Duomo in Florence, Italy (Creative Commons, Stephanie Costa)

Welcome to The JCU Italian Club!

Fall Events:
Cleveland Film Festival
Columbus Day Parade
Bocce Tournament
Family Weekend Street Fair
Italian Christmas Dinner Party – La Festa di Natale

Spring Events:
Saint Joseph’s Feast – La Tavola di San Giuseppe
Relay for Life
Bocce Tournament
Attend Italian mass
Visit Little Italy


President: Alexis Mittereder amittereder15@jcu.edu
Vice President: Kenny Farona kfarona15@jcu.edu
Treasurer: Lauren Grano lgrano15@jcu.edu
Public Relations Officer: Maria DeLeonbus mdeleonibus14@jcu.edu
Secretary: Maddie Butler mbutler15@jcu.edu

If interested in the Italian Club, please contact an exec board member about future club meetings.

If interested in purchasing an Italian Club t-shirt, contact Alexis Mittereder at amittereder15@jcu.edu.

Faculty Moderator: