Spring 2017
When I wrote this, it was “wearing of the green” time, but the last green beer will be long gone by the time you read this. If you still drink St. Patty’s Day green beer or harbor thoughts of joining the IXYs as they sway down Euclid Avenue, you might want to rethink that. The Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day parade now travels down Superior Avenue, and the IXYs haven shaken their last shillelagh, which is an Irish walking stick made from Ireland’s blackthorn bush that was historically used to settle disputes. All swaying aside, according to those in the JCU know, the fraternity considered the guardians of the chapel steps are no more.

One of the band of brothers and a proud Chicago Irishman is Pat Casey. Pat and his wife Kathleen, who live southwest of Chicago in New Lenox, Illinois, celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. Their daughter, Meagan, teaches at Lincoln-Way and has twin boys. Their son, Brendan, has three children and is an administrator at Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox. Pat is in sales in the material handling industry, and Kathleen retired last year as superintendent of Palos Heights School District 128. As for his JCU recollections, Pat claims he’s haunted by dreams of being unprepared for the midterm exam in Fr. Bukala’s ’54, ’55G 17th and 18th century European philosopher’s class. Personally speaking, Susan Marguerite Doyle and I also suffer from philosophy class nightmares. Ours are not of the midterm exam variety but more of what grade we might have gotten had we not chosen lunch over class one too many times. Might be a Descartes case of not thinking; therefore, we were mostly lunch bound.

Thinking you had a distinguished career and being recognized for it does not always go hand in hand. For Mike Messina, Ph.D., it does. As a professor of marketing and graduate programs in the Dahlkemper School of Business at Gannon University in Erie, Pennsylvania, he was named a distinguished fellow at the Chicago Marketing Management Association conference. He was honored for two decades of service to the MMA. He also is on the association’s board of directors, is an associate editor of the Marketing Management Journal, has presented a number of papers at MMA conferences that have won best paper awards, and co-authored a book. I bet he never suffered from the lunch or philosophy class debate.

If you’re debating whether to send me bits and pieces of your life for inclusion in the Alumni Journal, get off the fence, and send me information about what you’ve done for our summer issue.


Nancy (Nelson) Hudec

Winter 2017
As fast as the old year passes and hailing the new year begins, there are a few events in 2016 worth looking back at. First is the first grandchild for Ellen (Murphy) O’Hanlon and her husband, Mike. Baker Hayes, who was born to their son, Griffin, and his wife, Kelsey, in August, made his Chicago debut at Thanksgiving. It was a debut that instantly won Ellen’s heart, as Baker got off the plane sporting an “I Love MiMi” shirt. Hard to top. The same can be said for Joanne (Watters) Gajewski’s take on the IXY reunion in October. “It was awesome. The campus was beautiful, the weather was great, and the organizers did a great job,” Joanne said. She also passed on the fact that there are 400 living IXY members and more than 250 who attended, including Ron Gajewski, Jim Blackburn, Mike DeNardo, Charles Becks, Jack Metzger, Tom Zammit, and Kevin Kane. Dan Murphy was a no-show because he returned to the Windy City for a wedding. “It was great to see how their JCU education influenced them because all of them are success stories,” Joanne added. The successful reunion included campus tours, a golf outing, tailgating at the football game, and dinner in the Dolan Science Center. A stop at Roses Farm wasn’t included, and no one was spotted sitting on the chapel steps. As for the Gajewskis, they’ve lived in North Carolina for 21 years. They have three grown children and one 2-year-old grandson who lives close by. Joanne is a transitional kindergarten teacher. In case you’re wondering, as was I, a transitional kindergarten teacher works with children who turn 5 between Sept. 2 and Dec. 2 in the first phase of a two-year program. Joanne not only loves her job but loved her return to campus so much that she thought it would be nice to move back to Ohio. Reason eventually set in when she remembered the cold winters. There’s no word whether the often dreary skies and heavy rainfall factored in. The long and short of it is they’re back to the warmth of North Carolina.

Any and all news is appreciated.


Nancy (Nelson) Hudec

Fall 2016
Because our last issue was online only, you might have missed the following: Nary a man or woman from 1975 could be found at reunion weekend, according to roving reporter Vic Cook. Although with Cook there, it was a showing of one (“One is the Loneliest Number,” Three Dog Night, 1969).

Jeannie Mullen Qualters has an almost-Broadway star in her son JP, who has a starring role in the traveling Broadway play “Kinky Boots.” Here’s hoping those boots are made for walking to the Broadway stage.

Auxiliary Bishop Neal Buckon took center stage at the Wolfpack Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Buckon, who was ordained a Catholic priest in 1995, serves the archdiocese for the Military Services, USA (AMS), as episcopal vicar for the Western United States. Naming his other achievements exceeds my word count. Suffice it to say he’s leaving his mark.

Christi (Ignaut) Ham, who says the remodeled Murphy Hall is markedly improved, toured Murphy with Marian Extejt, Karen (Hren) Kleinhenz, John Macko, and Jeanne Colleran ’76. “I marveled how different our time might have been in these new surroundings,” Ham says. According to Ham, Marian Extejt has a Ph.D.; Karen (Hren) Kleinhenz has her own company with her husband and former banker Jack Kleinhenz ’74; Jeanne Colleran, Ph.D., is provost and academic vice president at Carroll; and John Macko is a happily married technology worker.

Tony and Mary (Fisco) Cangelosi are also happily married and working from home, which is in North Carolina. The couple has three daughters – Nikki Ford, Holly Herald ’02, and Cristy Miller – and seven grandchildren. Tony works in the international shipping field, and Mary custom sews for decorators. Mary says Mary Pat Gavin is alive and well, living in the ’Burg.

Living east of the ’Burg in Rockville, Maryland, is Kathy Joyce. Although never married, she has been with a great guy named Joe for 12 years. He has four children and two grandchildren. Kathy, who has been working with the FDA for eight years, recently returned from San Antonio where she was celebrating her mom’s 93rd birthday. Kathy put the “Nancy needs news” word out to Ginny (Ciaccio) Schaefer, who splits her time between the Chicago area and Delray Beach, Florida. Ginny has three stepsons, two biological sons, and six grandchildren. She worked for Abbott Laboratories for 28 years (mostly in clinical research), but retired in 2003 to run her own boutique shop. When the shop closed in 2008, she returned to Abbott but works remotely. Retirement isn’t on her horizon.

Susan (Sonchik) Marin, Ph.D., isn’t ready for retirement either. She’s the inaugural chair of the mathematical and physical sciences department in the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science at Miami University. This is her 19th year at the campus in Middletown, Ohio.


Nancy (Nelson) Hudec

Summer 2016
As is customary, although not fully understood, the annual reunion celebration is held Father’s Day weekend. If you’re thinking you missed out, join the club. According to roaming reunion reporter Vic Cook (there for his wife’s reunion), members of our class were nowhere to be found. Cook said the campus was very different than what we were used to. What we were used to – the Rat Bar, “Maggie Mae” on the jukebox, and screams of “Good night John Carroll” from Dolan Hall – are long gone.

Should you have any issues with how far you’ve gone since our days at JCU, or how far you should have gone, stop reading now.

Auxiliary Bishop Neal Buckon was inducted into the JCU Wolfpack Hall of Fame. Ordained a Catholic priest in 1995, he now serves the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA as Episcopal Vicar for the Western United States. He’s a Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem and a fourth Degree Knight of Columbus. In addition to a B.S. degree from JCU, Bishop Buckon has a B.A. in history from Cleveland State University and a B.A. in philosophy from Borromeo College of Ohio. He received his M.A. in divinity and his M.A. in church history from Saint Mary Seminary in Cleveland. His awards include the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal (2 Oak Leaf Clusters), the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Army Commendation Medal (3 Oak Leaf Clusters), the Parachutist Badge, and the Ranger Tab. And you thought your lives were busy with work and grandkids.

Some infamous members of the Hillbrook gang and former Murphy Hall coeds gathered at Mardi (Person) Hackett’s Green Lake home in Seattle in June. Hackett, Susan Marguerite Doyle, Cathy (Swanson) Shuba, Ellen (Murphy) O’Hanlon, myself and Jeannie Mullen Qualters enjoyed sun, suds, and singing with the oldies – all of which followed a trip to Milwaukee to catch Jeannie’s son, J.P., in the Broadway play “Kinky Boots.” When J.P. hits Broadway, the group is off to the Big Apple.

From left: Rick Rea, Dr. Melissa Rea, and Eileen (Phillips) and Pat Cataldo

From left: Rick Rea ’75, Dr. Melissa Rea, and Eileen (Phillips) and Pat Cataldo

Rick Rea and wife, Melissa, were guests of Eileen (Phillips) ’75 and Pat Cataldo ’76 during Easter Week at the Imperial Hawaiian Towers in Honolulu, Hawaii. The group spent four great days together but no word on if any or all learned the hula.

Remember to send any and all details of your exciting life to me for next issue.


Nancy (Nelson) Hudec

Spring 2016
Molly (Spellman) Curl is deep in the heart and pocketbooks of Texas. A Dallas resident, Curl was appointed to the Finance Commission of Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott for a term expiring Feb.1, 2022. The Finance Commission oversees and coordinates the Texas Department of Savings and Mortgage Lending and the Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. A licensed certified public accountant, Curl is a partner with Grant Thornton LLP and director and treasurer for the Children’s Eye Foundation. Operating out of Grapevine, the CEF is dedicated to eliminating preventable blindness through vision screening, advocacy, and celebration. Curl is celebrating the appointment and the fact that she and her husband, Ralph, “had three boys and are happy to say they are off the payroll.”

The payroll at Heggy’s candy store and diner in Alliance, Ohio, and Salem, Ohio, is out of the hands of Mike and Donna (Fergus) Sell, and they’re delighted. The family business, started by Mike’s dad in 1940, is under the direction of their sons, Ryan, Christopher ’05, and Patrick. Famous for hand-cut fries with a pat of butter, steak sandwiches, homemade candy, ice cream, and in-store roasted nuts, Heggy’s has been a sweet part of Alliance for three-quarters of a century. Ohio, and JCU born and bred, the Sell family got its start while we were juniors at JCU. Donna and Mike’s “baby Sean ’96,” now a Chicago businessman and family man, was a favorite Murphy Hall visitor. Rounding out the Sell clan is daughter Megan ’09.

Anne Marie Carey-Pecon retired as vice president of human resources of the Power Systems Group for Danaher Corp. Now she consults for the Cuyahoga County Public Library. Anne Marie also has an executive coaching practice. She and her husband, Jeff, split their time between their homes in Westlake, Ohio, and Naples, Florida. She’s in close contact with Jim and Peggy (Prunty) McSherry, Annette (St. John) O’Brien, and Karen (Schaefer) Sinning. They’re all doing and looking great.

Even if you’re not looking so good or feeling so great, I can still use your news items. Photos need not be included.


Nancy (Nelson) Hudec

Winter 2016
In a move not unlike that infamous 1975 JCU movie, “Return to Campus,” I’ve returned to write our class column. For those unable or wanting to recall when I once wrote this column, know it was as memorable as the film. No stars were born, and no careers were launched. It was just another look at our “Harvard of the Midwest” experience.

With that settled, Rick Rhea, our former columnist, left me with a few U-Club tidbits sent by John Randall. The national University Club reunion was in Chicago last May (news that came by pony express). U-Clubbers such as Joe Samuelson took in a White Sox game, golfed, went on a boat tour, and enjoyed a reunion dinner. The club’s sometime rivals, Iota Chi Upsilon (IXY), are set for a reunion in Cleveland in October. Dan Murphy is on board for any and all IXY reunions. However, Murph has left his city. The Chicago-born-and-bred IXY is now a sun, surf, and siesta resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His phone and mailing address are available on request.

Back in sweet home Chicago, Mike and Ellen (Murphy) O’Hanlon are living the high life in a great condo overlooking the South Loop. Ellen is an administrative assistant for individual giving at the Field Museum. Further up the drive, Chris ’74 and Cathy (Swanson) Schuba divide time between their home in the Lincoln Park neighborhood and their newly renovated beach house in New Buffalo, Michigan. Pat and Mardi (Person) Hackett, along with Bill ’72 Doyle and Susan Marguerite Doyle, live in Winnetka, Illinois.

Down in Palos Heights, Illinois, the former Murphy Hall basement duo of Roey (Lawler) Cavanagh and Nancy (Ward) Dougherty are still neighbors. The twosome, who look exactly the same as they did all those years ago (unfair), are retired teachers and enjoy walking to Capri – not the island, but a South Side restaurant with wine glasses often described like Chicago burritos in that they’re as big as your head. Cavanagh’s daughter, Emily, is a New York-based vocalist who will bring her talents to Schubas on Southport on May 14. It sounds like a perfect time for beautiful music and to catch up with other Blue Streaks – maybe even to recall those streakers not of the blue variety who made a memorable trip across the Quad. Memorable but not historic because the record for the most streakers (1,543) was made in 1974 at the University of Georgia, just in case you were wondering.

If you’re wondering where to go with all the exciting details of your life so far or wish to recall and share your fond memories, this is the place. Send me your news.


Nancy (Nelson) Hudec

Fall 2015

Hello, classmates. After almost 10 years as class scribe, it’s time for me to pass the pen to another classmate. My focus is to continue working full time and ministering at my church. I’d like to thank all the classmates who have contacted me with news throughout the years. Every day, I appreciate the education I received at John Carroll, as well as the professors and Jesuits who taught me. In grade school and high school, I learned to learn; at John Carroll, I learned to think.

Contact the magazine’s editor, John Walsh (jwalsh@jcu.edu), or his assistant, Cheri Slattery (journal@jcu.edu), if you’re interested in being our class columnist. All the best to you, and continue to pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Summer 2015

Hello, classmates. Melissa and I just spent another great reunion weekend on campus, which is both new and, thankfully, much the same after 40 years. We stayed in the newly renovated (and air-conditioned) Murphy Hall.

Reunion committee members Kathy Joyce, Larry Lechko, Mary Kay (Hutchinson) Malone, Mike Messina, and John Randall, as well as yours truly, planned a great weekend with the help of Carla (Lauer) Gall ’05 and the JCU alumni and reunion staff. Hutch Malone was unable to attend because of an unfortunate incident the week before reunion weekend, but she’s recovering well. John Randall had to stay home in Chicago to help his parents recover from a recent accident. Both were with us in spirit.

In the big tent Friday night, we reminisced with Carol and Mike Roaldi, Carol and Tim Barrett, and Ann and Mike Pawlak about:
• our days on campus;
• the Rat Bar;
• the military draft lottery in 1972;
• professors in the business school; and
• carrying around bricks of computer punch cards for Business Data Processing 101.
I caught up with Fr. Casey Bukala, S.J., ’54,’55G while he was talking to Bishop Neal Buckon. Neal lives in San Diego, where he serves the Catholic Church and U.S. Armed Forces, working with military chaplains in the Western United States. Neal was quite proud of his dad, John ’50. I also saw Eddie Donnelly and Elaine Yeip ’76, who both made a quick exit Friday night, unfortunately. I also had a short visit with fellow class columnist Dick Conoboy ’65 and gave him an update on his St. Louis classmate Patrick Smith ’65.

On Saturday, I enjoyed catching up with Kevin Kane, who left the Chicago Board of Trade and a couple of difficult years in the mortgage business to open a retail store with a partner to brew and sell some of the best gourmet coffee in the Chicago area.

Pat ’76 and Eileen (Phillips) Cataldo are retired and spend one month a year at their time-share in Honolulu, Hawaii, near Waikiki Beach. Eileen showed us family and class pictures from the 2000, 2005, and 2010 reunions.

Mike and Karen Messina are still in “dreary Erie,” where Mike is a professor of marketing and director of graduate programs at Gannon University. Their daughter, Claire, will enter the JCU class of 2019 this fall. I had fun reminiscing with Mike about days on campus, fraternity shenanigans, the great concerts (Bruce Springsteen), and our friends back in Hermitage, Pa. Mike is looking forward to this year’s John Carroll football game against Mount Union and predicts a John Carroll victory.

Mike and Donna (Fergus) Sell are staying busy managing three businesses in the food service industry around Ravenna and Alliance, Ohio. Pauline Tarver is serving greater Cleveland, Ohio, as a judge with the Cleveland Municipal Court System.

Those who attended the alumni Mass and our class dinner are: Joe ’74 and Joan (Konewecke) Ursic; William McNamara ’09G; Linda (Hall) ’77 and Francis Gillen; Ken and Kathy (Moran) Laino; Mary and Thomas Novak; Johnny Horton ’76; Patricia (Hutchinson) Evans ’70; Fr. William Bichl, S.J.; and Tom Malone ’73. Those who were remembered at the alumni Mass, our deceased classmates since our 2010 reunion, are: James Banasik, Charlie Beringer, Sue Calihan, Ann Carr, Marvin Fowler, Martin Franey, Michael Grady, Linda (Mlakar) Hales, Mary Keller Kernan, Joan Marie (Murphy) King, Michael Mayer, Rev. Daniel McBride, Albert Mueller, Mary Lou (O’Brien) Murphy, Sue Navish, Larry Noon, Phyllis O’Linn, Ray Pawlowski, Rick Ress, and Thomas Revann.

Have a great summer. Send an email with vacation, work, or retirement news when you can. Pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea 314-769-9451

Spring 2015

Hello, classmates. I’ve seen a preview of the activities planned by Carla (Lauer) Gall ’05 and the alumni reunion staff for our 40th reunion June 19-21. It’s impressive! Melissa and I plan to stay in the dorms, so why not do so yourselves? Staying in the dorms keeps you close to the action, and you don’t have to risk driving back to a hotel if you’ve knocked back too many beverages during the day. Your reunion committee is working on a fun tour of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum Saturday morning. We’ll be back on campus in time for lunch and the afternoon activities. More details probably will be in the mail before you read this column. I’m looking forward to catching up with Allison and Rick Rudnicki, Debbie (Utlak) ’76 and Vic Cook, Mary Kay and Eddie Donnelly, Doug Decker, Annette St. John O’Brien, Karen (Schaefer) Sinning, and many others. Classmate and reunion committee member John Randall wrote: “UClub is having a reunion the weekend of May 9, 2015, in Chicago. Activities include a White Sox game on Friday night, a cruise down the Chicago River viewing historic landmarks, a golf outing, and a banquet at the Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery in downtown Chicago on Saturday evening. According to UClub organizer of the event Ron Sertz ’69, 300 UClubbers have expressed interest in attending this extravaganza.” Knowing John, he’ll have many stories to tell us about this event during reunion weekend (if John survives the UClub bash!)

Just before the deadline for this column, the alumni office was informed about the death of Larry Noon by his brother Steve ’74. Larry was a good student, UClubber, and advocate for ending the Vietnam War.

I can’t wait to see what has changed on campus during the past five years and as many of you as possible this coming June. Don’t forget to bring your favorite Hawaiian shirt(s) to keep up a tradition John Randall, Charlie Beringer, Mike Messina, and I started years ago.

Michael Peter Mayer II ’06 and Elisabeth K. Mayer ’12 notified our alumni office about the passing of their father, Michael Mayer, DDS, JD, just before this past Christmas after a courageous battle with cancer. We also lost classmate James Banasik this past November. Say a prayer for our deceased classmates, and pray for peace.


Rick Rea 314-769-9451

Winter 2015

Hello, classmates. Tom ’73 and Mary Kay (Hutchinson) Malone’s daughter, Kate, is part of the John Carroll University family working as government and community relations manager. Their son, Dan, is the director of the alumni fund and alumni relations at St. Ignatius High School in Cleveland. Their son, Brian, is serving our country in the U.S. Coast Guard. Hutch and Tom are enjoying their first grandson, Rory Patrick.

Because this is our 40th reunion year, consider joining classmates, Kathleen Joyce, Larry Lechko, Mike Messina, Mary Kay Malone, and me on our reunion committee. We’re looking for classmates in the Cleveland area. If you’re interested, contact the alumni office. June isn’t far away. Here are talking points for reunion 2015 that occurred our last semester on campus: 1975 was declared International Women’s Year; Altair 8800 was released, sparking the microcomputer revolution; John Mitchell, H.R. Haldeman, and John Ehrlichman were found guilty of the Watergate cover- up; Larry Fine of the Three Stooges died; “Wheel of Fortune” premiered on NBC; Space Mountain opened at Walt Disney World; the Politburo in Hanoi, North Vietnam, approved the final military offensive against South Vietnam; the Soyuz 17 crew returned to Earth after one month aboard the Salyut 4 space station; daylight saving time began two months early in response to the energy crisis; actress Susan Hayward died; Charlie Chaplin was knighted by Elizabeth II; construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System began; “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” opened on Broadway; Coach John Wooden took U.C.L.A.’s basketball team to its 10th national championship in 12 seasons in his final game on the bench; Chiang Kai-shek died; Bobby Fischer refused to play in a chess match against Anatoly Karpov; the Vietnam War ends, as communist North Vietnam forces capture Saigon, and South Vietnam surrenders unconditionally; the Busch Gardens theme park in Williamsburg, Va., opened; Junko Tabei became the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest; Bobby Unser won his second Indianapolis 500 race; Oswald “Ozzie” Nelson died; Gerald Ford became president; the Dow Jones high for the year was 860 points, and the low was 610 points; unemployment was 5.6 percent; a new home cost $42,600; median household income was $11,800; a first-class stamp cost 10 cents; a gallon of regular gas cost 57 cents; a dozen eggs cost 77 cents; and a gallon of milk cost $1.57. Songs we heard on the radio to, during, and from Florida spring break in 1975 were “Black Water” by the Doobie Brothers and “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton. I’m looking forward to your emails with news. Pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Fall 2014
Hello, classmates. Mary Lou (O’Brien) Murphy left us this past January after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. Nancy (Nelson) Hudec remembers her friend: “Her optimistic nature – combined with the support of her daughters, Kaitlyn and Ellen, and her husband, Dan Murphy – gave her strength and courage throughout the difficult times. A Toledo, Ohio, native and Murphy Hall maven, LuLu was one of the Hillbrook Seven: Mardi (Person) Hackett, Margot (Enright) Ivers, Ellen (Murphy) O’Hanlon, Cathy (Swanson) Shuba, Roey (Lawler) Cavanaugh, Nancy (Ward) Dougherty, and me. We – and ‘almost JCU graduates’ Susan Marguerite Doyle, Jeannie Mullen Qualters, and Amy Seeman Burke – gave Mary Lou a great send off. Lu brought joy and happiness to many and left her Hillbrook Gang thinking, ‘How lucky did we get?’” I remember Mary Lou as a vivacious, happy campus member and good student.

Dr. Larry Fatica (left) and fellow University Club members Mike Messina ’75, Ph.D., (center) and “B.J.” Lechner ’69, met on a Viking River Cruise, sailing the Rhine River from Amsterdam through Germany to Basel, Switzerland.

Dr. Larry Fatica (left) and fellow University Club members Mike Messina ’75, Ph.D., (center) and “B.J.” Lechner ’69, met on a Viking River Cruise, sailing the Rhine River from Amsterdam through Germany to Basel, Switzerland.

Steve Noon ’74 let me know his brother, Larry Noon, lost his battle with cancer on Aug. 31.

I recently met Patrick Smith ’65, who retired from Allegiant Mortgage and is helping his son, Steve, run a tavern in south St. Louis. Pat and I enjoyed reminiscing about campus life and our upcoming reunions next summer.

Speaking of reunions, our 40th is next June. I hope to see as many of you as possible on campus for an interesting conversation and good cheer. I’m looking forward to your emails with news. Pray for peace in the world, especially the Middle East.


Rick Rea

Summer 2014
Hello, classmates. I hope you and yours are having a wonderful summer with family and friends. LeBron James is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and those who spurned him on his departure to the Miami Heat are welcoming him back with open arms.

Our 40th reunion is next June 19-21, Father’s Day weekend. The reunion staff is already planning the festivities. They do an awesome job working behind the scenes to make reunion weekend special. Larry Lechko stepped up to volunteer for our 40th reunion committee. Within the committee, there are two key members – the committee chair and the class gift chair. Barb (Norris) Varone ’94G chaired our 35th reunion. She follows Jack Metzger, who has done a terrific job the past two reunions volunteering to chair our class gift. Consider serving your classmates (and JCU) by volunteering to be a committee member. As your class scribe, I’m a member by default, so if you’re interested, or are ready to volunteer, contact the alumni office at 216-397-4322 or me.

Mardi (Person) Hackett is a co-founder of Friends of Misericordia, a nonprofit group that helps the disabled. She and her husband, Pat, also welcomed another grandchild, Jack. He joins sister Finley in their extended clan.

Nancy (Nelson) Hudec emailed Windy City news: Ellen (Murphy) O’Hanlon is working her way back to the big city. Ellen and her husband, Mike, are in the process of leaving Michiana Shores, Ind., for her hometown of Chicago. Susan (Marguerite) Doyle and her husband, Bill ’72, welcomed their third grandchild, Madeline. She joins Will and Beau in the extended Doyle clan.

Cindy Mastrian surprised her husband, Sam ’76, with a gathering of friends and family at their home to celebrate his 60th birthday in June.

Michael Grady and Joan (Murphy) King are recently deceased members of our class, so say a prayer for them, and pray for peace.


Rick Rea

Spring 2014

Mike Pawlak (right) poses with Matthias Klahr, the head coach of the Düsseldorf (Germany) Bulldozers.

Mike Pawlak (right) poses with Matthias Klahr, the head coach of the Düsseldorf (Germany) Bulldozers.

Hello, classmates. I received an email and photo from Mike Pawlak as a follow-up to our class’ minifootball reunion at the JCU-St. Norbert game in Chicago last year. Mike’s text: “The week following the JCU-St. Norbert game I played in my ‘final’ football game in Dusseldorf, Germany. We won the game 62-0 and captured the German League championship! I was able to play middle guard, substituting every other series with another player. We held the opposing team to three first downs (one by penalty) the entire game. This culminated my more-than-14-year history playing for teams in Germany. My wife, Ann, didn’t make the trip, but cheered me on via Skype!” Congrats, Mike. You haven’t changed a bit since graduation.

It’s difficult to believe next year at this time our 40th reunion committee will be planning our next gettogether on campus. It’s usually in June, during Father’s Day weekend, so mark your calendars.

If you haven’t done so already, check out Fr. Casey Bukala’s ’54, ’55G Forgiveness Fellowship initiative. The website serves as a home for those who need to forgive or be forgiven, offering resources and support. I’ve found his initiative to be a valuable resource to me in my continuing spiritual development.

As a reminder, there’s also an online alumni newsletter, Onward, and other groovy alumni stuff, class notes, and other pertinent info and articles here. Until next time, don’t do what Mike Pawlak did and wait 38 years from graduation to email news (just kidding, Mike).

Pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Winter 2014
Hello, classmates. The JCU football team had a great season under Coach Tom Arth ’03, with its first Div. III playoff berth since 2002. Speaking of football, numerous classmates attended the JCU vs. St. Norbert football game (a 41-0 JCU blowout) at Toyota Park in Chicago in September, including: John Randall and his wife, Karen, along with football alums Greg Biada, Joe Duffy, Dan Kelley, Rob Ondrus, Mike Pawlak, Jim Petruzzi, Dave Segerson, and Bob Zotti. Thanks to the great coordination by Dave. I’m sure the brewskis were flowing.

Classmate Rick Ress died just before my last column deadline. Our names were close in alphabetical order, so I often sat in class with Rick. I always liked his sense of humor and kind nature. As his obituary stated, Rick was a scholar, businessman, and man for others.

Mike Messina, PhD., and his wife, Karen, brought their daughter, Claire, to JCU’s 2013 homecoming for a campus visit because she’s close to finishing high school. Mike enjoyed catching up with Fr. Bichl and some of the new Hall of Fame inductees before the game. Mike and family were impressed with the discussions they had with current students and the positive comments the students offered about their classes and the campus environment. Along with being a professor of marketing at Gannon University in Erie, Pa., Mike is director of graduate programs at the Dahlkemper School of Business. Congrats, Mike!

Now the “For What It’s Worth” section of my column. Upon learning of the death of rocker Lou Reed, I began looking back at his music and found he had written “Sweet Jane,” a song also made popular by the band Mott The Hoople, which played a concert in the JCU gym in October 1973. Stay with me now. The warm-up band for that concert was a little-known band from Boston named Aerosmith. So if you think you’ve never seen Aerosmith live, you have if you spent $5.00 in advance ($6.00 at the door) for that concert.

I hope you all had blessed holidays with family and friends. Until next time, email news, and pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Fall 2013
Hello, classmates. I hope many of you were able to participate in the homecoming festivities on campus this year. Congratulations to fraternity brother and senior-year roommate Rick (Rip) Rudnicki; his wife, Allison; and their family on the birth of their grandson, Cole Halen Koehler.

Mike (Toes) Riley works for Follett Corp. in Scottsdale, Ariz. Mike and I exchange Facebook messages occasionally, reminiscing about campus and fraternity life.

Richard C. Ress of Troy, Mich., passed away Aug. 18, 2013, surrounded by his loving family after a courageous four-year battle with lymphoma. Rick, who was born in Massillon, Ohio, on March 9, 1953, was a 1971 graduate of Central Catholic High School. After Carroll, he received his MBA from Loyola University and his MST from Walsh College in Michigan. Rick was preceded in death by his parents, M. Janet and Robert J. Ress, Sr.; his sister, Suzanne Ress McCarthy; his brother, Robert J. Ress, Jr.; and his brother-in-law, Thomas J. Berry. Rick is survived by his loving wife, Carolyn Berry Ress; his children, Rachel, Robby, and Rebecca; his sister, Patricia (Dave) Daube; his mother and father- in-law, Eileen and Ray Berry; and several nieces and nephews. A Mass of Christian Burial was held Aug. 23, 2013, at St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic Church in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Memorial tributes can be made to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Michigan, 1471 E. 12 Mile Rd., Bldg. A, Madison Heights, MI 48071.

I’m looking forward to your emails with news. Pray for peace in the world, especially the Middle East.


Rick Rea

Summer 2013
Hello, classmates. This past Memorial Day, Bishop Neal Buckon served as the speaker for the University Heights 47th annual postparade ceremonies held at JCU. It’s a fitting honor for someone who grew up in the community on Belvoir Blvd. and graduated from Gesu and Cathedral Latin High School. Neal received several awards for his service in the Armed Forces including: the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Meritorious Service Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal with three Oak Leaf Clusters, Parachutist Badge, and Ranger Tab.

Jim and Joanne (Schulte) Sweeney and their granddaughter, Anabel, celebrating Joanne's 60th birthday earlier this year.

Jim and Joanne (Schulte) Sweeney and their granddaughter, Anabel, celebrating Joanne’s 60th birthday earlier this year.

Joanne (Schulte) Sweeney responded to my request for info about celebrating our big 6-0 this year with news and a photo. Joanne spent her birthday building a snowman and sled riding with her granddaughter (one of two and one on the way.) Joanne and her husband continue to look for adventures and planned for a three-day hike in the Grand Canyon this summer.

On March 3, McFarland & Company released a book co-authored by my high school buddy Bryan Fritz and Ken Krsolovic “League Park, Historic Home of Cleveland Baseball, 1891 – 1946.” The book includes a section about football with info about when John Carroll’s team played there.

In April, I began a new job at Spirit of St. Louis Airport in Chesterfield, Mo., working as a line service technician for Aero Charter. One of our many services transporting medical transplant organs in the region, a vital link in the chain of custody between organ donors and recipients.

Email news when you have the opportunity, and pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Spring 2013
I enjoyed the props John Carroll University’s football program received in the January Cleveland Plain Dealer referring to something in the water on campus that’s attracting our alumni to the National Football League. Not sure if it’s the water, but a lot of credit goes to former coach Tony DeCarlo ’66G and his predecessors.

Did you read the online article about the Bruce Springsteen concert in the Carroll gym in February 1975 as remembered by Mike Messina and others? How can that have been 38 years ago? Hey Bruce, I like Heineken and meatballs, too!

My desperate plea in the fall 2012 column for news led to a response from Anne (Pipik) and Mike Wisniewski: “We’ve been blessed throughout the years and extend our thoughts and prayers to all our classmates. Hope you’re all well.” Both still live in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, in their “all-year-round retreat.” Mike is a psychotherapist managing a private practice of mental health professionals in Cleveland and just celebrated 25 years of teaching in the graduate program of the psychology department at Cleveland State University. He also has consulting duties for local group homes and industries in the area. Anne is retired from her 30-year career as a high school English teacher and reading specialist in Willoughby and is a granny nanny for their two granddaughters. Mike and Anne are active members of St. Joan of Arc Parish and travel when they can “mooch a vacation home from wealthy friends.” Mike looks forward to the Circle K 50th reunion on campus during homecoming this fall, with pledge book in hand, to attempt to get those final signatures. Good luck, Mike. I tried the same thing years ago (yes, I still have my Alpha Kappa Psi pledge book), but Jumpin’ Joe Virostek ’74 still wouldn’t sign it unless I gave him “five a side” on the golf course. No way, Joe!

My son, Brian, and daughter-in-law, Dayna, blessed the Rea family with another daughter, Payton Michelle, this past January.

Email me news when you have the opportunity, and pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Winter 2013
Hello, classmates. Well, after many requests, pleading, reaching, and a lot of begging in this column, Mike (Toes) Riley finally contacted me via Facebook to let me (us) know he’s living in Scottsdale, Ariz., with his wife, Erin, and their daughters. Mike moved from Boston to be closer to family. He wants updates about fellow AKY brothers Rick (Rip) Rudnicki, Ed Donnelly, and Vic (Doc) Cook.

I hope you’re all about to spring into your spring activities and enjoyed the holidays with family and friends. Most of us will be turning the big six-zero this year. (Yes, you, too, Ed. It’s true.) So what are your birthday plans when you hit this wonderful (not) milestone? Looking forward to your emails. Pray for peace in the world.


Rick Rea

Fall 2012
Hello, classmates. Those of you who like to watch HBO and the Miami Dolphins might have watched “Hard Knocks: Miami Dolphins,” a weekly program showcasing an internal view of the Miami Dolphins’ training camp and preseason games. If you did, you’d have seen classmate Ken O’Keefe working with the team’s offense as receivers coach. Congratulations, Ken, on keeping JCU’s relationship with the Dolphins strong.

I received my annual invitation to Jim Mcsherry’s 29th Annual McSherry Open Golf Classic benefiting local charities. Jim makes his tournament special by hosting the awards dinner at his home. Congratulations, Jim, on 29 years of helping others. I’ll definitely participate in this event down the road.

Melissa and I spent an extended vacation in Italy last June. We started in Rome and visited the ruins and the Vatican, traveled to Florence to visit The Duomo and The Gallery of the Accademia di Belle Arti for a view of Michelangelo’s David. We also traveled to Venice to do some research for Melissa’s book “Conjuring Casanova,” which is soon to be published. We also made a train trip to Milan to have lunch with a business associate I used to work with. I’d say the highlight of our trip to Venice was staying for two days at the San Clemente Palace Hotel on San Clemente Island. Dee Snider (of Twisted Sister fame) and his family, as well as Quentin Tarantino, were there during our stay.

I’m sure you liked reading about Ken and Jim’s news (as well as my vacation), so how about your news? Surely, some of you have traveled, retired, launched a new business enterprise, earned a degree, broken ground on a retirement home, welcomed a grandchild, burned a mortgage, lost 20 pounds, been fitted for a hairpiece, or had major surgery during the past 12 months. If so, or if you know of a classmate who has done something newsworthy, email it to me now for my next column. Pray for peace.


Rick Rea

Summer 2012
Hello, classmates. I hope your summer is going well and you’re enjoying quality time with family and friends. At the close of their football season, the University of Iowa and head football coach Kirk Ferentz announced offensive coordinator Ken O’Keefe resigned after 13 seasons, leaving the program to be the wide receivers’ coach for the Miami Dolphins. “Ken’s work contributed greatly to our program’s success during the past 13 years, and more impressively, to the growth and development of the young men in our program,” Ferentz said in a statement. O’Keefe was known for running a balanced, pro-style offense that finished 58th in the country in scoring in 2011, averaging 27.5 points per game. Though the Hawkeyes never really lit up scoreboards during O’Keefe’s tenure, the past 13 years have included some of the best seasons in school history. Iowa has missed a bowl game only once in the past 10 seasons, winning 85 games overall and 50 in the Big Ten. Before his tenure at Iowa, Ken was the head football coach at Allegheny College from 1990 to 1997 and spent 1998 as the head coach at Fordham.

We lost classmate Sue Calihan this past March. Sue was the first woman police officer when she joined the Cleveland Heights Police Department in 1975. She rose in the ranks quickly, making sergeant in five years and lieutenant in nine. In 1989, she was promoted to captain. Following retirement in 2001, Sue continued serving the public as a bailiff in the Lyndhurst, Ohio, court system. At her funeral, Sue was praised by her colleagues as a fun-loving practical jokester, tough but fair, and a pioneer for women’s rights. There are 10 women out of 108 officers in the police department, and Sue mentored most of them. Sue was an avid golfer and proud of being from the Detroit area. I always enjoyed catching up with Sue at reunions where she could be found having fun with good friends Annette St. John O’Brien and Karen (Schaefer) Sinning. Sue is survived by her boyfriend, sister, and a niece and nephew.

Email me vacation or work news when you’re able. Pray for peace in 2012.


Rick Rea

Spring 2012
At the annual business meeting of the Fairmount Center for the Arts Sept. 26, 2011, Jim Cowan, of Hudson, Ohio, was approved unanimously as president of the board of trustees. Before his appointment, Jim spent 29 years in the legal field, serving as the executive director for several large law firms headquartered in Cleveland. Jim was a teacher, assistant principal, and assistant to the superintendent for 15 years at districts including Chagrin Falls, Beachwood City Schools, and Shaker Heights. He received his undergraduate degree from Miami University and a master’s from Carroll.

A couple of days after Christmas, I received an email from classmate Kevin Kane informing me classmate Charles Beringer III died suddenly on Christmas Day. Fellow class columnists Bob Larocca ’73 and Dave Robinson ’74 will, in all likelihood, be paying tribute to Charlie in their columns, but Charlie was ours. Unselfishly, he put his stamp on most of the class reunions we’ve enjoyed since graduation. Though living in University Heights, Charlie added to the enjoyment and camaraderie at reunion by staying in the dorms. I felt honored when Charlie invited me to come to his installation dinner when he won the alumni medal in 2003. Before the ceremony, we asked Charlie about his acceptance speech, and he told us not to worry because it’d be short and sweet. Upon presentation of his medal, Charlie said, “Thanks to my friends for being here, and thanks to the University for this award.” Charlie was a gentle soul, an avid photographer, amateur astronomer, gardener, and trivial pursuit player. He founded the Richard Miles Decker Scholarship Fund, which has sent many deserving children to Camp Falcon in Leesville, Ohio.

We lost another classmate, Ray Pawlowski, Oct. 31, 2011, after a heroic battle with cancer. I seldom saw Ray without a smile. Kevin Kane said, of all of us, Ray was the guy he thought would live to be 100. My life is much richer for having known Charlie and Ray.

Congratulations to Frs. Bichl and Bukala ’54 on two nice articles in the magazine focusing on their lives and life at Carroll. Both have made an impact on my life through their friendship and example of a life for others.

Email me news, and pray for peace.


Rick Rea

Winter 2011
Hello, classmates. I’m going to have to break all your hearts and put my column trivia question on hiatus. By the time you answer my trivia question from the column you’re reading, I already will have written my next column. The last two trivia answers are “V” and COBOL.

A meeting of some Carroll varsity debaters (from left): Rita Fritz, Bryan Fritz ’75 (assistant prosecutor, Cleveland), Alie Rufo (Stark County family court magistrate), Greg Rufo ’76 (attorney in private practice in Canton), Ken Laino ’75 (attorney in Cleveland) and Kathy Laino ’75

Melissa and I had a nice time in July back at the “home 20” in Hermitage, Pa., visiting my mom and attending Sam Mastrian’s ’76 daughter Samantha’s wedding. We caught up with Louis Mastrian Sr. ’64 and the entire Mastrian clan.

Gov. John Kasich announced the appointment of Tim Grendell, of Chesterland, to serve as a probate/juvenile court judge of the Geauga County Court of Common Pleas, filling the seat vacated by the death of Judge Charles “Chip” Henry. Grendell was a member of the Ohio Senate, chairing the Judiciary-Criminal Justice Committee. Tim served as a captain in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He received his juris doctor from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and his LLM from the University of Virginia School of Law. Tim’s wife, Diane, sits on the 11th District Ohio Court of Appeals, based in Warren, which covers cases from Geauga County.

Bishop Neal J. Buckon ’75 was in Rome in September for a convention of new bishops — 117 bishops from 33 countries attended. During the convention, Bishop Buckon had a brief exchange with Pope Benedict XVI.

Gov. Kasich announced that Virginia M. Lindsethof Hunting Valley has been appointed to serve as a member of the Ohio Board of Regents. Her five-year term will run to September 2016. The board’s responsibilities include developing an independent annual report about the condition of higher education in Ohio, issuing an annual performance review of chancellor Jim Petro, and advising the chancellor about issues of statewide importance affecting higher education. Dr. Lindseth is a life member of the board of trustees of University School, a member of the president’s visiting committee at Case Western Reserve University, an emeritus member of the advisory council at Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences, and member of the board of trustees of the Musical Arts Association of the Cleveland Orchestra. Her professional experience at Carroll includes serving as founder, chair, consultant, and advisory board member for the Institute for Educational Renewal (1991 – 1996) and as an adjunct professor in child development and curriculum (1984 – 1996). Looks like Jim Petro has a couple of outstanding JCU alums in his organization.

Hope you all have blessed holidays. Email me news, and pray for peace in 2012. Hi, Kathleen.


Rick Rea

Fall 2011
The answer to my trivia question last time: Before John Carroll became co-ed, what did Fr. Jerry Clifford, S.J., require his finance students to wear? The answer: a coat and tie. I thought for sure Eddie Donnelly would’ve known that. Alas, there was no correct answer from the 1975ers or news. I received an email from Carolin Duncan ’73 thanking me for mentioning Fr. “Honeybear” Henninger in my last column. Carolin was a sociology department secretary from 1970 to 1973 and remembers Fr. Henninger fondly.

Congrats to Bishop Neal Buckon on his recent appointment to serve God and our military.

After a lot of thought and prayer, I started my own business in April. I reacquired a Missouri producer’s license for life, accident, and health insurance and am working as an insurance broker. My company is called Talented Ethical Dedicated Services (T.E.D.S.). After more thought and prayer, my wife, Melissa, decided to return to solo dental practice by purchasing the assets of a retiring dentist. We closed on the practice and building in mid-July. My insurance office is in the lower level. We’re excited about our ventures.

I received an email from JCU that mentioned the deaths of Art Noetzel, Ph.D., ’38 and Joe Bombelles, Ph.D. Art was a skilled professor, and I’ll never forget the case studies we worked on in his business policies class. He made us focus on conducting business morally and ethically, a high standard that few companies practice today.

OK, put your thinking caps on tight, I have a two-part trivia question this time. Dr. Alford taught a data- processing class that freshmen who contemplated applying to the Boler School of Business had to take second semester. What was the initial in Dr. Alford’s first name? And, as part of our Fortran training in Dr. Alford’s class, we had to work a program on a machine in the top floor of the AD Building that transmitted the program electronically to the Science Center and back. What was the five-letter acronym for that machine?

I’ve given you my news, so how about some of yours? Pray for peace. Hi, Sam.


Rick Rea

Summer 2011
Hello, classmates. Honeybear is the answer to last issue’s trivia question: What nickname did the students give professor Henninger?

I received sad news through the AKY grapevine. Fran Keim ’74 died at home in Erie, Pa., after courageous battles with a number of debilitating diseases. Fran’s obit was a tribute to a great man who lived his life in the Jesuit tradition of giving back.

The Cuyahoga County Council approved the appointment of Tim Kollin and six others to sit on the newly constituted County Boards of Revision. Kollin is a former Cuyahoga County prosecutor.

In February, Molly (Spellman) Curl joined Grant Thornton LLP as a bank regulatory national advisory partner. Based out of the firm’s Dallas office, she works with the firm’s banking clients throughout the country to provide regulatory support. Molly brings 35 years of banking industry experience to Grant Thornton.

Julianne (Sheila) Wanner and her husband David Powers live in Newport News, Va. After working as an EMT-A at the busiest duty station in the city, Sheila signed up for the city fire department. During firefighter training, at age 40, she was able to be certified for advanced life support (CT and paramedic.) In keeping with the Jesuit tradition, she volunteers with the local all-volunteer fire and rescue company in her county.

Jim McSherry emailed me asking to let him know when I will travel to Chicago. He said he would reciprocate.

They’re making Schlitz again. Go to your favorite store, pick up a sixer, crack open a frosty one, and reminisce about your nights (sometimes days) quaffing beer at JCU.

Here’s a new trivia question: Before JCU became co-ed, economics professor Rev. Jerry Clifford, S.J., demanded strict attire for his classes. What did he demand?

I hope you’re having a great summer. Email me news. Pray for peace in the world. Where are you “Toes” Riley?


Rick Rea

Spring 2011

Hello, classmates. I hope you had wonderful holidays.

The Russian is the answer to the trivia question in my last column: What nickname did the residents of Pacelli Hall give the head RA our freshman year? Congratulations to Anne (Pipik) Wisniewski, the first classmate to e-mail me the correct answer via husband Mike, who also e-mailed an update. Mike and Anne have been living in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, since graduation. Anne has retired from teaching high school English in the Willoughby School District. Mike is using his Ph.D. in psychology in private practice, teaching in the graduate psychology department at Cleveland State University, and consulting and coaching executives. Anne and Mike are enjoying their empty nest, although Anne spends many of her days with their 2-year-old granddaughter. The couple celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in Hawaii this past January.

I’m reading Rich Wolfe’s book “Tim Russert, We Heartily Knew Ye.” I highly recommend it for inspiration and a virtual return to campus.

I received an e-mail of condolence from Mike Messina wanting to stay in touch and asking if I had any news from our mutual friends in Shenango Valley, Pa.

Terry Burns ’76 and I are still networking and meeting in person occasionally.

I received a wonderful e-mail from Fr. Neal Buckon: “His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI asked me to become a successor of the apostles and serve as an Auxiliary Bishop to Archbishop Timothy P. Broglio of the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA. I answered, ‘Yes.’ Please pray for me as I prepare for my ordination Feb. 22, 2011, at the National Shrine in Washington, D.C. Peace and prayers, Bishop-elect Neal J. Buckon.” Congratulations Neal, and thanks for your service to God and country. Pray for Neal, pray for peace.

Here’s a new trivia question: One of the professors in the sociology department was Fr. Henninger. What nickname did the students give Fr. Henninger? The first classmate to e-mail me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column.

E-mail me news, OK? Hi, Sam.


Rick Rea

Winter 2010

Hello, classmates. The answer to the trivia question in my last column is Marcel Marceau. Michael Jackson imitated Marcel’s moonwalk in his Billie Jean live performance at the VMAs. Charlie Beringer knew that answer, but we just saw each other at reunion, right Charlie? I wanted to take a minute to give you the final stats about our class gift for reunion 2010, our 35th – 132 classmates, 26%, contributed $50,663 to the Carroll Fund. A nice amount given the economic times. Thanks again to Jack Metzger for chairing the class gift. It looks as though I neglected to recognize Dave Urbanek as having attended reunion in my last column. Sorry, Dave. Melissa and I missed Allison and Rick Rudnicki, Debbie ’76 and Vic Cook, and Karen and Mike Messina at reunion.

Where are you Mike Riley?

I hope all of you enjoy your holidays this year. As I write this column, the St. Louis Cardinals have been eliminated from the baseball playoffs, but the St. Louis Rams won their seventh game in three years this past Sunday. Miracles never cease.

Recently, Terry Burns ’76 sent me an e-mail wanting to get in touch. Terry and I discovered we live about three miles from each other in St. Louis, and we worked in the automotive aftermarket at the same time a few years ago; he for Tenneco-Walker, and I for Cloyes Gear. Terry’s son is a freshman at Marquette University, and his daughter attends Cor Jesu Academy in my neighborhood. Terry and I are networking together in search of better careers.

For the first time in many columns, I won’t have a trivia question for you, but I ask you come up with a difficult trivia question from our years at Carroll (with the answer please) and e-mail it to me with personal news.

Two weeks after reunion, my dad died suddenly, and I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to tell you a little about him. Many of you from the Shenango Valley, Pa., area knew him. Those of you who knew me well during our years at Carroll are aware I wasn’t a Rhodes Scholar. When I was struggling with my studies, my dad often wrote me letters of encouragement from his drafting table at work. He was proud of the fact I was the first Rea to earn a college degree and had a Catholic education since second grade. He and my Mom’s hard work and sacrifice made it possible for me and my siblings to have a Catholic education. Thanks again to Frs. Bichl and Bukala for their letters of condolence and thanks to Hugh and Annette St. John O’Brien for their e-mail of condolence to dad’s obituary page. Finally, thanks to my good friend Sam Mastrian ’76 for helping me and our family during dad’s funeral. I miss my dad every day. So do me a favor, please, if your dad is alive still, call him tonight and tell him you love him. If he’s deceased, say a prayer for him. Pray for peace.


Rick Rea

Fall 2010

Hello, classmates. Melissa and I had a great time at our 35th Reunion. One thing about reunion I always enjoy is the opportunity to get to know classmates I might not have known well during our years at Carroll. The reunion staff did a great job again. Barb (Norris) Varone was outstanding as chairperson. Barb, who has a great sense of humor, is dedicated to the Catholic faith.

Jack Metzger stepped up to the plate again to be our class gift chair. He did a fine job under the difficult circumstances our national economy presented him. Jack and I were raised on family farms, so I enjoyed exchanging stories with Jack about tractors and calamities that befell farm kids.

Charlie Beringer, as always, gave us little nuggets of laughter during the weekend. Charlie and I were talking about spring break ’75 in Fort Lauderdale and the hotel rooms we stayed in. Charlie remembers waking up one morning to find 12 occupants in his room and an extension cord leading out to a Winnebago RV in the parking lot. Charlie was the first to answer the trivia question from my last column: On Jan. 31, 2009, a “Blue Moon” (second full moon in a calendar month) appeared in the night sky.

Ed Donnelly dropped in the big tent on the Quad Friday night to give us an update about his and Mary Kay’s lives.

Fr. (Lt. Col.) Neal Buckon did a great job delivering the homily at Mass. He also was recognized as having traveled the furthest to reunion, from Seoul, South Korea.

Kevin Kane told a great story about Christmas freshman year. Some residents of Dolan Hall stole a complete Santa display (including sleigh and reindeer) from the front yard of a house in University Heights and placed it on the roof of Dolan Hall. Kevin denied any knowledge of the guilty residents, blaming the caper on The Grinch.

Melissa and I spent a lot of time with Pat ’76 and Eileen (Phillips) Cataldo during the weekend. We found we share a mutual love of gardening and vacationing in Hawaii. We’ll be planning a future get together in Hawaii with Eileen and Pat.

Ken and Kathy (Moran) Laino, Susan Lauer, Mary Kay (Hutchinson) Malone, Carol (Kovalak) Martin, Barb Modic, Rob Ondrus, Cathy and Kevin Stitak, Joe ’74 and Joan (Konewecke) Ursic, Patricia Vail, and Lorraine (Summers) Wagner also attended reunion festivities.

Rumor has it Dave Chrien even showed up at dinner Saturday night, so send him a bill.

The class of 1960 had 110 attendees at their 50th Reunion, so let’s have 111 at our 40th Reunion in 2015, deal?

Nick Fredericka e-mailed (dexx@onecom.com) me a request to let Tim Carbary, Rick Ress, Larry Fiely, Mike Messina, Bryan Fritz, and Ken Laino know he’d like to get in touch.

OK, trivia time: Our freshman year, the head R.A. in Pacelli Hall, Paul Naberezny ’70, was given a classic nickname by the residents. What was it? The first classmate to give me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column. Pray for peace. Hi, Sam.


Rick Rea

Summer 2010

Hello classmates! Many of you probably have not received the spring issue of John Carroll magazine as of this writing and therefore I have not received your best guesses at to the answer of the trivia question in my last column. Just received an e-mail from Carroll with an online registration form for Reunion Weekend 2010 (our 35th.) By the time you read this column Reunion Weekend will have come and gone – recap in the fall issue.

Barb Varone chaired the Reunion Planning Committee for our 35th and Jack Metzger chaired the Class Gift with a goal of breaking the record for the largest donation for a 35th Reunion Class Gift.

Received an e-mail from Donna (Rodney) Greene. Donna is a contracting officer with the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California. She and husband Buz live in Thousand Oaks, CA. They play golf a couple of times a week and are looking forward to attending the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach Golf Links in June. Their daughter, Shannon, is a graduate student at Western Michigan University majoring in athletic training.

I received some sad news from Fr. Neal Buckon just before Easter. Neal’s father, John ’50, died on April 5. His wake was held in South Euclid with funeral Mass at Gesu Church. “Dad had the consolation and support of the Sacraments prior to his death. He was surrounded by his wife, children, grandchildren, and many loving family members and friends during his final days.” Neal plans to retire at the end of the year after 28 years of service to our country in the U.S. Army with a possible assignment next January to a parish within the Diocese of Cleveland.

Benedictine has brought back famed track coach Cy Levkanich to run the Bengals’ program. Levkanich coached Benedictine to three Division II State Championships and has been the Bengals’ cross-country coach since 1982. His teams also have won seven district titles, five regional titles, and have been regional runner-up twice. Cy lives in Brecksville and replaces former coach Bob Holpuch.

I will give you the correct answer to the spring trivia question in my next column. Here’s my new question: Michael Jackson is thought to have invented the “Moon Walk” dance step. However, while Michael was watching a documentary of a mime he saw the mime do the “Moon Walk.” Michael incorporated the “Moon Walk” into his performance of “Billie Jean” at the American Music Awards. Who was the mime that created the “Moon Walk?” The first classmate to give me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column. Pray for peace. Hey Sam! RR

Spring 2010

Hello classmates! It’s hard to believe that 35 years ago my AKY brothers Rick (Rip) Rudnicki, Ed Donnelly, Vic (Doc) Cook, Mike (Toes) Riley and I were planning our senior spring break trip to Ft. Lauderdale, FL. I’m looking forward to having a few cold ones with them in the Rat Bar during Reunion. Oops, senior moment! The answer to the trivia question from my last column is CKLW. Jim Knuff e-mailed the correct answer but, alas, no personal news. Kevin Kane and John DiNallo answered correctly and both are looking forward to Reunion Weekend in June. Bryan Fritz answered correctly and remembers the frequency of CKLW – AM 800. Bryan’s been working on the JCU football stats crew for 29 years and is starting his 30th year in the Prosecutor’s Office for the City of Cleveland putting away bad guys (and gals.) Bill Charske responded to Bill McNamara’s question about CKLW and gave an explanation to Ed Jindra’s comments from a few columns back regarding “Chef’s World.” To summarize “Chef’s World” was a live Food Network style television show produced in the JCU communications department our senior year. Charske explains that the show ended up like a live Three Stooges short with Ed (the chef) accidentally scalding himself with a cup of boiling water during a live cooking demonstration throwing the entire cast and crew into convulsive laughter. Frank Magliochetti e-mailed CKLW and some news. Daughter Katie graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania last December with a BA in communications. She’s now with the Garrett Williamson Foundation in Newtown Square, PA. Wife, Bonnie, is a dental assisting/dental hygiene instructor at Harcum College. Oldest daughter, Sarah, is a suite sales representative for the Philadelphia Phillies. Frank’s the Northeast regional business manager for Jennie-O Turkey Store.

I received a nice e-mail from Dan Bonder with some personal and family news. Dan still stays in touch with JCU pals John Krizansky ’74, Tom Cecconi ’73, Paul Cipar ’78, and Jeff Miller ’79. Dan has been a financial planner for 12 years. He and five partners established a comprehensive financial planning firm, Beacon Financial Partners, in Beachwood, OH, three years ago. Dan met wife Joanne at Carroll and she is a teacher of the hearing impaired at Millridge Center in the Mayfield City Schools. Two sons are in medical school Bryan (Toledo University, Medical College of Ohio) and Adam (Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago Medical School.) Third son, Eric, is an Eagle Scout and is enrolling in the vet tech program at CCC. Dan would like to hear from all of his Beta Tau Sigma frat brothers – danbonder@beaconplanners.com.

Your reunion committee is planning a great weekend on campus June 11-13, 2010. Let’s set a record for attendance and Class Gift at our 35th Reunion, okay?

Here’s my trivia question — What lunar event occurred this past New Year’s Eve that will not occur again for 18 years?

Lastly, I received an e-mail from Fr. Neal Buckon. Neal is serving God and his fellow U.S. Army soldiers as chaplain in Seoul, South Korea. Pray for Neal and pray for peace. C U at JCU in June. Hey, Sam! RR

Winter 2009

Hello, classmates! Hope you are making plans to spend quality time with family and friends over the holidays. Melissa and I send you our wishes for a blessed and healthy 2010 (our Reunion year).

I received several correct answers to the trivia question (Oscar Gamble) in my last column with some personal updates. John Randall was the first to respond. He mentioned how much he enjoyed the summer issue of John Carroll magazine with the article on Tim Russert ’72 and that John sneaked Tim into the Springsteen concert in the fall of ’74. John was looking forward to the annual Naperville, IL, Exchange Club’s Ribfest and getting together with brother Mark ’77 and cousin Tom ’79, and also his “get-together” with Karen and Mike Messina and daughter Claire in Chicago that includes a friendly game or two on the tennis court.

Jim Knuff writes that he has been married to Nancy (Reid) ’77 for 32 years. They have four children: Kristen Metz, a special education teacher for Elyria, OH, City Schools; Meghan Salomone, a personal banker for First Merit Bank; Bridget Ross, a registered nurse in labor and delivery at Cleveland, OH, University Hospitals; and Jim Jr., a financial analyst for Gilbarco Co. in Greensboro, NC. Jim is currently a shareholder in the CPA firm of Ashworth Knuff Barrett in Cleveland, and Nancy has taught kindergarten and 2nd grade at St. Mary’s Parish for 23 years. Jim Eardly also answered correctly.

Bill McNamara lives in Cleveland Heights, OH, and had just returned from a two-week trip to China selling tire-building capital equipment for trucks, aircraft, and large construction equipment for his company, McNeil & NRM div TMG-Itaco, Akron. While in China, he was impressed with the cleanliness of the country and the cost of hotels. Bill stayed at a Days Inn in Jiaozuo with five-star amenities for only $40 a night. Bill says “Hi” to old friends Jack Ricchiuto ’74, Frank Sapara ’74, and Dave Mele ’74, with whom he shared his “younger days.”

Here’s my trivia question – During our years at Carroll, many students listened to local radio stations like WMMS and WUJC, but one popular radio station broadcast from Windsor, Ontario. What were the call letters for this station?

Don’t forget our 35th Reunion June 11-13, 2010, on campus. Get involved by volunteering to be on the reunion committee. Also, don’t forget to send me some news! CU at JCU in June. Pray for peace. Hi, Sam! RR

Summer 2009

Hello, classmates! Well, Dave Vtipil’s trivia question in my last column was so good that no one came up with even a guess as to the correct answer. Hmm, maybe his question will be a good topic of conversation at our 35th Reunion next June! Hope you are enjoying your summer and taking some time out from your career to spend time with friends and family. I just received an e-mail with some really funny religious cartoons and a wish for a happy Easter from Fr. Neal Buckon. Not sure where in the world (literally) he is as of this writing, but the last I heard he was in Afghanistan serving the U.S. Army and his fellow troops.

Received a nice e-mail from the alumni office sent by Rita (Henninger) Danks, who recently was on a trip to Chiapas, Mexico, with the Witness for Peace Delegation sponsored by the UCC Justice Jubilee Committee, Church of the Brethren and Equal Exchange (a fair trade company). There were 18 delegates from all over the U.S. who met with many human rights and NGO Organizations during their stay. “While spending time with coffee farmers in their small village, we learned about the intense work involved in producing organic coffees for the U.S. and the very small amount of money these farmers make per year (about $600 U.S.). One of our most moving days was a visit to the small town of Acteal, where the government massacred 45 pacifists as they prayed in church in the late ’90s. To this day, the masterminds of the killing have not been brought to justice. We learned about the negative effects of NAFTA and other U.S. laws on the poorest of the poor in our neighboring country. The current human rights abuses in this area are overwhelming.” You can contact Rita in Kirkland, OH, at 440-256-0423 or – danks12@msn.com if you would like more information.

Since it is almost baseball season as of this writing, here is a baseball trivia question this time. During our years in Cleveland, the Indians had a player that sported such a big Afro hairstyle that it was very hard for him to wear his helmet while batting. Who was this player? The first classmate to e-mail me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column. While you are e-mailing the answer, how about some personal news? C U at JCU in 2010! Pray for peace, RR

Spring 2009

Hello classmates! Hope all of you are enjoying the spring thaw. The answer to the trivia question from my last column’s “brain teaser” is Humble Pie. Dave Vtipil answered first. Dave has been living in Pittsburgh since graduation working for Allegheny County for the past 20 years. He and wife Barb have been married for 30 years, live in North Hills, and have no children. Dave has had a number of health issues from polycystic kidney disease including kidney failure and a transplant in 2001 plus a mitral valve replacement in 2004 but has recovered and enjoys fly fishing, fly tying, and hiking out West. He thanks his organ donor for the ability to do these things and asks all of us to sign an organ donor card. He belongs to the St. Vincent de Paul Society at his parish and feels his years at JCU have lead to this calling. Dave was one of the first male Murphy Hall residents in 1971 and would like to hear from other “Murphy Hall men ’71.” You can contact Dave at david.vtipil@verizon.net.

George Christoph also answered and e-mailed some news. He is presently controller/CFO of Life Services Management which manages over 20 different companies and properties including eight assisted living communities; one in his home town of Erie, PA, and three in the suburban Cleveland area. He still has many fond memories of Pacelli Hall, the Business School, JCU tennis team, and would love to hear by e-mail from anyone in these groups. Like many of us he is busy all the time, works way too many hours and is thankful for his college education that gave him an excellent basis for being successful yet grounded. You can e-mail George at georgec@walsdc.com.

Tom Tassone also e-mailed the correct answer alas with no news.

I received an interesting newspaper article on Ken O’Keefe from JCU. Ken is the offensive coordinator for the University of Iowa’s football team. “Keefer” had previous head coaching stints at a high school in Fort Worth, TX, Worcester (Mass.) Academy, Allegheny College, and Fordham University. He still speaks fondly of Jerry Schweickert ’60 who taught him to “love his players.” Ken coached college all-star football players in exhibition games in Moscow, Russia, in the early 1990s. During this time, the mayor of Northern Moscow called and asked him if he would teach younger kids to play football so he ran camps for two years. He later helped form an organization that brought amateur teams from Moscow to the U.S. He has been to Russia five times on football trips and “loved every minute of it.” Ken and wife Joanne have a daughter Meghan, a junior soccer player at John Carroll, and a son Brendan in Iowa City.

My next trivia question is a request from Dave Vtipil. “There was a great snowball battle in front of Murphy Hall in the winter of ’71-72 with about 200 participants. A priest who lived in the front of the hall on the first floor took pictures of the participants to bust us or to scare us away. Well it worked and the participants scattered in a hurry. Can anyone remember the priest’s name?” E-mail your answer (or guess) with some news and you’ll be in my next column.

I just received news that Fr. Frank Lihvar, S.J., died from cancer at age 81. He was a Jesuit for 60 years and a member of the John Carroll Community for nearly 40 years. Fr. Lihvar began teaching Latin and Greek at John Carroll University in the fall of 1970. Upon retirement in 2000 he became Professor Emeritus. Pray for peace. Hi Sam! RR

Winter 2008

Hello classmates! Okay, here’s the answer to the trivia question from my last column. During our freshman orientation week at JCU we were treated to a great concert at Blossom Music Center. What band was the headliner at that concert? The Fifth Dimension! The first classmate to e-mail me the correct answer was Gary Knuth who remembered listening to that great concert with us under the stars. Gary told me he would like to hear more about all the delinquents that lived in “Bizarre Manor” and “Reet Zeet.” Okay if any of you know what Gary is talking about how about e-mailing me some info about yourself with a translation. Gary has been working in the field of rehabilitation since graduation. He received an M.Ed from Kent State and he is currently the executive director of United Disability Services in Akron, OH. Gary and his wife, Laurie, live in the smallest village in Ohio, Sugar Bush Knolls and have five children (all grown). Gary still has close ties in Pittsburgh and is a big Steelers fan!

Ed Jindra e-mailed me the correct answer with some personal news. Ed and his wife just celebrated their 35th anniversary. They have three grown children, two of which are Ohio State grads who are still suffering from the West Coast drubbing at the hands of USC! Ed is in his 36th year of retail management and is currently with Gabriel Brothers out of Morgantown, WV. Ed asked for a shout to Bill Charske from the old Kline Studio in the Ad Building and something about “Chef’s World.” Another translation is necessary please.

Melissa and I just finished moving from our apartment to our house so our lives have been quite hectic. We did take a weekend off from unpacking and rearranging to catch a Blues game and see Jim Gaffigan at the Fox Theater. If Gaffigan comes to your town don’t miss him; laughing is great medicine! My granddaughter, Isabell, will soon be a year old and looking forward to her first holidays. Since this column will, hopefully, be in your hands around Christmas, Melissa and I hope all of you have a wonderful Holiday Season; Ed Jindra says hello to all the rest of his 1975 mates and have a great holiday season as well and peace as always. When you have some free time over the holidays, how about sending me some news for my next column?

Here’s the next trivia question. During their first tour of America, this British band sold out most of their concerts. Upon being sold out at Cleveland’s Public Hall they scheduled an evening concert at John Carroll that sold out so quickly they scheduled an afternoon concert that same day to a sellout crowd as well. Who was this famous British band? Hint: Their hit single that they played during this tour as an encore made a reference to the fact that a physician isn’t necessary. The first classmate to e-mail me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column!

Pray for peace. Hi Sam! RR

Fall 2008

Hello classmates! This year ‘s flooding in the Midwest reminds us of the “500 Year” flood we had in 1993. Not to worry, Melissa and I are “high and dry” here in South St. Louis County. Well the easy answer to the trivia question in my last column turned out to be quite ironic (or timely if the case.) Which U-Club member was president of the Student Union our freshman year? Of course, Tim Russert ’72. Kathleen Lynch was the first classmate to e-mail the correct answer. Along with her correct answer she gave me the following update on herself. She ‘s lived outside of Washington, DC, in Falls Church, VA, for more than 25 years with her husband, John Blaney ’73. They have three grown children, Anne, Neil, and Cara. John is a senior vice president at a consulting firm, ICF Inc., and has been working in his company’s London office for most of the past year. Kathleen is the executive director of the Folger Institute-Folger Shakespeare Library and she says that 25 years, 35 years, they can go by awfully fast. So true Kathleen!

Melissa and I were in Las Vegas for a four-day vacation when the news of Tim Russert’s death was broadcast. For the record I wrote my last column in early April with the trivia question about Tim. Bill McGah e-mailed me that he thought it ironic that there is a picture of Fr. Joe Schell with his arm around Tim’s shoulder on page 63 of the summer 2008 issue of John Carroll magazine. What I remember most about Tim on campus was that when he walked past you he always said “Hi” and if you got a chance to speak with him he would look you in the eye and listen to you as if you were the most important person in his life; quite a gift. Tim’s national presence was a beacon for his Jesuit education at John Carroll and though this beacon has been extinguished, his light will shine on.

On the local front I recently joined the Commemorative Air Force and its local Wing in St. Charles, MO. I am now referred to in Commemorative Air Force circles as Colonel Rick Rea. The Commemorative Air Force based in Midland, TX, maintains and flies World War II era Warbirds. Our Wing currently flies and maintains three aircraft at Smartt Field in St. Charles, MO. Anyone interested in getting involved with the Commemorative Air Force or a local Wing see – www.commemorativeairforce.org – for more information.

Okay, here’s the trivia question for this issue: During our Freshman Orientation Week at JCU we were treated to a great concert at Blossom Music Center. What band was the headliner at that concert? The first classmate to e-mail me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column!

Pray for peace. Hi Sam! RR

Summer 2008

Hello classmates! Frank Magliochetti was the first to e-mail me the correct answer to the trivia question in my last column – Fr. Henry Birkenhauer, SJ, was our commencement speaker. Frank and wife Bonnie live in Media, Pa. He is the Northeast regional business manager for Jennie-O Turkey Store. They have two daughters: Sarah and Katie. Frank is active in leadership roles with his parish, the Knights of Columbus, and volunteering as a reading tutor. Irene Tschismadia Wander ’72 and ’75G (Biology) guessed that Bob Hope was our commencement speaker. John Randall guessed that George H. W. Bush was our commencement speaker. As if John! John his wife Karen and son Jack recently met with Mike Messina, Ph.D., wife Karen and daughter Claire, John’s goddaughter, for dinner in Chicago. (Mike, John asked me to make sure to include Ph.D. after your name.) John and family live in Naperville, Ill., where he works for FedEx Ground in the safety department.

Gary Saracene guessed our speaker was the Bishop of Cleveland. Gary is an insurance broker of health plans at S. A. Nichols Brokerage and has four boys. He lives in Cincinnati and would like to get together with John Carroll alums in the area “to try and get a City Club going.” Contact Gary’s – gary@sanb1.com.

Our class prez, Joe Bertolone, e-mailed me the real story and it’s great. Joe tried to recruit Bob Hope to speak at commencement but Mr. Hope was booked so Joe decided to ask Fr. Birkenhauer to finish our “personal education.” Joe scheduled an appointment with Fr. B and took two cans of Budweiser with him in his sport coat. Joe said to Fr. B “the senior class would be honored if you would be our commencement speaker.” “Joe, I would be honored,” Fr. B said and asked Joe to shake on it. Joe replied “how about we drink on it?” and pulled the two cans of Bud out of his pockets; to which Fr. B said “let’s do it in style” went to his cabinet and took out two pilsner glasses with the JCU seal on them and they proceeded to down the beer to close the deal. Joe’s a ninth grade guidance counselor and head wrestling coach at Archbishop McCarthy H.S. in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Joe’s son, Christian, is a vacation planner for Carnival Cruise Lines and Joe is hinting at a Class of ’75 Cruise!

I received a nice e-mail from Sandra Perroni, “Rick: Living so far away it is good to hear what is going on with the ’75 gang, and I love to read your column. Keep it comin’.” Thanks Sandra!

Okay my new trivia question is fairly easy once more: which UClub member was president of the Student Union our freshman year? The first class member to e-mail me the correct answer will be recognized!

Fr. Neal Buckon, USA, was recently deployed on a 90-day tour of duty in Iraq, circuit riding, providing the sacraments and pastoral care to Catholic men and women serving our country during Lent and Easter. He writes, “Last July we had a reunion of sorts for JCU at Fort Sill, Okla. Lieutenant General Carter Ham ’76, married to Christi Ignaut Ham, came to Fort Sill to give COL Dom Pompelia command of the 75th Fires Brigade. Greg Biada’s daughter, Kristen Wills, was also present for the Change of Command. She lives at Fort Sill with her husband, CPT Tony Wills. I have been serving at Fort Sill as the Garrison Chaplain since July 2006.” Remember Fr. Neal in your prayers and pray for peace. Hi Sam! RR

Spring 2008

Hello classmates! This past January 2 was my one-year anniversary as a Cyber Representative with AT&T. In the 33 years since graduating in marketing, this is the first job I’ve had that is truly marketing. Using AT&T’s print and internet resources and a consultative approach I put together marketing programs for businesses throughout the United States. My last column generated some e-mails — could it have been the first trivia question that I used in the column that racked your brains or just the quality of my Journal-ism? Either way my first e-mail was from Tom Tassone with a pretty good guess at the trivia question regarding the Streak-A-Thon during finals in 1974. Tom guessed Bob Bunga, Bob Zola ’74 and Pete Deluca with the IBGs were behind the shenanigans but don’t forget my clue stated that the culprits were members of rival fraternities. Tom has been a resident of Downers Grove, Ill., since 1984 and has worked for 26 years in transportation sales; the last 15 years in national account sales management with YRC Regional Transportation based in Chicago. His wife, Rosemary, is a career teacher currently teaching elementary (my dear Watson) reading. They have two daughters: Jacquelyn, a sophomore at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis., and Julianna who is in the eighth grade.

I received an e-mail from Darrel Bilancini between Christmas and New Year’s. Darrel has been a resident of the fair city of Avon Lake, Ohio, for the past 22 years with his wife, Cindy, a registered nurse and their daughters, Angela (24), Anne (20) and Alana (18). Darrel has been sending his hard-earned tuition money to the College of Wooster and Miami of Ohio. In November 2005 Darrel was elected judge of the Avon Lake Municipal Court (a part-time court) which allows him to continue his practice with Savoy and Bilancini in Elyria, Ohio, where he is a trial attorney in insurance defense law. Darrel is generously donating his time and talent to the local Kiwanis Club and St. Joseph’s Church in Avon Lake. If you’re caught speeding through Avon Lake pray you don’t appear in front of Judge Bilancini or he’ll throw the book at you!

Right after New Year’s I received a nice e-mail from Susan (Sonchik) Marine, Ph.D., who has worked for 21 years as a chemist in industry. For the past 10 years she’s been an associate professor in the chemistry department at Miami University Middletown in Middletown, Ohio. When she wrote she was in the process of moving to Luxembourg where she will be teaching chemistry in art this coming semester. Her inspiration for this project began when she was a student at Carroll. There was a physics and art class for credit in physics or art to help students meet the liberal education requirements. During this class the students made and displayed several interesting artistic items as they studied physics. Her experience served as the inspiration for her chemistry in art class! Her students in Middletown loved it so much she is offering it with a mini-tour from her campus in Differdange, Luxembourg, this semester. Susan thanks JCU for the inspiration!

Okay since there were no correct answers to the trivia question e-mailed to me — The two guys responsible for the show were Rick Shina ’74 and Ed Donnelly. Since my first trivia question stumped all of you I decided to make the next one easier. Who was the commencement speaker at our graduation in 1975? The first classmate to e-mail me the answer (along with some news) will be recognized in my next column! I hope you all have a terrific 2008 and pray for peace. Hi Sam! RR

Fall 2007

Hello classmates! Well my last column did stir some controversy. I was just doing some “wordplay” to see if anyone who read my column was really paying attention! I did get an e-mail from John Luskin, a criminal defense attorney in Cleveland and law director for the City of Willoughby Hills, informing me that Sue Calihan is not the chief of police of Cleveland (duh!) but she is a retired captain of police from the City of Cleveland Heights (and so is he). Sue is now chief bailiff for the Lyndhurst Municipal Court; congrats Sue!

I received a nice e-mail from Peggy (Byrne) Hausser ’77 – phausser@msn.com – and she commented that reading my column was fun — it brings back great memories of times living in Murphy Hall from ’73 to’75. Peggy is director of sales for Restaurant Associates.

I am listening to Game Five of the American League Baseball playoffs while I am typing to meet my column deadline and the Tribe is losing to the Bosox. Maybe this year they can get that last strikeout and win the World Series. My son, Brian, and daughter-in-law, Dayna, are expecting my first granddaughter, Isabell, any day now. She will be the first great-grandchild for my folks and boy are they excited. Melissa and I just returned from a week’s vacation in Destin, FL; a perfect week on the beach with no rain. We’ve had so much going on in our lives that we realized we hadn’t taken a week off for three years.

As I go to press, the City of Atlanta is running out of drinking water due to a severe drought; but there’s no Global Warming and the environment if okay, right? I’m attending a college fair at St. Louis University to help Dan Butler from JCU admission for a few hours to talk with high school students and their parents about John Carroll. If you value your Jesuit education as much as I do and want to help John Carroll how about volunteering for the Alumni-in-Admission program? Rebecca Dinnen ’93 heads it up and it could be as simple as volunteering for a local “Call Night” to speak with prospective students about the benefits of attending John Carroll University. I used to do “Call Nights” when Melissa and I lived in Detroit and they are fun. Great to see the picture of the AKY “mini reunion” that was held during Reunion Weekend last summer in the last magazine! I pledged a lot of those guys in spring 1973 and Bob Larocca ’73 was my big brother. Speaking of the old days, I am going to include a trivia question in my column from now on so here’s the first one: During spring finals in 1974 John Carroll held the first Streak-A-Thon on the Quad (for you younger folks “streaking” was running as fast as you could through the Quad wearing nothing but shoes and socks and a bag on your head.) — a very popular activity at the time. Every television station in Cleveland was on hand to tape video for the 11 o’clock news; from the waist up of course. Towards the end of the show two guys (hint they were members of different fraternities) did a choreographed “two-step” for the cameras right across the Quad from Rodman. WHO WERE THEY? The first member of the class of 1975 that e-mails me the correct answer will be recognized in my next column. Hope the holidays are good to all of you! How about some news with your guesses to the trivia question? Pray for peace, RR

Summer 2007

Hello classmates! I received a couple of blurbs from the alumni office since my last column. Blaise Roncagli is living in University Heights, OH, with his family and twin eight-year-old sons Kyle and Connor. A classmate Cary Seidman ’75 MA received an organization award for Excellence in Inquiry-Based Science Teaching at the 2007 Annual Conference of the National Science Teachers Association in St. Louis. The award was based on the programs he has developed for the seventh and eight grades at the Ruffing Montessori School in Cleveland Heights … should have given me a call Cary when you were in town!

Vic “Doc” Cook and his bride, Debbie ’76, celebrated the wedding of their son Jeffrey in August in Columbus, OH.

Melissa and I finally sold our house in Pennsylvania so we took the proceeds and did something we always wanted to do — we took some time off work and made the Grand Tour of Europe. The capitals of those countries were spectacular! We especially enjoyed our audience with Pope Benedict at the Vatican; he is such an intelligent man and, like my wife Melissa, he loves sauerkraut! We have returned to St. Louis but had to get a smaller apartment (after spending the money on our trip) and our cats had to get jobs to help us make the rent. After taking my vacation, AT&T realized how much they missed me (and what a valuable employee I have become) so they made me CEO.

Mike “Toes” Riley is the new dean of the School of Law at the University of Maine

Charlie Beringer is awaiting his appointment as the new dean of the Boler School of Business

Rick “Rip” Rudnicki is the president of the Steel Service Center Institute

Annette St. John O’Brien will be running against her brother Chris for Mercer County (PA) Judge in September

Sue Calihan is the new chief of police for the City of Cleveland and Ed Donnelly is the new CEO of KeyCorp. Okay I warned you in my last column so here’s the deal; which of the above text is fact or fiction? Drop me a line or e-mail me your answers and, by the way, include some real news for my next column okay? Pray for peace, RR

Spring 2007

Hello classmates! Melissa and I are settling into our new digs in St. Louis. We still have not sold our former digs in Hermitage, PA. If anyone is planning a move to the Shenango Valley (right!) we’ll make you a heck of a deal! My son, Brian, and daughter-in-law, Dayna, recently informed me that I will be a grandfather towards the end of October! Didn’t we just graduate? This past week NBC’s 30 Rock had an episode with a story line in Cleveland. There were a lot of nice scenes of the Cleveland area but I didn’t see any of the Mad Hatter at Cleveland State (drum roll please, get it?) Didn’t we just graduate? My pleas for news went unanswered this time but I will be glad to put ANYTHING — ANYTHING — ANYTHING in my next column so e-mail me some NEWS — NEWS — NEWS or I’ll have to make some up and embarrass you!

The Alumni Office notified me that Betsy L. Billings passed away on March 9. Remember her in your prayers and pray for peace. … RR

Winter 2007

Hello classmates! It is fun to live in (or near) a town that has won a World Championship. In 2006 Melissa and I lived within an hour’s drive of Pittsburgh when the Steelers won the Super Bowl. We moved to St. Louis late in 2006 and the Cardinals win the World Series! See a pattern here? Many of our friends in Chicago and Cleveland have asked us to move there next so the Cubs and Indians will benefit from our presence! I just started a new career with AT&T here in St. Louis. I am an Internet sales consultant for AT&T YellowPages.com. Melissa is working in her old neighborhood as an associate dentist with South St. Louis Dental Group.

Speaking of moving to Chicago that is exactly what Rob Ondrus – robondrus@aol.com – has done! Rob, his wife Beth and kids are back in Naperville after five years “down in Dixieland” (Fayetteville, GA.) He is director of procurement for Monarch Foods and I bet he has some good recipes for barbeque right Rob?

I received an e-mail from a long, lost fraternity brother and classmate just before Christmas. Mike “Toes” Riley – michael.t.riley@maine.edu – is living in Portland, ME, with his fiancé, Erin. Mike and Erin welcomed a daughter, Delia Ruth, into their lives this past September. Mike is in his last semester at the University of Maine School of Law to “constructively channel my ever-growing outrage over the general state of America.” Erin is in her second year of law school at Maine. See what happens when you date a co-ed!

Hey Ed Donnelly and Charlie Beringer how about some Cleveland news? I would appreciate some news from classmates in Pittsburgh, Detroit, Buffalo, Chicago or anywhere! Have you moved, started a new career, retired, received an award, have new grandkids, traveled somewhere cool or started a new hobby? Contact me and I will post your news in the next issue of the Journal.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and don’t drink too much green beer! Pray for peace, RR

Fall 2006

Hello classmates! The leaves are turning in St. Louis and there is a chill in the air. These bring back fond memories of the fall activities on campus: football, soccer and rugby games, Homecoming, concerts, mixers and mid-term exams (yuck!). Melissa and I just completed a move to St. Louis from Sharon, PA. This was my 14th move since graduation. You don’t realize how much stuff you own until you move it! .I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nancy Hudec for the years she served as our class columnist. She did a great job!

Bill McGah reports from Kansas City (Leawood, KS) where he has lived for the past ten years. He is employed as a district sales manager for Sun Steel, Chicago Heights, IL, an Esmark Company, and he is the president of the mid-America chapter of the Metals Service Center Institute, a national trade organization of over 300 member companies. His wife, Ann, finally retired from substitute teaching. Their son, Patrick, graduated from Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA in 2006 and is now in graduate school (mechanical engineering) at the University of Washington in Seattle. Their son, Peter, is a sophomore economics major at Claremont McKenna College, in Claremont, CA.

I recently received an e-mail from Rosemary Bilchak. She and husband Gordon MacAlpine are living in Hotchkiss, CO.

Sue Navish wrote that she is now living in Nevillewood, PA.

Joyce (Tianello) Snodgrass e-mailed that she is living in Leander, TX, and would like to hear from fellow Murphy Hall residents from ’71-’73 — joycets@peoplepc.com.

Thanks to fellow AKY brother and class columnist Gerry Patno ’73, and the summer issue of the Journal, I received some news about Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis. She is the new president of her high school alma mater, St. Joseph Academy, on Cleveland’s Westside. I remember Alma Mater wasn’t she a barmaid at Spotty’s or was it the Lemon Tree?

While I lived in Sharon, I was an assistant coach under head coach Sam Mastrian ’76 for the West Middlesex Area girls’ varsity basketball team. Sam and his family are doing well.

I also rubbed elbows on occasion with Annette St. John O’Brien and her husband, Hugh, at a local watering hole catching up with each other’s news.

This past June the Army named Brig. Gen. Carter F. Ham ’76, husband of Christi (Ignaut) Ham, commanding general of the 1st Infantry Division, “The Big Red One,” which recently moved back to Ft. Riley, KS, after spending 11 years in Germany. Carter has been at the Pentagon since March 2005 serving as deputy director of regional operations.

Fellow business majors may want to send a card to Dr. Art Noetzel ’38 and congratulate him on his 90th birthday. His “Business Policies” class was one of the best.

Must close for now. This column will only be as good as the info/notes/updates I get FROM YOU so how about some news??? Pray for peace, RR

Summer 2006

The Class of ’75 really does need you! If you’d like to help everyone stay in touch by writing your class column, please send a note of interest to journal@jcu.edu.

Winter 2006

Last column by Nancy Hudec —- No news is good news; if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all; all is quiet on the western (eastern, southern and northern) front. Any way you slice it, I’m short on news, views and interesting to do’s from our class.

Molly (Spellman) Curl did report in with word that she and her family is thriving in Richardson, TX. She also forwarded a picture with her husband and sons taken on a recent cruise. A good-looking bunch. No over boards reported.

Rather than go overboard myself and, as I once did, invent some interesting news, I’m throwing the ball in your courts. It’s time to pass on this column. It’s a good way to keep in touch with your classmates and attempt to relive those JCU days (and nights). The rewards are out of this world and compensation is from “on high.” So if you are interested in becoming our class columnist, jump right in and either contact the journal@jcu.edu or me. … Nancy

Summer 2005

Inquiring minds want to know; how was our 30th Reunion? Who was there, how did they look and what kind of party was it? It’s all he said or she said. I wasn’t there. I was in Rome with my family and a pope named Benedict. I had a choice: Rome and Positano or University Heights and the quad. I’m all for “on ward on John Carroll,” but the Coliseum and St. Peter’s had it all over Wasmer field and a tent on the quad. But from what I’ve heard and overheard, the tent on the quad was clutch. The open bar in Saturday’s tent wasn’t. So push came to shove and Dave Segerson and Ed Donnelly passed the hat. Thanks to their salesmanship and everyone’s open wallets the open bar was extended until 11 p.m. and the party took on a life of its own. From Donna and Mike Sell to Mary and Dave Segerson, Jack Metzger, Kevin Kane, Rick and Melissa Rea, Joe Bertolone, Ben Hunsinger, Ed and Mary Kay DeGrandis-Donnelly, Mike Pawlak, Mike (least changed) and Karen Messina, Vic and Debbie ’76 Cook, Charlie Beringer, Bob Zotti, Mary Kay and Tom ’73 Malone, Ed and Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis, Lorraine Summers, and Tony Dorsch and wife (footnote Hillbrook gang) a good time was had by all. The verdict on who was better represented Clevelanders or out of towners is still out. What isn’t out is the verdict that the women still looked pretty good. (The JCU Web site has a variety of pictures supporting this statement) All that exercise and good eating paid off! Imagine if there had been more JCU coeds in attendance and the ole Hillbrook gang had been represented. So there you have it. It wasn’t cast of thousands but the cast of characters that attended were pleased with the weekend. By all accounts it was a weekend that got off to a weak start Friday night but geared up Saturday morning with Bloody Marys at Pizzazz (old Manners). Hard to believe they could have been as good or as healing as those in the Flats a few Reunions ago. My sources swear by them so I’ll give it to the Bloodys in the Heights. As part of a tribute to our freshman year in the Heights, the class favors were umbrellas and rain hats. Was there ever a more watery (all puns intended) time in your life than freshman year at JCU? The only better gift would have been duffers, but you can’t go back. Duffers never looked that good in the ’70s no need to think they’d be any better today. Some of you, and I think Mary Lou Murphy is one; probably still have your old duffers. Save them for the 35th! Nancy

Spring 2005

Reunion 2005: It’s the homeboys (and girls) vs. the out-of-towners, or “those of us that stayed” vs. “those of us that got out of Dodge.” It’s a challenge of the non-celebrity kind, the JCU kind. Can the locals carry the Reunion? Or will out-of-towners put us to shame? The choice is yours, but the column is mine and my money is on the Cleveland faithful. No doubt out of town committee members Joe Bertolone, Molly Gibbons Robinson, and Mike Crotty can be convincing, but the Cleveland contingency has Joan Konewecke Ursic, and Dave Segerson answering the call. Have you gotten yours? Call that is. If not there’s always time and always room for one more. This is an ala carte event. You can pick and choose when you want to come, where you want to stay and who you want to come with (some of us do still have youngsters). This is the year to see Cleveland. We’ve had ten straight days of sun. That’s more sun than we had our entire freshman year. Maybe even freshman and sophomore year combined. JCU has blossomed. You won’t recognize the place, or some of your classmates. This is not the John Carroll you grew up on. Did you know JCU has a football stadium? A real live big time stadium. Much has changed, but not Murphy Hall. Take a trip to Reunion and revisit the dorm where men in leather jackets cleaned the bathroom and cigarette butts were put out between the bricks (don’t even tell me you don’t remember). It’s amazing the place is still standing after what it has been through over the years. That and the fact most of you haven’t been back, is reason enough to get you back to Reunion 2005 — 30 years is reason enough. Get going, get back to JCU and “Back To Campus.” Looking forward to you at Reunion 2005!!! Nancy

Winter 2005

Hard to believe it’s been almost 34 years since some of us snuck up to the Murphy Hall roof to catch some rays, listened to Kate Crowley Kelly ’74 blast “Goodbye Joe” from her window or headed out to the JCU sign for some laughter and libations. If that doesn’t take you back how about Saga food fights, the purple lounge, open dorm discussions with Dean DeCrane and nightly animal calls from the windows of Dolan Hall. You can relive all this and then some when you head to our 30th Reunion in June. Rick Rea is our official Reunion chairman and Mike Messina is webmaster. Gift chairman is Jack Metzger.

Jack is a commercial realtor with Coldwell Banker in Columbus and reports that he has four kids and two Xs. His oldest son is 25 and working in Scottsdale and the youngest is 5 years old. Sounds familiar.

Anyways Jack, Rick and Mike are working hard at making this year’s reunion one you’ll be talking about for the next 30 years. No excuses for bailing out. The “I have a new baby” doesn’t work at our ages nor does “I’ll come if so and so comes.” Be brave come on your own! Come and find out about Lorraine Summers Wagner’s wedding last November. Not only was this her first wedding but also it was a mini JCU reunion in itself. Ed Donnelly and Mary Kay DeGrandis-Donnelly were there along with, Sue Navish, Ken and Kathy Laino and Jollie Bennett (bridesmaid). Of course other alumni were there, but full details will only be available at the reunion. No word on if Lorraine is bringing pictures.

Elsewhere in the news, I had dinner with Mary Lou O’Brien Murphy in Chicago in the fall and she reports all is status quo with the Hillbrook gang. Personally speaking my oldest son Mike ’01 is getting married in July to JCU co-ed Meredith Lewis ’02. Another JCU two-some, wonder if there’s any research on how many alumni are married to alumni?

Last but not least condolences go out to Mary Kay Hutchinson Malone on the death of her father. … Nancy

Fall 2004

Last column I promised Ann Marie Castele Bill’s e-mail address to anyone who sent in news. Why I thought it was a fair trade is beyond me, but as we all get a little older we do get quirkier. I do have some news, but so far no requests for the e-mail address. So Ann Marie’s crying jags aside, here is the latest. At the top of the news is Charlie Beringer’s refusal of the Reunion Committee chairmanship. You heard it here first, Charlie has finally been pushed too far and he said no way, no how (in a nice way of course). Rumor also has it neither JoJo Bertolone or Ed Donnelly are making any noise about stepping up to the plate. The good news is that Rick Rea is planning on attending his first reunion next June 17-19. He also attended the first meeting Homecoming Weekend. Could he be the man for the job? His former employer that made steel tubing for the automotive industry is OTB. Thus Rick is a man without a company. As of this writing he’s looking for a new job, as a busy man in Heritage Pennsylvania he’s been spotted managing his wife Melissa’s dental office, working as a golf swing coach at Kennedy Catholic and working with the JCU Alumni-in-Admission program. Bet you never even knew there was such a JCU program. So Rick Rea could be a big 30th Reunion player.

Elsewhere in the news is JoJo still coaching and working away in Florida. Word has it he was at JCU for Homecoming, but being as I was at Dayton’s Parents Weekend, I cannot confirm that. What I can confirm is that I can’t find Sandra Perroni’s e-mail address for Anne Paskert Teubl. Anne e-mailed trying to get in touch with her old roomie and hopefully Sandra will read this, e-mail me and then I’ll e-mail Anne. Whew! and you thought this was a cake job I have here. Anne did say she’s been happily married for 26 years with two daughters (and a husband I presume). One daughter is at Toledo U and one at Ohio State, so sorry about the Buckeyes this year.

So there you have it, not much news, but still something to read. I’m off. Start thinking Reunion!! Nancy

Summer 2004

According to a recent Plain Dealer article (you remember Cleveland’s outstanding daily newspaper don’t you?) as us aging baby boomers move closer to becoming the dearly departed, charities are edging closer to collecting what is left behind; a slice of our estates. In what is being billed as one of the greatest wealth transfers in U.S. history, isn’t it good to know JCU is on the cutting edge? The Committed to Carroll campaign exceeded fund raising expectations. Our spot as the Harvard of the Midwest is secure. Whew

With that in mind how can you miss our 30-year reunion next summer? Who knows maybe “committed to Carroll” could be committed to refurbishing the dorms. What better time to check things out than next summers’ reunion weekend.

Charlie Beringer checked out this past summer’s 30-year reunion crowd and reported slim pickings, although he did see Ed Donnelly, Molly and Dave ’74 Robinson, Joe ’74 and Joan Konewecke Ursic and Kevin Kane. The pickings might have been slim, but not all reunion attendees. Start your diets now our 30th is coming up … better than a diet, start a novena. Maybe prayer can do what those reunion phone calls don’t. No word on if Santiago Chile resident Sandra Perroni will make the reunion trip but she’s made it as my most faithful e-mailer. Sandy is a U.S. Embassy employee in Chile and wants to know where in the world is her former roomie Anne Paskert?

Dan Bonder is in Cleveland’s financial world at the Cleveland Financial Group. An attorney with an MBA, Dan and wife Joanne (met thru a Beta Tau Sigma glee club concert, and he’s still singing her praises) have three sons. Their oldest Bryan is a senior chemistry major at Kenyon College, Adam is in the engineering program at Rochester Institute of Technology and Eric is a sophomore at Orange High School. Last time I wrote family information in this column I sent Bill McGah and his wife into orbit, this time I’m back on earth with Dan’s e-mail right in front of me

Ann Marie Castele Bill e-mailed in her Palmer Arkansas address and e-mail address, but to get it you’ll have to e-mail me with at least one thing I can mention about you or someone you knew and loved at JCU. Not that I’m desperate for news, just resourceful.

Last but not least congratulations to this year’s alumni medal recipient Beverly Hawk! … Nancy

Spring 2004

Next year at this time we’ll be the 30-year class at reunion weekend. Hard to believe it’s been 30 years since the IKYs ruled the chapel steps, the Dean of Students declared open dorms “a near occasion of sin,” and Saga food fights were a cafeteria sport. It’s been even longer since duffers were required head wear, Lanz nightgowns required sleepwear and everyone was required to sign in and out of the dorms. We’re at that point in life where remembering what happened 30 years ago is easier than remembering 30 minutes ago. If you meet a new person today you’ll have to work on remembering their name tomorrow. But John Carroll names of yesterday will be with you forever. Who can forget Wendy, Weekend, Wheaties, W.A. or M.P.? How about Packy, Corky, JoJo, LuLu, Murph, the Devil or Boy Wonder? If those names don’t take you back, what about Rat, Snake, Hawk or Spike? There’s something in a name and some names you just can’t forget. Who could forget Mary Fisco Cangelosi or Mary Pat “M.P.” Gavin? Fisco reports that her daughter, Nikki, got married last June and is expecting a baby in August. Daughter Holly is a teacher in Cleveland Heights and daughter Cristy works at a salon in Easton, OH. Her former cohort in crime, M.P. is a paralegal who returned to her Pittsburg roots.

Barbara Norris Varone reports that she is a third year evening law student at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. She plans to graduate next spring and practice Intellectual Property Law.

Another Clevelander making news is Lorraine Summers. Summers is planning a fall wedding. Congrats

Don’t hesitate to send in your news, good bad or indifferent, I’ll take it all … Nancy

Winter 2004

Seems like a long time since we’ve had some class news, but for some it hasn’t been long enough. Case in point is Bill McGah’s wife Ann Noll McGah who has brought to mind and my e-mail that son Patrick is “a man, a very manly lacrosse-playing man (no specifics given) studying mechanical engineering and living in Gonzaga’s all boys dorm, Desmet Hall.” In fact he’s so manly that “one of Ann’s friends asked if the late Barry White answered their phone, but it was just Pat or Patrick.” … McGahs live in Leawood, KS and it wasn’t a boy named Sue but a man named Patrick: looks like a columnist mistake … Every now and then St. John and his Wort comes back and bites you … Blame is here, keep making those checks out to the Jesuits.

Always making it into this column is Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis. Not that she isn’t a name worth mentioning, but could someone else step up to the plate? Corrigan was recognized by the Irish American Archives Society (happens when you’re 50) for being an American Greetings Corporation “Senior “(there’s that 50 thing again)Vice-President and one of the “100 most powerful Irish Americans in Corporate America.”

That’s a hard act to follow but Bill McNamara is trying his best with last summer’s Dateline program feature. It’s been awhile (7/14/03) but JCU news is still good no matter how old, McNamara shared his views on economic recovery and employment transition in his position as national sales manager for Tri-Turn Technologies. Kudos to Bill and his four sons sitting proud in front of the TV, one a freshman at JCU, one at Cleveland’s St. Ignatius High School and two at Cleveland’s St. Gregory the Great grade school.

Although not a 1975 graduate, Denise Turski ’76 was a Hillbrook regular and a friend to many in our class. Denise died in a recent fire in her Chicago condominium. A successful podiatrist she was eulogized by her friend Sue Finnerty. Sue did a wonderful job and we will all remember Denise in our own special way. Nancy

Summer 2003

Is Charlie Beringer becoming the 1975 version of a Don Shula or a Tim Russert? What propelled the man behind the camera to go in front of the lens? Nothing less than being a recipient of this year’s alumni service medal. This past May Beringer was honored for his years of service to the ole blue and gold. Those years included some pretty memorable phone calls for reunion weekends. Has anyone not received a reunion phone call from Charlie? A certain Murphy named Dan was reported to have received so many reunion calls that he promised to come if Charlie just stopped calling. To see pictures and hear brief audio segments of the 2003 Alumni Awards dinner visit http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/news/awards03.htm.

That aside, Ed Donnelly often working side by side with Charlie, was one a select few invited to the alumni awards dinner. As a reporter on the spot at the right spot, Donnelly reports that Molly and Robby Robinson, Mary Kay and Tom ’73 Malone, Bob the Rock LaRocca ’73, Elaine Yeip ’76 and Judge Anne Mannen ’77 were there to cheer Charlie on. Congratulations Charlie and many thanks for all your hard work.

A sincere thank you is also extended to those of you whose cards and calls have rescued this issue’s column. Bill McGah called to report he and his family are adjusting to life in Salt Lake City after seven hot and humid years in Kansas City. Daughter Pat is continuing the Jesuit tradition at Gonzaga University and son Peter is a high school football and track star.

Rita Henninger Danks was a star of sorts in El Salvador this past March. Danks served as an international election observer for the country’s elections. She was part of a delegation representing 42 countries. Danks also teaches Spanish at Kirtland High School.

Neal Buckon has been busy teaching soldiers about the power of prayer in Iraq. Army Major Buckon has been serving as a Catholic chaplain in the war with Iraq.

Jim McSherry has been busy here in the states with McSherry & Associates 2, Inc. Started just last September, the executive search firm reestablishes the practice founded by his father in 1977. McSherry and wife Peggy Prunty have four children and live in Naperville, IL.

Here in Cleveland John Carroll’s graduation is over and only a few class members had graduates. Congratulations to Maririta Greene Devlin and Judge Mark Devlin for Brian, Vic and Debbie ’76 (Utlak) Cook for son Jeff and Nancy and John ’72 Hudec for daughter Amy (now Chicago bound). Nancy

Spring 2003

Ole JCU has taken that “onward onward” thing to heart. You’d hardly recognize the old stomping grounds. The Ad building is now tucked behind a monstrous structure that has replaced the science building and engulfed the library. It’s all tastefully done but quite the addition to the alma mater. But while some things have changed others have remained the same, namely the John Carroll sign. Wonder if students still enjoy a few libations behind it. Chances are that too has changed with the times.

People wise there are no Tim Russerts or Don Shulas in our class, but I know there are a few of you worth talking about. Spill. I’m desperate for news and only an e-mail away. Two issues ago what news I had was online, and since I never saw it you might not of either. So here’s a recap: Ellen Murphy O’Hanlon moved to Quincy, IL

Susan Marguerite Doyle is a real estate mogul on the north side of Chicago

Ed Donnelly continues his run in private banking for KeyBank

Sue Finnerty is alive and well and another big shot at KeyBank in the land of Cleve

Joe Bertolone transferred to Florida and Linda Repasky Beardsworth ’74 is living in London … If that isn’t enough how about Mary Greene Devlin and Mark Devlin’s son Brian is a senior at JCU and a good friend of my daughter, Amy, also a senior. Small world

John P. Gartland was named partner at Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP in the Columbus, OH office. He practices litigation representing clients on environmental regulatory and litigation matters. John is listed in The Best Lawyers in America for environmental expertise.

Small news and quick reading. Send those cards, letters and e-mails and things will surely be looking up for next issue. Nancy

Summer 2002

Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis is one of five Cleveland women that received this year’s Women of Achievement Award from the YWCA. The award honors her outstanding leadership, accomplishments and commitments in career and community, and her ability to serve as a role model for other women. Oh and by the way, Mary Ann is senior vice-president for American Greetings Corporation, a board of directors member at JCU and a board member at St. Joseph Academy in Cleveland.

Hard to believe she was once a JCU co-ed sporting the infamous duffer. Believe it or not there are quite a few of you who have gone on to illustrious careers. Then again there’s a few of us banking on our kids having illustrious careers. Nothing wrong with hearing “I’d like to thank my mom and dad.”

No word on who he thanked but James Brazdil now Dr. James Brazdil is also an award winner. Doc won the Herman Pines Award in Catalysis from the Catalysis Club of Chicago for research on the development of catalyst and chemical process technology for BP’s acrylonitrile business. Wondering what this all means? Me too. My computer didn’t even recognize “acrylonitrile.” Suffice it to say this is over my head and probably yours too, but it sure sounds important.

Just in case you were wondering what’s happened to Benjamin Pentz, here’s the latest. Benjamin is a pediatrician and living in Niles, Ohio. He and his wife Margaret have two children Stephanie (13) and Andrew (11).

Condolences go out to Cathy ’75 “Swanee” Schuba and husband Chris ’74 on the loss of their daughter, Rose. Our thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.


Spring 2002

It was mid February and Cleveland was being just Cleveland. You remember don’t you? Dark, dreary and rainy. LTV steel had gone belly up, the Flats continue going down the tubes and the last department store pulled out of downtown. I, like the city was doomed. My deadline was four days away and I had no news. Could it be that no one in the class of 1975 was doing anything even remotely interesting? Ready to throw in my class column towel my five-year old and I decided to visit my parents in Florida. No need brooding in dark and dreary when warm and sunny is a plane ride away. With the burden of class correspondent failure weighing heavy upon my shoulders Maggie and I settled down for a two-hour plane ride. Then; what to my wondering eyes should appear but a Donnelly named Eddie; could class news be near? Bad rhyming aside, Ed and I spent the trip sharing libations and laughs. Unfortunately, Ed was not chock full of news. I came away with three news items. Ed and wife Mary Kay were joining Larry Meathe ’74 and his wife for dinner on the weekend, Charlie Beringer has not been spotted since the reunion but Sue Finnerty has. Sue is doing great and living on “Chickadee” Lane in Lyndhurst.

Also on my updated address list is Bob Briggs. An executive consultant for IBM Global Services Bob, his wife, Jackie, and their three children live in Greenwood, IN. … Susan Marguerite Doyle reports that Ellen Murphy O’Hanlon is moving to Quincy, IL from Beantown. No word on a new address.

Congratulations to David Chrien and his family on the continued skating success of daughter Lauren. Lauren is a proficient ice dancer who is also an Olympic Dreamer. Keep watching. Four years from now this JCU connection could be a star at the winter games.