Spring 2017
Kathy Hespen Forster has been busy since our last class reunion. She enjoyed it so much she decided to help with her 1967 Beaumont (high school) and 1963 St. Ann (grade school) reunions. Both will take place on the same weekend, June 16-17, 2017, in Cleveland. She has located several classmates but is still looking for others. Many of the St. Ann and Beaumont grads attended John Carroll as well. She’s asking her JCU classmates to spread the word and contact her (313-882-3366 or forsterkh@aol.com) if they’re interested in attending or know of the whereabouts of other St. Ann or Beaumont grads from those years.

John Marcus ’72, a 2017 JCU alumni award winner, sent us a list of IXY members who attended their reunion during last year’s homecoming in October. About 250 former members came back to JCU. Besides the fun they enjoyed that weekend, they’ve also been generous to JCU. The IXY scholarship to John Carroll is more than $1.3 million and racing toward $2 million in endowments. The following classmates attended: John Lyons, Al Collinger, Jim Mackey, John Hagerty, Mike Howe, Mike Faems, and John Zarek.

The University Club is having their annual reunion this year in May in Erie, Pennsylvania. The guys from Erie insist this reunion will be as much fun as the ones the previous years in Detroit and Chicago. The U-Club reunion will be the weekend of May 12-14. Contact Ron Sertz ’69 (ronsertz@aol.com or 814-392-1599) for more details.

Tom took a trip to Tampa for a meeting. At O’Hare International Airport, he dropped his pizza while waiting in line. Fr. Niehoff, president of John Carroll, happened to be next to him and helped him out. By the way, this is the second time Tom has run into Fr. Niehoff on a trip. Last time, it was in a hotel lobby in Miami. As you might already know, Fr. Niehoff is retiring soon, and a search for a new president is underway. We have had several occasions to interact with Father other than in airports and hotels, and he has been so personable. He’ll be missed.

John Carroll is hosting the World Union of Jesuit Alumni, a gathering of Jesuit friends and alums from throughout the world. This is the first WUJA conference in North America, and John Carroll is honored to host this conference from June 28 to July 2. Tracks will focus on medicine, legal, education, science/technology, business, youth, and service. Speakers include Fr. Timothy Kesicki, S.J., ’84 president of the Jesuit Conference, and Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J., who worked with gangs in the Los Angeles area. More information is available at wujacongress2017.org or 844-589-WUJA.

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello



Winter 2017
After many years in Pennsylvania government, including 10 years in Pittsburgh and eight in Harrisburg, Sal Sirabella retired. His most recent position has been manager of Collier Township. Through his leadership, the township has earned a state and a county award and has experienced significant housing growth. He was elected a Collier commissioner in the early 1990s before joining Mayor Tom Murphy’s staff as deputy mayor of Pittsburgh in 1994. He was director of the office of public liaison in Governor Ed Rendell’s administration and served as acting safety director and an aide to the late Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll. Congratulations, Sal! Your start in government service started at John Carroll and has proved to be a successful beginning.

This year’s keynote speaker at the City of Lakewood annual Veterans Day celebration was Denis Nowacki. Afetr graduating from Carroll, Denis earned one of two full ROTC scholarships awarded to our class. After his years in the Army, Denis held various positions, including a stint as a high school wrestling coach. He co-founded two charities – the Andy Nowacki Foundation and Pedal for Heroes. He received numerous awards for his charitable and community work.

For those of you in the Chicago area, we hope you’ve seen some of the great outdoor advertising promoting JCU, which is trying to increase enrollment. Those of us can remember how many guys and gals came from the Chicago area when we were in school. Perhaps you have an opportunity to pass on the great opportunities available at JCU to a prospective student. That would be one of the best ways we can contribute to our alma mater.

As always, we love to hear from you. Without your information, we’re tempted to make things up, and you never know what that might mean!

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2016


Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2016

What a great weekend we had at our 45th Carroll reunion in June. The JCU staff organized many fun activities for all who attended. One highlight of the weekend was when our class won the trivia contest! We did miss a few questions. For example, we didn’t know the name of the metal tip of an umbrella (a feurule). The prize for winning was free drink tickets, of course! Check out reunion photos.

Attendees included Rick Welchans, Mimi (Fitzpatrick) Cavera, Ron Forster and Kathy Hespen Forster, Pete Hamm, Laura ’73 and Jim Mackey, Dave Price, Vic Matteucci, Charlie Algier, Mark Plush, Ted Shalek, Gretchen (Noetzel) Walsh, Jody Russelburg, Jocko Cronin, Tom Surwill, Barry Ferguson, Mike Danieu, and Terry Rice. It was great to catch up with everyone and just enjoy the weekend. Several classmates came with their spouses and/or significant others. We exchanged retirement stories, as well as stories about our children and grandchildren. Overall, though, we didn’t want to look or act like one of the oldest reunion classes attending.

We learned from Dave Vitatoe ’00, executive director of alumni relations, that 24 percent of our class has contributed to John Carroll, amounting to more than $345,000. That’s a great deal higher than the national average of 13 percent. If you’re looking for a specific way to donate, you can also give to the Book Awards, which provides class books for students based on their need according to FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

Bill Lavezzi ’76G is preparing for his third career. After teaching and being executive director of the North Eastern Ohio Education Association, he hopes to succeed Mary Rose Oakar ’66G on the Ohio Board of Education. Good luck, Bill.

Tom and I have joined the Chicago Alumni Chapter committee. There are 19 chapters in various cities being revitalized by Eric Eickhoff, the assistant director of alumni chapter programs. We attended our first meeting in June. It was a day of learning about the exciting things happening at our alma mater. The 2020 freshman class totals 714 students – 45 percent of them are female, 53 percent are male, 59 are Catholic, and 18 percent are categorized as diverse. One exciting thing we learned was that JCU is the only university providing interns to the World Food Programme of the United Nations. Also, next summer (June 28-July 21), John Carroll will host the World Union of Jesuit Universities.

Please email any information to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Spring 2016

We hope you’re making plans to attend our 45th reunion this June. Mimi (Fitzpatrick) Cavera and Rick Welchans have joined us on the reunion committee to help the Carroll staff plan the weekend. You should be receiving emails and regular mailings about the events scheduled for that weekend. We haven’t missed any of our reunions at John Carroll and can attest to how much we’ve enjoyed returning to Carroll and renewing friendships with so many of our classmates. We hope to see you there June 17-19.

We heard from Jocko Cronin, who has been in contact with Tom Surwill, Barry Ferguson, Mike Danieu, and Terry Rice. They’re working out arrangements to attend reunion. Jocko also put in a plug for Bernie Marino’s Italian restaurant in Wickliffe, Ohio. We assume this group will be enjoying a meal there during reunion weekend.

We’d love to share your news with your fellow classmates. Reunion weekend would be a great opportunity to update each other. If you have any questions or suggestions about reunion weekend, don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you in June.

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Winter 2016

We haven’t heard from most of you lately, but we can usually keep up with Dave Price. Every few months, someone from Champaign-Urbana runs into him in Michigan. Dave is a pretty friendly guy and starts a conversation with them and finds out they know us, usually former students and their families. Dave and his wife remain involved with their bagpiping group. As reunion regulars, I’m sure they’ll be joining us at Carroll in June.

Cormac DeLaney was awarded the 2015 Jack Schlageter Award at the annual Red Mass held at the historic church of St. Patrick in Toledo, Ohio. This award, named for the first presiding judge of the Diocese of Toledo Court of Equity, is presented each year to a lawyer who serves others in an outstanding way through the legal profession. Congratulations, Cormac!

We hope everyone has reserved the weekend of June 17-19, 2016, for our 45th reunion. It’s hard to believe so many years have passed since that day in May 1971. We’ll be on the reunion committee and have details as soon as they’re available. If you have any ideas or suggestions or want to help with the committee, please let us know. Keep us posted about your attendance plans, and we’ll let others know. Also, pass on the names of those you’d like to see at reunion.

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2015
We’re starting this column with wonderful family news. Our son, Jack ’06, was married this past June in Cleveland. Laura, our new daughter-in-law, graduated from Xavier, but her sister, Nathalie, played soccer for JCU. Their family grew up in Bay Village, Ohio. Of course, there were many of Jack’s JCU friends who attended the wedding. John Urban and Charlie Algier and their wives joined us for a weekend of fun activities – the reception on the Goodtime III, the Indians-Orioles game at Progressive Field, and a rehearsal dinner party in Little Italy.

We received news from Larry Cullen, who moved from Berwyn, Ill., to Danville, Ky. He continues to work from his home in the technology field. We think he’ll miss his office in Chicago with its beautiful, long wood bar and gaming area.

Bob Czesnakowicz ’73, Anne Conway ’72, Becky Bode ’73, and Rose and Tom Costello ’71

Bob Czesnakowicz ’73, Anne Conway ’72, Becky Bode ’73, and Rose and Tom Costello ’71

In July, we attended Anne Conway’s ’72 retirement party in Orlando, Fla. As you may know, Anne has served as the chief federal judge for the middle district of Florida. In addition to visiting Anne, we met up with Becky Bode ’73 and Bob Czesnakowicz ’73. Becky works as a psychologist in the greater Cleveland area. Bob’s wife is a traveling friend of Anne’s.

2016 will be here before you know it, and it will mark the 45th anniversary of our graduation from JCU. Keep that in mind as plans for our reunion weekend are made for this coming June.

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2015
We were able to catch up with a couple of classmates at the wedding of our son, Jack ’06, on June 5 in Cleveland. John Urban and Charlie Algier joined us on the Goodtime III for the reception. John continues to practice law with an office in Middleburg Heights. Charlie is still in the trucking business. Dominick Iacuzio was unable to attend because he’s settling affairs in San Francisco. He has a great house for sale there. Anyone interested?

The UClub had its annual reunion in Chicago May 7 and 8. Despite the cold and rainy Chicago weather, about 40 UClubbers enjoyed reminiscing and partying. Besides Tom, Cormac DeLaney was the only attendee from the class of 1971. Cormac practices law in Toledo, Ohio.

Dr. Leonard Calabrese, DO, was honored as the 2014 Physician of the Year at the Cleveland Clinic. He’s known for his work in rheumatology and immunodeficiency diseases, particularly HIV and hepatitis C. He’s the first and only physician to hold two endowed chairs at Cleveland Clinic. Lenny has worked for more than 30 years in the HIV field, testifying before Congress and consulting with businesses about the bioethical issues involved with the disease. Additionally, he has created the largest not-for-profit continuing medical education website in the world for rheumatology. Lenny shares this honor with his wife and two daughters, one of whom (Cassandra) is the chief medical resident at the Cleveland Clinic, a position he held in 1978. Such a well-deserved honor. Who would have thought all those hours in Bohannan would result in such success.

We’d love to hear from you. Now that both of us are retired, we have plenty of time. Well, Tom really isn’t completely retired. He retired from the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District after 41 years, but he continues to work with his trade association, the American Public Transit Association, in marketing. Luckily for me, he also still teaches communication at the University of Illinois, so he has an office to go to every day.

Contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Spring 2015

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Winter 2015
We don’t know if you’ve been following Blue Streak football this season, but the team reached the third round of the playoffs against perennial rival Mount Union on Dec. 6. On Saturday, Nov. 29, JCU defeated Wheaton College at Wheaton, 14-12. The last game of the regular season JCU played Mount Union. About 100 alums watched that game at Schuba’s Tavern (Chris Schuba ’74) on the North side of Chicago. JCU lost to Mount Union with a few minutes left, 31-24. Regardless of the loss, it was a wonderful opportunity to visit with alums, though I think we were the only 1971 grads. Several ’72 and ’70 grads were there to cheer on the team – Mark Pacelli ’72, Pat Hogan ’72, Ken Sophie ’72, Don Brown ’70, Tom Ahern ’70, and Donna (Bowen) Brown ’72.

The news for the Costellos is we’ve retired. Tom retired from the Champaign- Urbana Mass Transit District after 40 years. He was the assistant managing director of the MTD – an award-winning system that carries more than 13 million riders a year. He won’t be sitting idle at home, though, because he’ll continue to teach communication at the University of Illinois full-time, starting with the spring semester. He has taught at the U of I during the past 40 years as a part-time instructor. Rosemary left the Catholic school system in the Champaign-Urbana area after 42 years as a teacher and principal. Most recently, she was the regional coordinator of Catholic education for the Champaign Vicariate.

We’re sure many of you have newsworthy items for us. We would love to hear from you.

Rosemary and Tom

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2014

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2014

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Spring 2014

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Winter 2014
We attended the great JCU weekend in Chicago Sept. 7-9. There was a reception at the Park Grill at Millennium Park on Friday evening with alums, President Niehoff, Athletic Director Laurie Massa, and other JCU staff. The tailgate and football game – the Blue Streaks trounced St. Norbert 41-0 – were on Saturday at Toyota Park. Many alums gathered afterward at various restaurants. The weekend ended with Mass and brunch at St. Ignatius, with Fr. Niehoff presiding and Fr. Bichl and Fr. Caruso, president of St. Ignatius College Prep, concelebrating. At the various events, we were able to meet up with many folks from ’70, ’71, and ’72. Pat and Tom ’70 Ahern attended all the events. Tom is a lawyer in private practice in Arlington Heights, Ill., and Pat works for a headhunting company. Most importantly, Tom would like everyone to know he has a granddaughter named Rose. It was great catching up with Don ’70 and Donna ’72 (Bowen) Brown. Don continues to practice law, and Donna teaches gifted middle-school students in the Chicago Public Schools. Marty Mohler ’70 and his wife, Terri, came in from Toledo, Ohio. They have four children – two living in New York and two living in Cincinnati. Marty recently was elected president of the Ohio Bar Association. We ran into Ed Sandrick ’70 at the Friday night reception. Ed works for Humana. After retiring as a judge, Larry Fox is the director of the Illinois State Special Courts. We were able to meet up with Jocko Cronin, his daughters, and his wife in Champaign, Ill. Jocko is still working in the State Attorney’s office. One of his daughters graduated from Carroll in 2007, and then attended medical school at Harvard. Jocko’s niece married in late September at the parish church we attend. After all these years, it was fun to get together and meet his family. Joan (Balzarini) Crockett and her husband attended the Saturday tailgate and football game. They’re retired and spend part of the year in Chicago and the other half in California. It was great reminiscing about Cleveland with Clare and Tim ’72 Franzinger. Clare grew up in Cleveland and attended St. Michael High School on the near West Side. I always enjoy sharing stories with fellow near West Siders. Despite the heat, Jim Murphy, Bonnie, and Jim’s brother and sister-in-law had a great time at the football game, as did Ginny and Pat ’72 Hogan, and Patty ’72 and Don ’72 Farrell. Of course, our good friends Laura and Mark ’72 Pacelli stopped in to the tailgate between a wedding ceremony and the reception. Mark has been a tremendous catalyst keeping so many of us informed about JCU events and organizing get-togethers.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2013
We heard Joann (Turk) Kelley retired from Solon High School in Ohio this past spring. According to Cleveland.com, Joann originally went to work as an aquatic ecology researcher, co-authoring and publishing two studies about mercury levels in Lake Erie. She started her teaching career at Beachwood High School, ending her teaching career at Solon High School. She has three daughters, all of whom went on for advanced degrees in law, global public health, and psychology. Joann helped to develop the first Tot Lot in Solon where mothers could bring their young children to play. She also was president of the Solon Welcome Wagon and president of the Friends of the Solon Library. Sounds like Joann is in store for a well-deserved retirement. Congratulations, Joann!

We received word from the JCU alumni office that John Smalley is the principal and co-founder of Healthcare Venture Professionals, an ambulatory surgery center management and development company in Franklin, Tenn. He has worked for more than 35 years with public and private health-care organizations. Before co-founding HVP, he served in several positions with Quorum Health Resources and its predecessor companies. As senior vice president of QHR, John had responsibility for 110 contract-managed hospitals.

Last fall, we visited with Larry Cullen at his office on Madison Street in Chicago, where he’s the IT director of an advertising firm. We really think he’s the social director because we were treated to a tour of the office that houses a 40-foot wooden stocked bar, an area for a band – complete with instruments – and a large pool table. We would add creative work as well.

Dominick Iacuzio’s daughter, Katie, is getting married in November at the Skytop Lodge in the Poconos. Dominick’s wife, Ann, spent the winter as a ski instructor. They’ve been living in Eastern Pennsylvania for the past several years.

The Costellos celebrated the retirement of Rose as principal of Holy Cross School, where she worked for 37 years, the last 14 years as principal. Rose hasn’t stayed retired long; she’s now working in development for the local Catholic high school, St. Thomas More.

We’ve had a wonderful time this summer meeting up with several fellow UClubbers. As usual, Mark Pacelli ’72 organized the gathering at Club Lago. It was great to see Bill Brown ’70 after 40 years. He works for AARP out of Atlanta as a legislative policy strategist. Of course, the party involved the usual suspects: Marty Bergerson ’72, Frank Maggio ’72, and Tom Ahern.

It was fun cheering on the Blue Streaks as they beat St. Norbert at Toyota Park in Chicago in September. We met up with several alums at the various activities planned by the alumni office, from the get together at Millennium Park on Friday evening, to Mass at St. Ignatius on Sunday morning. Email us, and check out our Facebook page.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2013

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Spring 2013

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Winter 2013

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2012

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2012

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Spring 2012
If you’ve been a faithful follower of this column, you’ve read about encouraging our classmates and friends to keep in contact with each other. Well, once more, we say make that phone call or send that email. Don’t wait.

Sadly, we report the passing of Ernie Sobieski and Paul Cummings, two great classmates and outstanding individuals. Hopefully, there’s a glee club and football team in heaven.

Cleveland locals: New grandpa Vic Matteucci, Mark Plush, and Jim McHale ’72 – along with Pete Hamm, I hope – made a pilgrimage to West Palm Beach. They held a small turf management convention on the 19th hole.

Mike Bobinski talked about the Pershing Rifle reunion, which was represented well by ’71 grads: George Batyko and his wife, Mary ’72; Barb and Andy Gianelli (in from Rhode Island); and Sheila ’73 and Denis Nowacki. He says that even though Denny Perry was laid up he attended in spirit.

Al Tegel and his wife, Sue, are enjoying the grandparent role times two. Al is in his 18th year at PNC Bank.

Paul Pojman, one of our more reliable reporters, is volunteering with the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, as well as a host of other places. All aboard!

Frank Rose recently received 2011 Citizen of the Year honors from the Tuscarawas County Chamber of Commerce. Frank has a list of accomplishments and volunteer activities of your typical successful JCU grad – all that and a great bowler, too.

Mike Crabill, who’s semiretired, is the Rotary District Governor in Northern Indiana with 55 clubs in his district. Sounds like a lot of service above self. We hope his stomach can handle all that rubber chicken. I hope this builds goodwill. Need a makeup?

Mike Lewis joined the Hudson Community Foundation board. If you live near Hudson and are working with a community group, Mike’s on the grants committee.

A little late with this but, Ken Root, a practicing neurologist in Gilbert, Ariz., and his wife, Lynda, an Arizona State nursing instructor, joined Marie and Len Calabrese for what sounds like a spectacular tour of Italy. With all of food they ate, they needed a G-I doctor to join the medical group. Ken offers a shout out to his AED pals.

Finally, a reminder to send us your email address. Just say hi so we can update our list. Don’t forget the Facebook page JCU ’71.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Winter 2011

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2011


We had a great time celebrating our 40th reunion in conjunction with graduation weekend in May. We enjoyed two nights of music in the big tent on the Hamlin Quad, fireworks, and a power outage. Luckily, the power in the big tent wasn’t affected. More than 25 classmates joined us for the weekend. We’ll use this column and the next to update the class about news from those who attended.

Jim Mackey received the Alumni Medal on Friday evening at the Alumni Awards dinner. Jim’s many achievements and his commitment to Carroll were highlighted. Jim’s remarks especially were entertaining. Jim recalled asking his wife, Laura ’73, if she, in her wildest dreams, ever thought he would win this award. Laura responded that he was never in her wildest dreams.

Gretchen Noetzel Walsh, who attended the reunion with her husband, is the director of the academic support center at Notre Dame College working with students with learning disabilities.

Roger Sowinski attended with his wife and two daughters. One daughter is a freshman at Ohio Northern, and the other is a freshman at Kent State. Roger merged his business with Asterion, which is based in Indianapolis.

Mark Plush, who’s on the board of University Hospitals, teaches a class at Carroll that’s part of the Boler School of Business and deals with controllership.

Mike Frederick and his wife are enjoying retirement. Mike retired from a teaching career in the Cleveland Metropolitan Schools.

Charlie Algier, who’s attended every reunion since we graduated, is the operations manager for Mo Vaughn Transport in Solon, Ohio.

Dave Price and his wife, Marcie, traveled from Michigan. They enjoy sponsoring Japanese students attending Michigan State University. Dave is the director of a group working with organizations dealing with those with disabilities. He and Marcie enjoy playing bagpipes and participating in community events with their bagpiping group.

Mary Jane Strauss Riddlebaugh medical codes and indexes children’s books. She attended with her husband, who’s retired.

Paul Pojman retired from Saint Mary School in Bedford, Ohio, after being the school librarian for 31 years. Though retired, Paul works as the museum librarian at the Bedford Historical Society.

Rick Welchans, who lives within 40 miles of us in central Illinois, retired from the state of Illinois where he worked at Kickapoo State Park. He has taken a retirement job at the Lowes in Danville, Ill. His wife, Marj, works at Provena Hospital, also in Danville.

Next column, we’ll report on the rest of our classmates who attended reunion. Lou Dizenzo assures us he’ll be sending interesting stuff about all of them.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2011


Game on, class of 1971. Our 40th reunion was this past May. Yes, that’s correct – 40 years ago we left the academic rigor offered by the Blue Streak lounge, Rathskeller, Crossroads, and, of course, Spotty’s. I know it’s difficult to believe, but our opportunity to renew college friendships and catch up was great. I’ll provide a recap in the next issue.

Bob Lillis was honored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with the NHTSA Public Service Award.

Now for the news. Bob Lillis, living in Canandaigua, N.Y., with his wife, Carole, attended the reunion along with his daughter, Kate ’01. Bob recently received the National Highway Safety Administration Public Service Award in recognition of his lifelong commitment to traffic safety research and prevention of impaired driving. Nice going, Bob.

Gina Varga Cullinan writes from Grand Rapids, Mich., that, since leaving JCU, she has been a university instructor, mom, and is working on becoming an online retail maven. She specializes in beauty and health items. Check it out on Amazon. Daughter Colleen, a Loyola grad, is working on a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Gina and her husband, Dan, just celebrated 25 years of marriage.

Mike Carroll, following a well-traveled road of grad school and career, now has his own insurance brokerage firm, Pearl Carroll and Associates, in New York. The best news is that, after being married for 40 years, he has four grown well-adjusted, nearly self-sufficient children, who are on both coasts and Albany. He has three granddaughters and another arriving soon. Mike says he owes a lot to JCU and Dawn Dempsey ’74, who gave him the employee discount at Manners at the Circle.

Sue and Paul Cummings planned to attend reunion. Paul just retired from PAETEC Communications where he was the director of business development. Sue has taken care of him for 40 years. They have three children and nine grandchildren. Paul, who has been battling cancer, created a website (www.carepages.com/carepages/PaulCummings) and has been spending his time working with other cancer patients.

Rick (the music room) Welchans’ youngest daughter, Alison, was married this past summer. He his artistic endeavors as he’s rehearsing for the musical “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.” He has long been a community theater enthusiast.

Seery Chamberlain is retired but working a few days a week at a local winery. Who wouldn’t want that kind of retirement? Catch this. When he’s not working, he and wife of 21 years enjoy their new home overlooking Keuka Lake in upstate New York. Other than the winery, he works on his five acres of heaven, trying to not over feed the deer. What a life.

Rick De Blasio and Marlene also were planning to make the reunion. I visited Rick not long ago. He’s the senior VP of global operations and administration for Bissell Homecare in Grand Rapids, Mich. Rick, who was inducted into the Michigan High School Lacrosse Hall of Fame April 16, gave much of himself to the sport and young folks participating. Congratulations, that’s outstanding.

We’ll have a recap of reunion – we attended with Jack Costello ’06 – in the next issue. Write and tell us who you saw.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Spring 2011


Hey! It’s time for our 40th reunion in May. We’re planning many fun events for reunion weekend. We’re determined to make it a weekend we will all enjoy. Pete Hamm and Mimi Fitzpatrick Cavera are on the committee again this time. We need your help to attend the reunion and encourage others to attend. We welcome your suggestions for the reunion. Just send us an e-mail.

We were happy to meet up with Coletta ’73 and Jim O’Brien this past fall. Their son, Patrick, is a sophomore at the University of Illinois, and they were down from Naperville to attend a football game. Over drinks and dinner, we learned their other son, Michael, attends Northern Illinois, and their daughter, Shannon, is a teacher in the Chicago area. They’re also proud grandparents.

We’re pretty light on news this column, but we hope with a great turnout for reunion we’ll have plenty to write about next time. Plan on coming back to Carroll the weekend of May 20-22 to celebrate Carroll’s 125th Anniversary and reconnect with many friends.

We look forward to seeing you in May.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Winter 2010

Our 40th reunion is around the corner. Instead of the usual weekend in June, our reunion will take place the weekend of graduation, May 20-22, 2011. The John Carroll community will be celebrating its 125th anniversary as well that weekend. We need committee members to help plan our part of the weekend. Pete Hamm has stepped up to be our Cleveland connection, and we’ve joined the committee, too. Check out the JCU 71 Facebook page Tom has set up for the event. And make sure we have your correct e-mail address. Send updates to Tom(tcostello@cumtd.com). As the untimely death of our friend Tim Russert ’72 reminds us, we need to stay connected to each other, and our 40th reunion in May will provide a great opportunity to do so.

Several ’71 classmates attended the breakfast with Tom Brokaw last May. We joined Cormac Delaney and Jim McPolin and Nikki Bondi ’72 to meet Brokaw and Maureen Orth, Tim Russert’s wife. The event helped raise funds for the Meet the Press internship for Carroll graduates. This internship was created to link Tim’s dedication to Carroll and his work with Meet the Press.

Dominick Iacuzio has moved to the San Francisco area from Chatham, N.J. He continues his work with Tamiflu and Roche Pharmaceuticals. We attended his son John’s wedding in Chicago this past June. Dominick and his wife, Ann, welcome the move because their three daughters also moved to the West Coast.

Sue and Paul Cummings wrote to say how much they’re enjoying life and their grandchildren. They’ve celebrated 40 years of marriage.

We’re sure there’s much more news to be reported. Please send a note to Tom (tcostello@cumtd.com). Let us know about your plans to attend our reunion in May, or just let us know what’s going on in your life.

Tom and Rosemary

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Fall 2010

Tom and Rosemary Costello

Summer 2010

After the death of Tim Russert ’72 and the memorial weekend celebrating his life last year, many of Tim’s U-Club brothers decided that it is important to get together regularly and renew old friendships. An informal U-Club reunion is planned for the weekend of June 11-12 in Cleveland. The weekend last year celebrating Tim’s life was such a great time for so many of us and we hope this year’s will be just as memorable.

Dominick Iacuzio has moved to San Francisco when Roche Pharmaceuticals moved his Tamiflu division to California. Though always an East Coast guy, Dominick didn’t mind moving as his three daughters have also moved to the West Coast. Only Dominick’s son, John, continues to live on the East Coast and will be married this June in Chicago.

John Urban continues to practice law on the West Side of Cleveland. His son, Michael, is a chiropractor who practices on the West Side. John’s younger son, Ryan, is in California working in the film industry.

Our big news is that Tom has been awarded the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award for the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana campus. He is one of only a handful of teachers receiving these awards this year. Tom has taught two or three courses in communication and business and professional speaking each semester since 1972.

Please send any news to us at tcostello@cumtd.com. Tom and Rosemary

Winter 2009

As many of you know, John Carroll sponsored a special tribute for Tim Russert ’72 last May. It was a great weekend of memories and tributes. We are grateful for all those who helped, especially Father Niehoff and Ryan Daly ’99.

Tom and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with so many of Tim’s and our college friends. The evening dinner at Nighttown allowed time to catch up on the last 35 plus years. At Saturday’s Mass in Saint Francis Chapel, we gathered not only to pray together but to hear the impact Tim had on a Carroll student he met through Meet the Press. Dinner was followed by several tributes given by Tim’s friends – Tom Ahern ’70, U Club big brother; Bill Doyle ’72, freshman roommate; Colette Gibbons ’73, law school classmate; and Dennis Quilty ’72, good friend and pallbearer. It was a weekend filled with memories and laughter – as Tim would have wanted. Several of us from 1971 attended – Cormac Delaney and Frank Chenette are both lawyers, Cormac in Toledo and Frank in Cleveland. Frank was a classmate of Tim’s at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Dominick Iacuzio came in from New Jersey; he is in charge of Tamiflu for Roche Pharmaceuticals. He moved to San Francisco in October. Kerry Volkmann and Rick De Blasio also attended. Many of the returnees were from Tim’s class – Mark Pacelli ’72 and Joe McMahon were instrumental in getting this weekend put together. Mark retired from the corn commodities business, having sold his business last year. Joe retired from Chase Financial, where he traveled weekly to Singapore. Jim Murphy ’73 owns a CPA firm in downtown Chicago. Marty Bergerson ’72 and Pat Hogan ’72 could join us only on Friday. Their son and daughter were getting married the next day. Larry Ray ’72 is in the steel business with his brother Dick in Detroit. Don Fisher ’72 is a librarian in Fort Wayne, IN. Jack Bertges ’72 flew in from San Francisco, where he is a banker. Carmen Iacobucci ’72, a retired New York stock broker, is still composing and singing. Maureen Joyce Thornton ’72 is a special-education teacher in Broadview Heights, OH. She was one of the readers at the Saturday evening Mass. Becky Bode ’73 is retired from the public school system but continues in private practice as a psychologist and life coach. Paul Magnotto ’72 has worked for the state of Pennsylvania for the past 18 years and lives in Conneaut Lake, PA. Other U Clubbers who attended: Tim McMahon ’74, Ed Kelly ’74, Bobby Longo ’72, Frank Maggio ’72, Jim Hughes ’72, Ron Deneweth ’74, John Collins ’72, Marty Mohler ’70, John Compisi ’70, Pete Blake ’70, Tim Robson ’70, Dick Ray ’70, Matt Miller ’70, Dick Hall ’70, BJ Lechner ’69, Ron Sertz ’69, Paul Gandillot ’70, Dennis Fogarty ’70, Mike Scanlon ’69, Wes Catri ’70, Sam Casano ’70, Mike DiPetro, and Pete Storey. After such a great weekend, we wondered why we don’t get together more often. In the meantime, let’s keep in touch through this column! Send your comments to Tom at tcostello@cumtd.com. Rosemary and Tom

Summer 2009

Another NCAA tournament has concluded and a clap of the hands to our friends in Michigan. Our Jesuit friends at other schools did not do too badly, either.

As you read this column, we will have attended a JCU memorial service for our friend Tim Russert ’72. Mark Pacelli ’72 has done a tremendous amount of work bringing together several classes that were part of Tim’s life. We are looking forward to the service to remember Tim and to see old friends. We will have a full report in our next column.

Dave Price continues to hit the bagpipes and, if you would like to see pictures, check out his Facebook page.

The Zenger Group, a Buffalo print and marketing communications provider, has named Tom Surwill vice president of business development. Tom has over 20 years of business development experience especially in graphic communications.

John Urban and wife Mary Rita tells us that their son, Michael, got married on May 2. In addition, Michael is establishing a chiropractic practice on the West Side of Cleveland. So for those of us feeling a bit creaky – and who isn’t? – we now have a connection. Ryan Urban, the younger son, after having graduated from Columbia College, is in Hollywood helping to create movie magic. We had the opportunity to visit, not that long ago, and are pleased to report that the pizza at Geraci’s is still just as good as ever. We visited with Mrs. Geraci and she sends her regards. They still do not take credit cards.

Dom Iacuzio now has three daughters on the left coast and they are all working. He has managed to keep his son out East. This works unless your company, Roche, announces a major acquisition in California. Horace Greeley’s words may be ringing in his ears.

Rose Costello recently appeared as an Oompa Loompa, which might not be so remarkable except for the fact that all of the Oompa Loompas in the school’s performance of Willy Wonka looked just like their Holy Cross school principal, Mrs. Costello.

Hope this column finds you happy and well. This week, why not take a little time to think and to laugh about your college days. Got News? – tcostello@cumtd.com

Tom and Rosemary

Winter 2008

As we approach the holidays I remind you to contact a fellow Blue Streak and let him or her know you are thinking about them. Rose and I attended Homecoming and even 30+ years later we feel like we belong. I think perhaps we should have a mini reunion each year at Homecoming. Nothing formal just a chance to see each other and brag about our kids or laugh about our college days. Speaking of children, I neglected to mention that Joe Costello, BC ’04, graduated from Catholic U Law School in Washington, DC, in May.

Charlie Algier – cgalgier@sbcgobal.com – has finally realized that he isn’t 21 any more. This revelation came as he has refereed dozens of high school football games including the Ohio state tournament. Charlie tells us that spending time with kids and grandkids has become very special. He continues working in the trucking business. He had an opportunity to attend the Russert memorial Mass and like many of us indicates that many feel the loss.

Received a note from Mike Gauntner, who joined us as a freshman in ’70, he reminded me of freshman duffers as well as his succession to my world-famous show tunes, lunch time radio show on WUJC. Mike is the news producer at WFMJ TV in Youngstown. It must have been the duffers we made the freshmen wear that gave him his drive.

Correspondent Pete Hamm tells us son Geoff was married in July and a good time was had by all. Pete also tells us that Mike Imperi, a Cleveland guy who has taught internationally, is the principal of the Alexander Dawson School in Las Vegas.

Don Oswick of the Oswick twins is dealing with some tough times but continues to work on his Ph.D. in Urban Studies at the highly regarded Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs – Cleveland State.

Dr. Larry Broda has been selected as medical director by Disability RMS, Westbrook, ME, an Assurant Health Unit. Larry, has practiced internal medicine for more than 20 years, has a bachelor’s degree in biology from John Carroll and a medical degree from The Ohio State University. Broda is a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Public Health Service.

On July 24, 2008, several members of the class of 1971 attended the swearing-in of Robert J. Callahan, Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Nicaragua, at the Harry Truman Building of the Department of State in Washington, DC. He was sworn in by John Negroponte, the Deputy Secretary of State. Cal was a member of our class, but graduated from Loyola of Chicago where he received his master’s degree. He has been a member of the Foreign Service since 1979. Those in attendance included Paul (Chaulsy) Armstrong, Bonnie and John (Joco) Cronin and Laura ’07, Cormac (Corky) DeLaney, Craig (Vulcan) Dolan, Jayne and Tim Donahue, Ramona and Larry Fox, Brenda and Bill (Bearsy) McGregor, Kathy and Terrence (Lumpy) Rice, and Kevin O’Mara Walsh. Also in attendance was Bridget Herald (J. Patrick ’69). Armstrong has returned to his taxi roots.

Recently, Tim Donahue retired as the CEO of Sprint-Nextel. The Donahue Auditorium is located in the Dolan Science Center on campus.

Larry Fox is a judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, and Bill McGregor is the football coach of De Matha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, MD. His record, over 25 years, is 249-34-3: 87.06 winning percentage. Joe Gibbs of the Washington Redskins described him as the best high school coach in the country.

Paul Armstrong retired as a forensic accountant for the Social Security Administration.

Hope you all enjoy the holidays and remember your friends. Please update your e-mail address with me tcostello@cumtd.com, Tom and Rosemary

Fall 2008

Monsignor Al Hallin a good friend and former pastor at Holy Cross Church in Champaign has officiated at many funerals and at each that we have attended he reminds the congregation that the best way of remembering someone is to tell and retell the stories. Folks in Champaign-Urbana have heard some very funny stories about Tim Russert ’72 and his college days. Telling these stories has given us an opportunity to reflect and remember some very special times in our lives. I continue to be surprised by the number of people who have made the John Carroll connection. Jack Costello ’06 represented the Costellos in DC at Tim’s visitation. I would recommend to you the John Marcus ’72 column. Mark Pacelli ‘72 and Tim’s classmates certainly showed what it means to be John Carroll alum. In the midst of Tim’s passing Cormac DeLaney and Marty Mohler ’70, two well known barristers and community leaders in Toledo, were interviewed on the NBC affiliate for their memories of Tim.

Our hats off to Pete Hamm on the marriage of his son, Geoff. I wonder if this means the lad starts paying for his own cell phone. Mike Jester came up from Tulane to join in the celebration and to take a break from dealing with FEMA.

Received a terrific note from Kathy Forster – forsterkh@aol.com. Kathy and I have, for years, shared a common bond each Fourth of July. We were both very active with the fireworks celebrations in our communities. Kathy has retired from fireworks but still has her design business. Ron meanwhile is fully retired. I wonder what that means in Kathy’s house. It is hard to believe that the Forsters are grandparents. Daughter Barb and children live two blocks away and an expecting daughter, Molly, lives in Denver.

Dominic Iacuzio, my JCU roommate, will be visiting Urbana in August. This gets me back to Kathy Forster’s letter. She mentions that after seeing the movie The Bucket List she along with friends have drawn up their own. They soon will be heading to Russia with friends to see the art and architecture of the Romanovs. Something they always wanted to do.

This has been a difficult column to write as I remember my college friend, my fraternity brother, and my often times partner in student government. I want to urge you to cherish your friendships and to reconnect with your college friends. Don’t wait; don’t wish you had, as our friends at Nike would say, just do it. Stay healthy. If you have news remember tcostello@cumtd.com. Tom and Rosemary

Summer 2008

Well another school year has ended and the University of Illinois is once again quiet. It is at least as quiet as nine thousand summer school students can be. Long time reader and first time writer Tom Mangione – tmang27772@aol.com – tells us that he and wife Vicki have lived in Las Vegas since 1972. They are parents of five children: four boys and a girl. Tom is the Nevada Region president of Capitol Bankcorp. Tom oversees five banks with assets of over five hundred million. Next time any of you are in Vegas and maybe running a little short, Tom is the guy to call.

Dr. George Nista – gmnista@juno.com – finally saw his way clear to tell us of his 32-year optometry practice in Chicago. George tells of son Nicholas, a CPA in Chicago; son David, a former Marine who served in Iraq now in college; and daughter Noelle, an accountant who lives in Washington, D.C. Noelle is getting married in September in Chicago with festivities taking place at the Art Institute. Ouch! Noelle and fiancé met at St. Louis U — the Jesuit reach continues. We wish them all the best.

George Batyko – Batyko@wachoviasec.com – informs us that the dinner to honor Sheila ’73 and Denis Nowacki’s son Andy, an Iraq war casualty, was very well attended. The crowd included a number of politicians and Carroll grads. In some cases there were politicians who were also Carroll grads. George’s wife Mary Tullio Batyko ’72 has become part owner of a gym. It may not be long and we will see George in a Zoolander sequel.

Paul Pojman – pep216@sbcgolbal.net – has been quite busy. He is singing in a number of community choruses. Paul continues his interest in libraries as he has become treasurer of Bedford’s Friends of the Library. Paul joined my wife Rose in Indianapolis at the meeting of the Catholic Education Association. They apparently didn’t see each other but when you attend meetings along with five thousand others, connecting can be difficult.

On a personal note, Joe Costello a B.C. grad and our oldest son graduates from Catholic U Law School this summer. Did I mention that he is looking for a job in D.C.? If I took anything away from the Pope’s visit to the U.S. it was a message of hope. I hope you stay well, I hope you serve others and I hope you have a great summer. Look forward to hearing from you, Tom – tcostello@cumtd.com

Spring 2008

Aloha from warm and sunny Central Illinois. Let us all put another log on the fire. As we recover from Rose Bowl fever I feel like a Cubs fan waiting for next year. Welcome to this medical edition of our column. Think of it as a written “House Call” — Dr. Len Calabrese – clalbrl@ccf.org – sent a great update on some of the gang who used to inhabit the Bohannan Center. These were the lab rats that I never saw in my speech classes. Lenny has been at the Cleveland Clinic for over 30 years. While too humble to mention it, Len is among the foremost HIV researchers in the U.S. and has been for a number of years. He does clinical immunology and heads the immunology center at Cleveland Clinic. On the home front Len is married to Marie MA ’93 and daughters are at Miami of Ohio (our alma mater) and in med school at Ohio U. Dr. Ken Root is a neurologist in Phoenix who in his spare time is teaching at a new med school out there as well as doing outstanding missionary work in Africa. Ken has two boys — one is working on med school admission and the other is combining college and music in New Orleans. Phoenix sounds like the place to be as we chill out here in the Midwest. Remember, it’s a dry heat. Dr. Paul Cass is a neurologist in New Hampshire. He is also a hospital administrator. Writing about all of these neurologists is giving me a headache. This medical edition continues with Dr. Jim Grendell the chief of gastroenterology at Winthrop University Hospitals in New York. Dr. John Vela is a family practice doc in Tiffin, Ohio, and my spies tell me he may be working too hard. Dr. Gary Pasqualicchio is an internist in Erie, Pa. This is just a few of the docs in our class. At our age it is always good to know where you can find a good physician.

Virgil Strohmeyer, wife Isabella Sarkissova-Strohmeyer, and daughter Anna Lisa (12) are living in Russia where he is the public affairs officer at the American Consulate in Yekaterinburg.

Pete Hamm, Vic Matteucci, and Mark Plush the “Cleveland connection” are spending Super Bowl weekend in Florida as part of an annual visit. Someone must have forgotten to tell them that the game is in New Orleans.

Finally, we heard from our Tampa correspondent, Tom Keenan, who is day trading and of course enjoying the sun. You may want to get on his e-mail list. He often sends me a smile.

Hope the New Year finds you healthy and prosperous. God Bless and remember your news is our news – tcostello@cumtd.com or tcostell@uiuc.edu. Tom and Rosemary

Fall 2007

I never would have believed how old my classmates are. I attended my 40th class reunion at St. Ignatius in Chicago and there were some old guys there, still fun but older. In October I joined 50 other past Jesuit victims at SI. I suspect that I am not alone in that milestone. Fortunately, was that no one was sent to “jug.” I remind you that such notables as Keenan, Demma, Thometz, and Cavanagh were among our JCU classmates from Ignatius.

First time writer long time reader Dan Dailey – mrmrsdailty@yahoo.com – writes that after a 30-year career in management with Kmart throughout the Eastern and Southern U.S., he is taking life easy. He and wife of 34 years Linda are living just North of Tampa. He made it very clear that working is overrated. While Linda is working as the human resources director for West Coast of Florida, Dan can think about his three grown children, the three dogs while spoiling the grandkids.

Dick Leehr – Dadness@aol.com – now from Warwick, NY, has just returned from Kona, HI, where he and wife Karen watched her son Dennis Meeker finish 63rd out of 1,000 in the Ironman World Competition. Dick would have participated but the world tin man competition was to be held later. Dick did some vintage racing in Pittsburgh and in the course of his hobby ran into Tom Goslin and John Collins ’72. The Leehr family has settled afar, as son Marty lives in Leawood, KS, son Dan in Raleigh, NC, and daughter Shannon is in Ann Arbor, MI. Last I checked there is some university in Ann Arbor known as the John Carroll of Michigan.

Jody Russelburg – jrusselb@aol.com – reports he has no life but is quite content. That in itself is news and for that I am grateful.

Mike Walsdorf – walsdorf@adventsystems.com – may be hitting you up for a few dollars as the proud father of the bride tells us daughter Leigh was married in September at Old St. Pat’s Church in Chicago. This church is also the stepping off point for Chicago’s annual St. Pat’s Parade. Joining in the celebration was fellow Blue Streaks Mike Faems – mtnest@flash.net, Don ’70 and Donna Brown ’72, and Tom Ahern ’70.

After years of helping run health care facilities John “Gino” Smalley – jsmalley@hvpros.com – is heading up a healthcare consulting firm. Healthcare Venture Professionals is based in Nashville, TN. The firm’s area of emphasis is ambulatory surgery centers.

I need good e-mail addresses for Neary, Metz, Cummings, Lillis, Keenan, Cullen, Kovelan, Tchou, Garriepy and Krumhansl.

Hope the holidays find you healthy and happy. Remember your news is our job.

If you are looking for a place to donate a few dollars at year’s end try to remember JCU. Have a great New Year, TC and RC

Summer 2007

Greetings from America’s heartland where the corn is as high as an elephant’s eye. Champaign-Urbana is certainly tranquil right now but as the U of I school year begins our streets will be more crowded than the “L” in rush hour. Toledo’s foremost Irish barrister Cormac DeLaney is offering revisionist history in trying to convince us that he graduated with a 4.0 just like Bob Gugino. Everyone knows that Bob’s summa cum laude was earned the old fashioned way. All three of Delaney children attended Xavier U. Daughter Megan just graduated with a genuine 4.0. Cormac is very proud of course. He should be thanking wife Judy for passing on the intellectual genes. A tip of the duffer to Corky (which is what we knew him as before he practiced law) for being inducted into the St. Francis de Sales High School Hall of Fame. Sounds like an honor well deserved.

Matt Thometz – MJTJr@aol.com – a fellow Ignatius alum is living in Phoenix with wife Judy. Matt is working for the same company he has been with since graduation. Perhaps his longevity can be attributed to the fact that he has owned the company for the past 14 years. While difficult to believe, he is a scuba instructor. How deep can the water be in the Arizona desert? Matt’s daughter has been in the Air Force for the past eight years and after a stint in Iraq is now stationed with her husband at Nellis AFB.

We enjoyed hearing from Mike Walsdorf – walsdorf@adventsystems.com. Mike is still working for a living as he heads up his own company “Advent Systems.” He is also working on his golf game. Son Mick is an architect in New York and youngest son Brian is a year away from a master’s in architecture from Tulane. Meanwhile daughter Leigh is getting married in September and son Mick and wife are expecting in October making Mike a grandpa and his wife someone who married an older man. Thanks to Mike we also have a Mike Faems’ update. Both Mikes are into auto racing and I mean racing, not watching. You will find them both in Daytona in October. Retired Mike is building his dream home along with wife Nancy ’73 in Jackson, WY. I still remember Mike longing for his own Alfa Romeo. This was at the same time Cormac DeLaney and I were traveling on a used beat up motorcycle wearing football helmets for protection.

Paul Pojman, semi-retired librarian, is working on becoming “green” making homemade dandelion wine, driving less, and finishing the last Harry Potter book.

Late breaking news includes John Byers – jbyerscdr@aol.com – is now the security operations manager for Walt Disney Resorts.

Mike Crabill – oseolacrabill@comcast.net – has started his own financial consulting firm in South Bend. He is working with foundations and endowments. It must be nice to have folks not calling every day to discuss market volatility. Mike’s son, Brian, recently received his master’s in nutrition from Indiana University and is heading to University of Iowa Hospitals in the fall.

We want to remind you that if you have not gotten an e-mail from me recently I may not have a good e-mail address for you. So send us news or at least your address at tcostello@cumtd.com or tcostell@uiuc.edu. Stay healthy, enjoy life and prosper, Tom and Rosemary

Spring 2007

Greetings from Champaign Urbana the home of Ebertfest which has just concluded. I understand it received two thumbs up. A big thanks and a hearty handshake to those of you who sent us a note of current news. A number of you have changed e-mails or have ordered me to the spam tank. If you can update us with the latest e-mail we can stay in touch and put a smile on the bust of John Carroll on the quad. Now as they say here’s the news. Pete Hamm took a month off to get rid of that pain in his back. His biggest regret is that he claims his golf game suffered as a result. I am sure that golf pals Vic Matteucci, Mark Plush and Jim McHale ’72 have seen a dip in their golf income.

Mike Bobinski sends greetings from East Lansing. He felt it important to tell us about the National Hockey Champions Spartans. Mike is retired and he and wife Nancy just recently returned from a trip to China.

Jim Girardy is mulling retirement from his surgical practice as he and wife Karen approach 30 years of friendship. Jim’s oldest son, John, is a Navy Medical Corpsman on his way to the Middle East, and son Mark will soon to be newly minted teacher from Loras College.

Where are Calabrese, Cass and Root? If they only knew the damage that Spotty’s was doing to their bodies.

Dick Leehr is living with wife Karen in Warwick, NY, where he is building an $800 million pipeline across New York state. Dick’s daughter graduates in May from Eastern Michigan and better yet she has a job. He has plans in July to see Holly and John Collins ’72 in Newport. Hope he visits the Tennis Hall of Fame.

Paul Pojman is the staff librarian for the Bedford Historical Society. He retired from the parish school where he was the librarian for thirty-one years. You might spot Paul as a member of the Blossom Festival Chorus as they are doing music from Lord of the Rings this summer.

You might recall that we have sadly mentioned the death of Sheila ’73 and Denis Nowacki’s ’71 son, Andy, in Iraq. Heard from George Batyko and Mike Bobinski about a foundation that was founded at Lakeland Community College in his memory. At the second annual fundraising event were Dennis Perry, Terry Dziak ’69, Tom Czech ’72, Ted Klimczak ’75.

We want to remind everyone that the Friday night of the June Reunion Weekend is open to all classes. So if you are in town or looking for an excuse to relive the good times put it on your calendar. Have a terrific summer.

If you have not heard from us in the last month we do not have a good e-mail address for you. Please update us at tcostello@cumtd.com. Tom and Rosemary

Fall 2006

As promised, we are continuing our Reunion Weekend report — Mimi Fitzpatrick Cavera (department chair Davenport College) and her husband David have enjoyed every Reunion Weekend. They live in Grand Rapids, MI, where they enjoy their 5 children and 14 grandchildren. Mimi has been on the reunion committee many times.

John Urban, another reunion committee member, continues to practice law from his Middleburgh Heights office. He and his wife, Mary Rita, live in Rocky River. Their son, Michael, is studying to be a chiropractor in St. Louis. Their younger son, Ryan, recently graduated from Columbia College in Chicago.

Kerry Volkmann, everyone’s John Carroll connection is doing well! He is the assistant football coach and the head wrestling coach for the Blue Streaks. His son is a recent graduate of Carroll as well.

Bill Lavezzi is enjoying his retirement from teaching. He is now the executive director of the Northeast Ohio Education Association. He and his wife Lynn (honorary class of ’71 alum) have three grandchildren.

Charlie Algier (big time football referee) has been in the trucking business for 33 years. Janet and Charlie have several grandchildren with a new granddaughter being born the weekend of reunion.

Mike Mannion retired after 22 years in the Army. Much of the talk at the reunion was about grandchildren, but Mike was talking about the two youngest of his six children; they are 2- and 6-years old. Mike works for Battelle in Columbus.

Vic Matteucci continues as an account executive in magazine advertising sales. He and his wife Mary Kay have four boys, the youngest having graduated recently from John Carroll.

Sal Sirabella is still in politics in Pennsylvania but no longer with the city of Pittsburgh. He is the chief of staff for the Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. It was great to see Sal after so many years. It was fun hearing him bemoan the trials of a father of an actress.

Pete Hamm and his wife, Bobbi, are always great hosts for the Reunion Weekend events. Pete has been on the reunion committee for as long as we can remember. He works for Olympus, overseeing work with endoscopes.

Anne ’74 and John DiPalermo came in from San Jose. John is a financial planner for New York Life. Anne, Charlie Algier’s sister and John’s wife, teaches kindergarten. John is accepting donations for the many weddings taking place among his daughters.

Dennis Joyce continues to serve as a judge in suburban Pittsburgh. He was happy to see so many of our class returning for the reunion.

Mark Plush lives in Solon, though he grew up in the shadows of John Carroll. He proudly pointed out his childhood home from the new press box in Shula Stadium. In addition to his job with Keithley Instruments Inc., Mark serves on the boards of Richmond Heights Hospital, Junior Achievement, and the March of Dimes. He still finds time to be on the reunion committee as well.

We want to thank John Marcus ’72 for spending time with Jack Costello ’06 in Washington, DC, as Jack begins a career with CBS as an account executive. The John Carroll connection is thriving. Have a great Holiday, Tom and Rosemary

Summer 2006

The good times were rolling for those who attended our 35th reunion in June, we enjoyed a weekend of fun, hospitality, and good times. Father Niehoff, Father Shannon, Rosalie Massey, Ryan Daly, and their staff couldn’t have been more gracious. We had such a good time that Mary Margaret Fitzpatrick Cavera and I decided we should come back every year whether it’s our reunion year or not! It’s been a long time since we’ve been dancing until two in the morning! This column and the next will highlight those who returned for our 35th reunion.

Mike Jester and his wife, Carolynn, traveled from New Orleans for the reunion. Mike has been at Tulane University for 28 years. They gave a first hand report on the effects of Hurricane Katrina. They enlivened our Saturday evening dinner with Mardi Gras beads direct from New Orleans.

Harold Butler and his wife, Sheila, enjoyed the weekend. Harold is a radiologist at Hillcrest (formerly at University Hospitals). He is on the board of Catholic Charities. Sheila is the assistant dean and teaches nursing.

John Byers and Barb Vercek Byers ’72 traveled from Orlando for the weekend. John works in security at MGM Studios having retired as a Navy commander. Barb is a head costumer and is involved with the dance routines at Disney.

Dave Price and his wife Marcie Alling came in from Lansing, MI. Dave finds jobs for people with disabilities. He and his wife are bag pipers and their band has won “best in parade” at a recent competition.

Gretchen Noetzel Walsh was on the reunion committee as she has been for the past several reunions. She and her husband and two daughters live in Solon. Gretchen is the director for academic support services at Notre Dame College.

Roger Sowinski and his wife, Kim, joined us for dinner in the tent on Saturday evening. They live in Independence with their 14 year old twin daughters. Roger owns a manufacturing company in Bedford.

Jim McPolin and Nikki Bondi ’72 live in Pepper Pike. For the past ten years, they have owned an executive search firm with offices in Cleveland, Houston, and Las Vegas.

Carol Shockley and her husband celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary during reunion weekend. They have two daughters. Carol is an attorney with the civil division of Medina County’s Prosecutor’s Office. Carol joined us as representatives of the class of 1971 at the installation of Father Niehoff as president of John Carroll last October.

Mike Frederick is enjoying his retirement after 35 years of teaching at Lincoln West High School. He and his wife Marge live in Parma. They have two daughters, one graduating from Fordham and the other from Miami University.

Lou Dizenzo, who was on the reunion committee, lives in Hudson with his wife, Debra. Lou is retired from GE and now works at Goodyear. We left Lou and Debra dancing in the big tent on Saturday night/Sunday morning. It is always good to have fun people on the committee.

Next column, we’ll report on other reunion attendees: Mimi Fitzpatrick Cavera, John Urban, Kerry Volkmann, Bill Lavezzi, Charlie Algier, Mike Mannion, Vic Matteucci, Pete Hamm, John DiPalermo, Dennis Joyce, Sal Sirabella, and Mark Plush.

Tom and Rosemary

Spring 2006

Our 35th reunion weekend is approaching. We hope that you have reserved the dates of June 23- 25 to join us for the many activities that the reunion committee has planned. Even if you can’t come for the entire weekend, feel free to attend as much as you can. Perhaps you can only join us on Saturday evening for a cocktail hour in the press box of the stadium followed by dinner in one of the tents. Having been to all of our reunions, we can confidently say that reunion weekend is a great opportunity to reconnect with classmates and with the John Carroll community.

The Alumni Office has forwarded information to us about several classmates. Fred Orehek – faorehek@sbcglobal.net – is living in N. Riverside, IL, where he is a lawyer. Fred graduated from DePaul Law School in 1975.

Dennis Hricko – DHJCU@aol.com – is retired and living with his wife, Anita, in Sagamore Hills, OH.

James Lynch – jam1914@prodigy.net – works for IBM Business Consulting Services as a managing consultant in Fairfax, VA. Jim lives in Annandale and has three children.

It has been fun talking with the reunion committee making plans for the weekend. Please contact any of us on the committee with questions or suggestions. Check out the JCU web site, alumni, class links to find out who’s on the reunion committee, or contact us at our e-mail addresses – tcostello@cumtd.com or rcostello@holycrosselem.org. All the information about the reunion is on the JCU web site as well. There is also a listing of classmates who will be returning for the reunion. We hope to see many of you in June! Tom and Rosemary

Winter 2006

The Reunion Committee has been working on plans for our reunion on June 23-25. Committee members are Mimi Fitzpatrick Cavera — marymagaret.cavera@davenport.edu, Pete Hamm — peterlham@aol.com, Mark Plush — mplush@keithley.com, John Urban — jjurban@fkulaw.com, Gretchen Noetzel Walsh — walsh2@sbcglobal.net, Kerry Volkmann — kvolkmann@jcu.edu, Rick De Blasio — deblasri@wwwinc.com, Cormac DeLaney, Sal Sirabella — ssirabella@yahoo.com, Jim Mackey — jmackey@walterhav.com, Lou Dizenzo — dpdizenzo@aol.com, Patricia Masterson — drpjm48@yahoo.com, Bill McGregor, Tammy Rogers — trogers@lagrange.edu, Rich Tracy — rlt@campbellmortgage.com, and Tom Surwill — t.surwill@verizon.net. We are the committee chairs, and Pete Hamm and Mark Plush are the gift chairs. During the next few months, you will be receiving information about the Reunion from all of us. We are excited about the plans for the weekend and look forward to seeing as many classmates as possible. We welcome any ideas that you may have for the weekend. Just e-mail Tom or anyone on the committee. We hope to see many of you there.

Our embedded reporter in Colorado, Nick Moyer, tells us that he receives e-mails from Rafael Garcia-Punsoda — drraf49@prodigy.net — who attended dental school with Nick at Case. Nick also reports that he was joined by John and Maureen ’73 Vela for a ski vacation in Colorado recently. John’s oldest daughter Christina ’00 teaches Spanish at Regis High School in Denver. Nick’s oldest daughter graduates from Boston College in May. Another of his daughters has been accepted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 35 years since we graduated from John Carroll. It would be great to celebrate together. Plan on attending. Tom and Rosemary

Fall 2005

Save the Date – Save the Date – Save the Date June 23-25 2006. It will be time once more for all 1971 Blue Streak graduates to come together. The stories get better, the refreshments colder and the fun of reliving those college days will bring tears to your eyes. Usually tears of laughter. Remember what happens in University Heights stays in University Heights especially if it happened during your days at JCU. I am looking forward to meeting all the retirees who may want to take a vacation from retirement and join us. The reunions are a terrific way to visit with old friends who know things about you even your parents don’t. I am told that the Shaker Inn pool will not be available for swimming. If you have yet to attend a reunion you are missing a great time. More importantly you are missing a chance to relive with friends the fun times. We hope to see you in June.

We had the opportunity to represent the class of ’71 at Fr. Niehoff’s inauguration. Mass was celebrated by Cleveland’s Bishop Pilla ’61 and G’67. The inauguration was an awesome sight as faculty, alums and students marched in full regalia across campus to the DeCarlo Varsity Center. Kerry Volkmann was looking great and the JCU wrestling team is doing quite well too. Carol Shockley joined us in representing our class.

Paul Armstrong and Cormac DeLaney were spotted on television attending the Notre Dame USC game in October and despite their best efforts they couldn’t bring home the ”W.”

Speaking of Notre Dame Jim Mackey was seen taking legal continuing education credit at the hallowed halls of the Irish. Please remember that we are a Boston College household Go Eagles.

Paul Cass – prchbm0390@yahoo.com – tells us that sadly the mutton chops are long gone as he sings the praises of Lenny Calabrese’s pony tail. Much traveled Paul and his wife of 24 years, Helene, now live in Eliot, ME. Paul is the senior partner in a neurology practice along with three other brainy people. He also spends half his time in hospital administration. (Remember St. Elsewhere) Helene has the difficult job of school board chair. I am sure like others she deals with beans, balls and buses the toughest part of education. They have two children Blake (21) and Maura (17). Paul has laid down the challenge to Lenny Calabrese, Ken Root, Jim Anderson, Jim Girardy and Poncho to meet at Spotty’s for a beverage on 6/24/06. Since Spotty’s is now a cleaners another location will be announced.

It must have been prophetic when Dom Iacuzio drove home to Connecticut in the ’70s with a car full of chickens now he spends time thinking about the bird flu.

George Burke – irishrover1949@yahoo.com – is alive and well working at Cleveland State, and living in Cleveland Heights along with wife Peggy. The Irish are proud of their four children, Jean (27), Marie (23), George IV (19) and Shannon.

On the medical beat U of I pharmacy grad John Zarek – John.Zarek@cardinal.com – is living in Seattle and is the system clinical manager for Swedish Health System. John has three children and is a grampa.

Remember the reunion dates June 23-25 and stay healthy! Tom – costello@cumtd.com – and Rose

Summer 2005

Greetings from beautiful and very flat Central Illinois and the University of Illinois. I had the opportunity to cable telecast our Fourth of July parade which is always a fun event. Later that week I saw Tim Russert ’72 interviewing three Supreme Court Justices. I spent the next few days convincing myself that we both do TV.

Let us all make a note that our reunion year is on the horizon. If you haven’t been back, let this be the year. It is always a fun time with some great memories and friends. If just the guys living in Tampa show up it might be a sell out. Speaking of the Florida coast Ted Shalek – ted@labelclick.com – tells us of his recent marriage to Dianne Welsh a former JCU endowed prof in entrepreneurship. He and Dr. Dianne moved to Tampa where he is the CFO of Vertical Health Solutions. Dianne is a Prof at University of Tampa. He tells us “life is wonderful.” The professors must be looking better now than when we were there.

Blame it on me and cyberspace but I missed some news Dateline Chicago Dave Walsh – drosss@ameritech.net – after 30 years in hospital management has raised the white flag. He is still a licensed respiratory therapist but has his own company DRW Inc. which specialized in sleep apnea diagnostics and equipment. Dave and wife, Melanie, reside at the same home address he lived in while at JCU. I can’t wait till he has to down size.

I enjoyed hearing that Dave still searches the Tribune for JCU scores — he is not alone. Thank goodness for the Web.

Paul Pojman – pep216@sbcglobal.net – writes that after 31 years as the librarian for his parish grade school the school closed and Paul took a break. Well he is back at it volunteering for the Bedford Ohio Historical Society. If you are looking for a veteran librarian I think Paul might give you a hand. He also mentions that he is into model railroading which sounds like too much fun for adults.

Spoke to John Urban – jjurban@fkulaw.com – recently and all is good. He continues to legally assist Clevelanders.

I got to watch a Web cast of former roommate Dom Iacuzio – Dominick A.Iacuzio@roche.com – testifying before the U.S. House sub-committee on the need to stock pile flu supplies. He did a great job. I told him that having a roommate who was a speech major made the difference. I just realized that Jack Costello ’06 will have his reunions on the same year as his parents. Well some of will have fun. Dick Leehr – dadness@aol.com – is the new president of the Millennium Pipeline Project and is moving to Warwick, NY, with his new bride, Karen Nicholson, ( a former high school sweetheart).Has a honeymoon scheduled for October in Hawaii where Karen’s oldest son will be competing in the Ironman Triathelon competition. He has a chance since Kerry Volkmann won’t be competing this year.

Jim Girardy – Jwgir49@aol.com – my neighbor to the north, and our own Dr. 90210 has been practicing surgery in Rockford, IL, for over 26 years. He says being the head of a 14 surgeon practice has cost him his curly locks and I am betting some sleep. Wife Karen is picking up an option for their 29th year of marriage. Jim’s son John is a navy medical corpsman and son Mark is getting an education degree from Loras College. Jim offers some great and probing questions for fellow classmates. Does Lenny Calabrese have more hair than him? Does Paul Cass still have mutton chops? Has Marsico retired to a private island? Is Tom Drouhard ’70 still in the southwest? Is Jim McNamara fighting for civil justice or did he sell out? If you have the answer to any of his questions tune for our next column.

Till next time tcostello@cumtd.com. Tom and Rosemary

Spring 2005

As I write this I am listening to a tape of Colleen Kookoothe a junior at John Carroll and this semester a student at Loyola in Rome as she discusses the death of John Paul with a radio station WSPD in Toledo. Colleen did an outstanding job on the air. Did I mention that she is the niece of Cormac DeLaney– cdelaney@mpdwlaw.com. I suspect that she is studying much harder than Cormac did during his junior year in Rome? As I recall, when our class left Rome there was a great sigh of relief by the carabineri. I suggest that my classmates speak with their children about their Roman adventure. Cormac reports that Bob Callahan an early years member of our class was John Negroponte’s press secretary in Baghdad.

Gary Hoover, hoov3000@msn.com.tom, Tom Keenan, thkeenan@aol.com and Ted Shalek, ted@labelclick.com are all living in the Tamp Bay area. The JCU Tampa Bay alumni club should be thriving. Ted just recently moved to Tampa from Cleveland. I am sure he really misses that Cleveland weather. Fair warning: if Rose and I are at our place in Tierra Verde, you may get a call.

Just a reminder, Joe Russelburg jrusselb@aol.com has finally settled in Maryland and works for the DEA. Ralph Krumhansl ralphkrumhansl@hotmail.com has offered an open invite to those visiting Puerto Rico to drop a note. A visit has to be worth at least something with rum in it.

No Sal Sirabella ssirabella@yahoo.com has not retired to Sicily to live the life of a Don. Dom Iacuzio and I attended his wedding and it hard to imagine that daughter Angelica Rose is already 18. The sainted Maria still keeps an eye on Sal. I now know why I got that ticket this summer in Pittsburgh. Sal has left city hall and has joined the staff of Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor, Catherine Baker Knoll. I am willing to bet however that you can still find him having breakfast on the strip in Pittsburgh.

Finally on a personal note, Jack Costello is still playing for the JCU tennis team and the season has been pretty good. Rose Costello, principal of Holy Cross Elementary School, has received the Paideia Award from the High School of St. Thomas Moore. This award is made in recognition of her thirty-three years of dedication to Catholic education. Yes, you are right I am often called to the principal’s office for disciplinary reasons. Have a great summer and remember if you have news: tcostello@cumtd.com. Tom and Rosemary

Winter 2005

Happy New Year! We hope that this year finds you healthy wealthy and wise. No matter how it turns out having the U of I #1 in basketball for 6 weeks has been great fun here in Champaign-Urbana. We have been working on the e-mail list and some of you have spam guarded us from contacting you. You may want to check that for Costello spam. I received great response from our fellow classmates.

“Bring the whole family.” Well maybe not but Al and Sue Tegel live in Avon where he is the National City Bank community president for the four county Firelands area. This includes Sandusky home of Cedar Point. Wonder if he can get us cheap tickets? I mentioned daughter Tracie’s wedding before but did I tell you that wedding pictures were taken at the JCU pool. This is where the romance between a Mt. Union grad and a B-W grad began. Ahh the reach of John Carroll.

John and Barb Vercek ’72 Byers have survived the hurricanes. John spends a couple of days a week of his Navy retirement protecting Mickey and other Goofy folks at Disney World. He has had the opportunity to work some really nifty events including Atlanta Braves spring training. Barb continues her performing career as she is involved with a new MGM Studio attraction called Lights Motors Action! Extreme Stunt Show. Son Patrick a UCF student is following the Disney path and works in guest relations at the Animal Kingdom. Next time you see the mouse mention John’s name it might get you an autographed picture.

It was great to hear from Dick Leehr who has moved from Michigan to Hampton Falls, NH (about an hour north of Boston). He continues his career as president of a gas pipeline system. He mentions having spent time with Tom and Jamie Goslin in Pittsburgh and Mike and Leigh Sullivan in Bloomfield Hills MI. I knew nothing much had changed when I saw a picture of him and his racecar which he races in the Midwest during the summer.

Mike Bobinski tells me that I was right about the value of a visit to the JCU campus. I was delighted to hear from Len Muni. He is living in the heart of Eastern Europe called Seven Hills, OH. Len has spent 31 years educating kids in the Berea School District. He teaches science at Midpark High School. He also runs the programs at their planetarium (which has to be great fun). Based on all the interesting activities that Len is doing at his schools he sounds like the kind of teacher every parent would love to have teach their children.

Jody Russelburg, another retired (2000) Army officer, following his leaving the JAG Corps has settled in with wife Mary Jane in Frederick, MD. He works in Arlington, VA, for the DEA. He and Mary Jane are parents four times and grandparents of three daughters. So now you know that you can find him backed up on the Beltway Monday through Friday.

I heard from Tom Keenan and Joan in Oldsmar, FL, (Tampa Bay near Clearwater). Tom and I spent eight years of glorious Jesuit education together. He is one of about eleven in our class that came from Ignatius Chicago. I think at Ignatius we often met in JUG (that is detention for who have never been there) and that is where we decided that JCU was the place for us. Tom is a semi retired real estate tycoon and a recent grandpa. Sounds like life is very good.

Rosemary Costello was voted in a recent newspaper poll the best principal in Champaign-Urbana. Now if I could only get a home cooked meal once in a while.

Stay healthy till next time, TC

Editor’s note: We regret to inform you that Andy Nowacki, son of Denis Nowacki and Sheila Perry ’73 Nowacki, was killed February 26 while serving his second tour as a U.S. Marine in Iraq. Our prayers are with the Nowacki family. May he Rest In Peace.

Fall 2004

Happy holidays from the heartland.

Illinois and Bears football just makes us sad so lets all think Blue Streak sports.

Don’t have much to report. John and Barb ’72 Byers have got to be rethinking the Florida thing. Four hurricanes later they are still surviving but not without plenty of angst. The former Tampa residents thought they had left the hurricane problem only to have it follow them to Orlando. I would have to consult a Jesuit ethicist to find out if it is OK to hope the hurricane hits someone else. I know plenty of folks in Florida thought landfall was more appropriate in Alabama and Mississippi. Enough said.

While talking about the impending apocalypse, I visited with flu meister Dom Iacuzio. He had the opportunity to visit with Tommy Thompson the Health and Human Services Secretary. Everyone is trying to figure out what to do if a serious flu pandemic occurs. Looks like Dom’s product Tamiflu may play a major role.

If you haven’t visited JCU lately you may not recognize the place. Shula Stadium and the Dolan Center are wonderful additions to the athletic and academic scene. You may want to stop in the Dolan Center and visit Donahue Auditorium. Tim and family have been very generous with their gift. Apparently someone said Nextel and Tim said DONE.

John Urban is well and continues to practice law in the Cleveland suburbs. It is always good to have friends as lawyers when your JCU student resides in University Heights. In case you were wondering not much has changed since the days of sitting in the street. The ever-vigilant authorities continue to keep close watch on rowdy students.

Hope this column finds you well. I’m assembling an e-mail list so send me yours so that you may be included.


Summer 2004

Greetings from the heartland where the corn is always head high by the Fourth of July. We had the opportunity to visit briefly with Tim Russert ’72 and son Luke at the BC graduation. It was great to say hi. Tim of course did a great job. We were lone representatives of JCU who cheered when John Carroll University was mentioned.

Cleveland correspondent Pete Hamm bad back and all indicates that Mike Jester has retired as a Lt. Colonel, one of our ROTC boys, and is now director of the physical plant at Tulane University. Of course since he is in New Orleans anyway he also participates in the Mardi Gras parade. He is in the Krewe of Zeus. Mike is just one more JCU grad to have picked up important social skills while at JCU.

Mark Plush and Vic Matteucci continue their golfing ways. I have always wondered when those guys from Cleveland worked.

Sending out an APB for Ives McClellan. Remember your roommate never forgets you.

Heard from grandparents x 4 Paul and Sue Cummings and 33 years later it appears that the athletic genes have shown forth in the family. Son Sean is a very successful varsity soccer coach at Ambridge HS in Pittsburgh, daughter Julie is the girls’ Lacrosse coach at Mt. Lebanon where her team went 23-0 and was ranked 12th in the nation. Wonder if Sue cheers as loudly for the kids and grand kids as she did for the Blue Streaks.

Charlie Algier part of the #125 Murphy Hall crew and one of my ex roommates writes that his youngest, Tom is off to Ohio State this fall. Charlie and Janet are still in Mentor and Janet is teaching math at the high school. Charlie is now an NCAA football referee and had the misfortune of doing the JCU Mt.Union JV game last year. The Streaks lost a close one. It looks like Charlie will be spending his Saturdays doing Division III football — good luck. Quickly now daughter Ellen is a nurse at Cleveland Clinic, Annie is at the University of Texas working on a master’s and is an athletic trainer, Paul just got married and young Charlie and wife are about to make the Algiers grandparents.

John DiPalermo (in case you forgot married Anne Algier ’74) continues to work at New York Life and is doing well.

Visited with Dom Iacuzio and he promises a more mild flu season but only if you get your shot.

Larry Broda M.D. is living in Portland, ME where he is teaching at the Maine Medical Center so if you take ill while visiting New England you have a doc in the neighborhood.

Tracie Tegel daughter of Al Tegel had quite an engagement announcement at the OAC swim championships last year where a packed house gave her a standing ovation as Steve Stewart a BW grad popped the question. JCU swim coach Matt Lenhart played cupid.

OK here are some e-mail addresses you might like: Tom Keenan thkeenan@aol.com, Al Tegel pharaohaat@aol.com, Pete Hamm peter1hamm@aol.com, Gary Hoover hoov3000@msn.com, Chalie Algier Calgier@clv.pbexpress.com, Paul Cummings Paul.Cummings@Acceris.com, and of course costello@cumtd.com.

That is all the news for this time so until next time GO Blue Streaks! Tom and Rosemary

Spring 2004

Greetings from Champaign-Urbana the home of the University of Illinois and the NCAA number 1 tennis team in the nation. Speaking of tennis the JCU men’s team spent spring break n Orlando. Since Jack Costello ’06 plays for JCU we went and watched as coach Thomas’ squad played a host of Midwest schools that also suffered through the Florida weather in March. Spoke with the cream of Toledo barristers Cormac DeLaney and Marty Mohler ’70 recently and while I was supposed to be working they had me to the point of tears with laughter.

Sending out an APB for Mike Demma, we have had requests from more than one classmate.

Recently we had an opportunity to visit with Arts and Sciences associate dean and mentor Joe Miller ’59. He is keeping the place humming and is as affable and entertaining as ever. He still accuses me of having Rose write all of my papers. If that were true I would have gotten much better grades. You might want to check out the U.S. News college rankings. JCU and many other Jesuit colleges do very well in the regional standings. Got wind that Pittsburgh is sending more and more students to become Blue Streaks. We need to improve the Chicago connection or else begin requiring English as a second language class for our friends from the East like John Urban, Denny Joyce, and Sal Sirabella. (jeetyet) On a visit to D.C. in January we got to see Franny Smyth Walter. She is at the Department of Education making sure no child is left behind. Frank meanwhile is in the state of Washington as a school administrator. I am still receiving entertaining weekly e-mails from Commander John Byers USN retired JByersCDR@aol.com. Wife Barb Vercek Byers ’72 is working full time at Disneyland and among other things is teaching there. Barb must be teaching Mickey and the gang to dance.

Nick Moyer DDS reports from Denver that his daughter is a sophomore at Boston College. He wanted me to know that Tim Russert ’72 will be speaking at my son Joe’s graduation at BC. Nick’s wife, Barb, and daughter, Molly, recently returned from the Philippines where they were on a medical mission doing cleft palate surgery on kids. I am quite familiar with this work and it is life changing surgery for these children. Nick also reports that John McInnerney (left after junior year for med school) is the top doc in Rocky Flats just northwest of Denver. Saw Mike and Ann ’72 Howe at Parents Weekend at JCU. We shared several stories which were heavily censored as our children were present. Remember the “Whale”?

Dom Iacuzio says a bumper crop of flu has kept him quite busy this winter.

We need to hear from the Tampa, Cleveland, and Chicago Alums. E-mail now costello@cumtd.com. Please send us your e-mail so we can create a ’71 JCU list. Don’t worry about being spammed we can hardly get a column together much less try to sell you Viagra … have a great summer. Isn’t time for some of us to retire? Tom and Rosemary

Spring 2003

Greetings children of the ’60s!

We have been a bit remiss in our reporting but certainly no more than you our classmates who have been remiss in sending us news. Like all of you we are dealing with the post 50 health issues I should have known that all of those Gugi dogs and Fun City hot dogs would catch up with me. We can proudly announce that Jack Costello is now a member of the class of 2006 at JCU. He is as we write this, playing tennis for JCU at Hilton Head. As I recall when we were in school teams only got to travel to Erie.

Heard from Nick Moyer and he has a daughter attending Boston College. I think that is OK as long as we keep it in the Jesuit family. Dennis Winchester ’70 has a son in the same class at BC as our son, Joe. Ad Majorem Dei Glorium.

John Byers and wife Barb Vercek Byers ’72 may be on the move to Orlando after many years as Tampa residents — family is doing well.

Tim Donahue the Nextel honcho is looking prosperous as of my last sighting.

Dom Iacuzio continues to keep America flu free with a little help from Hoffman La Roche in New Jersey.

John Urban is taking reservations for his summer hide away in Michigan of course all must be approved by Mary Rita. I thought I might make something up about Paul Armstrong just so Cormac “Toledo Flash” Delaney can defend him.

Look forward to hearing from you, Tom and Rosemary

Summer 2002

A while back, we received a letter from Dr. Robert L. Harter in Lakewood, OH. He had lost his John Carroll ring. He found a 1971 class ring at a pawnshop in Cleveland and purchased it even though he graduated in 1953. Recently, his children bought him a new ring with 1953. Consequently, the 1971 class ring is available. It has a BS degree mark and a blue stone. There are no initials inside. Anyone interested should contact Dr. Harter at 18224 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio 44107, 216.226.3880, or fax 216.226.2030.

Nick Moyer recently contacted Tom. He is a dentist in the Denver area. His daughter will be attending Boston College in the fall.

In March, we met with several JCU graduates at the Tim Russert ’72 luncheon in Naples, FL. We sat with several lawyer friends: Cormac Delaney and Marty Mohler ’70 living in Toledo and Wes Catri ’70 living in Fort Lauderdale. Wes’s son attended John Carroll. Also, Anne Conway and Ellen Wasmer Brackett ’73 were there, as well as Dennis Winchester ’70 and Tim Donahue. During the lunch, the fire alarm went off and all had to evacuate. On the way out, Tim Russert ’72 commented that it reminded him of the Sergio Mendez concert when a bomb scare was called in.

We were at JCU in June for our youngest son Jack’s orientation. We visited with Joe Miller ’59, the associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Kerry Volkmann the wrestling coach. The campus is as beautiful as ever. The new science center will be state of the art when finished in 2003. The faculty and staff were extremely helpful and demonstrated the personal interest in each student that John Carroll has been known for. Our son Jack and we could not be more pleased with the choice.

One of the orientation counselors for Jack’s session was Maura Nagle, daughter of Ginny Henry Nagle. Ginny joined the counselors and the incoming freshmen for their skits one evening. We missed seeing Ginny as we didn’t realize the connection until the next day.

Another JCU friend is the director of counseling services, John Ropar ’72. He spoke to all of the parents about the changes in our lives and the lives of our children as they move into collegiate life. His talk was useful as well as entertaining. It was great to see him.

As always, please send us any information at rcostello@holycrosselem.org or costello@cumtd.com. We love to hear from you. Tom and Rosemary

Spring 2002

Well, Rosemary, the principal, has instructed me that once more I will be writing the column. I started to protest a bit and she threatened me with a detention. I am checking my back e-mails. Forgive me if I repeat some items but remember I am not the only one in this class in their fifties.

I enjoyed Mike Crabill’s m49crabill@aol.com note marveling at what college kids have in their dorm rooms these days. Mike’s son is a sophomore at Indiana University — so really what is a Hoosier. He is absolutely right when he says that FUN CITY hot dogs a.k.a. room 125 Murphy would struggle in an environment where everyone has their own fridge and microwave. Actually, we saw the handwriting on the wall when each room got its own phone, we knew microwaves would not be far behind. Like Mike and Bill Tarantelli (the Geraci twins), we also had a 200 lb. fridge. When Dom Iacuzio found it you would have thought he had struck gold. Fr. Sherrio just never appreciated its beauty.

John Byers jbyerscdr@aol.com has a son headed to the University of Central Florida. If you are in the Tampa area, get in touch with him or Barb (Vercek). John is always good for an internet joke or two.

A quick update, Greg Crandall greg@mediadome.com is doing fine as the VP worldwide sales of Mediadome Inc. of Santa Clara, CA.

Received an e-mail from Nick Moyer inmdds5076@aol.com from out Denver way. His daughter is college hunting and we compared notes on Boston College. Fortunately for me, he did not want to compare checkbooks.

Forgot to mention that Frank Chenette was at the reunion. He was in and out before we even got there.

Virgil Strohmeyer is living in Bedford, OH with his wife, Isabella and their daughter Anna Lisa (5). He received his Ph.D. from Armenian Academy of Sciences and has been a university instructor in several northeastern Ohio colleges and universities and has received numerous awards and honors, such as Fulbright Scholar in Armenia 1997-2000. Congratulations!

Our son, Jack, visited JCU recently as a potential freshman. I told him to wait until Joe Miller makes a real good offer.

I am sure many of you had friends or were in some way touched by the 9/11 tragedy. Please keep those folks in your prayers. It sure makes you want to get in contact with old and values friends.

Until next time — Send us some news. Tom and Rosemary