Editor’s note: We’re saddened to hear of the passing of Ed Cunneen. We thank him for his years of service to John Carroll and the class of ’47 as columnist. We extend our condolences to Ed’s family. May he rest in peace.

Fall 2012


Ed Cunneen

Summer 2012


Greetings. I’ve been reflecting on the extraordinary efforts of our classmates in World War II. There are few around to write about (I’ll be 90 next year). If, by chance, a member of the original class of ’45 has something to write about, let me know, and I’ll try to write a piece that recognizes his accomplishments. Some class reps are more aggressive when seeking their fellow classmates. Throughout the years, I tried, but many ’45 class members are deceased or aren’t able to relate to those busy years. Good luck to all our brethren. Contact me if you have news, and God protect those in ’45 who are still alive.


Ed Cunneen

Spring 2012


Ed Cunneen

Spring 2011

Ed Cunneen

Winter 2010

Ed Cunneen

Fall 2010

Ed Cunneen

Summer 2009

Thank you, Frank O’Reilly. You won my ’47 award for responding to my plea for class members to write or call to tell me how they’re doing. I haven’t selected a prize yet but I’ll buy you a “pop” at the Reunion. I really enjoyed our conversation recalling the better days. I’m glad that you are still “hanging in there.” Maybe since you set the example, a few others from our class of ’47 will give me a call or drop me a note about their lives today. Don’t forget the June 20 Reunion dinner. I’ll try to catch you all there. Ed

Spring 2009

Happy New Year to you. I want to share my New Year’s wish

I wish that anyone/someone from the Class of 1947 would call me or drop me a note just to prove that there really were graduates from John Carroll that year! Ed

Spring 2008

Editor’s correction:

We send an apology to Frank Sexton, class of 1947, who was incorrectly mentioned as having passed away in the last class of ’48 column. We send our sympathy and prayers to the family and class of 1948 members and friends of Francis Sexton ’48 on his passing.

Fall 2007

We just received information that Richard “Dick” Schoen of the original class of ’45 passed away recently. “Dick loved John Carroll and was always supportive of John Carroll’s student activities” said his wife, Jeanne. He leaves behind a large family, probably the largest of any in his class. Surviving Dick are wife Jeanne; sons Greg, Bill, Bob, Fritz, Tom, Dan and Jeff; daughters Mary Beth, Corey Bracken, Janet Adams, Ellen Breininger, Anne Eddingfield, Kate Kelly and Julie Dunsmore; stepsons Bob, Pat, Dan, Steve, Mike, and Richard Hylant; stepdaughters Sandra, and Jeanne Hylant; sisters, Pat Schoen Smith and Peggy Schoen Wheeler. And then the grands and greats — 58 grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; 20 step-grandchildren; and three step-great-grandchildren! The Toledo, Ohio, family also provided a Carroll education with Schoen graduates from the classes of 1970, 1976, and 1977! How about those numbers for a renowned Carroll graduate!

In other news, your columnist has been appointed for a second time as operations director for the 2009 United States Figure Skating Championships to be held in Cleveland at the “Q,” January 18 to 25, 2009. This event was held in Cleveland in 2000 and was the most successful event produced in the USFSG Nationals. The committee would be interested in talking to any graduate regarding volunteering for the National Championships Committee. Contact Ed Cunneen or call 216.622.6000 in Cleveland for more information. Take care, Ed

Summer 2007

For those of you who don’t have e-mail and do not receive John Carroll’s e-News, you might not be aware that I am looking for someone to take over the column. I think it’s time to pass the pen to someone who might have a new link to the news for our class. If you are interested in writing four columns a year, give me a call or call Michele McFarland at the university 216.397.4321 or journal@jcu.edu. God bless and volunteer! Ed

Spring 2007

I would like to “invite” members of the classes of ’45 and ’47 to make a supreme effort to spend a moment or two at Reunion, June 22-24. Classmates from both years are becoming more scarce, so give it a try you guys and ladies and say hello to everyone.

Also for all those with over 50 years since graduation, you are encouraged to join in the ceremonial graduation “march” in honor of the Class of 2007.

My current “employment and hobby” is project managing the “gas well” drilling at Canterbury Country Club. I’m not an engineer but a “peddler” by trade. You tell me how I got that job!


Fall 2006

Didn’t receive any news from the class of ’47 so there isn’t any news. I do want to encourage you to put Reunion Weekend, June 22-24, 2007 on your calendar – our 60th!

Drop me a line with some news.


The university received a copy of the Canterbury Crier which has a nice piece about Ed

Ed Cunneen a Canterbury member for 37 years was honored at the Member Appreciation Party on August 27. Club president, Kevin Mackay presented the award in recognition for Ed’s years of service to the Club. Ed has dedicated thousands of hours over the years to various projects and events from the 1973 PGA Championship and all the major golf tournaments that the Club has hosted since. He has also served on many committees including the board of directors and most recently headed the gas well project. Congratulations Ed, Canterbury is very proud to have a gentleman like you among its members.” Congratulations from JCU, Ed.

Summer 2006

Jim Coviello ’51 volunteered at the 100th Ohio Amateur Golf Championship held the week of July 10 at Canterbury, and for the whole week too! Many thanks for the assist Jim.

Send notes about yourself and I’ll write about you. Ed

Spring 2006

Maybe no news is good news – but not fun to read! I try but tough to get any response from ’47

Drop me a note or call. Ed

Spring 2005

Hey! Classmates of ’47 – I’m looking to hear from anyone from ‘47 that is planning to attend the REUNION this summer. I’m sure that somewhere out there in ’47land there must be a few “old soldiers” that would enjoy downing a pint or two and remember the good old days. Drop us a note and let us know you are on the way.


Winter 2005

Hi there! all you folks from ’47 — this year is our 60th anniversary of our graduation and we need to celebrate the occasion.

Send me an idea or two on how you would like to be recognized! Call me, e-mail me or just send a postcard with your ideas and we’ll see what we can put together this summer at the Reunion. C’mon now! You’re only as old as you want to be so here’s a chance to let us know something about yourselves and some ideas on how to celebrate. No budget yet, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! Send news and ideas!

See you at Reunion! Ed

Spring 2004

The time has come to fill the shoes of our class scribe, Bill Dempsey. The opportunity to record the activities of our class as well as Bill did is a daunting assignment but one that I felt I could volunteer for in his honor. But a job like this requires a lot of help and that’s where you, the members of the ’47 group can help. I need to hear from you — What’s happening? Where are you now? Any additions or — God forbid — any deaths? Please let me know and I’ll do my best to keep the torch lit for the Class of ’47.


Summer 2003

Last Column by Bill Dempsey

Talked to Dr. James Nousek who is still active at the Cleveland Clinic ophthalmology department on a volunteer basis.

I kidded Bill Bennett about his name-sake’s gambling losses and he said that the hotel supply business he owned didn’t generate that much money.

Helen and Bob McConville came back from Naples, Florida as soon as the snow left and he went right back to the office.

John Wilson is still out there selling every day.

Ed Cunneen and I attended the JCU graduation and marched as our class reps. You always see someone at this mini-reunion that you haven’t seen for awhile. “Try it – you’ll like it.”

Stay well and let me hear from you. Bill

Spring 2003

The weather and Mary Lou’s broken hip have kept Ed Cunneen close to home. … Joe Zingales is doing fine on his own after heart problems. … Jim Tafelski reports he has sold his insurance business and retired completely. … Dick Schoen got a Toledo group to come to the Division III Carroll — Mt. Union football game. … April and Leo Corr ’43 came for lunch and are looking forward to his 60-year Reunion June 12-15. … Let me hear from you! Stay well … Bill

Winter 2003

Ed Cunneen and I talked to most of you (or your answering machines) in the spring about our 55th Reunion. All went well thanks to the great alumni staff. Ed Cunneen missed the reunion dinner because he was being honored by “The Retired Service Program” (RSVP) for his many years of service. He initiated the “Books for Kids” programs.

Tom (Tip) Conry wrote his regrets from Santa Clara, California. He could not make our reunion.

Stay well and let me hear from you, Bill

Spring 2002

Our 55th class reunion is this June 14-16. I have called some of you asking for ideas for a get-together during the weekend. My suggestions for a row boat Regatta at Shaker Lakes or a skate board race around Fairmount Circle did not rate much enthusiasm but did get a laugh from Ed Reilly, Tom Wetzel, and Emery Brandich.

Ed Cunneen and John Wilson said they would think about an event. Ed Hurley ’43 said he keeps busy with his children, grandchildren, and some volunteering. Dick Schoen who had five children attend JCU now has four grandchildren at JCU.

April and Leo Corr ’43 came by in a big Lincoln and when my neighbor saw the demo car with the sticker in the window, he thought I bought a new car and come over to see it. My neighbor ended up buying the car from Leo’s son, Christopher, who has an agency in Antigo, WI. Leo ended up at the auto auction in Akron buying a car to take back to Wisconsin.

Stay Well — let me hear from you and remember the annual fund for JCU. Bill