Spring 2017
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Winter 2017
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Fall 2016
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Summer 2016
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Winter 2016
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Fall 2015
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Summer 2015

Our 65th class reunion is history. We had about 15 alumni, plus spouses, attend – “the years have taken their toll.” There are few of us without ailment. But, enough bad news.

I thank Bob Knotek, Gene Kray, Jerry Fenton, Jack Eggl, and Len Terry for assisting me with the telephone calls. All 130 alumni who are on the roster were called. Thanks to everyone who attended. We had a good time and revisited many memories. Those who couldn’t attend were in our thoughts and prayers.

In your prayers, please remember Jim Eisenmann, who died on May 31, 2015. Our sympathy to his wife, Joelyn, and his family.

We lost contact with Frank Ruther. Anybody with information about him please call or email me.

That’s all for now. Until next time, God bless, and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Spring 2015

A telephone campaign is going on to keep you up- to-date on our 65th reunion June 19-21, 2015. I hope you can attend. I spoke to Jim Cox (Erie, Pa.), who said he’s confined to a wheelchair. He owned a haberdashery shop in Erie. Two of his daughters attended Carroll. If you’d like to send him a card, call or email me.

I learned about the death of Bill Mack (Birmingham, Mich.). Bill, who passed away July 16, 2014, spent 30 years with Sunoco Corp. After he retired, he became active in his church.

John Chambers, the first person I met when I came to Cleveland to attend JCU, passed away in September 2014. He was a good friend, and I’ll miss him. Our prayers are with his wife, Helene, and his family. We send condolences to the family of John Deering, who passed away Dec. 22, 2014, at age 90. His brother, James, (Memphis, Tenn.) is also a member of our class.

Condolences to the family of Charles Byrne. Charles died Jan. 15, 2015, and his wife, Jo, died in February 2015. A funeral Mass celebrating both their lives was held Feb. 14.

Our sympathy extends to the family of Tom Powers, who passed away Jan. 16, 2015. Tom and his wife of 64 years, Geraldine, had just moved to Tiffin, Ohio, from Mayfield Heights.

Many of you may have heard about the Muldoon group. Time has taken its toll, and I’m the surviving member of that group. I have many happy memories of our time together.

That’s it for now. Try to make the reunion. If you’re unable to attend, update me on your status. Until next time, God bless, and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Winter 2015

Our class will gather June 19-21, 2015, to celebrate our 65th anniversary of graduating from JCU. For us old alums, there won’t be many more, so it would be nice to see you there. It will be great talking with fellow classmates about the good old days (including war stories) and seeing campus. More information will follow.

In your prayers, please remember recently deceased classmates, including Jim Ruffing, a great support of Carroll, especially in the religious studies area; Hugh Gallagher, another active and financial supporter; Eugene St. Marie, who always was available when I called; and Fred Korey, who always made time to help out. Before his retirement, Fred taught at Cleveland’s West Tech High School. I’ll miss him. Also, remember, Robert O’Donnell in your prayers. A horse lover, he bred, raised, and trained prominent standard breeds in Port Saint Lucie, Fla. He was inducted into the Ohio Harness Racing Hall of Fame. Bob leaves his wife of 62 years, Betty, and six children. Dominic Petrofes died Dec. 2, 2013, and Richard Sabransky passed on Dec. 25, 2013.

I’d like to hear from Bill Mack, Jim Eisenmann, Eugene Jacoby, Ray Kolesar, and Edmund O’Brien. I hope you’re all well. Contact me. I talked to John Ferrell’s wife, Rosemary, who reported John (aka Jack) is ill. Jack went West with TRW. He graduated from Benedictine High School in Cleveland, joined the Navy, and enrolled at Carroll after his discharge. Rosemary met Jack at Carroll, where she worked in the registrar’s office. They’ve been married 64 years and have two children. Jack, get well soon!

Until the next time, remember our deceased and sick classmates, as well as their families, in your prayers. God bless, and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Fall 2014

Jack Reilly

Summer 2014
Next year, our class will gather for its 65th anniversary celebration of our graduation. For us “old” alums there won’t be many more, so it would be great to see you there. The dates are June 19-21, 2015. It will be wonderful talking with fellow classmates about the good old days – including war stories – and seeing campus. More information will follow.

Please remember recently deceased classmates in your prayers, including: Jim Ruffing, a great supporter of Carroll, especially in the religious studies area; Hugh Gallagher, another active and financial supporter; Eugene St. Marie, who was always available when I called; Fred Korey ’66G, who always made time to help out. Before his retirement, Fred taught at Cleveland’s West Tech High School. I’ll miss him. Also remember in your prayers, Robert O’Donnell, Port Saint Lucie, Fla. He loved horses and bred, raised, and trained prominent standard breeds. He was inducted into the Ohio Harness Racing Hall of Fame. Bob leaves his wife of 62 years, Betty, and six children. Ray Kolesar passed away Feb. 9, 2013; Dominic Petrofes passed away Dec. 2, 2013; and Richard Sabransky passed away Dec. 25, 2013.

I’d like to hear from Bill Mack, Jim Eisenmann, Eugene Jacoby, and Edmund O’Brien. I hope you’re all well. Contact me at the address listed above.

Talked to John Ferrell’s wife, Rosemary. She reported John (aka Jack) is ill. Jack headed West with TRW. He graduated from Benedictine High School in Cleveland, entered the Navy, and enrolled at Carroll after his discharge. Rosemary met Jack at Carroll where she worked in the registrar’s office. They’ve been married 64 years and have two children. Jack, get well soon!

Until next time, remember our deceased and sick classmates and their families in your prayers. God bless, and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Spring 2014
Congratulations to Thomas Lynch, the 2014 Ancient Order of Hibernian’s “Hibernian of the Year.” After graduating from JCU, Tom joined the Cleveland police force. But he returned to Carroll and took accounting courses at night, then joined Ernst & Ernst in 1952. After passing the CPA exam, he spent his entire career with Ernst & Ernst as an accountant, working in the Cleveland and national offices. He was the partner in charge of audit in the Cleveland office of Ernst & Whinney at the time of his retirement in 1988. After his retirement, he served as executive director of the Domed Stadium Corp. and chief financial

officer for Sudbury. He worked on various fundraising campaigns for his alma mater. Tom is a longtime member of the board of Catholic Charities, serving one term as president. He’s also a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, the West-Side Irish American Club, and the Mayo Society. Tom was Irish Man of the Year for the Cleveland Athletic Club in 1982 and received a Walks of Life award from the Irish American Archives Society in 1999. He and his wife, Margaret, have been married for more than 60 years and are parents of seven children and grandparents of 11. Thank you, Tom, for all you’ve done for JCU and Cleveland.

We’re saddened to hear about the death of Dr. Joseph Mullen, who passed away on Dec. 25, 2013. Dr. Mullen lived in Concord, Mass., and was active in that area. We thank him for his years of support to our class.

We’re sorry to hear about the passing of Nes Burkhart’s brother, Bob. For years, I thought he was part of the class of 1950. We extend our sympathy to Nes; Bob’s wife, Irene; and his family.

Warren Cummings sends his regards to all.

Until next time, God bless, and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Winter 2014



After graduating from Shaw High School in 1942, Donald Hansen signed up for the Air Force ASTP program and was assigned to Stanford University for officer training. Because of need, he was pulled from the program and assigned to the 71st Infantry Division at Fort Benning, Ga. Not too long after, he boarded the Queen Elizabeth bound for Glasgow, Scotland. From there, Don was shipped to France, where he was promoted to staff sergeant. On Jan. 6, 1945, he entered action in the Battle of the Bulge. He was ordered to head further into Tillet, Belgium, to see if his squad could draw enemy fire. They did – after about 50 feet, shells came, and he hit a nearby ditch. In minutes, his captain came by, and Don followed him into a foxhole. At some point, he was knocked to his knees by a bursting shell. He knew he was hit in the back and wounded. Hansen was sent to a field hospital for treatment and returned to his platoon two months later. He returned as a first sergeant, a promotion he had been promised before his injury. Shortly thereafter, Don returned to the U.S. and was given leave before going to the Far East, where his next assignment was. He was there about three weeks when the Japanese surrendered. He returned home and was discharged. Shortly after being discharged, he received the Purple Heart for the wounds he received in the Battle of the Bulge. After his discharge, Don married his sweetheart, Joyce, and enrolled at JCU, where he majored in chemistry and minored in math. He graduated in 1950. In 1961, Hansen started to work for Sherwin-Williams Co., eventually becoming a manager. During this time, Don and Joyce had four children: David, Andrea, Christopher, and Linda. In 1977, he left Sherwin-Williams and moved his family to Elkins, W.Va., where he worked for the Randolph County Sanitation Dept., ultimately retiring in 2000. Since then, he has been on a mission to educate people about the U.S. national debt, saying “Do you even know what a trillion dollars looks like? People just don’t understand we are racking up billions in interest on the debt and paying nothing down.” Hansen says it all has to stop, and the way to start this monumental task is by educating the American public.

John McCauley moved back to Cleveland from Florida and lives close to his son, Sean ’85. John’s wife, Rita, died about a year ago.

Our condolences to the family of Dr. Gene St. Marie on the passing of his brother, Rev. Denis St. Marie. Fr. Denis was well known in the Cleveland area. Also, our condolences to the family of Dr. Richard J. Stanco, who passed away Nov. 16, 2013.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and 2014 will be a healthy one. God bless, and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Fall 2013
Charlie Byrne has been ill and asked me, Jack Reilly, to author this column for him. Get well soon, Charlie!

Congratulations to Anne and Henry Grosel, who celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary June 19. Henry and Anne have five children, 10 grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Henry and Anne retired from the Cleveland public school system – Henry as principal of Moses Cleveland School and Anne as department chair at John Adams High School. Previously, Anne taught in the Cleveland Catholic school system. Henry is a World War II vet having served in the Pacific Theatre of Operations. In retirement, they continue to travel, having visited all seven continents. They also enjoy the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and their computers. Henry and Anne are active in the Church of St. Luke the Evangelist in Lakewood, Ohio, serving as greeters and Eucharistic and homebound ministers. Henry also serves as a senior acolyte. We wish Henry and Anne many more happy years together.

I had lunch with John Chambers and Bob Knotek. Right-handed Bob was eating with his left hand. It seems he tore his right rotator cuff while sleeping. (And just when the Indians were going to call him up!) John and Bob played in the JCU intramural league. Just another wonderful memory shared.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Fr. Robert Labella, who passed away in August. Fr. Labella’s last assignment was parochial vicar of St. Anthony of Padua Parish in Akron, Ohio. Previously, he was assigned to St. Margaret Mary Parish in South Euclid, Ohio.

Thanks to your financial support, our class had the highest participation percentage (46 percent) of all the classes this past year. Let’s make this year 47 percent.

Until next time, God bless, and all the best.

Jack Reilly

Charles A. Byrne

Summer 2013

Charles A. Byrne

Spring 2013
There’s not much news other than listing classmates who’ve passed away recently. Ward Hill is among them. Ward was a successful manufacturer’s sales representative who sold fasteners. The industry will miss him. He and I shared a few commission lines in his early days of repping. Later, I got into the metal business but probably shouldn’t have because Ward stayed in nuts and bolts, and it paid off well for him. He leaves his wife, Nancy, and two sons.


Charles A. Byrne

Fall 2012
I had a conversation with Nestor Burkhart, who spends four months of the year in the Longboat Key area of Florida where he leases a condo. Four of his seven grandchildren are in college.

Paul Kleinhenz isn’t well and would appreciate prayers from his classmates.

An alumnus called me with news about Rabbi Leonard Kravitz, whose mother once told Fr. O’Malley he made Leonard a Rabbi. I believe the collection of religious and philosophy courses were responsible for his rabbinical studies. He’s been an army chaplain and was pastor for 42 years. He and his wife might leave New York and move near one of their two married daughters. He speaks very well of JCU.

Pete Bernardo ’67 arranged to have the JCU football game played in Ireland shown in Rodman Hall for a number of us he was able to reach. It was a great game, and JCU was victorious.

By now, you should’ve received a letter asking you to support a new veteran’s program John Carroll is undertaking. Your name is needed to help leverage JCU’s request for support from the federal and state governments. If you haven’t returned the slip enclosed with the letter, please do so if you support the program. The more names presented, the better the chances the University has of receiving grants. John Carroll will be the only university in the nation to have this program.


Charles A. Byrne

Summer 2012
Sal Calabrese has begotten a prolific family – seven children, 15 grandchildren, and five great- grandchildren so far. He’s been active in the Knights of Columbus and Holy Name Society for what is the combined Saints Robert and William Parish.

One of Tom Lynch’s 11 grandchildren, Claire Kenney, is in Ghana as a member of the Peace Corps. She has served about one year of her two-year obligation. She hopes to start a library soon.

Hugh Gallagher is in an apartment now, having sold his house after losing his wife. He often has lunch with the very able ’49 class correspondent, Tom Harrison. He enjoys his six grandchildren.

Chuck Ely has had five heart procedures but is able to have lunch with fellow JCU grads. Chuck worked several years at TRW.

Bob Knotek and his wife don’t travel as much as they once did, but Bob keeps busy at Saint Clare Parish as a Eucharistic Minister, where we both worship.

Myron Wettrich ’45 remains at Hamlet Hills in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, and plays the piano in the atrium. He’d like visitors.

Even our youngest members are in their 80s, and that means the deaths among us mount. The latest deceased classmates are: Ray Augustine, March 11, 2012; James Jacoby, March 20, 2012; Philip Finn, Jan. 31, 2012; Bill Cuyler, Jan. 21, 2012; Bob Kilfoyle (hall of fame football), April 11, 2012; and Dick Sweeney, April 2, 2012.

Keep in touch if you can.


Charles A. Byrne

Spring 2012
Lois and Len Terry have been in the greater Detroit area since 1973 when Mutual of New York transferred him to Michigan from Ohio. One of their three daughters and three of six grandchildren remain in the Cleveland area. Two of the daughters reside in Ojai, Calif., and Fort Wayne, Ind., with three other grandchildren. Len and Lois have resided in the Fox Run retirement community in Novi, Mich., where they’re Eucharistic ministers who service the residents and local nursing home.


Charles A. Byrne

Winter 2011

Charles A. Byrne

Fall 2011
Having been honored by the University with an Alumni Medal – thanks to the late Ken Callahan’s nomination – I felt obliged to return to my old role as class correspondent. In particular, I wanted to mention the deaths of two prominent class members, Jim Conway and Ken Callahan. They were active in alumni affairs, accepting leadership roles in their contributions and moral support.

As a professional fundraiser for local Catholic high schools and colleges, Jim Conway’s last assignment was with CWRU. He established new records from that alumni to the university’s great pleasure. His wife, KT, would travel with him on some calls. Sadly, she followed his death by six months. Bishop Emeritus Anthony M. Pilla spoke eloquently about Jim at his funeral Mass. Jim and the bishop worked together on many campaigns. The Conways leave four girls and two sons, having lost a daughter who was a young child.

Dr. Ken Callahan was a popular speaker at his dental society events and volunteered to be our class master of ceremonies at every class event. He was most entertaining and possessed great wit. As many of you know, Ken also was quite a civil war historian. He leaves five children and was the beloved husband of the late Joan (nee Reilly) and the late Jeremy (nee Brayton).

Jim and Ken filled unique roles for our class that will have to be replaced. We may have to scout among those of us remaining.



Charles A. Byrne

Spring 2011

A class columnist is needed to succeed Jack Reilly. If interested, e-mail journal@jcu.edu.

Winter 2010

At the reunion, a number of classmates asked, “How big was our graduation class?” The best I can do is as follows: number on the commencement announcement: 292; number in yearbook: 297; number of deceased classmates 311 (including dropouts, transfers, and wives of deceased classmates); I always say, “300 give or take.”

Sorry to report Les Monroe passed away Aug. 2. Les and his wife, Pat, were married 60 years and have six children and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. September was a bad month for our class: Dr. Ken Callahan’s wife, Jeremy, passed away Sept. 8. She was active in the community, raising funds for the many organizations she belonged to, and was on the board of others (including University Hospitals). She and Ken were married nine years. Our class secretary and student union president, Jim Conway, passed away Sept. 10. Jim and his wife, KT, were married 56 years and had just returned from County Mayo, Ireland (his parents’ birthplace). Their six children and spouses, plus 11 grandchildren accompanied them. Jim was JCU’s first lay alumni director and later won the Alumni Medal. Jim will be missed, especially by his Saturday Muldoon’s group (all JCU grads) and me. Bob Lyons, who died Sept.15, was preceded in death by his first wife, Ann, with whom he had five children. He’s survived by his second wife, Bettie. Bob always was there for our class activities, especially the reunions. He’ll be missed. Please remember the aforementioned and all our deceased and ill classmates in your prayers.

Gene Kray was honored when his granddaughter, Laura, asked him to perform her wedding ceremony in Boston. When I talked to him, he had just received his judges papers. So next time you see Gene, beware, because here comes the judge.

This will be my last class column. As the saying goes, I need to head in another direction. Anyone wishing to write this column, please contact Cheri Slattery at 216-397-3050 or journal@jcu.edu. … God bless and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Fall 2010

All had a good time at our 60th Reunion. We had 29 members of our class attend, including: Jane and Dick Sweeney (Birmingham, Ala.), Rita and John McCauley (Venice, Fla.), Jim Ruffing (Dallas), Nancy and Ed Schaub (Lexington, Ky.), Jean and Gene Kray (Louden, Tenn.), Jack Eggl, and Bob Gstalder (Toledo, Ohio). We were happy to welcome Helen Sennett, Mary Cullen, and Rita Buckon, wives of some of our deceased classmates.

Concelebrant and homilist for the Mass at Gesu Church was Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Neal J. Buckon ’75 and son of recently deceased fellow classmate John Buckon. His homily was inspiring and hit the mark.

The class picture was taken, and for 80-plus year olds, we don’t look so bad. Following the picture taking, everyone went to the faculty dining room for a tasty meal and free drinks. (By this time, I needed more than one.) Our classmate Rabbi Leonard Kravitz gave the blessing and a few words about Jewish customs. He also informed us he now had S.J. after his name. (Ask him about that one.) Thank you, Rabbi, for all you’ve done for our class.

Blue polo shirts were passed out to the men and white T-shirts to the women in attendance. These were a surprise gift from the alumni office and the reunion committee. Each had “60th Reunion, Class of 1950, John Carroll University” embroidered on them. Other gifts donated by the JCU bookstore also were distributed.

Ken Callahan did another masterful job as MC. His knowledge of WWII and the early days at JCU brought back many memories. His Irish wit embellished the presentation. Thanks, Ken, for another job well done.

One sad note was the announcement of the passing of Lenny Soeder. Our condolences to his wife, Frances, and family.

Dick Sweeney gave the treasurer’s report for the Class of ’50. He stated John Sennett (class treasurer at the time) found a nickel in a pay phone and appropriated it as the sole asset of the Class of 1950. Sennett transferred the 5-cent balance to Sweeney, who invested it wisely. After 60-plus years of growth, he announced the last surviving member of the Class of 1950 will receive the $1 million payable at $1.00 per year for a million years or until death. When the ultimate beneficiary is determined, a packet will be presented to the survivor that will explain to how to apply for the annual distribution.

Some of our classmates will be celebrating 60-plus years of marriage this year. They include: Helen and John Koval and Rita and John McCauley. Annie and Henry Grosel celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary June 19.

John Koval was unable to attend reunion but informed me he’ll be married 60 years Sept. 2.

Dick Timbers (Naples, Fla.) had a left hip replacement in April but still had hopes of making the reunion. He was doing well, but late complications prevented him from attending. He sends his regards to all. Get well soon, Dick.

Frank Ruther and his cousin, Jim Ruffing, got together at reunion. They don’t see each other often because Jim lives in Texas.

George Plavac attended. George, who earned a law degree, taught business law and related business courses at Tri-C.

Chuck Ely enjoyed the festivities. Dr. Joseph Kastelic came up from Akron.

Thanks to all who attended our reunion and my personal gratitude to the reunion committee, who helped make it so enjoyable and memorable. Also, thanks to Mary Lavin ’87 and her alumni relations staff, especially Carla Gall ’05 and Sue Lender.

Until next time, God bless and all the best.


Jack Reilly

Summer 2010

Our 60th Reunion has come and gone, but the memory will last a long time (hopefully another few years). Those who attended had a great time! Many classmates helped make it a success, those included: Charles Byrne, Jim Conway, Jack Eggl (Toledo, OH), Jerry Fenton (Naples, FL), Hugh Gallagher, Bob Knotek, Fred Korey, Gene Kray (Loudon, TN), Tom Lynch, Bob Lyons, John McCauley (Venice, FL), Frank Ruther, Dick Sweeney (Birmingham, AL), Len Terry (Novi, Ml), Dick Timbers (Naples, FL), and Ed Turk.

Dr. Ken Callahan was again our M.C. and did a superb job. One of the highlights was the call for the class treasury report. Class treasurer Dick Sweeney provided a report on the Class of 1950 financial status. He announced that in May of 1949, Jim Sennett, then class treasurer, found a nickel in the pay phone and appropriated it as the sole asset of the Class of 1950. Sweeney said that after Sennett had transferred the balance to him later that year, he has invested wisely, prudently, and conservatively. After 60 years of growth, Sweeney announced that the last surviving member of the Class of 1950 will receive the proceeds of $1,000,000 — payable at $1 per year for a million years or until the death of the last member of the Class of 1950. When the ultimate beneficiary is determined, a packet will be presented to the survivor as to how to apply for the annual distribution. Considering the state of the economy, our class is doing quite well! All members of the class present were given a 60th Reunion shirt and door prizes were also handed out.

On a sadder note, I am sorry to report the deaths of Frank Burns (Nov. 9, 2009), Walter Malanowski (Nov. 20, 2009), Joe Raymond (Mar. 10, 2010), Jan Ruffing (Mar. 6, 2010) wife of Jim Ruffing, and John Buckon (Apr. 5, 2010). John was very active while at Carroll, but will probably be best remembered as a member of the varsity boxing team. Also, Steve (Steve Konrad) Kubofcik (Apr. 10, 2010). Please remember all of these individuals (and their families) in your prayers, likewise keep in mind all of our classmates and/or spouses who are ill.

Again, my personal thanks to everyone who came to our Reunion and those who helped make our 60th so enjoyable. Also, thanks to the Alumni Relations Office for all of their help, especially Carla Gall ’05, reunion coordinator. Until next time, God bless and all the best, Jack

Spring 2010

By now you should have enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day, hope you had a good time. The reunion committee is hard at work making phone calls and also sending letters to all the widows of deceased classmates to invite them back. Don’t forget our Reunion is free of charge, compliments of John Carroll, as a thank you for 60 years of loyal service and support. All on-campus accommodations are free. If there is any way you can make it, try to. We expect to have an enjoyable evening and a few surprises. Distance and illness will make it impossible for many to make it; we will think about them and always keep them in our prayers. The reunion committee has been unable to locate Bill Mack, Jim Jacoby, Tom Roehm, Ed McCormack, Joe Walton, Len Fronzak, Jack Mahle, Martin Joyce, and Dominic Petrofes. Please contact me, at the phone number above, or the University if you know how to reach them so we keep them informed of Class of ’50 happenings.

On a brighter side, my phone call to Bob Gunderman brought news that he has two granddaughters presently at John Carroll. And Bob Lyons’ granddaughter, Kerry, also attends Carroll.

Dr. Joseph Kastelic retired from Akron Children’s Hospital, where he was in pediatric hematology and oncology. He did his medical training at St. Louis University medical school and interned at St. Vincent Charity Hospital in Cleveland, OH. He also had a fellowship at the University of Michigan and was in residence at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. He now reaches people as a Eucharistic Minister at St. Sebastian in Akron, OH. He hopes to attend our Reunion.

I am sorry to report the passing of Tom Mahon,John McDonnell, Bill Muller, Len Vavra, and John Moavero. Please keep them and all our deceased classmates in your prayers.

Thanks to the committee members and the Alumni Office who have worked so hard to make our 60th Reunion the best. Until next time, God bless and all the best. Jack

Winter 2009

Many good things are happening to our classmates these days. Dr. Ken Callahan (our Reunion MC) was named Case Western Reserve Dental School’s Distinguished Alumnus for 2009. He is one of the most widely respected oral and maxillofacial surgeons ever produced by the CWRU dental school. For more than 40 years, he used his talents to better the lives of others. Ken’s ability to not only talk to his patients, but also listen, prompted his friend Dr. Ronald Bell to say, “Ken could do more with his mouth than he could do surgically.” Dr. Callahan is past president of both the John Carroll Alumni Association and CWRU Dental School Alumni Association. He was a member of the John Carroll University Board of Directors and, for over 20 years, was a guest lecturer of military history at John Carroll. Ken is a man of many interests. He founded the Irish American Archives club and, in January 2010, will receive its “Walk of Life Award.” He is on the board of directors of the Western Reserve Historical Society and the Cleveland Shakespeare Club and is a rabid Indians fan. Ken’s sense of humor, which has brightened the day of many of his patients and his colleagues, remains as sharp as ever. Of his profession, he says, “Too bad I retired; I was just getting the hang of it!”

Talked to Dr. Gene St. Marie, who sends his regards and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Norma and John Tullio celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on August 31. Their daughters, Mary and Christine, hosted the party to honor the occasion. Over 50 family and friends attended the event. John is still active in his CPA business in Erie, PA.

We were saddened to learn of the death of Paul Dochety Sr., and of my good friend and Bernet Hall roommate Bill Reagan (6/11/09).

KT and Jim Conway just returned from a European visit, which included eight days cruising the Elbe River. Their trip included visits to Paris, Rome, Prague, and Berlin.

I would like to close with an excerpt from a Christmas letter Warren Cummings sent me last year. It read, “All in all we thank the good Lord for all the blessings he has bestowed on us. The sunsets, the trees, the flowers, the martinis, and those great people in our life

you are one of them.” May the Christ Child shower you and yours with grace and love now and into the future. God bless and all the best. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you at the Reunion June 11-13, 2010. Jack

Fall 2009

The 60th Reunion of the Class of 1950 will take place June 11-13, 2010. Time goes by fast when you are having fun! A committee is being formed and we can use more members – especially from outside the Cleveland area. If you can help, contact me by phone, e-mail, or snail mail (1371 Dill Road, South Euclid, OH 44121). Our hope is to update you periodically.

Norma and John Tullio (of Erie, PA) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on August 31, 2009, with family and friends. E-mail congratulations to eriecpa@velocity.net (John is a retired CPA). Congratulations again to John and Norma!

On a more somber note, JCU and I lost a good friend and classmate with the passing of Bill Reagan on June 11. Please pray for him and all our ill and deceased classmates and spouses.

That’s it for now. God bless and all the best, Jack

Summer 2009

I hope everyone enjoyed St. Patrick’s Day. My wife, Kathleen, and I went to downtown Cleveland and celebrated with daughter Teresa (who marched in the parade) and her family. It was a great day and over 400,000 of our closest friends were on hand to celebrate! We saw many current JCU students having a great time. Saw Fred Korey at a student recruitment phonathon and he told me that when he got out of the service he wanted to go to Notre Dame, but his father suggested he look at John Carroll (smart Dad!). Fred and I have done the phonathon for 30 years. Bob Knotek said he attended Carroll because it was close; he lived about a mile away. Bob also has been active in many alumni activities. Bob is a coast guard veteran. John Koval is recovering from two heart attacks. He sounded good when I spoke with him recently. John transferred from Xavier because of Carroll’s excellent business school. He claims to be the only one to graduate with a degree in secretarial science. After graduation, John accepted a secretarial position with American Steel and Wire Company. Prior to college, John spent time in the navy and was later recalled to serve in the Korean War. One of his Carroll memories is going to prom and having his car break down. Coming to his rescue was John Buckon. Thankfully they both made the prom, greasy hands and all. John Koval has a son who graduated from Carroll 28 years after us. After the army, Hugh Gallagher said he wanted to go to Notre Dame or Holy Cross. He took a ride with Shamus Kilbane ’48 and ended up visiting Carroll. While there, he met Fr. Murphy, and being the salesman he was, he got Hugh to enroll that day. A decision Hugh says he never regretted. After graduation from John Carroll, Dr. George Stead went to medical school and then fulfilled his air force obligation. He was stationed in South Carolina and in the State of Washington. He liked Washington so much he set up his radiology practice there. He retired from Swedish Hospital in Edmonds. Once a month he would go to Alaska and work in a hospital there. Now he goes occasionally just to fish. He has been married to Helen for 56 years, and they have four children. His favorite memory was car pooling to Carroll.

Sorry to report the deaths of Paul Schlund, Ed Giese, and Raymond Chay. Please remember them in your prayers along with other ill and deceased classmates.

The mystery person in last issue’s photo was correctly identified as Hugh Gallagher by Charlie Byrne and Len Terry.

Our 60th Reunion is coming up in June of 2010. Please plan on attending.

Until next time, God bless and all the best! Jack

Spring 2009

Christmas has come and gone — hope everyone had a good and blessed one. Please think about attending our 60th Reunion in 2010. Prepare now for the event.

John Buckon and I were talking at Muldoon’s a few weeks ago and he mentioned Dr. Joseph Kolp ’44, his future brother-in-law, who was instrumental in getting John to attend Carroll. John’s most memorable time at Carroll was the 1949 Homecoming game at the old Cleveland Stadium where Carroll was beating Baldwin-Wallace at halftime. John’s date, Rita McGuigan, was crowned homecoming queen. She still remains John’s queen after 58 years of marriage! Len Terry (aka Curly) has some great memories of his time at Carroll. One of his friends, Bill Snider, recommended JCU to him. When Len visited, he said to himself “This is too small to be a University; it’s like a country school!” But he enrolled anyway and says it’s one of the best moves he made. He met wife Lois at one of the socials with Notre Dame College. He still remembers Dean Graff, Fathers Schell, Castellano and LaPlante. He says he also remembers the football games with Toledo, Bowling Green, and Canisius. He also wants to be remembered to all his friends he met while here. I too was referred by an alum, Tony Veteran ’42. Emil Johnson and I drove from Tarrytown, NY. When we saw the Quad and Grasselli Tower, we said to each other, “What did we do?” Grasselli Tower was almost as big as all of Tarrytown! We figured we would stay a semester. I’m glad I stayed the full four years — lot’s of laughs, memories, and friends I’m still in contact with. Ed Turk was in Newfoundland when he decided to come to John Carroll. He was applying for officer’s training and was asked what University he wanted to attend. He said John Carroll in his hometown. Bad eyes kept him from becoming an officer, but he enrolled anyway. One of his college memories had to be Stunt Night 1949 where he is pictured above. He remembers Dr. Graff and accounting professor John Seliskar. Ed lives in Mentor and says he has watched the University grow.

Sorry to report Ed Hawkins passed away on Jan. 4.. We extend our sympathy to his wife, Dorothy, and family. We will miss you Ed! We also note the recent passing of Rev. Frank Lihvar, SJ, our classmate and a 60-year member of the Jesuits. He was always a celebrant at our Reunion Masses. Please remember them both in your prayers.

Continue to pray for our sick and deceased classmates. Until next time, have a happy St. Patrick’s Day, God bless, and all the best. Jack

Winter 2008

By the time you get this, Christmas will be upon us, we will have a newly elected, but not sworn in president and 2009 will almost be upon us. I don’t know what 2009 will bring us, but I do know 2010 is our 60th Reunion, so mark it down. I do want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Salvatore Calabrese and his wife, Dorothy, have been married for 62 years. The family includes seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven great-grandkids. After closing his grocery store, Sal worked for and retired from Euclid Off Road Equipment Co. in Euclid, OH. Sal is a Eucharistic Minister at St. Williams and is also very active in the parish. Sal is an active golfer and won the league championship last year. An avid gardener, he plants many tomato plants from which he supplies his friends and neighbors.

Charles Ely, from Willoughby, OH, retired about 20 years ago from TRW. Charles worked for TRW while attending JCU; his shift depended upon his school schedule. He was a human relations and group benefits specialist. Chuck and Mary Kay (who passed away three years ago) have four children. “What do you do to pass the time”? I asked and his response was, “as little as possible.” With 11 grandchildren I’m sure he is kept busy.

Prior to enrolling at JCU, Fred Korey spent three years in the Army as a radar operator. After graduation he spent 31 years at West Tech High School as an English teacher. Oddly enough West Tech closed after he left. Fred is a Eucharistic Minister and Lecturer at St. Brendan’s in North Olmsted, OH. He also has been active at Carroll making telephone calls for the Alumni-in-Admissions program and also for our Class Reunions. Prior to his recent illness, Fred volunteered at the Cleveland Playhouse. Thanks Fred for all your help.

John Waldron spent from 1951 to 1954 in the Navy aboard the USS Sicily, with two tours of duty in the Korean waters. He then spent 36 years with CEI retiring in 1950. His greatest claim to fame is that he served as plant manager for the Perry Nuclear Plant and never produced one Kilowatt of energy. (The plant was still under construction). John and his wife, Irene, have been married for 54 years and have three children living in Cleveland and also two grandchildren. John says he enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and also his annual two rounds of golf with his daughter, Marianne. He also fishes and jogs as time permits.

Sorry to report the deaths of former classmates Robert Dowd and Bob Roper, a star basketball player. Also we send our condolence to Hugh Gallagher whose wife, Ann passed away.

George Frantz became an attorney after graduation, specializing in personal injury cases. George and wife Carmella have been married for 57 years; have four children and two great children. One graduated from JCU in 1975 and one of the grandchildren is presently enrolled. After retirement from his practice, George volunteered at Meals on Wheels, the Cleveland Heights Food Bank and at St. Gregory the Great Church. Although not at a 100%, George spends time with his grandchildren.

Dr. Joseph Mullen now lives in Concord, MA. Joe has retired from his child psychology practice. His fondest memories include car hopping from the west side with Bob Walters ’48 and the Regan brothers. He sends his regards to all who remember him.

Please remember in your prayers our sick (too numerous to mention and for fear of omitting one) and our deceased classmates. Until the next time God bless and all the best. Jack

Fall 2008

The 2008 Reunion is over and our 1950 class is already thinking about our 60th in 2010. We hope you will start thinking about attending. Rita and John Buckon, KT and Jim Conway, Lois and Len Terry and Fred Korey attended. Making his first visit since graduating was Gerry Fenton and wife Stephanie. He said the campus changes were greater and more impressive than what he had read about. I had a mini reunion that same weekend at my granddaughter’s wedding. Besides myself were my grandson Steve Kowalski ’03 and Dave Galvin ’91. Dave is a Deacon at St. James Catholic Church in Charles Town, WV. We saluted JCU in the appropriate manner.

John Chambers had an 80th birthday party given by his wife, Helen. Attending were Eugene Lavelle and wife Monica and Helen Sennett. Gene and John grew up within walking distance of JCU. Gene said he just returned from Florida via the Auto Train and said it’s a great way to travel. Gene worked for the family mechanical contracting business and retired 13 years ago. The Lavelles had three children: two girls and a son who passed away a few years ago. Gene’s favorite saying is “I’m getting older every year.”

Sorry to report that George Murphy, of Lakewood, OH, and Robert Sheil, Ft. Myers, FL, passed away since our last issue. Our prayers and condolences go out to their families.

Robert Brihan, Windsor, CT, and wife Irene have five children and eight grandchildren. He spent 25 plus years with Wyeth Labs. Over the past few years he has had a number of surgeries and considers himself close to being “bionic.”

One of the other twins, Ernest Centa, Euclid, OH, (brother Emil was in last issue) and his wife, Lillian, have three children and three grandchildren. Ernest and his wife still try to go to Europe every year, always through Slovenia. Still active part time in his law practice, Ernest finds time to play the stringed bass in both the Euclid and Lakeland Civic Orchestras. One of his daughters is a graduate of the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and taught music in China.

James Leonard, Berea, OH, taught and was department chair of the Liberal Arts Department at Tri C West Community College in Parma. He has been there for 42 years and still teaches philosophy part time. He also taught Latin, English and religion. He and his wife, Kay, have five children and 16 grandchildren — one a Carroll grad. Originally from Akron St. Vincent’s Jim joined the Jesuits after graduation from JCU and taught at St. Ignatius.

Jerry Driscoll, Carlsbad, CA, spent 31 years in the United States Navy as a pilot, mostly on patrol type planes, attaining the rank of captain. After retiring from the navy he spent the next 14 years with Logicon. He and wife Rose Marie have six children and 17 grandchildren. They spend their spare time traveling and visiting with the grandkids.

Paul Morrison, Indianapolis, IN, was ill when I called so his wife, Joyce, and daughter Paula filled me in. Paul spent 30 plus years in sales with Broadhead Garrett Co; retiring in 1987. The Morrisons have three children: two boys and a girl. Paul spends his free time with his second greatest love, his grandchildren. Get well soon Paul.

Until the next column God bless and all the best. Please remember in your prayers, our deceased classmates. Jack

Summer 2008

Emil Centa, Highland Heights, OH, and his twin brother Ernest may be the only twin attorneys practicing law in Ohio. Emil’s specialty is probates. Although retired, he still practices on a reduced scale. Emil and his wife, Mary Ann, have three children and 11 grandchildren. Emil says he enjoys the time spent with them.

Had a great conversation with Tom Mahoney, Galion, Ohio. About two years ago Tom popped a vertebrae and had it surgically repaired. Following the doctor’s instructions Tom exercised regularly. Low and behold while exercising he popped another one. He declined a second operation and now takes a shot (medicine) every day. Tom says his Golden Years are a little “tarnished.” Tom sees Warren Cummings on a regular basis as both wives were roommates in college.

We are sorry to report the death of Bob Zarobell. After graduation, Bob went to work for the City of Cleveland and retired from the city in 1985. After he retired he reverted to his first love, the piano. Bob, an accomplished piano player, played with many local “Big Bands” and did some touring with them despite gradually going blind. Bob was a twin and leaves five children: four sons and a daughter.

Bill Kilfoyle, Elyria, OH, has retired twice — first from an Elyria Bank and then from his law practice. He now spends his time golfing and doing yard work. Bill and his wife, Marci, have six children, 13 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Bill and Marci have 17 siblings living in Florida and every St. Patrick’s Day they host a party for them. Bill and Bob, also a classmate, are twins. During the summer he plays golf with Bob O’Donnell.

John Bonner now lives in the Mount Dora Retirement Center in Mount Dora, FL. Since retiring from his Akron and Painesville beer distributorships, John has lived in Florida, close to his son and daughter. After graduation John joined the Marines and became a fighter/bomber pilot. He flew over 100 missions in Korea and received the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Bronze Star and the Navy Flying Cross. He says he would like to hear from some of his friends.

After graduation, Dr. Richard Blackwell taught philosophy at Carroll for five years. He then went to St. Louis University where he did research on the Vatican Library micro film created during and after World War II. He said his interest has always been on the Religion/Science area especially as it pertains to Galileo. Richard has written ten books, his latest being “Behind the Scenes at Galileo’s Trial.” Richard’s wife Rosemary died six years ago. The Blackwells have six children. Although he retired in 2000, Richard is still at the library doing his research.

Please remember our sick and deceased class members in your prayers. Until the next issue, God bless and all the best. Jack

Spring 2008

Depending on the publication date, I hope you had/will have a happy St. Patrick’s day. I hope you have as many good memories of this day as I do. Received a Christmas card from Jerry Fenton in Naples, Fla. By now he should be back from his trip to Egypt. Jerry and his wife, Stephanie, usually take one big trip a year. Other than a few new parts here and there, he is doing OK.

Jim Conway was recently honored by Regina High School. He was given their Lifetime Achievement Award for the many volunteer hours he has given them.

My wife, Kathleen, and I went to the Christmas Show at Severance Hall with the Tri-City Senior Citizens. Who sat right behind us on the bus but Bob Knotek and his wife, Marian. I meet him in the strangest places! I once met him in Grand Central Station in New York City. Bob says he makes a few trips with them every year.

Louise and Bill Reagan now live at St. Edwards Retirement Home in Fairlawn, Ohio. Bill has had his share of health problems, causing him to say “these aren’t the Golden Years.”

Another person fighting the “Golden Years” is Al Buchynsky. He too, is upbeat and doing the best he can and sends his regards to all.

Called Jack Eggl in Toledo and he reports all is quite there. He and his wife, Pat, are going to Arizona in a few weeks. Next year the Indians will be there.

Bill Schirmer of Ashland, Ohio, went into the service after graduation from JCU and followed that up with a degree in chemical engineering from Case. He and Marilyn have been married for 57 years, and have five children. Three of the five are surgeons and one a nurse. One is not in the medical field. He retired from Ben Venue in Bedford, Ohio. One of Bill’s memories at Carroll was being asked by the varsity football team to be their pitcher on their intramural fast pitch team.

Rev. Howard Stunek, OFM, is retired and in residence at Queen of Peace Priory in Burling, Wis. He recently had knee surgery.

I went to the Mass of Remembrance at JCU in early November and thought it was poorly attended. I think there were only three or four from our class, Jim Conway, Fred Korey, and myself. Considering the effort put into it by the university and the reason for the Mass, more of us from the Cleveland area should attend.

Tom Powers from Mayfield Heights, Ohio, retired from his own Property Survey Company about 10 years ago. He said it was a natural for him since he was a math major. He and wife Jerry’s children all live out of town although his oldest daughter went to JCU. An interesting fact is that Tom is still active in the Christian Life Community movement that he and others started while at John Carroll.

Tom Ott retired from his own window shade and drapery business. He and wife Rita have been married for 58 years and have four children. One son, Tom, writes for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Although restricted by cancer, Tom remains upbeat about the future.

Rev. Andrew Krafcik from Arlington, Va., was recently surprised by his family with an 80th birthday party. He said he had just returned from a trip to Slovakia, where he visited family and friends. Father is now retired and in residence a Culpepper Garden Retirement Homes in Arlington, Va. He wishes to be remembered to Hugh Gallagher and Don Vondriska (Holy Name classmates).

Ray Ogrinc from Westlake, Ohio, and wife Carole have been married 48 years and have five daughters. Ray played football for Carroll and one of his fondest memories is being in a carpool with Sig Holowenko ’51. He added it was a thrill a minute.

Raymond Grasberger started in night school and lives in Pinellas Park, Fla. He retired after over 40 years in the auto/trucking business. He and his wife Grace have been married 58 years and have four boys. After retiring, he volunteered at the Florida International Museum where artifacts from the Titanic, ancient Egypt, etc. are displayed. He spends a lot of time helping his grandchildren. Ray, a Benedictine grad sends his regards.

Dr. Jim Lasch retired from his surgery practice in 1995. He and wife Mary have eight children. He loves to putter in the garden and other than recent knee surgery, his health is good.

Please remember in your prayers our sick and deceased classmates. Also I would like to hear from those of you who live outside Ohio. It will cut down on my phone bill. Best regards to all! Jack

Fall 2007

On September 19, I along with about 35 other WWII veterans had the privilege of being flown to Washington, D.C., to visit and reflect on the WWII Memorial. We also visited the Vietnam and Iwo Jima Memorials. The visit is a project of Honor Flight, a nonprofit organization created solely to helping veterans with a visit to their memorials. Top priority is given WWII veterans. Space prohibits me from going into details but it was truly one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I was very proud to serve my country during WWII and equally honored by those who took time at the airports and restaurant to stand, clap and say “Thank You” as we went by. The program is now in 14 states. If you are interested contact: Honor Flight, Inc. Tel. No. 937-521-2400 or at www.honorflight.org.

John Friedel was transferred to Columbus, OH, where he worked in sales for Glidden Company. Now retired, John is recovering from heart surgery. One of John’s sons is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and the other a high school teacher.

Dr. Ken Whelan retired after 40 years of teaching at Baldwin-Wallace College. He also did management training for Warner and Swasey Company. He and his wife, Betty, have seven children. He said to say “hello” to his friends.

After graduation from Carroll, Dr. James Callow got his Ph.D. at Western Reserve University in American Culture. For the past 40 years he taught at the University of Detroit. Now retired, Jim spends his free time swimming and working on his folklore web site. Jim has over 40 years of customs, superstitions, tales, jokes and games in his folklore collection. Included are folklore on Manx (his roots) and the Celt cultures. He promised his students he would publish them someday. When the web site is completed I will published it in the column.

Dr. Joseph Kastelic retired from the staff at Akron General Hospital. He also was an associate professor at NEO College of Medicine where he still teaches part time. His specialty was pediatric hematology and oncology. Dr. Kastelic and his wife, Cathy, are the parents of seven children. One who graduated for John Carroll University and one grandson also is a JCU grad. Joe stated that he was guided by the philosophy and religion courses at JCU and that they helped him grow and persevere in life.

Our class must have been pretty smart because here is another grad with a Ph.D. Dr. Joseph Cassidy lives in New Bavaria, OH, with his wife, Rita. They have seven children and 24 grandchildren. Joe retired from Northeast Community College where he taught chemistry and physics. He lives on a farm and said that “I caught him before he left for his nightly ‘chores.’” Note: The selection of all the Ph.D.s is purely coincidental.

John Chambers is retired from Gilmore Academy and wife Helene is retired from St. Vincent Hospital. John does as much as his body allows. He keeps busy and spends his free time in Florida or visiting his grandkids.

The JCU Alumni Chapter of Erie, comprising of Jim Cox and John Tullio, meet every now and then at Carmen’s Restaurant in Erie. Jim is recovering from prostate cancer. He sends his regards to all.

Our condolences to Ed Schaefer, whose wife, Loretta, passed away in September.

Saw Frank Ruther at Giant Eagle. He looks good. Frank retired from All State Insurance and now lives in Euclid. He keeps active at his old parish, Christ the King, and by driving for Meals on Wheels.

Bob Lyons is still active in his accounting firm. He is, however, quite active with Betty and son, Kevin — both require assistance. Betty is scheduled to go to Boston in November for treatment. Betty and Bob still go to Vegas (with a side trip to California to visit family). Bob says it is a cheap vacation (only if you win, Bob).

Rev. Robert Labella has been a priest for 50 years and is presently at St. Anthony’s Parish in Akron, OH. He taught at Borromeo Seminary and was a classmate of Rev. Frank Van Bergen. He also keeps in touch with Father Schell. He says “hello” to Dick Sweeney and has some great memories of John Carroll University.


Summer 2007

This column will replace the quarterly letter that I have sent out the past few years. As with the letter the purpose of the column is to keep you informed of other classmates. We have about 200 on the 1950 class roster. So please keep me informed of your doings — see above for contract information.

Again many thanks to Charlie Byrne for his dedication in writing this column. We hope you have a speedy recovery from your knee replacement surgery.

Sorry to report the passing of John A. Burke. John had a very interesting life, before, at and after John Carroll. He got his diploma at an adult high school, served in the Navy as a dental technician and worked on ore freighters as a deck hand and as kitchen porter. He also was an accomplished artist, railroad train buff and active in the Great Lakes Historical Society where he was a board member. He also received the first Historic Interpretation Award from the Association of Great Lakes Maritime History. Our sympathy to his wife Anne.

Called John McCauley — he is still playing bridge five days a week. His wife, Rita, is recovering from heart surgery.

John Brattoli retired 23 years ago from Lorain County Community College. He said that he was a professor in the Business College. He lives close to Bob O’Donnell. John asked me about Jose and Larry Kiska ’51. If you know anything about them, let me know and I’ll pass the word on.

Went to the Alumni Reunion in June (our next one is 2010 mark it down) and saw Fred Korey and Jim Conway. Rev Francis Lihvar, SJ, from our class, was a concelebrant at the Alumni Mass and Moment of Remembrance.

Tom DeMay has been retired for a number of years from Ohio Casualty Insurance Co. He and wife Laureen have eight children — four boys first and then four girls. When the post office opened at JCU in 1946 or ’47, Tom was its first mailman. Tom would like to know the whereabouts of his old roommate Bucky O’Connor, also from Conneaut.

Since my last “Reflection” letter, our class has lost Dr. Jack Porter, Jim Calkins, and Bob Nook. Our belated sympathy to their families.

George A. Kmiecik, who spent 29 years with the Cleveland School System, is busy at home taking care of his son, George, also a JCU grad class of 1976. George’s other two boys went to B-W. Keep George in your prayers.

Bob Knotek is still busy at the Cleveland Playhouse and as a Eucharistic minister at the Cleveland Clinic. He recently made his annual trip to Niagara on the Lake. He said he had a great time. He recently became a great-grandfather.

Bill Reagan is in St. Edward Assisted Living in Fairlawn, OH. Although the first half of 2007 has not been good to Bill and wife Louise, they look forward to a much better second half.

Talked to Robert Heinz (Cleveland) who retired from General Motors, Terex Division. Bob and his wife, Dee, live at the Olympia Senior Citizens Development Complex. He is active in the development complex and also the St. Vincent DePaul Society. Robert and Dee have four children and send their best wishes to everyone.

Paul Kleinhenz (Cleveland) retired from IBM. He and his wife, Jeanette, live in Parma and have two sons. Other than a bad knee his health is good and he spends his free time gardening.

Ward Hill had his second heart operation last fall and is feeling good. To quote him “I’m still kicking but not quite as high.” He and Nancy have been married for 57 years. They still go to their cottage in Vermillion.

Retiring after 30 years with Allstate Insurance, Joe Smoltz spends a lot of time golfing. He also spends some time boating, but not as much as he would like. He said his wife died about 30 years ago.

I would like to hear from more of you, especially out-of-state classmates. I can be reached at my address above. Have a safe and happy summer. Jack

Spring 2007

Charles Byrne’s last column

I had but one contestant respond to my picture quiz of last month, and yes it was John Buckon identified by Joe Raymond long time resident of Saginaw, MI. Joe spent time in the Marine Corps, as this writer did, and was relocated to Saginaw by Procter & Gamble Company as a regional sales manager for many years. (Serving in the Corps in Korea for a year can prepare you for anything!) The father of seven children and 13 grandchildren, with some family in town he keeps busy with this twenty! Yet I hope to be able to buy him that beer!

I was able to reach an old pal, Pat Monroe (Kay), by phone to find out he too is still working! Though his children bought the business of tools sold to the fiberglass trade in 2000, they can’t seem to get rid of Pat, the wise old master no doubt! Wonder if he gets a salary yet?? He and Kay had six children, all in the area, half of them working with him, they produced 19 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, with three more expected! Prolific group they!

Some fellas take their Godfather responsibility seriously – Jim Conway, Godfather of Neal Buckon ’75 recently visited the Lt. Col. Chaplain at his post-Iraq assignment to the 57,000 soldier garrison at Fort Sill, OK. Jim who retired in 1967 as a Lt. Col. after 24 years as an Infantry officer (five years active and 19 years reserves) has tracked his Godson

visiting him in 2001 at Fort Steward, GA, in 2004 at Heidelberg, Germany and now Fort Sill and a long way to go for confession!

Hugh Gallagher is doing well after his triple bypass of almost a year ago. Has retired from his business of “giveaway” type products — Chinese competition here too he says.

We have lost two classmates this year, Robert Stack and Fernando Calimano-MacCormac. Our sympathies.

Class president Jack Reilly likes to call some of you from time to time and pass on information to all the class, and since my recent right arm rotator cuff surgery was not successful, I find my attempt at typing this occasional article a difficulty. Thus, I am asking him to take over this task! Good luck comrade! Finis, Charlie

Thank you Charlie

Winter 2007

Our class has been prominent at many of the Saturday lunches of 40 year gatherings of the Mystic Knights of the Sea. In particular, a few weeks ago when the Carroll News interviewed a number of us who were quoted and obliged to offer photos from our World War II days for the News’ Veteran’s Day issue. This infrequent visitor happened to be there and was noticed sitting in a frequent attendee’s “official seat”! Yes, timing is everything! Which brings to mind the picture herein of one of the usual visitors. I am offering a contest for those able to recognize and identify this “cute looking” class of ’50 regular. Class of ’50 members who are NOT Mystic Knight members are eligible for a free beer at Muldoon’s Saloon and Eatery on E. 185th St. at a future Saturday “meeting.”

To more sublime reporting: Last month I reported about Nes Burkhart and his travels and said his son Pat was the faculty of “Rolling Rock University.” Though NOT a beer expert, and not having my original notes, of course I suggested it was the editor’s office’s mistake! We old vets know how to pass the buck! It should have been Slippery Rock University, a fine old PA school!

One of the Saturday “founders,” Jim Conway, continues at CWRU — is THAT the name — senior advisor to the Development Department. Octogenarian he, having brought fundraising to an art form at CWRU! We “old goats” remain able!

Marge and Tom Lynch are co-chairs of a “Top of the Towers” benefit for the St. Augustine Health Center. Much “grazing” and a silent auction, and fellowship will occur. Honored guest Bishop Pilla will be on hand at this early March event. They hope to beat the 2006 target of $100,000.

I have found the “Gray Streaks” luncheons at JCU to be quite enlightening with talks by the president and faculty. Finis, CAB

Fall 2006

Sal Calabrese is retired from what we knew as Euclid Road Machinery years ago, subsequently Volvo. As an accountant by vocation he works part time for H&R Block now! He and Dorothy celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last August. They had seven children, and 15 grandkids, and are in general good health. Most of the gang is in the area.

Ray Chay is still enjoying his retirement in the Columbus area. He and Dorothy had three children, and have two grandchildren in the area. Ray was in marketing for Ohio Bell for years and takes in those Ohio State football games when he can.

Jim Cox, in Erie, had a clothing store in downtown Erie for years, downtown has died as many downtowns have. He was a good college friend of Hugh Gallagher and the late Fran Calkins. He still will make a classy custom suit for those willing to be measured on an Erie visit. Fran Calkins was a customer of his. Great Italian clothes of course! He’s had his share of health problems, bad knees from basketball playing at St. Ignatius and the Navy among them. Jim and Mary had five children and 10 grandkids but no one closer than Pittsburgh.

Ward Hill is recovering from a heart valve replacement at his home. He is part cow now. How does it go — how now brown cow?

John Buckon hasn’t had the greatest health of late, but he hasn’t lost his sense of humor at all. Having read the flyer from the university about the John Carroll Mass and brunch for deceased classmates, he suggested he and I couldn’t go because we were still living! Clever English major he!

Our sorrow to the families of Joe Uskert and Jim Cullen who recently passed away. Jim was not only at JCU with me, but we were at Christ the King and St. Louis parish in Cleveland Heights for years. Jim had a great prayer on his card: I’d like the memory of me to be a happy one; I’d like to leave an afterglow of smiles when life is done. I’d like to leave an echo whispering softly down the ways, of happy times and laughing times and bright and sunny days. I’d like the tears of those who grieve, to dry before the sun of happy memories that I leave when life is done. CAB

Spring 2006

It took another golden age lunch at JCU to find out that Jim Conway responds with dispatch to the screams of women! At a meeting downtown Jim heard the exiting female exhortations about a purse snatcher, and our hero captured him then held him until the police arrived. Hurrah! Conway’s law partner, Clyde Thomas ’51 said he didn’t possess such a “death wish”! Editor Pockar gave a university update at lunch.

The university passed on a note from ’50 alum Leonard Siegel in California, PA, south of Pittsburgh. I called him and we had an informative chat (which reminds me that I have an 800 number that NO ALUM chooses to use to call me with any info!). The town of California, PA, was founded in 1859 and Siegel taught at California University of Pennsylvania for 32 years as a history professor. He and Lorraine have two children in their young 40s. Leonard was raised in Lakewood, OH, as a child and in 1960 earned a Ph.D. in history at Western Reserve University. He won an award from Congress for his writings on the Anatomy of Dictatorship! In short – he has an extensive history background. Never gets the alumni news he says, trust that will be changed!

Jo and I attended St. Colman’s March 17th having heard about the great Mass and music on St. Paddy’s Day. It was well worth the struggle with the crowd. Fr. Jim Conry ’49 was among the 20 concelebrants. The marching bands and musicians were fabulous!

Finis, CAB

Winter 2006

On December 16, the Mystic Knights of the Sea met at a new spot for their Saturday lunch event, J. B. Milano’s at the Cuyahoga County airport. The new owners, of only three months, opened especially for the group, not knowing just what they were in for of course! In the course of conversation, Jim Conway was prompted to elucidate on the great merits of planned giving for us as individuals as well as for JCU or a like charity we might choose. Pete Bernardo ’67 would have loved to have heard him! Conway will represent John and Rita Buckon in Heidelberg, Germany, in April when Fr. Neal Buckon ’75 receives his latest promotion to Lt. Colonel. Conway likes that German beer!

Jim Cullen and Julius Sukys ’48 attend Tai Chi class at the Gathering Place and find it most relaxing. The “Knights” plan a January 7 lunch with wives! I recently saw Ed Schaefer at the Green Road University Hospitals facility,where one can see countless Heights friends on any given day. He looks very well and, JCU’s former VP for nusiness, seems to be enjoying his retirement of ten years. Though not too many of the Schaefer’s seven children are married, they have nine grandchildren.

We lost classmate Fran Calkins in recent weeks and his 12 children and 36 grandchildren helped fill Gesu Church!

January 7th arrived and eight of us brought the finer sex members – wives and/or gal friends among the many widowers among us. Bill Sweeney ’48 was alone, but Jim Conway and Katie, John Buckon and Rita, Julius Sukys and guest Marg Knoblauch, Charlie Eder ’48 and Laverne Powell, Myron Wettrich ’45 and Jane Keller, class pres. Jack Reilly and Stephanie, and my Jo and myself. We missed some regulars, Ed Hawkins, Bill Coyne ’48 and Jim Cullen – the latter I understand was ailing. We all had a jolly time and good food at J.T. Milano’s (forgot Jack McKenna ’49 and Babette Casey!)

Jim Conway announced the death of J.V. Gallagher ’43 in San Diego! A great old friend; and Jim and Katie were leaving for San Diego.

The golden alumni lunch bunch met at JCU mid-January because parking was available! We had a fine presentation by John Scarano, director of Campus Ministry, who described his function in depth. It was a great event and we do hope we can do more of these golden alumni lunches at JCU.

Fred Korey has had a dull winter so far — no trips to Hawaii. CAB

Fall 2005

A number of class members were at the Little Sisters of the Poor on October 8 for the 80th birthday Mass for Dave Hackman ’49. Bishop Pevec G’56 was the celebrant, and there was quite a crowd! The Hackman children provided a great lunch following Mass. David, Mary Ann, Kathleen, and Elizabeth put on quite a spread!

John and Rita Buckon, Jim and K.T. Conway, Ed and Dorothy Hawkins from the class of ’50 attended. Bill Sweeney ’48 and Myron Wettrich ’45 were on hand as well. Myron “tickled the ivories” of course. Dave seemed to enjoy the festivities.

In a previous column I referred to Ed and Dorothy Hawkins as Calkins in error, a likely bit of dementia per chance, and since Fran Calkins is a ’50 class member, the able editor and staff accepted it. Oh well?

The inauguration of Robert Niehoff, SJ PH.D., was a festive event — countless classes were represented, representatives from a number of Jesuit colleges and universities, not to mention delegates from a number of other colleges and universities. Quite a gathering!

We had the initial Kelley/Ryan “lunch bunch” at Milano’s at West 25th Detroit and it seemed to be well received. The Play House Club was not too convenient for many.

Finis CAB

Summer 2005

At our 55th reunion ‘bash’ Saturday evening, I was able to get some news from those not often seen — 38 classmates and “significant others” seemed to enjoy themselves, but I sure wish Gesu Church would lower the air conditioning level!

Three brave widows of former classmates attended: Jackie Murphy, Helen Sennett and Marilyn Cunin — God love em! I did get some data on Marilyn Cunin’s activities, a pal from St. Louis parish years ago. She remains in the parish yet, and daughter Jane ’83 resides with her and serves as her executive assistant in assisting her in pursuing her various board functions! She’s chair of the Bruening Foundation, John’s former employer we knew as Bearings Inc., on the board of Notre Dame College, and honorary trustee of her long time charity where their handicapped daughter was a patient — Our Lady of the Wayside. With sons out west — John and family in Las Vegas and Tom in Folsom, CA, — she travels to those locations a few times a year. Son Bill is in Nashville, and 14-year old twins number among the five grandchildren.

An honorary class of ’50 member, Jesuit Fr. Frank Lihvar, was here, semi-retired and teaching a “Cicero” class at JCU. He lives at Schell house here at JCU.

Ed and Dorothy Calkins sat with us, as well as Ed’s sister Mary and her retired surgeon husband, Jim Lasch. They too had eight children such as the Calkins, and remain in Cleveland. One child, a daughter, has followed in her father’s medical career and will be at University Hospitals. Ed and Dorothy seem to be getting better, their handicaps not slowing them down!

Lois and Len Terry have left Florida after 25 years and plan to settle in Michigan. They are expecting a sixth grandchild from a daughter who herself is a grandmother! This all happened from a previous marriage as I understand it???? The “cruising” Bob Knotek’s are to be on the Mexican Riviera in October.

Our condolences to the Brett family, classmate John passed away early July. And regrets to the family of classmate Wm. O’Brien who passed away in California.


Spring 2005

The Class of ’50 was well represented at Jim Sennett’s funeral at Gesu just after Pope John Paul II tributes. Jim died on Friday, March 31. Mass was celebrated at Gesu with Bishop Edward Pevec ’56 as the main celebrant. The Bishop was a life-long friend of Jim and a classmate from Latin ’43. Jim had been a partner at Jones Day for 35 years and retired in 1960. The Mass and Shaker Country Club luncheon was filled with Latin, Ignatius, and Carroll alumni and by Saturday luncheon “Mystic Knights” were present en masse: Jim Conway (pallbearer), Jack Reilly (as you recall Reilly was president of our class), Jim Cullen, Ed Hawkins, and John Buckon. The classes of ’48 and ’49 were represented by Julius Sukys, Bill Coyne, Bill Sweeney, Charlie Eder, and others. Charles Byrne was ailing and couldn’t make it!

Conway tells the story that a couple years ago while Sennett and he were visiting Jack Gallagher in Coronado, Sennett threw a golf ball into the Pacific with the comment “that was the only water hole in 40 plus years of golf he didn’t heave a ball into.”

We are planning to make our 55th JCU Reunion, June 17-19, even better. Dr. Ken Callahan has agreed to be our master of ceremonies. His inspirational recollection of the influx of World War II veterans to JCU in 1946 was both fitting and nostalgic.

Even though your Reunion is FREE please mail in the reservation form and indicate which lunches and dinners you will attend. If you have any questions call 1-800-736-2586 and ask for Rosalie Massey.


Winter 2005

At our Cleveland Play House Club luncheon in November, Bob Kirschner, Director of the Annual Fund, spoke of the university needs from a funding standpoint. He is new to JCU, recruited from CWRU in recent months. He is an undergrad from Miami University and secured a master’s from Ohio State. Though a native of the Pittsburgh area, he doesn’t have that unique “o” that defines those natives, having left at a young age. The percentage of alumni support is important in evaluation by those rating colleges, and tuition generally covers 75% of per student cost. Thus, any gift is helpful, and some 17-18% of those enrolled are offered full scholarships. Bob was quite informative!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Sennett at where else but the Green Rd. University Hospitals facility – where one meets MANY friends! Jim looks great, having gained back much of some 50 pounds he had lost along with a few parts! He is his hearty self despite his “close shave.” The sainted Helen was instrumental in pulling him through, and the thousands of prayers sure helped! More on the health front, Ed and Dorothy Hawkins seem to be making progress after suffering setbacks, and Jim Cullen still must carry some oxygen with him, but is circulating!

We extend our sorrow to Rita and John Buckon on the death of their oldest child, Elizabeth O’Brien ’74.

Fred Korey continues to travel to see relatives, he was in Denver for Christmas with a niece.

Hugh Gallagher is working on the JCU golf outing for June 6th at Sleepy Hollow. Fellow correspondent Tom Harrison ’49 is on the committee. Hugh has also received an award from Magnificat for his sterling devotion to them for 35 years.

Tom Lynch’s wife, Margaret, was one of the five in the country to receive a Lifetime Membership in the Ancient Order of Hibernians this year! She has been quite active at the local and state office levels!

2005 represents our 5th graduation party time. You all may have been advised of the same, and a number of us are calling alums to see who among you will be attending. These are ALWAYS great times with former classmates. DO make an effort to attend!

Sadly, I recently learned that Phillip Tripi passed away on January 14.


Summer 2004

At our May Playhouse Club meeting, we had Tom Fanning, JCU admission director, speaking and he gave us some interesting insights as to the task of Admission. Freshman classes seem to be growing, and the female/male numbers are close. The numbers seem to tip into a few more percent for the ladies in recent years. About 85% choose to live on campus, and some 35% of incoming classes are alumni related! JCU has a commendable graduation rate, ranging from 76.2% to 80.7% in recent years. the l graduation rate of ALL colleges is 23%! Miami, Xavier and Ohio State are the big competitors JCU has to contend with. Our magnificent campus is a plus certainly, but it is a struggle to get proper name recognition.

Ed McKenna ’49 lost his wife, Lila Jane, recently to cancer. They were married 53 years, and Ed is left with 4 children and 12 grandchildren. He has a lot of personal things to sort thru too.

Tom Lynch’s daughter Mary, her husband, Paul, and two and five-year-old children have left Pittsburgh for a 2-year stint in Geneva Switzerland for Alcoa. Paul is the human relations officer for a few continents!

In an attempt to do comparison shopping on the subject of slot machines, Bob Lyons and Bettie Boop went to Reno and Lake Tahoe to compare the equipment with that in L.V. (Las Vegas). Bettie Boop had the good fortune to hit the jackpot on a nickel machine for $1,003.00, which translated to 20,060 nickels. Can you imagine trying to get that bagful through security at the Reno airport. Fortunately the payoff was made in 100-dollar bills!

Thirty, CAB

Spring 2004

Through the efforts of the ever talented Pete Bernardo ’67 and staff, the pre-1940 alumni who often lunched at Mr. Z’s but may be joining our Kelly/Ryan group at the Playhouse club the ten months we meet there for lunch. A great number of them were with us in March. Pete gave us much more updates on the university, and the joining of forces faces the reality of the “winnowing of the herd” as the deer say! FACT: as spoken by Bernardo, of the only 94 Chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces three are JCU grads!

There was a misunderstanding of a few servings being charged in error, but “Superman Bernardo” moved right in and successfully adjudicated the issue. Our hero! Ta Da.

The April Playhouse luncheon had Francesco Cesareo from The Institute of Catholic Studies who outlined the program and its vision for Catholic students to carry their faith in the marketplace and their vocations. Some 10% of the student population pursues the program, but somehow it seems that was the thrust of a Jesuit education yonder when we old goats attended???

We lost Ray Walsh to leukemia. Ray was a pleasant lunch regular!

Finis, CAB

Winter 2004

Tom Harrison, class columnist for ’49 informed me some months ago about the golfing feat of ½ foursome of Hugh Gallagher and Jim Cullen’s “modified low put competition” –whatever the hell that means- at the last JCU outing months ago. That was before I learned that Hugh was responsible for the great lighting of his past church, St. Colman’s. It certainly looks super from I-90. Also before Jim Cullen lost a lung too. He is recovering quite well and I am sure he looks forward to returning to the links.

The “Kelley lunch bunch” at the Playhouse Club continues to grow. Bob Zarobell hopes to enlist more members from his class to join us. We “vets” and younger grads of the late ’40s and ’50s are all welcome.

Pete Bernardo ’67 and his female counterparts from Development plugged us in on JCU activities and progress at the November luncheon. Bob Knotek entertained us with his tale of high storms and his Hawaiian cruise some months back. Loss of food and drink from tables for 4-5 days was a repeated routine.

We celebrated the end of ’03 at Charley’s Crab on the 31st. We were fortunate enough to sit near retired JCU French teacher Lucien Aubé and his wife. Some good chatting ensued.


Summer 2003

Tom Lynch has been asked to be our class chairman for the $125 million fund drive now underway.

Jim Cullen reports his granddaughter Colleen Miles has graduated summa cum laude in her humanities studies at St. Mary’s college in Indiana.

Medical breakthrough — Bob Lyons reports he has gout in his left pinky finger! This may have something to do with his constant companion Betty Boop opening up casino in Seneca, NY.

Prudence Lyman advised of the death of her ’50 classmate husband, Reginald T. Lyman, Sr., on February 1 of this year after a long decline from Alzheimer’s.

Finis — CAB

Spring 2003

Don Hilfer is looking for additional retired JCU members who like to golf on Thursdays at any number of courses in the general area. They meet at 2:00 p.m. and have a jolly time. Call him at 216-531-3682 — the group starts in May.

Hugh Gallagher received the annual prestigious Father’s Club award from Magnificat High School for his unstinting work on their behalf. … Lacking too much alumni activity to report, let me share a letter I wrote to the Plain Dealer that will not be published. My “quote” for the year has likely been used up and it’s only February as I type this. “Letters” — Plain Dealer — Hurrah for ethicist Jean Bethke Elshtain and her proposition that “Bush can make moral case for war.” P.D. 2/8/03. Her audience of a number of John Carroll professors against war action, makes one wonder about their (professors) intellectual credentials. As a Marine Corps World War II veteran of the South Pacific, and combat, I detest what I know of war, but question the ethics of those opposing Bush and imputing all sorts of evil reasons for his attitude. ALL of it is supposition of course but Saddam has a heinous track record of evil deeds they patently ignore! These are intellectuals? They appear to be bigoted, fuzzy minded intellectual charlatans!

Finis, CAB

Winter 2003

Ed and Dorothy Hawkins hosted the Sat. “Mystic Knights” luncheon group at their lovely home in South Euclid in recent weeks. Dorothy and three daughters put on a bountiful buffet, and Jim Sennett and Myron Wettrich ’45 demonstrated their piano skills for entertainment. A grand time was had by all.

The well traveled Bob Knotek and wife were at Mt. Rushmore in the summer, and later went to Estonia, Berlin, and Copenhagen before the floods.

John Buckon reports that Fr.Neal will be in Ft. Jackson-Columbia, South Carolina soon.

Fred Korey visited family in the Denver area, and will be back with them for Thanksgiving

Jim Onway, Jim Sennett, and George Knoblauch ’48 and their wives took a 5-ay cruise of the Great Lakes. They had much fun. Finis. Charlie

Summer 2002

The reunion 2002 was a great party, especially for we “50 plus” members who enjoy the party as guests of JCU! Don Hilfer is looking for more golfers to join his current group of “duffers.” Thursdays at 2:00 p.m. is the day and time they play — presuming we have sunshine. They travel to many courses in Lake and Cuyahoga counties in the main. If interested, do call Don at 216-531-3682. There has to be a number of good days left to play.

John McCauley and wife were in from their Florida locale to attend reunion weekend, and visit with daughter Patrice Hulseman ’80, mother of 12 of the McCauley grandchildren numbering 23. The McCauleys enjoyed the Tim Russert ’72 luncheon event a few weeks earlier in Florida.

John Koval had returned from two weeks among the Hawaiian Islands.

Clyde Thomas ’51 was at our table, always a pleasure; Clyde has a store of gags! CAB

Spring 2002

What I failed to say in the last column, about the cook-out many months ago at the Buckon home, was that Fr. Gene Moynihan’s ’48 mass was for the deceased JCU members and that their widows were in attendance too. In keeping with this type of activity both Jack Reilly and Jim Sennett have had lunches and a few libations for these “Mystic Knights” of JCU who still meet for Saturday lunch at Muldoon’s on 185th Street near I-90 for those interested in some conversation.

Taking in a trade show myself in Florida in February, with a few days visiting friends on the West Coast — to see how the other half lives, I realized only upon returning that Jim and Mary Cullen were on Marco Island as we were for one day.

Vegas regular Bob Lyons and pal, Betty Boop, on a recent visit — with astute gambling skills — won a nickel jackpot of 7,661 nickels. You math wizards can translate that into dollars.

John and Rita Buckon’s oldest child, Fr. Neal Buckon ’75, is with Army troops in Saudi Arabia, and has had some unique experiences there. “There was plenty of irony the day we sang Christmas carols across from the largest Islamic university in the world. The Mattawah, who police the practice of Islam, and prevent the practice of any religion other than Islam, are trained here.” Neal speaks of entertainers visiting and mentioned Drew Carey was due soon. The chief of chaplains, a two star General, and a Lutheran minister visited, and Neal was in charge of escorting them about the base.

Neal was fortunate to visit Aviano, an hour North of Venice. He visited the enchanting Venice too. A “treat” in contrast to Saudi Arabia when soldiers are very confining. He mentions the annual visit to Mecca which we have recently read about. CAB