In memoriam

The John Carroll community extends its condolences to the families and friends of the recently departed and prays the Lord will welcome them into the everlasting life.

Dedicated public servant
Thomas A. Cozzens ’66 died Jan. 17 after a brief battle with cancer. He was 71. Rev. Donald Cozzens, writer in residence at John Carroll, said his brother’s three defining characteristics were a quiet goodness; keen intelligence; and deep, abiding faith. Tom Cozzens, a 20-year University Heights resident, was elected to City Council in November 2011 after serving 13 years on the city’s Board of Zoning Appeals. He chaired the council’s finance committee. Cozzens retired in 2011 after 16 years as director of the Unger International Center for Local Government Leadership at Cleveland State University, where he earned a master’s degree in public administration. Previously, he worked as manager of community relations and chief of labor-employee relations for NASA Glenn Research Center from 1980-1995. The Cleveland native served in the U.S. Navy from 1959-1962 as an electronics technician, earning the Good Conduct Medal. In addition to his brother, Cozzens’ survivors include his wife of 45 years, Mary Ann; three sons; a daughter; six grandchildren; and a sister.

Custom home builder
Robert R. Deneweth ’70, who passed away Oct. 17, 2012, founded the Deneweth Co. in 2000 and developed land and built custom homes throughout the metro Detroit area. Before that, he co-founded Uznis/Deneweth Custom Builders and Developers. A member of multiple real-estate and home-building associations, Deneweth served as the chairman of Bloomfield Township’s Construction Code Board of Appeals and Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals. From 1975 to 1989, the Detroit native held several positions at Michigan Bell and AT&T. Deneweth, who served in the Michigan Army National Guard, played varsity basketball and served as captain his senior year at Carroll, graduating with honors. He received an MBA (with honors) in 1974 from the University of Detroit. Deneweth is survived by his wife, Mary; daughter; and two brothers.

Numbers man
Michael J. Minnaugh ’82 of Chicago passed away Dec. 26, 2012 after a two-year battle with liposarcoma. The Erie, Pa., native spent much of his career as the treasurer for the Cleveland Clinic. He began his career at Arthur Andersen; was the vice president of corporate planning for National City Corp.; and a partner with Tatum LLC, a provider of financial and information technology. Most recently, the accounting major was the chief investment officer at Advocate Health Care in Chicago. A past president of the University’s Alumni Board, Minnaugh was a former member of its Board of Directors, President’s Forum, and two reunion committees. Survivors include his wife Kimberly, daughter, two sons, and father.

Military man
David Allan Haas ’64, Ph.D., a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and veteran of the Vietnam War, served for 24 years as an officer in the U.S. Army Transportation Corps, retiring from active duty in 1988. Hass retired from his position as a professor of management in the College of Business at Kutztown (Pa.) University this past September after 14 years. The Erie, Pa., native earned an MBA from the University of Tennessee in 1973 and a Ph.D. in business administration from Temple University in 1998. Haas, who passed away Dec. 14 at age 70, is survived by his wife of 48 years, Barbara; four sons, all of whom serve or have served in the U.S. Armed Forces; seven grandchildren; and two sisters.

James L. Fleming ’40, 12-1-12
Robert F. Muth ’41, 1-12-13
Alfred E. Balocca ’43, 1-6-11
Edward J. Hurley ’43, 12-12-12
Robert V. Mannion ’44, 10-20-12
Richard J. Spath ’44, 11-6-12
Charles F. Eder ’48, 11-29-12
Thomas J. Blaha ’50, 11-26-12
Charles A. Conry ’50, 11-10-12
Rev. Francis G. VanBergen ’50, 11-19-12
George W. Huber ’51, 1-7-13
Albert T. Paone ’51, 8-1-10
Charles J.Patterson ’51, 11-2-12
Robert H. Tedesky ’51, 8-30-12
Charles W. Pfeiffer ’52, 11-19-12
Daniel I. Rini ’52, 6-7-12
Donald F. Roshetko ’52, 10-1-12
Douglas H. McCay ’53, 12-27-10
James L. McDonald ’53, 12-1-12
Robert J. Coerdt ’54, 1-5-13
Donald R. Kmetz ’54, 10-24-12
Richard L. Walker ’55, 1-14-13
Richard J. Wisniewski ’55, 5-27-12
Thomas D. Brinza ’56, 11-28-12
Louis P. Castellarin ’56, 12-11-12
Charles W. DeVille ’56, 12-14-12
James F. Staab ’56, 10-19-11
Richard S. Eston ’57, 1-21-13
William J. Mooney Jr. ’57, 12-12-12
Francis W. Petro ’57, 10-12-12
Charles G. McGeady ’58, 1-9-13
Lorenzo (Larry) J. Salvatore ’58, 1-2-13
Martin P. Masterson ’59, 10-20-12
Wanda Jean Green ’60G, 1-4-13
Joseph F. Lang ’60, 1-10-13
Lawrence E. Masterson ’60, 11-4-12
Richard J. Mrzena ’60, 12-14-12
Warren D. Johnson Jr. ’61, 1-13-13
James R. Medve ’61, 10-14-12
Neil J. Bossard ’62, 8-11-12
Terry P. Leah ’62, 11-21-12
Edward J. Toth ’63, 10-25-12
David Allan Haas ’64, 12-14-12
Joseph H. Nugent ’64, 12-15-12
Cedric S. Rodney ’64, 11-20-12
Thomas A. Cozzens ’66, 1-19-13
Edward S. Shamrock ’66, 11-14-12
Donald T. Rocen ’67, 10-13-12
Joseph E. Austin ’68, 4-13-11
Patrick C. Paternie ’68, 11-1-12
Melody J. Perkes ’68G, 1-15-13
Edmund J. Zaller ’69, 11-18-12
Robert R. Deneweth ’70, 10-17-12
Ronald D. Moeller ’70, 6-20-12
Donald J. Wiatrowski ’70, 1-2-13
Rosemary J.Wilson ’74, 11-18-12
Mary Keller Kernan ’75, 10-14-12
Deanna Kocienski ’77, 12-17-12
Michael J. Minnaugh ’82, 12-26-12
Miriam A. Keresman ’85, 10-13-12
Eric R. Bryll ’88, 11-26-12
Lisa Rini Bearden ’89, 1-12-13
Michael T. Schaefer ’00, 10-18-12
Jeffrey A. Kinder ’09, 1-19-13
Mary Michel Boulus ’59G, 12-9-12
Jeanne M. Kinney ’61G, 12-28-12
Martha A. Keeney ’82G, 12-11-12
Richard D. Mann FSAD, 12-31-12
Francis J. Smith, S.J. FSAR, 12-13-12
Richard D. Valente FSAR, 12-25-12

This is a list of recently deceased members of the John Carroll Community as of Jan. 23. To inform the University about the death of a member of the Carroll family please contact Joan Brosius at 216-397-4332 or We apologize for any omissions.

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