In memoriam

The John Carroll community extends its condolences to the families and friends of the recently departed and prays the Lord will welcome them into the everlasting life.

Telephone company executive
Edward Cunneen ’47, who completed advanced marketing courses at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, served in the U.S. Army from 1943 to 1945. He began his career working for the Ohio Bell Telephone Co. in Cleveland as a directory sales representative and worked his way up to assist the vice president in the executive operations department and became general manager. After retiring from Ohio Bell, he worked with several consulting companies, assisting clients with job placement. He volunteered to help organize the Senior PGA Tour at Canterbury Golf Club as a sports consultant for Ameritech, Chicago (Ameritech Senior Open). He also volunteered for the Retired Senior Volunteer Program in Cleveland, recruiting men and women older than 55 to volunteer for nonprofit organizations. Through RSVP, Cunneen started the Books for Kids program to help make sure more children could read. A long-time resident of Beachwood, he served as councilman for the city from 1963 to 1965. He also wrote the ’47 class column in John Carroll magazine from 2004 to 2012.

Economics professor
Kenneth Langroise Parkhurst, Ph.D., a former chairman of the economics department and professor at John Carroll, attended Maine Maritime Academy and graduated with a third mate’s license. Subsequently, he joined the Merchant Marine in the Atlantic and Mediterranean areas during World War II. After the war, he went to Amherst College and spent his junior year in Stockholm, Sweden, where he opened the first laundromat in Scandinavia. After graduating from Amherst College, he joined active duty in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War. Following the war, he did graduate work at the University of Stockholm and George Washington University where he received his M.A. in economics. He attended the University of Southern California to earn his Ph.D. in economics. He also worked as a vice president and acting CEO of Miocene Drilling Corp., research fellow in the advanced research department of the L.A. Regional Planning Organization, and assistant dean of public administration at USC. Parkhurst then became a professor at Western New Mexico University in business economics and then chairman of the economics, sociology, and social work division at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. While at Carroll he served as president of the Ohio branch of the American Association of University Professors.

Grocery company executive
Charles Anthony Rini Sr., a dedicated board member of the University, earned his business degree from the College of the Holy Cross in 1960. After college, Rini served in the National Guard at Fort Sill, Lawton, Okla., and summer camps in Grayling, Mich. He returned home to work in the family grocery business. Rini’s Brothers Supermarkets became the first market in Cleveland to offer self-service and refrigerated cases. In the 1950s, Rini Brothers formed the Stop-n-Shop Association with other local family grocers. Rini became the youngest president of the Stop-n-Shop franchise in 1975. As president and COO, Rini was instrumental in structuring a merger between Rini Rego Supermarkets and American Seaway Foods to become Riser Foods, which traded on the American Stock Exchange. The newly created company was one of largest supermarket companies in Ohio. Rini’s business achievements include induction into the Ohio Grocers Hall of Fame and Ohio Grocer of the Year. After his retirement from the grocery business, he transitioned to Rini Realty, a commercial property management company founded by his uncles. Rini – a supporter of the Blue Gold Club, general scholarship fund, Shula Room and stadium – was a dedicated board member to many Catholic organizations, including St. Ignatius and Magnificat High Schools.

James A. Carey ’40, 3-2-13
Francis Eugene Davis ’41, 9-6-10
Edward F. Kipfstuhl ’43, 2-10-13
Louis A. Turi ’44, 2-13-13
James J. Malone ’46, 7-16-12
William D. Bennett ’47, 2-11-13
Edward T. Cunneen ’47, 3-19-13
Richard M. Morrow ’47, 1-21-13
John P. Sedlak ’48, 4-10-13
John J. Gale ’49, 2-1-13
Andrew J. Pultz ’49, 10-6-12
Timothy J. Ryan ’49, 4-18-13
James R. Hedderman ’50, 3-24-13
Ward J. Hill Sr. ’50, 1-26-13
Raymond J. Kolesar ’50, 2-9-13
John M. Koval Sr. ’50, 2-21-13
Eugene T. Krakowiak ’50, 11-16-12
Robert E. O’Donnell ’50, 4-10-13
Charles A. Pilwallis ’50, 12-23-11
Frank A. Seger Jr. ’50, 4-26-13
Edward John Sherman ’50, 2-16-13
James P. Mylett ’51, 1-21-13
John J. Nassif ’51, 6-24-12
Roy P. Poggianti ’51, 12-31-12
Robert F. Revello ’51, 5-1-13
John J. Schuchmann ’51, 2-11-13
Edward F. Stevenson ’51, 1-13-13
Arthur L. Walters ’51, 2-7-13
Charles E. Cannon ’52, 3-19-13
Gerald A. Cerny ’52, 1-15-13
Leslie Robert Cooper ’52, 4-7-13
Charles H. Ferry ’52, 4-21-13
James R. Oliver ’52, 2-11-13
Robert J. Regan ’52, 4-10-13
Charles W. Brunn ’53, 2-20-13
Norbert J. Bunsey ’53, 10-7-10
Raymond M. Ochman ’53, 9-25-10
William J. Schneider ’53, 12-3-09
David S. Hauer ’55, 4-12-13
Michael J. Stortz Jr. ’55, 2-22-13
Richard L. Walker ’55, 1-14-13
Louis A. Bauer ’56, 3-18-13
John P. Flood ’56, 10-1-12
Leo J. Slack ’56, 1-20-13
Peter C. Boylan ’57, 4-20-13
Charles E. Cannon ’57, 3-19-13
Richard S. Eston ’57, 1-21-13
John P. Lynch ’57, 3-5-13
Lawrence B. Scully ’57, 3-20-13
Stephen F. Birskovich ’58, 4-17-13
John T. Dockery ’58, 4-6-13
Michael J. Mirtich ’58, 10-24-12
Paul G. Oswald ’59, 2-1-13
Thomas S. Kiec ’60, 2-7-13
Joseph F. Lang ’60, 1-10-13
Richard A. Lohr ’60, 1-29-13
Frederick H. Felton ’62G, 2-11-13
John F. Gilmore Jr. ’62, 2-11-13
George Burke Smith ’62, 2-11-13
Joseph F. Suranni ’62, 3-21-13
Edmund M. Brady Jr. ’63, 11-9-12
Joseph T. Paulchell Sr. ’63, 3-1-13
John V. Yasenosky Jr. ’63, 3-14-13
Daniel P. Coleman ’64, 11-18-12
Dennis W. Dempsey ’64, 2-11-13
Sr. Donna Emerson, CSJ ’65G, 3-21-13
Joseph L Fiala ’65, 3-27-13
Mary Ann Rogers ’65, 4-18-13
Tom J. Alvord ’66, 2-1-13
James J. Jaksic ’66, 3-13-13
John M. O’Toole ’67, 3-24-13
Clare Andres ’69G, 3-16-13
Eric H. Feierabend ’69, 2-6-13
Gregory J. Knittel ’71, 2-6-13
John C. Gorka ’73, 4-29-13
William R. Shirley ’73, 8-16-11
Marvin J. Fowler ’75, 4-21-13
Martin T. Franey ’75, 1-29-13
Albert R. Mueller ’75, 1-23-13
Robert K. Hodder ’77G, 4-3-13
Robert C. Blosser ’78G, 4-17-13
David C. Pitts ’78G, 12-6-12
Liz Anson-Talbot ’78, 9-27-12
Mary Elizabeth Adamson ’82, 12-6-12
Deborah (Nocera) Murray ’84, 3-8-13
Lisa Rini Bearden ’89, 1-12-13
Valerie Ann Yehl ’92, 2-16-13
Joshua Bernot ’04, 4-22-13
Nina N. Gilkey ’04G, 10-9-12
Jeff A. Kinder ’09, 1-19-13
William C. D’Antonio ’11, 3-9-13
Carl D. Glickman BDDR, 3-27-13
Charles A. Rini BDDR, 3-24-13
Gorman L. Duffett FSAR, 4-26-13
Robert M. Ginn FSAR, 3-6-13
Sonia S. Gold FSAR, 8-31-09
Richard D. Mann FSAD, 12-31-12
Marcella E. Mueller FSAR, 2-10-13
Kenneth Parkhurst FSAR, 3-23-13

This is a list of recently deceased members of the John Carroll community as of May 6, 2013. To inform the University about the death of a member of the Carroll family, contact Joan Brosius at 216-397-4332 or We apologize for any omissions.

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