Choosing your foreign language for the CORE at JCU.

In general, the new integrative core requires you to take a placement test when you first enroll and come to orientation at JCU either as a new freshman or as a transfer student. You are required to take a placement test in all the languages that you have previously studied, and for which we have a placement test available. (But obviously, you do not need to take a placement test in a language that you have never studied before!) You will be placed at the 101, 102, or 201 level, or if you place higher than 201 you may choose either to waive the language requirement, or to continue with your same language for a major, minor, personal interest, or as part of another major.

Many students – and perhaps you are among them – want to choose to continue the same language to remain in their “comfort zone.” You may also choose to switch to a brand new language, and in that case, you will be required to successfully complete 101 and 102 in the new language to fulfill your core language requirement. There are, however, students who place into 101 of a previously studied language, and some of these students may be tempted to switch to a new language, but only to “save” a course, since with previously studied language a student must complete through 101, 102, and 201, but a new language only requires 101 and 102. If this is your only motivation, this is not a good reason if the new language is of less personal interest or perhaps of less “usefulness” in a potential major.

Nevertheless, there are still many excellent reasons for considering a switch to a new language:

  • Get a fresh start!
  • All your fellow classmates will be at the same beginning level!
  • Exposure to your previous foreign language study makes learning the second foreign language much easier than the first!
  • A new and different language may end up being a more “useful” or “practical ” language for you, depending on your future career choices, and where you will choose to live.
  • The languages with fewer sections usually have much smaller class sizes.

Here are the languages you can study at JCU: (Clicking the name of the language will take you to a link describing the benefits of choosing that language to study.)

Asian Languages:

Classical Languages

Germanic Languages

Romance Languages

Semitic Languages (Middle Eastern)

Slavic Languages