• French is the native language of more than 250 million people, 20 million who live in the Americas (U.S.A., Canada, the Antilles, French Guyana).
  • French has always been one of the major languages of diplomacy.
  • As one of the most influential languages spoken in the European Union (EU), French retains its importance as a business and diplomatic language
  • Did you know that the EU controls 23% of the global economic performance; that its 15 members together command an economy 10% larger than the US economy and 64% larger than that of even Japan? The 370 million citizens of the EU rely on English and French as their major trade languages.
  • Are you considering majoring in Business? French is the language of many countries engaged in import/export with the U.S.A.
  • Because Canada is the most important trade partner for the U.S.A., French continues to be a valuable language for culture, travel, and commerce.
  • Foreign language study is a required part of the integrated core curriculum at John Carroll University. Why not choose French?! (For further information on the core, please see the Undergraduate Bulletin.)
  • The study of French is particularly helpful for art history, business, humanities, and political science majors.
  • Why not study the language of Descartes, Voltaire, Sartre, Rimbaud, Albert Schweitzer, and Foucault . . .
  • . . . and, as the French philosopher Montaigne urges in his Essais, our French program does not merely aim to fill your head chock full of facts and data, but rather to develop further your intelligence, so that you will be even more creative, resourceful, and intellectually refined. You will be well formed yet adaptable, ready to face the vicissitudes, as well as the joys, of the rest of your life as well as your future career.

Examples of Interdiscipinary Studies for French Majors & Minors:

The CORE language requirement and beyond!

  • The French Section participates in the University’s integrated core curriculum by offering all levels of language instruction, from elementary through advanced.
  • Courses in French language, culture and literature may fulfill additional core requirements.


  • You can join the JCU French Club (Le Cercle Fran├žais) and participate in many exciting extra-curricular activities!
  • Advanced students can apply for membership in Pi Delta Phi, Kappa Eta Chapter, the National French Honor Society.
  • For more information, see the JCU French web page.