The University Integrated Core Curriculum and Foreign Language:

  • Foreign language study is a required part of the integrated core curriculum at John Carroll University. Why not choose Italian?! (For further information on the core, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.)

The CORE language requirement and beyond!

  • The Italian Section participates in the University’s integrated core curriculum by offering all levels of language instruction, from elementary through advanced.
  • Courses in IT- “Italian Studies” or IC – “International Cultures” in language, culture and literature may fulfill additional core requirements.
  • (IT courses are offered in Italian, IC courses are offered in English.)

Other incentives to study Italian:

  • Italian is the language of Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarca, Cellini, Taaso, Verdi, Fellini, Eco, and Moravia!
  • Italian Product design is synonymous with artistry, elegance, and functionality, and continues to dominate the fashion, furniture, and luxury car industries with sophistication and style.
  • The Italian economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, so that learning Italian is not only beneficial for culture and travel, but also for commerce.

Italian and Your Career

HUMANITIES: Italian is important for art, history, diplomacy, humanities, law, philosophy, political science, and religious studies majors.


  • Italian is an excellent choice for those considering a career in marketing or advertising
  • Many Italian businesses are eager to engage in import/export with the U.S.


Examples of interdisciplinary studies for students of Italian: