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Thanks to the readers who were able to identify the people on the Images of Carroll pages in the spring and summer 2010 issues. Tish and Anthony Petricca ’64 spotted their twin daughters, Maureen and Mary, in the middle picture on the right side of page 48 in the spring issue. Cindy Hartmann Illius ’83 recognized James J. Walsh – walking up the stairs – on that same page. Joel W. Mullner ’07, ’09G, assistant director of enrollment at JCU, picked out Matt Davenport ’05 as the young man receiving his degree from Fr. Edward Glynn, S.J., on page 25 of the summer issue.

Rob Cummings ’76 recognized a 1976 photo of Fr. Henry Birkenhauer, S.J., (JCU’s president at the time) with Bob Hope, who was the Commencement speaker for the Class of ’76, in the summer issue (page 25). Mr. Hope received an honorary degree that day making him the alumnus. Mr. Cummings provides insight to the Bob Hope appearance:

“In January that year, Mary Ann (Bergerson) Ahern, the political reporter for NBC 5 in Chicago, marched into the Student Union offices and plopped down in a chair. Mary Ann was a Student Union senator, and I was president. ‘Well, who’s going to be our Commencement speaker?’ she demanded to know. I had no idea this was part of my job description but knew I needed to think fast. ‘Who do you want it to be?’

“Mary Ann and I came up with a list of seven topical names of the day: Ted Kennedy, Katherine Graham of the Washington Post, Barbara Walters, and a few others, including Bob Hope. We wrote them all, inviting each one to come to JCU as our commencement speaker.

“One day in March, I was walking out of the cafeteria after lunch, and Mary Ann came charging straight at me. ‘Ted Kennedy said no,’ she whispered, hugging me, ‘but Bob Hope said yes!’ An hour later, Mary Ann and I were in Fr. Birkenhauer’s office, wondering how much trouble we were in. Father cracked a huge smile, walked to his desk and grabbed a piece of paper. ‘I guess we won’t need this,’ he said grinning. It was his letter to Bob Hope, inviting him to commencement.

“The best line from Mr. Hope’s address to our class was: ‘Today you graduate with hope. The faith and charity are up to you.’ It was a great day, and Bob Hope was a very nice man.

“The faculty couldn’t believe we invited all those people at the same time. When Mary Ann and I met Bob Hope after the commencement, we were teased about it. Mr. Hope said, ‘That’s exactly what I do for my television shows. I invite a whole bunch of people, and whoever shows up, shows up.’ Then he put his hands on our shoulders, looked us right in the eye and said, ‘Kids, you did great.’

“There are a million happy JCU memories, but Bob Hope is one of the best.”

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