Fall 2015
Next year is our 60th anniversary year, so I hope to see many of you June 17-19 at John Carroll. Put it on your calendar, and say a prayer that you’ll be well enough to make the trip. Those of you (including spouses) who aren’t well enough to make the trip will be in our thoughts. Because we’ll be getting together in June, we won’t have our Florida gettogether in March. If you’re in Florida during the winter, give me a call if you’re in the Punta Gorda area. We hope to get there during the second week of November.

Ted Druhot is the top Knight (Faithful Navigator) in the Knights of Columbus in Hilton Head, S.C. His second in command (Faithful Captain) is Rick Graff from the class of ’58, which is unusual. Ted is still playing the banjo in clubs, but his wife, Carol, receives standing ovations playing the spoons. If you’re in the area, he says to look him up.

The Eders are still in Houston but don’t travel much anymore. They hope to make it to Cleveland for our 60th.

Tom O’Neil made his spring baseball trip to the Midwest. He hoped the Cubs would make it to the playoffs.

Otto Dreiling made the trip to Cleveland to celebrate his granddaughter Ashley’s birthday. He hopes to make the reunion trip in June.

Frank Kaspar says hello. He won’t be able to make the trip to our reunion because he’s on oxygen all the time. His seventh great-grandchild just got married, and he still makes the effort for those trips.

Conrad Pokorski is homebound.

Phil Schaefer’s wife is doing better but is still on the mend.

We had the pleasure of visiting the Nowlans at their home in Fort Wayne, Ind., in July on a return trip from our daughter’s home in Coldwater, Mich.

As for me and my wife, Mary Therese, we’re doing reasonably well. Getting older isn’t easy. My best wishes to all of you. I hope to see many of you in June. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394


Summer 2015
As he has done the past few years, John Boler hosted a lunch for classmates who could attend at the Bistro 41 restaurant in Fort Myers, Fla. Conversation was varied, but there wasn’t a lot of news. It was difficult to admit we’re all turning 80 or have already done so. John also hosted us for dinner later that evening on Sanibel Island. It was a superb day! Discussion arose about 2016 with respect to the class reunion on campus. Any of you who have ideas for the occasion, please get them to me or Carroll.

Larry Unterbrink was in the financial planning business in Boca Raton, Fla., but has pretty much retired. He published a financial newsletter in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He hopes to be able to see a number of us next year.

Phil Schaefer’s wife, Pat, had back surgery July 3, so please remember her in your prayers.

Marykay and Jim Knechtges are traveling to Aspen, Colo., for the wedding of one of their grandsons. The newlyweds will live in the Denver area but picked Aspen for the wedding because of its mountainous beauty. Jim completed a commercial real-estate deal in Florida after getting his Florida license.

Tom O’Neil is off on another baseball trip.

Jim Bremner says hello from California and is still working on his web business.

Bill Ryan gives us a good travel tip – he and his wife, Anne, were on a cruise through the Panama Canal. After exiting the canal, Anne became severely ill and had to be transported to a hospital in Cartagena, Colombia. After a week in the hospital, a decision was made to move Anne to the Cleveland Clinic in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., by air ambulance. All told, the bill was $53,000, which was all covered by the $250 travel insurance they took.

Here’s a bit of humor from Ramon Pfeiffer in California: “Welcome to 2015: Our phones – wireless; our cooking – flameless; our cars – keyless; our food – fatless; our tires – tubeless; our dress – sleeveless; our youth – jobless; our leaders – shameless. Relationships – meaningless; attitudes – careless; babies – fatherless; feelings – heartless; education – valueless; children – mannerless; country – Godless. We are speechless, government is clueless, and our politicians are worthless, and I’m scared sh**less!”

As always, offer a prayer for our classmates who are ill. Give them a call or a lift if you’re in a position to do so. Send me news. Your classmates would love to hear from you.

God bless you all!


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Spring 2015
I turned 80 on Feb. 2 this year, joining the ranks of many of you. Fortunately, Mary Therese and I were in Florida at the time of this writing, so I haven’t had to endure the terrible winter those of you up north experienced.

John Meyers is still looking for Jim McDonough ’55 and would appreciate a call (770-443-4024) if anyone knows where he can be reached. He’s 87 and still playing golf twice a week.

Jim Knechtges and Tom O’Neil had lunch with Pat Riegelsberger in Palm Beach, Fla.

Mike Conti and his wife, Lois, hosted a family reunion for 31 of 42 members of their family in Gulf Shores, Ala., in one house with 11 bedrooms and many bathrooms. They gathered this last year in North Carolina and had a great time.

Ray Pfeiffer is still going to work daily at Merrill Lynch (46 years). He’s not doing a lot, but it keeps him out of his wife’s path. She does a load of charity work. Ray golfs and recently played four links course at Bandon Dunes in Oregon. He says they’re similar to the links courses in Ireland and Scotland. He and his wife, Marty, are planning a three-week trip to Europe this year.

Al DeGulis, who remains active with the Sisters of Charity, is still on the investment committee at John Carroll.

Bill Hagerty is no longer teaching at Xavier University but is still listed as professor emeritus. He returns to Ireland with his wife, Julie, every year to visit her family.

Jim Gasper is retired and lives in Maryland with his wife, Betty. They’re planning a Viking River Cruise from Passau, Germany, to Budapest to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this year.

Joe Lechlak and his wife, Muriel, live in Erie, Mich. He’s a retired high school teacher and basketball coach. They have 11 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren of whom they’re very proud. Their middle grandchild has completed four years in the Navy. He just finished a tour of duty in the Middle East on a destroyer that was firing missiles at ISIS installations.

Phil Schaefer’s wife, Pat, won’t be able to make the lunch in Florida this year because she’s on oxygen. Please remember her in your prayers.

Since the lunch Mary Jo and John Boler host in Fort Myers was recent, I’ll get pictures of the group for the next issue. The Breens, Contis, Daughertys, Knechtgess, O’Neil, Pascentes, Ryans, and Schlimms were expected.

Al Oberst invites classmates to join him on a trip to Paris in September to celebrate the rebuilding of Lafayette’s frigate, L’Hermione. His website is perseus.com/Lafayette.

I’d love to hear from all of you. I ask you to call or email me at the numbers listed. May you all have a healthy 2015. God bless all of you and your families.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Winter 2015
There will be a minireunion in Fort Myers, Fla., for the class of 1956 and their spouses on March 18, 2015. As in the past, it will be held at Bistro 41 in the Bell Tower Mall shopping area. Contact me on my cell or Florida phone number. As in the past, Mary Jo and John Boler are graciously hosting the lunch.

Jack Breen reminded me of the great regular season John Carroll had in football. Their record was 10-1, losing only to Mount Union. Their final game was Dec. 6 in the playoffs against the Purple Raiders in Alliance, Ohio.

Even though Al DeGulis retired from JCU’s board, he’s still serving on the investment committee. Thanks, Al, for your years of service.

Joe Domabyl and his wife, Sheila, have been retired for nine years in Surprise, Ariz., where they help take care of a disabled granddaughter.

Gloria and Bob Pascente are the adoptive parents of a 4-year-old boy.

Tom Phelan and his wife, Joan, have been retired for 26 years and live in Sun Lakes, Ariz. He retired from the Air Force after serving 26 years. Thank you, Tom! He flew an F-105 on more than 100 missions in North Vietnam. The Phelans have six children and 15 grandchildren. He’s recovering from a broken ankle suffered from a golf-cart embarkation.

Marilou and Fred Marshall are retired in Mansfield, Ohio, and are glad to not be in the Snow Belt this winter. They have two sons – one in Connecticut and one in Atlanta – who both graduated from John Carroll.

Bill Ryan and his wife, Anne, hope to join us for the lunch in March after a cruise through the Panama Canal.

Phil Ripepi is still hunting. He’s planning a trip to Mexico and hopes to make one more safari to Africa.

Phil Schaefer’s wife, Pat, has breathing problems and is on oxygen. They hope to see us again at the lunch in March.

George Paydock is ill and could use your prayers.

Also, it’s my sad duty to report the deaths of classmates Pat Shannon and Art Zammikiel.

As I said in past notes, I’d still love to hear from you. Call or email me. Have a healthy 2015, and God bless you and your families.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Fall 2014
For almost all of us, 2013, 2014, or 2015 is a milestone year when we’ll reach our 80th year. I’ll reach it next Feb. 2. I’ll help Ed Daugherty celebrate his 80th this month at his home in Chicago. Mary Jo and John Boler celebrated it on an Alaskan cruise, which was a gift from their daughter. Tom Dambach and his wife, Marion, celebrated his with their entire family in Las Vegas. The Dambachs are retired and live in Tucson, Ariz., where Tom still enjoys bird hunting and shotgun sports. Lauretta and Jack Broderick completed their move to Lawrence Welk village in Escondido, Calif. (8579 Lawrence Welk Dr., 92026, 623-466-2392). John Nowlan suffered a severely sprained ankle while celebrating his with his son-in-law and daughter in Maine. Ben Miralia is still traveling to Naples every couple weeks from Ohio to enjoy his saltwater fishing from the docks.

Some not-so-good news – Larry Kinskey’s wife, Jeannine, suffered a severe stroke and is in assisted living. And Pat Shannon is in hospice. Please remember both of them in your prayers.

I’d like to close with my best to all of you, and, again, I’d deeply appreciate a little news, good or bad. Your classmates love to hear from you. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Summer 2014
Mary Jo and John Boler hosted a lunch for our classmates and their spouses again on March 19, 2014, in Fort Myers. Fla. As you can see from the picture below, the group is quite a bit older than they were in 1956. Thankfully, we were all well enough to attend and enjoy the time in the sun. John and Mary Jo also invited those who had the time to their home in Sanibel for the afternoon and dinner later that evening at a local restaurant.

Back row: Phil Schaefer, Paul Schlimm, Ben Miralia, and Larry Selhorst. Center row: Bill Ryan, Mike Conti, John Boler, Jack Breen, and Bob Pascente. Front row: Leo Duffy and Jim Knechtges

Back row: Phil Schaefer, Paul Schlimm, Ben Miralia, and Larry Selhorst. Center row: Bill Ryan, Mike Conti, John Boler, Jack Breen, and Bob Pascente. Front row: Leo Duffy and Jim Knechtges

Gloria and Bob Pascente flew to Las Vegas from Phoenix in June to meet Lois and Mike Conti where Mike was playing in the World Series of Poker. Bob and Gloria’s adoption papers were approved, so they’re now the proud parents of Desmond.

Jim Knechtges passed all the requirements for a commercial real-estate license in Florida, so he can process real estate for any of you who are looking.

Tom O’Neil finished his spring baseball tour with a four-day stop in Wheeling, W.Va., where he grew up. He also remarked this year marks the 50th year he has been in Fort Lauderdale. He has seen it grow from 300,000 to a little less than 2 million. He also visited Pat Riegelsberger (wife of Eugene) in Cleveland.

Lauretta and Jack Broderick moved to Lawrence Welk Village in Escondido, Calif., where they’ll be closer to their daughter.

Jack Berg and his wife, Helene, are moving from Sioux City, Iowa, to the Twin Cities to be closer to some of their children. Jack retired from Sears about 15 years ago. The Bergs stayed in Sioux City because of all the friends they had there. But as the years passed, many have moved or died, so the circle has shrunk, and they decided to move. We wish them well.

Adele Shannon sent an email letting me know Pat Shannon is falling frequently, has lost a lot of weight, and does little but sleep. Please keep him in your prayers.

My wife and I will be seeing Joan and Ed Daugherty at the end of July.

I’d like to close with my best to all of you and would deeply appreciate news, good or bad. Your classmates would love to hear from you. God bless you.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Spring 2014
Jim Bremner lives on a small ranch with his dog and many chickens in Poway, Calif. When not working, he’s exploring the desert and visiting the people who live there. He formed a company called Digital West Media, which focuses on making short videos of the deserts, the people who live there, and the abandoned towns and places that are still evident.

Phil Schaefer asks you to consider supporting the Birkenhauer scholarship fund when donating to JCU. Phil, who majored in math, is retired from the University of Tennessee. He went to school (K-12) with a niece of Fr. Birkenhauer’s in Toledo.

Tom O’Neil is planning his 16th baseball trip to the Midwest this summer.

Congratulations to John Boler on publishing a book about the 100th anniversary of his company. Titled “Hundred,” it’s a history of trucks and their suspensions.

Lauretta and Jack Broderick, Marie and John Nowlan, and Gloria and Bob Pascente met for lunch in Phoenix in early February. Because Jack and Lauretta are moving from Sun City West in Phoenix to a senior community near their daughter in Escondido, Calif., it will be difficult to repeat the lunch next year.

John Meyers retired after a long career with GM and lives with his wife, Katherine, in Conyers, Ga. They have five children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. John, who turns 86 this year, plays golf three times a week and claims 10 holes-in-one on regular courses.

Gabe Konecsny and his wife, Judith, live in Melbourne, Fla. They have eight children, 12 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. Gabe, a retired CPA, spends his spare time volunteering at a local hospital.

I’d like to close with my best to all of you. I’d deeply appreciate a little news, good or bad. Your classmates love to hear from you! God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Winter 2014
This is a reminder that a minireunion for the class of ’56 and their spouses will be hosted by Mary Jo and John Boler in Fort Myers March 19. Contact John or me at my Florida or cell number if you’re in the area. Jack Broderick (672-792-5689) and Bob Pascente (480-634-4244) are still planning a lunch sometime in late February in Phoenix for those of you who winter in the Southwest. Contact them for time and place.

Bob Pascente is still doing a little substitute teaching in Arizona. He was assigned playground duty, got dehydrated, and fainted. He ended up in the hospital with a minor concussion. He has recovered but still gets a little dizzy once in a while. He thinks his teaching days are over. He and Gloria are still looking at adopting a 3-year-old boy.

Tom O’Neil had open-heart surgery in June but recovered enough to take his baseball tour to Japan in September. He had a great time but says the 17-hour flight getting there was difficult. He also learned to like Saki and liked the idea of beer from a vending machine, which was available.

Mike Conti might get into another poker tournament in Gary, Ind. Good luck, Mike!

Ruth Ann and Fritz Eder have become great-grandparents. They’re the first in the class that I know. If there are others, please let me know.

Many of our class will turn 80 next year, and I wish my best to all of you on reaching this milestone.

There’s also sad news. George Waldeck died this summer; and Pat and Phil Schaefer’s 20-year-old grandson died in his sleep at their home from a brain edema. Remember those who’ve passed and their survivors.

I close with my best to all of you and, again, I’d deeply appreciate a little news, good or bad. Your classmates would love to hear from you. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Fall 2013
We’ll have a minireunion for the class of ’56 and their spouses March 19, 2014, in Fort Myers, Fla. Mary Jo and John Boler will host the luncheon. Contact me at my Florida or cell numbers if you’re in the area.

Jack Broderick and Bob Pascente will organize a lunch in Phoenix in late February for those who winter in the Southwest. Contact them for details.

Ted Druhot, who’s still playing Dixieland jazz in Hilton Head, is active in the Junior Jazz Society of the Lowcountry group that runs a summer camp for high school musicians. He’s amazed at the talent of these young artists.

About eight years ago, Tom Parrish (Pittsburgh area) and his brother biked in Vietnam. Because his wife is from Germany, they travel overseas every year. It was interesting to hear his comments about biking in Germany where one faces a different aggressive driving climate.

Bill Ryan has been retired for at least the past 20 years but served as the commissioner of the Cleveland Metroparks for eight years. He’s still active at St. Ignatius High School and meets with some of his classmates from long ago. While his wife was taking the phone to him, I had the pleasure of listening to him play the piano.

Bernie Rauckhorst is still active in his church and puts together packages for our troops in Afghanistan. He’s in the editing stage of a book about heaven and made a movie about the visitation with some of his family. If you’d like a copy of the movie, call him at 330-733-3290.

Frank Paulovich is still in the Cleveland area and spends most of his time taking care of his wife, who has cancer.

Phil Ripepi still goes into the office periodically. Of his five children, three attended Carroll, and he has one grandchild who will be attending, too. He’s looking forward to a hunting trip in Canada next year.

Most of us love to have our grandkids visit and then leave. Gloria and Bob Pascente have been serving as foster parents for a 3-year-old boy for the past couple years, and they’ve fallen in love with the little guy. They’re in the midst of filling out papers for adoption and hope it will be approved.

My wife, Mary Therese, and I had lunch with Marie and John Nowlan in Angola, Ind., in June. The Nowlans are doing well and will travel to Arizona again this year.

As always, please offer a prayer for our classmates who are ill, and give them a call or lift if you’re in a position to do so. My plea to all of you is to send news, good or bad. Your classmates would love to hear from you. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Summer 2013
The class of 1956 fountain was dedicated on June 15, 2013. A good illustration of the fountain is in the invitation that was sent to the class to attend the dedication. In attendance were Al DeGulis, who chaired the drive for the fountain, principal contributors John Boler and Jack Breen, and about 10 other members of our class. I received little other news except that Jack Broderick and Bob Pascente are still playing golf in Phoenix, even in the triple-digit temperatures that have been reported in the area. Of course, they have to carry lots of water.

Yours truly had an angel on my shoulder April 13. Because I have cardiac problems, I walk or bike four to five days every week. This year in Florida, I’ve been walking about four miles instead of biking. On April 13th, I was on my usual walk along Charlotte Bay when I collapsed suddenly because of a cardiac arrest. But I collapsed along the main road into Punta Gorda where an ambulance was returning from a hospital run, so the EMS crew was able to get the paddles on me immediately and rush me to the hospital. I don’t remember anything, but the surgeon who installed the defibrillator said: “You had an angel on your shoulder, and he must have something for you to do.” So I ask all of you to send me your news, so I can keep this ’56 newsletter going.

Jim Knechtges told me about an unexpected bypass heart surgery that Tom O’Neil had last week. I’ve talked to Tom, and he’s doing well. He’s still hoping to make his baseball trip to Japan in September. Some of our classmates aren’t in the best health, so I ask all of you to remember them in your prayers. God bless all of you.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Spring 2013
This year, a smaller group met in Fort Myers, Fla., on March 13 for lunch hosted by John Boler. Those attending were Mary Jo and John Boler, Mike Conti, Marykay and Jim Knechtges, Tom O’Neil, Gloria and Bob Pascente, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, and Mary Therese and Leo Duffy. The picture on this page clearly shows a group of older gentlemen. The Bolers were proud to announce their 13th grandchild. Tom is still an active baseball fan with a trip planned in September to Japan to see Japanese baseball. Bob also let us know a luncheon was planned for March 26 for those who live in the Phoenix area.

Classmates in Fort Myers, Fla., front row (from left): John Boler, Leo Duffy, and Bob Pascente. Back row (from left): Mike Conti, Tom O’Neil, Paul Schlimm, Phil Schaefer, and Jim Knechtges.

The importance of organ donation is clearly shown by a successful kidney transplant for Jack Breen. The kidney was donated by his daughter, who was a close match to Jack.

I’d like to remind you about the dedication of the class fountain on June 15. Check with the alumni office for details.

Remember Frank Privitere and Leo Slack, who died recently.

Contact me with news you might want to share with the rest of your class. God bless.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Winter 2013
Tom O’Neil reminded me that in my last note I failed to mention that, in completing his visits to all the major league baseball parks last year, the number of ballparks he has visited is 52. He’ll make a trip to Japan in September 2013 to visit the parks there.

Jack Berg lives in Sioux City, Iowa, and retired from Sears after 38 years. Most of his time is spent traveling to see his kids in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, Seattle; and Los Alamos, N.M. If any of you get out to his area, give him a call.

Gloria and Bob Pascente celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary in September. They keep themselves busy by taking care of two foster children – a 2-year-old boy, and 3-year-old girl. A recurrence of breast cancer led to Gloria having a double mastectomy in November. She asks you keep her in your prayers.

Leo Slack was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, but he’s still mobile and able to get out once in a while.

Phil Schaefer still has his hands in math at Tennessee but is winding it down. He keeps busy taking care of the church grounds and helping his wife, Pat, with the ladies of charity work.

The class of ’56 didn’t leave anything on the Carroll grounds with our ID on it. Two years ago, Al DeGulis proposed putting a fountain near the Beaudry Shrine. His proposal was accepted, and Al started a drive to raise the necessary funds from the class. The Class of ’56 Memorial Fountain has been put in place on campus. He’d like to thank Ryan Daly ’99, formerly of the development office, for his work helping complete the project. The formal dedication will take place June 15, 2013. Al says his arthritis is limiting his mobility but is still able to get around. Try and make the dedication if you can.

Again, my plea to all of you is to send a little news, good or bad. Your classmates would love to hear from you. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Fall 2012
On March 13, 2013, in Fort Myers, Fla., we’ll have a minireunion for the class of ’56 and their spouses. Mary Jo and John Boler will graciously host the luncheon. You can contact me at my Florida or cell numbers if you’re in this area.

Jack Broderick (672-792-5689) and Bob Pascente (480-634-4244) will put together a lunch in Phoenix in late February for those of you who winter in the Southwest. Contact them for time and place. Gloria and Bob are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in November. Congratulations to you both.

Ted Druhot, who lives in Hilton Head, S.C., and Conrad Pokorski were able to get together on the Isle of Palms, S.C., while Conrad was vacationing with his children and grandchildren. Conrad isn’t very mobile, so he’s having difficulty moving around. Pat Shannon is in a similar situation. Keep them in your prayers.

Mike Cleary retired after 46 years with the association of athletic directors and was invited to the Navy/Notre Dame game in Dublin.

Bill Hagerty suffered a stroke in March but recovered quickly and returned to teaching at Xavier. He hopes to continue teaching for one more year, then retire.

Tom Tremper is living in Sun City, Calif., after retiring from the Air Force as a civilian. After retiring, he grew avocados and did all right at it but decided it was too much.

After 20 years in hospital administration and another 20 with the postal service, Paul Jarchow is retired in Muscle Shoals, Calif. (between Ventura and Santa Barbara). He spends his spare time with his three kids and grandkids, all who live in California.

Mike Conti played in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas in June. Out of 8,000 participants, Mike placed No. 700. He played three days straight for 13 hours a day.

Jim Knechtges has moved permanently from Ohio to Florida, so he’s no longer a snowbird.

Fritz Eder is still in Houston and continues to serve as a Eucharistic minister for the homebound.

John Daley, Bill Devine, John Nowlan, and Ed Daugherty say hello.

Yours truly had the good fortune of being able to do the 300 miles of Western Michigan shoreline ride in the first week of August. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do many more of these. Again, my plea to all of you is to send me news, good or bad. Your classmates would love to hear from you. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Summer 2012
Mary Jo and John Boler hosted a minireunion for the class of ’56 and their spouses March 14 in Fort Myers, Fla. Besides John and Mary Jo, attendants included: Mary Jane and Jack Breen, Lois and Mike Conti, Joan and Ed Daugherty, Al DeGulis, Marykay and Jim Knechtges, Carol and John Lloyd ’59, Carmella and Ben Miralia, Tom O’Neil, Gloria and Bob Pascente, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, Marty and Larry Selhorst, Linda and Leo Slack, and Mary Therese and I. John and Mary Jo also were able to treat many of us to a lovely dinner at the Il Cielo Ristorante on Sanibel Island that evening. John Lloyd started with our class in ’52 but left to join the military after his sophomore year. He returned to complete his bachelor’s degree in ’59.

Front row: Leo Duffy, Jim Knechtges, John Boler, Mike Conti, Jack Breen, and Bob Pascente. Back row: Al Degulis, Tom O’Neil, Paul Schlimm, Larry Selhorst, John Lloyd ’59, Ed Daugherty, Leo Slack, Ben Miralia, and Phil Schaefer

In Phoenix, Mary Kay and Mike Benson, Lauretta and Jack Broderick, Marie and John Nowlan, and Gloria and Bob Pascente were able to meet in mid-February for dinner. On the way to Phoenix, John and Marie visited with Ruth Ann and Fritz Eder in Houston.

Tom O’Neil finally attended a baseball game at every major league stadium. Congratulations, Tom!

This fall, the class of ’56 fountain near the Beaudry Shrine will be dedicated. It would be great if many members of the class could attend.

There are two small corrections from the last column: Jim Schempp, though not traveling much, still works out three times a week and enjoys his retirement after 48 years with the FBI. And Ted Druhot’s musical skills lie with the banjo, not the trumpet.

Again, I’m making a desperate plea for news from my fellow classmates and would love to hear from you by email or phone. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Spring 2012
Tom Bonifas
is in the midst of downsizing and planning a move to a condo in Ohio later this year. He’s mostly involved with the grandkids and church.

John Augenstein retired from Marquette University in 2005, after 13 years in the College of Education, the past few as dean. He spent 26 years in the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown teaching K-12, retiring as superintendant of schools before going to Marquette.

Noreen and Paul Schlimm moved to Estero, Fla., but still summer in Lake Chautauqua, N.Y.

Vince Punzo still is living in St. Louis and keeps busy taking care of the old house and working on his book.

Ted Druhot, who’s in Hilton Head, S.C., is playing the trumpet in the Dixieland Jazz Concert of the Lowcountry and heading up two ministries in the parish.

Jim Schempp has slowed down and is spending most of the time at home.

Phil Ripepi says hello to everyone. Three of his children are Carroll alumni: Tony ’85, Vince ’86, and Beth ’88. He’s still in the Pittsburgh area recovering from a rotator cuff injury he suffered on a hunting trip in the Yukon. His son has joined him in his practice, so he has more time to go on hunting trips. He’s planning another one to Africa.

Mike Conti is running the U.S. Bocce Championships tournament this summer at the Alpine Club in Round Lake, Ill.

Bill Hagerty suffered a serious stroke in late January. He has no paralysis and is doing fine. He’s even back driving and doing a little work at Xavier.

Yours truly has recovered from thyroid surgery in early January and will be back on his bike next week. I’m looking forward to long bike trips this summer with my brother.

My wish to all of you is a healthy and busy year. I’d love to hear from you so I can write a two-page column. God bless.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
January-May: 941-505-8394

Winter 2011
Most of us have been empty nesters for quite a few years, but Gloria and Bob Pascente are volunteering to be respite foster parents in Phoenix. They’ll watch over the foster child or children for a couple weeks while the regular foster parents take a vacation or take a break. I hope it goes well for you both. In Fort Myers, Fla., we’ll again have a minireunion for the class of ’56 and their spouses. Mary Jo and John Boler graciously will host the luncheon March 14. You can contact me at my Florida home or cell numbers if you’re in the area.

Jack Broderick (672-792-5689) and Bob Pascente (480-634-4244) will put together a lunch in February in Phoenix for those of you who winter in the Southwest. Contact them for time and place.

My apologies for the lack of news, but I ran out of time to contact you. I’ll do better for the next issue. Please email me updates periodically. God bless you all.


Leo Duffy
630-337-0788 (c)
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Fall 2011


This is a note about our 55th during the reunion/ commencement weekend, May 20-22. It was hot and wet at times. I’d like to express thanks to Mary Jane ’91 and Jack Breen for the wonderful lunch they had for us at their home Saturday afternoon. It began Friday evening with a social gathering under the tent. Mary Kay and Mike Benson, Joan and Ed Daugherty, Mary and I, Ruth Ann and Fritz Eder, Julie and Bill Hagerty, Jeannine and Larry Kinskey, Gloria and Bob Pascente, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, Linda and Leo Slack, and Tom O’Neil attended. It was a warm, muggy night. Fortunately, there were fans for those who were staying in Bernet. Needless to say, we went to bed much earlier than the younger attendees.

Enjoying a lazy morning, we strolled around campus and visited the bookstore for the requisite souvenirs. Then we were ferried over to the Breen’s in University vans for lunch. In addition to the aforementioned and those in the picture, we were joined at lunch by Fr. Niehoff, Mary Jo Boler, JoAnne Caterino, Betty Conley, Betty Kost, Jan Paulovich, Marty Pfeiffer, Clare Schuele, Mary Kay and George Vaul, Mary Zammikiel, and Danny O’Horo. Lunch lasted until after 3 p.m., with much time for socializing and renewing old acquaintances. We had to rush a little to get back to campus and prepare for Mass, which was followed by dinner.

The baccalaureate/reunion Mass remembered all our deceased classmates and paid tribute to the upcoming graduates.

Please remember our classmate, Denis F. Hoynes, who died in early May 2011, in your prayers.

A photo of class members was taken after the reunion Mass. With the help of many, we tried to identify those in the picture. After gathering for dinner in one of the small meeting rooms, the power went out. The cocktail hour and dinner were held by candle light, which was a first. Fortunately, dinner already had been prepared, and there was still power in the kitchens, so it went off with only a few minor concerns. Al DeGulis discussed the ’56 class gift of a fountain near the Beaudry Shrine and said it had the approval of the University. After dinner, we proceeded to the big tent for entertainment and dancing. Most of us lasted until about 10 p.m. and then headed off for the evening. Those of us staying in Bernet had no power, so we headed to bed by flashlight and slept without fans. The threat of rain cancelled the outdoor commencement, so attendance at breakfast was a little sparse, and most of us headed home by noon. Paul Schlimm attended commencement as the representative of the class of ’56. We missed those of you who couldn’t attend and hope this note finds you well.

Class of ’56 at reunion – front row, from left: Bart Caterino, Fritz Eder, John Boler, Ray Pfeiffer, Bob Pascente, Charles DeVille, and Art Zammikiel. Second row, from left: Leo Duffy, Edward Katalinas, Joe Kost, Jim Knechtges, Don Schuele, and Mike Benson. Third row, from left: Francis Paulovich, Bernie Rauckhorst, Bill Hagerty, Tom O’Neil, Jack Breen, and Al DeGulis. Fourth row, from left: Al Oberst, Don Wingenfeld, Larry Kinskey, Otto Dreiling, Ed Daugherty, and Paul Schlimm.

My best to all of you, and God bless.


Leo Duffy
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Summer 2011


Classmates and JCU President Robert L. Niehoff (first row, second from right) enjoyed the annual luncheon hosted by John and Mary Jo Boler in Fort Myers, Fla.

In Fort Myers, Fla., Mary Jo and John Boler hosted a luncheon for 13 graduates and nine spouses. Those in attendance were: Jack Breen, Lois and Mike Conti, Joan and Ed Daugherty, Mary and Leo Duffy, Marykay and Jim Knechtges, Al DeGulis, Carmella and Ben Miralia, Tom O’Neil, Bob Pascente, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, Linda and Leo Slack, and JCU President Robert L. Niehoff, S.J. Al DeGulis brought up the interesting idea of leaving a fountain on the campus as a gift from the class of ’56.

The Pascentes, Brodericks, and Nowlans

In the Phoenix area, Gloria and Bob Pascente, Lauretta and Jack Broderick, and Marie and John Nowlan gathered in mid-February. Again, if any of you are in these areas, please join us next year.

Classmates’ spouses who attended the annual luncheon hosted by John and Mary Jo Boler in Fort Myers, Fla.

My best to all of you, and God bless.


Leo Duffy
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Spring 2011


We’re only weeks away from celebrating our 55th class reunion, May 21 and 22. We could use help, so if you’re available, call me or the alumni office. Also, let’s remember to invite the widows of our classmates. We had a great get-together at our 50th, and it would be wonderful to share the memories of our days at Carroll again, as well as spend time rekindling our friendships. Some of you won’t be able to make the reunion because of physical limitations, but if you’d like to extend a message to the class, e-mail it to me. After the reunion, I’ll provide a thorough report to you. To the rest of you, I look forward to seeing you.

Yours truly and my bride, Mary Therese, took an Elderhostel trip to the Grand Canyon in October and used the opportunity to spend time before and after the trip with Lauretta and Jack Broderick and Gloria and Bob Pascente. We had a great time catching up with things that have happened during the past couple years.

Mary Jo and John Boler are the proud grandparents of a 12th grandchild, Regina Marie.

Bart Caterino still is practicing law every day but promises to take time off to attend the reunion.

Jack Berg finally retired the tennis racket last year and says hello to everyone. He won’t be able to attend the reunion because of his grandchildrens’ graduations.

John Nowlan had a heart attack and has recovered with a stent. He’ll attend the reunion, as well as travel to Arizona in February and March.

George Waldeck still is working but has a respiratory illness that limits his travel.

Paul Schlimm attended a basketball reunion at the DeCarlo Varsity Center but didn’t play.

Paul Prasse traveled to Russia and hopes to attend the luncheon in Arizona. He says he’ll make the reunion, too.

Leo DiValentino moved from El Paso, Texas, to Spokane, Wash., where he and his wife, Mary Kay, have retired. Leo spent 22 years in the military. After retiring from the service, he set up a business teaching English to various organizations. His wife is recovering from hip surgery. He won’t be able to attend the reunion but says hello to everyone.

Some of our possible long distance travelers to reunion are Bob Pascente and Jack Broderick from Arizona, Fritz Eder from Texas, and Tom O’Neil and Leo Slack from Florida.

John Daley, Ed Daugherty, Fritz Eder, and Pat Shannon say hello.

As of now, the reunion committee consists of me, Ed Daugherty, and Tom O’Neil, but we’re looking for more help. I look forward to seeing all of you at John Carroll in May. When we have more details, we’ll contact you.

Finally, I was informed of the deaths of Larry Howse (April 14, 2009), and Jane, wife of Don Buckley, in December.

God bless.


Leo Duffy
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Winter 2010

We are several months away from celebrating our 55th class reunion May 21 and 22. Save the dates, and join our class at John Carroll. You’re all welcome.

Condoleezza Rice, Mike Cleary ’56, and Randy Spetman at a recent gathering

The photo shows Mike Cleary (center), who’s executive director of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), and Randy Spetman, president of NACDA, with Condoleezza Rice at their recent gathering. Mike says Condoleezza gave an excellent presentation about the importance of athletics in preparing athletes for their future work. Mike intends to keep working for a couple more years.

Jim and Jack Chiprean, who are in Pennsylvania still, continue to play their horns in local organizations. Jack’s retired and spends a lot of time flying around the country in his Mooney aircraft. Jim’s sons are running the family business, so he’s semiretired. I hope to see them at our reunion.

Jacquelynn and Jack Chiprean ’56 with their plane

There will be luncheons in Florida and Arizona in 2011. In Florida, we’ll be meeting March 16 in Fort Myers where Mary Jo and John Boler graciously will host the luncheon for the class of ’56 and their spouses. You can contact me if you’re in the area. Jack Broderick will put together a lunch in Phoenix in March. You can reach him at 672-792-5689. When we have more details, we’ll be contacting you about the reunion.

God bless.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Fall 2010

We had a great 50th Reunion, but let’s make our 55th even better. It will be May 20-22, 2011. I hope to see all of you there.

Vince Punzo retired from St. Louis University and is writing a book about the philosopher, John Dewey.

John Dvorak and his wife Janet celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2007 and are babysitting twin 1½-year-old granddaughters. They’re planning a late summer driving trip to Seattle by way of the Grand Canyon.

Tom Dambach is retired in Tucson and enjoys quail and dove hunting in the area.

Mike Conti and Bob Pascente got together in Las Vegas with their wives while Mike was in a poker tournament.

Fritz Eder’s wife, Ruth Ann, is celebrating her fifth year of being cancer free.

Ted Druhot still is active in a Dixieland band with his banjo.

Jim Schindler has just issued a DVD about facial and neck exercises and is letting his son take the management role in his El Bandido restaurant chain.

Phil Ripepi has retired and is still hunting all throughout the world (planning six hunts this year). He and Josephine will celebrate their 50th in November.

Bill Ryan is still in the Cleveland area and recently reduced his ties with the Metro Parks District. He still meets monthly with a group from St. Ignatius High School.

Joe DeAngelis is retired in Harbert, Mich., on the Lake Michigan coastline. If you’re traveling through the area, you might stop in New Buffalo and pick up his picture of sunsets over the lake from the gift shops.

Leo Slack is still in Florida but is looking at moving back to Pennsylvania.

Jack Broderick, Ed Daugherty, John Daley, Tom O’Neil, John Nowlan, and Pat Shannon all say hello. Pat is ailing from a serious fall down the stairs, so remember him in your prayers.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t congratulate, John Boler and Jack Breen on becoming directors emeriti of the John Carroll Board of Directors.

Finally, it’s my sad duty to report the death of Don Buckley. He passed away May 5, 2010, in Florida. God bless.


Leo Duffy
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January-May: 941-505-8394

Summer 2010

Again, some of your classmates got together in mid-March. In Fort Myers, FL, John and Mary Jo Boler hosted a lunch for 14 graduates and nine spouses. Those attending were — Mary Jane and Jack Breen, Mike Conti, Joan and Ed Daugherty, Al DeGulis, Mary and Leo Duffy, Marykay and Jim Knechtges, Carmella and Ben Miralia, Tom O’Neil, Gloria and Bob Pascente, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, Larry Selhorst, and Leo Slack. Most of the group is planning on coming to our 55th Reunion in 2011, provided we are all still here. Don Buckley would have joined us, but he was under the weather. Al DeGulis brought up the interesting idea of leaving a class gift on the campus from the class of ’56 that we did not do when we graduated. Following this lunch, Bob and Gloria traveled back to the Phoenix area where they also had lunch with Lauretta and Jack Broderick and Marie and John Nowlan. Again, if any of you are in these areas next year, please join us.

George Waldeck and Al DeGulis happened to run into each other at the state high school hockey championships in Columbus, OH, where their grandchildren were playing for different schools.

Also, please remember Tom Moffitt who died on June 2, 2009. My best to all of you and God bless! Leo

Spring 2010

Fellow classmates, I received minimal contributions until I sought them via the old fashioned way — telephone. I’m not into texting.

John Daley reminded me that it is not too early to start thinking of our 55th Reunion in June of 2011.

Bernie Rauckhorst is keeping himself very busy at St. Matthew Parish in Akron, OH. He runs a program shipping boxes of food to our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan, well over 100 boxes in 2009. He also will be running a pari-mutuel horse racing betting operation for the charities supported by the Holy Name Society this weekend.

Paul Prasse is still recovering from a broken wrist that he suffered in a fall in his home last October.

Ed Daugherty and his wife went on a river cruise that was supposed to travel to Prague but was landlocked because of low water levels so they traveled by bus returning to the boat each day. A tough way to cruise!

My personal wish to all of you is a healthy year and to ask all of you to let me know of some of your happen stances. God bless, Leo

Winter 2009

Congratulations are in order for John Boler and Jack Breen, both of whom were appointed Director Emeritus and honored at a Carroll dinner, along with others, for their long service and generosity to John Carroll. Thank you, John and Jack.

Mike Benson, John Daley, Ed Daugherty, Fritz Eder, and John Nowlan all say hello to their fellow classmates. The Eders celebrated their 52nd anniversary in Rome at a papal blessing. There will be two winter reunions for the ’56 class and their spouses in March 2010. Jack Broderick has said he will serve as the focal point for the Phoenix luncheon, so please contact him at 23006 Giovota Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375, 623.792.5689. Bob Pascente is also in the Phoenix area, and you can reach him at 480.634.4244. In Florida, John Boler will host the reunion on Wednesday, March 17, 2010, in Fort Myers, probably at the Bistro 41 restaurant in Bell Tower Plaza. You can either contact John or me at our winter retreats.

God Bless all of you and your families. I would sure appreciate receiving notes from you! After 33 years in Naperville, IL, Mary Therese and I have finally moved to a ranch home in a +55 community about 10 miles south of the old place.


Fall 2009

Many classmates have contacted me with Internet jokes, political commentary, and pictorial views of landscapes, etc. While I appreciate getting this information, it is very difficult to incorporate it into a class column. But keep it coming and maybe I will find a way to utilize the information.

Jim Gasper and his wife, Betty, are traveling to Italy to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary and Betty’s recovery from a double knee replacement.

Bob Pascente has retired from full-time teaching but is still a substitute teacher in the local parish school.

Remember the March 2010 mini-reunions in Fort Myers, FL, and Phoenix. There will be more on these in the December column.

Al Oberst sent me a note to let me know that Bill Ginley passed away on September 4.

And finally, yours truly has moved to a senior +55 community near Joliet, IL. My new address is 21241 Brush Lake Drive, Crest Hill, IL 60403; 815-729-3513. My Florida address stays as is, and so does my cell number. God bless, Leo

Summer 2009

I have heard very little from you and I would sure appreciate hearing something! For this issue, let’s say that no news is good news.

Some of your classmates got together in mid-March 2009. In Phoenix, Lauretta and Jack Broderick, Marie and John Nowlan, and Gloria and Bob Pascente shared a pleasant lunch. Unfortunately, they did not send me a picture – maybe next year! The other group that got together in Fort Myers, FL, was Marykay and Jim Knechtges, Marie and Ben Miralia, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Mary and Leo Duffy, Lois and Mike Conti, Joan and Ed Daugherty, Mary Jo and John Boler, Leo Slack, and Tom O’Neil. We did get a picture at this lunch. Both groups say hello to our classmates and urge you to join us in March if you are traveling south.

On February 24, John and Mary Jo Boler were honored at a lunch in Sanibel by the State of Florida for their philanthropy in Southwest Florida, particularly to BIG ARTS, MS, Sanibel Historical Society, SW Region of the Florida Arthritis Foundation, St. Isabel’s, and the American Cancer Society of Lee County, FL. Fr. Niehoff gave the benediction at the luncheon.

My best to all of you, and God bless! Leo

Spring 2009

Tom O’Connell says hello to all of you. He is still in New Jersey, where he spends time with his 11 grandchildren. Due to a stroke a couple of years ago his mobility is somewhat limited.

Ted Druhot is in Hilton Head and married his lovely wife, Carol, a couple years after Shirley died. He is active in Red Cross disaster recovery programs and plays banjo in a Dixieland jazz group.

Remember the musicals at Carroll? Conrad Pokorski is reliving some of that through his oldest granddaughter (a junior at Ohio Northern) who has a lead role in Cabaret.

Phil Schaefer is finally retiring after 41½ years of teaching. He and Pat also celebrated their 50th anniversary in October ’08. Congratulations Phil and Pat!

Jim Schempp is in South Carolina and says he is finally going to give up his consulting work with the FBI since the paperwork requirements are becoming a little too exacting.

Danny O’Horo is still active in his construction company which has not been hurt much by the downturn.

Bob Greenley has put a black band around his arm due to the dismal showing of the Chicago Cubs at year’s end. He has courage to be a Cubs fan in St. Louis.

The year 2008 was a big year in the Olympics for the U.S. Well, it was also a big year for the class of ’56. Mike Conti led his Bocce team to the National U.S. Championship. Unfortunately they were eliminated in the first round of the international’s in Toronto.

Leo Slack and yours truly are working on trying to get rid of some of those Christmas pounds thru gym workouts. I’ve also been in touch with Ed Daugherty, John Nowlan, Tom O’Neil, Jack Broderick, Bob Pascente, and Fritz Eder who all say hello.

Pat Shannon is struggling to recover from his bout with cancer and could use your prayers. It is also my sad duty to report that Frank Moran died on Jan. 11, 2009.

God bless all of you and your families and please let me know of a little news about you. Leo

Winter 2008

My apologies to you all for not writing any notes in the last issue but my wife was in the hospital getting a new knee at the time of the writing. She is doing fine! Congratulations to Jack Nowlan on completing 14 years of volunteer service with the Red Cross Disaster team. John’s most difficult assignment was the two weeks he spent in Mississippi during and after Hurricane Katrina. This year he spent a week in Iowa. He has spent time in Texas, Florida, Ohio, and Indiana. Good work John!

Both Dottie and Allen Caine and Ruth Ann and Fritz Eder (in Houston) made it through Hurricane Ike with no damage.

Of the more than 130 attendees at the ROTC Alumni Reunion dinner held Homecoming Weekend, Al Oberst was the only ’56 representative. Al was one of the original members of the Wolfpack which is still active at Carroll. Al fondly remembers his time in Germany with Ralph Gorny (RIP), Bill McNulty and Dave Santoro.

Bob Pascente is still actively engaged in his second career teaching history at St .Agnes middle school in Phoenix which he says keeps him young and active.

There will be two winter reunions for ’56 class members and their spouses in March. Jack Broderick has said he will serve as the focal point for the Phoenix luncheon so please contact him at 23006 Giovota Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375, 623-792-5689. In Florida, John Boler will host the reunion on Thursday, March 12, 2009 in Fort Myers, FL, probably at the Bistro 41 restaurant in Bell Tower Plaza. You can either contact John or me at our winter retreats. My contact details are listed above.

In closing, please remember Marshall Downs who died on July 19, 2008. Marshall attended many of our reunions.

God bless all of you and your families and I would sure appreciate receiving notes from someone. I’m a lonely class writer! Leo

Summer 2008

Again, a group of John Carroll spouses and their husbands got together for a long lunch to celebrate another year on March 13 in Fort Myers. Attending were Betty and Joe Kost, Pat and Phil Schaefer, Marie and Ben Miralia, Mary Jo and John Boler, Noreen and Paul Schlimm, MaryKay and Jim Knechtges, Mary Therese and Leo Duffy, Mary Lou Giffels, Mike Conti, Al DeGulis, Tom O’Neil, Leo Slack, and Don Buckley ’57. We hope to continue this gathering and encourage all of you who are in the area to join us next year.

Not all snowbirds go to Fla. — In Casa Grande, Ariz., Gloria and Bob Pascente, Lauretta and Jack Broderick, and Marie and John Nowlan also had a long lunch to chat about old times as well as what is going on now. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of them for this issue.

Again, please send me some tidbits. God bless, Leo

Spring 2008

Paul Schlimm and his better half, Noreen, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December with a family party that included all the children and grandchildren followed by a three-day skiing trip to a resort with the whole group.

Bob Pascente is teaching social studies “full time” at St. Agnes Catholic School to sixth to eighth graders. Don’t know how you do it Bob!!!. He and wife Gloria, with their son, are heading to Paris during spring break. My guess is that Bob will need a break.

John and Mary Jo Boler spent their 50th anniversary with their five children, their spouses, and 10 grandchildren along with Mary Jo’s brother and his wife on a very nice tour of Italy. As John says — he hopes to celebrate the 50th for at least a year. Congratulations to all of our other classmates who have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

Sadly, I am also reporting the death of Otto Dreiling’s wife, JoAnn, in late summer of 2007 after a long illness. Our sympathies, Otto.

Fellow classmates, this column depends on your input. Without it, there is no news and/or history of the class of ’56. I would deeply appreciate your response. Thanks much and God bless, Leo

Fall 2007

Al Oberst made a “pilgrimage of Lafayette’s Liberty” to France in September and was able to stay in a Lafayette Chateau. His group celebrated Lafayette’s 250th birthday along with the American Ambassador at Chateau Lafayette. They toured 15 sites in Paris where General Lafayette along with Ben Franklin and other patriots met to plan the American Revolution and the development of our new nation. Al is going back to France in 2009 to celebrate Adrienne Lafayette’s birthday.

Bill Hagerty is the oldest full-time teacher at Xavier University. He was in England at our 50th Reunion but promises to make the 55th.

Mary Jane Breen hosted a reunion of the class of ’57 nurses from St. Vincent Charity Hospital. Mary Jo Boler was also in this class. A number of these nurses (Mary Jane, Millie Collins, Anne Marie Dyke and others), who married JCU graduates, later earned degrees at JCU. Jack Breen and John Boler owe their success to the tender care that their wives provided them over these 50 years.

For those of you who will be in Florida in March 2008, John Boler will be hosting the mini-reunion in Fort Myers on March 13. Call me or John for the details.


Summer 2007

To my ’56 classmates

I have just returned from a land tour/cruise to our great state of Alaska with another couple to celebrate both of our reaching 50 years of marriage. My wife and I are sure milking this one because our five children with 10 of our 11 grandchildren threw us a party on July 29. We were joined at the party by none other than our illustrious class president, Ed Daugherty and his wife, Joan. We had a great time with many relatives, friends and a host of nieces and nephews and their children. Now I know many of you are having similar events in your lives. Let us know what is going on so that all of us can share in your joys and or sorrows.

We expect to have another ’56 mini reunion in Fort Myers, FL, hosted by John Boler in mid March 2008. Contact me for more info if you can make it. God Bless, Leo

Spring 2007

The class of ’56 Florida mini-reunion hosted by John Boler, in Fort Myers was held March 15, 2007. Those attending, with our spouses, were John Boler, Mike Conti, Ed Daugherty, Al DeGulis, Leo Duffy, Jim Knechtges, Ben Miralia, Tom O’Neil, Bob Pascente, Phil Schaefer, Paul Schlimm, and Leo Slack.

Mary Therese and I were joined by all our children and grandchildren at our daughter’s home in Orlando to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary on February 2.

Ruth Ann and Fritz Eder will be celebrating their anniversary with their family on a cruise in June, and Mary Jo and John Boler will also be celebrating their’s with a family trip to Italy in November.


Winter 2007

Mike Conti is embarking on a new career, Poker. He recently won the championship in Tunica, MS.

Many of you will be celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary soon (including yours truly) so let me take the opportunity to wish you many more! Fifty years has gone by quickly.

Your class representative is looking for news from his fellow classmates. Please help him!!


Fall 2006

Some reunion flashbacks! Bob Pascente attended the ’56 reunion but was inadvertently omitted from the list. Also, thanks to Mike Conti for the bocce ball tournament. It was a great reunion! If anyone else was omitted, let me know.

Fr. Schell was unable to join us at the reunion so John Boler visited him with Fr. Niehoff in late September. He is doing well in retirement and vividly remembers our class. John will be hosting his mini-reunion lunch in Fort Myers, FL, on March 14, 2007. If any of you are going to be in the area, please contact me or John for details

I extend my sympathies to Ted Druhot whose wife died in late May. He was unable to attend the reunion but plans to be at the next one.

Please send your notes to me on any news you may have. Leo

Summer 2006

Last column by Tom O’Neil —– For those that missed Reunion 2006, I can only tell you to keep 2011 open. It’s well worth the trip. As far as statistics go, we had many classmates and two widows register for the festivities — John Boler, Tom Bonifas, Jack Breen, John Broderick, Ray Burke, Allen Caine, Bill Carrick, Bartholomew Caterino, Mike Conti, Tommy Conway, John Daley, Ed Daugherty, Joe DeAngelis, Al DeGulis, Charlie DeVille, Otto Dreiling, Leo Duffy, Fritz Eder, Daniel Fetsko, Joseph Fox, Robert Gale, James Gasper, Donald Gehlmann, Mary Lou Giffels, Bill Gilroy, Denny Hoynes, Peter Jenkins, Edward Katalinas, Larry Kinskey, Jim Knechtges, Fred Marshall, Leo McDonough, Ben Miralia, Tom Moffitt, Frank Moran, John Nowlan, Albert Oberst, Don O’Connor, Daniel O’Horo, Tom O’Neil, Frank Paulovich, Ray Pfeiffer, Conrad Pokorski, Robert Porter, Paul Prasse, Vincent Punzo, Pat Riegelsberger, Chuck Rini, Bill Ryan, Bert Samerdyke, David Santoro, Philip Schaefer, Jim Schempp, Paul Schlimm, Don Schuele, Joe Sedlock, Patrick Shannon, John Slattery, George Vaul, John Volpe, George Waldeck, Donald Wingenfeld, Ron Wysocki, and Art Zammikiel. This left us a little short for the overall attendance record but we did set a record for a 50-year class with 27.2% of living members attending which won us the James M. Mackey ’71 cup and beat the previous attendance record of 24.8% held by the class of ’50! The all-time money record for a 50-year class gift was shattered with our class gift of $1,004,878. This total won the Joseph D. Sullivan ’53 cup for the class with the highest class gift for this year’s Reunion. Our gift came from a total of 93 donors and beat the old record by $142,305. As proud as we may be of this accomplishment, let’s hope that it is a short lived record.

You may recall that when I was “volunteered” to be the class correspondent, I stated that it would be until saner heads prevailed. I am pleased to announce that time has come. After a few Miller Lites, Leo Duffy agreed to write the column. We can make Leo’s job a lot easier by sending him news of awards, travels, volunteer work, health issues, JCU contacts, etc. In this case, no news is NOT good news.

Thanks for the memories, Tom ***Fr. Schell extends a big thank you for the reunion shirt and card. He said that he will cherish the thoughts and good wishes. He misses attending Reunion and visiting with you at dinner. It was always a great joy to see and visit with so many old friends. You are in his prayers

Spring 2006

The winter season, as always, brings alumni and university personnel to Florida and this year was no exception. In February, Father Robert Scullin, SJ, the Detroit provincial and John Carroll staff where in Naples and West Palm Beach for a Mass and Detroit Province gathering. The Naples affair had about 30 Carroll Alumni among the 120 attendees. Our class was well represented with Paul Schlimm, John Boler, Al DeGulis, Danny O’Horo and myself. Our lone representative at the Palm Beach event was Jim Knechtges.

In March, we had our annual Ft. Myers class luncheon. This year’s group included hosts John and Mary Jo Boler, Mike and Lois Conti, Jim and Marykay Knechtges, Leo and Mary Duffy, Ed and Joan Daugherty, Paul and Noreen Schlimm, Frank Moran, Al DeGulis, Leo Slack, and myself. Needless to say, the JCU war stories were making the rounds. As a sign that we might finally be adults, the restaurant invited us back for next year’s reunion.

Speaking of Leo Duffy, he and Mary still spend summers in Naperville but really enjoy wintering in Punta Gorda, FL.

Unless you have been on Mars, you must realize that our 50th Reunion will be held June 23-25. As of the first week of April the following classmates have registered for Reunion — Jack Breen, Bart Caterino, Edward Daugherty, Robert Gale, James Gasper, Leo McDonough, Ben Miralia, Al Oberst, Tom O’Neil, Ray Pfeiffer, Jim Schempp, Ron Wysocki. If you haven’t committed, it’s not too late to add your name. Remember, there is no cost and you may bring any widow of our class to the events. We need 72 classmates to break the 50-year class record.

One last note to report is that we lost another member of the class. We learned that Jack Boyle passed away in May of last year.

See you June 23rd, Tom

Winter 2006

With the Reunion less than four months away, it’s time for everyone to hold June 23-25 open for something great to add to our memory bank. The class of ’55 holds the record for a 50-year class attendance at 72. With 290 living classmates (37 address unknown) we would need a 25% turnout to take that title. For your information, we had 57 at our last reunion and, we are up to 94 deceased members of the class. On an early survey of those planning to attend our 50th Reunion, we had 27 yes and 20 maybe. This was out of 50 replies. Our committee, chaired by Ed Daugherty, has come up with a great package — including Jack and Mary Jane Breen again hosting our Saturday brunch. We are also inviting the widows of our Cleveland area classmates to attend some of the functions. As you probably know, the university picks up the cost of the entire weekend for the 50 year class. We will be asked for a class gift and before you write that check, I suggest that you grab your bible and look up Luke 12:48.

In other matters, John Boler will host our Ft. Myers class luncheon sometime during the week of March 12. We will be contacting those that we know are in that area – and remember that any classmate and spouse are invited. Call John at 239.472.5071 for details. Congratulations are in order for John since he has taken on the chairmanship of the American Cancer Foundation. He will be going around the country raising funds for that cause.

From the Christmas card notes came the news that Jack and Lauretta Broderick will be moving from Pittsburgh to Sun City, AZ, in April. It’s hard to picture Jack in one of those senior communities.

Frank Moran reports that his throat cancer problems are behind him and he is looking forward to the Reunion. He also reported that he got together with Dave Kerwin while on a visit to Modesto, CA. Speaking from my own experience, Frank makes a very good tour guide, if you are in the Las Vegas area.

Father Niehoff’s alumni reception came through Naples in January and in attendance were John Boler, Jack Breen, Al DeGulis, and myself. His message gave an optimistic and challenging time for the university.

Our next issue of this column will have the names of those signed up for the Reunion so, get those reservations in now!


Fall 2005

With the passing of Dick Giffels, the class not only lost a dear friend but also our class correspondent. To remedy this situation, John Boler and Al DeGulis “volunteered” yours truly. You are stuck with me until saner hands prevail. It’s obvious that they didn’t look up my old English grades. The adage of “garbage in — garbage out” applies to any class column, so send any news items to either the alumni office or myself.

In talking to Boler he is again hosting a class luncheon, in Fort Myers, in the middle of March. If you are going to be in the area, call John at 847.358.6141, or myself, for more details. Of course, our “Last Hurrah,” will occur June 23-25. The reunion will only be as good as the turnout, so let’s all make an effort to attend.


Spring 2005

We can be justly proud that our class will again be well represented among this year’s Alumni Medal winners. John Boler and Jack Breen will receive this coveted award at this year’s commencement ceremony. They have both served as long time members of the university’s Board of Trustees and have given unselfishly of their time and treasure to further the goals of this university. Both eminently deserve and will join classmates Al DeGulis, Denny Hoynes, Rip Reilly, Bishop A. Edward Pevec, Ralph D. Lach, and yours truly as Alumni Medal winners thus giving the class of ’56 a total of eight Alumni Medal winners. This is the highest honor bestowed by the alumni and we extend hearty congratulations to these two latest winners. It is richly deserved.

On March 16, Paul and Noreen Schlimm, Jim and Mary Kay Knechtges, John and Mary Jo Boler, Tom O’Neil and Mary Lou and I gathered at the Mucky Duck restaurant on Captiva Island, FL for the second annual gathering of ’56ers in Southwest Florida. Sincerest apologies to Ed Daugherty for a mix-up in location. We expect this to be an annual event so stay tuned for details. On the other hand, if Florida is not for you in the winter and you want to get your rays out west here’s an answer in the form of an e-mail recently received from Bob Pascente as follows “Since moving to Arizona two years ago I’m finally getting around to inviting our classmates to experience the wonderful winters which includes playing golf, seeing the Cubs and Sox during spring training and the FBR Phoenix Open. We have extra bedrooms and bath so anyone from ’56 is cordially welcome. My number is 480-634-4244.” You can e-mail Bob at Gloriapasc@AOL.COM

Now there’s an offer you can hardly ignore.

On a more somber note, John Czechowski and Hank Strater passed away recently and we extend our sympathies to their families.

Due to advancing health issues this will be my final submission of class notes. Gippo

Winter 2005

The big paycheck for editing and assembling these class notes is hearing from classmates. Last issue it was Larry Kinskey reporting Phil Ripepi receiving Man of the Year recognition in Pittsburgh. This time it’s Jim Schindler e-mailing news about his recently completed book, Tiny Tales & Whatnot. He is sending a copy as of this writing. Jim joins George Eppley who authored Life Comes To The Archbishop (available at http://www.csnmail.net/~eppley/). who followed John Boler who authored Leap of Faith. Now that’s a good bit of published writing for one class and I’ll bet there is more out there if you’d just let us know.

Mary Lou and I had dinner with Jim and Marykay Knechtges recently before they departed for their winter digs in Port St. Lucie, FL. We see Al DeGulis on a regular basis for dinner and a movie.

Don’t be shy about sending in news about awards received or published works. Gippo

Fall 2004

When nearly 400 guests from the Pittsburgh area gathered in September to honor “The Treasures of Italy,” they saluted none other than our classmate Dr. Phillip Ripepi as their Man of the Year. Our hearty congratulations to Phil and thanks to Larry Kinskey for supplying this information.

Last March a group from our class gathered for lunch and fellowship in Fort Myers, FL. By popular demand, we’re going to do it again on March 16, 2005. There were eight of us from the class of ’56 together with several of our wives who gathered in ’04. With a bit of forward planning we should add to that number maybe even double it. Tom “hurricane” O’Neil has agreed to be the point man for collecting names and notifying interested parties. Drop him a line at 1411 NE 30TH Court Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334, or call him at 954-561-5253 if you can join this group. This gathering is not sponsored by JCU and absolutely no fund-raising will occur. In fact, there is a good chance you’ll get that elusive free lunch so notify Tom if you are available and he’ll provide the exact details. While you are marking dates, put down June 16-18, 2006. That is the projected date for our 50th reunion weekend at Carroll. Don’t miss it!

Otto Dreiling writes that he and JoAnn have downsized from the four-bedroom house to a two-bedroom villa. They now reside at 1805 E. Western Reserve Rd. Unit #56, Youngstown, OH, 44514. If you are close by, call or stop in, it’s another chance at that elusive free lunch. We remember Otto as the hero of the 1953 St. Patrick’s day massacre – but that’s another story. Joe DeAngelis e-mails that he and John Boler met recently at Grandparent’s Night in the Chicago area school where their respective grandchildren attend.

Generally, working as your class rep often makes me feel a lot like the guy who was hired to fix the wash machines that never break. There’s not a whole lot of business. Send in your news! Gippo

Summer 2004

On Friday, May 21, 2004 the annual awards dinner at Carroll was a proud night for the class of ’56. They came back to campus from near and far to honor our classmates Al DeGulis, for his steadfast loyalty and support of JCU, and Bishop Edward Pevec, for his 54 years of service as a priest in the Cleveland Diocese. These two ’56 graduates were among five people receiving the prestigious John Carroll Alumni Medal that night. You had to be proud of all these Alumni Medal winners and their many and varied accomplishments. John Boler presented Al DeGulis and Bob Maynard ’58 presented Bishop Pevec with their awards. These medal winners were also honored at graduation on May 23.

Among those in the audience at the awards dinner from our class were Dan and Joan O’Horo, George and Mary Kay Vaul, Bill Ryan, Jim and Marykay Knechtges, George and Gail Waldeck and Mary Lou Giffels and me.

Tom O’Neil was an overnight guest at our home in June just prior to beginning his annual tour of major league baseball stadiums. He proudly reports he has attended a major league game in 40 different stadiums. Can you beat that? While in Philadelphia Tom contacted Joe Fox and extracted Joe’s promise to attend our 50th reunion in ’06.

Bear in mind, the alumni notes from our class depend entirely on your input. So don’t be shy. Gippo

Spring 2004

A couple of the self-appointed deep thinkers from our class recently decided there was a need for the class of ’56 to have a presence in these alumni class notes. So they did what self-appointed deep thinkers always do-they found someone else for the job. That’s me. I’m no Rip Reilly but I’ll give it a try. You’ve got to feed the news to me. Send it by mail, by e-mail, by telephone or let’s do lunch. Just get it to me. — May 23rd was graduation day and the class of 1956 was uniquely honored as once again one of our own, Al DeGulis, was awarded the Alumni Medal in recognition of his many years of service to JCU as trustee, as president of the alumni association, and as a loyal supporter of the university. Al is most deserving in light of his relentless dedication to Carroll. He became the fourth member of our class to receive this most prestigious award.

Eight of us from our class gathered this winter in Fort Myers, FL, to celebrate our 70th birthdays. You probably felt the heat on March 3rd — we burned a bunch of candle wax as we celebrated what collectively totaled 560 years of good living. Seated around the table were Ed Daugherty, Leo Duffy, Larry Selhorst, Jim Knechtges, Jack Breen, John Boler, Tom O’Neil and yours truly. It required 8 separate birthday cakes — that’s a lot of candlepower! We reveled, we drank, we ate, we sang, we listened to each other’s lies. But we were respectful because seated at the nearby “MARY TABLE” were Mary Jo Boler, Mary Kay Knechtges, Mary Jane Breen, Mary Therese Duffy and Joan Marie Daugherty. The festivities ended promptly at 2:30 p.m. as O’Neil needed his nappy.

George Eppley has completed his first novel Life Comes To The Archbishop. It includes a sensitive discussion of many of the problems of the Church in the modern day. You can access a description at George’s Web site http.//www.csnmail.net/~eppley/.

In January Bill Ryan was appointed to the Cleveland Metroparks board. As one of three commissioners, Bill aids in setting policy for a staff of over 500 people in the operation of the zoo, 5 golf courses, the famous Emerald Necklace of Metro parks and much more. Congratulations commish! Bill, George Vaul and I recently had lunch together to talk things over.

Don’t forget, the success of this column depends on your input so shoot me your stories. Gippo

Winter 2003

Last column byAl Oberst

Dear JCU and Class of ‘56 — We had wanted to kick off the clergy appreciation month with this issue but, we will officially start it in October of 2003 instead of 2002. You still can send a card to one of your favorite persons who have dedicated their life to their vocation in the service of Christ. Fathers Joseph O. Schell, SJ, and John Crawford are two who immediately come to my mind. Father Crawford, 1545 S. Green Rd. (Saint Greg’s), South Euclid, 44121 was one of our classmates, who not only served as associate pastor at St. Greg’s but also was a great teacher at Notre Dame College and at John Carroll.

Another person who needs to be praised and prayed for is the Chorbishop Seely Beggiani, STD. He took classes with us at JCU, attended Borromeo, the Universite de St. Joseph in Beyrouth, Lebanon, and Catholic U. He taught at JCU and St. John’s College, and at Catholic U. Since 1967 he has been rector of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington, DC. Archbishop Francis Zayek appointed him Chorbishop. He has published many articles and was awarded the National Order of the Cedar by the President of Lebanon. We were blessed to have had Chorbishop Beggiani at JCU when we were there.

My total words are limited so the rest must be short. Many JCU Alum News’ ago I told you how concerned I was with the direction JCU was taking. Well, as I predicted, there is evidence that the Future Church is turning up their organized dissension at JCU to a new level. I would like to remind them that Pope John Paul II wrote “Veritatis Splendor” and “Ex Corde Ecclesia” for their purposes. Or please look them up: http://www.newadvent.org/Pope/ppjp02.htm.

Thanks for your responses to my e-mails. I would sure appreciate getting some news from you. Only 3 more years until our 50th reunion (1956-2006). It is hard to believe. So God bless and keep you, yours and JCU. Stay healthy and full of grace! Also, take time to pray for our dedicated clergy.


Spring 2002

Many of us are still trying to find the true meaning for 911. Are you still mourning for loved friends or relatives? Some of our Carroll brothers and sisters lost loved ones. To quote Father Tom Lichtle’s letter he sent to Mary and Larry Unterbrink: We “live restless lives until we rest in God.”

Two more of our great classmates who were at our 45th are now resting in God and joined Christ for their eternal peace. They are Charles Maxwell and Frank Tesch. All of us know of Frank’s great dedication to JCU — he was even honored at our 45th for his contributions to the Pershing Rifles. He was a leader for at least 16 organizations at JCU. Chuck who was from Erie, PA, according to Jack Berg, was a great tennis player and committed to many of the religious organizations at JCU. Many of us remember them for their contributions but Frank never finished his book and because Chuck’s cancer was so sudden he never could finish many of his great goals.

Another person who died and will not be forgotten is Father Tom Lichtle. Larry Unterbrink shared his soul searching letters from him with me. Those of you on the GI bill from the Korean War had another type of 911. Father Tom was searching for the reasons why he miraculously survived that war. He spent his life searching and giving back to God. He summed up his life by quoting saintly Father C. A. Castellano: “most people get their crosses in splinters.” Father Tom suffered and died serving the poor people of California.

Now let us spend some of your time remembering some living great classmates and their classy mates. Doc Don and Clare Schuele and Paul and Noreen Schlimm were at the 45th. And could I see the radiant God given signs of loving couples in them. Doc and Clare (ne: Kirchner) are the proud parents of 6 daughters. Among these daughters’ gifts to our community include one teaching at JCU and one at CWRU. Clare has retired from nursing and Doc keeps on going with his programs at CWRU which include being active with their alum assoc. and Olympic technology and equipment. Don has been working with the bobsleds and like my cousin, Frank Masley, with the luge, they brought home medals for the USA. Any of you for Athens in 2004 with me? I even got a picture of Don pitching at the Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp in Florida. He’s playing in Jacobs Field with the Indians May 11, 2002.

watch Paul and Noreen Schlimm talking with Marguerite and George Riley ’51 at our 45th was great. George, I think, was about 6’ 9” when he played for JCU in the late 1940s only our Bob Eckert seemed close to George. (Bob I hope will be covered in the next issue along with Bart Caterino.) Do you remember Paul meeting Noreen at a Carroll basketball game at St. Edward’s? Noreen had attended Ursuline High School and JCU. Good places to start courting. The Schlimms have 6 children and 13 grandchildren. Paul just retired after 42 years at Goodyear. Among their children and grandchildren there are: a banker, builder, chef, engineer, nurse, golf pro, interior decorator, high school teacher, accountant, and a consultant. Paul can open a Class of ’56 golf course in Florida. But, even with his golf pro son, Paul admits his game “could stand some improvement.” Knowing Paul can say that should be encouragement for all of us. By the time this issue is out I will have been to France on a Pilgrimage of Liberty to thank Lafayette and the French for our freedom as a nation. In case you are interested I will send my Web site.

Ray McGuinness did you enjoy Te Diem? Bart did you get my fax? Carl why do you not return my calls and e-mails. Phil how was your trip to Germany? … he followed me. Ray what happened in Asia. Dr. Bob and Gloria did your golf games improve — any other JCUites near you in Arizona? Where are all your responses? Pax to all of you! Al