Here are some questions to consider as you decide which language(s) to study:

  • How much did you enjoy the language that you took in high school? How successful were you at it?
  • Which language is a match for your other academic interests?
  • Do you anticipate using the language for your future profession? For example, will you be communicating in the workplace regularly with speakers of other languages?
  • Or are you more interested in acquiring cultural knowledge, or enhancing your verbal skills overall? All language courses contain these elements, but in different proportions.
  • Are you better at oral communication, or are reading and writing your strengths?
  • Is there a country in which you would like to study or travel?
  • Is there a language that will set you apart from the average person in your field?
  • Do you succeed better in smaller classes?

Reasons for studying specific languages can be found at these pages:

Asian Languages:

Classical Languages

Germanic Languages

Romance Languages

Slavic Languages