German & the European Union

  • 1/4 of the residents in the European Union speak German as their mother tongue
  • 1/3 of European Union citizens say they can converse in German.

Thinking of majoring in Business???  Did you know that German and Germany . . .

  • rank 12th in world in terms of number of people who speak the language
  • rank third when measured in terms of GNP ($1,090 billion), behind only English & Japanese.
  • have the world’s third largest economy.
  • produce more than one quarter of the European Union’s gross domestic product.
  • are among the world’s largest exporters & largest importers
  • rank high in quality for their motor vehicles and industrial systems, chemicals and electronic devices.
  • sell their products in virtually all of the world’s countries.
  • Many former Eastern Bloc countries use German to communicate.

German-speakers & Americans: Creating the right impression

  • Willy Brandt, former German chancellor, once said: “If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.”

German & Job prospects

  • Many American firms have subsidiaries in Europe! Learning German is a smart career move. (German-based firms include: Daimler-Chrysler, BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, BMW, Siemens, Volkswagen, many others.)

German & Academic Research

  • German is the second most commonly used language in which to write a work of scientific research – especially engineering, chemistry & physics.
  • More than 40% of American scientists recommend their students should learn German.

German & Culture

  • Literature (Goethe, Schiller, Thomas Mann, Kafka)
  • Classical music (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart)
  • Art (Kollwitz, Dürer, Klee, Kaninsky)
  • Psychology (Freud, Jung)
  • Philosophy (Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Benjamin, Adorno)
  • Science (Einstein, Kepler, Röntgen, Planck, Virchow)

German & Tourism

  • Get to know the people rather than just conversing in English with your tour-guide!

The CORE language requirement and beyond!

  • The German Section participates in the University CORE curriculum by offering all levels of language instruction, from elementary through advanced.
  • Courses in German language, culture and literature may fulfill additional core requirements.


Learning German is not as hard as you think!

  • German & English belong to the same West Germanic language family and. . .
  • share thousands of similar words & phrases, particularly in terms of computer, telecommunications & medical vocabulary.