Spring 2017

Gerry Grim

Winter 2017
Dear classmates:

As a former class officer and current class columnist, I always try to write a column that covers individuals who might be of interest to the entire class. This short column is dedicated entirely to the outstanding reunion that Iota Chi Upsilon held during homecoming weekend. About 250 members returned for all or part of the weekend, producing one of the largest reunions in JCU history. The weekend started off on Friday with a golf tournament at Punderson State Park. Of a field of 96 golfers, the foursome of George Mackey (union president), Dr. Raymond Bartz ’68, Dr. Leo Grim ’74, and yours truly shot an excellent 64 to win the tournament. We threw a great party Friday night, starting in front of the old Manner’s (for us older readers) and continuing in the O’Dea Room on campus with alums from ’59 to ’02 (the last class of Iota Chi Upsilon). Everyone enjoyed meeting each other for the first time or seeing each other again for the first time in a long time. Saturday kicked off with a great tailgate party and the former football players from Iota Chi Upsilon being introduced on the field before a great JCU win. The highlight of the weekend was a group photo, followed by an outstanding 25-minute video of the many years of Iota Chi Upsilon history produced by a JCU faculty member and several IChis. A moving ceremony was held as the deceased members’ names were read aloud to a few tears. Master of ceremonies Thomas Gibbons ’66 was outstanding as he finished with a quote from a Bob Dylan song, which caused everyone to stand and cheer. Fr. Niehoff and the entire advancement/alumni staff, especially Tim Freeman ’78, did an outstanding job with all the arrangements, food, drink, special sweatshirts with the IChi logo, and making everyone feel welcome. Thank you. I was so glad James Chenet, George Mackey, Patrick Herald, Kurt Shellenberger, James Brennan, John Parsons ’71G, Michael Magulick, John Kennedy, Thomas Kelly, and Bill Delong attended. With two having passed away, 11 out of the potential 20 was outstanding attendance. As the planning for our 50th ramps up, I hope we can strive to exceed this record. I’d like to know how many classmates will have their 50th wedding anniversary the same year as our reunion.

Please support the JCU annual fund, send news, and plan for the 50th.


Gerry Grim

Fall 2016
Hello, classmates, from beautiful, on-the-rise Cleveland. Much like Cleveland, I feel like the class is growing and improving, as well as a great place to visit. If I’ve missed anything, or anyone, that was submitted, please accept my humble apology. The first news is from David Mihelic: “I retired two years ago this July after 40 years supplying golf courses in Ohio, the U.S., and Europe. My new job is yardman, maintenance man, and housekeeper. Our son David is running the business and focusing on expanding embroidery and silkscreen logo products. Our son Matt, a Diebold rep, just gave us our third grandson in April. Our daughter Stacie Mihelic Kavanagh ’91 is managing their rental properties in Shaker Heights and Tremont while her husband Jimmy manages a call center in Jamaica. Stacie has dad’s entrepreneurial spirit. She opened The Cleveland Crate Co., which features high-end, locally sourced and produced food, beverages, and beauty products. Since our retirement, we converted our in-law suite in our home in Portage Lakes to a vacation rental. Stacie has done the same with her home in Tremont, renting to RNC attendees and cast members of The Phantom of the Opera. We have met great people and gained many repeat customers. So get your family together for a Portage Lakes cookout and cruise. It’s a beautiful spot just south of Cleveland. David, I’ll accept a small commission from whatever JCU business you get.

Our famous rugby player our junior year is William Pietragallo, who was named a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer, an honor reserved for only 5 percent of the Pennsylvania Bar. Additionally, 19 members of the firm Bill co-founded also have received the honor. Congratulations, Bill. Please plan to attend our 50th reunion, especially for our rugby game. I’d be remiss not to mention that Michael Magulick, who just retired, also has been designated a Pennsylvania Super Lawyer several times.

Ron Sertz, one of Erie’s favorite sons and a great JCU booster, was named 2016 National Sports Tourism Executive of the Year. Ron received this honor from the National Association of Sports Commission. I’m sure you all have a sports commission in your hometown, so you know the competitive nature of the business. Ron helped move Erie from having nine events in 2012 to 50 this year. Great job, Ron. Hopefully, you’ll help with our 50th reunion.

In closing, I recently lost a friend, Arthur Gleason. I was with Arch for a few great days in May 2016, but we lost him in June. Arch had a great career as the president of the Kentucky Lottery, but I’ll remember him most for his winning personality and great love of family and friends, especially his wonderful wife, Anne.

Pete Adams and Chris Schraff, I promise you’re in next time. Give to the annual fund, and plan for the 50th!


Gerry Grim

Summer 2016

Gerry Grim



Spring 2016
Hello, everyone. There was a great column in the Cleveland Jewish News about our classmate Jeff Friedman and his long and distinguished legal career, especially fighting for those hurt in accidents, like Jeff was so many years ago. The Ed Wittenberg column does a great job explaining why Jeff has fought so hard to get compensation for those injured in an accident. The article can be read on the Cleveland Jewish News site under the Ed Wittenberg Jan. 14, 2016, post. Everyone in legal circles in Northeast Ohio knows Jeff is a great lawyer. I’ll always remember him for another major reason. At our 10th reunion in 1979, I was in my second year of trying to establish the new concept of four-day reunions. It was Friday night, and we had a great party going. People from all the classes were having a great time, but the noise was loud, and the neighbors were complaining to city hall. The University Heights police arrived on campus looking for me as head of reunions to tell me we had to shut it down. But it was only 10:30 p.m. If we had to shut down reunion weekend, the four-day concept might shut down altogether. Then, out of nowhere, Jeff shows up asking the officers what the problem is. At that time, Jeff was a city councilman. He made a few calls to city hall, and the party was able to go strong until 12:30 a.m. I always tell people Jeff Friedman helped save reunion weekend through an act of kindness for another classmate.

If you like to cook and try great recipes, visit Amazon.com for “The Vatican Cookbook: Presented by the Pontifical Swiss Guard.” The book, originally published in Switzerland only, was brought to the United States by Tom Kelly and Michael Dunigan ’70. The cookbook features favorite meals of the last three popes, beautiful pictures of the Vatican, and a history of the Swiss Guard. I highly recommend you buy the book.

I can always use news. Don’t forget to make an annual gift. Plan for our 50th reunion. Also, look up Phil Anderson ’72G on the Internet to see extraordinary work his construction company is doing in the San Francisco Bay area.


Gerry Grim

Winter 2016
I wish everyone the best possible 2016. Christmas 2015 brought a nice surprise with a note from my freshman-year roommate in the T wing of Pacelli Hall, Joe Faso. Joe was a great roommate and friend, but we lost contact, so I was glad to hear from him. Joe lives in Idaho, of which he gives a glowing report: “Clean air and water, small government, big sky, and the perfect four seasons.” Joe is retired from NetJets after many years of flying. Joe and his lovely wife, Jackie, have four children and eight grandchildren. Thanks for reaching out, Joe.

I have an idea I’d like to try. It’s borrowed from great columnists in newspapers and the Internet – a guest columnist. I was hoping someone from an organization – i.e., Glee Club, Pershing Rifles, University Club, Women’s Glee Club, Sodality, ROTC, Rugby Club, AED, Gamma Pi Epsilon Political Science, Circle Sailing Club, etc. – could write a column solely on members of our class from their group. Send me a note, and I’ll give you a due date for your column. It’s an idea worth trying.

I received a note that Tom Schneider passed away Dec. 7, 2015. Tom was in that great group who came to JCU in 1965 and a member of the University Club. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tom’s family.

Don’t forget to support JCU’s annual fund. Thanks for sending information.


Gerry Grim

Fall 2015
Hello, everyone. As we move into our later years, please follow the example below, and write. Thanks to John, Mike, and Bob for excellent updates. Mary and John Millikin have been married for 42 years. John worked in the computer field for 40 years, two at The Catholic University of America where he earned a master’s degree in psychology, 33 at Gallaudet University, and five at Strayer University. John taught an introductory statistics course via sign language to undergraduate and graduate students for 12 years. With five children, John and Mary were, and continue to be, busy with family activities, including annual summer vacations to Cape Cod. John was active in the Boy Scouts for 25 years, including four as scoutmaster for a local troop. The Millikins, who were busy with PTA activities, continue their participation in a citizens association and garden club. John has enjoyed woodworking at home and bike riding with scouts and friends, including eight Sea Gull Century (100 mile) rides. Since John’s retirement in 2012, he and Mary have enjoyed trips to visit relatives and friends in Florida and the Northeast, as well as taking an 11,000-mile road trip across America, reaching more than 20 national and state parks.

In 2010, Mike Kopkas retired after more than 36 years as a programmer for National City Bank, now PNC. He still works part time as a math instructor at Baldwin Wallace University, which he’s done for the past 27 years. He and his wife, Tracy (Abood), who’ve been married for 40 years, have four children and nine grandchildren (ages 10 to 1, with a heavy concentration on ages 3 to 6). Tracy and Mike spend a lot of time babysitting and playing games with them. They’ve also traveled a lot during the past 10 years, with cruises to the Caribbean, Alaska, and New England, and a recent train-bus tour to several Southwestern national parks, as well as a visit by Mike to his nephew in Brazil about 10 years ago. Besides his family, Mike’s other passion is photography. Studying photography for the past 10 years, he’s active in two photo clubs, has entered several photo contests and won prizes in several of them. His website (mikekopkas.zenfolio. com) displays a number of his favorite photographs.

Marie and Bob Moeller, who’ve been married for 30 years, have raised three children and are raising one of their four grandchildren. The Moellers belong to a marriage enrichment group. Marie is retired but continues to be an active member of the National Association for Family and Community Education. She’s a former state and county president who serves on the state board. They have four cats, a dozen turtles, and fresh and saltwater fish in eight tanks, ranging in size from five to 125 gallons. After getting his master’s degree in physics at JCU, Bob worked in research at The Catholic University of America for five years and then as a research physicist at the Naval Research Laboratory, where he coauthored 14 patents, for 30 years. Bob, who retired in 2007, has been an avid bicyclist for almost 50 years, starting with TOSRV (a bicycling tour of the Scioto River Valley in Ohio) with his older brother in the mid-1960s. He joined two bike clubs after moving to D.C. and led numerous rides annually. He served as road captain for many years and president for one year. He biked to work to stay in shape for longer weekend rides and took a 16-day vacation by bike, including camping on the Skyline Drive for 1,200 miles. He has logged 82,000 miles to date.

Please support JCU’s annual fund.


Gerry Grim

Summer 2015

Gerry Grim

Spring 2015
Hello, everyone. I’m no Mike Royko or Ann Landers, so I need help on the news front. I’m a little short on news this time, so please send in news via email, visit my Facebook page and leave a message, or call my cell phone.

I hope you read the outstanding profile of classmate Howard Hanna in the winter issue of John Carroll magazine. It’s well written and complimentary of Howard’s great success. For me, the key part of the story was that a political science major became an American business success, proving once again a liberal arts degree has long-term value. I know today’s college graduates want a degree that instantly provides a job, but the standard liberal arts degree is still a great way to go. Congratulations, Howard.

To find news for my column, I peruse my yearbook, looking up classmates. I need to admit, despite my many years working at Carroll, I never realized the tremendous accomplishment of classmate George Bosl, who’s one of the outstanding cancer researchers in the United States. He has been the holder of Patrick M. Byrne Chair in Clinical Oncology at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. His list of research papers is lengthy. Congratulations, George, for all your outstanding work in fighting this terrible disease.

He’s not our classmate, but I give a shout-out to coach Kerry Volkmann ’71, who, after 28 years coaching JCU wrestling, retired. At his last home match, more than 250 of the former teammates and athletes he coached in wrestling and football attended to honor him. Plus, there was a surprise visit from our classmate and Kerry’s teammate Dr. John Parsons, who flew in from Rhode Island for the day.

I close with a question from our yearbook: Would the members of the Canadian Club, as shown in our senior yearbook, please reveal their true identity to me?

Don’t forget to support JCU through the annual fund, the IXY scholarship, the Blue Gold Club, or the Forever Carroll capital campaign.


Gerry Grim

Winter 2015
Greetings. Since my last column, Dorothy and I were lucky enough to travel thanks to classmates’ children. I made my first visit to Clearwater, Fla., to attend the beautiful beach wedding of Ed Christy’s son. The always-enjoyable Mr. William Badke also attended. Bill was sorry he missed reunion but willingly joined the 50th reunion committee. We were also able to journey to Chicago for the wedding of Patrick Herald’s daughter. It was a great evening with many alumni present. We sat with John Kennedy, David Letscher, James Brennan, Edward Sandrick ’70, and their wives. Many other alumni from Chicago attended. Thanks Pat and Bridget for a great evening. I also was able to make a quick trip to Rochester, N.Y., to play golf and lose to George Mackey and his partner Dr. Raymond Bartz ’68. My partner, Michael Magulick, and I got waxed by the spectacular play of Dr. Bartz and Mr. Mackey’s clutch putting. Thanks for the invite, George.

Thanks to Facebook, I know Bill Delong had a great time visiting Istanbul, Vienna, and Budapest during the summer. But I believe the highlight of Bill’s summer was losing a lira to me on the golf course.

Again, thanks to Facebook, I know Chris Schraff had a bucket-list experience when he visited Notre Dame’s locker before the Stanford game. I know for Chris, the ND law school graduate, it was a great day. Chris also was able to play golf in New Mexico. He said the scenery was so beautiful it caused him to shoot a higher score than normal. We golfers can think of the best excuses for poor play.

I saw the Streaks win their first-round playoff game on Nov. 22, 2014. I was lucky enough to sit with classmates Mike Hardy and Steve Todd. We were joined by Jim McCrystal ’70. The team looked great, and the campus looked even better, especially with the Murphy Hall makeover. I did hear, though, Fr. Shero’s ghost is causing problems. The football team got another shot at Mount Union on Dec. 6 but couldn’t bring home a win.

I need to end on sad news. Denis Delaney passed away on Nov. 15. Denis was a strong Saint Ignatius High School and JCU supporter. For me, during my two stints at JCU, Denis was always an individual I could call for help on reunions. He was always quick to say yes. We sat together a lot last reunion weekend, as always smiling and glad to see classmates and pushing everyone to make sure we had a better 50th.

You’re all in my prayers. I hope you had a great Christmas and Happy New Year. Please write, call, email, or Facebook. All news helps.

PS, as of this writing, I’m still looking for a job.


Gerry Grim

Fall 2014

All, save the dates June 14 – 16, 2019. We already have the start of a reunion committee for our 50th. The 12 classmates who attended our 45th agreed to start a campaign to have a huge 50th reunion celebration. As we sat under the big tent on Friday and Saturday nights, we marveled at the attendance generated by the class of 1964 for their 50th. We spent a lot of time asking why so-and-so didn’t attend or how is so-and-so. We agreed we needed to start soon to make the 50th a special event. A class as great as ours shouldn’t have poor attendance. Our resident and strong reunion attendee math genius, Rich Guinta, couldn’t determine what percentage 12 represented because the number was so low. Even with only 15 for dinner (including spouses) on Saturday, the school’s president Fr. Robert Niehoff, S.J., found his way to our small group to thank us for our strong fiscal support as we did set a record for class giving. Thanks, Bob Gunn, and all others who gave this year. Also, our class has three members on the JCU board of directors, which leads all classes. Fr. Niehoff gave an upbeat and informative talk about the state of the University. The valiant 12 – who agreed to start in about 24 months to reach out to classmates to encourage them to attend – agreed to get the class list from me with emails and phone numbers to start promoting the 50th. We’ll try to work along affinity groups, majors, business schools, athletics, dorm groups, friends, etc. If you’d like to help, please email me. We already have a great suggestion of hiring a cover band for Friday night, so if you have connections to a group that plays a lot of ’60s music, please reach out to me about cost, etc. All other suggestions to improve attendance are welcome.

I know George Aufmuth is having a great retirement thanks to his many postings on Facebook. Send me a friend request if you use Facebook so we can get news and help with reunion planning.

On a personal note, I could use a job, so If you hear of anyone needing a great fundraiser, promoter, and all-round hard worker, let me know. Take care, send news, and plan to attend the 50th and support the annual fund.


Gerry Grim

Summer 2014

Gerry Grim

Spring 2014

As we in Cleveland, and much of the Midwest, enjoyed one of the nicest winters on record – golf courses open, flowers coming early, lots of time to ride bikes – hopefully every class member’s thoughts have turned to our class reunion in June. It has been 45 short years since we left campus, and this June will be a great time to return. Make your reservation ASAP.

I heard from a classmate who knows a lot about winter weather, John Palombo, who has spent many years in Minnesota. John, I wish I had asked for your advice many years ago and maybe I wouldn’t still be working. Here’s John’s nice note: “Grim, You never talk about what you’re up to. You should. I celebrated our 30th anniversary with Susan this year [a University of Texas alum]. Our oldest son, Nick, graduated from Colorado College in 2011 and is teaching math and science in St. Louis with Teach For America while finishing up his master’s in education. Twins Megan and Michael started their junior year. Megan is at her mom’s alma mater, the University of Texas at Austin, and Michael is at Vanderbilt. They’re all dean’s list, cum laude students, something I never got close to, even if you added all four years of my GPA. It was fun to visit. There was good beer, BBQ, and music all around. After two decades in Minnesota, we’ll be spending January through March in Austin next winter. We love it down there, plus there’s no state income tax. Summers in Minnesota are almost always spectacular, so we won’t be giving that up anytime soon. Susan joined the family business two years ago after 25 years of corporate life, and it’s like she’s been managing money her whole career.”

All of you, please follow Mr. Hanna’s lead, and let me know about your grandchildren at least. “Gerry, I hope all is well. I missed seeing you in Cleveland. In your most recent Alumni Journal article, I’d like to reiterate Mary Anne and I are the grandparents of 12, ranging from 7 months, Watkins White, to our oldest grandson, 16-year-old Connor Riley. We have seven boys and five girls and, hopefully, a few more babies along the way.” Howard, thanks for the update and all you do for John Carroll on the board of trustees and all your company does for the community.

I received a nice note from Bill Paul, but I wish I would’ve known about the Circle K reunion because I would’ve brought my trusty pad and paper to gather news. “I found out Marty Brezin passed away June 7, 2013. On a happier note, everything is well in Mandeville, La. I retired from the commercial roofing industry last year and bought a 30-foot sailboat we enjoy on Lake Pontchartrain. I’m still playing tennis at least twice a week and made it back to Carroll in October for the Circle K 50th anniversary reunion. We had a great turnout, and everyone hopes to reunite in a couple years. Thanks for all the work you do in keeping us informed about what’s happening.” Bill also wrote a note to our classmates in Circle K about the passing of Marty Brezin, which I will get in next time because of space limitations.

There’s a great picture above of classmates with Bishop John Carroll at a baseball game. Names aren’t included because it’s a warm-up for remembering them after 45 years during reunion weekend. Also, please support the class gift in honor of reunion. I’m also a class agent for the gift and would like to achieve 100-percent participation of my assigned classmates. Summer is coming soon, I hope.

A few classmates and Bishop John Carroll attended a baseball game. Those in the photo are purposefully not mentioned so the picture can be used as a warm-up for reunion when classmates try to remember each other’s names after 45 years.

A few classmates and Bishop John Carroll attended a baseball game. Those in the photo are purposefully not mentioned so the picture can be used as a warm-up for reunion when classmates try to remember each other’s names after 45 years.

Note to Mike Hardy, I need many strokes for our next match.

All my best to every classmate, their significant others, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Send news.


Gerry Grim

Winter 2014

The Association, We Five, Simon and Garfunkel, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Four Tops, Temptations, Turtles, Kenny Rogers. Many in the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I would bet we didn’t pay more than $5 a ticket to see them. Any guess what it costs today to see all those groups. Thanks, UClub, for bringing in those great concerts.

I feel like I’m in the Class Column Hall of Fame with all the responses lately. So leading this time is a great note from David Slosar. David’s note opens with an answer to one of my quiz questions: “Delong and Slosar were senior basketball players, and Ed was a sophomore. Better question: What was the first year for freshman eligibility for varsity play? Answer: 1969. I had to call Bill and laugh when I read the update. I hope life finds you in good health. I told Billy I’ve never been to a high school or college reunion. I graduated in absentia because I went to work for the Ford Motor Co. and didn’t tell them I was a commissioned officer that summer and heading to the Army because I was No. 1 in the draft anyway. I appreciate your effort on our class’ behalf. Best regards. I’ve been in Texas since 1980 because I never wanted to shovel snow again.” Dave, it was great to hear from you. We enjoy the effort you and Bill Delong made on the court. Come to our 45th in June. There won’t be snow.

The next note from the always-delightful Sandy Cervenak McHale wins the quiz contest. Plus, Sandy leads off by calling me clever, which wins her a lot of points. “Well, Gerry, that was pretty clever of you! I never could pass up a test, so here are your answers: Pat Herald, Dave Klausner, Chris Schraff, Dan Walsh, Rod Porter, Dennis Laffay, Jim Barbour, Paul Myslenski, Bogomir Glavan, Jerry Mackey, Hugh Rollins, and Mike Hardy were members of Alpha Sigma Nu. Prof. Joseph Cotter was honored to have the Carillon dedicated to him in 1969. Bill Delong, Dave Slosar and Ed Heffernan ’71 were the only three seniors on Carroll’s varsity basketball team. Our only classmate from west of the Mississippi was Tom Lynch, from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The one from farthest east was Joseph Zambella, who was from Boston. Seniors of the University Club presented several concerts during the year, as well as the University Series, which included The Electric Circus, The Ideal Husband, Los Indios Tabajaras, and the National Shakespeare Co. Yours truly was the editor of The Carroll News. Ed Andros, Greg Ballentine, Jim Burns, Rog Deike, Carl Gleine, John McNamara, Phil Murphy, Bob Novacek, Jim O’Connor, and John Palombo were brothers in Delta Alpha Theta. So, does my free reunion weekend include transportation to and from California? Ha, ha! I’m sure you’ll receive many of the right answers because everything could be found in our yearbook. It was good to go through it so thoroughly. Doing so brought back a lot of nice memories. And as long as I’ve taken the time to do this, I’ll catch you up on my life. I can’t remember when I wrote last, but my most exciting adventures during the past seven years were when my husband Bill and I traveled throughout our beautiful country in an RV. We did this for three years and recorded our travels on our web site. Yahoo was supposed to delete it, but it’s still there if anyone cares to look – geocities.com/grapesfan. The schedule on the right refers to 2008-2009. In June of 2009, thanks to the real-estate crash, we were able to return to California and buy a nice home on Lake Tulloch in Copperopolis, where we originally planned to retire many years ago. I’m editor of the newsletter for our home owners association and webmaster of our website. I also volunteer at the library once a week. We still have our fifth-wheel trailer and take short trips with a local club. We’ll be leaving soon for a six-week trip to three national parks we somehow missed during our travels: Glacier, Yellowstone, and Grand Teton. I still have two brothers in Ohio, but I haven’t been back there since we came through in 2008, so I’ve never attended a JCU reunion. My college years seem like a blur (and I didn’t even drink back then!) but maybe just because I’ve grown older. I’d like to touch base with some of my buddies from The Carroll News because I lost track of them. Thanks for writing the class column. I always enjoy it. Maybe I’ll see you at the reunion next year, if you send me those tickets!”

Everyone plan on the reunion in June and make a gift to the Carroll Fund if possible. I still have stories for the column, but please don’t stop writing. You’re all in my thoughts and prayers for good health.


Gerry Grim

Fall 2013
Hello, everyone. What a surprise, what joy, what happiness. Not since I managed to pass ethics from Fr. Dister in 1967 have I felt so much pride in JCU. I heard from so many people. Keep sending news.

Here’s a note from Paul Myslenski: “Greetings, Grimmer, from deepest, darkest Texas (Austin, that is). First of all, thanks for being the class contact and keeping the home fires burning. I bet the first thing we turn to is this column to find out what’s happening. We appreciate you doing this. Second, I have no idea what I have in common with the folks you named in the last issue. You stumped me. I know Sandy was the editor of the newspaper. A quick catch-up: After sleeping though Edmund Muskie’s commencement address (John DiCello, one of my best friends, got married the day before graduation, so I received my diploma in an altered state). I earned a master’s at Michigan, came back to Cleveland, and taught for three years at St. Ignatius High School (my other Jesuit alma mater), then went to work at IBM for 30 years. My IBM odyssey went from Poughkeepsie, N.Y., to White Plains, N.Y., to Boca Raton, Fla., to Austin, Texas. I’m blissfully retired and spend my time jogging, golfing, volunteering, reading, painting, and taking care of the dog. I have one son and two granddaughters who live in Cleveland. I often return to see them. Reminiscing about JCU is a bittersweet affair because so many of my main men – Jim Tasse, Rod Porter, Chas Fuller, and Denny Laffay – have moved on, and there’s a hole in my heart where they used to be. But there are also great times to remember. That’s quite enough for now. Maybe I’ll see you all at our 45th reunion.” Thanks for writing, Paul. The part about missing friends highlights what JCU represented during our time.

This note is from Bob Merino: “Gerry, just an update on the Niagara Falls Merinos. Attorney Robert (Cleveland State, J.D., ’72) was elected as a Niagara Falls City Court judge in 2007 and was appointed by the New York State Appellate Division as an acting Erie County Family Court judge (Buffalo). Married with four children and nine grandchildren, I’ve practiced law in Western New York for 35 years before taking the bench. Hello to all my classmates.”

This is a great note from Marilyn (Bosak) Tietjen ’73G, who might be able to help some of us, mainly me, who can’t ever retire: “Hi, Gerry. While I was reading the last magazine, I noticed my classmates are retiring. I recently accepted a new position as project manager, global sales team with Lee Hecht Harrison, the world’s largest career transition company. It’s a great role with colleagues who are amazingly talented, and I get to work from home. My family is doing well. My grandchildren include a 16-year-old girl, who lives in Medina, Ohio, and two little ones – ages 6 and 4 living in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. My husband, Bill, and I live in Springfield, Pa., near Philadelphia. We spend quality time attending plays in New York City and weekends at the Delaware Beaches and Jersey Shore. The devastation from Hurricane Sandy is still a significant problem. The fall colors are amazing in the Poconos. I experienced an especially proud moment when the Vatican announced our new pope is a Jesuit. I thought it would never happen. There is a God.”

If you don’t see your name, don’t despair because I get more space in 2014 because we have a reunion. Please come, and please support the annual fund. All the news makes this job great.


Gerry Grim

Summer 2013

Gerry Grim

Spring 2013
This is an effort to get you to write to me: What did Pat Herald, Dave Klausner, Chris Schraff, Dan Walsh, Rod Porter, Dennis Laffay, Jim Barbour, Paul Myslenski, Bogomir Glavan, Jerry Mackey, Hugh Rollins, and Mike Hardy have in common in 1969? How was Prof. Joseph Cotter honored by our class? What did Bill Delong, Dave Slosar, and Ed Heffernan ’71 have in common as classmates? We had plenty of classmates from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Virginia, but who was the only classmate from west of the Mississippi and the one farthest east that was in our graduating class? What seniors brought us The Electric Circus, The Ideal Husband, Los Indios Tabajaras, and the National Shakespeare Co.? (I must admit I missed all of this because of my job at the Pepper Pot, but I’m sure they were great). Sandy Cervenak McHale ran what on-campus publication? What do Ed Andros, Greg Ballentine, Jim Burns, Rog Deike, Carl Gleine, John McNamara, Phil Murphy, Bob Novacek, Jim O’Connor, and John Palumbo have in common as classmates? The one with all the right answers receives a free reunion weekend next June.

Don’t forget to support JCU’s annual fund. If you’re a former IXY with a grandson, granddaughter, niece, nephew, etc., coming to JCU, don’t forget to check on the IXY scholarship.

Send news. It’s good for all of us to hear how we’re doing.


Gerry Grim

Winter 2013
I wish all my classmates a great 2013. Two Davids, Aggers and Brown, celebrated their 65th this month. I’m not sure how many of us still haven’t reached that mark, but to all those reaching 65 in 2013, Happy Birthday!

Tim Cleary was nice enough to connect with me on LinkedIn. He has his own law practice, Cleary & Associates, in Akron, Ohio. Thanks, Tim.

Ed Dillon is a volunteer Deacon at St. Mary Church in Elyria, Ohio. Ed, please keep praying for the health and well being of our classmates.

Jim Price, a longtime high school counselor in the Rochester, N.Y., area, is retired and back in his hometown of Pittsburgh. But that’s not the reason I’m writing about Jim, who’s one of the classmates in the football pool run by Edward (Boss) Christy. With three weeks to go in the pool, Jim was undefeated, a perfect 13-0, causing the Miami Dolphins to delay their annual celebration of going undefeated back in 1972. Way to go, Jim.

I wish I had more to report, but despite my best efforts on Facebook and LinkedIn, I don’t. I’d like to hear from three Joes: Amon, Mathers, and Faso – all great members of our class. It would also be nice to hear from Norm Slemenda and Tim Myslenski ’70. I wish all the female members of our class would send an update. How about it?

I’m expecting grandchild No. 5 in March. You could, at least, send me the number of grandchildren you have.

All my best, and, as your mother used to say when you were a freshman, please write.


Gerry Grim

Fall 2012
Hello, class of 1969. Sorry I missed the last issue, but I need help. My bucket list includes winning the Silver Quill Award for excellence by a class columnist, but missing columns gets you a black mark on the Silver Quill ledger. I’m happy to report I have news this issue. First is the nice note from the class’s best politician and Washington insider Michael Scanlon. As a golfer, I’m jealous of Mike’s accomplishment. “Gerry, this August I had the opportunity to speak at the national convention of the Australia-Asia Self Storage Association in Sydney. (Mike is the head of the association in the U.S.) Paula and I met a local resident along the way. I’ve now played golf on every continent but Antarctica, and I don’t know how I’m going to get that round in. The photo is of Mike and Paula with one of Australia’s best exports, the Koala bear. As to Mike’s quest to play in Antarctica, my research shows at least one disc golf course there. Mike, if you play that course, I think everyone will agree that would count.

The next news I received was about something bad that happened to a good person but also is good news and reaffirms the special bond and friendships that developed during our four special years together on 60 acres in University Heights. Bob Geiss, to all who know Bob in our class, was a special person. Bob had a terrible fall from a roof, which, if you saw the pictures, you’d be amazed he’s still with us. Here’s Bob’s note: “Hello, Gerry. This is coming from my computer at school where I’m a psychologist. I’ve wanted to write for some time. I’m going to send documents and photos from the past 10 months that I have on my home computer. I just wanted to get something to you while I was thinking about it. You might have heard I fell off a roof and was out of commission for three months. The JCU connection is linked to my faith but also to the fact I heard from Rich Guinta, Bill Badke, Tom Bednarczyk, Tom Martin, Mike Graczyk, Pete Adams, Ed Christy, Jim Wieser, and Tim Rogers. Rich and Bill drove many hours to see me in the hospital at U of Wisconsin (Madison), where I spent the first two weeks getting this modern-day Humpty Dumpty back together. Seven titanium plates were put in my face to start the healing. The documents I’ll send will clarify what happened, and the picture will portray the healing power of God. I’ll get those to you over the weekend.” Rich, Bill, and all who helped Bob get through this ordeal, you’ve shown your Blue Streak spirit and friendship.

I know many classmates qualified for Mensa but not me. We lost a classmate, Charles (Chas) Fuller, who was one of those geniuses. We extend our sympathies to his family and all his friends in our class. I played a lot of golf with Chas and enjoyed every round. But my favorite memory was when he invited me and several other classmates to hear Dr. Al Hamilton of the JCU history department speak at the local Mensa Club in Cleveland back in the ’70s. It was a great experience to be around so many interesting and exceptional individuals. Thanks, Chas.


Two of our classmates were awarded honors by the legal profession. First, former rugby superstar Bill Pietragallo was named one of the top 50 lawyers in Pittsburgh. Congratulations, Bill. Also, history department superstar Chris Schraff was honored by Chambers USA as one of the top Environmental Lawyers in Ohio. Congratulations, Chris.

In closing, I was just kidding about the Silver Quill Award, but it’s easier to write when I have news. My golf partner, John Kennedy, and I won the Kiawah Cup at our biannual grudge match over Herald and Magulick. Thanks, John, for a great putt on 18. Dorothy and I had a great time at the wedding of Pat Herald’s oldest son in early August. Many JCUers attended.

Don’t forget to give to the John Carroll Annual Fund; and for you IXYers in the audience, don’t forget to give to the IXY scholarship. Send news, and I’ll write.


Gerry Grim

Summer 2012

Gerry Grim

Spring 2012
Bill Badke was the huge winner in the Old Man’s Super Bowl pool run by Ed Christy. I, much like the Steelers, finished poorly; but nice job, Bill.

I received the following note from George Aufmuth: “My JCU roommate, Mike Kolp, and I have stayed in touch since college. For about 17 years, we lived in North Canton, Ohio. Our wives also became good friends. Mike and his wife visited my wife and I in South Carolina. We spent a fun weekend together and took the wives to see the Christmas decorations at the Biltmore mansion in North Carolina. Mike took over his father’s plumbing business years ago, and his son works in the business, too. I’m still employed with Michelin tires in retail marketing. This year marks my 33rd year of being in the tire industry. We enjoy living in South Carolina and plan to retire here. We love company, so if any of the old T-wingers are in the area, stop by.”

Here’s something you should be proud of: Three members of our class are serving on the University’s board of directors. Mr. Hanna and Mr. Hardy have been on the board, but Stephen Todd joined them recently. Stephen, one of our outstanding business school graduates, had a long and successful career with Ernest and Young. I worked at Carroll for 12 years, went to school here for four years, and have volunteered for about 15 years, so I know some JCU history. Not many classes have achieved the lofty status of three classmates serving on the board at the same time. Great job, Howard, Mike, and Stephen. The school is in good hands.

Anyone who reads this column and played intramurals, especial during our freshman and sophomore years, or lived in Dolan, will be sadden by this news: Bill Oldani passed away Oct. 6, 2011. Bill, who was at JCU for only two years, was the most enthusiastic referee/umpire for football, basketball, and softball intramurals. Bill treated every game as if he was working an NBA, NFL, or MBL game. He was a true character and will be missed by his JCU friends.

Advice about Medicare is welcome because I’m flooded with Plan B, C, and D material. They must have known my GPA at Carroll. Take care, and write.


Gerry Grim

Winter 2011

Gerry Grim

Fall 2011
Will you still love me when I’m 64? Well, here I am, 64 for 15 days, and I’m not feeling any love, except from a member of the class of 1968, Phil Giacinti, who sent me a special note of thanks for supporting the Fred Hartman ’68 scholarship. Thanks, Phil. I have nothing from fellow classmates, many of whom have reached 64.

I wasn’t feeling any love when I lost to Jim Brennan and John Kennedy on the 18th hole at a beautiful course in Detroit. David Letscher, my golf partner, and I put in a good fight but lost to superior sandbaggers. (They played well, but defeat is hard two years in a row.) It was a great way to celebrate my 64th birthday.

Through Facebook, I found BJ Lechner is still running Erie, Pa., and serves as the executive director of NWRC, a management consulting firm. BJ, please send me news about the crew in Erie.

Also through Facebook, one of the truly nice members of our class, Denis Delaney, is an owner of DSA, a professional training and coaching firm. Denis, I could’ve used coaching as I choked my way down the 18th fairway.

I could use a few prayers for a good friend of mine and classmate, Michael Magulick, as he battles a rare form of cancer. After the first seven weeks of treatment, all signs are good, but prayers will continue to help.

I’d love about 64 news items. Wishing you all great 64th birthdays.


Gerry Grim

Summer 2011
We have a significant reason to be proud of our class because a second member has been awarded the Alumni Medal. Bob Valente received the award in May at commencement. Bob joins Mike Hardy as our class award winners. Bob has long served as an advisor to the University’s planned giving program with much success as a donor and member of Alumni Association Board of Directors. Bob was honored at a dinner on campus May 20. Congratulations, Robert.

Members of the classes of 1968 and 1969 have started a scholarship to honor Fred Hartman ’68. Fred, as many of you know, was killed in the line of duty in Vietnam in 1969. Fred was posthumously awarded the Campion Award for Courage by JCU in 2009. If you lived in Murphy anytime during your years at Carroll, you’ll remember Hawk and what a great individual and friend he was to everyone. If you have a few quarters to spare, please go online to jcu.edu and make a gift to the Hartman Scholarship or call the alumni office.

Wonderful Norm Slemenda still is in the radio business as the general manager of Prettyman Broadcasting in Martinsburg, W.V. Norm, please consider picking up the Kelly and Company Show staring Tom Kelly and me as a great show on Sunday afternoons.

Former JCU football star Jim Chenet is living in North Carolina and works as personnel coach to help achieve maximum sales performance. He also travels throughout the United States speaking for the Christian Business Men’s Connection. I’ve heard the talks are good.

A significant change is happening on the JCU campus – the Bohannon Science Center is being torn down this summer. I’m sure all of us in the class of 1969 can remember what a big deal it was when the building opened our junior year. You know time has past when a building from our youth is being torn down, and it’s not even a sports stadium.

After 18 years of fundraising for private education, I’ve switched to social services and will be raising money for Bethesda Lutheran Communities, which takes care of mentally disabled adults in group homes in 13 states. My fourth grandchild was born April 24, and my oldest son is getting married Oct. 1.

Send news, any news. Also, listen to a great radio talk show on your computers on 1420AM from noon to 2 p.m. every Sunday. All the best to all my classmates.


Gerry Grim

Spring 2011

Gerry Grim

Winter 2010

Hello, members of the class of 1969. The Steelers are 4-1, so all is right with the world. Hope all your favorite teams are 5-0. The Indians and the Pirates are just terrible, and LeBron left town, so not everything is perfect in my sports world. I’m playing fantasy football in a league formed by Ed Christy that includes other class of 1969 members: Bill Badke, Jim Price, and Tom Moore. I’m not 4-1 in that league. Ed is always looking for members for his old guys’ league. It’s an easy league, a quasi-elimination that runs an entire season, so get a hold of Ed and sign up for next year.

Front page of the Cleveland Plain Dealer brought good news for classmate Dan Walsh. His family construction company secured the bid to rebuild Cleveland’s Inner Belt Bridge, which needs many repairs. Dan’s company secured the $285-million job against stiff competition. One of the main reasons ODOT chose Walsh Construction was because of the many unique and innovative features of the new bridge. Congratulations Dan and to all at Walsh Construction. See, Dan, it paid to be vice president of our class.

My fellow old guys’ league member and freshman Pacelli Hall T-wing friend, Tom Moore, is living in Charlotte, N.C. Tom is retired but enjoys his Corvette, coffee roasting, and collecting antique fountain pens. (Information gathered right off Tom’s Facebook page). Also off of Facebook: Ed Dillon is retired from one of the great Cleveland insurance agencies: Fitzgibbons Arnold and Co. He’s enjoying retirement and keeps busy with model railroading, golf (lots of it), and travel. Ed has posted great travel pictures.

I found Greg Jodzio on Facebook, too. Greg, who’s living in Hutchinson, Minn., has a great picture on his Facebook page of himself at work. It’s worth a visit. Greg, I’d like more information about Red Hots.

My golfing buddy, Mike Magulick, was selected by his peers for inclusion in the 2011 edition of the Best Lawyers in America in the practice areas of personal injury litigation and professional malpractice. Congratulations, Mike. How about all you other lawyers letting me know if you’ve gotten honored in the Best Lawyers of America or other honors.

We have one classmate living in Hawaii, one in Rhode Island, one in Wisconsin, and one in West Virginia. If those four individuals would send me a note about being the only member of the class of 1969 living in those states, that could make for great news.

In closing, I wish every classmate all the best for the holidays. Also, support the Carroll Fund or the Fred Hartman Scholarship that’s been established at JCU. IXYs, please support our scholarship, which is one of the largest and helps five students a year. We’d like to be helping 10 students a year.


Gerry Grim

Fall 2010

Hello, 1969 classmates. After a two-column hiatus (because I didn’t just want to be writing about classmates passing away), I’m back. Please visit Amazon.com quickly and purchase the book “The Best Good Time,” a nostalgic journey for baby boomers written by our very own Mike Scanlon. One review on Amazon says it’s laugh-out-loud funny. The book is in the fiction section but is based on a real life, cross-country car ride taken by Mike and his best friend Bob Johnson in 1978 right after Mike would’ve left the Gerald Ford White House. From the reviews, the two main characters were at different ends of the political spectrum in their voting records but best friends. That idea seems so strange in today’s era of I’m right and you’re wrong no matter which side of the fence you sit. Let’s turn this book into a best seller for Mike. It also turns out Mr. Scanlon has been getting a group together around Reunion Weekend for golf and dinner off campus.

This past June, Ron Sertz, Dave Letscher, Greg (Slater) Martin, and Mike Scanlon joined a group of friends from the class of ’70 for golf and dinner on Thursday before Reunion Weekend. All reported having a great time.

If you get a chance to visit Erie, Pa., stop and say hello to Ron Sertz, especially during hockey season. Ron is deeply involved with the Erie Otters, a minor league hockey team. Ron also had a hand in bringing the NBA developmental team to Erie. He’s also president of Classic Promotions and Services. I’d say Ron is the sports guy of our class. P.S. – Any free tickets available for Otters games?

Not sure if you saw in the last issue Joe DeBartolo passed away. Joe was a true character and a great supporter of John Carroll. Joe wrote this column for many years and did a great job. He also was involved in our many reunions as a committee member, but mainly as the creator of the class favor. He’ll also be remembered for showing up at his 25th Reunion in a stretch limo. Joe loved his days in the Glee Club and all his friends from Carroll. Joe Dee will be missed. We also lost another good classmate, Bill Baroni, recently. Bill was part of the New Jersey crew that rolled into University Heights back in 1965 and couldn’t understand what 3.2 beer was and why they couldn’t have a 7 and 7 at 18. Bill always was a gentleman and will be missed.

In closing, I’m a grandfather for the third time with Colin Daniel Cox, who was born to my daughter, Gillian, May 30.

Please send me news of grandchildren, great vacations, and retirements. Take care of yourselves and write.


Gerry Grim

Winter 2009

Hello, everyone. I am limited to 450 words – not much room – so we will focus on one nice note I received from our classmate Tom Sarnecki. If I was in charge of admissions at John Carroll, I would make sure Tom’s note was part of the admission material. It explains the value of a Jesuit education in wonderful terms. It also gives this dorm student an appreciation of what it really meant to be a day hop in the old days. He wrote: “Hi Gerry and greetings from SoCal. I was kind of shocked to read about my board work with Canyon Acres in John Carroll magazine’s ‘Class Notes’ section. Right after graduation, 40 years ago, I married one of JCU’s first coeds, Linda Cable Sarnecki. We raised three children; resided in the City of Angeles for 30 years; and – for a couple of blue-collar, brown bagger commuters (and first generation college grads from Cleveland’s West Side) – have been most blessed! John Carroll was a blur to Linda and me. We took two buses and the Rapid Transit every day to campus and then back home; held full-time jobs during semester breaks and summer; and looked for part-time work during the school year. My father was a steelworker; my father-in-law a bus driver. Put our kids through Rice, Notre Dame, and Columbia (one reason our retirement accounts remain a little light). Linda heads the math department at Servite High School, a Catholic, all-boys prep school in nearby Anaheim. I’ve been an employment attorney, general counsel and corporate officer since graduating from Cleveland-Marshall in ’73. I’m with the North American affiliate of a diversified Australian packaging corporation, Amcor Ltd. Thought we would spend our lives in Cleveland. After moves to Milwaukee, Dallas, and Chicago, the grace of God – and another career opportunity – transported the Sarneckis to lovely Los Angeles in 1979. Although Linda and I have no ties to John Carroll other than our degrees, we have tremendously benefitted from core values of the Jesuit experience. It was compelling in the 1960s and remains meaningful in this 21st century. I hope the University continues to save a few seats for students of working-class families – for commuters and brown baggers.”

I also have been lucky to reconnect with my old roommate David Brown over a couple of breakfasts. Dave is a VP at Key Bank, an avid fly fisherman, owner of six big dogs, and able to remember the names and birthdates of 16 grandchildren. I wish I had a little more to report but the well is dry. I have a Facebook page and I am LinkedIn so send me a note.

Go Steelers – as always, Grimmer

Fall 2009

I am writing this column on my 62nd birthday, so happy birthday to me and all my classmates who are 62 or will be soon. Besides serving as a way to draw attention to my birthday, this column’s purpose is to recap our 40th Reunion. First, let’s congratulate Bob Valente and Hoddy Hanna on the great job on the class gift. Our classmates gave $200,000 and increased their participation to 31 percent. Considering the economy the last 12 months, every donor needs an extra special thank you. Great job, Hoddy and Bob. Reunions can be bittersweet at our age. I got the following note from Mike Lavin: “Gerry, this is the first time I have responded to the Alumni Journal in 40 years. The reason for this note is that last week I attended the funeral of Frederick G. Schmidt Jr., better known as “The Greek” from Pittsburgh, PA. Fred was my roommate during our senior year at Carroll. The Greek lost a valiant 10-year battle to cancer. I was the only Carroll alumnus at the funeral. The Greek was definitely one of the most well known and well liked guys from the burgh. We had some really crazy times at JCU with the Greek. He will be missed”! Mike, I agree Fred will be missed by many and especially the second floor T-wingers in Pacelli.

I also got a great note Reunion week from one of JCU’s all time great wrestlers, Dan Minnis, who works for the State of Montana. “Grimmer, I can’t get to Reunion this year, but I ask that you give my warmest regards to everyone. I am doing a lot of public defender work. Unfortunately there appears to be no shortage of bad guys, so I am assured of having a job as long as I want it. As you may or may not know, ‘Surfer’ (John Delaney) now lives in Montana within 125 miles of me. He is married with two young children. I have seen him a few times, and we talk on the phone. I also keep in touch with ‘Kraut’ (Kurt Shellenberger). He is one of those guys who I may not see for several years, but when we do get together it’s as if I only went out for a loaf of bread. My wife (Lori) is the computer curriculum expert for the local school district. I have a daughter (Kate) in college; she wants to be a teacher. We have an adopted son (Bill) and an adopted daughter (Mya). Bill graduated from high school and has left the nest. Mya will be a high school sophomore; is an artist and has an artist’s temperament. Age 62 is coming with no regrets. Hopefully everyone else feels the same way.”

For me, a major Reunion highlight was a great golf match on Friday afternoon between George (Jerry) Mackey, Mike Hardy, David (Doc) Aggers, Michael Magulick, John Kennedy, myself, and an invited guest from the Class of ’71, Jim Mackey. David Letscher was scheduled to play but failed to show on the first tee. No scores will be posted. I think the scene Saturday night is what makes Reunions important. I watched Bill (Willey) Ward and Don Cernansky talking with Coach Jerry Schweickert ’60. The old coach and the two former players were laughing and telling lies about practices and games a long time ago. All three looked to be 40 years younger. The stories cannot be retold in this family publication. It was great to see everyone that attended – the Boss, Badke, Kirk, Denis Delaney, Jim Price, Tom Mahler, Toomey, Tom Herold, Tom Scanlon, Guinta, Geiss, and all the others who attended. The only problem with our 40th Reunion was how many of our classmates didn’t attend. I know the committee worked hard to reach out personally to everyone, but our attendance was low. I know it was Father’s Day weekend and U.S. Open weekend, but a Reunion only comes once every five years. If you have any suggestions on how to improve attendance, drop me a line. All suggestions and criticisms are welcome. Take care, everyone, and please write. Grimmer

Summer 2009

Classmates, June 19, 20, and 21, 2009, is a great time to plan a little visit to the great city – Lake Erie, University Heights, Ohio, for your 40th anniversary of graduation from John Carroll. (I know University Heights is not on the lake and the lake hasn’t moved. It just sounds good.) From the last phone session the committee had, the number of those planning to attend is approaching a record for a 40th Reunion. For many years, we held the attendance record for a 10th Reunion (of course, yours truly was working at Carroll at the time and made sure the record stayed in our class’s name). It would be nice to climb back up the record board again. Of course, the climb is not as high as it was in 1979. The committee tried very hard to get the current owner of the Crossroads location to change the name for the weekend but failed. We also fell short in our efforts on the current occupants of the Blue Streak Lounge, the Lemon Tree Lounge, and Pickle Bills to change their names. We recommend a visit to Coventry during the weekend, but the Pepper Pot will not be available to satisfy a Saturday-afternoon thirst. We can report Geraci’s still lives on and is excited to see your smiling faces sometime during the weekend.

We hope to see Thomas and Linda Sarnecki at the Reunion so we can get filled in on all Tom is doing for Canyon Acres, a charity that helps provide shelter for abused and neglected children in Southern California. Tom just joined the board of directors at Canyon Acres. Tom’s full-time work is general counsel, human resources for Amcor Sunclipse. Tom got his law degree at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

I would recommend you check into JCU Connect. It’s a great way to find a classmate you would like to catch up with or e-mail. It’s on the alumni page and easy to use. Also please support the class gift in honor of our 40th Reunion. It is a great way, especially in these tough times, to support JCU in their mission of providing the very best in Jesuit education.

See you in June and bring news and pictures for our next column. Take care

the 50th is coming soon. Grimmer

Spring 2009

Acting like a big baby turned out to be an excellent method to get news. Lots, of nice notes after crying the blues in the last issue. First from one of our nicest classmates, Mike Benard. He also sent me a photo of some historical importance circa 1966 prior to the Blue Streaks playing Eastern Michigan. If you can identify the two gentlemen wrapped in white sheets, you can win two free tickets to Reunion Weekend; unless you’re the two gentlemen wrapped in the sheets. In that case, a nice donation to our 40th Reunion gift will keep your names out of print. So here is Mike: “Aw-right. I retired from Kodak in 2006 after serving more than a dozen years as VP of corporate communications and public affairs. Since then my wife, Chris, (West Liberty State College ’69) and I have been speaking, consulting and traveling. The current meltdown in the traditional news industry is very similar to the upheaval that impacted Kodak and the photo industry, thanks to digital. I have served as a discussion leader with the American Press Institute, speaker at the International Newsmedia Marketing Association, and spent time with media companies and newspaper management teams. Here’s a link to one of my websites – www.societystorytellers.com/. For aggravation, my wife and I are among a group of property owners in Pennsylvania who are fighting an eminent domain case in federal court (Johnstown, PA), brought by Houston-based Spectra Energy and backed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Eminent domain is a big issue across the country because it has less to do with the “public good” and everything to do with the financial good of publicly held corporations. Here’s the website link: www.spectraenergywatch.com/. Chris and I are parents of three beloved sons in whom we are well pleased: Mike, Steve, and Nick. Two Ph.D. professors and one product manager. Son Mike and wife Becca are parents to our grandson, Cormac, who will celebrate his first birthday in February 2009. As you can see from the photo from “Spirit Explosion” in 1966, before the Eastern Michigan game, our class was encouraging everyone to “Get Psyched.” I think “Get Psyched” would be an excellent theme for our 40th Reunion in June.”

I heard from Greg Doyle who would be interested in playing golf Reunion Weekend but only if he can tee it up with Walter Luc. Walter please e-mail me and I’ll get you in touch with Mr. Doyle who spent Christmas in warm warm Florida getting his game in shape for rematch in June instead of in cold Connecticut.

Living full time in the warm weather is Lou LiPera — in that great city of Miami, FL, and working for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Lou was also looking for Bob Valente – Bob, e-mail me for Lou’s information.

Allan Toomey checked in to second the notion of a Golf Classic at Reunion. Allan is having too good of time for me to even report on all the good things he is doing: traveling, playing golf, taking a week long golf class at Pinehurst, attending the Sausage Festival. Allan, see you on the first tee in June.

I also heard from an individual I always thought highly of: Phil Anderson. Phil was nice enough to contact me about using Facebook to solve my no news problem. I have taken Phil’s advice and established a Facebook page. Thanks Phil and I am looking for more information on you.

On a personal note, just added grandchild number two. Daughter Gillian had Naomi Elaine Cox on Jan. 3.

Please come to Reunion June 19-21 and also support our Reunion gift effort. Grimmer

Winter 2008

To the Class of 1969; I must be the worst class columnist ever as I never receive any news and this column is too hard to write without news (its especially hard for someone who Dr. Magner made rewrite his weekly essays as many as six times weekly).

If you’re still up at 11 p.m. Monday through Friday listen to classmate Thomas Kelly’s Talk Show on Cleveland’s 1420 AM or online at www.whkradio.townhall.com. Tom does a great job of interviewing and keeping a good discussion going. It’s certainly worth a listen.

Bill Kirk, one of the guys who at least tries to keep my fingers typing was recently elected president of the Texas Chapter of the Federal Bar Association. Thanks Bill for keeping in touch.

In an effort to keep this column going I am going to give you a preview of my next column. Thanks to help from a nice person in our class. The column will be presenting a little update on all the classmates who entered school in 1965 from one very special city. It’s not Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit or Cleveland.

June 2009 will mark the 40th anniversary of our graduation from JCU. I hope you will start making plans now to attend our Reunion. Please e-mail me if you think we should try to set up a class golf tournament on Friday afternoon. I encourage you all to make your plans now to attend the weekend.

I would also encourage you all to attend the reunion so we can vote me out as the class columnist and get a real news hound in the job. Please take care and know things will be better in 2009 for everyone. Grimmer

Fall 2008

Current and former Clevelanders as you remember, summer time in Cleveland, is never the same. This summer, to date, has been the summer of rain, lots and lots of rain but everything is very green. Sorry I missed you all last issue but was in the process of moving back to Northeast from Virginia.

First order of business is congratulations to Michael Hardy for becoming our first classmate to be awarded the Alumni Medal. The highest honor award by the Alumni Association. Michael has been helping out at JCU since being appointed a young alumni representative to the Alumni Association Board of Directors back in 1974. Mike and I were once co-chairs of a Young Alumni event at the Rusty Skupper (10 points if you remember the location). Please congratulate Mike the next time you see or talk to him.

Starting in 1996 and every two years since I have been lucky to be part of a group that goes to Kiawah Island to play golf and tell old tales about our younger days. This group includes our spouses with group dinners cooked each night by some of the worst male chiefs in the world but its great fun. This past May saw the group include, Mike Magulick, Jim Chenet, Pat Herald, John Parsons, Arthur Gleason, Bill Bradt, John Kennedy, James Brennan, George Mackey, Dick Cummins, and Kurt Shellenberger. This year also some non-members of our class made a appearance, Ray Bartz ’68, Michael Dunigan ’70, Richard Taylor ’70, James Mackey ’71 (can never have too many Mackeys) and Kerry Volkmann ’71. The only dark cloud (and I mean only dark cloud — over the seven visits encompassing 28 total days we have had only one day of rain) was my partner John Kennedy and my third straight loss in the Kiawah Cup on the 18th hole to two non deserving unnamed attorneys, one from Pittsburgh and one from Chicago but just wait until next time.

I always enjoy writing this column, especially when I have lots of news from people reaching out to send me notes, but no so much when I need to pass on news about losing classmates. In February we lost Dennis Trietsch. Dennis and I were on the T-wing of Pacelli Hall my freshman year. Dennis from Bowling Green, OH, was always a popular member of the class. Dennis, an attorney in Washington, DC, will be missed by all but especially his friends from the T-wing. We all send our condolences to his wife Veronica and all his children. In May we also lost Jay Sopher after a long fight with MS. Jay, a member of the Pittsburgh contingent that helped make our class so special, was just a great guy. Jay a long time clinical psychologist was always helpful come reunion time to classmates and always tried to attend. Our deepest sympathies to Cynthia and all his children on the loss of a this classmate.

In closing our 40th reunion is coming in June ’09 so please make your plans now. I know the famous Joseph DeBartolo is already planning a class favor for the weekend. To my Iota Chi classmates next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of IXY.

Send some news, it will make you feel good and most important my job a lot easier. Grimmer

Spring 2008

It is now 2008, so far from September 1965 when over 800 of us entered JCU as beanie wearing freshmen. As a group, I am sure our feelings may vary across a spectrum of love, total distaste to total non-interest towards JCU. However, when on the second day of the New Year I receive a note from Tim Curran ’68 about his cousin and classmate Tim McGunnigle your realize JCU will always be with us no matter how we feel personally. I include Tim’s entire note to me about the passing of his cousin. What struck me about this heart felt note is the clarity of events that happen over 40 years ago and the way it is remembered. “I am very sad to share with you the news of the recent passing of my cousin and your classmate Tim McGunnigle. Tim passed away 12/11/07 from injuries resulting from a car accident in the Tampa area. Tim and I together shared many of life’s experiences growing up together in the Hartford, Conn., area and later on during our student days at John Carroll. Tim, with his great baritone voice and musical background, was a natural fit for the JCU Glee Club. I can recall that Tim would often try to lead me and other out-of-tune classmates in rousing “musical numbers’ at the infamous Cross Roads Tavern … especially every St. Patrick’s Day. I can recall that one time in 1967, Tim and I hitchhiked home for the Christmas recess from Cleveland to Hartford. During our 600 mile “Blue Streaks dash,” we met several total strangers enroute who helped us along our journey towards Connecticut. Believe me, there were a lot of “new friends” we made along that trip who became instant JCU supporters especially after Tim introduced them — one and all — to the JCU Fight Song. Tim actually insisted that everyone in the car be able to sing that song independently before we agreed to both get out of the vehicle to continue our hitchhiking trip with someone new. Tim made me laugh throughout the years no matter what the occasion. His true spirit lives on within me now and forever. I know that he is now entertaining the good Lord in heaven in his own special way and smiling down on all of us. His family and I miss him greatly. In honor of Tim McGunnigle, I have made a special donation to the John Carroll University Carroll Fund in his memory. May he rest in peace.”

On the last day of 2007, The Plain Dealer business section ran a story on our classmate William Skaryd, who after many years of running his own accounting firm had bought a company called American Culinary Concepts. American Culinary manufactures sauces, salad dressing and marinades for restaurants and other private labels. The story tells of the company’s venture into retail side of the business under the brand name 4 Chefs Of and Saucy Chef (I can attest that 4 Chefs Of is wonderfully tasting salad dressing). The story that is written by Bill does indepth study of the difficulties of moving from your core business into retail under your own brand name. The full article can be found on Cleveland.com in the 12/31/2007 business section of The Plain Dealer. Bill please send me a couple of cases of your best marinades.

Of course for us in Cleveland being on the front page of any section of The Plain Dealer is a big deal but how about a classmate on the pages of Vanity Fair, one the country’s most read magazines. Classmate William Pietragallo is quoted at length in a recent article about a major divorce case. Bill is the lead attorney on the case which could involve one of the largest divorce settlements in history. Currently one person in the case is receiving $725,000 a month in payments until the divorce is settled. The case has been covered in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Washington Post and Vanity Fair. Good luck, Bill.

In closing, please say a prayer for Tim McGunnigle and his family, eat lots of Bill Skaryd’s sauces and hope Bill Pietragallo’s client is on the winning side. I am also pleased to announce that I am a proud grandfather of Charles Gerard Grim born January 6, 2008. Grimmer

Summer 2007

Larry King Live, Peace Corps, a Hole-in-One and a trip around the United States highlight this issue’s column. Thanks to a deep cover source in the class of 1969 who must remain in deep cover, I can bring you the following little note. Classmate Tim Lucas, native son of Erie, PA, and attorney at law, may have become our first class member to appear on Larry King Live when discussing with Larry and other experts from around the country the story from 2003 of the man who attempted to rob an Erie bank with a bomb wired around his neck. This bomb went off and killed the bank robber. I can tell you from a review of the show’s transcript that Tim did an excellent job during the discussion. Unfortunately Tim was not able to work JCU or my name into the discussion. Nice job Tim. If anyone in the class has cause to dispute, my deep cover source claims about Tim being the first classmate on Larry King Live, please send me the information.

Had a great note from one of the truly nice people in our class Sandy Cervenak McHale. Sandy has sold her home in Las Cruces, NM, so she can start traveling around the country. No destination, no time frame just a pure adventure. Sandy has a long and wonderful trip and please sends us notes from the road.

Mike Hardy checked in to let me know he got a hole in one on a recent golfing trip to Georgia. Congratulations. With this news from Mike, who I started playing golf with in 1971, amplifies even more the fact that I still don’t have one of those special moments in golf. Again congratulations Mike.

Talked with David “Doc” Aggers recently. David, a attorney in Cleveland, is keeping busy with law practice, racing his much loved Corvette (It think he is on his seventh one since the early 70s) and playing golf at a high level. But the thing David wanted to talk about was his daughter’s recent two year stint with the Peace Corps in Africa. David who got over to visit Meredith once in Africa was noticeably proud of Meredith’s commitment to help the people in her area. David was especially proud of a project of Meredith’s own creation to help with the issue of water for the local area. A very proud father. Doc thanks for sharing and keep hitting them straight and long.

I found out on Father’s Day that Dorothy ’85G and I were going to be grandparents. It was a huge surprise and finding out on Father’s Day made it extra special. I know from so many of you telling me how proud it made you feel and happy to become a grandfather but until it happened I was a slight doubter but the joy it does give and also puts a little extra bounce in these 60 year legs.

Please send more news. News about yourself, your work, your family or your grandchildren. Grimmer

Spring 2007

Hope each and everyone of are doing well. Since my last column I have visited Buffalo, New York and Providence, RI, in my endless search for news but the best news report came from Tom Nowel. Tom wrote first about the passing of Father Woelfl and how much he admired him. Tom reminded me of Father’s run for Congress at the height of the war and how his attempt at office was done out of a strong sense of principle and not for personal gain. Tom also shared with me the fact that his son Will, has enrolled at JCU and starts in the fall. Tom, you do know we will have our 40th Reunion before, Will graduates. Just kidding, that is great news as second generation attendance is a key indicator of a great college. Tom also reported that since leaving University Heights he has been active as a union organizer, negotiator and currently works in human resources for a Children Services agency but it was Tom’s new career stating which is really interesting. Effective May 1, Tom will become the presiding clerk of the Miami Quarterly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. This organization represents Quakers in Southwest Ohio and Kentucky. Tom, I think Father Woelfl would be very proud of this career choice. Hope to see you on campus for our 40th, get your son to work the weekend.

My wife and I recently spent four great days in Providence visiting with longtime friend and classmate Dr. John Parsons and his lovely wife, Margie. They have a wonderful house right on the river which they have renovated. John retired from the Veterans Administration but still works 70 hours a week in his private practice and is lucky to have Margie as his partner in this practice. It was also a great visit because John has a great wine cellar which I will dub in the Best in Class of 1969 until I get offers to try other great cellars so I can make a truly objective decision. Please e-mail me so I can schedule my visit for a tasting of your best offerings. Thanks John and Margie for a great visit.

Seeing Bill Badke was the highlight of my visit to Buffalo. Mr. Badke still roams the mean streets of Chicago but was in Buffalo to watch first round action in March Madness. Bill is truly enjoying retirement with lots of great travel all over the world. Since it was St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Bill and I shared some excellent green beer under the name of Rolling Rock. We were joined for the weekend by the ever famous Ed Christy. Big Ed has all the sports teams in Pittsburgh sad by choosing Phoenix, AZ, as his new home. Ed and Peg should be moved into their new home and ready for visitors by the time you read this column. We were also to meet George Mackey down from Rochester but missed the former Student Union president in the crowds. Tom Nowel, George has a son still in high school that might go to JCU which would make you both winners of some kind of award at our 40th reunion.

Everyone please, if you have not already done so make a gift to the Carroll Fund. A strong annual fund is essential to JCU’s long term future; make a gift today it will not hurt.

Still looking to get back to Ohio please keep me in your thoughts. Go Tribe, Grimmer

Winter 2007

Hello everyone, Happy New Year and welcome to your quarterly dose of news about the great class of 1969. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is looking forward to a great 2007. As I just happen to notice that I am going to have my 60th birthday sometime this year I guess many of you had just enjoyed that wonderful date or will celebrate this year. So to everyone Happy 60th birthday and more to come. Also the news is starting to come a little easier so thanks for the e-mails and notes. I will lead with another first for this columnist. I got a nice phone call from classmate Bob Mamich who wanted to pass on to the class some wonderful new about his son Joseph ’01. Bob and wife Laurel just wanted to let us know that son Joe was ordained a priest this past fall in the diocese of Cleveland and how blessed they feel. Father Joe will start his ministry at the Holy Family Church in Stow. So any classmates who are members of that parish please introduce yourself to Joe and pass on our congratulations. Bob and Laurel thanks so much for letting me share your wonderful news.

After my last column, I got a nice e-mail from Fred Grabek, one of the truly nice people in our class. Thanks Fred, of course your super organized columnist has lost Fred’s note — must be caused by the approaching 60th birthday. Fred please e-mail me again, I have the information on George Bosl that you requested. George if you’re reading this, Fred is trying to get in touch.

Last but not least I got the following from Michael T. DiPrima, out of the great city of Rochester. Michael gets full credit for the majority of this column and really looks like a great replacement for me. News: We are the proud grandparents of Joseph Michael DiPrima (5) and we are anxiously awaiting our second grandchild in March ’07. I have been in the private practice of law for 30 years, specializing in criminal defense and personal injury. I have been selected for the past 20 years to “Best Lawyers in America” in the criminal defense category. My interest in defense work was awakened when I was a member of the Judical Board at JCU in 1967-’68. I remain in contact with JCU alumni in the Rochester area, such as, Mike Benard, who retired last year as director of communications and employee relations at Eastman Kodak Co.; Hank Jesserer, lawyer (we share box seats at Red Wing baseball games); Jerry Magin ’67; Steve Chamberlain ’66 (Rochester’s most active JCU alum); Hon. John Schwartz ’66, judge (my UClub big brother); Ron Bircher ’68; and Jerry Mackey (our sons graduated from McQuaid Jesuit); John Kendall ’95 (my broker), Joe Iuppa ’67 and Mike Wolford ’63. My wife and I are very pleased that our sons were educated at Jesuit colleges (Marquette and Fairfield, despite my urging of JCU!). While I have volunteered my services to many organizations, my most gratifying has been my involvement with the St. Thomas More Lawyers’ Guild, when in 2004, as president of the guild; I had the privilege of hosting our guest homilist, Avery Cardinal Dulles, SJ. Finally, I want to thank Gerry Grim for assisting us with some logistical arrangements when we brought our then-ailing father to an Indians’ game in 2003.” Please believe I didn’t write that last bit of self aggrandizement it truly was Mike writing. Mike thanks for great run down of all the JCUers especially our classmates.

Now if you would all follow Mike’s lead, this would be a lot easier job and a lot better written column. Well till next time keep sending those e-mails and calls — I promise no more lost e-mails.

On a personnel note as you might note I am working in Virginia but would like to get back to Cleveland and my wife who is still teaching in Cleveland. If you hear of anyone looking for a great fund raiser or great manager (that is self aggrandizement) please give me a call, I would like to return home. All my best to you all, Grimmer

Fall 2006

Hello Classmates and Happy Holidays. This job is so easy when you get stuff to write about so thanks so much for all the information this time. Before the news, a quick thanks to Rich Guinta and Bob Geiss for the great stuff for last column. I would especially recommend a full read of Bob’s note; it captures well why I keep trying to write this column. Now to the news.

Creighton Medical School just awarded one of the nicest and smartest guys in our class with its 2006 Alumni Medal. George Bosl, yes tall quiet George, was honored by his medical school for his career dedicated to cancer research. George’s record of accomplishment is just tremendous. He currently serves as chair of the Department of Medicine at a hospital we all read about, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. George has been a leader treating genitourinary tumors, particularly testicular cancers. In his spare time George also teaches medicine at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College. I bet Professor Welch would be proud of George’s accomplishments in fighting this dreaded disease, thanks George.

I knew my column was growing in popularity but never thought I would get a note from a city founded in 1537, yes over 469 years ago. Richard Shoemaker is living in Popayan Colombia and teaching at the Universidad del Cauca. Richard has an MD and MPH degree. He is married and has two wonderful children. Richard any time you want me to do an in depth interview with you I’d be glad to travel down to see you. Your hometown sounds like a wonderful and special place, Dick, Thanks so much for the note.

Next, the state of Iowa check’s in with a nice note from big John Marshall. John is the proud father of two girls and a boy. John, who got his law degree from DePaul, is a VP of American Republic Insurance Company a provider of Medial and Life Insurance.

My head grows bigger every time a press release reaches my desk. The power of the written word, especially my words the latest releases announced an award for Arch Gleason. Arch was recently inducted into the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame. Arch currently serves as the head of the Kentucky Lottery and as head of the World Lottery Association.

Two members of the class have recently become important clogs in leadership of JCU. First, Mike Hardy has recently joined the board of regents of John Carroll. Congratulations Mike but of more importance to Mike, after a long period of recovery from rotator cuff surgery, he will back taking money from friends on the golf course, Mike I still get strokes. Second, the class and founding member of the rugby club of JCU had its first member of the board of directors of the university in (no I am not his paid PR person, though it’s not a bad idea) Howard Hanna. Great job Hoddy. PS: He was also the feature speaker at the Entrepreneurs Association of JCU and drew a full house. You can hear his remarks on the JCU web site. Mike and Howard if you need any help in helping JCU don’t forget to call me.

In closing, thanks for all the notes, please keep them coming. I even had a nice call from Jim Toomey just to say hello. Also had a nice crowd of JCUers at my daughter’s wedding. Bill Bradt, George Mackey, Ed Christy, David Letscher, John Kennedy, Jim ’71 and Laura ’75 Mackey, Tom Kelly. Thanks all of you and your guests for traveling to share that wonderful day with me.

Keep the news coming “If you will send it I will write it’’ (I am original) Grimmer

Summer 2006

Hello everyone. This column is based on a simple visit to a baseball game in Chicago. I want to thank both Rich Guinta and Bob Geiss for writing and being part of the column this time. Rich Guinta writes: It was late April when Bob Geiss, Rich Guinta, J. Patrick Herald and Tom Herold received an e-mail from Ed Christy telling them he was coming to attend a couple of ball games with Bill Badke. Ed had recently retired and was working on his “ things to do before it’s too late” list. He and Badke had tickets for the Cubs vs. Pirates at Wrigley Field for Tuesday afternoon, May 2 and Sox vs. Seattle on Wednesday evening the 3rd. (Ed has always wanted to attend a game at Wrigley.) Ed suggested we have a “mini Class of ’69 reunion.” The reunion occurred at Gino’s East on Tuesday at 5 p.m. Everyone was able to attend except Tom Herold who was buried in work. Geiss arrived late because his very active psychological practice keeps his calendar extremely full when he is not performing his suburban middle school psychologist functions. Before Geiss arrived the still busy attorney J. Patrick observed he was the only one at the table still “gainfully employed.” Hey, somebody (Geiss, Herald and Herold) has to contribute social security and Medicare for the rest of us in the class of ’69. By the way, the Cubs accommodated Ed’s stay by allowing the Bucs to win and the Sox were wonderful hosts with a tribute to Ed on the scoreboard, a grand slam by Joe Crede and a come from behind win in extra innings. The perfect Chicago baseball trip. – [from here down was sent by Geiss, Grim asked me to include it – it’s interesting and does make a good point. There is a photo in the column folder) Reflection from Bob Geiss — It was 40 years ago when we were finishing our freshman year at JCU and it was about 15 years ago that some of us met at a JCU Chicago Club golf outing. We’ve kept the tradition of getting together alive. It began when one of us held a golf marathon weekend a couple years in a row. It continued with meetings of two, three, or four of us. Sometimes we would make it to a Bulls game after our traditional trip to Greek Town for dinner. Two years ago we added a classmate and gathered again in late June for our first of two golf outings each summer that have become our tradition. This year was the first that all five were together. Forty years is a long time to know anyone. Some of us started JCU at 17. Some have reached 59; the others will by year’s end. It was our time at JCU that set the foundation for what we continue to build. When you get together and reminisce, you recall and realize those college days’ experiences that make up that foundation. Most make us laugh. “Do you remember…?” “What about the time…?” “I can’t believe we…”. Some made us think. All helped us learn. You hear the reasons why the JCU experience was the cornerstone of this foundation that supports our time together at a time when one is already retired. Over those 40 years some of us served in Viet Nam. Some of us married our high school sweethearts. All of us are married, but some of us have experienced the taste of divorce. All of us have children. Some of us have had children die before birth, as infants, as children or as young adults. All off us have buried at least one parent. Some have buried both. Some of our spouses have significant health challenges. Some of us have had “reversals of fortunes,” and some others who have had the means also have the inner gifts and have offered aide personally and financially. All of us watch our weight and (generally) work at being healthy and fit. We discuss that as most nearly 60 year olds do, but we also discuss how “healthy and fit” our government is. Two of us are Republican. Two are Democrat. One serves as our swing vote. Fortunately, all of us think. We also discuss the “health and fitness” of our Church. All of us still attend Catholic churches. Two of us had the opportunity to go back in time when we hosted Fr. Jack Dister for dinner and discussed philosophy, theology and spirituality. It makes you want to go back to school…well almost. Since our graduations, life unfolded in ways sometimes dreamed, in other ways never fathomed. We are a microcosm of life with its successes and setbacks. I am sure that any five graduates from any class given 40 years would create a similar composite. For those who have recently graduated, don’t wait 25 years (as we did) to connect and stay connected. The five of us, Rich Guinta, Jim Wieser, Tim Rogers, Tom Bednarczyk and I (Bob Geiss) look forward to our gatherings, whether it’s the next one in August or the many down the road of our lives. We were just talking about what these outings will be like when we’re 80. We have more to experience and share, and that we will, for as long as we live. And it all started at John Carroll University.

Thanks guys, Grimmer

Spring 2006

Hello Everyone, Very disappointed that I received no offers to cover retirement parties as requested in my last column. Did I tell everyone that I also double as the photographer? Also I received no offers of help on how to handle your daughter’s wedding. All advice still taken.

Another classmate has surfaced on the pages of USA Today — Fred Hintenach one of the many fine classmates from Erie Pennsylvania was quote widely in a USA story about the United States Postal Service. Turns out Mr. Hintenach is in charge of the customer service operations for over 34,000 local post offices and the 100,000 individuals who work at the counters everyday in our post offices. I know that I have seen a huge improvement in service at my local post office so Fred thanks for all your hard work to make postal service customer service better. Fred, please send me any hints on the future price of stamps.

Had a nice note from Michael Hardy one of the brilliant history majors in our class and outstanding Cleveland area attorneys. Mike wrote to say both of his sons are married and enjoying successful careers. I did try to get a golf game with Mike but he said he just had shoulder surgery. Get well Mike.

I also talked recently to another history major and attorney in our class former Student Union president George Mackey. George has a wonderful family and is living in Rochester. I tried to get a golf game with George and he also just had shoulder surgery. Get well, George. George also has a daughter graduating from Temple next month, congratulations.

Three names are not enough for our class. Please send me news or a least a phone to call or e-mail to get some news.

PS Does anyone want to play golf with me that didn’t recently have shoulder surgery?

PSPS Give to the JCU Annual Fund. Grimmer

Winter 2006

Three standing ovations, numerous great speeches, a Lemieux jersey, a Roethlisberger jersey, a Jason Brey jersey and a Steelers jersey with the number 1 on the back highlighted the retirement dinner for The Boss, Ed Christy. After 27 years of helping Western Pennsylvania teachers negotiate contracts and settle disputes the big guy was stepping down. Congratulations Ed on a wonderful career of helping people and making teachers’ lives a little easier. Of course during the course of evening I realized a whole new line of work was opening for this class secretary. I am willing, for travel expenses and a free meal travel, to any attend classmate’s retirement dinner to give a review and a few kind words about the honoree in this great column. Just e-mail me — ggrim@mbc.edu — for details.

Now don’t get me wrong Ed’s dinner featured fine food and drink but Allan Toomey’s note about his life after retirement was also part of my offering to write and attend retirements. Fulfilling a lifetime dream Allan went to Ireland to play golf at six great courses including Ballybunion, my favorite. He also played Carne, Belmullet; Enniscrone; Rosses Point, County Silgo; Doonbeg and Lahinch. Of course he didn’t ask me to follow along to take notes. All retirees of the Class of 1969 please keep this service of mine in mind as I will never ever to be able to retire myself because of a misspent youth. Alan also attended something called the New Braunfels wurstfest in San Antonio with Bill Kirk another semi-retired class member. Please don’t ask me to explain Braunfels but it has something to do with sausage and beer. Some things never change.

Last column it was a classmate off to work for the president of the United States. This month Joseph F. Hannigan shows off our class’ intellectual powers. Joe is not only the director of Executive Education at the Northwestern School of Law; he is also the associate director of Executive Education for the Kellogg School of Management. Two of the best schools in their respected fields. Joe also teaches executives in the FBI and U.S. Intelligence Community. I don’t think Joe can retire — he is helping too many important things. Joe is married and has four wonderful children. Joe, thanks for the note and any chance you can get me in Northwestern’s Law School?

My wonderful daughter is getting married in July to a wonderful young man but I am looking for suggestions. This wedding stuff is wearing me down, flowers, cake, music, programs, church music, slide shows, menu’s, photographers, wedding shows, dress for the wedding, dress for the receptions, etc. etc.. If anyone reading this column has suggestions on how to survive all this craziness please send me an e-mail. I could also use any donations to help pay liquor, food, cigars, etc..

Please send information about weddings, grandchildren, etc. etc. will be glad to put in the column. I will also attend weddings etc. for travel expenses for a big spread in the column.

Take care. All my best to you and yours. Don’t forget to support the JCU Annual Fund. Every gift is important. Grimmer

Fall 2005

Hello everyone. Most important — if anyone knows of a classmate affected by Katrina or Rita please let me know. I can get a class wide e-mail sent to ask for help and support. Dr. John Parsons spent two weeks in Baton Rouge helping with the Red Cross in a shelter for 400 evacuees.

Had to read the St Ignatius High School most recent alumni magazine to see find news on Michael Scanlon. Mike is living on Hilton Head Island and working with Self Storage Association. Mike please drop me note and give us some news.

My Pacelli T wingers responded with Fred Schmidt sending in a nice note. The Greek actually wrote me his note in Greek so I had to work extra hard to understand. Fred will be joining the reunion group; I look forward to hearing from others shortly. I think I forgot Robert Schmidt in my original list.

Attended the wedding recently of Thomas Kelly’s oldest son (I am not sure how to tell you which Tom Kelly from our class). It was a great wedding and Tom now has a very beautiful daughter-in-law the Mass was held at St Patrick’s Church at E 17th and Superior. I would highly recommend a visit if you’re in Cleveland. It is very old and worth a visit.

I had a great phone conversation with Jim Toomey yesterday. The call made me realize why this is such a neat volunteer job. The former Clevelander is now in one of the most beautiful spots in America, Treasure Valley, ID. Jim gave me some inside scoop for you wine lovers in audience, keep your eye on some great wines coming out of Jim’s area. (Just another good reason to read this column). Jim and wife Maureen live in Caldwell, ID, with their two children. I have it on inside authority that Jim’s daughter, Colleen, is an outstanding sprinter in 400 and 100, maybe watch for Colleen in the next Olympics. Jim works for the University of Idaho, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences as director, Business Incubator. The job is basically helping new business growth but it has very interesting aspects, like you can bring your new food idea to Jim and he will see if has merit. He says he’s swamped with barbecue sauces and salsa ideas but he likes my two sided pizza idea. Well it’s off to Idaho for me.

Again please pass on any news of classmates affected by the storms. Great story on Billy Ryan ’67 in the New Orleans papers for his outstanding efforts in helping people when the storm hit. Stay well and please support JCU’s Carroll Fund. Every day I am more impressed with the importance of being the class columnist (just kidding) but I just did get a Press Release with the words White House in the upper left hand column about one of our classmates, Donald Gambatesa. Don is being nominate by the president, yes that’s right the president of the United States to be the inspector general of the United States Agency for International Development. Of course if you’re wondering what the USAID does I am glad to keep you informed – it’s an agency that provides economic and humanitarian aid to over 100 countries around the world. Prior to this job, Don was the deputy director for the United States Marshall Society. Congratulations Donald. Just think that a little under 40 years ago you were standing right next to Donald at the Blue Streak Lounge having a beer and he said you know someday I am going to work for the president of the United States and you laughed.


Summer 2005

As I write, the temperature in Staunton, VA, is 102 but it is cool compared to heat from the Carroll magazine office to make deadline, so here is my best effort.

Ron Rusicka, Donald Rusicka, Hank Zeman, Kenneth Kermode, Pat Herald, R.J. Schmitt, Timothy Moore, Joseph Faso, Mike Culp and names I forgot from the T-wing all didn’t respond to the my request for any interest in a 2nd floor T-winger Pacelli Hall fall 1965 get together but I guess that in itself is an answer. Thanks to George Aufmuth and Ed “I will get together any time and place” Christy for positive response. I will hold out hope for another three months until the next issue. George sent a nice note from his home in Greenville, SC. A very beautiful area of the country except it is the home of the Clemson Tigers (I have family ties with the South Carolina Gamecocks). George and Janet are good and looking forward to retirement. George, Ed and I might just have our own T-wing reunion in George’s backyard.

Nice note from George “Red” Mercer who has move back to New Mexico from New Hampshire, at least at our age he will always get the New part when ask were he lives. George is back in Albuquerque after seven years in New Hampshire. The reason for the move was the best reason in the world — to be close to his two grandchildren. In case many of you have forgotten George was the artist for the Carroll Quarterly covers. I am sure he is a great grandfather teaching those grandchildren how to be artists.

It was also nice to get information on Tom Pokorni — not much information but some. Tom is living in Hollywood, CA, is all I learn from the alumni office. It is my job as the class secretary to fill in the blanks so Tom I will be calling in the next month please take my call.

It was also nice to hear one of George Aufmuth’s fraternity brothers, Ed Dillon of Alpha Kappa PSI. It was also nice to learn from Ed’s he is vice president of Fitzgibbons, Arnold and Company headquarter in Elyria. Of course all those Alpha Kappa PSI members were very smart because they all made a passing grade from Father Clifford. It was also nice to learn Ed and his wife Eileen are both members of the class of 1969. Ed thanks for the note but please let me know what Fitzgibbons Arnold and Company does via e-mail.

If you send the news I will print it. “Field of Dreams” Grimmer

Winter 2005

I love being able to write this column just because of the following note. Dan Minnis, one of our classmates who stared on the wrestling team and as a history major sent this columnist the following bet. Dan believes he is the only Tribal Court Judge among all JCU alumni, not of just the Class of 1969 but of all 25,000 alumni of JCU. Dan serves as a part time judge with the Blackfeet Nation Tribal Court in Browning, Montana. Dan sits in on cases where the jurisdiction lies on the Blackfeet Indian Nation. After making a few phone calls (as good columnist should do) I hear Dan is well respected and appreciated by the Blackfeet Nation. Thanks Dan for bringing pride to JCU and the Class of 1969. Dan and live lovely wife, Lori, live in Cut Bank, MT, with their three children Kate, William and Mya.

Second on this columns agenda is a request for feedback from all members of the class who spent freshman year on the second floor Pacelli T wing in having a little mini-reunion. Just e-mail this columnist your thoughts and I will send the information onto the inquiring individual.

Third since out of over 600 classmates the only true news I got was from Dan I thought I would use a little space to promote two of our classmates. These little promotions are being done without their knowledge but this columnist has experienced first hand their professional expertise. First is Rich Tonelli, owner of the Raintree Restaurant in Chagrin Falls, OH, (just on the east side of Cleveland). In an age were restaurants come and go faster than women’s fashion, Rich has been a main stay in Chagrin Falls for over 30 years. The food is outstanding; the service is even better but most importantly Raintree is a very comfortable and friendly location. So if you live in Cleveland and are looking to celebrate something special or visiting from out town and want to impress the boss or customers try the Raintree owned by our classmate Mr. Tonelli. Second, I would to promote Howard Hanna and his growing real estate company. Howard has grown the family business from just being a local Pittsburgh firm to having offices in Erie, Youngstown and Cleveland — plus still growing. But again from first hand experience this is a special company. When my father’s house in Pittsburgh had to sell because he was going into a nursing home and all his family was out of town, Howard referred one of his agents to me and my whole family was impressed by the agent’s attention to our needs in a tough situation. Also by checking, I found this to be true all up and down the company. So if looking to buy or sell in Howard’s growing area please consider his company and support a fellow classmate. Also Howard is support by fellow classmate David ‘Doc” Lloyd who serves as the CFO, another one of our accountants.

In closing I know classmates are having grandchildren, retiring, own their own businesses. Let me share the good word, Grimmer

Fall 2004

Members of the Class of 1969, They came from Montana, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Illinois, Ohio and across the street. Yes that’s right Montana. In fact the class of ’69 is virtually taking over the state. I am listing the states because I know everyone has already gotten the class reunion newsletter and seen all the attendee’s faces in the class picture. Our 35th Reunion was a tremendous weekend with lots of laughs, renewing old friendships and seeing the continued growth of our alma mater. More than a few classmates were seen rising early to attend seminars on Friday and Saturday mornings. I have it on good authority (wasn’t one to rise early myself) that Bob Valente’s seminar on Estate Planning was outstanding. The seminar on the DaVinci Code also played to a packed house. The class was also well represented during the late hours, as I still have a very clear picture of Kirk and Toomey singing lead for the great Irish band in the Rat (now the Under Ground) very late on Friday night. Great job guys. The Mass on Saturday night with the music — especially the bagpipes leading everyone out of the church — was a highpoint of the reunion. Many thanks to Rich Guinta for doing the tough job of reading the names of deceased classmates from our class since last reunion. Not a dry eye in the house when that ceremony was finished. Major thanks extended to Joe DeBartolo for coming all the way from California but also for supplying free, through his company, the best class favors at the reunion. Our class was very dapper in their 1965 style Duffers, taking pictures with their free cameras to put in our personalized picture albums with Class of 1969 on the cover. All of you who didn’t attend really missed some great memorabilia. Again Joe thanks for your tremendous generosity. Hopeful as we prepare and start planning for our 40th other classmates will get in the spirit like Joe and make the 40th a really outstanding event. Speaking of generosity kudos to everyone who help make the class gift a major success (the total gift with pledges being $171,969) which was major towards helping JCU achieve the Kresge Challenge Grant. We still are short of raising a million since we graduated but we are moving very close, the goal for the 40th will be a lifetime total of 1.5 million so save your pennies. Please keep giving in support of JCU, it’s a great institution that needs all of our support. One of my last official functions before leaving JCU again was to attend a reception in Washington, D.C. for Don Korb ’70 being sworn in as Chief Legal Council for the IRS. Milton Roney and his wife were among the guest. Milton works for the Department of Homeland Security and I wish I was an adequate enough writer to express the strain you can see on Milton face from this hard work on our behalf, thanks classmate. Well I have bored you enough. Send some news about sons, daughters, grandchildren, retirement, golf scores, fishing tales etc. I do need to report that Richard H. Sheehan’s wife ask me to report his passing on in August 2003. Our condolences go out his wife and family. Does the curse now belong to the Cleveland Indians or the Chicago Cubs? Grimmer

Summer 2004

Editor’s note: Gerry Grim served the Development Division well in two tours of duty, most recently as director of the Annual Fund. Gerry has left the university for Mary Baldwin College in Virginia, but the good news is that he has agreed to accept the class columnist torch presently being carried by Ed Andros. Because of transitional issues, ’69’s reunion news will run next time. We thank Ed for having served, and we extend a warm welcome to a friend.

Spring 2004

As I write, Only 58 days left BEFORE our 35th reunion, an occasion for great celebration and reflection. I wish I could just wish it and make it so that everyone in the class would attend the weekend and everyone would make a gift to our class gift. But I know wishing never does the trick, so begging and pleading is my next step.

The weekend is shaping up — Broadway shows (Late Night Catechism, I wouldn’t lie), Lectures, like Dr. Joe Kelly on Cracking The Da Vinci Code. Tour the campus — it’s no longer the small Jesuit college called John who. .. Bring your grandchildren to see the campus or enjoy the kids camp … plenty of old fashion fun is still the heart of the weekend with lots of parties and talk and a great favor thanks to Joe DeBartolo. Also, Howard Hanna won one drink of scotch in the Duke’s room in Bernet, still have some free dinners and drinks to give away. Regarding the class gift: Please send a gift. We have raised $ 46,543 towards our class goal of $135,000. This amount has come from 102 out of 592 classmates. Over the next month, you will be sent info through the mail, and you will receive a call from our phone center asking for a gift. You can give a gift on line by using a credit card, so I can’t do a whole lot more unless you want me to come to your house.

All kidding aside, our support of the university is essential to its continued growth as an outstanding academic institution. If you have a specific reason why you don’t want to give, please give me a call at 216-397-3022 to see if we can change your mind. Remember every gift from $1 to $1 million is important to some student on campus.

Some non-reunion news about our classmates: William C. (Bill) Kirk wrote that he celebrated his retirement from the U.S. Army, following 30 years of active service, with a party in San Antonio, TX, in February 2003. JCU was well represented at the party by Bill’s brother Army Chaplain (Captain) David Kirk ’74, Bill’s sisters Peggy Kirk ’75 and Marianne Kirk Merren ’82, and by fellow Judge Advocate General’s Corps Colonel Al Toomey ’69. After graduating from JCU, Bill was a graduate RA in Dolan Hall while working on his JD degree at CWRU. Bill entered active duty in the JAG Corps in 1973. Over the years, he was assigned to a variety of locations in the U.S. and overseas, including the Pentagon and did three tours with Army infantry divisions in Germany and South Korea. His last assignment before retirement was the dual position of chief legal advisor to the surgeon general, U.S. Army, and staff judge advocate, U.S. Army Medical Command, Fort Sam Houston, TX. A native of Toledo, Bill intends to avoid Ohio winters by staying in Texas, where he was recently elected secretary of the San Antonio Chapter of the Federal Bar Association.

Dr. Jim Tasse has founded an organization called Physicians of Ohio fighting for Medical Malpractice Insurance/Tort Reform. Jim is being assisted in his efforts by our classmate Mike Scanlon in the lobbying Ohio legislators. Go Jim and Mike. Ohio has been losing doctors so maybe our classmates will help stem the tide.

John Parsons, Ph.D. is spending his second six weeks hiking the Appalachian Trail. The good Dr asked me to join him for a week out in the wilderness but after reading about the trail, I think walking 18 holes and taking a shower each day is roughing it enough. John should finish walking the entire trail by 2006 so any who want to join in should give him a call. Guest Columnist Gerry Grim

Winter 2004

Hello Sports Fans: I am standing in full time this issue for the great Ed Andros; it is a true honor for me but no criticizing the quality. First, I must congratulate Dr. Tom Plunkett for his election into the JCU Hall of Fame making him the second member of the class to achieve this high honor. Dr Tom still plays to 1 handicap so watch your wallet if he ask for a match over Reunion Weekend.

The major news revolves around preparation for our 35th reunion in June. The committee so far of Denis Delaney, Rich Guinta, Mike Hardy, Linda Hatzenbuehler, Tom Herold, John Kennedy, William Pietragallo, Allan Toomey, and yours truly. We could use about 15 more people on the committee so please call me at 216-397-3022 and volunteer. Thanks to the miracle of modern science you don’t even have to leave your office or home to be involved as we meet at noon (EST) via teleconferencing once a month.

One of our esteemed committee members has suggested a return visit of the Four Tops on Friday of reunion weekend in honor of our class. We would allow any of the lesser attendees from other classes to attend after we get the front row seats. Unfortunately The Tops get $35,000 a show which is a little out of our budget, but if anyone has ideas as to how we could afford this great idea speak up as the Four Tops are available as of this writing.

For all you statistics fiends reading this column or those looking for a free lunch: we have 598 classmates with known addresses that will receive an invitation to the reunion. We have a goal of getting 25% of the class to attend the reunion. The individual that e-mails me first with the right number that equals 25% of our classmates gets a free scotch in Duke’s old office on Reunion Weekend plus a free dinner Saturday night. Second in the member’s area we currently have 78 classmates who have already supported the university since June 1, 2003 in honor of our reunion. We have a goal of 35% participation in the class gift. The first of you smart people who call’s me with the number of classmates we need to give a gift to reach 35% also gets a free dinner on Saturday night of Reunion plus an autograph photo of the Four Tops and Ed Christy. Since we have graduated our class has donated $780,000 to the university not a bad number but not truly worthy of a great class like ours. We would like to be at $900,000 by Reunion so please participate by making a gift before May 31, 2004. Yes if you tell me the amount of our goal for the reunion gift you get a free dinner Saturday night and a chance to have Dean Morgan Lavin sign your dinner program booklet.

Well that’s all for now but do plan to attend the reunion plus volunteer to help get individuals to attend. We can use help from a U-Club member, from a sports team member, Student Union members, Circle K members, Debate members, History Club members etc.

Gerry Grim

Summer 2003

A while back I received an e-mail from Mike Hardy that I managed to misplace. Instead of that self-effacing missive, your correspondent has resorted to the face-saving device of plundering the following information from a Cleveland Plain Dealer article written by Jennifer Scott Cimperman: This past February, the law firm of Thompson Hine tapped environmental lawyer Michael L. Hardy to head its Cleveland office, the law firm’s largest. Hardy, 55, joined the firm in 1972 fresh from law school and, later, helped launch its 20-person environmental practice, focusing on counseling, litigation and compliance issues. As partner-in-charge in Cleveland, he is responsible for everything from back-office functions to relationships with clients. The local office has about 150 lawyers and more than 240 support staff. My apologies Mike. If you would please give me a second chance on publishing the information you would rather share I will make amends.

Lou LiPera e-mailed to report: I live in a place called Celebration, FL, a Disney community. Work most of the week in NYC. I think my wife likes it that way. Have two boys through college and “working.” The older boy, Jason, graduated from Vanderbilt and is now working in Atlanta as an IT specialist for a law firm. The younger boy graduated Wagner College and is now an actor (theater) in NYC. Can you provide me any contact information on Tony Iannucci or Kevin Necas’? You can reach Lou LiPera at: lou.d.lipera@us.pwcglobal.com

God’s gift to a class columnist, Gerry Grim, reports: “I have found one volunteer for my reunion committee so far, Alan Toomey … thanks Alan. Bill Kirk’s younger brother, David, class of 1974, is serving as a chaplain for the Army in Iraq.

Talked with Rich Guinta and this member of the class is doing something special for kids. Rich works with a group in Chicago that has adopted a Catholic grade school in the city of Chicago, not any Catholic grade school but one in an area that has the highest crime in Chicago (so you know it’s a tough neighborhood, no offense to our Chicago classmates). Rich’s group helps 8th graders who get accepted to Catholic high schools who couldn’t normally attended. Right now they are helping 30 children get a great education. Also Rich also agreed to work on the class gift for next year’s reunion. Two down; only 25 more volunteers needed.

Howard “Hoddy” Hanna, the class’s real estate magnate, was nice enough to host Father Glynn and several Pittsburgh area alumni in his home recently for a presentation on Choosing the Greater Good Campaign.

We now have exactly 12 months to our 35th reunion in June, 2004. Still looking for help on Reunion, especially Reunion Gift. Thanks, Gerry.

Happy summer to you all. -30- Ed

Spring 2003

My fraternity brother, Jim Burns e-mailed to say: Wanted to let the class of 1969 know I’m still alive and married to my college sweetheart, Mary Ruth. Our 34th wedding anniversary is this year. We have 2 adult daughters and a 6 year old granddaughter who thinks she’s an adult. Live in Elyria and commute to work on the east side of Cleveland. I’m national sales manager for a metal stamping company and their plumbing products division.

Gerry Grim wrote to gloat that no one else has called me to say I should take the columnist job. We are one smart class. He then gave me “my” column anyway: Did have a great e-mail from freshman roommate Joe Faso one of those Erie Prep gang in our class. Joe is a pilot for a company that provides jet flight services. He lives in Idaho. The son of John Kennedy (Detroit) was married this fall and the wedding was a great event. Caught up with David Letscher, UCub prez and footballer. Dave’s son appears on “Good Morning Miami,” NBC’s weekly sitcom. Not to worry for Matt, he takes after his mom. I had the pleasant surprise of also finding Billy Oldani at that wedding. Billy was an outstanding intramural referee back when. Rugby Club prez Jack Streb, attending a recent JCU basketball game, reported he had a great time at a May 2002 rugby event in New Orleans — is that city still on the map? As dapper as ever, “Gentleman Jack” encouraged classmates who were/are ruggers to attend the spring 2003 Re-scrum-Union. Ruggers not on the mailing list should send me particulars I will forward to Bill Ryan and notify FEMA. BTW — Jack’s daughter will be marrying soon. For all our history majors I have been writing Dr. Al Hamilton, he his doing well and retired in Florida and I see former history chairman Dr Ulrich. He is still going strong and keeping up his trips to Civil War battle fields. Dr Clancy still teaches undergrad English courses and asks all the time about class members. Former Business School Dean Art Noetzel still has an office on campus and helps students and faculty anyway he can. On the Jesuit front Father Schell keeps up a rigorous schedule on the Campus Ministry team — we didn’t need campus ministry in our time because we all attended church seven days a week. Ed, please encourage our classmates to attend the Reunion next year. We could use help soon with planning. A class chairperson and a reunion gift chairperson are needed. If anyone would consider taking on these roles they can call me or send an e-mail. Wouldn’t it be great if over our lifetime everyone just contributed half the present value of what they spent drinking during their four years at Carroll. That would probably pay for a second campus with heated underground parking. Also looking to do something special on Thursday night to kick off the weekend, all ideas welcome. And speaking of money: took some from Pat Herald on the golf course for the first time — probably because our Student Union prez George Mackey softened him up for me the night before at their law school reunion in South Bend — something to do with body mass and liquid distribution I don’t pretend to be able to explain in scientific terms, just that I hear a great time was had by both and that I know Pat stands about twice a chance to be as happy as George when they get together.

I rest my case. Verdict’s in: You da Person Geraldo!


Winter 2003

Now that a deadline is upon me, I have arisen early to collate the few lines that have been supplied by sympathetic readers.

Carolin Duncan ’73 is dwelling in Solon (whose mayor just happens to be our very own classmate Kevin Patton) where she lives with her 10 year-old daughter Katherine. Since earning her JD from Case Western Reserve in 1984, Carolin became president of Duncan and Associates. She writes: Our company provides full-service commercial collections. We’ll be happy to assist any business owners in the audience.

Gerry Grim sent the following e-mail: Ed, Hope all is well. You’re doing a great job on the column. Ed (Boss) Christy and I travel to the NCAA basketball at Syracuse. Saw Maryland beat Connecticut. Great game but not as good as watching Bill DeLong play back in the old days. Ed and I had a great visit; he still is the Boss. He knows all the in and outs of attending the big sporting events just like he was running the class. Had lunch with Mike Hardy recently and he is doing very well. Also Tom Kelly is working an infomercial due on the air shortly. Played golf with David “Doc” Aggers. He should be playing the Senior Tour instead of practicing law. I came back to work at JCU in September. A lot has changed since I left in 1985. Will try to keep you supplied with information. Maybe we should do a little class mailing. Talk to you soon.

Ah, the craft coiled within this innocent looking bit of communication. Note the self-inoculating compliment. Here is a man with more contacts than the phone exchange building evading the logic of becoming our next columnist. Please – for your own sake – prevail upon Gerry Grim to assume his writeful role. Spam him at ggrim@jcu.edu.

Fred Hintenach is also computer savvy. He wrote: Happened to be paging through the spring edition and as usual was reading the Class of’69 notes. My wife Kathie and I live in Fairfax, VA and have been here since 1973 when I received my MBA from Gannon University. From 1969 to 1970 I was in the Army with a tour of duty in DaNang. We have two children – Eric (Villanova ’97) and Erin (Virginia Tech ’00). I am the manager, Customer Service Operations for the United States Postal Service, responsible for all of our counter operations in over 34,000 locations. I got a cc mail from Tim Norton and responded. I see Jim Cullen several times a year and run into BJ every once in awhile. Now that my children have graduated, I can tell them about all the time we spent at the “Library”!

Jim Kennedy wanted to make sure we kept up on the various manifestation of the Kennedy clan, whether immediately related or not. To the best of my recollections, there were two Kennedys who started at Carroll in 1965. John Kennedy was from Detroit (I think), and I was from New York City. John evidently returned to and remained in Detroit. I went back to New York until I was drafted in 1970 and since then have lived in Virginia, West Virginia (grad school followed by a state job across the state line in PA) and then back to Ohio in 1980. I have lived and worked in and around the Wooster and Akron areas since 1980 and currently reside in Shreve (just south of Wooster). I am guessing that the Kennedy that Herold saw in Chicago was John.

Bill Paul dwells in Mandeville, Louisiana as the mild-mannered husband of Maureen and father of four – Corry (20), Billy (19), Timmy (16), and Michael (12). Each workday, however, Bill crosses into Jackson, Mississippi where he morphs into the general manager of Duro-Last Roofing. Why do I picture him covering the Louisiana stretch poling along in a bateau, whacking cotton mouths to get to his pickup truck stashed on the Mississippi side? Bill was a Circle K member who went on the get his MBA from Tulane in 1973. I would have stayed for the shrimp but not for the crawdads.


Spring 2002

This season’s column (the yard beneath my window lies beneath a fresh blanket of snow as I type but trust you enjoy warmer climes and times as you read) starts with reactions to a certain picture in the Alumni Journal that was published for winter 2002. I trust Jerry Pockar has given answer elsewhere in this issue to the challenge he then posed. Here you will find what two of our classmates provided independently of the other. I have since given each the other’s particulars (e-mail addresses should probably not be published unless a party expressly asks us to do that) and await report of what came of their renewed contact.

Tim Norton: Was I shocked to see my much younger face in the picture showing 5 JCU army officers presenting a plaque to General John Lavelle in 1971. I am the one on the general’s left and I can identify 1st Lt. Don Harty on the general’s far right. We both graduated in 1969. All of the officers shown were stationed at Cam Rahn Bay in Vietnam. We were looking for a way to see Saigon and had a plaque made up to celebrate General Lavelle’s promotion. I think he was promoted to Theater Commander and just received another star. The General was very gracious and had us picked up at the airport by his driver and limousine. We went to lunch in his quarters and I had my first and last martini (bad tasting stuff). We then presented the plaque to him in his office where this picture was taken for the Stars and Stripes Newspaper. That said, Tim continued: I am now married (31 years) to my lovely wife, Pat, with 2 children Carrie and Becky who are married to Jim and Tom. We have 2 granddaughters Riley and Morgan through whom we are living our second childhood. I am executive vice president at a small company — A M D Industries in Chicago. We design and manufacture display rack and merchandising systems for national consumer products companies. I would love to track down a couple of JCU guys who were also in Vietnam at the same time — Fred Hintenach and B.J . Lechner. B.J. was with me at Cam Rahn Bay.

Now comes the witness B.J. Lechner before this Journal and avers the following: The Lieutenant on the far left of the picture with General Lavelle (page 2 of the winter 2002 Alumni Journal) is Don Harty. The person second from the right is Tim Norton. Both of these officers were members of the class of 1969. B.J. gave the following additional information about himself and family: Barb (Ursuline ’70) and I have been living in Erie since we were married in December of 1969. We have two sons, Matt ’95 and Christopher (Penn State Dickinson School of Law 2002). I am employed at the Dana Corporation as Division Manager of the two brake systems plants in Erie. He also ratted on other Erieites from our era, to wit: Jim Cullen – senior partner at the Law firm of MacDonald Illig. Ron Sertz – owner of the Erie Otters Hockey team (part of the Ontario Hockey League. Rich Patrizia – owner of Rabe Environmental Systems (a HVAC company). Greg Martin – staff executive with the public school system.

Allan Toomey came on-line with this update: On February 1, 2002, I retired from Army active duty after more than twenty-nine years of service (that calculation doesn’t include our grueling tutelage under Majors Jones and Cude). I spent my last six years of duty as a senior judge on the United States Army Court of Criminal Appeals in Arlington, VA. Publicly noted appellate cases that I sat on included the court-martials of Sergeant Major of the Army McKinney (sexual offenses and improper relationships with subordinates) and Specialist Michael New (disobedience of orders based upon a challenge to the President’s authority to commit troops to United Nations actions). During my Army career I also served as staff judge advocate (more like Admiral Chegowiden than Harm Rabb) of: the United States Second Army in Atlanta, GA; the US Army Training Center and Fort Jackson, SC; and the United States Army-South, Fort Clayton, Panama. Other noteworthy assignments included duty as the deputy staff judge advocate of III Corps and Fort Hood, Texas, and of the 3d Armored Division, Frankfurt, Germany, and as an administrative law attorney for the United States Army-Europe, and the United States Military Academy.

I had a small retirement and awards ceremony on January 11th. Colonel Bill Kirk, a fellow class member and currently the Chief Legal Advisor to the Army Surgeon General and Command Judge Advocate of the Army Medical Command, was in attendance (I presume that he AWOL’d himself from his San Antonio, TX, headquarters to attend, but he did, as they say, add class to what otherwise would have been a tawdry affair). After retirement I moved from beautiful Tyson’s Corners, VA, to Columbia, SC, where I have been busy trying to settle into my new house. My deadline for getting settled is March 16th when I will host my thirtieth annual Saint Patrick’s day party. Other than that, my only intentions are to develop a golf game and see if I can stand not having a “real” job. As I recall, you are retired down there in the Cuyahoga River Valley, so any tips you can provide concerning the art of constructive “being and nothingness” [PC1] would be welcomed. [PC1] I categorically deny that I was the one who wrote, “Sartre is a Fartre” on the restroom wall of the Cafe Deux Maggots in Paris. Nothing like a Jesuit education to improve the intellectual quality of one’s humor.

I thought to offer some sage advice but Brent Murphy came along to say that since his retirement in Savannah, he has been living in the historic district and doing a lot of sailing. I think Al might wish to drop in on Brent sooner to check out the boat than watch me walk the Towpath (like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein I can assure you). And, finally Tom Herold sent the following: My son, Brian, left Ernst & Young to work for a real estate investment management company, Janko Financial, as financial assistant to the president. Brian who bought a loft in Lincoln Park ran his 2nd Chicago Marathon in 3+-hour time, and also competes in the Chicago Triathlon. My daughter, Jennifer, is teaching 3rd grade at Patterson Elementary in Naperville, managing her husband, and mothering my one and only grandson, Sean who was 1year old on January 1. Shannon my baby turned 21 last month. She is a Trinity College (Hartford, CT) Junior, majoring in American studies, and is a college woman’s basketball player extraordinaire. Patricia is gorgeous as ever, and looks half my age. Pat works at Herold & Associates and more importantly plays a mean golf game. For the past 19 years I have run a recruiting/placement/headhunting business in Chicago under the unimaginative, Herold & Associates name. With the tough recession, please feel free to contact me at Heroldbb@hotmail, and maybe I can help you or friends who might be looking for a job during these difficult times. If I can help I will. Tom’s Alumni-watcher notebook included these sightings: Pat Herald and wife, Bridget, and Detroiter Jim Kennedy and Don ’70 and Donna ’71 Brown at the John Carroll Alumni reception at the Chicago athletic club in November. I continue to help out the JCU admission alumni recruiting program twice a year. We meet downtown and contact prospective students to talk about the wonders of a Jesuit/John Carroll education. It is really fun and very easy. You might want to consider this volunteer activity.

Tom Ahern ’70 (Arlington Heights, attorney) is a regular at this activity, and always fun to see. I never know how to handle such cross-class traffic as represented by the Brown and Ahern reports so they appear here. In fact, I recognized Tom O’Connor ’68 in the Lavelle photo. His younger brother Jim O’Connor was mentioned in my last column long after his play actually appeared onstage in Chicago. Sorry Jim and apologies to anyone who thought the mention of October meant that the play was running this fall instead of last.

So you see, a column can just about write itself with a little help from better hands. E-mail helps immensely as the keystroking becomes minimal. Copy, paste and edit what people send you. Of course an intriguing photograph can help. But what other questions or matters might pique interest?

On which note I will pose the obvious one: When can we expect our class correspondency to return to the luster of its yesteryears? Answer: as soon as a successor steps forward. This inky-fingered wordmonger was a momentary aberration and needs replacing as the warranty expired upon the lapse of 24 months. We know you are out there somewhere. Since you will be found out eventually, spare us sooner than later and avoid the charge of cruelly withholding succor from the sorely afflicted. Ed