In memoriam

Head of the class
Timothy William Robertson Sr. ’66 worked at one of his alma maters, Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School, for 44 years and moonlighted at another, John Carroll University, for 27. The VASJ dean of students died in April at the Cleveland Clinic after several years of heart disease. He was 66. In addition to teaching advanced-placement calculus and chairing the math department, Robertson used related skills to run bingo, keep baseball scores, reconcile extracurricular schedules, and graph the number of interruptions at commencements from year to year. A member of the VASJ Hall of Fame, he photographed events, oversaw the yearbook, and directed publicity for the school. He earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Carroll, where he later taught calculus and statistics. He also was a eucharistic minister at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Euclid, Ohio.

Legal eagle
Tom Kilbane ’63, who chaired the worldwide litigation group for the law firm Squire Sanders, won a Bronze Star for combat in Vietnam and many legal awards. He fought for Sohio, BP, the Cleveland Clinic, American Greetings, Goodrich, Ferro, Eaton, Lubrizol, Forest City, and Mittal Steel. At age 70, Kilbane collapsed from an apparent heart attack. Raised in Cleveland, Kilbane graduated from St. Ignatius High School, won a scholarship to JCU, became its valedictorian, and served in the ROTC. He was chosen for the law review at Northwestern University, chaired the area chapter of the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society, and served on the board of the local United Way. Ten days before his death, he won the Cardinal Bellarmine award for school service and legal excellence from St. Ignatius.

Priestly work
Fr. Eugene Moynihan ’48, a Josephite priest and veteran of World War II, died Feb. 17 at age 85 at St. Joseph Manor in Baltimore after and extended illness. Born in East Cleveland, Fr. Moynihan worked as pastor, associate pastor, teacher, hospital chaplain, and administrator in Texas, Louisiana, Maryland, and New York. He retired to St. Joseph Manor in 2001 battling various afflictions there until his death. Educated in the Cleveland Catholic schools and Glenville public high school, he earned a B.S. in Social Science from John Carroll and worked as a case worker for the Cuyahoga County Welfare Department. In 1950, he entered the Josephite Society, missionaries to black communities in the U.S. He was ordained in 1957 and in 1959 earned a master’s in history from Catholic University.

Henry E. Dombrowski, ’36, 5/13/2011
Anthony B. Muni, ’36, 2/8/2011
Hugh C. McCaffrey, ’37, 11/26/2010
Rev. Lloyd Boymer, ’40, 3/28/2011
William E. Balazs, ’41, 4/17/2011
James F. Kilduff, ’43, 1/27/2009
John E. Rozance, ’43, 2/28/2011
Anthony J. Palermo, ’44, 4/7/2011
Raymond B. Sasala, ’46, 2/8/2011
Leonard I. Gunsch, ’48, 2/12/2011
Eugene R. Moynihan, SSJ, ’48, 2/17/2011
Julius Sukys, ’48, 3/1/2011
James E. Broadbent, ’49, 5/20/2011
Stephen J. Marinik, ’49, 1/5/2011
Michael W. Boland, ’48, 4/4/2011
Joseph J. Czernicki, ’50, 3/6/2011
Wade T. Dougherty, ’50, 5/4/2011
James P. McGoff, ’50, 3/8/2011
Arthur J. Lauer, ’51, 2/26/2011
John D. Rusk, ’51, 3/22/2011
Robert J. McCarthy, ’52, 2/2/2011
John Anthony O’Sullivan, ’52, 7/23/2010
Charles J. Pasek, ’52, 3/17/2011
Paul E. Jakubisin, ’53, 4/1/2011
Robert P. Nolan, ’54, 2/17/2011
Gerald F. Futty, ’55, 3/14/2011
Doanld B. Kent, ’55, 2/10/2011
Hans Baum, ’56, 4/4/2011
Denis F. Hoynes, Jr, ’56, 5/9/2011
Joseph C. Szabo, ’57, 4/4/2011
Herbert T. Johnson, ’58, 3/28/2011
John F. O’Connor, ’58, 4/27/2011
Louis T. Popek, ’60G, 2/19/2011
William A. Millson, ’61, 3/18/2008
Robert O. Steele, ’61, 1/1/1996
Paul A. Kramer, ’62, 1/18/2011
Marie S. Colombo, ’62G, 10/20/2010
Sylvester E. Davis, ’62, 4/28/2011
Most Rev. Michael E. Kilarsky, ’63, 8/29/2010
Thomas S. Kilbane, ’63, 4/28/2011
Peter M. Ratajczak, ’63, 3/6/2011
John S. Horne, ’64 2/4/2010
Christine F. Wojnar, ’64, 4/18/2011
Raymond T. Saxen Jr., ’65, 3/14/2011
Michael T. Murray, ’66, 3/16/2011
Timothy W. Robertson, ’66, 4/21/2011
Marvel H. Enburg, ’68G, 2/3/2009
Armand W. Cosenza Jr., ’69, 4/4/2011
Phillip L. Michel, ’69, 4/27/2011
Fred A. Stevens, ’69, 2/16/2011
Shaun E.F. O’Neill, ’70, 2/3/2011
Deborah Guerrero McMillan, ’71, 9/27/2010
William B. Musulin, ’71, 5/25/2011
Robert J. Turoczy, ’71G, 3/7/2011
William D. Chisholm, ’72, 2/18/2011
Hubert A. Estabrook, ’72, 11/29/2010
Frank A. Rambaldo, ’72, 2/13/2011
John C. Ulas, ’72, 5/14/2011
Sergio S. Sponza, ’73, 2/5/2011
Francis H. Keim, ’74, 3/1/2011
Jill Marie Brent, ’76, 5/10/2011
Anne Marie Kasbek, ’76, 3/22/2011
Theresa E. Vitantonio, ’78G, 12/31/2008
Janet H. Hannan, ’80, 1/9/2011
Judith A. Cannato, ’82G, 5/9/2011
Steven J. Przywara, ’84G, 8/12/2007
Tim P. Allen, ’86, 7/4/2001
Colleen H. Solomon, ’88, 2/18/2011
Helen J. Coy, ’88G, 1/6/2011
Gail E. Harris, ’89, 3/10/2002
Elsie Baker, ’89G, 4/10/2011
Thomas E. Ross, ’93G, 5/22/2005
Edward T. Carden, ’95G, 5/13/2011
Benjamin H. Somerlot, ’04, 2/20/2011
Andrea R. Teodosio, ’10, 2/12/2011
Darrell Horwath, Retired FSA, 2/21/2011

This is the deceased list as of June 10. We apologize for any omissions and ask you notify Joan Brosius at 216-397-4332.

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