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A Shakespeare specialist
Christopher Roark, Ph.D., associate professor of English, passed away June 15 from a heart attack. He was 51. Roark, who came to Carroll in 1990, served as chair of the English department from 2003 to 2007 and taught courses primarily in Shakespeare, Renaissance literature, and African-American literature. A demanding but popular and innovative teacher, he won the Lucrezia Culicchia Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008. As a Shakespeare specialist, the Pennsylvania native sought to bring the stage into the classroom, showing his students films of Shakespeare’s plays and requiring them to act out scenes. Brimming with physical and intellectual energy, he was a study in perpetual motion, according to one student. Roark, who coached youth athletic teams in Cleveland Heights and at St. Dominic School in Shaker Heights, was an untiring citizen of the University who never shied from speaking the truth as he saw it. At the time of his death, he was close to completing a book manuscript about how African-American authors have used Shakespeare in their works for aesthetic and cultural purposes. He’s survived by his wife, Amy, and their three children – Owen, Vincent, and Rose.


A dedicated, inspirational professor
Darrell ‘Dick’ Horwath, Ph.D., who passed away Feb. 21, 2011, was a professor at Carroll for 37 years (1970 – 2007). In addition to his years in the math and computer science department, he guest lectured in history and English classes. Horwath was active in faculty government, serving on many committees, including eight years as the chair of the faculty service committee, and vice-chair and chair of the faculty forum. He was awarded the John D. Grauel fellowship in 1988. Horwath sat on the board of the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America for many years as secretary/treasurer, president, and governor. He also served on the advisory panel for the American Mathematics Competitions. He was so dedicated to his teaching that he showed up the day after his house caught fire. The Rev. Edward Glynn, S.J., who was president at the time, saw him on campus. and said, “Dick, didn’t I hear your house burnt last night?” He said,“Yes, it did.” Fr. Glynn asked, “Then why are you here?” He replied, “It’s the first week of classes.” After his first leg amputation, Horwath returned to class, teaching from his wheelchair while a TA wrote on the board for him. He inspired his students by not letting his adversities keep him from class. For more information about Horwath, visit

John T. Kenney ’40, 6/22/12
John J. Sweeney ’40, 4/19/12
Robert L. Vitek ’41, 5/22/12
John Thomas Corrigan ’42, 4/18/12
Alfred P. Musci ’42, 5/4/12
Edward G. Kilroy ’47, 3/5/12
William M. Burns ’48, 5/19/12
Paul T. Bohn ’49, 11/19/11
Robert G. Campbell ’49, 4/21/08
Neil J. Conway Sr. ’49, 5/18/12
Paul A. Granger ’49, 4/4/12
Robert D. McMahon ’49, 5/30/12
Martin J. Joyce ’50, 6/1/11
Robert J. Kilfoyle ’50, 4/11/12
Paul J. Morrison ’50, 5/30/12
Richard C. Sweeney ’50, 4/2/12
Robert E. Feighan ’51, 4/24/12
Francis J. Stenger ’51, 2/3/12
Donald H. Stout ’51, 11/1/11
Robert L. Curry ’53, 5/29/12
Leonard J. DeMarco ’53, 6/23/10
J. Harold Traverse ’53, 6/16/12
Marie A. Fuchik ’54, 5/14/12
James E. Nemec ’54G, 4/27/12
Patrick T. McMuldren ’55, 4/2/02
Charles I. Collura ’56, 5/22/12
Joseph M. Gaul ’57, 6/21/12
James D. Huber ’57, 6/21/11
Lawrence S. Lau ’57, 5/18/12
Desmond Paden ’57, 6/1/21
Helen R. Ankenbrandt ’61, 4/15/12
James J. Davidson ’61, 10/11/11
Paul J. Armbruster ’62, 6/1/12
Joseph F. Barrett ’62, 4/3/12
Dennis M. Hudson ’62, 1/21/12
Edward F. Chuha ’65, 6/21/12
John J. Gallagher ’66, 6/18/12
L. Michael Starr ’66, 3/29/12
John P. Martin ’68, 1/1/07
Donald P. Fromm ’69G, 5/6/12
Elizabeth M. West ’70, 4/19/12
Delores E. Groves ’72G, 5/5/12
Joseph W. Mohnacsky ’72, 10/7/11
Victor J. Sossi ’72, 4/18/11
Christine Dydo ’73, 12/23/11
Marilyn J. Lynch ’74, 10/15/11
Sandra Anderson-Polgar ’78, 3/17/12
Katherine Cross-Thompson ’81G, 4/27/12
Thomas H. Quinn III ’82, 6/13/12
Leona P. Sterbank ’83G, 12/10/10
Leslie G. Karlovec ’87G, 5/8/12
Thomas J. Waken ’88G, 6/10/12
Shawn A. Wilson ’90, 6/12/12
Hugh R. Williams ’04G, 6/17/12

This is the deceased list as of July 2, 2012. We apologize for any omissions and ask you notify Joan Brosius at 216-397-4332.

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