The Chamberlains

Spring 2017
Hello, all. I trust the start of the new year was good and spring is blooming for everyone. Judi and Steve Chamberlain were radiant when they renewed their vows celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Congratulations to the happy couple. Steve also told me Ron Gillenkirk had surgery to clear his carotid arteries. I called Ron in early March, and he told me all went well and he was recovering nicely. He couldn’t wait to golf or see the first Indian’s game, whichever came first.

John Minaudo reached out to tell me he was still busy. He and Maureen are happy that the ongoing construction on their home was almost finished. On the down side, Maureen’s arthritis is severe enough to prompt hip replacements. She had the first in early April, and the second is scheduled for this summer. We wish you well through this time tough time, Maureen. John and his son also are continuing to grow their brewery business with another expansion. Keep those suds rolling John.

John Marcus ’72 said the brothers of Iota Chi Upsilon had a reunion at homecoming 2016, bringing back 250 former members. They arrived for dinner on Thursday, golf on Friday, and a formal dinner on Saturday. The IXY scholarship is more than $1.25 million and racing for $2 million. Bob McCullough, Tom Tarpy, Tom Gibbons, and Jim Fineran joined the festivities.

Early in the year, Dan Kush wrote to tell me Tom Rempe, who seemed close to death in November, was doing much better at this writing. After surgery to remove two tumors, Dan said he’s making a remarkable recovery. We pray Tom will continue to improve.

My last note is to tell you that this is my final column. It has been an honor and a pleasure to have been your scribe. However, after all these years, a new perspective is in order. Larry Henry has assumed the mantle of your class columnist. Being new to the position as I was, he will need your help and support, so drop him a note or give him a quick call with your news. Take it away Larry …

Thanks, Dave, for all your top-notch reports keeping us up-to-date with our classmates. I know we all offer our prayers and best wishes to Dave and Jane. I haven’t seen a lot of your names in these pages. Let me know what’s on your mind? College costs for grandchildren? Cubs vs Indians? Let’s talk. We’re having a golf outing June 23-24 during reunion this summer. If you can join us, let me know. We’ll play Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Additional details to come. JCU offers us a free Saturday night dinner at the reunion, so we golfers might end up there. Until next time.

Dave and Larry

Dave Griffin

Larry Henry

Winter 2017
Hello. I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is starting the new year off well. I’m not a repeater, but this needs to be told: The golf outing in early October was a great success. The weather was perfect, and we had an excellent turnout. Golfers included Tom Gibbons, Jim Hartings, Guy Nerren, Tom Madden, Ron Gillenkirk, Jake Boland, Kevin Leigh, Bob Searson, Bob Jacobs (who handled the local logistics for the gang), and Larry Henry. Bob J. and Jake B., the two Jakes, were the aces of the day, battling it out for prize money. It was a scramble/best ball format so everyone enjoyed the golf and company. Anyone interested in future outings should contact Larry H. He told me they’re mulling over something next summer around the reunion.

Pete Kassay-Farkas wrote to tell me he attended the Athletics Hall of Fame ceremony where Geza Terezhalmy ’67 was inducted. Although he was a year behind us, I write this because, in his acceptance speech, he mentioned Peter, John Stagl, myself, and others from our first JCU team.

I’m sorry to report we lost two more classmates. Ed (Steve) Brown passed in August; John Pilch in May. May they rest in peace.

Fall wasn’t good for us. In late September, Jane had a seizure. Tests showed a neoplasm or tumor at the upper right side of her skull. We were blessed it was benign and hadn’t penetrated her brain. A craniotomy was performed by a talented neurosurgeon to remove the growth. All went well. Jane recuperated for more than 10 days and is now in a physical/occupational/cognitive rehabilitation program at a local hospital. We are together for most of the days, but it’s still difficult. She’s gaining strength and confidence each day, so we see some light at the end of the tunnel; however, a long tunnel remains ahead of us. Until next time, stay happy and healthy.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2016

Hello. It was a very warm summer throughout most of the country, but I imagine everyone has cooled off by now. I trust you all had a relaxing summer full of cookouts and good times with family and friends. If you read the summer issue about our reunion, you know about the golf outing. Well, the boys of JCU summer are at it again. Larry Henry and Bob Jacobs have them all stirred up for return rounds on Oct. 3 and 4. Although I’d love to, I won’t be able to make it back because of health concerns. I’m not sure who’ll be on the final roster, but I’ve heard from some takers. Guy Nerren, who will be there, sent uplifting thoughts about my condition. He had to fight cancer with surgery about four years ago. Tom Gibbons, who also sent good thoughts, said I looked pretty good at our reunion – for a guy my age. Leave it to Gibby. Rob Searson ’84G told me he’ll miss my help finding his lost golf balls. I wish them all good luck and a great time together. I’ll report on their outing in our next column.

Chris Botamer emailed letting me know all is going well for him. He wanted to get in touch with Dan Raleigh, so I forwarded his contact information. I hope they connected. Dan Kush called to tell me he’s leaving the Washington, D.C., area and moving to Albany, New York, to start a new life with Laura, who many of you met at reunion. I wish them all the best in this world. Dan also wanted to tell me that Tom Rempe wasn’t doing well with his fight against cancer. Please keep Tom, Donna, and their family in your prayers.

Jane and I continue ambling down our road. I finished a round of chemo in mid-September without any complications. Now we’re back in a wait-and-see mode, as bloodwork is checked regularly. We’re planning our 50th wedding anniversary in November. We’ll rent a cabin in the woods in Branson, Missouri, for a week. Our kids and grandkids will join us from St. Louis. We’ll all be together to celebrate. Until next time, stay happy and healthy.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2016

Hello, all. Even though it’s a hot and crazy summer, I hope you’re enjoying it. I can tell you 44 members of our class had a great time on campus at the reunion in June. It was so great to see some guys I haven’t seen in 50 years. Some of us started the weekend off with a round of golf on Friday morning. I’m not sure how, but someone talked me into filling out the third foursome even though I hadn’t hit a ball in more than 10 years. The class of ’66 Ryder Cup team consisted of Tom Madden, Bob Jacobs, Bill Buckley, Tim Frick, Jim O’Keefe, Tom Gibbons, Steve Lochen, Rob Searson, Jake Boland, Guy Nerren, Larry Henry, and yours truly. Thanks to Larry and Bob J. for pulling this together. It was a good time for all. If you’re interested, another outing in Cleveland is being discussed for this fall or for next year’s reunion. Let me know if you are ready to embarrass yourself, and I’ll get Larry or Bob in touch with you.

The class of ’66 Ryder Cup team consisted of: Tom Madden, Bob Jacobs, Bill Buckley, Tim Frick, Jim O’Keefe, Tom Gibbons, Steve Lochen, Rob Searson, Jake Boland, Guy Nerren, Larry Henry, and Dave Griffin.

The class of ’66 Ryder Cup team consisted of: Tom Madden, Bob Jacobs, Bill Buckley, Tim Frick, Jim O’Keefe, Tom Gibbons, Steve Lochen, Rob Searson, Jake Boland, Guy Nerren, Larry Henry, and Dave Griffin.

When we finally finished our round and joined everyone at the big tent on the Quad, we saw Jim Adair, Charlie Bartels, Vince Basile, Chris Botamer, Steve Chamberlain, Larry Chizmar, Marty Cudzilo, Dana Czmer, Jim Fineran, John Fox, Joe Frederick, Ron Gillenkirk, Jim Hartings, Peter Kassay-Farkas, Bill Kinsella, Steve Krajnak, Dan Kush, Frank Lazzaro, Mike Mayer, Bob McCullough, Jack McLain, John Minaudo, John Morris, Steve Napolitano, John Naylor, Fran Nunney, Mark O’Connor, Jim Pershinsky, Larry Ryan, Gabe Varkonyi, Lou Vitullo, Jack Wyar and all their lovely spouses and friends. Denny Doyle also made a guest appearance. Though he didn’t graduate with us, he was a friend through the Carroll years to many of us, so it was good to see him. Saturday was a quiet day ending with a beautiful reunion Mass at Gesu and class pictures. Then we enjoyed conversation, drinks, and a tenderloin steak dinner together in a room in the Lombardo Student Center. It was a wonderful day. Most folks left early on Sunday morning, but those of us who stayed were treated to a delicious brunch with omelets made our way. It was a wonderful reunion all around.

Peter Kassay-Farkas and I had talked in the spring. He was leaving after the reunion for a trip to Europe with his grandkids so they could see his old soccer club play.

Dale Masino wanted to join the reunion, but he and his wife left North Carolina after 13 years and moved to California to be near their daughter and three grandkids. They’re in Brentwood in the East Bay area not far from Napa Valley. He’d be happy to hear from any classmates heading that way.

Speaking of moving, Mary and Bruce Asmus have gone to Portland, Oregon. Bruce retired on April 30, 2016, after 45 years in industrial real estate in Cleveland. Mary and Bruce will be closer to three of their four children and all of their grandkids. They’ll be living across the street from Terry Robrecht. They moved in June, so they had to miss reunion.

Mike DeLisio planned to come from Europe, but with all that’s happening throughout the world, he decided to stay at home for cautionary reasons. His younger daughter left a job teaching architecture in Finland to join an American university as associate director of graduates. His oldest daughter will open a B&B in Florence this fall. If any JCU grads want to visit, she’ll provide a guided tour of the beautiful city.

Tom Rempe planned to attend reunion, but he had problems with his specialized cancer treatment. Because of that, he couldn’t fly, and the long drive from Florida would be too grueling for him.

Dan Raleigh was going to come to reunion but wasn’t able to make it. His wife, Nancy, suffers with Frontotemporal Dementia, and Dan is her primary caregiver. Dan told me about a book that has greatly helped him with Nancy’s care – “The 36-Hour Day” by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins. Dan is formulating a complete care plan for Nancy to transition her to another caregiver if he can’t continue caring for her. If any classmates have a similar situation, he’d be happy to share his notes, experiences, and thoughts about caregiving. Dan, we’ll keep you and Nancy in our prayers.

A few of us got together for a burger so we could spend time with Kevin Leigh, who was out of town at a family reunion for the weekend but arrived home on Sunday. It was good to see him and catch up.

That’s about it for Reunion Weekend 2016 edition.

Some of us have talked about next year’s reunion, and we’re thinking about doing it again. Being our 50th, JCU graciously will pick up the tab for our weekend. That’s right, it’s free from now on! I’ll leave you with a direct quote from Larry Henry, who, in his own inimitable style, summed it up this way: “We’re kind of running out of time.” Think about it for next year.

My very best to all.


Dave Griffin

Spring 2016

Hello. I trust everyone is having a good spring because it sounds like we’ll all have another hot summer. Around Valentine’s Day, I chatted with John Morris, who’s still enjoying retirement. Some heart issues have bothered him during the past few years, so his doctors took care of that by implanting a pacemaker. He also had his cataracts removed, so he’ll be able to see you at our 50th reunion in June. Other than that, John said all is going well.

Steve Chamberlain is leading a group working on our reunion plans. He said it’s a good group, but many hands make light work, so if you can help, let the alumni office know. The dates are June 17-19 this summer. We hope we see as many of you as possible.

If folks want to get a copy of Dan Ruminski’s book, “Cleveland in the Gilded Age: A Walk Down Millionaires’ Row,” they can order by calling Dan’s office at 440-951-1323. The book is in its fifth printing. In his wildest dreams, Dan didn’t think the book would be this popular.

I had a difficult start to 2016. I spent most of January in the hospital because my leukemia white cell counts were very high. That was compounded with pneumonia at the same time. In late February, I had surgery on both eyes for torn and displaced retinas. All is better, but that’s why this column is short – I was incapacitated. Ah, these good old golden years.

Save the reunion dates, and plan to be there. Everyone else hopes to see you.

My best to all.


Dave Griffin

Winter 2016

Hello to all. I trust everyone had a wonderful Christmas season surrounded by family and friends. In my last column, I mentioned Joe Frederick’s book. He wants everyone to know that if you would like a signed copy, call him at 419-409-1816.

Jim Adair continues to show people the world through his company, Vacations for Catholics. If you’re looking for a fun trip, from Italy to Antarctica and everywhere in between, call Jim.

I met with Dan Kush and Tom Rempe for lunch in Tampa, Florida, this past fall. It was good to catch up with them. Dan was in town looking for a home because he plans to relocate from the D.C. area. Tom had good news about the results of his last cancer treatments. I also visited with Dan at Arlington National Cemetery. He joined Jane and me at the interment service for John Stagl. It was very moving and something I’ll never forget.

I chatted with Jack McLain, who’s doing well. He and Penny spent Thanksgiving in the French countryside. It was funny because, as we talked, I realized many of our conversations usually revolved around our health.

There was a good article about Cleveland in our Tampa newspaper, so I let Dan Ruminski know about it. Dan has a strong interest in Cleveland’s glorious past and the shining future of the city.

I reached out to say thank you to some friends on Veterans Day. I received a reply from Dale Christman, who’s a Navy vet. He and Dorothy are retired and live near Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re trying to make our reunion.

Speaking of which, if you didn’t know it already, this summer will be our 50th reunion. I know what you’re thinking: I don’t know where the time went either. I’m hoping as many of our classmates as possible will be at JCU June 17-19, 2016. Unless you’re off the grid, you should be receiving information from the University about the festivities. If you’d like information, contact the alumni office, or give me a shout. That’s about it for now. If your name isn’t in this column, don’t blame me. Call or email. I hope you all stay well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2015
This summer, Jane and I met Peter Kassay-Farkas, his wife, Joan, and her sister and husband for lunch. They were enjoying our sunshine while on vacation. We had a good time catching up on old and new times.

Paul Quigley ’67 emailed me about the picture of him and Bill McCoy in the summer issue. He mentioned that, although he’s class of ’67, most of his Carroll memories and continued friendships are with our class. He and his wife, Pat, moved to Marietta, Ga., 28 years ago to work for Georgia- Pacific, managing employee benefits. They enjoy the four seasons in the area but are glad winter is the shortest. They have two grown sons, Kevin and Joe. Paul, who retired in 2011, keeps busy with hobbies, honey do projects, and traveling to national parks. Throughout the past five years, they’ve spent a couple weeks during the winter in Florida near Bradenton and Sarasota. He and Bill are trying to coax Judi and Steve Chamberlain to join them but have had no luck so far.

Joseph Frederick finished his book, “People + Me,” about his early years, including JCU. It’s a thank you to the many people in his life and those who might have influenced his life. The book is available through Xlibris.com. Click on bookstore. Congratulations, Joe!

I was in touch with Dan Kush and Tom Rempe this summer. Dan visited Tom in Sarasota in October and house-hunted for Dan, who’s thinking of leaving Washington and settling in the Tampa Bay area. We had hoped to get together for lunch while Dan was here. We had looked forward to talking about the old days in the halls of JCU.

I talked with Jack McLain and Rob Searson about a trip to Arlington, Va. Jane and I went there in September for John Stagl’s interment service at Arlington National Cemetery. We met with John’s wife, Sharon, and her children, who drove in from Chicago.

That’s it for now. If you don’t see your name in this issue, call or email me. I’ll be sure to get you in the next one. I hope everyone stays well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2015
Hello to all. Summer started with high heat and terrible storms in some areas of the country. In other areas, fires burned and took a toll on peoples’ lives. I hope all our classmates are weathering the storms and are having a nice summer.

Diane and Ron Gillenkirk moved to a new home. Still in Rochester, N.Y., they’re enjoying their new surroundings near Durand Eastman Park. Ron’s sons surprised him with a trip to Cleveland to see an Indians game. Ron is a longtime fan of the team, so it was an meaningful trip.

Tom Rempe remembers many of the guys he sees written about in our column. He thought he would send his report, even though it is about 50 years late. Tom was a chemistry major and resident of Pacelli and Murphy halls with roommates Joe Dalfonzo, Jim Small, Mark O’Connor, and Dan Kush. Recently, Tom was diagnosed with stage 3 metastatic melanoma and has been getting treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., for the past several months. Tom, who’s mom is a cancer survivor, related to me and our daughter through fighting cancer. Dan said he and Mike Starr used to visit Tom on trips to Sarasota, Fla. Tom has lived there since 1999. He also reached out to his old friend Tom Madden in Atlanta but couldn’t connect. So Tom, if you see this, let me know how he can reach you.

The McCoys and Quigleys

The McCoys and Quigleys

Steve Chamberlain emailed me about golfing with John Schwartz. He told me John retired from the bench in December but has continued with a consulting job that keeps him out of trouble for about 10 days a month. He also plans to spend about three months in Florida at the start of each year. Steve also sent a picture of him and Judi at a Derby party. They looked like they stepped out of the grandstands at Churchill Downs. Steve also sent a picture he received from Bill McCoy. It was of Bill and his wife, Jean, at a recent lunch meeting with Paul Quigley ’67 and his wife. Y’all lookin’ pretty good!

Unfortunately, I report what you may have seen in the last issue. JCU reported that Ron Florjancic died at the end of 2012 and John Gallagher died this past January. Also, with a phone call from his wife, Sharon, in June, I learned John Stagl died May 30. He had been fighting cancer for more than a year. Like a number of us, John was a Vietnam veteran. Arrangements are being made for his burial in Arlington National Cemetery. You might know that John was the goalie on our first JCU soccer team. He had a bright yellow sweat suit to mark his difference from the rest of the players. With John’s height standing in goal, we affectionately called him our Big Banana. The thought, and the picture, in my head makes me smile.

I hope you’ll let me know how you’re doing before it is too late. Stay well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Spring 2015
I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer season after a long, cold winter. My thanks go out to Steve Chamberlain and Dan Ruminski, who sent prayers for our daughter’s fight with breast cancer. I’m happy to report Celeste finished her chemo and radiation. She’s in remission and on her way to a complete recovery. I heard from Chuck Bartels. Leaving campus in 2011, he told friends everyone should use seat belts, exercise, and eat wisely so they all could return for our 50th reunion. Six months later, Chuck was doing well and lost 30 pounds. In March ’12, he broke his back and was paralyzed from the waist down. After five surgeries and five months in rehab, he went home. After 31 years as a Manpower franchise owner and 13 years with ManpowerGroup, he retired in early 2013. He was asked to run for the Lake County (Illinois) Board. After a lengthy consideration, he did it. With great supporters and his trusty wheelchair, he was walkin’ and rollin’ to win a tough primary in March ’14. Then he won the general election. On Dec. 1, he took office for a four-year term. He and Teresa have five sons and nine grandkids. His son, John ’96; his wife, Kristen ’97; and their three boys live in Shaker Heights, Ohio, running a successful financial services business.

John Naylor and his wife live in Buffalo Grove, Ill. They enjoy their two grandchildren and biking with their club when the weather is above 40 degrees.

Dan Kush’s wife, Judy, died on March 4 after a long battle with thyroid cancer. She had been in hospice care for six months with Dan as her caretaker. Judy attended numerous reunions with Dan and enjoyed meeting everyone. She worked long and hard to help the poor in the District of Columbia. She and Dan worked together helping wounded veterans at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Ron Janes told me Paul Markstrom died in June ’13. He and Paul were roommates in law school. Ron still practices law and isn’t thinking about retiring soon. Paul’s wife, Sharon, said he died after a long illness.

Jack Wyar said Chuck O’Brien died in Valley City, Ohio, in January ’15.

Ron Knaus, Harijs Kruza, Bill Martin, and Ralph Waltman died this past fall.

A serious reaction to chemo as a result of leukemia sent me to the hospital for 12 days in January. I’m rested now and feel great. I look forward to better news for the next issue. I hope you all stay well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Winter 2015
Hello. I trust everyone had a wonderful visit and good time with family and friends during Christmas. Jane and I spent several weeks in St. Louis with our family. It was great being with our grandkids during that magical time. Winter started off with cold and snow in November. I hope our Northern alums are keeping warm.

With the 50th soccer celebration at homecoming last September, I connected with old teammates. Rob Searson, Peter Kassay-Farkas, and I were there. With three teammates from other class years, we had more than a third of the first team at the celebration. I had a good talk with John Minaudo. He and Maureen still enjoy the South Carolina seacoast but also enjoy time at their property in the mountains. John works with their son, Mac, at Holy City Brewing in Charleston. If you remember, being from Flint, Mich., cars are in John’s blood. He has a garage full of them. He wants to restore an ’84 Corvette to drive across Route 66. He mentioned he spent time with Mike Himes at a wedding in Chicago.

I called Paul Klaus, and all is going well for him and Judy, who live near Orlando, Fla. After moving to Florida, Paul continues with his career, but he’s thinking about retiring in 2016.

Jack McLain and Penny might have come from Dallas, but they booked a trip to go to Hawaii at the end of September. They’re doing well.

I tried to reach Mike Necas and Paul Markstrom unsuccessfully. Can anyone help me with info?

John Stagl, our goalie on those first teams, planned to come for reunion; however, he was fighting cancer and had foot surgery, so he was unable to join us. We six who were there saluted him and our teammates with a round – or two. John was halfway through his treatments before the holidays. He feels good and his progress encourages him. His wonderful wife, Sharon, a registered nurse, is taking good care of him and making sure he toes the line (no pun intended Stags).

On a sad note, Tom DeWitt died this past summer.

Until next time, I hope all are well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2014
Hello, all. Well, classmates, this might have happened to other class columnists, but it’s a first for me. It must have been a busy summer for everyone because I only had contact with one of you the past several months. As a result, this could be the shortest column I’ve ever written.

I talked with Peter Kassay-Farkas about attending homecoming this year. The University will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the men’s soccer program. Many of you know Peter and I were part of the group that made that happen in the fall of 1964. We had planned to be there and had contacted as many of our teammates as possible to join us.

Our daughter, Celeste, who lives in St. Louis, is enduring chemotherapy to fight breast cancer. Once the chemo is finished in the next month or so, she’ll have surgery followed by additional chemo treatments. We’re not certain about the dates for her surgery. Jane and I will be traveling to St. Louis to be with her during her surgery. We are going to help her in any way we can. Please keep her in your prayers.

As for my next column, I plan to reach out to as many of you as I can. Meanwhile, I hope you’ll give me a shout so you don’t have to read another dull column like this one. I hope you’re well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2014
Hello, everyone. Our Northern alums had a long, hard winter, and now summer is bringing storms and tornados. I trust all have their heads down and are making it through OK. I guess Steve Lochen isn’t going to worry about the winter weather anymore. He and Barbara sold their home in Glenview, Ill., and moved to Paso Robles, Calif. He said it is the new wine country about two hours north of L.A. It’s the land of his birth, and he knows about the wildfires, drought, quakes, and all of that but says, “So what. It’s beautiful. Steve plans to stay retired, travel, and take in Cubs and Sox games on the West Coast. Wish you the best, Steve.

Dan Ruminski wrote that his book, “Cleveland in the Gilded Age,” is selling well in the Cleveland area. He continues to give more than 100 talks, including corporate and charitable events, a year to promote the city. He hopes he can speak at John Carroll. Keep up the good work, Dan.

Steve Chamberlain told me his son, Scott, took his 15-year-old grandson, Brennan, to Cleveland for a baseball tourney. They visited the John Carroll campus and had lunch at Geraci’s. Steve said he was going to golf with John Schwartz, who had been in Florida for three months during the winter. His daughter was married in Boston in June. Congratulations, John!

Jane and I went to Cleveland in early June for her 50th high school reunion from Notre Dame, now called Notre Dame/Cathedral Latin. It was a good time. We stayed with Rob Searson and Weezie so had a nice visit. Rob gave me a tour of his Tri-C campus on the West Side, where he teaches and is an administrator.

I have sad news: We lost two of our classmates. Launey Dovin died last fall. He was a funeral director for 50 years in Amherst, Ohio. I was also informed Walter Rusk died last December. Walter lived near Chicago.

That’s about it until next time. Let me know what you’re up to so I can tell your JCU friends. I hope you stay well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Spring 2014
Hello, all. I trust all our Northern alums made it through the snowy winter. I mentioned the 50th anniversary of JCU soccer in the last column. I contacted the athletic department and found out the alumni game, lunch, and Dewey McCarthy scholarship presentation is on Sept. 21, and the social is on Sept. 20. I’ll let fellow teammates Jack McLain, John Stagl, Peter Kassay-Farkas, Rob Searson, and Paul Klaus know about the plans. Rob will be watching on the sidelines to make sure the EMS team gets to us quickly. Peter and I would like to see as many of our teammates as possible.

Mike deLisio emailed happy New Year wishes to all. He and Anna continue to call Florence, Italy, their home. Their youngest daughter, an associate professor of architecture at a university in Finland, earned a one-year grant in research at the University of Washington in Seattle. Following that year, she’ll return to the university in Finland.

I received the Catholic Tour 2014 schedule from Jim Adair. He scheduled tours for cities and shrines throughout the world. Jim is celebrating 33 years in the Catholic pilgrimage apostolate.

The board of the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village appointed Sally Duffy ’66G a new member. Sally has been a volunteer at the museum since 2008, guiding tours and serving on fundraising committees. She received her master’s in counseling and guidance from Carroll.



Mary Rose Oakar, who received her Master of Arts from JCU in 1966, was re-elected to the Ohio state school board. She began her political career on the Cleveland City Council in 1973 where she served until voters sent her to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1977. In her current position, Mary Rose feels strongly children should be taught how to read early and that history, not only American and English but global, too, are extremely important.

I’m out of time and words for this edition but want to include you in the next column. There are so many ways to contact me, just do it. Health and happiness to all.


Dave Griffin



Winter 2014
Hello, everyone. Steve Chamberlain returned to JCU in September for the induction of the 14- and-0, 1962-63 conference championship football team into the JCU Athletic Hall of Fame. Along with Steve, Bob Spicer, Tom Murray, and Tom Gannon were included. Congratulations to all! Steve was able to go to Geraci’s for a pizza. He told me John Schwartz is hanging up his gavel to retire in December and Ron Gillenkirk enjoys retirement cheering for the Tribe and Browns. I talked to Jack McLain. Retirement is still good for him. Penny continues as a senior flight attendant for Delta. Jack went to Oil City, Pa., for his 50th high school reunion. He connected with old friends and had a great time. Richard Chervenak is running for city council – Ward 3 in Broomfield, Colo. – where he has lived for 20 years. He has spent many years in accounting as owner of his own accounting firm. Bob McCullough and his wife moved to Los Angeles to be near their daughter and her family. With the help of Charlie Bartels, he got in touch with Bob Monnaville, who told him that after the Marines and Vietnam, he earned a law degree and was a public defender and labor lawyer. He also spent time as a Domino’s franchisee and in the newspaper and magazine distribution business. He retired in 2001 but says his wife, Barb, figuratively kicked him out of the house, so he returned to law until now. He just retired again. He has two adopted children, a son and daughter, and lives in Austin, Texas.

Peter Kassay-Farkas made it back to Carroll in September for the annual alumni soccer game. He said it wasn’t as much fun as it could have been because a thunderstorm hit on Friday night, resulting in the game on Saturday morning being almost washed out. They played, and he thought all had a good time despite the weather. Pete and I are going to be working on next year’s game – 2014 will be 50 years since we started soccer at JCU. That’s a landmark occasion, and we should celebrate. Any old soccer players out there should get in touch with me so we can do this right.

Jane and I went to St. Louis for the holidays with our kids and grandkids. We’ve been able to spend three to four weeks in December there since we retired. I trust all are well and enjoying life.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2013
Hello all. I have a couple follow-up notes from my last column. Pete Kassay-Farkas emailed that he planned to attend the alumni soccer game Sept. 21 at 10:30 a.m. He’s still active, so he might show those kids a thing or two.

I hope everyone saw the picture of the IChi gang at the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day festivities. I took some good-natured chiding from Jim Fineran and Tom Gibbons about that one. Jim sent the picture in the spring but it was after my deadline and too late to include in the summer edition. Steve Lochen and Tom Sheehan are also in the picture.

I also heard from Larry Henry. He saw the note in the column about Dan Kush. It turns out Dan lives close to Larry’s daughter in Virginia. I sent contact info to Larry so I hope they can get together on his next trip to see his daughter. Larry and Ruth live in Orland Park, Ill., outside Chicago. She grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan so they’re OK with the snow and cold.

Jane and I had an enjoyable summer. Our kids and grandkids came to visit in late July. It was a bit crazy with everyone in our small house, but we had good weather, so we spent a lot of time in the pool. We hope to see them again this fall in St. Louis.

I know many of you read this column, so how about giving me a shout or a quick email to tell me what you’ve been doing? Until next time, I hope all are well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2013
Hello to all. The dog days of summer are upon us as I compose this edition. There has been severe weather in many parts of the country the past few months, so I hope all our alumni and families are safe.

Pete Kassay-Farkas emailed me about the dates for the alumni soccer game this year. He and Joan are planning a trip to Cleveland and would like his visit to coincide with the game. I found the information and sent it to him but have not heard back about his plans.

Joe Frederick continues to work on his book. He sends emails about current events from time to time. I guess he wants to make sure I don’t miss anything during my naps. Thanks, Joe.

Fran Nunney and Eileen are doing well. They enjoy as much time as they can with their grandkids.

Mike DeLisio asked me to pass along his best wishes to all our classmates. He and Anna continue to enjoy the old world charm of Florence, Italy.

I sent an article about Mark Twain to Rob Searson. Throughout the years, he has done quite a bit of research about Mr. Twain, who’s one of his favorite authors.

The IChis are still alive and kickin’. They got together for the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day parade. Some traditions just never go away.

St.Patrick’s Day was always the highlight of the year for Iota Chi Upsilon. Year after year, the ICHIs won first place in the Cleveland parade for “Best Float.” This year, a few of the older brothers gathered to live in the past for a few hours at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Shown here (from left) are Jim Fineran '66, Tom Sheehan '66, Steve Lochen '66, Jim Mackey '70 and Tom Gibbons '66.

St.Patrick’s Day was always the highlight of the year for Iota Chi Upsilon. Year after year, the ICHIs won first place in the Cleveland parade for “Best Float.” This year, a few of the older brothers gathered to live in the past for a few hours at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Shown here (from left) are Jim Fineran ’66, Tom Sheehan ’66, Steve Lochen ’66, Jim Mackey ’70 and Tom Gibbons ’66.

All continues to go well for Jane and I. We love living in Florida, even though it’s far from our kids and grandkids in St. Louis. They will all be down at the end of July. I still think about many of our classmates who I haven’t heard from in a while. I don’t Tweet, but you can call, email, or leave a note on Jane’s Facebook page. There are so many ways to connect these days. Let me know what you’re up to so I can share it with your classmates. Until next time, I wish you all the best.


Dave Griffin

Spring 2013
Hello, everyone. It was the Ides of March when I wrote this. I know our Northern alumni were glad to see it come. For many, it was a difficult winter. I hope you made it through without much difficulty. During the holidays, I received an email from Mike DeLisio. He and Anna continue to live in Florence, Italy, where they’ve been happy for many years. If any of our classmates plan to visit, Mike would be an ideal tour guide to see the real Florence.

Judy and Paul Klaus settled in after moving to Central Florida last year. He told me they don’t miss Ohio winters at all. Paul also said that if Steve Chamberlain visits Florida this year, he’d like to get together. I know Bill McCoy and other classmates are in the area. It would be great to have a minireunion with everyone.

Judy and Dan Kush downsized. They sold their town home in McLean, Va., and moved to an apartment in Reston, Va. Judy continues to fight thyroid cancer. They plan to travel as much as possible when Judy can. Dan stays active by teaching and lecturing in the local schools. He and Judy volunteer in the Wounded Warrior Program, substance abuse programs, and a food network in the inner cities. Although optimistic about America’s future, Dan said something I didn’t expect from him. He told me to be happy. He now tunes out most politics and media coverage.

Unfortunately, I have bad news to report. Fran Nunney called in February to tell me he learned Tom Alvord died Feb. 5 in Chicago. I was sorry to hear that. Fran enjoys retirement and continues to coach a girls’ basketball team at a local school.

Our alumni office also notified me that Tom Cozzens died on Jan. 17 after a brief battle with cancer. Tom had been a councilman in University Heights.

Jane and I continue to enjoy retirement. We remain active with several volunteer programs in our area. In March, we flew to St. Louis to be with our kids and grandkids during their spring break. It was colder than Florida, but we enjoyed the time with our family. Until next time, I hope you’re well.


Dave Griffin

Winter 2013
Hello, all. I remind our classmates north of the Mason-Dixon line to keep out the long johns, gloves, and hats, as well as keep the firewood stocked.

I received an email from Bob McCullough, who wanted to write many times when he received the magazine. He finally did. He and his wife, Diane, have lived near Philly all these years. They raised a son, who lives near Tampa. Their daughter lives near Los Angeles. After 39 years teaching English in public schools, Bob retired in 2005. Throughout the years, he has been in touch with Jim Fineran, Chuck Bartels, and Jim Mahfet. Bob would like to hear from Bob Monnaville and any others from his JCU past. I hope some of you will follow Bob’s lead and drop me a note when you get this copy. A note to Dan Raleigh: Here’s another of us who’s retired, Dan.

I had a flyer from Jim Adair about an upcoming Holy Land tour. If anyone is thinking about that or a visit to Lourdes and other shrines, get in touch with Jim at his company, The Catholic Tour.

As I mentioned in my fall column, Jane and I went to Cleveland in October for a family wedding. We spent an evening and wonderful dinner with Rob Searson and his bride, Weezie. We wanted to spend more time with them, but they were leaving for Chicago to attend Bob’s 50th high school reunion. If any of you other Chicago alums saw him there, maybe you can let me know about all the celebrations that occurred that weekend.

As always, I’d like to hear from all of you about your families, work, retirement, or anything else going on in your lives. I pray you’re all happy and healthy.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2012
Hello, all. I trust everyone had a good summer, even though it might have been hotter than some of you wanted. I received a note from Steve Chamberlain. He’s still adjusting to his retirement lifestyle. However, he took time to golf with the Honorable John Schwartz. Steve said Judi is a tough boss and he had it easier at the bank. He added he just emerged from their pool before emailing. They plan to come to Florida in the winter, so we hope to get together when they’re here.

Pete Kassay-Farkas and I exchanged emails. He was checking on information about the alumni soccer match Sept. 29. Unfortunately, neither of our schedules could accommodate the date, but we’re thinking about going next year. Pete and his family might be in Florida around New Years, so we could get together then.

Dan Ruminski wrote that his Promoting Cleveland History project is going extremely well. He’s doing about 90 presentations a year throughout the Cleveland area. Dan also is writing a book about the city’s history that should be finished around Thanksgiving. If any of you are interested in what he’s been up to with his project, you can get a flavor of it at clevelandhistorylessons.com.

I’m saddened to report two of our alumni have died since I last wrote. Mike Starr died in March, and in June, Rob Searson told me John Gallagher died from cancer. He had been diagnosed in early March with cancer in numerous areas of his body. May they rest in peace.

Jane and I were in Cleveland in October for a family wedding. Our kids and grandkids flew in, too, so we were happy to spend time with them, family, and friends to celebrate.

I’d like to include your name and what you’ve been up to lately in our column. There are classmates who are wondering where you are. Call or email me, so I can tell them all about you. I pray you’re all well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2012
Happy summer to all. It was a steamy spring for most of us because of the warmer-than-normal temps, so I hope your summer isn’t roasting anyone. I received a card from Jim Adair, who continues as the president of The Catholic Tour. Jim and his staff schedule and conduct tours of the Holy Land, Rome, and other pilgrimage locations.

Joe Frederick sent me a permission release for his book. His chapter about our years at JCU was about ready to go to his proofreader in March. He has compiled a lot of information for his book and is considering an initial volume with a second one to follow.

Peter Kassay-Farkas was on the east coast of Florida earlier this year. He and Joan brought their daughter and grandkids down to enjoy the sunshine and surf. We planned to get together, but they became ill and had to shorten their stay. He told me he attends his grandkids’ soccer games. Sometimes he yells so much that mom and the kids ask him to quiet down.

In our last column, I said Steve Chamberlain was still banking. He wrote that at the end of April he retired after 43 years in the industry. We don’t see that much longevity anymore. He and Judi plan to travel but take one day at a time for now.

Tom Gibbons and Jim Fineran

I received an email from Jim Fineran, who attached a picture of himself and Tom Gibbons at the 2012 St. Patrick’s Day parade in Cleveland. He told me they were reliving the old IXY glory days. It looked like they were having a good time.

I was notified that Clevis Svetlik ended his 28 years on the Pepper Pike City Council. The article I read outlined his many contributions to the city. The mayor said he would be missed.

I’m sorry to report Raymond Bosler died in January. He was a Brush High graduate before getting his degree from Carroll. May he rest in peace.

Jane and I spent time with our grandkids on their spring break in St. Louis in March. We had a great time, which included their first train ride from St. Louis to Hermann, Mo., and back. Our daughter bought a home in St. Peters, Mo., so we returned in May to help her move.

I still don’t know whether many of you are working or are retired. Please call or email, and tell me what’s going on in your lives. I pray everyone is well and happy.


Dave Griffin

Spring 2012

Steve and Judi Chamberlain at their Halloween party

Happy spring to all. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It seemed our Northern alumni had a mild winter. We were swimming in Florida in January. Last fall, Steve Chamberlain and Judi hosted a Halloween party. Steve was an OB/GYN doctor, and Judi was a fairy. (I don’t think I have that reversed.) He’s still giving away money at his bank. Judge John Schwartz and his lovely wife attended. John dressed as a druid with a big mouth … just as many of us remember him. Ron Gillenkirk and Diane were going to be there but were invited to visit their grandkids for Halloween.

An email from John Gallagher said he met with Bob Jacobs, Ron G, Larry Henry, Rob Searson, and Fran Nunney for dinner last fall. All but Bob and Rob played golf the next day. Larry walked off with the honors. They plan to do it again next year with an expanded group. John and Pat stay busy with four daughters, 11 grandkids, and a little travel when they can.

I received a Christmas email from Mike DeLisio. He asked me to say hello to all our classmates. He and Anna still live in Italy near Florence.

John Stagl was a featured speaker at the annual World Conference on Disaster Management. He was noted as the top speaker, and his session was one of the most widely attended. Congrats, John. We knew you always had a great line.

Some of you might remember Jim Small. I’m sorry to report Jim died in July 2011. May he rest in peace.

Jane and I spent December in St. Louis with our kids and grandkids. It was a great month topped off with all of us together for Christmas. Retirement is super. I haven’t heard from 80 percent of you since I’ve been writing this column. I’d like to know what you’re doing. Jane is on Facebook, but I’m not there yet. I plan to join soon. I hope that will make it easy for some of you to contact me. I pray you’re well and happy. Take care.


Dave Griffin

Winter 2011
I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and fall. I imagine our friends in the North are getting ready for winter about now. I’ve had several emails from John Stagl. He and Sharon are still in the Chicago area. John continues his work for Belfor, a disaster-prevention and recovery company. He couldn’t come to the reunion because of back-to-back conferences where he was a keynote speaker.

Jack Mclain emails with information about a couple health issues I have. It’s good to know he’s keeping an eye on me. He and Penny live in Dallas, and she continues to fly with Delta as a senior flight attendant. Jack plans to return to Oil City, Pa., next summer for his 50th high-school reunion.

It’s taking a little longer than expected, but Joe Frederick continues to work on his book. I’ll be sure to let everyone know when he finishes because part of the book will be about his years at Carroll.

Paul Klaus is working and will probably do so for a few more years. He and Judy have sold their homes and will be relocating permanently from Ohio to central Florida. They purchased a home in Maitland and moved in October.

Bill McCoy emailed that they have no complaints about the Florida summer. He says it was hot but not much different than Cincinnati. And the winters have it all over the North! He and Jean have made a couple trips home to visit kids and grandkids. He was going to Cape Cod to meet their son for an annual fishing trip. Jean will be staying at home. She doesn’t like the “threat” of being the cook and housekeeper for the trip.

I retired June 30, so Jane and I have been enjoying more time together. We have more beach days and have seen more sunsets lately, too. Our kids and grandkids came to Tampa in October, and we took everyone on a Caribbean cruise. It was great to be together.

I know Jack isn’t the only one with a high-school reunion coming up. Let me know about your plans if you’re going to attend yours. Take care.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2011


If you missed the 45th reunion, you missed a great, fun time. We enjoyed being together. How JCU has changed. The class picture and dinner were the highlight of the events. I agree with a couple of you who said there didn’t seem to be enough time to talk and reminisce. The folks who attended are: Charlie Bartels, Pete Kassay-Farkas, Vince Basile, James Kennedy, Bill Buckley, Dan Kush, John Byrnes, Bob Monnaville, Richard Chervenak, Tom Cozzens, Fran Nunney, Tony DeCarlo, James O’Keefe, Bill Drummond, Bill Patterson, John Fox, Dan Raleigh, Rob Searson, Gabe Varkonyi, Larry Henry, Jim Adair, Ron Gillenkirk, Tom Madden, Joe Frederick, John Morris and myself. The time between our picture and class dinner was a good time. We had a chance to talk with each other and catch up on our time since leaving JCU. The dinner was fine, so I don’t think they still have Saga Foods cook. Many of us learned Mike Murray died in March, so we had a moment of silence for him, Tim Robertson, and other classmates who are deceased. Then, each man stood and talked about themselves, career, kids, grandkids, and what they’ve been doing since 1966. Many also touched on how JCU had affected their lives. It was good to hear all the successes our classmates have had. At night’s end, we said our goodbyes, and many were talking about the 50th.

I heard from Joe Frederick. He and John Morris were together again in June for the annual Memorial Golf Tournament. John has supplied the security for this event for the past several years. He and Joe make a time of it. I’m sad to report Dick Leopold died unexpectedly in April. Many of you know Dick was a county court judge in Ohio for 25 years until appointed as a federal administrative law judge in 1994. The spring of 2011 hasn’t been kind to our class. However, the 50th reunion in 2016 is coming. I hope to make another reunion before then, but I’m counting on being at the 50th. It’d be great to see everyone there. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your families.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2011


I hope I saw you all at our reunion in May. Peter Kassay-Farkas and Rob Searson planned to be there. I’ll report on that in the next issue.

I received several emails from Tim Robertson. He retired from Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School in June 2010 after 43 years. Son Jeff is a manufacturer’s rep in Columbus, Ohio. Son Tim owns Speed Strength Systems, athletic training facilities, in Cleveland. Son Kevin is married with two children. Daughter Melanie followed in dad’s footsteps and is teaching science and math at Beachwood Middle School. Tim had serious heart problems. Georganne had written that he went through a battery of tests before he passed away in April. Keep him in your prayers.

Steve Chamberlain wrote that his son, Scott, owns a restaurant, The Crow’s Nest Inn near the University at Buffalo campus in New York. Steve said Scott gave up corporate life and is doing well with his new venture. He also mentioned he was in touch with Paul Quigley ’67, who lives and works in Atlanta.

Joe Frederick continues to work on his book. He sends me email gems from time to time.

As for me, I planned to retire in June. I’ve been selling something or other for almost 50 years, so figure it’s time to turn it over to the youngsters with their BlackBerrys and the other toys they use these days.

That’s about all I have. I’m still waiting patiently to hear from most of you. I’d love to let everyone know what you’re up to. Take care.


Dave Griffin

Spring 2011


Hello, all. It’s NFL playoff time as I write, so I know everyone’s favorite team didn’t win. I hope the winter up North hasn’t been too nasty for y’all.

I received an e-mail from Mike DeLisio. After working in the U.S. and numerous places throughout the world, Mike and his wife, a doctor, met and settled in Florence, Italy, where he was a teacher and school administrator. He also founded a school named the American Academy of Florence. For the past 20 years, he worked for the U.S. Army managing a learning resource center and in resource management at a battalion level. Mike, who retired last April, is proud of their daughters – one is an optometrist, the other is an architect.

I received a note from Steve Chamberlain with updates from New York. He’s working at a bank to keep Judi in the lifestyle she deserves, but I think he likes being around all that money. He mentioned Judge John Schwartz continues to work part time on the bench, and Ron Gillenkirk still bartends a few nights a month. Ron also continues to see and listen to too many of the Indians and Browns games. Steve heard from Bill McCoy. He relayed an address for the long lost Jim Hartings, who lives in Cincinnati. Bill had lived there, too, but recently left the Queen City for a warmer climate. He and his bride moved to Ft. Myers, Fla. I’ve been in touch with him, and we hope to get together.

Jim Adair checked in, and he continues to work with his Catholic Tour Company. He asked for contact info for Pete Kassay-Farkas. They were friends at JCU, and Pete was in Jim’s wedding. Jim said that before Pete and Joan were married, they used to double date.

I have a sales meeting in Dallas in February, so I hope to get together with Jack McLain and Penny. Jack had back surgery last year and has had problems during his recovery, so I hope to check up on him during my visit.

Forty-five years – can you believe it? Reunion weekend is coming. Jane and I are planning to attend, and we’d love to see all of you there. I haven’t seen or heard from most of you in all these years. Now would be a great time. Call or e-mail me about you, a classmate, your kids, your grandkids, or your first million dollars. Inquiring minds want to know what you’re up to these days.

Take care, everyone.


Dave Griffin


Winter 2010

Hello, all. We’re heading into fall as I write, so I hope all our alums up north enjoy the fine weather because you know what’s coming next. I hear Cleveland is in the top 10 cities for winter snow.

Dan Ruminski reports the Cleveland project continues to move forward with the fundraising stage. He tells me the plans and drawings are in the works. He’s certain it’ll be an exciting place for each visitor to have a true Cleveland historical experience.

Mick Vasko and his wife, Diane, met Joanne and Dale Masino in Myrtle Beach this past spring for dinner. Mick is semiretired, working part time as a purchasing manager on Cleveland’s East Side. He had great experiences during the past eight years traveling to the Far East and Central and South America. Their three children live on the East Side. They have five grandchildren who they enjoy immensely. They get together with Pat and Mike Starr several times a year.

John Stagl continues his globetrotting speaking engagements in this country and others. He was the opening speaker at the World Conference on Disaster Management in Toronto. He was invited to be a member of the Canadian Center for Emergency Preparedness, a group of international experts in Disaster and Business Continuity Planning from throughout the world. It’s quite an honor. Who’d of thought it. John recently was sidelined for a short time by a kidney- stone problem that resulted in several surgeries. His wife, Sharon, has had similar issues, so Stags thinks she’s a carrier but can’t prove it.

Out of the blue, I had a call from Peter Kassay-Farkas. Some may remember him as a founding father of soccer at JCU. I can say ‘father’ because he just celebrated his 70th birthday. Soccer is one of Pete’s passions. He finally stopped playing in 2001 because of an injury but still loves to coach young players. His daughter, Jennifer, graduated from JCU, too – in ’94.

Jane and I recently spent two weeks in Missouri with our children and grandkids. We surprised our daughter on her 40th birthday. We just showed up on her doorstep, so it was more like we shocked her. We had a great time and got to see our son on stage in St. Louis.

Dan Raleigh, are you keeping track of who’s really retired?

I hope we all can get together at the 45th reunion next year to discuss this. I’m planning on it. Take care, everyone.


Dave Griffin

Fall 2010

Hello, all. At this writing, it’s the dog days of summer, so I’m glad the air-conditioning is working. It must be a busy time for everyone because I haven’t heard from many of you. Of course, I’ve been non-stop as well this past month and haven’t made time to reach out to you. Some has been business travel, but most recently, we had all our kids and grandkids here in Florida for a visit. It was a blast. We had such a great time but now are enjoying the quiet we missed with all of them here.

Fran Nunney e-mailed about the retirement issue. He’s retired – twice. In May, he left his teaching position at John Carroll. He also retired from coaching football and basketball at Cuyahoga Heights High School, where both teams went to the final eight in the smallest school division of the state playoffs. With their youngest daughter, Sara, graduating, they attended the ceremonies on the Quad. He and Eileen have been mulling over whether to move to warmer climes or stay in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Joe Frederick wrote that, for the fourth straight year, the Memorial Tournament in Columbus, Ohio, was the scene for he and John Morris to renew their friendship. While Tiger and Phil didn’t win, John, as chief of security, successfully saw that everyone was protected. This enabled Joe and sons, Mark and Joe II, to enjoy the tournament. Joe continues to work on his book and expects to finish it next year.

Jack McLain still lives in Dallas. He e-mailed me health alerts he pulled from the Internet. I’m glad he has time to surf because he keeps me up-to-date on the latest in several areas of life.

I’m still waiting to hear from all of you about your retirement status. I know most of our fellow grads read this column. We’d like to hear about what you’re doing, so take a couple minutes and send me an e-mail. Take care everyone.


Dave Griffin

Summer 2010

Hello all. It seems like this New Year has flown by so far. I just finished our last column and now it is spring and time for the summer issue. I recently received the flyer for The Catholic Tour so I know that Jim Adair is still hard at work. Jim’s company schedules and conducts tours to many of the shrines and holy places in the world. This issue features visits to Lourdes and other locations in France. If anyone wants more information, you can visit www.thecatholictour.com.

I had a sales meeting in the Dallas area in January so was able to hook up with Jack McLain and Penny. He continues to enjoy his retirement. Penny continues to fly with Delta as a senior flight attendant. Most of her routes include European destinations so Jack is able to join her on some of her trips. Not a bad perk for all of his time in the Delta cockpits.

I also had an e-mail from Dan Ruminski. I reported in the last issue about his project to help return Cleveland to its former grandeur. He wrote that they are currently getting their wings working on a museum to showcase the hey-day of Cleveland. It will be housed at Lakeview Cemetery as part of the Garfield Monument. They hope to attract all types of visitors.

That is about all I have for this time. I am waiting for some of you to comment on your retirement or suedo-retirement so I can give Dan Raleigh some feedback on how many of us are really retired. John Minaudo, where are you? If I remember correctly, you might have been one of the first of us to retire. Take care all, Dave

Spring 2010

Hello all. As I write, we are into winter so I hope all our classmates above the Mason-Dixon Line are enjoying their winter sports … shoveling snow, scraping windshields, sliding on icy sidewalks, etc. I had a call from Mike Murray. He is still in Sandusky, OH, with his practice. I mentioned Reunion in my last column, he was checking on the extent of my dementia since it was not our reunion year. For Dan Raleigh’s information, Mike has four kids in high school through college so he has no plans to retire soon. One of Mike’s resolutions this year is to reach out to some old classmates. I will look forward to sharing some of those stories Mike.

Fran Nunney wrote that their youngest daughter, Sara, will graduate from Carroll in May. She was a member of the 2009 Homecoming Court (see page 1 of the winter issue). Fran continues to teach speech two days a week at JCU. He is also helping to coach football and basketball at Cuyahoga Heights High School.

Dan Ruminski e-mailed about his new project to promote Cleveland by examining its wonderful history, 1875-1929 when the city had half of all millionaires in the world. He will examine this history and make decisions as to what Cleveland must do to become great again. He is looking for any in the Carroll community who are willing to commit to paper why they think Cleveland, even today, is a great place to live and raise a family. These stories will be put on his website. With history and positive stories, he hopes to overcome negative stereotypes about Cleveland and create a more positive attitude nationally. He believes this is the start to building greatness again. Contact Dan at dan@floormat.com or info@floormat.com.

I continue to work at my software sales position. Jane is retired so she is free to come along with me when I do travel.

I am still very curious about our retired classmates and have not heard from anyone since it was mentioned in our last column. Where do you live? What do you do now that you have six Saturdays in every week? Inquiring minds want to know, so call or e-mail and tell me how great it is. Take care everyone! Dave

Winter 2009

Hello to all. Going into fall as I write this, so I hope everyone enjoyed the cool change. I was not able to go to the Reunion this year. I hope that all our classmates who did attend had a great time. If anyone has some stories about their good time, please send me a note so I can share them.

Dr. Mike Traina e-mailed with good news. In our last column, he was looking for some friends, and he found them. Mike says they have been talking and e-mailing ever since the summer issue arrived.

In early June, Joe Frederick wrote that he and John Morris saw Tiger Woods win the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, OH. This has been an annual event for them since our ’06 Reunion. John is the director of security for the event. Joe was able to share the good time with his sons, Mark and Joe, who enjoyed the dinner listening to John’s stories about his FBI exploits. Joe did note that he always pays for dinner but admits it has something to do with the free tickets! His book is coming along but is taking more time than he imagined.

John Stagl is still haunting the highways and byways around Chicago. He continues to conduct seminars and presentations for his company. His wife, Sharon, has had some medical issues lately but, with treatments, they hope the worst is behind them.

I received an e-mail, or should I say an epistle, from Dan Raleigh. He and his wife, Nancy, live in Aberdeen, MD. She is an OR nurse at Christiana Hospital in Delaware. He mentioned their 1950s style Italian parish, St. Leo’s. He feels like Gulliver there as the pews are set for a 5’ to 5’4” body size; however, the collection plate always finds him. Dan described himself as a retired guy but still working as a consultant contractor due to the economy’s downturn. He recently found himself in the high desert of the Southwest at 2 a.m. The temperature was still 105 but he saw more stars than he had ever seen in the big cities. Dan asked a good question that many might like to know. How many of our classmates have, in fact, really retired? He said that means a 0% carry over to another job. I have reported that Jack McLain and Dale Masino have retired. Dale told me that it is the best job he ever had! But we don’t know about many others. Call or e-mail me so we can take a straw poll on this.

Take care everyone! Dave

Fall 2009

Hello to all. I trust that everyone enjoyed the summer months. I received a great e-mail from Dan Raleigh. Dan is retired, but with the economy fallout over the past couple years, he is back to working as a consultant contractor. He had lots of news about his travels to Texas and the Southwest. He noted what some areas of our country cost us to purchase, and stated that if we paid more than $.59 for Arizona and New Mexico, we got robbed. Dan and his wife, Nancy, still live in Aberdeen, MD, where Nancy works as an OR nurse at Christiana Hospital.

Joe Frederick e-mailed that he and John Morris got together for their third-annual meeting at the Memorial Golf Tournament in Dublin, OH. They saw Tiger Woods win the classic this year. Joe said that his book is coming along but it is taking much more time than he thought it would.

If you are reading this column, it means that you have accessed it on the Web with other archived columns. The class columnists were told that the fall issue would include the Honor Roll of Donors, so the magazine would have less space for our columns. It was decided that only the Reunion years would have printed columns in this issue. For that reason, I will include more of Dan and Joe’s comments in the winter issue. You should receive that mid December. For now, I hope that all are well. Take care everyone. Dave

Summer 2009

Hello to all. Spring has arrived for most of us but still some snow in the North as I write. From the alumni office, I learned that Dan Burns ’65 joined the staff of Tyler’s Justice Center for Children in Stockton, IL. He is a forensic interviewer and coordinates public relations and fundraising. Dan has many credits in his career including his juris doctor degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and has served as assistant dean of the Case Western Reserve law school.

Dr. Mike Traina e-mailed. He got his master’s with us and also was a prefect in Murphy Hall the first year it opened, in ’64. He is retired from teaching and training. He is looking for some old friends – Ray Pana, Paul Ladouceur, Joe Byrnes, John Young, and Harry Barnes – if you read this, contact Dr. Mike at 330.337.3572 – mtraina@neo.rr.com.

Jack Wyar called me. After his early career in teaching, he got his master’s in electrical engineering from Cleveland State and now works for STERIS Corp. His wife, Bonnie, was a teacher in the Mentor schools. Jack told me that he has been in touch with Andy Tadie and Bob Wander. They both live in Washington state. He said that Chuck O’Brien is still hanging out around Medina, OH. On a sad note, he told me that Mike Perme died at the end of March. Like many of us, Mike was a Vietnam vet. He was also an attorney and a life-long resident of Euclid, OH. Our condolences go out to his family.

Paul Klaus told me that he is alive and well in Westfield Center, OH. He continues to work in the commercial insurance field. He and Judy plan to move to the Orlando, FL, area when they retire in a couple years.

My wife, Jane, had knee replacement surgery in February. That made me Mr. Mom for a while. She has been religious about her therapy and exercises and is doing well. On a closing note, don’t forget Reunion Weekend. It is June 19-21 this year and Cleveland-area alumni are invited to attend Vegas Night on Friday and the Sunday Father’s Day brunch. For more info, contact Carla Gall ’05 – cgall@jcu.edu or 216.397.1592. If your name has not been in this column, I would sure love to include you in the next issue. Give me a shout or send an e-mail. Take care, everyone, Dave

Spring 2009

Hello. It is shortly after Christmas that I write and I hope everyone had wonderful visits and time with family and friends — they are so important in our lives. It truly is a wondrous time of the year.

Mike DeLisio sent his best wishes to all. If anyone is traveling to Florence, Italy, I know Mike would love to hear from you. I bet he is a great tour guide.

Dan Kush and Judy sent a Christmas card with all the happenings in their lives this past year. The highlight was the birth of not one … but two grandchildren. Leah Morgan was born in July. Their daughter Kate and son-in-law, Jon, are very happy, as is Dan. Then, in September, Brandon Matthew Kush appeared. Dan’s son, Brian, and his wife, Mary Beth, are the proud parents. Should we remember these names for future political races? Dan and Judy worked hard during the election campaign for Mr. Obama. They were very happy when he was elected and said this experience was priceless. A benefit was that while in Ohio, they were able to visit with Mark O’Connor and his wife, Martha. They stayed and had a nice visit with them at their home at Indian Lake. Dan and Judy stay busy with various work projects and volunteer efforts.

Heard from Larry Henry but not sure I can print the joke he sent about the cannibal restaurant and the menu.

I am still looking for Paul Klaus. I sent an e-mail to the new address he gave me but still have not heard from him. Paul, are you out there?

As for Dave Griffin, I am doing fine. Jane and I were in Missouri spending the holidays with our children and grandkids. It was a tremendous time with some great memories. I am working my way through a writing course and want to begin writing short stories for children’s publications. This is no threat to Joe Frederick. Not to worry Joe. I am not planning a book anytime soon.

YOU, our classmates, are the main features of this column. If I have not heard from you, I cannot tell your Carroll friends what you have been doing. There are so many ways of communicating with me and with JCU. What do I have to do to help you take advantage of all those methods? YOU have old friends who want to know that you are well and happy. Tell me!

My very best to everyone. Take care, Dave

Winter 2008

Hello to all. I am sure that everyone enjoyed the beautiful fall weather with its color changes and all the grandeur that comes with the season. For you folks up north, you know what is sure to follow in the months after fall … and I am not talking about the holidays.

Fran Nunney wrote that all is fine in his world. His daughter has begun her third year at JCU. He told me that Dr. Yackshaw passed away recently. Some may remember his English classes when his pipe preceded him into the classroom. Fran also included a page from the Villa Angela-St. Joseph Alumni magazine. It featured an article on Tim Robertson. He is in their Hall of Fame and was recognized for his 40 years of service to Catholic education. Congratulations on both honors Tim.

Dale Masino checked in with me to let me know that those storms in the Atlantic went whistling past the Carolinas so he and family are fine. He was trying to connect with Dan Ruminski. I hope that has happened so they can talk about old basketball games. Still searching for Paul Klaus. He said that my e-mails were getting caught up in his spam blocker. He gave me an alternate but I have not heard back from him as yet.

Joe Frederick wrote that, for the second year, he and John Morris got together at the PGA Tournament in Columbus, OH. John is a retired FBI agent who lives in Simi Valley, CA, with his wife, Diane. He was the chief of security for the event. Joe said that John does this for 10 such PGA events. John, I would like to know if being that close to all those pros has helped your game any? As for Joe, he and his wife, Kathy, live in Pemberville, OH. He reports that his book is 50% complete and expects to have it in print in 2009. Current title is Thanks for the People in my Life. Yes, there is a chapter about JCU times including the “flying bun” that ushered in the now infamous food fight. Joe welcomes any info that you feel might be suitable for this chapter. You can send it to jkfred@wcnet.org.

John Stagl sent me an article about an alternative to the AIG bailout. It is very funny stating reasons why the money should not go to AIG but to Americans as a We Deserve It Dividend. I agree but don’t think it will happen. Let John or me know if you want a copy.

I was not able to go to the Reunion this year. I would love to hear from those who did, so we can share the happenings with everyone. That is it for this issue. As a famous person once said, keep those cards and letters and now e-mails coming. There are a lot of classmates out there who want to know where you are and what you have been up to all these years. My best to everyone. Take care, Dave

Fall 2008

Hello to all. I trust that everyone had a great summer. I think it was warmer than normal for most of the country. If anyone was cold this past summer, please write and tell me where you were.

I had a great e-mail from Mike DeLisio. He told me about several of the positions that he has held in his career including work in missile test projects at Cape Canaveral and collaborating on the Apollo program. He returned to Florence where he met his wife, Anna. Their two daughters live close by; one is an optometrist and the other will graduate with a degree in architecture. Mike has been involved in several education programs in Florence as a teacher and in administration. He plans to retire next year.

Paul Klaus checked in with me by e-mail. He is still working with the Westfield Group in Ohio. I believe that they own a home in Florida but, as of this writing, I am waiting for more details on his retirement and future.

Larry Henry says hi to everyone. His daughter finished her PhD at Perdue and will be doing research to find ways to make flight safer and more efficient. As for Larry, he finished his seven year career teaching accounting and finance at Benedictine University. He said that he is semi-retired, spending his time helping folks manage retirement funds, playing tennis, and golf. According to Larry, both have their ups and downs.

John Stagl called to say hello. He and his wife, Sharon, continue to live in the Chicago area. They are still, like many of us, in the work force. Stags enjoys the travel he does to conduct management seminars that his company sponsors. His seminars have been written up in several trade publications.

A note from Steve Chamberlain was interesting. He said that he is still giving money away at Chase Bank. He golfed with John Schwartz recently and said that he is still on the bench as an active judge. Steve and Judi also hosted a Derby party that John and Ron Gillenkirk attended. Ron is retired after a long teaching career but Steve says he continues to listen to the Indians’ ball games. As for the party, he stated that the banker had the winning ticket. However, the judge picked the winner of the hat contest who happened to be Mrs. G.

I know that we were all saddened to hear about Fr. Schell’s death. For us who lived in the dorms, he had many roles but the most important was a smiling face and an ear to listen when needed. Thank you Fr. Schell for everything that you did for us and for JCU.

I appreciate the thoughts and prayers that were sent my way after the last column was printed. I am doing well. My best to everyone. Take care, Dave

Summer 2008

Hello to all. I trust that spring arrived for all those in the northern areas. Seems like winter held on to you for longer than normal. We talked with Rob Searson recently. He and Weezie are planning their beer tasting party in mid April. He calls it a “So long winter and taxes” celebration but as most of us know, we all love a good party no matter what it is called. He mentioned that Bob Jacobs and Margie will be there. Bob has been doing some charity work lately and enjoying life. Tim Robertson and Georganne may also join them. I have been told that Tim now has a pacemaker and is doing well. That may however, restrict him to a couple of six packs instead of his normal case.

The alumni office has told me that two of our classmates have died during this first quarter. Martin Tiernan passed away in January and Fred Fillinger in March. I am sure that we all offer our sympathies to their families.

I was told to keep this shorter since the page count for the next edition will be fewer pages. I had not planned on it being this short and I am sorry that I do not have more news for all of you. I have a form of leukemia and have been in chemo treatments since January. My response to the chemo has been very good so I plan to be back in form before the next edition. I trust that everyone will have a great summer. As always, let me know how and what you or some of our classmates are up to these days. If you are wondering where a classmate is since we left the hallowed halls of JCU, let me know and we will do our best to track them down. Take care, Dave

Spring 2008

Hello to all. I trust that everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family. As I write this, I know that we all hope for peace and a good 2008 for each other. I received a Christmas card from Dan Kush with notes about their year. The senator has retired from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce after 29 years. Judy is happy about that but also is delighted that, in early 2007, Dan became a proud member of the Democratic party. No typo classmates. This came directly from Dan’s note.

Mike DeLisio e-mailed asking that I extend his best wishes to all. He also mentioned that if you are ever going to Florence, Italy, you should let him know. It almost sounded like an invitation and I bet he is a great tour guide.

Dan Ruminski sent a letter saying he saw Dale Masino’s comments in the last column and mentioned that they were co-captains of the ’66 Blue Streaks basketball team. Like some of us, he is working hard with no plans to retire. Dan is the president of a 3M safety matting products distributor. He told me that his company had just invented a system of matting products that melt snow and ice. I don’t need that in Florida but if anyone does, let me know and I will put you in touch with Dan.

Dale Christman e-mailed that he continues to sell helicopters in Mesa, Ariz. He plans to continue that for the next year or so prior to retirement.

Joe Frederick continues with the organization of info for his book. He has been writing fairly consistently for the past year. He said that he has up and down days but is making progress and is happy with the project.

Ron Gillenkirk told me that he is “busier than ever but enjoying it a lot.” He is retired …how can he be so busy? Looks like we really are re-defining retirement. Ron and Diane have a place in 1000 Islands in Upstate New York and enjoy it tremendously during the summer months.

Fran Nunney told me that I am doing OK on the column. With his experience, I know that is a complement. He continues to coach with Bob Spicer at Gilmour Academy. Their team finished with a 9 and 2 record this past year and went to the second level of the state playoffs. Fran said that a number of them are aiming at the magic “65” after the next season to think about retiring after 42 years +/- of coaching. He is still teaching at JCU part time and his daughter is a sophomore at Carroll.

That is about all for this issue. I hope that everyone has a great year whether in work or in whatever you do. Are you all thinking Reunion this summer?

Take care, Dave

Fall 2007

Hello all. I hope that everyone has enjoyed the fall after what seemed like a very hot summer. I had a great e-mail from Dale Masino. He wanted all of us to know that retirement is great. In his words, “It is the best job that I ever had.” He and Joanne moved to Ocean Isle Beach, NC, a little over four years ago. They are enjoying many activities but the best is that their daughter and grandkids are able to join them for many good times during the summer months. He said to be sure to say hello to everyone.

I had an e-mail from a woman named Katy in southern California. She asked about Steve Chamberlain. She was looking for a Steve who graduated from San Diego High School in 1967. I wrote back that I knew this Steve and that he was not from San Diego. I asked her how she happened to e-mail me. She said that she Googled Steve Chamberlain and saw our JCU article where I mentioned him. How about that

our class of ’66 made Google.

On a sad note, I had an e-mail from the alumni office saying that Rev. Merton Jannusch died in early October of this year. Some of our class who were in the master’s programs may remember him as he received a Master of Arts from John Carroll.

This is a non-paid, non-political commercial that should benefit everyone – JCU’s Career Center has a new online program called Carroll Contacts. This program is designed to connect current JCU students to alumni and other faculty, staff, or friends of the John Carroll community. The goal is for students to be able to contact you and ask you career, or even life related questions. With Carroll Contacts he/she can search for a qualified candidate to inquire about job requirements, living conditions in your location, or something as simple as the best restaurant in town. To sign up, simply go to www.jcu.edu/careercenter, and click on the Career Connection link. Then click on Carroll Contact, and begin filling out your information.

Unlike Dale and many of our classmates, I am not retired. I will work harder and make my best effort to contact all of you in to see what you are doing. If you think about JCU, let me know what has happened to you since we left and what you are up to now. Maybe we can get together this summer at the Reunion. Take care everyone, Dave

Summer 2007

Hello to all. I trust that everyone is enjoying a good summer. Joe Frederick sent me this press release. Sure sounds nice to be retired. John Morris, retired FBI agent living in Simi Valley, CA, and Dr. Joe Frederick, retired educational superintendent from around Bowling Green, OH, recently met up at the PGA Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, OH, on June 3. John is a security agent ably protecting the best golfers in the world. Kathy Frederick won tickets to the PGA at the 2006 JCU reunion courtesy of John. Joe took time off from working on a book about his life and people and happenings in his life to attend the tournament. Also in attendance were his sons Joe II and Mark. Another get together at the event is being planned for next year.

Jane and I went to a wedding in Cleveland in the spring and were able to spend some time with Rob Searson and his wife, Weezie. All is well and his business is getting stronger but he is not thinking about retiring just yet.

Jim Adair called. We had a good talk about his eight children and all his travels. Jim’s company provides Catholic tours and pilgrimages to Fatima and other holy locations. He saw the last issue and the note about Peter Kassay-Farkas. They have known each other since before attending JCU. He asked for Pete’s contact info so they could renew the friendship. Now that is one of the things this column is all about.

At a conference in Dallas in May, I had a chance to visit with Jack McLain and his wife, Penny. Jack is enjoying his retirement from Delta. Penny is a senior flight attendant on Delta’s international flights to Europe and still enjoys flying.

That’s it for this edition. Keep those calls, cards and e-mails coming. Would like to hear what you are up to these days. Take care everyone, Dave

Spring 2007

Hello to all. I had a good talk with Steve Chamberlain. He gave me some advice about the column and what to do about getting all of you involved. Steve was our scribe for many years so he has the experience. He told me that he and John Schwartz were at the JCU vs. Wooster College basketball game in Rochester for the NCAA Division III Championship tournament.

Ron Gillenkirk told me that he could not make it to the NCAA game. He is enjoying his retirement after teaching for all these years. He has a couple odd jobs that keep him busy and right now is getting their 1000 Island retreat ready for the season.

Rob Searson told me that he is still involved with some teaching at CCC in Cleveland. He is also building his own business helping companies screen prospective employees with various profile tests to determine aptitudes and positions within a company. Rob told me that they are attending a Tim Robertson wedding soon. It seems as though Tim’s son is getting married in the spring. We wish them the best. I had an e-mail from Jim Fineran. He was involved in the successful election of the governor of Maryland and now holds a position in the Maryland Public Information Office.

I had an unexpected email from Dale Christman after he saw the last column. He remembers going into the Navy Pilot Officer Candidate School with Jack McLain.

I had a talk with Peter Kassay-Farkas who is doing well and still living in Nebraska. He and his wife, Joan, enjoy their travels. Peter is retired after 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry. You may remember that Peter was a founder of the soccer program at JCU. Believe it or not, he still plays today.

That is all for this edition. If I left anyone out, it is because you did not call, write or e-mail. I would like to have the longest column in the class section but that depends on all of you. I would love to hear from everyone so I can write what you are up to today. Tell me about your children, your grandchildren, and your job that you hate or love or why you are retired and I am not. Talk to me! Take care everyone, Dave

Winter 2007

Hello to all. As you read in the last edition, Fran Nunney passed the torch to me. I wondered why he was so nice to me and bought me all those drinks at Reunion! I kid because, the fact is, I readily accepted this hand-off from him. I want to thank Fran for his years as our scribe. I will do my best to carry on the tradition. I have come up a little thin on happenings for this edition. I did not realize the short time frame between getting the last edition and the submission date for the next one. A few days before this was due, I felt like so many of us remember at JCU when that paper was due tomorrow and I haven’t even started it.

John Stagl is still a Chicago boy. He e-mailed that he will be traveling for his company this year as he has in the past. Believe it or not, Stags is a speaker at conventions and conferences. If any of our classmates are in Philadelphia, New Orleans or Toronto, he will be there so you may want to touch base with him. I got a kick out of his comment about the internet. He said, “Can you imagine how easy it would have been to do school work if we had had “Google.”

Dan Kush wrote that he and Judy were in Sarasota, FL, in mid-January. They love the area and were checking out potential locations and homes for their retirement years. He invited me to give him a call so we can talk and plan to do that to catch up on the inside scoop on beltway happenings.

I had a Christmas note from Jack McLain. He and Penny are still living in Dallas. Jack has retired from the cockpit of the Delta airliners. Penny continues to fly as a senior flight attendant.

I e-mailed Paul Klaus. At the reunion, he and Judy had told us about living in Ohio because Paul’s position with his company was there. They told me that they want to move back to Florida when they retire. I asked him how the weather was up there in the winter — I did not get a reply yet. Now I wonder if the Internet lines in Ohio are frozen.

I will conclude this first episode with the fact that Jane and I are living just north of Tampa, FL. I hate to tell those of you up North but we were on the beach in mid-January. If anyone is headin’ this way, we would love the chance to renew old acquaintances. I would like that chance by phone or e-mail also. Let me know what you have been up to lately. Take care everyone, Dave

Fall 2006

Dear Members of the Class of ’66: This will be my last note as class columnist; I think that it is time for a fresh voice and a fresh perspective. I have enjoyed my five years as your correspondent and I am grateful for all who have contributed to the column. A special thanks to Michele McFarland, of the JCU Public Affairs Department, for all of her help, encouragement and reminders; she does a great job and deserves much credit for the success of the magazine. Dave Griffin has graciously and enthusiastically agreed to take over the column and he is looking forward to hearing from classmates. Drop Dave your news — dgriffin53@tampabay.rr.com. Best wishes and thanks to Dave. I look forward to seeing you all at the next reunion. Fran

Summer 2006

Dear members of the class of ’66 — Reunion Weekend was a great time, as the weather cooperated and many old acquaintances were renewed. Class members in attendance were: Tom Alvord, Chuck Bartels, Jake Boland, Bill Buckley, John Byrnes, Steve Chamberlain, Tom Cozzens, Charlie Dalton, Tony DeCarlo, Michael DeLisio, Bill Drummond, John Fox, Joe Frederick, Ron Gillenkirk, Dave Griffin, Larry Henry, Paul Klaus, Denny Kolarik, Dan Kush, Tom Madden, Gerry Martin, Mike Mayer, John Morris, Mike Murray, Mark O’Connor, Jim O’Keefe, Jim Pershinsky, Dan Raleigh, Dave Rosa, Bob Searson, Bob Spicer, John Stagl, Mike Starr, Gabe Varkonyi, and Lou Vitullo.

Tim Robertson missed the reunion because his daughter was being married that weekend. Larry Henry, whose daughter was also married that weekend, attended the reunion on Friday evening and returned home Saturday morning for the wedding. Congratulations to both proud fathers!

Chuck Bartels shared the reunion with his son, John, who was attending his tenth reunion as a member of the Class of 1996.

Mike Starr and his wife, Pat, hosted Saturday’s lunch at their home near campus and did a tremendous job!

Ron Gillenkirk retired after 35 years of teaching math in the Rochester area.

Paul Klaus has come back to Ohio from Florida, and is a senior executive for commercial lines at Westfield Insurance in Westfield Center, OH.

Bill Drummond will begin his fortieth year as a math teacher in the Andover, MA, public school system. Bill still has a great enthusiasm for teaching and for his students.

Dr. Noetzel ’38 and Fr. Bichl attended our class dinner and were well received. There are very few faculty left from our time at JCU and it was very nice to see them.

During our class dinner, Dan Kush reviewed some of the significant historical events that occurred during our years at Carroll. Chuck Bartels recalled being a member of JCU’s first varsity wrestling, a very successful program begun by coach Tony DeCarlo. Dave Griffin mentioned that he; Ron Gillenkirk and Jack McLain were members of the class who were among the founding members of the JCU soccer team.

Michael DeLisio and his wife, Anna Marie, traveled from Florence, Italy, to attend the reunion.

On a sad note, Sharon Arnold, the wife of our classmate, Dick Arnold, wrote to inform us that Dick had passed away on May 11. Dick had battled brain cancer for six years after being given only a 50% chance of surviving for one year. Sharon wrote that Dick was so proud of the fact that graduated from John Carroll and that he often joked about being “the Methodist boy getting the excellent education from the Jesuits”.

Fr. Schell extends a big thank you for the cards that were signed by the class of ’66 reunion attendees. He said that it is very meaningful and he will always cherish the thoughts and good wishes. He misses attending reunion and visiting at dinner. It was always a great joy to see so many old friends. You are in his prayers.

Thanks to all of the committee members who helped to make the reunion a success and thanks to all who attended. It certainly does not seem like forty years! Fran

Spring 2006

Dear members of the class of ’66!

I saw Bruce Asmus at a recent Jesuit Retreat conducted by Fr. Metzger, SJ, (I’m certain that the St. Ignatius guys in our class will fondly remember Fr. Metzger). Bruce’s son, who attended Loyola of New Orleans graduated and fortunately moved to Chicago before hurricane Katrina struck; however, he is currently housing two of his college friends who had to leave the city because of the storm.

On a personal level, our youngest child will attend JCU as a first year student in August; she is looking forward to the experience.

Don’t forget Reunion Weekend, Friday, June 23-Sunday, June 25! … Fran

Winter 2006

Jim Malatin writes that he was blessed with his first grandchild in December, “handsome, big eyed, Jake.” Jim is obviously a very proud grandpa! Jim lives in Cincinnati and is the CFO of Taylor’s Industrial Services in Mt. Gilead, OH.

Gerald Staraitis reports that he and his wife, Nadine, reside in Naperville, IL. A former Alpha Kappa Psi member, Gerry is a Collateral Controls analyst for IBM Credit Corp.

“The Senator,” Dan Kush and his wife, Judy, continue to be active and busy in the Washington, D.C. area. Dan is in his 27th year with the U. S. Chamber of Commerce where he produces The Daily Report, an electronic summary and update of the U.S. Chamber’s Congressional regulatory and legal reform issues, activities and events. As a member of the Corporate Communications Department, Dan also continues to work with the U.S. Chamber’s small business and mid-cap sales teams and U.S. Chamber members. Judy, aside from her work with Diplomats Washington, Inc., is a volunteer reading mentor to a Washington, D.C. public school child through the “Everyone Wins D.C.” program, and she also is a volunteer at Bread for the City in the Anacostia section of Washington, D.C. Dan, a life-long Republican and Judy, a liberal Democrat, have interesting and stimulating discussions during our current political climate. As Dan stated, “civil war has not broken out, but sparks do fly on occasion!” We are looking forward to seeing Dan and Judy at the Reunion!

Chuck Bartels, who is working on the Reunion Committee, also enjoys a connection to the political scene. His wife, Teresa, is running for Congress in the Eighth District of Illinois.

John Morris is recovering from hip replacement surgery and looking forward to getting back to work as a PGA security consultant. John is also working on the Reunion Committee and looking forward to seeing many of us there.

Reunion Weekend is Friday, June 23-Sunday, June 25. Many are indicating that they will be attending; hopefully you will be there also. Until then, Fran

Fall 2005

Dear Members of the Class of ’66

Bob Spicer’s Gilmour Academy football team recently had their 26 game regular season winning streak end. The streak, second longest in Gilmour history, nearly matched the 29-0 streak accomplished during the 1960s. With only five seniors on the team, the future is certainly bright for Gilmour. On a happier note, Bob, a JCU Hall of Famer, saw his son, Ryan, inducted into the Ohio Wesleyan Hall of Fame this past September.

Tony Fuger – Tfuger@aol.com, who is employed by Sears, reports that he and his wife, Virginia, still reside in Chesterland, OH.

On October 11th, I represented the Class of 1966, during the installation ceremonies for John Carroll’s new President, Fr. Robert Niehoff, SJ. The Mass was beautiful and the installation ceremony was dignified and impressive. The theme of the week’s events was “Engaging the World.” Father Niehoff’s message cited the need for JCU to continue to educate women and men for others, especially for those throughout the world who are bereft of human dignity. He also emphasized the need to seek greater diversity among the faculty of JCU and to pursue a more diverse student population.

Hope you enjoyed the autumn colors! Fran

Summer 2005

Hot and humid greetings to the Class of ’66! Having recently returned from visiting our daughter and her family in Las Vegas, I have a greater appreciation for their “dry heat” as opposed to what we have been experiencing in the Greater Cleveland area this summer.

Chris Botamer and I have been exchanging messages. He writes that Warren Cromer is now living in Florida, near Ocala. Warren has retired from ALCOA in Pittsburgh, and he says that “retirement is great!” Chris would like to hear from John Morris, if John is not too busy arranging security for PGA events. Chris’ e-mail – cbotomer@adelphia.net.

Please keep our next reunion (can it be fortieth already?) in your plans for next June 23-25 – not Father’s Day weekend this time! Enjoy the rest of summer, Fran

Spring 2005

Spring is finally here! Greetings to all members of the Class of ’66.

I received a nice note from John Chojnowski. He and his wife of forty years, Julie, are now retired and living in Utah. John reports that he spent 35 years working in the purchasing profession for Euclid Division of GMC, White Motor Corp., Volvo White Truck Corp., Envirotech Pump Co. and FMC Jetway Systems in Ogden, UT. He says that he and Julie have lived in Utah “where the mountain views are spectacular” for 27 years and that they really enjoy the lifestyle there. Their three children and five grandchildren live within a 25-mile radius of John and Julie. Currently, John is enrolled in a Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning program at Davis Applied Technology College, where he says, “I am having fun with the program and putting my gray matter to good use.”

Chris Botamer’s new address is: 673 Devonshire Drive, State College, PA 16803-3202. Chris is president of the Botamer Financial Corp. in State College, PA.

On a more somber note, Donald North, a Graduate School member of the Class of ’66, passed away in January, after suffering a heart attack. Donald worked for the FBI in New York City and “was head of the organized crime effort that led to the conviction of John Gotti and other organized crime leaders,” according to NYTimes.com. Besides his illustrious 39-year career with the FBI, Donald also produced records for a Gaelic rock band called Speir Mor.

Have a great summer! Fran

Winter 2005

Dan Kush checked in with a Christmas card and note. In October Dan and his family celebrated the marriage of his son, Brian to Mary Beth Young, in Hot Springs, VA. Dan’s youngest daughter, Katie, received her master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and is working for Capitol One in Richmond, VA. Dan’s daughter, Wendy, continues to live in Santa Monica, CA where she works for a screenwriter and director. Dan’s wife, Judy, continues her work with Diplomat’s Washington, helping to put on seminars for newly arrived wives of ambassadors and diplomatic staff members. Judy reports that Dan turned 60 in December, joining the rest of us who continue to get better, not older! He will appreciate that his Young Republican Club is still very active on the JCU campus. Dan says that he is already looking forward to our 40th Reunion in 2006.

Bob Spicer’s Gilmour Academy football team set a school record by winning 11 games, this past season, and earning their first ever playoff victory in the process.

Until the next time, Fran

Fall 2004

JCU has been enjoying some of the nicest autumn weather in many years!

I received a note from Larry Henry, just after the deadline for the last issue of the Alumni Journal. Larry, Tom Madden, Jim O’Keefe, Steve Lochen and John Byrnes got together in Chicago. John is now employed at Grubb and Ellis where classmate Bruce Asmus also works. Steve is a professional photographer for weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other important events. Tom has his own company in Georgia, selling police equipment to municipalities. Jim is retired and, according to Larry, has become an excellent golfer as is Larry, himself. Larry continues to have fun, as an adjunct professor, teaching accounting.

In my Communications 100 class at JCU, one of my students is John Rudell, son of classmate Tom Rudell. John is a bright and personable young man and a member of Coach Kerry Volkmann’s wrestling team at JCU.

As of this writing, Coach Bob Spicer’s Gilmour Academy football team is 8-0 and on their way to a second consecutive undefeated season. For the last two years I have been on Bob’s staff with four other sixty-year-old coaches. It does keep us young and it’s interesting to observe how14 to 18 year-old kids relate to us and we to them.

Until next time, Fran

Spring 2004

Spring is somewhere but not yet in Cleveland!

Joanna DeJong (Drawe) writes that she has retired after twelve years of working as a school counselor for the Aberdeen, SD., Catholic School System. She is substitute teaching until her husband, Ronald, retires this coming year. They plan to move to Chattanooga, TN., and enjoy their retirement.

Doug Kaputa e-mailed that he is living in New Hampshire and that all is well. He is still working and is looking forward to retiring in a few years.

I spent much of last week with my two grandsons (a year-and-a-half and three-and-a-half years old). Their energy is unbelievable! Mine, unfortunately, is not, but we still had lots of fun! .Have a great summer and stay in touch. Fran

Winter 2004

Sitting at the computer, watching out the window as the snow falls, wishing for Spring!!!

I was able to join classmates Steve Lochen, Tom Cozzens, Charlie Dalton, John Byrnes, Mike Mayer, Tom Madden and Larry Henry for dinner in October. The guys had come to JCU for the Mount Union football game and met at Geraci’s where we had a great time. The Chicago guys, however, were still bemoaning the Cub’s dramatic playoff loss.

Larry Henry reported that his daughter, Colleen, is completing her master’s degree at Purdue in some very serious engineering program. Larry, himself, is an adjunct professor of accounting at Benedictine College in Chicago. Larry also reported that John Minaudo’s son was married this summer and Don Chenelle’s son was also married this summer. Don’s other son and daughter-in-law will soon present Don with his first grandchild.

Tom Madden’s son, Geoffrey, is a student at Georgia Southern University and his son, Jimmy, is a freshman at Alabama. Tom and Steve Lochen recounted Steve’s survival of a really serious freak accident. Fortunately, Steve is well and appeared no worse for the experience.

Mike Mayer regaled the group with tales of his musical experiences with Bill McCoy and Jim Hartings and their group Attila and the Huns.

I recently received an e-mail from Bill McCoy and he also had some fond memories of Attila and the Huns. Bill and his wife, Jean, have taken up condominium living near Cincinnati. Hopefully, Bill and I will get together when he travels to Cleveland on business. Interestingly, the Phi Theta Mu music fraternity that Bill and Jim Hartings were instrumental in founding at JCU, is the only fraternal organization on campus that remains from our era at JCU.

Jim Fineran writes that he “is just wrapping up a ‘gig’ as vice president for University Advancement at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a historically Black University.” He said that his work there had been a great experience. Jim also reported that he and Tom Gibbons attended the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade in keeping with their annual custom. Jim said that it was disturbing to read that Iota Chi Upsilon has been “organizationally demised,” he remains confident; however, that the brotherhood lives on. Jim and his wife, Marylou, are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren. Jim would like to hear from classmates at fineran@intercom.net.

Tim Robertson, who has had a wonderful career as an educator at Villa Angela-St. Joseph H.S. was recently named “a Hero in Education by Dr. and Mrs. Gary Jarkewicz, through their contribution to the Howe Military School Annual Fund Campaign, in recognition of his role as a hero in their lives. Congratulations Tim!

Bob Spicer enjoyed an exciting autumn. His daughter became engaged on a Friday and the following morning his other daughter gave birth to a baby girl. Bob’s Gilmour Academy football team completed their first undefeated season in forty years and Bob was named the Greater Cleveland High School Football Coach of the Year.

Bruce Asmus’ son, Jim, has written a musical for his senior project at Loyola University of New Orleans and plans to move to Chicago to further his career in comedy with the original Second City Troupe.

John Byrnes, a veteran real estate professional, has joined the Grubb and Ellis Company’s Corporate Services Group as executive vice president, regional managing director. In this capacity, John will oversee the Corporate Services Group’s Central Region. John joins Grubb and Ellis after spending 32 years with IBM Corporation.

Eloise Vaccariello Traina writes that she and her husband Dr. Michael Traina, are Class of ’66 master’s degree graduates. Michael is currently a professor of Business and Marketing at Kent State University and Eloise, for the past 22 years, has been the executive director of the Family Recovery Center in Columbiana County, OH. Michael and Eloise have two children and one grandchild.

“The Senator,” Dan Kush, continues to work for the US Chamber of Commerce and reports that he and his wife, Judy, are doing well. Dan’s son, Brian, is engaged to marry Mary Beth Young. An autumn wedding is planned and will be held in the historic University of Virginia chapel. His daughter, Wendy, continues working in the movie and television industry in Hollywood. She recently wrote and starred in her own play, which was well received by audiences in Santa Monica, where Wendy lives. Dan’s youngest daughter, Katie, will soon receive her master’s degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Hoping to hear from more of our classmates, Fran

Fall 2003

Another fall semester is just around the corner and the JCU campus, with the new science building and the new football stadium, is really impressive. After visiting our oldest daughter in Las Vegas, for our grandson’s first birthday, I made it back in time to join Larry Henry and Tom Madden for golf in Sandusky, OH. We were favored with perfect weather and we had a great time. Larry’s daughter, Colleen, is completing her master’s degree at Purdue. Larry is an adjunct instructor of accounting at Benedictine College in Chicago, and he is looking forward to the new semester. Tom’s son Geoffrey is a student at Georgia Southern University and his son, Jimmy, is a freshman at Alabama. Larry, Tom and Tom’s sons were fortunate enough to attend the Fiesta Bowl and watch Ohio State win the national championship. They had some great stories to tell about sitting (or standing most of the time) in the OSU section of the stadium! Larry also reported that John Minaudo’s son was married this summer and Don Chenelle’s son was also married this summer. Don’s other son and daughter-in-law will soon present Don with his first grandchild.

I talked to Bill McCoy recently and he and his wife, Jean, have taken up condominium living near Cincinnati. Hopefully, Bill and I will get together when he travels to Cleveland on business. The Phi Theta Mu fraternity that Bill and Jim Hartings were instrumental in founding at JCU is the only organization on campus that remains from our era at JCU.

Jim Fineran writes that he “is just wrapping up a ‘gig’ as vice president for University Advancement at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, a historically Black University.” He said that his work there had been a great experience. Jim also reported that he and Tom Gibbons attended the Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade in keeping with their annual custom. Jim said that it was disturbing to read that Iota Chi Upsilon has been “organizationally demised,” he remains confident; however, that the brotherhood lives on. Jim and his wife, Marylou, are the proud grandparents of three grandchildren. Jim would like to hear from classmates at fineran@intercom.net.

Tim Robertson, who has had a wonderful career as an educator at Villa Angela-St. Joseph H.S. was recently named “a hero in Education” by Dr. and Mrs. Gary Jarkewicz, through their contribution to the Howe Military School Annual Fund Campaign, in recognition of his role as a hero in their lives. Congratulations Tim!

Bob Spicer had quite a weekend several weeks ago. His daughter became engaged on Friday and the following morning his other daughter gave birth to a baby girl. Congratulations, Bob!

Hoping to hear from more of our classmates, Fran

Summer 2003

I received an e-mail from Dave Pumphrey, who proudly reports that his company, Pumphrey Marketing, recently was honored with two prestigious awards. The Business Marketing Association’s 28th Annual Pro-Comm Awards presented Pumphrey Marketing with two Pro-Comm Awards of Excellence. Pro-Comm is the oldest and most respected business-to-business marketing competition in the nation. Dave’s company won one award for its own Web site and a second award for a NavCat CD-ROM developed for Drake Manufacturing. According to Dave, “the NavCat combines information from brochures, spec sheets, magazine articles, case histories and videos that demonstrate capabilities for nine machines. Users of the CD can navigate to any machine capability or feature in just one or two clicks.” Dave went on to say that, “Pumphrey Marketing was the only Cleveland-area agency to win an award this year. We entered the competition in two categories and won in both. That’s batting a thousand. If only that would rub off on the Indians, it would be a better year.” Congratulations to Dave!

Congratulations also to John Bodnar, who has just published his latest book, Blue-Collar Hollywood: Liberalism, Democracy, and Working People in American Film, with Johns Hopkins University Press. John is currently the Chancellor’s Professor of History at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. According to a press release, “John examines the ways in which popular American films, made between 1930 and 1990, have depicted the lives, hopes and dreams of working-class characters, and comparing these cinematic representations with the aspirations of ordinary Americans and the promises made to them by the country’s political elites. Among the topics addressed are the role of censorship, attitudes toward labor unions and worker militancy, racism, the place of women in the workforce and society, communism and the Hollywood blacklist, and the faith in liberal democracy.”

‘Til next time – Fran

Spring 2003

I hope all is well with the members of the Class of ’66.

Paul Klaus e-mailed in January. He is working for the Westfield Group in Westfield Center, OH. He said that there are two great golf courses in Westfield for any classmates who would like to have a golf get-together in Westfield in the future.

Another golf response came from Mike Murray who is a lawyer in Sandusky, OH. He said that he wished he had known about last summer’s outing at Sawmill Creek and he would like to be included if anyone is planning future outings in the area.

I recently ran into Dale Masino who started with our class. The former JCU hoop star looks like he can still play. He is moving to North Carolina very soon.

Dan Kush and his wife, Judy, sent a lengthy note at Christmas time. Judy has come through a long illness and has resumed work with Kit Moss and Diplomats Washington, Inc. Dan and Judy spent election night at the home of Kit & Oliver Moss, in Maryland, with six ambassadors and their wives, watching the election returns. Dan continues his work as director of Sales Promotion and Business Issues Specialist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Bob Spicer, who currently resides in Bay Village, OH, completed a very successful first year as head football coach at Gilmour Academy where he turned the program around from 1-9 to 7-3 and earned Gilmour’s first State Playoff appearance in nine years. I have recently joined Bob as an assistant coach and we’re looking forward to the coming season.

Please write, call, or e-mail and have an enjoyable summer! Fran

Winter 2003

One of the highlights of the past summer was the golf get-together that Larry Henry arranged in July. The location was Sawmill Lodge in Huron, Ohio. Classmate Tom Bleile is an owner of the lodge and his son is the golf pro there. I met with Larry and Tom Madden, who came in from Georgia, and Bruce Asmus for dinner on Friday night and we spent the evening recounting many things about families and JCU experiences. Bruce’s daughter has spent several months in India doing volunteer work with an order of nuns, and his son attends Loyola of New Orleans University where he is majoring in drama and theater arts. On Saturday, Larry, Tom and I played golf. The weather along the Lake Erie shore was beautiful as was the course, which was very challenging. We had a great time and as Tom remarked, “it is so nice to be with people who have so many shared experiences and memories.” The passage of years seemed almost nonexistent. On Sunday, John Naylor was supposed to come in from Chicago to play golf, unfortunately I had to leave and missed him.

Larry has since e-mailed that he also recently played golf with Steve Lochen, who as Larry said “is living his second life in more ways than one and enjoying it as ever.”

Dan Kush wrote to say that his wife, Judy, whom many of us met at the last reunion, had come through a very serious cancer surgery. Dan said the doctors indicate that Judy is now cancer-free. “The Senator” continues to work for the US Chamber of Commerce, where he has been for twenty-five years. He is working on membership development and still does weekly television reports as a freelance correspondent for the First Business television program that is seen on 125 stations nationwide.

Steve Chamberlain reports that he now has three “boy grandbabies” and that he is still working at JPMorganChase. He said that he had recently spoken to Bill McCoy and Jim Hartings and that they are doing well in Cincinnati.

Tim Robertson was recently featured in the Villa Angela-St. Joseph Alumni Magazine. Tim has been a teacher and administrator at VASJ for 35 years. He is the dean of daily operations and teaches advanced placement calculus, honors algebra I, and is the math department chairperson. Over the years he has also worked as yearbook moderator (an experience which I shared during my own teaching experience) and as academic and disciplinary dean. Tim and his wife, Georganne, whom he married in 1968, have four children. Their son, Jeff, is a manufacturer’s representative in Columbus. Their second son, Tim, Jr., is co-owner of a business in Euclid. Their daughter, Melanie, is a seventh grade science teacher in Beachwood, and their youngest son, Kevin, is studying athletic training at Ohio University.

Having retired as a colonel from the Army, Ken Nadrah and his wife, Diane, are now living in Hilliard, Ohio, near Columbus. Ken now works as a business analyst for Central Ohio Procurement Technical Center.

Finally, Bob Spicer, of Blue Streak football fame, has returned to the Greater Cleveland coaching ranks. Bob had been a very successful head coach at Hawken School, before leaving the coaching ranks to enter the business world. Having recently retired, Bob has taken the head coaching position at Gilmour Academy, where he will return the program to the success it once enjoyed.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable autumn and a happy holiday season. I hope to hear from more of you in the New Year — Fran

Spring 2002

Bruce Asmus reports that he received a visit last summer from Dave Deal and his wife, Thelma, who both recently retired from AT&T. Dave and Thelma currently reside in Miami, FL. They have bought a travelling vehicle so that they can visit their children and grandchildren in California, New Mexico and Louisiana. Dave has promised to make every effort to attend the next reunion, now that he has “retired young.”

Tony Gibbons is another classmate living in Florida. He resides in Key Largo.

Also residing in Florida, at least part-time, are Dave Holson ’67 and his wife, Liz, whom he met while attending Carroll. Dave has been retired from Chase Manhattan Bank for several years. He and Liz live half the year in Maine and the other half in Florida. Dave has become an avid golfer.

Speaking of golf, I received an e-mail from Larry Henry, who is looking for classmates who would be interested in a golf get-together this summer. Larry says that he has asked some people about this already and he would like to hear from others. You can e-mail Larry at: airlarr@mailhost.chi.ameritech.net. This sounds like a great idea! (See update at left

Paul Klaus and his wife, Judy, live in Westfield Center, OH, where Paul is employed with the Westfield Group. Paul and Judy have two grown children, Kimberly and Paul Aaron.

Dominic Mancini and his wife, Delores, reside in Wexford, PA. Dominic and Delores have three adult children, Laura, Joseph and John. Dominic has joined the growing number of retired classmates and like many of us, is probably finding that we are busier than ever.

God bless all and may all be safe and secure in these troubled times. Looking forward to hearing from you, Fran