Fall 2016
Hello again, everyone. What a nice summer we had. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last long enough, and the media is too quick to end summer by saying summer is over right after Labor Day and the kids are back at school. I like a more positive attitude.

My wife, Kathy, and I volunteered at the annual Diocese of Cleveland Family Festival, better known as the Fest. Families came from neighboring states to this one-day free festival that included hundreds of vendors; entertainment from the Newsboys, Michael W. Smith, Mathew West, and Lauren Daigle; giveaways; games; food; fun; and hot steamy weather. It was estimated that 35,000 attended the festival that concluded with a beautiful unique Mass and a light-and-fireworks display. We worked on the stage setup that was 100-feet wide, 70-feet deep, and four feet off the ground, with a 35-foot-high canopy that took five days to construct. What a thrill to see such an event come together be a part of it.

I was talking to Clevelanders who are proud the Cavaliers finally won a championship for the city and that the Republican Convention came off nicely. They are proud that John Carroll is a great asset for Cleveland. They asked how I liked going there, and I said there was a certain charm about being an all-men’s school and kind of neat that girls from area schools used to enjoy coming to dances and sock hops at Carroll. Something about too much familiarity.

Did you ever take a date to the Top of the Town restaurant at the Erieview office building downtown? How about the Euclid, Memphis, Miles Road, or Mayfield Road drive-in movie theaters? Did you ever do that? Only the Mayfield Road theater is still in business. Maybe you fellows who lived on campus didn’t familiarize yourself with the area like the dayhops. I was less than four miles from campus, so I was always there in my spare time. Living in the Cleveland area all my life allowed me to see some of the changes that have occurred.

Get this: Next year is 50 years since graduating from Carroll. Jeez! We’re getting up there. Let us know what’s happening in your life. See you later. and


Terry Babic

Summer 2016
Hello again, everyone. Spring and summer have been nice in the Cleveland area.

I heard from members of our class while working on the tribute to the alumni who were veterans of the Vietnam conflict era. It was nice to hear from you fellows. Best regards to Jim DeCamp, John Dagil, James Hehnen, Bob Lynch, Richard Byrne, Frank Jeskulski ’68, John Clarson, Bill Ryan, Paul Becka, and John Jurasic.

I also heard from Bob Sledz, who’s the chairman of the St. Stanislaus (Cleveland) Alumni and Friends Association, which is dedicated to helping St. Stan’s elementary school and shrine in Slavic Village. Several members of the association are John Carroll alumni: Bill Dix ’64; Ken Brzozowski; Hank Wroblewski ’66; Larry Pizon ’66, ’70G; Donna (Larca) Burovac ’67G, and Norm Pieschalski. Anyone interested in news or events can subscribe to the newsletter by contacting Bob at sledzbob@yahoo.com or 440-333-7827.

Who remembers the Sunday night feature films in the auditorium? I remember because I used to run the 35-mm carbon-arc projectors that offered a crisp, bright seamless presentation.

A lot of good times were spent at the Blue Streak Lounge, which I think was located on Coventry Road near Mayfield Road in Cleveland Heights, and another spot at the other end of Cleveland Heights on the corner of Mayfield and Noble Roads where a lot of seniors hung out. We were so eager to graduate we didn’t think about how much work was ahead of us.

I had a chance to go to Grasselli Tower while maintenance was being done on the WJCU transmitter. This wasn’t something I had any desire to do when I was attending the University, but it was a special memory. One could see downtown Cleveland, Chardon, and all around. This location was a nice choice for the school because view is hard to beat.

Condolences go out to the family of our friend Rev. Patrick Sheridan, pastor of St. Patrick Church in Bellefontaine, Ohio, and a Vietnam veteran, who passed away April 28, 2016.

More next time. Enjoy your summer.


Terry Babic

Spring 2016
Hello again, everyone. I heard from a few of our classmates. Vietnam veteran Jim DeCamp wrote a book titled “Blue Devils in Vietnam.” Jim is a retired English teacher in New York. John Dagil, another Vietnam veteran, is working on a tribute to all JCU alumni who served in the military during the Vietnam War. Bill Ryan is another Vietnam veteran who lives in Louisiana. Jim Gulley is also a veteran of the Vietnam War.

Sadly, Tom Ruh and Jerry Klug passed in 2015 and 2014, respectively. Perhaps you knew that. Unfortunately, we’re going to more funerals than weddings during this time in our lives. One thing that’s so sad is to think of the nice friends who’ve passed away. When I hear about a death, I think maybe someone made a mistake and it’s not true.

I enjoy my work at WJCU, where I have a lot of new young friends. Sometimes they make me feel old; no, young; no, old; well, it just depends. While at the station one Saturday, Nick Bade stopped by after his basketball practice in the gym. It was nice to see you, Nick. Stop by again when we can chat longer. Whatever happened to the fraternity Iota Chi Upsilon at Carroll? They were great guys and nice friends. I worked closely with those fellows when I worked for John Reali ’58 and Tom Kramer doing the stage, lighting, and audio setups for shows and events. Does anyone remember Field’s Bookstore in downtown Cleveland? We bought many used textbooks there cheaply.

See you next time.


Terry Babic

Winter 2016
I was sitting in my 1956 Pontiac with my duffer on in between classes, listening to WHLO 640 on the AM radio. The station announced the coming of something special in programming in 1964 (640 in ’64) a few weeks away. This was one of the quiet places for me to go – the Belvoir parking lot for us commuters. The snack bar in the Student Activities Center was smoky, small, and noisy. Now it’s gone. Who remembers that? We spent a lot of time there between classes and drank a lot of coffee. “The Happening” played on the PA system. These were some of the most fascinating and exciting days of my life. I always believed my four years were like a continuation of high school. The shock we experienced when the school announced that John Kennedy was murdered was terrifying. The walk to the parking lot was lonely on that gray afternoon. Were we impressionable then, or what? My memories sometimes seem too indelible. I was saddened to see that a few of our classmates are gone and can’t share some of those thoughts of the good times. Mike Michney, my friend from Spanish class, Hires Lounge, and Capelli’s of Wickliffe, passed away in January of 2014. We spent many hours talking in Spanish. How fun it was. For some reason, we didn’t seem as young as current students. I think almost all of us then often wore navy blue blazers, gray slacks, and red-and-gray-striped ties. We were real gentlemen. Of course, there were Fridays when freshmen and sophomores had to wear their ROTC uniforms and perform maneuvers in the gym or on the east side of Belvoir Blvd., where dorms and a stadium now stand. That was fun. Grown up, I guess. Military balls and being responsible and patriotic and all that. How cool. Col. Higley and crew and my good friend Sergeant Bill Stull and the old building are now long gone. A few of my younger friends at WJCU (where I’m working now) and I were at Pizzazz where Manners used to be. Remember? We were talking about how the tuition cost has skyrocketed. I said that, to the best of my knowledge, the cost was $9 or $10 per credit hour back in the early ’60s. Is that what you recall? That’s a massive difference to the more than $30,000 a year now. That can’t be right.

I thank Peter French for acting as correspondent for the class of 1967 for so many years. Peter, and all the rest of you, be careful, and let me hear from you. I’ll make sure we all hear what’s going on in your lives.


Terry Babic

Fall 2015
Hello, everyone. I’ll be taking over as correspondent for our class column. Feel free to send me any news that might be of interest to your classmates and others.

I still live in the Cleveland area, and, for the most part, I’m retired. However, I do a weekly Top 40 radio show at WJCU called “Music and Memories.” Except during football season, I’m on the air Saturday afternoons from 1 to 3. I go by Terry Stevens because that was my on-air radio personality name back in the good old college days when I worked at WZAK in Cleveland in 1966 and ’67. Before working at JCU, I worked at WKHR for many years. This is where I caught up with Frank Kozelka a few years ago. Frank, my wife Kathy, and I used to meet up at church festivals around town and talk about the good old days. Frank tragically passed away after a short illness this summer.

I’m hoping to hear from many of you, so let me know what you’re doing. Thanks. Talk to you soon.


Terry Babic

Summer 2015

Peter French

Spring 2015
Hi, all! I apologize for not having a column the past few issues. Life changed for me Memorial Day weekend 2013. I was returning to teach my criminal justice class at Remington College, but never made it. I had a stroke and have been going through therapy for a year and half. I promise I’ll keep in better touch with all of  you.

Bill Ryan has been working with Ed Sandrick ’70 on the launch of the Veteran Business Incubator, a program about veterans’ initiatives. Bill and Ed plan to ride in Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C., Memorial Day weekend.

I saw Tom Ashdown and Jim Blaszak ’66 at the monthly gathering of Latin alumni at Muldoon’s Saloon & Eatery in Cleveland.

Congratulations to all the recipients of the Alumni Medal for 2015.

The Cleveland Alumni Chapter had several fun events scheduled for this spring. I planned to attend and hoped to see many of you at the alumni Mass and dinner in Little Italy on March 28.

And then there was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast for you and your grandchildren at the end of April.

Remember columns are due well in advance of publication, so please send your news. Take care, and God bless. Happy spring.


Peter French

Winter 2015

Peter French

John Gibbons was elected into 2015 Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

John Gibbons was elected into 2015 Coaches Association Hall of Fame.

Fall 2014

Peter French

Summer 2014

Peter French

Spring 2014

Peter French

Winter 2014

Peter French

Fall 2013

Peter French

Summer 2013

Peter French

Spring 2013
Since our last column, there have been two deaths in our class. Donald Rocen, 67, passed away Oct. 13, 2012, in Old Town Alexandria, Va. Born and raised in Chicago, he graduated from Carroll, attended law school, and relocated to the Washington, D.C., area where he began his career with the IRS. Donald was part of a neighborhood in Hilton Head Island, S.C., for more than 30 years. We met once during the Easter season in Hilton Head. He recognized me, and we talked for a while after Mass.

Ben Litra passed away Dec. 29, 2012, in Cleveland at the age of 68. Ben was a longtime Cleveland resident who was in the car-leasing business for years. He was known to many JCU graduates in the area. They’ll be missed.

I received a call from Bill Ryan, who was looking to catch up with another ’67 alumnus, Tim Davis. Bill resides in New Orleans, and Tim resides in Denver. They attended high school together and were soon to have their 50th high school reunion. Where does the time go? We’ll soon celebrate our 50th reunion. You knew I’d get that reminder in somehow. Bill Ryan and his family are involved with disabled Marines in the New Orleans area. He tirelessly helps improve their lives. He was involved with several other families in a group called The Wounded Warriors Amputee Flag Football Game during Super Bowl weekend. On behalf of our class, we send our appreciation. Bill said he’ll attend our 50th reunion (another reminder).

For our local alumni, there were several events that took place and were good reasons to catch up with each other. One was the JCU alumni gathering to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers. For you local baseball fans, if you’d like to attend an Indians game, let me know, and I will assist. One of the better times for a baseball game is a Friday night with fireworks. Each MLK Day, numerous alumni from St. Ignatius, Cathedral Latin, and John Carroll meet for lunch. This year, there was a large crowd. On the last Friday of the month, there’s a gathering of Ignatius, Latin, and JCU grads at Muldoon’s. Tom Ashdown does a great job promoting this event via email. If any local grads wish to attend, let me know. John Forhan, who lives in California, always plans his annual visit home to include the last Friday of the month. John says hello to all ’67 grads. He continues to work and spend time with his grandchildren. His oldest grandchild graduates from high school this year.

In closing, I received the 2013 Silver Quill Award from JCU at the annual alumni dinner in May. The award is given to recognize the most consistent and well-written class column.

I have an idea for future columns: In each edition, I’d like to include two to three bios of our classmates – personal or career related. Take care, and write.


Peter French

Winter 2013
Hello, fellow alumni. I hope you had a blessed and merry Christmas and have a happy New Year. There are several JCU Christmastime events I hope you put in your memory bank for next year. Christmas Ale & Cookies held at Panini’s on the east and west sides of Cleveland. If the name is familiar, we spent time at the Great Lakes Brewing Co. beer-tasting tent at our recent reunion. The best of this holiday event is we also see other west side grads. The Alumni Christmas Reception, which is held on campus, is a well-executed event that draws numerous local alumni. For those who reside close to campus, remember the JCU Labre Service Project that takes place every Friday. Pete Bernardo is a big advocate of this project. Check jcu.edu for additional events.

Bill Ryan, from New Orleans, sent an email with a picture depicting several Vietnam veterans, along with him, as they met former President Reagan. The caption with the picture was “Who is the president?” Bill is supportive of Carroll and always sends referrals. He sent a complimentary note to Pete on behalf of a friend whose son was escorted around campus by Pete.

On a sad note, we received notice of the death of Donald C. Rocen, who died of pancreatic cancer Oct. 13, 2012. Don was born and raised in Chicago, graduated from JCU, attended law school, and began a long career with the IRS. He had several high-profile assignments until his retirement in 2007 and spent some of his retirement years in Hilton Head.

On a lighter note (depending on how you look at it), classmate Mark DeLong traveled to California. On a whim, he rode in a hot-air balloon. It was an exciting trip until the descending stage. On the way down, the balloon gained momentum, and because there was no upwind, the balloon crashed. He was still in California when he landed on Earth. He sustained minor injuries but nothing permanent. Mark has been in a car and hot-air-balloon crash. The lesson is if Mark is traveling and asks you to come along, say no!

Don’t forget Cathedral Latin, Ignatius, and JCU grads meet every MLK holiday in Brecksville. I hope to hear from classmates in the near future. May the good things in life be yours in abundance.

Take care, and have a great year.


Peter French

Fall 2012

Hello, class of ’67. Our long-awaited 45th reunion is over. A big thanks to the committee for all its hard work – it paid off. We communicated over the wire, and I mean the wire. See below for the story. What a weekend it was. We had perfect weather during the entire event. The president’s reception Friday night was excellent. Mark Delong and I arrived at the same time. We had the opportunity to catch up with events in our lives, as well as alumni from other classes. At one point during the evening, yours truly, Mark Delong, and Lou Shainker toured Grasselli Library to see the religious icon. A huge thank you goes out to Carla Gall ’05, the reunion coordinator, and Pete Bernardo, our safety net, as he lent his expertise to the event. As we talked about the weekend, we agreed the event was fantastic. What could be better than to sit in a tent, having a few beers with Mark Delong, Michael Grady, Charlie McCarthy, and Michael Kowalski discussing who threw the bowling ball that hit the door of a Jesuit priest. Boy, was he upset when he screamed down the hallway, “I know who did it.”

We had a ball as we listened to Charlie McCarthy (from Chicago) who had us in stitches when he told us about his minister license he had while he worked out of his boat. Yes, he actually married people. We wondered if they were still married.

Tim David, who had great stories about his home in Denver, is retired and enjoys the wonders of his great city. Tim, who invited us out to visit him, was such a good talker we unassumingly voted him to be on our 50th reunion committee in 2017.

David Smayda, who attended with his wife, told us about his days at Carroll and being a local.

During one of our planning meetings over the wire, Jack Winchester joined us – are you ready – from the Vatican. Yes, the one in Italy! He was on an extended trip and didn’t want to miss a meeting. He just had a group session with the Pope, stating he was a nice guy. He brought back a blessing for us, albeit over the wire. A story about Jack: During the dinner portion of the reunion, he had to call the taxi he took because he thought he lost his wallet in the cab. Sure enough, about an hour later, a member of the JCU staff came to the dinner with his wallet. The taxi driver brought the wallet to Jack. Talk about personal delivery. He had to tip twice that night. That’s what happens when you have an audience with the pope.

Our alumni came from Atlanta; Chicago; Denver; North Carolina; and Mentor, Ohio. John Gibbons and his wife, Pat, attended the reunion. I told John I’d mention his name. His school, Lake Catholic, is looking for recruits. Inside the tent, John told great stories with that wonderful sense of Irish humor. Several of the alumni who attended went to grade school, high school, and John Carroll together: Tom Ashdown, John Gibbons, Ben Litra, and yours truly. Robert Boharic and Leonard Janchar spoke about their lives after graduation. Richard Davis, who told us about his career with the railroad, wrote a book about his experiences.

During dinner, President Robert L. Niehoff, S.J., visited all the reunion classes to say hello and gave a small talk about his appreciation for our continued support. Each class had the opportunity to presented their check. Of course, the check was huge. All the reunion committee members took the check and presented it. As we picked up the check, Mr. JCU, Michael Kowalski, ran from his table and grabbed a part of the check as it was being given to the president. He said it was his opportunity to give something to the president. Our class gift was $623,098.

Since reunion, I’ve attended and seen alumni at a Blue Streaks football watch party and Carroll happy hour.

I hope you have a great fall season. Remember, any event, contact me. Think 50.


Peter French

Summer 2012


Hello, classmates. Our committee worked diligently to make reunion a success, and I’m sure everyone had a great time. I’ll report what I learned in the fall issue and hope to share the class picture that was taken. Pete Bernardo, who’s the guru of reunions and the sail that kept our ship on the go, and I keep in contact.

We met again at the Cathedral Latin annual breakfast. The Latin Man of The Year not only graduated from Latin, but from Carroll as well. He’s Bishop Neal J. Buckon ’75. Pete recruited him for ROTC and later was a platoon leader for Pete in Germany where he earned the Silver Star. Thank you for your service. There were several members of the class of ’67 at the breakfast: Tom Ashdown, Sam Colacarro, and John Gibbons. It’s always nice to get together with classmates. There are several members of our class who went to grade school, high school, and JCU together.

Jack Winchester returned from a trip to Europe. He and his wife had a great trip, including an audience with the Pope. Once they heard Jack graduated from a Jesuit university, they let him right in the Vatican. Jack even ran into a friend at the Vatican museum. He was tall, thin, and bald. He looked like one of Jack’s instructors at Carroll.

Lou Shainker reports his Holy Name Society at Holy Name Church completed their annual Lenten Fish Fry dinners and earned a substantial amount of money for their church.

I connected with John Forhan in Santa Barbara, Calif. He was unable to attend reunion because of a prior commitment but hoped everyone had a good time. John continues to teach at Antioch University and returns to Cleveland late summer.

I also heard from Bob Boharic, who was planning to be at the reunion with his wife.

Charlie McCarthy worked hard to contact members of the class of ’67 who reside in Chicago.

My wife, Jan, and I had the occasion to visit Carroll. The campus looked fantastic!

This has been a slow news cycle, so drop me a line to pass along your events. Take care, all.


Peter French

Spring 2012


Hello, class. Your reunion committee – William Ryan, Pete Bernardo, Mark DeLong, Charlie McCarthy, Jack Winchester, and yours truly – has been working hard. Thanks also to local ’67 class members – John Gibbons, Sam Colacarro, and Tom Ashdown – for calling Cleveland area alumni. John advised me he and Pat traveled to New Orleans to visit Bill Ryan. I went to several JCU football games this fall and watched John’s son, Marty, play defense for Carroll, as did John, who was regarded as a defensive strategist and football coach. Timothy Davis and Michael Connor mentioned they’d try to attend. Michael published his first book, “Buffalo Rail Work,” in 2011. Congratulations!

John Forhan returned to Cleveland to celebrate his mom’s 90th birthday. Tom Ashdown visited with John, and John mentioned he has not driven in snow for more than 35 years. He’s a California guy now.

Mark DeLong was talking about the fact that 45 years is a long time and some of our classmates have passed. Mark wanted to say a few words about Dean Kinley: “On Sept. 10, 2008, we lost Dean Kinley. Dean was a day hop who many might not remember because he was always working. He was a business major, but his real genius was in education. He had an innate sense of how to deal with young people. He was revered at Cleveland Central Catholic High School where he was a teacher, coach, and administrator. His memory will continue to inspire us.” Thank you, Mark.

During our last conference call, Jack Winchester had a great idea: Because many of ’67 alumni were staying off campus, one of the hotels could act as a center to meet before and after the campus activities. The center of our activities will be on JCU campus, including our class dinner. Pete Bernardo is checking into hotels and in the process of sending a letter about our class gift.

Well, I’ve covered all the basics for our 45th reunion. A closing thought: In 1992, we had 50 alumni attend the reunion festivities. The record for a 45th reunion at Carroll is 72 classmates. The committee hopes to get between 50 and 60 class members to attend. If you can attend one night, great; but if you can attend for two nights, fantastic! See you there. Take care.


Peter French

Winter 2011

Greetings from the Midwest. It’s been an exciting time on the Carroll campus since last we met via class notes. On Sept. 6, I attended a Mass at Gesu, reception, and campus event in celebration of the 125th anniversary of the first class to attend JCU. It was an exciting event, and the beautiful campus was packed with alumni. It brought back memories of my time on campus. The Blue Streaks football team had a good year and won the homecoming game.

JCU was recognized with a volunteer spirit award and received the president’s Higher Education Community Service Award for the fourth consecutive year. What an honor! This is the highest federal recognition a university or college can receive for volunteering in the community. Carroll students perform more than 36,000 hours of community service annually.

Jim Gulley ’67 was at the Prince George’s County Courthouse on business and noticed this sign.

Our 45th class reunion will be held June 15-17, 2012, which is difficult to believe. I know, we just had our 40th. You’ll receive information about the reunion from the JCU alumni office with details about the general activities.

Our class has 371 living alumni, 57 deceased classmates, and 62 members (not included in the 371) who are lost. Our reunion attendance in 2007 was 30 classmates, and 50 members attended in 1992. We’ll be working toward having attendance of 75 at reunion 2012.

On Sept. 21, 2011, Pete Bernardo and I attended the initial reunion information night at Carroll, representing the class of ’67. To date, the co-chair members of the reunion committee have been determined: Pete Bernardo, Mark Delong, Charlie McCarthy, Bill Ryan, Jack Winchester, and me. We have contacted several other members of the class: Tom Hoy, Kevin Stone, Rich Davis, and Mike Conner. When you receive this issue of John Carroll magazine, please contact me or Carla Gall ’05 (cgall@jcu.edu), the reunion coordinator, to join the committee. This is a large undertaking, and we’ll need your help, suggestions, observations, and ideas to make it a fun weekend. Pete and I have generated ideas about where help is needed to have a successful reunion: class gift, reunion planning, participation, and reunion events committees. We thought of a pub tour in Cleveland, community tour, an Indians game, and class dinner menu. We want as many ’67ers to attend. To help make this happen, there will be several call nights at the JCU call center. If you can come to Carroll and call class members, great. You can even call from your home. Just let me or Carla know you’re willing to make phone calls and encourage your classmates to attend our 45th reunion. We’re looking forward to a great event. I’m anxious to hear from everyone. Take care.

Yours truly, Peter.

Peter French

Fall 2011
I’m sure you’ve enjoyed what turned out to be a great summer. No complaints from this observer.

Remember, 2012 is our 45th reunion year. It’s difficult to believe, but it’s approaching fast. I want to see who in our class would like to set up a reunion committee to work on the event at Carroll. Our 45th should result in a large attendance. As a committee, we could discuss issues such as events on or off campus (a tour) and a class gift. Randomly, I’ve selected names of classmates who might be interested: Pete Bernardo, Bill Ryan, Mark DeLong, Mike Mullin, Bob McFarland, John Winchester, Sam Calacarro, Chris Rodeno, and Louis Shainker. If interested, please contact me, and we can make initial plans.

John Forhan made his yearly trip to Cleveland. Several alumni met with John at Muldoon’s for a catch-up session and report all is well with John. He mentioned he was honored by Antioch University Santa Barbara at the 2011 commencement ceremony. John was the first recipient of the Annual Award for Excellence in Teaching. John’s skills as an educator were acknowledged, as well as his deep caring of and commitment to every one of his students. Congratulations, John!

Speaking about education, yours truly was written about in Today @ Remington College in an article, “Criminal Justice Degree Instructor Shares 35 Years of Experience with Students.” One paragraph mentioned I’m involved in John Carroll’s alumni functions and I write a column for the alumni magazine. It’s good national publicity for JCU.

Some thing to look forward to: Pete Bernardo mentioned Carroll will celebrate the arrival of its first students 125 years after 1886 Sept. 6, 2011. There will be a Mass of the Holy Spirit at 4 p.m. at Gesu Church. We all can participate.

I sent a card from our class in memory of the recent deaths of Arthur Noetzel ’38 and Joseph Bombelles, long-time Carroll professors.

Look for the save-the-date information to arrive to all alumni announcing the JCU football game in Ireland in August 2012. I’ve already been asked for details by ’67 alumni who’d like to attend the event.

Have a great fall season and enjoy Blue Streak football. Keep the cards and notes coming.

Peter French

Summer 2011
Well, we made it. The winter of 2010-2011 is history. I received alumni calls from California, Florida, and Louisiana. It was nice to hear some of us remained warm throughout the season. I even received regular calls from my brother, Richard French ’69, from Florida, where he spent most of the winter. He even called on St. Patrick’s Day to say it was 83 and sunny. It was 70 here.

Mark Delong has a new grandchild, Molly French, born April 4. The proud parents are Halle and Michael French, who’s my nephew. Congratulations to Mark and his family.

A shout out to Pete Bernardo, who keeps me up to date with events at Carroll. We recently spoke about our 45th class reunion in 2012. It’s not too early to begin thinking of the event. If class members have ideas, please contact one of us and other classmates to discuss and brainstorm.

I received information from Carroll’s Center for Service and Social Action about Cultivating Community Day that was held April 30. I hope our local alumni checked it out. In the past, I’ve volunteered at the Cleveland Food Bank.

The JCU football team will open their 2012 season in Dublin Aug. 31 against St. Norbert College. I’ve spoken to Bill Ryan about what a great place it is for a minireunion. I’m sure more information will be available.

John Forhan said big waves as a result of the tsunami hit Santa Barbara, Calif., but there was no significant damage. John and his wife, Carol, went to Spain and had a great time. He’s traveling to Cleveland during the last week in July. Our Latin/JCU group always meets with him at Muldoon’s when he’s in town. I hope to see local alumni there.

I’ll conclude with a story – I won’t provide names to protect the innocent (I’m in criminal justice, you know), but I’ll give a clue – about our classmates. Late one Saturday evening, events took their course until 1:30 a.m., when it was time for one more adult beverage. The Cedar/Taylor Road area was busy, and the atmosphere was great – a warm spring night in Cleveland Heights. A few people knocked on a popular “tea shop,” but there was no response. They made several attempts to draw attention from inside the shop to no avail. They put their faces up to the window to look for humans. They knocked on the door again. Suddenly, they heard voices and saw lights. They thought it was an alien space ship. Good thing they could speak. Both sides reached an agreement, and the ensuing ride back to campus was pleasant although a bit cramped. New friends were made that night.


Peter French

Spring 2011

Hello, and a happy New Year to the class ’67. I’m calling this my thank you column. Thanks to all alumni who contributed to our column and passed along news we can enjoy. But first, alumni updates. Rev. Terrence Dempsey, a graduate of Thomas W. Harvey H.S. in Painesville, Ohio, has been recognized nationally for his contributions to the field of religious art. He’s the director of the Museum of Contemporary

Religious Art at St. Louis University, which is the first of its kind with the aim of creating an interreligious dialog through works of contemporary art. There’s hope the museum will restore a centuries-old relationship between religion and art. Congratulations, Fr. Dempsey from the class of ’67.

Congrats to Tom Murphy, the former mayor of Pittsburgh who served in that capacity from 1994 to 2005. Quite an accomplishment. Tom is a senior resident fellow at the Urban Land Institute.

After a 45-year career, Michael Connor retired as VP of operations and maintenance of the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad. Michael, a principal railroad consultant for Excelsior Transportation Management, finished coauthoring an Arcadia Press book titled “Railroads of Buffalo.” It was scheduled for release in February. Congrats, Michael from your classmates.

OK, OK, thank you to the following: our friend at Carroll, Pete Bernardo, who keeps me informed about pertinent events. He’s always ready to assist a classmate. Pete sent the recent greetings to alumni for Veterans Day. Great job!

To Tom Ashdown for making the monthly arrangements for the JCU-Cathedral Latin alumni gathering at Muldoon’s in Cleveland.

To John Forhan, who always sends greetings from Santa Barbara, Calif. He continues to work as a law instructor. John returns to Cleveland every June to meet with friends and alumni from JCU and Cathedral Latin H.S.

To Michael Mullin, who continues to work at the North Coast Behavioral Healthcare Center associated with MetroHealth Medical Center. Mike always is interested in what the alumni are doing.

To Sam Colacarro, who continues as the athletic director at Lake Catholic H.S. Sam always is upbeat and continues to enjoy his job. Thanks, Sam, for all your news items, too.

To Mark DeLong, who keeps in contact as he continues to develop his artistic talents in his second career as an artist. Don’t forget he has volunteered to develop a logo for our 45th reunion.

To classmate Louis Shainker for those kind remarks for our classmates and alumni.

To Bill Ryan from New Orleans who had a great year, receiving the Campion Shield Award. Bill continues to do great things for Marine veterans. In November, he organized a trip for wounded vets to travel from San Antonio to New Orleans for a weekend visit. Bill also hosted a lunch where vets were provided a chance to talk about careers after their military duty.

To Cheri Slattery from JCU whose assistance helps me prepare this column.

Cleveland firsts – the first city to coin the term rock and roll in 1951.

Have a great year, and keep the notes coming.


Peter French

Winter 2010

Hello, class. Fall rushed in, and there was no better place to catch the flavor of the season than on the JCU campus. Football was in full bloom, and the campus looked spectacular. I’ve been to several of the Blue Streaks games, and I hope to see ’67 alumni on the campus during future events.

Good things are happening to our classmates. Mark Delong, who has started a second career, is studying to become an artist. He’s been interested in art for a long time and is taking it seriously. As Mark stated, “I’ve got my family impressed.” Mark’s doing well with his new career and started to receive awards and recognition and sell his art. Mark paints with a group called the Ohio Plein Air Society, which focuses on painting outdoors in a more natural environment. Mark’s enjoying his new career and learning all he can. He’s accepted the opportunity to design the brochure for our 45th class reunion. I’ve asked Mark to let me know when he schedules a show or when his paintings are displayed. Congratulations on your career change.

I have a retirement to discuss. John Gibbons has decided to retire from football coaching. He has been a head football coach for more than 20 years and retired Oct. 3. This fall, John returned to Lake Catholic High School after head coaching positions at St. Edward and Bedford high schools. John was surprised with his induction into the Lake Catholic High School Hall of Fame, which took place Oct. 1. He was nominated for his accomplishments while he was the head football coach for 14 years at Lake Catholic, which includes two state football championships (1991 and 1992). He coached teams to the state playoffs seven times and his teams were regional finalists three times in addition to the two state championships. He also won eight league championships. John had an impressive tenure at Lake Catholic – 113 wins and 42 losses. His career record is 216 wins and 93 losses. Talk about well deserved. Congratulations, John! John’s daughter, Nora Moran ’04, called to inform me about the retirement and the hall of fame. She also mentioned her father-in-law, Mike Moran, was being inducted into Carroll’s Athletic Hall of Fame. Imagine the conversations when coaches John and Mike get together.

I’m starting a new segment: Cleveland Firsts. The electric arc lamp and first electric street lighting happened in 1879 in Cleveland.

I’ve sent postcards to ’67 alumni. Let your columnist know what’s going on.


Peter French

Fall 2010

Hello, Class of ’67. I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. We’ve been experiencing heat for the first time in awhile. Now I can brag there’s global warming on the North Coast. Two events brought me back to the Carroll campus this summer. One was the Reunion Weekend in June. It wasn’t our class reunion, but I went to check out the events – great entertainment, and the casino was neat also. Our reunion isn’t until 2012, but is was nice to get ideas. I also attended the Alumni Awards Dinner that was held in the Dolan Science Center. Our esteemed classmate, William F. Ryan, was honored with the Campion Shield Award, which recognizes heroism and bravery on the part of a member of the JCU community. Bill received the Campion Shield for his bravery and heroism in Vietnam. I won’t explain the specifics of his exploits. Bill was gracious receiving the award. In his typical humor, he presented Rev. Robert L. Niehoff, S.J. president of JCU, with a New Orleans Super Bowl T-shirt. Bill, congratulations from the class of ’67. Pete Bernardo also was present, and we gave Bill a class gift.

I recently spoke to Sam Colacarro, who attends our Cathedral Latin/John Carroll monthly meetings. The last one was June 25, 2010. At that time, we spoke about the new fall football season. Sam mentioned Lake Catholic should have a good season. John Gibbons has had a long and impressive history at Lake Catholic High School, including when he was the head coach. He led the school for 15 years and won two state football titles. Their defense will be enhanced with his experience.

I was at a recent political event and spent time with Mike Mullin. Mike is working at the North Coast Behavior Health Center, where he’s the chief of social work for the State Department of Health. Mike said to say hello to everyone. My brother, Richard French ’66 also was present at the event. Our brother, James, is running for one of the new council seats for Cuyahoga County.

John Forhan made his annual return to Cleveland. John also extends a hello to all.

More in the next edition. Don’t forget to call or e-mail me.



Peter French

Summer 2010

Hello class

John Gibbons relates that he recently resigned after three years at Bedford High School. John will return to Lake Catholic High School as an assistant coach this fall and is looking forward to the opportunity. John has a long and impressive history with Lake Catholic, where he built his great reputation in high school football. John coached at Lake Catholic for 15 years and won two state titles. He left there in 1999 and coached at St. Edward High School for nine years. John has a career record of 216-92. When you consider the football teams he played against, that is a phenomenal record. He is considered a great defensive coach — John will also get the opportunity to coach his son who attends Lake Catholic. Good luck in your new endeavor.

Ben Litra continues to sell and lease autos out of his business on the Bedford Auto Mile. Ben is always anxious to see his former classmates.

Mike Mullin continues to work as a counselor at the Northcoast Behavioral Healthcare facility located next to MetroHealth in Cleveland, OH. Mike has had a varied social service career and he is well respected for his knowledge in the field.

Just before St. Pat’s Day, John Forhan and I were about the passing of a TV icon, Fess Parker. John stated that he met him once. He had been to his winery in Santa Ynez, which is about 40 minutes from John’s home in Santa Barbara, CA. John is retired and he and wife, Carol, do like to travel to big cities for the theater, restaurants, music, etc. They recently went to New Orleans and San Francisco. John continues to work as a part-time law instructor in Santa Barbara.

Speaking of New Orleans, William Ryan was recently advised that he is a recipient of the John Carroll’s 2010 Campion Shield. The award is presented in recognition of bravery or heroism on the part of a member of the John Carroll University community. Bill was honored at the Alumni Awards Dinner held May 21, 2010. Pete Bernardo and I attended so look for my observations in the fall Alumni Journal column. Congratulations Bill.

I recently received the Gold Star Award from Remington College as their top instructor for the winter quarter. It was quite a recognition for me and I was very proud.

Look for my post cards. Please forward any news about Class of ’67 members to me – peter2play@yahoo.com – always great to hear from you. Take care. Peter

Spring 2010

Hello class, hope everyone is well. Those alumni of ’67 spending time in Florida let me know where and when, we could have a gathering.

Heard from John Forhan who sends a hello to all his friends and reports he is surviving another season in Santa Barbara, CA, some rain, high winds, and fire. He is looking forward to his annual trip back to Cleveland, OH, in June.

Tom Ashdown reports that he and his family had a mini-reunion with his five daughters in January. All gathered at his home in Cleveland.

John Gibbons said he was unable to attend our annual MLK gathering of St. Ignatius, Cathedral Latin, and JCU alumni as he has a fractured foot. He was getting used to being chauffeured around. He was able to work on his offense and defense for the upcoming football season.

Bill Ryan says all are excited in New Orleans over playing in the Super Bowl for the first time — he might attend the game in Florida. Bill also reported that he is keeping very busy as he recently acquired a construction company in order to participate in more rebuilding of the Gulf Coast. Bill will be working with the Making it Right People on some green projects, which is Brad Pitt’s group in New Orleans. Bill is also kept busy with his two new grandchildren, James (16 mos.) and Bear (6 mos.). Congratulations.

OK time for our monthly profile: Sam Colacarro reports that “life is good.” He is in his 39th year at Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, OH, and his 43rd year in education. He does not teach anymore as he is the athletic director, which takes up most of his time. Sam actually began his career at Cathedral Latin High School in ’67. Sam has been remarried for three years to Tammy, his first wife, Marianne, passed away in 2004. Sam’s daughter, Dana, attends Walsh College in Canton, OH, and his son, Tom, attends Ohio University, Athens, OH, where he majors in sports administration. His step-son, Benjamin, is a senior at Lake Catholic, where he plays soccer and runs track. Sam mentioned that he will continue his life’s work at Lake Catholic as he “loves it.” As a side, Sam is an excellent golfer and can’t wait to play more! Good luck, Sam.

Well, that’s it. I am sending out postcards so when you receive yours, contact me with your news. Looking for the next profile. Take care all and see you at various Carroll events. Peter

Winter 2009

As I write, I cannot believe that it is fall? John Carroll’s Reunion and Homecoming have come and gone. The Carroll freshman class has reported to school and football is in full swing on the campus. Went to a couple of games this season and the Blue Streaks have looked impressive. Speaking of reunions, our 45th is fast approaching. Not too early to begin to think of ideas, class gift, events for our class, etc. Let me know what you would like to see on campus for our Reunion. Hope all had a chance to review the last alumni notes online. The fall issue was primarily an Honor Roll of Donors and the 2009 Reunion class wrap up. Congratulations to our class, as 20% participated in donating to John Carroll.

Most of our ’67 class members enjoy reading the Alumni Journal section of the magazine, so here we go. At the last Reunion, I had the opportunity to attend with my brother Richard ’69. Since his birthday is in October, I promised him I would mention that he retired from the U.S. Department of Justice in Cleveland and that he’s begun his travels. He and his wife, Joan, have been to Put-in-Bay, Connecticut, Columbus (he wanted to be sure that his son graduated from OSU), South Carolina, and Atlanta. In between, he went to Italy to rest and taste the wine. This winter, he will travel to Naples, FL, to catch up on alumni who want to be warm. Happy birthday!

Caught up with Sam Colacarro, who continues to be the athletic director at Lake Catholic High School. It does not seem that long ago that Sam was practicing his Spanish on us in the cafeteria (he was a language major). He now likes to say “win” in Spanish. He has a good football team this year and hopes to make the local playoffs. Speaking of football, John Gibbons’ son is on the team and, like his father, he loves to play defense.

John Forhan wants everyone to know that he survived another summer of forest fires around the Santa Barbara, CA, area. Some were pretty close to his residence. We keep trying to get John to return to weather-safe Cleveland, but he and his wife, Carol, want to stay close to their family. John does return to Cleveland every summer and we have our own mini reunion at Muldoon’s Saloon & Eatery, which is located at E. 185th street off the Shoreway. We continue to meet on the last Friday of the month, so bring your memories to share with other Cathedral Latin and John Carroll alumni. You are guaranteed to leave with a couple of laughs.

Several alumni have called recently to request information about members of our class to reconnect with old friends. You need to contact the alumni office – alumni@jcu.edu or call Sue Lender at 216.397.4663.

In my last column, I spoke of Tim Davis. I wanted to add some additional information concerning Tim and his career as a teacher in Colorado. Tim informs that he was the chair of the Foreign Language Department at Pikes Peak Community College for several years, and he created and designed the Spanish travel/studies program for the community college. He traveled to Spanish-speaking countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. In 1999, Tim was the McGraw Hill Foreign Language Teacher of the year in Colorado.

I also have some additional information from Patrick Donnelly. He and his wife reside in Chicago along with several members of his family. Patrick is retired and spends six months in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the rest of the year up north in Chicago. Pat relates that in between Carroll and retirement he was in Vietnam – in his words, “blowing up French bridges and replacing them with new American bridges.” Tim also worked in manufacturing. His wife, Jackie, taught French for over 30 years. Both of their children went to Jesuit universities. Appreciate Patrick sharing his story.

Well, Class of ’67 that is it for this column. Really enjoy hearing from all the alumni, and I will be sending out postcards to gather information to share with everyone. Before I close, I want to mention Michele McFarland, who works in Integrated Marketing and Communications at John Carroll. Michele in set to retire in January 2010, and has been a valuable help in producing our alumni columns. She has been my guide and editor and she will be missed. Michele has been my “writing angel.” Congratulations, Michele. Send a line to her at mmcfarland@jcu.edu


Fall 2009

Hello, Class of ’67. By the time you receive the next issue of John Carroll magazine, it will be fall – hope you all had a great summer. These notes are Web only and there is an unlimited word count. For me that is a positive as I have heard from a lot of you.

Reunion was great! I attended with my brother, Richard French ’69. Richard retired from the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Cleveland, in June. He was an attorney there for over 30 years and is now in a traveling mode. At his Reunion, I had an opportunity to catch up with Carl Glotz. Carl continues to enjoy retirement while working as a part-time instructor at Kent State University. Also in attendance was my daughter, Jennifer French ’99, who flew in from Chicago. Speaking of Jennifer, if alumni are in Chicago, stop in to visit her at the Michael Kors store, where she is the manager. I touched base with Pete Bernardo, who was also at Reunion.

High school football season is now here. John Gibbons called to say that he continues as the head coach at Bedford High School. John is in his third year at Bedford, and the preseason forecast has John’s team at second in their division. John remains optimistic for a breakout season. John says “hello” to all his classmates.

I was in contact with Bill Ryan in New Orleans. He mentioned that he is staying very busy in the rebuilding business.

I recently was in contact with Mark Delong, who resides in Huron, OH. He is retired but continues to work part time. He mentioned that he attended the recent John Carroll Reunion with his brother-in-law, Tom Moore ’64. I caught up with Mark at a party to celebrate his daughter’s new baby. Our mutual connection is that his daughter is married to my nephew. Mark and I also found that we both liked Hilton Head Island – our families had the best vacations there while growing up. Mark related the following story about Mike (Killer) Kowalski. Mike took a road trip in March to attend the IXY 50th reunion in Las Vegas. Mike started from his home near Washington, with dog Abby, and picked up Mark in Huron. From there they began a week-long road trip. They loosely followed the old Route 66. There were some mishaps on the front end, but a great time was had with lots of laughs making new memories as they traveled to Vegas. Mark mentioned that the IXY reunion was great. There was a major mishap for Mike on the return trip as he totaled his car near Tucson. Miraculously Mike is fine. Mark did mention that he was not there for the return trip or this story would have had a much different news slant.

Heard from Lou Shainker, who says he has been very busy lately with a few projects. He recently spent one week with the Elderhostel in New Orleans. There he joined a Center for New Orleans Studies and the New Orleans-area Habitat for Humanity. Lou was building new homes, which involved a lot of carpentry and painting. Lou mentioned that his work was very gratifying in that he was contributing to the recovery of the irreplaceable city of New Orleans, which is unique to all of America. I bet that Bill Ryan can certify to that also! While there, Lou participated in excellent programs on the history, culture, music, and cuisine of New Orleans. Lou, that sounds like a wonderful experience. Congratulations.

It was great to hear from Tim Davis. In Tim’s words, he has reestablished connections with John Carroll after a many-year hiatus. Tim, we are glad you did! After graduation, Tim served in the Peace Corps, studied for an M.A. in Spanish literature, and then taught for over 30 years, mostly in Colorado. Tim recently retired and he wants to reconnect with old friends and classmates. Tim thanked me “for my work with the class of ’67 column.” Tim, you just went to the head of the class! Tim specifically mentioned the following classmates from the Class of 1967 that he would like to reconnect with: William Beak, James Birong, Thomas Grace, and Paul Schmidt. Guys, contact him at Timothy Davis, 473 Crystal Hills Blvd., Manitou Springs, CO 80829, or 719-685-0325. You can also contact me and I will be sure to pass on the data. Through our class column, Tim wants to continue to encourage and foster alumni news and development. Tim, great idea. Tim has an interesting history and I will speak to it in the next edition of our class notes. For example, Tim served in the Peace Corps in Colombia, South America, from 1967-1969.

Now, this is a great story. Through my e-mails and cards, I was in contact with Patrick Donnelly. Patrick lived seven blocks from my daughter Jennifer’s former employment in Lakeview (a section of Chicago). It has been many years since Patrick and I were in contact. Look how close we were when I visited my daughter – on my next trip to Chicago, I will call Patrick and I’ll write more about Pat in the next column.

Boy, did we get a lot of alumni information in the past few months! Let’s keep the information flowing. Isn’t it interesting to read about our classmates? Take care and hope to see you around soon. Peter

Summer 2009

Hello. I spent St. Pat’s Day in Chicago visiting my daughter, Jenny ’99. Their St. Pat’s parade is always on the Saturday before the 17th. Thought I might run into some of our classmates during the parade, but it was like trying to find my first class at JCU. I did find a great place – Celtic Crossings. If you are homesick for Ireland, this is the place to be. I also attend the Cleveland St. Pat’s parade. There were 400,000 people in downtown Cleveland that day as there was record high temperatures (take that, my retired friends in Florida). I actually did run into several Carroll alumni.

Recently stopped by Carroll to visit with Pete Bernardo. We spoke of old times and the current events at John Carroll – certainly is a University on the move. We took a tour of the campus and then had lunch in the cafeteria. Sure was good, and a vast improvement over our years there – they even serve health foods. Of course, Pete and I skipped that food station! Don’t forget that Pete heads up the Magis Society. You can reach Pete at pbernardo@jcu.edu.

Bob Spicer recently retired from Gilmour Academy, near campus, where he has been head football coach. Congratulations, Bob! Bob was a great football player at Carroll. The only active head football coach from our class is John Gibbons. Spoke to John recently and he feels very optimistic for the upcoming season at Bedford (OH) High School.

Speaking of sports, how about the Blue Streaks basketball team! They again advanced to the OAC Tournament semifinals and hosted the OAC finals. They set a school record with 21 consecutive wins. I attended several games and they were very exciting.

Richard Keith (Dick, big coach) McPhie, who began his studies with the Class of ’63 but finished with us, passed away on March 18, 2009. Dick graduated from Borromeo Seminary High School. Dick had a long and successful career in teaching and coaching (football, basketball, and track). He worked at several area high schools and retired from teaching in 2007. He continued as football coach at Brunswick (OH) High School, where his team was the runner-up in the state finals in 1995. Dick will be missed.

Don’t forget Reunion Weekend, June 19-21. Friday night is Vegas Night and all Cleveland area alumni are welcome. A group of us are planning to attend. It is a great time and hope to see you there. We can even start to plan our 45th class reunion!

If you get a chance, let Ken Kesegich – kkesegich@jcu.edu – and Michele McFarland – mmcfarland@jcu.edu – know what a great job they do for John Carroll magazine. Yours truly recently sent out numerous e-mails and postcards to class members. So, keep the cards, e-mails, and news coming. We are all interested in you. Hope to see you around soon, Peter

Spring 2009

Hello, fellow classmates. We Clevelanders have been experiencing a severe winter. Although Charlie McCarthy, in Chicago, reports that similar conditions exist in Chicago, if not worse. His take on the severe weather in Chicago is that it happens in cycles of 20+ years — more from Charlie later. I’m sure all of our thoughts are turning to more pleasant weather and returning to golf and tennis. Speaking of weather — we need more input from alumni who reside in Florida.

Although the weather is cold this time of the year, I enjoy a pleasant afternoon on campus watching the Blue Streaks play basketball. At this writing, they are 9-4 in the OAC. Great entertainment, and you never know who you might run into.

In January, we had our annual gathering at an East Side restaurant of Cathedral Latin, Ignatius, and John Carroll grads. We have spirited discussions about local and national affairs, but, more importantly, we discuss our fellow classmates. Bob Spicer ’66 and Tom Ashdown are the annual organizers. More alumni attend each year. It is always on MLK Day, so mark your calendar. I’ll mention next year’s location ahead of time; all are welcome.

Speaking of Carroll, there is an active Center for Service and Social Action that I actually volunteered with at the Cleveland Hunger Center. In my capacity as a community resource specialist with the Department of Justice, I recently encountered a group of Carroll students. While at a meeting at the Thea Bowman Center, I observed students tutoring young children. I introduced myself and found they were from JCU. We had a long conversation about Carroll and public service. I told them about my column and now they are fans of the class of ’67. They even sent me group picture.

Classmates: Ben Litra called to say that he and his son remain active in the new car and car lease business. They are on the Bedford Auto Mile.

Sam Colacarro advised that he continues to work as the athletic director at Lake Catholic High School. He enjoys his work and is working hard to bring home another state championship.

Back to Charlie McCarthy — Over the Christmas holiday, Charlie surprised his 11-year-old and his 8-year-old (#7 & #8) with a trip to Orlando, FL. They went to the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Sea World, Aquatica, and Bush Gardens. I told Charlie that I wish I was # 9. While there, Charlie contacted Tom Kretschmer, his roommate at Carroll. They spent time catching up on old JCU stories, and both want to know what happened to George Jachimowski.

When Bill Ryan and I last talked, he was in the midst of a major renovation project in New Orleans: converting a historic funeral home into a Borders Bookstore. It recently opened and has already become the leading Borders store in the country. Bill sent pictures and the bookstore looks fantastic. As an aside, Bill told me that this Borders is a few miles from the new housing project being built by Brad Pitt. He also related that a recent John Carroll student immersion group was there helping restore New Orleans after the storm. He had them to his house for a Cajun dinner. Bill is currently the chairman of Federal City New Orleans, which will be the new home to all of the Marine Reserves. It is projected to be a $750- million project over 10 years. To complete his year, Bill and his wife have a new grandson, James Craik Ryan (named after George Washington’s surgeon general). Bill wished us all a happy New Year. Congratulations on your fantastic year, Bill.

Well, that is it for this column. Keep the cards, letters, and e-mails coming. Hope to see you all soon, Peter

Winter 2008

Hello class of ’67, it’s that time again — Class Notes. Went to the 2008 Homecoming, the weather cooperated and it was a wonderful fall day. I attended an Alumni Volunteer Workshop prior to the football game where I had the opportunity to meet other class columnists for John Carroll magazine. I spoke to Bruce Thompson ’43 and Sal Felice ’57. They have great columns and they both have won the Silver Quill Award from JCU. Take a look at their columns — all of the magazine columns represent a micro history of JCU.

The game between Carroll and Heidelberg was exciting Carroll prevailed with a 17-15 victory. Numerous alumni enjoyed the Hospitality Tent and the Street Fair. The ROTC Alumni Dinner was also a huge success. We all remember our ROTC days on campus — classmate Peter Bernardo was in charge of ROTC back when. Pete is still very active at JCU and is director of planned giving.

In my last column, I predicted that Carroll would defeat Mount Union this season. As of this writing, they are undefeated in the OAC (this division is very competitive) but there is still hope. We are, after all, a Jesuit institution.

Recently attended a retirement at the U.S. Probation Office where I worked for 28 Years. I ran into several JCU graduates, one being Carl Glotz. Carl and I worked in the U.S Probation Office at the same time. We both observed how time has evaporated for us over the years. Carl continues to teach at Akron University on a part-time basis, I also teach part-time at a local college. Our careers have taken the same path. Great to see Carl again.

On a recent trip to Chicago to visit my daughter, Jennifer French ’99, I called hoping to catch up with Charlie McCarthy. Charlie is an attorney in Chicago. Talk about stories, Charlie can talk all day about our JCU days.

On a sad note, Dean L. Kinley passed on September 10, 2008. There was a wonderful celebration on September 26 at a local Cleveland restaurant to celebrate Dean’s life. Dean left a wonderful family and hundreds of friends. He was a school teacher, a high school coach, and a great friend to many. He will be missed. During our Reunion, we had a tree planting ceremony in memory of our deceased classmates. When on campus, visit our site behind the Dolan Science Center near Carroll Blvd. Great place to reflect. Every time I attend a function on campus, I observe something new.

I have another prediction — I see in the future, our 45th Reunion. I know, I know, 2012 is a long way away but at least we can think about it. There are approximately 38,000 JCU alumni and I believe that we can attract 50-60 of our class to attend the reunion — I set the standard high! I am going to be in contact with Bill Ryan as he always has innovative ideas. Bill continues to reside in New Orleans where he has not sustained much damage in the recent hurricane season.

We have a lot of stories to be told by our class. Put on your thinking caps and send your stories/ideas/comments to your columnist — peter2play@yahoo.com or to journal@jcu.edu. As I prepared these class notes, my brother, Richard French, ’69 (we keep it in the family) called me from Italy where he has been wandering around for a month (he complained that the call cost $18.88). It was his birthday — so Happy Birthday, Rich.

Nice talking to you and hope to see you around. Go Blue Streaks! Peter

Fall 2008

Well, it is that time again — class notes. Hope all are well. With that, I want to thank all classmates who wrote me notes and cards to inquiry about my recent event in February this year. I appreciate it! How is this for an incident. I had to go to the Westlake Library a few weeks ago for a meeting. During a break, I noticed a book on a shelf — it was blue. Upon closer inspection, the title of the book was “A history of John Carroll University” by Donald Gavin, from 1985. It was a signed copy. Mr. Gavin actually signed he book to Bill Dugan “in appreciation for your years of service as a member of the Carroll Board of Trustees.” I signed it out, it was an interesting book. Before I returned it, I went to the alumni office and picked up several copies of the recent John Carroll magazine and returned the book and the magazines to the library. I returned in a couple of days and the Carroll magazines were gone — the book was still there. You never know!

At our recent monthly meeting, fellow alumni were present: Chris Rodeno, John Forhan, Tom Ashdown; John Gibbons, Sam Colacarro and yours truly. John Forhan was making his annual visit from Santa Barbara, CA, to visit family and friends. John had some great stories about living in California. He continues to work part time and watch his grandchildren. Reach John at jpfinsb@cox.net.

John Gibbons reported that his son, Tim, recently got married to Mary Sokolowski, whose parents own the University Inn in Cleveland. This is the restaurant that every politician who runs for higher office must stop at, including, presidential candidates. The restaurant is a very popular spot for lunch. Given that, John stated that he will remain the head coach at Bedford High School — at least for the near future. John has been busy this summer as he participated in several football camps, including one at The Ohio State University. He just concluded one at Bedford High School that was attended by over 300 area football players. He also stated that he and his lovely wife, Pat, will soon have 18 grandchildren. John will soon be the head coach of his own football team.

Speaking of weddings — Tom Ashdown reports that two of his daughters will be married this summer.

Recently heard from Lou Shainker who recently returned to Cleveland from a trip with a hiking club Elderhostel to Yellowstone National Park. Lou reported that it was a fantastic adventure. His group did a lot of hiking and saw all kinds of wildlife. Lou can be reached shainker@apk.net. Lou also helps out on our class reunions. Speaking of reunions, I visited the JCU campus in June to attend Reunion ’08. I was scouting ideas for our 45th Reunion. I know, it is too far ahead, but we can still plan.

In my current position as the community resource specialist for the Department of Justice, I get to travel to several area cities such as Toledo, Youngstown; Canton, Warren and Akron.

Have great summer and don’t forget the fall activities at Carroll. I predict this year JCU will defeat Mount Union!

I am taking a trip to Chicago in the fall, if class alumni receive a call from yours truly, I will be requesting updates from you. Or, you can contact me at Peter2play@yohoo.com. Nice talking to you hope to see you around. Keep the cards and notes coming. Peter

Summer 2008

Hello class of ’67. Spring has finally sprung and I hope all are well and that you can enjoy the weather. First off a note about Jerry Pockar’s retirement from John Carroll. You all know him as the university editor. We watched as under his stewardship the John Carroll magazine has experienced tremendous growth. He was of great assistance to all class columnists and always offered the best advice to make us better writers. On behalf of the class of ’67, I want to thank Jerry for all of his efforts in producing such a quality product. At the same time, I want to wish the new University Editor, Ken Kesegich, congratulations on his selection. I hope to meet with Ken in the near future.

For several years a group of alumni have been meeting on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Mavis Winkle’s Irish Pub in Independence on Rockside Road. Bob Spicer ’66 started this tradition and it has been in existence for four years and grows each year. The common bond is that we all graduated form either Cathedral Latin or St. Ignatius High Schools and also from JCU. I will not mention the age range but it is sufficient to state that none of us needs an interpreter yet. It is a lively crowd and all are invited. OK, OK, we all graduated between 1965-1970.

I have to admit that I recently have not been in contact with our alumni. There is a good reason — On Feb. 14, 2008, I was conducting a meeting at Federal Court in the office of U.S. Marshal, Pete Elliott, when in mid sentence, I froze. I was talking about how excited I was about the Weed and Seed Program that I oversee. We were working on the marshal’s “Operation Second Chance” for the youth in Cleveland. It targets kids wanted on truancy charges and clearing up their warrants. I drew a blank and stared at the wall as I began to fall to the floor. In attendance were Cleveland Municipal Court Judge Marilyn Cassidy and Ellen Fishman, the executive director of the Learning Disabilities Association in Cuyahoga County. They guided me to the floor as I passed out. Pete Elliott noticed that my eyes rolled up, I stopped breathing in his office. Apparently I was gone. Judge Cassidy, a registered nurse who has maintained her license, resuscitated me with mouth to mouth until a medical crew arrived and transported me to a hospital. The bottom line was that I had a stroke — I was in the right place at the right time with the right people. A potentially bad incident turned out to be OK. Now I am known as the man who received the best kiss ever on Valentine’s Day! All is well.

As I recovered, I began to think of our classmates who may be suffering from an illness. If anyone knows of such a class member, please advise me and I will be sure to send that person a card on behalf of our class. JCU alumni have several outings scheduled this spring and summer, so don’t forget to read your e-mails from Carroll. This summer, it’s an Indians baseball game. Well, that’s it for now. Don’t be shy, let me hear from you. This is the time of the year when JCU really looks great. Take a drive and check it out. See you later, Peter

Spring 2008

Hope all had a great holiday season and are enjoying the New Year. This year the JCU Alumni Office is offering some great opportunities for alumni to get together. For example JCU played basketball at Cleveland State University and lost by only 10 points. Recently, the Alumni Office offered a package to attend a local game at the Gund Arena in Cleveland. I’m sure that baseball is in the near future. Continue to check out the e-News sent by Alumni Relations, it’s a great source of information. If you aren’t receiving it, send your e-mail address to journal@jcu.edu to get on the list. Speaking about alumni events, at one of them, I had occasion to speak with Mary Lavin ’87, the new director of Alumni Relations. What an asset she will be for the JCU family. She is very enthusiastic over her involvement with all the alumni. It was nice to spend some time with her.

Let’s get to it! Classmate Pete Bernardo director of planned giving at JCU was elected to the University Heights City Council. He won in a landslide vote as all the JCU alumni who reside in University Heights voted for Pete. OK-OK, Pete ran as an independent and had no opposition. It is still a good achievement. I told Pete that he may become the next Tim Russert ’72, but on a local level. I’m sure that Pete would like hearing from his many friends from the JCU community – 216.397.4217.

Recently heard from John Forhan who updated me on the large fires that struck the California area last year. John resides in Los Pinas which is in the Santa Barbara, Calif. area. Although the fires hit to the north of him, he did not experience a direct hit. John stated that it was certainly a tense week or so in his residential area. He feels very lucky that his home did not receive any damage.

Chris Rodeno and his wife, Marilyn, recently celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. It was of interest to me as I was in the wedding party along with several other ’67 classmates. Has it been that long? They have three grown sons and spend a lot of time with their grandchildren. Chris continues to work in the securities, stocks, and bond business. His office is located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Thomas Flynn writes that he recently retired as the director of admissions ITT Technical Colleges. Tom was also the head baseball coach at Youngstown Cardinal Mooney High School. Tom related that he really enjoyed his years at JCU and he would like to hear from fellow class members. Tom resides in Boardman, Ohio, and he can be reached at 330.758.3684. Tom, we wish you a happy retirement.

Last but not least, Mike Mullin called to state that he retired from the Society for The Blind. As soon as he retired, he received a call from the State of Ohio and they offered him a position at Northcoast Behavior Healthcare which is located next to Metro General Hospital in Cleveland. After years in various administrative capacities, Mike decided to return to counseling and now works as a counselor and is part of a clinical evaluation team at Northcoast Behavior. Mike stated that he had a good rest as his retirement lasted two weeks. Mike has been in social service for over 35 years. Congratulations Mike.

Well that’s it for now. Hope that I didn’t miss anyone this time. Now this is under the topic of valuable data: as of June 2008, our 45th Class Reunion is four years away. It is never too early to think about the future or of reunion ideas and suggestions. I believe in planning ahead! Hope to see you at the various JCU alumni functions in ’08. Send those updates to – peter2play@yahoo.com or journal@jcu.edu or just call me at 440.734.5553.

Looking forward to hearing from ’67 classmates, Peter

Fall 2007

Hello – hope all of you are enjoying the fantastic fall weather. Cleveland has been very lucky this season. Some local events worth mentioning: Homecoming was held at Carroll — a great day and an unforgettable football game. JCU won in overtime and the score was 20-17 — a last second field goal won it for Carroll over B-W. President Robert L. Niehoff, SJ, recently celebrated his 25th anniversary of being a Jesuit priest. A Mass was held at Gesu and it was a wonderful event. It just affirms that we were part of a wonderful experience at JCU.

For all of our out-of-town alumni friends that still follow local sports, the Cleveland Indians are playing for the right to be the American Division champs to play in the World Series. We are hopeful that by the time you read this, we will be the world champs. If any of you have a story about the playoffs, write/call me to tell me about it.

Want to advise the class of ’67 that the JCU Career Center has a new on-line program called Carroll Contacts. It helps to spread important news and information to our classmates. The program helps to connect current JCU students to alumni who can offer students an insight into our careers and offer advice. Very good program!

Recently heard from — Gary McKillips – gmckill@hotmail.com – is the Public Relations director for Georgia State’s Robinson College of Business. Gary is also a free-lance sportscaster and had a recent role in the new ESPN original production, Ruffian. Gary also reported that he has been a vice president in the telephone industry and was the VP of corporate and sports PR with Turner Broadcasting in Atlanta. Gary began his career as a public information officer in the U.S. Army after graduating from Carroll. He served with the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam.

Donald T. Rocen reports that he joined the law firm of Miller and Chevalier in Washington, D.C., and is in their tax development division. He was previously employed as deputy chief counsel for operations in the Chief Counsel’s Office where he supervised 1000 attorneys. Congratulations to Donald.

Bill Ryan in New Orleans sends greetings. Bill was recently featured in the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Bill, through his company, Ryan Companies, recently developed a former historic New Orleans funeral home into a new Borders bookstore. The new store is set to open in November of 2008. It will be the first national bookstore in Orleans Parish since 2003. Bill reports that this retail project will help revitalize a deteriorating section of New Orleans. Congratulations to Bill. Sounds like a great project. The word is that the new book store will have a “spooky” section.

I have a quick story to relate. There was a recent column in our local paper that stated that the BC in London, England was in the process of preparing a documentary on the life of Bob Hope with a focus of his life in Cleveland before he became an international star. They were looking for individuals who knew Bob Hope and were familiar with his life in Cleveland. Since I had met him on several occasions over the years, I contacted them and volunteered to participate in the project. To make a long story short, I was called by the BBC as I was selected! I was interviewed over a period of several days in Cleveland and gave my observations. I actual met Bob Hope during one of his U