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Lifelong Learning

Spring 2014 Testimonials

Here’s what the A.C.E.S. participants had to say about their experience:

“Great program. The ideas/contents of the presentations were very thought-provoking. In addition, we get to meet some of the current faculty at JCU. Thanks for your hard work.” – Robert Valente ’69

“It is a great way to stay connected to JCU and further my education.”  – Robert Kumazec ’07

“It was refreshing to see so many people attend the sessions and to see the wide range of ages attending. That resonated the most with me because it is inspiring to see so many others wanting to learn at all stages of their life. I also really enjoyed meeting other alums.” – Melissa Stein ’12

“Great program. I was so glad I was encouraged to attend these classes and definitely plan to apply what I have learned to my everyday life and leadership. I know firsthand how much work goes into the planning of something like this, and all the hard work really paid off. Everyone who attended really seemed to get something out of it and it was a great topic and energetic and interesting presentations.” – Sue Lender

“The speakers were informed and prepared.  Their presentation was invitingly interactive.  In addition, it was my pleasure to be in an audience of educated adults having conversations based on our experiences and opinions.” Constance Kowalski ’97

“I really enjoyed all three presentations.  I appreciated the discussions of the full group as well as the opportunities to meet new people and gather for smaller group discussions.”Lisa Salwan ’91

“Topics were pertinent, cost was very reasonable, opportunity to learn from John Carroll professors again and opportunity to network with fellow alumni.”Emily Monteleone ’08

“Thank you!  Great presenters and a very welcoming atmosphere.”Mary Ann Meaker ’79


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