Learning Slovak is not as hard as you think!

  • As the most central of Slavic languages, Slovak is a valuable key to communicating with others in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • English and Slovak are both Indo-European languages, sharing more vocabulary than is generally realized.

Americans and Slovaks have many cultural ties!

  • Are you interested in great world literature? Slovak is the language of Hollý, Kukučín, Timrava, Cíger-Hronský, and Hviezdoslav.
  • Although geographically a relatively small country, Slovakia is a member of the European Union since May, 2004.
  • Slovakia has become the home of many foreign manufacturing enterprises: US Steel, and numerous auto-related industries

JCU’s University Core Curriculum and Foreign Language:

  • Two semesters of a foreign language are a required part of the humanities and liberal arts core curriculum at John Carroll University. Why not choose Slovak? (For further information on the core, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.)

Slovak and your career

  • Slovak can be helpful for art history, business, diplomacy, engineering, humanities, law, philosophy, political science, technology (including computer science), religious studies majors, and students of the natural sciences.
  • Are you considering majoring in Business? Slovak is an excellent choice for Business majors wishing to tap into the as-of-yet unsaturated markets of Central and Eastern European countries.
  • There are many marketing and other business exchange opportunities in Slovakia. Many businesses are eager to engage in import/export with the U.S.


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  • International Studies, a Program jointly sponsored by the Departments of Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, — and Economics, History, Political Science, Art History and Humanities, Communications, English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, and Sociology
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