lifetime Achievement Award has been bestowed on Mary Ann (Bergerson) Ahern by the Chicago Headline Club, which is the largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. Bergy is lead political reporter at NBC-5 in Chicago. Congratulations from all of us!

Condolences to Mary Jo (Casserly) Hogan whose mother passed away this summer. MJ said she appreciated Elaine Yeip, Gwen (Benovich) Dickerhoof, and Darlene (Yeray) Mullen stopping by to pay their respects. The ever-elusive Darlene Yeray Mullen (dyeraymullen@ameritech.net) has been living in Willoughby, Ohio, and has worked for FirstEnergy for 35 years.

Thanks to Norb Trocki for telling me about the unexpected death of Don Maciejewski, friend and frequent contributor to this column. Based in Jacksonville, Fla., Don was one of 33 board-certified aviation law attorneys in the state. Our condolences to Don’s wife, Judy, his son, Davey, and the entire family.

To all of you, I send blessings of the season for a Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful New Year.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2012

Diane Coolican Gaggin

Spring 2012
Spring has sprung, and I hope everyone is enjoying the transition. Erie can’t be too dreary if we get smoke signals from Bob Tullio. He sends word JCU has yet another legacy Blue Streak in the form of daughter, Lauren, a sophomore transfer, who began her Jesuit journey in January 2012. Her brother, Brian ’09 is finishing up at Capital University Law School in May. Then it’s back to school for an LLM in tax. Our hearty congratulations to the Tullio clan.

Thanks to Elaine Yeip for sending word we lost our classmate, Margaret (Peggy) Nemec-Groth last December. The alumni office informed me Arunas Azelis died last Christmas Eve. Our thoughts and prayers extend to the families of our friends.

Onward toward summer now. Please send me news about the happenings in your lives. People love reading it. ’Til the next column, I remain your faithful scribe.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Winter 2011
First and foremost, kudos to reunion committee members Mary Cay McConnell, Alex Russo, and Joe Tarasco, whom, with no malice aforethought, were missing from the last column. Thank you all for adding to the planning that made reunion so great for us.

Joe Barmann got in touch after reading an article on the Drudge Report about Chicago’s new mayor snapping at a reporter who asked where his kids were going to school now that he’s head of the city schools. And the intrepid reporter was … Mary Ann (Bergerson) Ahern. Congrats, Bergy! And now we have a reporter on the reporter. Thanks, Joe.

Marybob (Hogenkamp) Straub (marybob_2000@ msn.com) said she and Patti Brosnan were seeking Mary Ann Murphy (Mmurphy65393@roadrunner.com), and now they’re all in touch.

Deacon Bill Andrews ’76 baptized his daughters’ children (left to right): Ben held by Katie, Hanna held by Maryann, and Nya held by Beth.

We remembered performing with Gail Zombor and Mary Anne Moloneyas the Pointer Sisters singing “Steam Heat.” Perhaps if we try hard, we’ll think of all the names of the 21 Guzzling Girlies.

Just so you know,when email addresses are included next to names it means they’re happy to be contacted directly. If you want to catch up with classmates, contact me, and I’ll check to see if they want to be found. And speaking of wanting to be found, Anne Sullivan, sister of Steve Rath ’75, now has a functioning email address – annelisasullivan@yahoo.com. She wants to hear from all who knew her brother.

May the new year bring you blessings and bring me news from all of you I can print. Until next time, I remain …


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Fall 2011


What a terrific 35th! It was wonderful to see all of you who attended and hear about your lives and share stories from yesteryear. We missed all of you who couldn’t be with us greatly. Thanks to Norb Trocki and Elaine Yeip, reunion co-chairs, who kept our committee – which included Jim Feigh, Denny Saunier, John Cunningham, Joy Rogers, Ray O’Neill, Pat Behmer Lonergan, Don Maciejewski, Mike Skerl, and Jay Dzurilla – on track. We ended up with more than 55 alums plus spouses and significant others. Amazing turnout. The University was pleased with the size of our class gift, which totaled about $44,000. Way to go class of ’76! Everyone was enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and the food as they connected and reconnected with classmates. Several attendees mentioned how nice it was to be able to spend time and get to know people who they hadn’t been acquainted with when we were in school. One of the highlights of the weekend was our class dinner, which was had by candlelight because of an unexpected blackout on part of the campus. On this evening, Mary Jo Casserly Hogan was inducted into the John Carroll ROTC Hall of Fame, an honor well- earned from her continuing service to our country. She was surprised by a note of congratulations from another classmate who was unable to attend the reunion because of work commitments as the commander of the U.S. Africa Command, General Carter Ham. He reminisced about ROTC at Carroll and lauded Mary Jo for her unceasing dedication to duty. The gathered crowd was moved by his tribute. Congratulations, Mary Jo, and thank you for your service!

Heard from Don Maciejewski, who has been honored yet again for his work in legal circles. This time, he has been inducted as a fellow into the Litigation Counsel of America. Wonderful work, Don.

Meg McCarthy Waters got in touch to say orientation would keep her from reunion this time because she would be at orientation with her daughter, who will attend Seattle University, another lovely Jesuit institution. She also sent word Judi Gorski will become commodore of the Balboa Yacht Club in Newport Harbor next year. She’ll be the first woman to hold the post since the club’s founding in 1922.

Bob Tullio just finished reading “The Unexpected Awakening” by our former classmate Pattie Wagoner, who left after our sophomore year. He recommends it.

Word has been received about the death of Jill Marie Brent. Our condolences to her friends and family.

Until next issue …


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2011


As I wrote this column, our 35th reunion was about a month away, and from the sound of it, plenty of classmates were looking forward to catching up and cutting up old times. Look for a complete festivity report in the next column. At this time, the world is experiencing trying times. I received a lot of communication from ’76ers about General Carter Ham, who is commander of the U.S. Africa Command involved in Libya. Knowing Carter at JCU, praying for his safety and those under his command, and having pride in watching his accomplishments in service underscore the commentary I’ve received. Congratulations on your appointment, general. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Christi ’75.

Joe Barmann has a new job as contract administration manager for New York Community Bank, the new owners of the Ohio Savings Bank in Cleveland. Wonderful news, Joe.

We also congratulate Nora Jacobs, who has joined Hennes Paynter Communications as a vice president. HPC’s specialty is crisis communications.

Terry Fergus was appointed to the University board of trustees. He already is into the heavy-lifting phase of the new position. Best wishes, Mr. Fergus.

I received a note from Mary Jo (Casserly) Hogan stating that while her husband, Pat, has retired, she intends to grind it out for a few more years, and their youngest son is scheduled to marry in August.

Sad news to report, via Mary Ann Murphy, of the passing of Anne Murnen Kasbek in March. Anne was retired from teaching at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School in Wickliffe, Ohio. Our condolences go out to her husband, George ’77, and four sons: Mike, Chris, Brian, and James.

I received an email from Anne Rath Sullivan this winter. She researched her brother’s name – we new him as Grapes, but the rest of the world knew him as Steve Rath. At the time of this typing, Anne is between email addresses, but I’ll put the new one in the next column. She’d love to hear from those who knew him at JCU.

That’s it kids.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Spring 2011


Happy spring! Not so long from now, we’ll be meeting on the Quad to catch up on the past five years. I’ll provide details later in the column.

First, though, congratulations to Norb Trocki (norbert.trocki@bluefin-llc.com) for his creation of Bluefin Consulting, which provides IT and business advisory services to private and public companies. At the moment, the focus is on the Great Lakes area, but he expects to expand nationwide. May it be the beginning of a very successful company.

Sadly, I have to report the death of Joe Michael’s father, Dr. John Michael, professor emeritus of management in the Boler School of Business. He passed away Dec. 30, 2010. Our condolences to Joe, Kathy ’77, and the rest of the family.

As promised, here’s the scoop about reunion I have at press time:

Reunion weekend is running concurrently with commencement for the 125th anniversary of John Carroll, so there will be plenty of excitement and celebration. Packages including on- and off-campus accommodations are available. Advance registration is required, so call the alumni office at 800-736-2586 to make your arrangements. There’s an early bird savings if you make your reservations by April 1, 2011. To stay up to date, keep checking www.jcu.edu/reunion. The committee is hoping to have at least 76 of us return to campus for the festivities. As is customary for reunion years, the class of 1976 will be giving a monetary gift to the University, which includes the sum of all gifts and pledges made to the Carroll Fund and other designations at the University through May 31, 2011. We’re hoping to be generous for the 125th anniversary.

Here’s looking at you kids. Get busy making those reservations so we can get together and remember what the Rat Bar used to look like.

Have a safe trip in.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Winter 2010

Happy winter. Bet I can chase a bit of the big chill away by telling you our 35th reunion is scheduled for commencement weekend, May 20-22, 2011. Don’t you feel warmer already? The committee is putting together a wonderful set of days for reconnecting. Anyone who’d like to join the planning, should contact Carla Gall ’05 (216-397-1592 or cgall@jcu. edu). Make sure to call everyone you want to see, and tell them to make reservations. Follow the progress toward reunion on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Expecting to see you all there.

Don Maciejewski has done it one more time – Florida Trend magazine again has recognized him as one of their legal elite, a highly-regarded specialist in aviation, admiralty, and maritime law. This honor, based on recognition, peer review, judicial review, and reputation, is a great achievement for attorneys in Florida. Congratulations, Don, on the repeat. You and Judy have something wonderful to celebrate.

Tom Snitzky sent a note to say his parents passed away earlier this year. He wanted to get the word to his Delta Alpha Theta brothers, who spent many happy hours in the company of Larry ’52 and Jean during our college days. Our condolences, Tom, on your loss.

I hope to have a list of those who’ll be attending the reunion in my next installment. I’ll make sure I add your name to the list. As we move into a new year, may we have health, happiness, and every blessing the Lord can bestow. See you in May.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Fall 2010

Happy fall, all. Congratulations to one of our favorite Room 1 performers, Dr. Jeanne Colleran, who, as of Aug. 1, became John Carroll University’s dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Jeanne has been with the University since the late ’80s when she joined the Department of English. Best wishes for your enduring success.

On the business side, don’t forget 2011 marks our 35th Reunion. Everyone interested in joining the reunion committee should contact Carla Gall ’05 (cgall@jcu.edu), the reunion coordinator.

Enjoy autumn and send me something fit to print after you read this.


Diane Coolican Gaggin

Summer 2010

Ah, summer! Just a reminder that our 35th Reunion is in 2011. Perhaps we should start planning now in case the volcanoes in Iceland decide to continue perpetually.

Congratulations to General Carter Ham who was awarded the 2010 Alumni Medal at the Alumni Awards Dinner in May. Carter, who is the current Commanding General, U.S. Army, Europe, was also recognized at the May 23rd Commencement. We’re honored to claim you in the Class of ’76. Thank you for serving! “Hi,” to Christi ’75!

Apparently Terry Fergus is now in the furniture business, having surprised wife, Mary, by creating the Mary D. Fergus Endowed Chair in Maternal-Fetal Medicine to be held by a physician at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and MacDonald Women’s Hospital. Terry and family made the gift to honor Mary’s many years of dedication as a neonatal nurse and to recognize Dr. Fred Rothstein, who Terry and Mary credit with saving oldest son, Nathan’s, life 27 years ago. The family’s $1 million gift has been matched by the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Foundation with $500,000. Last, but not least, and bringing the Fergus saga full circle, congratulations and best wishes on the April marriage of son, Dr. Nathan Fergus!

Have a wonderful summer, everyone. Send me some snippets, and I’ll see you in the autumn. Cools

Spring 2010

Happy spring everyone! Fergus Fest First – Terry sent a “six-pack of kids” update. Nathan is finishing pediatric residency and due to be married in April; Meredith, an attorney in Cleveland, OH, is the mother of Terry and Mary’s two grandsons; Caitie’s in grad school at BU studying scenic set designing (at least one had to do something in theater); Kristen graduated from University of Denver in hotel and restaurant management; Jon’s a junior at Ohio State studying pre-med; and Jill’s a freshman at JCU studying theater and journalism. Congratulations, Terry, thanks for the update!

Elaine Yeip chimed in with reminiscences of a Welsh/Benacci/Rainsberger Christmas carol serenade in the Student Union offices. Tom Welsh sends word that the 26th “Big Chill” fall weekend came together at Tim Cannon’s ’77 in Naples, FL. Attendees included: Denny Saunier, Ken Mulcrone, and Ken Capson, who unseen for over 25 years, is doing fine and looks just the same. Tom added that Bill Rainsberger is now in Tokyo, Michele joined him in January.

Jackie Lanser Zilinskas is swapping more grandmother stories with Debbie Utlak Cook about her newest grandchild. Daughter Lauren Zilinskas Owcarz and husband Michael, both ’03, welcomed Graham Michael in October.

Vincent Casaregola, professor of English at St. Louis University, published Theatres of War: America’s Perceptions of World War II, just in time for the commemoration of the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Congratulations, Vince!

The 2009 Davis Young Award for exceptional mentoring was given to Nora Jacobs ’76G executive vice president and Cleveland office manager of Edward Howard. We salute you, Nora!

Harry Rosenfeld ’77 – rabbirosenfeld@tbz.org – finally cleared up his and wife Michelle’s September 2000 trek from Anchorage to Buffalo in one phrase, “feeling the need to warm up!” He’s senior rabbi at Temple Beth Zion, while Michelle works with the Department of Homeland Security. Harry is on Facebook reconnecting with many old friends from Carroll. He wants everyone to know that anyone who finds him on Facebook or is coming through Buffalo should give him a shout! Great to be back in touch, Harry.

Mike McCarthy ’77 says he ran into former DAT housemate Dennis Casey in Chicago. Case works for Harris in money management, weighs the same as he did in college, and spends a lot of time at his condo in Florida. Hey Dennis, get in touch and fill in the gray areas.

See how much fun it was to read all this? Now it’s your turn to add to the scroll. Enjoy the spring! Cools

Winter 2009

First off, we thank Michele McFarland for shepherding us through these columns for so long. She is retiring from the job and will enjoy some well-deserved non-editing time! And we welcome Cheri Slattery, who will begin helping with the columns.

Happy news as Gwen Benovich Dickerhoof became a grandmother in April; she is doting on Abigail Elizabeth as I type. Congratulations!

Mary Jo Casserly Hogan is happily residing in Annapolis, MD, and still working for the Department of Labor as deputy director of the Emergency Management Center. Husband Pat has retired and the two of them have been enjoying plenty of boating time.

Barb Eddy Farrior has been very busy with her new project, Pillows for Patriots, which sends pillows to the troops. She and a friend, both of whom have sons serving in the military (for which we deeply thank them) put together this program and it is a great success. If any of you are interested in participating, please get in touch with Barb – bfarrior@charter.net. Nice job! Barb also sent word that Carter Ham is now a four-star general and is in charge of all the forces in Europe. Best to Carter and wife Christi ’76 on the new command.

Elaine Yeip chimed in with a Rabbi Harry Rosenfeld ’77 – rabbirosenfeld@tbz.org – alert. Seems the elusive Harry, who last time I heard was in Alaska, has shuffled his way to Buffalo! He’s also got a blog that is well worth taking a look at: rabbihsrabbinicjourney.blogspot.com. Glad you were spotted, Harry!

That’s it for this edition. May you all enjoy a wonder-filled holiday season! Cools

Summer 2009

All hail summer! About time the warmth made an appearance. John Ruddy popped a note over to tell us that David Harrington hit double-nickels earlier this year and that while fully retired, Dave is consulting part time for the City of Chicago’s Mayor Daley. Gee, David, nice birthday present! As for our buddy Ruddy, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch is still where he hangs his hat as vice president portfolio manager of the PIA Portfolio. On the home front, his two sons, ages 12 and 16, are keeping him pretty busy. John is coaching one in baseball and plays driving instructor for the other. Thanks for the update, John!

Bob Tullio reports that Erie is still… well, Erie. Happy news as well in that his son, Brian, finance major, graduated from John Carroll in May and is on his way to law school. At the time of the report, Brian had received acceptances from several schools but had not yet made his decision. Congratulations to father and son!

Have a wonderful summer! Cools

Spring 2009

Hey Ho everyone! Deep winter encroaches daily. It’s great to hear from those who are living in warmer climates, I get to live vicariously. Congratulations to Rev. Mr. William Andrews on his new assignment to Church of the Ascension, 555 S. Main St., Johnstown, OH, for diaconal duties. William is retired from Licking Memorial Hospital, where he served as president. To catch you up on life after Carroll, as part of his formation for the diaconate and continuing education, he attended the Diaconal School of Theology at the Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus. William and his wife, Margie, have six children. Our best wishes on your new assignment!

Thanks to Gwen Benovich Dickerhoof for sending along an astronomical heads up on the holiday evening skies. Much appreciated. I’m presuming that Bob Tullio is once again over his head in lake effect. We’re waiting on the 2009 picture of him snow blowing his house and the rest of the neighborhood!

Always the wry one, Meg McCarthy Waters decided the financial crisis was a fine time to put her company’s website online. For a peek at her productivity visit www.watersandcompany.com. Best of luck, Meg!

From the mystery missive category yet another former classmate chimes in with where they are now. Ladies and gentlemen may I present, Pat Kubus – patkubus@yahoo.com! After transferring to St. Mary’s to pursue a nursing degree, Pat worked in nursing for a while in Rochester then it was off to Boston for an MBA and work in the world of pharmaceuticals, private consulting and Ph.D. in Human Development and Education then teaching management at a small Northeast Pennsylvania college. Whew! Now she’s to be found in Atlanta where she started her own consulting firm specializing in executive development and coaching. Oh, and in her free time, ballroom dancing. Okay, I am exhausted just typing all that! Over the years Pat has kept in touch with Debbie Utlak Cook periodically and would love to hear from all of us who, “remember when…” I implied that we would oblige. Very glad you found us again Pat!

There you have it. Drop a line when you are in the mood. See you in the spring. Cools

Winter 2008

Hail all in the Class of ’76! Yet another installment of all things fit to print. We are running a bit light this issue so please take a moment to send some scraps of your lives my way. Elaine Yeip got off a note after attending the celebration of Class of 1954 Casey Bukala’s 50th anniversary as a Jesuit. Congratulations Casey! She said there were many alums in attendance including Tom Fox in from St. Louis. Hard to believe that Casey had only been teaching Philosophy for two years at Carroll before we arrived. It just seemed as though he had been there forever.

Condolences from the class go out to Jim Bauer who sent word of the passing of his father, Russell R. Bauer ’52.

Until we meet again in the next issue, may you and yours be healthy and happy! Cools

Fall 2008

Hope summer is going famously for all of you! Plenty of hot days and nights going on about the country so here is a wish for a lovely cool pool to dip into. Diving right into the news, Elaine Yeip has been a fountain of sightings and information through her never-ending Cleveland activities. She ran into Rob Cummings who is now vice-president of Ter Molen Watkins and Brandt, a fund-raising consulting firm. He and wife, Linn, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year in Italy, thanks to a gift from their children! Congratulations you two! Ms. Yeip also volunteered at the Alumni Golf Classic and ran into some participants we know well: Jack Mulhall, Ray O’Neill, Bill Russo and Mike Jianetti. They were in fine form. Proceeds from the golf outing support the Father Michael J. Lavelle’s Scholarship.

Heard from Steve Tracy who has the production of “Shout!” running in Chicago this summer. He’s hoped for a trip to Cape Cod but thinks the gas crunch may keep him closer to his southern New Jersey home.

With all the flooding the Midwest has seen, I felt compelled to check in with Joe Fox over in St. Louis. He replied saying that he and Gail were high and dry and very thankful. Seems they’ve been busy enjoying life as empty-nesters. Daughter Abby has just completed her sophomore year at Marquette.

Sad news to report, that being the January 2008 death of Michael Satyshur. His fiancée, Susan Grey, wrote to say that after graduation Michael went on to earn his PhD in Physics from Catholic University, then spent 20 years as a senior research scientist with the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C. After retiring from that he moved to Connecticut where he founded a personal investment firm. Michael is survived by his son, Matthew, an officer in the US Air Force, his daughter, Maria, a student at the University of Maryland, and by Susan. Our condolences to his family and friends.

Also heard from Tom Snitzky in Cleveland. He wrote to remember George Kmiecik who attended high school with him and then when they both chose Carroll, decided for “convenience” sake to room together. As Tom said, “that convenience lasted three years.” He spoke of George as, “one of the nicest and smartest guys,” he has ever known. What a lovely tribute to a fallen classmate. Thanks, Tom.

May the season be great for all of you. I expect to have some juicy tidbits sent over to me after you read this installment. Yes, you can lie about your golf scores! Cools

Summer 2008

Hi ho all! Another column but this time ushering in summer vacation. After a somewhat snowy spring I will have to dream on what the warm weather and sun is like while you are reading this. Thanks to all who have kept me up to date with their various snowstorms, especially Bob Tullio for the picture of himself dressed for a day of snow blowing the length and breadth of Erie, Pa. Nice outfit, Bob!

Steve Tracy sends his change of e-mail address – nycsteve@live.com. He had a computer meltdown and would appreciate all who have been in contact with him to resend their addresses so he can recreate his address book.

Congratulations are in order for Gwen Benovich Dickerhoof who became a grandmother for the first time thanks to mommy Jessica and daddy Michael (Gwen’s son) and the birth of their son, Evan Michael Broestl. Welcome to the world, little one!

And, as sometimes happens, when one door opens, another closes. Such is the case with the death of our classmate, George G. Kmiecik, who passed away last August. George graduated as a psychology major. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Now that you have all come out from hibernation and/or dried out from the flooding, it’s time to collect your thoughts and send them over to me. Here’s to a lovely summer! Cools

Spring 2008

I write this installment as the snow is falling softly and if I could staple wings onto the squirrels it would be a banner year at the bird feeders. Members of the class of ’76 must be traveling to far away places without their laptops because there is a dearth of news coming my way. Will I have to start making things up? Fortunately, Bill Russo – brusso1202@aol.com – was kind enough to remember me with some great news as he was elected to the Solon city council in November! Congratulations from all of us. Along with owning Concord Financial Planners, he is president of the North East Ohio Chapter of the Financial Planning Association, as well as treasurer of the Cuyahoga County Public Library Foundation Board. Bill and wife, Mary, have three children: Matt, Tony, and Kerin. Staying busy doesn’t seem to be a problem in the Russo household. Now that he has taken the plunge of sending info into the column, he is hoping to roust several of the old crowd to do the same!

Received a change of e-mail address from Mary Jo Casserly Hogan pjmjhogan@verizon.net.

Thanks to all who have sent on the humor that makes this job much easier. As you are spring cleaning remember to send me stuff for the column. See you soon! Cools

Fall 2007

Plenty of things to report this column so let’s get to it. Elaine Yeip – elaineyeip@yahoo.com – has been a fountain of information on classmates especially after running into Pat Cataldo on a trek to the Geauga County Fair. Seems Pat has been extremely successful, horticulturally speaking, winning several prizes for his plant contributions including a first place in tropical plants for his 8 ft. tall palm tree, as well as a first place for marigolds. Go, Pat! Elaine also sent word of the death of Fritz Schoen’s father in August, in addition to the YouTube video of Mr. Schoen singing the John Carroll Fight Song. Our condolences to Fritz and the entire Schoen family. Hope everyone caught the feature on our own Rosemary Sweeney in the JCU e-zine. It was very comprehensive, talking about just about everything Rosemary has done since we graduated. Hey, Ro, we always knew you were accomplished and now we have it in print! Congratulations!

Jackie Lanser Zilinskas sent some wonderful news, her daughter Lauren ’03 was married in June and daughter Danielle, tied the knot in October. She says that it is great to have “sons” in the family now. Jackie said that she sees Debbie Utlak Cook all the time and said there has been a wedding in that family as well. Okay Deb, time to spill it all to the column!

Mary “Liz” Anson-Talbot ’78 – LizaTalbot@sbcglobal,net – is living in Connecticut with husband Peter. They have two children: Elizabeth and Patrick.

Don Maciejewski – dmaciejewski@zisser.net – has been not only named a 2007 Florida Super Lawyer but one of the Legal Elite as one of the top 100 lawyers in the state! Hey folks, these honors are merit based so our friend Don has been busy at the top of his game. Hearty congrats, Don, you earned this!

Here is a blast from our collective past as I finally heard from our classmate Joe Dzurilla. Joe was a ’76er who lived in Bernet and had to leave for family business but got his degree in the early ’80s. He reports being very busy both professionally and personally which from the list of travel as District Governor for all of Rotary International District 6630, an area that takes in Northeastern Ohio to the Pennsylvania state line. He’s been traveling all over the U.S. giving speeches but the best was a two week trip to Brazil where he was one of two featured speakers at their annual conference. The best part is he was delivering the speeches in Portuguese! Amazing accomplishment! And you must have done a fine job since it looks as though they keep inviting you back! Thanks for chiming in to reconnect with the class.


Summer 2007

Hey all, hope you’ve had a busy and fun summer! This issue we have news from people we haven’t had in the column before. Terry Burns – tburns@grnstlouis.com – sends word that he is an executive recruiter with Global Recruiters Network in St. Louis, MO. He and wife Linda make their home in the city and have a daughter, Karen. Thanks for the information Terry, there will no doubt be several IXYs that will be pleased to know what you’ve been up to.

The next appearance is by someone few of us have heard from in 30 years. Happily, I received e-mail from Steve Tracy – nycsteve@hotmail.com. The gregarious U-Clubber that dipped under the radar for an extended period is living in New York City and writes to say that he wants to reconnect with his compadres in the Class of ’76. After leaving us, he headed back east and has become a successful Broadway producer with his latest offering, Grey Gardens, garnering several Tony awards recently. He’d appreciate hearing from those he knew from Carroll including his former Redwood housemates. Thanks for getting back in touch, Steve. Keep us updated please!

The inbox gets messages regularly from Bob Tullio in Erie and Rick Baranski in Naples, FL. Love the jokes guys!

Meg McCarthy Waters is sending her daughter off to college this fall.

News flash: Joe Barmann announces the birth of his granddaughter, Maggie! The proud parents are Joe’s son Bill ’02 and his wife, Kara ’96. Gee, will Maggie be class of 2028? Congrats Joe on becoming a new grandfather and a new VP of KeyBank. Looks as though it has been a very good year for the Barmann clan.

And with that you have all the updates I have. Now that you have finished reading about everyone else send along news about you! See you next time, Cools

Winter 2007

Plenty to report this issue so let’s get right to it. Terry Fergus gives a detailed report about his carton of kids: Nate’s in his last year of med school and is searching for residencies; Caitie is at Lake Forest College; Kris is attending the University of Denver; Meredith is in her first year of law school; Jon was a starting varsity fullback at Ignatius, and Jillian is captain of Magnificat’s field hockey team. If that doesn’t leave you breathless just think of Ferg coaching 105 freshman football players. Terry further reports that he and Mary are really enjoying being grandparents. Seems that I have mentioned enough names to make another cast for Guys and Dolls! Thanks for the update, Terry.

Mary Jo Casserly Hogan sends word that she and husband Pat are enjoying life as empty nesters after their daughter married last year and their youngest son decided to strike out on his own. She also is enjoying her new job as program manager of national security programs at the Department of Labor in Washington, D.C. Her previous work had been with Northrop Grumman after her retirement from the Army.

Mary Ann Ahern, who most of us know as Bergy is officially the “political reporter,” for NBC 5 in Chicago. She’s the first woman ever to hold that position. Right now she is keeping her eye on the 2008 presidential elections which, especially if Barack Obama decides to run, will keep her running around all over the country. Congrats from all of us, Berg!

We have an updated e-mail address for Barbara Rudnick Ebert – Barbara704@comcast.net. She now resides in Manakin-Sabot, VA.

Some sad news to report, our classmate, Nick Homoky, passed away this past fall. This information arrived after the journal went to press but was included in the In Memoriam portion of the magazine. Our condolences, thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Barb Eddy Farrior caught the news about Carter Ham in the last column and sent word that her son, Justin, having finished a year of Army duty in Afghanistan, will be reporting to General Ham’s 1st Infantry Division in Kansas later this year. Justin has received the Bronze Star. Congratulations, Justin, and we all thank you for serving! Barb also says that son Eric married last spring and daughter Rebecca has been doing kidney research and by the time this comes out will have moved to Costa Rica to live on a self-sustained ranch where she will be fundraising for local schools and learn to speak fluent Spanish. Barb still has her real estate company and husband Dave continues his contracting business, which is particularly great because Beaufort County has been the fastest growing area in the state of South Carolina over the past five years. With all that going on, Barb still makes time to enjoy her real passion, gardening, a Master Gardener herself, she opened her gardens for a Master Gardener seminar in September and will open them again in April for the Southeast Palm Society to tour. Sounds as though these times are really terrific for the Farrior family.

This just in, Marty McGarry has a new e-mail address: mmcgarry75@sbcglobal.net. Now we have really done some classmate catch-up! That means that all of you reading this should be sending me your news to print. Hop to it all, see you next issue. Cools

Fall 2006

Happy fall, all! We’re working our way up to the holidays very quickly, many with great memories of the wonderful reunion in June. Word that Rob Cummings — rob.cummings@chicagolighthouse.org — and wife Linn have moved to Lemont, IL, where they have a place that overlooks the 13th fairway at Ruffled Feathers Golf Club. Congratulations to them also on celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary.

Those of you who subscribe to Cleveland Magazine got a brush with JCU in your July issue which included a featured house by Fay Architecture, the company whose president is our own Jack Fay — jackark@aol.com. Jack, wife Deb, and son Dan are happily residing in Chesterland.

Don Rey — drey72@sbcglobal.net says he’s living in Crestwood, IL, and is on the faculty of Robert Morris College in Orland Park, IL.

Congratulations are in order for Brig. Gen. Carter Ham who has been named commanding general of the 1st Infantry Division, otherwise known as The Big Red One. The division, originally located at Fort Riley, KS, was moved to Germany in 1995. Now, the division flag will once again fly over Fort Riley with our classmate in command. Since March 2005, Carter has been assigned to the Pentagon as deputy director of regional operations. A big thanks for serving Carter, from all of us and our best to Christi ’75!

Thanks to Barb Kozel for sending over the pictures she took in June!

Bob Tullio has been keeping me laughing from Erie. Keep sending me all the news that is fit to print, also the stuff that isn’t but will make me laugh. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Cools

Summer 2006

Reunion 2006 was a wonderful time! We had over 50 classmates come together for a great weekend. As you can imagine, it will take me a few columns to get everything in but it should give you something to look forward to. Joe Barmann and Gwen Benovich Dickerhoof put together a video of photos both old and new that was terrific! Gwen is working to put a CD together for distribution. We surpassed our class gift goal of $60K thanks to the efforts of Terry Fergus and Elaine Yeip at the helm. The best part was the first-timers’ reaction to a reunion weekend. They are going to be the best proponents for the 35th! It was a treat to see Mark Gallagher, Barb Vrdolyak Dorigan, Tom (Omar) Lawrence, Bill Russo, Barb Kozel, Dave Tkacik and the ever erudite Bob Tullio! Even Bill “White Owl” Gedeon dropped in for a bit.

Some bits of information gathered from our time together: Joanne and Tom Welsh are sending son Tom off to Boston College where he will be meeting up with Nancy ‘77 and Dave Benacci’s son Kevin, who along with is mother joined us as a guest of the class. Bill and Michelle Furnary Rainsberger are back from Paris and living in Connecticut. Welcome home! Debbie Utlak Cook and Jackie Lanser Zilinskas had plenty of photos from the old days. Elizabeth Trocki was there and sent the best wishes of her cousin Norb who missed this one because of business. Kathy and Rick Baranski made it in from Florida. Great to see Mike and Mary Cay McConnell, Bill and Maureen Flynn Thompson and Mark and Rosemary Sweeney DeSilvio. Kenny Mulcrone had to hurry out on Sunday for a date with his kids at the amusement park. It wouldn’t be a reunion without some of Murphy Hall’s nicest inhabitants: Mary Ann (Bergy) Ahern; Meth Strube Letz, Kathy Horvath Pankiw and Mary Duffy-Segerson. Gino Iannucci and Ray O’Neill were in fine form, as were Marty Dorsch, Jim DiBenedetto and Jack Fay. Maureen McSweeney and Chris Buttress were in attendance, along with Don Bibbo and Pat Cataldo. Kathy ’77 and Joe Michael, Patty ’79 and Denny Saunier and Dave Wolfe enjoyed the festivities, along with Pat Behmer Lonergan, Dr. James Mell, Jim Wagner and Mike Skerl. It was fun to see Hal Becker and Dennis Doverspike. Rounding out my list of alums are Bonnie Smith Freeh, Mike McGuigan, John O’Brien, Alex Russo, Mary Simmons, John Simon and John Solotko. Okay, my fingers are out of breath and if I missed anyone send me a line. It was a terrific weekend and don’t miss the next one!

Got missives from Gina Immucci Dyke who was going to stop in but life intervened. She’s working at Progressive Insurance and reports that husband Bill does as well. Also that son Matt just graduated from Heidelberg College and daughter Jennifer will do the same from JCU in 2007.

Class congrats to Donald Maciejewski who has been named one of the Florida Super Lawyers for 2006, an honor awarded strictly based on peer review from other attorneys and judges across the country who have worked with him. Don’s practice is in personal injury law.

Dennis Murphy and wife Vicki are living in Westlake, CA, with their five kids. Dennis is president of Absolute Analysis.

Finally, I got a note from Marty McGarry who, along with wife, Mary, was sorely missed. He sent word that he had attended the funeral of our classmate, Rick Connors. Our sympathies to Rick’s family and friends. Cools

Spring 2006

Hi ho everyone! I’ll presume that you are busy packing traveling bags and unearthing photo boxes that contain the “Remember When…” pix. The reunion committee has had a lot of fun putting together a wonderfully enjoyable weekend. The previous column listed the committee members, all of whom have generously donated their time to putting this celebration together. They definitely deserve our appreciation. It was after press time for the previous issue that Elaine Yeip and Terry Fergus volunteered to chair the gift committee. We can’t thank them enough for taking on such a time-consuming task. Onto the usual business of this space.

Jonita Ramacciato is living in Chandler, AZ, and sends along her e-mail:dawggirl@cox.net. Thanks for getting in touch, Jonita!

Until we meet on the quad, safe travel and good health. See you soon! As always, Cools

Winter 2006

Not much longer to wait until the 30th Reunion of the Class of ’76. Presumably you are all in the process of firming up reservations for the weekend of June 23-25! The committee has been busy since last September putting together just the kind of celebration we should be entitled to after all this time, so be prepared to hear from: Joe Barmann, Dave Harrington, Mary Duffy-Segerson, Terry Fergus, Pat Behmer Lonergan, Maribeth Strube Letz, Alex Russo, Joe Tarasco, Norb Trocki, Mark Wester, Elaine Yeip and, yours truly, if we don’t see your name on the “reserved” list. And now to the news

Joe Sullivan — jsullij@aol.com –sent word that he and wife Julie are raising Mike, Pat and Barrett in Wilmette, IL. Joe owns the Sullivan Agency in Northfield. Mark Wester says it’s “one down and one to go,” about son Matt’s cum laude graduation from the University of Dayton in December. Matt managed to do it with a double major in finance and information technology. He’s been working at Grant Thornton since January. Congratulations from all of us, Matt!

Love it when I get word from overseas so you can imagine what a pleasure it is to get e-mail form Sandra Delroy who is residing in her home country of England. Sandra was a junior year transfer from CCC, a self-described “mature” student who majored in psychology. After completing undergrad she went on for an M.A. In Educational Psychology, finishing up with her doctorate in clinical psychology from ISPP (Argosy University) in Chicago. Since 1983, Sandra has been working as a clinical and counseling psychologist. Within the National Health Service she specializes in working with adults with physical disabilities as well as training health professionals in counseling skills and assertiveness. Her private practice is in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. In 1996 she wrote, Just Beneath The Surface (The Processes of Counseling and Psychotherapy), a copy of which graces the shelves of Grasselli Library. Sandra, thanks for getting in touch! I hope more of our classmates throughout the world will follow your lead.

The new year brings a new partnership for Meg McCarthy Waters. After retiring her former partnership in 2005, she has formed a new company with Robert Magnuson — Magnuson & Waters — which she describes as a media relations, issues management and strategic consulting firm. Terrific news, Meg, much success!

Thanks to Rick — rbar@comcast.net — and Kathy Baranski for keeping me up on the warmth of south Florida, especially in January when it was below zero here in NY! Save me a cabana.

As press time arrived I received news of the death of our classmate Nancy Olson. Nancy was a poli sci major at JCU, then went on to get her JD from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law in 1980. Our condolences go out to her husband, Paul Wiencek, her family and friends.

Until next time when I expect to have a long list of names attending the reunion, I remain, as always, Cools

Fall 2005

Love those autumn weddings! Best wishes go out to Gwen Benovich who became the wife of Gregory Dickerhoof on October 8th in the Magnolia Chapel of the Little Chapel of the Flowers in Las Vegas. I attended online and it was beautiful!

Don’t forget that our 30th reunion is coming up June 23-26, 2006. It’s been five years since we have returned to campus. For those of us who have yet to return, make this the year you decide it’s time. You’ll be pleased if you do! Everyone wanting to help make this reunion a success should contact Rosalie Massey – rmassey@jcu.edu.

That’s it for this issue, so much for short and sweet. Happy Holidays to you all and a very healthy New Year! Cools

Summer 2005

Let’s start with an announcement — Our 30th reunion is scheduled for the weekend of June 23, 24 & 25, 2006! All of you interested in serving on our reunion committee are welcome to attend the first Reunion 2006 meeting with all classes on October 1, 2005, during Homecoming Weekend. Please call Rosalie Massey at 216.397.3014 or e-mail her at rmassey@jcu.edu. Remember that you don’t have to be in Cleveland to serve on the committee!

Illinois boy, Rob Cummings, was the one plugged into news this issue starting with the personal stuff, which includes Happy Anniversary to Rob and Linn on their 27th. We expect a grand celebration took place including sons Jim and Matt (both Notre Dame alums) and daughter Elizabeth, who, Rob notes, just graduated from Boston College. Rob is currently serving as director of Development for The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired. During a recent jaunt to the Western Reserve he got in a game of golf with old friend Mike Behm who lives in Chagrin Falls with wife Kim and their three sons. He also reports that Dave Harrington just took early retirement from his job as deputy budget director for the City of Chicago and news that John Hurley has been with the Chicago Fire Department for over twenty years. And last but not least, Rob reports the rumor of the annual Chautauqua reunion among Tom Kelly, Mark Danisewicz ’77, Mike Skerl, Mike McGuigan, Mike Dolphin and Joe Sullivan having taken place in May. Many thanks Rob for all the news! Sadly for us Mark Wester won’t be able to chair our reunion committee this time, but it’s for a terrific reason, he’s taken a director’s role at The Lupus Foundation of America. Our congratulations! He included news that son Matt will graduate from the University of Dayton in December and, son Greg is now a junior at the University of Toledo.

Meg McCarthy Waters sends word from sunny California that her e-mail address is now mwaters103@cox.net.

That’s it for this edition. I expect to have a reunion chairman and committee to report in the next issue! Until then, stay safe, have fun and send me some ramblings. Cools

Spring 2005

It was wonderful to hear from Joy Rogers – joyrogers@rochester.rr.com – who is living in Pittsford, NY with her teenaged children Matthew and Elizabeth Nojay. Joy is Development Director for Habitat for Humanity in Rochester. With hope this news will encourage other sisters of Lambda Chi Rho to send in information. Guess where we will be in about a year? Can you say REUNION? (Don’t say you weren’t warned that it was coming.) Start now to clear the calendar for that weekend in June 2006. Watch this space for more information. Don’t forget to send in the wedding and birth announcements, news of travel, retirements and even memories of when Murphy Hall was Women Only. Have fun until we meet in the next issue! Cools

Winter 2005

Happy New Year everyone! After what seemed to be a delightfully protracted autumn the cold fingers of winter have now arrived. Perhaps it’s the north wind that makes it penetrate so deeply. Living here in New York there is a certain delicious irony to getting my weather via Cleveland!

Deborah Beck Candow LSW dcandow@odh.ohio.gov got in touch just after the fall issue went to press. She’s living in Columbus, OH, now with 15 year-old daughter, Leighanne, and works as the Abstinence Program Coordinator for the Ohio Department of Health. Sounds as though your life is going well Debbie thanks for getting in touch and keep us updated.

Another county heard from is Don Rey drey72@sbcglobal.net who is ensconced in Crestwood, IL. Don got his MBA at Keller Graduate School in 1992 and is currently an Instructor at Robert Morris College in Orland Park, IL.

Mary Jo Casserly Hogan pjmjhogan@aol.com sends word that she and the family have moved to Annapolis, MD, and love it! MJ is doing support work for the Department of Homeland Security in their emergency preparedness programs. Apparently she had a bit of time to buzz over to Cleveland for lunch with old friend Elaine Yeip. We can just imagine the “scoops” that went back and forth at that meal.

Rick and Kathy Baranski rbar@comcast.net are in the high time (is there ever a low time) of beach and golf course season with their real estate business in southwest Florida. Rick says the weather is perfect and he and Kathy would love to hear from classmates headed their way.

Hard to believe that we are 18 months from our 30th reunion. I have a feeling I’ll be hearing something soon from the intrepid reunion committee members. Keep watching this space for information. After you read this season’s column go to your computer or grab a pen and paper and send me a note about what’s going on in your life.

Obviously we love to read about what everyone is up to but in order to have that happen I need to hear from all of you. Don’t be a stranger or you run the risk of me making good on my promise to make stuff up! Onward to spring! Cools

Summer 2004

Plenty to report this issue! First off, hearty congratulations to Joe Barmann who was honored at a reception in May with one of the 2004 Alumni Service Awards which recognizes personal commitment in volunteer service to JCU.

Got a jam-packed e-mail from Tim Iacofano teeice@prodigy.net, one of the producers of FOX network’s “24,” who won a Golden Globe for Best Dramatic Series last January. He has been handling some directing work as well. No wonder he loves his job! Tim reports that his wife, Laura, just completed the television season as costume supervisor for the comedy series “Becker.” The kids: Blaise, Hunter and Lindsey are busy doing things that 14, 11 and 9-year olds do as dear old Dad looks on in wonder. Nice to know that the coast suits you and kudos on the GG!

The west is well represented with notes from Judi Gorski judi@fea.net, who lives in Laguna Beach when not at her home in Beaulieu sur Mer. She’s recently retired from the company that originally sent her to France and has developed quite an affection for the food, the wine and the neighbors. She says that she is, “still setting objectives, only the priorities have changed.” Those important things include golf, skiing and mastering a tandem bicycle. Bon chance, Mme., please send more so I may live vicariously from column to column!

Another West Coaster, Meg McCarthy Waters, writes that she and her daughters had a fabulous time on their early summer tour of Europe. They spent two weeks soaking up the culture and the shopping.

Elaine Yeip reports Mary Jo Casserly Hogan arrived in the Cleveland vicinity mid-June to see her mom, which allowed for a grand lunch between the two old friends. Yip says MJ’s daughter has just announced her engagement, while the family is in the process of moving. The Colonel, herself, reports that even though retired from the Reserves she’s still very busy as project manager for Northrop Grumman Corp. supporting the Department of Homeland Security.

I was happy to get news from one of my favorite Floridians, Rick Baranski rbar@comcast.net, who along with wife, Kathy, and daughter, Jillian, have been sunning themselves in Naples for the past 10 years. Rick wants all who are getting interested in the delights of south Florida and the “G” word (golf, of course), to know that he and Kathy are partners in real estate sales. He assures me that whether for retirement, winter rental to chase the cold away or just to chat up old times, they would love to hear from you! (239.290.7243) His Web site www.naples-golf.com attests to his comprehensive knowledge of courses he has known.

Sad news from Kevin Chizek, husband of Marilyn Disbrow, saying Toodles succumbed to cancer on June 19, 2004. He said, “While her passing is sad, how she lived is a powerful inspiration which will never fade.” After JCU she went into the Navy, retiring in 1994 at the rank of Lt. Commander. Most recently she was security manager for Lockheed Martin in Mount Laurel, NJ. Our condolences to Kevin and son, Patrick, on her passing.

In conclusion, a big ray of hope was sent by Dan Steinmann who wrote, “I was saddened to hear about the death of Dave Benacci. I have some uplifting news. My daughter Jenny survived a stem-cell transplant and is now three years in remission. She will attend Creighton University in the fall and hopes to become a nurse.” Wonderful news, Dan and our best wishes to Jenny! … Write soon all! Cools

Spring 2004

Fortunately spring has arrived to take away the pall of an extremely long winter. It’s wonderful to breathe in the warmer, sweeter weather and enjoy the blooming.

There is only one item of news for this edition. It is neither warm nor is it sweet. On February 8th we lost Dave Benacci after an extended battle with leukemia. For many of you who kept abreast of Hawk and his family’s efforts to banish the disease through his CaringBridge Web site, this news is no shock, rather a time for remembrance of an old and dear friend. For those who read this with stunned sadness may you know that through all the tumultuous time which included a November 2003 stem-cell transplant, Dave kept everyone’s spirits up with his perpetual sense of humor, encouraging those who sent messages to the Web site to remain positive and keep their spirits up. There will, no doubt, be more on Dave’s extraordinary life and the celebration of his death on other pages herein as well as on the university Web site. However for us in the Class of ’76, we are able to claim him as our own, with visions of the tall and lanky U-Clubber sporting the ever-stylish bright green jacket. To Nancy, Kathleen, Kevin and Caroline, our deepest sympathy and greatest hope for your futures. Over the past year and a half we have lost treasured friends. Steve Rath, Denise Turski and Father Birkenhauer have gone on. Most of us are in that lovely half-century range now and doing a lot of thinking, mostly about yesterday and tomorrow. Seems to me that our choice basically comes down to – do we treat this time of life as a take-off or a landing? I believe that the four abovementioned, and all our comrades who have gone before would tell us to get moving toward take-off to become all we dreamed for ourselves so long ago. Flaps up! Cools

Winter 2004

It’s never easy to say, “goodbye” to old friends and this issue brings news that Denise Turski, D.P.M., Chicago, died 12/6/2003 after a fire in her home. Sun-Times reporter, Annie Sweeney, chronicled Denise’s life since we all parted company in 1976. From JCU she entered the Illinois College of Podiatry and after graduating, she set up practice on Chicago’s Southwest side and Evergreen Park. Ms. Sweeney wrote of Denise’s care toward her patients, calling her, “a tireless doctor who made house calls to the elderly, sticking around sometimes just to talk.” She loved her family in Buffalo and was planning her return at some future date but she knew her patients needed her and didn’t want to let them down. A memorial service was held in Chicago, attended by many JCU alums including Kevin Kane ’75 and Jim Saracco, who said it was a lovely, moving tribute to a fine woman. Another service and interment was held in her beloved Buffalo. We send condolences to Denise’s family at this sad time. Thanks to all who relayed this story to me, especially Kevin, Jim and John Ruddy.

Gwen Benovich Broestl was full of news. She and Greg are engaged and have moved out to Troy Township. She is on the executive committee of the Cleveland Teacher’s Union and chair of their Publications Committee. Daughter Amy, who is finishing her bachelor’s in history at Carlow College, then off to the University of Pittsburgh for her master’s in information technology is, like her mother, planning a wedding. Gwen’s son Michael graduated from Ohio Northern University and now works as a pharmacist at the old Richmond Heights hospital. Best Wishes to you and the family, Gwen!

Our favorite military diva, Mary Jo Casserly Hogan, Colonel USAR, now has — Retired scrawled after the title! After 28 years of service to her country she is the recipient of the Legion of Merit from the U.S. Army and the State of Maryland Distinguished Service Cross — the highest award available to the Governor of Maryland to bestow. M.J. is senior project manager for Northrop Grumman while husband Pat has taken the associate directorship for Safety and Security for the Peace Corps. Their son, Pat, works for Lanier Business Systems and is a recent graduate of the D.C Comedy Improv. Daughter Erin, works for the Department of Health and Human Services in the Office of the Inspector General. Son Colin, is a tech for Baltimore Air Balance.

Moving about this column are Bill and Michelle (Funary) Rainsberger wrainsb@us.ibm.com who are getting settled in Paris. Bill is director of Financial Operations for IBM Business Consulting Services in Europe.

Meg McCarthy Waters mwaters@watersandFaubel.com and daughters have moved to lovely new digs in Ladera Ranch, CA.

Mark Wester says his house is almost too quiet now that his youngest son has joined the college crowd at the University of Toledo, pursuing a business major. His older son is pulling a double at the University of Dayton in finance and information systems.

Kevin Kane ’75 Kevin@kevinkane.us called to update me on the Turski service, also came through with the stories of him, wife Janet and 12 year-old daughter Alex and life in the Chicago environs. Kevin, who has been working for the Chicago Board of Trade for many years, says life is good.

John Ruddy is still in Chicago as family man and VP of Merrill Lynch’s Global Private Client Group.

Elaine Yeip is contemplating a winter Florida trip to relax before the onslaught of presidential hopefuls want dais-time at the City Club of Cleveland.

Joe Fox and wife, Gail, spent some time mixing business with grapes in the Sonoma Valley of California. By the time you read this, Joe’s daughter, Abby, should be the proud possessor of a driver’s license. Congrats, Ab!

That’s it boys and girls. Play nicely and send me more stuff! Cools

Summer 2003

Hello all! I will remind you at the beginning to send information to Yours Truly as soon as you read this column. Last issue was the first in which there was no information to pass along since I took over this job. Also, in fairness, I did mention that if there were a dearth of communication I would gladly make things up. My memory is long, well at least for some things. In the spirit of camaraderie and intimidation here’s the latest

We, the Class of 1976, have our very own Alumni Medal winner in the countenance of Martha Walther, Lieutenant Colonel USMC Retired. Marfa, as many of us knew her in the pre-grown-up days, has been extremely busy for the past 25 or so years. After graduating from JCU she went to work for the Ohio State Auditor, then in 1981 joined the Marine Corps, where she served as an MP for 6 years. She resigned her active duty commission to get a master’s in public administration. Over the years Martha has included a master’s in business and a master’s in criminal justice in her arsenal of degrees. In the 1990 Gulf War, Martha was called back for active duty, and she directed telecommunications in the Corps’ primary combat communications center. In all she has 21 years of service and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and two Navy Commendation medals. If that isn’t enough of a career, today she is vice president for operations for the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority in NYC. Which after the events of 9/11 must be an extraordinary task. It’s no wonder that JCU felt such a person deserved this recognition from her alma mater in the form of the Alumni Medal. To see pictures and hear brief audio segments of the 2003 Alumni Awards dinner visit http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/news/awards03.htm. Congratulations Marf, you certainly have done us proud!

Seems strange to think of retirements at our age but word of another has arrived through Meg McCarthy Waters, that of Judi Gorski, who has been living and working in France for many years. No word of what she will be moving on to, but when I get word I will report it.

The Reunion committee keeps meeting and Mark Wester is wonderful about sending along tidbits here and there. He and Joe Tarasco are co-chairing the Annual Fund drive for our class, working hard to meet the Kresge Challenge.

Joe and Louise Barmann escaped the harsh Cleveland winter by taking a cruise through Cozumel and the Caymans to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Congrats to you both and I’ll bet snorkeling there beats Cuyahoga Cliff Diving!

That wraps it for this edition. We’ll see you back here in the autumn. Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe. Cools

Winter 2003

Busy summer into autumn for members of the Class of ‘76. Mark Wester, Elaine Yeip, Joe Tarasco, Joe Barmann and members of the Reunion Committee still meet regularly to work on the thirtieth. As always, the committee is on the lookout for ideas so feel free to add your own ideas. Send them over here and I will pass them along, if you like. Our favorite Yip has been asked to serve on the Notre Dame High School Board of Trustees. I wonder if she gets to wear that robe and all the tassels at graduations? Congrats, Elaine! Mark Wester (Mwester@waxmanind.com) sends his best to all and reports his promotion to senior vice-president of Waxman Industries. Not one to let grass grow under his feet, the Wester summer project was building a fieldstone patio with all the accoutrements including an 850 gallon pond fully stock with plants and fish. Bet his oldest son, who’s in his sophomore year at the University of Dayton, was glad when September arrived!

Joe and Louise Barmann (Joesph_Barmann@KeyBank.com)just returned from Alaska on a trip that Louise won in the Cleveland Museum of Art drawing.They enjoyed a two-day train trip from Anchorage to Fairbanks, seeing Mt. McKinley along the way. Joe said that Father Henninger was right, “it really is God’s country up there!” Ask Joe to email you some of his photos (he took his new digital camera).

Meg McCarthy Waters (mwaters@watersandfaubel.com) keeps me in stitches whenever she emails; fortunately she found time between running the public relations firm and fixing up the house to give me a shout about what’s up on the coast. Seems oldest daughter Katherine has just begun high school in Rancho Santa Margarita, California (I believe there was a time when we thought Santa brought margaritas). Daughter Madeline has been promoted to fourth grade. Meg’s been working with the Diocese of Orange, attending the much publicized Conference of Bishops in Dallas. Business has kept her very busy but she was able to finally take up golf – “dead on straight and about 10 yards at a crack!”

Seems everyone has been busy working on their houses. Barb Eddy Farrior (barbfarrior@islc.net) reports the addition of a new covered porch, screened-in porch and new kitchen. Our favorite Master Gardener also reports that the head of the Texas A&M Horticulture and Master Gardener programs is bringing 19 master gardeners to Beaufort. SC, from the Lonestar State to view two gardens, one of them being hers. What an honor! The other garden to be seen belongs to her friend Frances Parker. She says you can catch that one in the September issue of Southern Living. Barb said that they have been lucky, so far this hurricane season but they are still crossing their fingers. (I am too but not while I type) Also, I am the happy recipient of photos of her daughter, Rebecca, who is a junior at Sewanee (University of the South) and a firefighter. Barb, say hi to her for us please. … As for this writer, the trip to Australia was, in a word, fabulous! Perth is a wonderful place and the people have to be some of the nicest I have ever met. Team USA won the world championship and for those who play lacrosse here in the States that means all’s right with the world. Just after finishing this column I received the sad news that Steve “Grapes” Rath died in Atlanta on October 10th. Services were held in Mansfield, Ohio. Many will remember the charmingly gregarious boss of the Rathskellar whose infectious laugh could lift anyone out of the deepest funk and whose quiet kindnesses always came at the right time. Our deepest sympathies go to Steve’s wife, Judy, his mother Eileen and sister Anne, his University Club brethren and the incalculable number of friends Steve made throughout his life. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Steve’s memory may be made to: Happy Tails Pet Therapy; PO Box 767961; Roswell, GA; 30076.

Send on the news and I’ll fit it to print. Happy Holidays! As always, Cools

Spring 2002

Happy Spring everyone! Since my last column was written in August there hasn’t been time to acknowledge the events that took place a bit less than three months after we were all together last June. From great fun and memories to being at war. Is there anyone who hasn’t been touched from the events of September 11th? Highly doubtful. For the Gaggin family it has been four trips for Tom to NYC between September and January, with a side trip to the state capital in Albany. A note from Mary Jo Casserly Hogan comes with necessarily few details but word that things have been very intense with her job in emergency preparedness. If you have a story to tell with regard to the events of the past 6 months, send them along and I will print them here. It seems the least I can do to honor the memory of people like my cousin Ken who made it down from the 97th floor of Tower 2 shepherding colleagues to safety only to go back inside to get more out and never to be seen again. On to the business of information.

Mark Wester has been my eyes and ears in Cleveland with the reunion committee that has continued to meet. They have been assisting other classes with suggestions on planning their reunions. Also, there is a core group that has emerged to act as a team and liaison for our class with the university. Mark said that Norb Trocki is in possession of over 100 photos from the reunion and would be happy to send the CD to anyone who wants one for the cost of mailing. You can contact Norb at: norb.trocki@e-bluefin.com. This group is welcoming new members for their meetings so please contact Mark and get together with them. Mark’s e-mail is mwester@waxmanind.com.

Joan Osborne sends word that she is living in Kennedale, TX and friends can contact her at bclem117@aol.com. January brought a new place of employment for Terry Fergus, late of KPMG. The Big 5 lost Terry to Sustin, Bartell, Waldman & Fergus, Ltd. Congratulations, Terry. You can reach him at a new e-mail address: terry@sbwfltd.com.

Just as this column was going to press I received a note from Maureen (Flynn) and Bill Thompson who have spent the past 16 years in Naperville, IL. Bill reports that their children: Katie (Marquette ’00); Bill Jr. (University of Iowa ’01) and, Bridget, a freshman at University of Iowa, threw them a 25th anniversary party in January. Maureen could rely on the great training she received as one of the 21 Guzzling Girlies for her enjoyment of the festivities. Both she and Bill want to say hello to all of their friends including all of Bill’s DAT brothers. Sorry to have missed what they heard was a fabulous Class of ’76 reunion, they are definites for the 30th. You can contact them at bthompson@kreher.com. Now for all that have said I don’t write about what I am up to, here is a tidbit for consumption. After you receive this column and start writing in all your information, I may not get back to you right away. I find that I will be going to Perth, Australia for the first two weeks in July to watch my husband compete in the World Games of Lacrosse 2002. Tom will be playing in the Grandmasters on team Old Glory. So if ESPN covers them and you get a chance to catch some of it, know I’m there having a drink for you!

Bill Thompson came up with the perfect wrap for this edition. Seems that living in the Chicagoland area he routinely gets kidded by people who went to Big 10 schools about graduating from a small Jesuit school in Cleveland. Bill then asks them about their graduation ceremony and which successful or famous person addressed their class. To quote Bill, “NO one and I mean NO one, can compare or beat our commencement speaker, Mr. Bob Hope!” Great story Bill. Let’s all remember that where there’s life, there’s Hope. … Cools