It’s an age-old question: are you born a leader?

Or is leadership developed, or, at different times and through different circumstances, thrust upon you? Are leadership skills more critical for some than others, depending on personal interests, civic involvement, potential career paths…

In short, is this program right for you?

This newly conceived and breakout minor is designed to complement any major you may be pursuing.

First, it’s an interdisciplinary minor, allowing you the chance to gain perspective and pursue interests from multiple disciplines across the university. Next, it combines theory and practice, so that you are grounded in critical thought, skilled in strategic thinking, and then given the chance to translate theory into practice in Leadership Labs from which you choose topics most relevant to you. Finally, you individualize your experience by designing a Capstone Legacy Project that becomes a gift to the school or community.

Faculty with deep academic and professional expertise will guide you over three years as you learn what it means to develop true leadership capacity in you and in others and, in so doing, to help fulfill the JCU mission of inspiring individuals to excel in learning, leadership, and service in the region.