Spring 2017
I have become the scribe for the classes 1944 through 1947 and would greatly appreciate any information about the alumni listed in this column. Then I can try to contact them and post news so everyone can be brought up-to-date.

The last member of the original class of ’44 I had contact with was Dr. Bob Colopy, who lives with his daughter, Mary Ann, in Mentor, Ohio. Bob graduated from Saint Louis University May 7, 1947. He married Margaret Cannon of Painesville, Ohio, and started his medical practice there. If you’re reading this column, and you can let me know how I can contact the following class members from 1944 to 1947, I’d be grateful. I can be reached on my two phones, or you can send a note in the mail: 216-912- 8179 or 216-744-5442, Don McDonald 3440 S. Green Rd. Apt 102, Beachwood, Ohio 44122.

These are the folks I’m aware of: Class of ’44: Dr. William Dwyer, William Ennen, Fr. Vincent Hagarman, William Karoly, Dr. John Kralik, and Dr. Joseph Stolla. Class of ’45: John Farley, Ed Hespen, Donald Johnson, John Kmieck, Albin Orehek, John Piggins, and Dr. Eugene Schmitt. Class of ’46: Lawrence Bidlack, Dr. Charles Janda, Oliver Schneider, and Dr. Thomas Stratford. Class of ’47: Emery Brandich, Earl Byers, Paul Fritzsche, John Hayes, George Leicht, Robert Reidenbach, and Dr. Thomas Sikora.

I thank you for your assistance.


Don McDonald

Winter 2015
I talked to Dottie and Harry Badger about who they remember from ’44 at John Carroll, and they talked about Chester Cudnick, who was ordained a priest in the late ’40s and married them in the early ’50s. Dr. Bob Colopy remembered Bill Mulligan, Cliff Duffner ’47, Joe Tulley ’43, Bob Dickey, Joe Barron, Ed O’Connor, Pete Kamirk, Jack Lavelle, Warren Hayes, and Gordon Fahey. More names will appear in future columns. Dr. Don Colburn, Pete Diemer, and Bruce Thompson ’43 were mentioned as members of the class of ’43.

If you have any other remembrances, call me at 216-751-5119 or on my cell phone at 216-744-5442. Until next time, stay well, and God bless.


Don McDonald

Fall 2014

I talked to Dottie and Harry Badger about who they remember from ’44 at John Carroll, and they talked about Chester Cudnick, who was ordained a priest in the late ’40s and married them in the early ’50s. Dr. Bob Colopy remembered Bill Mulligan, Cliff Duffner ’47, Joe Tulley ’43, Bob Dickey, Joe Barron, Ed O’Connor, Pete Kamirk, Jack Lavelle, Warren Hayes, and Gordon Fahey. More names will appear in future columns. Dr. Don Colburn, Pete Diemer, and Bruce Thompson ’43 were mentioned as members of the class of ’43.

If you have any other remembrances, call me at 216-751-5119 or on my cell phone at 216-744-5442. Until next time, stay well, and God bless.


Don McDonald

Spring 2014

The most important event coming this year is alumni reunion weekend June 13-15. For us old alums, there won’t be many more, so it would be great to see people from our class other than Dr. Bob Colopy, Harry Badger, and Old McDonald. Call me so we can set up special meetings. This year makes our class 70 years old. We can have fun talking about the good old days. Remember the three most valuable gifts from our Lord: faith, family, and friends. Don

Don McDonald

Winter 2014

My faithful old friends Bob Colopy and Harry Badger are still available to talk about the old days and the here and now. They’re doing well, all things considered. Bob lives in Mentor, Ohio, with his daughter, Mary Ann. Harry is in Cleveland with his wife, Dottie. Bruce Thompson ’43 passed away a few months ago. His wife, Mary Ruth (Miller), is still in Gesu Parish. Larry Kelley ’36 attended the last Gold Streaks luncheon and is doing well at a ripe old age. Not many of the class of ’44 are still around. Bob Dickey died in a plane crash over the North Sea in WW II; Leo Frantz ’43 left us in 2001; and Cliff Duffner ’47 died in service to his country in the Korean War. We’ll mention others in the class of ’43 who were joined by many from the class of ’44 who took extra classes and graduated in ’43. Tom O’Brien, another old friend, died in 2009. Bill Ennen is still around, but his twin brother, Bob, died years ago.

If anyone needs or has information about class members of ’43 and ’44, they should call me or drop me a line. Until next time, good luck. I still see Don Coburn ’43 at Gesu often.


Don McDonald

Fall 2013
Dr. Bob Colopy is still on the mend after his fall. I couldn’t reach him on the phone, but I’ll keep trying. Harry Badger and I had a great telephone conversation, and I must say Harry and Dottie still have great outlooks on life, even with their health problems and the accident that seriously injured their son. He was hurt in the collapse of a bridge in Cleveland. Remember them in your prayers. Let’s have good news next column.


Don McDonald

Summer 2013
Harry Badger has recovered after a bout of illness. Dottie and Harry attended the reunion Mass and dinner Saturday, June 15, 2013. Grace and I weren’t able to attend.

Bob Colopy is still on the mend from the broken hip he sustained several months ago.

Any members of the class of ’44 who read this column are requested to send me a note through Cheri Slattery at 216-397-3050. There weren’t many of us in the beginning, and our number has shrunk significantly during the past few years.


Don McDonald

Spring 2013
Bob Colopy had been in Lake Health’s West Medical Center in Willoughby, Ohio, after falling and breaking a hip. I visited Bob once on March 4, but because he was on heavy medication, he slept through my visit. Bob’s 91st birthday was March 5, and he celebrated in the hospital with his family. Bob, as you probably already know, was an outstanding doctor in the Painesville area, practicing in the OB-GYN field of medicine. He also was active in St. Mary’s church since 1953. The Lake County Physician of the Year in 1984, Bob is now home and improving every day.

Another member of the class, Harry Badger, has been battling high blood pressure but seems to be doing fair. Let’s keep him in our prayers along with his dear wife, Pattie.

Until next time, God bless.


Don McDonald

Winter 2013
We hope everyone had a great Christmas and wish you a wonderful 2013. If Washington, D.C., just gets out of our way, it might help.

Last contacts were with Bob Colopy and Harry Badger. The alumni office has given us an up-to-date list of the class of ’44 members who are still living. Right after the New Year, we’ll try contacting them by phone. There are great alumni get-togethers coming up, so try to attend some of them. The dates of the 2013 Gold Streaks luncheons are March 20 and April 17. Call Sue Lender at 216-397-4336 to register.


Don McDonald

Fall 2012
Cheri Slattery is sending me an updated list of living members of the class of ’44. Any member of our class reading this column, please send me your address and phone number. It would be helpful until I receive the new list.

I’m still in contact with Dr. Bob Colopy and Harry Badger.

I had a call from Jack, who’s an undergraduate at Carroll, thanking me for my donation to the Carroll Fund. He has received help in paying his tuition from the fund. That help has made his attendance at Carroll possible.

If at all possible, get to the Gold Streaks luncheons on Wednesdays at noon in the Dolan Science Center. You’ll be kept informed about what’s going on at your alma mater. The last luncheon was scheduled for Nov. 7. If you’re not receiving the schedule by mail, give the alumni office a call (216-397-4336), and it will send you the notices.

Stay well and God bless.


Don McDonald

Summer 2012
Dr. Bob Colopy lives with his daughter, Mary Ann, in Mentor, Ohio. During his 50-year medical career, Bob delivered more than 6,000 babies at many hospitals in the Painesville, Ohio, area. On March 4, his family had a 90th surprise birthday party for him at Hellriegel’s Restaurant. Grace and I were unable to join the 100 who did. Bob’s wife, Margaret (Cannon), died some time ago.

Dottie and Harry Badger attended this year’s reunion, June 15-17. We hoped to sit with them at dinner this year. Harry had a serious medical procedure earlier this year. Thankfully, he’s feeling great.

I received a photograph, which was taken at the 2004 reunion, from Pech’s Photography. Four of the people in the photo are still on Earth, but Marty Franey died some time ago, and I received the bad news from Louise that Tony Palermo died April 7, 2011. They were two really nice men. I want to update our list of living members of our class. The list I’ve been working with is dated May 13, 1999. When you hit our ages of 90 plus, you need to check on the living frequently. I’ll try to get an updated list of our living members by the time the class columns are due next. Until next time, stay well, and call me if you hear any news about ’44 class members.

God bless.


Don McDonald

Spring 2012
Thanks to Fr. Robert Niehoff, S.J., there were more than 50 alumni who were awarded a bachelor of science in humane letters. The recipients were recognized because their four-year college endeavors were interrupted by military calls to service during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts. Harry Badger and yours truly were the only members of the class of 1944. Pete Bernardo ’67 and Jean Hall did a wonderful job putting together the diploma, dinner arrangement, and all the details. We’re extremely thankful to everyone who worked on the Mass and awards.

The winter 2011 edition of John Carroll magazine was outstanding. I’m sorry for not getting the ’44 column in the alumni journal.

Please remember Dick Moriarty ’43 who passed away Dec. 16 in Florida and Bruce Thompson ’43 who’s in poor health.

Remember the reunion is June 15-17.


Don McDonald

Summer 2011
I talked to Dottie and Harry Badger, who are hanging on to the good health they have left at our ages. They, like Grace and I, haven’t heard or seen any of the ’44 classmates recently.

Bob Colopy is still in Mentor, but I don’t have a current phone number for him. Hopefully, when he sees this column, he’ll give me a call at 216-991-9140.

We have a nephew – Matt McDonald, who lives near us and who we see at family affairs – graduating this year. He’ll probably head out of Cleveland after graduation like so many young people.

We see members of the ’43 class: Don Coburn, Bruce Thompson, and others. Our close friend Pete Diemer went to heaven shortly after his arrival in Florida. May God bless him.

It would be great to hear from anyone with relative news about our class, which was small at its beginning and becoming more so. Stay well, and God bless.


Don McDonald

Spring 2011

I talked to Dr. Bob Colopy just before the holidays. He moved to Mentor, Ohio, to live with his daughter, Mary Ann. Bob was a resident of Painesville, Ohio, for many years with his wife, Margaret (Lannon), who passed away years ago. Bob helped bring many children into this world as a practicing obstetrician. He seems to be in good health, so, hopefully, we’ll see him at reunion in May.

Got an answering machine at Dottie and Harry Badger’s house. Hopefully, they’re in a warmer place during the cold weather that’s here in Cleveland. Harry and Dottie headed the list of JCU ’44 donors in ’09 and ’10. Bill Dwyer, Gerry Franklin, Joe Stolla, and yours truly also made the list.

I try to attend the Gold Streaks Luncheon scheduled for the second Wednesday in February, March, and April. Carla Gall ’05 is our contact for reservations for the lunch as well as the 125th Anniversary dinner scheduled for Saturday, May 21. The annual reunion begins Friday, May 20. Call me or Carla (216-397-1592) for more information. The Alumni Awards dinner will be held Friday, May 20. That will be a busy weekend.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is having a great 2011.


Don McDonald

Winter 2010

Don McDonald

Fall 2010

Don McDonald

Summer 2010

I recently talked with Dr. Bob Colopy, who is doing a little bit better health wise.

Dottie and Harry Badger are doing well. They are planning on attending the Saturday, June 12, dinner Reunion Weekend.

Dr. Fred Schnell passed away recently, reducing the number of surviving ’44 class members.

Ethel McGuigan has been listed as an honorary member of our class probably due to the fact that Ed and Ethel were married for many very happy years. Ethel had a longer than planned visit with her daughter in the Washington, D.C., area a few months ago. She went to attend a party but it put her in the hospital. She is now back at Hamlet Hills and doing much better. Her phone number is 440.893.9042 — she loves hearing from old friends. Ethel graduated from Notre Dame College in the Class of 1948.

I confirmed the fact that Ed O’Connor passed away November 2008, as did one of our old friends Dan Gallagher. Don

Spring 2010

Sadly we have to report the unexpected death of our classmate, Marty Franey. Marty Franey Jr. sent us a letter in late January indicating that his dad had moved to assisted living at Grand Village in Twinsburg, OH. Marty’s funeral was March 1, 2010 at Gesu Church. The family would appreciate any contributions be sent to St. Ignatius High School 1911 W. 30th Street Cleveland, OH 44113. Marty was a gentleman of the first order and lived the Jesuit teaching to be a man for others. We will miss seeing him at future John Carroll functions. Have not heard from any other classmates, hopefully some news will come in well before Reunion Weekend, June 11-13, 2010. Save at least the date of Saturday for Mass and dinner. Contact Carla Gall ’05 – 216.397.1592 or cgall@jcu.edu – to make advance reservations. If you are looking for someone in particular to come with, let me know and maybe I can help.

Ethel McGuigan who was married to Ed ’50 now lives in Chagrin Falls, OH. Ed was behind us but was known by all for a great personality and lots of fun.

Remember Bob Colopy, Bob Mannion, and Tony Palermo, all of whom have health problems, in your prayers.

The first day our class met on the steps of the Administration Building in early September of 1940 seems like yesterday. I was reconnected with old grade school friends like Cliff Duffner ’47, Leo Frantz ’43, Tom O’Brien, Bob Dickey as well as new friends from Harnell, NY, Tom Nolan ’50 and Roger Sheehan. Don

Winter 2009

Waiting to hear from Marty Franey’s daughter so that I can call him direct. We have missed seeing him at Gesu Mass all summer.

Lou Turi has been trying to reach me for the last two weeks. If any of you have legal real-estate-related problems in Lake County, you will be best served by his advice.

The first Gray Streaks Luncheon was Oct. 14; they are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month. If you enjoy hearing about new developments at Carroll, and talking about the old times, don’t miss any of the luncheons. Call Sue Lender – 216.397.4336 – to make reservations and to get information about upcoming events.

Keep Bob Colopy and Bob Mannion in your prayers, along with Mary Ruth and Bruce Thompson ’43, who are getting over the death of their daughter, Karen Singer.

Michele McFarland is retiring. She has done a great job working with the columnists and will be missed. All the best to you, Michele, and thanks for all of your help.

See you at the Gray Streaks Luncheon. Don

Fall 2009

Harry Badger was the only member of our class, along with his wife, Dottie, who attended our 65th Reunion, Mass at Gesu, cocktails, and dinner across the street on campus. I have been unable to get in touch with the Badgers, whom Grace and I had planned on meeting at Reunion, but we spent the afternoon and evening at the Cleveland Clinic emergency room.

I had a great note from Chet Cudnik. I will get Bob Colopy’s and Tony Palermo’s phone numbers and addresses to him. Speaking of Bob and Tony – Bob Colopy is going through therapy, and his health is improving. I had an encouraging conversation with Tony Palermo, whose health is also improving thanks to his caring wife, Louise. Maybe we can pick them up to attend the next Carroll alumni function.

Lou Turi called June 18 with a message saying he and his wife, Pat, are enjoying Lou’s retirement and their terrific family. They have one son in the U.S. Navy and another son succeeding Lou in the practice of law in Lake County.

Called Ruth and Bob Mannion recently but did not get an answer or answering machine. If anyone hears from Ray Conroy, Bill Dwyer, Bill Ennen, Gerry Franklin, Bob Gardner, Vince Hagarman, or Jim Herlihy, please drop me a note or phone call with updated telephone numbers or addresses.

I’ll cover other lost members in the next issue starting with the Ks. All the best and stay well. Don

Summer 2009

Remember that our 65th Reunion is June 19-21, 2009. If you have not registered, give me a call at 216-991-9140 or, better still, call the Alumni Office at 216-397-4336. The main event for most people in our class is the reception and dinner planned for Saturday evening, June 20. It would be great to have at least one table for dinner. At the rate members of our class are leaving us, we want to take advantage of the opportunities to be together.

John Buckon ’50 was good enough to send me Joe Kolp’s write up about his lifetime accomplishments and dedication to the medical profession. Joe started early in his endeavors – Eagle Scout, Captain in the U.S. Army Air Force, and his M.D. from St. Louis University. He was president and chief of staff at Mercy Medical Center. He was really a man for others in all he did for the organization that he headed and helped. At the time of his sudden death, he was planning the next seminar, which he organized every year. Joe was married to Mary Catherine (Buckon) for 62 years. Mary is John Buckon’s sister. Remember him and his family in your prayers.

Remember Leo Corr, who started in our class and accelerated to ’43. He passed away April 1, 2009.

Bob Colopy, another dedicated doctor from our class, still lives in Painesville, OH. Bob has had some health problems in the past two years since his wife, Margaret Cannon, passed away. Remember him in your prayers.

Let’s at least get one table of 10 for the Saturday, June 20, Reunion dinner. See you there, Don

Spring 2009

Good news is very hard to find these days as all of you well know. Spring can’t come soon enough. Keep in mind that Reunion Weekend is June 19-21. It would be great to have at least one table of 10 for the Saturday night dinner following Mass. Marty Franey is planning on attending. I’ll be calling others to encourage their attendance.

In the meantime, we have lost some more of our classmates. Eddy O’Connor died in Florida around Thanksgiving. He is remembered as the spark plug of our class, holding many offices including class president. Ed was a lot of fun and had a great career with Greyhound promoting travel by bus. He left an outstanding family. Jack Lavelle died Christmas Eve after several years of declining health. There are still two of his brothers with us, Jim and Gene ’50, both of whom reside in the Cleveland area. Jim’s son runs the family business Gorman-Lavelle Corp. A family business making it into the third generation is a testament to great family values. Many of you must remember Tony Lavelle, the oldest brother, who ran the family business starting right after WWII.

April and Leo ’43 Corr are still living on the West Side of Cleveland. April is currently recovering from a broken hip and Leo too has had some health problems. It is great to have them back in our area after spending many productive years in Michigan.

I received a call from Bill Theiss, whose dad was Dr. Joe Kolp’s first patient, telling me that Joe suffered a massive brain hemorrhage on January 18. I spoke with Pete, Joe’s son, and he told me that unfortunately, Joe passed away Monday afternoon, January 19. Our sympathy to Mary and the family.

June will be our 65th Reunion; hopefully we will have a special dinner. Until June, stay well and get in touch with us. All the best, Don

Winter 2008

John Buckon ’50 called to tell me that Tom Whalen passed away about two years ago. Tom started out in the class of ’44 then transferred to Case for his last two years of engineering. With service in WWII we could not find his graduating year from Case. Bob Mannion who was close to Tom could probably tell us. Two other class mates have left us, Ken Wise and Ray Woodward ’45.

Marty Franey is doing well in retirement. We see him at Gesu 4:30 Mass on Saturday.

Bob Colopy is still in Painesville, OH, and fully retired from his medical practice. Joe Kolp, also retired, is still in Canton, OH.

Remember the Gray Streaks Luncheon on the second Wednesday of every month. To make a reservation call the alumni office 216-397-4322. Until next time stay well and have a wonderful Christmas. Don

Fall 2008

Dottie and Harry Badger were the only attendees at the ’08 Reunion from our class. They had fun sitting with other alumni whom they knew. Thanks for showing up all the best to Harry and Dottie.

Dr. Joe Kolp has gone through some serious heart surgery recently but he is feeling fine now. His trouble started with a very mild chest pain. At the hospital they found a 95% blockage in the main artery to the heart. His advice “at our ages get ay pain checked out immediately.”

Talked to Dr. Bob Colopy, who is still on the mend. Remember him in your prayers.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Tom Whalen, please send me a note or call the alumni office 216-397-4336. All news about class members will be welcomed.

Till next time all the best, Don

Summer 2008

Our numbers, which were never very large to begin with, are dwindling too often. Father Joe Ciolek died February 3, 2008. He had been a good and faithful priest of the Diocese of Cleveland for well over 50 years.

I am still working on a current list of our classmates still with us. I will make it a separate mailing to you. If you have changes concerning your correct mailing information, please send a note of correction to the Office of Alumni Relations at Carroll or call 216.397.4332.

The week of Pope Benedict’s visit to the U.S. gave us all inspiration and rededication to our church and Catholic faith. The mention of John Carroll, the first bishop in the U.S., was significant. Umberto Fedeli ’82 attended the White House reception as a guest of President Bush. He too felt the importance of the Pope’s visit particularly at this time of crises in our church. The TV stations gave Pope Benedict’s visit wonderful coverage.

Don’t forget the Gray Streaks Luncheons that will start up again in the fall. They are on the second Wednesday of every month on campus.

Until next time, stay well and send in your correct mailing information if it is not up-to-date. Don

Spring 2008

Received a great letter from Bill Dwyer (Dr. Wm. B. Dwyer) in December. After pre-med at Carroll, he went on to the University of Illinois then Vanderbilt. His early years in medicine were spent at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, and the Veteran Affairs System. In 1953, he went into private practice in cardiology and internal medicine in Elmhurst, Ill. He taught at Chicago, University of Illinois, and Loyola retiring in 1989. He and his wife, Dorothy Ann (deceased), had six children — a judge, a psychologist (Knights of Malta), a social worker, two teachers, and a nurse. Bill enjoys his 18 grandchildren. He sees Joe Stolla once in a while; they led the graduation march in 2004. Bill went on to compliment the Jesuits at Carroll for preparing him for a great and productive life.

Joe Kolp wrote to tell us about the Dr. Joseph W. and Mary C. Kolp Educational Foundation. He and Mary are members of the Planning and Advisory Committee and seminar co-coordinators. It sure is a lift to hear about 1944 class members who are still doing a job in their particular endeavors even though they are retired.

Reunion ’08 will be June 20-22. Just attending the Saturday Mass and dinner is very rewarding. Rev. Chet Cudnik wrote that Rev. Joseph Ciolek is retired but still in the Cleveland Diocese.

Before the next column, I will get an up-to-date list of names and addresses of our class members who are still here. Have a great year and try to make at least one event of the ’08 Reunion. Keep in mind the Gray Streaks Luncheons the second Wednesday of every month at noon in the Dolan Center. RSVP to Christine Anderson – 216.397.4336. God bless, Don

Fall 2007

Received a note from Father Chet (Chester) Cudnik commenting on some past columns and asking for contact information for Bob Colopy and Tony Palermo. Chet is Pastor Emeritus at St. Barbara’s parish. He is well remembered by Marty Franey, my class of ’44 historian.

Sorry to report that when I called Jay Ansberry, his daughter, Christine, gave me the sad news of his death on October 18. I called to talk to Jay about getting together in Florida in March. Jay was a great fellow always friendly always the same. Say some prayers for Coletta and her family to help them get through this sudden and sad event. Last time I saw Jay was at the Gray Streaks luncheon on Wednesday, October 10, when he appeared just fine.

I would encourage all of you to come to the Gray Streaks luncheon held at Carroll the second Wednesday of every month.

Remember Tony Palermo, Bob Colopy, and all the members of our class who are having more than their fair share of health problems. Until next column stay well and give me the latest news you have. God bless, Don

Summer 2007

Reunion was a great an event as it always has been every year. Coletta and Jay Ansberry, Dottie and Harry Badger, and Grace and I had dinner with Jim Herlihy. Fr. Niehoff was the main celebrant at Mass at Gesu which was well attended. We missed seeing Marty Franey, Tony Palermo, Tom Whalen, and Bob Mannion.

Bob Colopy is still on the mend, I tried calling several times but the line was always busy. Give him a call at his home in Painesville — 440.352.3503.

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Don Billings, Don Bissonnette, Joe Ciolek, Bill Dwyer, Bill Ennen or Bob Fannon give me a call or drop me a note. We will cover the rest of the missing in the winter issue.

Best to all, Don

Spring 2007

On April 24, His Eminence Cardinal William J. Levada, prefect, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Vatican City, Rome gave a talk at Gesu Church concentrating on the importance of increasing the number of vocations. The Margaret F. Grace lecture was sponsored by The Cardinal Suenens Center at John Carroll and the Church of the Gesu. Pete Bernardo ’67 arranged a dinner following the talk at 7 p.m. in the Faculty Dining Room. Currently there are 25 seminarians from the Cleveland seminaries taking courses at John Carroll plus approximately nine students at the university who are thinking about their possible vocations.

Rev. Gerald J. Sabo, SJ, is the new rector of the John Carroll community starting July 1. All the best to Rev. Howard Gray, SJ, who will be assistant to the president at Georgetown University.

We welcome Leo Corr ’43 and his wife, April, back to the Cleveland area after many years of residence in Michigan

Rosalie Massey is back working on special events. Jim Mason ’60 and Rosalie are organizing the golf outing at Sleepy Hollow County Club to be held June 4.

Take care, Don

Winter 2007

Harry and Dottie Badger just returned from Rome where Dottie and the St. Noel Church Choir sang for the Pope. They put on two other concerts in Assisi at the Basilica of St. Francis. Dr. Joe Kolp and Cathy are looking forward to a trip to Santa Barbara to see their daughter and her family after Cathy has her second cataract operation. Joe has been putting on seminars for his group of physicians for the past 27 years.

Coletta and Jay Ansberry are headed for Siesta Key at the end of February. Hopefully Grace and I will get together with them during March. Dr. Bob Colopy is slowing getting better after almost a year of poor health.

Bob Mannion and Ruth are still in the University Heights area and are doing OK. Bob’s old friend Tom Whalen may still be living close to Carroll but his address and phone number are not known.

Talked to Bruce Thompson ’43, who is on the mend after hip surgery. A mutual friend of ours, Bob Gorman, passed away in February ’06.

Keep the following dates in mind and try to attend the Grey Streaks lunches on Wednesdays, February 14, March 14, and April 11. The time is noon on the first floor of the Dolan Science Center (parking available directly under the center, entrance to the garage is at the left end of the building.) The attendance has been growing. Reservations for the lunch call 216.397.3014. The Alumni Reunion will start on Friday June 22 and continue through Sunday the 24. The big event is Saturday Mass followed by cocktails and dinner. Don

Fall 2006

Talked with Lou Turi about the old days and current events. Lou is still very active with his law firm trying cases all over Ohio. He is another one who looks at age as a number and an incentive to just keep moving. He and Tony Palermo actively put together the Italian Bocce Ball tournament in Wickliffe which attracted thousands. Tony is still teaching language at the Wickliffe Italian American Club. The two of them have energy to spare.

Marty Franey keeps active and now lives on Van Aken Boulevard. He is retired but around and about hitting the golf balls every chance he gets.

Dr. Joe Kolp and Mary are still in Canton doing well after Mary’s fall in California. Her accident stretched their West Coast vacation from ten days to four months while her hip was healing. They too have trouble driving particularly after dark.

Saw Jay Ansberry at the last Grey Streak Lunch. He is doing well after a big family trip to Ireland. He and Coletta will be heading for Florida soon.

Dottie and Harry Badger are doing well, he is still working and she sailed this summer in spite of the bad weather.

Keep the Grey Streaks Alumni Lunch date in mind. They are pretty well attended and occur on Wednesday noon in the Dolan Science Center. The price is right and the food is great and the camaraderie is what brings everyone. Parking is in the garage under the Dolan Center with elevator service to the second floor. Ryan Daly ’99 has made the event extremely easy to attend. RSVP Tim Ryan ’49 440.995.1585 a week before the date. The last two lunches in ‘06 were Wednesday, November 8 and December 13. Fr. Niehoff will spoke at the December lunch. The schedule for ’07 will be out shortly.

Remember Bob Colopy and Tony Palermo in your prayers for a speedy return to good health.

All the best for the holidays and give me a call or send a note. Grace and I will be in Florida during March but our mail will be forwarded. Don

Summer 2006

Harry and Dottie Badger are leaving for Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island in Canada as this column goes to press. Harry is still hard at work and Dottie is spending time sailing with her group on Lake Erie. They both attended the reunion in June.

Jay and Coletta Ansberry are traveling with all of their family to Ireland August 11. They should have a fairly dry visit that late in August. September historically is Ireland’s best month for weather.

We received some very sad news as we were writing this column. Bob Colopy’s wife, Margaret (Cannon), passed away June 19 after several years of health problems. We asked for prayers for Bob and Margaret in the last column. Bob is holding his own but the shock of Margaret’s death is not helping him. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Bob has always been helpful and generous to John Carroll. Cannon family members have attended Carroll too.

Tried calling Marty Franey but he was probably at a golf outing. In the fall I will start calling alumni who have not been in contact with the alumni office. It would be helpful to know who are left on this side of the grass. In the mean time if you have had any contact with other ’44 class members let us know. Until next time our very best to all and stay healthy. Don

Spring 2006

There are two big events coming up in June — the first is the annual Golf Outing at Sleepy Hollow Golf Course, Monday, June 5 and the second is Reunion Weekend, June 23-25. The big event Reunion Weekend is the cocktail party and dinner Saturday evening, June 24. Let’s try to get some attendance at both events. I’ll be calling the local people from our class regarding the Reunion dinner. Read your Carroll mail For details before I call.

People are returning from the sunny south. Grace and I saw a lot of Carroll friends at various times during the month of March in Naples, FL. St. Patrick’s Day was special mainly for the lunch Jim and Ann Delaney arranged at the Dock Restaurant. Marge ’81G and Pete Diemer ’43 were with us on many occasions during March.

Remember Margaret and Bob Colopy in your prayers. They are both finally home after hospital and nursing home stays with serious health problems during the winter months.

Eddie O’Connor is still residing in St. Petersburg and he too has been having health problems.

Don Coburn ’43 received the Alumni Medal May 19. A well deserved tribute to a great alumnus who is very well known by many members of other classes. Our old friend, Paul Kantz ’63, received the medal at the same time.

Till next time, stay well and give me some good news to report — like your children’s or grandchildren’s accomplishments. You can brag all you want and we will put your remarks in the next column.

All the best, Don

Winter 2006

This January’s alumni lunch was held Wednesday, January 11 in the Faculty Dining Room on campus. There were approximately 50 in attendance! Pete Bernardo ’67 would like to have this luncheon on campus more often but parking is a problem when school is in session. Perhaps something to help parking can be worked out with Gesu church. Jay Ansberry and I were the only ones representing our class.

Jay and Coletta are planning a trip to Ireland in August — there will be 39 people in their family group. Their 21st grandchild was born recently to their daughter Clare Smith. They have five great grandchildren.

Dr. Bob Colopy is still in the frozen North due to Margaret’s recent broken hip. Hopefully she will be successfully finished with rehab so they can make it South before spring.

Save the dates! The next event will be the Golf Outing – same place as last year — Sleepy Hollow Golf Course in Brecksville, on June 5. We should have at least one foursome at that event. Then the ’06 Reunion is scheduled for the weekend of June 23-25. Lets try to get at least one table of ’44s.

As you probably already know Carroll has lost some real good friends lately – Fran Calkins ’50, Gene Thoma ’52, and Frank X. Schaut. May they rest in peace. They had children and grandchildren attend John Carroll. One of Father Niehoff’s primary goals is to increase the size of the student body.

Until next time, stay healthy and keep in touch. All the best, Don

Fall 2005

Fr. Niehoff’s inauguration events were outstanding — especially his inaugural address. He has great plans for this university. Everyone was impressed with his plans and remarks. The election of Fr. Howard Gray, SJ, to the board of directors was very well received.

And so on to the activities of the members of the class of ’44. Jay and Coletta Ansberry attended the inaugural Mass and lunch. Unfortunately we did not get together. They have 21 very active grandchildren the newest of whom, Eli Smith, was born September 28. Jay’s son is the director of development at St. Edward High School.

Harry Badger is still very active in his insurance business plus works with the Lake County Council on Aging for the past twelve years.

Tried to contact Dr. Joe Kolp without success, so if anyone has a new phone number for him please let me know.

Tony Palermo continues to be active attending meetings of groups he belongs to.

Marty Franey is finally recovering from a four-month bout with pneumonia and is still practicing law.

Bob and Ruth Mannion are still members of Gesu Parish but have been restricted by Bob’s weight loss problems.

Helen Sennet did a great portrait of Ethel McGuigan which was shown in the Gesu Annual Art Show. She has also done one of her late husband, Jim ’40. There is so much activity and events at this time of year it is a job to get them all but when you attend they are very rewarding just to see people you haven’t been with for a long time.

Keep moving stay healthy and until next time all the best. Don

Summer 2005

The annual alumni golf outing at Sleepy Hollow Country Club was a big success thanks to Jim Mason ’60, Tony DeCarlo ’66G, and their committee. The number of players was up and probably larger than past years certainly more people came than in ’04.

Dr. Bob Colopy, Charlie Cannon ’52, George Blatt and I had a great time. Charlie out drove all of us on practically every hole but we were able to keep the rules of the scramble. Marty Franey missed his chance to blow us all off the course, maybe next year Marty.

At the end of August, we say farewell to Fr. Ed Glynn, SJ our 23rd president. We wish him well back in his original Maryland Province (Check to be sure). He will be greatly admired for seeing us these great expansions at John Carroll. At the same time we welcome Fr. Robert Hiehoff the 24th President of the University. He comes to us with a lot of praise for his past accomplishments but most of all an extremely well liked person. Bob Colopy is on the mind and back to his golf game after a lot of therapy. Marty Francy is getting over about with pneumonia(?) which put him in the hospital but his spirits are good and he’ll be back on the course. Joy and Collet(?) Ansbury seem to be on the move constantly so I assume their health is good. Ann Van de Mottec passed away June 29th. Her husband Bob 43 was a great football player at Cathedral Latin and John Carroll. That is all this time hop to have more news in the fall. Stay Healthy. Don

Spring 2005

Thanks to Michele McFarland’s telephone call this column will just get under the wire. We have a great group of people in our Development and Alumni Office — they do a great job. If you haven’t been in lately, you should stop by and see for yourself. Father Tim Shannon, SJ wants to meet as many alumni as possible.

As you have heard Fr. Glynn, SJ will be stepping down from the presidency. His term has probably seen more expansion at the university than any president, except the ones at the original building in University Heights. Let’s hope he is with us in an important capacity for years to come.

Marty Franey and I seem to be meeting more often these days at wakes and funerals. The latest was Jim Sennett ’50, a great man and outstanding alum. Our prayers and thoughts go out to Helen and her family.

John V. Corrigan’s ’43 was shortly before Jim’s — another out standing John Carroll man. Our best to Eileen and Clair, Mary Ann, Jack and all of his family.

Hope to see you at the up coming events. In the mean time take care and lets all pray for the new Pope. Don

Winter 2005

2004 was a banner year for John Carroll as you all know from reading about the events in the fall issue of John Carroll magazine. Rev. Timothy T. Shannon, S.J. is running Development and Alumni Relations with gusto. Ryan Daly ’99 is a big help in Alumni Relations as it’s director. Phylis Ferrara did a superb job and has moved on to a new position at University Hospitals of Cleveland. If you are looking for a real lift in your day just come over to the alumni office on the third floor of Rodman Hall and I guarantee you will be delighted with the activity.

Saw Dr. Joe Kolp and his wife at John ’50 and Rita Buckon’s daughter’s, Elizabeth O’Brien ’74, wake. They are both well and look great but like the rest of us, attending to many wakes and funerals.

Saw Marty Franey at Judge John V. Corrigan’s ’43 wake. John V. was one of the outstanding upper classmen when we came to Carroll in the fall of 1940. He and Eileen have been enthusiastic and helpful alumni for years. Our prayers and sympathy go out to the whole Corrigan family. All of us remember Clare’s presence in the alumni office as well as her sister Mary Ann Corrigan-Davis’s help at functions. Bob and Margaret Colopy are enjoying great weather in Vero Beach, FL. Margaret is coming along after several episodes of health problems.

George Knoblauch ’48 died recently and was remembered by so many alumni for his warm friendship and great personality.

On a happier note, our basketball team is 12-0 due to Mike Moran’s great leadership and some outstanding senior players – Andy Salata, Peter Koch, Pete Moran. The Plain Dealer doesn’t seem to know anything about this great year.

Father Glynn was honored by the University Heights City Council and Mayor Beryl Rothschild.

If any of your children or grandchildren are thinking of starting a business, get them a copy of John ’56 Boler’s book “Leap of Faith.” His book should be required reading for anyone — particularly those in the Business School.

Dr. Stanley Dobrowski ’45 passed away after a long illness. He studied premed at JCU and then went on to St. Louis University for medical school.

I turn this column into Michele McFarland who in turn corrected all the spelling errors and poor grammar. Without her help our class column would not make sense. Thanks again Michele.

Need some news from Eddie O’Connor, Harry Badger, Lou (telephone tag artist) Turi.

I heard from Ed King in Sarasota, FL, where he has lived for fourteen years.

So long until next time. Stay well and send in some news. Keep in mind the planned alumni Golf Outing, June 6 at Sleepy Hollow Country Club.


Fall 2004

If no news is good news I’ve got all the good news I can take. Send me some info on your whereabouts and events. My home phone is 216.991.9140 and the phone is equipped with an answering machine so you can leave a short or long message.

Since the last column we have lost another member of our class, Jack Hutchinson. Jack was a super gentleman in every sense of the word. His daughter, Mary Kay Malone ’75 has been and continues to be very active alum. We wish her and the whole family our best.

Timothy T. Shannon, SJ is now the VP for Development and Alumni Relations and anxious to meet as many alumni as possible. Phylis Ferrara told me Fr. Shannon has already visited six cities to meet our alums.

Richard Ryan Daly is handling alumni relations as its director. The older one gets the more you realize there is nothing as constant as change. We will miss Tim O’Callahan and Kate Callahan on our visits to the office. We wish them great success in their new jobs at St. Ignatius and the Cleveland Clinic.

Probably Fr. Joseph Schell is the most remembered and thought of Jesuit in Carroll’s history and we have had some great ones — Fr. Benedict Rodman, Fr. Harn, Fr. Woelfl, Fr. O’Malley, Fr. Mike Lavelle to mention just a few. They have made our school a wonderful place and created great memories.

Again let me hear from you by note or phone. Marty Franey and Bob Colopy are two good sources of information about class members. Until next time be good and stay well. Don

Summer 2004

Our 60th Reunion was great, the people in the alumni office did a wonderful job — Pete Bernardo ’67, Rosalie Massey, Jeanne Maroun, Phylis Ferrara, and Tim O’Callahan. Tim has moved to St. Ignatius High School to run the development office, all the best to Tim.

The group was not large but we had a wonderful time. Harry and Dottie Badger attended along with Dr. Bob Colopy, Marty Franey, Tony and Louise Palermo, Gerry Franklin and his daughter, Mary Alice Feczko, and last but not least Grace and I. We were placed near the “’43 “ alums who we have known through the years. The Kolps, Hutchinsons, Mannions, and Ansberrys could not make the event.

The Golf Outing at Fowler’s Mill was also great. The weather was wonderful, food even better, and the golf — so so. Bob Colopy and his brother-in-law Charlie Cannon saved the day for George Blatt and me. The boys from Painesville can hit the ball a long way all the time. Jim Mason, Tony DeCarlo, Dawn Schneeberger, Rosalie Massey, Jeanne Maroun made it a memorable event.

As you probably know, we have lost Vic Walsh and Al Francesconi recently. They were outstanding Carroll gentlemen.

We sure would like to hear from Lou Turi, Tom Whalen, Ed O’Connor, Jack Lavelle, Bill Ennen, Tom Coates, and Don Bissonnette just to mention a few. Drop me some news


Spring 2004

We hope that all of you received the very fancy invitation to our 60th reunion. I find thru telephone calls that quite a few have not seen the invitation. Of course the main event of the reunion is the Saturday June 19 at 6 pm. – a Mass at Gesu Church followed by cocktails and dinner in the big dining room on campus. If this is the first you have heard of this event and want to attend please call Rosalie Massey at 216-397-3014. We will have special tables reserved for the dinner. As of this writing Harry and Dottie Badger are attending along with Joe and Mary K. Kolp, Bob and Ruth Mannion and Tony and Louise Palermo. Grace and I will be there with Marty Franey who is helping arrange the seating. Some of our classmates are questionable as far as attendance goes due to health problems. Bob Colopy’s wife, Margaret, is hospitalized with a broken hip, Eddie O’Connor won’t be attending but may be in town during the course of the summer. Vic Walsh is also hospitalized going thru rehab for a heart problem. Ken Wise is not well so remember them in your prayers.

In spite of all the bad news we should have a great time remembering the old times. They certainly were the best of times before WWII.

Remember if you can attend and haven’t received an invitation with a schedule call Rosalie at 216-397-3014 or rmassey@jcu.edu. It doesn’t seem possible that 60 years have piled up since our days at John Carroll


Winter 2004

Another year has flown by and we hope all of you have a great ’04. We had some sad news along with the good. Joe Tulley ’43 and Kermit Neely both passed away in the last few months. Joe was a wonderful human being who had a great wife, Mary Rita, and super children. Joe was named Willoughby Man of the Year shortly before he died. There will be, as planned; a Chamber of Commerce dinner in Willoughby on January 29 where his family will receive the award.

Kermit Neely was a judge in Medina Ohio for many years and is remembered for his great enthusiasm for any project he was involved in. Joe and Kermit are fondly remembered by all. Lou Turi was thoughtful enough to give a call with this sad info.

This year will mark our 60th anniversary which will happen on the campus June 18-20. The committee is composed of Marty Franey, Tony Palermo, Harry Badger and yours truly. The dinner Saturday night, after Mass, is given by the university so we are guests at the affair. We will be seated for dinner in the big room with all of the reunion attendees. So many of us knew and were friends with members of classes ahead of us as well as after. You will receive more information from Rosalie Massey in the mail around the first week of March.

Bob Colopy and Margaret and Jay Ansberry and Coletta are enjoying the South.

Marty Frany is sloshing around in Cleveland weather but will be headed south to play golf in the very early spring.

Looking forward to seeing you all in June at reunion. Make your plans to attend now – reunions are a great tonic after the long winter and will give you a million laughs as you celebrate with old friends, Don

Summer 2003

This column is being written just before reunion but won’t be published until after reunion so I’m listing those people from our class who are planning to attend to date. The Alumni Reunion Saturday, June 14, 6 p.m. Mass, 7 p.m. Cocktails, and 8 p.m. dinner will be attended by Grace and me, Bob and Margaret Colopy, Marty Franey, Harry and Dottie Badger, Tony and Louise Palermo so far. If you haven’t attended a reunion lately — do yourself a favor, they are great. Next year, ’04, will be our 60th anniversary so make a plan now to at least attend the Saturday Mass, reception, and then dinner.

Please keep us up-to-date on current phone numbers and addresses so that you can receive all of the reminders.

Carroll lost another alum on May 28, Bill Snider class of ’50. Bill came to John Carroll in the Navy V12 Program. He went over to become a Navy Fighter Pilot and came back to us after WWII. He was a great human being and representative of Carroll. He leaves a wonderful wife, Patty (Flood), and seven terrific children and many grandchildren. We shall miss him.

Take care, Don

Spring 2003

Marty Franey called to tell me of Fr. Willard F. “Bud” Wiesler’s death in late January. Bud was ordained in Cleveland in 1948. He was associated with many parishes in the Cleveland Diocese. Due to a health problem he moved to Apache Junction, AZ where he helped at several parishes along the Arizona Mexican Border. He was a very nice guy. His memorial Mass was said at St. Mary’s in Mentor a few weeks ago. We had five priests from our class and many doctors. No class had more trouble finishing school than ours, due to the interruption of the War. The Bob Colopys and Jay Ansberrys are keeping warm in Florida along with many other ’44 alums.

Harry and Dorothy Badger are plowing thru the Cleveland snow. Dorothy is looking forward to the sailing season when the boat races get underway.

Two big events are coming – the annual Reunion June 12-15 and the dedication of the Dolan Science Center September 5-6. Hope to see you at both functions – stay well and in the name of all that is holy, send me some news!

Recruited Bob McConville back into the class of ’44 his original class, even though he graduated after the war in 1947. Bob and Helen are enjoying the sunny south returning to Cleveland after Easter.


Winter 2003

This summer was a great one and seemed to go by in a flash! We were lucky enough to see Jay Ansberry, Harry Badger, Bob Colopy, Marty Franey, Jack Hutchinson, Tony Palermo, and Tom Whalen between last spring and now. The reunion was great and so was the golf outing.

Eileen Rini has left the alumni office after doing a superb job planning special events over the past ten years or more. We will miss her.

Tried to contact Jack Lavelle without good results; his brother Jim tells me he is still at Bratenahl Place.

We talked with Frank Andel’s daughter, who informed us of his death last November after a long illness.

Dr. Andy Cari has retired from dentistry and is still working at Kinko’s. It is great to know so many of us are still working.

Tried contacting Father Joe Ciolek to no avail; we need an updated telephone number and address.

Thom Coates is retired as of three years ago, is in good health, and is playing a lot of golf.

In the past month, John Carroll lost two generous supporters — John Conway ’39 of Cleveland and George Sweeney ’55 of Houston, TX. Rest In Peace.

That’s it for this time, send me some news. I will continue down the list of 44 people for updated information. Stay in good health, at least on this side of the grass. Next column I’ll start off with Ray Conroy. All the best, Don

Summer 2002

The reunion was a huge success and pretty well attended by members of our class. It was great to see Harry Badger, Tony Palermo and their wives. Joe Tulley ’43 and Mary Rita along with Jay and Coletta Ansberry were with us for a night. It is always a pleasure to see and be with old friends. I would encourage all Carroll people to attend as many special events as possible.

Eileen Rini, who has been running special events for years made her swan song at the annual golf outing July 8th. The outing at Fowlers Mill was wonderful thanks to Eileen, Jim Mason ’60, Jerry O’Malley ’62, and Tom Leahy ’64. Dr. Bob Colopy and I played with Bruce Thompson ’43 and George Blatt. About $10,000 was raised at the event for the Father Lavelle Scholarship Fund.

Let me hear from you and I promise to contact Marty Franey, Tom Whalen, Vic Walsh, Dr. Joe Kolp, and Al Francesconi for some good news next column. Stay healthy and on their side of the grass.

Again our sincere thanks and appreciation to Eileen Rini for her help to all alumni and particularly for running such great events. Don

Spring 2002

If you have not been near the campus lately you really owe it to yourself to drive by or better yet, come on to the grounds just to see the construction going on out in front of the Administration Building. The Dolan Center is going to be something. Some of you may remember Dave Dolan ’50 the older brother of Chuck ’52 and Larry who was close to our age and was very active with the people at St. Ann’s Parish. He was a very creative fellow and unfortunately died in a glider crash quite a few years ago. The Dolan boys were nephews of the Dolan who was a founder of the Dobeckmun Company who was also very generous to John Carroll.

Dr. Bob Colopy and his Margaret were given the Kenneth Alpirin MD Humanitarian Award for outstanding work in the Lake County Medical Society. During Bob’s 45-year career as an OB-GYN specialist he delivered over 6,000 babies. The two of them enjoyed a great reputation in the medical circle of Lake County, Bob as a physician and Margaret as a registered nurse.

Talked to Ed O’Connor a few months back when he told me about his children and their families. Ed’s two oldest sons, identical twins James and John, were in the Navy Air Force. Both are retired from the Navy. another son, Tim, is a physician in Chicago and son, John, is a captain with American Airlines Inc. Not bad for an old Bombardier in World War II. His daughter, Mary, is recently married and living in the Florida area where Ed has been for many years. If you’re near the Tampa area, give him a call. Those of you who have children and grandchildren, drop us a line so we can spread the word that men of John Carroll continue to assure the future of America.

Ed King, originally ’44, sent in a note telling us that his six children are doing well. Ed was the first returning student at Carroll to enroll under the GI bill. He now lives in the Sarasota, FL area.

Along with all the good news we seem to get some bad, it must be our age. We had a note from Jack Elliott’s brother, George ’47, informing us of Jack’s death on May 18, 2001. Betty and Leo Frantz ’43 died in very close succession. They were a wonderful couple and always great to be with.

Speaking of getting together, Tim Ryan ’49 sent me an invitation to a lunch at Playhouse Club on December 12. Tim has picked up where Joe Kelly left off in getting a wide range of class members together. The group started out with the class of 1948 through 1953, but would gladly include all alumni who are interested.

Marty Franey continues to handle the legal and well as illegal affairs from his downtown office. We have not heard from Bob Mannion or Tom Whalen lately.

In the name of all that is holy, please send us some good news or if you must — even bad news. Have a great and healthy 2002 and we look forward to hearing from you.