Spring 2011

Last year I decided to spend Christmas in Austin, Texas, where my son, Michael, resides. While there, I decided to call Joe Walker in Plano, which isn’t too far away, to visit him. I arrived in Texas Dec. 18 and called Joe to see if we could get together. My call was a little late because Joe died on the 18th, the day I arrived. Joe was one beautiful guy. His love for John Carroll was deep – always in contact and attending every important reunion. He was known as the guy that cheered loudly, always ringing the school bell. At our 50th reunion, he presented the bell to the school. That voice and bell now are stilled, RIP.

On the third of this month, Charley Eder celebrated his 90th birthday. He’s in robust health, enjoying his life.

Bill (T. Wm.) Kelly is no longer living in Laurel Lake in Hudson, Ohio. I hear he lives in Cincinnati near his son. Bill, 93, is working on 94 and seems to be doing fine.

I heard from Bill Brugeman, who offered his condolence to me about the death of my son, John. The gesture was appreciated deeply.

Congratulations to Neal Buckon ’75, who was named Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese for the Military Services.

This is it. Adios from my new digs in Breckenridge Village in Willoughby, Ohio. I hope all is well.


Julius Sukys

Winter 2010

Julius Sukys

Fall 2010

Julius Sukys

Spring 2010

Although news from our class is slim, here are several items. I attended a surprise birthday party for Charlie Eder. A rather large group was in attendance to celebrate his 89th year. The gentleman looks good!

It’s sad to report that the Saturday lunch group, The Mystic Knights of the Sea, has all but disbanded. The group was made up of John Carroll grads of the classes of 1948 and 1950. Time takes its toll.

Adios, Julius

Winter 2009

It is difficult at times to eulogize people who have been close friends, who were classmates at John Carroll that have passed away. We have lost William H. Coyne, who was one of the most avid members of our class. He was interested in anything “Carroll.” He attended most of the athletic and social events. When called on, he gave of himself in making annual fund telephone calls. He truly was a son of Carroll. He was generous to his school in all ways. A true Irishman he was. Bill and Peg were married for 60 years and together had six children. He will truly be missed.

Andrew (Andy) Foy passed away on Aug. 16 in Louisville, OH. He had been in several endeavors including the steel-related business. He moved to Hawaii for 15 years. He suffered with multiple sclerosis. He was wheelchair bound and died of complications from his long illness. He was married to Mary Merilyn Snyder in 1954. They had six children. She passed away in 1975.

Please remember them in your prayers. Adios, Julius

Summer 2009

Spring greetings! I recently receive news from Bill Brugeman regarding his grandsons, Joe and Matthew Brugeman. The brothers have been awarded commendations by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Navy. Joseph, a petty officer in the navy, served on a submarine, the USS Rhode Island, a ballistic missile nuclear submarine. He received his award in September. His brother, Matthew, received a Purple Heart for injuries sustained against the enemy in Iraq. He was hospitalized for a long period but now has returned to duty. Congratulations to both brothers. We are proud of them.

Our classmate John K. Gallagher passed away on Feb. 11, 2009, at 84. He had worked for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. He lived in Logan, OH, then moved to LaGrange, IL. He had a passion for basketball and played at Cuyahoga Falls High School and then at John Carroll. He was in the army and served in the Pacific Theater. He returned to JCU and graduated with us in 1948. He is survived by his wife and three sons.

I recently visited Bill Coyne, one of JCU’s finest. He broke his hip and femur. He is battling back but it’s a tough grind. Please remember him in your prayers.

Julius Sukys (I know him) was fortunate to spend the winter months in California – very fortunate to miss the brutal winter in Cleveland. Adios, and hopefully there will be news in the next issue. J.P.S.

Winter 2008

Hopefully, someday I will receive good news but unfortunately there is more sad news to report. I received a call from “Dolly” Codol to inform me that Chuck Codol passed away on September 2. He was living near Anaheim, CA, having moved there from San Antonio, TX, not too long ago. I hadn’t seem him since the 50th Reunion. Apparently he was plagued with illness for at least the last five years. Naturally we will miss him as he joins his ’48ers that have gone before him.

That is the news for this issue. Julius

Fall 2008

It is always difficult to write about a classmate that has passed away. Unfortunately, Bill Sweeney left us on June 20, the date of the alumni Reunion Weekend. Bill achieved success in the business world, as a combat dogface soldier, and he received the Bronze Star for valor He was a successful businessman, developing a large insurance firm. Over the years, one of his greatest interests was John Carroll. He loved the school and was always concerned with Carroll’s enrollment, finances and curriculum. He was genuinely uplifted by the school’s achievements in football, basketball, etc. Bill was interred next to his wife Mary Ann and son John.

Reunion is a wonderful event. For our class it started on Friday, June 20, and the following day with a beautiful Mass and ceremony followed by cocktails, dinner and dancing in the Dolan Science Center Muldoon Atrium. Sunday, a send off with a great breakfast. In attendance were Texas Joe Walker his wife, Nora, and daughter Mary. “Casey at the Bat” Bill Brugeman, Toledo Bill Claus with wife Marjorie. Also in attendance were Francis Hogan and wife Rosemarie, Jack Quinlan and wife Catherine. Dr. Bill Duhigg and Julius Sukys and friend. Bill Coyne and Charlie Eder were unable to attend because of illnesses.

I had an opportunity to visit Bill Kelly at beautiful Laurel Lake Retirement Community in Hudson, OH.

Best wishes to all. Adios, J.P.S.

Summer 2008

This is written in April and as of this date I know of a few alums who will be attending our 60th Reunion. Joe Walker is planning to attend. Joe lives in Plano, Texas. During the Christmas season he suffered a major heart attack. Thank God he recovered. He is such an avid fan of John Carroll. It will be great to see him.

Bill Brugeman of Corapeake, NC, also plans on attending. He may come on horseback. He takes care of his horses as well as others.

I’ve been trying to reach Chuck Codol. His last address that I had was San Antonio but I understand he’s moved to Anaheim, CA. His last appearance at John Carroll was at our 50th Reunion. It would be great to see him again.

I’m sure Bill Claus will be here from Toledo, OH. Others attending at this time are Bill Duhigg, Charlie Eder, Frank Hogan, Dan Hurley, Bill Kelly, Maury Logsdon, Andy Piccuta, Jack Quinlan, Bill Sweeney, Bill Coyne, and yours truly.

This is all there is. Adios, J.P.S.

Spring 2008

A brief note to all from the class of 1948 – our 60th Reunion from John Carroll University will take place June 20-22, 2008. Why not make plans to attend the Mass at the Church of the Gesu and the Saturday evening reception and dinner. It will be a great opportunity to renew friendships.

Send me news and I’ll have them printed! Julius

Fall 2007

I received a call recently from Emma Sexton informing me that Frank Sexton had passed away as a result of Alzheimer’s Disease. Frank was an active alumnus and an accomplished golfer. In his lifetime Frank accomplished the great feat of scoring four holes in one! Rest in peace Frank.

Charley Eder is planning a trip to Fiji. During the big War he was sent there for R&R. He was in the Pacific area with a rifle company.

John Kelly brought his dad, Bill Kelly, to our Saturday luncheon group. Jim Conway ’50 is arranging transportation for the group to visit Bill at his new digs at Laurel Lake in Hudson, OH.

Joe Walker has visited the islands and Puerto Rico. I think he’s a scout for the Texas Rangers.

Eugene Moynihan is back in the infirmary at the Josephite Monastery in Baltimore, MD.

Keep in mind 2008 is our 60th anniversary! A Dios, Julius

Summer 2007

It is always heartening to hear from an alum that we haven’t heard from. Charles Tucker informed us that he is living in San Diego, CA, and is a retired teacher of math and computers. He is married to Therese (Murphy). They have eight children, 16 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. It’s good to hear from you, Chuck. If you care to reach him call 619.282.8714.

Attended the Saturday evening celebration Reunion Weekend. There was one other attendee from our class, Francis Hogan and his lovely wife, Rosemarie.

Bill Brugeman has retuned from Spain where he viewed the “Lipizzaner Stallions” and their fabulous show. Bill is into horseflesh!

Until next time – adios, J.P.S.

Spring 2007

And it happens again

Death has taken one of the most illustrious members of the class of ’48. Ed Muldoon passed away recently at his home at Coto DeCaza, CA. Ed had his roots in Cleveland – attending Cathedral Latin School and then attending John Carroll University. After graduating, Ed worked and eventually becoming CEO of a Cleveland company and then on to California to conquer the West. Ed was genuine in giving to non-profit entities and especially to Carroll. The university named the Dolan Science Center atrium in his honor – Edward M. and Ann Muldoon Atrium. He will always be missed with his gregarious demeanor and wonderful sense of humor. He leaves his wife, Ann, and four children. We will always remember him. Adios old friend, R.I.P.


Winter 2007

It is apparent that the “Greatest Generation” is taking a hit. It is reflected in the number of the class of ’48 that have left us. It seems that our class has been hit rather hard but those of us remaining are perking along.

Fortunately, I have the opportunity to see members of our class that live in Cleveland — Charlie Eder, Bill Sweeny, Bill Coyne, Jack Quinlan I see quite often. In fact, Quinlan, Sweeney and I work out three times a week at a cardiac rehab facility in downtown Cleveland. I saw Dr. Bill Duhigg and his wife, Mary, at a luncheon at Nighttown.

Bill Kelly called during the holidays and is enjoying retirement at Laurel Lake in Hudson, OH.

Andy Foy is in assisted living in Louisville, OH.

Fr. Gene Moynihan is out of the infirmary at the Josephine Monastery in Baltimore, MD.

Bill Brugeman called several times from his home in North Carolina during my recent stay in the hospital. Bill is always upbeat with a great outlook.

Haven’t heard form Dan Hurley in years but brother Ed ’43 has informed me that he is doing well living on the West Side of Cleveland. Ed Muldoon and wife Ann are doing well at their home in Coto DeCaza in California.

Bert Ross is in a nursing home near his children in California.

Joe Walker is planning or is now on a cruise in the Adriatic.

Bill Claus and wife Marjorie are kicking up their heels in Toledo.

Haven’t heard from Chuck Codol for along time – hope everything is going well for him.

That’s it – Adios, J.P.S.

Fall 2006

It’s become difficult to be creative and write about nothing – so please, please send me news so we have an interesting class column! You can call me or e-mail to the university and they’ll send it on to me.

Hope you have a blessed Christmas season. Julius

Summer 2006

The Saturday lunch group was pleasantly surprised with the sudden entrance of Bill Kelly into our midst. Bill has been away for many years and has moved to Laurel Lake, a retirement community in Hudson, Ohio. Prior to this move he lived in Milwaukee, Chautauqua, NY, Maui in the Hawaiian Islands and then on to Florida. We’re happy to have him with us again.

There is no news of any consequence from classmates – so let’s try to drum some up! Whatever happened to George Smith of Littleton, Colorado. We haven’t heard from you in a long time!

Adios – JPS

Spring 2006

Hope to see you at the Saturday night dinner, Reunion Weekend, June 23-25. It’s always a good time. Send news! Julius

Winter 2006

In the posh surroundings of a famed eatery and saloon located in the Greater Cleveland area, between eight and 12 gentlemen, alumni of JCU for over 50 years, gather and discuss varied subjects running the range of politics, religion, sporting events, humor and the ridiculous. Amid clinking glasses, other diners’ chatter, and faulty hearing aids the meeting begins. This has been going on for 25 years. Originally the group met on Friday at noon, but in retirement they now meet on Saturday at noon. Originally they were known as “The Mystic Knights of the Sea.” The astute membership now includes Jim Conway ’50, John Buckon ’50, Jack Reilly ’50, Jim Cullen ’50, Ed Hawkins ’50, Myron Wettrich ’45, Bill Coyne, Charlie Eder, Bill Sweeney, and Julius Sukys. Jim Mason ’60 has requested a leave of absence and it was granted. On occasion Charlie Byrne ’50 and Jack McKenna ’49 are permitted to attend on a probationary basis. Of the original Group, Jack Aylward ’49, Frank Roche ’51, “Skinny” Dugan, George Knoblauch ’48, Jim Sennett ’50, Bill Kiernan ’51 have passed into the blessedness of eternity.

Here are interesting statistics furnished by the alumni office. Our original class numbered 173. There are 78 remaining. Of this number there are 13 with no known address, 28 live outside of the state of Ohio, and 28 reside in Ohio. The ranks are dwindling. My advice – keep breathing!

Adios ‘til next time. J.P.S.

Fall 2005

I was honored to be selected to march in the robed processional representing the class of ’48 to the ceremony installing Fr. Niehoff as the new president of John Carroll University. Since my association with JCU starting in 1942, there have been 10 presidents: Fr. Donnelly, Fr. Welfle, Fr. Dunn, Fr. Schell, Fr. Birkenhauer, Fr. O’Malley, Fr. Lavelle, Fr. Shea, Fr. Glynn and now Fr. Niehoff. My only regret was that I was the only ’48 alum in attendance.

In the news – Gale and Bill Brugeman were featured in a medical magazine regarding their transition from city life to the rural life on a working farm in North Carolina. They work the farm for at least 12 hours and are happy doing the strenuous work of farming.

Jack Quinlan and wife Catherine have been traveling quite extensively — Las Vegas, Florida, St. Louis, Lake of the Ozark, and Pennsylvania have been their destinations.

Bill Sweeney is recovering from a viral infection that laid him low for a month.

Fr. Eugene Moynihan is seriously ill and is in the infirmary at his seminary in Baltimore MD. Please remember him.

Bert Ross is in a convalescent facility in California.

Please send some news! Adios, JPS

Summer 2005

Congratulations to Peg and Bill Coyne on their 57th wedding anniversary. They partied with lots of family who came in from all around the country.

Jim Conway ’50 was visiting in San Diego and had along and meaningful conversation with Ed Muldoon. He seems to be holding his own and gives us all his best wishes.

Dr. Bill Duhigg and wife, Mary, are spending the summer at their home on Middle Bass Island at Sandusky Bay. This is their 30th year there.

Charlie Eder recently spent a glorious weekend white water rafting in West Virginia.

Bill Sweeney visited Andy Foy in Louisville, OH. Andy spends his days in a wheel chair dutifully assisted by his dog, a beautiful golden retriever.

Fr. Gene Moynihan is in hospice care at the seminary infirmary in Baltimore, MD. Please remember him in your prayers.

Bill Brugeman was in town recently to celebrate his sister-in-law’s 80th birthday. Bill looks great — living the good life on the farm in North Carolina.

Saw Frank Hogan and Rosemarie at Reunion Weekend. Jack and Catherine Quinlan were also in attendance.

that’s all I have. Until next time adios! J.P.S.

Spring 2005

I recently received a call from Merrill Otterman requesting information concerning Bill Otterman who was mentioned in the last column. This name of Bill was an error — there is no Bill Otterman that I know of. It was interesting to learn that Merrill was a V-12 student at Carroll and was here for four months. He eventually graduated from the University of Louisville. He is now a semi-retired attorney in Kokomo, IN. He still has fond memories of his time here and is very much interested in John Carroll.

Heard news of Bob Munley who lives in Venice, FL, from Paul Bohn ’49. He says everything is well and has been the editor of his church bulletin for many years.

We are saddened by the death of Dan McDonnell and Jim Sennett ’50.

Adios until next time. Julius

Winter 2005

Once again a prominent member of the “Greatest Generation” has passed away. George Knoblauch died on January 9, three days short of his 81st birthday. George was deeply involved in John Carroll affairs. He chaired all of our reunions, making them memorable events. Early on, he became president of the alumni board. He was also chaplain of The Mystic Knights of the Sea. He will be sorely missed by all of us of that generation. He is survived by his wife, Margaret (Maggie) and three children. In attendance at the funeral were Bill Duhigg, Bill Sweeney¸ Charlie Eder, Bill Coyne, Julius Sukys, Bill Claus of Toldeo, Bill Brugeman of North Carolina, Dan McDonnell and Larry McGinley ’49 of Omaha, NE.

Ed Muldoon called from his home in California, his health is improving.

Joe Walker called regarding George and he is doing very well and is involved with the Opus Dei program with his son. He would like to hear from some of our group with happy news. We have had enough bad news.

We are still curious about classmates we have not heard from including Bob Munley, Ted Murphy, Ed Nolan, Joseph Osborne, Bill Otterman, Andy Piccuta, Bernard Rink, and Cas (Rutt) Rutkowski. We would like to hear from you with good news (or bad.)

Until next time – adios Julius and Charley

Summer 2004

Like the veterans of World War II, the class of ’48 is dwindling too. Many of the ’48ers and vets are one and the same. But that was then and this is now.

Recently, birthdays of 80 have been reached by few: George Knoblauch, Andy Foy, Julius Sukys, and Bill Sweeney, just to name three. So, a tip-of-the hat and congratulations too to our classmates of ’48 — the men of the Great Generation.

Bill Brugeman has moved again. He now has acreage for his herd of horses.

Frank Hogan and his wife, Rosemarie, spend most of their time on their 60 acre spread in Concord, OH.

Joe Walker is again on a cruise somewhere.

We were saddened to hear of the deaths of classmates Walt Kiewel, John Bevington, John Gaffney, and Bob Walters.

We’re curious about classmates we haven’t heard from in years, such as; John Bower, Chuck Codol, Jim Donnelly, John Duffy, Don Egan, Tom Gallagher, Jim Masterson, Tom McCann, Bill Mosholder, and Bob Munley. More to follow in next issue. We would like to hear from you.

Until next time adios, C.E. & J.P.S.

Winter 2004

As it must to all death came to Jack Cooper on January 16. Jack was a dedicated and fervent alumnus who worked diligently for his alma mater especially in the field of athletics. Lobbying for years for the original stadium, he also chaired numerous Duffers Days. Jack was the only correspondent for the class of ’48 but relinquished the title a year ago. Rest In Peace.

Doug Bookwalter ’60, former V.P. at JCU passed away recently, he was an occasional visitor to the Saturday lunch group and regaled us with interesting tales. He is sorely missed as an icon at JCU.

The annual “snow bird” flights are in full swing and Bill Coyne is following the crowd to Florida. Talking about Florida, Bill Kelly has moved there from his home in Maui, HI — he now lives in Hudson, FL.

It was a beautiful and exciting weekend but unfortunately on 14 members of the class of ’48 attended the 55th reunion – Bill Brugeman, Bill Claus, Jack Cooper, Bill Coyne, Bill Duhigg, Charlie Eder, Russell Hubbard, Bill Mosholder, Bob Munley, Jack Quinlan, George Knoblauck, Maury Logsdon, Frank Sexton, and Julius Sukys.

According to Jim Conway ’50, who visited him recently, Ed Muldoon is recovering and coming along well. He just celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary with his lovely wife, Ann. George Knoblauck is recovering from a broken leg and Bill Sweeney had hip surgery. Let’s remember all of our classmates with a prayer.

That’s it – until next time. Adios, JPS

Summer 2003

Congratulations to Bill Sweeney, who was awarded the John Carroll Alumni Medal. Well deserved! Bill has championed JCU causes, especially when they were discussed at the University Heights City Council and Zoning Board meetings. He is and has been an active supporter and generous contributor to his alma mater. He underwent hip surgery May 30th and will be on the mend for a few months. To see pictures and hear brief audio segments of the 2003 Alumni Awards dinner visit http://www.jcu.edu/alumni/news/awards03.htm

Talked to Ed Muldoon recently. He is recovering from medical problems but hopes to return to JCU for the dedication of the science building in September.

Happy to see Bill Brugeman at the reunion. He is in the process of moving to Virginia from Myrtle Beach.

Bill Coyne and Peg keep busy visiting their sons and daughters in Massachusetts, North Carolina and parts of Ohio.

George Knoblauch has been traveling to Georgia and Myrtle Beach in addition to taking a Great Lakes cruise.

Julius Sukys was elected to the Cathedral Latin Hall of Fame earlier this year.

We enjoyed seeing classmates at the 55th reunion in June including Bill Claus from Toledo.

Bill Kelly has moved to new digs on the island of Maui in Hawaii.

On a sad note, we must tell you that Jack Siefert passed away on May 31.

The classes of ’48 and ’50 are well represented at the weekly luncheons at Muldoon’s Eatery and Saloon.

Finally, some as yet unidentified classmates have been indicted in Ohio, New York State and Puerto Rico for corporate fraud, theft and abuse of power in regard to weapons trading, insurances scams and cheating at Vegas and on their wives. These classmates are cads. It is our hope and prayer that they courts throw the book at them (whatever book they want- just so it is big and heavy.)

Adios till next time, Julius and Charley

Spring 2003

Class of ’48 is having it’s 55th Reunion on June 12. We need each and every one of you. For more information please call Julius Sukys at 440.646.1910. See you at JCU!

Winter 2003

Plan on attending your reunion. You will be guests of the university. Anyone interested in being on the committee should call Rosalie Massey at 216.397.3014 or e-mail her at rmassey@jcu.edu. See you at our 55th!

Spring 2002

March first has arrived, which pleases me. It has been a rough winter for our family. We are getting better, but they increased my insulin.

We attended the Blue-Gold Club reverse raffle at Villa di Borally, with Ed and Lila Jane McKenna ’49. It was a popular night — but no, we did not win. The band played on and we danced. Saw Fr. Glynn and I told him my next donation will be for the athletic field. Yes! New athletic facilities on the horizon. We need over 250 thousand dollars to complete the ten thousand-fan stadium. This July new Astro-Turf will be replacing the old turf and the new stadium will be used by the soccer and football teams.

Incoming alumnus, William Mosholder is moving here from Wilmington, DE. Welcome aboard William.

Enjoyed actress Carol Starre-Kmiecik’s portrayal of Amelia Earhart at the December 7th meeting of the TGIF club. I was impressed by the fact that Amelia did much of her flying alone. Also enjoying the performance were: Chuck Allanson, Al Zippert ’49, Ed Hurley ’43, Don McDonald ’44, Bob VandeMotter ’43, Bill Muth ’36, Paul Bohn ’49, Bruce Thompson ’43, John Buckon ’50, Jim Cullen ’50, Bill Coyne, John Drain ’37, Don Hilfer ’50 and many other friends.

Another event enjoyed by many was the January 4th TGIF meeting with featured speaker Chico Kyle ’73, head football coach of the 2001 State Champion St. Igantius football team. Among the attendees were many friends of JCU including — Charlie Eder, George Blatt, Chip McDonald, Bill Sweeney, John Chambers ’50, Bill Monroe ’49, Dick Kilfoyle ’54, Bob Knotek ’50, Armand Pucci ’60, Chuck Ely ’50, Norman Fuerst ’49, Don FitzGerald ’51, Jim Sennett ’50, Chick Lauer, Joe Curran, Jack Reilly ’50, Hugh Maher ’56, Jack Bertsch ’53, Dave Hackman ’49, Myron Wettrich ’45, Med Nolan ’40, and Jim Nolan ’43.

Regards, Jack