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Serving the country
Thomas J. Dunnigan ’43, who graduated the University magna cum laude in four years, was a member of Alpha Sigma Nu, the debate and oratory clubs, and the literary society. He earned awards in all of those groups. A retired Foreign Service officer, Mr. Dunnigan served in Berlin during the Soviet blockade of the city and the Allied airlift of 1948-49. He served nine years in the State Department. Prior to retirement, he served as deputy U.S. Permanent Representative to the OAS. He was a graduate of the National War College. After retirement from the Foreign Service in 1984 he served with Defense Management Systems.


Man of the law
Raised by immigrants from Sicily, Joseph A. Zingales ’47 married Jeanne O’Brien and eventually partnered with her father and brother in the O’Brien, O’Brien and Zingales law firm in Cleveland. Later, he became an assistant county prosecutor, handling civil cases and specializing in eminent domain. A municipal judge in Bedford, Ohio, Joseph A. Zingales was never challenged for re-election in his 36 years as presiding judge. He often said municipal court was most people’s court of first and last resort. He wanted them to leave with good opinions of the law. Mr. Zingales coached sports, refereed them, founded two local Little Leagues and bred racehorses. He was president of the North American Judges Association and Tanglewood and Aurora country clubs. He was a trustee of Bedford Hospital, Alta House and the nonprofit Shaker Medical Center Hospital. He won a service award from the North American Judges Association. He’s survived by three sons and five grandchildren.


Home at last
The body of Javier Rigo Reveron ’98 was positively identified in New York City this spring six years after his disappearance in January 2004. The Reverons disinterred Javier’s remains from a New York cemetery, where he had been buried as a John Doe, and brought him home for a Roman Catholic funeral. While at Carroll, Mr. Reveron wrestled and earned a degree in communications. He worked for U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown as a scheduler while the Avon democrat was a congressman. Mr. Reveron, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, worked as a substitute teacher at Whittier Junior High in Lorain and as a scheduler in then congressman Brown’s Washington office. He was profiled in the John Carroll magazine after donating a kidney to his brother. He’s survived by his father, Rigoberto; mother, Judy; and sister, Anna.


A leader in many ways
Edward J. Baugh ’54 was an administrator, counselor, and consultant by profession with extensive leadership positions in the public and private sectors. He also was an active volunteer. His experiences ranged from the seminary to the Peace Corps to several civic posts. Mr. Baugh served in the cabinet of Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes and excelled at trade show and public event management, directing the Cleveland Home & Flower Show for 18 years. A pragmatic optimist, Ed was quoted in The Plain Dealer in 1968: “Quit talking about the impossible goals and try in a reasonable way to accomplish the good that you are capable of.” He was defined by his Catholic faith, family, friends, work, community and sense of humor. Mr. Baugh is survived by his wife, Carol Ann, seven children, four siblings, 31 grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.


Karen L. Kroeger ’07G 6/15/2010
Ralph A. Napletana ’40 5/28/2010
Thomas J. Dunnigan ’43 6/7/2010
Robert F. Meier ’47 7/3/2010
Joseph A. Zingales ’47 6/22/2010
Norman Morella ’50 7/3/2010
John M. Kirchner ’51 6/13/2010
Leonard J. Krajewski ’52 1/29/2010
Joseph J. Sullivan Sr. ’53 2/5/2010
Edward J. Baugh ’54 5/20/2010
Albert Milstein ’55 7/09/2010
John T. Collins ’56 6/14/2010
Joseph Z. Novak ’58 6/24/2010
Dennis Terzola ’62 4/29/2010
Robert E. Yocum ’65G 6/25/2010
Agnes B. Owens ’66 5/23/2010
William R. Springer ’71 6/26/2010
Catherine Kooser ’81 6/29/2010
Mary Kay Fratoe ’80 3/21/2008
Angelo J. Petriella ’80G 6/20/2010
Patricia Abbey retired faculty 6/6/2010

This is the deceased list as we know it. We apologize for any omission and ask that you please notify Joan Brosius at 216-397-4332.

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  1. Mary Kay Fratoe

    Please remove my name from this list or print a retraction as I am not at all dead. You have me confused with my mother, Mary T. Fratoe, who died on 3/21/08 at the age of 78 and never attended John Carroll. I did graduate in ’80 and am a professional educator, alive and well and living in Rocky River.

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