Spring 2014
This past winter was quite snowy and caused many of us to stay indoors. This class columnist has no news from our members. I hope the sunshine and warm weather will help spur news for the next column.


Donald A. Ungar

Winter 2014
The class column is difficult to put together when I don’t hear from anyone. In your daily duties, I hope you might think of the years you were at Carroll and send our class a note to tell us what you’re doing. I enjoy hearing from you. Call or email me, or send me a letter.


Donald A. Ungar

Fall 2013
Summer encourages thoughts of the Fourth of July, a special day for all. Time marches on, and Labor Day reminds us school and work schedules are upon us again. We look back at the many years that have passed and reflect on the joys we brought family and friends. It seems time travels. Special days of remembrance come upon us. One such day was a special celebration by Jim Hagerty and his bride – a renewal of their wedding vows. Several couples at the senior living home celebrated with them. A happy anniversary was noted on the 6 p.m. WEWS TV5 news. Jim was the 1951 year book editor.

Breezy, cool days might tempt Joe Stipkala to play golf. Joe is happy to return home after a stay in a nursing home.

I hope everything is A-OK for you, Joe. Call or email me. I’m sure you have a few words or stories for our class column.


Donald A. Ungar

Summer 2013
Summer is when we have to do things we can’t do because of busy work or school schedules. Bill Switaj planted a few tomato plants, his words “can’t have a summer without home grown tomatoes.

Joe Stipkala is recovering from a long illness and says he’s looking forward to a better autumn.

As for me, Don Ungar, my ankle is healing, and I’m looking forward to returning to help Carroll save TV5 video news clips. What are you doing? Please call or write me.


Donald A. Ungar

Spring 2013
Another year and more JCU alumni. When talking with various members of our class, the topic that always arises is our children. Our Carroll education helped us and our families live in this world. Bill Riski called to tell me about his son, Richard Riski, who spent time teaching in Azerbaijan, a country north of Iran. While teaching there, Richard took a trip to the Georgia Republic (Russia) where he found there’s a keen interest in honeybees. Amy and Bill Riski are proud of their sons, who work for the government in Washington, D.C. They were busy this past January and are proud they can serve the United States. Amy and Bill also are happy about the birth of their fourth great-grandson, Jake.

As for me, my daughter, Karen, retired from teaching math after 28 years. She took me out for breakfast on my birthday. I received a birthday present this past January I’ll always remember. On the way home, I fell getting into her car, and the EMS took me to the hospital. The result was a broken ankle and leg, a hospital stay, and an ankle-leg cast for 12 weeks.

Hope everything is A-OK for you. Call or email me. I’m sure you have a few words or stories for our class column.


Donald A. Ungar

Winter 2013
The days we spent at Carroll have long passed. After graduation, we began to change. Our family grew, and the world – one we helped create – also began to change. The roads our classmates traveled are many, and we find our deeds have helped to shape our family and the community in which we live. As for me, I have a program called “Pioneers in Broadcasting” that tells about my days at WEWS-TV5. Television has changed the world. How about you, your family, your job, and the many places you’ve been. What are you doing now? Share your memories with your classmates. I’m waiting for your call.


Donald A. Ungar

Fall 2012
The Gold Streaks luncheons are back. Take a few minutes, and join other alumni for an interesting afternoon.

I received calls from class members. Bill Switaj’s sons took their dad on a fishing vacation in Canada. They were looking for fun with him just like they had many years ago when he took them fishing.

Joseph Isabella called to tell me about meeting friends. He said St. Ignatius and Carroll alumni families are everywhere. One meeting was with Carl Taseff’s daughter. We all remember Carl – the football man who went on to assist Don Shula. Phone calls and emails will keep us in touch. What are you doing? Call or email me.


Donald A. Ungar

Summer 2012
The beginning of a new school year brings back memories of the John Carroll we attended in the late 1940s. JCU has grown, and we’re proud of our University. One of the greatest ways to see and understand what’s happening is to come to Gold Streaks luncheons. The speakers at the last two luncheons provided us information about campus ministry, veteran affairs, and international services. It’s also a time to see changes and visit the library.

I haven’t received many emails or calls with news about what’s going on with our classmates.

My last column referenced a little girl in a display at one of our activities. Does anyone remember her? How about sending me a few words about this Scraphin Only display. I’m busy with a program called Pioneers in Broadcasting at TV5. It’s the story of my days at TV5 and the Cleveland Browns Quarterback Club program everyone enjoyed.

I found this in the paper: “April 12, 2012, Robert Kilfoyle ’50, a former football player and graduate of JCU and a longtime teacher and football coach at Brush High School in South Euclid, Ohio, entered into eternal rest. Robert and his wife, Patricia, were married 62 years and had three children. Robert Kilfoyle was a member of JCU’s Hall of Fame.” I remember taking pictures of him for The Carroll News.

What are you doing? Call or email me, please!


Donald A. Ungar

Spring 2012
Everyone has memories, and we tend to keep the good ones. As the class committees worked on various class celebrations and looked at my group of pictures I saved, there was always a comment about one photo – Ray Smiley and Larry Badar always wondered about the girl in the picture. What happened to her? Did she attend JCU? What’s she doing now? I hope to tell you more next issue.

Please remember our classmates who earned their heavenly reward in your prayers: Michael J. Catalano, Nov. 27, 2011; Robert M. Curran, Jan. 4, 2012; Richard D. Ennen, Jan. 18, 2012; Robert L. Kautz, Jan. 10, 2012; Jack A. Minor, Jan. 23, 2012; and Lee Cirillo, Feb. 16.

That’s it for now. I’ll be waiting for a call. Send me a note, or a couple of words via phone or email, about you and your family.


Donald A. Ungar


Winter 2011
Years ago, we saw “The March Of Time” at the movies. Indeed, time marches on and waits for no one. I received a couple of lines from the morning Internet newspaper and from JCU’s Alumni Office – Mass was celebrated for Gerald Patrick Malarkey, who returned to our heavenly Father. I took his picture many times for The Carroll News sports column written by Bill Switaj. Pat Malarkey, who played basketball for Carroll, was a teacher, athletic director, and basketball coach. He was proud of his seven children and their families. Pat attended many of his children’s games. Last August, he gathered his family, including his grandchildren, to enjoy a vacation at Virginia Beach, Va. His son, Jerry, said “Pat Malarkey had the personality to get along with many people and could relate to the kids. Dad also loved to serve Mass every day.”

Words from Bill Switaj about his summer fishing trip to Northern Canada with his two sons: “Great, the biggest fish yet.”

Bill Riski is in the South for the winter.

Don FitzGerald is proud his company, Falcon Industries, has been listed as one of the fastest-growing companies in Northeast Ohio. His son, Brian, is president. Don’s other children – John, Tim, and Megan – work with him.

Lee Cirillo ’51 (right) enjoyed time with Manuel Cardoza, the father of his grandsons’ baseball teammate, on the green fields of London.

Lee Cirillosays his trip to London to see his two grandsons, Evan and Theo, play baseball on the green fields of London was the best. English baseball has a connection with America’s fabled game, which started in England as the playground sport, rounders. While watching his British grandsons play American baseball, Lee enjoyed a break with Manuel Cardoza, father of teammate Lucas and volunteer first-base coach.

Spend a few minutes and tell us what’s going on in your life. As for me, I’m still taking pictures, playing my trombone in two bands, teaching safe-driving classes, and talking about TV5 pioneers in broadcasting. I’m still hoping you’ll send me a note – a couple of words via phone or email – about your family.


Donald A. Ungar

Fall 2011

A few members of the class of ’51 at commencement in May

The 125th anniversary celebration was a reunion we’ll always remember. Our 60-year committee hoped to see many 1951 grads attend. Attending celebrations has become difficult for many of us. A display board of class pictures and a video of some of our class reunions were made and left with the alumni office as memorabilia. At the Mass on Saturday, Bill Switaj and Ray Smiley carried the rose in remembrance of those members who’ve entered eternal life. A class picture was taken, not one but two, reason being was not everyone got together at the same time. The photographer will fix the photo so we’re all together. After the class picture was taken, Lillian and Bill Switaj, Jeanette and James Abood, Janet and Joe Stipkala, and Bill Eline rode the elevator to the ground level. While they were in the elevator, power was lost. Yes, they were between floors in a dark elevator longer than a half hour. Lillian’s words: “How scary.” Candlelight was provided so we could eat dinner. Power failures don’t happen often, but this one changed our evening. We were able to celebrate graduation day with the 2011 graduates. The 1951 class members who attended are: James Abood, James Coviello, Robert Dailey, William Eline, Joseph Isabella, Raymond Masek, Hugh Morgan, Raymond Smiley, Joseph Stipkala, Rev. Jack White, S.J., and me. Take a look at the photo. Do you think we had a fun time? We sure did. Join us next year. … Send a note via email or even U.S. mail, please.


Donald A. Ungar

Summer 2011

As we enjoy this summer, our thoughts go back to the life we’ve lived and our days at Carroll. We set our goals and made our way in the world 60 years ago after graduation day. This year, we’re celebrating 125 years of our University with a combined graduation and reunion.

Early words to my email from Lee Cirillo: “Don, tell all my friends I’m sorry I can’t attend the reunion because I’ll be in London watching my grandchildren play British baseball.”

Donald FitzGerald called to say he was busy with a new building for his business.

Lillian and Bill Switaj still spend their Fridays helping at the food center. Your thoughts and words are welcome always. Tell us what’s going on in your life.


Donald A. Ungar

Spring 2011


We’re getting closer to a great celebration – the 125th anniversary of our University. I hope you’re making plans to attend this special anniversary and our 60th reunion. Our committee for the last reunion, in 2006, included: James Abood, Larry Badar, Donald Carroll, Donald FitzGerald, Richard Joliat, Edward Poss, Bob Revello, Ray Smiley, Joseph Stipkala, William Switaj, myself, and Fr. Jack White, S.J. Please remember your days at Carroll and plan to attend the celebration planned for May 20-22, 2011. If you have any favorite pictures of your days at Carroll, send them to me via e-mail. I’ll make a poster board display.

Your thoughts and words are always welcome. Tell us what’s going on in your life.


Donald A. Ungar

Winter 2010

The march of time is bringing us closer to a new year and celebration. Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Fifth Edition – the one we received when we purchased our books way back when – defines celebration as an outward remembrance, which is what’s going on at Carroll next year as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of our University. We, the class of 1951, as alumni, are celebrating 60 years. Most of us are in our 80s. We were a different group of students – some just out of high school, some veterans of World War II, some with families and children – a mixture of different ages. We did things together. Young or old, it didn’t matter because we were all John Carroll students preparing for the future.

This picture was taken in 1951 by Don Unger for The Carroll News.

I’m asking you to remember your days at Carroll and plan to attend the celebration that’s planned for May 2011. If you have any favorite pictures of your days at Carroll, please send them to me. I’ll make a poster-board display for our celebration. Your thoughts and words are always welcome. Tell us about what’s going on in your life. How about making plans to attend the next get-together in the spring of 2011? Don’t forget the monthly Gray Streaks lunch get-together.

Many have called to inquire about my health, and I’ve told them I thank the Lord for my recovery and try to remember all of you in my prayers. How about the picture from 1951? Let me hear from you.


Donald A. Ungar

Fall 2010

September brings thoughts of fall and the beginning of a new school year. As I think about the coming year, my thoughts go back to 60 years ago when we entered our final year at John Carroll, which was a small University serving the needs of postwar veterans and recent high-school graduates. John Carroll University has grown and has given men and women to our community and country.

Grandpa Don Ungar ’51 congratulates granddaughter Athena Ungar ’10.

In May of 2010, a great thrill happened for me; my granddaughter, Athena Ungar, received her degree from JCU. It was a great moment for her, me, and our family. I just wonder how many other men from our class can say they’ve had that thrill. Those of you who’d like to tell us about what’s going on in your lives are invited to contact me.

John Carroll will be having a great celebration in the spring of 2011, and our class will be celebrating 60 years since graduation. How about making plans to attend the next reunion, May 20-22, 2011. And don’t forget the monthly Gray Streaks Luncheons held the second Wednesday of each month. Let me hear from you, please.


Donald A. Ungar

Summer 2010

In the last class column, I asked “Do you have a minute to send me a thought” and this is what I received — Hi Don, Joe Stipkala checking in, you invited me to submit something about my FBI days in Washington, D.C., so here goes. Little did I know on graduation day from JCU, June 1951, the career path my BS in business administration would take. Fast forward, I earned a law degree at Cleveland-Marshall Law School 1961 and passed the Ohio Bar which then paved the way for me to become a special agent of the FBI during the Cold War and work almost entirely in foreign counterintelligence in Washington, D.C., from 1962 to 1984. Ten of those years were under the iconic J. Edgar Hoover. (My retirement was mandatory at age 55). All the embassies are in Washington and the embassies are havens for intelligence officers – SPIES – under diplomatic cover to conduct espionage and other dirty business. The Soviet-bloc establishments and personnel were the FBI’s primary foreign counterintelligence targets in the nation’s capital. I was privileged to have been involved in those efforts. My Washington days were a world of intrigue, deception, clandestine activities, double agents, moles, defectors, surveillances, and various forms of skullduggery, not quite the James Bond or Jack Bauer level — don’t ask for any trade secrets. Most of us forget what a threat the Soviets were to the U.S. freedom and security. At the U.N. in 1959, Nikita Khrushchev, shouted “We will bury you!” I frequently tell people that being an FBI agent in Washington was the greatest job in the world. It is very gratifying for me to have played a role in the defeat of “the evil empire.” Oh, yes, during those years in Washington, I helped boost morale by running 14 FBI golf tournaments. After the FBI retirement, I worked for the U.S. Department of State, conducting background investigations from 1984 to 2000. Washington will always be my favorite city, with its great history, mystique, and international atmosphere, but fellow Clevelanders, let not your hearts be troubled, I, Joe Stipkala still cheer for the Browns when they play the Washington Redskins. In 2003, after living away from Cleveland for 41 years, my wife and I moved back and now reside in Avon. In case you would like to call, 440.937.9843. Finally congratulation to all my classmates who have become octogenarians and to Don Ungar who is recovering from heart surgery.

Thanks Joe. Who’s next – spend a couple of minutes and tell us about your life, e-mail me – donyal@aol.com. Don

Spring 2010

I asked for your thoughts and what is going on in your life — Lee Cirillo sent a note about his grandchildren that live in England — seems they are English in speech.

Lillian and Bill Switaj spent the Christmas holidays with their children and grandchildren in Chicago.

Got a letter from Bill Riski and enclosed was the Sunday, Jan. 3, newspaper story about Don Shula. Great picture of Don and his many memories of his Dolphin years. Many of you don’t remember a commercial Don Shula made for Carroll

you saw the raw footage in the video I sent out for our 55th Reunion. Jim Breslin ’40 and I, Don Ungar, put these commercials on TV5 WEWS for college week promoting John Carroll back in 1977. The day we took this film, Don Shula was approached for autographs and yes, Don did talk with these people. Visit www.jcu.edu/alumni and click on the News Listing tab for the Shula story. If you didn’t see the DVD video that was sent to your home, I still have a couple DVDs I can send you if you want one.

Do you have a minute to send me a thought? With e-mail, you don’t need a stamp. Love to hear from you. Share a story with us. How’s your family? How many of our class members have grandchildren currently at John Carroll? The Gray Streaks Luncheons are back, you will really want to join us and learn more about Carroll. I am looking forward to joining: Donald Carroll, Dick Joliat, Frank Nugent, Bob Revello, and Bill Switaj for the next luncheon. Spend a couple of minutes to tell us about your life, e-mail me – donyal@aol.com. Don

Winter 2009

Writing about our class is difficult because no class member has any thoughts to share. The years have passed and, though we still think about those Carroll days, we lost touch because our lives changed and we went in many directions. Most of us are in the 80-year age group and we have seen many things that helped us in our lifetime – the Depression, draft, and World War II, to name a few. With e-mail, you don’t even need a stamp. Love to hear from you. How’s your family? My family is well. When graduation day comes next May, I will be honored to say that my granddaughter received her degree. She will be my first grandchild to graduate from Carroll. Let me tell you about her – she spent many years singing in Cleveland’s Singing Angels and she was the singer of the National Anthem at the opening of the Don Shula Stadium at Wasmer Field at John Carroll. She participates in the Marinello Little Theatre performances at Carroll. She is looking forward to graduation and said to me, “Gramps, I’m going to continue on to get my M.A.” I wonder how many of our class members have grandchildren at John Carroll. Share a story with us.

Going on about stories, Lee Cirillo is our Southern representative and is promising more stories about life in the South.

I know that many of you eat at our classmate’s steak house. If you signed up to receive mail from Shula Steak House, you will note that Donald Shula traveled to the war zone to talk with the troops. Great, Don! Don, could you send us a note about your trip?

The Gray Streaks Luncheons are back, and if you read about the changes coming next January, you will really want to attend and learn more about Carroll. I am looking forward to joining Don Carroll, Dick Joliat, Bob Revello, Frank Nugent, and Bill Switaj for the next luncheon.

As I write this class note in September, I am waiting for a call from my doctor for a surgery date; please say a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for all that He has given each one of us. Spend a couple of minutes to tell us about your life, e-mail me – donyal@aol.com. Don

Summer 2009

The February Gray Streaks luncheon was a real treat. Carol Dietz, associate VP for facilities, spoke about Carroll’s five-year plan for the University. Present from our class were Frank Nugent, Dick Joliat, Bob Revello, and Don Carroll. When we think about John Carroll in 1947-1951 and SEE what John Carroll is today, we know that the University is going forth to provide for future generations. Ray Smiley has served as a member of the Carroll board of regents and currently is working with the Boler School of Business Advisory Board. Ray also serves as an advisor to Our Lady of the Wayside.

The March luncheon gave details about the planning for underprivileged and minority students at Carroll. Janetta Hammock, director of multicultural affairs, reminded us that as a Catholic university, we must have an outlook that provides for all. Time marches on for all: from St. Ignatius College on the West Side of Cleveland to University Heights in the 1930s, JCU is making its mark on the world. John Carroll University is thinking of the future. The deeds of our alumni contribute to the society that we live in. Our family life helps our world go forth. Then one day, will I say: “Lord you gave me these gifts to work with, Thank You.”

As our class grows older, we realize that most of us are in our 80s. Joe Stipkala celebrated his 80th birthday with a party that included his children, grandchildren, and friends. “Happy Birthday, Joe”!

An e-mail from Lee Cirillo says that his mail comes from below the Mason-Dixon Line. Lee says that his youngest daughter, Leslie, has a British husband and two sons that speak with a “posh London” accent. Cirillo sent a photo of his grandson learning to play baseball. Even though his grandson is a great second baseman, Cirillo worries that he may never be discovered since he lives in Britain. Lee’s daughter, Diane, lives in San Diego, CA, and is a beach person while son Chip is a sportswriter for The Tennessean.

While watching TV, do you think you saw someone in a commercial that you thought was Bill Switaj? You’re right! Bill and Lillian Switaj appear in a Catholic Charities commercial; Bill even says “doing something for somebody.” Bill and Lillian spend their Fridays helping out at the Bishop William M. Cosgrove Center. The Switajs have been helping with the food distribution for the past 17 years. They say this is what we do to help our fellow mankind.

At the May Alumni Awards dinner, Dan Sussen was awarded the Alumni Medal, the highest honor given annually by the Alumni Association. He is another of our class that is contributing to the world that we live in.

Just what are you doing – how about a note or e-mail – donyal@aol.com. Spend a couple of minutes to tell us about your life. Don

Spring 2009

Time marches on — a New Year. As we look back, can we remember the things that we did to help our fellow man so that we have a better world? Why not take a few minutes to renew your memories of years ago. We belong to the Gray Streaks – 50+ year alumni — maybe the Gray Streak monthly luncheon would be a way to see old friends.

Lillian and Bill Switaj spent Christmas in Chicago with their family.

I received a note from Mario D’Alanno recalling our days at John Carroll.

My wife, Ruth, and I had breakfast with Amy and Bill Riski before they made their annual winter move to their Florida home. They wish to thank all for the prayers that helped Bill recover from his illness.

Times have changed and so has each of us. Just what are we doing in these senior years? How about a word or two regarding what’s going on in your life today? You all know me as the photo guy; well, yes I still take pictures and produce movies. My latest movies are: Send me a Postcard, a film about my travels around the world, and Pioneers in Broadcasting, a film that I use to tell about my days at WEWS TV5. Many clubs and organizations enjoy hearing about my travels with Dorothy Fuldheim and the fashion shows in New York with Paige Palmer. Not to bore you too much, I had a picture playing my trombone in the Medina Gazette. I belong to a group of seniors called the Jolly Jammers. We play music from the ’30s and ’40s. Our concerts are at the Medina Senior Center on select Fridays, when the seniors come for lunch. The musicians are retired people like me; some were teachers, accountants, and musicians. Occasionally I’ll get up and lead the group in a song. Music plays a big part in my retirement as I play my trombone in The Historic Medina Symphony Orchestra, the Brunswick Community Band and BW Gold Concert Band. It might be nice if someday we had a John Carroll alumni band or orchestra.

Just what are you doing? How about a note or e-mail – donyal@aol.com? Spend a couple of minutes to telling us about your life. Don

Fall 2008

As we go on in our life time, we have plans and ideas that help us to serve our family, our country, and most important, our God. We travel life’s path determined to make this world a better place for all. Our class was a different university class as we were a mixture of many ages. We were veterans from WWII, some married with children and most were older than the usual freshman in college. There were those of us that just graduated from high school. Today, we have spent many years contributing to our society. Tell us about your life and family. Why not take a few minutes to renew your memories of years ago. We belong to the Gray Streaks – 50 year+ alumni, maybe the monthly Gray Streaks Luncheon would be a way to see old friends.

Lillian and Bill Switaj spent some time traveling to granddaughters’ college graduations. First a trip to Dayton, OH, and then on to Chicago for a performing arts college graduation, something different but unique. Now Bill and Lillian are hosting a family reunion. As we age, we find that we need some help and we call all of you to remember our dear 1951 Gray Streaks in prayer. This past week Bill Riski’s wife, Amy, called to say that he was recovering from a serious illness and needs our prayer for speedy recovery. Maybe a note or phone call would help Bill – 440-943-6975.

As for Ruth and Don, that’s me, we are awaiting the birth of our 4th great-grandson.

Why not spend a couple of minutes to tell us about your life, e-mail me. Don

Summer 2008

Time goes on and things change. I have taken over the alumni news duties for our class. I thank J. Donald FitzGerald for his dedication and work these past years. I hope that I can do the job as well as he did.

If you don’t remember me, I’m the guy with the camera. I took pictures at football and basketball games and other events for the Carroll News and Carillon. There are many stories I can tell about various events at John Carroll. Bill Switaj, that sports reporter from the Carroll News way back, said that I would enjoy our classmates’ comments. I traveled the world as cameraman/reporter for WEWS-TV5 and enjoyed the many places and people I met. I did produce a weekly program – football season for the Cleveland Browns – Cleveland Browns Quarterback Club. I’m only telling you some of these things, so that you might relate to me some of the things you have done that I can put in our class column. Mario D’Alanno, how about your years of teaching, Joe Stipkala tell us about your many years in Washington, and Dr TePas – your impressions of JCU when you were here for Reunion.

Looking forward to hearing from you via e-mail or even the old fashion way, U.S. mail. Don

John Carroll magazine thanks Don FitzGerald — class columnist since 1995 — for his service to his classmates, the University, and the magazine. Job well done. Also, welcome and thank you to Don Ungar for taking over the role.

Spring 2008

Last column by Don FitzGerald

Another deadline and your proactive correspondent has come up with another dry hole.

However, a note from Jack Reilly ’50 let me know that Ed Kelly had recently completed a period of hospitalization. Upon further research, I am sorry to report that Ed passed away on January 4, 2008. We offer prayers and sympathy to Verene and family on their loss.

Want to remind you to plan on attending the Mass and dinner Saturday of Reunion Weekend, June 21. It’s always a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends.

And for all of the class of ’51 suffering from writers cramp – I wish you the best, Don

Fall 2007

Here I go running up against the print deadline one more time. Per usual the mail, the e-mail, and the phone brought about zero results. The word is that the class section in the Alumni Journal in the magazine is one of the first places that is reviewed — however, a classmate corrected me and advised — it was the class death notices. Nevertheless I did a quick review of Jerry Pockar’s “Suggestions for Being an Effective Class Columnist,” and I have come to the conclusion that to be effective, I would have to put forth a greater effort to accumulate the copy needed to prepare items of interest for my classmates. I am still active as the CEO of a mid-sized manufacturing firm, which fortunately continues to grow and create demands on my time. What I am getting to, is there a fellow classmate interested in the job? I can think of a few, and I plan to contact them in the near future. If you are interested, please let me know.


Spring 2007

Here I am again facing the deadline for the class of ’51 column — for a change a note in my files provides me an opportunity to highlight the activity and recognition of one our classmates.

Larry Badar was recently listed among the 75 “notable people in physics and physics education” selected by members of the American Association of Physics Teachers, commemorating the organization’s 75th anniversary. Now retired, Larry’s physics career spanned a half century, including nearly 30 years teaching at Rocky River High School and 15 years at Case Western Reserve University as director of the Center for Science and Mathematics Education, as well as teaching at St. Bonaventure University and serving as a program officer at the National Science Foundation. Congratulations Larry – well deserved! In addition I feel certain most of us have had the opportunity to view our classmate’s recent television commercial on weight loss — I wonder if we might be able to obtain a class group rate. Don

Fall 2006

Received a note from our classmate Joe Isabella whose daughter-in-law, Sharon Hughes Isabella, works with Susan de Muth the daughter of classmate Carl Taseff at John’s Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Joe also provided web site — http://www.jcu.edu/pubaff/newsandevents/taseff3.htm — info of Carl’s visit to John Carroll. In addition, the web site has a complete run down of JCU’s football records going back to the ’20s. Carl still holds the touchdown records — after 56 years — not bad.

A note from Joe Stipkala following his attendance at the JCU Alumni Mass at Saint Francis Chapel, followed by breakfast in the main dining hall. The Mass and breakfast was attended by three of our classmates – Bob Burkhart, Bob Revello, Joe and wives. The celebrant was retired Bishop Anthony M. Pilla ’61, assisted by President Robert Niehoff, SJ and fellow Jesuits. A great choir and orchestra made it a very uplifting service. Two reports — a record — lets hear from more. Don

Spring 2006

Hope to see you at Reunion Weekend — our 55th!

Winter 2006

Our 55th Reunion — would you believe! Those who made our 50th remember well how great it was to renew old acquaintances and catch up on all the campus improvements in the past 50 years. Now is the time to set aside the dates in June (23-25); if not all dates, put the 24th down for the evening activities. Coordinate this time to meet with some of your close class associates and friends. Take out your yearbook and look for your group pictures. These would be the Carroll News, Sodality, Glee Club, Carroll Union, Band, Commerce Club, Athletic Teams, smoke- stained Pinochle Players, and last but not least – members of the Mayflower Bar Drinking Society. And of course Bernet Hall our on-campus command group. To be certain there are close friends from one of these groups, pick a leader and communicate with each other and do it! The class of 50 had over 50. The Class of 51, should at least, do them one better. The alumni office would be pleased to furnish info on how to make contact; or contact this writer as noted above. Don

Fall 2005

Your correspondent failed to make a report on time for the last issue of the Journal. Not much to report at the time, other than the attendees at the annual class reunion for the “Gray Streaks,” Saturday night dinner had Jim Abood, Bob Burkhart, Don Carroll, Dick Joliat, Bob Revello, Ray Smiley and Joe Stipkala in attendance. Joe gets the award for the longest distance traveled – Avon Lake.

Upcoming is our 55th reunion – June 23-25, 2006. It would be great to see a return of those that attended over 50th and those that missed a great reunion. Ray Smiley do you hear us — we missed you the last time.

A committee is being formed to prepare and encourage your attendance. Info has been sent by the alumni office to ask to join us in this endeavor.

Had an e-mail report from Don Ungar reporting on some of our class members at the 2005graduation ceremony – Bill Riski, Bob Revello, Joe Stipkala and Don Ungar.

For those who have not been on campus the last 30 years or so. You will be amazed in the changes — reunion is a great time to plan your visit. See you in June. E-mail your class info to the above. Don

Spring 2005

First Friday Lunch at Nighttown brings out the Carroll alums — primarily from the late ’40s and early ’50s. From the class of ’51 Jim Coviello and Joe Stipkala. Happy to see Joe back in Cleveland. Could it be the presence of Art Modell drove him out of Baltimore?

The Golden Alumni meeting at the Cleveland Playhouse brought out Don Carroll and Bob Revello. Not in attendance was Father Jack White, recovering from open heart surgery and now rehabilitating at St. Ignatius. Jack had a call from fellow classmate Jim Livingston, also a recent inductee into the Zipper Club. Welcome fellows, it’s almost 18 years now for your correspondent. The wonders of modern medicine.

Visited with Dan and Lois Sussen in Florida this February. Dan conducts fishing tours in the Palm Beach area. On a recent outing with Father Tim Kesicki, SJ ’84 president of Ignatius, they caught 3 sail fish. Score — Father Tim 2, Dan 1 (1st in 25 years).

See you at the 50+ Reunion June 17-19. Don

Winter 2005

Another Journal issue and nothing to report this time. I was advised as the deadline approached that the class of ’51 was about to distinguish itself as the only class without a report. Congratulations.

I’ve tried, I have gone to Carroll football and basketball games without a recent sighting of a class member. Where did everyone go?

This writer is heading south for a few weeks chances are I’ll spot a few of you snowbirds.


Fall 2004

Here we go again, pushing the deadline for our report in the fall issue of the Alumni Journal, and here we are with but a few scraps of info from this writer otherwise zero reports. I thought the addition of an e-mail address would help – again nothing.

The golden alumni continue to meet for lunch at the Cleveland Playhouse on Carnegie Avenue usually the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Last month the ranks grew with the attendance of Fr. Jack White, SJ, Don Carroll, Clyde Thomas, yours truly and many members of 50 plus graduates. Join us — call Tim Ryan ’49 at 440-995-1585 and get on the list. E-mail, e-mail, e-mail. Don

Spring 2004

Following up on the last class notes where we highlighted tributes to former classmates, I have received the following additional information. Hazelmarie Carrabine provided me with the names of a number of our classmates who were in attendance for the dedication: Jim O’Neill, Chuck Patterson, Bob Ravello, Tom Foli, Ray Smiley, Father Jack White, and former Ignatius classmate Father John McCarthy. Also in attendance were John’s 23 grandchildren, a living tribute to your classmate. (some graduates from JCU were also there) Hazelmarie pointed out that they still receive many letters and contributions in John’s name, which helps to update the lab.

Also of note is the group of graduates of the ’40s and ’50s, headed by Tim Ryan, that has its monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at the Playhouse Club in Cleveland. At the last meeting your writer was the only one in attendance from the class of ’51, as opposed to the class of ’52 which had five or six members. Give it a try; it is a great way to keep up with your Cleveland classmates.

Finally, the mid June reunion of all the 50+ members again is an opportunity to renew acquaintances, and check the body count – see you there June 19th.


Winter 2004

Not much in the way of input from your classmates, possibly writer’s block or like the writer, a lack of interest in Web site activity.

That said, our class has been well represented on campus with tributes to a couple of our classmates. The dedication of the new Don Shula Stadium was preceded on Friday evening with a dinner in the DeCarlo Varsity Center; a strong representation of the class of ’51 was present. Those listed as attending were of course Don Shula, teammate Alex Aurilio, and members of our class Lawrence Badar, Bob Burkhart, Jim Coviello, Robert Dailey, Jim FitzGerald, Don FitzGerald, Joe Monroe, Ray Smiley, Joe Stipkala, Don Ungar, Bob Zupke and Tom Zwick. It was a great get together for our class.

On November 9th the Department of Chemistry invited the class of ’51 to the dedication of the new John A. Carrabine Computer Laboratory and Chemistry Open House; once again, a strong tribute to a member of our class. Unfortunately, the writer missed this one, and was unable to obtain a list of those in attendance. All of this leads up to the recognition that we know we are getting up there when the campus sites are titled with the names of classmates.

Good luck to all, write, phone, fax, or e-mail so that we know you are out there. Don

Winter 2003

A recent memo from the editor of the Alumni Journal repressed regrets that we are now limited to 600 words. Based on copy received from this class, it has generally not been a problem. It was great seeing members at our semi-annual lunches at Hornblowers, at the Ninth Street Pier. Jim Livingston, Jim O’Neill, Bill Walker, Harry Cowper, and Kevin Fergus. Based on later class coverage of ROTC reunions and their boat rides, I guess this was as close as we will get to a boat cruise reunion. Speaking of service related items, our classmate Vince DeCain recently joined Don Rumsfeld’s team at the Pentagon in International Technology Security.

After almost 65 years of living within the shadows of Grasselli Tower, this writer has moved East. Now I will have to drive to campus functions, all the way from Pepper Pike.

The university’s e-news highlighted a return to campus of Carl Taseff, our classmate and former Blue Streak and NFL star. Don

Spring 2002

A year ago the major input into this column was to promote our 50th reunion. Here we are a year later and still fondly remembering the event. So much so that inspired one of our class poets to prepare the following honoring our Class of ’51 — Galactic Roses of 1951 by Mario D’Alanno our classmate, who was awarded a bronze key for poetry as a poet for the Carroll Quarterly. “God gives us a memory, so we can have Roses in December” By James Barrie — Our inquisitive minds and Jaded Souls/Shinged forever my malefic memories of WWII./Gentle, Pious, Forbeatant Profs/Expounding our amenable minds!/Campus photogenic, photos, flashed, were works/Of Palatine students!/Carroll News and Carroll Quarterly writers,/Future, “Plume Deletters.”/“Tour de Force” Gridiron Stars, destination!/Nationwide, Celestial Stars!/Some Galactic Roses of ’51 cut short,/In the Prime of Life!/Galactic Fossilized Vines,/Primed each Spring to Bloom, “Extempore.”/Oh, Blessed Celestial Sunshine,/Pour forth Thy Holy Blessing!/Abba, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mother Mary,/Bless these Galactic Remaining Roses of ’51. Well done, Mario!

Just a reminder for all, the 50+ alums, are a going group, sometimes referred to as the “Gray Streaks” — {Bruce Thompson ’43}, all are welcome on reunion weekend especially the dinner and dancing Saturday night. Check with Rosalie Massey, reunion coordinator, for more information at 216-397-3014.

Let us here form you. Don