Short-Term Study Abroad

Short-term programs are a great way to get your first international experience. These are 10-day spring break programs or summer programs of several weeks, led by John Carroll professors. Current and planned programs of interest to language students include:

  • Archaeology of Greece: spring break 2019 and in alternate years; contact Dr. Kris Ehrhardt at
  • Rome and the World of Wonder: spring break 2019; similar course offered every year; contact Dr. Santa Casciani at
  • Berlin: From Reich to Republic: spring break 2019 and in alternate years; contact Dr. Matt Berg at or Dr. Andreas Sobisch at
  • Japan Study Tour: two-week tour in May-June, offered next in 2020; contact Prof. Keiko Nakano at
  • Summer Institute in Italy: five-week session held May-June every year; contact Dr. Santa Casciani at or Dr. Luigi Ferri at

Semester-Length Study Abroad

To immerse yourself more fully in a country and its language, we highly recommend that you spend a semester abroad. The Bishop Pilla program in Italian Studies offers its semester-length JCU in Rome program every fall. Three exchange programs in Japan are also available for semester-length or full-year study abroad: Sophia University in Tokyo, Nanzan University in Nagoya, or Kansai-Gaidai University near Osaka. There are additional semester-length opportunities available for every language that we teach at John Carroll. A full list of semester-length programs is available through the Center for Global Education.

Scholarships for International Study

Our department offers several scholarships for study abroad: The Fabien Scholarship supports study abroad for minors in German or majors in French or Spanish, while the Miller Scholarship in Classical Archaeology funds up to two classics students’ participation in a summer archaeological field school. Consult the resources listed on JCU’s scholarships and fellowships page to find other sources of support for international experiences.

Advice and Resources

To plan your study abroad, first talk with your academic advisor and your language professor. Then make an appointment with the Center for Global Education to explore the possibilities. You may also be interested in the immersion experiences offered by Campus Ministry. Many immersion trips, whether inside the US or in other countries, offer opportunities to further develop your language skills.