Exterior photograph of rooftops, Forbidden City, Beijing, China.

Forbidden City, Beijing, China (Creative Commons, Brian Jeffery Beggerly)

Come to Chinese class and learn one of the most ancient languages in the world. Our Chinese program will help students develop their communication competence in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Together we will explore the other side of the world; discover the splendid culture of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan; draw connections to our daily life; compare our differences; nourish hidden wisdom from Confucianism to Daoism; savor the art of Chinese calligraphy; and engage in global society. You will never forget what this exciting journey can provide. You will be given opportunities to learn about the past and present of China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Whether you are a business major or a language enthusiast the Chinese class is a must.

If you desire to learn more about China and Asia, consider a major or minor in East Asian Studies. For more information, take a look at JCU’s¬†East Asian Studies¬†website.