In memoriam


Long-time teacher
Arthur J. Noetzel Jr., Ph.D., ’38, who spent seven decades aMt JCYU,TwUas RdeaNn (starting in 1956) of what became the University’s Boler School of Business and helped the business school earn accreditation. Later, he was the University’s first lay academic vice president in 1970. He also led the local Manpower and Development Commission, which trained thousands of workers, and a Navy program that helped to keep the University alive during World War II. He stepped down from the administration in 1984 and kept teaching until 2003. His many honors include University Heights Citizen of the Year and academic prizes from the University of Michigan, where he earned his doctorate, and Harvard University. Noetzel, who joined the JCU faculty in 1941 and received the Alumni Medal, died at Hamlet Hills in Chagrin Falls. He was 95.


The Croatian connection
Joseph T. Bombelles, Ph.D., who chaired the University’s economics department, led Cleveland’s Croatian community and helped Croatia build a free market. He helped form the first private college in independent Croatia – the Zagreb School of Economics and Management – and became its chairman. Spending more than 35 years at Carroll, he retired from the University in 1998 and became chairman of the new school in Zagreb. His many honors include a Fulbright scholarship and John Carroll’s Distinguished Faculty Award. He died at his recent home in Norfolk, Va., at age 81.


History buff
Kenneth R. Callahan led the Northeast Ohio Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. President of the Cleveland Civil War Roundtable, Callahan studied wars in the U.S. and Europe and lectured about history at JCU. He hosted a history show on a TV station in Florida, where he lived during the winters, and published articles in American Heritage magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Callahan, who was president of the University’s Alumni Association, was alumnus of the year at Carroll and Western Reserve University School of Dentistry. He also received the Alumni Medal at JCU. Additionally, he won a Walk of Life Award from the local Irish American Archives Society. He passed away after a short struggle with cancer and pneumonia at age 82.

Arthur J. Noetzel, ’38, 7/10/2011
Richard E. Cachat, ’42, 7/16/2011
Edward J. O’Malley, ’42, 2/22/2011
Robert J. Politi, ’42, 1/28/2011
Richard C. Werner, ’42, 6/29/2011
Robert W. Fitzgerald, ’44, 5/28/2011
Raymond A. Fox, ’49, 6/15/2011
Charles R. Milko, ’49, 7/6/2011
Kenneth R. Callahan, ’50, 6/14/2011
John M. Salcau, ’50, 3/21/2011
Thomas M. Foli, ’52, 6/28/2011
William R. Gibson, ’52, 4/20/2007
Patrick J. Hill, ’53, 6/10/2011
Thomas M. Sloan, ’53, 7/31/2011
William J. Binder, ’54, 7/7/2010
Austin F. Groden, ’54, 8/12/2011
Rinardo N. Scarso, ’54, 1/23/2007
Gerald A. Knoblauch, ’57, 6/1/2011
Jack J. Roddy Jr., ’57, 6/8/2011
William R. Harmon, ’60, 6/19/2011
Joseph D. Tegano, ’60, 3/20/2011
William V. Webb, ’60G, 11/20/2010
William J. Derus, ’61, 6/5/2011
John M. Dwyer, ’61, 8/20/2011
Joseph A. Radican, ’61, 5/31/2011
John S. Horne, ’64, 2/4/2010
John E. Rooney, ’64, 7/22/2011
Arunas V. Kavaliunas, ’66, 8/15/2007
Gary Paul Tkacs, ’67, 4/30/2006
Richard L. Turk, ’67, 6/2/2011
Noreen M. Schaefer-Faix, ’68G, 6/16/2011
John R. Metzgar, ’71, 8/11/2011
Lydia U. Kusiaka Rohowsky, ’73, 3/29/2011
Robin L. Laine, ’73, 7/16/2011
Margaret J. Pipak, ’73, 7/12/2011
Lydia U. Rohowsky, ’73, 3/29/2011
Gary B. Wells, ’81, 12/18/2010
Joan A. Roth, ’82G, 8/14/2011
Mark J. Doring, ’84, 2/25/2008
Thomas E. Grady, ’88, 7/19/2011
Robert P. Blazunas, ’92, 1/21/2010
Susan L. Faulder, ’97G, 7/3/2011
Richard L. Stowell, ’97G, 5/13/2011
Joseph T. Bombelles, FSA Retired, 7/5/2011

This is the deceased list as of Aug. 31. We apologize for any omissions and ask you notify Joan Brosius at 216-397-4332. In the fall 2010 issue, Mary Kay Fratoe ’80 was mistakenly listed as deceased. We’re sincerely apologetic for the error.

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