Associate Professor of Classics

Expertise: Greek Language and Literature; Latin Language and Literature; Classical Civilization; Mythology

Dr. Compton-Engle teaches all levels of Latin and Greek language and literature, as well as courses on the classical world in translation. Her research focuses on Greek drama, especially comedy. Her articles on the fifth-century Athenian comic poet Aristophanes have appeared in such journals as Classical Philology,Classical Journal, and The American Journal of Philology. Her 2003 article “Control of Costume in Three Plays of Aristophanes” won the Gildersleeve Prize from The American Journal of Philology. Dr. Compton-Engle is currently working on a book about the manipulation of costume in fifth-century Athenian comedy.

Dr. Compton-Engle received her B.A. in Classics from St. Olaf College and her Ph.D. in Classics from Cornell University. After teaching at Colgate University and St. Olaf College, she came to John Carroll in 2002.

Language Section: Classics
Languages Taught: Latin, Ancient Greek