Gòsol, Catalonia, Spain (© Jordi Falgàs)

Major in Spanish and Hispanic Studies :  30 credit hours

  • Students who begin the major at the 200 level: SP 201 and 202; eight 300-level Spanish courses, two of which may be replaced by related courses as defined below.
  • Students who begin the major at the 300 level: Ten 300-level courses taught in Spanish, two of which may be replaced by related courses as defined below.
  • Related courses are those outside Spanish offerings which are closely linked to Spanish or Latin American culture: Art History, Classics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, IC literature and/or culture courses in translation as well as other language and literature courses. Courses other than Spanish must be approved in advance by the major advisor.
  • A capstone course or a capstone experience, as determined by the Spanish faculty.

Minor in Spanish and Hispanic Studies:  15-18 credit hours.

  •  SP 101, 102, 201, 202, and two 300-level courses.
  •  Students who begin Spanish at the 200 level or higher: Five courses at the 200 and 300 levels approved by the advisor.

Other Programs of Study

Spanish & Elementary or Secondary Teaching Licensure
Interdisciplinary Concentrations:

  • Modern European Studies
  • Spanish & International Economics
  • Spanish & International Business