Roundtable of Latina Feminism

2012 Schedule



John Carroll University

Cleveland Ohio, April 27-28


All sessions unless noted will take place at the Dolan Reading Room in Dolan Science Center

FRIDAY April 27

9:15                Van will pick up participants at Fairfield Inn & Suites, Marriot

9:30-10:00     Coffee and Tea

10:00-10:40 Fernanda Glaser, SUNY Buffalo
The After-life of an Icon:  A Queer Post-Biographical Approach to Gabriela Mistral’s Image and its Intersections with Sexual Politics

10:40-11:20  Stephanie Rivera Berruz, SUNY Buffalo
Lost and Found in Translation?  What Latin American Feminism(s) Can Teach Latin American Philosophy

11:20-12:00  Andrea J. Pitts, Vanderbilt University
The Reader with the Book in Her Hands:  Bridging the Writings of Gloria Anzaldúa and José Vasconcelos

12:00-2:00     Lunch, Dolan Atrium

2:00-2:50       Jacqueline Martinez, Arizona State University
Survival in the Midst of Negation:  Latina Feminism, Semiotic Phenomenology, and Communication

2:50-3:40       Jen McWeeny, John Carroll University
The Phenomenology of Mobility:  How Cognition is Tied to Movement in the Philosophies of Lugones and Merleau Ponty

4:00-5:45       Keynote Lecture: Shula Lecture on Bodies and Identities
Please note that this lecture will be at Dolan Auditorium*
Linda Martín Alcoff, Hunter College, CUNY Graduate Center
Knowing under the skin:  new phenomenologies of embodied knowledge

6:00                Van will pick up participants at JCU


9:15                Van will pick up participants at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, Marriot

9:30-10:00     Coffee and Tea

10:00-10:40   Ana M. Perez, University of Maryland
Güeras, Morenas y Prietas:  Mexicana Color Lines and Ethnoracial Alliances

10:40-11:20  Vera Lopez, Arizona State University, Meda Chesney-Lind, University of Hawaii
Latina Girls Speak Out:  Stereotypes, Gender, and Relationship Dynamics

11:20-12:00  Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo, Washington State University
Latinas and the Fractures that Unite Us:  (Re)Examining the Pan-Ethnic Marker

12:00-1:30      Lunch, Dolan Atrium

1:30-3:00       Keynote Lecture
María Cotera, University of Michigan
Liberating the Feminist Archive:  Documenting the Development of Chicana Feminist Thought through New Media

3:00-4:10      Julie Avril Minich, Miami University
“My Country Was Not Like That:” The Failed Nationalisms and Queercrip Futurities of Cherríe Moraga and Felicia Luna Lemus

4:10-4:50       Cynthia M. Paccacerqua, The University of Texas-Pan American
Is Intersectionality a Reactive Concept?

4:50-5:30       María Azuri, LMSW, Program Manager, Lifting Latina Voices Initiative, Atlanta
Lifting Latina Voices Initiative/La Iniciativa Levantando las Voces Latinas

6:15                Van will pick participants at JCU—Dinner–Ride back to hotel

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