Spring 2017
Hello, class, and to your family and friends. On Feb. 23, I attended the funeral of Leo Scully that was held at St. Gabriel Church in Concord Township, Ohio. Leo served as a Concord Township trustee for 17 years before retiring in December 1993. He also was involved with several other political activities. During our school years, Leo was one of the dorm guys from Bernet Hall. Ed Metzger and I had lunch with Leo just weeks before we learned about his death. Another of the Bernet Hall friends, Bob Cummings, died on Sept. 20, 2016. Bob and I were roommates the last two years at JCU and kept in touch during the years via visits to each other’s homes and phone calls. Bob and his spouse, Ginette, have lived in Anthem, Arizona, for many years. When I called to talk with Kevin Tobin, I reached his wife, Barbara, who informed me Kevin died on May 3, 2016. Barbara said the school hadn’t been notified. She continues to sort through his thousands of books to determine how to distribute them. Thus far, this has been only a bad-news column. I guess that’s in keeping with our age group.

Now, on to more pleasant reporting. Cas Kotowski and his wife, Mary, whose nickname is Jinx, are active in Chicago. Cas left Carroll before our graduation to join the Jesuits but left after 10 years. Then he married Jinx. They have five children and 13 grandchildren. Cas enjoyed a teaching career until he retired five years ago. He earned his doctorate after 25 years of grad school. Talk abut determination!

Arthur Caliguire, who lives in Parma, Ohio, with his wife, Renate Valten, retired two years ago after working in education for 57 years. Arthur earned a master’s degree at Case Western Reserve and a doctorate at the University of Akron. His career started in the Maple Heights City School System. Then he spent three years in administration at English schools in France and Germany. Next was time with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District before finishing with 30 years teaching at Cuyahoga Community College in Parma. Arthur has been honored for establishing a Tri-C Foundation to raise scholarship funds for first-generation and veteran students. The Caliguires have two daughters and five grandchildren. Arthur is active with the Knights of Columbus and Holy Name Society.

When I called John Burke’s home, his son answered and suggested I call John’s cell phone. John was visiting his wife, Irene, at Mount Alverna Village, a senior living facility in Parma, Ohio. He spends each day with her. Last year, John had been a patient there, recovering from a broken neck suffered after falling down stairs. John and Irene have been married for 60 years.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Winter 2017
Hello, class – and to your family and friends. I heard from Joe Fakult. We reminisced about our days at Carroll, then moved on to current events.

Gene Wetzel and his wife, Catherine, are still in good health. They were looking forward to a huge family gathering at Christmas. Although they have 19 grandchildren, they’re still anxiously awaiting their first great-grandchild.

Ralph Bosch, who has lived in Norwalk, Connecticut, since the late ’70s, has helped handle the finances at his parish, St. Matthew, for more than 20 years. His wife has been in a wheelchair for some time, so Ralph devotes time to assisting her.

Jim Martin reports no news since we talked last. Jim lived in Rodman Hall his first two years at Carroll, then Bernet Hall, and then he moved off campus. We reminisced about weekend evenings at the Mayflower.

I had lunch with Ed Metzger, who drove up from Akron, Ohio. We were planning to meet Leo Scully, but Leo was a victim of the flu and had to cancel.

I’m sad to report that my wife, Ceale, died on Oct. 29. We had the funeral Mass on Nov. 1, the Feast of All Saints.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Fall 2016
Hello to you and your family and friends. Just after I submitted the column for the spring 2016 issue, I received a message from John Beringer, who said Pat Moran’s wife, Ethel, had passed away in early February. On March 15, a memorial Mass was celebrated at the Church of the Resurrection in Fort Myers, Florida. John’s wife, Nancy, and Ethel attended Beaumont together, and the two couples enjoyed a lot of golf and many dinners together in Naples and Fort Myers. On Sept. 9, Pat and I chatted briefly at the Forever Carroll Campaign celebration, which was held in a tent on the Quad. Pat attended with his daughter. It was a wonderful celebration.

Elmo Miller still lives in Youngstown, Ohio, but spends the winters in Boca Raton, Florida. Last winter he bought a motor scooter and had fun scooting up down Route A1A from Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach. He likes the scooter so much he had it shipped back to Youngstown and rides it in Mill Creek Park. Elmo still likes to travel, visiting his six sons and 13 grandchildren in Honolulu, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Washington, and Columbus and Canfield, Ohio. He still keeps in touch with his JCU roommate, John Church.

Dick Bauhof continues his travels. In January, he visited the Incan Machu Picchu ruins in Peru where, even though he celebrated his 85th birthday, was able to walk on the many stone steps, which have no railings. The stairs are becoming a bit more difficult. When we spoke in September, he had just returned from California, where he visited his daughter in San Rafael. Then he toured Yosemite National Park. Plans for the New Year holiday include a cruise through the Panama Canal.

I spent July in the Cleveland Clinic and my local rehab facility following quadruple bypass surgery. Thankfully, I’m almost fully recovered. When I last talked with Roger Sargent, we realized most of our conversation had been about health issues. That seems to be the norm with most of us. Roger still resides in Aventura, Florida, where he doesn’t have to experience the dreaded cold winters.

One of the disappointing things about writing this column is when I make a call to one of our classmates and explain the nature of the call only to have him hang up. Fortunately, it’s not common. Just as I was about to submit this column, I received a call from Norm Perney, who let me know about the death of Carl Munn, one of our monthly luncheon buddies. A celebration of life service is scheduled for Sept. 17 at Old Stone Church on Public Square in Cleveland.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Summer 2016

Jim Myers

Spring 2016
Jim Dillhoefer says he’s pretty much home bound except for going to church. He requests we keep him in our prayers.

When I called Robert Brown, his wife, Helen, let me know he passed away in March 2015. She gave up their former home and moved into a condo in the same neighborhood. She remains mobile and continues to drive her car. This event is one of the perils of using a non current class list.

While dining with a new resident at Breckenridge Village in Willoughby, Ohio, I met a lady named Helen Porter. During the conversation, I discovered her husband also attended John Carroll. Yes, it’s Jim Porter. Unfortunately, Jim was unable to move into Breckenridge with Helen. He has been placed in a local Alzheimer’s care facility. Helen asks for prayers for Jim.

When I called Tom Murray, his wife, Phyllis, answered and said he was temporarily laid up because he fell while eating an ice cream cone (and it wasn’t even the flavor he wanted). The Murrays live in Edgewater, Florida. Tom retired from being a deacon for 30 years. He was ordained in the diocese in Hartford, Connecticut, and retired from the Orlando diocese. Tom and Phyllis have five sons and one daughter. They also have 18 grandchildren. Several years ago, Tom and Phyllis spent a year in Oregon as members of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. The discussion with Phyllis ended with a bonus for me. She asked if we could pray together before we hung up. I don’t remember that ever happening during the nearly 24 years I’ve been making calls trying to gather news for this column. Thank you, Phyllis.

Ginette and Bob Cummings continue to live in Anthem, Arizona. As is the case with many of us, they stay closer to home. Their traveling days are almost over.

June and John Kelley live in Santa Barbara, California, where they moved to be closer to family. They have three daughters, one son, and four grandsons. John spent 48 years in sales and sales management with pharmaceutical companies.

From his home in Tampa, Florida, Ben Mancine sends greetings to his classmates. Ben, who’s enjoying retirement, is trying to stay healthy.

Send your news for the next issue.

God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Winter 2015
Hello to you and your family and friends.

Sept. 14, the Monday after the submission date for my last column, Norm Perney, Carl Munn, Ed Mundzak, and I had our usual monthly lunch gathering at Muldoon’s Saloon on Cleveland’s East Side. Later that same week, we were shocked to hear Ed died while sitting home watching a baseball game on TV. When I talked with Ed’s wife, Mary Pat, just before Christmas, she was in Florida. She had gone there on Oct. 31, just as she and Ed had planned.

Also, our condolences to Ed Metzger, whose wife, Lynn, died unexpectedly in July days after suffering a stroke. Ed’s grandson, Jay Hillery ’15, graduated from JCU in May, and Ed was able to walk with him as part of the procession.

John Hammer and I see each other occasionally at church on Sunday morning. He and Carol celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this past year.

It’s unusual to talk to Jack Ziegler in December at his home in Canton, Ohio, but he and Mary Ann no longer spend their winters in Florida.

Delores and Tom Krause are looking forward to a Caribbean cruise this March. Tom believes it will be cruise No. 31 for them. Tom has been retired from his position of sportswriter for The Plain Dealer since 1993.

Joe Mersol retired from his family physician practice about 15 years ago. Joe is active in his parish, St. Jude Church in Columbiana, Ohio, and brings Communion to patients in nursing homes. He and Joanne have 26 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. One of his granddaughters attends JCU, and her father also attended JCU. It’s another example of three-generation attendees.

When I talked with Pat Moran in December, he was home in New Jersey rather than Naples, Florida. He was still recuperating from a hip replacement he had in October. He’s looking forward to golfing again. For 15 years, Pat was on the committee coordinating the USGA U.S. Senior Amateur. When one of his granddaughters graduated from JCU, he was privileged to walk in the procession with her. While in Florida, he visits John Beringer occasionally.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers


Fall 2015

Hello to all of you, your family, and friends. I have no news to report this issue. We columnists were given ample reminders about the approaching due date, and I kept thinking it’s time to start calling, but that never happened. My apologies to you, and, hopefully, I’ll do a better reporting job next issue. Send in your news. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Spring 2015
Hello to all of you and your family and friends.

Dick Bauhof, who lives in West Bloomfield, Mich., is semiretired from his insurance business. He finds significant time to travel, especially cruises. When I talked with him in March, he had returned from a cruise from Tahiti to Lima, Peru, with stops along the way. Dick frequently speaks with Jim DeChant.

Robert Monroe is thankful for continuing good health because he cares for his brain-injured, 49-year-old son, who lives in his home in Rocky River, Ohio. His son was injured in an auto accident. Robert lost his wife about two years ago.

Paul Cipar ’78 reminded me that his dad, Paul Cipar is one of the Carroll men who received an honorary degree in 2011. These men were called to military service before their regular graduation because of the Korean War. Paul was wounded twice in Korea while serving with a tank unit near the 38th parallel. Paul’s son was pleased and honored his dad received that recognition.

The last time I spoke with Joe Johnson we discussed the hurricane damage done to his home in Florida. That was a while ago because he and his wife, Joan, moved to Lodi, Ohio, in 2005. Joe served as a deacon at St. Stephen Parish in nearby West Salem until he was retired by Bishop Pilla ’61, ’67G just before the bishop retired. Joe jokes that was one of the last things on the bishop’s to do list. Joe is also one of the men who received the honorary degree because of his early departure for military service.

Don Rigot asks that I pass on his greetings to all his JCU friends. He and his wife, Florence, live in Milton, Ga. The Rigots have six children, 15 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. With the spouses, that makes a family of 41, and they still manage to get together for occasional reunions. Joe has been retired for 16 years and plays golf more than once a week, but only when the temperature is warmer than 40 degrees.

Dick Sullivan lives in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and simply enjoys lounging around the pool and taking it easy. He still plays an occasional round of golf. Dick was in touch with Bob (Steve) Kaminski and finds that Bob never changes. We both agree that’s good. Dick says I’m allowed to mention that when he dies he’ll return to his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, to be buried with his wife and family.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Winter 2015
Hello to you and your family and friends. A memorial Mass was held at St. Basil the Great Church in Brecksville, Ohio, for my friend Tony LaPerna, who died Sept. 18, 2014. Classmates who attended include Gene Wetzel, Carl Munn, Ed Mundzak, and Norm Perney. Tony and I were roommates at the artillery school at Fort Sill in Lawton, Okla. We spent a lot of time together after we left the Army. He was in our wedding party and was godfather to our son, Jeff.

On Nov. 2, 2014, Dr. William Weaver passed away. After graduating from JCU, he completed his doctorate degree at Purdue University and conducted a postdoctoral research term at the University of Michigan. In 1958, Dr. Weaver began teaching at Carroll where he held a 43-year appointment in the chemistry department until his retirement as professor emeritus in 2001. He was also a gifted pianist and supporter of young pianists through his volunteer work with the Cleveland Institute of Music and the Cleveland International Piano Competition.

Paul Granzier has been retired for about 14 years. He enjoys making artwork for his family, as well as giving art lessons at an adult day care center where he volunteers.

Jim Martin, who lives in Gurnee, Ill., reminds us he roomed next to Don Shula ’51, Carl Taseff ’51, and Rudy Schaffer ’51 in Rodman Hall for two years. He told interesting stories about Harry Gauzman. Two of the Martin’s six children graduated from JCU – Elizabeth ’81 and Andrew ’90. Elizabeth’s Waukegan (Ill.) Public Library was one of the few selected for honor by Michelle Obama last summer. Elizabeth was invited to the White House for a luncheon and tour with Michelle. Jim and his spouse, Merrie, have 16 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Four is also the number of great-grandchildren Mary Ann and Jack Ziegler have. The Zieglers sold their home in Florida and are experiencing a winter in Canton, Ohio, for the first time in 17 years.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Fall 2014
Hello to all in our class, as well as your family and friends. You might remember when Ed Uschold played the trumpet in the JCU band. He continues to play but mostly solo now. Ed’s wife, Carole, died in December 2012. They had been married for 58 years. Ed continues to live in the home they built in 1964 in Bedford Heights, Ohio. He had been a charter member of Holy Trinity church since it opened in 1965 until it closed during the recent merger of Catholic churches. Ed and Carole have seven children and 16 grandchildren. Ed was in ROTC and served on active duty in Virginia and in Newfoundland, Canada. He was employed in branch banking for 23 years, then became involved in insurance audits. For the past 10 years, he has been an assistant funeral director at Ferfolia Funeral Home in Maple Heights, Ohio.

Robert Brown also served in the U.S. Army from 1953 to 1955, when he married his wife Helen, who’s a graduate of Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio. He joined Western Electric Co. in Chicago, and, in 1959, transferred to Columbus, where he still lives. The Browns – who have five children (three boys and two girls) and 13 grandchildren – enjoy symphonic music and have attended many concerts. Robert became an aviation enthusiast and, in 1999, set the national and world speed record for planes in the one-ton category. He used to enjoy flying into Cleveland Burke Lakefront Airport just to visit his old hometown. Robert requested I put his home phone number (614-865-9113) in the column so his old friends could call him.

Norm Perney, who lives in Twinsburg, Ohio, planned to make his 38th trip to Las Vegas in October. He says this might be his last; but of course, he’ll continue to make his frequent group day trips to casinos that are nearer.

It was sad to hear Tom Dugan passed away in early August. He and Michalene had been married for 60 years.

Recently, my wife, Ceale, finished her 13th week at the Fairmount Rehabilitation Center at Breckenridge Village in Willoughby, Ohio, the retirement community where we’ve lived for more than four years. Ceale, who suffered a fractured femur as a result of a fall, was expected to be released.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Summer 2014

Jim Myers

Spring 2014
Hello to you and your family and friends.

Joan and Joe Johnson, who’ve been married for 54 years, live in Lodi, Ohio. The last time I talked with Joe, they were living in Jacksonville, Fla., but like many of us, have moved back home to be near their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Joe retired from being a deacon at St. Stephen Catholic Church in West Salem, Ohio. Joe is also one of our classmates who received an honorary degree from JCU because he entered the service for the Korean War before graduation.

Fr. Frank Walsh retired after many years as pastor at the Church of St. Luke the Evangelist in Lakewood, Ohio.

My wife and I are honored that The James W. and Lucille M. Myers Family Endowed Scholarship has been established through a substantial gift to the Forever Carroll Campaign by our son, Jim ’80,and his spouse, Josie. Thank you, Jamie and Josie. We’re so grateful.

Soon after his retirement from the Food and Drug Administration in 1996, Charles Gressle moved from Washington to Arden, N.C., where the pace of life is a little slower. He enjoys photography in that area.

On Feb. 24, I called to talk with Ron Kinney in Boca Raton, Fla., only to learn he died in December. Ron had been ill for about two years and died from aspiration pneumonia. Our condolences to his widow, Eva.

Fred Fisher retired from his practice of internal medicine 17 years ago. He lives in Fairview Park, Ohio, and is within walking distance of Fairview Hospital. Yes, he did walk to work before retirement. He and Evelyn, who’ve been married 57 years, have seven children and 20 grandchildren. Fred and Evelyn have traveled extensively, about 25 trips, and have visited almost every country they wish to see. They would choose a destination country and travel there for about three weeks. Fred is enrolled in a college-level program called Great Courses, studying modern and ancient history.

Send your news for the next issue – my telephone number and email address are at the top of this column. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Winter 2014
Hello to all in the class of ’53 and your family and friends. Dick Barrett has been a regular at our reunions in the past but didn’t attend in June. When I called to let him know he was missed, he explained he’s suffering with pulmonary thrombosis. Since September 2012, he has been restricted to the area covered by a 60-foot cord that’s necessary for him to breathe. Dick also has been in home Hospice care since December 2012. He can’t say enough about how great those folks are. Although his five children live in different regions of the country, at least one of them is with him each week. Dick and Nancy have 13 grandchildren.

Ginette and Bob Cummings still live in Anthem, Ariz. Bob says that despite his various ills he continues to plug along, just not as quickly. They’re fortunate to have their doctor daughter, Mimi, living in the area.

Jean Marie and Bob Onufer came from Virginia Beach to attend reunion and visit Jean Marie’s brother, who lives in Euclid, Ohio. Bob had been here for the 25th and 50th reunions before attending the 60th. The Onufers moved to Virginia Beach from Chicago about eight years ago to live near their son, a cardiologist, who moved to Richmond. Tony Laperna missed reunion to attend a family reunion in North Carolina. Although he’s still working, Tony spends fewer days at the office and remains closer to home. Sound familiar to many of us? Occasionally, Tony is in touch with Tom Dugan and Gene Wetzel. John Platz, who also attended the 60th, is looking forward to the 65th. He appreciated having the golf carts available to transport us to the various venues. Jack attended the Nov. 13 meeting of the Gold Streaks. Jim DeChant and Jim Dillhoefer were among those from our class who attended. We understand this was the largest attendance ever. Bob (Steve) Kaminski also enjoyed our reunion. Just reuniting with the guys, particularly the Bernet Hall gang, was his highlight. Bob has been in Fort Myers for about 13 years. He recently talked with Dick Sullivan.

I continue to meet with Carl Munn, Norm Perney, and, except for when he’s wintering in Florida, Ed Mundzak each month for lunch.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Fall 2013

Hello to you and your family and friends. This is my first column since our 60-year reunion. Each of you should have received the Reunion Weekend Review newsletter that was mailed soon after the event. It was great to see the 23 classmates who attended.

I received the following correspondence from John Kelley: “My wife, June, and I were also married in 1953 and happily so for the same 60 years. We have three daughters and one son, all of whom, I’m happy to say, live relatively close in Northern and Southern California. From two of their marriages, we have four adult grandsons also close by. I started my pharmaceutical career in 1953 with Stuart Pharmaceuticals (which, through two mergers, is AstraZeneca now) in sales and sales management and training for 47 happy years in Cleveland; Chicago; Wilmington, Del; and finally in Southern California near Los Angeles. We’ve just relocated from San Clemente to Fairfield, Calif., which is near Napa Valley. I also spent four years at Campion, a Jesuit high school, so I’m a Jebbie fan forever.”

When I spoke with Pat Cullinan in August, he said Nancy and John Beringer visited the Cullinans this summer while attending a wedding in Kansas City. The Cullinans relocated to a retirement community, still in the Kansas City area.

I’m asking Edward Donnelly, Ed Normandt, and Joe Hubbard to contact us so we can let our classmates know what’s happening in their lives. My email address and phone number are above. Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Summer 2013


Jim Myers

Spring 2013

Hello to all in our class and your family and friends. It’s reunion year! I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there. Isn’t it funny how some guys we’ll recognize immediately and others we won’t. No, that can’t be him. He doesn’t look anything like I remember.

Joe Rosicka died in July 1985. We recently received a message from his daughter, Sarah (Rosicka) Thorusen, wishing she asked him more about his life and learned more about him and his experiences. She asks that any of his classmates, or those who knew him, help her gather information and stories about him. If any of you can help and are willing to contact her (sarahthorjusen@gmail.com), she would appreciate it very much.

Bob Henley sends us the following: “In October 2012, I was presented with an honorary degree from John Carroll. It made the class of ’53 official. At that time, I also received a special Congressional certificate honoring my service in the Korean War. JCU is the only alumni group I’ve kept up with all these years. Most others have been forgotten. Anyway, Carroll now has an alumni group here in Buffalo, and I try to go to the events when I can. Jean and I celebrated 60 years of marriage in the spring. We have three children, 10 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. I’m still working a 30-hour week as a senior consultant for a specialized caisson construction company and volunteer for several organizations here in Western New York. Hope to see you at our 60th reunion this summer.” Thank you, Bob, for this info.

Jack Gallagher has been a widower for more than 20 years and lives by himself in the family home in Farmington, Mo. Jack is a retired vascular surgeon and practiced in the two hospitals in Farmington, one of which he was instrumental in founding. Jack has four children – one who’s also a vascular surgeon in Farmington – and nine grandchildren.

On the day I talked to him, Tom Krause said he and his wife, Delores, were to depart that weekend on another Caribbean cruise. That makes more than 20 cruises they’ve enjoyed. Tom was with the Cleveland Plain Dealer for 40 years but has been retired for about 20 years. The Krauses have three children and two grandchildren.

Max Fabian heard from Jerry Weber for the first time in many years. They played football together. Because they live fairly close to each other in Illinois, they’re going to try to get together. While I was talking to Max, white smoke rose from the roof of the Sistine Chapel – a moment to remember. What were you doing when the pope was elected?

Joan and Paul Budnick will be traveling at the time of our reunion and won’t be able to attend. They’re celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year. The Budnicks have seven children and many grandchildren.

As I finish this column, it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day. During our school years, I remember those of us living in the dorm celebrated with a different type of enthusiasm than we do today.

Send your news for the next issue. I hope to see many of you soon. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Winter 2013

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and your family and friends.

After graduation, I kept in touch with my good friend Tom (Spud) Yeager fairly often. At reunion weekend in 1998, Spud arrived in town from his home in Fremont, Ohio, the night before the Saturday festivities. I intended to invite him to our home for a visit that evening, but something fairly important came up, so the invitation wasn’t extended. At the next reunion, I thought I’d make it a point to see the visit would take place. Tom died two years later. I often think, with regrets, of that missed opportunity. This year, on the weekend of June 14-16, 2013, we have the opportunity to celebrate our 60th reunion for the class of ’53. Most of us are in our early 80s. How many more 5-year reunions will we have an opportunity to attend? I’ve attended most of them and hope to continue, but I’m not going to skip this one and wait for the next. Please know this isn’t written as a doom-and-gloom column. I’m looking forward to the experience of seeing as many of you as possible in June. I hope you, too, are looking forward to our 60th reunion. My next column should contain a lot of news about who’s coming.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Fall 2012
Hello to the class of ’53 and your family and friends.

Elmo Miller reports his beloved wife, Patricia, passed away April 27 after a 10-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease. She was surrounded by her six sons and 13 grandchildren. Elmo and Patricia would’ve been married 50 years in November.

The day I called Jack Ziegler, Sept. 12, just happened to be their 59th wedding anniversary. It also was the 50th anniversary of the day they moved into their home. Jack and Mary Ann lost a daughter who was killed in an ATV accident June 30. She lived in Atlanta.

Paul Granzier, who’s inactive in his practice of law, made a point of saying he’s still licensed to do so. Paul told interesting stories about when, early in his career, he was a criminal defense attorney and why he moved to a different segment of the profession. Paul and Margaret have seven sons and 16 grandchildren. Six sons still live in the general area.

Max Fabian still lives in Elburn, Ill. He says the only classmate he’s regularly in touch with is Leo Scully. The Fabians have five children. On the occasions when I talk with Max, he’s one of the most upbeat and cheerful people I encounter, even though he has health problems. Keep it going Max!

When I first called John Crnkovich, he wasn’t home. I learned later that was because he was at school. John takes advantage of the opportunity for seniors to, free of charge, take part in those classes that have an opening. He’s taking three courses at Kent State University and has enrolled in the program for the past 20 years. This keeps John’s brain from turning to cement.

Some of my observations after 20 years of writing this column: a) because most of us have retired, it’s easier to find someone home when I call; b) much of our social life is which doctor we’re going to see; c) when our copy of John Carroll magazine arrives, the first section we turn to is “In Memoriam,” d) almost all of us are proud to be JCU alumni.

Next year will be our 60th reunion, and I hope to see you. Send your news for next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Summer 2012
Hello to all in the class of ’53 and your family and friends. Lynn and Ed Metzger established the Ed and Lynn Metzger Family Scholarship for International Language and Culture. It will cover the expenses for two students each year for a semester internship abroad, followed by an internship in the U.S. with a company conducting business with a company in the country of the chosen language and culture. Ed also continues to be active on the board of the Akron Symphony and the Ohio & Erie Canalway. Ed and Gene Wetzel are regular attendees at the monthly Gold Streaks luncheons held on campus during the academic year. He encourages others from our class to attend. The luncheons will resume in the fall.

Mary Pat and Ed Mundzak prepared for the return trip from Florida to Ohio. Ed says the weather this past winter was much better than the previous year.

Don Gorman still is living in Midlothian, Va., and is relatively content.

Harry Ohlrich and I live less than two miles apart in Ohio – the Ohlrichs in Willoughby Hills, the Myers in Willoughby. Harry is a dealer/ collector of European weaponry but is much less active these days. He no longer participates in shows.

Ralph Bosch lives in Norwalk, Conn., where he remains active with church activities. He has worked closely with Bishop Lori in the Diocese of Bridgeport. Bishop Lori was named archbishop of the Archdiocese of Baltimore. Ralph has been involved with the recent renovation at St. Matthew Church in Norwalk. He and Edythe are members of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre and have made journeys to the Holy Land.

Roger Sargent attended the meeting of alumni in Naples, Fla., in February. He met John Beringer, Frank Schilling, and Pat Moran.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Spring 2012
Hello to all of you and your family and friends.

Mrs. Myers and I, together with other family members, were among those fortunate enough to attend JCU’s 125th anniversary gala Dec. 2 where Fr. Robert Niehoff, S.J., announced the pledge of $6 million by Helen and Frank Shilling. In 2004, the Shillings pledged $10 million to create the Schilling Endowed Scholars Program. With this amount, the Shillings have pledged $16 millionto the endowment that will fund more than 20 scholarships each year. The scholarships are renewable with continued academic achievement. Thank you, Frank and Helen. Frank had a successful career at General Electric, where he was responsible for GE products from jet engines to CT scanners. After retiring as vice president, he directed the growth of other company businesses in the U.S., Singapore, Germany, and Korea. He also was the founding president of a nuclear cardiology company that made and sold heart scanning equipment.

Early last fall, I received a call from Pat Cullinan, who still lives in Overland Park, Kan. He and Mariwin have 10 grandchildren. Two of the granddaughters were married recently. Is it possible we’ll soon be reporting about great-grandchildren? Pat keeps in touch with Jim Martin and Jim Porter.

Last October, Paul Cipar was one of more than 50 alumni who received the honorary degree bachelor of science in humane letters from JCU. The degrees were conferred on students whose schooling was interrupted when they were called to military service before graduation. Paul, who served in Korea, was surprised when he received a letter from Carroll notifying him about the event. The ceremony, including a Mass, was held in Saint Francis Chapel. Paul’s son, Paul Jr. ’78, and granddaughter, Michelle ’01, are Carroll grads. I remember Paul as a Bernet Hall roommate of Jack Ziegler.

Bill Homoly reminisces about the Campus Capers days when he, Bob Vidrick, and Joe Botsko were a musical trio. Bill played with a polka group around Northeast Ohio for many years and with the Bill Lawrence trio, among others. He tells a story about receiving a call from a young lady who requested he play at her wedding because he had played at her parents’ and grandparents’ weddings. Unfortunately, he had to decline because he was no longer performing these activities. After a 36-year career as a teacher at Collinwood High School in Cleveland, Bill retired in 1987. He lives within walking distance of John Carroll.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Winter 2011
Hello to you and your family and friends. Sorry I have no news to report for this issue. I knew well in advance the deadline for submitting the column was approaching. I kept thinking I better make calls to find input for the column. Have any of you ever procrastinated? I did. Then I thought, well I’m just going to procrastinate right into the next issue. Send your news. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Fall 2011
In my last column, I mentioned several St. Ignatius High School class of ’49 alumni. Among the 25 to 30 who attended the April luncheon are: Bob Harter, Kevin Tobin, Tom Dugan, Neil Raleigh, Chuck O’Malley, and Don Martens.

Joe Mersol is an active member of St. Jude parish in Columbiana, Ohio. In addition to many activities directly associated with the parish, he’s a member of the board of trustees for Catholic Charities, a reader for the Mass for shut-ins on local TV, and has been named as the Knights of Columbus volunteer of the year for the Ohio.

Tony LaPerna is getting along well. When we spoke, he said his family had recently met for vacation in the Carolinas.

Bob Cummings continues to battle several health problems and walks with a cane. He continues to plug along and was fortunate to be visiting his son in San Diego in July when a dust storm hit Phoenix. The cars in his garage were covered in dust when he and Ginette returned home. They also had to backwash their pool several times to rid the dust. Their suburban home in Anthem wasn’t hit as severely as downtown Phoenix.

Bob Harter’s grandson, John Jaicjs, will be entering John Carroll as a freshman this year and hopes to be playing on the varsity golf team. He played high school golf in Westerville, Ohio.

Gene Wetzel recently attended the 80th birthday party for John Kall. Among those who attended are Dugan, DeChant and Tobin. Those guys are together at many events.

Bob Rourke still lives in the Chattanooga area of Tennessee where he has been for 27 years. He worked as an environmentalist for the state.

When I talked with Joe Fakult, he was enjoying his family visiting from Arkansas and North Dakota. Joe grows a lot of tomatoes in his yard in Willowick, Ohio. This year’s crop is well behind schedule because of the spring rains.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Summer 2011
June and John Kelley have lived in San Clemente, Calif., since 1976. John became employed with Stuart Pharmaceutical soon after graduation and worked for the company for 37 years before retiring for the first time. About two years later, he started a span of 10 more years with Wyeth before retiring a second time in 2008.

Jim DeChant, who was vice president of the Carroll LTS, married the leading lady of Carroll’s 1953 LTS production, “The Glass Menagerie.” He and Alverda will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary this year.

Jim and Bill Malley coordinate a luncheon about three times a year for the St. Ignatius High School class of ’49 alumni. The April luncheon was held at the parish of Fr. Frank Walsh – St. Luke in Lakewood, Ohio. Tom Dugan and Kevin Tobin often attend these luncheons. Kevin makes the trip from the Pittsburgh area.

When I talked with John Church in April, he learned, only three weeks earlier, his 19-year-old grandson had been killed in Afghanistan. A member of an Afghan security firm hired to guard our military base walked into a room and started shooting, killing two of our men. John’s grandson was supposed to return to the U.S. this summer. One of his goals was going to medical school to become a surgeon. John’s family has lived in the San Fernando Valley area of California for almost 40 years. John and his wife, Lois, were planning an April visit to Ashtabula, Ohio, to be with his mother for her 102nd birthday.

After recovering from vascular surgery, Tom Krause and his wife, Delores, enjoyed their 21st cruise – this time in the Caribbean.

Jim Mayer celebrated his 80th birthday in April. He retired from his dental practice 12 years ago. His family, including four children and eight grandchildren, often visit their cottage on the Little Manistee River in Michigan. Jim says the cottage is in a forest where they see deer, black bears, and bobcats, among other wildlife.

While I haven’t had a chance to talk with either of them, I understand Dick Bauhof and John Beringer were surprised to meet each other in Manila recently. They discovered they were traveling on the same cruise ship.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Spring 2011

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and your family and friends.

While Gene Mische was an accounting major at JCU, he managed the Cleveland Riding Academy. He became interested in horses at age 12 after his family moved near the academy. After college, he worked about two months as an accountant before he decided it wasn’t for him and returned to the horse business. Gene was involved as a rider, groomer, trainer, judge, owner, farm manager, businessman, and spectator. But it’s as producer and promoter of some of the nation’s premier hunter/jumper shows he’s best known in the sport. A 2001  inductee into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame, he was chairman emeritus of the National Horse Show Association of America and president of Stadium Jumping. For years, he was a partner in Imperial Farms in Palmetto, Fla. This information about Gene, who died in Cleveland Dec. 3, was taken from his newspaper obituary.

Dr. Robert Sullens, who died in December, also was an accounting major at JCU. He then earned an MBA at Case Western Reserve and a doctorate in business administration at Kent State University. After time in public accounting and the private industry, he began his lengthy career at Carroll. He was professor emeritus and former chair of the Department of Accountancy. He received Carroll’s highest award to an alumnus, the Alumni Medal, in 2001. He also received the University’s Centennial Medal in 1986. A graduate of Cathedral Latin High School, Bob was a five-year veteran of the U. S. Army before entering Carroll. We knew Bob as a classmate and accounting professor to several of our children (including two of mine). I knew Bob best as one of our monthly luncheon group at Muldoon’s Saloon in Cleveland. It was only in he winter 2010 issue of this magazine we reported the death of Bob’s wife, Margaret, who died in August after 63 years of marriage.

This year, many in our class will have celebrated an 80th birthday. Mine was Jan. 7. While my spouse, Ceale, and I were visiting our son and his family in San Diego during the holidays, they invited other family members for a surprise dinner at a downtown restaurant. Then, upon our return to Ohio, I was surprised again by more than 25 family members at another son’s house in Mentor. Wow! Jan. 7 also was Jack Ziegler’s 80th. He and I were born the same day in the same hospital in Canton, Ohio. Feb. 9 was Norm Perney’s 80th.

This is a repeat request to Fred Borga, Tom Lally, and Dean May: Send us information about yourselves. Send your news for the next issue.


Jim Myers

Winter 2010

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends.

Frank Dempsey is retired from his CPA practice and lives in Parma, Ohio, with Alice, his wife of 59 years. He volunteers preparing taxes for the AARP and is active with the Brooklyn Kiwanis Club where he’s in charge of a monthly hunger center meal. He likes to stay in shape swimming laps at Brooklyn Recreation Center.

Our condolences to Bob Sullens, whose wife, Margaret, died in August. Bob and Margaret had been married 63 years.

David Winch is emeritus professor of physics at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. In 1987-88, he was distinguished visiting professor at USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo. He lived on base with the effective rank of Lt. Col., at the time one of only six nonmilitary teaching positions. He and his spouse, Suzanne, live in Taos, N.M., in an adobe home in the desert at 7,200 feet. David worked on the construction crew building the home and received a reduction of the price of the house as payment. He’s president of the Upper Las Colonias Neighborhood Association, which comprises 200 homes. David and Suzanne have 11 grandchildren and are expecting their first great-grandchild this year.

Arnold Fiore has lived in the same house in Fort Myers, Fla., for the past 46 years. He’s been a widower for seven years. For many years, he and his wife ran a motel and sports bar in Fort Myers. Arnold has six children, four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. He’s been participating in a stem-cell, heart repair research program. When I talked with Arnold, he was preparing to come to Cleveland for a reunion. While here, he hoped to see Gene Wetzel, Harry Ohlrich, and Tony LaPerna.

Tom Stock, who lives in West Bloomfield, Mich., retired from his cardiology practice at Mt. Carmel Hospital in 1995. Tom attended medical school at Loyola University in Chicago. Tom and I chatted about our golf abilities, which seem to be similar.

I’m going to request Fred Borga, Tom Lally, and Dean May call or e-mail me about what’s happening in their lives. The rest of you can look forward to reading their news in a future issue. Of course, news from any of you is welcomed greatly.


Jim Myers

Fall 2010

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and your family and friends. When I last talked with Roger Sargent, he returned from a three week cruise in the Mediterranean and Atlantic. He’s also considering a visit to Venice in October. Roger also attended the winter reunion in Naples, Fla., visiting John Beringer, Frank Schilling, and Pat Moran.

Mary Ann and Jack Ziegler spent the winter in Vero Beach, Fla., again, as they have for the past 12 years. Jack’s grandson, John Ziegler III, represents the fourth generation of the family in management of Ziegler Tire. About 20 members of the Ziegler family vacationed at Hilton Head this summer, as they’ve been doing for 29 years.

Following is a communication received from Cas Kotowski: “Jim, I talk to that old man, Tom Dugan, occasionally. I’ll begin my 53rd year teaching next fall. I retired from Truman City College in 2000 but still teach sociology and psychology part time at Truman & Oakton Community College outside Chicago, where one of our four sons teaches full time. Three of our sons are teachers and one, Dan, is a state senator. Our lovely only daughter, Marie (Mimi), works for Public Building Commission of Chicago. Not far away are 12 of our grandkids. Our 13th, our youngest at age 5, lives in Champaign, Ill., where son Jim teaches at Parkland College. Our oldest grandchild recently graduated from Marquette. I hope to teach until age 81 because that’s what my belated father-in-law did (math chair at Loyola University). He was able to bring the garden hose in the day before he died at 96. I began my teaching career as a Jesuit seminarian at Loyola Academy. Then, after I bid the Jebs goodbye, I spent three years at St. Ignatius High and three years at Fenwick High School (Dominican) – all in the Chicago area. One of my great teaching experiences was during my ninth summer in the Jesuits when I helped Fr. Castellano teach Latin at Carroll to future Jesuit seminarians. I went to the back of the classroom and was able to see my initials I carved in a chair during a dull Spanish class back in 1950. Last, but by no means least, after 10 lonely years in the Jebs, God gifted me with Mary (Jinx) Connelly who completed my life, gave me a great family, single handedly guided me through a doctorate at Loyola at age 49, and with whom I will celebrate 48 years of wedded life. (Not all was bliss – ha!) Sorry to run on, Jim.” Thank you Cas for this correspondence.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all.


Jim Myers

Summer 2010

Hello to all in the Class of ’53 and to your family and friends. We were happy to have Joe Fakult join Norm Perney, Carl Munn, and myself at Muldoon’s Saloon and Eatery for our April monthly get together. Joe and his spouse, Terry, have been married 53 years. Their nine children were raised in the Willowick, OH, home where Joe and Terry have lived for 52 years. Joe tells us he has been active in several of the recent political tea parties.

Lou and Joe Lyman have been married for 50 years and live in Cleveland Heights. They have two sons and a daughter. Joe attends weekday Mass at St. Paul’s shrine at 40th and Euclid in Cleveland and weekend Mass at St. Philomena in East Cleveland.

Dick Barrett recently called from his home in Canfield, OH, just to say hello and see what’s happening. He stays in contact with Elmo Miller.

Gene Wetzel has finally fully retired from his insurance business. He is a frequent attendee at the Gray Streaks Luncheons. Gene also plays bridge, usually two days each week. Gene and Catherine have 19 grandchildren ages 4 through 27 so they also devote a lot of time to family gatherings.

By the time you read this, your columnist, Jim Myers, and his spouse, Ceale, will have moved from their Painesville Twp. condo to a retirement community in Willoughby, OH. We have lived in Painesville for 12 years, the longest we have ever stayed in one place.

I am now going to request Chuck Schott, Dave Winch, and Arnold Fiore to call or e-mail an update as to what is happening in their lives. The rest of you can look forward to reading their news in our next issue. Of course news from any of you is greatly welcomed.

God’s blessings to you all, jim

Spring 2010

Hello Class of ’53. Ray Buganski, medical school St. Louis University, retired from his pediatric practice in 1995 and continues to live in Toledo, OH. He and spouse Ruth have 12 children, 32 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Ray continues to enjoy bowling twice a week. He has ten 300 games to his credit, four of which are sanctioned. His most recent 300 game was Jan. 23, 2007. He also has had an 800 series. Those of you who follow Cleveland St. Ignatius basketball will recognize Ray’s son-in-law, Sean O’Toole ’91 who is the head coach.

Don Busic, who left for the military shortly before graduation, has lived in Parma, OH, since 1957. Don, a Cathedral Latin graduate, never married.

Tony Lupica, medical school St. Louis University, retired from his family practice about 20 years ago. He and wife Lucia own 17 apartment dwellings in Tiffin, OH, and live in one of the units. The Lupicas have four children and eight grandchildren.

Chuck O’Malley is still working, although now part time. He is vice president of sales at the company where he’s been for over 35 years. The O’Malleys have three children and four grandchildren. Chuck says he often sees Jim Dillhoefer who lives just down the street. Yes, Jim is still puffing on his pipe. Chuck also often sees Jim Porter.

John Robson is enjoying the climate in Raleigh, NC, where he moved after retiring in 1997 from his public relations firm. The Robsons have six children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Sara and Carl Tighe live in the Phoenix area, as do four of their five children. The Tighes have 15 grandchildren. Carl told a good story about grandchildren Jillian and Ben who are sister and brother. Jillian was the homecoming queen at the University of Arizona in Tucson this year — quite an honor. However within a couple of weeks of that, her brother Ben appeared on national TV during the Larry King Show picking a cockroach out of Larry King’s clothing. Which receives more attention? Ben attends an animal handling school in Los Angeles and happened to be on the show with four cockroaches, one of which dropped onto Larry King’s pants. Ben had the chore of retrieving it. Carl and Sara hope to attend a grandson’s graduation from Notre Dame this May.

After over 25 years since I last talked with Walt Shimoda, I called recently. He and wife Nancy still reside on Maui. They have five children and 10 grandchildren. He was an avid golfer but after having a stroke 20 years ago he was forced to give up the game and has retired from practicing law. Do those of you who attended our 25th Reunion remember how Walt brought orchids for each of our ladies who were attending? Walt says he and Nancy have visited Japan with his five sisters and their husbands and two nieces.

Send in your news. God’s blessings to you all, jim

Winter 2009

Hello to all and to your family and friends. When I recently talked with Norb Bunsey he said he is happy to be healthy and moving around. Norb retired from Dow about 17 years ago and now lives in North Ridgeville, OH. One of the things that keeps Norb busy is placing family pictures on his computer. He tells me he has over 15,000 of them, most all of them labeled. That is incredible! Norb is one of several guys who came to John Carroll after graduating from St. Ignatius High School. We are happy to claim him as a member of the class of ’53, although his graduation was delayed until 1956 because of serving in the military.

Neil Raliegh is also a St. Ignatius grad who had his years at Carroll interrupted by military service. His actual graduation date was 1956. Neil says he is retired from the real estate business, but he still retains his license and does get involved. Neil lives in North Olmsted, OH.

Jack Gallagher lives in Farmington, MO, and is a retired vascular surgeon. He says he retired about 20 years ago. Jack graduated from the University of California medical school. Each of his four children graduated from Creighton University.

When I attended my 60th reunion at Canton Central Catholic High School, I was pleased to see both Jack Ziegler and Gene Stoll. Jack I see often but it was the first time I had seen Gene since our days at Carroll.

Both Edward Reymann and Leo Longville say they have no news to report but send their greetings to all the good guys in our class. Both Edward and Leo live in Akron, OH.

Pat Cullinan, who is retired from Hallmark, lives in Overland Park, KS. Pat and his spouse, Mariwin, have four children and 10 grandchildren. For about 10 years, Pat volunteered for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). He still gets out to play golf at least once a week.

Don Rigot lives on a golf course in Milton, GA. He plays at least three times a week and shoots in the low 80s. The Rigots have six children: two in Georgia, two in Kansas City, one in Denver, and one in Fort Myers. They also have 15 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Don says they travel frequently to visit family.

Send your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all, jim

Summer 2009

Hello to all in the Class of ’53 and to your family and friends. I talked with Don Huhn, who lives in Leo, IN. He had recently returned from visiting the three sons and their families who live in Jackson Hole, WY. He visits twice a year for six weeks each time. He also visits Hawaii for six weeks each year and also makes an annual trip to Disneyland. I remember in our accounting classes how Dr. Christiansen used to kid Don about Don’s having served his whole time in the navy without ever being on a ship.

Dick Zoller still lives in Boynton Beach, FL. Dick says he plays golf five days a week at Lake Worth Golf Course and still finds some time for gardening.

Former JCU roommates John Church and Elmo Miller linked up for lunch last fall in Youngstown, OH. John and Lois were in from their home in West Hills, CA, to visit his mom in Ashtabula, OH, for her 99th birthday. John and Elmo crammed in a lot of nostalgic conversation during their brief meeting about their days as the first residents of Pacelli Hall, and especially those late-night chess games, which, according to Elmo, John invariably won. They also enjoyed exchanging stories about their 12 children – each with six – and their 24 grandchildren, John and Lois with 11 and Elmo and Pat with 13. Inevitably, their conversation turned to their army days and the time in 1955 when they met in Pusan at the Barge Hotel for a good old Carroll ROTC reunion.

John “Max” Fabian sends his regards to all his classmates. Max and Charlotte had lived in Florida for about 12 years but moved back to the Chicago area about six years ago to be closer to four of their five children. About five years ago, Max had surgery for spinal stenosis and has difficulty getting around. He says he is in good shape from the waist up. Max says he talks with Leo Scully a few times each year.

When I asked John Burke how long he has been retired, he asked, “Which time.” He has retired at least three times from the education field, the first of which was in 1985. He does continue to sing with the choir at St. Therese parish in Garfield Heights, OH. He and his wife, Irene, stay with their grandchildren (3 and 5) five days a week while the grandchildren’s parents work. The Burkes have a total of nine grandchildren.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all, jim

Spring 2009

Hello to all class of ’53 and to your family and friends. At Reunion last June, I heard about Nancy and Dick Barrett’s trip to the Amazon. That is now old news but it did sound like an exciting trip. They spent time in Quito, Ecuador, on the Amazon river, and a few nights in a bamboo hut. The trip included some jungle walks and night canoeing. The generator was shut down at ten o’clock each night which would bring them closer to nature. I wonder as you read this how many are thinking “Wow, I wish I could do that.” and how many are thinking “Gee, I’m glad it wasn’t me.” Dick and Nancy also gathered their family last summer at Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. With the kids and grandchildren, the group numbered 25. The Barretts have given up their home in which they ran a bed and breakfast for many years in Canfield, OH. It was a home dating back to 1822. Now they live in a condo only three blocks away.

When I called Tony LaPerna recently, his wife, Jackie, announced he wasn’t home from work yet. I am surprised at how many of our classmates continue with their careers. I understand Tony still goes to the office for at least a few hours nearly each weekday.

I did talk with Bob Sullivan, also known as “Emmet” during our school years, also known as “Mick” during his navy days. He is enjoying his days in Indiatlantic, FL, playing golf and continuing to be active in various activities at church. Bob and his wife, Marcia, have five children and by the time you read this, will have 13 grandchildren. He says his brother Dick Sullivan has now permanently relocated to Florida also. Dick had continued to live in Toledo since we left school. He still returns there during the summer months.

Bob Cummings’ wife, Ginette, recently went through hip replacement surgery and we hope that by the time you read this she will be fully recovered. The Cummings continue to live in Anthem, AZ.

When I talked with Harry Ohlrich in mid-January, his wife, Marlene, was in the hospital having just gone through replacement of both knees. We hope she is also recovering well. Harry and Marlene have been married for 56 years. He is a history buff and in connection with that, had a hobby of collecting antique weapons. He recently disposed of that collection. His daughter, Karen, Carroll ’84 was also employed there for a number of years.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all, jim

Winter 2008

Hello Class of ’53 and to your family and friends. We missed Jim Dillhoefer at the June Reunion. He was a committee member, had attended meetings leading up to the Reunion, and had signed up to attend but became ill that week. Jim has been elected president of the Cleveland Council of the St. Vincent DePaul Society. He started with the society at St. Ann parish in 1962. Then he was the founding president at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Gates Mills, and has been active ever since. I remembered Jim as a pipe smoker. When I mentioned that to him he says that he continues to be a pipe smoker.

Bob Harter attended Reunion both Friday and Saturday. At the Friday evening session, he accompanied son Christopher ’84 and daughter Mary Beth ’95. Bob was telling me stories of the dog, Rex, which was the JCU mascot. Rex used to be on the sidelines at the games in the early 1950s. Bob was a cheerleader in those years and used to tend to Rex during the games. He remembers riding the train with Rex in the baggage car on a team trip to Buffalo to play Canisius College.

Paul Cipar retired about eight years ago. He had been in sales for an electrical equipment firm. Paul and his spouse, Elaine, have six children, nine grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. One of Paul’s sons is a JCU graduate. That son’s daughter is also a JCU graduate. That daughter is the mother of Paul’s great-grandchildren! Paul says he and Jack Ziegler were roommates in Bernet Hall. Theirs was a ground floor room near the arch. Paul was reminiscing about how they would leave their window unlocked so that twins Kevin and Dermot Coleman would have an entrance available if their arrival was too late to be legal.

Dick Bauhof lives in West Bloomfield, MI, and is semi-retired from his career in the insurance business. Dick’s spouse, Margaret, passed away six years ago. One of Dick’s favorite hobbies is travel. He has visited 75 countries including Antarctica and has plans to continue his travels. On one of his recent visits to Cleveland he met Tom Dugan and Jim DeChant for lunch. Also over the New Year holiday he visited Roger Sargent at his condo. It seems each visitor to that condo is enthralled with the spectacular view over the inland waterway.

Leo Scully says he is spending most of his time just hanging around the same house in which he has lived for the past 40 years. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. Seven of his nine grandchildren live right in Lake County, OH, and the other two are in Washington, DC.

Bob Peck has a very interesting story. He retired from teaching 21 years ago. He taught at several schools in the greater Cleveland area and retired after teaching at Cuyahoga Valley Career Center. During his teaching career, he found time to obtain a master’s degree at John Carroll in 1957, to attend the University of Vienna during summer breaks, to run a stamp collector store in the main concourse of the terminal tower, and to run his family’s landscape business. After retirement he opened a travel agency. He and his spouse, Dolores, have been married 58 years as of October 14. They have four children all of whom live in the area. They also have ten grandchildren and one great-grandchild with more on the way.

“We were very surprised and saddened to hear of the September 25 death of George Stanton. George had flown in from Fallbrook, CA, to attend our 55th Class Reunion this past June.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, jim

Fall 2008

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. First some observations concerning our 55th Reunion which was held June 20-22. I believe a great time was had by all. Our thanks to Theresa Spada ’04 for her efforts in coordinating. Saturday evening the rains came just after most of us had entered the Gesu for Mass and stopped just before we were about to leave the church. At the liturgy Jim DeChant read the names of the 26 classmates who passed during the five years since our last reunion. Unfortunately our class had more names in this category than any of the other reunion classes. The class picture taken just before the dinner on Saturday evening includes 29 of us. The class of ’53 received the Joseph D. Sullivan ’53 Cup – given to the class with the highest class gift. Congratulations, classmates.

We understand that Bob Sullens, Carl Munn, Frank Schilling, and Dick Barrett were among those visiting with Pete Bernardo ’67 right up until “lights out” time Saturday evening. One of the highlights for Ed Mundzak was the Saturday evening liturgy, especially the quality of the music. Norm Perney says he enjoyed the Reunion in general and is already looking forward to the next one. Joe Fakult enjoyed the opportunity to renew acquaintance with several of the guys. He attended two of the days. Ed Metzger remarked what a fine job the school had done in putting on the affair. Roger Sargent stayed on campus in Millor Hall. He says he is impressed with how the campus has grown and how beautiful it is. Bob Harter and Bob Curry and their wives rode together from Avon Lake, OH. They say they enjoyed the evening very much. John Kall says he was amazed at how well everyone looked. I think George Stanton was probably the person who travelled the furthest, coming from Fallbrook, CA. Hal Traverse especially enjoyed the Friday night activity which he thought was more casual and easier to chat with the other people. Leo Longville found it very enjoyable and is looking forward to the 60th. Jim Porter says he enjoyed it. Incidentally Jim is still active as a judge. Even though he has formally retired he is still called upon to hear cases as a visiting judge. John Beringer states that he and Nancy enjoyed the get together very much and that he was happy to note that, while the packaging had changed somewhat, the content of our classsmates has pretty much remained the same. That is good. John says the Reunion was particularly good because we could actually talk and be heard — and at our stage — hear! The band lost this one! John says that after the Reunion he and Nancy departed for their annual Northern Canadian fishing trip with their son John and his two boys, youngest daughter Susie and her husband and one of the grandsons. John caught a 45” Northern pike that was the largest fish he ever caught in 68 years of Canadian fishing. In younger years these fishing trips included all 10 children, two sons and eight daughters. John says that he and Nancy spend seven months a year in Naples, FL, and return to Akron for a month at Christmas and the summer. Over the years they have rendezvoused with Mariwin and Pat Cullinan, Jim and Helen Porter and Pat and Ethel Moran for golf and dinner during the winter. Some of the other guys who made it to the Reunion who I did not get a chance to talk with before submitting this column were Gene Wetzel, Tom Vickers, Jack Ziegler, Bob Henley, Elmo Miller, Chuck O’Malley, Tom Dugan, Bob Rourke, and Fr. Francis Walsh. My apologies to anyone who I omitted.

Soon after the Reunion, your columnist, Jim Myers, his wife Ceale, their four sons with their wives and 12 of the grandchildren spent a week in the Pigeon Forge, TN, area. All 22 of us stayed in the same log cabin type house and at the end of the week we were all still speaking to each other and getting along fine. Real family togetherness.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all. jim

Summer 2008

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. This should arrive in your mailbox just before our Reunion. I hope to have, in the next issue, some news from those in attendance.

The Reverend George Murray, S.J., MD recently received the Alumni Achievement Citation from Creighton University, where he earned a doctor of medicine degree in 1972. Dr. Murray is well known in psychosomatic medicine and neuropsychiatry as a clinician and as a teacher. He has brought to these fields a unique educational background as the holder of degrees in theology, philosophy, biology, medicine and neurophysiology. The Alumni Achievement Citation was bestowed upon George on December 15, 2007. We congratulate you George. George says he is semi-retired in the psychiatry department of Massachusetts General Hospital. He only goes in four days a week.

Paul Budnick’s newest grandchild recently celebrated its first birthday. Paul has nine grandchildren. He was able to get away from the Cleveland winter with January and March visits to his daughters in Florida and Georgia.

Tom Krause and his wife, Delores, completed their 17th cruise in January and are planning number 18 in September. Both of those are Caribbean cruises. The Krause’s have two grandchildren, ages four and seven. Tom retired approximately 14 years ago after 40 years at Cleveland’s Plain Dealer. I well remember reading his columns.

Ted Marsh has been retired for 13 years. When asked what exciting things he has been doing recently he replied ‘living quietly and contentedly in retirement.”

Bill Weaver says he is just hanging around in retirement and rather enjoys not teaching after 43 years in the classroom at JCU, where he taught organic chemistry. Bill asked about Bill Hoehn. When I mentioned that about three years ago we talked in this column about Hoehn and his ’69 Dodge Charger, Weaver said he remembers Hoehn riding a motorcycle during our school years. The reason Weaver remembers it so well is because he made a roundtrip to Lima, Ohio, sitting on the back of the cycle.

Jim Myers (your columnist) and his wife, Ceale, sold their Tucson condo just before coming home in April. Perhaps we will get a chance to experience a Northern Ohio winter next year. We did have one more chance to visit Ginette and Bob Cummings in Anthem, Ariz., in February. They took us for lunch at Anthem Country Club, a beautiful setting.

Bob Rourke and his spouse, Peggy, are looking forward to attending the Reunion this month. Bob is still working as an inspector for the health department for the State of Tennessee. He has been with the state for 26 years and says he does enjoy his work.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. jim

Spring 2008

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. We are sorry to hear of the death of John “Jack” Bertsch who died December 23. Jack was a retired leasing agent for King James commercial properties in Westlake, Ohio. He managed as many as five office buildings for the development company between 1977 and 1999. The following quote from one of his former tenants, as it appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows the type of person Jack was — “Jack didn’t just come around on the day the rent was due. Jack stopped in several times each month to check on us. I call him my cheerleader and my mentor. He was really there to rejoice with us when business was good and sympathize when business was not so good.” He continued to keep in touch and encourage tenants after he retired. Jack and his wife, Patricia, had nine children.

Following is a message received with a Christmas card from Carl Lorman ’52. “I retired from my job at Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, as director of Fiscal Services (controller) reporting to the president. My wife, Joan, and I moved to an adult community in Fort Myers, Fla., in 1989. It has tennis courts nearby and an eighteen hole golf course. The clubhouse is almost across the street and it has weekly dinners and dances. The weather is usually sunny with temperatures in the 70s to low 80s. We have occasional rain showers to keep the flowers and grass growing. We sure don’t miss the snow or driving in it.”

George Stanton lives in Fallbrook, Calif., and raises avocados on approximately 100 trees. I called him to see what effects the California fires had on he and wife Joanne. He reported that the fire got to the end of his street then stopped. The Stantons were under evacuation orders for five days. They spent that time on their boat which he keeps docked at a marina at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside. George was a dentist in the Navy for 35 years and on one occasion during that time had Jim Mayer’s son as a student. George was telling me the story about how he met his wife, Joanne, but rather than print that story here you can ask him in person at the Reunion in June. They are planning to attend.

I tried to reach John Church just before sending this column in. I did talk with his wife, Lois, who said John was out on the golf course at the time. She said that she and John were planning a trip to Ohio in April for his mother’s 99th birthday celebration.

As I write this in mid-January many of our Midwestern classmates are not answering their home phones. Could it be because they are vacationing in warmer climes? This issue’s column is rather short since we will all be seeing each other at the Reunion, June 20-22, 2008, and can exchange news at that time. See you then.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. Jim

Fall 2007

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. Mark your calendars now! Yes, now! Reunion weekend is June 20-22, 2008. This, of course, will be our 55th. I am planning to attend and hope you are also.

Myron Billy called to say he wanted to make contact with Don Gorman. I was able to help. Myron lives in San Antonio and when I mentioned that he sounded like he had a Texas accent his reply was “I hope so.” Myron’s mother recently died, just before her 103rd birthday. She had been a resident at the Athenian in North Royalton, OH. She had told Myron there was a John Carroll alumnus just down the hall from her. It turned out that it had been Sam Wetzel ’52, the older brother of Gene Wetzel. Sam had been, for several years, the class columnist for ’52 and had won a “Silver Quill” for his efforts. Gene regularly attends the monthly “Gray Streaks” luncheon and laments that there are few from our class there. He did say that Ed Metzger normally attends.

Bob Cummings, who lives in Anthem, AZ, has been having a difficult year. He has been in and out of the hospital several times. Let us hope he is on the mend.

Tom Vickers, who still lives in the Cleveland area, has been retired for about 10 years from his position in industrial sales. He still enjoys golf and tennis and also volunteers at habitat for humanity. Tom’s whole family, including his four sons, their spouses, and grandchildren, vacationed in Hawaii this past summer. All 20 of them spent 10 wonderful days on Maui.

Robert Roda, who lives in Pittsburgh, has promised to send us some news about himself for a future column.

Tony LaPerna continues to go to his office for a few hours each day but says that may soon change since his wife, Jacquie, will have retired by the time you read this column. The LaPernas have two grandchildren and are expecting a third. Tony sees Tom Dugan fairly often and stays in touch with Jim DeChant.

Norm Perney has, for several years, been on the planning and organizing committee for the annual senior Olympics competition held in Solon, OH. We look forward to hearing about some of the different competitive events they schedule.

Although Elmo Miller’s family, including six sons and 13 grandchildren, live in various parts of our country he and his spouse, Patricia, do very little traveling because of family health situation. Elmo says he does talk with Dick Barrett on occasion.

Herb Trayte has been retired from his computer analyst profession for about 10 years. He says he does a lot of the volunteer type activities that retired people do. He and Mary do spend time at their summer home near Port Clinton, OH. Their daughter, Jane is an ’83 graduate of JCU.

Send in your news for the next issue. See you at the Reunion in June. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Summer 2007

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends.

Our condolences to the family of Gus Caliguire who died on July 2.

Frank Dempsey retired only about two years ago from his own CPA firm. The practice continues to be operated by his family. Frank now spends some of his time volunteering at Providence House, and as president of the Brooklyn Kiwanis. Frank lives in Parma, OH, and his four children and five grandchildren all live in the area.

When I talked with Norb Bunsey he reminded me that although he is a member of the class of ’53 he graduated later than many of us because his schooling was interrupted for a tour of duty in Korea. Norb says he is doing well and enjoying his retirement.

Dick Santoro has been a widower for approximately four years. He has four daughters, five grandsons, and one granddaughter. Dick says he is occasionally in contact with John Hammer and Jack Platz.

Fred Fisher, who lives in Fairview Park, retired from his practice as doctor of internal medicine approximately eleven years ago. He and his wife, Evelyn, formerly did quite a bit of international travel, but not since 9/11. They still do a lot of traveling in the United States visiting their seven children and twenty grandchildren.

Father Frank Walsh, who is pastor at St. Luke’s church in Lakewood, OH, recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of his ordination. At the reception in his honor, Tom Dugan, Jim DeChant, Kevin Tobin, Bob Harter, and their wives shared a table. The Tobins came in from their home near Pittsburgh, PA, for the occasion.

Tom Dugan also reports that he and his wife, Michalene, visited Roger Sargent at his luxurious new condo in the Fort Lauderdale area. Roger’s unit is on the 17th floor looking over the inter costal waterway. Roger had just returned from a Scandinavian cruise.

I recently logged onto JCU Connect just to explore what was there. I suggest you give it a try also.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. Jim

Spring 2007

Hi all – no news this time except for a new way for you to contact me with all of your information to make our class column interesting. Please send news to my new e-mail address – cealejim@gmail.com. We have a new computer and fast internet now!

See you at the Saturday night dinner Reunion Weekend! Jim

Winter 2007

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. First, we offer our condolences to Leo Scully on the loss of his wife Gerry who died October 14.

Ralph Bosch who lives in Norwalk, CT, sends his best from the East Coast.

Chuck Schott says about the most exciting things in his and wife’s lives these days are watching their two grandsons growing up and spending time in doctors’ offices. Chuck still lives in Massillon, OH, just as he did during school days.

I called Norm Perney to inquire where the guys are meeting on the second Monday each month now that Hornblower’s is closed. The most recent location is Muldoon’s on East 185th street. Carl Munn, and Bob Sullens are usually there.

Ed Mundzak, as usual, is spending his winter in Florida.

Jim Mayer says he and his wife enjoy spending some of their free time traveling from their lower Michigan home to their cabin “up north” for hunting, fishing, or just plain relaxing. This takes place both summer and winter. They also go to Florida for a couple of weeks in the winter. Jim says he is still in touch on occasion with Dick Sullivan who still lives in nearby Toledo, OH.

Michael Kondik retired in 1991 from his career as a physician. Now he can spend more time with his vintage cars including a 1930 Model “A” Ford in which, several years ago, he drove to the top of Mt. Washington which is the highest point in the United States east of the Mississippi River. Michael lives in Mantua, OH, which, as we all know, is the home of the annual “potato festival.” Jim

Fall 2006

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. I am going to start off the column with some personal stuff about Jim Myers. My spouse Ceale and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in October. After a family gathering in Ohio we were treated by our children to a six day vacation in Las Vegas. Although not really gamblers we did enjoy taking in the sights out there. From Las Vegas we headed on to Tucson for the winter. Ceale and I are also pleased that our son Jim ’80 has joined John Carroll University’s board of directors as of this October. Joe Sullivan from our class is also on the board.

John Platz has been named chairman of the board of trustees of Lake Hospital System. The hospital has several facilities in the Northeast Ohio area. John is also chairman of the Lake County Board of Elections. He is professor emeritus at Lakeland Community College.

In September I had lunch with Leo Scully and Ed Metzger. Scully and I were expecting to see Leo Longville there but he was on a family gathering in southern Indiana.

Clete Oswald is still enjoying his retirement in Parma, OH. Clete has been retired for 12 years.

When I talked with John Robson he had no exciting news to report other than he’s enjoying his retirement in Raleigh, NC.

The Jim DeChants have a fairly active retirement life. They volunteer at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens and at the Cleveland Orchestra. They also attend some classes at Baldwin-Wallace and at Cuyahoga Community College. Jim and Alverda will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in May. The DeChants have four grandchildren two of whom are adopted Asian girls, one from China, one from Korea.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, jim

Summer 2006

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. Gene and Catherine Wetzel and Ed and Mary Pat Mundzak were among those from our class who attended the Saturday evening Mass and dinner Reunion Weekend.

When I recently talked with Leo Scully and he said that he and Gerry have sold their condo in Dunedin, FL. It had been a victim of last year’s hurricane, and after restoring it to good condition they decided it had come time to sell. They are undecided about their plans for next winter. Leo advised me of the May 19 death of Hugh Scott. Hugh was a retired colonel after 28 years of military service. He and his wife Joan resided in Palm Coast, FL.

John Hammer is one of our class who continues to work and travel for the Hammer Company. His work of selling church wine in Ohio and surrounding states keeps him in touch with many pastors he has gotten to know over the years. His wife Carol says he really enjoys his work. John and Carol experienced a cruise of the Mediterranean during the month of May.

Carl Tighe is still residing in the Phoenix area. He and Sara are looking forward to attending the Notre Dame v. Georgia Tech season opener in Atlanta in September. They will visit their son, Christopher, and his family in Lexington, KY, and motor to the game from there. He expects to be visiting relatives in the Wadsworth, OH, area before flying back to Arizona.

When I first tried to reach Jack Bertsch he was attending a Tai Chi class. Jack lives not far from the JCU campus and attends church at Gesu. He says he occasionally gets in a game of golf with a group from Gesu. Jack and his wife, Patricia, have nine children. Jack and Patricia celebrated their 50th anniversary last year.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. Jim

Spring 2006

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. On with the news

Don Gorman lives in the Richmond, VA, area where he has been since 1990. The Gormans have a son, two daughters, and eight grandchildren. Don and I were acquainted while we both were employed at Leaseway Transportation but did not realize at that time that we were both JCU class of 1953. It was only after reviewing the class roster that I made the association.

Dick Barrett and his spouse, Nancy, live in Canfield, OH. They have five children and 13 grandchildren. They have also hosted 15 exchange students from all over the world. Dick told of some of the relationships that have been formed with these children and their families. Some of the parents have been to visit the Barretts and in turn the Barretts have visited their homes in different parts of the world. Fond memories have been formed. Dick says he is often in contact with Elmo Miller and with Jim Mazzi. Dick is very active in recruiting prospective JCU students in the Youngstown area.

We hear that Saturday evening April 1 there was a surprise party celebrating the 75th birthday of Tom Dugan (which happened to be April fool’s day). Among those attending were Jim DeChant, John Kall, and Tony LaPerna. The LaPernas were planning to visit with Harry and Marleen Ohlrich the following week. The LaPernas were blessed with the birth of their second grandchild last October.

Ed Metzger is a member of the executive committee of the Ohio & Erie Canalway Association. About 70 miles of the towpath trail along the canal are now open. At a recent Akron First Friday Club meeting, Ed visited with Chuck Brunn and Leo Longville. Ed and Lynn had recently returned from visiting family in Seattle.

When I talked with Ed Mundzak he and Mary Pat were still wintering in Florida. They were planning to return north on the same May day that my wife, Ceale, and I were planning to leave Tucson, AZ, to return to Ohio. Ed had attended a JCU alumni reception brunch in Naples, FL, where he had a chance to visit with Frank Schilling.

The last issue of John Carroll magazine featured an article about the “first hundred years of music at John Carroll.” Wasn’t it great to see Joe Botsko listed among three of the best JCU trumpeters ever! Remember Bill Weaver’s piano solo?

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Winter 2006

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends

Gene Wetzel and his wife, Catherine, have recently moved to a condo in Twinsburg, OH. They decided it was time to give up their five bedroom home in Bedford where their seven children had been raised, and where many of the 19 grandchildren enjoyed visiting. The Wetzels visited Rome last Easter with a group from John Carroll and were at the Vatican to receive the papal blessing at the last public appearance of Pope John Paul. Soon after returning home from Italy, Gene and Catherine celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

I was sorry to learn that Larry Davis died on October 21. Larry was among the last WWII vets who attended JCU, and helped start the ROTC program.

Many of you will remember Anthony Alexander who we had as instructor in religion during our freshman year. I recently read that he died on October 6. I remember his threat to give “triple cuts” to any of us who missed his class on the Indians’ home opener in 1950. I was among those who decided to take the risk but no longer remember who won the game.

Doug McCay is the only classmate on our roster with a Louisiana address. Doug and his spouse, Mary, live in New Orleans. Although they were not affected as badly as many people by hurricane Katrina the McCays did spend 10½ weeks in Washington, D.C., before returning to their home. Doug says hello to all his classmates especially to Joe Sullivan.

Louis Denny has lived in Lakeport, CA, for about twenty years. Lakeport is on Clear Lake about 120 miles north of San Francisco. Louis says Clear Lake is the oldest lake in California and possibly the oldest in North America. Three of the children moved to that area so Louis and his wife followed so as to be near to the kids and what are now 10 grandchildren.

When I talked to John Church, who now lives in West Hills, CA, he had just come in from his daily two mile walk. He has made the walk a part of his daily routine ever since open heart surgery nearly three years ago. It was because of that surgery that he missed our 50th reunion. John has lived in California for 45 years and has been retired for 14 years. He and his wife, Lois, have six children, 11 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren all of whom live in various parts of the West Coast. John wants to, in particular, say hello to his old roommate Elmo Miller.

The last issue of John Carroll had a very nice article about Fr. Murphy. I believe it was Fr. Murphy who was responsible for my attending JCU as well as several other members of our high school class from Canton Central Catholic. He did a recruiting visit to our school to explain the merits of attending a Jesuit university in the Cleveland area, John Carroll University, which was at that time virtually unknown to me. Among the other guys who came from that Canton school that year were Jack Ziegler, Marion DeStefano, Kevin and Dermot Coleman, Jim Poss, and Don “Skip” Williams. Unfortunately only Jack and I survive from that group.

A little contest for the next issue – Who of our class has the most grandchildren?? Who has the most great-grandchildren?? If you think you may be a winner let me know. Send in your news for the next issue!! God’s blessing to you all. Jim

Fall 2005

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. I talked recently with Max Fabian who again lives in the Chicago area after living in the Sarasota, FL, area for ten years. Max retired after finishing his career as an administrator in the public school system. He was very much involved in the special education area. Max says he still stays in touch with his old roommate Leo Scully as well as with Dick Zoller and Paul Schmidt. Max was reminiscing about the story of being at our “old watering hole,” the Mayflower one evening sometime after curfew. He felt a tap on his shoulder and when he turned was surprised to see Father Millor who asked “Are you having a good time.” Max responded “I was until now.”

Tom Stock is a retired cardiologist who now lives in West Bloomfield, MI. He and his wife, Patricia, have seven children, four of which are boys who went to the University of Detroit. They also have 14 grandchildren. Tom says he enjoys hunting and fishing and is still trying to learn golf. He and Patricia look forward to spending part of each winter in Sanibel Island, FL, as they have done each year for the past 15 years.

Jack Ziegler tells us of a JCU-Ursuline seven day cruise “mini-reunion” that took place last February in the southern Caribbean. Among those aboard were Jack and Mary Ann Ziegler, Hal and Ann Traverse. Jim and Kay McCay, George and Joan Stanton, Helen [Mrs. Hugh] Kelly, and Rosemary [Mrs. Wally] Martin ’50. They agreed they would like to do it again soon.

When I talked with Leo Longville recently he said that he and his wife, Sally, were planning to meet with Ed and Lynn Metzger the next day to go bicycling as they fairly often do together. Leo has been retired for about five years from his warehouse manager position at Tires International in Akron.

At lunch the other day Norm Perney, Carl Munn, Ed Mundzak and I were thanking Bob Sullens for continuing to work enough to help keep the Social Security System solvent for those of us who depend on it. Our thanks to any others of you who continue to contribute.

A couple of final comments about Harry Gauzman who seems to have stirred up some interest in this column. I have received replies from three other readers who attribute the birth of Harry Gauzman to Al Bieshada — a member of our class who brought Harry with him from Al’s time in the military before coming to John Carroll. Also I recently received e-mail inquiries from two current JCU students who had received an assignment to write an essay on “who is Harry Gauzman?” I promise to put in no more references to Harry for at least the next year.

I heard from Bill Homoly ’59 who was with our class until just before graduation. Bill taught for many years at Collinwood high school in Cleveland before retiring.

Last but not least, I was honored to represent the class of 1953 in the formal procession at the inauguration of Rev. Robert L. Niehoff, SJ as the 24th president of John Carroll University. Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Summer 2005

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends.

We are sorry to hear that Jim Walsh died this past June 7. He had retried in July 1991 after 36 years at Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He and his wife, Rita, would have celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November this year.

I believe that Ed Mundzak and I, with our spouses, were the only two from our class that attended the Saturday evening Mass and dinner on reunion weekend. Bob Sullens also joined us after dinner for some conversation. If you were there and I missed you, I am sorry. My son, Jim, was there for the evening also, attending his class 25th reunion.

Tom Krause has now been retired from the Cleveland Plain Dealer for eleven years. As their favorite vacation activity, he and his wife, Delores, have been on around twelve cruises to various destinations. During the summer, they have been spending a lot of time with their two grandchildren.

When I called Myron Billy, who now lives in San Antonio, TX, he promised to send a little information in time for the next issue about what is happening in his life.

In the last issue I mentioned receiving no recent news from Harry Gauzman. This of course was a tongue in cheek remark since very few people have ever met Harry. I was pleased and surprised to receive a lengthy e-mail from Dan Boland ’54 who was the news editor of the Carroll News when Harry was “born” in 1951. He explained the background of how Harry was the creation of several members of the Carroll News editorial staff. Yes, Harry does have an interesting background.

Send in your news for the next issues. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Spring 2005

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends.

Two issues ago I requested from four of you some input as to what is happening in your lives. Thanks to Dr. Bill Hoehn for sending the following response – “After leaving John Carroll University, I graduated from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and interned at the medical school. My wife, Laverne, and our two sons Bill and Bob settled in St. Louis, MO. I was a family physician, then known as a general practitioner, for approximately twenty years with emphasis on obstetrics, pediatrics, and orthopedics. I then moved to the St. Louis Public Health Department where we were responsible for over 100,000 students in public, parochial, and private schools. My job also included working in Regional Health Clinics. I am now retired and enjoying an active life with my family which includes five grandchildren. At least two days a week I spend restoring antiques. My 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, which I bought new, is still fun to show and run on the circle tracks.”

Pat Molohon lives in the Del Webb community of Huntley, IL, and is still active at practicing law. He is one of those guys who says he would not know what to do with his time if he were fully retired. He did get to spend a little time visiting in Tucson, AZ, this past winter. The Molohons have four daughters and seven grandchildren.

Jim Martin is another resident of Illinois, living in the city of Gurnee. The Martins have six children and 13 grandchildren. Jim says that Pat Cullinan was recently in the area attending the funeral of Maynard Gamber who many of the guys in our class knew. Jim says he has also talked with Leonard DeMarco who lives in Bloomfield, NJ. Jim calls Lenny “the wealthy Italian landowner” from Newark. Jim also asked me to send a message to Jack Bertsch that now that Jack is retired he must have time to sweep the driveway under the kitchen window at Rodman Hall. This is since Jack has never seen the inside of the kitchen? Harry Gauzman remains on our alumni roster with address unknown. Has anyone seen Harry?

Jerry Weber sends the following information, “After JCU, moved to Rockford, IL. Patricia and I have six sons located in Santa Rosa and La Jolla, CA; Rockford, IL; Minneapolis, MN, and Bedford, NH. They take credit for supplying 15 grandchildren, ages one to twenty-four years, including twins and adopted Emma Lee from China. As you know, we can travel in any direction and run into someone we know!! I retired twice: in 1993 from Graphic Controls Corp. (Buffalo, NY) after 28 years and in 1998 from First Boston Property Mgt. (Rockford, IL). Patricia and I are fun-busy around the home and with church activities. We also enjoy an exercise class three times a week at Rock Valley College and I hope to continue to try golf and play clarinet at church and in local groups. Coming in June 05, hope to have a visit with fellow classmate, Fr. George Murray, S.J., M.D. in Boston.”

Roger Sargent is in the process of moving to Aventura, FL, from his home of many years, Richmond, VA. When I spoke with him he was looking out over the inter-costal waterway toward the Atlantic from the seventeenth floor of his new condo. He says he recently spoke with Dick Bauhof who had returned from a cruise including the Amazon river.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessings to you all, Jim

Winter 2005

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. Although it is now history I thought for this column I would call some of our guys who live in Florida, at least for part of the year, to see what the effect of the hurricanes of last fall had on them. Ray McGinley, in Largo, says they experienced high winds but no major damage in his place. Ray has been retired since 1990 and has three grandchildren. He has three children including twin sons Pat and Mike (sounds Irish to me.) At the time we talked, Patrick was serving in Iraq which obviously is a concern to Ray.

Fred Topi, in Lighthouse Point, also reported no major damage at his place. He did say they were without power for over a week. The house was also shuttered for nearly a month as the storms passed through. He felt really penned in. Fred is retired from Barnett Bank. After a year of playing tennis nearly every day he felt it was time to go back to work so he went into business for himself, starting a personal financial services company. Now his tennis is limited to four or five days a week. Fred has lived in Florida for thirty-seven years.

Joe Johnson, in Jacksonville, had twenty-two bags of debris to remove but also no major damage and not even a power outage. Joe reports that they are in the process of putting their Florida home up for sale with the intention of moving back to the Lodi, OH, area in order to be back with the family. Joe was ordained a deacon in 1988 and served at a parish in West Salem, OH, for several years. When he and his wife moved to Jacksonville seven years ago he became the chaplain at a local nursing home. He has just retired from that duty because of his proposed move to Ohio. The Johnson’s have five children and twelve grandchildren.

Jim McDonald, also of Jacksonville, says their home had very little damage other than it was necessary to gather up some debris. Jim has lived in the Jacksonville area since 1995 and plans to remain there. After graduation Jim went to naval flight school at Pensacola and remained in Florida after his tour of duty. He has no intention of moving back north. As so many others of our classmates, he marvels at the changes on the JCU campus since our school days. Jim has been in the financial advisor field for forty-five years and is only partially retired.

Bob Kaminski, over in Fort Myers, says his place also received minimal damage. They were without power for about two days and he did have some cleanup work but considers himself fortunate. Bob still works part-time at the Hyatt Hotel in his area and enjoys it. He did talk about an exciting vacation not long ago when he made a whitewater rafting trip through the Grand Canyon with members of his family. They covered 180 miles over a six-day period. I guess we are all still young at heart.

Dick Zoller who resides in Boynton Beach also reports only minimal damage. They did lose a couple of tiles from the roof. However, the Zollers left the area when two of the storms came through the east coast of Florida. One of those times they went to the Florida west coast and once to the Washington, D.C. area. When the third storm came through the east coast they decided to “tough it out” and remained at home. However since they were without power for about ten days they “commuted” each night to the home of a friend who did have power. Dick has lived in Boynton Beach since retiring from IBM in 1987. He says he has played golf nearly five days a week ever since. The Zollers have four different types of citrus trees and two vegetable patches which also require some caretaking time. Dick is proud of the 2½ pound tomato he grew.

Of the guys I talked with Bob Sullivan who lives in Indialantic was by far the hardest hit. Indialantic is on the barrier island near Melbourne and their area was mandatory evacuation. One of these evacuations was for four days and the next was for five days. Imagine the apprehension at what one will find when returning home under such circumstances. Bob says that fortunately their house was intact with some damage but the pool enclosure and patio were demolished. The metal coverings were scattered throughout the area. He expects it to be late spring or early summer before workers will having time to start restoring the structures. As this is written in January he says many of the homes and buildings in the area are still covered by blue tarpaulin roofs. More pleasantly, the Sullivan’s are expecting grandchild number ten in April.

Ben Mancine in Tampa says the hurricane had very little effect on his family. Ben has lived in Florida since his retirement several years ago. He and his spouse are very active at their church.

As stated above, this column has been devoted to the news from our Florida classmates. Next time it would be nice to include some information that you other folks have forwarded so – send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Fall 2004

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends.

Sorry but no news means no news. Nothing really came in and the deadline crept on me before I started making calls. I promise next issue will include a better column.

I have singled out four of you in particular to furnish input for the next issue — William Hoehn, Pat Hill, Robert Peck, and Clarence Danielson — How about you guys sending me a few lines about what is going on in your lives? All you other readers now have some anticipation as to whom you will hear about next issue.

Send in your news. My name address and e-mail appear at the top of the column. Incidentally the e-mail address is new. Also most of the winter until late April I will be in sunny Arizona. Telephone number there is 520-751-8489. E-mail address is the same. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Summer 2004

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends.

Weren’t we all appreciative of the news that Frank and Helen Schilling have made a $10,000,000 gift to the university? Thank you Frank and Helen!

Since after the 50th class reunion we are invited back each year as guests of JCU to the Saturday evening Mass and dinner held Reunion Weekend, I expected to see several of you in attendance. It was disappointing to see only Ed Mundzak and our spouses representing our class. Perhaps we will see more of you next year.

When I talked with Leo Scully recently he expressed an interest in getting some of our northeast Ohio classmates together socially on a periodic basis. He is going to do some follow-up work on this. More to come in the next issue. Incidentally, several of us continue to meet for lunch on the second Monday of each month at Hornblowers in downtown Cleveland. You are all welcome and invited to join us for these luncheons.

At the time this is written Roger Sargent is just two days back from a month in the British Isles. He had gone over on the Queen Mary II and had a wonderful time. In five more days he’s planning to test the late July Florida heat. He has purchased a condo near Fort Lauderdale but has not tried it in the summer. As can be deduced from this travel schedule Roger is recovering well from his heart attack and bypass surgery that occurred just before last year’s Reunion Weekend.

Just finished talking with Jack Ziegler. Like many of us he seems to be on the go much of the time. He and Mary Ann have a house in Vero Beach, FL as well as their house in Canton, OH. His family is gathering in Hilton Head in August at the same place they have gone each year for twenty-three years. His seven grandchildren look at that as their normal summer visiting spot. Although Jack is fully retired from the family tire business his son and son-in-law are very much involved.

I do have a change in e-mail address and is listed in the caption at the top of this column. I really do appreciate any news about you that you care to see in print.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Spring 2004

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your families and friends.

Ted Marsh and his wife, Judy, have relocated, within the past year, to a condo in North Royalton, OH after twenty-seven years in their previous residence. They went from three floors to a one floor living area and did experience the downsizing that so many of our age have done in recent years. Ted is an honorary member of the staff at Parma Community General Hospital having been there for the past forty years. I believe that he said thirty-two years of active service and eight years of “retirement.” When I mentioned to him that I was calling from our winter residence in Tucson he stated that he had spent several years practicing in Tuba City, AZ on the Navajo Indian Reservation.

Bob Cummings and his wife, Ginette, were able to spend some time with us this winter. They were visiting from their home in Anthem, AZ.

When I talked with Tony LaPerna he stated that he still maintains his law practice and goes to the office for at least some time nearly every day.

Len Capoziello has been a widower for about four years. He is a volunteer worker for Lifeline of Ohio and is involved in organ procurement programs. About ten years ago he formed a Combat Infantry Association open to those who have been awarded the Combat Infantryman Medal. Len has been retired for about ten years. He had owned his own variety store in the Columbus area for many years, ala Sam Walton but on a smaller scale.

We are sorry to hear of the recent death of Hugh Kelly.

Norm Perney is enjoying his apartment in Twinsburg. He says this winter it was nice to look out the window at someone else shoveling snow rather than face the job himself as he did for many years at his home in Solon.

Ed Mundzak is on the road to recovery following a stroke and triple bypass surgery this winter. He was on the golf course at his winter home in Bradenton, FL when he became aware of the onset. We wish you well Ed.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Winter 2004

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. This is my first column since our 50th reunion. Most of the column will be devoted to comments from and about classmates who were at the reunion. There were approximately sixty of our classes in attendance together with their spouses or guests. The general consensus seems to be that a super time was had by all.

Chuck Sidman says it is the first ever class reunion he has attended at any level. He is very happy he went and thought it was very well done and well organized. He has been back to visit campus a few times since graduation. Chuck received his Ph.D. in Wisconsin and has taught at several universities in Europe over an eight year period, as well as eighteen years at the University of Kansas before moving to Florida to finish out his career in academics. He has been in Florida for about twenty-five years. Chuck and his spouse, Margaret Anne, took in the luncheon at Hornblower’s Barge & Grill restaurant and did a walking tour of downtown that day. The Sidmans have five children and four grandchildren.

“Fabulous” is the one word description Jim Martin had for the reunion. He most enjoyed getting to visit with Fr. Schell again. Two of Jim’s children were also taught by Fr. Schell during their time at JCU — daughter Elizabeth ’81 and son Andrew ’90. Jim remembers his days with Joe Sullivan and John Beringer as the “Rodmans” during their first year on campus. He stressed that they kept the “lights on late.”

John Kall enjoyed the dinner and the opportunity to meet many old friends. He regretted that there was not enough time to talk to them all. John also wishes that the follow-up news publicity had contained more pictures of those in attendance.

Gene Wetzel also enjoyed seeing many friends at the reunion. When I talked with Gene in January this year I learned that he had suffered a heart attack on the Saturday after Christmas. He then went through triple bypass surgery similar to what he had undergone eighteen years ago. Gene also announced that he and his wife, Catherine, just became grandparents for the seventeenth time. Grandson Samuel Eric Wetzel was born on January 9.

Carl and Sara Tighe were in from Phoenix. They stayed with Ed and Lynn Metzger at the Metzger home in Akron for some of the reunion days and rode with the Leo Longvilles to the school for some of the functions. Ed and Carl were roommates in our Bernet Hall days. Carl said it was good to see Bob “Steve” Kaminski again. They were good friends in Bernet. Remember some of the St. Paddy’s day celebrations?

One of the things that most impressed Bob “Emmet” Sullivan was the Mass and the roll call of deceased class members. I must agree that it was a moving experience. Emmet was impressed with all the facilities on campus. “Marvelous!” Emmet and I were reminiscing about some of the card games and TV shows in the third floor lounge in Bernet. In those days we did not have a TV in each dorm room and a good show drew a crowd to the lounge.

It was good to see Ron Kinney. Ron, I know it took special effort for you to be there.

At the Hornblower’s luncheon my wife, Ceale, and I shared a table with Frank and Helen Schilling and Jack and Mary Kilroy. It was sad to hear that Jack died just weeks after the reunion.

I am sorry we can’t list something about each of you guys who were there. I think that the overall consensus was that it was a great week. For those of you who were not able to be there, we missed you and hope that you missed us. Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all, Jim

Summer 2003

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. First, an apology. In the last issue I promised you an update and news from our June reunion. I had assumed the deadline for submitting this column would be sometime after reunion — wrong. This is written approximately three weeks before the reunion.

I recently received a note from the niece of Richard Kubalski informing me that he had died on October 4, 2002. Richard had retired from Ohio Crankshaft and lived in North Royalton, OH. He leaves his wife, three children and five grandchildren. Also have been notified of the death of Bill Swanson on June 20, 2002 and Bob Rybicki in January this year.

Talked recently with Norb Bunsey. Norm is experiencing a contented retirement life. He had enjoyed sailing each year until this past summer when he sold his boat. Says the sailing was requiring more agility than he can offer.

Richard Rhodes departed from General Electric 14 years ago. He also is enjoying life in Strongsville, OH. Richard plays an occasional round of golf and also gets to visit his two children and the grandchildren. They live in Connecticut and Missouri.

Not long ago I received a call from Anne Buffa who had been in the wedding party at the marriage of June and John Kelley. They had lost touch with each other over the years. After a couple of phone calls we were able to reestablish contact. Glad to be of service. John and June now live in San Clemente, CA. John recently retired again from his second position in the pharmaceutical field.

Jim Lesniak moved to Reno, NV in 1990, the year he retired from Honeywell. He does a great amount of volunteer work there with both the National Auto Museum and the Nevada Historical Society being among the organizations he serves. The Lesniaks had four children, one of whom died at age 19. They also have two grandchildren. When asked if he had any words of wisdom for our classmates Jim said, “Tell them all to move to Reno. It’s wonderful.” I couldn’t help but to remind Jim of the famous photo of him building sandcastles on the beach at Ft. Storey way back in summer camp days.

Bob Curry retired from his position as magistrate in the probate court way back in 1978. That gives him lots of experience at enjoying the retired life. Since the Currys’ three sons and their families all live out of town they do get to do some traveling. The Currys have two grandsons. Bob has always enjoyed opera and does belong to an opera study group that meets twice a month.

John St. John and his wife, Elizabeth, were married on June 17, 1953, two days after graduation so they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary shortly after our class reunion. John and Betty have three children and three grandchildren. Betty graduated from JCU in 1967 having gone back to school after the children were no longer babies. John is semi-retired from the Saint John Funeral home in Bedford, OH which he operated with his niece and brothers. The business was founded by his grandfather in 1913. A nephew and niece ensure one more generation being involved.

As I have mentioned in the past, several of our classmates meet in downtown Cleveland at Hornblower’s for lunch on the second Monday of each month. The May gathering was my first since returning from spending the winter in Tucson. The others there in May were Ed Mundzak, Carl Munn, Norm Perney, and Bob Sullens. Ed had recently returned from Florida. We welcome any of you to join us at one of these gatherings. Give me a call if you are interested. My phone number and e-mail address are shown at the top of this column.

By the time you read this, the 50th reunion will have taken place. Once again let us thank Ed Metzger and Hal Traverse for co-chairing the event for our class.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. — Jim

Spring 2003

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. I have very little to include about our individual classmates in this issue because shortly after you read this column you will be visiting with them in person at our 50th reunion – June 12-15. The school and the reunion committee have been making great effort to make it a memorable weekend. Remember there is no charge for our on campus activities and dorm room is free for our class if you stay on campus. God’s blessing to you all. See you at the Reunion!


Winter 2003

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. I am excited!! Our 50th reunion is coming up. You will find me talking about it in this issue of class notes and again in the spring issue. Our 50th- a special one! It takes place the weekend of June 12-15, put these dates on your calendar. Do it now! At homecoming weekend in September the reunion committee held it’s first meeting. Members present were John Kilroy, Ed Metzger, Ed Mundzak, Jim Myers and Hal Traverse. Ed Metzger and Hal Traverse agreed to co-chair the reunion committee. For those of us attending our 50th and for out spouses it is a FREE WEEKEND. Thank you, John Carroll University! You spouses, prod your mates. Let’s go this year. I’m sure you will be receiving several mailings regarding the reunion and updates as to who has already committed to attending. Pay attention to them. I want to see you there. If there are any individual classmates you want to contact in order to assure they also are attending, but you are not sure how to reach them, let me know. I will personally attempt to contact them and let them know you are trying to reach them. My telephone and E-mail addresses are at the top of this column. My Tucson winter telephone (November to mid-April) is (520) 751-8489.

Other news: I received the following communication from Elmo Miller “Hi Jim, I’d like to say ‘Hi’ to all my classmates, especially my old roomies, John Church and Ron Kenney. I am enjoying retirement after 39 years in education, public and private, and two stints with the U.S. Army. My wife Patricia and I spend much of our time visiting our six sons, and eight grandchildren, who live in Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Pittsburgh, and Columbus. I was on campus recently and was very impressed by the new Dolan science center, but disappointed that the new buildings obscure Grasselli Tower from Fairmont Circle. Very glad to hear that JCU had added Fr. Donald Cozzens to the faculty. His voice of reason and common sense in this otherwise frenetic scandal in the church.” Thanks Elmo for your input.

Roger Sargent is still active in the real estate business. He is planning to spend Christmas 2002 in Rome.

In my last column I commented that Ed Mundzak was on of our classmates who continues to work. That is no longer true. Ed retired in July of this year. I understand that at the time of this retirement he held the highest seniority in length of service and in age of any Morgan-Stanley employee in the state of Ohio. Paul Budnick and his wife, Joan, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married on August 2, 1952 at Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Garfield Heights, OH. They have 35 years at F/B and Associates, Inc., retiring in 2000.

When the August 2002 issue of Magis arrived I looked through the Magis Society current roster and saw thirteen of our classmates included. Thank you Dick Barret, Joe Botsko, Leonard Capoziello, Jim Dillhoefer, Bob Henley, Ron Kinney, Ed Metzger, Clair Picard, Charles Sidman, Bob Sullens, Joe Sullivan, William Weaver and Gene Wetzel. We appreciate your participation. Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. See you at the reunion. Jim

Spring 2002

Hello to all in the class of ’53 and to your family and friends. This column is being written in sunny Tucson, AZ but I will probably be back to Ohio in time to read it in the alumni journal. Talked with Ed Hahn the other day. There was some discussion as to whether his remarks might belong in Sam Wetzel’s ’52 notes but we will claim Ed for our class. Ed and his wife, Doris, moved to Colleyville, TX in 1964 where he has been practicing dentistry ever since. He did try retirement for about six months but it didn’t work. He missed the people and his patients so he is back to work on a part-time basis. One fortunate thing about both ’52 and ’53 classes claiming Ed — He could attend both 50th reunions! I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our 50th in the summer of 2003. Keep it in mind!

Ed Mundzak is another one of our classmates who continues to work. However when I call his Cleveland office I often learn he is in Florida enjoying sunshine and will return to the office on such and such a date. Way to go Ed!!

In January my wife, Ceale, and I did have a chance to spend some time with Bob and Ginette Cummings at their new home in Anthem, AZ. They are enjoying the Arizona weather.

Also enjoying the weather is Ray McGinley who moved from Erie, PA to Largo, FL about twelve years ago. Ray practiced dentistry in Erie until his retirement in 1990. His ninety-five year old mother lives with him in Largo.

Steve Smith attended graduate school at Columbia. He and his wife, Joan, have lived in the same house in Oakland, NJ for the past forty years. They have three married sons and five grandchildren. Steve has been semi-retired for nineteen years.

Bob Hinds has been living with his wife, Maureen, in Oak Ridge, TN for the past fifteen years. Bob is also one of those people who tried retirement for six months and did not like it so is back to work as a manufacturers representative for a tire company. Bob has four children and six grandchildren.

Don Huhn retired ten years ago and does like it. He had worked for GE Lighting. He and his wife, Lorraine, have lived in Leo, IN for thirty-five years. Of their six sons four live in Jackson Hole, WY, so that is an annual vacation visit for mom and dad. Don says he and Lorraine also have enjoyed vacationing in Hawaii each year for the past seventeen years. Those of you in our class who were accounting majors may remember the conversations between Don and Dr. Christiansen about Don’s being a navy veteran who never spent time aboard ship during his duty tour.

Send in your news for the next issue. God’s blessing to you all. Jim