Visiting Instructor of Chinese
Degrees: Bachelor Degree, TCSL, Wuhan University

Huiyuan Mei will be one of two Confucius Program Instructors in Chinese Language and Culture for the academic year 2013-2014 in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures at John Carroll University. We are pleased that JCU continues to offer Chinese language instruction at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels, an achievement made possible by our Confucius Classroom program. Our Confucius Classroom is affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh’s Confucius Institute and is a project of Hanban, an arm of the Chinese Ministry of Education that promotes the study of Chinese language and culture around the world.
Huiyuan was born in the city of Wuhan, the capital city of Hubei province, in the People’s Republic of China. She is currently pursuing postgraduate studies at the College of Chinese Language and Literature, Wuhan University, specializing in TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language). Besides earning her Teaching Certification for Teaching English, she has also studied French. Previously, from 2005 through 2008, she had been a student at Wuhan No.6 Senior High School, and in 2012 she was awarded her Bachelor Degree in TCSL, Wuhan University.

For Chinese artistic skills, Huiyuan lists Chinese calligraphy, teaism, poetry recitation, dancing, and singing. Her teaching experiences include in January of 2011, organizing the first Ancient Chinese Civilization Camp of Wuhan University, a 10 days program which included living with students, and for which she received excellent feedback. During July and August of 2012, Huiyuan participated in an Education internship in Ukraine. where she taught both English and Chinese to students. Here, she also taught Chinese calligraphy, papercutting, and made public presentations on topics about Chinese culture. Previously, in Wuhan, and from September 2008 through July 2012, she had also tutored foreign students as well as primary and middle school students.

Huiyuan also has had extensive volunteer experience. In October of 2009, she volunteered at the Wanda Blood Donation Site. In March of 2010, she volunteered as a receptionist and interpreter of the First Wuhan University International Exchange Camp of Student Organizations from 22 countries, where she was honored as “Outstanding Volunteer.” In July of 2012, she also volunteered in the Ukraine educational program, teaching both English and Chinese in schools. In September of 2012, she served as a volunteer in the ICOM-ASPAC 2012 (International Council of Museums Asia-Pacific Alliance) assembly, serving as a receptionist and interpreter.

Among her honors and awards she lists four years (2008-2011) of academic scholarships at WHU (Wuhan University); a full scholarship of postgraduate work at WHU; being named and over the course of three years’ (2009-2011) “Outstanding Student” of WHU; Social Activist (2011) of WHU; Outstanding Individual (2010) of social practice; winning the Third Prize in the Poetry Recitation Contest (2009); and being named Outstanding Volunteer of the first International Student Organizations Exchange Camp.