The Leadership Legacy Award has been established to recognize graduating seniors who, through their dedicated leadership and involvement, have made significant contributions to changing the campus culture in a positive way during their careers on the JCU campus. These leaders have consistently and unselfishly given of themselves through efforts to enhance the spirit and community of John Carroll and improve our university by excelling in one or more of the following areas:

  • Faith and justice;
  • Diversity and inclusion;
  • Health and wellness;
  • Leadership of their peers

2016 Recipients:

Ghada Abu-Shaweesh ‘16
Priscilla Flores ‘16
Jaslyn Ivey ‘16
Daniel Volpe ‘16

2015 Recipients:

Megan Boyk ‘15
Shamir Brice ‘15
Christan Cronauer ‘15
Steve Henderson ‘15
Alexis Mittereder ‘15

2014 Recipients:

Deirdre Byrne ‘14
Kelly Carter ‘14
Lindsay Eddingfield ‘14
Chelsea Neubecker ‘14
Josh Sefcik ‘14

2013 Recipients:

Asurupi Gurung ‘13
Greg Petsche ‘13
Marisa Rodriguez ‘13
Jonathan Ruano ‘13
Katie Warner ‘13

2012 Recipients:

Odell Brown ‘12
Jon Hatgas ‘12
Emily Herfel ‘12
Rita Rochford ‘12
Nick Skiviat ‘12